By: Phil Phantom

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Harold and June Cummings received a strange package in the mail, and then they had to find a projector to view it on. Neighbors had a projector and they gathered along with the neighbors and their neighbors' kids to see what the film was about.

Four adults and five kids sat in stunned awe through thirty minutes of the raunchiest hard-core porn ever produced staring Harold and June's son, their son's wife, and their grandchild. When the film ran out on the feed roll and flap flap flapped on the intake roll, flicking raw light on the screen, still no one moved, talked--no one breathed.

Finally, the good neighbor pulled the plug and said, "Well, that was educational."

The man's wife got up and left the room, pale as a ghost. June was also pale. Harold was silent but not pale. He sat for a moment, then said, "Pete, could you run that again?"

June gave her husband a queer look, then looked into his lap and the queer look became an incredulous look. Pete looked at his kids. They appeared eager to see it again, eager for more education, so he rewound, rethreaded, and ran it again.

Pete's wife returned, thinking they'd be gone and was shocked to see the film being shown again and all five kids straining forward. She plopped down on the sofa, looking at those who were looking again at what they should have terminated after the first ten seconds when it became obvious they were watching a porn flick. Minutes later, she too stared mesmerized at the screen, catching details she'd missed the first time.

This time, when the film flapped, Pete said, "Again?"

Harold said, "Yeah, run it again." June said nothing. Pete's wife said nothing. The kids said, "Oh boy!" and they all watched it again. Harold got up from his chair and took a seat on the sofa. He slid down the sofa and sat by Pete's wife.

When the lights went out and the film got under way, he placed his hand high on her bare leg. Her leg stiffened at first, but then relaxed and pressed against his, so he slid his hand to her pussy.

Again she stiffened but did not block him or clamp her legs together. By passive acceptance, she permitted him free use of everything between her relaxing thighs. After a few minutes of this, her hand went under his belt line and slid to his dick. He massaged her pussy while she milked his erection, both confident that while the film ran, no one would look back.

The kids were lined up in a row in front of them with Pete sitting in a dining chair by the projector, centered on the screen right behind the middle kid with the sofa right behind him. June sat on the far left; Harold and Jane, on the far right. Pete was close but had his back to them as he half faced the projector and the screen.

June could see in the flickering light, but Jane reasoned that Harold knew that his wife could see them and wasn't concerned, so Jane boldly fondled his very impressive man muscle, excited by the fact that June did see, her husband could glance over and see, or any one of five kids could whip around and see where their mother's hand was and what it was doing.

They grew bold and daring as they got away with it and their assumptions about the movie's captivating effect proved correct. She took her panties off. He unzipped and extracted his dick. She got more daring and exposed her breasts. He sucked her nipples, then dared her to pull her dress up past her waist, throw her legs wide, and masturbate. She debated a few seconds, then did it. Eventually, she got over his cock and impaled herself, but only for a few bold humping strokes before getting cold feet and returning to her seat with the dress pulled down.

She got her courage back and turned her ass to him, hiking the skirt in back, presenting her sex like a bitch in heat. He turned and slipped her the dick, and they fucked this way through the last half of the film until both climaxed just seconds before the film ran out. Both were in their places looking as flushed and sweaty as everyone else when the lights came on, but no one else had a tit hanging out or a hard cock sticking out of an open fly.

When Pete turned to ask Harold if he wanted to run it again, he looked right at Harold's throbbing cock. Most eyes were on Jane's left tit. Harold knew her tit was sticking out all shiny with his slobber, but he didn't give a fuck. He hardly knew these people. She was so out of it, she still didn't know, her mind off in space. He placed his hand boldly on her leg and slid it up, squeezing, showing her husband and three of her five kids a naked crotch wet with semen as he said, "Yeah, Pete, run it again. I think your wife would like to see it, one more time."

She was aware, now, and should have covered her breast, pushed his hand out of her crotch, and pulled her dress down, but Pete had seen it and was rewinding film as though he didn't. The kids were still looking, all five now, but the damage was done. So when Harold placed her hand back on his rod, she squeezed and began pumping, the kids now watching their mother jacking off the older man.

June was looking, but looked amused, so Jane sat there pumping a dick with her wet boob hanging out, letting Harold play with her spermy pussy, even sitting still while he pushed her dress material higher, even when he unbuttoned her dress down the front to the belt where her skirt was now bunched, even when he exposed the other boob while Pete watched, even when he pushed out on her right knee and drew her left leg over his lap, making a nasty sight, a vulgar beaver, which he played with to amuse the children as Pete tried to thread film and watch at the same time.

When the lights finally went out and the film started, she was so hot and horny that she climbed right on and rode his cock, taking her dress completely off. The film could not compete with that, not the fourth time, and they were still fucking when the lights came back on. The kids were all sitting in a semi-circle at their feet, staring into a fucked crotch. Pete pulled the plug and spun around on his stool to face the adultery.

Jane basked unashamed in all the eyes as she fucked her pussy up and down the mighty shaft of Harold's cock. She was reclined against Harold's chest and had her legs wide, lifting her loins to ride the cock from the base to the tip while rubbing her clit as Harold held her by the jugs and rolled her long nipples between thumbs and fingers.

If Jane could have made this fuck any more vulgar or showed more of herself, she would have. They fucked in the bright lights, taking their time, enjoying a long, slow, messy fuck for several long minutes, then Jane rolled her head Pete's way and said, "Run it again, Pete."

Pete rewound and plugged the machine back in.

* * *

In Arlington Texas, Ruth and Mat Fricker, Dottie's parents, took their unexpected film and put it on their own movie projector, got comfortable, and hit the switch. Ten seconds into the film, while watching their naked daughter violently tear the clothes off of their granddaughter in a sea of cheering people, Ruth and Mat sat bolt upright, then watched the next fifty seconds without taking a breath, then both slumped back as Dottie and Harold began beating Joann with belts, beating the naked child severely with Dottie striking the child between her legs.

The thirty minute film was edited segments of three hours cut to thirty minutes. Action cut to more action, each more bizarre than the previous, so there was no place to stop, talk, think, absorb. They just sat there like zombies, just as the Cummings had, and when it was over, they sat dumbfounded just as the others had.

They sat for a few minutes, then Mat hit the off switch, looked to Ruth and said, "The kids are in trouble, Ruth. They were forced to do that by those people getting a kick out of it. I think they used this as blackmail to get them to do something even worse and they refused. Those people carried out their threat and mailed the tape."

"I don't think so, Mat. I think Dottie is one of them. I think Dottie mailed us the film. Run it again, Mat, and keep your eyes on Dottie. Try to keep your eyes on her face, not her shaved pussy."

"Oh, so it's a pussy, now. I think this film got to you, Ruth."

Ruth said nothing as he turned his back on her and set about rewinding. She did place her right hand between her legs and squeezed hard, quenching a fire that needed a hard squeeze, then a good rub, then a fast rubbing before she smoothed her dress and took a deep breath as Mat returned and hit the switch.

Ruth said, "Now, look at Dottie's face when she gets a good direct hit on Joann's slit ... THERE, did you see that? And there. Okay, now watch closely when Alfred lifts Joann's right leg to give Dottie a good target. Here it comes. Look at that, right in the slit. Another, dead center. Here comes a good one ... AHH, damn, right dead on that child's clit ... Oh God, she's whipping that child's pussy good, and Dottie is loving it."

"Ruth, am I supposed to be looking at Dottie's face or Joann's pussy?"

"Both. Look at the kid's cunt, then catch the facial expression on Dottie. OH, fuck ... look at that girl squirm. That daughter of ours is flat tearing that pussy up."

Mat was looking at his wife squirm with a hand between her legs, and by the end of the film, that hand was inside her panties and she was slumped all the way to her back with her legs wide. When the film ended, he flipped off the projector and just looked at her, still stroking her slit inside the panties.

Ruth looked to Mat with passion glazed eyes. She was busted and didn't give a fuck. She said, "Dottie sent that film."

"Why? What does it mean?"

"It means that she hasn't changed one bit. She still likes to shock us and titillate us at the same time, only she's moved beyond masturbation."

"Well, I'm shocked and you're titillated, so it still works."

"Run it again, Mat, only get your cock out this time. I want to see you sit through this without getting a woody."

As he moved to rewind, he challenged, "I'll sit on my hands with my cock out if you'll sit on your hands with your pussy out."

"All right, but if you get a woody, you have to eat my pussy through the rest of the film."

"Ruth, you nasty woman."

"I may be a nasty woman, but you're a dirty old man."

"All right, you're on, woman. Get that pussy out."

"Matt, let's get naked."

"May as well, because if I don't get a hard-on, you're going to suck my cock all through the next one."

"Oh, Matt, you dirty old man. Would you actually make me suck your cock like some South Dallas street whore?"

"In a New York minute."

He hit the switch and took a seat beside Ruth, getting his hands under his ass, he said, "Ready?"

"I'm ready for you to suck my cunt. Look at your cock, cowboy."


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