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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * WARNING...WARNING...WARNING....WARNING...WARNING...WARNING...WARNING... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * This story contains as much bondage, lesbianism and fetismism as I could possilby fit in, as well as melodramatic plot points needed to tell this type of story. If any of this offends you, please DON'T READ IT.

If on the other hand you enjoyed The original Perils of Batgirl, you will probably like this one as well. If you have any suggestions that you would like to see in future episodes please feel free to write me. The cliff hanger at the end of Chapter 4 is the brain trust of a net-buddy of mine on AOL. (Thanks Rob). I've tried to keep this in the comic book/60's TV Show mood. I hope you enjoy it.

The Weatherman

A Bondage Adventure Serial

1995 - The Weatherman

Chapter 1

Valerie Ashlyn sat back in the plush, leather chair and slowly re-crossed her legs, giving old Mr. Layhee a lasting look up her short wool skirt at the shimmering tops of her black silk stockings. Judging by his reaction, he may well have seen more. If so, all the better. The act was completely intentional; Valerie Ashlyn enjoyed teasing. Especially Mr. Layhee.

In the latter stages of her stepfathers life, especially just before his death, she had been given ample opportunity; Mr. Layhee and his troupe of stodgy lawyers were constantly around, advising and interfering.

'Miss. Ashlyn, thank you for coming.'

'Oh come now Mr. Layhee, call me Valerie. All of my friends do.' She said with the slightly hint of a smile, as she rested her hands on her slightly raised knee and then slowly slid them up the top of her stocking.

'uh..yes..uh... Well of course.' Mr. Layhee stuttered, momentarily at a lost for words, as her watched Valerie pull slightly on her stocking with her fingers, then smooth it with her hands. 'Since you are the last surviving member of the Ashlyn family, you have been asked here to know of your father's wishes for his estate.'

'Oh yes. Poor step-daddy. I am so heartbroken to see him go.' Valerie said leaning back, her six-inch, black, stiletto pump, falling off her stocking heel and dangling onto her outstretched toes.

'Mr. Ashlyn was very adamant that you understand his wishes clearly.' he said, his eyes fixed on the dark reinforced heel of her stocking foot as she casually kicked her leg up and down.

'I understand.' She said, shifting in her seat slightly, casually letting her shoe fall from her oustretched foot to the floor. She leaned over, giving Mr. Layhee a long view down her white silk shirt at her ample cleavage, and casually picked it up. She looked up and found that Mr. Layhee was staring. She smiled.

'Lovely shoe, isn't it. One of our biggest sellers.' She said, fondling the shoe above her lap, as if it were Mr. Layhee's cock. 'It's our six-inch, Domina pump. Specially made for us in Italy.... Very kinky.'

Mr. Layhee, shifted in HIS seat. He had to. His penis was now rock hard. His eyes were glued to her every move, as she reached down, rubbed her stocking foot sexily and then ever so slowly, slid the shoe back on.

He had to get this over with. He couldn't take much more of this young woman's presence. The last few months around her had been torturous. He hadn't been able to keep his eyes off of her. He wondered, if she knew the effect that she had on him.

'Miss Ashlyn, it is your father's wish that you be told now, in private, how he intends to distribute his profits from his vast fetishwear empire. The rest of the heirs will be told in three weeks at a news conference at Apparel Obsessia's annual Fetishwear Awards Dinner, where Batgirl, as you know, is too be unveiled as this years "Sexiest Woman in Gotham". An event your step-father was looking forward to with immense anticipation'

Valerie shifted in her seat, uncomfortably.

That was all her father had talked about for the last six months. Valerie was sick of her. Ever since her sudden arrival in Gotham last September, her father had been spellbound by her incredible sexual persona, and of course being the head of Apparel Obsessia, the world's largest bondage and fetish, clothing and supply company, he was thrilled with her outfits.

'.... so it is your father's wish to bestow his vast fortune to the following women that have made his last few years, a joy to live.'

Valerie awoke from her reverie.

'What do you mean, wo-MEN?' Valerie said, sitting up slightly.

'It is your father's wish to split the inheritance as follows:' he continued, reading the legal document in his hand.

"To my step daughter, I leave the company, the house and one fourth of my cash holdings. The rest of my cash holdings are to be divided as follows: Shelley Prince, Cheri La Gams, and Lisa Hartley, each get ten million dollars each, to dress themselves to their very sexiest delight."

'-Ten Mill-!' Valerie started. ' whores?!'

Mr. Grayhee was undaunted. He had expected this.

"The rest of my holdings go to Batgirl. The very sexiest woman I know. She has done more for the fetishwear industry since she arrived in Gotham City than all the res of the woman in Gotham combined. May this money help her keep the streets exciting for all of us for some time to come."

'BATGIRL?! That purple do-gooding Bat-BITCH?!' Valerie screamed, bolting to her feet. ' much is the rest?!'

'Approximately three-hundred-and-sixty million dollars.'

'Three hundred... That's ridiculous! She's got no right to that money, its mine! I'll fight it in court!'

'I'm afraid that it's quite legal. As long as Batgirl shows up next month to receive her award, I'm afraid that she is entitled to the three-hundred and fifty-million. Your father made sure that there were no loopholes.'

'I know he thought she was sexy but come on!' She ranted, slowly pacing back and forth.

'He was quite enamored with her, yes.'

'How much is left for me?!'

'Oh, the company is worth over a fifty million, the house about five, and a quarter of the holdings is a little over one hundred and twenty. That's about a hundred and seventy-five million.

'A hundred and sevent-? She's getting twice as much!'

'It was your father's wish for you to do something with your life. He felt that giving you sole ownership of the company would allow you to earn your future so to speak. Plus, a hundred and twenty-five million in cash is hardly chump change. I'm sure you can live comfortabl-'

'You don't know anything!' She ranted, as she grabbed her purse and flew out the room, slamming the oak door behind her.

Mr. Grayhee sat back in his chair and sighed.

'She took that well...'

A solitary black-patent ankle boot, hangs suspended by a shapely ankle. It's five inch heel, floating like a dagger in air, effortlessly.

Two black gloved hands arrive, on the tips of which are attached razor- sharp claws that gleam in the soft light. Instead of tearing, the hands pull on the boot and then slowly glide down the black nylon encasing the ankle, moving slowly down to the knee, then the thigh. They move downward, then turn and slide up the black patent teddy, around the slim waist, and over a pair ample breasts.

'What a Purrrfectly wonderful body... Who else but Catwoman could possibly be named "Sexiest Woman in Gotham"?'

'Mmmph.' Talon grunted, through her tight cloth gag.

Catwoman stopped her preening and sat up, her dark auburn hair cascading around her shapely shoulders.

'Damned right... no one. Next week, I'll be the talk of Gotham.'

Talon, Catwoman's favorite Sex Kitten, shifted her weight, slightly. The ropes encasing her body immediately reacted, tightening around her wrists and elbows, and pulling her stocking feet that were tied tightly together at right angles, even closer to her wriggling hands. That in turn, caused her shoulders to move back, causing the ropes around her breasts to constrict even further, in turn causing the fiendish crotchrope to draw even deeper into her pussy.

'Ahhh...' Talon moaned, as the gag tightened automatcially in conjunction with the ropes.

'I warned you not to move, Talon. You're tied in my special constrictor hog-tie.' Catwoman whispered quietly. 'Are you enjoying it?'

'Mmmmm' Talon responded, trying her very best to be still.

'I can see that you are...' Catwoman purred, moving her hand down between Talon's spread legs, slowly messaging her crotch. 'Your pussy is so wet. I should tie you up more often.'

There was a knock at the door.

'Excuse me, Catwoman.'

Catwoman looked up to see Passion, another of her Sex Kitten's in the doorway.

'What is it? Can't you see, I'm playing?' Catwoman said slightly annoyed.

'A miss Valerie Ashlyn is upstairs. She wants to see you.' Catwoman sat up.

'Valerie Ashlyn, the heir apparent of Apparel Obsessia? This must be it. Show her in, my all means.' Catwoman said, smiling brightly as she stood up.

Moments later, Passion reentered with a truly beautiful young woman. She was blond and in her mid twenties. Her face was that of an angel, but her body was purely and completely wicked. This young tease probably melted men right into the sidewalk as she walked by.

She was wearing a shiny and unbelievably tight, neon-blue halter dress made of latex. It look dripping wet, like she had just dipped herself in gleaming blue paint. It was cut so low that her large breasts were bulging out at the top, and it was so short that when she moved, Catwoman could see her panties. On her feet were one of the most beautiful pair of blue shoes Catwoman had ever seen. They perfectly matched the dress, and were so high, that Catwoman was impressed she could even stand in them, let alone walk.

She girl shot a quick glance at the bound figure of Talon on the floor, smiled and held out her hand.

'Hello, I'm Valerie Ashlyn. Thank you for seeing me.'

'I'm Catwoman. You've already met Passion, and that is my special assistant Talon on the ground over there. She asked for me to show her one of my special ties.'

Valerie took a long at Talon in her intricite bondage. Catwoman noticed the slight deviant smile on her lips.

'Nice ropework.' She was obviously more impressed, than shocked.

'How did you know where to find me?' Catwoman asked.

'A Mutual friend told me where to find you.'

'Which mutual friend?'

'Nora Clavicle, she was a good customer of my private boutique, until Batgirl sent her to prison a month ago.'

'To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?' Catwoman said, smiling. 'Here to give me the good news about the award?'

'I need your help.'

Catwoman raised her eyebrow questioningly. 'With what.'

With a major thorn in both of our sides... Batgirl!'

Valerie went on to explain the situation and Catwoman seemed unimpressed until she heard that Batgirl was going to receive the Sexiest Woman in Gotham award.

'BATGIRL?!...' Catwoman screamed. 'That purple prima dona? She doesn't know what sexy is! You can't give that award to her!'

'I have no choice.'

'Why not, you said that you're in charge of the company now.'

'It was in the will. Of course, if she were out of the way....'

Catwoman smiled. 'Let's see. If she dies before the awards dinner, you would receive an additional three hundred and sixty million. Give me a hundred of that and I will take pleasure in taking care of her, personally.'

'A hundred Mill-!'

'-Not a penny less. I'll even take care of the other bimbos as well. That would reduce the drain on your inheritance by another thrity million. That means you're really only out seventy.'

Valerie thought about it for a second. 'Very well.'

'I'll need an advance.' Catwoman smiled, her evil mind already racing. 'I've been working on some truly wicked new inventions, but I haven't really had the working capital to fully realise them. Some of them are particularly... stimulating. The things I want to build will need serious money. Especially the things I have in mind for Batgirl....' Catwoman paused, her hands moving down her breasts. 'Her demise will need to be particularly.... elaborate.'

'Delicious.' Valerie gushed.


Valerie looked over at Talon. The bondage had tightened dramatically since she had arrived. Of course, that was all part of Catwoman's game. She had started Talon in a relatively comfortable position, by Catwoman's standards anyway; Over time however, her involantary movements had caused the ropes to slowly tighten.

Now she was in the most stringent of hogties. She was obviously in quite a bit of discomfort. The gag alone had tightened so much that it pulled at the corners of her mouth like she was hanging from it.

'I have no problem paying for it, if you can make Batgirl as uncomfortable as this.' Valerie asked, smiling.

'This is nothing in comparison to what I have in mind for Batgirl!' Catwoman laughed wildly...

' ...Now the first thing we need to do is get Batgirl involved. And I know just the thing!' Catwoman exclaimed, walking to the table and grabbing the Gotham Times newspaper. 'I see your "friend" Lisa Hartley is opening the Gotham Park City Mall in three weeks. I think we can kill two birds with one stone so to speak...'

'Excellent!' Valerie squealed. 'Here's the card to my private fetish boutique on the east side. Meet me in three hours. I need time to get some cash together.'

Catwoman took the card, walked over to Talon and swiped at the key hog-tie rope with her hand. Her claws ripped through the rope connecting Talon's hands to her feet and in seconds, the ropes around her body loosened.

'Aaaaaugh...' Talon moaned in relief.

'Sorry Talon, playtime is over. It's time to get our construction hats on!

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This story contains as much bondage, lesbianism and fetismism as I could possilby fit in, as well as melodramatic plot points needed to tell this type of story. If any of this offends you, please DON'T READ IT.

If on the other hand you enjoyed The original Perils of Batgirl, you will probably like this one as well. If you have any suggestions that you would like to see in future episodes please feel free to write me. The cliff hanger at the end of Chapter 4 is the brain trust of a net-buddy of mine on AOL. (Thanks Rob). I've tried to keep this in the comic book/60's TV Show mood. I hope you enjoy it.

The Weatherman

A Bondage Adventure Serial

The Weatherman

Chapter 2

Barbara Gordon stepped into her center city apartment and closed the door. Charie squawked a fond welcome home.

'Hello Charie. Miss me?' Barbara cooed, filling his feeder with bird seed.

It had been a long week. Hell, it had been a long couple of months. Her episode with Nora Clavicle still loomed in her mind, though it had happened almost two months ago now. She would be happy when her trial was over. It had dominated the headlines for a couple of weeks, but now, like everything in Gotham City, it was almost forgotten to most of the quiet city inhabitants.

No so Barbara. It would take time to heal the emotional strain that Nora had put her through. Especially the Clavicsand. Even two months later she could still feel herself sinking in that diabolical goo. The thought gave her goosebumps. She wondered how long it would take for her to forget it. She thought how long she had hovered with her chin resting on the unstable surface of the sand and decided... -Maybe never.

She forced herself to stop thinking about it. It was over now and she had time to rest and forget. She really couldn't complain. Gotham was quiet. Amazingly quiet. All the master criminals were behind bars. Well all but Catwoman. She had slipped into hiding months ago, after being freed on a technicality. Rumors persisted that she had given up her wicked ways for good, but Barbara didn't buy it.

Barbara walked into the bedroom and stepped out of her wool business suit. She walked to the mirror and looked at herself. Under her dress Barbara had, as usual, worn something interesting. Her favorite black velvet basque, panties and black stockings.

She had worn it in the expectation of her date with Bruce that night. Unfortunately, Bruce had called her at 4:00pm to cancel. It seemed he had forgotten that Dick Grayson's Annual Gotham- Scout camping trip was this weekend. Of COURSE. He had to be a troop leader. What didn't he do?

'Boy, are you missing a good time.' She said under her breath, as she slid her hands up the outside of her body. Damn him! SHE was missing a good time. She was horny. She hadn't had a really good orgasm since... since... her time with Nora.

Barbara hated to admit it to herself, but it was true. Nora had given her the two most intense orgasms she had ever experienced: The first on the Ramp of Decision. The second just as Batman rescued her from the sexual iron maiden.

She opened her eyes and realized she was playing with herself. She stopped.

Why was the idea of sex, mixed with bondage and life threatening danger, so incredibly appealing to her? In one way it was horrifying. In another, it was the ultimate turn-on.

Barbara came out of her reverie. Someone was at the door. She quickly grabbed a robe, and answered it.

'Gotham Delivery Express!'

Barbara's pussy got wet with excitement. Could this be it? She looked through the peephole and it was a Gotham Delivery guy. She opened the door.

'I have a delivery for a Miss Gordon.' He said, admiring, the dark haired beauty before him, obviously noticing the black stockings and five-inch stiletto pumps under the terry robe.

'That's me.'

'Sign here please. Thank you, have a nice night.'

Barbara took the package, locked the door and literally flew into the bedroom.

'Please be it.' She said, already ripping the plain brown package open. It was. Under the wrapping was a pink Apparel Obsessia gift box. Barbara opened it.

Inside was a set of bondage restraints. They were bright red and black, and made of leather with shining metal fastenings. There were restraints for each wrist and ankle, as well as a matching bondage belt and vibrator. On the belt there was a small black dial. On one of the wrist restraints, there was also a small red button.

Barbara looked in the box and found a small instruction leaflet.

"Apparel Obsessia
Self-Bondage Restraint System TM

Just one in of a series of inescapable bondage products
by the undisputed leader in kink... Apparel Obsessia.
Your place for bondage.

Once activated, restraints will not open until desired time limit is exceeded. Please take necessary precautions. Once locked, they are quite inescapable. Apparel Obsessia is not liable for any accidents or mishaps, planned or otherwise, that may arise from the use of its products.


1- Put on belt.

2- Install vibrator onto crotch strap (optional).

3- Insert vibrator and lock crotch strap into receptacle
on front of belt.

4- Set time desired time limit (black dial on belt)

5- Push in dial to set.

6- Put on restraints.

7- Push red button (on wrist restraint) to start.

8- Enjoy."

Barbara had to try them. She took off her robe and started to strap the belt around her waist. Then she decided that it would be a good idea to go to the bathroom first.

After she had relieved herself, she walked back in the bedroom and kicked off her shoes. The belt went on first. She slid the three-inch wide, leather belt around her waist and locked the strap into the special receptacle. Then she grabbed the quarter-inch wide crotch strap that was attached to the belt behind her, pulled it between her legs and snapped the vibrator in place.

Barbara was already wet with excitement and needed no lubricant as she slid the vibrator completely into her pussy. She then slid the crotch strap through a metal receptacle on the front of the belt. It clicked as it slid in. She adjusted it till it was tight, but not uncomfortable, and turned her attention to the timer knob.

It was small, about the size of a penny, and around it's outside were numbers that indicated hours. The minimum setting was thirty minutes. The maximum setting was seven hours. Barbara felt her a rush of excitement at the thought of being tied up for seven hours, but then thought she had better go slow the first time. She set the dial to one hour and pushed the dial into the belt. It slid in flush with the belt, making it impossible to change. Ingenious.

Next Barbara put the leather cuffs around her ankles, the short, one-inch connecting chain already in place. She then attached the cuffs around her wrists and attached another short metal chain into one of the cuffs receptacles. It clicked in. She put her hands behind her back and fed the chain through a d-ring on the back of the belt and into the receptacle of the free cuff.

Now the moment of truth. She hesitated, then finally pushed the red button on her right cuff.


All the restraints locked at once. Barbara gingerly pulled on the wrist restraints. They were solidly locked. She tried her ankles they took were locked. She pulled harder. Same result.

A warm feeling came over her.

'These thing really do wor-' Barbara started to say aloud, just as the vibrator inside her pussy came alive. 'Ohhhh...'

Barbara laid back on the bed and relaxed, enjoying her bondage. She moved within her confinement, concentrating on her helplessness. It was intoxicating. She had practiced self bondage many times before, but this was different. There was the extra element at work here. She couldn't remove these restraints until time was up.

She pulled at her wrists and ankles, fantasizing that she was held prisoner, back in the hands of Nora Clavicle and her evil cohorts. She was tied down onto Nora Clavicle's new "Deathbed". A ceiling of needle sharp spikes were slowly lowering on to her helpless body. They had locked a vibrator in place... Now she was left to strug-


Barbara felt the crotchstrap of the restraint system automatically tighten. At the same time the vibrator within her pussy began to move. She almost came right there. Her mind wandered...

The mechanism that controlled the beds ceiling, also it seems, controlled the intensity of the vibrator locked into her pussy. Nora was truly a fiendish woman. As the ceiling lowered Batgirl would get more and more turned on.

Barbara stuggled on the bed deep in fantasy. Passion was sweeping over her. Her hips gyrated in rhythm, as she tried to pull her hands and feet from the inescapeable restraints. She was completely helpless.


The crotchstrap tightened again and the vibrator suddenly began to thrust up and down inside of her vagina. Barbara pulled at the restraints, imagining the ceiling lowering. Feeling the helplessness that she craved.

She rolled over on her belly and pulled her stocking feet behind her, grabbing them with her hands in a mock hog-tie. The crotchstrap tightened again, and the vibration and thrusting within her vagina mounted to an intense fury. She pulled at her bonds. It was useless. The ceiling was only inches away yet she couldn't escape. All she could do was struggle...

Barbara began to shake as the first orgasm washed over her. Then the second. Soon after the second orgasm, the vibration eased off to a dull rumbling, and the crotch strap loosened slightly.

'They designed this well.' Barbara thought to herself. She looked up at the clock. It had only been five minutes. Obviously, she was in for a long ride.

She decided that she would relax and watch TV. She somehow managed to grab the remote control and turned on the TV.

At first she thought it was the news. But then she realized that they were broadcasting the opening of the Gotham Park City Mall. A huge, expansive, new shopping complex on Gotham's west side. It had been under construction for over two years and the opening was a major event.

"Ladies and gentleman,..." A voice on the TV announced. " to officially open the mall, The very first Apparel Obsessia "Sexiest Woman in Gotham" award winner... Miss Lisa Hartley, will sign her name in the concrete memorial, in front of the new Apparel Obsessia superstore, in remembrance of Harvey Ashlyn, who died last month."

Barbara smiled. 'Thanks Harvey' she thought as the crotch strap tightened and the vibration began again.

A young woman in her late twenties came into view. The camera slowly panned up from her feet, to her strikingly beautiful face. She was wearing a stretchy spandex/cotton mini dress, stockings and heels all in white. Her blond hair was pulled back in a baret and then cascaded around her shoulders.

'I just want to thank Harvey for all he has done for me and for Gotham City. I wish he were here to see his flagship superstore open. Maybe he is watching. I hope so.'

With that, she walked over and stepped up on a small flat platform, about three feet square. It was hovering a foot off the ground next to the large section of concrete that was to serve as the base of the memorial. She hung onto the single metal safety railing, while an operator in a long white coat and matching hat, used a crane like device to position her in the middle of the twenty feet square piece of barely-wet concrete. The platform stopped and Lisa got down on her knees. She bent down and began to write in slightly wet cement.

"In remembrance of Har-"

Lisa stopped writing. The concrete had already filled in where she had written, leaving a smooth surface behind. It had only been a second, but she couldn't even tell that she even touched it. She tried again, with the same result. She stood up, and turned to Mayor Lindsey who was in attendance.

'My writing keeps disappearing. The concrete is way too-'

'MUSHY?' a voice said loudly.

Barbara knew that voice.

The camera panned back slightly. It was the crane operator. Suddenly the figure ripped off the hat and coat to reveal a tight, black catsuit underneath.

'Catwoman!' Barbara said under her breath.

'I think dear old Harvey Ashlyn deserves more of a memorial than a small plaque.' Catwoman said.

'What are YOU doing here?' Lisa asked.

'I'm here to make sure you're part of this memorial, purrrmanently!' Catwoman said, pushing a button on a remote control she held in her hand.

The platform that Lisa Hartley was standing on, sudden tipped down, dropping her into the cement, as Catwoman laughed hideously.

Lisa screamed. She looked down to find herself buried in sloppy, wet cement up to her chest. Panicking, she began to struggle wildly, trying to get a hold of something to pull herself out with. But the platform was already moving away, out of reach.

Her struggling only caused her to sink deeper. Before she knew it she was up to her shoulders in the gritty gray ooze and was continuing to sink.

'HELP ME!' Lisa screamed, as a stunned audience ran to the edge of the cement. The unsteady camera panned in on the poor girl who was now up to her neck in concrete.

'Oh god, Please! Somebody HELLPP MEEE!' Lisa screamed.

'No...' Barbara moaned, as she watched the girl slide completely under, a grasping arm slowly dipping beneath the surface, then... nothing. She was gone.

'Catwoman is the sexiest woman in Gotham!' Catwoman screamed, as she jumped down a manhole and disappeared as a melee ensued.

It happened that quickly. One second Barbara was enjoying her captivity, the next she was struggling in earnest to escape. She quickly realized it was useless with out tools...

Barbara sat up and hopped over to the dressing table. Reaching beneath the edge of the mirror, Barbara found the button and pushed it. The whole table and mirror rotated, revealing a passage behind. She hopped in and quickly found her utility belt. After that it was only a matter of a minute before she was free, the inescapable restraint system in complete disrepair on the floor.

'I hope they can fix this.' Barbara said to herself, already removing the black basque and stockings. 'Sorry Charlie, it seems that Batgirl's needed in Gotham City again.'

Barbara quickly stepped into the purple patent catsuit, inhaled and zipped it up. It covered her entire body and made it look like someone had poured shiny, wet purple paint on her body. It was that tight. She pulled on her boots and laced them up. They were one of three pairs that she owned, all the same. Purple patent ankle boots with five-inch, stiletto heels. She also owned two pairs of purple stiletto pumps. (She used to have three pairs, but she had just lost one pair in Nora synthetic quicksand)

She stood up and grabbed one of the shoulder length red wigs and put in on over her short black hair. Then she put on her cowl and attached it to her catsuit. She grabbed her utility belt from the ground and put it on. In front of the mirror she felt very sexy and very powerful. Catwoman would pay for this. That was certain.

After another second in front of the mirror, Batgirl turned, got on her Batgirl cycle and sped to Police Headquarters, the secret passage closing silently behind her.

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This story contains as much bondage, lesbianism and fetismism as I could possilby fit in, as well as melodramatic plot points needed to tell this type of story. If any of this offends you, please DON'T READ IT.

If on the other hand you enjoyed The original Perils of Batgirl, you will probably like this one as well. If you have any suggestions that you would like to see in future episodes please feel free to write me. The cliff hanger at the end of Chapter 4 is the brain trust of a net-buddy of mine on AOL. (Thanks Rob). I've tried to keep this in the comic book/60's TV Show mood. I hope you enjoy it.

The Weatherman

A Bondage Adventure Serial

The Weatherman

Chapter 3

Batgirl arrived at police headquarters at 9:00pm. Normally at this time, only a small skeleton crew stood at attendance. Not so tonight. As soon as she rounded the corner, Batgirl knew that this was no ordinary evening.

The live broadcast of Lisa Hartman's chilling death had obviously pushed the local news organizations into overdrive. Television news vans from every television station crammed the streets in front of city hall. Location camera crews were everywhere, giving reports on the evenings grizzly events and looking for anyone to interview.

As Batgirl drove up and stopped, waves of newscasters surrounded her, all hoping to get the big scoop.

'Batgirl, WGTH TV. Can you imagine what Catwoman's motives were in killing Miss Hartman?'

'No Comment.' Batgirl said, as she dismounted from her cycle and began to plow through the crowd of new-hungry reporters.

'Is it true that the general contractor in charge of the memorial has also been found dead at his home?' Another asked.

'No Comment.'

'Where's Batman. I been told by sources within the department, that he is unreachable. Is that true?'

'No Comment.' Batgirl said, as she bounded up the stairs and into the relative sanctuary of City Hall. She walked straight to Commissioner Gordon's office.

'Batgirl!' Commissioner Gordon said, somewhat relieved. 'Thank heaven you're here.

'Good Evening Commissioner. What's this I hear about the contractor being found dead as well.'

'True, I'm afraid. He was found strangled to death in a mass of thin, clear twine.'

'Probably Cat's-Whiskers.' Batgirl said, remembering first hand, they're deadly embrace.

'A note was pinned to his dead body. It is addressed to you.' Batgirl took the note and read it.


I hope you enjoyed the show. It was all for you. I
purrrsonally invite you to interfere. I have many such
fienish plans in store of your luscious body.

Let all of those beware who think that harlots in trashy
lingerie could even hold a candle to a woman of my supreme,
sexual charms.

By the end of the weekend, everyone will realize who the
sexiest woman in Gotham City truly is.

I hope to see you struggling..... soon.


'She's gone off the deep end.' Chief O'Hara commented.

'She been over the edge for years.' Batgirl responded. 'She says that she orchestrated this horrific little stunt for me. For what reason, I still have no idea.... -Where's Batman.'

'We called, but the voice on the other end said he was unreachable. Some sort of camping trip.'

'Camping trip?' Batgirl say, trying to figure out why that sounded so familiar-'

'This also came for you tonight, Batgirl.' Commissioner Gordon added, breaking her train of thought. 'It was delivered by Gotham Express Courier.'

It was a small box. Batgirl eyed it warily.

'Commissioner, stand back, this may be another Catwoman ploy.' Batgirl ordered as she walked forward to examine the package.

It was a pink package wrapped in black ribbon. On the outside was a tag. It read: "Please deliver to Batgirl, as soon as possible. Dated Material enclosed."

As the Commissioner and Chief O'Hara huddled in the corner, Batgirl carefully opened the package. Inside was a piece of lingerie and a note.

"May 29


We are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen
this years "Sexiest Woman in Gotham". I would be
honored if you would accept your award in person at the
annual Fetishwear Awards Dinner to be held in your honor
Sunday July 27, at 8:00pm at the Gotham Pavillion.

To show our appreciation for all you have done for us at
Apparel Obsessia, I have enclosed a small gift I had made
especially for you. I hope that you will find time to wear


Mr. Harvey Ashlyn
Founder, CEO Apparel Obsessia

PS: I'm sorry that I couldn't give you more warning, but
it's our policy not to inform winner until just before the

'This is dated two months ago. He must have written this just before he died.' Batgirl said, a little taken back by his kind words. 'This is the third time I have heard reference to Apparel Obsessia this evening. I wonder...'

'....Commission, I must be off. I have an idea what is driving Catwoman.'

'Be careful, Batgirl.'

Batgirl braved the reporters that were still gathered outside and road quickly back home. Once there, she changed back to Barbara Gordon and made her way to the library, where she dove into the Gotham City Times archives. It wasn't long before she had what she wanted. After a little cross checking, she went back home to change.

'Sorry Charlie, I have to go out again.' She said as she carried the bird into the bedroom with her and hung the cage up on a hook.

She quickly removed her clothes and pushed the button under the dresser. It swung open silently. Then she opened the pink box and pulled out the gift that Harvey had given her. It was a soft, sheer nylon bodystocking in deep purple, with matching wrist length patent gloves and a pair of patent panties.

She put it on. It covered her entire body from her chin to her feet, including her hands. It was sheer except for the area over her breasts, where an insignia of a bat had been added in a patent material. Its wings just covered her nipples. She stepped into the panties and pulled them on over her hips, stretching the thin patent material until it was smooth and tight over her crotch. Next came the tight purple gloves. Then she slid on her patent pumps, and put on her wig and cowl. She looked in the mirror.

'Wow' She thought as she turned and looked at herself from several angles. The bodystocking was sheer and smooth over her entire body, showing everything, yet revealing nothing. Harvey had indeed been the fetish apparel king. He would be sorely missed.

Batgirl, turned, put her utility belt on and exited, the secret panel closing behind her. She straddled her Batgirl cycle, took one last look of the address she had located and was gone.

Shelley Prince lifted her champagne glass and downed it. It was her fifth glass. Though she hadn't really known Lisa Hartley, watching her die on live television had really rattled her. They had actually only met once. It was at the Apparel Obsessia Awards Dinner when she had accepted the Sexiest Woman in Gotham award. The previous year's winner always handed the award on. She herself had given the award to Cheri La Gams last year. Shelley picked up the bottle from the ice bucket and was about to pour another glass when someone knocked on her door. She almost dropped the bottle.

'Jesus Shelley, get a grip.' She chided herself.

She put down the champagne, walked to the door and looked though the peephole. It was a young woman in a Gotham Express uniform. Shelley looked at the time. It was 11:00pm. Awfully late for a package delivery. She put a chain on the door and opened it slightly.

'I have a package for a Miss Prince.'

'Can you hand it through?'

'Sorry it's quite large.' The pretty young girl said, pointing to the large box on the ground.

'Very well.' Shelley said resigned. She closed the door, unlatched the chain and opened it again.

'Please sign here. Line two. Thank you.'

Lisa took the package from the girl, closed and locked the door. She went over to the couch and ripped the brown paper from the outside of the package, revealing a black box. She opened it.

'Oh my.' She said as she saw what was inside.

It was lingerie. And not just ordinary lingerie. It was exquisite lingerie, all in pink. There was a note in the box as well.

"Dear Miss Prince.

We would be honored by your appearance at this years
Apparel Obsessia Awards Dinner. Please accept this
lingerie as a gift. It's one of the kinkiest items
we've ever made and we made it especially for you.
We would love to see you in it on Sunday.


Apparel Obsessia"

Shelley pulled the items out of the box and laid them out on the couch.

'This is gorgeous.' She cooed as she picked up the first item. It was the most beautiful piece of lingerie she had ever seen. It was a long corset, made of pink silk. It was heavily boned and detailed with hand sewn French-lace. Along with the corset were a pair of long pink-leather gloves, as well as a pair of pink-leather ankle boots. Delicate black-metal bands had been sewn on the wrist and top of each glove, as well as around the ankle of each boot. Along with the gloves and boots were a pair of black silk pantyhose and a very unusual pink leather collar.

She couldn't resist putting the outfit on. She pulled off her clothes and slid the pantyhose up her shapely legs. Next came the corset. It was very long and went from just over her nipples, to about mid thigh. She put it up to her body ad noticed that it didn't close in the normal way: It didn't have any lacing or eye clips. Just some elaborate fastenings on each edge that fit into one another.

She thought at first that it would be difficult to fasten but, as she put the two sides together, the fastenings lined up and clipped shut around her almost automatically.

Harvey MUST have made this especially for her. It fit perfectly. She looked at the corset closely. The ends fit so well that if she hadn't been the one to put it on, she wouldn't have even known were the edges of the corset were. There was no evidence of a seam on the outside at all.

Next came the gloves. They were butter soft and tight. The delicate black metal bands around the wrists and above her elbows, gave the gloves an extra added spice.

Shelley was getting excited. She loved fetishwear. Especially exquisite fetishwear like this. During her reign as Sexiest Woman in Gotham, Harvey had bought her all sort of things. She missed him.

Shelley sat down, picked up the boots and slid them on her stocking feet. They were made of bright pink leather and had ridiculously high heels. They fastened together in the same way as the corset. Again, after they were put on, They looked like solid leather. The tops of the boots flared slightly, just above the gleaming, dark metal bands around her shapely ankles.

She stood up carefully, wobbling slightly on the stiletto heels, and picked up the collar. It was very elaborate. It was about two inches tall in the front, but flared out and up around the back of her head, ending in a large rounded edge about an inch and a half in diameter, that went from the bottom of one ear around the back of her head to the other.

Shelley grabbed some hair clips and put her hair up. Then she took the collar and put it on. It clipped together like the corset and the boots, and was snug but not uncomfortable.

She walked to the mirror and took a look. She was stunning. She moved her hand down over the smooth surface of the corset and smiled. She would be the talk of the Awards Dinner. She turned and looked at herself from all angles. The corset made her look even shapelier than she already was, and the incredibly high heels made her already great legs look amazing. The outfit was perfect.

She spread her legs slightly and put her hands on her hips.

'All I need is a cowl and I could be the Pink Persuader' She said jokingly.

She was overwhelmed with the outfit. She wouldn't have changed a thing. Well maybe one thing. The corset was a bit uncomfortable. Shelley pulled at the edges of the corset. It was really tight. She hadn't remembered it being this tight when she put it on.

It was becoming really uncomfortable. It felt like it had shrunk since she put it on. She grabbed the corset and tried to pull it apart. It wouldn't budge. She pulled harder. No good.

Suddenly the metal bands around her wrists, ankles and upper arms tightened dramatically.

'What the-' Shelley said, as she tried to pull apart the bands. They are locked solid. They had tightened around her arms and legs, making it impossible to take off her gloves or her boots.

She exhaled and felt the corset contract. It WAS shrinking; Slowly tightening around her body. She grabbed the top edge of it and tried to pull it apart again. It wouldn't budge. She pulled harder. It was firmly locked in place.

Shelley began to panic. She felt around the front of corset in dismay, looking for a release mechanism. She couldn't find one. She felt around her waist and behind her back. Her fingers came across two small buttons on the back of the corset. They were separated, so that she had to use both hands to push them.

'Thank god!' Shelley said pushing them.

Shelley immediately felt her wrists slam together behind her back. She tried to pull them apart but it was too late. Some invisible force had already pulled them together, locking them with a magnetic attraction that she couldn't break. The same thing happened to her upper arms and ankles. The two metal bands moved together and then locked like glue.

She was now helpless. Her arms were tightly held behind her back and her ankles were locked together. She looked around her in disbelief.

The corset was still slowly tightening around her. She began to writhe in her bondage. She struggled in frustration at the amazingly strong restraints, but all in vain. The metal bands were locked tightly together, and she couldn't pull them apart.

'HELP ME! SOMEBODY, PLEA-' Shelley screams were cut short. The round band at the back of her collar hinged open, swung around the front of her face and locked into place on the other side of her head, depositing one and a half inches of soft, pink leather in front of her mouth. Then it began to tighten, forcing its way into her mouth and between her teeth.

'MMMPHHH!.... MMMPHHHHHH!' Shelley screamed, but all that came out was muffled moans.

She had to get help.

Shelley took a couple of hops towards the door, but she was too late. Suddenly, the corset began to bend forward at the waist, and Shelley had no choice but to bend with it. After a short time, she was forced to her knees, her head on the floor in front of her, her body bent into a tight fetal position.

Shelley exhaled and the corset took up more slack. It was squeezing her. Shelley rolled over on her side with a thump struggling to pull her hands and feet apart. It was useless. She was helpless to stop the corset from contracting. It was slowly but surely crushing her. Each time she exhales, it gained ground, getting tighter and tighter like a boa constrictor.

She continued to struggle, but time was running out. It was getting harder and harder to inhale. She took as big a breath of air as she could and held it, while she continued to struggle..

She pulled feverishly at her wrists and feet, but she could barely move. She dare not exhale. What was she going to do?


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This story contains as much bondage, lesbianism and fetismism as I could possilby fit in, as well as melodramatic plot points needed to tell this type of story. If any of this offends you, please DON'T READ IT.

If on the other hand you enjoyed The original Perils of Batgirl, you will probably like this one as well. If you have any suggestions that you would like to see in future episodes please feel free to write me. The cliff hanger at the end of Chapter 4 is the brain trust of a net-buddy of mine on AOL. (Thanks Rob). I've tried to keep this in the comic book/60's TV Show mood. I hope you enjoy it.

The Weatherman

A bondage Adventure Serial

The Weatherman

Chapter 4

Shelley's body screamed for oxygen. Yet she continued to hold her breath. She dared not give into her body's overwhelming need for air. The corset was waiting. She could feel it's tight vice grip around her. Waiting. Waiting for her to exhale. Waiting to take advantage.

She pulled at her arms and wrists again, but they were held tightly together behind her back. The immovable magnetic field held the black metal bands of gloves together. It was another in a series of useless endeavors. She knew she was completely helpless. The lingerie was going to kill her and there was nothing she could do about it.

She felt herself begin to pass out. She had held out as long as she could. She took a breath. As soon as she exhaled, the corset contracted again. It was so tight around her now that she was only able to take a tiny breath; It wouldn't last very long. She looked around herself in utter despair. She could already feel the need for oxygen growing again.

After a short time, her body again overrode her mind and exhaled. This time however, she couldn't inhale. The corset's latest contraction's wouldn't allow it. She gasped in absolute terror. She was going to die.

Shelley looked up to see the figure of Batgirl come crashing through the window, glass flying in all directions. She landed on her feet like a cat and ran forward, pulling her Batshears from her utility belt. She reached Shelley and in seconds, cut the corset from Shelley's heaving body. She then cut the gag, and pulled the pink leather from her mouth.

'Aaaaaaaaa' Shelley said, gasping for air. It took a couple seconds for her to catch her breath. She was alive! 'Auugh...Thank you! Batgirl!' She screamed, amazed to be alive. 'How can I ever repay you?!'

Batgirl looked at Shelley perfect body. She could think of a couple of ways... Instead however, she just acknowledged the compliments and finished cutting the rest of the deadly lingerie from Shelley's quivering body.

Shelley sat up and put her head in her hands, as she continued to try to catch her breath. Batgirl grabbed the black gift box and examined it.

Hiding under the shipping label was a note.


It seems that my lingerie had a thing for Miss Prince...
In fact you might say it had a real.. CRUSH on her. I
considered sending it to you but I decided against it. I
want to be there to watch you struggle.

In eager anticipation of the inevitable.


Batgirl looked over at Shelley. She was recovering.

'Get some clothes on. I am going to take you to Police Headquarters where they can keep an eye on you.'

'Who would want to pull such a nasty trick.'

'Catwoman. It seems she has some sort of vendetta against Apparel Obsessia girls. After I get you to safety, I have to find Cheri La Gams. I have a feeling that she is in grave danger.

Batgirl helped Shelley change, and then road her back to Police Headquarters. Only a small number of reporters were left, but Batgirl's arrival with another of the Apparel Obsessia winners in tow, peaked their curiosity.

Batgirl would have liked it if they had just quietly made their way indoors, but Shelley had other ideas. She capitalized on the free publicity to explain the entire story. It was huge news. In a matter of minutes it would be all over Gotham City.

It took all of Batgirl's talents just to drag her away and lead her inside City Hall. She deposited Shelley with Chief O'Hara and paid a visit to Commissioner Gordon.

'Commissioner, I have to use the phone.'

'No Problem, Batgirl.'

Batgirl took out the piece of paper from her utility belt and dialed.

'Ugh...Hello.' A woman's voice answered. She obviously had been sleeping.

'Cheri La Gams?'

Yawn. 'No, she's out.'

'I sorry to have awakened you. This is Batgirl. Do you know where she is?'

'I'm sorry, I really don't. She just went out and said that she would be back in the morning.'

'When she comes back have her call me at police headquarters immediately. It is a matter of life and death.'

Amanda Denier hung up the phone. Right. Batgirl. Probably just another of Cheri's friends pulling another practical joke. Amanda turned off the light and went back to sleep. She wouldn't even remember the call in the morning...............

Batgirl hung up the phone and looked at the time. It was 12:30 in the morning. She couldn't do anything now. She left Shelley with the Police and went home. She would find Cheri in the morning.

'Damn her!' Catwoman screamed, throwing the newspaper across the room.
'She saved Shelley Prince!'

'How did she manage that?' Talon asked incredulously.

'She put two and two together and got to Shelley seconds before my exquisite lingerie killed her. I'm afraid that my plans to get her interested worked too well. We're going to have to get rid of her NOW.'

'How Catwoman?' Passion asked.

'I don't know. We have so many choices.' Catwoman mused aloud.

'I vote for the funhouse.' Talon purred.

'Excellent idea. We'll need a little bait....' Catwoman said, thinking aloud. 'I know just the thing. Kittens, I need you to do something for me.'

Batgirl awoke early, changed back into the purple bodystocking outfit and made her way back to police headquarters. Her attempts to reach Cheri La Gams had been fruitless. No one was at home.

'...I think it's best if Miss Prince is put into protective custody. Catwoman is sure to try again.' Batgirl said, pacing the floor of Commissioner Gordon's office.

'That a good idea Batgirl. I will see to it immediately.'


Batgirl, and the Commissioner turned to see Chief O'Hara enter, obviously excited.

'What is it chief?'

'Two of Catwoman's kittens just robbed the Fun n' Games Carnival supply house on Jester Street!'

Commissioner Gordon turned to Batgirl, but she was already gone.

'WHAT did they take?!' Batgirl asked the old shopkeeper behind the counter.

'One box of toffee apples, one jar of popcorn, and a box of cotton candy sticks.'

'That's it?!'

'That's it. Mighty strange, if you ask me too. They' was two of 'em. Young women all dressed up strange, just like you, only in black. Mighty queer. Back in my day, women never dressed like that.'

Batgirl was confused. Why go the trouble of stealing such useless items? Obviously not for profit. Then maybe some sort of prank perhaps. But that was more Joker's style than Catwoman's. She looked at the old shopkeeper. She thought about asking a few more questions, but decided that it was useless. The old man didn't know anything.

She turned and was almost out the door, when a piece of paper caught her eye. She bent down and picked it up.

It was an worn, yellowed flyer for the funhouse at the old Gotham Amusement Park on Hyde Avenue. The amusement park had closed years ago after a freak accident.

'Is this yours?' Batgirl asked the shopkeeper, showing him the faded flyer.

'Nope. Never seen it before. Can't imagine where that came from... That place closed years ago. I remember takin-'

'Thank you, I've got to go.' Batgirl said, trying not to be rude, yet already out the door. She might just have to pay a visit to the old park.

After a short ride, Batgirl arrived at the amusement park. Batgirl got off her Batgirl Cycle and looked around. Most of the amusement park was completely demolished. All except the funhouse. Though it stood in a state of disrepair and needed a fresh coat of paint and a little woodwork, it was still in fairly good shape. Amazing considering no one had been in it for years.

The hairs on Batgirl's neck stood up. Something wasn't right here. This was too easy.

'This might be a trap. I'd better be careful.' She said, quietly to herself, as she tiptoed up the old wooden steps of the funhouse, her purple stiletto pumps, making only the slightest noise on the old wooden floorboards.

She tried the door, and to her misgivings, it opened. She paused at the front door before finally entering. It was dark inside, but the sunlight, coming through a hole in the roof, allowed enough light to see by. In its day, it had probably been a fairly nice place; Now however, the forces of time, weather and a general lack of supervision had left their mark. The gapping holes in the roof had let the rain in, and the smell of rot was everywhere. To the left was an old ticket booth, whose rounded windows had long since broken. In front of her, was a large pair of swinging doors, set in a huge smiling mouth. The teeth had yellowed slightly, making the whole idea of going through the door, quite unpleasant.

Batgirl wished that Batman was beside her, because she was not pleased with the notion of walking through the mouth and exploring this place alone; Yet she had no choice. There was no way that she was calling the police just to find out that this was a wild goose chase.

Reluctantly, she pushed doors open, and with the slightest hesitation, entered before she could change her mind.

The doors opened onto a long hallway of distorted mirrors. Half of which were cracked. Some were completely missing. She walked along the hallway, looking at herself in the variety of mirrors. Sometimes she was tall, other times a midget.

At one point she thought that she heard a noise, and stopped. But it was nothing. Only the old building settling.

At the end of the hall of mirrors, was a octagonal room, eight feet across with eight doors, all painted different colors. She opened the pink door and found a spring loaded dummy with an ax through it head. Obviously, when the funhouse was working, the dummy would jump out scaring the patrons.

She tried the white door. It was locked. She tried the green door. It too was locked. The black door was next. It opened. Inside, a narrow, white staircase spiraled downward. She listened for foreign noises; There were none. Only the soft sound of her breathing and the beating of her excited heart.

Cautiously, Batgirl opened the door wide, walked through, and began down the stairs. As soon as she stepped on the third stair, the door behind her slammed shut, leaving her in total darkness. She turned and tried to open it, but it was locked. The lights came on.

'Hello Batgirl!' Came an amplified voice. 'Come on down and join the show!'

Batgirl wasn't given any time to worry about her mistake; The stairs below her feet, suddenly transformed into a steep, slippery circular slide on which she fell, and then slid uncontrollably downward.

It was a short ride. The slide emptied out into a massive room that was decorated to look like the inside of a circus big top, complete with trapeze and tent roof. Circus music was playing in the background.

Batgirl spun around, dazed at the sight. The walls were painted like an audience of people, cheering and laughing. In the center of the room was a large empty, old, wood and glass concession stand painted red. A huge sign hung above the stand proclaiming:

Candied Batgirl: 25 cents.

Catwoman walked out from behind a curtain at the far end of the room, and on cue, a recorded audience began to cheer. She was dressed in a ring master outfit, yet with a Catwoman twist. It consisted of a short miniskirt, with top hat and tails all made of tight, red leather. She complimented the outfit with a pair of thigh high red leather boots and dark nylons.

She strode confidently to the center of the room and smiled.

'Ladies and Gentlemen!' Catwoman proclaimed. 'Tonight for your viewing pleasure I bring you the DEATH of BATGIRL!'

The audience roared with approval.

'I think you've booked the wrong act Catwoman! I think a more likely billing should be: "The end of Catwoman!' Batgirl said, defiantly.

'Think again, Batgirl!'

The curtains opened and three Sex Kittens entered. They were dressed as sexual harlequins, complete with shiny multi-colored teddies and tights. They began to fan out around the edge of the room, until they had surrounded Batgirl.

'Let the show begin!' Catwoman screamed, to the approval of the painted crowd and the Kittens attacked.

Batgirl crouched down in a fighting position and waited until the first Kitten was almost upon her. Then with lightning speed, she moved aside, grabbed the Kitten and threw her into another Kitten coming from the other direction. Then continuing her fluid movement, she hit the third Kitten with a brutal Batkick, sending her flying across the room.

The two other Kittens attacked again, but Batgirl was again too fast. She easily moved aside and kicked each of the poor unsuspecting Kittens knocking them to the floor.

To Catwoman's dismay, Batgirl was having no trouble with them at all. With her superior fighting skills, they were no match for her, even with their larger numbers.

Catwoman cringed as one Kitten after another was discharged. Seeing that Batgirl was going to win, crept up behind Batgirl while reaching into the pockets of her red leather coat.

Batgirl realized that she was behind her and spun around, expecting Catwoman to pounce. But she didn't. Instead, she removed her hands from her coat and threw them at Batgirl.

A green sand came flying out into Batgirl's face, blinding her and sending her into fits of coughing.

It was all the Kitten's needed. As Batgirl coughed and rubbed her eyes, the Kittens grabbed her, and pulled her struggling across the room. Batgirl quickly recovered from the green sand, and tried to break free, but they had a firm hold of her. There were just too many of them.

They pulled her to the side of the red concession stand and pushed her against it. As she hit the side of the box, it hinged inward and she was pushed inside, the spring loaded door slamming closed behind her.

Batgirl rushed to the door but there was nothing to grab onto. She pushed against the glass and metal, trying to find a way to open it, but it was no use. It was designed to open inward, and there was no handle on the inside. She spun around pushing and pounding at the glass walls all around her, It was useless. She realized she was trapped.

She looked down at the ground. It was a metal grate, with a fan underneath. She looked above her. About nine feet up, there was a set of nozzles, all pointing downward and inward, in a circular direction. She looked back out at Catwoman, who approached her smiling.

'So nice of you to accept my little invitation to the carnival, Batgirl. I see you came dressed appropriately. I love the purple bodystocking. VERY sexy.... It's too bad it's going to get.... icky.' Catwoman said, her eyes narrowing, as she reached over and pushed a button on the side of the box.

Batgirl heard the click, and a motor began to hum rhythmically above her head. Soon after the hum began, the fan below her feet began to spin, sucking the air downward. Seconds later the nozzles above her head began to blow. The positioning of the nozzles and the fan below created a current within the box, and Batgirl could feel the air moving downward, spinning around her body like a whirlwind.

'I hope you have a sweet tooth, Batgirl!' Catwoman squealed as the hum of the motor above Batgirl's head deepened abruptly.

Suddenly, fine strings of bright pink material, began to exit from the nozzles. They rained down on Batgirl, the wind current spinning them around her body as they fell.

Batgirl, instinctively put her arms up to her face momentarily to protect herself, but quickly found that the super fine strands were not caustic. The current continued to spin the stuff around her. It was super-fine and shimmered in the light like fine gossamer silk. It was strange stuff. And sticky as hell.

Wherever it hit her body it stuck. She tried to pull it off, but only succeeded in having it stick to her hands as well. It was like warm, super-sticky bubble gum. Her efforts to pull it off only made it worse; The more she tried to rid herself of it, the more fibers stuck to her hands and arms, connecting them with her body. It was becoming a huge mess.

After a short time, hundreds of fibers were strung between her arms and her torso and between her slightly spread legs. It was a gooey sticky mess. And it kept coming. More and more of the fibers rained down, spinning around her as they fell. It was in her hair and on her face.

It was entangling her. She tried in vain to pull her arms free; It was useless. The sticky fibers would allow her to move, but not escape. They stretched about a foot and then held fast, like a thousand super- thin rubber bands.

Realizing that she couldn't pull her arms free, Batgirl began to struggle wildly, the thin pink goo stretching slightly but not letting her go. It was useless; Strands were building on strands, making it more and more inescapable.

Batgirl began to notice a smell. It was strangely sweet. She knew this smell.

'Oh god, it's cotton candy!' Batgirl squealed, as the thin fibers continued spinning around her struggling body, covering her soft, silky bodystocking with sticky pink goo.

'Very purrrceptive Batgirl. But it's not just ordinary cotton candy...' Catwoman roared with laughter, the other kittens joining in.

Batgirl desperately tried to pulled her arms and legs free from the mounting web, but even her most fervent efforts were in vain. She might have been able to free herself from a small amount of the sticky stuff, but there was too much of it. It's combined mass was much stronger than she was, and no amount of struggling or straining could loosen its sticky grip, even a little. In fact, if anything it was getting tighter.

Batgirl looked up from her body to the four women outside. They were all pointing at her and laughing, all in obvious elation at her sticky predicament.

'Oh look Catwoman, It's working!' Talon gushed.

Batgirl looked up at the nozzles and then back down at her body. The fibers were encasing her in a bright pink web. She continued to struggle, but it was useless. It was getting harder and harder to move in.

She looked at her knees. They were now almost touching. She tried to pull them apart but couldn't. She tried to pull her arms free. Now she could only move them a couple of inches before the strings held fast. Her heart sank. She wasn't imagining it. The entire pink web was getting tighter.

'Oh god! What is this stuff?!'

'Its constrictor candy, Batgirl! An ...AMUSING new invention of mine.' Catwoman purred, moving slightly closer to the glass. 'As it cools, it contracts to one tenth it's original length.'

'Oh god! Uggh!...ughh..'

'Yes! Batgirl! It will build up around your body and then contract, slowly strangling you in it's sticky candy caress. Oh, and it's very strong. You'll find it completely impossible to escape. In only a matter of minutes, you'll be strangled to death.... Its sweet pink outer coating encasing your luscious body like a huge cotton candy treat!' Catwoman, roared, thrilled at her victory.


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This story contains as much bondage, lesbianism and fetismism as I could possilby fit in, as well as melodramatic plot points needed to tell this type of story. If any of this offends you, please DON'T READ IT.

If on the other hand you enjoyed The original Perils of Batgirl, you will probably like this one as well. If you have any suggestions that you would like to see in future episodes please feel free to write me. The cliff hanger at the end of Chapter 4 is the brain trust of a net-buddy of mine on AOL. (Thanks Rob). I've tried to keep this in the comic book/60's TV Show mood. I hope you enjoy it.

The Weatherman

A Bondage Adventure Serial

The Weatherman

Chapter 5

...Batgirl desperately tried to pull her arms and legs free from the mounting web, but found even her most fervent efforts in vain. She might have been able to free herself from a small amount of the sticky stuff, but there was just too much of it. Its combined mass was much stronger than she was, and no amount of struggling or straining could loosen its sticky grip, even a little. In fact, if anything it seemed to be getting tighter.

Batgirl looked up from her struggling body to the four women outside. They were all pointing at her and laughing, all in obvious elation at her sticky predicament.

'This is fantastic!' Talon gushed.

Batgirl looked up at the nozzles and then back down at her body. The fibers were encasing her in a bright pink web. She continued to struggle, but it was useless.

She looked at her knees. They were now almost touching. She tried to pull them apart but couldn't. She tried to pull her arms free. Now to her dismay, she could only move them a couple of inches before the strings held fast. Her heart sank. She wasn't imagining it. The entire pink web was tightening around her.

'Oh god! What is this stuff?!'

'Its constrictor candy, Batgirl! An ...AMUSING new invention of mine.' Catwoman purred, moving slightly closer to the glass. 'It sticks to whatever it touches and then cools, contracting to one tenth it's original length.'

'Oh god! Uggh!...ughh..'

'Yes! Batgirl! It will build up around your body and then contract, slowly strangling you in it's sticky candy caress. Oh, and it's very strong. You'll find it completely impossible to escape from it's icky grasp. In only a matter of minutes, you'll be strangled to death.... Its sweet pink outer coating, encasing your luscious body like a huge cotton candy treat!' Catwoman, roared, thrilled at her victory.

'You fiend!' Batgirl screamed, as the fine strands continuing to weave their deadly web around her.

'Talon, set up the video camera. Our client needs proof of Batgirl's savory demise.'

While Talon carried out her orders, Catwoman walked up to the Constrictor Candy machine and stopped inches from the glass. Batgirl could barely see her through the mounting pink web, though she was only inches away.

'Oh that's right Batgirl, struggle for the Camera.' Catwoman said quietly. 'My client will enjoy it all the more. I get wet just thinking how disgusting that stuff must feel around your body. It must feel diabolically icky. Kind of sticky, tight and gooey all at the same time.'

'Uggh... Uggh... Oh god!' Batgirl grunted, continuing to struggle. Now the sticky mess around her would only stretch an inch at the most.

'Can you feel it getting tighter Batgirl?' Catwoman cooed, quietly. 'Soon it will become uncomfortably so. It will close in around you ever so slowly. Layers upon layers of pink goo compressing you, squeezing you. Oh, I so wish I could stay to watch.'

Batgirl could feel it tightening. For the first time she could actually feel it start to squeeze around her body. The inch of movement that she had before was gone. Now the strings around her body held her firmly in place. She couldn't move her limbs at all.

'Well Batgirl, I must get over to the studio. I have arranged a special photo shoot with a certain Miss La Gams. She should find it quite electrifying. But don't worry, I will be back to sample some of your sweet exterior later. Then maybe I'll mail you to Commissioner Gordon as an early Valentine's present!' Catwoman as she turned to go.

'Catwoman!' Batgirl screamed still struggling in the pink mess.

'Ta Ta! Batgirl!' Catwoman said, as she exited with the Kittens through the curtain.

Batgirl couldn't even see her. All she could see was pink. Her entombment was getting oppressive. It was slowly squeezing her. She could feel it tightening around her head, neck and body. Soon she would be overcome. She had to do something.

She tried to lift her arms, but the were literally stuck to her sides. She strained and struggled but the sticky fibers held fast, slowly constricting around her.

'Auugg!' Batgirl grunted, as she clawed at the webbing, trying to gain even an inch of ground on its unending assault. Her struggles were completely useless. She was a mass of sticky pink fibers. A deadly web that had only one mission. To kill.

She quickly realized that brute force would not do. She had to think. Her left hand was near her utility belt. If only she could....

She used every ounce of strength left to move her hand a centimeter towards her utility belt. She stretched her index finger outward, straining again the strands that held her. No good. She couldn't reach it. She tried again, concentrating all her mental powers on that one finger. Stretch... Stretch... Stretch...

Success! That extra bit of mental effort stretched her finger just close enough to push a button on the outside of the belt. The belt began to heat up. The strands around and near the belt began to expand, giving Batgirl just the amount of leverage she needed.

She quickly opened a compartment pulled out a can of Batgirl sugar dissolver and began to spray her body with it. Within seconds she was free though Constrictor Candy continued to rain down upon her. She quickly reached into her belt again and pulled out her trusty Batgirl glass cutter. She cut the glass and jumped to freedom, still a mass of sticky pink goo.

She continued to spray her dissolver on the strands around her body and after a short time, most were melted. She looked down at herself. The purple bodystocking was ruined. She would have to go home and change quickly. Catwoman obviously had plans for Miss La Gams.

She exited the funhouse, got on her cycle and sped home.

Amanda Denier came home to find her roommate Cheri La Gams pulling a pair of black stockings up her long shapely legs.

'Hi Cheri. Going out?' She asked looking at Cheri's attire. She was dressed in a black turtleneck latex teddy, stockings and stiletto heels. It was not unusual for Cheri. She was after all Apparel Obsessia's kink girl of the year, or what ever. Amanda didn't understand it at all. The most provocative thing she had ever worn was a garter belt and stockings. The things in Cheri's wardrobe were way out there.

'Oui. I 'ave a photo shoot today. Verry kinky. I get to play ze Dominatrix. Do you approve?' She said, turning around slowly.

Amanda looked at Cheri in her ultra tight outfit. The light gleamed off her breasts and hips. The material of the dress looked like dripping wet sex. She did look good. Hell, she looked better than that. She looked incredible.

'God Cheri, You look hotter than the surface of Mercury.'

'Merci Ma'm'selle.' She said, leaning over slightly, playing the model.

Amanda went over to the couch and sat down. On the table were two shoe boxes, one open and one closed. On the outside of each read:

Apparel Obsessia Domina Pump - Size 5

The open pair were obviously on Cheri's feet. She opened the other box. Inside was another beautiful pair of black patent leather shoes with absurdly high heels. She picked one of the shoes out of the box.

'How do you walk in these things?' She asked, looking at the heel as it tapered down to a ridiculously thin tip. The heel was almost as long as her foot.

'Oh its not so bad once you get used to zem.' Cheri replied, looking her friends reaction to her well placed bait. 'Try zem on.'

'They're a size five. I'm a six and a half or seven.'

'Oh, zat's European sizing. Zey'll fit.'

Amanda looked up from the shoe in her hand. Cheri had a strange glint in her eye. Amanda kicked off her sensible shoes and slid the shoe on her foot. It fit perfectly. She pulled the other out and put it on as well. They were indeed beautiful shoes.

'Ere, I will 'elp you stand up.' Cheri said, as she moved forward and stood besides Amanda.

With Cheri's help, Amanda stood up carefully. The heels were unbelievably high. She was more than a little wobbly as Cheri lead her to the mirror to have a look.

'Oh my.' Amanda said as, she look at the shoes.

'Look what zey do for your beautiful legs.' Cheri said, lifting up Amanda calf length skirt then sliding her hand up the front of Amanda's thigh, until the hem of the skirt was past her upper thighs. 'Au oui, zey make your legs look verry sexy.'

Cheri was right. The heels made the muscles in her already shapely legs elongate and tighten, making her already beautiful legs look amazing.

'Mike would die, eef he saw you in zose.' Cheri said.

'I know, but I don't know how long I could wear them. Standing in these things must be a killer.'

'You should try standing on one, with zee ozzer one tied to your wrists.' Cheri said casually, lifting one foot off the floor while she put her wrists behind her in a mock bondage position.

'You've done that?' Amanda said amazed.

'Zat and other zings. I 'ave done lot's of bondage. Actually I kind of like it.'

'You like be tied up.' Amanda said incredulously.

'Oh sure, especially if it's ze right person doing ze tying. Sex and bondage can be most encreable. Don't tell me no one 'as ever tied you up before.'

'Only as a kid, playing cowboys and Indian's.' Amanda said.

'Zat doesn't count. You should have Mike do it sometime. It's a great 'ow you say, turn on?

'I wouldn't know where to start-'

'Ah, it's easy, I'd be glad to show you 'ow. You would be fun to tie up.'

Amanda turned and looked Cheri in the eyes. She was smiling and her eyebrows were ever so slightly narrowed. She was serious.

'You want to tie me up.' Amanda asked.

'Only if you want me to. True bondage games eez a matter of mutual consent and trust. I would never force anyone to do somezing zey didn't want to do.'

Amanda thought about it for a while. She hated to admit it, but the idea DID intrigue her. She had often thought about what it would be like to be tied up. She looked at her friend Cheri. Though she knew she was kinky, this was a side that she had never seen before. She was so nonchalant with the whole thing. She was just standing there smiling, not saying a word. Her statements hung out there like a flower brimming with nectar. She decided to take the bait.

'OK. How do we do this?' Amanda asked, crossing her wrists in front of her.

'First you 'ave to change.'

'Can't I wear what I have on?' Amanda asked looking at her long cotton dress and shirt.

'Oh no. Bondage requires somezing a little more... unusual, non?. I zink I 'ave somezing more appropriate that will fit you. Come wiss me.'

Amanda felt a twinge of excitement flow through her body as she followed Cheri into her bedroom. Cheri opened the closet and went inside. After a minute of so, she returned with an armful of kinky lingerie, which she promptly deposited on the bed.

'I zink zis will fit you perfectly.' Cheri said lifting up one of the items.

It was a long sleeved turtleneck teddy made of a shiny blue material. It was open breasted and zipped up the front. It had a zipped crotch and it snapped together in the front at the waist with four snaps. It looked absolutely wicked.

'You want me to wear that?'

'Wiss some stockings of course.' Cheri said, confidently.

Amanda thought about it for a second. What the hell.


'Tres bien. Put zese on.' She said handing Amanda a pair of jet-black, seamed stockings. Amanda sat down, took off her shoes, hiked up her dress, and pulled the smooth nylon up her shapely legs. The stockings were the stay-up variety and were extra tall, coming nearly up to her crotch.

Then she stood up and took off her regular clothes and let Cheri help her into the teddy. She put her arms in the sleeves and worked them through. She could already tell that the outfit was going to be tight. It hugged her arms like a second skin. Cheri closed the collar around her neck and then pulled the two sides of the teddy around under her breasts. She put one side of the zipper into the fastening and as Amanda inhaled, zipped up the front of the teddy. Then she grabbed the hourglass shaped piece of material that was hanging down behind Amanda thighs and pulled it though her legs. Then she stretched the material until it was taught against her pussy and snapped it in place at Amanda's waist.

The teddy wasn't tight. It was absolutely stringent. It felt like she had been wedged in it. Not that it was uncomfortable Actually, it was arousing as hell.

''Ere. Put zee on.' Cheri said, handing Amanda a pair of blue shoes very similar to the onea that she had just taken off.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and put the shoes on. Then she stood back up carefully. Amanda then turned and spread her legs slightly, putting her hands on her hips. Cheri stepped back and admired her.

'Oh you look fabulous. Come 'ere and take a look.' Cheri said, as she guided Amanda to the full length mirror.

Amanda couldn't believe her eyes. She looked unbelievable. The effect of the teddy and the shoes together made her look like a sexual dynamo. She was going to have try these things on for Mike later. He would go ape-shit.

Cheri went back to the closet and returned with a wooden chest which she deposited by the bed.

'What's in there?' Amanda asked, curiously.

'Toys.' Cheri answered mischievously. 'Come 'ere.'

Amanda did as she was told. Cheri reached in the chest and pulled out a length of thin white rope. Amanda put her hands out in front of her and crossed her wrists.

'Oh no, my little sex kitten, I want your 'ands be'ind you. You're much more vulnerable zat way.' Cheri said, turning her around. 'Put your 'ands be'ind your back and cross your wrists.'

Amanda did as she was told. She put her hands behind her back and hesitantly crossed her wrists, now slightly scared with the prospect of giving her freedom away.

'Excellent. Now zere is just one rule. If you wish to stop, you just sing or 'um a song. Any song. You 'um a song and I will untie you immediately. Do you understand?'


'Tres bien.'

Cheri looped the rope around Amanda's wrist and coiled it around them, alternating directions as she went. Amanda could tell she had done this before. A lot. She took her time tying her. Meticulously placing the rope so as not to pinch her. It didn't seem that tight, but as she continued, the ropes layered on top of one another making the bondage gentle yet inescapable. Cheri tied off the ends out of Amanda's reach and stepped back to let her test her bondage.

Amanda pulled experimentally at her wrists and found she was indeed tied up quite effectively. No amount of pulling or twisting would free her. She felt her pussy get wet. A warm glow grew inside of her.

Cheri walked behind her and hugged her, her hands moving over Amanda's helpless body.

'Ummm' Amanda moaned opening her legs slightly and inviting Cheri's groping hands downward. She obliged, messaging her pussy with one hand as the other cupped her exposed breast.

Amanda moved her body down onto Cheri's hand. Cheri responded with firmer caresses. Amanda's hips began to gyrate with the pressure. She was becoming very turned on. Cheri responded by removing her hands from her body and stepping back.

'What are you doing?' Amanda asked with a slight whine in her voice.

'Cheri zink ma'm'sell not 'elpless enough.' Cheri responded, already grabbing numerous lengths from the chest and returning to Amanda.

Amanda turned toward her. Cheri gently grabbed her under the chin, guided her face up to hers and gave her a long passionate kiss.

'I zink M'am'selle needs more rope.' She said, turning Amanda around.

She looped more rope around Amanda's upper arms, just above her elbows. Then she tightened the rope, drawing her elbows towards each other. Once they were about three inches apart she began coiling the rope around them. When she had three or four turns in place she turned the rope forty five degrees and began to wrap the rope between her elbows. She carefully lined up the cinching in neat rows until she reached the other elbow where she tied it off.

'M'am'selle is very flexible, non?... Tres bien.' Cheri cooed, quietly as she tied another rope to her elbow ropes and then fed the ends up and round the outside of her shoulders. She crossed the ropes behind her neck and then pulled them down in front, crossing them under each breast, before returning around her torso to her elbows. Then not satisfied, she repeated her movements, doubling the ropes.

She wasn't done. She doubled a rope, tied it to Amanda's elbow ropes and then tied the ropes around her torso, above and below her breasts, holding her arms tightly behind her.

Amanda experimented again. Cheri's artistic bondage forced her shoulders back and her chest forward, making her breasts stand out provocatively. It was expertly done. There was no way she was going to get free without Cheri's help.

'Is it really necessary for it to be this tight?' Amanda said as she pulled at her bonds.

'Absolutement. It is the essence of helplessness.' Cheri responded, grabbing a three foot long pole made of ornately carved, unvarnished pine. 'Now spread your legs. Wider. Bon.'

Amanda spread her legs and Cheri tied each ankle to opposite ends of the wooden pole. Then she slid her hands up the inside of Amanda's stocking legs, just barely touching her pussy before grabbing another length of rope and standing up.

'Haven't you tied me up enough?' Amanda whined questioningly. 'I can't get out.'

'I know... Only a couple more.' Cheri responded, already grabbing a chair and standing on it. She tied the rope to a large eyebolt in the wooden rafter on the ceiling. Amanda had never noticed the eye bolt before. Then she got down off the chair and fed the free ends under the ropes above and below Amanda's ample breasts and pulled it taught.

The ropes tightened around Amanda's breasts and then forced her forward and upward. Cheri felt the taughtness of the rope, was satisfied, and tied the rope off. Then she grabbed another length of rope and attached it to Amanda's wrists.

'Oh come on... this is enough.'

Cheri didn't pay any attention. She reached under the bed and pulled out a number of large flat, circular weights with holes in the middle. She positioned the weights a couple of feet behind Amanda and then pulled rope attached to her wrists downward, through the holes in the weights, then forward, under the pole spreading her legs. She then pulled it, until the rope was taught. It forced Amanda's arms back and down and stopped her from wandering forward. Cheri stood up and backed up a few paces looking at her masterful bondage.


'Perfect? Cheri, these ropes are awfully uncomfortable and these shoes are killing me.'

'M'am'selle must learn not to complain so much.' Cheri said reaching into chest. 'I zink its time for M'am'selle to be quiet.'

As Amanda opened her mouth to complain, Cheri took advantage and shoved a bright blue rubber ball into her mouth. She worked it behind Amanda's teeth and then quickly buckled it behind her head.

'MMMPHHHH! MPPPRRRpHUMPPP! UPPRrPPHH!' Amanda screamed unintelligibly.

'I don't understand...' Cheri said, smiling.

Amanda was dumbfounded. She was completely helpless. Why had she gone along with this? She felt around the ball with her tongue. It had been used before. She could feel the small indentations of another person's teeth on the large rubber ball. And it was quite effective. It filled her mouth completely and as much as she tried, she couldn't push it out of her mouth with her tongue.

Cheri watched Amanda turning her head in frustration, trying to figure out how to get the gag out of her mouth.

'Oh you can stop trying to get it out. I assure you that it eez quite secure...' She cooed, as she walked behind her. 'Just one last zing.'

Cheri grabbed a black leather blindfold and put it over Amanda's eyes. It had a hole cutout for the nose and it had two soft pads on the inside that pushed up against her eyes making it impossible to open them. She was completely blind.

This only added to her helplessness. Amanda could heard Cheri moving around her. Her heels clicking on the floor as she walked. She pulled at her bonds. They were ridiculously secure. She felt completely defenseless.

Amanda was expecting Cheri to do something but she didn't. Instead she heard her walk away and sit down on a chair across the room.

'Struggle for me Amanda' Cheri said softly. as the soft whir of a vibrator came alive across the room.

Amanda was sure why, but she obeyed. She began to move in her bondage, pulling at her hands and feet as best she could. Her body was a wash of motion, all it of sensual. She could heard Cheri begin to moan, and the rhythmic sound of her hip grinding on the vibrator. It was an amazing turn on. She struggled harder, feeling the utter helplessness that Cheri's cunning ropes had provided.

Cheri began to moan louder and louder until finally, Amanda heard her come. The chair squeaking in unison with her thrusting hips. The sounds slowly faded and then stopped.

She stopped her fervent struggling. She was exhausted. The ropes above her body held her up. She listened for noises. She thought she heard the sound of stocking feet being pulled from shoes but she wasn't sure. Time passed, and still nothing.

'Mpph?' Amanda pleaded.


'MPPPH!" Amanda pleaded again, pulling at her wrists and legs in frustration.

Amanda had had enough. She was ready to stop. She was about to signal to end to the proceedings when she felt the zipper of her teddy opening. Then the soft touch of Cheri's fingers on her pussy. Then inside. Then her hot, moist breath and her tongue.

Amanda began to move, but not for freedom. She was becoming incredibly turned on. As Cheri's expert tongue dove in and out with reckless abandon, she gyrated her hips in unison.

'Feel good?' Cheri asked softly.

'Uh-huhm' Amanda responded, moaning into her gag.

'Struggle for me Amanda.' Cheri commanded quietly, her fingers stimulating Amanda clitoris.

'Uggghh.... ugghhhh!' Amanda responded, moving her body, concentrating on the ropes encircling her. Holding her prisoner.

Cheri added her mouth to her already flexing fingers and began to suck and caress Amanda's sex. The passion rising within Amanda was unparalleled. She had never felt anything like this before. She pulled at her bonds waiting for the shock wave that she could feel quickly rising within her. It hit like an avalanche. Crushing her body with blow after blow of intense pleasure. It was unbelievable. All she could do was scream into her gag and hang on for dear life. Wave upon wave crashed over her. Again and again. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore. They eased and then subsided, leaving her completely spent.

Cheri removed Amanda blindfold and kissed her cheek. Amanda opened her eyes and looked into Cheri face. Cheri was smiling. Amanda felt warm all over. She was kind of sorry that Cheri was going to untie her. She waited for her to do so.

But she didn't. Instead she grabbed something out of the chest. It was a large pink vibrator.

'Ummphh!' Amanda whimpered.

Cheri took no notice. She slid the vibrator into Amanda sopping wet pussy and held it there. With her other hand, she looped a rope around Amanda's waist and then fed the free ends between the lips of her pussy.

'UUMmmmpp!' Amanda protested.

Cheri continued undaunted. She fed the ends of the crotch rope over Amanda's elbow ropes pulling it tightly between the cheeks of her ass and deep into her pussy.

'Tight enough?' She teased, giving the rope a slight yank.


'I guess so.' Cheri said tying it off. She bent down and picked up a small box that was on the ground. 'This is a remote control for the vibrator. I am going to set it for fifteen minutes on fifteen minutes off. I have to go to my photo shoot. It will take about four hours. In that time, you should be utterly spent.'

'Mpphh!' Amanda whimpered trying to lift her feet.

'Do the shoes hurt?' Cheri asked. 'Let me help you.'

She pulled the shoes from Amanda's feet and Amanda found out just how clever Cheri's bondage was. She ceiling ropes holding her up wouldn't allow her to stand flat footed. Her stocking heels were only an inch from the floor, but she couldn't get them any further down.

'I'll see you in a couple of hours. Feel free to scream at anytime. Enjoy!' Cheri said, turning and walking out the door.

'Ummmmm ha ummmm ha ummmm!' Amanda began to sing, but it was too late. Cheri was already out the door.

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Article 45794 of Message-ID: <> Path:!!!gmi!msunews!!!!!!! Newsgroups: From: (The Weatherman) X-Anonymously-To: Organization: Anonymous contact service Reply-To: Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 10:16:16 UTC Subject: NEW: Perils of Batgirl II -Ch6 (ff,bd,fetish) Lines: 581

This story contains as much bondage, lesbianism and fetismism as I could possilby fit in, as well as melodramatic plot points needed to tell this type of story. If any of this offends you, please DON'T READ IT.

If on the other hand you enjoyed The original Perils of Batgirl, you will

probably like this one as well. If you have any suggestions that you would like to see in future episodes please feel free to write me. The cliff hanger at the end of Chapter 4 is the brain trust of a net-buddy of

mine on AOL. (Thanks Rob). I've tried to keep this in the comic book/60's TV Show mood. I hope you enjoy it.

The Weatherman

A Bondage Adventure Serial

The Weatherman

Chapter 6

Batgirl arrived home shortly after noon. Her ride home was uneventful, though everyone turned to look at her as she whizzed past. This wasn't exactly unusual; Whenever she dressed as Batgirl, people stared. She had come to expect it. Actually, in all truthfulness, she had come to enjoy it as well.

Except today. Today, people were looking at her strangely. It was probably the gobs of pink constrictor candy that had dried all over the outside of her purple bodystocking. She didn't blame them for staring; She knew she was a mess.

Arriving home, she quickly shed her sticky clothes and ran into the bathroom. She would have loved a leisurely bath, but unfortunately, she had no time to spare, so she had to settle for a quick shower instead. The water was hot and washed away the pink candy that was still left of her. Finished, she got out, dried off and went back to the bedroom. She threw the ruined outfit in the incinerator along with her soiled cowl and wig and went to dress.

Luckily she had extra outfits. She had known there would be days like this. She opted for her skin-tight, purple latex catsuit and stiletto pumps. She dusted herself with ample amounts of baby powder and pulled on the catsuit. After a bit of wiggling and contorting, she had it on.

'God damn this thing is tight.' Batgirl said under her breath as she sat down and slid on her five-inch, stiletto heeled shoes. She grabbed her purple latex cowl and wig and put them on, followed shortly by her utility belt. When she was done, she turned and took a look in the mirror. Perfect.

'You're going to pay for that candy episode, Catwoman.' She said aloud, before she turned, got back on her Batgirl Cycle and sped off, the secret panel swinging closed behind her.

Cheri La Gams arrived at the Sex Cages Boudoir Photography studios on Langer Street and looked at the time. It was 12:13; Her extra curricular activities with Amanda had made her a little late. She opened the door to her sleek black sports car and stepped out. Cars all around her slowed and one man almost walked into a lamp post. Cheri laughed slightly at the man, then feeling sorry for him, blew him a little kiss, before opening the dark glass studio doors and walking inside.

The reception area of the Sex Cages was impressive. The floors and walls were made of imported black marble with rich red marble inlay. The ceiling was over thirty feet high. Hanging on the walls were a set of six, beautifully framed photographs, each ten feet high. They were of beautiful women dressed in exotic lingerie. One of the photographs caught Cheri's attention. It was of a stunning woman in black lingerie, stockings and no shoes, lounging on a mass of large, soft, red pillows with her hands tied in front of her with white rope. She had a kind of "come down and lay beside me" type of smile that was intoxicating.

She looked at the picture for a while and then turned and walked towards the receptionist. She was seated atop a high stool, behind a small black desk made of gleaming chrome and glass. She was stunning. She was around thirty; Tall with long, wild, red hair that had been teased and styled so as to make her look almost savage.

With most women a hairstyle like that would have dominated her appearance. Not so this woman. It was her eyes. They were piercing green and so dazzling that Cheri was unconsciously drawn into them like she had just fallen down two bottomless wells. She stared deep into them as she approached, spellbound by their intense magnetism. There was something lying beneath them; A smoldering essence beneath the cool shimmering waters. It felt dark and wicked.

As Cheri got nearer, she got a look at the rest of the woman's body. She was wearing a tight, purple dress of a lycra material that looked as if she had poured it on. She was sitting with her legs crossed, but the upper leg was lifted slightly off the other, giving anyone who approached a teasing view up her short skirt at her firm thighs.

'May I help you?' The woman said smiling, leaning forward on her stool slightly.

Cheri came out of her trance.

'Ah...Bonjour. I am Cheri La Gams. I am 'ere for ze Apparel Obsessia fall lawngeree photo shoot.'

'Welcome, we've been expecting you.' The young woman said, bouncing off the chair and moving around the desk to face her. Cheri looked down at her feet. The woman was wearing purple stiletto pumps with ankle straps that were locked closed around her shapely ankles with tiny brass padlocks. It was a good thing that she sat down most of the time. Those heels were certainly NOT made for walking.

Passion saw that Cheri was admiring her shoes. She liked that. She also liked Cheri's choice in clothes. This was going to be more fun than she could have hoped for. She smiled slightly and held out her hand.

'My name is Passion, it so nice to meet you.' She cooed, as she took Cheri's hand in her own. Her touch was electrifying. 'I love your outfit. Very sexy.'

'Merci.' Cheri replied. 'I love your shoes. Verrry kinky.'


Passion opened her mouth and ever so subtly licked her lips.

'I'm afraid that Ms. Kyle has been delayed. She's asked me to help you get ready.' She said, letting Cheri's hand slowly slide from her own. 'If you would like to follow me, I will show you to the dressing room.'

Passion turned on her heel, beckoned Cheri to follow and began to saunter towards the back of the reception area. Even this woman's walk was hypnotizing. Her hips rocked like it was a Latin dance, completely fluid and natural.

Cheri followed Passion through a door and down a long hallway to the back of the studio. The woman opened the door and ushered her inside.

'Your outfit is hanging up over there. Our hair and makeup gal is delayed as well, though really...' she said, looking Cheri up and down, ' all honesty, you don't need any makeup.'

'Merci' Cheri acknowledged, her eyes moving to the outfit hanging up across the room.

It was a shiny yellow, turtleneck catsuit made out of what looked like latex. Cheri walked over for a closer look. It was quite an unusual outfit. It was unlined and made to cover the entire body, including the feet and hands. For the life of her she couldn't see any seems in the fabric. It looked like one solid piece of latex.

'Bizzzarrrre' Cheri said softly, picking up the garment.

As soon as she picked it up, she knew it wasn't latex. The touch of the fabric was indescribable. It felt incredibly slippery, yet not oily. And it felt very, very sexy. She got wet just thinking what it would feel like on.

'What is zis made of. It's so... strange.' She said, wide eyed, as she continued to caress the fabric.

'It our latest invention. Unusual isn't it? Would you like me to help you in?'

'Absolutement' Cheri replied, hanging up the outfit and peeling off her clothes.

'Ow am I going to get in zis? Zere is no zipper.'

'It's a very special material. It will stretch.'

'Zis collar is going to stretch enough for me to get in?'

'Yes. Let me show you.' Passion said, walking forward and taking the catsuit from the wall. 'Sit down over there and I'll help you put it on.'

Cheri did as instructed and lifted her legs so that Passion could help her put the catsuit on. Passion pulled at the collar of the catsuit and amazingly, it slowly stretched in her hands until the opening was two feet wide. Cheri put her legs in, and as Passion held the suit open, Cheri pulled the legs on. It was as slippery inside as it was outside, so it was easy to slide on. It was easier than putting on a pair of pantyhose.

The material stretched smoothly up over her thighs and then over her hips.

Passion continued to hold the collar open while Cheri squirmed in. In no time she had her hands into the built in gloves, and Passion was able to release her hold on the collar. As she did so, the collar slowly shrank until it hugged Cheri's neck tightly, but not uncomfortably.

It was the most amazing garment she had ever tried on. As soon as it was on her, it seemed to compress slightly, hugging her body like it was her own skin. It felt completely wicked.

'Oh that looks great on you.' Passion said, putting her hand on Cheri's shoulder and then moving it slowly down the outside of her body.

'It feels amazing.' Cheri replied, moving her hands up her body and over her erect nipples. 'It's so slippery'

'Yes it is...' Passion said, removing her hand from the outfit and biting on her finger nail mischievously. 'If you will follow me, Ms. Kyle asked me to show you into the studio. She will be here shortly.'

Passion turned and walked out of the room. Cheri followed. As soon as she took a step, sexual sensations fed up and down her body. She stopped walking. It was the catsuit. Passion looked over her shoulder and smiled.

'Feels great, doesn't it?'

'Extraordinaire' Cheri said, continuing forward, the sensations starting all over again.

Passion laughed and continued walking. Cheri followed, walking rather strangely as each step sent shivers up and down her body. Passion stopped at a door and opened it.

'This is the studio we will be using. Ms. Kyle will be along shortly.' She said, beckoning Cheri to enter.

Cheri walked inside the room and Passion closed the door behind her, leaving her alone. It was a very large room. The floor of the studio was made of rich red marble. The ceiling in here too was very high. On the walls of the studio hung various leather and bondage paraphernalia. Next to the door was a sawhorse like device with a few bondage restraints attached. She walked over to it gingerly, each step maker her more and more horny.

She reached the sawhorse and slid her hand along its wide, leather top. It felt smooth and soft. She grabbed one of the restraints and pulled on it experimentally. It was solid. She wondered momentarily what it would be like to be tied atop it...-or maybe Amanda. AMANDA. She wondered how uncomfortable and helpless she must feel right now. The thought made her even more wet.

She looked up from the sawhorse and noticed a large obviously bondage oriented device towards the back of the room. Cheri couldn't help but walk over and take a look at it.

It consisted of two large, ornately carved black iron poles set into the red marble floor. At the top of each, was a large sculptured phoenix, carved in flight. Each pole had two fixed manacles attached to it; One towards the top and one at the bottom. The manacles were hinged opened, waiting for a willing or unwilling prisoner to be locked inside. In front of the bondage device was a huge mirror, that allowed victims to look at themselves as they struggled for freedom.

Cheri walked up to the device and slid her hand up the left pole as she walked around it. It was beautifully carved and smooth to the touch. Cheri wondered what it would be like to be secured to it. She walked forward and stood between the poles. They were about three and a half feet apart. She looked at herself in the mirror and gingerly put her wrists up to the open manacles. As soon as both wrists came in contact with the back of the open manacles, they slammed shut, trapping her.

'What's ze..' Cheri said, trying to pull her hands from the manacles. It was useless. They were locked tight around her wrists.

The door at the far end of the room opened and Passion entered. She was wearing the same type of catsuit as Cheri, but in bright red. In her right gloved hand she held a bright yellow ballgag.

'Did my little canary get trapped in my cage?' She gushed, smiling broadly as she walked forward. Judging by the ballgag in her hand, Passion was not there to free her.

'What's going on 'ere?!' Cheri cried, pulling violently at her arms as Passion slowly approached. Her struggles were useless. The only thing they did, was to reinforce just how helpless she was.

Passion stayed silent as she walked behind her and grabbed a flailing ankle, pulling it towards the open manacle.

'What are you doing?! Cheri screamed, struggling to pull it free of her grasp. Passion however had a good hold it and with both hands, easily positioned the ankle in the open manacle. It locked automatically. She grabbed a hold of the other ankle and soon, it too was bound.

'Let me out of zis!' Cheri cried, now struggle to free all of her limbs.

'I don't think so. Catwoman will be here soon and she said I could to play with you until she arrived.'

Cheri's eyes widened in horror at the realization of her dilemma. She opened her mouth, but she never got the chance to scream; Passion was already shoving the bright yellow ball into her mouth, and buckling it tightly in place behind her head.

'That's right struggle for me. It will make everything so much more... intersting...' Passion whispered as her hand moved between Cheri's thighs.

Batgirl arrived at Cheri's penthouse apartment at one o'clock. She knocked at the door and waited. No answer. She tried again, still no response. She didn't have time to screw around, so she pulled out her Batgirl lock pick, made quick work of the deadbolt, and cautiously walked inside.

'Cheri?.... Cheri La Gams?' Batgirl asked softly.

She stopped and listened for any noises. She heard a faint sound from a room at the far end of the hall. She walked towards it. As she neared the door, the noises got louder. It was the sound of a woman moaning into a gag.

Batgirl turned, kicked the door in and jumped inside. There in front of her was Amanda, writhing in stringent bondage. Her arms were tied tightly behind her back. Ropes from the ceiling held her in such a way as to force her to stand on her stocking toes, which were spread far apart by a wooden pole. Her eyes were opened wide, staring at Batgirl in disbelief.

Her entire body glistened with sweat, and saliva drooled from the outside of the large blue ballgag in her mouth. She was in constant motion. Her hips gyrated madly as if she was making wild, passionate love to an invisible partner below her. She closed her eyes and shuddered, obviously orgasming.

Batgirl, momentarily stunned by the intense sexual display, came to her senses, ran to the woman and pulled the ballgag from her mouth.

'Augh!...Oh.god!...Batgirl....Augh!... Please!...Augh... T-T- Turn, turn it off!'

Batgirl looked around her in confusion.

'Auggh! The box! Turn off the boxxxxxxx!' Amanda pleaded, shooting her eyes downward, before she yanked her head back again, in the midst of another gut wrenching orgasm.

Batgirl reached down and turned off the box.

Amanda's body slowly came to rest. Her head falling down in exhaustion.

'Oh god! Thank you, Batgirl.'

'Who.. Who did this to you?!' Batgirl asked.

'It was my roommate, Cheri La Gams.'

'Cheri La Gams? Where is she?'

'She went to some kinky photo shoot.'

'Where. She is in grave danger.'

'Cheri in danger?'

'Don't you remember? I told you on the phone yesterday. You were supposed to have her call me.'

'Oh god! I thought it was a prank. I didn't know!'

'It doesn't matter now. Where did she go?'

'I don't know exactly... Wait! She wrote the address down over there by the phone!'

Batgirl bounded over to the phone and picked up a notepad laying beside it. There were indentations from the missing piece of paper above it. She grabbed a pencil and in twenty seconds, she had her answer. She walked back to Amanda.

'I've got to go. Cheri has probably already walked into a hideous Catwoman trap. I hesitate to think what her diabolical mind has thought up for her.' Batgirl said turning to go.

'Wait! You can't leave me like this!'

'I'm sorry, you're right.' Batgirl said, bending down and flipping the switch on the box.

'Nooo!' Amanda squealed, as she felt the massive vibration come alive in her pussy again. 'Please!...'

'Don't worry.' Batgirl said as she opened the door and walked half way outside. 'I'll call the police from my Batgirl Cycle..... Knowing them, they will make it here in one, maybe two hours.... Have fun.'

Then she was gone. Amanda stood and looked at the closed door for a couple of seconds, expecting Batgirl to return. The seconds turned into minutes. She was serious. She was going to leave her like this....

Amanda stood further up on her toes. She was coming again.

Cheri moaned into her gag. Catwoman's Sex Kitten Passion, enveloped her, sliding her equally slippery body against her own, thrusting her thigh against her pussy. The feeling of the two catsuits against one another was incredible. Cheri's whole body shook with pleasure.

She sucked at the cunningly secure ballgag and pulled uselessly at her ankles and wrists. It was pointless. The bondage trap she had walked into was quite secure. Passion slid her hand between Cheri's thighs and began to stroke her again. Cheri screamed into her ballgag as yet another orgasm rocked her body. She had never experienced anything like this before.

'Well, well, well.' Catwoman said, walking into the studio. 'When the cat's away...'

'MPPHHH!' Cheri screamed into her gag.

'I see our guest is in good spirits. Is she enjoying the Sensi- suit? It looks like she is...'

Passion turned and looked at Catwoman. She was just as turned on as Cheri.

'It looks like both of you are.' Catwoman added dryly.

'These Sensi-suits are out of this world, Catwoman.'

'Yes. They are quite... stimulating.' Catwoman, said as she approached the pair.

Passion released her grip and removed herself from Cheri's quivering body. Cheri moaned into her gag, exhausted.

'Tired, my little Parisian pet?' Catwoman purred. 'You haven't seen anything yet.... Passion release the exciter!'

Passion moved behind the bondage frame to the wall and pulled a switch. Cheri heard a dry metallic click below her and looked down. A section of the floor was sliding away, revealing a large black dildo attached into a boxy metal base.

'MmmmPH!' She cried into her gag as the dildo began to rise slowly until it was directly below her pussy.

'Passion, hold her while I position this.'

Passion obeyed and held Cheri around the waist, while Catwoman slowly raised the dildo upward by hand, carefully inserting it in her vagina. As more of the dildo entered her, the material of her bright yellow Sensi-suit went with it, easy stretching to accommodate the large black phallus. Soon seven inches were inside of her, with the crotch of the Sensi-suit stretching around the outside of the dildo like a condom.

'Mmmmmmm' Cheri moaned, feeling the strange material of the Sensi- suit caressing the inner walls of her vagina.

'Well no one can accuse me of not practicing safe sex.' Catwoman joked as she removed her hands from the dildo and stood up.

Cheri lifted her body slightly and an incredible wave of emotion washed over her. She stopped moving.

'Yes, Miss La Gams, you are wise not to move too much. The material of the catsuit you are wearing has been specially designed to excite the wearing into a sexual frenzy. Originally I designed it for fun and play, but in the course of my personal experiments, I uncovered an unfortunate side effect. If the stimulation is allowed to increase past a certain level the suit goes out of control, and the wearer is engulfed in a massive upward spiral of sexual emotion. Unfortunately, the human body can't sustain this level of pleasure for too long. In a matter of minutes, the suit will force your body into sensory overload and you will die.... Killed by your own sexual overdrive!

'Mppph-!' Cheri cried, moving slightly and discovering first hand what Catwoman meant. She stopped moving and stood as still as possible.

'You French girls are so smart. You've discovered that if you stay still, you can't get excited..... That's quite true. Unfortunately, I already thought of that....' Catwoman said as she walked back to the wall and pulled another switch.

The dildo began to vibrate and thrust slowly up and down, sending intense surges of primal lust throughout Cheri's helpless body. She began to move in spite of herself. Her movements only increased the effect. Soon she was literally out of her mind with lust.

'MMMPPpMmmPPP!' Cheri screamed, already into her first orgasm. Catwoman squealed with laughter.

'Look Catwoman, she's doing the can-can!' Passion squealed, moving her hand to Cheri's heaving breast.

'Yes, its too bad we don't have a napkin or something to immortalize her on.'

'You won't need any napkin where you're going, CATWOMAN!'

Catwoman spun around to see Batgirl standing in the doorway.

'Sssssss! Batgirl!' Catwoman hissed.

'That's right, Catwoman!'

'But you're dead. Encased in my sticky candy... extinct!'

Batgirl walked quickly to the center of the room and stopped, spreading her legs slightly and putting her hands on her hips.

'The only thing that's come to an end is your sick charades. Turn off the machine and let her go!'

Catwoman started to crouch down slightly like she was going to fight, but then relaxed strangely.

'Very well, Batgirl...' She said, turning and lifting the switch.

The thrusting of the vibrator ended and Cheri slowly relaxed.

'You're certainly more than a match for me...'

Suddenly Batgirl heard a noise behind her, and spun around just in time to see the Vixen and Talon pull a huge sheet of plastic around her from either side. Batgirl tried to pull away, but the woman were too fast. They had already moved behind, and around her wrapping her inside. She struggled to get free, but the plastic encased her entire body. All the way from her ankles, to over her head.

As Batgirl struggled against the plastic and the woman holding her, Passion arrived with what looked like a hair dryer and began to dance around Batgirl, blowing hot air at her. The plastic wrap sealed around her, shrinking and conforming around her body until she was trapped in a super tight, seamless plastic bag.

She was suffocating. Catwoman came over and spread a clear jelly over Batgirl's mouth and nose. The plastic melted away and Batgirl was able to breath.

'Aggh... Aghh.' Batgirl grunted struggling in the super tight plastic.

'Its no use struggling, Batgirl. That's Siamese shrink wrap, a fiendish invention of mine. If I wished to, I could tie you down under some heat lamps and watch it slowly crush you to death... But, unfortunately for you, I have an even nastier idea...' Catwoman said, smiling widely.

'Talon, get the purple Sensi-suit we made for Batgirl. The one with the built in dildo. I have an idea that will kill two birds with one stone so to speak....'

The Weatherman

A Bondage Adventure Serial

The Weatherman

Chapter 8

'.......Its no use struggling, Batgirl. That's Siamese shrink wrap, a fiendish invention of mine. If I wished to, I could tie you down under some heat lamps and watch it slowly crush you to death... But, unfortunately for you, I have an even nastier idea...' Catwoman said, smiling widely, as she approached the still struggling Batgirl.

'Nighty night!' She gushed, as she pulled out a small perfume pump bottle and sprayed a small amount of the contents in Batgirl's face. Batgirl inhaled a small amount of the mist and wilted like a rag doll in The Sex Kitten's arms.

'Talon, get the purple Sensi-suit we made for Batgirl. The one with the built in dildo. I have an idea that will kill two birds with one stone....' She said already approaching Cheri with the spray bottle.

As Batgirl slept, Passion and Vixen relieved her of her outfit and replaced it with the purple Sensi-suit. They worked her legs into it and then carefully inserted the Sensi-suit covered dildo into her vagina before pulling the suit onto the rest of her body. Once they were finished, they tied her up.

Two lengths of white rope were used to tie each of her ankles tightly to her thighs. Another length of rope was used to tie her elbows tightly behind her back. Then they looped a rope around her waist a number of times and then tied her wrists to it on either side of her. Finally, as a last touch, Passion tied a rope to her elbow ropes, pulled it downward between her legs and up and over her waist rope in front. A evil smile erupted on Passion's face, as she slowly pulled the rope taught, drawing the stretchy material of the Sensi-suit between the cheeks of Batgirl's rear and deep into her pussy.

'Tighter.' Catwoman purred quietly, as she pulled on the rope experimentally. 'I don't want Batgirl to be too comfortable... ...Much better. Now tie it off and start on Miss La Gams.

The Kitten's obeyed and released the sleeping Cheri from the bondage trap and tied her in exactly the same manner as Batgirl.

'Excellent work Kitten's. Bring our two slumbering playmates next door. Let's see who wants to be on top...'

Batgirl stirred from her forced slumber and found that she couldn't move.'

'Oh look, our purrrple princess is awake. How delicious.' Catwoman cooed, approaching Batgirl.

Batgirl, quickly understood why she couldn't move. She was tightly bound. She opened her eyes and groggily looked around her. The first thing she saw was Cheri. She was facing her about ten feet away, still unconscious. Batgirl looked down. She was suspended five feet off the ground atop a strange barrel shaped object that was three feet long and three feet in diameter.

Her spread thighs hugged the barrel's curved outer surface, which was made up of individual metal rollers placed close together, each two to three inches in diameter. The rollers weren't straight. They curved up and down slightly creating small peaks and valleys along their gleaming metal surface. Yet they fit into one another perfectly; The peaks of one roller matching up with a the valleys of its neighbor.

The Sex Kittens had tied her so she couldn't get off the barrel. With her ankles tied to her thighs, and her arms of no use, it meant that she could only grip the outer surface of the rollers with her inner thighs and knees. And that was almost impossible to do; The metal rollers were coated in grease making the already incredibly slick material of the Sensi-suit, even more ridiculously slippery. In fact, Batgirl would have slid off the side of the barrel if it weren't for a thin metal brace that was locked closed around their shoulders. The brace held her body upright on the top of the barrel's elaborate surface.

Batgirl looked across at Cheri. She too was sitting atop a similar barrel. Connecting the two barrels was a sturdy metal pole. The center of the pole was perched atop a pyramid shaped object between Batgirl and Cheri.

Batgirl shifted atop her barrel and felt the dildo inside of her rub against the sensitive walls of her vagina. It sent chills though her helpless body.

Cheri stirred. She quickly came round and began to struggle in her tight bondage. She quickly gave up and looked over at Batgirl, obviously wondering what Catwoman had in mind.

'Now that you're both awake, I would like to explain what the idea of my little game is....'

'Listen Catwo-' Batgirl interrupted.

Catwoman didn't let her even start. She pushed a button on a remote control in her hand and Batgirl let out a yelp, as a quick, sharp jolt of electricity fed up through her body from the metal rollers below her. Catwoman waited for Batgirl to say somthing else, then finding her silent, smiled and continued.

'That's better. You're sitting on opposite ends of my Arouser See-Saw. A small electrode bas been placed in your suits to measure your sexual response. The machine takes that sexual energy and transforms it into electricity which it stores in a large battery at the base of the see-saw. There's a small and fairly harmless amount stored in there right now from my test runs with Talon and Passion... as you Batgirl, I'm sure can certainly attest to. Soon however, after you start to squirm in those delicious Sensi-suits and your helpless bodies begin to react to their intoxicating embraces, your mounting passion will feed the batteries large empty cells, until its charge has become quite deadly.'

'I'm sure there more to this than just storing our sexual energy, Catwoman.'

Catwoman looked up at Batgirl and smiled, sliding her hands up the outside of her firm breasts.

'Correct as usual, Batgirl. Besides just storing your sexual energy, the Arouser See-Saw also measures it as well. Here's where the fun part comes in. The Arouser will measure which of the two of you is more aroused, and lower the other in response. And you don't want to be lowered. Underneath each of you is a button. If this button comes in contact with the ground below you, the machine is programmed to release all of it's stored energy. frying both of you to a crisp.

'Oh mon dieu! Batgirl!' Cheri cried, renewing her feeble attempts to escape.

'Don't struggle, Cheri! The suit is designed to excite you when you move!' Batgirl cried, trying to calm the poor girl.

'Correct! Batgirl...' Catwoman applauded, walking next to Cheri. 'As Cheri already knows, once the Sensi-suits get going, it will be impossible to stop your bodies mounting passion!' Catwoman cried as she moved her hand to Cheri's bosom and stroked the under side of her left breast softly.

'I think we need a little multimedia presentation to get us in the mood... Passion!'

Passion flipped a switch and a video began to play on a huge screen behind Batgirl. Batgirl turned to look behind her, but a small, yet carefully placed partition made it impossible for her to see it.

'Oh mon dieu...' Cheri said softly, her eyes glued to the screen.

A woman began to laugh wickedly. Batgirl knew who it was instantly. It sent chills down her spine.

"...Oh my god it's quicksand!'
"Very perceptive, Batgirl... But not just ordinary quicksand,
It's Clavicsand!.."

Batgirl's mind reeled as the soundtrack continued. Even over the cackling voice of Nora Clavicle explaining her fate in sickening detail, she could hear the sound of her legs squishing in and out of the surface of the thick oozing quicksand.

'Where did you get this?!' Batgirl screamed, trying to blot out the sound of the slurping.

'Didn't know it existed, did you Batgirl? No one did. A couple months ago, I got a call from my good friend Miss Clavicle who asked me to pick it up before the police or someone else equally unsophisticated happened to stumble upon it. She felt it might have a damaging effect on her current not-guilty plea.'

Catwoman licked her lips and then looked at Cheri. 'Seems like I played it for the right audience. I think she enjoys watching you struggle, Batgirl.'

Batgirl looked over at Cheri. She was spellbound. Suddenly the barrel below Batgirl's spread legs began to rotate. The rollers uneven surfaces softly messaged the inside of her thighs and her crotch as they went by, jiggling the dildo inside of her. She had never felt anything like the suit before. She instantly understood why Cheri had been so out of control before. It felt amazing. The suits inner surface rubbed slightly across her body as she moved, caressing her breasts and other erogenous zones. Her body began to respond almost at once, and as it did, Cheri's barrel began to turn as well.

Batgirl watched Cheri look down in amazement and then begin to struggle harder.

'Oh my god, what's happening?!' Batgirl said, watching the barrel she was on slowly speed up in response.

'Oh I forgot to mention that your sexual energy also directly controls your partners barrel. The more turned on you get the faster your partner's barrel will spin!'

Cheri responded to the rotation underneath her spread legs and began to move even more. Struggling against the cunning ropes that bound her. Her movements only caused her to get more excited. That in turn increased the speed of Batgirl's barrel, and worse, began tipping Batgirl's end of the hideous sexual see- saw downward towards to ground.

Catwoman began to laugh as Batgirl thrust her crotch into the rotating seat, trying to equalize their sexual responses in an attempt to stop her descent. It worked. Her sexual energy increased and the ends began to tip the other direction. Cheri looked at Batgirl realizing what was happening as the see-saw tipped past level and then downward in her direction. Cheri responded by pushing her own crotch harder against the rotating cylinder.

'Catwoman, you've out done yourself with this one!' Vixen gushed, as she watched Batgirl's end lower again, requiring Batgirl to struggle atop the rotating barrel in an effort to stop her descent.

'Yes... its a shame that we can't stay to watch the show in person.'

'Oh.. Catwoman...' Passion whined.

'I know. But the video will be waiting when we get back. It could take as long as an hour with these two sexual dynamos, and we have things to do!'

Catwoman let out a roar of laughter as she watched first Cheri's, then Batgirl's end dip downward.

'Catwo-wo-man. You'll pay-ay for this!' Batgirl stuttered as the passion within her continued to build.

'Ta ta! Batgirl' Catwoman said exiting the room.

Batgirl looked over at Cheri. They were both equally helpless and powerless to stop the mounting desire within them. And so it went. Each of the girls in turn got more and more excited, trying to keep the machine in equilibrium, slowly bobbing up and down like they were in a kindergarten play ground.

First it was Cheri who was descending then Batgirl. Each of the women struggled desperately to free themselves, but their fervent struggles only caused their bound bodies to move more in the cunning Sensi-suits, slowly bringing them closer and closer to orgasm.

'Oh Batgirl! I am going to come!' Cheri said, already visibly shaking as the rush of the first orgasm hit her. As Cheri screamed in ecstasy, Batgirl began to descend rapidly. She lifted her elbows, pulling the crotchrope and the dildo deeper into her pussy. She squirmed on the rotating bearings concentrating on the massive feeling that were growing quickly within her.

Inches from the ground, she came. The see-saw tipped upwards again, then past equilibrium. Cheri stopped orgasming and slump over slightly, complete exhausted.

'Cheri! Come on you can't stop now!' Batgirl screamed as her own orgasm came to an end.

Cheri responded and began to move, the sequence starting all over again. She stopped descending and then it was Batgirl's turn... Batgirl pulled at her bonds, but they were cunningly secure. She was helpless to stop her body respond again to the barrel and the Sensi-suit. How long could they last?.....

Forty minutes, and six orgasms later, Batgirl and Cheri were completely exhausted. Their bodies however didn't stop responding. It was useless to struggle, but they found it impossible to stop, and watching each others writhing form in front of them only increased their passion, reinforcing their own helplessness.

'Oh mon dieu, Batgirl! I can't 'old on much longer!' Cheri cried, straining at the ropes around her body.

'I know Cheri! I trying to think...' Batgirl responded already feeling her seventh orgasm approaching.

Then the idea hit her. It was risky, but their only chance.

'Cheri, move as much as you can. Struggle like you have never struggled before. Now!'

'But why?!' Cheri screamed confused.

'Just do it!' Batgirl cried forcefully.

Cheri did as she was told, and as she did so, Batgirl did the same working herself into an absolute frenzy. The Sensi-suit moved like a pool of thick jello around her, and the dildo inside of her rammed against her as she moved up and down.

The barrels began to spin faster and faster, only adding to the mounting swell of lust that the women had created. Still they continued. The barrels were soon spinning so fast that Batgirl was thankful that they were so well greased.

Batgirl rammed her pelvis into the machine. Her plan wasn't working. She looked over at Cheri. Cheri was bouncing up and down and struggling. The Sensi-suit had her completely out of control. Her worst fears were being realized. The passion within her was mounting to an unbelievable level. She had to keep trying. pushed her crotch harder into the rotating rollers, moving herself forward and backwards along the barrel rotating surface with reckless abandon.

Suddenly, Batgirl saw what she had hoped for. A wisp of smoke escaped the top of the pyramid. Then another.

'Come on Cheri! Harder!' Batgirl cried, watching the mounting smoke rise from the pyramids point.

'Oh god! Batgirl! I going to come!' Cheri cried. writhing atop the spinning cylinder as if she was riding a bucking bronco.

'Just a little bit longer Cheri!' Batgirl cried.

Cheri couldn't hold it any longer and the orgasm overcame her. It was so intense that she wasn't sure if she would survive it. She writhed in her bondage, pulling at the crotchrope between her legs, thrusting and thrusting as wave after wave of passion enveloped her.

The force of Cheri's orgasm, was immediately translated by the machine and fed to Batgirl, who had no choice but to orgasm as well. The power of the desire within her rocked her to her very core. For a second, she didn't even know who she was. She didn't care. She was completely overwhelmed. All she could do was ride out the wave as it swept over her.

Batgirl's plan worked. The combined energy from the two women's intense orgasm was too much for Catwoman's machine. The already smoking pyramid began to shudder and exploded, sending Batgirl and Cheri in opposite directions.

Batgirl opened her eyes and looked around. The brace had hinged open and she was lying on the ground still tightly bound in rope. Miraculously however, she wasn't injured. She looked over at Cheri. She was out cold. Batgirl looked at the machine. The force of the explosion had cut a jagged hole in one side of the pyramid leaving sharp metal edges. Luckily for Batgirl and Cheri it was the side facing away from them.

She struggled over the pyramid and used the sharp metal to cut the ropes around her body. Within a few minutes she was free. She pulled off the Sensi-suit and freed Cheri who was slowly coming round. Cheri opened her eyes and looked in Batgirl's eyes.

'Oh zank you Batgirl!' She cried, clutching onto Batgirl.

'You were an equal part in it.' Batgirl said, allowing Cheri to recover before pulling her Sensi-suit from her body. 'Let's get into some more suitable clothing and get out of here. I need to get you safe.'

'Oh mon dieu! We must go back to my apartment. My roommate...'

'She OK. The police have seen to that by now, I'm sure.'

After Batgirl found the clothing that each of the women had come to the studio with they each dressed. After Batgirl was in her outfit, she walked over and picked up the purple Sensi-suit that was lying on the ground.

'Under different circumstances...' She thought as she folded up the shiny purple suit and put it under her arm.

'Are you keeping zat for evidence?' Cheri questioned as they walked out the front door of the studio.

'Something like that.' Batgirl said smiling. 'Get on the back of my Batgirl cycle. I'll have someone pick up your car later.'

The women sped off and were soon rounding the corner of police headquarters. Batgirl was hoping for a quiet entrance, but unfortunately, Commissioner Gordon had just finished a press conference and television and newspaper reporters were everywhere. Catwoman would know they escaped.

'Catwoman, you told me they were dead!' Ashlyn cried, hitting the mute button of her television.

'I don't believe it. How is it possible? Damn her!'

Ashlyn turned off the television and began to pace.

'She's going to find out about me. It's only a matter of time before old Mr. Layhee puts it together and contacts her.'

Catwoman looked up.

'Well, I guess I'll just have to take care of him....' Catwoman said standing. 'And while I'm there, I make sure to leave a clue behind for Batgirl. It will be subtle, but she will figure it out and when she does... I'll be ready. Passion, Vixen... Get over to the emporium and set things up. I have to take care of old Mr. Layhee.'

Batgirl opened the door of Commissioner Gordon's office and walked inside. Chief O'Hara and the Commissioner leapt to their feet.

'Batgirl! Thank heaven's your safe. While you were away, a Mr. Layhee has been trying to reach you desperately. It's something to do with Harvey Ashlyn...'

'What about him?'

'He wouldn't say. Just that he need to speak to you immediately. It seems he may know why Catwoman's is staging her reign of terror.'

'I'll pop over there at once!' Batgirl said, turning on her heels and striding to the door.

'For heaven's sake, be careful Batgirl. We still haven't been able to reach Batman and Robin. You're all alone in this.'

'I'll be OK Chief' Batgirl said, exiting the door.

Batgirl arrived at Mr. Layhee's office. It was closed. She pulled out her Batgirl lock pick and was in the door in seconds.

'Mr. Layhee?' Batgirl announce, carefully walking through the office, listening for any response.

She crept down the hall, looking into the various offices along the way. Nothing. At the end of the hall was a door. On the outside it read:

Ernest Layhee, Senior Partner

She knocked on the door and then hearing no response, opened the door and peered inside. It was dark. She felt for the light switch and turned it on.

Mr. Layhee was sitting at his desk, but her wasn't moving. Batgirl walked behind him and touched him. He slumped forward in his seat, his head smacking the top of his desk. She was too late. He was dead. She propped him up and noticed a set of scratch marks on the front of his shirt. Catwoman.

Batgirl began to search the office. To the casual observer, everything would have seemed normal, but to Batgirl's keen sense of intuition it was obvious that someone had already rifled the office thoroughly. There was no paperwork regarding the Ashlyn's what so ever.

'Damn!' She curse turning to leave.

Her foot kicked something. She bent down and picked it up. It was a small acrylic paper weight. She looked at it and almost put it down but thought better of it. Something about it caught her eye. It wasn't the small figure of a woman in sexy lingerie that was encased in the clear acrylic. It was the shape of the paper weight itself. It was shaped like a cat.

Batgirl turned the paper weight over and looked at it. On the bottom of the paperweight was the name and address of the company who made it.

The Totally Terrific Trophy Emporium
1625 Ming Court

Batgirl stopped and thought. Ming court. 'Ming is Chinese for meow.' She said softly. 'I wonder.'

Batgirl followed the lead and soon found herself outside the Totally Terrific Trophy Emporium on Ming Court. It looked deserted. She walked up to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked. A sign hung in the window.

Closed for Renovation

Something about this didn't seem right and Batgirl decided to check it out further. She walked around the side of the building and using her Batgirl rope, got herself up to the second floor. From there it was easy to pry open a window and slip inside.

Batgirl quickly found that the upstairs portion of the building was completely abandoned. So she quietly walked down the stairs to the first floor.

At the bottom of the stairs was a door. She carefully opened it and found herself in an immense showroom. Rows and rows of neatly arranged trophies and plaques, as well as some large statues and huge clear Lucite artworks clogged the main showroom. In the back of the showroom was another door.

Batgirl took a quick look around at the various trophies and plaques. Nothing interesting. Just for a moment, she thought that maybe the paperweight was meaningless, but that feeling quickly passed as she opened the door in the back of the showroom and looked inside.

It was like she had walked into another world. It was a massive, dimly lit room, decorated with soft pillows and fine silks. The floor was made up of large pink marble and clear, Lucite tiles, each twelve feet square, making up a huge checkerboard pattern. Thirty feet to the left of the door, was a huge trophy that seemed oddly familiar. Intrigued, Batgirl went to take a look.

It turned out to a life-sized bronze of herself, in a typical Batgirl pose; Her legs slightly spread and her hands at her hips. It was very lifelike. On the base of the trophy read:

Sexiest Woman in Gotham

Batgirl realized that this was a replica, only much larger of the trophy she would receive later at the Apparel Obsessia Awards dinner.

'Hello, Batgirl.'

Batgirl, spun around to find Catwoman lounging on a mass of pink silk pillows at the far end of the room. She was dressed in her super tight, shiny, black catsuit.


'Welcome, Batgirrrl.' She purred, sliding her left gloved hand over her breasts seductively. 'I hope you had a good time at the studio. So nice of you to... drop by.'

'Very droll, Catwoman.' Batgirl responded, slowly walking towards her. 'Nice trophy.'

'Do you like it Batgirl?' Catwoman responded, her mood changing. 'That foolish Harvey Ashlyn made a terrible mistake trying to give that to you. Everybody knows that Catwoman is the sexiest woman in Gotham!'

'You can show your trophy to your cellmates, when you are back in prison.'

'You're purrr..spective on the situation, Batgirl, is, as usual, completely contorted. You are my prisoner here.'

'I think you're overestimate your abilities, Catwoman. When have you ever been able to take me one on one?' Batgirl said, continuing across the room, now half way across.

'I wouldn't come any closer, Batgirl.'

Batgirl, stopped, put her hands on her hips defiantly and smiled broadly. Then started forward again.

'I'm so scared-' Batgirl started to say, as she walked out of her high heeled pumps and stumbled forward. She regained her balance and looked down confused to find that both of her stocking feet were stuck in an centimeter of clear ooze. She struggled to pull her feet from ooze, but it was useless. Though she was able to lift them, she couldn't get them out. Strings of clear material held her tightly in check.

'Oooo' Batgirl said, feeling her feet squish in and out of the thick goo. She pulled her legs but it was useless. The ooze had her firmly in its clutches. She looked up at Catwoman who was laughing wildly then back down at her stocking feet. She was now standing in a couple of inches of ooze. She was sinking.

Batgirl realizing the situation, considered launching herself backwards onto the solid ground, but luckily, looked behind her first. A Lucite panel was sliding silently away from her, exposing more ooze. Batgirl struggled wildly to free herself as the thin panel disappeared beneath the marble section, six feet behind her, but her struggles only made her sink deeper.

Batgirl looked around her panicking. There was ooze all around her. The solid pink marble sections were six feet away in all directions.

And she was sinking. She struggled to pull her feet free but it was no use, she just continued to sink. Her dark stocking feet were completely under the surface now. The ooze felt strangely warm as it enveloped the legs of her thin catsuit... and thick.

'Oh god!' Batgirl cried, as she pulled viciously at her legs. It was pointless. She was utterly helpless in the thick gooey stuff. She had visions of herself sinking to her death, when suddenly, she hit solid ground. She looked down finding herself buried in twelve inches of clear ooze.

With the ground below her as an ally, she quickly tried to pull her legs free of the ooze, but she could barely move them. They were completely stuck. Undaunted, she put her hands behind her knee and pulled up on her leg with all her strength. Even with that incredible effort, she was only able to lift her foot a few inches, and that was it. She couldn't possibly pull it free. The warm, sticky substance clung to her legs, holding her in place.

'Oh god, It's like glue!'

'Very purrrceptive, Batgirl.' Catwoman purred, as she got up from her soft pillows and slowly approached the pit of ooze. Stopping at it's edge, she put her index finger up to her mouth and bit down on her razor sharp claw, smiling. 'It's my Purrrfectly Perrrverted Bondage Adheasive Batgirl. A fiendish, new invention of mine.'

'Uggh..Uggh! Batgirl grunted, getting more and more frustrated that she couldn't lift her feet from the thick ooze.

'Oh, that's right, struggle. You know I love to watch you struggle, Batgirl. It makes me wet just watching you.'

'If you think it is so much fun, why don't you join me?'

'Very well, I will'

Catwoman walked around behind Batgirl, and to Batgirl's amazement, stepped into the glue. Then to her absolute astonishment, She watched Catwoman pull her foot free and take another step toward her. Anticipating Batgirl's question Catwoman explained.

'My outfit is made of Catslick Material, a special anti-adhesive fiber, Batgirl. The glue won't stick to it.'

As Catwoman slowly approached, Batgirl continued to struggle. She was completely helpless, and tiring quickly.

Catwoman stopped a couple of feet away from her. Batgirl, tried to turn to fight but found she couldn't.

'You look tired, Batgirl.' Catwoman said smiling. 'I think maybe you should lie down!'

'No! Catwo-' Batgirl screamed, but it was too late. Catwoman taking advantage of Batgirl's crippled state, easily grabbed her shoulders and pulled her backwards.

Batgirl's fell backwards into the glue with a sickening sludgghidhfhg. She landed on her rear and back and had instinctively tried to break her fall with her hands. Now she was on her back with her arms buried up to her elbows. She tried to pull herself up but found herself helplessly stuck.

'You Bitch!' Batgirl screamed, her struggles causing her body to ooze slightly deeper into the warm glue. Catwoman stepped over the prone figure of Batgirl with a leg on either side of her waist.

'Don't struggle too much, Batgirl.' Catwoman said, lifting her boot from the glue and placing the toe on Batgirl's sternum.

'You might sink....' She said, pressing down, pushing Batgirl further into the ooze.

'Oh God! Please don't!....uggh!'


Here is chapter 8 in the on going saga.... For those who missed earlier chapters of this story or the original Perils of Batgirl, I am going to post them along with chapter 9 on Saturday to Thanks to everyone who gave such kind words of encouragement.

This story contains as much bondage, lesbianism and fetismism as I could possilby fit in, as well as melodramatic plot points needed to tell this type of story. If any of this offends you, please DON'T READ IT.

If on the other hand you enjoyed The original Perils of Batgirl, you will probably like this one as well. The cliff hanger at the end of Chapter 4 is the brain trust of a net-buddy of mine who lives on AOL. (Thanks Rob). I've tried to keep this in the comic book/60's TV Show mood. I hope you enjoy it.

The Weatherman

A Bondage Adventure Serial

The Weatherman

Chapter 8

....Batgirl's fell backwards into the glue with a sickening sludgghidhfhg. She landed on her rear and back, and unfortunately had instinctively tried to break her fall with her hands. Now she was on her back with her arms buried up to her elbows. She tried to pull herself up, but found herself helplessly stuck.

'You Bitch!' Batgirl screamed, her struggles causing her body to ooze slightly deeper into the warm glue. Catwoman stepped over the prone figure of Batgirl with a leg on either side of her waist.

'Don't struggle too much, Batgirl.' Catwoman said, lifting her boot from the glue and placing the toe on Batgirl's sternum.

'You might sink....' She said, pressing down, pushing Batgirl further into the ooze.

'Oh God! Please don't!....uggh!'

Catwoman removed her toe and straddled Batgirl again.

'Don't worry, Batgirl. I'm not going to let you die.....Yet. I'm going to let you purrrcolate a bit first...' Catwoman said quietly, her eyes narrowing slightly. 'A little diversion purrrhaps....'

Catwoman turned and pulled Batgirl's knees apart, forcing the outsides of them into the glue. When she was finished, the soles of Batgirl's stocking feet were facing each other and her legs were spread wide open, the outside of her knees, stuck deep into the glues sticky clutches.

Catwoman, pulled out a long silver vibrator from behind her back and turning, buried one end of it into the glue, hard up against Batgirl's pussy. Then she turned it on. Batgirl struggled to get away from the touch of the vibrator, but it was useless. It was literally glued to the thin patent material covering her pussy.

'Now, that you are suitably entertained. I think that the only fair thing for you to do is entertain me.' Catwoman said, getting down on her knees, and straddling Batgirl's face.

'Pleasure me, Batgirl.'

Batgirl, didn't move.

'You're in no position to refuse. I can be very purrrsuasive...' Catwoman said, pushing down on Batgirl's forehead, forcing the back of her head into glue.

'Oh god, No!'

'Suck Batgirl!' Catwoman said, pushing crotch of her Catsuit hard against Batgirl's mouth.

Batgirl had no choice but to comply. She opened her mouth and sucked at the thin material covering Catwoman's pussy. She pushed up with her tongue and sucked, searching for her clitoris.

'Oh, that's right, Batgirl. Right there.... ohhh yes. Harder.'

Batgirl continued to satisfy Catwoman as the vibrator between her legs, purred on, it's knowing touch, firmly attached right above her clitoris. She began to gyrate her hips in unison with Catwoman and soon both women were in a state of frenzy.

'Oh YES Bagirl! Yes!'

Catwoman came first, followed shortly there after by Batgirl. When the waves of passion subsided. Catwoman got off Batgirl and stood up.

'Batgirl, you are amazing.' she said, looking down at the still struggling form of Batgirl, half buried in glue. 'I want to remember you just like this....

...But maybe with a different pose...'

'What are you doing to me?' Batgirl asked, as Catwoman stuck her gloved hands in the glue and pulled Batgirl's legs until they were straight out and slightly spread.

'Posing you, Batgirl' Catwoman responded as she positioned Batgirl hands at her hips.

Batgirl struggled to free herself but she was completely helpless.

'Get me out of here, this stuff is hardening!' Batgirl screamed, trying to move but finding it impossible to do so.

'Correct, Batgirl! As the adhesive cools, it set into a purrrfectly clear Lucite, with you and your luscious body trapped in its rock hard, inescapable shell.... purrrmanently!' Catwoman said, laughing as she walked to the wall and pulled a switch.


Batgirl heard a click and looked up at the ceiling. A eight by four foot metal frame was slowly lowering towards her, She could do nothing but helplessly watch as it cut into the glue, until it surrounded her body, sticking two feet out of the surface.

Catwoman, walked back to Batgirl, pulling a long hose.

'Another one of a kind item, Batgirl...' Catwoman laughed, turning the nozzle of the hose, releasing clear glue, that began to ooze into the into frame. 'A Batgirl, PAPERWEIGHT!'

'No!... Ugggh!' Batgirl grunted trying to move in the hardening, bondage adhesive. It was useless. She could barely move. She was powerless as the softer, warmer adhesive slowly oozed from the nozzle, rising around her exposed body parts.

Catwoman placed the nozzle in a specially made holder at the top of the frame, and smiled as the goo oozed into the frame, slowly covering the remainder of Batgirl's helpless body.

'Oh god! Uggh!...' Batgirl grunted, struggling with all her might as she felt the sickening was glue glob over her thighs. Catwoman watched Batgirl's reactions with rapt fascination. Batgirl was giving it everything she had, but her fate was sealed. Her horrific death was now a sure certainty.

'I would love to stay and watch, Batgirl, but I have plans to attend to. Plus, figure I have all time I want to admire you, when you're hanging on my wall!'

'No..Catwoman! Don't leave me like this! Ugghhh...'

Catwoman, turned, walked to the door and paused.

'Don't move, Batgirl. I want to remember you just like you are!' She said, laughing as she ducked out the door and fled, leaving Batgirl to die.

Valerie Ashlyn put her toe in the second jet-black stocking and then slowly pulled it over her small foot, and then up her smooth tan leg, being particularly careful to pull it tightly and evenly all the way up. With both stockings on, she laid back in the soft sofa and raised her legs in the air, bending them slightly at the knee. She pointed her toes and then moved her hands to the outsides of her shapely ankles, sliding them slowly over the soft nylon downward, then over her knees and inward towards her moist pussy.

She lingered there awhile allowing herself time to enjoy the sensations, then stood, and walked to the mirror.

The dark stockings shimmered in the soft lighting, outlining the outsides of her incredible legs first with a line of midnight black, then a region of dark sexual sable, finally converging into a sensual, fleshy chocolate. This pair of stockings were so tall that the black stay-up tops touched her pubic hair. They needed to be; The black patent, halter dress she had chosen for the Apparel Obsessia Awards Dinner was insanely short.... and tight.

Valerie stepped into her black stiletto pumps and smiled. Batgirl was drowning in the bondage adhesive. Catwoman said that she would be dead by four o'clock. How delicious. Tonight was going to be a wonderful night. She moved her hands down her nude body and between her slightly spread legs. The dinner wasn't until nine o'clock. She had time....

Batgirl looked down over her prone, helplessly mired body, at the thick, gooey adhesive oozing into what now amounted to a vat of clear, slow rising death.

'Auggh!' She grunted trying to lift any part of her body from the sticky nightmare. It was pointless. She now barely move. The glue was hardening. She couldn't move her feet at all.

The glue oozed up her stomach and then around her breasts, creating two purple islands in the clear placid surface.

'Oh god, I can't move!' Batgirl screamed, straining at the hardening epoxy, as the warmer, softer glue on top, oozed upwards surrounding her head and creeping up the outside of her breasts. In a matter of minutes the glue was around her ears and chin. She could smell its strange chemical aroma and feel its warm embrace on her skin.

She had to do something now. Right now. But what?! She certainly couldn't pull her arms out, or the rest of her for that matter. But she had to do something!

She thought about the pink constrictor candy. Maybe that would work here too. She strained with all her might and was just able to touch the button that heated up her utility belt.

She could feel the utility belt slowly get warm and then hot. She thought that she was onto something, as the glue around her waist softened, but her hopes were soon dispelled. All it did was allow her slightly more room to struggle, -and get completely frustrated in. Though the glue got soft, it was still incredibly thick and sticky and there was absolutely no way that Batgirl was going to be able to pull her arms out. Hell, she could move them more than a few inches.

'Oh god!' Batgirl cried, as she felt the glue crest her chin and creep up towards her lower lip. 'Augh!...'

Suddenly Batgirl remembered something. Something that she had put in her utility belt last month, but never used. She closed her mouth as the glue crested her lower and then upper lip, as she strained with all her might to lift open a compartment on her belt. She could only get it open a half an inch, but that was just enough.

With an amazing feat of concentration, as the glue touched the lower part of her nose, Batgirl cracked the top of the vile in the compartment releasing a red chemical.

The glue began to react at once as Batgirl took what she knew would be her last breath for quite awhile, then relaxed, conserving oxygen. The red chemical began melting the glue into a clear liquid letting off a mass of thick white, and very deadly, smoke. The glue reacted instantly, but because there was so much of it, it took almost two minutes before Batgirl was able to pull herself free and jump from the hazardous chemical cloud and ripping off her smoking catsuit, cowl, wig and stockings.

Then she staggered away and collapsed. Taking a huge breath. She was alive! She took another huge breath and looked back at the pit of glue. The Chemical and glue had combined to form an incredibly unstable, and dangerous compound, which was now boiling madly at the bottom of the pit. She got up to go and noticed a business card next to her. She grabbed it and stood up.

She took a look at the pit of glue. It was going to blow. She had no time to lose. She had to get out now. She turned and ran at full speed for the exit. She just got out the door before the explosion. The force of the explosion knocked her to the ground. She turned and looked the building that was now completely engulfed in flames. She still couldn't believe she was alive. She looked down at her nude body and wondered how she was going to get home. She had nothing to wear home except....

Batgirl walked quickly to the Batgirl cycle and pulled out the purple Sensi-suit, and as fast as she possibly could, put it on. It still had the same amazing effect on her. She would have to try this Sensi-suit out later in the privacy of her own home. She then grabbed a paper bag and punched two hole in it for eyes and put it over her head. People were really going to stare today...

She climbed aboard the Batgirl Cycle and started the engine. The massive dull rumbling of her cycle caused the dildo inside of her to vibrate. She only got a mile before the first orgasm. This was going to be some ride home.

Batgirl arrived home thoroughly exhausted. She would have felt more of a fool driving home, if it weren't for the fact that she had to use all her mental energy just to stay on her Batgirl cycle. The devious Sensi-suit did what it was designed to do. By the end of the journey she was literally humping the seat in wild abandon. She had to get it off of her before, she went absolutely crazy.

She ripped the bag off of her head, pulled the purple Sensi-suit off of her body and started the tub. It took over twenty minutes to get the glue off. Things were going to change. Catwoman would pay for this. That was for certain. She climbed out of the tub and began to towel off.

Then she remembered the business card. She walked to her Batgirl Cycle and pulled the card from the storage trunk. It was a business card to a fetish boutique. She decided that she would do a little late evening shopping before making her appearance at the awards dinner.

As Batgirl entered the east side of Gotham, dusk fell upon the city. The darkness held out it arms and slowly gathered in the last of the eerie twilight, casting a dark violet glow on the surrounding buildings. It almost looked surreal, as she took a left on Industry Parkway, and then a right down a small, dimly lit side street.

Batgirl made her way along the darkening street until she reached the address shown on the card: 1425 Vinyl Lane. She parked her Batgirl cycle along the side of the building, well out of sight of any passers by, and walked back to the front of the store.

Batgirl shot a quick glance at the darkening street around her. It was deserted. Not suprising; This area of Gotham consisted entirely of industrial warehouses and factories.

Batgirl looked down at the soiled business card she held in her hand. She was in front of a small, black store front, with no windows. A small, red neon sign hung above the door in stark contrast to the dark surroundings.

It read:

Very Private
Leather and Fetish Boutique.

'Strange area for a place like this to be in.' Batgirl said quietly to herself, as she approached the door to the store.

Taking a last look around, Batgirl cautiously opened the door and walked inside. As soon as she was inside, the red neon sign above the door, turned off ominously.

The store was much, much, larger than it looked from the outside. It was overstocked with a huge supply of very neatly arranged, erotic leather, latex, and PVC apparel, as well as a very large assortment of bondage paraphernalia. Batgirl was secretly overwhelmed with the selection and wished that she had gone there as Barbara Gordon, instead of Batgirl. She couldn't help but slide her gloved hand along a particularly cute, red PVC teddy as she walked along.

'Batgirl! What an honor!'

Batgirl, looked up from the teddy to see a beautiful woman enter the showroom from a room behind the sales counter. She was in her late twenties, and smiled as she walked forward. She obviously enjoyed fetish clothing, for she was dressed to kill.

She was wearing an extremely tight and shiny, black-PVC, turtleneck dress that gleamed in the soft lighting. It was super tight and was so short that the black tops of her opera length stockings, peeked out beneath its hem. She complimented the outfit with a pair of short, black patent gloves and a pair of ridiculously high, black patent stiletto heels. A shiny chain belt was attached around her waist with a small padlock. Very kinky. Her blond hair was cut in a short, layered look, which bounced in unison with her hips, as she sauntered sexily forward.

'I'm Valerie Ashlyn.'

'Of Apparel Obsessia fame?' Batgirl, asked raising her eyebrow. 'Is this some kind of offshoot store?'

'Yes, I am and no... this is my private boutique. It caters to the.... let's say kinkier side of our clientele.'

'Kinkier side?' Batgirl thought to herself. How much kinkier could you get than Apparel Obsessia.

'Normally Batgirl, I see people by appointment only, but with you, I will gladly make an exception.' she purred, stopping close enough so Batgirl could smell her subtle, yet intoxicating perfume.

'Can I show you anything in particular? Maybe a new patent teddy perhaps.'

'Possibly...' Batgirl said, stalling, feigning interest in a beautiful black bustier.

Valerie smiled, trying to hide the excitement she was feeling. When the security system had first picked up the sound of the Batgirl cycle outside, Valerie had been beside herself. Her dismay was understandable. She was sure that she was dead. Catwoman had assure her that Batgirl would be dead at four o'clock.

'... no one escapes that sticky goo.' Catwoman had said, laughing.

'No one but Batgirl' Valerie said, quietly to herself, watching Batgirl casually admire a particular fine pair of custom, stiletto shoes.

Luckily for Valerie, it had taken Batgirl time to stash her cycle; That had given her time to calm down and formulate a plan. Things weren't so bad. Catwoman had helped install some Bat-traps in the boutique, just in case. Now all she had to do was catch her. The thought sort of excited her.

In fact, her pussy was wet, with the prospect of capturing her. A fitting pay-back for her step father's misplaced adoration. She couldn't help but slide her gloved hands down over the front of her breasts, as she looked at Batgirl in her exquisitely sexual costume.

The glue had obviously ruined her Batgirl Catsuit because now she was dressed in an incredibly tight purple turtleneck teddy, that fit every curve of her sumptuous body. It was cut very high on her hips, showing off her incredible legs, which were encased in a pair of sheer, jet-black pantyhose.

An area of patent material, just above her breasts, had been cut out in the shape of a bat and replaced with sheer black material, offering a excellent view of Batgirl's ample cleavage. She could understand why so many male and female master criminals had been taken off guard by her sexual charms. She could imagine them looking at her sumptuous body, as a high heeled ankle boot smashed into their face. Valerie would not give Batgirl the chance.

'Would you like me to help you into something?' Valerie asked, innocently. 'I would love to put you into something tight... maybe even a little... constricting.'

'Are you talking about apparel or bondage?' Batgirl said, with a slight smile.

Valerie didn't answer right away. She felt herself get even wetter at the thought of putting Batgirl in bondage, but she kept a cool exterior, only smiling a bit wickedly and walking around Batgirl to the wall.

'I would be happy to help you into either.' Valerie said, noticing that Batgirl was examining a particularly exquisite, purple, leather singleglove. She moved a step closer and smiled.

'Ooo, you like the singleglove. I'm sure you would look great in it.' Valerie said her eyebrows narrowing slightly. 'It's so supple, almost inviting. It's made from the very softest imported Italian lambskin. But don't let the touch of the leather fool you. It's extremely well constructed. We use a special adhesive and then stitch it together by hand. I guarantee that once you're strapped in, well.... it's quite inescapable.'

'Inescapable?' Batgirl said, playing along.

'Your arms go in the sleeve behind your back and then it get zipped up, forcing your elbows together. The straps cross over your chest and buckle in back, keeping it firmly in place... after a few minutes it's wonderfully uncomfortable...'

'I'm sure it is.' Batgirl said, hanging up the singleglove and casually walking on, hiding the twinge of excitement that she felt. She had to come back here... Later.

Batgirl walked by the sales counter and paused picking up a business card from dispenser. It was the same as the one she had found at the trophy emporium.

Valerie walked behind the counter and faced Batgirl, noticing her interest in the card.

'Have you seen anything that interests you?'

'Yes, this card. I found one just like it thing afternoon. Catwoman dropped it.' Batgirl said, turning, to face Valerie, spreading her legs slightly and putting her hands on her hips.

'Catwoman?' Valerie said, trying to sound suprised. 'She's one of our best customers. In fact, she recently special ordered a very unusual item. Her Sex Kittens and I just finished building it downstairs....

...It's unbelievably EVIL, Batgirl. Would you like to have a look at it?'

'I don't think so.' Batgirl said, backing up slightly.

'But Catwoman had us build it especially for YOU, Batgirl!...' Valerie said breaking into a wide smile.

Batgirl knew she was in trouble, but it was too late. Before she could react, Valerie reached under the counter and pushed a button. A six foot square area of floor below Batgirl's feet, separated into eight parts and hinged downward, sending her through the hole in the floor, onto a steep slide below. The slide fed into a small room, where she was unceremoniously deposited, rear first.

For a brief second, Batgirl was disoriented, but she quickly recovered. Jumping to her feet, she turned to the wall behind her, just in time to see a panel slide closed over the opening she had slid through.

'Goodnight, Batgirl.' a speaker at the top of the ceiling broadcast. A second later a thick white gas began to feed into the room at foot level. Batgirl was helpless as the thick gas slowly rose, filling the room. As the gas overcame her, the room began to fade, and she fell to the floor, unconscious.

Batgirl awoke to a throbbing in her head. She tried to put her hand to her head to ease the pain and found that she couldn't move her arms. See opened her eyes and looked about groggily. She was lying on her stomach, in the middle of an opulent room, on a mass of soft pillows.

Valerie, now dressed in a sheer, black nylon bodystocking, was feeding the final strap of the purple leather singleglove Batgirl had seen earlier, into the buckle behind Batgirl's shoulder blade.

'Wake up, wake up, Batgirl.' Valerie sang, in a fairy tale voice, as she tightened the strap in place.

The room stopped spinning and Batgirl's senses quickly returned.

She tested the singleglove and indeed found it inescapable. The soft purple leather, conformed tightly to her arms, pulling her elbows together behind her back. Valerie had also tied her ankles together with a strand of white rope. She was completely helpless..

'Let me out of this thing!' She ordered, struggling against the singleglove in frustration.

'I don't think so.' Valerie said, grabbing a red ball gag. 'I caught you fair and square, so your mine to play with until Catwoman arrives.'

'Listen Valerie-' But that was all she could get out before Valerie worked the rubber ball behind her teeth and buckled it tightly in place behind her head.

'MMpph! Mmpphhrpp!' Batgirl screamed into her gag, struggling in earnest now against the singleglove and ropes that Valerie had so expertly applied.

'That's right, Batgirl struggle. Struggle harder. You have no idea how much I love to see you squirm. It's making me unbelievably wet.' Valerie whispered. She lifted Batgirl to a sitting position, and moved behind her, wrapping her arms around Batgirl's waist, pulling her close against her body. Batgirl tried to pull away, but she was helpless as Valerie's right hand moved to her breast, while her other slid down the front of her purple teddy and between her legs.

'Your teddy is so thin and tight Batgirl. It means you're going to feel everything.' She said and she pinched Batgirl's breast.'

'Ummph!' Batgirl reacted, again fighting to get free. But the singleglove was cunningly secure, and all her fervent struggles were in vain. Valerie, enjoying the squirming form of Batgirl, reached behind her and produced a large, red vibrator. She showed it too Batgirl, turned it on and pushed it between Batgirl's legs.


'Relax Batgirl.' Valerie cooed quietly in Batgirl ear, as she watched her hips begin to gyrate under the pressure of the vibrator. 'You should enjoy this short time we have together; Because I guarantee you won't enjoy the device that we built for you. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak but...'

Valerie shut off the vibrator, grabbed Batgirl by the back of her hair, and turned her head toward her. Batgirl stopped moving her hips, opened her eyes to see Valerie only inches away.

'...I get wet just thinking of you helplessly struggling in there, Batgirl.' Valerie said, softly kissing her on the cheek, as she turned the vibrator back on high, and plunged it between Batgirl's legs.

Batgirl's feeling of helplessness intensified. She was well aware of Catwoman's devious mind. She struggled against the singleglove again in another vain hope at escape. It was no use. It held her arms tightly behind her back. All she could do was wait and hope that somehow she would get free. What did Catwoman have in store for her?

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