The Roberts Ordeal

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Suddenly, the door burst open, the light went on, and there stood a big man wearing a dark ski mask holding a gun on them. "Well, well, what have we got here? Gettin' a little late night nookie from Sis, huh? Get up, both of you. Move!"

Similar scenes unfolded in the other rooms. Rachel's door was kicked in because it was locked. Angie and Jerry entered the hall as Jennifer was being dragged by her long hair by another big hooded thug. Another exited Rachel's room carrying her in his arms. Ginger and Dan stumbled out of their room at gunpoint. All made their way downstairs as Ginger pleaded with her assailants. The man pushing her along slapped her hard in the face and said, "Shut the fuck up, bitch! Just keep moving."

Once downstairs, the intruders set about tying Ginger and Dan to straight-backed chairs. First, they were stripped. Their hands were tied behind their backs and each ankle was tied to the outside leg of the chair they sat on. Ginger would not stop pleading. The leader placed an apple in Ginger's mouth, made her open wide, then slapped her under the chin. This effectively gagged her. They hog-tied Jerry and laid him on the floor on his side, then the four hooded young men focused their attention on the three girls.

Angie stood trembling in her nakedness. Rachel, wearing only panties, huddled in the corner of the sofa in a fetal ball. Jennifer, wearing her PJ's, sat at the other end of the sofa hugging her drawn-up knees defensively. A black hand toyed with her long hair. "Man, she's a pretty thing. I'll bet you're cherry, aren't you babe?"

"Please, don't touch me." Pointing to her big sister, she said, "She'll do anything you want. She's a whore. She likes doing those things."

Blade went to Angie. He knew her well. He'd admired her from a distance for years. She was smart, pretty, and sexy. She wasn't the kind of girl that would be caught talking to a guy like him, but that made her more desirable. He said, "Is that true? Are you a whore?"

"They say I am."

Cory said, "They treat her like one. Her brother was knocking off a piece when I barged in."

Blade went to Jerry and raised his head by the hair. "Is that right, punk? Are you in the habit of taking pussy when you want it? Did you rape your own sister, you fucking scum bag?" Jerry shook his head.

Blade threw the boy's head down and stood to address Angie. "Go get dressed, Angie. Don't try to be a hero. Don't go crawling out a window or try to alert anyone. Just get dressed and come back down here and no one will get hurt."

Angie went to her room. Blade turned his attention to the couple, saying, "We're going to have us a little party, folks. Angie won't be a party to the party. If I ever hear you fucked with her because of it, I'll be back, and it won't be for a party. You got that?" Both nodded.

He stood over Jerry and rolled him to his back with his boot, saying, "Fuck Angie again, and I'll have your balls mounted."

Jerry knew who was speaking to him from behind the mask, and he knew he was dead serious. He plaintively cried, "I swear, Blade. I'll never touch her again."

"Shut up, stupid. You have no idea who I am, do you?"

"No! No way. I have no idea who any of you are."

Blade squatted before the boy and lifted his chin, saying, "Are you fucking your old lady, too?"

"No! I swear!"

Blade took his head and lifted it so he could see between Ginger's legs. "What's the matter. Ain't she pretty enough to fuck?"

"She's my mother."

"Look at her pussy. Is there anything wrong with her pussy? Does she have a smelly, old, baggy cunt?"


Blade took his signature switch-blade and deftly cut the bindings holding Jerry in a bundle. "Then go fuck her."

Ginger struggled and yelled into her gag, but delicious sensations had already started in her pussy from when they were all looking at it and discussing it. She watched Jerry rising and immediately saw his cock rising at the prospect. Her clit rose in sympathy. Blood rushed to swell her vulva in anticipation.

Blade slapped her ass, saying, "Get that cunt up where junior can get to it, whore."

As Jerry stood between her knees with his hard cock poking straight out from his loins, Ginger lifted her ass high off the seat and waited. Jerry crouched and brought the head of his dick to her cunt. He avoided her eyes; her head was turned away anyway. She groaned as her son's cock sank steadily into her moist female grotto. This is the sight that greeted Angie as she made her way down the stairs dressed in jeans and a sweat shirt.

Blade led her to a seat off to the side, a seat with a good view, saying, "Here, Angie, you just sit and enjoy the show." He got close, stroked her cheek, and said in a low, soft voice that only she could hear, "I know you're no whore, Angie. Anyone who says you are will answer to me. Anyone who gives you any shit will answer to me too. I think you know who I am, don't you?" She nodded, her heart beating rapidly. "I heard what Spivy did to you. He won't ever touch you again. I'll see to it."

"Blade, just leave my family alone. That's all I ask."

"I can't do that, Angie. This is business. I've got orders. Besides, these fuckers deserve this. Look at them." He indicated her brother and mother, lost in the passion of their incestuous coupling. "Do you honestly think they didn't want this?"

Ginger was heaving her pelvis up to meet the energetic thrust from her son. Each was now staring into their joined crotches. Jerry cupped her ass cheeks and pounded his mother's cunt. They were both oblivious to everyone else, and their fevered fucking threatened to topple the chair. Angie said no more.

The fuck didn't last very long. They came together in a powerful explosion of passion that sent the chair over backward, throwing Jerry and his sperm spurting cock through the air. The terrible fall ruined Ginger's orgasm. When Cory and Bubba set her upright, the frustration on her face was evident. She had sperm from her belly button to her forehead, but none near her wet pussy.

Angie knew just how she felt. There is no feeling like a good cum interrupted in stride. She would know, her mother was a pro at cum interruptus, timing her interruptions just right, waiting outside the door that Angie was not permitted to lock, listening for the audio clues before bursting into her bedroom or the bathroom and pulling Angie's hands from her crotch. Then, there were those agonizing minutes, being held by the wrist with her mother's face in her own, taking devilish delight in her torment as the passion slowly ebbed. And the humiliation that followed when she was back to normal and left with the empty feeling and shame.

Worst of all were the punishment sessions that followed being caught masturbating, because these sessions were carried out before the whole family, in the nude, and focused on her pussy--the offending organ. Forced into humiliating positions to receive ruler slaps to her cunt only reawakened her passions but offered no relief--only abject humiliation and pain. Still, she masturbated whenever she thought she could get away with it. Half of the time, she did escape detection. Angie thought her mother had a sixth sense about her need to play with herself.

Now, it was Ginger's turn to suffer the agony and humiliation. Angie tried not to show her pleasure. Ginger gradually took note of what was happening around her. Jake was on the sofa and had pulled Rachel onto his lap. She struggled with him as he tried removing her panties. Jake handled her easily, but soon tired of the game and simply ripped the panties off. He sat her on his lap with her legs outside of his and began stroking her hairless quim. Rachel melted into his fingers. She didn't even resume her struggles when he took out his huge cock and buried four inches in her pussy.

Cory and Bubba advanced on Jennifer. She drew up tightly like a frightened little animal. They lunged for her and tore her clothes from her body, pulling her arms and legs wide open. They toyed with her delicate intimate parts while she squirmed in anguish. Both young men had dropped their pants and rubbed their cocks all over her. They poked her in the mouth, ass, and cunt but not so as to gain full entry. Ginger struggled furiously and screamed into her apple. Dan just watched.

Bubba managed, with great effort, to get his giant black cock buried all the way in Jennifer's ass. The girl was dazed, skewered on a flesh cudgel, impaled so that even taking a breath took a serious effort. She could not struggle or cry. She only groaned as he sat back on the sofa and drew her legs apart for Cory.

Cory knelt between Jennifer's wide-spread legs and aimed his dick at her virgin hole. He pushed in steadily, making her eyes bug out. He pushed past her hymen, making her scream. He pushed on in to the balls and began fucking the long-haired beauty. Ginger cried, but her eyes never left the action. Ten minutes later, the two were still fucking the girl. She was not as stiff or as quiet. Her groans became moans as her clutching hands rode Cory's pumping ass cheeks. Her little legs wound around Cory's legs, and her heels dug into the backs of his thighs. Double fucking set well with her; it just took a little while.

Beside her, little Rachel held her feet by the toes, looking into her cock-stuffed pussy while Jake cupped her ass in both hands, lifting and settling her pussy on his massive erection. He only used half of his cock to fuck her, but that half appeared to be sucked by the little pussy. Her tight vaginal flesh indented with the in-stroke and tenaciously clung to the shaft on the out-stroke. The fit was so tight it looked as though he'd pull her cunt inside out if he suddenly withdrew.

While the others were busy with the girls, Blade went to Jerry, took him by the scruff of the neck, and made him kneel before his father. Dan's dick stood straight up from watching the action on the sofa. Blade said, "You're old man is getting excited watching his little girls getting screwed senseless. Help him out with a blow job."

Jerry made a face, but didn't argue. He dipped his head to Dan's lap, took his father's cock in his mouth, and sucked. Ginger's eyes didn't know where to light. The hedonistic sights happening all around her made her head spin. Her pussy ached for attention. When Blade shoved his booted foot against her cunt, she even welcomed that. He leaned into her face and said, "We're just getting started, lady, so don't go getting too turned on too fast."

Bubba and Cory pumped their loads into Jennifer almost simultaneously. Jennifer came with them, heaving and bucking on the two cocks warming her insides. Sperm oozed from around both cocks. Cory withdrew first, then Bubba pushed her to the floor. Jennifer fell in a heap at her mother's feet. Blade took her by the elbow, lifting her, then dragged her along, signaling Angie to follow, They went into the bathroom and closed the door. Blade said, "I want you to cut her hair off and shave every hair off her body--eyebrows, eyelashes, cunt, the works."

Jennifer almost fainted. Angie said, "Oh, no, you can't ask me do that."

"Orders, Angie. I'm sorry, but you must. Get busy."

Angie looked into Jennifer's sad eyes and felt real pity. She said, "I'm sorry, Jennifer." She took scissors from the cabinet and began cutting the long locks in thick handfuls. The task started off being a sad chore, but with every lock that fell to the floor, Angie's cunt responded. Before long it was difficult for her to hide the pleasure she received at her sister's expense. When she finished with the hair, and Jennifer stood weeping with a shaggy head, Angie wanted to finger her cunt.

Next, she lathered the scalp and shaved her sister's head. She shaved her beautiful thick eyebrows and took great pleasure in carefully trimming her sister's long lashes. Next, she had Jennifer sit on the sink counter top with her knees out for the shaving of her legs and cunt. Blade held the girl's legs out for the shaving of each leg, then got behind Angie for the cunt shave, holding Jennifer open by her two ankles.

Angie whipped up a lather with soap and sperm. When she bent over for this pleasant task, her ass rubbed against the hardness in Blade's pants. She rubbed her ass over his bulge while slowly denuding her sister's twat. With one hand working the razor, her other reached behind to squeeze Blade's cock. Blade rested Jennifer's heels on Angie's back and dropped his pants. He then reached around to unfasten Angie's jeans, dropping them. She wore no panties, so his dick was soon finding its way into her very receptive pussy hole. Angie stopped her shaving and braced herself by placing her hands outside Jennifer's hips. She cried out, "Oh, God yes. Fuck me!"

Jennifer's tits were in Angie's face. Angie leaned in and bit her left nipple. She then bit the right. Her face turned up to look at Jennifer's tear-stained face, then her tongue traveled up a line of tears to lick her sister's stubby eye lash. She licked her two shaved eyebrows, then pulled Jennifer's head down and licked her bald pate.

Wild with passion, Angie reached down, cupped Jennifer's ass, and pulled her cunt tightly into her own. Holding firm, she ground her pussy against her sister's. Blade's thrusts were transmitted to Jennifer's cunt. Angie humped her sister and Blade at the same time, wailing, "Fuck me! Oh, yes, Fuck me hard. Cum in my cunt, Blade!"

Blade redoubled his efforts and brought her to orgasm as his seed flooded her womb. Slowly, Angie's passions and convulsive twitches subsided. Blade drew out, and held Jennifer's legs wide, saying, "Let's get this job done."

Angie picked up the razor with an unsteady hand and returned to her work. Minutes later, Jennifer didn't have a hair anywhere on her body. Angie stood back beside Blade and looked at what they'd done to the beautiful young girl. She still looked beautiful, but only in an erotic way. She was fuckable, but she'd never place in a beauty contest. Angie smiled up at Blade and said, "All finished."

"You did good, now get me a paper bag."

Angie smiled and left the bathroom. She returned with the bag. Blade cut out eye and mouth holes, then drew a grotesquely grinning face on the bag using lipstick. He drew the bag over Jennifer's head then yanked her to her feet, saying, "Act two, sweet thing." He swatted her on the ass, propelling her out the door.

Ginger was getting a fucking from Cory. Dan had just cum in Jerry's mouth. Jerry stood, wiping his mouth when Blade, Jennifer, and Angie re-entered the room. All eyes went to Jennifer, or what they took to be Jennifer. The only thing different was her shaved pussy. Blade tapped Cory on the shoulder and said, "Give it a rest," just as Ginger was about to climax.

When Cory pulled out, she bit through the apple and wailed, "No! No! Please let him finish!"

Blade cut her bindings and hauled her from the chair. He made Jennifer lie down on her back and spread her legs. He positioned Ginger straddling her daughter's head, then bid her to finish on Jennifer's face. Ginger looked down at the mouth behind the large cutout and slowly squatted over it. She could see the dark stains where Jennifer's tears stained the brown bag, but her mind was not in sympathy mode. She pressed her cunt to the mouth and stained the bag herself.

Ginger rode Jennifer's mouth feeling the slack lips sliding through her wet folds. Jennifer's tongue remained in her mouth, much to Ginger's disappointment. She made her need obvious. Jennifer wasn't taking the hint. She was pleased when Blade ordered Angie to remove the bag. At least she could get more skin contact without the bag in the way.

When the bag came off, Ginger almost fell off. She did fall back, losing her balance and ended up sitting on Jennifer's stomach, knocking the breath out of her grotesque daughter, making her upper body rise like a mummy from the tomb.

Ginger's hand flew to her mouth, but only a gasp escaped. The face staring back looked familiar but alien. Blade gave Ginger's shoulder a shove and said, "Fuck her face. Get back over her in a squat and fuck yourself on her face."

Zombie-like, Ginger got back in position, unable to take her eyes off her daughter. She settled her cunt over the face beneath her and resumed her pussy passes over her daughter's nose, mouth, and chin. Her passions returned with a vengeance. No longer content making light passes over the chin, mouth, and nose, she settled lower and mashed her cunt all over her daughter's face, grinding her fleshy pussy into baby-soft skin.

Ginger settled to her widespread knees, reached down, cupped her daughter's bald head, and pulled it tightly into her beaver. She fucked herself on Jennifer's face and exploded in a writhing orgasm. Slowly, she let the head go to the floor. To everyone's surprise, Jennifer's head rose back up on its own and her tongue slithered up her mother's weeping pussy hole. Ginger looked down and watched her daughter lick. She watched Jennifer suck on her clit. Ginger silently reached between her legs and drew her cunt lips open. She stared dreamy-eyed and gently ground her cunt on the working tongue.

Ginger's attention was diverted from Jennifer when Bubba and Cory entered leading two big Dobermans. Her heart sank, but with an excited flutter. Cory led one over and he buried his muzzle in Ginger's cunt. Jennifer backed off in shock. Cory told Ginger to scoot back and make the dog get a hard-on. She scooted back to straddle Jennifer's hips as Cory had the dog straddle Jennifer's head. Ginger eyed the long, full sheath and reached for it with her right hand. One pull exposed his pink cock by two inches. A few pumps and it remained out, growing longer with every pump of her fist.

Jennifer had no choice but to watch the cock as it emerged to its full eight inches, just a hand's width from her face. Cory's command that she suck it went unanswered, but then her mother's left hand came down to cup her under her head, lifting up while angling the prick toward her mouth, saying, "Open your mouth, sweetheart." Jennifer let her mouth fall open. Her mother guided the prick inside and said, "Now suck, baby." Jennifer sucked.

Ginger rested her upper body on Jennifer's chest, supporting some of her weight and Jennifer's head by leaning on her left elbow which rested on the floor by Jennifer's head. This brought her own face close to the cock. She felt a long tongue swipe up through her slit and looked behind her to see Bubba helping the other dog to mount her. Ginger swooned and licked at the shaft of the dog's cock in front of her face. Paws clutched her waist and a hard warm tip of flesh stabbed her pussy. Hands guided the cock to her mark and soon she was impaled on nine inches of dog cock, getting the screwing of her life.

Ginger licked at the dick along with Jennifer. Their tongues fought over the tip. Occasionally, Jennifer gave it over to her mother for sucking, but then took it away after a moment. Ginger allowed Jennifer to decide when she'd suck and when she'd share. While waiting her turn, she licked the cock at Jennifer's lips. When Ginger tried to probe in alongside the cock in her daughter's mouth, Jennifer opened her mouth wider. Ginger's tongue slithered in alongside the cock, and learned the joy of licking a dog's dick while it was deep in her young daughter's mouth. With her pumping hand, Ginger tried to get the dog to pour out his doggie cum so that they could savor it together.

Rachel was on her hands and knees watching her mother and sister share a dog's cock. Angie knelt down beside her for a better look. Awed by the sight, they looked at each other and smiled. Blade, Cory, Jake, and Bubba stood looking down on the four females. Through their masks they were all smiles.

Bubba picked Rachel up and carried her to her mother's rear, saying, "This one needs her own cock to lick." When he set her down, Rachel crawled up and got her face in close to the action. Her little tongue teased her mother's stuffed cunt and licked the plunging dog cock. Ginger drew out her tongue to say, "Oh, God, Rachel's licking my pussy while the other dog is fucking it. God damnit, she's licking us both. That's it, baby. Lick the doggie's cock! Lick Mommy's pussy, sweetheart!"

Angie stood and went to stand beside Blade. He drew her possessively into his side, saying, "You have a horny family, Angie."

"Yes, it looks that way."

"Did you ever think you'd see a sight like this?"

"Only in my dreams."

"Well, get a good look and dream about me instead."

She smiled, then stood on tiptoe to give him a kiss. She smiled again as she went back to the floor to peer up under the dog. She arrived just in time to see him cum. His yellowish cum flooded her sister's mouth and her mother lapped at the overflowing well of sperm. When the cock came free, Ginger sucked it into her mouth. She sucked for a few seconds before the dog walked away. The other dog clutched her tighter, triggering Ginger's orgasm. He then pumped her cunt full of sperm. Rachel kept licking, even after the dog moved away. Ginger collapsed over Jennifer and simply enjoyed her youngest daughter's talented, eager mouth.

A few minutes later, Blade had to drag the three apart. He told Jerry to fuck Jennifer's ass, and set Rachel on Dan's new erection. Bubba, Jake, and Cory triple-teamed Ginger while Blade and Angie retired to the master bedroom to make love.

They made passionate love twice, in fact. Between the two sessions they talked as lovers do, about hopes, and dreams, and the future. They talked about the situation at school, Wright's whores, the rape gang, and her bizarre family life. He told her that he could stop all that and fix everything, but Angie told him not to interfere.

Blade sat back and studied her with a smile. "They are going to make you a whore, Angie."

"I am already by the common definition."

"They'll knock you up and make you deliver."

"I may be already."

"Would it make any difference if I told you I loved you?"

"Not if you can't love me in spite of this."

"In spite of your desire to be used like somebody's fuck rag."

"I guess."

"I don't know. I'll have to see. I'm still going to ask Hal and Spivy to take it easy on you. You're my girl."

"I am? Okay. Yes, I like that. Don't stop them, though. And promise me that you'll tell Mr. Spivy that he can get me pregnant if he wants to."

"You're making this difficult, but if that's what puts a kink in your panties, I'll put in a good word for you."

"Hum, maybe you do love me."

"I do love you, Angie."

"Will you still love me with my belly puffed out to here and after everyone has seen me naked, and half the guys in school have fucked me? Can you love a whore, a real whore, a pregnant whore, pregnant with another man's child?"

"I think so. Who knows, it might be mine?"

"No, I want it to be Spivy's. When I'm ovulating, I want to fuck only him. I want to have his baby, and I want everyone to know it's his baby."

"All right, but that is kinky, you know that, don't you?"

"Yes, but I like my kinky side. I'm going to need a man that likes it too."

"I'm open. We'll see."

When they emerged, two hours later, one dog was screwing Jennifer. The other was screwing Rachel. Ginger went between the two, assisting both while trying not to dislodge her son's cock from her ass. Dan just watched.

Blade surprised Angie by pushing her into Bubba's arms saying, "If you guys want to try some fine pussy, fuck Angie. Pussy doesn't get any better." Bubba led Angie to the master bedroom. As they disappeared from view, Angie blew Blade a kiss. In the bedroom, she blew Bubba. She got to blow two more kisses when Cory and Jake took her up. She also blew Cory and Jake.

The gang left the family spent and exhausted. They also left Ginger with instructions to report the crime and give interviews to reporters. Ginger didn't like this one bit, but Ginger had no choice.

The End

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