Thumbing It

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

I don't do a lot of hitchhiking. When I do, it's because I need some excitement. I'm ready for a change of scenery, or a new sexual adventure. A tall, seventeen-year-old, Scandinavian, teenage girl, blond and built, wearing a please-fuck-me outfit has little trouble finding a ride in the land of milk and honey. I got rode all the way from Kansas City to Reno Nevada.

I wasn't looking for long rides. I wanted to see how many fucks it took to go from K.C. to Reno. To make the game interesting, I went by these rules:

The guy had to ask if he could fuck me or suggest it strongly. I could only show my willingness by action and mannerisms. I couldn't even say, I wish someone would fuck me, but I could say I was horny.

As soon as he asked, I gave him two minutes to get his dick in me or drop me off if he couldn't beat the clock. I had a two-minute egg timer and as soon as I explained this, I hit the timer. Nine out of ten made it, but I got fucked in some very unusual places--like downtown Denver, like in a tunnel, like while doing sixty on an open road.

And right after a fuck, I had to get out wherever I was--like downtown Denver, like in a tunnel, like doing sixty but making the fucker stop first in the middle of fucking nowhere Nevada where I wound up staring at cactus for three fucking hours--Jeeez. Rules are rules.

I met some rough characters, and had a few close calls, but I handle myself quite well. Anything worthwhile entails risk, and my American adventure was very worthwhile. I wouldn't want to try to do it today, but in 1961, it was a walk in the park on a windy day with no panties on. I didn't pass up any parks on windy days.

The vast majority of American men are very nice and a good portion of those are very shy. Even the boldest come-ons wouldn't give them courage, and I got long rides by quite a few. After ten minutes, if a guy hadn't made his move, I'd masturbate. If he didn't make his move before I got through, usually another ten minutes, I had him drop me off right after. I made it a rule after a two hundred mile scenic cruise through boring-ass Missouri with Wilber Tiddle.

I made the rule though the ride was a major high point on my road to Reno. I found a way to ease my boredom; though to do that, I had to fuck the knob on his pickup truck's gear shift.

"Excuse me, miss, I need to downshift."

With all of his shifting, it took me over a hundred miles to get a decent fuck out of that old farm truck. Mostly, I just sat there next to Wilber with his gear shift up my twat, humming along, feeling every rock and rut in the highway.

I sure liked going over rail road tracks, and Wilber was nice enough to stop, back up, and go over them again. By this time, I could shift for him. Reverse was kind of a bitch, hard right and up. I had to get my feet on the dash to hit reverse. We even went back over bad sections of road, and West Missouri farm roads have a bunch of those. Two hundred miles took us all day.

Poor Wilber never met a girl like me. He didn't have any idea where Sweden was, but he swore he'd go there before he died. He was such a sweetheart. It didn't matter what I did, he remained polite and sweet, making me feel at home in his beloved Murica, land of the free, and his equally beloved Mazura, the show-me state. Being from the show-me country where school girls go about naked and fuck in the streets, (or so I told him) I felt right at home in the show-me state. When in reverse, I showed me to the show me state.

I had a ball. I'd see a horse by a fence, one with his cock hanging out, and go ape. I'd say, "Wilber, can I fuck that horse?"

"Well, now, folks around these parts are pretty particular about their horses, miss, and it ain't polite to barge in on 'em an ask 'em."

"Can't you just pull over and let me climb the fence to ask the horse if he wants to fuck me?"

"Well, now, I could, I surely could, but these folks will shoot first and ask questions later, and I'd hate to have something bad to happen to you while you're visitin' Murika. It'd give them Sweden folks a bad impression. Our ways and your ways is a lot diffurnt, specially when it comes to matin' girls with horses. We don't hardly do that at all, I rekin. Least ways, I ain't never heared about it, and I keep my ear pretty close to the ground [whatever that means]."

As it turned out, the same applied to dogs, goats, pigs, rams, roosters, rats, bats, and chimpanzees. In frustration, I said, "Well what can a horny girl fuck in your country?"

"They pretty much stick to their own kind. They find 'em a good man and get hitched to him, you know, married up, then they pretty much stick to ... well, you know ... doin' it with just him. Well, the good ones do. Thay's a lot that don't. I git that from keepin' my ear to the ground."

I couldn't get Wilber to say fuck if I was fucking his ear while the other was on the ground. He wouldn't say any curse word in front of a lady, even though the lady was fucking herself on his gear shift while sucking on her tit and playing with the other while rubbing her clit.

That old farmer was a trip, and over the course of the day, I learned all about his family: his wife, Edna who wouldn't let him fuck her ass or mouth; his daughter, Beth, who never even gave him a feel; his other daughter, Bonnie, who never let him knock her ass up, give him a blow job, a feel, or a peek at her pussy. I know. I asked, and I was astonished. He was astonished that I'd ask such things and more astonished that I was astonished at his answers.

Their daughters' kids also shared his farmhouse, all nine of them, five girls and he never got to fuck any of them because his daughters were stingy. I told him they were stingy and ungrateful for not offering their little girls' pussies to their own father. He said, "Things ain't like that here. They ain't stingy. Thay's just bein' good mommas."

I said, "I'll bet they don't even give their own sons any pussy, do they?"

"Oh, no ... no, that's not something we do here 'bouts. I can't say them boys wouldn't jump on 'em iffen they bent over too far, but iffen they did that, they'd a sur git a whupin when she bent back up. I'm pretty shore both of 'em would be a bendin' back up dern fast if a youngun was ta come up and give 'em a poke whar the sun don't shine.

"Now, Edna, thas another story. She's one a them that ain't been a good wife all the time, and I got that by keepin' my ear to my bedroom door. She done been bad with both of those girls' husbands when they had 'em. Now, she's a doin' it with three of those boys, and I dare say she'd be a doin' it with the fourth iffin he weren't still wearin' diapers."

Now we were getting somewhere. I said, "Is Edna from Sweden?"

"You'd think so by the way she carries on ... no disrespect, miss, but our wimmin ain't supposed to be doin' them things out a holy wedlock and specially not with no younguns they's kin to. Them's rules that go way back to Abraham's day. Maybe not Abraham, but somewhere along the line of begats and begots, they took one and stuck with that one, him and her, and made it a rule. Maybe it ain't got to Sweden, yet, but it shore got here only Edna wasn't listinin', or weren't payin' attention, or just plain don't give a damn ... uh, pardon my French, Miss."

"You speak French? Par lay voo lickity split?"


"Oh, boy, more rail road tracks. [bumpity bumpity bumpity bumpity bump] YOHWEEEE!"

"Want me to back 'er up fer ya?"

"Yes. I'll shift. Umm, I like reverse ... ugh ... uh ... there it is."

"Hang on, miss. Here we go."

"Faster ... [bumpity bumpity bumpity bumpity bump] YOWEEEEEEE."

"Okay, miss, put 'er in first."

"Ugh ... omph ... ah ... ugh ... there it is. Step on it."

"Here we go. Hang on."

"Hit it hard, Wilber ... [bumpity bumpity bumpity bumpity bump] YIPPIE YAHOO."

"You shore like them tracks. Wanta go back agin?"

"Yeah. Go slow this time ... ugh ... okay, it's in reverse."

"Okay, we goin' slow and easy."

Yes we were, [bumpity ... bumpity ... bumpity ... bumpity ... bump] um, that was wonderful ... um, so nice.

Though I'd had my cunt out in the open for quite some time, he refused to look down unless he caught fleeting glimpses that I didn't see. I'd fix his wagon. After we stopped and I got us in second, I laid flat back on the seat with my legs drawn up and laid open, still impaled on the gear shift knob. I said "Yes, this'll be nice. Look at my cunt while we go over these tracks. You'll see the knob jump around inside my pussy."

The truck groaned trying to take off in second gear, but I couldn't lie flat in first gear. We went real slow. "[bum pi ty] ... see it ... [bum pi ty] ... see that ... [bum pi ty] ... um ... [bum pi ty] ... nice ... [bump] ... oh, yeah. God that feels fantastic in my cunt."

Good, he was still staring, letting the truck coast to a stop with the clutch in. He said, "I suppose it would. Miss, if you don't mind my askin a delicate question, do all you Sweden girls have cun ... er, verginas with no hair on 'em?"

I traced over the lips of my cunt while he watched and said, "Yes, do American girls have hair on their cunts?"

"I rekin'. I only seen Edna's, and she's hairy like a bear down there."

He was over his shyness, still looking. I said, "That must be awful. Don't you get hair in your mouth when you suck on her pussy?"

"I never dun that. Don't tell me they do that in Sweden?"

"They do it here, too."

A car came along, so he had to get moving, and I had to go through the gears from second to third, then third to fourth, another good gear. Second and fourth, good fucking gears.

Now cruising down the road in fourth, he said, "You was sayin' they do it here, too."

"Sure, every American that fucked me sucked my cunt before and after. I won't fuck them unless they do."

"Well, I'll bet you ain't found that many that'll keep their word after."

"You're right. Half of them say they will, but they won't keep their promise after I let them fuck me. There's only been a couple hundred that will suck their cum out of my pussy after they got their fuck."

"Are you a tellin' me you done fu ... you done did it with four hunert men since you got here three years ago?"

"I didn't count, but it has to be close to that, maybe more."

"Are you a pullin' my lag?"

"I'm sorry, I thought my leg was just laying on your lap. Is it pulling?"

"No, yore lag is fine where it's at. It's a sayin'. It means, are you tellin me a fib."

"Do you mean a lie?"

"No, not exactly a lie. A fib is like a friendly lie, it just ain't the truth."

"Swedish girls never lie. We're taught not to lie. Lying is a sin. Any kind of lie is a sin. Swedish girls are very good about not sinning. I'd never sin ... oh fuck! Wilber, look at that horse's cock! Jesus Fuckin H. Christ! Would you look at the cock on that beast. God damn I'd love to suck that cock. I love horse cum. Can't we just stop so I can suck his cock. It won't take long. I can usually get a horse to cum in my mouth in two minutes. Please. I'm hungry for some yummy horsy sperm."

"Danged if you don't beat all, miss. We ain't a stopping fer that. I told you, ya can't be a suckin' on our horses, dogs neither. You'll jus have ta wait till you git back to Sweden. You can't do that in Murika."

"I do it all over America. Every place I go, people are glad to let me suck off their animals. They like to watch me suck them or fuck them."

"Now, I know yor a pullin' ma lag, now. Ain't no Murikan goin' ta stand around and gawk at a pretty girl a suckin' on a animal, and thay shore ain't goin' ta watch 'em fu ... doin' it."

"Maybe not in your state, but in all the others I've been to they do."

"Ya don't say?"

"Honest. In Texas, they let me suck on their steers."

"Well, now them Texicans are another thing. Them, I can see doin' that. You say folks all over like to stand around and watch, huh?"

"I've been to thirty-two states and sucked and fucked animals in thirty-one."

"We must be the odd balls then. I'll grant you, we are behind things, specially out where my place is. We don't hardly get to meet folks from other states, and I can't recall the last feriner we had out this way. I know fer a fact we ain't never had no Sweden girl anywhere near these parts. I'd a heared somethin'."

"You'd like to watch me suck and fuck animals, wouldn't you? I'd take off all of my clothes to do it. That's the way all the other Americans like to see it done."

"Well, now, I can't say I wouldn't want to see that. Yor a very pretty lady. I suppose I would at that."

"Don't you think Edna would like to see a naked girl sucking and fucking animals?"

"I know she would. That woman would stop hangin' the wash to watch bugs fuck ... oh, damn, I'm terrible sorry 'bout that, miss. Sometimes I git to talkin' like a damn Texican."

"What did you say that was bad?"

"Well, I said ... I said fuck."

"But that's a nice word. Every time I say it, Americans smile."

"I imagine they do, and right after, I'll bet they want to fuck, don't they?"

"Sure. They all do. Every man I meet wants to fuck me. The ones that will agree to suck my pussy get to. It's hard to get them to suck it after a dog has been fucking me. That's one thing I've noticed about Americans."

"Well, it's the same here in Greely County. I know that to be a fact. If it's man fuckin' yor after, you won't git none here in Greely county if you let on that you been suckin' and fuckin' with dogs and such."

"I'd rather suck and fuck dogs and such. You'd let me suck and fuck your animals, wouldn't you?"

"Shore, long as it didn't git around. You ain't plannin' to stick around these parts are ya?"

"No, I'm heading for Reno. When you let me off, I'll stick out my thumb and off I'll be."

He sat and pondered for a few miles. I felt an invitation coming on. Hell, I planted enough seeds to start an invitation garden.

And then ... "You know, it's gettin' a little late to be thumbin' it on these roads. By the time we git to the turn off to my place, it'll be close to dark, and might nobody come along till mornin'. You'd be welcome to stay the night with me and Edna and our bunch. I could take you back out to the road in the mornin'. We got electricity, and we can fix you up yor own bed."

That's what I was waiting for. If there were more like him at home, I was going to have a night to remember. I said, "What kind of animals do you have?"

"I'm just a dirt farmer with some chickens and a mean rooster I wouldn't try to mess with, but I got a mess a dogs."

"How many males?"

"I never counted, but I'd say ten, maybe twelve. No, dares more an that. Right now, thay's all males. Edna dun shot all the females. She don't want no more damn dogs. Shot half the males, too. Shot all the younguns anyway."

"Can I sleep with them?"

"I could put a mattress out on the front porch for ya. You'd be cooler out there, but I gotta warn ya, them dogs is ate up with fleas, ate up bad now that all the fleas that wus on the dead ones jumped to what's left. Fleas won't lay around on a dead dog--not fer long. Edna won't let 'em in the house or we'd all be ate up."

"I love fleas. I love the feel of them crawling all over my body and getting in my hair, and their little bites excite me."

"Well, you'll love sleepin' with my mutts, cause you'll be excited all night long, that's for shore. I'm tellin' ya, you ain't never seen fleas like you'll see on these dogs. When I says thay's ate up, I mean thay is flat ate up wit 'em."

"Great! You can't have too many fleas I always say."

"Ah swear, you beat all. Yore gonna have you a good ole time here. We got enough to cover you from head to toe thick as yer thumb, or damn near."

"I hope so, but I'd need to get them all off before I go back to thumbing. People don't like it when I get in a car with fleas on me."

"We use lye soap. You can git 'em off with that, but you'll have to let yor hair soak in it fer a while. Look here, that turn off is right up ahead, then my place is three miles down a dirt road."

"Is it bumpy?"

"Yeah, you'll like all three miles. There's just one thing I need to mention. Edna and them ain't never met no Sweden girl before. I'll need to call a family meetin' to tell them how you girls are, and tell 'em 'bout your ways and such. That's gonna take a bit. If you don't mind, I'd kinda prefer you wear all yore clothes right and not say much. Oh, and please don't do nuthin' with them dogs till I had a chance to warn 'em. You could jus kinda take a stroll about the place till I call fer ya. After that, you just be right at home and do like you'd do back home in Sweden. They'll be expectin' it, and they'll want you to feel right at home. After that, if you get a notion to take off all yor clothes, you go right on ahead, and if you get a notion to fuck them dogs, you just go right on out and fuck and suck all you want."

"Okay. I'll wait until bedtime before I do that. I wouldn't want to bring fleas in your house."

"We'd be mighty grateful if you'd do that. I don't suppose it'd bother you too much if we wuz watchin'."

"No, not at all. I'll go to bed early so even the kids can watch."

"Their mommas might not let 'em, but you never know. They'll shore never get another opportunity, and those girls a mine are always complainin' that their younguns get no culture. This'd be their chance to show those kids some culture thay ain't never even heard of before much less seen with their own eyes. If I know Edna, she'd want them boys to see that. That'll get 'em good and stiff in the britches the way she likes 'em. She'll put her foot down and make those girls let all them younguns watch."

"I hope so. I'll make those boys hard for her. When I get through, those boys will fuck your wife all night long. You don't mind, do you?"

"Hell, I'm used to it by now. She don't hardly hide from nobody. Everybody knows she's fuckin' those boys, all three. They strut around like banty roosters, showing off their stiff britches. Edna sees a hard one, she drags him off to the bedroom, don't matter who sees her do it. The bed is a bangin' on the wall, and the squeak squeak squeak fillin' the whole house, and her damn wailin'. It don't take no scientist to figure out what's goin' on in that bedroom."

"That's how it should be. Everyone should know."

"Thas the way it pretty much is. There's fuckin' goin' on, and when they come out, all smilin', no shame at all, they might just as well come right out and say, we been fuckin'. Well, it's 'bout time we brought this dirty business out in the open. This jus might do it. And you know somethin', Edna would probably like it that way. Fuck 'em right out where everybody can see 'em do it, buck assed nekid, right on the supper table while wez trying to eat our supper. Yep, Edna'd like that a lot. She shorely would like to fuck those boys right in front of their mommas, and darest 'em to say a damn thing about it."

"I'll get naked right away and start the ball rolling. Would that be good?"

"You do that. You jus sit right down at the supper table in your alltogethers, and jus act like thas the way to eat yor supper. My guess is, Edna will join ya and the boys will if Edna does, and if the boys do, the girls will, and I'll join in somewhere. When almost everybody's nekid, I'll bet those daughters of mine will get nekid too. Maybe I'll finally git to see those girls without a stich on. Yeah, you do that, just strip right down and let 'em see yor nekid pussy with no hair on it. That'll get 'em."

Oh, boy, was this shaping up to be a real winner. I love going into a home that's full of sexual tension ready to burst, and Wilber's home was bulging at the seams. A Sweden girl, at least the kind I portrayed, can wreak havoc in such a home.

I wasn't too thrilled about the fleas, but in the right mood, an S&M mood, I love it. If you get enough on you, they keep you in just the right amount of pain to keep you glowing. I just pretend I've been locked inside a kennel. Before I met my Army Ranger, my rescuer, I had been for a fucking week and got ate alive. The glow never went away. I still have a good tolerance for flea bites. You have to when you fuck as many dogs as I do.

When we turned on the dirt rode, I went bonkers. YIPPIE YAHOWEE all the way to the farm house. I came right at the end and lay sprawled and panting, with him still in fourth gear. He had to coast to a stop.

He stopped well short of the house and said, "Darlin' yor gonna have to git my shifter outta yor pussy and git yor clothes all straightened out. We're here."

I struggled up to see the two-story wooden structure that needed a few dozen coats of paint just to help hold the boards together. Big, skin-and-bones hounds came from all over to surround the truck. I never saw such a collection of mangy mutts. Barefoot kids poured out onto the porch.

I unplugged myself and tied my top under my tits. I pulled the mini skirt down and looked at all the dogs. From the truck I could see fleas, especially in the bare patches, but they all packed a load under the belly. Edna didn't shoot anything with a big dick. I said, "They want me."

"They'll git you iffin you ain't careful. Don't you have no panties?"

"I don't own any."

He drove up to the house and said, "Maybe you best stay in the truck then, at least till I git the meetin' underway. You could get out then and get in a few pokes, but then you'd be pickin' up fleas."

"I'll wait in the truck."

He went in and took the kids with him. They were a dirty little bunch. They looked like hillbillies and weren't wearing much. The boys wore loose overalls and the girls had on sack dresses. I doubt any wore underwear.

The meeting lasted half an hour, then they all filed out. I counted twelve: four adults and eight kids ranging in age from toddler to mid teen. The boys were sixteen, fourteen, and twelve, I'd guess. They were all puffing out their overalls--stiff in the britches as Wilber would say.

Edna was easy to spot. She was no beauty, but she had a trim body. The two daughters weren't bad. One looked thirty, the other was probably twenty-eight, very plain, but they had tits and hips, though you couldn't see the form in their baggy sack dresses. Edna was the only female that looked female. She showed legs and cleavage in a form fitting dress--her going-out-to-be-a-bad-wife dress. I know she wasn't wearing that when we arrived. She was smiling big and leading the pack. The sea of dogs parted before Edna. Evidently, they had experienced her wrath or poor aim.

She opened the door and said real slow, "Welcome to our home, Eva."

I guess she thought I had a language problem. I met her embrace and could feel her breathing in my perfume. I'm sure I smelled exotic to her, but it was Chanel with heavy dabs of cunt juice behind each ear. I said, "Thank you so much," in my thickest Swedish accent as I turned on the seat and shot a beaver.

"Here, let me help you out." She said while looking at my beaver. Then turning to the others who were crowding in trying to look up my skirt, "Ya'll get back, and stop actin' like you never seen a real girl before. Bonnie, control yore younguns. Beth, get yore boy and put a red on his behind."

The mothers took control and the ten-year-old got his butt smacked for feeling how soft my leg was. He should have felt up by my pussy if he wanted to feel soft. I was at the edge of the bench seat, paused with my legs apart while big momma restored order. While she was distracted, a brave dog squeezed in, stood with his front paws on the running board and licked my beaver. I pulled my skirt up and made a better beaver just as Edna faced me and shit.

"Lord have mercy!"

Everyone closed in again, squeezing in where they could while avoiding the dog. They all stood there with their mouths open, watching their hound lap my shaved twat. I let my left leg hang in the opening between the door and the truck body, the other foot I braced against the inside of the cab, then laid back and moaned. Now, they saw a real Swedish beaver.

Hands were feeling all over both legs, little hands, dirty little hands, and red butt ventured beyond the others with his mother berating, "Randolf, you stop that." When Edna said nothing, she said, "Don't you dare go any higher."

Randy went higher, and was now on the softest part. Mommy said, "Randolf, you stop touching her there."

Now Edna said, "Leave the boy alone, Beth. I don't think she minds. Do you mind, Eva?"

"No, they can touch me anywhere they'd like."

Boy, did that open the flood gates. Three climbed in under my left leg and got on the floor board. Two more ran around to the driver's side and climbed over me to feel my pussy. Hands reached under them to expose and maul my tits.

The dog couldn't get to my pussy for all the hands and Edna shouted, "Damn you, younguns, get your dirty little hands away from her pussy. Can't you see it's being licked? Damnit all, now let the dog lick her pussy. She's had a long trip and you can see she wants her pussy licked. Settle down, all of you. Johnny, get off of her!"

"I can't, Mamaw. She's got me by the dick."

"Oh ... well then, Donna, you get down."

"I can't either. She has a finger in my pussy."

True, but it was so easy. How could I resist. I hear Edna say, "Oh ... well, try not to crowd her too much."

The little pussy I had my finger in couldn't be over eight, and her Mommy didn't like that. I could hear the adult family member's discussion being carried on in hushed but animated tones with many references to my homeland, customs, traditions, ways. I caught the words hospitality, guest, molestation, obscene, nasty, sinful, and being good hosts, culture, and then I plainly heard, "Culture smulture, Momma, she's nothing but a damn slut, and that god damn slut is molesting my daughter."

And then I heard a loud slap, angry words from Edna, more hushed words: apologize, behave, watch, smile, or move out of my house and support your brats on your own for once in your life.

In the end, they must have agreed to allow me to molest the children, so I pushed the dress up Little Beaver and ate her little cunt for her. Seconds later, the girl's mother, Bonnie, leaned inside the cab to say in a voice brimming with loathing as though spoken with a mouthful of shit mixed with thumb tacks, "Eva, I am sorry I called you a GOD DAMN SLUT!"

I flipped the girl to her back, made myself a good beaver, and lapped while looking into Bonnie's angry red face. I paused and said, "What's a slut?" I then stuck my tongue so far up the girl's hole it folded against her cherry, making her arch up and squeal in delight. Bonnie got a hard smack on her ass which softened her hard expression as Edna said, "A slut is an ingrate daughter who doesn't know where her bread is buttered, but better damn well figure it out or she'll be out on her ass selling pussy to migrant farm hands to put beans on her god damn table."

I pulled the girl's cunt lips wide and laved all over her pussy with a flat tongue, then made my tongue a dick and fucked her hole, then flicked at the shiny pink clit, then sucked it hard, making the girl squeal and squirm, all the while watching Bonnie's facial expressions go the gamut from quiet rage to envy. When I had lust, I eased off the clit and said, "Is that what you think I am?"

She smiled knowingly and said, "No, Eva, you are a guest in our country and a guest in our home. Make yourself right at home, dear. Here, let me get this dress off of my daughter for you."

That was better. Bonnie had to straddle the mutt that was still licking my twat to get the dress off over Little Beaver's head, picking up a few fleas. The little fuckers can jump, and some jumped to her bare legs and were advancing on her pussy judging by the face she made and dance she did. Her squirming child wasn't making the job any easier, so more fleas made the jump, and Edna noticed.

When Bonnie had the dress in hand and was ready to get the hell away from the flea-bitten hound, Edna pulled the front of Bonnie's dress up, then pressed her loins to the dog's back, making Bonnie squeal, "Oh, Momma, no, please!"

"Not so uppity now, are we, Bonnie Sue? You stand there until I say you can step back, and you keep that dress out of the way. Get that dress up! I don't want anything between you and that dog."

"Oh please, Momma. I said I was sorry. You seen me git Donna nekid for her. Fleas are getting all over me, Momma."

"I'm sure they are. I'm sure they're hungry. Maybe after you feed a few hundred fleas, you might think twice before insulting one of our guests."

Bonnie scratched hard at her mound, crying, "Momma, I'll hold Donna's legs apart for her and prove how sorry I am, but please let me git away from this mangy, flea-bitten dog. They're biting me something fierce, Momma."

"Stop scratching at them. You're disturbing their meal. I said feed them. Let them dine on Bonnie pussy. Get your pussy on his fur. Press your pussy right up against his fur, Bonnie Sue."

I could see the S&M mood developing in Bonnie, and by the time her mother ordered her to get her pussy against the dog, Bonnie was ready though she still made a good show of mortification and embarrassment for the sake of the children, all straining their eyes to actually see her pussy. My little beaver wanted to look, so I let her go and she flipped over. I got on my elbows to see. Bonnie had her dress bunched in both hands at her crotch. There was no dress material between her pussy and the dog, but I wanted to see if she wore panties. Evidently, so did Edna.

"Get that dress up where we can see. Get it up around your middle or I'll take the damn thing off."

"Momma, this is embarrassing."

Maybe, but she did it, and she wasn't wearing panties, and we could see the fleas frolicking in her crotch, crawling all over her legs, an infestation that grew worse. I've never seen dogs so full of fleas, and she was just picking up the ones on his upper back. Most are down lower near the tail where he can't scratch. Edna knew that, too.

"Now, slide your pussy down his back nice and slow and pick up the ones at his tail. Give them all a pussy feast."

Bonnie was into it now and could hardly hide it. She slid her cunt down and left a sheen on his short-haired coat as she went. The bitch was sopping wet and made an even better slick as she squatted to get lower down and her cunt opened up. When she got to the tail she stood in a full squat with her knees wide to each side, giving the flea swarm a wide open cunt to swarm on, and they swarmed. Her cunt looked alive, moving, and the swarm spread rapidly up her belly, leaving tiny red dots in their wake where they stopped for a nibble on pristine white flesh.

She was a show stopper. Few people paid attention to me or the dog still licking my twat. I had fleas, too, but not like Bonnie. She now held the dress material bunched just below her braless jugs. When she started her slide, it was down below her belly button. The lower she went, the more skin she felt like exposing. It was all snow white, and never saw any sun. I also gathered that no one else ever saw it. Just by the way the kids were acting, I knew Bonnie was a modest lady.

She wasn't very modest while she rubbed her cunt on the dog's rump, sliding her slimy snatch from the rump area then four inches down the tail and back, over and over. She looked like a horny slut, rubbing herself off on the dog. Edna thought so, too.

"Bonnie, stop rubbing yourself on that dog like a slut. Just hold still."

"I can't hold still, Momma, they're eating me alive."

"Hold still anyway and let them eat you alive in peace."

Bonnie held steady wearing a face of agony, agony because she couldn't rub her horny cunt and that was killing her. It sure looked good. Fleas had been steadily moving under the bunched skirt and were now coming out the top, getting on her neck and face. She said, "Momma, they're all over my breasts and they're biting."

What I heard was, "Momma, they're all over my breasts. Would you like to see?"

Edna heard that, too, and said, "Show us."

"Oh, Momma, no."

"I said, show us."

That was all the nudge she needed. The dress came up to her armpits and both white bulging jugs popped into view, nicely adorned with a few dozen fleas on each alabaster mound with long, hard, lactating nipples leaking mother's milk. The baby was hers and she wasn't a bottle feeder. Tiny red dots all over both breasts proved that she was nursing the fleas like a good Mommy.

I could see Edna loved this and Wilber was finally able see what was under Bonnie's clothes. I must say, I was impressed. Her plain face and baggy dress gave no hint that she had a first class female body. She had a classic hour glass figure with a tiny waist, neat and trim, not an ounce of fat except where it should be. She needed to be naked. Edna thought so, too.

"Bonnie get rid of the dress. We've seen it all, now. You ain't gotta go runnin' off when that baby wants a teat. You kin jus flop it right in his mouth and let him suck on his momma where everyone kin see your big ole titties gettin sucked. You ain't got nothin' to hide, so take the damn thing off."

Bonnie took it off and tossed it behind her. Now, she didn't know what to do with her hands, so she tried to cover her jugs.

Edna said, "Bonnie, stick your chest out proud and let these younguns git a good look at you with no clothes on. Give these younguns a good look at yore nekid body, girl."

Bonnie gave those younguns a damn good look at her nekid body. She placed her hands on her hips and thrust her chest out. She even widened her knees while looking imploringly to her excited mother to plead a case she didn't want to win, saying, "I'm doin' it, Mommy. I'm doin' it good like you want. Now kin I go wash these fleas off? I'll stay nekid if you want me to. I won't ever put no clothes on lessin you say I can, but I gotta get these fleas off me. Momma, thay's eatin' on me somethin' awful."

"I ain't done with you yet, Bonnie Sue. I'm gonna learn you good. You hear me?"

"Yes, Momma. I hear ya. I'll be a good girl, Momma."

Which I took to mean, "Make me do more. I'm ready for anything, now. You're teaching me a good lesson, but I need a real good lesson to make it sink in."

And, of course, Edna heard that, too. Me and Edna were right in sync with each other. She smiles and says, "Good, now you get your hands under him, on his belly."

"Oh, Momma."

Even while she oh momma'd, she was reaching, bending over. Edna said, "Go on, lay your body against his. Get those titties around his neck."

"Oh, Momma, no."

But she did, and her face was now overlooking my lapped beaver and she was staring at it, so Edna said, "Lick with the dog and prove to Eva that you're sorry."

Woah, that came as a surprise! Bonnie gave out another oh momma then brought her head alongside Rover's and started licking. He had to make room because she wanted to lick the pink parts too. They both licked pink parts and each other's tongues in the process, amusing the hell out of everyone.

The dog started licking inside Bonnie's mouth. That put her off the first few times. Everyone laughed when he did that. She got used to the laughs and the deep licking tongue that spent more and more time in her mouth. She laid her cheek against my thigh and licked at my clit with a wide mouth. The dog was more interested in licking her tonsils which thrilled the piss out of her mother and her daughter.

Edna had a hand up her skirt and was giving her twat a good workout, saying, "Are you feeling that dog's cock, Bonnie?" She nodded, yes. "Is he good and hard?" Yes, she nodded. "Are you making it hard for our special guest?" She nodded. "Eva, would you like the dog to fuck you now?"

"Yes, please, but won't I get fleas in your house."

"Bonnie will be getting fleas in the house, but I'm sure the kids will pick all the fleas off of you. They will not be picking any off of Bonnie. She'll be sleeping out on the porch with you. Let's just hope most stay on her. I'm sure if she doesn't disturb them, they'll be content. You won't disturb your fleas, will you, Bonnie?"

Bonnie shook her head. Edna pushed on, "You'll let them crawl all over your body and eat anything they'd like. Isn't that right?" She nodded. What did you expect. "You'll invite them to dine on your juicy pussy parts by keeping your legs wide at all times, won't you, dear?"

This time she raised her head, shook it to dislodge the dog's tongue, then said, "Yes!" Then, she laid her head back down, opened her mouth, and sucked on the dog's tongue. Talk about a slut.

Edna said, "Good, then why don't you help him get mounted."

Bonnie hugged the dog and pulled him up so that his hind legs got settled on the running board, then eased him forward until his front paws rested on my tits. She stroked his nine-inch cock [Note: all cock measurements are educated guesses based on years of field research by the estimator--me.] while aiming it at my hole. Once she got it in my hole, he did the rest, and I soon had ten inches inside.

[With dogs, you always get an extra inch when the sheath pushed back after encountering your cunt. With most, you get an extra three or four, but you have to push for those.]

The mutt fucked me with Bonnie still hugging him. I guess you just can't get enough fleas, but you'd think five hundred would make any slut happy. I didn't count, but I think that's a good guess. The dog seemed happy to be free of their weight. Yes, he was one happy dog, and that was one greatly amused family.

He emptied his happy balls in me then wanted down. I guess he wanted to get away from that flea bitten bitch he had on his back. I've never had a dog so eager to pull out. He squirted and split, leaving Bonnie hugging air. Edna made her get away from me as though she were a leper with head lice.

Bonnie went for her dress, but Edna saw that and said, "Leave that alone." Bonnie was far enough from Edna that the dogs felt safe to approach her. They all surrounded her and poked the curious muzzles into her crotch from all angles. Edna saw this and said, "Get down on all fours, Bonnie. See if you can pick up more fleas."



Bonnie's face went ghostly white as she slowly sank to her knees, then fell forward on her hands. The first dog was on her and in her before both hands hit the ground. Everyone gathered around Bonnie to watch her pick up more fleas, leaving me all by my lonesome with dog fuck running out of me.

I got out, picked up Bonnie's dress, and wiped my cunt with it. Call me a slut, will she! The nerve. This was almost too easy, and we still had an hour of daylight. Bonnie was still picking up fleas as I watched the sun set and sipped a mint tea under the shade of a big oak tree, still all by my lonesome, and I didn't have a stitch on. That Bonnie sure knew how to pick up fleas. I decided to take a stroll over.

They were all there, surrounding Bonnie. I came up beside Beth, the younger of the two daughters. She was a bit more open and not as modest as her sister judging by the finger she had in her pussy. I said, "How many more are there left to do?"

"They all been done. They's all getting seconds, now. Momma said she had to keep on till thay don't want no more. Thay's startin' to peter out. I think Bonnie petered out ten dogs ago."

I counted fifteen dogs, and most were finished, off in a cool spot licking their dicks. She had one mounted and one thinking about it. Bonnie was a mass of fleas, ten thousand if there were three. Her face alone had five hundred. I never had that many on me, and what wasn't black and in motion was bright red. They were literally eating this woman alive. I wondered if that many fleas, left to eat, could kill a woman. She did call me a bitch, but that's no reason to kill someone. Still, it is their country, their home. I'm just a guest. I said, "Humm, is your mother trying to kill her?"

"I hope not. I've never seen Momma like this. She ain't tryin' not to."

Momma was naked and getting fucked standing up by Beth's ten-year-old, Mr. Feel, who stood on a box to affect a good connection. Momma had cum running to both feet, and the other two boys stood naked with limp dicks.

I went over to stand beside Wilber who couldn't decide whether to watch his wife getting humped or his daughter getting fleas. I said, "Having fun?"

"Edna sure is. I don't know 'bout Bonnie. Peers to me, that girl has had all the fleas she can stand, and I dare say she's had her fill of mutts. Whatever hole they get in, she gets filled. Some of 'em got her in the mouth. Fucked her throat, they did. Most all the time, she had one in one end and one in taother. If one could get under, they'd a made her water tight. Damndest thing I ever saw in all my born days."

"You know, if Edna leaves those fleas on her, they'll suck her dry over night. She'll die. It happens all the time in Sweden."

"Edna already told her she could take a lye bath if she let all the dogs screw her all they wanted. Bonnie said they could, and that was back at number three, but that was before she got fucked in the mouth. Well, lookie there. He's a goin' back for thirds."

Another dog in full erection mounted her head placing paws on her shoulders, and Bonnie was trying to capture his bobbing and weaving cock with her mouth. This stud was hung, a twelve-incher. Wilber said, "Well, knock me down. I guess she didn't mind that at all. Would you look at that girl tryin' to git that mutt's dick in her mouth."

Bonnie had already captured the cock when Edna, leaning forward with her hands on her knees, shouted, "You suck that dog's dick like a slut, Bonnie. Eva's here. Show her what a slut is. Show your kids while you're at it. Show them how much their Momma likes a good fuck in the mouth by a horny mutt. That's it, bitch, you suck that dog dick right down yor gullet."

Bonnie turned her head sideways to allow more cock to go down her throat and got most of the dog's sheath inside her yawning mouth as well. I've seen good throat fucks and done it myself, but I've never seen it done so well. I've never seen a gullet fuck. What is a gullet, anyway. If it was anywhere near her stomach, she was getting a good gullet fuck.

I see why Wilber said she got fucked in the mouth instead of saying she sucked one off. There is a big difference. One is done to you, the other is done to the dog. If you can keep the dog from moving, you can suck him off, but if the dog has control, you get fucked in the mouth, in the throat, actually. In Bonnie's case, owing to her hard push against the lunges, in the gullet. She was getting her extra four, maybe five inches. Added to the twelve, sixteen inches would put the tip in the gullet. And he was a thick, big-balled puppy, too.

For viewing pleasure, I prefer to watch throat fucking if the bitch is helpless and being raped in the mouth. If the bitch is free and willing, I prefer to watch her suck him off. Bonnie, by offering up her throat and taking him to the balls, made the throat fuck very exciting to watch.

I knew she couldn't breathe, so she had to try to get the dog off using her throat muscles, and we could see her throat working away while leaning in to his humping haunches. His cock knot made a big bulge in her throat. She wouldn't make it. The dog was on his third, and they never cum easily the second time, much less the third.

She tried her best; I'll give her that. Before she blacked out, she pushed the dog out of her throat just enough to gasp several breaths. She looked like a sword swallower unsheathing. When she got to where she could breathe through her nose, she began sucking on the end three inches, preparing for another go at it. The dog, however, couldn't move with Bonnie's oldest boy holding him back by the top of his hind legs.

Bonnie knew her son wasn't saving her from getting fucked in the mouth, because he left too much dick in her mouth. She grabbed the dog's cock and began pumping while hollowing her cheeks with her suction. She bobbed her head on the dong under her mother's constant barrage of vulgar encouragements:

"Suck that mutt's cock, you bitch slut. Suck it good. Make him cum in your fucking mouth, you fucking whore. Show Jethro what a good dog cock sucker his Momma is. Suck the cum right out of that dog's nuts. Suck it and swallow it like a good Momma."

And, like a good Momma bitch, Bonnie put on a great performance, doing her very best imitation of a canine cock sucker. She impressed me, and I don't impress easily.

Bonnie impressed me by the depth of her passion. She loved sucking on that dog's dick, loved having her family watch, loved everything her mother said, loved the kid that lifted the dog up so everyone could see better, loved it when Little Beaver laid prone at her side with her head propped up in her hands, gazing up at her mother's sucking mouth, loved the little girl who used her little fingers to feel around the lips where the cock dick went in, loved the other little girl that held Rover's balls, and adored me for making this possible. My pleasure, slut.

As the Texicans say, "That bitch can flat put a suckin' on a dick!" It wasn't long till we saw the dog go squirt squirt squirt in her cock sucking mouth. Bonnie, like a good bitch slut, sucked and swallowed as the other mutt emptied a load up her ass. Like an even better bitch, she licked his dick for him from tip to balls, and lapped at anything that dribbled from the tip as it slowly deflated.

After both dogs walked away and there were no more takers, Bonnie looked to her mother who was just coming down from her orgasm. She said, "Momma, can I please take that lye bath, now?"

I could see by the look in Edna's eyes, she wasn't through with Bonnie just yet. She came up to her head and told Bonnie to get on her back and open her legs wide, to show everyone her flea-infested pussy. We all gathered at the pussy end as she complied, holding her legs wide by gripping onto her toes. The bitch wallowed in this degradation, and we loved watching her wallow. She made us a great beaver, pulling her ass up while laying those legs out as wide as she possibly could.

Edna stood so that Bonnie was looking up her cum-drenched legs to her cum-drenched cunt. I knew she was going to piss on Bonnie, and she wanted me to stand at her pussy. I assumed a similar stance. I had a straight shot down her gaping twat hole, ready and waiting with a full bladder thanks to three mint teas.

Edna said, "Have you learned your lesson, yet, Bonnie?"

"Yes, Momma. I learned it good."

"Who is the slut and who is the lady?"

"I'm the slut. Eva's the lady. You're a lady, too, Momma."

"That's right, so who will be helping us with our flea problem, getting the fleas off the dogs so that we can kill them a bunch at a time?"

"I will, Momma."

"And how will you do that?"

"I let them fuck me. They can all fuck me."

"What else?"

"I'll suck on their cocks. They can fuck me in the mouth. I'll lick them and suck them. They can cum in my mouth and I'll swallow all their cum. Please, Momma, I need to kill this bunch right away. They're eating me alive, Momma."

"We can see that. Maybe this will help."

That was the signal, but I waited for Edna. She got Bonnie right in the face and I let mine go and filled her twat. Between us we may have washed off a thousand, but they were soon replaced. The little fuckers can jump, even when wet. Bonnie wasn't surprised. She took it well. Wilber helped her up by grabbing onto her finger tips. Even then, he had to flick off fleas. He flicked them onto Bonnie, which I thought was kinda cute.

Beth and her son brought out a big wash tub then filled it with a hose. They added powdered lye and laundry soap, then Bonnie stood in it as they dipped and poured cup after cup over her head. That had to sting but it was relief to her having those fleas wash down to drown in the water. They don't hop in deep water, they just lie and die lye water.

She sat in the tub to wash her cunt, but couldn't take much of that. She stood and got doused. She needed a good deal more dousing. The ones in her hair couldn't be washed out easily, but Edna stopped the washing and ran a hose over her. Bonnie said, "Momma, my hair is still full. There must be hundreds and hundreds. I can feel them running around on my scalp."

"We can see them, but you need to keep some as a reminder. Now step out of the tub and bend over so I can rinse out the lye from your hair so we don't hurt them any more than we have. Don't use your hands. I want to rinse gently so we don't wash any out."

Bonnie didn't whine, she just bent low and got a gentle rinse. Edna had the hose turned down to an easy flow, then inserted the hose up Bonnie's twat. Bonnie shot up straight, but then she had to hold the hose. She looked a pathetic sight holding that running hose up her twat as all that dog fuck and dead fleas ran down her legs.

She was beyond humiliation at this point, as whipped as a bitch gets. When Edna told her to get on all fours with her tits in the mud, she didn't hesitate, got her ass up there real good, then got the hose shoved up her ass. Nothing like a good enema, and she got a good one. She moaned and groaned as her belly bloated, and when water came out as fast as it went in, Edna yanked out the hose. Brown water shot twelve feet in a thick stream.

Edna hosed her ass, then had her stand to hose off the mud, then Bonnie was as good as new. Well, almost--new, but red and raw looking in intimate places, reddish pink in others. She still had a flea problem and they were emerging from her hair to crawl around on her face, wondering what the fuck happened.

Edna came back to look Bonnie in the flea crawling face, smiled, and said, "There, now your little friends have a nice clean bitch for dessert. You don't mind serving dessert, do you?"

"No, Momma."

"Dessert is between your legs. You need to get them between your legs, don't you."


"You'd like to serve them some of your nice fresh pussy, wouldn't you?"


"Put your hands in your hair, let them climb on, then carry them to your twat for your special, homemade, pussy pie--Bonnie pie--fresh fucked and still warm."

Bonnie did it, and the method worked. Edna told her to go sit on the porch steps and serve dessert while she and Beth prepared supper. I went in with the ladies, but the kids stayed to watch dessert being served.

Wilber took me on a tour of their humble home. When we were out of ear shot, in one of the bedrooms, he got his cock out and poked it at my fanny. I gave him a smiling look over my shoulder, then bent over as though finding something interesting to look at on the floor--dirt.

I thought that was a good hint, but he just kept poking at my twat, but not enough to gain entry. Well, shit, if he didn't have at least that much balls, I sure wasn't going to impale myself on his measly six inches. I stood and walked around. He followed close and poked when he could. I bent over frequently so he could poke at the hole itself, then stand, look out a window, poke poke poke.

It was kind of amusing, but what a weeny. I see why Edna trashed her vows. Then Edna caught him poking and popped him with a wet towel. His little weeny went limp limp limp, so he put it back. What a weeny, real nice guy, though.

I was curious about Beth, so I asked Wilber about her. She and Edna seemed close. He explained that Beth has always been a Momma's girl and never complained when Edna started fucking her husband, in fact, when Edna wanted him, she could go to their room and Beth would get up and leave.

Bonnie was always the rebellious one and threw a fit when Edna started screwing her husband. She refused to leave her marital bed, so her husband got fucked in the bed with her in it. She can be a stubborn little bitch, he pointed out, but she was broke in, now, I pointed out.

We made our way to the kitchen where Beth peeled potatoes beside her nude mother, still with semen-streaked legs. I went and knelt behind Beth and pushed her skirt slowly up her legs. She instantly went stiff, then gripped the counter as the skirt pushed over her ass, her bare ass, nice ass, great legs, slim and sexy, shaved even.

Edna stopped what she was doing to observe what I was doing. Wilber got on his knees behind me to check out that pussy he'd never seen, so I placed my palms on her ass and peeled her cheeks open with my thumbs and laid it open for him, Edna too, by this time.

Beth let out a long moaning groan and leaned forward over the counter on her elbows. I'm not sure what type of moan it was: hope, despair, mortification, surrender, desire, need. Who cared; she was being polite to the guest, so we just looked at her pretty pussy, all pink in the crack, wet and slimy, a bit hairy, but not too. We all toyed with her delicate parts. Wilber checked her oil--a quart low. Edna peeled the lips back, so I gave her a few laps and rimmed her hole, and sucked her clit, and rimmed her asshole which got her up on her tip toes, moaning steadily.

I gave her a good tongue fucking suck job that had her collapsed on the counter with her tits in the potato water. That's where she came, and that's where I left her as I advanced on big momma and her juicy twat.

Edna backed to the counter under my advance, but moved her legs apart once she got there next to Beth who was still drowning her tits and trying to get her breath.

The first flat tongue lap up her slimy slit put Edna to moaning. Beth looked over, then stood back to see better, pulling her dress back in place to spoil her Daddy's view. She had a difficult time getting the rear hem past his nose and said, "Daddy, stop sniffing me so I can get my dress down."

Edna said, "Take the dress off and let him sniff you all he wants."

"Yes, Momma."

Off came the dress. Nice tits. Daddy buried his nose in her butt. I don't think she really minded. They all watched me devour a spermy pussy, but Edna watched on quivering legs. I don't think any of those bitches ever had their twat eaten, and I was shocked that Edna hadn't. Clearly, she hadn't. The experience left her speechless, and the orgasm took out her legs. She sank to the floor, and I sank with her so I could lap the girl cum from her hole and finish her off properly.

She sat there in a daze, watching me lap slut slime from her fuck hole. She looked to Beth, and said, "You pay attention to this. See what she's doing, and see you learn how."

If that's the case, I'd better do a little tongue fucking of Momma's ass, so I ran my stiff tongue down to the puckered hole and sent my stiff tongue deep in Edna's ass, which brought her to her back, flat on the floor. She pulled her legs up, laid them out, and said, "Beth, do you see this?"

Now, I was tongue fucking her ass and heard Beth say, "Yes, I see it."

"Get down here where you can see good."

Beth knelt and Edna pulled her head down, almost in it, saying, "Do you see what she's doing?"

"Yes, Momma."

"What is she doing?"

"She's sticking her tongue up your ass, Momma."

"No, she's fucking my asshole with her tongue. You're going to be a good girl and do that for Momma, aren't you, Beth?"

"Yes, Momma."

"Eva, let Beth try."

I got up, Beth got in my place. Beth soon got the hang of it. There's really nothing to it if someone doesn't have you by the head and periodically rubs your face in her cunt. I watched for a few minutes, then left the two love birds to Wilber. He returned to sniffing. Time to see how dessert was going.

Bonnie was still at it, and the kids were still mesmerized by it. I went to stand in front so I could assume a superior pose looking down on her pussy and her pathetic action: one hand in her hair, the other wiping flea riders in her pubic patch. She held her legs a modest six inches apart, hiding the pink parts from the kids more than the fleas.

This woman had no shame and not one ounce of pride left in her, but just had enough not to show pink to children. In fact, my haughty superior pose turned her on. She wiped some off her fingers in her slit, I assume to impress me. I said, "So, are the hungry fleas eating your pussy?"

Her little girl, Little Beaver, came and hugged herself to my right leg. That was perfect. Her mother looked at her daughter, then to me and said, "Yes, they're all biting my pussy. They're very hungry, and they're all eating."

She switched hands as I placed my right on the back of her daughter's head and guided her face to my cunt. I looked down to line up her mouth with my clit. She resisted but not hard. I said, "Lick my cunt, sweetheart."

She licked at my clit. I pressed her head flat to my upper thigh so that her head wouldn't block the tongue action from her mother's view. She lapped at my slit from the side, and Mommy saw every lap.

I drew Mommy's attention away by saying, "That must hurt having all those bugs eating away at your cunt."

"It does. My whole crotch feels like it's on fire."

"Your crotch does look all red. What part of your pussy do they like the most?"

"Inside the lips. It's not so bad if I keep the lips closed so they can't get down in there."

"Oh, yes, the tender juicy parts on a woman. Can I see? Would you open up the lips of your pussy real wide and show me your tender juicy parts between the lips, or would that embarrass you too much with all of these children watching?"

She didn't answer, she just brought both hands to line her fingers along the lips of her cunt, then pulled her lips wide, presenting me and everyone else the ultimate view of a cunt. We just stared as fleas by the score poured over the edges out of the forest of her pubic hair and swarmed into the clearing of her pink smorgasbord. There weren't many in there before she opened herself up, but there were after a few seconds.

When she let go, they'd be trapped in there. When fleas feel trapped, they bite and bite and bite trying to get whatever it is that has them trapped to move. I know. I've trapped a few.

By the way, fleas don't actually eat, they suck blood like a mosquito. They have a needle-like thing they pierce a surface blood vessel with. That doesn't hurt much, and it doesn't do much harm. Even thousands can't drink that much. They also have mandibles and can bite like a fire ant. Smart dogs learn not to scratch at their fleas. Infested dogs, even dumb ones eventually learn. You never saw Wilber's dogs scratching or making sudden movements except when they were fucking.

Fleas on a fucked bitch do a lot of biting, especially where the action is. Sometimes, I love getting fucked by a flea infested mutt because the pleasure and pain mix is exquisite. I didn't have to tell that to Bonnie. That is what drove her to ecstasy. Pain without the pleasure is another matter, and she learned not to disturb her pubic fleas while making a transfer. She was a smart bitch. She caught on fast.

I said, "My, they sure do love eating on those pink pussy parts, although yours are more red than pink. I guess it got that way when the dogs were fucking your pussy. You do get a lot of fleas inside the lips when a dog is fucking you, and they hate being jostled. Is that what made your cunt so red, Bonnie?"


"I can imagine. You sure took a lot of doggie dicks in your pussy, didn't you?"


"How many fucked you in the cunt?"

"I don't know. Most got me there."

"In your pussy?"

"Yes, in my pussy."

"I guess you had a lot of fleas inside the lips that were pretty pissed off, huh?"

"Yes, and they were very pissed off."

"Yes, I can imagine, what with all those dicks fucking you one after another. Yeah, I can see they bit the shit out of you. Nasty. These guys don't look pissed. It looks like they're sucking but not biting."

"They are."

"That's good. That must be the dessert they were looking for. Is this what you've been doing, bringing some down, then opening yourself up so that they can get at the tender and juicy parts of your pussy so that they can have a good suck on your tender morsels? They sure do love your clit."

Thanks to my stalling action, which Bonnie played along with, her tender and raw red parts were now almost black with excited fleas and they were all feasting on the blood that is so close to the surface in that area of the body. Bonnie was showing her discomfort, but when she let go, she'd know fire. She finally managed to say, "I haven't been, no. I've been trying to keep them out."

"Oh, then you probably don't want to hold your pussy wide open then, do you?"

"Not really, no. Have you seen enough?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

And then she let go and closed her legs. Bad move, but what a beautiful face of agony to go with such a delightful writhing squirm, but not a peep out of her. Impressive. Sweat beaded heavy on her anguished brow as she strained to hold in her scream, but she didn't scream. She did get wise and got those legs out wide, wide as she could get them, nothing less than the splits to take enough pressure off by parting the lips.

She had to lie back to get her legs to part wide enough. She'd have to keep them there, and now the hungry little fuckers could dine at their leisure on her tender goodies. And now, the little kiddies had a nice big beaver to gaze on, and they were all gazing on it and in it.

Oops, I guess I did a bad thing, so I picked up her little darling and carried her into the house, saying, "Show me where your Mommy sleeps, precious. We need a bed if we're going to get real nasty."

Ooops, I sure hope Mommy didn't hear that, but I'm sure she did. I am so bad.

A great deal of raunchy decadence occurred that night, but to go into every act would bore you. I did not sleep on the porch. Bonnie did and had all those dogs to herself. Before bedding down with them, she had to fuck and suck them all to get as many fleas as she could, then take another lye bath. Very amusing.

I slept in the big bed with Edna and Bonnie's boys with Wilber sitting in a chair at bedside, stroking his pathetic dick.

We had Beth bound, spread-eagled on her own bed. We turned her over to the rest of her kiddies after getting her son mounted in the saddle. She didn't get much sleep. When I peeked in on her the following morning, Little Beaver was fucking her with a toilet plunger--no, the handle end. Junior was getting a blow job. I just waved good bye. She waved back.

We had a nice breakfast--me, Wilber, and Edna--then Wilber drove me to the road where I could thumb. On the way out, I stepped over Bonnie's flea infested carcass. She looked like she'd been left out in the sun too long. She looked severely dehydrated, sprawled on her back with both legs drawn up tight to her ass and her knees laid flat. She'd found a comfortable way to expose her interior flesh and was serving breakfast.

I went and squatted at her ass and peered into her gaping slit. Her cunt--red, raw, and swollen--was a black mass of happy little fleas, feasting on pussy innards. I said, "Serving breakfast, I see."

I placed index fingertips on the outside of each knee and slowly drew them up and together, saying, "You should try to keep your legs together, Bonnie. You'll attract flies if you're not careful."

As her legs came closer together, the fire in her slit grew hotter and hotter. Her head lolled on her shoulders and moans escaped her lips. When her knees touched, I released my fingers, brushed the few fleas I'd picked up onto her body, then stood. As I expected, she kept her legs together.

She could barely open her eyes or speak, but she managed to utter something. I got down, as close as I dare, to try to hear again. The little fuckers can jump, you know?

She said, "I hope you had a pleasant stay."

I smiled and said, "Oh, yes, it was lovely. I finally got a chance to experience real American culture. I hope my visit was no imposition."

"None at all. Ya'll come back, now, ya hear."

As I climbed into the cab of the truck, I could hear Edna yelling, "Bonnie, you flea bitten bitch. Get your ass off this porch so we can hose you off. Lord have mercy, girl. You and your fleas. It's not enough that I have to feed your younguns, now I have to feed your fleas, too. You're going to eat us out of house and home just trying to keep meat on your bones. Git on out there in that yard, you flea bag bitch."

I looked back to see Bonnie drag her flea-bitten carcass down the porch steps with her mother swatting her between the legs with a fly swatter. Fleas hate that. I told Edna never to swat fleas with a fly swatter, that it drives them mad, but I guess she didn't hear, or wasn't paying attention, or just didn't give a damn. She swatted Bonnie's fleas all the way out to the mud hole in the front yard.

I turned to face front, then looked to Wilber, smiled, and said, "Edna looks happy."

"Never seed her this tickled, thas fer shore."

"What about you, Wilber? Are you happy?"

"Happier than a fat hog in a waller. I sneaked out and got me some a Beth's pussy last night. Could a got me some a Bonnie's pussy, too, but that bitch was so ate up with fleas, the danged dogs wouldn't get near her. Them fleas shore ate her ass up. Never seen anything like it in all my born days, no sir, never did. I'll tell you something else. Edna ain't gonna stop feedin' Bonnie to the fleas as long as Bonnie and her younguns is eatin' our groceries."

"I got that impression."

"Yes sir, she don't even want anymore of 'em kilt. Ain't gonna be no more lye baths. She's jus gonna hose 'em off in the yard to give Bonnie a breather, spell her a while so she can fatten her up. Them dogs'll git them fleas back on 'em, then Bonnie's goin' ta git 'em all back again, only we raisin' 'em now. Ahm a got dam flea farmer. Ain't dat sumpin', me a dam flea farmer."

"Just see that Bonnie gets plenty to eat and drinks lots of fluids. She'll raise you a herd any Texican would be proud to own."

Wilber coughed up spittle, slapped the steering wheel, and cried, "Das a damn fact, shore nuff! That'd make a Texican might proud ... well shit fuzzy, Miss Eva. I guess this here is where we part company. I shore do thank you fer all ya dun. Ain't never gonna fergit it. An ah'll tell you what. Bafore ah die, ahm gonna buy me a train ticket to Sweden, and I jus might end up stayin' there. Maybe we'll see each other agin."

I gave him a kiss, smiled, and said, "I'll be waiting at the train station. When I get back to Sweden and get settled, I'll write and give you my address. You just let me know when your train arrives and I'll have every little girl in the village, lined up on the platform, nekid and ready to sniff or fuck."

"Well, then ah'll be a sniffin' and a fuckin' shore nuff."

Another happy family left in my wake, and wouldn't you know it, another old farm truck stopped to pick me up.

"Howdy Ma'am. Where ya headed?"

"Reno. Say, is this a four speed?"

"Shore is."

"Oh, goody. Can I shift for you?"

[a moment, please]

"Okay, you're in first."

"Hooooleeee shit! Where did you come from, miss?"

"Sweden. Why aren't you going? Don't girls in America do it this way?"

"Sweden, huh? No, cain't say thay do. Well, hang on. Here we go."

And there we went.

"Oh, boy, railroad tracks! I gotta get it in second! Oh boy! Doubles"

[Bumpity Bumpity Bumpity Bumpity Bumb ... ... Bumpity Bumpity Bumpity Bumpity Bump]


"Well, shit fuzzy! Want I should back over 'em agin'?"

"Would you, please? Where's reverse--over right and up?"

"No, left and down."

"Really! How nice, three fucking gears. I like this truck."

The End

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