Ravish Me

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

The rape gang went to the downtown pool hall and hung out until dark. They then went to a popular carhop for burgers at eight p.m. The place had a sit-down section in a glass enclosure with six large booths split between two walls. Most customers were served in their cars that lined both sides of a covered runway where waitresses on roller-skates shuttled orders, going through the glass enclosure on the way to and from the kitchen. Guys often sat inside to watch the carhop bunnies run their gauntlet. Tommy, Jake, Bubba, and Cory were always a handful when they came individually. Seeing them all sitting together had the girls swinging wide to pass by their booth. The excited boys were too busy hashing out plans for their late night assault on the Greyson mansion and its occupants. The beauty queen, Cindy Greyson, was on their minds.

A curious scene unfolded in a booth across from their own. Two freshmen, Karen and Brad, a couple they all recognized as two young lovers joined at the hip. They'd never seen one without the other. They sat across from an attractive middle-aged woman. The two females were exchanging loud words. Tommy said, "Who's the good looking bitch with Karen and Brad?"

Jake said, "I think that's Karen's old lady. Brad's brother is on the football team. He says his kid brother has to go on dates with his girl's mother. What a pisser that would be. You know that kid ain't gettin' no pussy."

Cory said, "Yeah, and little hot pants Karen don't look too happy about it, either. Man, I'll bet that little bitch is tight. You gotta know she's cherry. I sat next to them at a ball game once. That girl has the softest, creamiest, smoothest ..."

Blade said, "Yeah, yeah, we get the point. The kid's got soft skin, right?"

"You ain't said shit. Did you ever feel a baby's butt after it was powdered. That's what her thigh felt like. She knew I was copping a feel with my leg. It was Brad that got her to move away. She wanted me."

Bubba said, "She didn't want your pale needle dick. I got the cure for what's ailing her. She needs a ride on the black python."

"Fuck you, Bubba. I got over seven inches, all muscle. You ever see a seven-inch needle?"

Tommy studied the attractive mother. She looked to be in her mid-thirties. There was something about a long-haired woman in a short dress and heels that always set him off. Certain women seemed to give off a radiation that he could detect. They radiated sexual need and hunger, sexual dynamos that had been put on a shelf in their prime. Karen's mother glowed with that radiation, despite the conservative, parental demeanor she projected. Thinking aloud, he said, "You know, maybe we ought to go help Brad out. We could loosen those girls up for him. We could show those two how mothers and daughters should get along."

Cory said, "Yeah, we could show them how to get in a sixty-nine and suck each other's cunts."

Bubba said, "We are the rape gang. We should practice before our first job."

Blade said, "Okay, here's the deal. I'll make the move on Mommy. You leave her to me. You guys will handle Karen and Brad. Jake, since Brad knows you, and you're the biggest, you sit beside Karen. You and Bubba slide in on their side and shove Brad up against the window, not hard, just not enough that he can't get up. Cory, you slide in after me on Mommy's side. Let's not get carried away in here. No rough stuff. We'll go for a ride in my Chevy out to the lake. That's where we'll get carried away. I'll be up front with Brad and Mommy. You guys can have a fucking ball entertaining little Karen in the back seat. All right, let's go visiting."

The four boys stood and crossed over to the booth. All conversation ceased as the group converged on the table. Tommy slid in close to the mother, uncomfortably close for her. Jake and Bubba squeezed in on the other side, pushing Karen and Brad together. Karen's mother nervously said, "Introduce me to your friends, Karen."

"They're not my friends, Mother. None of my friends have tattoos."

Tommy rested his right arm over the woman's shoulder, then offered his left hand for her to shake, saying, "Here, allow me. We go to school with Karen and Brad, and we'd like to be their friends. I'm Tommy Bladak. My friends call me Blade. That, there, is Jake, Bubba, and this guy beside me is Cory." Jake held her left hand after the shake, then looked down at the wedding ring and made a pained expression, saying, "And you must be a Mrs. Somebody, I see. God, I hate to see one of those things on a foxy babe like you."

She blushed, but absorbed the complement like a dry sponge. Her initial trepidation eased. She smiled uncomfortably, then said, "Yes, I'm afraid I am. I'm Karen's mother. You can call me Brenda."

Blade tickled her palm with his fuck finger while saying, "I'll call you Brenda; but the question is, can I call you when Mr. Karen's father isn't home?" His right arm rested warmly on her shoulder as he drew her closer.

Her face was a deep blush. She said, "I don't think he would like that."

"Then we'd better not tell him."

"I've seen you around. You hang out in front of the pool hall downtown. I drive by there a great deal. I teach dance classes at the YWCA."

Blade took her hand and placed it on his erection. The hand did not pull away, nor did it squeeze and explore. Her hand rested on the hardest, hottest, longest lump Brenda ever felt through jeans. Blade took a long look at her flat tummy in the form-fitting dress, then removed his hand from over hers and rubbed her belly saying, "I'll bet you teach belly dancing, don't you?"

Brenda looked to Karen as Blade's hand made circles on her belly. Karen was too busy trying to squeeze more space for herself to notice their provocative exchanges. Brenda's hand remained in his lap, and his kept rubbing her belly, making bigger circles. She gently squeezed. As his hand passed dangerously close to her crotch, she squeezed hard. When his hand bumped the underside of one breast, she squeezed harder just as Karen cried out, "Get your hand off my leg."

Karen's eyes focused on the action going on across from her, catching the sight of Blade's hand lifting the underside of her mother's right breast. Brenda watched her daughter's eyes follow the path of her left arm as it disappeared beneath the table, aimed right at Blade's crotch. Karen's eyes returned to lock on Brenda's as if to say, "Mom, why are you letting him do that?" She did say, "Mom, I think we'd better be going, now."

Brenda bit her lip, reluctant to turn loose of the most exciting cock she'd ever felt, or move now that his hand passes included a trip over her engorged clit. After a moment's hesitation, she said, "Well, if you can get out, do so. I can't."

Blade said, "Relax, Karen. Me and your Mom want to get better acquainted. What's wrong with a guy touching your leg? You're not into girls, are you?"

In a panicked voice trying to convey urgency, Karen said, "Mom, let's get out of here, now!" She turned sharply on Jake, saying, "Stop feeling my leg, I mean it!" It was apparent that Jake paid no attention to her protests or prying fingers. After a few minutes of plaintive resistance, Karen sat back stiffly with her arms folded, eyes shut, clenching her jaw. Blade distracted Brenda, saying, "So what is a beautiful woman like you doing playing spoiler on a date with two horny kids."

"Believe me, it's not my idea. Her father insists she be chaperoned until she's sixteen. That's what we were arguing about. She blames me."

"It sounds like you are married to a tyrant. Doesn't he remember what it was like to be fourteen with a bad case of blue balls. Look at poor Brad, there. The kid is blue to the gills."

Brenda studied Brad as the youngster's eyes wandered from her to Karen and back. He did look a bit blue, as usual. When he looked into Karen's crotch, Brenda said, "I don't think my husband ever had them; at least, he didn't with me. He saw to that, and I was Karen's age when we started dating. He's not a tyrant, but he is a hypocrite. He can't bear the thought that his little girl is becoming a woman."

Brenda and Blade looked over to Karen when Cory leaned over the table to peer into her lap with the others. Jake had Karen's eyes wide open as his hand worked in her crotch. He said, while looking to her crotch, "She's a woman all right, a virgin, too."

Brenda whispered, "I shouldn't be permitting this, you know?"

"Relax, no one's getting hurt. Look at her face. The kid is enjoying herself. The poor girl is horny; that's why she is so uptight with you."

Cory addressed Brad, forcing him to look up sheepishly from his girl friend's crotch, "Hey, kid, when was the last time you got any pussy?"

Blade took his hand off of Brenda's tummy long enough to slug Cory, admonishing, "Hey, you don't say pussy in front of a lady."

Cory, nonplused, said, "Hey, kid, when was the last time you got any vagina?"

Brenda fought back the laugh but couldn't contain the smile. Brad wouldn't, or couldn't, answer. All he could do was blush. Brenda saw that whatever Jake was doing in Karen's lap had her daughter's undivided attention. She seemed oblivious to everything around her. Brad was absorbed with whatever was going on in Karen's lap, as well. Blade said, "Yeah, that kid has a bad case of blue balls. I feel for the pussy that gets him. She'll have sperm squirting out of her ears."

Brenda smiled and said, "I guess that lady got up and left."

Blade nuzzled her neck and said, "Yeah, there's no lady here. That perfume you're wearing, it's driving me wild. I know that scent. It's from the Ravish Me line of perfumes. Let me see." He nuzzled and sniffed her neck while Brenda raised her chin. "Ah, yes, I can narrow it to two: Ravish Me Here, or else it's Ravish Me In Your Car."

Brenda smiled, then whispered in his ear, "It is a Ravish Me perfume, but it's neither of those two. I'm wearing Ravish Me In a Motel After I Drop The Kids Off. I'll pay for the room."

"No, it's not that. It is definitely one or the other. I know my Ravish Me perfumes, and you reek of one of those two, Brenda." To punctuate his thinly veiled ultimatum, Blade got his hand under her dress, worked fingers in under the panty crotch, and massaged her naked, steamy pussy. Brenda yielded to his intimate touch, her knees widened as far as the limited space allowed. As she felt his fingers invade her moist vagina, she slumped noticeably. His fingers stirred her passions and her juices. With fingers shaking, she fumbled with the heavy metal buttons of his jeans. After Blade assisted, she held his nine-inch, beautifully-formed cock in her hand.

While fisting the cock, Brenda studied her daughter's expressions. The manly hand in Karen's lap beat a steady rhythm against her lower abdomen, indicating to the excited mother that she had already failed in her chaperon duty. She imagined the shorts being unsnapped and unzipped, with his hand, inside, under the panties.

Karen wasn't the least bit interested in what was going on across the table. Her eyes were riveted to her own lap, along with the eyes of her date. Both were fascinated with what was going on between her legs. Karen slumped in her seat as well. Mother and daughter touched knees, answering Brenda's big question. Brenda's left knee did not feel bare skin as she expected; her knee felt shorts. Further inquires made by her knee revealed the parted fly; and within, the distinctive contrast of panty material, wet panty material.

Fired to new levels of passion, but still thinking rationally, Brenda knew she could not leave the booth. If her perfume options were two, it would have to be, 'Ravish Me Here.' The only other occupied table could not see much, but the girls skating by saw her hand pumping a large cock. Blade made it obvious by sitting well back in his seat, putting his proud cock and her hand on display. They looked, but didn't appear alarmed. It would take much more before someone called the police. A part of her wanted this public debauch broken up; another primal part did not. Either way, she knew what she had to do. With her body turned to warm jelly, it was easy to slither under the table. Once under, she got on her knees, moved her head into Blade's lap--and lapped.

Everyone noticed her departure right away. Karen caught the sight of her mother's head, turned to face Blade's lap, pass beneath the table top. She then felt her mother's buttocks hit her knees. Awed, yet excited, she allowed Jake to remove her shorts and panties, remaining passive as he lifted her left foot to untie her sneakers. He removed the shoe and then the white sock. While she and Brad cast their eyes under the table, Jake pushed the material of Brenda's dress up over her haunches. Brenda tried to replace them with a blind hand, but gave up when Bubba rested his heavy leg over the gathered material on her lower back. Jake pulled the panties to Brenda's knees and revealed her oily vagina to the two aroused teens.

Jake took Karen's left leg by the lower part of the calf in the firm grasp of his left hand, and brought Karen's bare foot into contact with her mother's wet slit. Her toes were smothered in pussy flesh. There wasn't anything Karen could do to prevent this, so she didn't try. All she did was curl her toes in. She did this to send a message to her mother that she was resisting. It backfired when Jake used her foot as a dildo and rudely, roughly shoved her foot against the hole. Surprisingly, her foot forced it's way inside, and further pushing lodged it to the heel. Both she and Brad could see the foot and the pussy tightly stretched over it.

Brenda would have objected or groaned loudly were it not for the firm hands griping her head and the huge organ filling her mouth and poking the back of her throat. When Brenda felt Karen's toes feeling around at her cunt, she assumed Karen did this on her own, still angry from their earlier words. When the toes curled in, just prior to insertion, Brenda assumed her daughter did this intentionally, especially when the next move was up her cunt. She knew Karen was getting assistance. Her daughter wasn't that strong, but Brenda thought Karen gave them the idea, and this fired her passions.

Her mouthings became frantic, and after adjusting to the unnaturally large invader, she ground her pussy on the small foot. She fucked herself on her daughter's foot. This surprised Karen who, at first, thought she was hurting her mother. Slowly, she began to curl, uncurl, and wiggle her toes inside her mother's pussy, putting further animation in a pussy already creaming with desire. The waitresses skating by only saw a cock sucking, but that was enough to keep them in motion with unnecessary trips back and forth. Karen's body was blocked by the bulk of two big boys.

Brenda sucked voraciously on Blade's hard cock, mindless of any scene she created, absorbed with the delicious sensations coming from her stretched beaver. The cock exploded unexpectedly, making her gag and cough up sperm through her nose. She quickly caught up with the flow and had her own climax while drinking from the sperm fountain. After she and he were spent, she looked up with dreamy eyes. Blade smiled and said, "What say we go to the lake and watch the submarine races?" Brenda smiled then gave his dick a lick.

The party emerged from the booth en mass. Brenda crawled out after kicking off her panties. Karen had to be dragged as she was forced to leave her shorts, panties, one shoe, and one sock. Mortified at being exposed wearing only a top and one shoe, Karen tried to hide in the middle of the crowd moving out. Brad, being a concerned date and a gentleman, maneuvered his body to act as a block for her. Had Brenda realized her daughter's clothing was being left at the diner, she would have gone back for them. Brenda's mind was preoccupied with the idea of pussy-footing around at the submarine races. She hadn't seen the submarines race in decades.

Blade opened the front passenger door for Brenda, then invited Brad to sit beside her. The others climbed into the big back seat, pulling Karen along and laying her across their laps. Two immediately went for her blouse and bra, while Cory removed her last shoe and sock. Karen was like a rag doll in their hands. With her head resting on Jake's lap behind the driver's seat, her upper torso on Bubba's lap, and her ass on Cory's left thigh. Brad was in the best seat to see the business end of his first love.

In the booth, all he saw was the light, downy covering of her developing pubic bush, and the top part of the swollen peach halves of her labia. He also got a good look at her clit poking up between them, and at Jake's finger using it like a miniature punching bag, batting it back and forth like a cat toying with a mouse. The major difference being that Karen's skinned mouse kept coming back for more.

The way Karen had stared at her clit when Jake did that to her in the booth, you'd have thought she was just discovering what her clit was for. That, however, was not the case at all. She'd just never tried batting it, or letting it rear its bald head in public, beside her boyfriend, with her mother at the table. Karen could not help but admire her brave, tough, shiny-pink clitty and the way it instantly sprang back for more like a blow-up punching clown with a weighted bottom. She could have remained in that booth for hours, watching Jake play with her clitty. Things got even better after he took her shorts and panties off, for then she could part her legs.

As Blade put the car in gear, and backed out of the parking slot, Brenda caught sight of Karen's legs being drawn up and opened wide. She could not resist turning her head to the right, to watch along with Brad who sat with his back to the door, his left arm resting on the seat back. His hand was at Brenda's right shoulder, lightly resting on bare skin. He obviously didn't notice, but the fingers pleasantly burned Brenda where they touched bare skin at the base of her neck.

When she turned her head Brad's way, and caught sight of the obscene spread her daughter presented in the flashes of light from passing under street lamps, Brenda abandoned the delicious contact and turned full to her right, bringing her arm up to rest on Brad's. Their eyes met for just a moment, then both sets settled on Karen's spread beaver. Bubba held her right leg up and cocked. Her left hung off the lap to the floor. Cory fingered her tight, almost hairless pussy, and Bubba's ebony digit tormented her standing clit. He, too, was amazed at its ability to spring back after a hard finger flick.

At the other end, Jake was left to remove Karen's blouse and training bra. Ordinarily very shy about her breast buds, verging on full grown titties, Karen did not bother covering them when they were naked. Jake's one hand covered both quite well. All of the fight had drained out of her. She knew, as soon as the car door closed behind her, that her introduction to sex would be a gang bang. Furthermore, strange as it seemed, her prudish and ultra-conservative mother would watch. And, if her recent behavior was any indication, participate. This took all the pressure off of her. All she had to do was grin and bear it. With every flick to her clit from Bubba's finger, with her mother looking on, she felt more like grinning.

In anguish over the loss of part of her clothes at first, she now even put that out of her mind. Her mother would have to deal with that problem. She didn't bat an eye when Jack rolled down the window and tossed out her blouse, training bra, shoe, and sock. Brenda, however, looked surprised. She started to say something, but sensing that the words would be wasted breath, immediately returned to watching the business end of her daughter, watching it get the business.

Brenda found herself turning on rapidly with the flashing glimpses of her daughter's intimate anatomy, shared with her daughter's boyfriend. Brenda liked Brad a great deal. She fantasized about him often, about he and Karen making love on a chaperoned date. She pictured his youthful, straining cock in Karen's mouth, and it made her own mouth water.

As the lights drifted by, she became acutely aware of their positions. Her fingers had gotten under his shirt sleeve and his hand laid against the back of the seat, near her right breast. The fingers under the sleeve had been inadvertent or subconscious, but her leaning in to press her tit to the back of his hand was calculated, as was drawing up her right leg to rest it over his left. They sat in similar poses, the mirror image of the other, with one leg drawn up, knees against the seat back, and the other leg straight out, their feet touching.

When Brad did not react or stiffen to her sensuous touch, she became more aroused. Her finger tip traced light patterns moving to the underside of his arm near his sensitive arm pit. When the car passed the last town light and moved into the total darkness of the country, they had nothing to look at, so turned to each other. In response to her teasing and toying with his pit hairs, Brad wiggled his fingers timidly against her breast flesh and moved her nipple under his fingers. With her turgid nipple caught between the backs of two straight fingers, Brenda's left hand started the journey to the boy's crotch.

The journey came to an abrupt end with her finger tip touching his thigh when Cory loudly said, "Hey, man, turn on the fucking light. We can't see a fucking thing back here."

An interior light never shone so brightly as it did when the light illuminated her daughter's spread beaver and revealed Cory's cock angled over to play in her pussy lips. The sight stole Brenda's breath away, Brad's as well. Both sat mesmerized, watching the bulbous, shiny crown push and prod her slick, resilient pussy lips. In response to the prodding, Karen cocked her left leg, giving Cory a better target and her mother and Brad a better look at her cunt.

Brad and Brenda temporarily forgot each other and stared openly, occasional taking time to let their eyes wander over Karen's body. Karen had her eyes closed. Brenda did not want to look her daughter in the eyes; she wanted to look freely, and she did just that.

Brenda enjoyed the sight of seeing her lovely daughter passively and willingly accepting the abuse. Much of her anxiety vanished when she saw how well her daughter was taking to group, public sex. Jake freed his cock, then turned Karen's head to it, resting her cheek on his balls and the shaft of his cock at the corner of her mouth with seven inches of throbbing manhood pointing at the roof overhead. When Karen parted her lips and her little pink tongue slowly emerged to caress the shaft like a lioness lazily licking her cub, Brenda wanted to jamb four fingers up her own cunt. Not even the sight of Cory, turning onto his side, and pushing his cock straight into her daughter's virgin pussy, could steal her eyes away for long.

Karen's tongue-lapping became more like a dog licking his dick after getting free of his bitch. Each inch of cock she took in her pussy drove her another inch up the shaft of Jake's cock. When her hymen gave way under Cory's insistent attack, she winced, but did not cry out. She licked her way up the underside of the cock, lapping up the precum drool as she advanced on the head. When Cory's balls pressed against her tight little ass, Karen's left foot came off the floor and rested on the small space that was not occupied by the two entwined arms on the top of the seat. Brenda and Brad stared at her delicate foot, right before their eyes, the toes curling in, then fanning out and arching back, the same foot that had invaded Brenda's cunt.

Brenda, beside herself with lust, quickly got to her knees, facing the back, and took Karen's foot in her hands as though it were a fat cock with five heads. Her tongue mimicked her daughter's as it advanced its way up the foot to her toes, licking her own dried juices.

She felt Brad's timid touch on the back of her left knee. She widened her kneeling stance in response. His hand traveled cautiously up the inside of her thigh until Brenda grabbed it and shoved it against her cunt. His hand wasn't shy after that. It was soon joined by its partner, attacking from the front.

With two excited young hands to satisfy the craving of her pussy, Brenda got up over the foot and slid her mouth over Karen's big toe. Karen seemed to derive more stimulation from her mother's toe-sucking than from the two cocks stuffing holes at each end of her little body. She arched back all toes except the big toe, and wiggled that one in her mother's sucking mouth.

Brenda had the best view in the house of everything going on in the back seat. Straight down her daughter's leg was a cock sawing in and out of her virgin pussy. At Karen's middle, Bubba had freed his black python and laid it over Karen's belly. His golden precum dripped off the tip into her belly button. At the far end, Karen was up on one elbow, sucking hungrily on Jake's cock while jacking it with her left hand.

Meanwhile, Blade reached over and unzipped Brenda's dress and unhooked her bra. That was all Brenda needed. She shrugged off the loose dress without stopping her toe-suck, letting the dress fall to drape Brad's hands. She let him do the rest, and the boy got busy working the material down her legs. She lifted one leg, then the other to assist. She then knelt nude at his disposal.

The frantically excited boy was everywhere at once. Like a horny snake he slithered and crawled between her torso and the seat, through her legs, up, back, and around, kissing, nibbling, and sucking the intimate treasures he found.

Brenda cooperated as best she could, lifting a leg here, an arm there, or bowing her back to allow him to pass through. She offered a tit to his lips with a free hand when he was in that neighborhood. When he got down between her legs, she cocked her left leg and propped her foot on the passenger door armrest, assuming a pose like a male dog pissing to give the boy the best view and access that she could. When he got behind her, she reached back with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart, so that he could examine her asshole. She made it pucker and moaned when he inserted a finger.

Blade just smiled and shook his head as he threw her things out the window. Brenda was too busy and aroused to pay it any mind. She did note the event, though it caused her no concern. The dress was cheap, and the show was Blade's. If his intent was to return them to her car, screwed and naked, then that was fine by her. She would not run or cower, and she'd see to it that Karen did likewise, even if they had to stroll down the carhop runway to get to the car. If he dropped them off at her house, that was even better. She resolved to walk casually to her front door, stand under the porch light, and wave goodbye. She would then enter the house, pushing Karen's cum-drenched body before her to confront the master of the house. It would serve the bastard right, she thought, as she lifted her leg once more.

After what seemed an eternity of this maddening foreplay, Brad stripped off his clothes and poked his naked prick in those same nooks and crannies. Brenda assumed a better position by standing on the floorboard with her left foot against the passenger door, her right, on the driver's side of the transmission hump, while leaning against the seat-back on her forearms, never once taking her mouth off of the toe.

Brad soon got under her and fucked her pussy from below with her tits in his face to bite, lick, and chew while he screwed. In this position, Brenda fucked back efficiently. He blasted her pussy with his hot seed, then climbed out and got right to work on her ass. He screwed her asshole like a horny poodle. When he came in her ass, she did feel like she had semen squirting from her ears.

While ass-fucking Karen's mother, Brad peered over her shoulder to watch the action in the back seat. Karen had just brought Jake to climax and took most in her face. Brenda's left hand slid down the length of her daughter's left leg and explored the point of genital contact. Occasionally, she reached low to probe a digit into her daughter's ass.

Bubba pulled Karen's upper body to an upright position so that he and Jake could exchange places. While she was up, Karen's eyes focused on Brad's nude body, humping her mother's nude body. When Bubba pulled her back down, she had another cock to suck, a big black one.

Cory got up on his knees, grabbed Karen by the hips, and pounded the girl's spasming pussy, smashing her mother's hand between their wet crotches. He came in Karen, but pulled out to also coat Brenda's hand. After he collapsed back in his seat, Brenda massaged her daughter's cunt, using her fingers to stuff sperm inside. She brought Karen to another orgasm by rubbing her daughter's slimy clit.

At the lake, Blade brought out a blanket from the trunk and laid the blanket out in the high beams of the car's headlights. There, where anyone might drive up on them, the seven horny people pulled out all the stops and had an orgy that would make a Roman Centurion blush.

Bubba was first. He knelt on the blanket facing the head lights and pulled Karen so that she stood with her back to his chest. She threw her leg over his skyward arching prong while Brenda knelt before her daughter to assist. The head of Bubba's cock was above Karen's mound, the shaft coming up through her legs, even though Karen stood while he knelt. Brenda took hold of the cock and bent it until the head was at Karen's entrance. Karen wiggled onto the black pole as her mother helped guide the thick black cock in. The cock split Karen's tight pussy. Six inches sank in with six remaining out in full view.

With the others gathered around, but not blocking the light, Brenda licked Bubba from his hanging balls to the top her daughter's clit. Karen cried while sinking on another two inches, "Yes, lick my pussy, Mom. Lick his cock while I'm fucking it." While Karen repeatedly raised to her tiptoes then sank as deeply as she could, Brenda stayed busy with her tongue, holding her daughter by the hips. When Bubba came and pulled out, Brenda remained to suck her daughter to climax.

A free-for-all ensued with both females taking multiple partners while licking each other. When Bubba recovered, and was ready for a repeat, he went for Karen's ass. This time, Karen stood with her feet wide, bent double from the waist. Brenda guided Bubba's cock into her daughter's ass and held his balls as he sank in all the way over the course of several minutes.

When they were groin to ass, Brenda noted how low-slung Bubba's balls were and how open and stretched Karen's cunt was. Impulsively, she gently stuffed his balls inside Karen's pussy. Everyone had to see this for themselves. Bubba stood, holding Karen's legs wide, to show off the obscene spectacle. Karen played with her clit as Bubba placed her stuffed ass and cunt on display. After a few minutes, Brenda came up and sucked her daughter's clit for her, bringing her to climax.

Brenda saw her duty as chaperon was to keep Karen's cunt full of cock, and to lick her daughter's pussy, before, during, and after it was fucked. It was after midnight when the two messy females and one tired, naked boy stood under the porch light of Brenda's home and waved goodbye. They were first taken to the carhop, dropped off at the opposite end from their car, then watched as they walked calmly through rows of honking cars. They were then followed home to make certain she went straight home. As the Chevy sped away on squealing tires, each turned to look at the other.

Brenda put on a brave smile and touched her daughter's angelic, wet face, saying, "Are you ready for this?"

"After walking naked through the carhop, I guess. What choice do we have?"

"None, I'm afraid. There may be an ugly scene. Just let me handle him. I'll do all the talking, but don't cover yourself or shy away, okay? If you want to help out, make sure he gets a good look at your fucked pussy. If you can get his dick hard, we're home free."

"Okay, but that won't be easy for me, not in front of Daddy."

"He's just another man with a cock between his legs. Unless I miss my guess, when he sees you, a stiff one. I'll deal with that, too, but I may need your help."

"Mom, you're not talking about ... Mom?" A smile formed on her face and was matched by Brenda's own.

"Let's just wait and see. Come on, we can't stand out here like this all night. Brad, don't worry. I'll call your mother and tell her something. I'll see if you can't sleep over. If all goes well, you'll be sleeping in Karen's bed with Karen in it. If things go very well, we'll all be in my bed with Roger in it. We are not finished with you, yet, young man, regardless."

With Karen leading the way, they stepped in and closed the door. Roger emerged from the den and froze on seeing them. "Brenda! My God! What? Who? Where? My God!"

"We were abducted and raped, Roger. Don't make matters worse by starting the inquisition. After what we've been put through, we don't need that. We were gang raped, Roger, repeatedly raped in every orifice of our bodies for hours on end, over, and over, and over again. Don't give me any shit. I mean that. I won't take it, not tonight, not ever again."

Roger stood silently with his mouth agape, his eyes wandering over Karen's body, standing in a bold, defiant pose with her feet parted and her sperm-covered loins thrust out obscenely. Brenda went over to stand beside him so that together they could survey their sperm leaking daughter and her date, who now sported an erection as they stood, side by side.

Brenda rested her hand on his shoulder and said, matter-of-factly, "If you want a divorce, you have it. Sleep on the sofa. If you don't, get your clothes off and fuck us. We're both still horny. We just need one more stiff cock in every hole to make our evening complete. I can see you have a stiff cock, so don't go acting all high and mighty. You'll just look ridiculous when you shove it up your daughter's ass." She let that sink in, then said, "Don't they make a cute couple, dear?"

Roger stared at Karen as she stroked the boy's erection and simply said, "Yeah, they're cute."

"If you think they're cute now, you should watch them when they fuck. When these two fuck, they're adorable."

As Brenda massaged his erection, Karen turned her back to them and assumed a provocative pose with her ass jutting back in a half squat, peering back at her parents over her shoulder. As her father stared at her ass, she reached back with both hands and pried her cheeks apart to reveal all of her raw, sperm-covered and gaping pussy, as well as the open pucker of her abused rectum. She wiggled her ass in sexy invitation and said, "Come on, Daddy! Shove your cock up my ass and stuff your balls in my pussy like that big black man did."

Roger shoved his cock up her ass and Brenda stuffed his balls up Karen's pussy, just as she did for Bubba. Roger did not want a divorce, not after Brenda stuck her tongue up his ass while holding his balls inside his sexy daughter. With his cock deep in his daughter's ass, he didn't even mind having to look at the boy with the goofy expression on his face while he face-fucked his little girl, holding her by the ears.

Caution, mandatory sexist remark follows:

A slow smile spread over Roger's face as it dawned on him that his little girl was, indeed, becoming a woman, and the mate she chose knew what a woman was for.

Sorry, ladies; it's the new porn law. PP

The End

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