Pleasure Squared

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Marge went straight home from work and told Jerry everything, beginning with Hal's requirement that they turn their ten-year-old daughter over to him on demand to be used as a sex toy for the amusement of Hal and his friends. She also told Jerry about Hal's requirement that she work in the nude, about Samson the wonder chair, the six men she'd taken in her virgin ass (one being the incestuous coupling with their oldest boy, Barry), the two sessions with Pam (one was after Pam had sex with Ben), and of her resigning herself to give Hal everything he wanted, including her desire to offer him a house key so that he could have free access to his toy, something Hal had not requested but Marge felt would be a gesture of their willingness to cooperate.

Jerry was numb. His wife held nothing back, often lapsing into the crudest narration, offering the most vulgar details that were more to arouse herself than germane to the story. When the numbness wore off, his dick was hard. As soon as his dick got hard, he became number seven. The numbness returned when his dick went down. Another hard-on cured that as well. It was numbness, erection, numbness, erection, all night long, ending with erection in the morning and numbness when he saw his little Karen in a short red dress, innocently walking to the car beside her mother--an innocent lamb on the way to the slaughter, a virgin sacrifice to the god of bills, mortgages, and a brand new bass boat.

Marge hadn't had time to speak with Karen. The girl knew nothing other than she had to look pretty. In the car, Marge explained, as best she could, her working conditions and the importance of pleasing Hal. She tried not to frighten Karen, or be too crude, but clearly she numbed her mind as well. For several blocks, the pensive girl sat in silence. "Penny for your thoughts."

"Huh, oh, I don't know, Mom. This is so weird. Is Hal a crazy man?"

"No, sweetheart, he's not crazy, wild, evil-eyed, or anything like that. Actually, he's very nice and friendly, handsome even. He just has some strange ways about him, and everybody accepts that. If they didn't, they'd get fired and go hungry. No, you'll like Hal. He loves little girls like you, and he always makes them laugh and smile. He does things that make them feel good, and they always want to come back."

"But, how can you work with no clothes on, on that ... that thing? Won't other people see you naked, and see you sitting on that ... thing?"

"Yes, dear, but Mommy has no choice. My boss wants it that way. He does this to prove to everyone how powerful he is. I do everything he says as a sign that I accept his power to rule over me. I have to make money so we can live in a house and eat good food. You do like those things, don't you?"

"Yeah, but can't you work someplace where you can wear clothes?"

"Not here. There are no jobs for me here. We'd have to move far away, away from your friends. We'd have to put Skipper in the dog pound. Most places don't take pets, but if you really want me to quit, I suppose I could."

"No! No, don't quit, not if Skipper can't be with us. You can't quit, Mom."

Marge patted her girl's leg and said, "I won't, but I have to be nice to Hal and do whatever he says. We both do. Do you understand, now?"

"Yes. Mom ... is he going to make me do things ... nasty things?"

"He might, Karen. If he does, I can't help you. You know that, right?"

"Yeah, but what kind of nasty things will he do to me?"

"I don't know, but just think of Skipper and do what he wants, okay?"

Karen sat back with a determined expression and said, "Yes, I'll do it for Skipper. Whatever it is, I'll do it for Skipper. I hope it isn't too nasty, though. Skipper's a good dog, but he's not that good."

"He is so. You're just saying that because you're nervous."

In another car headed toward the high school, a similar conversation was taking place but quite different. Judy sat turned on the front seat to face her father. She sat unladylike, and Ben could see she wore no panties under the shortest dress she owned. She caught him looking several times but rather than adjust her immodest position, she slumped back against the car door making it worse--or better, depending on which internal voice he listened to. Ben had a hard time keeping the car between the lines.

"Mom tells me this guy you work for is a pervert."

"I suppose he is. Still, he pays the bills."

"So, what's he want with me?"

"I don't know. We'll have to wait and see. Whatever he wants, you must remember he controls our future. If I lose my job, we could go bankrupt, lose our home, our nice things, even this car."

"Don't worry, I'll be nice. I like this car." She rode quietly for a block, then said, "Mom says he likes sexy little girls. How do I look? Do I look sexy?"

Ben coughed and cleared his throat. He passed his eyes over her out-thrust chest and darted them to her exposed beaver, saying, "Yes, I think you could pass for sexy."

"Mom said it was a good idea not to wear panties, in case you're wondering."

"I hadn't noticed."

"Yes you did. You keep looking between my legs. You had to notice there's no panties. I'm not wearing a bra, either. I know I don't really need one, but I thought it would be sexier if he could see my nipples. Can you see them? They're right under here."

As she pointed out the obvious bumps with each index finger, he said, "Yes, I saw them before you pointed them out."

"Well, do they look sexy?"

He turned and she thrust her chest out, turning back and forth. "Yes, they look sexy."

She slumped back with a satisfied smile. She lifted her skirt to her navel, saying, "Mom shaved my vagina. I had hair growing there. I kinda liked it, but she said he'd probably like it better if I looked younger down there. Do I ... look younger?" Ben took a deep breath, then looked over and said, "Yes, you do."

"Don't look at my face, silly. Look at my vagina." Ben looked at the lewd beaver she offered. The car drifted and ran on the shoulder of the road. Ben wrestled it back.

"Well, do I look younger?"

Sweat beaded on his brow. Ben's voice broke as he nodded and said, "Yes, you look two years younger."

"Perverts like them young, don't they?" Ben nodded. "I suppose I should act ten, then. Like I don't know what he wants."

"Do you ... know what he wants?"

"Sure, Mom told me exactly what he wants. Don't you know?"

"No, not exactly, and I don't see how Ruth can know either."

"Maybe she just knows perverts better than you do."

"I'm sure she does."

"Dad, are you going to be there? Does he want you to watch? Mom says perverts like doing that, making the mom or dad watch what they do."

"Yes, I'll be there."

"That's kinky, huh? It'll be kinda neat though, you know, knowing you're watching everything. He'll be mad if you look away. That's what Mom said. I thought I should pass that along."

"Your mom has this all figured out, doesn't she?"

"Pretty much. Then you won't look away?"


"Even if he ... does it to me."

"Judy, you've danced all around this issue, why not just say the word?"

"Okay. Will you look when he fucks me?"

"IF, Karen, IF ... and yes, IF he does, I'll look."

"Oh, he'll fuck me all right. Mom says ..."

"I don't want to hear any more about what Mom says. Mom isn't here. Mom barely knows Hal Peterson. Mom doesn't work for him; I do."

"Jeez! This really bugs you, doesn't it? If you're worried that I'll cry, or scream, or fight, I won't."

Ben pulled the car off the road and placed the gear shift in park. He turned to face Judy, trying hard not to let his eyes wander down to the provocative spread she still presented, having left her skirt up around her waist. This was made more difficult because she had one hand resting in her crotch, and that hand wasn't idle. Still, he refused to let his eyes drop, saying, "Judy, I want the truth. Are you a virgin?"


Like a kick in the solar plexus, his breath caught in mid-breathe. This caused his eyes to drop. Not really, but his eyes dropped anyway. What he saw didn't help him start breathing again. Judy was stroking her index finger through her very wet slit. His staring didn't stop her stroking. He tore his eyes away, clutched the steering wheel, looked at the road ahead and took a deep breath, saying, "How many?"

"How many what, men or fucks?"

He looked at her and said, "How many men?"


"How many times?"

"Not counting butt fucks or blow jobs?"

"Christ! No, just straight sex!"

"Just counting the times a man fucked my pussy and came in it, 'cause lots of times I get fucked but someone else gets the cum shot."

"Judy, just tell me how many times you had complete sexual intercourse."

"I'd have to guess, but I think eighty-two would be a good guess. I get a lot of repeats."

"Oh Jesus!"

"I'm sorry, Dad, but you asked for the truth."

"Yes, I did. Okay, so this is just another man to add to the count for you, isn't it?"

"I'm not really counting. Eight is easy to remember. That's not a lot, is it?"

"For a twelve-year-old girl, it's eight too many, and eighty-two is an awfully precise guess for someone not counting."

"I'm mature for my age, besides, Mom says ..."

"I told you, I don't want to hear any more about what Mom says."

"All right. Am I grounded or something?"


"Are you going to spank me? You should, you know. You never spank me. I think that's why I let men fuck me, 'cause I know I won't get spanked."

"Is that so? Well, I have a good mind to spank you right here and now."

Judy's eyes opened wide. She flipped onto her hands and knees and scooted back to bring her bare ass within reach, saying, "Yes, spank my ass, Daddy. Make me be good. Make me stop letting the men fuck my pussy and my asshole. Make me stop sucking on their cocks, too."

Ben stared open-mouthed at the obscene spectacle she presented to his eyes. Her naked ass and pussy could not be more exposed. He saw everything, up close, in detail. He could even smell her lust. Ben passed his right arm under her belly, held her tightly, and delivered a series of slaps to her cute ass, turning the white cheeks red before his eyes. Far from distressing the girl, he saw that she was fingering her pussy. He slapped harder, but that only made her use two fingers. He slapped her until she came. She fell forward on the seat when he pulled his arm away.

Ben stared at her vulgar rear spread and at the fingers of both hands spreading and massaging her pussy. He shook his head, and said, "Now, let that be a lesson to you."

Judy rolled onto her back, placing her left foot on his shoulder, her right was in his lap exploring the dimensions of his erection. She was finger-fucking herself, saying, "Lesson number one, Daddy. That was only lesson number one. I'm going to need lots of lessons. I'm a very bad girl."

"Yes you are, and you're a nasty little girl, too. Okay, that was just the beginning. Now straighten up and act like a young lady. You have a date with number nine."

He reluctantly pushed her foot off his cock. She slowly sat up and said, "Yes, but I'll be fucking him for you. Will you punish me for this one, too?"

"No, this one's on the house. Don't sit like that, and stop playing with yourself. Someone might see and think we're raising a slut."

"Who cares what they think. Mom says ... oops, I almost forgot."

* * *

Both cars arrived at the same time, and they parked beside each other. The four met on the sidewalk. Marge ran her eyes over Judy and said, "She's growing up so fast. You sure look pretty today, Judy."

"Thanks. Are you bringing her to see the pervert, too?"

Marge and Ben exchanged uncomfortable looks. Ben shrugged. Marge said she was and introduced her to Karen. The two girls ran appraising eyes over each other, then Judy said, "You're a virgin, aren't you?"

Karen looked to her mother. Marge ushered everyone along. Once inside the office, Marge began taking off her clothes. Judy watched with a growing grin. Karen turned away, embarrassed. Judy said, "How come you're getting naked?"

"Because that's the way I have to work. Hal's orders."

"Aren't people going to see you?"

"Yes, but that's the breaks." When Marge stood naked, Karen began stealing peeks. Marge kept glancing toward the chair that neither girl had yet noticed. The first sight of the huge dong beckoned her and filled her with need. She went to it. Judy followed and exclaimed, "Far out! Are you going to put that in you? Do you have to sit on it?"

Marge watched Karen. The curiosity got the better of her and she inched over as her mother straddled the chair, saying, "Yes, it's Hal's orders."

"Neat, check this out, kid. You're mom's going to sit on that giant rubber dick."

Karen stood beside Judy. Marge waited until both had a clear view, then sat gradually. The cock was dry, so she had to bounce her way down. When she was fully seated, she blushed, more from arousal than embarrassment, but to Karen she looked properly embarrassed. Karen blushed with her and respectfully looked away, but only after seeing all there was to see. Marge said, "You two have to see Emily, our nurse. Go right through that door. Do what she says. She'll explain everything."

Ben and Marge watched the girls disappear into the aid room, then turned to face each other, both letting out long breaths. Marge said, "Pam was right about Judy, wasn't she?"

"Dead right. My daughter's a three holer."

"Mine is scared shitless. I hope Emily starts with Judy. Ben, you look like you could use a piece of ass to unwind. We have time to kill. Mine is always available to you, and there's no time like the present."

"You look content where you are. I hate to disturb you, but if you wouldn't mind, I think I'd like that." Marge smiled and eased up.

Emily surveyed both girls and decided to start with Karen. She lifted her to the exam table and said, "Okay, sweetheart. We'll start with you. You sure are a pretty little girl."

Karen blushed shyly and smiled. Emily explained, "First, I need to give you an exam, like at the doctor's office. Let's get these clothes off. Lift your arms, dear."

"Please, do I have to?"

"Yes, but don't worry, I'm a nurse, and we're all girls here. Come on. Arms up." Karen reluctantly raised her arms, and Emily lifted the dress off. She then removed her shoes and socks and told the girl to lie back along the long axis then lift her butt so she could remove the panties. Karen turned white and froze, covering her crotch. "Shy, are we? Look, suppose we all get naked? Will that be easier?" Emily turned to Judy, saying, "Will you take your clothes off with us?"

"Sure, I don't mind." Judy was naked in one pull of the dress over her head. She kicked off her heels while pulling off the dress. Emily smiled at her uninhibited pose. Emily removed her uniform and posed with her arms out, doing a turn in place. Karen's eyes roamed every curve and crevice on the mature woman's body. She liked the nurse's tits, arched up like ski jump ramps. The woman's pussy looked neat and clean, much smaller than her mother's but much bigger than her own. When Emily asked Karen to lie back. Karen did so and lifted her ass. With a tug and a pull, she was as naked as the others.

Emily began by laying her out flat on her back and rubbing a slippery cream all over her body. This was very relaxing, and Karen let her body go limp. All the tension and anxiety flowed from her body as the woman's hands roamed over tight unblemished skin at will. Judy joined in and Karen experienced the novel sensation of four hands on her body at once, though Judy's hands tended to work her ass and pelvic region and frequently touched places one girl shouldn't touch on another.

Karen was so relaxed that she didn't even tense up when all four hands were busy between her widely parted legs, nor when her pussy and anus seemed to be the focal point of the massage, nor when fingers slipped into her body through those two very private holes. When the two holes became the only point of the massage, and her legs were forced back into her armpits, she did give a groan or two.

Karen knew the two were doing nasty things to her body, but she just didn't care anymore. They weren't trying to hide their nastiness. They talked about her holes and were using all the worst nasty words. Karen didn't mind unless they stopped using their hands. She thought she should make things easier for them, so she held her own legs back, freeing up two more hands. They were pleased that she did this, and the nurse kissed her pussy--a long, sucking kiss to the clit that made Karen moan a long moan.

When the kiss ended, Karen was tempted to ask for another. The nurse's face hovered over her own, smiling with shiny lips. "Did you like that kiss, Karen?"

"Yes, it felt good."

Emily held up a white, plastic vibrator and turned it on. Running it over Karen's nipples, she said, "Sweetheart, this is a pussy massager. This will feel even better. I'll put it in easy, and you'll see. I need to get in a better position, so I'm going to get up on the table and lean over you, okay?"

"Yeah, I guess."

Karen watched the woman climb on then position her body so that her knees were outside Karen's shoulders. The naked nurse laid out over her so that they were lying in opposite directions. Karen could not help but notice that the woman's pussy was directly over her face. She wondered if the woman knew and felt badly about her stealing peeks. She'd never looked a pussy in the mouth before, and the one before her had a huge toothless mouth.

Karen knew grown-up pussies were covered in hair, but when she saw her mother's, it was as hairless as her own. Likewise, the pussy overhead was bald, but she could see the hair stubble and knew it had been shaved. Her mind drifted from the mesmerizing sight as hard plastic vibrating at 2,500 beats per minute sent a tingle from her head to her toes. She didn't mind the pain in the least, even the sharp pain that tore through her hymen. She soon felt the vibrator deep inside, deeper than she thought anything could go inside. It didn't stay deep. It went all the way in and came all the way out--repeatedly.

It went slow, at first, but then faster and faster. Karen's mind was a blur and she didn't notice the pussy getting closer and closer until it was too late to tell the nurse that she was slipping. The busy nurse would not have heard her anyway, because Karen had a face full of pussy. She didn't want to do anything that might disturb the nurse and cause her to stop the vibrator, so she held her head perfectly still. Thankfully, the pussy was moving around all over her face, pressing hard, mashing as it slid from chin to forehead; otherwise, she would not be able to breathe and would have to do something to let the woman know.

Karen decided she liked having the woman's pussy on her face. It felt nasty, warm, soft, wet, and gave off a musky scent that excited her. She prayed the woman wouldn't realize what her pussy was sliding on, but it seemed she was too absorbed in what she was doing to notice anything at the other end of her body.

Karen could taste the pussy, too. Juices from the inside were seeping into her mouth, because the pussy dragged her lips to-and-fro with each pass. Karen could have pressed her lips tightly shut, but she let her lips go slack because she wanted to see what the pussy tasted like. She liked the taste. It wasn't nice like sweet things are nice, but like something nasty that didn't taste bad. Slowly, so as not to alert the pussy's owner, she yawned her mouth open wide.

The juice poured in and Karen savored it, swishing it around in her mouth while swallowing bit by bit. When the flow slowed to a trickle, she eased her tongue out and let it ride in the slick groove from anus to clit, sinking in the two holes whenever they rode over her stiff tongue. Gradually, her confidence grew and she went after the juices by trying to stay with the pussy hole, running her tongue repeatedly over the inner surfaces of the nurse's moving cunt. Karen was tickled that she was getting away with it. The nurse had no idea, she thought.

Suddenly, the vibrator felt extra good and Karen could not get it deep enough. She pulled hard on her legs trying to get more, then screamed into the cunt when it felt like her head exploded. Every nerve in her body was screaming. Her pussy was screaming, then the feeling slowly faded and her entire body went limp as a wash rag.

Karen instantly regretted the scream, for it had to have tipped off the nurse. The pussy stopped moving, but did not move off, just remained stationary over her mouth. Karen expected to see the nurse's face in her face saying, "Oh, you nasty little girl. Shame on you. I'm going to report this to your parents." But it didn't lift off, and the nurse said nothing. She was poking the vibrator at her butthole. Perhaps she didn't know. Karen pulled hard on her legs to raise her butt up more, hoping to distract her further so she could go back to licking. She wanted to try licking the outside as well.

It worked, the nurse was pushing the plastic into her butt, and the pussy began moving again. Karen put half of her tongue inside, ran it slowly around the hole, then bravely pushed it all the way in. Still, the nurse said nothing and the vibrator was deep in her butthole. The vibrator did not feel as good as it had in her pussy, realizing why they called it a pussy massager and not an butthole massager. It hurt more and made her want to poop, but if it kept the nurse preoccupied, she could adjust to it.

When the nurse began moving it in and out like she did when it was in her pussy, Karen felt free to lick all she wanted. She even sucked on the nurse's clitty without disturbing her. At least, she thought it wasn't disturbing her until the nurse went crazy and started thrashing about as Karen had done when her head exploded. Karen thought she'd really get it now. What she got was a nurse sucking on her clit with the vibrator all the way up her butt. Seconds later, Karen's head exploded again.

When the smoke cleared from the explosion, Karen was confused. The nurse was licking her pussy the way Karen had been licking the nurse's: deep inside the hole. The nurse was trying to lick out her pussy juice. It must be all right to do, she reasoned. She also realized that there was no way the nurse hadn't felt what she was feeling. No one can lick a pussy without the owner being aware. Karen returned to licking and sucking and nibbling to her heart's content. This time, their heads exploded together.

The nurse climbed down with a smile and kissed Karen. She kissed with her tongue all the way in Karen's mouth. Karen thought the nurse wanted her to clean the pussy juice off her tongue, so she sucked it clean for her. When the nurse withdrew her tongue, Karen licked the wet areas of her face for her. When the nurse held her face for the licking, turning it from side to side, Karen knew she'd figured right and did a thorough job. The nurse stood with a smile and presented one sopping wet hand then the other for the service. Karen licked and sucked them clean.

Karen was a bit dismayed when Judy presented her fingers for cleaning. She was even more dismayed when she saw both dipping their just cleaned fingers in their pussies, presenting these to her repeatedly. Karen sucked whatever was placed to her lips without complaint. Emily said, "So, Marge's little girl is a first-class cunt sucker, a pussy hound. You like that nasty pussy cream, don't you? Here's some more for you."

Karen sucked on the three fingers the nurse had just pulled from deep in her cunt, then sucked each finger individually. When all were clean, Emily thanked her, then helped Karen to sit up. Judy said, "Is it my turn, now?"

"You were ready when you came in here. You don't need prepping and I'm wasted. Look, if you want, why don't you two do each other. I have another vibrator."

"Fine by me. Lie down, kid. I'll get on top."

Karen reclined without protest and Judy was quickly in place with her cunt pressed to Karen's mouth. Judy tasted different, not better or worse, just different. Emily handed Karen a vibrator and Karen copied Judy's actions with it. A minute later, they were fucking each other's assholes and sucking cunt like old lezzies. They both climaxed at the same time and collapsed. Emily drew the vibrators from their colons, then aided each into a sitting position.

Emily said, "Okay girls. Now, the fun begins. Judy, you already know about fucking. This is for Karen's benefit. Okay, Karen, you saw how much pleasure your pleasure holes can bring you, but you haven't felt anything yet. A real live cock is ten times better."

Judy said, "A hundred times better."

"All right, a hundred times better. A grown-up man's cock is better still, because they are bigger, they know how to use it better, and it shoots more sperm. The trouble is, most grown-up men don't like to fuck little girl's pussies. You girls are lucky, because Mr. Peterson isn't like that. He likes little girl's pussies best. If you let him know that you are dying to try it with a real grown-up cock, he'll let you try."

Judy said, "You'll flip, kid. Fucking is the ultimate, and fucking a man is the super ultimate. I know, I've fucked dozens of men. I've had cocks this big, [She held her hands eighteen inches apart. Judy would make a good fisherman.] clear in to the balls."

"Wow! [Karen would make a good fish.] That big?"

Emily said, "Judy would make a good fisherman. [See, I told you.] She's exaggerating by quite a bit, but you'd be surprised how much you can take. You could take half that right now. You almost did. So, what I'm saying is, go in there and have fun. That's what you're here for. Just be cute and sexy and try to show your pussy. Do what grown up ladies do. Get the men turned on, then ride their cocks for all its worth. Do whatever you have to do to get him to put his cock in your pussy. Rub your ass on his dick, pump it with your hands, suck on it, hell, stick your tongue up his ass. Believe me, try anything, but get that cock in your pussy. Once you get it in, you're home free."

Karen's eyes were wide with interest. She said, "Okay, I'll try."

Judy said, "Hey, don't you go hogging all the cock. I'm older, I should go first."

"That doesn't mean nothing. Hal's the boss. He decides who gets to go first."

"Girls, girls! Let's not fight about it. There will be plenty of cock for everybody. Hal's won't be the only cock. There will be three others that I know about. Each is good for three or four fucks, and they can always call in more. If Hal likes you, he can order men to fuck you."

Judy said, "That's right. My dad will be there. Hey, kid, you can fuck my dad."

"Why don't you fuck him? He's your dad."

"Who knows? Maybe I will. I might even come to your house and fuck every cock in it."

"I hope you do, because one belongs to my dog, Skippy, and it is this long. [You guessed it--eighteen inches.]

Emily touched Karen on the shoulder, interrupting their childish exchange. She gave Judy a sly wink then said, "Sweetheart, I know you're exaggerating, but I suppose you've played with Skippy's dick. Be honest. It's okay. All girls that have dogs with big dicks do it. You do it, don't you, Judy?"

"All the time. We have six Great Danes--all males."

"You do it, too, don't you, Karen?"

"Well, yeah, sometimes."

"I know you must have put it in your mouth."


"And you never let him fuck you?"

"No, but he tries."

"Honey, you must let Skippy fuck you. If you let him fuck you, he will love you more than ever. He'll think you are his mate."

"Really? Can people and dogs really fuck together?"

"Of course they can. You don't even have to sneak around about it. Hell, why do you think your folks got you a male dog with a big dick? It's like training wheels for your bike. They got the dog for you to practice sex with. A dog can't get you pregnant. They're probably wondering why you won't practice with him. If you like Skippy, take my advice and make sure they catch you two sucking and fucking, often; otherwise, Skippy will turn up missing, and they'll get another one for you."

Judy offered, "That's right. They'll have him shot. A dog that won't fuck a girl is worthless. They can't pay people to take them."

"No, they wouldn't. They know I love Skippy. I'll just tell them not to."

Emily said, "You don't understand. This isn't something parents like to talk about. It's just something they all do. It's like masturbation. Everybody does it. It's perfectly natural and acceptable, but no one can openly admit they do it, and it just isn't something we talk about. It's the same thing with girls and male dogs. They are only looking out for your best interests. If Skippy can't or won't perform, they'll have to try another one. Girls need a dog they can practice on so they can be a good wife."

Judy said, "Man, I can't believe you're ten-years-old and you never even fucked a dog. It's a good thing we got you straightened out. Lucky for Skippy anyway."

"Now I know what happened to Dutch. He was the dog we had before Skippy. Oh, poor Dutch. Why didn't anybody tell me? He was always trying, but I wouldn't even let him do it on my leg."

"Now, now, don't cry. There's still time to save Skippy. Just make sure they catch you, and often, once a day at least."

"I will, I really will, twice a day, maybe more. Skippy always wants to do it."

Judy said, "And don't forget, they need to see that his dick is actually in your pussy. You don't want them thinking that you're just playacting."

"How do I do that?"

"Well, first, you need to be all the way naked. That way clothes don't hide anything. Then, the best way is to lie on your back with your legs out as wide as you can get them. An ottoman is good for that with most dogs. If he's bigger, you might use a coffee table or a chair. Put his front paws on your tits, that way they can see his dick going in and out of your pussy."

Emily added, "They won't be able to tell if he came in you, so after he finishes, you need to make sure they see the dog's cum leaking out of your hole. Don't be in any hurry to clean up. Stay naked, shoot lots of wide beavers, and let the cum run. They won't mind the mess if they know you and Skippy are doing it right. Oh, and don't forget to suck his cock before and after he fucks you. That's very important. They'll be looking to see if Skippy does everything right. Some dogs won't permit before and after sucking."

Judy said, "She's right. I lost two Great Danes because they wouldn't let me suck on their cocks afterward. With my Great Danes I use the dining table. I make sure my parents see their big cocks all the way inside my pussy. I love all my Danes, and I'd hate to lose even one."

"Thanks, Judy. Skippy likes when I suck on his thing, so I think he'll like it before and after. We have an ottoman and it should be perfect. I can show them my pussy while I suck on it afterwards. I'll just turn their way and stay on the ottoman."

Emily said, "I think you and Skippy will do fine, Karen. Your parents have to act shocked, so expect it. Sometimes they try to stop it. That's just for show. Just keep going back and getting caught. It lets them off the hook, like it's all your doing, and they can't stop it. It's all part of the game. Again, it's just like with masturbation. If your parents caught you playing with your pussy, they'd throw a fit, right?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"If they keep on catching you, they'd eventually stop making a big deal out of it, right?"

"I don't know. I suppose."

"It's the same thing with a sex practice dog. It's just another one of the games people play. You'll see; just keep at it."

Karen said, "The hard part is going to be finding a time when my parents are home but my brothers aren't. I don't think I could do that if they might walk in and catch me. Besides, they'd blab it all over."

Emily said, "No, Karen, your brothers need to see, and no brother wants anyone to know that their sister is fucking and sucking their dog. It just isn't done. Again, it's just like masturbation. Your parents will want the boys to watch, because that's how boys learn how to do the man's part, by watching how the dog does it. That's another reason why your parents have to get you a dog that will do it right. It's not just for you; it is for them, too."

"That's going to be so embarrassing. I hope they know they're not supposed to tell anyone."

"If they don't, your father will take them aside after they've seen it and explain the deal to them. Don't ever be embarrassed or shy around your family. Being the only daughter, your role in the family is critical. You have a responsibility to your brothers as well as to Skippy. We've wasted enough time. I'm sure they're waiting on you girls. Just slip the dresses on. Leave the rest in here."

Karen was the last to get her dress on. Emily stood back and shook her head, "No, that dress is much too long, Karen. I'll have to trim the hem. Hold still."

Karen held still as Emily took scissors and cut away all but three inches of the skirt below the waistline. She stood back and said, "There, that's better. They need to see what you have to offer."

Karen looked down and said, "It doesn't even cover my pussy."

"That's the idea. You don't want it hidden."

Judy said, "Do mine like that, too."

"Very well. Hold still."

Emily led the two girls to Hal's office. When they entered, everyone stood. Emily left them with six naked adults: Hal, Marge, Ben, Richard Wright, Jim Groves, and Dick Spivy. Marge and Ben hung back as the other four moved in on the girls from four sides. The girls stood back to back--one smiling, one trying to smile. When Richard's cock got within arm's reach of Judy, she reached for it and dropped to her knees. She reached for Spivy's cock and brought both to her mouth, sucking one, then the other.

Karen stood stock-still even when both cocks were touching her. She looked behind her to see what Judy was doing, then grabbed both cocks and knelt. Marge leaned in to Ben and whispered, "I don't believe it. What an amazing transformation."

"Oddly, I can't say the same for Judy. I'm not surprised in the least. She's a whore, just like her mother, maybe worse."

"Worse? I was thinking better. She's very good."

"Yeah, well your Karen catches on pretty fast. Where the hell did she learn to deep-throat a cock like that?"

"God, I don't believe it. She really likes sucking those cocks. There's no shyness left in that kid. All that worry for nothing. I guess I have my own little whore to play with, now. The girl is a natural born whore, and I couldn't be happier that I found out sooner rather than later. I want you to fuck her, Ben. I want everyone to fuck her. Come on, let's join the party."

Marge got her wish. At one time, during this private party, Karen had one cock in her pussy, one in her ass, one deep down her throat, and was clutching two more, one in each hand. She was water tight and hanging on for dear life.

Marge also had the obscene pleasure in assisting with the virgin penetration by Hal after removing Karen's dress. As she knelt before a naked man with a raging hard-on and held her naked daughter, cradled in her arms like a baby, Karen began suckling her breast. It was a nostalgic moment except that Karen, as a baby, never laid in her arms with her legs open and drawn back. That, and the fact that Marge never rocked her pussy on an eight-inch penis while nibbling on her baby clit, pausing frequently to lick at the cock sliding in and out of her little pussy. Plus, she could never recall having nursed Karen with sperm on her nipples. Other than that, it was nostalgic.

Karen never saw anything nostalgic in what they were doing. It was just another funny thing adults did, something else that confused her. Why the men were standing around them, pumping their cocks and squirting their man juice on the tit she was sucking on, was a puzzle, but not a difficult one. Sometimes, just doing a nasty thing was its own justification. Nasty things just felt good because they were nasty. In her mind, that explained most of the adult behavior she found confusing. She was happy to be a part of it; happier still, because she was the center of attention, and Judy had to take what she could get.

Judy threw such a fit because she wasn't getting her fair share of cocks. Hal got upset with her and ordered Ben to haul her ass down to the maintenance room and remain with her there until school let out. Ben was pretty upset with Judy, mostly because she embarrassed him. He had to carry his naked, sperm-leaking daughter through the school to the men in the maintenance room, then stand by and watch as they used every opening in her body. After school, he had to carry her to the car. This time, it wasn't that Hal ordered it--Judy couldn't walk.

Marge took Karen home at noon. She had to be carried also. Marge laid her exhausted daughter on the front seat with one leg in her lap and the other on the floor. She wanted her this way, because she couldn't get enough of the sight of Karen's abused and spermy nether regions. She glanced down constantly and all during red lights. Karen wasn't in a talking mood. She was lethargic, smiling at her own thoughts. Marge smiled at her own thoughts, and the car ran on in silence.

Jerry was home for lunch, so Marge left Karen in the car and entered the house. Jerry looked up from his TV dinner. "Jerry, Karen is in the front seat. I don't have the strength to lift her. Would you mind?"

Concern etched Jerry's brow as he stood. "Is she all right?"

"She's fine, just beat. No, not beaten, beat, just tired. Jerry ... she's naked, so don't go freaking out."

Jerry hurried to the car, then froze on seeing Karen. When he opened the passenger door, her head lolled back off the seat. She opened her eyes, recognized her father, and smiled. Jerry gathered her up and carried her inside. He had to adjust his grip, as her whole backside was slippery. He glanced into her crotch and said, "Jesus!"

Karen saw where he looked, heard what he said, smiled, and said, "Jesus better not be down there, Daddy, or he's been drowned."

Karen amazed him. She had a sense of humor after what had to be a most traumatic event for her. She had to be in shock, he thought, otherwise she'd try to cover herself, and she'd never let her legs fall open if she were in her right mind. He figured she was too sore to close her legs, so he shifted his right arm higher up her lower back. The left cradled her head. Just as he figured, her legs opened wider. Poor thing.

As he fumbled with the door knob, her upper body slipped out. He quickly grabbed her by the hips with both hands. They entered the house with her upside-down, facing his chest, her crotch under his chin, legs in the splits. Jerry had a stupid, I'm-innocent look on his face as Marge stepped over to meet them, saying, "Well, that is a novel way to carry a naked girl. Were you thinking about dessert, Jerry? I see Karen is having hers."

Karen giggled throughout this ordeal. She was in a giddy mood anyway, and when she went inverted and found her face in a crotch that hid another hard organ, she naturally went for it with both hands. Jerry didn't take ten steps inside before Karen had his cock out and in her mouth.

Jerry was flustered to say the least. One part said, "Quick, hand her to her mother." Another part, lower down, said, "If you hand this cock-sucking bitch off, I'll go to sleep on you the next time you need me." Jerry normally listened to his dick anyway, but this was his little girl it was calling a cock-sucking bitch. Jerry remained flustered, but remained flustered while holding the cock-sucking bitch.

Marge smiled and moved closer. She said, "Relax and enjoy. After what she's been through, a little incest won't hurt her. Besides, she does love the weenie, and she's nuts about the sauce. I'll just sit here and watch, if you don't mind."

Jerry couldn't respond. He'd never had a deep-throat cock-sucking, and Karen was doing it the way he thought it should be done--fast, deep, and with lots of throat action and suction. After thirty seconds of this, he couldn't put her down if she were on fire. Jerry thought things couldn't get any more bizarre, but then he felt a dog's cold nose pressing on his balls followed by a warm wet tongue lapping at his cock and Karen's mouth.

Marge found this quite amusing and held back her instinctive reaction to pull Skippy out of people's crotches. She hated that nasty habit he had except when the two of them were alone in the house. At those times, she took off her panties, rubbed peanut butter in and over her cunt and reinforced the habit. Jerry didn't seem to mind after the initial shock, so Marge watched. The dog's tongue must have helped, because seconds after he began licking, Jerry began sinking to his knees, quivering like a poodle trying to pass a peach pit. "Oh God!" he cried.

Skippy jumped up placing his paws on the insides of Karen's thighs and began lapping at the rich harvest of messy stuff he found between her legs. Jerry, having partially regained his senses, said, "Marge, get this stupid mutt out of there."

"No, let him clean her. It's not hurting anything. I'm sure Karen finds his tongue more pleasant than a wet wash rag." Marge looked down to get confirmation from her daughter and saw Karen's mouth slip over the pink shaft of Skippy's cock. The sight made her gasp. Seconds later, Karen's lips were over the furry sheath with nine inches of dog cock down her throat. Marge eased off the sofa and approached Jerry from behind, leaning to whisper in his ear. "Jerry, don't react, but Karen is sucking on Skippy's dick. She has it all the way down her throat."

Skippy had stopped licking and had his blank-eyed, tongue-hanging mug smiling in Jerry's face. One look at the dog told him that Marge was telling the truth. He turned to whisper back, "What do we do?"

"Return the favor; he didn't stop you."

"God damnit, Marge, this our daughter."

"She wasn't our daughter when it was your dick in her gullet?"

Jerry didn't have a good comeback for that one, so he remained silent, taking a good look at the spread his daughter laid before him. With her legs still held in the splits, it was all there right below his eyes, and most of the mess had been cleared away. The only thing to mar the vision and prevent him from taking a tongue dip was all the dog slobber falling on the little pink beaver. Damn dog!

Skippy was taking longer than Jerry had, and Jerry was running late. He had to get back to the plant. He felt like encouraging his daughter to suck harder, but decided against it. They were still pretending they didn't notice, as ridiculous as that seemed. Karen certainly wasn't trying to hide the fact. She made so much noise sucking the dog, the neighbors should know there was a little girl sucking off a dog next door.

Finally, the dog shot his load in Karen's mouth, licked Jerry in the face, and climbed off. Jerry let Karen slide to the floor, then stood over her, looking at her with a mixture of awe and revulsion. She had an open mouth full of dog cum and was swirling it with her tongue, pushing some from her lips to cascaded down both cheeks. He watched her swallow the rest and then lick her lips.

Marge was simply awed, and helped Karen to her feet. She swatted her fanny and said, "You go hop in the shower, you little cock sucker."

Karen scampered off, hoping she'd stayed an execution. Jerry gathered his things. When Karen was out of the room, he said, "That didn't bother you one bit, did it?"

"Nope. Did you see her smile when I called her a little cock sucker? You should see her smile when I call her a little whore. That's what she is, you know--a cock-sucking little whore, our cock-sucking little whore.

"Don't you mean Hal's cock-sucking little whore?"

"She is that, but we get her when he's not using her."

"I have to go. We need to talk more about this."

"All right, but you fuck her first, and then we'll talk. Think about this, though. If she'll suck the dog in front of us, then she'll fuck him in front of us. Think about that. I know that will keep lead in your pencil all afternoon. You can finally see your favorite fantasy fulfilled right in the comfort of your own home. Go on, she's not up to it right now. Maybe by the time you get back, she will be. I'll prime that pump. Afterward, we'll talk."

Jerry was thinking all the way out the door, on the drive to the plant, all afternoon, in fact. On the ride home, Jerry thought about that cute cock-sucking little whore he had waiting back home.

* * *

Ben and Judy hardly said a word on their trip home. All the spunk and nasty had been fucked out of Judy. She'd been gang banged by nine men in the maintenance room over a five hour period. She was curled on the front seat in a fetal ball with a sheet thrown over her. Ben was still angry with her and half way home he felt the urge to rub it in, saying, "So, what's your count now?"

Without pausing to mentally add, she said, "Twenty-two counting you."

"I thought you weren't counting."

"Twenty-two is an easy number to remember. Don't you want to know how many fucks?"

"Okay, how many?"

"A hundred and three. The three thanks to you."

"Is that resentment I hear? You sure acted like you wanted all three."

"I'm sorry. I did. I'm just upset because you're acting all mad. You're the one that wanted me to come here. You knew what they wanted all along. I don't see why you got pissed off at me. You didn't act that way toward that little whore, Karen."

"Karen didn't act like a spoiled brat. Karen didn't piss Hal off. The whole idea was for you to make Hal happy. That's why I brought you. We'll be damn lucky if he doesn't fire me."

"I'm sorry, but he wouldn't pay any attention to me. All he cared about was Karen, Karen, Karen. What's so special about Karen, anyway? She doesn't even have any tits."

"Judy, Karen was special because she was truly innocent and remained innocent throughout. Even after screwing everybody several times over in every hole, she still had that childlike innocence. I don't know how she does it, but she has it. You walked in looking like a seasoned whore, and left looking like a well-fucked seasoned whore."

"I can't help it. That's what I am."

"I understand, and it's not your fault, but you are wise way beyond your years. We both know whose fault that is."

"Yeah, well I like what Mom did. At least she pays attention to me. She shares her lovers with me and lets them spank me."

Ben winced at Judy's reference to his wife's lovers. Judy caught this and added, "Oh, come on, Daddy. You know very well Mom has lovers, lots of lovers. She's a whore and she'll freely admit it to you if you ever pull your head out of the sand and ask."

"I'd rather not know."

"Fine, then live with the consequences. Your daughter is a seasoned whore at the age of twelve, wise way beyond her years, all because you don't want to know. If you need an innocent, titless little virgin to keep your job, you're fucked."

Judy finally penetrated his anger. Warmth filled his heart for his precious Judy. He reached over and rested his hand lovingly on her hip and said, "I think I prefer a seasoned whore with tits--wise way beyond her years."

Judy got up on one elbow to look into her father's eyes, then sat up and scooted close, saying, "Do you mean that, Daddy?"

"Yes, sweetheart. I really do mean that. I want you any way you are, just as you are, or whatever you become."

Judy threw her arms around his neck and squeezed so hard it hurt. Tears poured from her eyes as she said, "Daddy, I love you. I love you. I love you so, so much! More than like a daughter loves her Daddy. Daddy, I'm in love with you."

These words hit Ben's heart like a nuclear reactor meltdown. He had to pull over on a busy street and park. He took Judy's face in his hands, looked deep in her tear-filled eyes and said, "Sweetheart, I've been in love with you from the day you were born. And I'm not talking about a father's love for his only child. I am totally in love with you. I always have been, and always will be."

"Please, Daddy, don't say these things to make me feel better. Don't ever say that if you don't mean it, because I was serious. I have never loved any man or boy but you, never. Not even in my dreams or fantasies. It's always been you and me forever. If you're just saying this, I'll die."

"Honey, look into my eyes. Look hard. I meant every single word from the deepest depths of my heart."

It was Judy's turn to experience a total meltdown. She clung to her father and hugged him hard, trembling as he tried to hold her as hard. She softly said, "Daddy, please make love to me. That's all I ever wanted. Let's do it here, or in the middle of the road, or on the Courthouse Square. If you don't make love to me right now, I'll die."

Ben broke their embrace. He stroked her face and said, "That's all I ever wanted, too, but we won't do it here. We're getting the finest room the hotel has, damn the looks, damn the gossip, damn your mother, and we're going to make love till our brains fall out."

She smiled and wiped her tears away, saying, "Okay, since you put it that way, I guess I can wait a few more minutes. Drive fast, though, because I'm so horny I might mount the desk clerk."

Ben put the car in gear and squealed tires pulling onto the roadway. Judy laughed and said, "You know, Daddy, I'll still be a whore after we make-love our brains out."

"Sweetheart, I lived with a whore I didn't love for seventeen years. Living with one I'm in love with will be a cinch."

"Then you won't be mad or hurt if I still fuck other men?"

"No, not at all. If it brings you pleasure, that makes me happy."

"You know, that's why I fell in love with you. I knew you'd be that way. This is fantastic. Daddy, do you know what I want to be when I grow up?"

"A dancer?"

"No, your wife."

Ben smiled and said, "Just tell me when you're grown up."

"Are you serious? Will you divorce Mom and marry me?"

"Yes, but we'll have to wait a few years. Your tits will have to be much bigger. It's the law. Fathers can only marry daughters who have big tits."

Judy laughed and punched his arm, saying, "No, seriously. I know we have to wait till I'm eighteen, but can we get married, legally married?"

"Actually, we can do it when you're sixteen, but we'll have to get you some phony papers that hide the fact that we're father and daughter. That isn't hard, and we can even fake your age, so if you fill out fast and look older than you are, we might try it at fourteen or fifteen. Where there's a will there's a way, kitten."

"Oh God, I'm so excited. Maybe in two years we'll be man and wife? I'm going to start doing breast exercises and drinking a lot of milk. Mom won't mind getting divorced so you and I can get married. I told her how much I loved you. I even told her I dream about us getting married. She thinks it's cool. She won't mind if we sleep together and pretend we're married now. She'd like a bedroom to herself."

"Are you serious? Ruth would allow that?"

"She really will. You'll see. We could just go home and make love. We can even use your bed. She can get a date by picking up the phone. She won't need the bed. Let them get a hotel room."

Ben thought about her advice, then made a U-turn. "By god, you're right. Let some other sap buy a room. I want to make love to my wife in my own god damn bed."

Judy snuggled up close and cooed, "Oh, I love hearing you refer to me as your wife. Don't use those lovey-dovey terms of endearment, just call me wife. Come here, wife, I want to fuck your brains out. We don't always need to make love, you know."

"I know, wife. You learn those things when you marry a whore."

"Oh, yes, and that's the other term I can't hear enough from you. I love hearing you call me a whore. It's like each time you say it is a reminder. Calling me a whore lets me know that you haven't forgotten."

"Don't worry, I won't ever forget. Besides, I'm sure you'll keep reminding me by your actions."

"You better believe it, buster. If you think Mom is a whore, you ain't seen nothin' yet. You've seen what I can do, and I'm only twelve and a half years old. Wait till my tits get big. I'll fuck and suck a pack of dogs on Main Street during the Fourth of July parade."

"Well, let's work on those tits. Our parades need something like that. Just don't lie down in any horse shit when you go to suck their dicks. That would be disgusting."

"Daddy, I love you."

* * *

Marge helped Karen dry herself after her shower, then the two went to sit on Karen's bed for a chat. Karen didn't bother to dress, so Marge patted her on the pussy and said, "I guess we're all over our shyness, aren't we?"

"What's there to be shy about? Boy, you sure aren't shy. How many people saw you naked today?"

"Quite a few considering I only worked half a day and most of that was in Hal's office watching you get screwed silly."

"How many do you suppose?"

"First time seeing me--about thirty, thirty five. I'll work a full day on Monday with no distractions like watching my daughter do an act that would make a whore blush. I'll say over a hundred. Who knows, he might send me on errands in the school. The numbers will soar if I have to leave that office. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"I don't know, it's kind of neat, but I wouldn't want to be in your shoes."

"I can't even wear shoes."

"Well, you know."

"Karen, that was a nice thing you did for Skipper, sucking his dick, too."

"I didn't think you'd want to talk about it."

"Sure, why not talk about it. We'd like to see you do that more often."

"Wow, Emily sure had you wrong."

"Emily? What does Emily have to do with this? Wait, did Emily put you up to sucking Skippy?"

"She didn't put me up to it. All she did was explain about sex practice dogs."

"Sex practice dogs?"

"Yeah, you know. Dogs for a girl to practice sex with."

"Oh, I see. Well that's Emily. She takes her job seriously. Why don't you relax, take a nap if you want. I have a few things to straighten up, some things to wash. I'll check on you later, okay?"

"Sure, Mom. A nap does sound good. Would you let Skippy in my room. He usually wants to fuck me after I suck him, and then I'll need to suck him off afterwards. He likes a suck before and after a fuck. He's a great sex practice dog."

Marge led Skippy into Karen's room. She started to close the door, but Karen wanted it left open. Marge couldn't wait to get to a phone.

She called the aid office at school and Emily picked up. "What the hell is a sex practice dog? What kind of crap did you feed my kid?"

"Uh oh. That was quick. What did she do?"

"She sucked off our golden lab right in front of me and Jerry, that's what she did. Her actions had Emily written all over them. Okay, what did you sell her?"

"It was just a joke, but she was buying into it so heavy. Well, it just got deeper and deeper, and then I had Ben's slut daughter backing up everything I said, adding her two bits. So she actually sucked the dog off, huh? I guess she really bought that crap."

Marge wanted to know what crap was purchased. Emily recreated the conversation, almost verbatim. When Marge had the whole story she had to laugh, then she had to thank Emily. "Emily, Karen bought that story."

"Yes, I know, so?"

"So why not leave things as they are? Hell, if she sees me and Jerry going along with everything you said, she'll buy in deeper. She'll have a sex practice dog. Lucky girl, huh?"

"Lucky mom and dad. I wouldn't mind seeing that on a regular basis myself. I should warn you. I told Hal what we did. He thought it was hilarious. I'm sure he'll bring it up on Monday if he doesn't call you sooner. He is quite smitten with Karen. If you don't want her doing doggie acts, you might want to nip this in the bud right now. I'll forget about the blow job, but if you tell me she's screwing the dog regularly, I can't keep that in."

"Thanks Emily, but I kind of like the idea. It's so scandalous. People seem to be big on that shit. Ever since those stories came out about Cindy Greyson and the Roberts girls fucking those Dobermans, that's all people talk about. I can just hear it now: 'Did you hear the news about Marge? She had to turn her little ten-year-old daughter into a real bitch. She takes her around and has to put on shows. Poor Marge.'"

"Yeah, right, poor Marge. You know me; I'm all for it. So, do you want me to tell Hal about the blow job and grease the skids for you?"

"Yes, I think I do. What the fuck, we're all on a slippery slide to hell anyway. We might as well get in all the fun we can get while it lasts."

"That's my motto. I have to go. I have a young man on my table with a groin injury and he's waiting for the nurse to kiss it and make it better. You'd be amazed at the number of groin injuries we get here. It's a fucking epidemic."

"I understand you have a miracle cure for menstrual cramps too."

"I do, but the crampee has to be a little cutie pie, and she has to cure mine before I'll cure hers."

"Did Karen cure your cramps for you?"

"Like a champ. Did you two get it on in there?"

"I did a little clit nibbling and licking, but she was too occupied with cock to cure my cramps. Now that I know she has the cure, I think I feel a cramp coming on right now."

"Go sit on her face. I'm gone. Bye."

Marge hung up the phone, smiled, and ran a finger through her wet slit, thinking, "Yes, Mommy is going to get lots of cramps."

Marge made her way down the hall to Karen's room, making sure her approach was heard. She emerged into the open doorway just in time to see Karen hauling Skippy up between her widely-held legs. She was on her bed with her ass at the edge, looking to the doorway. When she saw her mother, she reached between her legs, found Skippy's cock, and guided it into her pussy.

Marge felt a huge rush sweep over her. She moved forward and sat on the floor, placing Karen's left leg over her shoulder. Her face was level and close to the pink shaft of Skippy's dick and her daughter's equally pink and receptive vaginal opening. Marge cupped her right hand under the shaft, feeling the point of entry. She smiled at the look of pure bliss mixed with slight discomfort showing on Karen's face. Marge could feel the hard knot that swelled just inside Karen's twat.

Marge was amazed at the size of Skippy's erection. She'd seen it many times, hanging four to six inches outside his sheath, but never fully out and swollen thick in the middle. The cock was designed to lock inside a bitch dog, but Karen's stretched and elastic human pussy rode over the pear-sized swelling. She controlled the penetration by planting her right foot on the floor and using her mother's shoulder under the back of her left leg, pumping her pelvis the full length of the shaft for her mother's benefit.

Marge watched nine inches of naked, pointed dog cock slide out to the tip and in so deep that Karen's pussy shoved the sheath back three more inches in her effort to capture as much as possible. Even the sheath pressed into her opening and her pussy lips kissed the dog's balls as Marge pressed them forward for the in-stroke. Marge estimated that twelve inches of pumping dog cock was inside her daughter when lips touched balls. Marge didn't know where Karen put it all, but could see she fought to get even more, seemingly trying to gobble up the balls as well.

Skippy was humping in short strokes throughout the fucking. When the tip emerged on each of Karen's long draws, his tip poked her pussy three or four times as Karen used her right hand to keep it on target. On the deep plunge that followed, his balls kissed her cunt lips another eight or ten times, as Karen was holding the penetrating pose longer each time, wiggling her ass, trying to get more inside. It was while she held this deep stroke and Marge used her fingers to stuff the dog's folded-back sheath inside that Karen said, "Are we doing it right, Mommy?"

"You're doing good, sweetheart, but you must get the furry part in too. His balls should be right up against your pussy when he cums. You want his sperm to go in as deep as possible. You try using your fingers."

Karen began stuffing sheath. The dog aided by pressing forward and humping hard. Karen cried out, "Oh, it hurts, Mom."

Marge knew it must, but the sight was too erotic for her to take pity. If Karen did manage to get all of his sheath stuffed inside, another two inches of cock would be in her pussy and the balls would be up against her lips without being pressed forward. Determined to see that if it was possible, she said, "I know dear, but it is vital. We were afraid Skippy might be too big for you. I think we can find you a smaller dog if you can't manage with Skippy."

"No, Mom. We can do it. It just hurts a little, that's all."

That was a lie. Karen's face reflected that lie, but she did get more sheath and more cock inside. Marge encouraged, "That's it. Keep stuffing. More, baby, more!"

"Ahhh! Ohhh! It hurts!"

"More. Keep using your fingers. There's just a little bit more to get in. That's it. Oh yes."

"Oh, it hurts so bad."

"More, Karen. You can do it. Yes, you're doing it. Yes! You did it, Karen! You and Skippy are doing it right!"

Relief flooded over Karen. She expelled a long breath as she held Skippy's balls to her pussy. Karen held her pose with her legs wide, allowing Skippy to hump her with his balls never losing contact. She appeared to be enjoying the screwing and smiled at her mother. Marge was too absorbed with the sight to notice. It was the most obscene thing she'd ever seen. When Skippy stepped up his efforts, dancing on his hind legs, Karen cried out, "Mom, he's shooting his stuff. I can feel it way, way inside."

"Yes, pull your pussy open wide. Let him in deeper."

Karen pulled hard on her lips and stretched them thin. Skippy did sink deeper by almost an inch, his balls moving into the space and pressed firmly to the inside surface of her stuffed hole. Marge excitedly said, "Yes, Karen, now use your finger tips to press the balls while you pull the lips over them."

Karen grunted and grimaced, then managed to get her cunt lips almost around his balls when her orgasm hit. She screamed and pulled harder until her two lips touched, fully enveloping Skippy's balls as he poured the last of his spend deeper than he ever dreamed he'd be in any pussy, human or dog. Marge was elated.

Skippy was content to languish in place. After all the struggle and pain she'd endured, Karen was willing to languish as well. Marge, however, wanted to see the next act. She also felt motherly concern, wanting to see if Karen was bleeding. She encouraged Karen to ease him out.

Karen pushed at Skippy's flanks. The wet sheath unfolded to its natural five inch length before the first naked pink meat showed. He still had a swollen knot and her cunt flowed over it. With four inches remaining inside, there was still no sign of semen, but the grip of Karen's cunt was still too tight to expect any. Her elastic hole clung to the retreating shaft, even near the narrower tip. It was only when the last inch was at her opening that sperm began seeping out. When the tip slipped out, sperm poured out.

Marge watched the milky yellow fluid flow from her daughter's abused hole, but saw no blood and breathed a sigh of relief. She smiled when Karen slithered to the floor and engulfed the cock. Skippy remained with his front paws on the bed, surprised at this unexpected treat. It was normally his job to lick his dick after a fuck. He liked this new way much better. While bobbing her head and sucking hard, Karen watched her mother out of the corner of her eye, keeping one leg cocked out so she could see the cum pouring out while she nursed the dog's spent dick.

Marge watched this obscene demonstration for five minutes, then tapped Karen and said, "Okay, that's enough. I am satisfied that you two are doing this the right way. If Skippy continues doing like this, I think he'll do."

"Really, Mom? He will, I'm sure of it."

"We'll see, but your father isn't convinced. He won't be until he sees for himself. Then, of course, there's Barry and Steve. Their education is way behind schedule. There's a lot of catching up to do. I hope you two are up to it."

"We are, Mom. We'll catch up. You'll see. We'll get better at it."

"I'm sure you will. When you do this for the family tonight, I'd like you to grab your toes after you get his balls in and scream out, 'Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy, doggie! Fuck my cunt!' Will you do that?"

"Yeah, if you want, but Daddy won't like me using the 'F' word."

"Oh, I think he'll like it when you are doing the 'F' word. Trust me. Just do it, and when Skippy cums, yell that out, too, just like you did."

"I will. I can't help doing that, especially when I'm cumming too. That feels great when we both cum at the same time."

"I know, sweetheart. That's what doing it right is--cumming together. Cum together for your Daddy, and show the boys how it is done right. You'll show them what a good girl you are."

"I'll try. Mom, will that make me a good whore, too?"

Marge stood over Karen, smiling, lifted her skirt to bare her pussy, straddled her daughter, and squatted to bring her cunt to Karen's upturned face, saying, "No, but sucking Mommy's pussy will."

Karen smiled, then showed her mother what a good little cock-sucking, cunt-sucking whore she was. That's when Hal entered with eight men, Ruth, Judy, Ellen, and six Great Danes.

This story is just too disgusting and messy to continue.

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