Teacher's Pet

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Barbara had to hurry to keep a two o'clock appointment with Rachel's sixth-grade teacher--Judy Elders. They were to meet in the classroom on a quiet Saturday to discuss Rachel's poor attention span.

Barbara met with the young newlywed teacher twice before, both times on a Saturday. They were friendly meetings that lasted the full reserved hour. Rachel was a problem student and Judy was determined to bring her along with the parents' help. Saturday meetings with parents was her way to enlist parental support.

Barbara liked Judy. They had a great deal in common. Both had married attorneys who were older than themselves by several years. Both were ornaments to parade at social functions, but Judy was an ornament with a college education, a career, and was not a kept or owned woman.

Judy was also younger, just out of college and in her second year of teaching. With a lawyer for a husband, she didn't need the money. The school district needed qualified teachers and had a difficult time attracting them to the area. As a result, Judy was not one that took any crap. She taught her way. The administration left her alone, gave her one of the new modular classroom units, and focused on other problems.

Barbara liked Judy's independent, take-charge approach. She admired her for wearing the clothes she looked best in without regard to the teacher's dress code. She was most often seen in short skirts that showed off her sleek, dancer's legs. Her tops were usually form-fitting knit tops and sweaters worn with a very sheer bra that presented her proud double Ds rather then confined or contained them. You could tell she was proud of her tits, and her tits looked proud to be on Judy Elders.

She was also fond of low-cut loose blouses that displayed the soft, creamy swells of her breasts along with more than a decent amount of cleavage. Those tops she wore with half-cup bras, and a forward dip could put a young boy in a catatonic coma.

Walking the grounds of an elementary school in the tops she wore, displaying her 38-DD cup breasts to their best advantage, always caused a commotion. She seemed mindless of the distraction she caused, and the distraction was most apparent in her classroom where the students spent the entire day with her, peering down her top or holding hand-held mirrors to the back of her skirt, examining the form, fit, and color of her sexy panties.

Judy was a real flaxen-haired beauty--a blue-eyed, sensuous-lipped, light-complected, sexual dynamo in revealing clothes, a sex bombshell waiting to explode. She was a Playboy pinup girl jumped right out of the centerfold, and looked terribly out of place on an elementary school campus, like a stripper mom on career day, only Judy never acted nervous or out of her element.

She bought all of her clothes at Ginger's Boutique and was a walking advertisement for Ginger's business. She posed for newspaper ads for the Boutique, and got most of her selections for free. When something new came to the Boutique, you'd see it first on Judy Elders in the Sunday paper. Everyone fought over the C section.

When Judy passed by, all thoughts turned to sex: Men, women, girls and boys, even little babies seemed affected and would reach for her mammaries. The woman exuded sex and left a wake of erections, wet pussies, and frustrated babies.

Barbara could sense the animal passion locked up in that woman. From talks with Rachel, she knew Judy got off on exposing herself to the kids. Beavers were her specialty, and sexy panties were her stock in trade.

After six months in Mrs. Elder's class, Rachel had every pair memorized and got to see them every day, often using her own compact mirror because the frequent beaver shots weren't enough to satisfy her. Barbara only found out about this on the drive from Grandma's, and was amused that Rachel thought the exposures were accidents and that Judy was unaware of the beavers she shot or the mirror trick.

Judy's classroom was a free-standing modular unit that was not attached to the old building. Since they would not have to enter the school building itself, just the classroom, Barbara thought she could get away with bringing the dog along. She had no qualms about doing so, because Judy seemed deferential and eager to accommodate the parents, her especially. Judy's husband wanted to join Steve's firm, so Judy went out of her way to butter-up Barbara.

Barbara also wanted to test Steve's ability to deal with problems his outrageous orders would create. She resolved not to shy away from any potentially embarrassing situations, and the Saturday meeting was her first challenge.

Dressed in her own brief attire, attire that would make Judy's look modest, wearing a dog collar with matching high heels, and bringing the dog, ensured there would be embarrassing moments if not a crisis for Steve to handle. After the exciting meeting with her parents, Barbara was up to the challenge.

The two-hour drive to the school gave Barbara and Rachel a chance to talk openly about everything that had recently happened since the dog came on the scene. Pam and Cathy had taken to the addition almost instantly, but Rachel had been slow to respond, hanging back, watching everything, but not knowing what to make of it all.

The scene she witnessed in the car on the way to their grandparents'; and especially the scene at her grandparents' house, seemed to have jarred whatever reservations she had about the bestial mating of her mother. On the ride to the school, she wanted to talk of nothing else, and Barbara was willing to talk openly.

Bruno rode between them, sitting on the seat like a person. This placed his cock between them. Toward the end of their journey, Rachel became brave enough to touch the object of their discussion much the way Pam had. Even little Cathy had fondled the dog's cock and quickly overcame her shyness about doing so. It was, in fact, the first time Barbara saw Rachel actually fondle the dog. She didn't want to inhibit the child, but watching her little hand stroking the dog's erect cock did create quite a distraction.

Rachel stroked the dog in a way to tease and torment a mutt slut who had to drive and was running late. The dog loved it and sat contentedly, watching the scenery pass by with his tongue hanging out. A mile didn't go by without Rachel saying, "Look at it now, Mom." Barbara had to masturbate once that started and did so all the way to the school from fifty miles out, tickling her daughter no end.

Most interesting of all was the discussion they had about Rachel's class with Judy. They'd become sexually obsessed with their teacher. Boys and girls alike found her fascinating. Whenever they gathered in groups, the talk was always about Mrs. Elders, parts of Mrs. Elders, the parts they'd seen in Sunday's ad, or the parts they wanted to see more of. The boys wanted more tit shots; the girls liked the beavers.

As they crossed the empty school grounds, Rachel said, "Mom, are you really going in like that with Bruno?"

"Yes, Rachel. Your father's orders are very strict. The dog goes everywhere with me, everywhere they'll allow him. What do you think Mrs. Elders will do?"

"I don't know. We never had a dog in the classroom before. I don't think they're allowed.'

"Probably not, but it is a Saturday, and it is her classroom. If she won't let him come in, I'll be off the hook, but I have to try."

"This will be so embarrassing. I mean, just look at the way you're dressed. I think Mrs. Elders is going to be the most embarrassed. She's such a goody-goody."

"I'm sure you'll find this embarrassing, but you'll have to take that up with your father or Aunt Susan."

"I wasn't talking about me. This won't embarrass me at all. I was thinking of you and Mrs. Elders."

"I think I can handle whatever comes. As for Mrs. Elders, you don't know what kind of woman she really is. You just know her as the teacher. She has you all fooled. She knows exactly what she's doing to you kids. She's an exhibitionist and a prick tease. She might turn out to be like your grandmother. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Do you think so? That would be neat. She's really pretty, don't you think?"

"She's very pretty and sexy. Would you like to see me try to turn her on? It might be fun."

"Do you think you could?"

"I think it's quite possible, if she's not a true goody-goody. Personally, I think she's a slut."

"A slut? I thought you liked her."

"I adore her. I didn't mean that in a negative way. I just think she has never said no to a stiff dick. I know the type, Rachel. She's a fun-loving slut, the kind people like." Barbara ruffled her smiling daughter's hair and said, "I'll bet you'd like to see her pussy, wouldn't you?"

Rachel had a shy grin as she said, "I don't think I'd mind. I think pussies are neat. I sure like seeing yours and Aunt Susan's. Would you like to see Mrs. Elders' pussy?"

"I wouldn't mind either. I'm like you; pussies are neat. I love 'em."

"You like licking pussies, don't you?"

Barbara looked over and smiled. She said, "Am I that obvious?"

Rachel smiled back, glad that her mother didn't take offense to her observation. She said, "You sure were at Grandma's house. Aunt Susan sure thinks so."

Barbara laughed, then said, "I try."

"Mom, what about when she peed in your mouth. It looked like you hated it at first, but then started liking it. Did you--like it?"

"Well, it wasn't bad when I got used to it."

"You did like it, didn't you? That was neat watching that. I wish she'd do that again."

"Why don't you tell her you like watching me drink pee right from her pussy. You kids always get your way with her. If you were to tell her that, I doubt she'd ever pee in the cold toilet again. I'd be her toilet. Why pee in a cold toilet when you have a warm mouth to suck the pee out of you and then a nice soft tongue to lick you nice and clean afterward?"

"Would you mind if I told her I'd like to see her use you as her toilet for peeing?"

"What do you think?"

Rachel pondered her answer, then said, "I think you want me to."

Barbara just smiled and said, "Well, here we are. Are you ready?"

"I guess so."

Barbara started to knock, but Rachel stopped her hand and said, "Wait! I wanna get Bruno turned on first. His thing's not sticking out anymore."

This was a shocker, but Barbara tried not to show it. This was something Pam would do, but was so out of character for Rachel. The time alone with Rachel opened her up. Barbara was pleased, because she worried about mental anguish and the scars that anguish can cause impressionable young minds. Cathy had no anguish, but Rachel experienced a great deal that she appeared to have worked through.

Barbara looked around the empty schoolyard and said, "All right. Go ahead. I'll stand watch."

Rachel dropped to her knees and cupped the dog's sheath in her hand. She massaged the organ as Bruno, now familiar with the routine, stood like a show dog being posed. Within a minute, Rachel had eight inches of bright red doggie dick sticking out. She smiled and stood, saying, "Now knock."

Barbara returned the smile and rapped on the door. She heard Judy tell them to enter. They entered as Judy came around her desk to greet them. As she had on the last Saturday they'd met, she dressed casually with her long hair clipped in a pony tail. She wore baggy shorts with a cropped T-shirt and sandals. She looked stunning, showing lots of leg and midriff skin. Saturday was her day to show midriff. She made a trim waist and flat tummy look like a sex organ.

On seeing the way Barbara was dressed, Judy tried hard not to stare and focused on the dog instead. Barbara said, "I hope it's all right to bring him in. It's so hot in the car."

Judy's face looked flush as she said, "I don't think there'll be a problem." She dropped in a squat to greet the dog, grabbing his volleyball-size head in both hands to say in cutsie dog talk, "Yes, it's so hot out there, isn't it? Yes, it is."

Addressing the question to Bruno, but expecting a human to answer, she said, "Are you a boy dog or a girl dog?"

The muzzle that suddenly nosed her hard in the crotch, toppled her backward. She fell to her haunches and Bruno marched over her. Judy, with a surprised look on her face, tried to scramble back, but Bruno got her around the chest in a bear hug as he straddled her right leg, hugging his cock to her right inner thigh.

Barbara made it look as though she were trying to control the amorous animal, and she used all the right words in the proper tone, but Bruno never did hear words or respond to the tugs on his leash when he had a female in his clutches. He had Judy good, sending his stiff, slick dick up the wide leg opening of her shorts. By the look on her face, his pointy cock was hammering at her pussy, knocking at the panties to get in.

Judy cried, "Get him off!"

Barbara appeared serious as she said, "Don't worry, he won't bite."

Judy gave Barbara an incredulous look then said, "I don't care. Can't you do something? Please, get him off."

"I'm trying, honestly I'm trying. It's just that he's so strong. I suppose getting him off would be the easiest way, though. We'll give that a try."

Those last words made no sense to Judy at the time. She was getting crudely dry humped, and there wasn't a damn thing she could do to stop it. She couldn't even close her legs because a large dog stood between them. The weight of the dog's upper body effectively pinned her to the floor with his long, flat tongue hanging in her face. In desperation, she moved her mouth out from under the slab of slobbery tongue and said to Rachel, "Go and wait outside, dear. Wait till we get him under control."

Rachel had dropped to her knees at her teacher's hip, and watched the bare thigh grow slick, also watching the cock drive in under the scrunched-up leg of the shorts. There was only an inch or two of cock she couldn't see, and that was driving hard against the crotch.

Barbara said, "It's all right. She's seen much worse. You can imagine what she sees when he catches me coming from the shower wearing only a short towel. I hope you're wearing panties. You are, aren't you? Although, if you're not, it'll be easier to get him off."

Judy turned her attention to Barbara, beginning to suspect a set-up. It was then the familiar phase, "Getting him off" registered its double meaning. She said, "Of course I'm wearing panties, though I can't say they're doing much good."

It was also then that she took note of the collar and the inscription--BRUNO'S BITCH. Judy was about to ask the obvious question when Bruno licked her face all over but dwelled on her mouth, trying to get his tongue in her mouth while Judy pondered the implication of the tag Barbara wore so boldly. She also wondered why the dog wanted to get his tongue in her mouth. It was like he were trying to French kiss with her. Curiosity made her slack her lips and jaw. Curiosity filled her mouth with dog tongue until she gagged as it tried to get down her throat.

As she was on the verge of panic, he began a deep lapping which quelled the gag reflex. This was no French kiss. He was lapping all of the saliva from her mouth: inside cheeks, teeth, gums, tongue (over and under), top, back, sides, and down her throat.

She quickly adjusted to having a tongue literally go several inches down her throat chasing oral fluids. This was soul kissing the likes of which she'd never experienced in her life and she laid still, opened her mouth wide, and made it easier on both of them. While he swabbed her gullet, she couldn't help wondering what he could do to a lady's cunt.

When he got all there was to get, he pulled out, gave a few licks to the face, and resumed a hard humping. With a dry mouth, Judy looked to Barbara and said, "I suppose this is Bruno?"

"Oh, weren't you introduced? Bruno, meet Judy; Judy, Bruno." To Judy, she said, "Under the circumstances, I figured first names were appropriate. Oh, and by the way, Bruno is a boy dog."

Breathlessly, Judy said, "I gathered that."

Judy stopped her struggle with the realization that Barbara was, indeed, trying to "get the dog off" and not trying to get the dog off. She just hoped the damn dog would "get off" or get off. At that point, she didn't care which.

Barbara smiled at the flustered teacher then reached to the right leg opening of the baggy shorts. Judy tried to bring her hands down to block the move, but Bruno's hugging embrace prevented her from getting close enough to interfere. As the shorts were pulled aside to expose her crotch, Judy cried, "Please don't!"

Barbara paid no mind as she and Rachel could now see that the dick had pushed the panty crotch up the teacher's pussy hole. An inch of cock poked inside along with the panties. Barbara hooked fingers in the far panty leg band, saying, "This will make it go faster. Just relax, Judy. We'll help you get him off, don't you worry about that."

In a panic, the distraught teacher cried, "Please don't. Oh, no! Please. Mrs. Henderson, NO! For god's sake, NO!"

It was too late. When the panties came away from her crotch, the dick went right on in, helped along by an eleven-year-old's guiding hand. Judy's head hit the floor as Barbara said, "Relax. This won't take long, now. He's close. I can tell."

From opposite sides of the teacher's pelvis, Barbara and Rachel watched Bruno's dick take steady possession of the woman's pussy. Barbara had the material pulled far to the side, and Rachel reached in to pull the lips apart, enhancing the already great view. Judy groaned at the realization that her student's little fingers were pulling open her labia lips, facilitating the entry of a very large cock.

Barbara had a moment to take stock of what they'd done. She would never have guessed the scene before her was possible, not with innocent little Rachel. She surprised herself. She didn't think she was capable of such an act, especially on someone like Judy Elders. Everything happened so fast and went so smoothly.

It was almost as if they'd rehearsed their roles and practiced for a month. She played the part of Susan; Rachel played Pam's part; and Judy did an excellent Barbara Henderson submitting to bestial rape on the kitchen floor, only they acted out this passion play on the floor of a school classroom in broad daylight with no rehearsal.

Barbara had little time to ponder this thought, but she liked playing Susan's part for a change. She amazed herself at the ease with which she slipped into the cocky, playful, arrogance of her own nemesis and trainer of human bitches.

Likewise, Rachel modeled her actions after her bold big sister, joining in without hesitation, taking an active part in the friendly bestial rape.

Judy was the character Barbara identified with. She knew why Judy didn't fight as hard as she could, and mentally predicted when she'd cease her struggles altogether.

Bruno had to squat low to affect even a partial penetration, and his squat effectively kept Judy from bringing her legs together or moving. She was pinned like a bug with six inches of cock inside, and with five still to go, Judy let her legs relax. The fight went out of her with each stroking inch of canine cock that went in.

Barbara knew exactly what was going on in Judy's mind--carnal surrender--that point where you stop questioning the right and wrong and start surrendering to base sensations. Having your most intimate body cavity stuffed with animal cock while others watch brings out the primal instincts like nothing else she'd ever experienced.

Barbara watched for the signs. When Judy's legs went limp, she said, "Judy, honey, you're going to have to lift up. He can't get a full penetration with your ass on the floor. He thinks he's making puppies. He won't get off until he's in all the way."

Rachel smiled because she'd heard those lines before from Pam. Barbara smiled back. Judy rolled her head to Barbara's side and looked at the smiling mother through passion-glazed eyes that seemed to say, "Why are you doing this to me?" Barbara had recently given the look to her husband, so she knew it well.

Barbara just looked back expectantly. Judy couldn't or wouldn't speak, but she slowly drew her feet in with the soles of her sandals flat to the floor. Barbara said, "That's it. Now, lift up high so he can get more cock in you."

Judy hesitated for just a moment, then lifted her ass clear of the floor by several inches, allowing another inch of cock inside, which brought forth a grunt. Barbara said, "Get that pussy higher, Judy."

Judy raised up another three inches and received another inch as Bruno adjusted his stance. Without being prodded, she raised up six more inches until her ass cleared the floor by a foot and her belly was against the dog's underside as he stood and humped more naturally--at least for a dog doing it to a human in the missionary position, the only position Bruno knew for fucking human bitches. Now that the position was right, the rest of his cock went hammering in, making her groan and grunt with her eyes crossed.

Barbara said, "That's it, girl, now you're making puppies. Now, widen those knees and offer him a good spread. He wants to see you acting receptive. He wants all the way in to the back. There's three more inches in his sheath he can get inside you if you give him a wide spread. That sheath will just fold on back against the mouth of your pussy. That's it. Give him access to the puppy factory. Pretend it's in the deepest part of your pussy and he'll be happy."

Judy followed this vulgar advice without hesitating, yawning her loins in open reception. Bruno drove to the back, bringing forth a series of animalistic groans as his sheath folded against her wide beaver, putting three more inches of cock inside. He pushed the back of her pussy into the back of her mouth; at least, that's the way eleven inches of thick cock felt.

This took her mind off the long finger going up her ass. Barbara, in to the palm, said, "Oh, yes, he has a nice big knot going. It won't be long now."

Judy groaned as she heard Rachel say, "I want to feel."

One long finger exited and two little ones replaced it. Rachel said, "Wow, this feels weird. I can feel his cock moving. It feels huge. Boy, Mrs. Elders sure has a big pussy, huh Mom?"

"Rachel, that's not a nice thing to say, and it's not even true. Pussies are very elastic. Any normal adult could take this much cock. As you can see, Mrs. Elders is not taking it with ease. If anything, she has a smaller-than-average pussy."

Judy followed the bizarre exchange, but her attention span wasn't all that great. The dog was a major distraction. In addition to humping the shit out of her, he was slobbering in her face. This did not prevent her from reaching an orgasm, however. She would have reached two if the damn dog hadn't spermed her puppy factory and stopped humping.

Judy hung from the dog's belly, still impaled on his swollen member. The knot inside felt like a cue ball and that was added to more cock than she'd ever had in her life. He took all the wrinkles out of her pussy even when he stood motionless and panting.

Judy was truly amazed. She, like most women, had imagined sex with dogs, but never imagined anything like the sex she'd experienced with Bruno. The pleasure she received was also a big surprise, though the act was over too quickly, just as she figured a dog would be. Still, she'd never felt so totally female or so totally fucked. She loved both feelings and had been looking for those feelings all her life. She was one happy bitch.

Getting hung up after sex was another surprise. She'd heard it wasn't possible. She knew she could pull off if she tried, but Bruno yelped each time she tried to lower herself off. They were effectively hung up unless she wanted to be cruel. After all he'd done for her, she did not want to be cruel.

Barbara said, "You need to remain coupled until the swelling goes down. It'll just be a few minutes." Addressing Rachel, Barbara said, "Sweetheart, stack some books under her ass so she can relax."

Judy stared past the panting dog's muzzle to the ceiling, her mind slowly absorbing what had happened. The presence of the swollen dog cock still buried deep inside, the slimy wetness seeping out and sliding down her crack, and the obscene position she maintained all fought against the denial she so desperately wanted to cling to.

Barbara did all she could to reinforce the reality, just as Susan had. She did this by keeping Judy's knee pushed back, keeping the crotch bare, and fondling the juncture of cock and cunt, smearing the escaping post-coital juices. She smeared the viscous slime to Judy's asshole and this time, inserted her two middle fingers. Judy groaned on the unnatural invaders as Barbara said, "He's still mighty big, but at least, we got him off. Hurry, Rachel."

Rachel returned with a stack of math books and began piling them under Judy's ass until Judy had to raise up to admit the last. She settled on the stack and felt her other knee getting pushed back to match the one Barbara held. Resting on her head and shoulders with Bruno now standing over her, Judy could look up her torso and see the cock plugging her vagina.

She could see the slimy lips stretched paper thin around the base where the knot was. More than anything else, it was this view that dashed her denial. When little fingers smeared dog cum on her clit, she felt totally debased, mostly because it felt so damned good and looked even better. With adult fingers up her ass, a dog's dick in her cunt, and a child playing with her clit, Judy was not about to say or do anything to hurry things along. Her humiliation, though crippling, was secondary to the sensation of pleasant surrender.

Barbara could see and feel Judy's absolute surrender. She knew that nothing she could say could jar the woman. In fact, anything she said would likely reinforce the reality and receive a positive response. With that in mind, Barbara said, "You're a good sport, Judy. Most women in your position--you know, a teacher in her classroom--would have fought viciously against such an assault. You took to it rather well. You must be a dog lover."

Judy found her voice and said, "These things happen--even to a teacher in her classroom, evidently."

"I suppose this happens to you a great deal? Bruno responded to you as he would a bitch in heat. You must give off a scent."

"No, this is a first."

"Well, you could have fooled us. You certainly have a knack for getting a dog off."

Rachel said, "Yeah, I think you fooled Bruno, too."

They carried on this vein of conversation for several more minutes, then Bruno pulled out and wandered off. Without assistance, Judy could not get up, and no one offered to assist. She lay splayed and exposed, now drooling dog semen from her abused and gaping pussy. Barbara's fingers did come out of her ass, but Rachel's went up her pussy. The knees were held wide as Barbara said, "Well, we got the first part out of the way."

Judy looked a question to Barbara and said, "The first part?"

"Yes, he'll rest up then want to finish. He likes to get off twice when he mates. The second time is always easier, but it does last longer." After the incredulous look Judy gave her, Barbara added, "You've gone this far, I naturally assumed you'd let him finish mating. It would be cruel to stop him now. You're not a dog hater, are you?"

Judy thought hard about the implication, but saw no harm in playing along. She had fucked a dog before witnesses. Fucking him again before the same witnesses seemed a minor concession. Another climax like the last, the strongest she'd ever had, was a big incentive also. And, she did say he'd last longer.

She looked from Barbara to Rachel and back to Barbara before saying, "This classroom door has no inside lock. There's a do-not-disturb sign in my top desk drawer. Would you hang it on the door knob, please?"

"Certainly." Barbara got up, found the sign, and made for the door. Looking back, she said, "Take her clothes off, Rachel. We have time to prepare for this next part. We may as well do this right. There's no sense in mussing her clothes."

Judy felt a slight twinge of panic at this news, but remained passive as Rachel unfastened the right sandal. She removed it as Barbara hung the sign. She removed the left and then went for the belt of Judy's shorts. Barbara returned to oversee the operation. With the shorts unbelted and unzipped, Barbara said, "Raise up and Rachel will ease those off. Try not to get any more doggie cum on them, sweetheart."

Judy's blush deepened, but she raised up, allowing shorts and panties to be worked down her legs and off. Barbara aided Judy to a sitting position on the books, then reached for the base of the T-shirt. Judy said, "Is this really necessary?"

Barbara lifted and Judy raised her arms overhead. The T-shirt came off, leaving her wearing only a bra as Barbara said, "Naked is best. You'll sweat on your clothes otherwise."

The bra came away with no protest, leaving Judy naked and feeling ridiculous. Sitting on text books, leaking dog cum on them didn't help matters.

Barbara was awed by the woman's breasts, the finest she'd ever seen. They were large, perfectly formed, firm, and made proud platforms for two of the longest pink nipples, puckered tight at the base and sticking out by an inch, arching up. A finger flick would start them vibrating, or so it appeared.

Judy moved to stand, but a hand to her shoulder stopped her. Barbara said, "You'd best stay there. Rachel, why don't you bring that chair over here so Judy can rest her back on it? That will provide a suitable position for the next mating. A low bench or ottoman is perfect, but this will do nicely."

When the chair was placed behind her, Judy eased back and supported herself on her elbows as Barbara and Rachel brought chairs for themselves, placing them in good, head-on views at Judy's feet.

Judy sat in that pose with her knees pressed together, feeling totally vulnerable and out of place. She looked at the mother and daughter through proud breasts whose nipples stood tall, prompting Rachel to say, "Wow, look at her tits, Mom! Didn't I tell you they were something. Her nipples are bigger than my whole tittie, aren't they?"

"They are something, but I wouldn't go that far. I suppose if they were relaxed and spread out they would. [reaching out to tweak, twist, pull, and roll the turgid nipples while Judy passively watched] I doubt we'll see them relaxed with Bruno in the same room with her."

Rachel reached out and tried to force the knee closest to her out, but Judy resisted, prompting Rachel to say, "Aw, come on, Mrs. Elders. Show us your pussy."

Judy looked imploringly to Barbara and prompted this response from the smiling mother who was still toying with nipples: "Kids. Their curiosity never ends."

While watching her nipples being pulled into elongated cones by the tips, Judy said, "I know. I have a classroom full just like her. This seems like a good time to ask. Can I count on her discretion?"

"You mean, will she keep this a secret?"

Now watching her nips being pulled down and released to see them vibrate to a stop on jiggling mounds of tittie flesh. "Exactly."

"Come on, now, Judy. I think you know better." [pull, flip, jiggle]

"Please. I must insist. I'm cooperating with you. [pull, flip, jiggle]I think you owe me that much. I'd be ruined if this ever got out." [pull, flip, jiggle]

Barbara sat back and said, "I'd ask for her word, but I know better than to waste my breath. You know how sixth graders are. She'll swear she won't tell, but she will. Who'd believe her, though. If you want to get a promise from her, be my guest."

Judy mulled this unexpected bit of honesty over and had to agree. Who'd believe such a wild story. She opted not to waste her breath, and her silence brought a devilish smile from the excited little girl. A blush formed as Judy imagined class on Monday, with twenty-two grinning faces staring holes in her clothes; which, in itself, would not be unusual, but this time she'd see their little hedonistic wheels turning over the details of Rachel's story. Some would believe--hell, they might all believe when they tried to open their math books and found the pages stuck together.

Despite the anxiety this brought, Judy felt a wicked tingle deep in her loins at the very thought that the kids she had to spend day after day with would know what she'd done, would know intimate details of her most private anatomy, and would know how shameless she could be under the right circumstances. Maintaining order and discipline would be an even greater challenge then it had been.

Barbara could see the wheels turning in Judy's mind and had a good idea which way they turned. She broke the ponderous silence, saying, "Kids can be so cruel. No doubt, some will believe Rachel. They'll want to believe the worst, especially about a teacher as attractive as you. The boys, no doubt, fantasize about you. The girls see you as a sexual role model."

Judy said, "I don't know about that. They're twelve and thirteen-year-olds."

"Yes, Judy, and that's the age when they begin taking an interest."

Rachel volunteered, "Mom's right. You're all we talk about, and I'm the first to see you naked. I want to see your pussy again so I can memorize it. They're all gonna want details. Come on, Mrs. Elders. I've already seen it, I just wanna see it better, without a dog's dick in the way."

Judy ignored the taunt and kept her knees tightly together as Barbara went on, "You have them at that tender age as they're just becoming aware of their sexuality; and there you stand, day after day, with all your luscious parts modestly hidden. Although, from what Rachel tells me, you don't hide them all that modestly. You do wear your skirts dangerously short; and somehow, by the end of the day, they all know what color panties you're wearing. She described your nipples perfectly, so I know they've all see your tits. The only thing they haven't seen is your naked pussy and asshole. You're good."

Rachel said, "Yeah, and we make bets about it."

Judy blushed and said, "I wasn't aware."

Barbara laughed and said, "Oh, come on, Judy. It's just us girls here ... well, and Bruno. Let's not forget him. Is that how you get a cheap thrill, by exposing your nasty parts to the little boys and girls? You must be an expert beaver shot, a trick beaver shot. You're good. Rachel had no idea you did that on purpose. I set her straight."

Judy could see that it was pointless to deny the accusation, but her lack of denial caused a deepening of her blush, pointing to her guilt. Barbara laughed and said, "Have you ever considered shooting a bare beaver? They'd like that much better. They could then bet whether you had on panties or not. That would be much more exciting for you and them, don't you think?"

Judy had thought about it, but never seriously, not with all the mirrors in her class. While listening to Barbara, Judy bit her lower lip with an intense desire to cup her sex to quell the heat building there. Barbara gazed on the rock-hard nipples, then at the crotch before adding, "Are you afraid they'll go running home to Mommy and Daddy to tell? You know better. They don't want a sexy teacher like you to get fired, especially after they find out you fuck dogs and shoot bare cunt beavers all day. Losing the panties would be job security in my book."

Rachel said, "Yeah, we all want to see your naked cunt. Mom, make her spread her legs real wide. I want to see her cunt again."

Judy watched the exchange with the heat between her legs getting hotter. Barbara knew this and said, "You know, Judy, you did promise to finish what you started with Bruno."

Judy innocently said, "I intend to."

"Not like that, you won't. You're hiding the only part of you he's interested in--your cunt. If he doesn't see a hot and receptive cunt, his thoughts will wander away from the task at hand. You want to talk about poor attention span, dogs are the worst."

"So, you want me to spread my legs. Is that it?"

"How else do you intend to get him refocused on the job of making puppies in your surrogate puppy factory?"

Rachel piped in, "Yeah, how are you going to get him to fuck you again if you don't show him how ready your cunt is? We know you want it, so stop pretending you don't."

Judy eyed the bizarre twosome. Her eyes once again rested on the collar and the tag. "Bruno's Bitch" glared back at her, and she realized, once again, that the woman she felt uncomfortable spreading her legs in front of was herself a dog fucker, the one who likely trained Bruno. Likewise, she looked to Rachel, a girl who'd probably seen human/dog coupling dozens of times. Judy felt foolish for being shy around them.

Another thought entered Judy's head as she pictured Rachel recounting the events to her classmates. She thought how much better the telling would be if the girl could describe how eager their teacher was to mate with the beast the second time around.

This thought alone should have ended the show but did just the opposite for reasons that Judy could not begin to fathom. The idea of giving them the uninhibited exhibition they were so obviously pushing for, grew. The desire to further incriminate herself also grew. Judy was just about to let her knees drift apart when Barbara said, "You are going to honor your promise, aren't you?"

Judy recalled no such promise, only a passive acceptance of what they had planned. The passive acceptance had somehow become a pledge, but Judy was not inclined to argue the point. If anything, she had the desire to make the promise official. She said, "I intend to fully live up to that promise. What exactly should I do?"

Barbara smiled inwardly and grinned outwardly. With those words, she knew she had a devout convert, a woman hooked on dog fucking after one try, a woman exactly like herself, a dog-fucking slut. She said, "Spread your legs--spread them wide. Show Bruno what a receptive human bitch you are. Get his attention focused between your legs, specifically on your fuck hole."

Judy's face took on a deep blush of arousal as her legs parted, and parted wide. Rachel sat forward and said, "It's about time. Boy, you sure have a nasty looking cunt, Mrs. Elders, all messy and slimy, but that's the way Bruno likes it."

Barbara slipped off her high-heeled pump and brought her bare foot to the spread. Her big toe toyed with the fleshy parts before centering on the hole and pushing in, saying, "This is the part you need to advertise if you want to get Bruno's attention. I'm sure you can do better."

Judy brought her feet to the edges of the top book, her heels tight to her ass. She then laid her thighs parallel to the floor and made a spread as wide as humanly possible by assisting with her fingers, turning her slit into a pink oval which Barbara explored with her toes while Rachel toyed with the clit, beaming, "Wow, she sure wants it bad, huh Mom?"

Barbara, mockingly said, "She just wants to honor her promise, isn't that right, Judy?"

"Yes, a promise is a promise."

Barbara looked around for Bruno and saw him perk up and take notice. She said, "It looks like you've got his attention. Now, let's see if you can keep it. Rachel, sit back and give them room."

Barbara also sat back and withdrew her foot. Bruno moved into the space between the females, sniffed the beaver, then began licking the mess from both thighs, closing in on the grand mess between. At the first long lapping swipe through her widely-parted love lips, Judy let out a long moan while straining up to see. He licked the entire crotch area and sent his lapping tongue deep up her hole, sending Judy into paroxysms of hedonistic joy as she cried, "OH FUCK! He's licking my fucking womb. Oh god!"

He lapped out her vagina the way he lapped out her mouth, treating it like one big throat. When she was dry, Judy excitedly said, "Up, boy! Fuck me. Come on, Boy, jump up and fuck me!"

Rachel cried out, "Oh, wow, Mrs. Elders saying 'fuck me' to a dog. Nobody's going to believe this. We should have brought a camera and a tape recorder."

Barbara said, "Maybe next time we will."

Instead of mounting her as she expected, Bruna came around to her head and licked her lips. Judy opened wide and got her mouth and throat cleaned again, only this time much more effectively as he approached from the side. The dog yawned his mouth wide and Judy was able to get her mouth to the back of his throat, taking tongue almost to her stomach. This action put Rachel in fits and had both leaning forward. Barbara hadn't even done that but made a mental note to try it.

Bruno finished cleaning Judy, then something on the far side of the room caught his attention and he was off to explore. Judy was cross-eyed on the verge of a climax when he abandoned her. She cried, "Oh, God, no!"

Barbara said, "Relax. He'll be back. This will give us a chance to talk, and we need to talk. Try to relax." Barbara felt Judy's pussy then sent two fingers deep inside saying, "Clean as a whistle, inside and out. That's one thing you can say for dog lovers; they make a big mess, but they clean up after themselves. You do have a lovely pussy, do you know that?"

"Make him come back, please. I want to get started."

"Yes, we can see that, but there's something I want to discuss with you. Rachel's right. No one will believe her. I mean, look at you, Judy. Who'd believe that you, Judy Elders, would turn into a slut for a bulldog."

Judy's head slowly cleared as she tried to focus on Barbara's words. Slowly, she said, "Well, I was sorta counting on that."

"Yes, I'm sure you were, but that will make my daughter out to be a liar when she's telling the truth. You are a slut for a bulldog, aren't you?"

Judy looked to the grinning student, then to Barbara and knew where this was headed. She nodded, then said, "Yes."

"You'd like to do this again next Saturday, wouldn't you?"

Again, she looked to Rachel, and again she nodded and answered yes. Barbara went on, "You'd like to make this a regular thing, wouldn't you?"

"Yes. What are you getting at?"

"Just this. I don't want anyone in her class to think she's a liar."

"I can't help what others think."

"No, but you can reinforce her story. It wouldn't take much. Let's say Rachel tells them you have a shaved pussy, totally bald. Let's say you go home and shave it bald. Let's say on Monday, you wear a short skirt without panties. Are you beginning to get the picture?"

"Barbara, I couldn't do that. I'd lose my job. Hell, I might get arrested."

"That's a risk you'll have to take, but we both know the risk is slight. You're out here in your own little world. No one bothers you."

"Yes, but if even one of my kids sees, they'd all know the truth."

"Exactly, that's why I stipulate those conditions. Furthermore, by the end of the week, there shouldn't be a single student that hasn't gotten a good look at your bare beaver from the front and the rear, to include all these nice, juicy, pink parts in the middle."

"That's insane."

"If it is, then we won't be back. It's that simple. You do want us back, don't you?"

"Yes, but ..."

"No buts. It's that, or nothing."

"Barbara ..."

"That or nothing. You'll get no more Bruno cock until you follow through. I'll give you a choice. You can come right out and make a full confession, backing up everything Rachel will tell them, or you'll do it in a subtle way, bringing them along slowly but surely."

"Oh, Barbara. You're asking the impossible. I could never be a teacher and an acknowledged mutt slut."

"I think you can. I doubt anyone else could, but you could. It's your choice, but your students must be made aware of your avocation: mutt slut. I insist. They're going to be told regardless, so I see no further harm in coming clean. Still, how you do it is up to you."

Judy turned the implication over in her passion-racked mind and knew the truth of Barbara's words. The deed had already been done. They would know the truth, and many would believe or want to believe. The idea of bringing them in on her dirty secret began to take hold and she saw possibilities. She could be swept up in the current of denial, or she could lead them to the bizarre truth, for the truth was, Judy Elders was a dog slut, one that craved a steady diet of Barbara, Rachel, and Bruno regardless of the consequences.

With a look of resignation, she said, "I'll be subtle. I'll shave. I'll come in on Monday without panties on."

"Subtle was a poor word choice. Sly is better. When you shoot your trick beavers on Monday, they should be anything but subtle. If Rachel tells me that anyone thought you weren't flashing your naked cunt on purpose, the deal's off."

"Oh, God, Barbara. You're going to ruin me."

"Not if you handle this right. You should have them mesmerized and in the palm of your hand by Friday. If you can't strip naked and masturbate in front of the whole class by Friday, you're not doing it right."

"Is that what I have to do--strip naked and masturbate?"

"You have until Friday to get this class conditioned to that degree. Whether you follow through or not is entirely up to you. I know you, Judy. If you had them that conditioned, you could not resist. You're a closet flasher and exhibitionist, but you're coming out of the closet."

"You're right; I am; I'd love to do that just once. Do you really think I can get away with it? Honestly?"

"I know so. I'd suggest you build to that. I would think Monday would be too soon, but you're the teacher. You decide when the time is right, but Friday at the latest. That is, if you want to see us, same time, same place, on Saturday."

Rachel rubbed her hands together with glee and cried, "Oh, boy, this is gonna be a great week."

Judy looked to Rachel and saw one of her typical sixth-grade female students, poor attention span and all. The boys would be even more eager, she realized. Her hands wandered down to her fevered loins and shamelessly played there, bringing forth another excited declaration from the girl.

Judy said, "All right, Barbara. I'm going to do this. I'll back-up whatever Rachel tells them, but in a subtle way. On Monday, I'll be sly bordering on obvious. I guarantee you that every student will see, first-hand, that there's not a single hair below my belly button. I am a trick beaver shooter, but ignoring the mirrors is my specialty. I won't ignore them on Monday; I'll acknowledge and tolerate them. That should prove interesting."

"I should think so."

"I've always wanted to teach an entire class period in the nude. I'm going to do that, by Friday at the latest. I'll earn that next session. Right now, I feel like I'd sell my own mother to white slavers for another Bruno fuck. I was hoping you'd take the hint and make me masturbate in front of the class as a condition. That's the only way I could do something like that, but if I were told I had to, I'd do it, in this position, lying on my desk."

"In that case, you have to."

Judy smiled then said, "I want to know something up front, not that knowing will make any difference, but where is this leading? I know you won't stop there. Where are we headed?"

Barbara hadn't given it much thought. She was surprised the game had gotten this far, and Judy was willing to go all the way. She thought briefly, then said, "Well, we're going all the way."

"What is 'All the way?'"

Barbara thought for a moment, then said, "Okay. You're going to become a sex education teacher. I want you to teach your students everything you know about sex, first-hand, up-close and personal."

"Are you saying I'll be having sex with my students?"

"Yes, all of them, in class while the others watch."

"And I suppose I'll be seeing Bruno in class?"

"Why not. He's your lover. They'll know that on Monday. A demonstration is called for, don't you think?"

"I suppose. So what happens when this gets around?"

"If you handle this right, it won't. If it does, we have Steve. He can run legal interference for you. You can't be prosecuted in this county no matter how hard you try. Trust me on that. Rumors may spread, but no one can prosecute a rumor. Steve and Don Hightower, the superintendent of schools, are great friends and they're both in tight with Estelle Greyson. They love this shit. I don't know your principal, but Estelle hired him. He must be one of them."

"He is, but what about the parents?"

"I keep forgetting you're not from here. You still don't get it, do you?"

"Get what?"

"Estelle Greyson owns everything and everyone in the county, as did her father before her, and his father before him going back to reconstruction days."

"I understand that."

"What you don't seem to understand is, we're all toys to her. It's been that way for as long as anyone can remember, only the face of the Greyson changes. Estelle likes child molesters. She recruits and places them in key positions. Even the churches get molester clergy. If a preacher gets defrocked in Iowa, and we have a church of his flavor, she'll run the good man out and fly in the pervert. Same with the schools, Child Social Service, police. Anyone charged with looking after our children is highly qualified to really look after them. That's why we have this problem with a lack of qualified teachers. For years, they have hired unqualified teachers and never pushed them to get qualified."

"Are you saying they're all child molesters?"

"No, but a significant percentage are, and almost all of the unqualified are."

"That would be a third of this school."

"That's right. Furthermore, they have very little to fear. No one chases offenders. The police will violate any victim brought to them and harass anyone who brings or tries to press charges. Prosecutors don't prosecute. Sexually molesting children is no crime here and never has been. Hurt one and they'll hang you, but get caught fucking one and you'll likely get promoted."

"I had no idea it was that bad."

"In our case, that good. We're one of them, now. Start thinking like them."

"That won't be easy. Parents scare me."

"These parents shouldn't. Every parent you deal with grew up here and knows the score. When a couple has a cute little girl, they know she'll grow up running a gauntlet of child molesters and likely wind up pregnant by one before she even thinks about going steady with a boy her own age. We don't like it, but we're resolved to it. We certainly know better than to pitch a bitch about it. Those who can't deal with it, leave the area long before their little darling becomes fertile. The rest resign themselves to run the gauntlet and hope for the best."

"Interesting. So how do I break it to them that their little darlings ran smack into a horny teacher and they'd better not make a fuss about it. I have no power, not me personally."

"If you start throwing your weight around, they'll assume you do. Work on them. You're good at that. Come right out and tell them you plan to teach sex education but your methods are controversial and unorthodox. Get them to sign a consent form granting you a totally free hand. They'll see it for what it is, permission to sexually molest their child. If you don't try to be subtle about it, they'll assume you're well connected, shrug, sigh, and sign the fucker. The kid is yours, and that's an example of a hard case. Most have been hoping someone like you would come along."

Judy pondered this idea and said, "That's an interesting idea. You know, with all the shit that's going on at the high school, I just might be able to pull this off without drawing too much attention. I suppose you've heard the rumors."

"I only hear what Steve tells me, but from what I hear, you'd be hard pressed to draw attention away from the high school principal. He's another one hired by Estelle. From what I hear, he's pulling out all stops, going balls to the wall. He's certainly the boldest we've ever had."

"Yes, and parents don't seem to be a problem."

"No, and you could have yours in the palm of your hand if you dressed properly for the private meeting. Seduce the parents, Judy. You could do it."

"I'll need time. We'll have to go slowly, at first. Before we get into anything heavy, I'll want signed consent forms in hand. I want to move any trouble-makers out of the class. I don't want to molest any child that doesn't want molesting and whose parents don't really mind. I don't want anyone fretting or crying over this."

"You should expect some of that. Parents feel a need to show the proper reaction--to the kid, to each other, even to the molester, but mostly to friends and neighbors. This will get around that way. People here like to talk about the sexual abuse they're forced to endure. It's a martyr thing for some and a crowd pleaser for others. It's a damn good way for a horny wife to make a sympathetic male's dick hard and get a hug."

"I understand. I can see through an act. I'm talking genuine hatred, anxiety, and real tears. I couldn't deal with that from a student or a parent. So far, I don't see any hard cases, and I've met most of the parents."

"Okay, handle them any way you please, but I still want this week to go as planned."

"It will."

Bruno returned, licked fucking fingers, then mounted the anxiety free professional educator and genuinely nice person. Judy shamelessly guided his cock in and cried out, "Fuck your horny slut, Bruno! Oh, God, FUCK ME!"

He fucked her--not God, the mutt. Pay attention.

* * *

The second fuck was much better than the first, both for the recipient and the spectators. Bruno lasted much longer and his bitch fucked back from the first thrust. She had three powerful orgasms, then languished under him, holding onto her toes, savoring the unique sensation of being locked-up with her bestial lover while inquisitive female hands explored every inch of her body.

With Rachel on her tits and Barbara's fingers up her ass, Judy said to Barbara, "You're absolutely right; the kids need a demonstration."

"Yes, and they should all get the opportunity to feel what I'm feeling."

Rachel piped in, "Yeah, and feel what I'm feeling. She's got great titties. The guys are going to go nuts feeling her up." To Judy she said, "Are you going to let them suck on your titties?"

Judy smiled and said, "I intend to nurse the entire class before this is over. Your mother's going to get whatever she wants. I'm hooked solid, now. Hell, I'm hung-up, and I wish I could stay this way forever."

Barbara said, "Just remember, if you ever need Steve's help, be prepared to put out. And if your husband gets hired, your ass will belong to Steve."

"He knows that. We discussed it. I hope he gets hired. I'd love to have my ass owned by a man who knew how to use a woman's ass."

"I'll put in a good word, but I don't want Steve or his current lover to know about our setup unless things go wrong. This is my hobby. Do you understand that, Rachel? Don't tell anyone outside your class, and make sure none of them blab this around. If they do, they might blow everything. You'd better make certain they understand that."

"They won't blab. We already made a pact. We don't want her to lose her job. We can keep a secret if we want to."

"I know you can. Just see that they understand the consequences of telling even one person. This news will spread like wildfire."

"We know that. Nobody has told so far, otherwise everyone in school would know we got to see Mrs. Elder's panties everyday. Everybody's on the lookout for a blabbermouth. They know, if we find out, we'll track them down and they'll be in for it."

Judy listened and was relieved. She said, "Are you kids really that concerned about keeping this secret?"

"Yes. You're the best teacher we ever had, and if you go, Coach Mathews will take over. We hate him. If you do like you say, we'll be even more careful. If you're going to teach us all about sex, we'll kill the kid that screws everything up."

Judy looked to Barbara and said, "I find this most encouraging. I'm feeling much better, much more daring. Monday will be a great day."

Barbara said, "You'd better go easy, Judy. Don't get too carried away. Remember, we want to go the distance. Warm them up. Feel them out. Get the parents on-board. Then we'll get nasty."

"No, I understand. I'm just saying the goal looks attainable. My first customers are due here any minute. Robby Stewart is coming with both parents--Jay and Sandra Stewart. Do you know them?"

"No, should I?"

"No, it's just that they'll be perfect to start with. Robby is my little sex maniac. Every time they've been called in, it's because Robby did something sexual, and this time it's because he flipped up the back of my skirt as I brushed past him."

Rachel said, "Yeah, Mom. It was cool. He didn't just flip the skirt, he lifted it. He showed us her whole ass and she had on these tiny French type panties that were practically nothing. The back part was in the crack of her ass. He sits up front and we all got a good look at her bare buns."

"It's true. He's a real daredevil, and his parents think his antics are cute. They'll be easy, especially after what he did and after they see how I respond to it. I'll rebuke him the way they do."

"Great. I wish we could stay, but we'd best be going. We can't be too obvious."

"No, stay until they arrive. I'd like Robby to see the dog leave, and I'd like them to get a good look at your outfit. I won't wear the bra or panties, and if some cum leaks down my leg while we're talking, saying our good-byes, so much the better."

"You are serious about this, aren't you. All right. You know them better than I do. I'm game if you are. Still, we'd better get you two uncoupled. It's almost three o'clock."

Barbara pulled Bruno off. He came out easily. Rachel helped Judy get dressed. They had to wipe her or the obvious would be too obvious. They put the room back in order, and were wiping off books when the knock came. Rachel went to answer the door and admitted a short dark-haired woman, a tall, lanky man, and his smaller carbon copy, Robby.

Robby took one look at Barbara, saw the dog, glanced at his teacher, then met Rachel's excited eyes. Rachel said, "Hey, Robby. Thanks for the show yesterday."

Robby gave her a your-welcome grin, then looked to his parents who were adding up two and two, not yet coming up with four, but when Judy set the last book on the shelf, showing the wet ass and crotch of her shorts, stood, and turned to face them, revealing a running slick line down the inside of her right thigh, they both thought, "FOUR!"

Judy ignored their incredulous looks and hard stares, stares that darted from her pointed nipples to her leaky thighs, to the dog and back. She excused herself and walked Barbara to the door. Rachel followed holding on to Bruno's leash. As the dog followed Judy, he gave her legs a licking. She blindly reached back and fanned at his muzzle that kept moving up her leg.

When they stopped at the door, Barbara made no move to help, and Rachel just held to a slack leash. Judy, with her back to the Stewarts, got her cunt licked while the Stewarts watched with open mouths.

They couldn't actually see him licking her cunt, but he had her shorts pushed up to her ass cheeks and was licking her through a leg hole between the legs as he stood behind her. Judy danced in place as though trying to avoid the tongue, lightly pushing at the dog's head as he devoured her pussy and Barbara stalled the parting for several long minutes.

After giving the Stewarts a most provocative show, she eased the trio out, then shut the door behind them. Turning with her back to the door, she faced the Stewarts and quietly said, "That is the rudest animal I have ever encountered, and that woman will do nothing to control him."

The Stewarts simply smiled knowingly.

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