Sucking Daddy

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

"Mom, please don't be angry with Daddy."

"Cindy, if you must know, I intend to let him have his way with you. It is the best way I can think of to insure his cooperation. I know he lusts after you. The sexual tension when you two are together could be cut with a knife. I just want to know how far he has gotten on his own, that's all. Now, what was the first incident?"

"All right, but it may not be as bad as you're thinking. We never screwed, if that's what you think."

"We already established that you were virgin when you got raped. I know you won't ever tell me a lie. Now begin."

"Well, it started last year. You were in Europe. We were alone in the house. I was looking for something. I walked into your bedroom, and there was Daddy, buck naked, on your bed, beating off. I'd never seen his cock hard like that, only fleeting glimpses of it soft. Actually, I'd never seen any hard cock, not even pictures. There it was, sticking straight up through his fist, wet and shiny, all purple looking. I stopped near the foot of the bed, so I was looking right up his parted legs. I saw everything, balls and all.

"He didn't see me at first. I started to ease back out, but then he did see me. He froze and lifted his head. I said I was sorry. He said, 'Wait!' I stopped, thinking I'd get a chewing out. He raised up to his elbows and asked me to come over. I timidly stepped to his side, trying to avert my eyes from his big cock that was now free and throbbing, pointing up his body, the head bobbing near his belly button. He really has a big one, or so I thought."

"It is a big one. Most are only six inches. Go on."

"Well, I was scared and nervous. He said, 'Honey, don't be embarrassed. I was doing something very personal, but very natural. Everyone does it. It's called masturbation. You know about that, don't you?'

"Well, of course I did. I was doing it, too, by that time. He said, 'It's a bit embarrassing being caught at it, but that isn't your fault; it's mine. I should have been more careful. I think we should discuss this. Don't be shy. Go ahead and look. You must be curious. Sexual curiosity is natural as well. I'm not shy, so go ahead and satisfy your curiosity.'

"I was curious, very, so I looked. It was weird looking at Daddy's cock with him looking on. He told me to look, so I looked. It had lost some of its hardness, drooping to rest on his belly, but it was still huge. He took hold of it and massaged it hard again, offering it up to my eyes, saying, 'This is a man's penis, dear. This is what they look like fully aroused. I stimulate it like this.'

"He then began jacking off as he had been doing, all the while watching me stare at it. He seemed to like having me look at it, so I lost my shyness and stared openly. I figured, what the hell, if he likes showing, and I like looking, why not? He even invited me to get a closer look, so I got to my knees and got closer. I knelt up close with my elbows resting by his hips and just stared. I tried to imagine that big cock of his going in your pussy."

"You won't have to imagine. I intend to give you a very personal demonstration. I have my own fantasies, you know. One is to fuck over your face. You, of course, don't just look, you lick. You lick us while we fuck, and then clean us both afterward."

"That's kinky, Mom. I'll do it, if that's what you want."

"Honey, I know you will, but that's tame compared to the things I have in store for you. Please, continue."

"I also thought about taking it in my pussy. I thought it was too big, though. I never dreamed I'd eventually take one even bigger. While I watched and dreamed, he just kept jerking off. It was great. I loved watching the skin slide along the shaft with his fist, watching all that golden precum oozing from the slit."

"I'm surprised you'd know what that was."

"He explained everything. I even got some on my fingers to feel how slippery it was. He suggested I taste some and I did. I thought it would taste like pee. I certainly didn't expect it to be sweet. He said you call it love honey. I giggled. That's a great name for it."

"You got quite an education."

"I did. He kept up until he suddenly stiffened, groaned, and all this white creamy stuff began spewing out. Some shot up to his neck but most dribbled down his hand as he angled his cock straight up. I loved watching him cum. I knew what it was and knew what to expect, but it was still a shock. I just never pictured it like that. I never thought of sperm as being thick and creamy. I knew it was white, but I thought it was like milk and just a squirt. I had no idea it would keep squirting and squirting."

"He cums more than any man I ever met, and he can cum three, four, even five times in rapid succession. He is amazing in that regard. Most men are out of action for hours after the first. Even then, you're lucky to get a tablespoon. Your father can give you a tablespoon on the fifth round, and his first will fill a quarter cup measuring cup. I've measured, so I can imagine what you saw."

"I know, now, that he's special, although Jason is a close second. He flooded me, and you say he fucked you earlier."

"Yes, he did flood me, come to think of it, and I can see he did a good job in you."

"Eva licked some of that out. I don't think she meant to, but we sorta got carried away."

"She does at that. Get back to your narration. He had just cum."

"Afterward, he looked a bit embarrassed. That might have been due to the look I had on my face. I think he misinterpreted it. I was pleasantly surprised, not disgusted. We talked for a while. He just laid there with that mess on him, his cock wilting under my frequent gaze. I tried to put his mind at ease by showing interest. I got some sperm on my fingers and felt it as I had the love honey, then tasted it and made a pleasing face.

"That seemed to do the trick, so I found the biggest puddle, which was in his belly button and toyed with it, smearing it slowly with my finger. I asked him how often he did it. He told me all about his masturbation habits--how often, when, where--and the different ways he did it.

"He asked if I did it, and I admitted that I did. That was embarrassing for me, but he was so open, I felt I had to be as well. I was afraid he'd ask me to show him, but he didn't, and then later, I wished he had."

"I'm surprised. Would you have?"

"I don't know. I might have. I was pretty horny and getting over my shyness."

"Have you ever shown your pussy to him?"

"That comes much later. Do you want me to jump to it?"

"No, take me through the sequence. Okay, what's next?"

"Well, after we talked, and after I had smeared every puddle out thin, I got a warm wash cloth and cleaned him off. I got to handle his cock. I loved the way it felt, so smooth and silky. I pretty much kept one hand on it while I wiped up the drying cum.

"As I recall, you were due home that afternoon. In fact, we were both listening for the Rolls. We parted, never saying a word about what we'd done, but every time our eyes met, we each knew what the other was thinking. Weeks went by. I thought about the incident often. Every time I masturbated, I saw Daddy's cock and thought about what I'd like to do if I ever got another opportunity. I wasn't sure he even wanted to be alone with me after that. He wanted to, but he seemed scared, scared of you finding out.

"One day, about a month later, we were alone again. Daddy was in his bedroom. I took a chance and walked in, pretending to look for something. There he was, just like before. This time, he seemed to be expecting me. He called me over. I came up and knelt at the bedside overlooking his cock.

"I was determined not to be at all shy. He seemed to sense my eagerness. He invited me to touch it. Before long, I was doing the jerking off for him. He just laid there while I brought both hands into play. I jerked with one and played with his balls with the other. I was dying to make him cum, eager to feel the sperm shoot out then dribble over my hand, dying to watch him heave and squirm in the paroxysms of another orgasm, this time, one that I controlled. I wanted to make my Daddy cum.

"It didn't take long. The cum shot was great. I held his dick straight up so all of it shot up and came down on my hands. He seemed to like it, too. Afterward, I kept milking his spongy cock until it got hard again, then I jacked him off to another. I discovered for myself that he can cum, one after another, but I took my time. I gave him four orgasms and we were both a mess. I had cum to both elbows and he was a creamy mess from his knees to his chin. I cleaned him thoroughly, but not until I got to play in all that sperm.

"This continued for months, at least once a month and sometimes more. We were overly cautious. After a while, we'd just exchange looks when nobody was around, then head for the bedroom. We'd get right down to business. One day, a few months back, just as he was about to shoot, he lifted his hips, turning slightly. This caused the first powerful jet to hit me right between the eyes. It was a big glob that split over my nose and ran to the corners of my mouth. We were both stunned. Some got in my mouth and I licked at more. He saw me do that, but didn't say anything about it except that he was sorry. I told him it was okay.

"The next time we did it, about ten minutes later, he purposefully made his cum hit my face. I sorta helped. I certainly helped the second jet. After that, we dropped the pretense. I'd angle his cock toward my face. He raised up and turned toward me. That's when I took the first full load in the face and I had to hurry to get my blouse off before the cum ran down and stained it. I wasn't even thinking about him. He'd seen me in my bra before.

"I get the blouse off and he says I'd better take the bra off, too, because you'd know a cum stain if you saw it. I could have just run to the bathroom. I knew he just wanted to see my tits, naked. Hell, I was ready by then, so off it comes, and his eyes get big when he sees them. That felt great, so I stuck my chest out and began rubbing the cum over them, getting my titties all wet and shiny. Cum kept running off my face so I had to keep smearing it. I smeared his cum all over my chest, belly, even my arms, under my arms, on my sides. He loved watching me do that. I didn't touch my face. I let that run. Any that got near my lips, I licked. He liked that a lot.

"The rest of his cum shots that day were in my face or on my tits. I even took some squirts right in the mouth, but I made it look like an accident. I knew he liked it, but it seemed perverted, and I didn't want him to think I was perverted, just careless and not squeamish about his cum getting in my mouth."

"He saw you taste it and lick some from your lips. What was the big deal?"

"It wasn't a big deal, it just seemed perverted to take it as a squirt right from his cock and straight into my mouth. It's silly, I know, but somehow, if his semen landed on something other than his cock, it was okay to lick. I licked a big wad off his face early on. I had nothing to wipe it off with. My hands were all messy, so I licked it off, and it took quite a few licks to get it all."

"And that didn't feel perverted to you?"

"No, I was doing him a big favor. He didn't seem to like having cum in his face, and I'd already tasted some and said it wasn't bad. He'd seen me lick some from my lips. It just seemed like the right thing to do. He liked it."

"I'll bet. Go on. Let's move this along. What was the next escalation?"

"After that time, I guess it was a week after I went topless, I stripped down to my panties before we even got started. He said that if my panties got stained, I could always throw them away. Sounded good to me. I was ready to take the panties off, too, but I got the impression he liked seeing me in panties only, no shoes or socks, just my skimpy panties. That was exciting being with Daddy in just a pair of those skimpy panties you get from the boutique. I think that's better than naked, and when they got sopping wet with cum, you could see right through them."

"I'll just bet you made sure they got sopping wet right away."

"I did."

"What did you do, put the head of his dick up one of the leg holes?"

"No, but I did put it down the front, inside the waist band. The first time, I jacked his whole load between my tits and his load ran in one thick blob straight to my panties. When it got there, I pulled the waistband out to let it go inside. Daddy got up to look inside. He wasn't expecting me to do that, and I'm sure he was more interested in getting a peek at my pussy.

"That was neat, so I pulled out more and down so he'd see more than just hair. We could see the top parting of my cunt crack with the clit sticking out all pink and shiny. We watched his cum flow over my pussy hairs and then over my clit. We watched until my pussy was soaking in a big puddle of cum. That made him nervous until I assured him that I wasn't anywhere near my ovulation time. I'd just finished my period. He was still nervous, but didn't say anything, and every load that day went in my panties. That was the day we did it down the front and he came with the head of his dick pressing against my clit. I felt every squirt right on my cunt, right between the lips. We made a mess on the floor that day.

"Last month, I put my mouth over the head as he came. I've been sucking him off ever since then. I suck him off every chance we get. We've even gotten daring. We even did it with everyone home. We did it in the kitchen."

"Amazing. That took balls on both of your parts. He must have been getting something off of you besides blow jobs by this time."

"When I first slipped my mouth over his cock, Daddy started feeling me up. That's when I started playing with my pussy. He got me so horny, I had to. He'd finger me, and I'd rub my clit. Just recently, I started getting naked for him. He got tired of the panties. The last time we did it, which was right before he left on this trip, he had me get naked before we started. That was weird. He had me stand over him and do a strip as a warm up. It was great, both of us naked. I thought he'd try to screw me. It was right after my rape, so I was no virgin."

"Why didn't you?"

"He never tried. I would have, gladly. I wanted it. I even squatted low and ran my cunt over his cock to give him the idea. I took hold of it and aimed it at my hole. I even settled enough for the head to pop in, but he said that was dangerous, that it only took one sperm cell to get a girl pregnant. I didn't know that, and this time, I was close, so I eased up. I was a bit surprised that he didn't seem interested in fucking me. I mean, he could have gotten a rubber. I knew he carried them. He showed me. I figured he was content with blow jobs. I do a good blow job. I swallow all of his cum, and what I spill, I lick up. He likes that."

"I'm sure he liked having the head of his dick in your twat, too. My guess is he knew he was about to blow a nut."

"That could be. He was pretty excited. It'll be great when he finally can. You were serious about that, weren't you?"

"Yes, but even when he gets the okay, he'll only get some when I say and when I'm present. There will be no more jack-offs, no more blow jobs, no more touchy feely unless I give both of you my permission. Is that understood?"

"Yes. You have my word."

"Your word is good enough for me; his never is. I'll be holding you responsible for any slips, so you find a way to control him."

"I will; I swear."

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