True Confessions

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Advancement into the upper levels of Greyson Industries is no picnic. Robert Newbury sat before Ed Greyson in his plush office suite at the plant, sweating nails. He could barely believe that after only two years, he was even being considered. Still, many went through the interview process, but few ever advanced. Those who did were set for life. Conversely, those who failed to pass muster never went beyond mid-level management.

Robert and his lovely wife, June, sweated separately. She waited at home, sweating her own nails. More than anything, June wanted to rise in local society. Like any good mother, June wanted the good life for her three kids: Jerry, 17; Tanya, 15; Billy, 14. The fact that Jerry had his eyes set on college and they hadn't saved the first dime, made matters worse.

Ed looked over Robert's portfolio, lifted an eyebrow, made some ominous "ummms" and "ahhs," then set the record down and fixed Robert with a critical eye that pierced Robert's forced composure. Sweat beaded on Robert's brow as Ed said, "It all looks in order, Bob; but, as you know, we still have the family interview to do. Don't believe half of what you've heard about these interviews. People love to talk and exaggerate. Only losers talk, and they paint a very unreliable picture. The fact is, these personal interviews with the family are extremely important in helping us determine who enters the Greyson family of upper management and who will never join it. I'm sure you understand."

"Absolutely, Mr. Greyson. I'm sure you'll find everything satisfactory. We have nothing to hide. We are willing to cooperate fully."

"Let's hope so, Robert. I must warn you in advance, the team will probe into very personal family histories, and we will bring a polygraph machine. We cannot afford deception. We do government work here. The government requires this level of security. Is June prepared to open up her sexual history, and do your kids know we will probe theirs as well?"

"We discussed this last night. They understand. June didn't seem too happy about that part, but she has nothing to hide, I'm sure. You know how women are about those things, though. She'll cooperate. She wants this advancement more than I do, if that's possible."

"Just be sure she's ready to bare her soul to the team, and there should be no problem. You might also tell her that a checkered past won't disqualify you. We just don't want surprises. We've passed families who were involved in wife swapping groups, sex for hire, child porno exchanges, and we routinely fail families that are spotlessly clean. We don't care what you guys do as a family. We just need to know what you're doing so that we can see if your family can fit in with ours. Also, there is a practical necessity for uncovering dirty little family secrets. By doing so, we can make your family immune to sexual blackmail. That protects you and the company. I'm sure you understand."

"Oh, absolutely, but I'm sure there's nothing really bad in our family. June is ... well ... a bit simple and conservative when it comes to sex. She's open to new things, though ... I mean, my June is no prude, no sir."

Ed grinned, then said, "We'll see. Saturday night, then." Without shaking hands, Robert got up and departed.

John Tidwell slipped in right after Robert departed. With a huge smile on his face, he approached Ed's desk. "This is going to be beautiful, Ed. June Newbury will shit when she sees me on that team, and wait till you set your eyes on that kid of hers, Tanya. What a little fox. This kid is in need of a fuckin' like no other fifteen-year-old ever was. She's cherry, too."

"Does June know you're after her kid?"

"Hell no, she would have cut my balls off. She watches over Tanya like a mother hen. That June, though, man what a fine piece of ass she is. She can deep throat a cock like a pro. The daughter has to be exquisite."

"I got the impression he thinks his wife is inexperienced."

"Yeah, right. She's as inexperienced as our high school cheer-leading squad. You know what a bunch of teenage sluts they are. The guy's gonna shit when we get her hooked up and she starts spilling her guts. That phony polygraph was the best idea you ever came up with, boss."

"An oscilloscope and a few wire leads will fool just about anyone, John."

"Yeah, but how do you know when to call an answer a lie? That always baffles me."

"I'll let you in on a little secret. I know the answers to most of my questions before I ask. You'd be surprised what a little detective work can uncover. Fortunately, with June, we have you. She'll regret the day she ever opened up to you, my man."

"She did, too, opened up like a book, a cock book. Shit, the bitch was bragging. That's why she'll shit when she sees me there. I know everything about her, and she knows it. I doubt she'll even try to lie. I primed that pump yesterday afternoon when I threatened to expose her to Robert if she didn't set me up with Tanya."

"Yeah, what was her response?"

"She got pissed, just as I thought she would. You'll love this. She said, 'Go ahead and tell him. He'll never believe you.'"

"That is great. He'll believe the polygraph."

"Ed, I'm going to love every fucking minute of this. This woman is so good at hiding her secret life. She is so good at projecting this wholesome, Mother Earth, Susie Homemaker image. I know damned well that nobody in her life has the slightest inkling that behind that thin facade is a sexual dynamo that has never gone an entire week without some strange cock. She's going to shit jelly beans when you ask her about extra-marital affairs, and then start delving into numbers and details. Robert should be a sight to see as well. That spineless bastard won't say a fucking thing. I'd put a week's pay on it."

"You'll get no takers here. Besides, his worry is that she's too pure for us. He knows what we're looking for in the wife of an executive, and he's worried that June won't pass muster. Right now, he's wishing she were a secret slut with a checkered past. This one is hardly a challenge. You know, I think we should pull out all stops on this interview. I think we can turn this one into a fucking orgy--a family orgy. Did you ever see a boy fuck his mother or a father nail his little girl? It beats all."

"She'll do it. She has the hots for her oldest boy. She fantasizes about him, and I've heard every one. To hear her tell it, the kid has the hots for her, too. They've been flashing each other for years. The sexual tension between those two is at a flash point. If she don't catch him jerking off once a week, she takes his temperature."

"What makes you think they haven't gone all the way?"

"No, if she'd fucked him, I'd have known it. She'd have bragged about it. June keeps her fantasies out of her real world. Her private world is where she explores her fantasies. She'll never act on them without a push; but knowing her, it won't take much of a push."

"Shit, this will be so easy, I don't think we need the machine."

"We'll need it. That will give her the excuse to bare her soul. She'll have no choice, unless she wants to terminate the interview. She'd rather expose herself. If you ask me, she wants to bare it. Guilt is eating her up."

"We can certainly help her come clean, and cum often. Okay, get with the others and go over the game plan with them. We meet here Saturday at five-thirty. Show time is six at the Newbury fun house. Tell them to eat oysters for lunch."

* * *

June Newbury was a nervous bundle as the hours ticked by. News of the polygraph came as a real shock. Robert warned her that the interviews were reputed to be nothing more than thinly veiled excuses to play sex games with a promotion prospect's family. The deeply personal and humiliating questions, asked in the presence of the prospect's whole family, were solely to titillate the interview team members. Rumors of wives having to expose body parts for inspections, of having to go off for private sessions, and of kids being fondled, were the talk of the plant rumor mill.

Robert shared these rumors with June, just so she could make an informed decision as to whether to participate and be ready should the rumors prove more true than untrue. The more June thought about what might happen as a result of the interview, the more she sweated. Underneath the tension was a growing excitement at the prospect of being exposed before her family for the slut she was. This scenario figured prominently in one of her favorite fantasies: forced exposure.

Sometimes, in a court of law, her sordid past is laid bare with her friends and family in the courtroom. In another, Robert hired a private detective who followed her and took pictures. She is confronted with these at the dinner table, breaks down and confesses all. The theme has many variations, but all lead to her family accepting her as the mother/slut. All end with her fucking her oldest boy with the family, even Robert, accepting them as lovers. The interview had the potential for a theme she'd never envisioned, but the interview was real. The interview was one day away.

Robert told June that the interview had a bad reputation, that they were nothing more than sex parties for horny execs. They accepted that this was probably true, but they also believed it had a second purpose, to weed out the undesirable. People who wouldn't go along with extra-marital sex, sex games at parties, or mate swapping would certainly be undesirable to people like Ed Greyson. The people who surround Ed were swingers.

That Friday afternoon, Robert and June rehearsed their game plan. Robert thought they should try to project the image of a swinging couple who lived an open relationship and encouraged their kids to explore their sexuality. His biggest worry was that the polygraph would expose them as the uptight, conservative parents they were. June was sorely tempted to make a full confession and set his mind at ease. She felt sure, in his present frame of mind, he'd accept it. She held it in because, deep down, she wanted it to come out at the interview. She wanted to give the fantasy a fighting chance.

They discussed what they'd do and how they might react to a variety of what-if scenarios. June found the frank discussion titillating in its own right. Talking honestly with her husband about the possibility that she may have to put out for him to advance was exciting, especially after discovering that her conservative hubby would accept that eventuality. This came as a real surprise to her, and she pressed for more guidance, offering him a variety of what-if scenarios of her own, including being required to have sex in front of the family. When he said he could live with that as well, June was ready to cream her panties. The fantasy began to take on real potential.

They were in the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the mattress. June snuggled close and sexily whispered, "Honey, there is one thing we haven't gone over. How do we prepare the kids for this interview? They're supposed to be living in a sexually free and open home environment where casual nudity is accepted, where parents teach them about sex and masturbation. There should be Playboy magazine pin-ups in the boy's room, and Tanya should be on the pill with a license to copulate with anything she wants to copulate with. That is not the case, and a quick look around the house will reveal that. A few questions will blow everything."

"Damn, that's right. Shit! What are we going to do?"

"I suggest we have a family meeting. Why don't we get that way overnight. We can set new rules, give the boys some dirty magazines, give Tanya a box of condoms, and sexy this house up a little. A few nude paintings and that swan mating with the goddess water fountain would look good by the pool."

"I suppose we could. June, are you talking about doing this just for the interview, or doing these things as a real change?"

"We can't do this just for the interview. Our kids cannot see us as being phony or hypocritical. I say, if we do the interview, we are stuck with the change."

"You're right, honey. We can't be hypocrites. We're going to have to open up, be more loose. We're going to have to let the kids be sexually free. Tanya might use those condoms, you know. Can we live with that?"

"I can. Can you live with a Tanya that brings a man into our home, then takes him up to her room to have sex?" While pondering this, June said, "Honey, I hope it won't come to this, but suppose this interview focuses on Tanya? She is an adorable, sexy child, and she's fully matured--sexually, anyway." Robert wrinkled his brow, looking to get a clue as to how he should respond. She made things easy for him by adding, "Sexual intercourse certainly wouldn't kill her if it came to that."

"No, it wouldn't kill her."

"I've been keeping a close eye on her lately. She shows the signs of an awakening sexuality. She might be ready to give it away to some pimple-faced boy any day now."

"She might. It happens all the time."

"She might welcome the attention of these men, and if it will help the family, perhaps we should do nothing to discourage them."

"You'd permit that, June? Are you sure?"

"If it takes that to secure our family's financial future, yes, I am. I just need to know how you want me to act should someone try to get her into a room, you know--to try on rubbers."

"That's a tough one, but I suppose we should look the other way."

"I suppose. But what if someone tries something in front of us and the boys?"

"I doubt that will happen, June. What would you do if it does?"

"What would you do?"

"No, you tell me what you'd do. I'll go along with you."

"Well, given what's at stake, I think I might remain quiet. No, I will remain quiet. Really, what difference does it make where they do it, if we already decided to allow it? Doing it is doing it. I'm not altogether sure she wouldn't be better off doing it out in the open where we'll at least know she's safe and not being hurt. Having us there might make things easier on her, if not embarrassing."

"You're right. I'm with you on that."

June felt like smiling, but said, "And if it's me that gets it in front of everyone, that's okay as well?"

"Yes, I could deal with that. I hope it doesn't come to that."

"Yes, but you know the rumors. If they're true, it has happened before. Robert, how should I act if I see things leading down that path. If I see that's what they want. Should I be coy, act stupid, resist, or go along and get it over with."

"I don't know. What are your thoughts?"

"I was thinking. If we can both see where the interview is headed, you know, by the way they act. I mean, if it's clear they want me to put out, and we've already decided I should, even in front of everyone. Well, I was just thinking, wouldn't we make a bigger, more positive impression, if I was cooperative. I mean, if it's going to happen anyway, why make things difficult for them? Why be dragged?"

"That does make sense."

"And, they'd expect to see me initiating some things on my own. I mean, women like that, loose women, do that sort of thing."

"Yes, you're right. That's not going to look good to the kids, but we can prepare them in advance should things take that turn."

"And how do I dress for something like this? Do I go for the prim and proper, responsible housewife and mother look, or do I dress sexy and look ... you know, easy?"

"I do have a clue, there. Ed made it a point to tell me that swingers, pedophiles, and adulterers made it in; prim and proper families don't. It was a hint, June. I'm certain of it. These guys, the corporate executives, are all looked upon as swingers in their private lives. They did say casual. I think sexy is the best choice."

"I agree, but how sexy? There's sexy, and then there's SEXY. How sexy do you want me, Robert? I'll be as sexy as you want."

"I don't know. I suppose, as sexy as you can get."

"Robert, you haven't seen me as sexy as I can get except in here. Sexy as I can get is nasty sexy, like in a micro-mini with no panties. Sexy as I can get is boldly showing these men what I have to offer as a woman. I am talking about showing my tits, ass, and pussy in such a way that they'll know everything is available to them. What I need to know is, is that how sexy you want me to dress? I'll do it if that's what you want. I'll dress that way even in front of the kids, if that's what it takes."

"Come on, June; I know you better than that. You'd never wear a micro-mini without panties and you know it, especially not in front of the kids. You don't even own a micro-mini."

"Robert, the kids have all seen me naked. As for the micro, I own one now. I bought it yesterday. Would you like me to put it on for you--without my panties?"

Robert eyed her with surprise and suspicion, but nodded uneasily. June hopped off the bed and dashed to her dresser. She grabbed the items, turned to smile, then flounced to the bathroom, stopping to tease, "Don't go away, big boy."

Robert leaned back after wiping sweat from his brow. He'd never seen June act so wantonly or look so excited before foreplay even began. She was hot, and the talk made her that way. That she was looking forward to the interview was obvious, but that fact struck him as odd. When June emerged from the bathroom, Robert's jaw dropped.

June did a complete turn in the doorway, then sauntered over on four-inch heels to stand before him with one hand resting on a cocked hip. She smiled a come-hither smile and cooed, "New in town, sailor?"

Robert eyed her up and down. Her sleek, shapely figure had never been more beautifully displayed. Her upstanding D-cup titties poked at the sheer blouse. Her rouged nipples showed clearly and vibrated when she took a step. The skirt hugged her hips and the hem barely went past her crotch. The skirt cut across the tops of her perfect thighs--thighs molded into fishnet nylons, seamed in the back. With heavy makeup and her hair fluffed up, she'd look like an expensive hooker.

Robert's cock lunged up to press uncomfortably for release. June eyed the bulge and raised her right leg to tease it with her patent leather toe, saying, "Is this a gun in your pants, or are you just happy to see me, big fella?"

Robert gazed on his wife's vagina, surprised to see she'd shaved her cunt bare and had applied red lipstick to her inner lips. Her pussy looked obscene, but he'd never seen anything so visually exciting. In an uncharacteristic move, he lunged for her and pulled her to the bed. They rolled until Robert was over her, between her legs. He drew out his cock and aimed at her shiny, red, naked vulva. June said, "Oh, my. What are you going to do? You're not going to fuck me, are you, mister?"

Robert shoved his cock in until their pubic hairs meshed, then screwed her like a horny poodle, coming before June, as usual, five minutes later. Sweating and panting, he rolled off. June, still on fire, rolled to her side of the bed, drew her plastic vibrator from the night stand, and attacked her pussy. This was nothing new. It was they way their sex always ended. Robert loved watching his lovely wife fuck herself, and June enjoyed doing this obscenely personal act with him watching.

Normally, they were both quiet throughout this scene. Robert would act like a fly on the wall, while June ignored his presence. This time was different. June centered her widely parted legs on her husband and began by talking, saying, "They might make me masturbate. Should I do this in front of the kids, sweetheart?"

Inches from his face, June plunged the slick instrument through her wide open gash, using her free hand to manipulate her wet sex lips, running the tip of the vibrator over and around her standing pink clit, then plunging it into her hole to give herself rapid, deep strokes, fucking herself madly while lifting and grinding her cunt in the air. Robert had never seen such a wanton display, and imagining his kids seeing their mother this way was almost too much to contemplate. It was a shock that she'd even suggest such a thing, even in the heat of passion.

Not wanting to dampen her passions, he went along, saying, "I'm afraid you'll have no choice if you want me to get this promotion."

"Oh, I do. You must get that promotion. I may have to fuck them all, right in front of Jerry, Tanya, and Billy. Will that upset you, dear?"

Robert was thinking it would, very much, but said, "I'll survive; they'll adjust."

"And if I have to suck their cocks?"

"We'll survive that as well."

June thrashed about under the driving plastic cock, saying, "Will it anger you if Jerry gets turned on watching me getting fucked?"

"I wouldn't blame him. He's a virile young man."

This pleasantly surprising reaction brought on another wild fit of self abuse. She said, "Suppose he wants to fuck me too. Suppose the men want to see him fuck me? Should I welcome Jerry between my legs, maybe Billy, too?"

"I'm sure that won't happen, June."

"It might. Tell me what I should do, dear. Tell me!"

Robert didn't like this turn, but she obviously did, or found the fantasy exciting. After a brief pause, he said, "I suppose you should."

"What should I do? Say it, Robert. Tell me what I should do."

Robert winced, but said, "You should fuck them. You should let the boys fuck you."

"Ohhh! Yessss! Oh JESUS! Oh, Robert, I'm cumming. Oh baby. It feels so good. Ahhhhh."

June slowly return to Earth. Self consciously, she set the wet vibrator aside and looked to him sheepishly, saying, "Wow, I guess I got carried away, there."

"Yes, you did. I understand. It was just fantasy. Don't worry about it."

June became pensive, then said, "Robert, it could happen, you know. Those things are not unheard of, and Jerry has been showing a rather peculiar interest in me as a female. I'm not imagining it, Robert."

"Jerry is a young man in his prime. He'll stand in line to watch bugs mating. Anything in a skirt will turn a seventeen-year-old boy's head."

"Gee, thanks. And I actually thought he found me particularly sexy and desirable. It was the skirt all along."

"Honey, I'm sure he does find you particularly sexy and desirable. Boys with mothers as gorgeous as you have it double bad. That doesn't mean he's about to jump your bones."

"Yes, but suppose someone in a position of authority said he should, that it was okay?"

"I don't know; he might. Honey, you seem especially concerned about this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does the idea turn you on? Are you hoping this will happen?"

"No, don't be silly. I just want to be prepared so I'll know how to respond if I'm put in the position of having to have sex with him. I just happen to think it's a very real possibility, and I know for a fact that Jerry will jump at the chance. I want to know how I'm supposed to act. I want you to think hard about this and take it seriously. I want you to tell me exactly how to respond."

"June, you just said that you know for a fact that he wants you. How do you know for a fact?"

"All right. For one thing, a woman knows the look. He looks at me that way. Secondly, he looks at me where he shouldn't be looking at me--down my blouse and up my skirt, constantly, openly, embarrassingly so. He is forever hovering nearby when I shower or dress. When I shower, he has to get in the bathroom. Taking a piss takes on emergency proportions. I have to get out, unlock the door, then try to get back in before the door opens. No one is that fast. I don't even try to beat the opening door anymore. He takes his sweet time and eventually forces me to step out while he's still in there."

"How can he force you to step out naked with him in the bathroom?"

"He doesn't actually force me. It's just that I know it would be pointless to wait him out. No matter how long I stalled, he'd still be there."

"So, he has seen you naked?"

"Yes. I don't try to hide my body from him anymore. It's a losing battle that I surrendered months ago. He won. I now dress and undress in front of him, mostly because I have no other choice."

"Whatever happened to door locks?"

"With one bathroom, I can't lock the kids out."

"And the bedroom?"

"He follows me in. If I locked the door with him inside, how would that look?"

"So, what you're telling me is that you surrendered your privacy."

"Yes, I guess that's what I'm telling you. I can't even go to the bathroom in private. He'll get right down and push my knees apart to see everything. I can't even change a tampon without him supervising the procedure from very close up. You have no idea how embarrassing that is for a woman, much less, a mother."

"Why wasn't I told months ago?"

"Because I should be able to handle the home front, and, frankly, I was embarrassed at my failure. I didn't want Jerry getting in trouble for something that was my failure."

"All right, so the kid likes to look at a naked woman. He's a looker, as is every other boy. I honestly can't blame him for pressing his desires in that department. You are something to look at in the nude. That doesn't mean he wants to screw you."

"Robert, he takes my used panties from the hamper. There is always a pair under his pillow. This has been going on for two years. It is done so openly, now, that he frequently waits while I remove them, picks them up, and goes to his room. I guess they're fresh used panties that way."

"Shit, June, you should have nipped that in the bud the first time you found out. You may as well shuck them off and hand them to him."

"I do that, too. Like I said, it's something we do openly but never discuss. I failed there as well. I never could bring myself to confront him about it. Over time, it became the norm. My used panties are his to use until I can replace them with another pair. Lately, he's been taking the ones I'm wearing. He rarely asks; he just takes them. Furthermore, he usually strips me naked just to get my panties off."

"I'm sure you put up a hell of a fight."

"I do admonish him if we're not alone in the house, yes."

"I'll bet. I suppose Tanya and Billy have caught this act?"

"I don't count them. They've seen me stripped to the point of boredom. I was talking about company."

"Christ, June! What the hell is he doing with your used panties, anyway?"

"He wears them over his head while masturbating. He positions the crotch over his nose and breathes in my vaginal scent while beating off. Sometimes, he chews the crotches. I know, because he likes getting caught. I don't think a week goes by that I don't catch him doing this."

"My god, June, and you still don't say anything? Don't you realize the message you're sending that boy?"

"What message? That I find it wildly flattering, that it turns me on?"

"It does, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Robert, it does. It's a tremendous turnon for a woman to know that a male--even a male son--would find her dirty parts so exciting and delicious that he'd want it as close to his nose and mouth as possible. Sue me, but I am a woman. Now do you see why I say I know for a fact?"

"Okay. Maybe he would. I'll concede that. I'm also going to tell you that you did a great deal to foster that desire. If I were to divide up blame, I'd put five percent on Jerry and ninety-five percent on you."

"Fine, I accept that. I'll go so far as to admit that I encouraged this treatment every step of the way. I instigated every escalation, or almost. You still haven't told me how I am to respond if Jerry gets in line with the other men, or if Ed wants to see a mother/son act."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you? That really turns you on, doesn't it? That's what made you cum; when I said you should fuck the boys."

June rolled off the bed, then stood with her back to Robert. Suddenly, she turned and said, "Fuck it! Yes, god damnit! I'm hot for Jerry. I've wanted to fuck him for years. There, I said it. Do you want a divorce?"

Robert sat upright and took on a serious expression. He softly said, "Relax, June. I would never want to divorce you over that. Actually, I understand completely. I was out of line to act like that. I'm a bundle of raw nerves. Since you were honest with me, I'll confess similar urges towards Tanya. I do fantasize about her, quite often."

Relief and a smile lifted the corners of June's full lips. She returned and sat on the bed, saying, "You do, do you? I think that's great. I think she'd be flattered. Personally, I think she has a crush on her daddy. She'd be easy for you."

"Please, June. I'd never make the advance. It's just a fantasy."

"I know, so is mine. It's something we have in common, though. You know, you may get your fantasy fulfilled as well. Suppose Ed wants to see a father/daughter act. You and Tanya would get center stage. Imagine that, Robert. Fucking Tanya in front of your wife, knowing she's getting off on it. I would, too, you know."

"June, you are full of surprises. Where have you been keeping this side of you? Who are you? What have you done with my wife?"

June giggled, laid a hand on his erection and purred, "She's gone and you'll never see her again. We sold her to white slavers. Right now, she's fucking a platoon of the sultan's palace guard and having the time of her life. Now, you have me. I'm much more fun, and better suited for your career advancement."

This frivolous little bit of play acting shook Robert back to his present reality. He smacked his forehead and cried, "Jesus H. Fuckin' Christ! I can't believe I was getting upset with you over Jerry when that's just the kind of thing they're looking for. And I was sweating that they'd find you too prim and proper. I must be nuts. I should have been jumping for joy. Screw that old June. Welcome to the Newbury family."

June smiled devilishly and dropped her mouth over Robert's cock. She sucked with her head turned so as to watch his expression. Robert smiled lovingly. June lifted up to say, "Close your eyes and picture Tanya sucking your cock."

Robert closed his eyes and felt June's mouth going over the head with a tentative hesitance. This was odd for such a talented cock-sucker as June. The mystery unfolded when June said, in a child's voice, "Am I doing it right, Daddy?"

Robert's smile grew big. He said, "Yes, sweetheart, but get more of my cock in your mouth and suck harder. Watch those teeth, precious."

"Okay Daddy. Like this?" June purposefully gagged herself by jamming his cock to the back of her throat. Coughing and sputtering, she tried again, dragging her top teeth gently along the ridge of his shaft. "Easy, sweetheart. Cover your teeth with your lips. Pump the shaft while you suck. Play with Daddy's balls."

"Okay Daddy. Are you going to squirt your baby juice in my mouth, Daddy?"

Robert laughed and said, "Yes, and you're going to be a good little girl and swallow it all down, aren't you?"

"Yes, Daddy. I always want to be a good girl for you. Will this make a baby in my belly?"

"June, give me a break. The girl's fifteen, not five."

June climbed up and straddled his lap, impaling herself on his rod. She said, "Screw you. I thought you'd like her younger. I need cock. You just lie back and shut up while I fantasize."

Robert allowed her to ease him back to the mattress, then watched his sexy wife riding his cock with her eyes closed, her mind actively turning her fantasy over and over, a delicious smile formed on her passionate face as she humped his standing erection. When she got going good, Robert, in perfect imitation of Jerry's speech and manner, said, "Mom, this is super cool. I never thought I'd actually get to fuck my foxy mom, and now it's happening."

The response from June was instantaneous. She swooned and cried out. She bounced harder and took him deeper, saying "Oh yes, believe it, sweetheart. We're fucking."

"Mom, you not only have the best smelling and tasting pussy, you have the best feeling pussy, too."

June went frantic, humping and clenching her fists. She cried, "Oh, God, Jerry. I love your cock. You make me so horny, baby."

"Mom, what if Dad catches us fucking."

"Ummmm, yes, I hope he does. I'd make him watch. I want him to watch me taking a real cock."

"Me too. I'll show him how to really fuck a horny woman like you, Mom. We'll put him in his place; we'll show him, won't we, Mom?"

"Oh, God Damn! You beautiful little mother fucker. Yes, you'll show him, all right. You'll show him good."

Robert's cock never got such treatment. Had he not just cum, he would have cum minutes ago and spoiled the fantasy. Impulsively, he said, "Mom, I want to knock you up. I want you to get off the pill and get pregnant with my baby."

Robert was not ready for the violent reaction. June went ballistic, jumping up and down on his poor cock while pounding his chest with her fists, screaming, "Yes, Jerry, get me pregnant! Fuck me, Jerry! Fuck me! Oh, Jerry, Yessss! Yesss! Oh, god, yesssss. I want your baby."

June collapsed over Robert, caught her breath, then rolled off onto her back with a gentle nudge. He was still in shock and rose to one elbow to look at her. She turned her head his way and a smile formed on her passion-wracked face. He said, "Struck a hot spot, eh?"


A loud knock on the bedroom door shook them. The voice behind the door belonged to Jerry. He said, "Mom, what do you want?"

June struggled to her elbows. She and Robert exchanged looks and almost burst out laughing. She whispered, "I want your baby, you stud muffin."

"Mom, what do you want? Open the door."

"I'm naked, Jerry."


"I'm in bed with your father."

There was a long silence. "Well, why did you call me?"

June, with a smile in her voice, said to Robert, "Do you want to field this?"

Robert said, "It was nothing, Jerry. Go on back to whatever you were doing."

In parting, they heard a sarcastic, "Sure, Dad. You too."

"Why that impudent little shit. Did you hear that? He's jealous of me being in here with you."

"I know. I love it. He wants his mommy, Robert. Do you still think I'm imagining it?"

"I never did. Wow, this is weird. I almost feel like the intruder here. I feel like I'm in bed with another man's wife."

"Oh--that's interesting. I mean, that you would know what that feels like. Do you have a confession to make, darling? Have you been getting some nookie on the side?"

"You know better; besides, there's no hole on the side. I check every woman I sleep with."

She slapped his arm playfully and said, "Oh you. I'll bet you've nailed a few honeys from work. You can tell me. Have you, ever?"

Robert smiled, thought as though counting, then said, "No, never. Have you? Seriously."

"I'm not telling."

Robert sat up, his brow wrinkled. "Honey, have you? I won't get mad if you have. I promise. I just want to know."

June studied his face. She knew he was sincere. She was tempted to come clean, but remembered the interview and the fantasy. She got serious and said, "I plead the fifth."

"You cheated? I don't believe it! Who? When?"

"I pleaded the fifth, Robert."

"June, I can guarantee any cheating will be uncovered tomorrow night. I don't want it to come out like that. Let's talk about it, now. Screw the fifth."

"No, if they ask the right questions, you're right, I'll tell the truth, but I'm not confessing anything I don't have to."

"But you're saying there's something to confess?"

"Yes, I'll say that much."

"Is it big?"

"Very big."

Robert's interest was piqued. He beamed. He was pleased. Like a kid trying to get clues as to what was in a wrapped present, he pressed, "Is it something Ed would like?"

"Most definitely."

"In quantity or quality?"

"Both, I suspect."

"Damn, June. What the hell could it be?" Like an excited kid, Robert bounced onto his knees overlooking his smugly smiling wife and pleaded, "June, you've got to get this out even if they don't ask. It could make or break us."

"Relax, Robert. They'll ask. It'll come out. I won't hold anything back. Trust me; when I'm finished, they'll want us in their dirty little clique. I won't be the one to let you down, but the kids might if we don't get them ready. We're wasting valuable time."

"You're right. I can't get over this, though. Just a hint."

"No hints. Subject closed."

"All right, but it better be good after this buildup. So, how do we proceed with the little monsters?"

"I was thinking we should walk out there naked and have a birds and bees talk just to warm things up. They've all seen me, but they've never seen your equipment wagging around the house. Tanya would like a look, I assure you. Besides, seeing us naked, together, right after sex, will turn them on."

"What, you're not going to clean up?"

"Why. What better way to demonstrate the birds and bees than with the pollen still on the flower."

"Shit, you have changed. Can we really walk out there like this? Are you going to take the outfit off?"

"We can, and I will. I think stark naked will be best." June flounced off the bed and stripped quickly, saying, "Come on. Let's just do it before we chicken out. Do you want me to do the talking, or do you want to?"

"You do it. I wouldn't know what to say. Can you give me some idea where you're going with this?"

"I'm winging it."

"Are you going to be clinical, or will you give it to them in street talk?"

"Definitely not clinical. Come on. You're stalling." Robert came up alongside June. They looked each other over. June looked fresh-fucked with a messy crotch and lines of wet fluids running down both legs. Robert had wiped his crotch on the pillow case before getting up. His spent noodle was not at all impressive soft. He said, "Honey, I think you need to clean up. That looks pretty obscene. I can even see the cum leaking from your hole."

"Well, I think you need to get some blood in that noodle. That won't even impress Tanya. I hate to tell you this, but Jerry has you beat hands down in the cock department. Billy, too, come to think of it."

"You've seen Billy, too. Do you guys walk around here naked, beating off, when I'm not around?"

"No, but I'm here all the time, and things just happen when you have one bathroom."

"I'm surprised you want me to look more impressive in the cock department. If Jerry sees what you have to settle for, and realizes what he has to offer, it might give him the confidence to make his move."

"Shit, that's right. What was I thinking? Don't you dare let any more blood in that pathetic little worm." June teasingly bent and shook her finger at the head of Robert's cock, nestled in the nest of his pubic hair, looking like a frightened little animal. She said, "Don't you dare come out of there, you little weasel. You must learn to bow to your betters."

Her actions and words seemed cruel on the surface, but joking about Robert's substandard penis was a running joke with them. Robert always took the ribbing well, secure in their relationship. Besides, he could manage a respectable erection. It was his flaccid state that looked pathetic. He had a range that was unusual--one inch, soft, to six inches long.

June had an ulterior motive in taunting him, though. In her fantasy, she conditions Robert to accepting Jerry as the Alpha male cock in the house. He willingly subordinates his pussy privileges to his son. Robert gets pussy only after Jerry is sated and gives consent. Robert was already beginning to accept that reality and Jerry hadn't even stepped up to claim his rights yet.

When June finished belittling her husband's cock, she slowly came up to look Robert in the eye. He showed a slight hurt from the joking words this time. What was worse, when he looked in June's eyes, he saw she wasn't joking. June did not relieve his anxiety by smiling, but stood firmly, looking serious. Robert said, "Just how big is Jerry's cock?"

"I've never put a ruler on it, but I've never seen it looking less that five inches when soft. When he has a hardon, it's at least nine. He possesses the cock of my girlhood fantasies, Robert. Every girl has this picture of the perfect cock. I gave birth to mine."

"What is the perfect cock?"

"It's nine inches long, with a helmet head like a fireman's hat. The crown is twice as thick as the shaft, and the shaft is twice as thick as my thumb. That's perfect, and that's what Jerry keeps waving in my face every chance he gets."

"June, suppose this does go down like you're hoping? Suppose you and Jerry break the ice and cross that barrier? Where do I stand?"

"Do you want the truth?"

"Yes, I want the truth. It's all right. I think I already know the answer. I just want to hear you say it. Let's get it out in the open."

"All right, Robert. You would stand behind Jerry when it came to sex, but you'd still be my husband and the man of the house. In other words, I would give Jerry first crack at the crack."

"You're serious?"

"Yes, I'm serious."

"Spell that out for me."

"I can't do that, because I don't know what Jerry will want. I don't know what demands he'll make, or what rules we'll have to follow."

"But he will make the rules, and you are prepared to enforce them?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so, Robert."

"I see."

"It's not as bad as it sounds. He won't be living here much longer. He goes off to college next year. The worst that can happen is that he lays claim to my ass and won't share."

"And that would mean a year with no pussy for me. Is that what you're saying?"

"No, but it means a year without my pussy. I would not begrudge you going elsewhere. I doubt Jerry would be that possessive, but I'm pretty sure he'll want to control my sex life."

"So I have to ask Jerry for a piece of my wife's ass?"

"Yes, I think that's the way things will work out for the best. There can be only one dominant cock under one roof. The dominant cock under this roof is swinging between Jerry's legs. By all rights, he should decide all matters of mating for the females in his domain. Every pussy should be under his control, even Tanya's. All other cocks should be subordinate to his. That's the way it should be, and that's the way I want it to be."

Robert stood silent and pensive. June gave him time to think, time to jerk her away from her fantasy if that was his wish. She silently prayed that her candor would not undo all the progress she'd made. Robert turned away and paced. A minute later, he stopped, turned to her, and said, "All right, June. I accept the situation. I can't say it pleases me, but I can see how badly you want to experience this fantasy. What's one year? If you manage to consummate your relationship with Jerry, I'll await his decision and follow his rules without a grudge."

June let out a long-held breath and threw herself into Robert's arms, saying, "Oh, sweetheart, I love you so much. I want this so much. I truly, truly do. It won't be so bad. I'll give you all the hand jobs and blow jobs you want. I only want to give my ass and pussy to Jerry. I want to make them his property, and I want you to recognize them as his property. You will, won't you?"

"Yes, I will. Let's get this over with. June, you're not thinking about laying this dominant cock thing on them now, are you?"

"No, silly. It will come after we get it on, but then I will. We'll have another family meeting."

"That should be interesting."

"It will be for Tanya. How would you like to be a fifteen-year-old virgin and be told by your parents that your big brother owns your ass and pussy and can do with them as he pleases."

"That's going to be interesting as hell."

"Come. We have ice to break."

Together, Robert and June walked hand in hand into the living room. Three heads popped up over the sofa and everyone froze. June said, "Turn off the TV and step into the den." June and Robert led the way. Jerry, Billy, and Tanya were soon in the room with them.

The kids stood before their parents. All but Jerry made a conscious effort to avert their eyes from the genital area. Jerry's eyes feasted on his mother's cum drooling pussy, pleased with the new modification--a shaved beaver. June's pussy looked even more naked than he'd ever seen it, and she basked in his approving attention. Her juices stirred instantly. She could feel her vulva swelling with blood and her clit rising to stand tall between her wet, naked cunt lips.

June said, "You all know what we're facing tomorrow night. This is the biggest challenge this family has ever faced, and we are totally unprepared to meet it. We told you that these men are looking for special qualities in the family, but we didn't tell you what those qualities are. We're pretty sure we know, now, so we'll share what we know and get ourselves ready.

"We're standing here, naked, for a reason. Don't be shy, look. We want you to look." The other two timidly let their eyes wander down. June moved her stance wider and pushed her pussy out, studying their reactions. Tanya seemed as interested in her pussy as in her father's cock. Billy, like Jerry, had eyes only for her pussy. Her pussy was delighted by the almost unanimous attention and it swelled with pride. She said, "These men are looking for a family that is, shall we say, uninhibited and sexually open. We aren't like that, but we have to get like that, and soon. If not, we can forget about Dad's promotion, and college becomes iffy."

Jerry said, "So what do we do? I want to go to college, Mom."

"I know, dear, and you will. First off, I want you guys to take off your clothes. We're going to get natural here. Tanya, you too."

"Mom, I can't, not with them here."

In short order, the boys were half naked and Tanya hadn't made a move. June went to assist, saying, "Tanya, your clothes are coming off. You have a lovely body, and you should be proud to show it. Besides, we're all family here. We shouldn't be uptight with each other. See, Billy and Jerry are already naked."

Jerry said, "Yeah, Tanya, let's see what you have? Show your stuff, girl."

"See, Mom. They're already teasing me."

June managed to free Tanya of her blouse and struggled to get the unhooked bra cups out of her grasp. Finally, in frustration, June said sternly, "Tanya, let go, now!" Her hands released the bra and her tits were free.

Jerry said, "Hey, nice boobs, Sis. Are you cold?"

June was unfastening Tanya's skirt with no resistance. Tanya crossed her arms over her chest, defensively. From her kneeling position looking up, June said, "Shake those titties in his face Tanya. Don't be such a prude; he paid you a compliment."

The skirt dropped and left Tanya standing in her panties. June hooked the waist band and caused a panic reaction as Tanya squeezed her legs together and crouched. June lightly slapped Tanya's ass and said, "Stand up straight!" Tanya stood and the panties came down. June bent lower to remove her shoes, skirt, and panties from her feet. While crouched with her head near Tanya's crotch, she couldn't resist a close-up and personal peek.

Tanya's clit peeked up from her lightly-downed puffy vaginal lips making for a delightful sight. June checked frequently as Jerry checked it out for himself, poking his head close, making Tanya squirm and cry out, "Mom, please stop him. This is so embarrassing. Why is everyone so interested in that part of me?"

June was about to say something to Jerry when she felt his hard dick brush her cheek. It distracted her. It happened again, more directly, purposefully. She had to keep her head up for the contact to occur, so she did so, pulling Tanya's foot up to her lap to remove her shoes and socks. Raising Tanya's foot also opened her crotch to eyes that peered up from below. Billy was on the floor behind his sister, gazing up into her pussy. June smiled at him as Jerry's cock dragged slowly across her cheek.

A wicked thrill raced through her as she realized he was boldly stroking her face with his hard dick held in his hand. Just then, Tanya noticed Billy, cupped her crotch and cried, "Mom, tell Billy to stop looking at me there."

Jerry was amazed that his mother wasn't pulling back. He was even more amazed that his father didn't jump on him, because he could clearly see that the contact wasn't accidental. Jerry had his cock in his hand and was rubbing the head against his mother's cheek. Emboldened, Jerry moved the head of his cock along his mother's cheek, advancing to the corner of her mouth, and still she remained steady. When she answered Tanya, she did so with the head of Jerry's dick pressed to the corner of her lips, saying, "Take your hand away and give him a good look, Tanya. Give me your other foot, and keep those knees apart."

Tanya reluctantly set her bare foot down and lifted the other, all the while watching her big brother's cock being pressed to her mother's lips, smearing her lips with precum as though he were applying lip gloss. By this time, everyone was watching, and June was aware of this fact, especially when Tanya said, "Mom, how can you let him do that?"

June could not have been more pleased with Jerry's bold actions. Doing so with his father looking on was as good as saying, "Look, Dad, she's mine, not yours. This is the cock she really wants."

Slowly, she turned her face toward Jerry and, as she expected, found herself looking straight down its nine-inches with the crown pressed to her lips. A dropping pin would have made a racket. Her loving eyes turned up and met his grinning eyes looking down. His eyes carried a dare to suck him. Her mouth opened like the doors of a massive space station. The lips flowed over the crown as the head was engulfed in her mouth. It soon hit the back of her throat, but that wouldn't stop her, because deep throating cock was her claim to fame. Like a sword swallower, she took the cock deeper and deeper as everyone looked on in absolute astonishment, none more so than Jerry.

June's lips pressed firmly into his pubic bone as she used her throat muscles to milk his cock. The others could see the swallowing action and the distinct swelling deep in her throat as when a python swallows a rabbit. When her breath ran out, she slowly eased back, let the crown ease out, and ended the delicious suck with a kiss to the tip. Returning her attention to Tanya's shoe, she quickly removed it and dropped the foot. Jerry simply looked at his mother with a slackened jaw.

June stood, and Billy got up as well. She said, "I did that to demonstrate that things need to loosen up with us. We need to shed years of inhibitions and normal social taboos if we're to impress the men from Greyson Industries. Get used to it, kids. After tomorrow night, things won't ever be like they were again, but your father and I think that's good. We were much too uptight."

Robert added, "Your mother is right. We have to get loose, and act as though we've been loose all along. Whatever inhibitions you have, try to get rid of them tonight."

June eyed the two straining erections and said, "Well, I see you boys have no trouble getting loose." Robert saw that his was the smallest. Billy had seven inches, easy. "Tanya, you look stiff. Loosen up, girl. You're free. Enjoy your freedom from clothes. Let your body breathe, dance, jump, fly."

"Mom, they keep staring, especially, you-know-where."

"No, Tanya, where are they staring? Say the word. Say it loud and proud."

"No, I can't."

"Pussy? You can't say pussy? Pussy is a lovely word. Say it, Tanya."

The boys were laughing and making a scene trying to look between her legs. Tanya struggled to stay hidden, keeping her legs together, crouching, and clutching herself. June came up and grabbed Tanya firmly by the shoulders and shook her roughly, sternly saying, "Now you stop this foolishness, young lady. If you are the reason we fail, everyone will suffer. You'll be the blame. Now you do as I say. Stand with your legs wide apart. Move them ... Wider ... Wider."

Tanya nervously widened her stance until she stood with her feet a yard apart. Both boys knelt on the floor looking up into her pussy--Jerry from the front, Billy from the rear. She appeared on the verge of tears as June said, "Now throw your arms up high and back. Stretch out your chest. That's it, show those magnificent tits. Show that beautiful pussy. Shout, 'Look at my pussy; look at my tits!'"

Tanya suddenly burst out with a nervous laugh, saying, "Mom, I feel so stupid."

"Shout it, Tanya. Shout it loud."

After a brief hesitation, Tanya said, "Look at my tits; look at my pussy."

"Again, louder!"

Louder, she said, "Look at my tits; look at my pussy!"


Shouting, she said, "LOOK AT MY TITS; LOOK AT MY PUSSY!"

"I am woman!"


"My cunt is the giver of life!"

The boys burst out laughing. Tanya giggled but said, "MY CUNT IS THE GIVER OF LIFE." Tanya broke up laughing and then said, "Mom, I feel dumb."

"My twat bears the fruit of my womb."

The kids were laughing hysterically. Billy rolled between Tanya's feet, holding his gut. Jerry held his hand cupped to his sister's pussy and said, "Give me some pussy fruit, Sis."

Tanya laughed at this and did not draw away from his fingers, even when they began taking liberties in the wet center of her slit. Under a tremendous distraction, she shouted, "My twat is the fruit of bears." The room rang with laughter. "I mean, my twat bears fruit."

Over the laughter, June repeated, "My twat bears the fruit of my womb."

As a finger went up her cunt, she grimaced and said, "Oh, yeah, my twat bears the fruit of my womb."

"My titties suckle the fuck beast."

Billy and Jerry were absorbed, amusing themselves with the treasure that had been hidden between their sister's legs. Four sets of fingers busily explored everything. She held herself steady for them, grimacing occasionally, but not crying out. The effect was rapidly apparent. Her eyes glazed over and she couldn't focus on her mother's words. She did cry out, "Oh, God, someone's got their finger up my ass."

With Jerry working her cunt expertly from the front, it was easy to figure who was fingering her ass. June slid over next to Robert and placed her arm around his waist. She smiled at his erection and whispered, "Did you ever see such a sight?"

"Unbelievable. She's loving it. She's about to pop."

"Why don't you go suck her tits for her. We need to get you in on this, too."

"Should I?"

"Sure, why not. I just sucked a dick. You can't suck a tit?"

That was all he needed. Robert came up and took Tanya's tits in his hands. She still had her arms out with her head thrown back. Feeling those big, masculine hands molding her tits brought her head forward. Through eyes that were half closed, she recognized him and smiled dreamily, saying, "Hi, Daddy."

Robert bent to suck her hard left nipple under her watchful gaze. He then sucked the right. June stood back, taking it all in, stroking a finger through her aroused slit, smiling on the scene. Seconds later, Tanya shuddered, her knees buckled, and she cried out, "Ohhhh. Oh fuck!" She collapsed on the boys.

Jerry, Tanya, and Billy were in a heap with Robert looking on from above. He stepped back to join June as the three kids untangled themselves and the boys stood up. Tanya remained on the floor but sat with her knees out wide, leaning back on straight arms, presenting a most provocative beaver shot with a weak, blissful smile on her face.

June said, "There, that's better, Tanya. I see you're over your shyness."

Tanya looked into her own crotch, then looked up, smiling. She said, "I'm airing out my pussy." She fanned her knees as her brothers peered in from both sides to watch her winking cunt. Billy knelt down, bent low, and blew into the center. Tanya said, "Oh, do that again. That felt good."

Jerry stood before Tanya, stroking his dick and added, "Yeah, Billy, give your sister a blow job."

June turned to face Robert with her back to the kids, her face a mask of passion. The intensity of her expression shocked him. She clutched his wrists and got in his face to quietly say, "I have got to have that cock, Robert. I can't wait."

She quickly let go, spun around, and marched to the kids. She dropped to her knees in front of Tanya, saying, "Here, let me show you how to properly cool a hot pussy."

June dipped low, bringing her head level with Tanya's crotch. Tanya eyed her mother curiously. Jerry eyed June's ass, sticking high and inviting. Billy made way for his mother. June brought her lips to Tanya's cunt and licked up through the girl's slit. Tanya swooned and said, "Oh, Mom. Oh, Mom! What are you doing?"

June took a long flat-tongued lap through the slit, looked up, and said, "I'm licking your cunt, sweetheart. If you don't like it, I'll stop."

In answer, Tanya settled to her back and brought her hands down to her inner thighs to present her mother with a better spread to lick. June laved the entire area between Tanya's legs, then sent her tongue deep in Tanya's hole, swabbing the girl's hymen, eliciting a long moan as Tanya's head hit the floor and rolled from side to side.

Jerry wanted to watch the exciting sight of his mother eating his sister, but her ass drew him like a moth to a flame. He stepped back so as to take it in better and was rewarded with an even better view as June moved her knees out and bowed her back. Her cunt fanned out like an orchid before his eyes, mesmerizing the boy. Billy watched with him. Jerry dropped to his knees and pressed his hand reverently to his mother's sex. She wiggled invitingly in response. A finger slipped inside, and she set about a slow sensual grind on the digit. Tanya was already delirious, a willing slave to her mother's tongue.

Jerry brought his cock to her cunt and rubbed the head over the entire area. The cunt chased his cock. In frustration, Billy cried out, "Hold still, Jerry. She's trying to get her pussy on it. She wants to fuck you, dummy."

Jerry smiled up at his brother and winked. When his dick next passed over the hole, June launched herself back. The cunt gobbled up his cock. Jerry was shocked to find himself balls-deep in his mother's hot cunt. He simply stood stock still, marveling at the sight of his cock being sucked in and pushed out by the rocking, grinding action of his mother's body.

June cried out, "Oh, Yes. God Yes! Fuck me, Jerry!" Tanya, having been abandoned, looked past her mother and suddenly realized what they were doing. Her arousal refused to admit shock or condemnation. Instead, the sight fired her passions and inspired her hand to try and finish what her mother started. While they screwed between her parted legs, Tanya frigged herself furiously. Billy and Robert simply watched the bizarre sight from the side.

Before long, Jerry was into the action, gripping his mother by the hip bones and pouring cock to her, driving her wild. She flailed her head and whipped her long hair. Tanya scooted up close, getting her cunt under her mother's face. When June realized what Tanya wanted, she pressed her face into the excited girl's open maw. The licking wasn't the best, but just having her mother's face buried in her cunt was all Tanya needed. Her pussy chased after her mother's face, trying to maintain a firm contact.

While her mother received a pounding from the rear, Tanya was up on the balls of her feet, resting on her shoulders, trying to rub-off on her mother's face. Jerry's pile-driving thrusts drove his mother's face into his sister's cunt. The two children were soon working together. Tanya made certain she had the core of her sex poised for the thrust, ready to catch June's face in the catcher's mitt of her beaver.

Robert and Billy stood staring down on the scene in awe. June managed to fasten her mouth over Tanya's clit and held on. Seconds later, Tanya came in a heaving, gut-wrenching paroxysm of delightful sensation, collapsing back exhausted and spent.

June gave her daughter's weeping pussy licks from time to time, but her own orgasm ended that. Jerry joined his mother at the tail end of her climax, pumping her full of semen. He drew out and wiped his dick on her ass. June rolled onto her back and used Tanya's mound as a head rest, keeping her knees wide, wanting to give Robert a good look at her royally fucked cunt.

Robert watched the thick mass of cum ooze from her hole to slide down between her ass cheeks. June watched Robert watching as she reached into her crotch and lazily stirred the white soup with painted-nailed fingers.

Jerry and Billy stood on either side, each at a foot, looking down at their mother's fingers toying with her sperm-drooling cunt. Robert stood centered in front doing the same. Tanya struggled up on stiff arms wanting to see what everyone was looking at. She could see her mother's finger as it smeared cum in passes over her standing clit. She wanted to see more, but did not want to disturb her mother by removing her headrest.

Tanya knew she should have felt badly about what her mother did, but the feeling would not surface. All she saw was a woman, a beautiful woman, in control, unashamed. She looked cool stroking her finger in the sperm, the evidence of her incestuous coupling done right in front of her husband. It was a cool thing to do, she decided. She looked at her father, watching the act in silence. He looked defeated, not sad or hurt, but defeated. There was a silent communication passing between them, and clearly her mother was in charge, in control. It was so cool, and in that instant, Tanya wanted to emulate her mother. Tanya felt no shame for what she'd just done, and would gladly do it again.

Jerry and Billy, though they looked down on their mother were actually looking up to her. She looked poised, satisfied, a vision of the sensual woman. Her body glistened with sweat and body fluids seeping from intimate cracks and crevices. Her face glistened with vaginal wetness, and her crotch was a slimy mess. Their eyes reflected admiration, desire, and love for her. June's eyes finally rested on Jerry. She smiled and said, "It's yours now, Jerry."

"What's mine, Mom?"

"This, my vagina, my pussy, my cunt. My ass is yours as well."

"I don't get it."

"Your cock is the dominant cock in this house. Your cock owns all the pussy under its domain, which is this roof. You own the pussy under this roof."

Tanya's brow wrinkled along with Jerry's. June added, "It's the way it has to be. We can't have competition. Your cock is the superior cock, as such, you control the pussy. It's the law of nature and it is now the law we will live by. As long as you live here, your cock rules the pussy that lives here."

Tanya's mind was in a whirl. This was so bizarre. She said, "Mom, are you saying, Jerry owns my pussy, too?"

"Yes, dear. That's what I'm saying. You will live by the law of the house."

"You mean, if Jerry wants to fuck me, I have to let him?"

"That's exactly what I mean. Not only that, you'll fuck whoever Jerry tells you to fuck. He will also show your naked body to whomever he pleases. Furthermore, you have no right to give it to anyone without his permission. That applies to me, too. My husband can't even exercise his marital rights without getting permission from Jerry. Isn't that right, dear?"

Robert said, "Yes, she's right."

Jerry interjected, "You mean, if I say Dad can't fuck you, you'll go along with that?"

"I will, but more importantly, he won't even try, even if we're sleeping together in the nude and our genitals are touching. Isn't that right, dear?"

"Yes, that's right."

"I can fuck you any time I want?"

"Anytime. I can't refuse."

"And I can fuck Tanya anytime I want?"

"Yes, she can't refuse, either. She's a virtual sex slave to you, and so am I. We can't refuse you anything."

Tanya watched her brother's cock rise and decided she liked the new order. She was ready to go all the way. Their eyes met and she bit her lower lip, sending him a message with her eyes. She wished her mother's head wasn't blocking his view of her pussy, because he'd see how tight and wet it was. As if her mother could read her mind, she got up. Tanya widened her spread for her brother. Her pose was an open invitation that the family gazed down on.

Tanya's need and desires were obvious. She moved so as to center her spread beaver on Jerry, then spread as wide as possible. June took Jerry's cock in her hand and stroked it reverently while smiling on Tanya. She said, "She's trying to tell you something."

"Yeah, I can see that. I want to fuck her, but I don't have a rubber."

"Do you care if she gets pregnant?"

Jerry studied his mother, smiled, and said, "No, not really."

June watched Tanya's reactions closely and noted the increase in her passion jump noticeably at the nonchalant way she treated the potential of a pregnancy. She decided to turn up the heat, and said, "It's your pussy. You can knock it up if you want. You can cum in her pussy all you want. Your friends can cum in her pussy. Hell, you can let strangers cum in her pussy. She has no say about that."

Tanya reacted to this by moaning and lifting her ass. Jerry, said, "Fuck yeah." With that, he dropped to his knees, centered his dick in her opening, and pressed forward.

Tanya winced and groaned as the head pressed in past her inner ring of muscle tissue, but breathed out a gush of air when it passed through. She gave a few grunts and groans as the inches went in, and a sharp cry when her hymen ripped. Jerry eased up and allowed her to adjust before trying to get more inside. He declared, "Man, she's tighter than hell."

"Fuck me, Jerry. Go ahead. Fuck me!" Jerry gradually took full possession of his sister's cunt under the watchful, eager eyes of his family. Tanya was sweating hard and fucking back as Jerry poured the pork to her. They made an awesome pair of youthful hedonists. Their fuck lasted almost thirty minutes. In that time, Jerry brought Tanya to three powerful orgasms. He filled her young womb with potent seed, then pulled out, leaving her gaping and oozing semen. Tanya toyed with the seeping cum as her mother had done, keeping her legs wide to fuck the eyes of her onlookers.

June stood beside Jerry, massaging his spent cock, while gazing on the display Tanya offered. June said, "If she's ovulating, she's pregnant. If she's not pregnant now, she soon will be. I won't put her on the pill; unless, of course, you want her on the pill."

Tanya awaited the verdict without showing any emotion. At the slightest negative hint he'd spare her. Since he saw none, and his mother's wording hinted that she wanted Tanya pregnant, he said, "Will it make her tits bigger?"

"Yes, if you get her pregnant, she'll grow nice big titties for you--titties big enough to fuck."

"In that case, I want her to get pregnant."

Looking into Jerry's eyes, June said, "Now, I need some guidance from the pussy master. I'm on the pill, but I can stop taking them and be as fertile as Tanya in a couple of weeks. You can tit fuck me as I am, but when I get pregnant, my tits balloon up to double E's. Besides, you seem to like planting your sperm in a fertile womb? I want to please you, Jerry. If getting me pregnant would give you the slightest pleasure, then I want you to get me pregnant."

Jerry smiled at the way she phrased this request. He panned the room to make sure everyone heard. Everyone had, and were clearly interested in his reply, none more so than Robert. His eyes seemed pleading, so Jerry turned back to June and said, "I want you off the pill. You're right. I like fucking a fertile pussy."

"Okay, I'm off the pill. I'll flush what's left." She then eased down his body to her knees and took his spent cock in her amazing mouth. Billy remarked, "Knocking up your mom and your sister. You lucky fucker." He watched his mom's mouth take in all of Jerry's cock and said, "Man, that's gotta feel great. You really lucked out this time. You're gonna share, aren't you?"

"Fuck no, I ain't sharing. These are my pussies, both of them." He felt his mother's support telegraphed with her tongue flicking rapidly and hard across his crown. Her expert mouth action was sucking the blood back to his organ. It grew in her mouth until it was rock hard once again. Tanya, inspired by the sight, joined her mother on her knees. Together they worshipped Jerry's cock and balls. Robert and Billy stood watching with envy. Billy kept saying, "Lucky fucker. That lucky fucker."

June and Tanya licked and sucked together, side by side, while Jerry basked in the lewd attention of the envious eyes of his father and younger brother. He felt like a king. The girls slavishly licked, adding to his glory. Frequently, their tongues and lips touched. June realized that this occurred too frequently for chance. Tanya sought the contact, so June made it easy. Occasionally, June and Tanya licked tongues and lips. June knew she'd made a powerful impact on her daughter, but the devotion and affection was a pleasant surprise. She wondered what Tanya would do if her pussy were available. Would her daughter lick her pussy, she wondered?

The notion intrigued her. June stood and got groin to groin with Jerry with her ass in Tanya's face, hoping Tanya would take the hint. Tanya had hold of his cock and without hesitation attempted to bend the head to her mother's cunt. June raised one leg and the cock slithered in. They stood, face to face, looking in each others' eyes with him deep in her. Then they felt the tongue and both smiled. Jerry cupped June by the ass cheeks and lifted her. June threw her legs around his waist and clung to him. This further exposed their crotches to Tanya who immediately applied her tongue, mouth, fingers, and lips. June said, "We're going to go out of our way to make you very happy."

"I couldn't be happier."

As Tanya licked the area where cock joined cunt, June said, "We need to get down to planning for tomorrow night. This needs to go well. Your college depends on it. Those men want sex, and you own the sex in this house."

"You're saying I need to share with them, right?"

"If you want Dad to get that promotion, yes. We're available for you to use to your advantage. Use us. We'll do anything to please you, or isn't that obvious, yet?"

"Hang up-side-down with my dick in you. I want you and Tanya to eat each other while I fuck you."

June smiled and said, "I love it. What a mind." She leaned back as he lowered her upper body. Tanya got out of the way until she could see what they were doing. June had her head dangling between Jerry's legs with her legs locked behind his back. Robert, Billy, and Tanya stared at the cock stuffing June's cunt. June reached out for Tanya and got her to stand in front of her. Tanya parted her feet, sliding them out in the splits until her wide cunt settled on her mother's mouth.

When the mouth fastened on her cunt, her face was in her mother's cunt. She eagerly applied her mouth, running her tongue along the point of entry, trying to wedge in along with Jerry's dick. For the visual effect, she sucked hard on June's clit, pulling it into distention, then sucking her way down, repeating the process over and over. She heard, "That lucky fucker. That lucky, lucky fucker."

As a fuck, it didn't work so well. Jerry couldn't do much moving, but as a visual spectacle, it was the ultimate. When they tired, Jerry pulled June up and she stood on her feet, still impaled. He then began sawing in and out in the standing missionary position. Billy came up and pleaded, "Please, Jerry, I need something. Let me do Tanya. I'm begging you, man."

Jerry pulled his mother's cheeks apart and said, "Stick it in Mom's ass."

June smiled. Billy said, "Really. In her ass. Mom, can I?"

"You heard your brother, Billy. He's the only one you need to check with."

Billy wasted no time. He got in close and poked her sphincter. He rubbed the head of his cock in the juices flowing from their fuck and pressed to her center. June relaxed her ass and he slid right into her buttery depths. The two boys buffeted their mother between them with Tanya still licking everything from below. June was deliriously pleased, especially when they came at about the same time. Billy drew out and said, "Thanks, man. I owe you."

June disengaged from Jerry and said, "Hey, we need to get planning."

Her legs were tired, so June took a seat in a straight-backed chair. She no sooner sat than Tanya was between her legs, trying to suck Jerry's cum from her pussy. June smiled and parted her legs, bringing one foot up to rest on the seat with her knee laid out. She watched Tanya devotedly lapping and kissing her spermy twat, even licking low trying to gather sperm from her drooling asshole.

June toyed affectionately with her daughter's long hair, and smiled to Robert. He had a look on his face that reflected his disbelief in what his eyes were showing him. To further add to his shock, June brought her other foot up, rested it on the opposite corner, then lifted while reaching around her hips to pull her ass cheeks apart. With the full area between her mother's legs now totally open to her laving tongue, Tanya set about cleaning the crack of her mother's ass, ending with a stiff tongue up her asshole.

After this intimate and thorough service, June settled back down on the seat. Tanya went back to eating pussy. Jerry came up and stood by her chair. She took his cock and brought it to her lips, giving kisses and licks to the tired organ.

Robert and Billy stood before the chair waiting for her to begin. They waited patiently while June paid her devotions to Jerry's cock, watching Tanya pay hers to her mother's cunt. June was in no hurry and got a thrill by making them wait under such circumstances. She cradled the limp organ like a dying baby bird and gave light feathered kisses to it. She held it to her cheek and sighed, Jerry enjoyed it. He stood facing the side of her chair to place his cock between her face and the two standing onlookers.

June rested her cheek against his loins and licked, running her hand over his tight ass. She pressed a finger to his anus and pushed. When he didn't react negatively, she pushed gently, wiggling, until fully inside. She fawned over his cock for a long time, fawning until she could see Robert tiring of it, then fawned some more. Tanya was content to keep on licking and sucking on her mother's cunt. June could tolerate that type of attention all night long.

Finally, June said, "We need to go over our game plan." She paused to suck the head. "We don't have much to go on." She paused to lick his balls. She slowly licked her way up the shaft, then took the head in her mouth again. She sucked hard while massaging his prostate gland and his cock began to rise rapidly. She turned her upper body to face his front, then deep throated him until he was fully hard.

Pulling off to catch a breath, she said, "I think we need to get them hot and horny right off." She took the cock in to the balls and throat fucked him for as long as her breath held. She came off, gasped for air, and went back down. She did this three more time before pausing to add, "They should know right away that we're willing to play ball." She resumed her deep throat suck.

Robert had enough and said, "For Christ's sake, June. Suck cock or talk, but don't try to do both."

June came up for air, pouted, hugged the long dong to her face and said, "But it's so damn good, dear. I can't stop."

"Fine, then finish."

"But I don't want to finish. I want it to last. Look at his cock, Robert. Isn't it magnificent?"

"Yes, it's magnificent. You've driven that point home. Look, why don't you give it a rest so we can get this meeting over with. We have shopping to do and not much time to do it."

June sat up and said, "Your father's right, kids. We need to get busy. Come on, Tanya. You've had enough. Jerry, save that for later. Okay, here's the plan."

* * *

The meeting was short and sweet. Everyone agreed that June's plan was the best course. Billy and Robert went shopping. Tanya, June, and Jerry went screwing. They were still screwing when Robert and Billy returned three hours later. They continued until late in the evening. They screwed all over the house. Billy got to screw Tanya in the ass, and got one of his mother's dynamite blow jobs.

After midnight, alone in their bed, Robert and June snuggled close, spoon fashion. Robert was hard, and he nestled his erection close to his wife's crotch. June said, "Watch it. Don't let the head near my cunt hole. If you want, you can lay the shaft between my lips, but don't move."

Robert took what he could get. He couldn't see June's smile. He said, "He was that good, was he?"

"The ultimate."

"You put on quite a performance."

"It was easy. I had good material to work with."

"You must be quite pleased. Did you honestly think Tanya would be a devoted cunt lapper?"

"No, it never crossed my mind, but she is devoted. I can't keep her head out of my crotch, even when I'm fucking. She certainly loves sperm. I swear, that girl would eat sperm from a bucket of shit."

"Are you complaining?"

"Hell no. I love it. She loves it, too, evidently."

"Do you think I'll ever get to fuck her?"

"Not until you start showing Jerry's cock the respect it's due."

"Oh, really. I suppose you have ideas along those lines as well."

"I do."


"I think if you lick his cock while it's fucking me, he might throw you some pussy."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Very much."

"You were something else tonight, June. I've never wanted you more in my life. God, your pussy feels so good. I could sure use a blow job."

"Don't torture yourself, Robert. I'm fucked and blow-jobbed out. I swear, I couldn't stand to look at another cock. Get some sleep."

"How about a hand job? You can close your eyes."

"Honestly Robert, I couldn't. I'm really bushed."

Robert rolled away and the bed started shaking to a steady beat. June smiled. A knock at the door stopped the shaking. "Mom, I want some more pussy."

The door opened and the light came on. Jerry stood with his hardon in his hand. June threw the covers off, rolled onto her back, and spread her legs. Robert gave her a critical glare and said, "Bushed, huh?"

"I'm never too bushed for the perfect cock. Fuck me, Jerry!"

Jerry came forward, mounted the bed, and crawled on his knees between his mother's knees. He angled his cock to her cunt and began fucking. June instantly responded as energetically and as enthusiastically as if it were her first. Robert rolled to his side with his back to them.

June winked to Jerry then draped her right leg over Robert's hip. He pushed it away. She returned it. He, once again, pushed her leg away. Stubbornly, she placed it higher and pressed firmly. Robert left it. Every humping thrust was transmitted to Robert. Despite his frustration, he was still horny and getting hornier. June made things worse for her husband by rubbing her foot on his erection. She wasn't finished, though.

She said, "Jerry, do you remember the first time I handed you my panties?"

"Yeah, that was great! You came to me in my room, buck assed naked with your wet panties held out by two fingers, smiling. Man, those were sweet, juicy panties."

"They should have been. I creamed in them four times for you. How about the first time you came up to ask me for my panties when I was fully dressed and doing housework?"

"That was super cool. You were vacuuming. I had to yell in your ear, 'I want your panties.' You smiled, turned off the vacuum, and said, 'Jerry, you rascal. You mean now, right this instant?' I nodded, and you sat on the arm of the sofa to remove your shoes. You took off your pants, then stood before me in just panties and a T-shirt. You smiled and started to draw your panties down. I said, 'Wait, take the top off first.' You smiled, took the shirt off, then wearing only the panties, you said, 'Okay, are you ready?' I nodded. You drew them down, slow and sexy, just the way I like you to do it. You held them up with a sexy smile. Oh, yeah, I remember.' Do you remember the time I asked you to strip for my friend Barry?"

Robert rolled to his back and looked hard at June. She ignored his stare, and repositioned her leg to lie over his cock, trapping it by her soft calf. She smiled up at Jerry and said, "Oh, boy do I. God that kid was horny and excited. I got up on the coffee table. You put on some sexy bump and grind music, and I did a strip tease."

"That's not all you did."

"Well it didn't take all that long to get naked, and the music was still going. Besides, he hadn't gotten a good look at the best part of me--my pussy."

"He did, though. I think he got a better look than your gynecologist gets. You fogged his glasses."

"That happens when you get your face too close to a steaming cunt." June could feel her husband trying to move his cock under her leg, to rub it on her leg. She went on, "That was almost as good as the time you had me strip at the dinner table. Tanya and Billy will never forget it."

"Yeah, but the best part was after you got naked and laid down in the middle of all those dirty dishes and I started dumping plates of food on you. Remember Tanya's face when I took a handful of mashed potatoes and shoved them between your legs."

"Oh, yes, but how about when you poured gravy on my tits. No, putting those baby carrots in my cunt. That was the best. That got Billy going."

Robert couldn't take any more, though he knew they were making the whole thing up. He forced his hand to his cock and began jacking off, mindless of his audience. Jerry and June exchanged satisfied smiles. They kept up their improvisational performance until Robert couldn't take anymore and brought his head into their crotches.

June got up on her elbows as Jerry sat back on his heels. He held his dick poised with just the head inside his mother's pussy, giving his father plenty of slimy dick shaft to lick. June said, "Well, it looks like your father has learned his place."

To signal his total acceptance of the obvious, Robert reached around Jerry's hip and cupped his hanging nut sack gently, reverently while laving as much cock as possible, inspiring June to add, "Yes, he's now paying proper homage to the king cock in this house."

Jerry smiled and said, "Yes, but he'd better do it as good as Tanya if he ever wants any of my pussy."

June twirled a lock of Robert's hair as she teased, "I'm sure he'll try very hard, Jerry. I expect he'll eat every drop of sperm if for no other reason than to try to keep me from getting pregnant. I think you'd better plant your seed deep."

"I intend to, but this load is reserved for his mouth."

June taunted, "Hear that, Robby, you get a treat."

Jerry pulled his dick free and began jacking off as his father sucked the head into his mouth. June could not contain her excitement. She got up on her straight arms and cried, "Suck him off, Robby. Suck the cum from your son's balls like a good daddy should. Oh, God, I love it! Fuck your father's mouth, Jerry! Fill him with cum."

"I'm cumming, Mom! Ugh! Ugh! Yes. Eat my fuck!"

"Swallow, Robby! Eat it all down! Suck harder, you limp dicked little weasel. Suck a real cock. Oh, God, I love it!"

Oddly, Robert discovered that he loved it, too.

* * *

The men arrived at six p.m. Besides Ed and John, there was Pete, Don, Fred, and George. They were all middle aged. Ed was the oldest at forty-eight. They brought in electronic equipment and set it up on the dining table. June and Tanya were in the bathroom putting the finishing touches on. Five minutes later, they emerged together and all talk stopped.

Both wore micro-mini skirts, thin tops tied unbuttoned below their braless breasts, and both wore high heeled patent leather pumps on bare legs. Their hair was done in matching styles, teased full and long. There was no doubt that they were mother and daughter--mother and daughter whores.

Robert said, "Gentlemen, may I introduce my wife, June, and my daughter, Tanya. This is Ed, John, Pete, Don, George, and Fred." The men leered with smiles. The girls nodded to each in turn.

Ed took the floor and said, "June, we'd like to start with you. Would you take a seat in that chair and just relax."

They turned one chair so its back was to the table facing out to the audience. The equipment was behind her as she sat. Fred sat on the other side of the table, ostensibly monitoring the equipment. George and Don busied themselves attaching wire leads to June with medical tape. June grew nervous despite her resolve to get down and dirty. While the two men worked, Ed said, "Are you ready, June? You do realize that these questions will be deeply personal and not posed in clinical jargon. We feel that's a bit pretentious. We'd appreciate answers that are not clinical. Do you understand what I mean by that?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Well, for example, what would you call the female genitalia if you and your husband were talking in private?"

"Pussy is what we usually use."

"That's what I mean. Vagina would be a clinical term and we're much too informal for that." Ed pulled up a chair facing her. He patted her leg rather high up, saying, "By the way, you look great. I do love short skirts on women who can do them justice, and the braless look was made for girls like you and Tanya."

"Thank you. We were worried you men might be put off, but we like dressing to show our bodies."

Behind them, Fred called out, "Okay, boss, we're ready when you are?"

"June, the rules are simple. I ask questions; you give truthful answers. If the machine says you are not answering truthfully, you get one chance to correct your answer. Repeatedly giving wrong answers or refusing to answer terminates the interview. My best advice is to just tell the truth. First, we must test the equipment. Are you male or female?"

"I'm female."

Fred called, "That registered true, boss."

"Well I can verify that. I just got a peek up her skirt. She's very female and not wearing panties."

Everyone laughed. June relaxed and smiled. She let her legs fall open so that others saw as well. Ed patted her leg on her upper thigh, letting his hand rest there, saying, "That's a good girl. Just relax. Okay, now lie about you age. How old are you?"

"I'm three and a half years old."

"That's a lie, boss."

"Okay, the equipment checks out. We're ready." He ran his hand up her thigh and squeezed, saying, "Have you ever cheated on your husband?"


Everyone looked at Robert to see how he took it. Robert shrugged. Ed scooted his chair closer, bringing one of his knees between hers. His hand massaged her upper thigh. "Okay, how many lovers have you had? An honest guess will register as truth."

"I'm confused. I've had affairs and one-night-stands. Do I just count the affairs as lovers, or lump them together."

"My, but you're full of surprises, June. Let's say affairs, first."


Robert's face fell. Ed smiled, "Now the one-night-stands."

"Eighty or ninety I suppose."

Robert couldn't believe his ears, neither could the kids. Everyone was talking. Ed shushed them. He turned to June and smiled, running his hand up the inside of her thigh clear to her pussy. June widened her knees as he cupped her cunt in the palm of his hand and said, "You've been a bad little wifey, haven't you, June?"

She pouted, "Yes," and squirmed against his probing fingers.

Fred shouted, "That's the truth, boss." Everyone cracked up.

Ed continued, "Does your husband know about your whoring around?"

"He does now."

"Do you mind my calling you a whore, June?"

"No, that's what I am."

"Have you ever had sex with an animal?"

June shot a dirty look to John, then said, "Yes."

A murmur went through the crowd. Robert sat in a seat, shaking his head. The kids perked up. June blushed for the first time. The question had come as a complete surprise.

Ed had three fingers working in her pussy which quickly turning June's blush into a flush of arousal. Ed withdrew the hand and folded her skirt up in her lap exposing her cunt. He then placed her legs over each arm rest, saying, "Let's give everyone a look at this wonder cunt you have."

Everyone except Robert gathered up close to peer between June's legs. Even Fred left his station. Ed resumed toying with her pussy, saying, "Tell us about the animal."

June looked from face to astonished face, looked hard at John, took a resigned breath and said, "I went to a guy's apartment last month. He had a big black lab that kept sniffing my crotch. One thing led to another; and, before I knew it, I was on my hands and knees getting screwed by the dog while the guy took pictures."

"Was it good?"

"Yes, it was very good."

"Would you do it again?"

"Yes, I suppose, if the opportunity presented itself."

"If your husband gets this promotion, the opportunity will present itself often. We are always on the look-out for attractive females willing to mate with animals--sexy women and young girls who don't mind performing in public as entertainment, even on film. Is that the kind of female you are, June?"

June's blush returned with a vengeance and was deep red as she panned the faces of her family members. The kids looked eager to see a positive response, but Robert was shaking his head, no. She finally looked to Ed and said, "Yes, I'm that type of female."

"Great! June, look around this room and tell me how many cocks present have been in your ass, pussy, or mouth."

June said, "Counting my husband, four."

"Identify them."

"Robert, Billy, Jerry, and John."

"You fucked your sons?"


"Interesting. I think we have enough. Take the leads off."

The men freed June and Ed called Tanya over. She was quite nervous. Ed started right in on her legs, then seeming to throw caution to the wind, waved away the men as they started to apply the leads. He folded her skirt back, and laid her legs over the arms. Tanya went stiff, but offered no resistance. Ed pulled her ass closer, widening her spread as the men gawked at her beaver. June had shaved Tanya's pussy bald and applied the lipstick to her interior flesh. Tanya never felt so exposed and vulnerable, and the feeling was rapidly turning her on.

Ed's fingers traced her vulva and his fuck finger tested for a cherry. He said, "So you've been fucking, huh, kid?"


He used his thumbs to pry open her cunt lips, saying, "Are you a whore like your mother?"

Tanya stared at the hole he exposed and said, "Yes."

"Tell me, Tanya. Are you willing to let animals fuck you?"

June got behind Tanya's chair and reached over her panting daughter. She untied the tails of the blouse and laid the tits bare. Leaning down to bring her face alongside Tanya's while molding and offering the tits to the men's hungry eyes, she whispered, "Tell him, Tanya."

Tanya said, "Yes, I'm willing."

"Will you let us film you in the act?"

"Yes, if you want."

"Will you suck a dog's dick till he cums in your mouth?"

June said, "Yes, she will. We both will."

Ed said, "I'd like to hear that from her."

Tanya said, "Mom's right. I'll do that, too."

Ed sat back, freed his straining dick, and said, "You can end this interview at any time, Robert."

Robert said, "I'm okay."

Ed sat up and scooted to the edge of his seat. He pushed down on his stiff rod until it pushed apart the girl's cunt lips. Finding the hole, he slid in half way and paused. He took her by the hip bones, sinking fully and began rocking her on his cock. Tanya's wide eyes watched the cock move in and out.

Ed said, "This is prime pussy, guys. June, strip down and start draining some balls. Come on, guys, strip for action. We've got us two fine whores here. Robert, you got the promotion if you're willing to keep sharing these whores of yours. Jerry, Billy, you guys join us. Everybody get naked. We're going to have us a fuckin' party. God damn! This is good pussy."

The End

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