Sex 101

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

She made her way past the Stewarts and went to her desk. She took a seat behind the desk, facing the three who sat in the chairs provided for them. Jay and Sandra sat with Robby in the middle. Robby wore a grin, but his parents were still thinking about the "FOUR" they'd added two and two to arrive at.

Judy left no doubt in anyone's mind that the dog had screwed her. They saw semen leaking down both legs, watched the dog lap it up, and when he got his tongue up her twat, Judy stood in a slight squat to receive it. She didn't mean to be that obvious, but once that magnificent tongue got deep in her pussy, she didn't give a fuck what they saw or thought. By the time Bruno cleaned out her twat, Judy left no doubt in anyone's mind.

Judy said, "Well, let's get down to business, shall we?"

Her panties laid on the desk between them, and their eyes rested on those panties. The bra was on the floor by Jay's left foot. Placing the panties there was Rachel's idea. Judy acted like she just noticed the panties and moved them to a drawer. Jay smiled, then reached down and tossed the bra to her. Sandra rolled her eyes as Judy thanked him and put the bra away.

Robby's grin became a knowing smile as Judy said, "As you know, I'm still having trouble with our little Robby." Addressing the devil boy, she said, "Did you tell them what you did to me yesterday?"

He said, "No, I figured you would."

"You figured right."

Addressing his parents, she said, "I moved Robby to the front of the class, center seat, hoping this move might curb his adventures. That was a big mistake. As I walked past, he lifted the back of my skirt clear to my back, exposing all of my backside to the entire class."

Sandra mockingly said, "Robby, that's awful. If your teacher wants her backside exposed to the entire class, she's quite capable of doing that herself."

Jay said, "He's just like his Daddy."

Judy stood and came to stand in front of the desk before Robby. All eyes went to her glistening thighs and the long run of cum traveling down the right thigh as she leaned back on the desk to say, "Yes, it was awful. To make matters worse, I'd chosen that day to wear by briefest panties, one of those French-cut panties from Ginger's Bautique, my husband's favorite."

Jay said, "My favorite, too."

Sandra said, "I think I know what those kids must have seen. You must have been mortified."

"I was. I may as well have been naked. That's my own fault. I'm faulting Robby for lifting my skirt, which was bad enough even if I'd been wearing a decent pair of panties."

Sandra said, "I suppose you'll be moving him to the back row."

"Not necessarily. If he'll promise not to do that again, he can stay up front."

Jay said, "Robby, promise her." Robby promised.

Judy smiled, ruffled his hair, then said, "Your promises aren't much good, but I'd rather have you up front where I can keep my eye on you, even if it causes me occasional embarrassment. Robby, would you wait outside for a little bit. I'd like to speak to your parents alone."

Robby got up and left. Judy waited until he was out the door before saying, "I brought you in because there's something else I need to discuss. I want to teach sex education. These kids need this information, and they need it straight and to the point. The school would not approve of my methods, so I'm taking this up with the parents. I want your okay to do this as I see fit."

Sandra said, "I just want to know one thing. Will this instruction cover bestiality? Most don't."

Judy blushed, but said, "I plan to, yes."

"Then you have our blessing. My only concern is, do you have experience in this area. Are you qualified to teach bestiality?"

Sandra was not being subtle one bit. It was not her question, it was her hard stare at the run of dog cum seeping down the teacher's leg as she asked the question. Bruno wasn't as thorough as she'd thought, but the run was mostly her own lubricants. Judy replied, "I've been doing research."

Sandra smiled knowingly and said, "Yes, we can see you have. So, how was he, aside from being messy?"


Jay said, "We want to be present when you get to that part."

"I'm afraid having parents here would be a distraction. I'm still doing research. Perhaps you'd like to be present for that."

He said, "That'll do."

"Be here next Saturday at two, without Robby."

Sandra said, "We'll be here. Is that all you wanted to discuss?"

"That's all. I'll be sending home a sealed letter with Robby on Monday. It's a consent/release. Sign it and return it, then be here on Saturday. Oh, and don't be hard on Robby for what he did. We'll work it out."

Sandra said, "We wouldn't dream of being hard on him. He has hard-ons enough from being in your class. Personally, I think he did you a favor. You can use the exposure."

Judy smiled and said, "I won't argue that. So far, he's done an excellent job, but I'm sure he could do better with just a little encouragement. Shall we call him back in? I have a plan that I think will meet with your approval."

Judy went to the door and readmitted the offender. She walked with him to his seat and stood before him once again to say, "Robby, I've talked this over with your parents and we've arrived at a solution. Every time you expose me, you'll receive one demerit. When you earn ten, I'll report this fact to them. You will then go to bed without dessert. Do you understand?"

Robby looked to his smiling parents, then to Judy and said, "Sure. Sounds great."

"Then, we're all set. See you Monday morning, and I'll be seeing you two next Saturday."

Jay stood and said, "We wouldn't miss it for the world."

On the way out, Sandra leaned close and whispered, "We need to talk privately." Sandra then ushered the guys out, saying, "Wait in the car. I need a few words with the teacher."

She shut the door after them, then pushed Judy's back to the wall and sent a hand inside her shorts. She cupped the sopping wet pussy as Judy remained passive to the assault. As fingers entered, Sandra said, "You fucked that damn dog! You magnificent slut, you actually fucked that mutt! Really, how was it? I've always wondered."

"It was great, the best ever. You'll see on Saturday."

Sandra roughly pushed the T-shirt up over Judy's breasts and fondled the tits saying, "God, I've been dying to get at these beauties. Damn, they're gorgeous."

While watching the woman devour her big titties, Judy said, "I'm glad you like them, although you'll get no milk if that's what you're after."

Judy leaned against the door frame with just her shoulders touching, holding up both tits to the famished woman's mouth and mauling hands. This went on for several minutes, punctuated with trips to grope pussy. Sandra eventually sated her lust and eased off with the mouth action to say, "I see what you're doing, and I love it. I'm the one that put Robby up to it. I knew you'd be thrilled. Was it really that good?"

"Great! He couldn't have picked a better day to try that stunt."

"Yeah, he told us. He'll get better. We rarely serve dessert anyway. Look, I can help with some of the other parents. I know several of them quite well. We did some swinging with Cheryl and George Babcock, Brenda's parents. Georgette Hardy, Tanya's mom, was my lover for almost a year. I'm bisexual. She's a lesbian. These people you can be up-front with. You don't need to pussy-foot around."

"Thanks. I appreciate this information. Frankly, I think the Chambers will be my only hang-up."

"Shit, no. Donna and Larry Williams will be easy as well."

"Oh, good. I love the twins, Tabatha and Bobby. I'd love to watch them fuck."

"So would their parents. They'd both get in line to watch bugs fuck, and the twins are all they have at home. Some of the others you'll need coaching to handle them right. If I don't know them that well, I know who does. Barbara Henderson was the only one I knew nothing about, but you two appear to be on good terms."

"We are when I do exactly as she says."

"Then do exactly as she says. I can also feel people out. I'm a social butterfly, known for popping in on people. I'm also known to be quite direct. If there's a problem parent, I'll find out for you."

"I really appreciate that, Sandra."

"I thought you might, but I want something in return."

"Anything. What?"

"In this sex education class of yours, I want you to preach incest. Make it the most natural thing on earth. There's nothing wrong with it."

"I believe that."

"Others don't. I want Robby ready to jump my bones after one class. That horny little shit is driving me up a wall, but he won't make a move on me. He's fucking his big sister raw, but I'm not getting any. He's hung up about being a mother fucker. Change that. Make mother fuckers out to be real men. Mothers are the whores real men practice on. The message they should get should be to treat your mother like a whore, and she'll respond like a whore."

"Some of these mothers aren't going to like that, Sandra."

"Don't you believe it. If you spent any time with a horny young teenage boy that is always trying to get a peek at your goodies, but won't make a move on you, you'd know."

"You forget, I spend time with a dozen, five days a week. You're right, but I'm not their mother."

"There isn't one of those mothers that wouldn't cream her knickers if her little stud walked up to her, sent his hand up her dress, grabbed her by the cunt, and said, 'Quit teasing me, bitch, and give me some pussy.'"

Judy laughed at the idea, because Sandra demonstrated on her, lifting her to her toes by the cunt. Judy said, "I may have to rethink my lesson plan after all. It works for me."

"It works for all. We're all whores deep down, and whoring at home is safe and convenient. Well, do we have a deal?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I could sure use your help."

"You've got it. I'll get to scouting right away. You start working on those little mother fuckers."

"What about the Daddy fuckers?"

"Do you even have to ask? Show me a man that wouldn't fuck his little girl if she came-on to him the right way, or a little girl that wouldn't come-on to her daddy if she knew how."

"What is the right way? I always wondered."

"She comes to him, naked, with a finger in her pussy, pouting lips, saying, 'Daddy, my pussy itches.'"

Judy laughed and said, "That's where I went wrong. I just sat on his lap, fully clothed, and made his dick get hard."

"A waste of time. My way works every time."

"How many daddies do you have?"

"One biological, three stepfathers, four uncles, two grandfathers, and one great-grandfather who was really great on his back."

"A pro. I might have guessed. Okay, incest is best. Anything else?"

"Yes, bisexuality is next best. Get these girls thinking bisexual. Some of these mothers don't have sons, and they need taking care of, too. Show me a woman who wouldn't love to share a roof with a pussy lapper."

"I suppose you have a plan for them as well."

"One mother, two stepmothers, two sisters, three aunts, two grandmothers, and two great-grandmothers that were great on their backs. I do have a plan, and it works every time."

"And just what is this secret formula?"

"Mommy, can I look at your vagina? I want to see where I came from?"

"That works on an aunt?"

"No, but this does: 'Can I look at your vagina up close? I'm dying to see what a grown-up one looks like, and I can't see mine very well."

"Hmmm, I see your point. Who could refuse such an innocent request?"

"Nobody ever has, that's how I know it works. Once they show you what it looks like, they never mind if you find out what it tastes like. Teach it. The mothers will thank you."

"I think I shall, Sandra. I like being thanked for corrupting the morals of minors."

"I'll thank you if you do it right. I'd better go. I'd suck you off, but you have a twat full of dog cum. I have my scruples."

"Oh, damn, and I was so looking forward to it. Before you go, I have one more appointment due here at four. What advice can you give me on dealing with Jack and Carol Hastings? They're bringing their daughter, Tiffany."

"This is your lucky day, Judy. Carol and I are close. We share fantasies. One of her biggies involves Tiffany in the hands of a nice child molester. She spies while he does his dirty deed, and this is a fantasy she has carried out in real life several times."

"Does her husband know?"

"Oh, yeah. They're open about their fantasies, that's how I know what his are. Jack has one along those lines, but he's into the rough stuff. He likes to pretend they get abducted by a gang and he's forced to watch the brutal rape of his wife and daughter. You could play off both fantasies in your teacher role. This rape gang that's being run out of the high school has them both creaming their jeans, but they aren't likely to be targeted. What is she being called in for?"

"Excessive tardies and talking in class."

"Perfect. She needs a bare-bottom spanking doesn't she?"

"Would they tolerate that?"

"Of course, they'll love every second if you don't pussy-foot around and make it clear from the get go that this is just an excuse to molest the kid."

"How obvious can I get?"

"The more the better. The sooner they put their defenses down the better. Get them horny before you bring up the need to administer a bare-bottom spanking. Oh, and the child should be stripped naked for this spanking. Bind her arms behind her back, then lay her across your lap with her juicy parts aimed at the parents."

"I couldn't do that, could I?"

"That's what they want, and if you don't get your fingers wet, they'll be terribly disappointed."

"You wouldn't steer me wrong would you?"

"Never. I don't want anything to go wrong. You're my key to gratification. If this all goes well, you'll open a lot of doors for me."

"I'll have to mull this over. This seems awfully risky."

"Judy, there is no risk, not with those two, and you know what a passive little doll Tiffany is. She's a molester's dream. They've been grooming her for this all her life. This won't be her first bare-bottom spanking, and she's been conditioned to obey all adults, even strangers. Carol will only hire male adults as sitters, and she gives them absolute authority. If that kid's a virgin, I'll suck dog cum from your pussy."

"Hummm, interesting. I suppose I have to trust your judgment at some point. My fingers could use wetting, especially in that adorable little honey pot of Tiffany's. I haven't had a little girl since I was a little girl."

"I like you, Judy Elders. I'll stay in-touch. Later."

* * *

After Sandra left, Judy could think of nothing but prepubescent pussy. Availing herself of a beardless clam, one that played prominently in her fantasies. The one between Tiffany's legs had the aroused teacher's mind working in high gear. Partaking of the forbidden fruit while the parents watched was something Judy had never considered. The idea was just too far out, but the far-out idea quickly took root, shot up, took on branches, and bore fruit.

She checked the time. She had twenty minutes. The outfit she had on would never do, besides, it was wet in the crotch from all the seepage. She had a much better outfit at home, less than a mile away. She decided she had time, placed a note on the door, and ran to her car. She beat the Hastings back by thirty seconds. They were pulling up as she entered the classroom.

She quickly slipped on the four-inch heels, brushed out her hair, hiked the already dangerously short skirt to a level that would mean an immediate arrest if she ventured out in public. The tight hemline cut across her pussy, leaving the bottom portion exposed to anyone sitting at eye level.

She raised the hem to check her hasty shave, satisfied that she'd done a fair job and didn't nick herself considering how quickly she performed the operation. She reset the skirt and adjusted the see-through blouse worn without a bra. As an after-thought, she unbuttoned two more buttons, rendering the see-through factor moot as a slight bend forward laid them bare.

She wore an outfit that would set the tone from the first hello. No teacher, even on a day off, would wear such a get-up. No hooker would wear so little standing on a dark street corner. She was practically naked. When the knock came, Judy jumped, even though she expected it. Her nerves were that keyed.

The door opened to reveal a picture from a family album right out of the American heartland, only their eyes were wider and their mouths hung open. Carol looked as normal as apple pie, and appeared to have just come from baking one. Plain was an understatement. Jack looked like he might enjoy watching a little girl getting raped. He needed a shave, a haircut, new shoes, and a bath.

In sharp contrast to both of her parents, cute little Tiffany stood in a nice dress, her Sunday best, no doubt, because she never wore dresses to class. Her full mane of auburn hair was teased full like a lion's mane which served to frame a face that belonged on a fairy princess. The dress she wore looked too small with the top fitting tight and the skirt sticking out starting at hip level to reveal most of her legs. She wore bobby socks and patent leather pumps. She was dressed to molest. Judy smiled big and welcomed them in.

She walked ahead of the them, putting an exaggerated sexy sway to her step, showing the lower crests of her ass cheeks as she did. When she got to her desk, she turned to face the three taking seats.

Three pairs of eyes zeroed in on her exposed pussy. The pair belonging to Carol were set in a face that took on the unmistakable blush of arousal. Jack's were bugged out. He sat with an erection, obviously spawned by her sexy walk. It was Tiffany's eyes Judy was most interested in now that she knew Sandra hadn't misled her.

She appeared to be in shock, though mesmerized by the sight of her teacher's bare pussy so shamelessly displayed. Her eyes tried to look up, but each time would fall as though weighted. When Judy boldly leaned back against the desk and placed her straight arms back for support, there was no more looking up. Her pussy, from the start of her crack to the bottom was out for all to see: clit, major labia, minor labia, the full slit, an elongated pink oval of interior flesh and a hint of hole.

She said, "I called you here because Tiffany needs discipline. Since our last meeting, she has gotten worse, not better. Obviously, you two need help. I intend to see that Tiffany learns a lesson she'll never forget. My methods may seem harsh and crude, but they are effective. With your permission, I'd like a totally free hand with her."

Carol cleared her throat and said, "Of course. Whatever you think is best. We'll go along with anything, anything at all."

Jack said, "That's right. You're the teacher, and I do like the way you dress."

Judy smiled to Jack and said, "This is my dress-to-impress outfit. It makes an impression on young minds."

"It's making a fucking impression in my god damn pants."

Carol berated, "Jack, cool it! This is serious business. She's not here to entertain a truck driver."

"Well, she's doin' a damn good job. If that skirt rises any higher, I'll blow a fuckin' cum gasket."

Judy could see that Jack wanted to get a party going, an orgy, but that wasn't what she had in mind. She addressed Jack, saying, "Carol's right, we must be serious, but if you find this entertaining, that's fine. All I ask is that you refrain from talking during the discipline session. Afterward, I'd like to speak with each of you, in private, alone. That's when you can offer your critique of my method. That is, if that's what you both want."

Jack said, "Hell, yeah, that's what we both want. Let's get this show on the road. My critique's about to bust through my zipper."

Indeed it was, but he had a simple solution: he unzipped. He hauled out a respectable eight-inch, thickly-veined, meaty cock and began jacking off.

Judy wasn't too surprised, but by the look on Tiffany's face, the little girl was. This told Judy that the girl was seeing her father's cock for the first time, which was another surprise. Even Carol looked surprised and shouted, "Jack, honestly, put that thing away! How can you do that in front of Tiffany?"

"By the way things are going, I figure it's coming out sooner or later anyway, why not at the start."

Judy could see that Carol was upset. Her vulgar husband was spoiling everything for her. Judy wanted them both to get satisfaction, but Jack seemed bent on venting his lust at the expense of everyone else. The man was a pig, but he had a nice dick.

Judy thought hard and thought fast, trying to salvage the session before Carol became too upset. She addressed herself to Carol, cutting off another attack, saying, "Mrs. Hastings, Jack's fine. I intended to ask him to expose his genitals later on, but doing so now works just as well."

This took the wind out of Carol's sails. She sat back and simply said, "Oh."

Judy went on, "Actually, since he started, perhaps you'd like to get ready. I'll be asking you to expose your genitals as well--your breasts, too."

"Me? Well ... I, uh ..."

"It's part of my technique, a very important part. I can't demand you cooperate in this regard, but in the interest of your child's development, I should think you'd want to cooperate."

"Well, yes, of course, but ..."

"You needn't do it now, but be ready when I ask."

Jack said, "Shit, Carol, do it now. Strip them things off, gal. Get naked. It's just friends and family here, right, teach?"

Judy turned cold eyes on Jack and decided to cool his ardor. He was way ahead of the game and needed cooling. She said, "Mr. Hastings, show some respect for these proceedings or we'll end this now. This is not a bordello. This is a classroom."

"Hey, excuse the fuck outta me. I was just taking my cues from you. If you say it's a classroom, it's a classroom, but you're dressed for a bordello. You sure don't look like no teacher I ever saw."

"Then don't call me teach."

"Yeah, what should I call you--CUNT?"

She could tell he regretted saying the word as soon as it left his lips. She'd pacified Carol and pissed off Jack. His dick was probably raising hell with his mouth for blowing the best piece of ass he'd likely ever get. Judy figured him for a guy that chased pussy, and Carol for a wife that knew and tolerated that. With that in mind, she went to him and straddled his lap. She sank on his cock before he knew what she was up to. He slid in easily owing to the residual dog cum still inside a slobbering wet pussy.

Facing him with his dick lodged deep, not moving a muscle, she pulled her top outside her breasts and said, "I prefer bitch. If you call me teach or cunt one more time, this will be all the critique you get. Do we have an understanding?"

Staring hard at the finest set of hooters he'd ever seen, he said, "Sure. Whatever you say."

"Good. This is my classroom, and in my classroom, I call all the shots."

"You're the bitch of the classroom. I understand."

"Good." Judy rose slowly until his dick, slimy and wet, flipped from her hole and slapped his heavy Peterbuilt belt buckle, making him wince. Judy caught Carol out of the corner of her eye. She looked amazed. Tiffany looked ghostly white, wide-eyed and mouth agape. The tone of the session was now firmly set.

Judy said, "Tiffany, take off your clothes." When Tiffany hesitated, Jack grabbed her and practically tore the dress off her. He did tear the panties off. Tiffany took off her own shoes and socks with trembling fingers.

Carol knew she'd get to see her child molestation fantasy played out without the usual sneaking and peeking. Jack knew he'd be getting more pussy, and Tiffany knew she'd be getting it, period. Judy, now confident of success, turned to Carol and said, "Now, would you care to get undressed? I'd prefer you took everything off. It'll be easier that way."

Carol stood and said, "Yes, of course. Whatever's easier."

They watched Carol methodically remove items of clothing until she was down to her cotton panties. She had saggy breasts and stretch marks on her tummy, but looked good otherwise. She had great legs and not an ounce of flab in her thighs or lower abdomen. She had a prominent pubic mound with a bulging pussy that made her look like a man wearing panties.

As she went for the panties, Judy said, "No, let Tiffany remove them." Carol stopped dead. Judy addressed the surprised girl, saying, "Tiffany, get down on your knees before your mother."

Jack cried out, "Hot damn!"

Judy quickly shushed him with a stern look and a finger to her lips. Jack made a zip across his tight smiling lips. Tiffany slowly knelt at her mother's feet and waited. Judy said, "Remove your mother's panties slowly. No, not with your hands--with your teeth."

Carol moaned as Tiffany looked over her shoulder to see if her teacher was serious. Judy raised her voice saying, "Do not question anything I tell you to do. Just do as you're told. Put your arms behind your back and hold them there. Get busy."

Judy retrieved a neck tie she'd brought from home and stooped to bind the girl's arms tightly at the elbows. Tiffany bit the waist band of her mother's panties just below the belly button as Carol watched in awe, captivated by the sight. With the arms secure, Judy stepped to the side to watch. Tiffany inched the panties down by taking bites along the edge and pulling down. She soon had pubic hairs to deal with and had trouble taking bites without taking hairs.

Carol looked enthralled and weak in the knees as her daughter's face came in frequent contact with her mound, tickling hairs as she moved about, her hot breath heating the area between her legs. Carol could have made the task easier by keeping her knees together, but her knees kept drifting out. By the time Tiffany had to deal with the crotch, her mother's knees were two feet apart and her pussy was tilted up and into her daughter's face.

Tiffany's face was red as a fire truck as she had to take careful nips in the crotch. She'd freed the panties from her mother's ass, but the crotch fought back owing to her wide stance. This forced her to keep working in the crotch area. With her mother's pussy now exposed and jutting with its full, fleshy, cunt guts exposed, Tiffany had a tricky challenge not to get wet while getting bites of material.

Judy found the sight wildly erotic owing in part to the obscene-looking cunt Carol possessed. This was no pussy, this was a cunt. Judy never saw such a cunt. It looked like the woman's insides were spilling out from a crack between her legs. The dark abundant hairs made a striking contrast to all the pink meat she displayed. Of course, Tiffany was seeing it up-close and personal, and getting wet as a result. To her, it looked like a raw meat taco smothered in hair with way too much sauce.

Another factor that added to the eroticism was Carol's inability to control her excitement. She wasn't trying to be difficult, but her legs refused to cooperate, and her pussy demanded attention. She seemed ashamed of herself while at the same time loving every second.

Every time Tiffany's face came in contact with wet tissue, Carol moaned. The panties were finally clear of the crotch and clear of hairs. The rest went rather easy because Carol was able to get control of her legs and stand straight once her daughter's wet face got past the pussy.

Carol stepped free, but in replanting her feet, planted them farther apart. She stood in a Wonder Woman pose, inviting more pussy play. Her pussy was, in fact, jutted out toward Tiffany's face when the confused girl again sat up straight with the panties in her teeth.

Judy had no plan and was winging it as she went. She took cues from Carol, so on seeing the pose, said, "Tiffany, do you know what a clit is?" Tiffany spit the panties out and said she did. Judy said, "Good, put your nose on your mother's clit."

Carol bit her lower lip as Tiffany moved forward and touched her nose to the hooded clit, lightly. Judy said, "Press in tight. Push on it."

This brought Tiffany's face into the meatiest and wettest part of the pussy. She was smothered in cunt guts, but held the pose. Judy said, "Will you ever be tardy again? Just shake your head, yes or no."

Carol moaned, "Oh God!" as Tiffany's head went side to side in her beaver.

Judy said, "Will you ever talk out of turn in class?" Again the head titillated her mother with a no answer.

Judy asked a series of no answer questions that had the mother on the verge of an orgasm and had the child's face covered in cunt slime. It was a bizarre sight to witness, especially when Carol began rubbing herself on Tiffany's face during the pauses. Carol moved up and down to compliment Tiffany's side to side. Together, the complementary motions thoroughly wetted all skin on Tiffany's face. Judy paused often and long to allow Carol to eventually reach orgasm. Tiffany got her face fucked by an all-meat taco.

After the orgasm, Carol collapsed back in her chair, keeping her knees wide to air out her sweltering beaver. Judy said, "Now, lick her pussy. Lick it all over. Lick it good. Pretend you're a dog and between your mother's legs is honey. Lick up all the honey, Tiffany. The honey is coming from her fuck hole, so lick that part good and get your tongue way up inside your mother's pussy."

Tiffany did as she was told and had Carol in a state of delirium, headed for another climax. Carol reached down with both hands to frame her sex and pull her spread wider. She placed fingertips on the lips and made that wider, too. Awed by the sight of her daughter licking deep inside her hole, Carol just stared.

Jack was about to cum, pounding his dick. Judy placed her hand on his wrist and said, "Hey, take it easy, big fellah. Your turn is coming. You don't want to waste it, do you?"

When Jack stopped beating his meat, Judy straddled his lap in reverse, settling onto his dick with her back to him. Again, once he was deep inside, she sat still, effectively keeping him from playing with himself. He didn't seem to mind. He removed her blouse and played with her tits instead.

They both kept watch on the action to their right as Tiffany appeared to be getting into her role as a honey-starved dog. She had her mother quivering like a dog shitting razor blades. She did one thing dogs can't do--she paused from time to time to suck on cunt guts, throwing her mother into fits of ecstasy. Judy thought, "If Bruno could do that, he'd be the perfect dog."

Jack whispered in her ear, "I want to fuck the kid."

Judy squeezed his dick with her cunt muscles in reply. Judy leaned back to whisper, "I thought you had."

"No, the old lady won't let me near the kid."

"Is she a virgin?"

"If she is, it ain't for lack of trying. Carol's been throwing that kid to every pervert she meets. She don't think I know what she's doin', but I ain't stupid. She just don't want me gettin' any. She'll go along with you, though. Come on, Judy. I gotta have me some of that tight pussy." Judy gave him another pussy squeeze then settled back in his arms to watch the climax.

Carol's second orgasm made her piss. Tiffany didn't let the pissing pussy slow her down. With both hands braced on her mother's inner thighs, she sucked, slurped, and lapped at the wet maw that just kept getting wetter and wetter until a steady amber stream flowed from the piss hole.

To their utter amazement, Tiffany fastened her mouth on the entire clit area and began sucking hard and swallowing steadily. Carol's head fell back and she pissed freely in post orgasmic bliss, making a constant stream of pleasure moans to go with her constant stream of piss. When piss no longer flowed freely and had to be squeezed out, the moans came with each squeeze.

The final squirts were the most erotic to watch because they were deliberate with Carol looking right in Tiffany's eyes. After a pause to highlight the dramatic tension, Carol would lift into the mouth and squeeze out a moaning squirt which Tiffany sucked and swallowed as her mother's ass settled to the seat with a relieved, "Ahhhhhh ..."

Carol dragged out this wicked finale for a good five minutes and a good dozen squirts until she gave the last and looked over to Judy with a look like a woman who just did something very nasty to her child and was very pleased with herself.

Judy smiled, then said, "Tiffany, come over here. Crawl to us on your knees."

Tiffany struggled to get back on her knees, then made her way to her father and Judy. She came to rest, kneeling between her father's parted knees. Judy leaned back with her legs out in the splits, presenting the girl with a shocking view of joined genitals, saying, "Lick us like you licked your mother."

Tiffany applied herself to the task as though born to it. Her fast-working tongue seemed to be everywhere at once. She sucked balls, sucked clit, and tried to wedge her tongue in alongside her daddy's cock. After a few delightful minutes, Judy had her stand and mount the chair they were sitting on.

This was a tricky maneuver as she had to find footing on the outside edges, but with Judy's help, she finally stood over them. Judy stared at the cute little bald cunny that hung in her face, then ran both hands up the girl's legs, converging in the crotch. There, she dallied. She played, once again, with a tight-lipped clam and smelled the familiar ripeness of sweet innocence and youth. She even took a few licks for old time's sake, then sat back.

Carol had crawled over and rested her arm on Judy's thigh with a good view of the action going on in Tiffany's crotch. Judy ignored Carol and kept toying with the girl's pussy. She sent a finger deep to test Sandra's theory. She was no virgin, and by the ease with which she took the finger, had not been for quite some time.

Judy raised off the cock and sat back higher on Jack's abdomen as he scooted his ass forward. Judy guided Tiffany by the hips. The girl knew what was expected, and brought her pussy to the head of her father's dick. She settled over it and then settled down it. The dick slid in almost effortlessly. Owing to the crowded space, she could not seat herself all the way down, but most of the cock was in her.

Judy cupped the girl's ass checks and began fucking the child on her father's dick, rubbing their clits together as she did, saying, "I see you've done this before, haven't you?" Tiffany gulped and nodded. "How many men have you fucked, Tiffany?"

"I don't know, maybe twenty."

Jack exclaimed, "TWENTY! Holy shit!"

Carol didn't act at all surprised and could probably provide the exact number. She kept silent and looked anxious as Judy queried, "When was the first? How old were you?"

"Five, I think. I know I was in kindergarten."

"About how many times have you been fucked by these twenty men?"

"I don't know. Hundreds, I guess."

Judy looked to Carol and said, "Were you aware of this?"

Carol put on an innocent face and said, "I'm shocked. I had no idea. I suspected a few of her sitters may have taken liberties, but it would appear they all did over the years. She never said a word about it, so I figured everything was okay. Men do make the best baby-sitters. I want someone mature that could deal with an intruder. That's why I only hired men."

Carol's defensive reply was not what Judy was after. She carefully worded her response to let Carol know she had nothing to hide and nothing to worry about. She said, "Well, it appears these men violated your trust, but it also appears Tiffany has been a bad girl. She had to lure these men for there to be so many, and her silence afterward is most suspicious."

Carol picked up the message and relaxed visibly as she said, "My thoughts exactly. Only a whore could lure so many men over so short a time."

Satisfied that they were back on track, Judy said, "Well, Tiffany, what have you to say for yourself? Are you a little whore?"

"No, honest, they just do it, and then they tell me not to tell anyone."

"You don't do anything to make them get hard and horny, is that what you're saying?"

"I don't do anything, but they get that way when they give me a bath."

Carol offered, "I insist she be bathed. You can't trust her to wash properly before bedtime."

The two women exchanged knowing looks and Judy returned her questioning to Tiffany, saying, "So, while your sitters wash you, they get horny for no reason."

"I think seeing a naked girl makes them that way. When they wash me between my legs, they get hornier. I get washed a lot down there."

Carol offered, "I insist they wash there, especially."

"As you should. That is a proper washing. [addressing herself to Tiffany] You know what I think, Tiffany?"

"No, what?"

"I think you're a little whore. You like fucking, don't you?"

"Well, it feels good most of the time."

"It feels great having a grown man's dick in you, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, sometimes, if it isn't too big. Some are way bigger than Daddy and they hurt a lot. If it doesn't hurt, it feels great."

"Now, tell us the truth. Did you spread your legs real wide when the men got to washing you between the legs?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so."

"Even after the first time you did that drove the man to want to fuck you, you kept on doing that, didn't you?"

"Well, yeah, sorta."

"You know how to make a man want to fuck you, don't you?"

"Yeah, I know."

Judy turned to Carol and said, "There's your answer. You're raising a little cock-hungry whore."

"Yes, that would explain everything."

Judy asked Tiffany, "How does your Daddy's cock feel to you?"

"Great. His is just right."

"Would you like more?"


"I'll get up and give you more room. Show us how you fuck a man."

Judy stood, untied Tiffany's arms, then stepped away. Tiffany scooted closer and squatted until her ass mashed her father's pubic hairs flat. She placed her hands on his shoulders and began doing squats that took her to the tip and back down in rapid order, a drill that had Jack's eyes going cross-eyed. He groaned, "Jesus Fucking-'A' H. Christ! God damnit!"

Carol stood beside Judy to watch the exciting performance. She leaned over and whispered, "Who told you?"

Judy whispered back, "A birdie."

"A birdie named Sandra?"

Judy just smiled. They both turned their full attention to the illicit copulation and watched the little girl come alive now that she had control and knew she was in the company of people who didn't look down on little whores. She used her youthful energy to fuck the shit out of her father. He didn't last long and blasted off in her cunt. She expertly slowed her motion at the first sign of his climax and took up a milking action with her wide-kneed squats. Her cunt appeared to be sucking the sperm from his dick.

When Jack collapsed and was spent, Tiffany slowed her motion to a lazy stroke that soothed the tired organ. In this way, she kept the spongy organ from getting too soft without putting too much sensation into a tired fuck muscle. The women were amazed.

When they saw that Tiffany had coaxed another erection without losing the first, Carol said, "This is incredible. I don't believe my eyes."

Tiffany heard this and began showing off. She placed her hands on her hips and brought her cunt up so the tip just rested in the slimy groove of her sex. Both women took up viewing positions on either side, kneeling to bring their faces where the action was. Tiffany teased the tip, then sank slowly down. She raised half-way and did an obscene bump and grind like a seasoned stripper. She inspired more declarations of awe from both women, which inspired her to do more tricks.

She went low to grind their loins together while he was fully seated, then she came to the tip and did sensuous circles. She did a series of rapid plunges that had her father moaning and turned the sloppy mess in her crotch into a milky froth.

For her grand finale, she sat and spun around. She replanted her feet, then stood in a reversed squat holding to the forward edge of the seat. In this position, like an Olympic swimmer getting ready for the starting gun, she rapidly rode the full length of her father's dick, then just as he neared orgasm, she raised her ass high and engulfed him in her mouth. Jack cried out, "Oh FUCK!" as she sucked the cum from his balls like an industrial vacuum while her sloppy beaver waved in his face.

With the last dribble going down her throat, Tiffany stood to bask in the admiration of the perverted adults. Judy stood and lifted Tiffany, setting her on her feet on the floor. Carol came over and placed a loving arm around Tiffany's shoulder and said, "Sweetheart, that was amazing. Who taught you that?"

"Uncle Willy, Grandpa Smith, Barney, and Cousin Jake. They all taught me things, but it was mostly Uncle Willy. Did I do good?"

"You did great."

Judy said, "You did too great. I thought I'd get a fuck out of this, but look at him. You killed him." This brought laughs from all but Jack. He was dead--well, his dick was.

Judy explained her sex education plans to the Hastings, and they loved the idea. From Carol, Judy learned about more of the parents she'd be dealing with. Carol had a different circle of friends which included most of the people Sandra hadn't mentioned. Between Sandra and Carol, only three couples were in question, but Tiffany offered info on them that she'd gathered from talking to their kids.

The biggest shocker of all was Brad and Bonnie Stevens, Sharon Stevens' parents. By outward appearance, they looked straight as arrows, a handsome couple, both successful in careers with an only daughter that was not only stunningly beautiful, but an early bloomer. Carol assured her that Bonnie, her best friend, wanted their daughter to join them in a family threesome.

The sexy girl was driving them crazy, and they wanted her fucked. They wanted someone to break her in right so they didn't have to. Judy was elated. Her plan seemed workable with no one to spoil the fun. Tiffany also offered information on each of the students. She knew who was virgin and who was not. The children were very open with each other about their sexual experiences, and several of the girls had been screwing their relatives. Two were daddy fuckers--Joann and Karen, now joined by Tiffany.

She also knew which of the boys were screwing, which ones could ejaculate, who had the biggest dick, and who was fucking whom in the class. Robby, as it turned out, had nailed all the non-virgins which was six, exactly half of the girls, having taken three cherries during that school year which was just two months into the spring semester. Robby also had the biggest dick at seven inches and was quite the stud. No wonder he drove Sandra mad, Judy mused.

Judy was quite surprised to learn that the class she'd been with for six months was already a sex class and had progressed as far as they had on their own. It was her inspiration that made them that way, but she'd never done anything overt. Her guess would have been that all of the girls were virgins and all but two of the boys. Robby and Gary did not act like virgins. The others did.

Judy was tempted to tell them about her doggie adventure, but thought it would be best left as a surprise. When Rachel told her story, Tiffany and Robby could add theirs. When the class assembled on Monday morning, there'd be no doubters. Judy's wheels were already turning. She wanted that first exposure to be a doozie. A plan began to gel, one that required a partner.

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