Photo Pro

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Jenny took the divorce of her parents hard and sulked for weeks after Hal left. Twelve is a tough age to deal with the loss of a daddy and twelve was the first birthday without him. She seemed to be getting over it, though, and she was wise beyond her years having been sexually active since the age of eight. She not only missed her daddy, she missed her lover.

One rainy Saturday afternoon a month after his departure, Jenny came to join her mother at the dining table and blurted out, "Daddy's not my real daddy, is he?"

"I knew you'd figure it out one day. It's not like I tried to keep it a big secret. Christ, your father and I didn't meet until I was sixteen."

"I never knew when you guys met. I always thought you were sweethearts that got careless then married when you were old enough. It's no big deal, really; but who was the guy that got lucky?"

"Honey, I don't know who your father was, but I can narrow him to a field of seven men. Your Grandpa, my daddy, is a prime candidate."

"That's neat. Did he rape you?"

"No, he didn't rape me. He did use intimidation, cunning, and deception, though; and he did screw me two or three times a day during that time."

"What did he do, exactly? Come on, I told you about all the things Daddy did to me. Come on, tell me about my bad Grandpa and his band of merry perverts. I'm in the mood for a juicy sex story. I haven't had a good poke in over a month."

"Oh, all right. If you want a juicy sex story, I'll give you one that will drown your asshole. For your information, from the moment they learned I was pregnant with you, they took me out of school and kept me at home, naked, with my arms bound behind my back. I could do nothing for myself. I was fed, pottied, enemaed, twat-shaved, fucked, sucked, photographed, and mated to dogs on a daily basis; and all I could do was watch my tits and belly grow."

"Oh, God, Mother! I love it. Tell me the whole story, from the beginning. How did it start?"

"This all started when Daddy got into photography and built a studio out back. Mom wanted him to have a hobby after his medical retirement, and she fully supported his interest in photography. He went away to schools, took courses, and invested literally thousands in fancy equipment.

"One day, he asked me to be his model. He told me he wanted to take artistic pictures of me to enter in contests. I was so flattered, me, an art photography model at the age of twelve. At first, that's just what they were, art photos. Though many involved partial or total nudity, they were tastefully done. He entered my pictures in contests and won a few minor awards. Mom made a big deal out of the awards and displayed them proudly. The underground kiddie porn exchange discovered Daddy long before he received any real recognition. They wanted more graphic shots--frontal nudes and beaver shots. They paid in cash. Daddy really got into photography then. Mom thought it was great that Daddy turned pro."

"Mother, this is making me hotter than shit. I have to masturbate. I'm sorry, but I have to."

"Go right ahead. Comfy, now?"

"Yeah, now I am."

"Mom didn't know Daddy had a little home-grown porno business going, and he also had a local clientele. In her mind, Daddy was a professional art photographer with an international clientele. Had she ever just poked her head in his studio, she'd have known what was going on. The place was wallpapered with my pornographic pictures. Those pictures were in no way tasteful and grew progressively less so. It wasn't long before he had me doing the splits over a camera lens. He had me assume gymnastic poses, nasty poses designed to show my beaver. My tits weren't much to speak of at that time, about like yours are now, tittie buds, but I knew I had a pretty pussy. I knew we weren't making art, but I grew to enjoy posing for nasty pictures and showing my sexy pussy. They grow on you after a while.

"Before long, the weekly sessions took a pornographic turn, and grew progressively more pornographic as Daddy tried to fill customer requests. This trend, I didn't like, but Daddy was a pro at moving me along from one level to the next while blaming the escalation on demands of the market place. In no time he had me masturbating for the camera. He had me fucking myself in the ass with rubber dicks. He gave me enemas. He had me sucking his cock within a month. He fucked my ass the following month and took my cherry a week later. I was thirteen at that time, and I prayed Mom would find out what was going on and put an end to it, because I couldn't.

"When I stopped protesting, and he knew I wouldn't tell on him, he began inviting his porno buddies over for photo sessions. They only watched, at first, but they soon began to use me as well. This went on all through High School, and actually continued long after your dad and I were married."

"Wow, I guess Dad was right; you were getting it on the side."

"Side, back, front, up-side-down, and in every hole."

"Cool! But why did you keep posing for Grandpa after you got married?"

"Daddy blackmailed me with the pictures he had; and besides, I enjoyed the variety."

"So why did you stop?"

"After we started fucking with his dad, I didn't care about the blackmail, and I just got tired of being a sex toy for a bunch of dirty old men when I was getting all the sex I wanted right at home. I just quit."

"Did Grandma ever find out?"

"Yes, but not at first. The story is long, rather complicated, and more than a little bizarre. If you're in a hurry, I'll tell you about her some other time if you want to get right to the juicy parts."

"No, I've got plenty of time. I want to hear everything; besides, Grandma Stevens is my favorite relative. She's the one who encouraged me to show my pussy to grown men. I'd really like to know how she fits into this."

"Well, that doesn't surprise me. Okay, I'll start at the beginning, but you have to realize that she was not the woman that you know today. When I was a young girl, she made Mary Poppins look like a whore. Mom was very excited when Daddy and I began working together, and she cleared three walls in anticipation of creating a gallery of award-winning photos to go with the plaques and trophies. When she saw the first picture to win an award, she blushed and said how nice it was, then placed the picture in a box. It wasn't bad at all. It showed nothing. It's just that I had nothing on.

"After that, Mom just wanted the awards, not the pictures, and she wanted nothing to do with the studio out back that produced them. That was fine with Daddy. Still, she saw plenty but never acknowledged what she saw for what it was. This was my biggest frustration. Imagine standing before a cop with a mugger behind you. The mugger has a gun in your back and is wearing a ski mask. You have your hands high, and the cop doesn't notice anything unusual. That's what my home life was like for me. Mom either had a classic case of chronic denial syndrome, or she was the most naive human on Earth. I never found out which it was. She played her part well if she was aware from the start. I honestly don't think she suspected a thing. She was way too sweet and innocent for what was going on, and far too maternal to turn a blind eye."

"There must have been some close calls."

"There were many, for any normal person. To show how naive she was, or how effective her mental block was, imagine this. It's two in the morning. I am almost fourteen. I come in through the kitchen door walking stiff and bowlegged with a small towel wrapped around me. Daddy is walking behind me carrying the clothes I'd worn when I went out to the studio with him and six men earlier that evening.

"She had just gotten up for a drink of water and unexpectedly met us in the kitchen. She eyed me all over, sees my hair mussed and matted with semen, cum all over my face, trails running down my neck, and gobs of slimy white goo running down both legs. She looks to Daddy and says, "Walter, you shouldn't keep Bonnie up past midnight on a school night. I don't see why photo art has to involve such long sessions, or why it has to be so messy."

"What did she think that mess was?"

"I don't know, but Daddy told her it was cream to protect me from the hot lights, and that the container got dropped and splashed me. She bought this story and even helped wipe the cream off with a wash rag."

"Didn't she notice the cream was coming from your pussy?"

"My asshole, too? And yes, but she didn't say anything about it. She went right to work and wiped my legs, face, and neck. Daddy stood by watching with an amused grin. He, in fact, suggested she check between my legs and told her that's where most of the cream went. She nervously removed the towel and knelt before me. Daddy reached down and took me by the right ankle, then lifted my foot high over my head. I was doing the sideways splits with my beaver in her face, holding onto his waist."

"Holy cow! Was he trying to get busted?"

"He wasn't trying not to. You can imagine the obscene view she had. She saw how red, open, and swollen my pussy was. She must have seen the red hand prints from where they'd spanked me. I'm sure she noticed my asshole still stretched and open. I could feel gobs of the stuff oozing from both holes. She dabbed at my pussy, dabbed at my asshole, then made a wiping pass along my crack. Daddy was enjoying himself, and in no hurry to end the game. He held me in that position for a good five minutes. Mom stayed in place and caught each new dribble as it appeared. So, you see, Daddy didn't have much to worry about from her."

"Mom, Grandma had to know. Nobody is that stupid."

"I don't know. I think she refused to see what her eyes were showing her. Daddy offered an explanation, a dumb one I'll grant you, but an explanation. I think she latched onto his explanation like a life ring thrown to a drowning woman."

"Okay, but how did he explain the hand prints on your ass?"

"He didn't need to. Daddy had always been a strict disciplinarian. He'd spank me on my bare ass with his hand, and sometimes with a belt for the most minor infractions. Mom hated seeing him do that to me, so she'd leave the room. I suppose she figured I'd given him some back talk during the shoot. She knew Daddy would be a hard task master to work for."

"I guess, but I still can't see how she could not put two and two together."

"At that time, I don't think she could have dealt with the reality, so she didn't see any twos to add up. She was into collecting ceramic poodle miniatures, doing needlepoint, Camp Fire Girl fund raising, and organizing Tupperware home parties. I don't think sex ever entered her mind, and the woman wouldn't say the word shit if she had a mouthful."

"She will now."

"Yes, but the woman you know as Grandma is not the same woman that raised me to the age of fourteen. I'm telling you, she was living in a world of her own creation. In her mind, we lived in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, and she was Susie Homemaker who lived by the glen."

"I can't even picture that."

"Well, that's exactly how she was. Daddy went out of his way to make her realize what he'd been doing with me. I could see he wanted to turn her world in-side-out, and he found her denial amusing. While she was wiping sperm from my twat, he said, 'It looks a lot like sperm, doesn't it?' She admitted it did. He said, 'It tastes like sperm, too. Taste some. Go on, it's safe. Taste it!' I watched Mom lick some from her finger. With a face blushing red, she agreed. He then said, 'Yeah, by the looks of things, with all that spermy stuff leaking out of her pussy and asshole, you'd think we were out there fucking her, huh?'

"Mom blushed a deeper red, but said, 'I thought no such thing, and I do wish you wouldn't use those vulgar words in front of Bonnie. She's just a child.'

"I asked Daddy about Mom's strange behavior the following day, and he said, 'If she don't know what's going on, she's a bigger fool than I thought. On the other hand, she knows I won't stop, and knows better than to try and stop me. She's going to see what she wants to see.'

"His assessment appeared correct. There were numerous instances when she'd see me coming in late and totally naked in the company of Dad and several men, and usually leaking semen down my legs to my heels, making pecker tracks on her waxed floor as I padded through on bare feet. I didn't want to believe she knew what was happening to me but was too intimidated and insecure to say or do anything about it. That seemed to be the case, though."

"Mother, why didn't you just come right out and tell her what they were doing?"

"Daddy made me promise not to ever tell a soul."

"And you felt you had to honor a promise to a child molester?"

"He was my dad, Jenny. You of all people should know the position I was in."

"But I did tell you."

"Yes, but I knew from the start. You only told me about the things I missed out on. The situations between you and me and my mother and me were totally opposite."

"Yeah, I keep forgetting she was different back then and you weren't a pervert back then."

"Thanks a lot."

"Well, you are a pervert. You even admitted it."

"I guess I did, didn't I. Well, I wasn't a pervert back then and I was never a kid like you. I wasn't shy about my body or posing nude for pictures, but when the posing took a nasty turn, I thought of myself as a good girl who was forced to do bad things with perverted men. Keep in mind, at this point we were only two or three months into the sexual activity, and the sessions with other men present were only a month old. I was waiting for Mom to wake up. I figured nothing would change, but she'd at least insist they use rubbers."

"Okay, Mom, you're right. I can see where your head was. I still don't understand hers, though."

"I didn't either. I tried to rationalize her behavior. I knew she was very gullible and naive, and she knew art photography involved nude modeling and was a respectable field. She thought Daddy's cronies were art people and photography experts and that seeing me naked was necessary and essential. I think she figured they thought nothing of seeing a nude child model."

"Could you just walk around the house, naked, with men there?"

"Not at first, but after that late night scene in the kitchen, Daddy thought it was cool to flaunt their activities in front of her. The men thought the game was fun, too. The sessions would start in the house and go to the studio only after everyone arrived. Daddy decided I should wait naked. He'd have me stripped and sitting on the dining table before the first man arrived.

"Mom wasn't happy about Daddy stripping me in the house, but she remained quiet about it and even served coffee. The men would gather around our large oval dining table and drink coffee for thirty minutes to an hour before going out to the studio. They would gather again for an after-shoot beer and bull session that sometimes lasted into the early morning. Mom joined these sessions, but she kept a low profile whenever photo business was being prepared or discussed.

"While waiting for everyone to arrive, the men talked photography, discussing the upcoming shoot with their attention focused on me. I was, after all, sitting naked in the center of the fucking table. They discovered that even if they touched me openly in intimate areas, Mom wouldn't raise an eyebrow. They kept pushing the limits, trying to get her to crack. Daddy encouraged them to try and assured them that whatever her complaint was, he could smooth things over.

"At first, they posed me in what they called aesthetic poses, discussing my photogenic qualities. They also discussed lighting and shadow for the upcoming shoot. They played their roles to the hilt and used all kinds of technical lingo that no one understood. They also used clinical terms for my female body parts.

"I suppose, to Mom, the strange pre-shoot warm-up routine looked proper and professional. Even when they made me sit back and expose a spread beaver, or used their fingers to trace shadow and highlight areas on my pussy. She might blush, look away, go after coffee, but she never raised an objection."

Jenny made a face of disbelief and said, "Mom, that's incredible. She watched men touching your pussy and never said anything about that? She had to be in on it."

"No, not then she wasn't. There would be no reason to hide. I'd be the only one she was hiding that fact from, and she didn't need to hide from me. I was no threat to anyone at that point. I was whipped. I totally accepted my lot in life as a sexual plaything for a group of child molesters. Like I said, I had no hope of ending it. I just wanted Mom to lay down some rules, mostly to keep me from getting pregnant."

"What made you think she could?"

"I just knew she could if she'd just open her eyes. Dad even said that if Mom ever flat put her foot down their little party was over, but he also said he could talk her out of flat putting her foot down, or get her to set it down gently. I believed that, too, and knew she would never tolerate those men intentionally putting their sperm in my pussy."

"She had to be suspicious by then."

"No, not even when their attentions centered more and more on my intimate anatomy. By the way they acted, you'd think art photography was the art of photographing a young girl's beaver. This was typical. A guy would be toying with my clit while Mom asked him if he cared for a warm-up for his coffee. The closest she got to objecting was when a guy stuck his finger up my ass. He didn't keep that finger still, either. He finger-fucked my asshole with Mom looking on. She meekly said, 'Is that really necessary?' Daddy said, 'That's called rectal enhancement. Probing the rectum produces a prominence and swelling in the sphincter muscle which results in better shadow effects, dear.' Her response was, 'Oh.'"

Jenny said, "Oh? You've got to be kidding. This could be a funny movie if the story were halfway believable. I think you're jerking my chain, Mom."

"I'm not kidding. This is all true, I swear to you. To top it off, she apologized for questioning the man's motives. She said, 'I'm so sorry. Every time I think something bad is going on, there turns out to be a perfectly rational explanation. As you can tell, I know nothing about this field.'"

"Oh, that's too much, Mom. How did anyone keep a straight face?"

"They didn't, and she was always asking, 'What's so funny?' The next time we had a session, they laid me out on the dining table with my knees drawn up and pulled back. I had a man holding each leg wide and pressed down on the table top. Mom came over to see what was up and looked shocked to see me in such a vulgar and vulnerable position. Another man stepped up and started masturbating me, feeling my pussy all over, poking his fingers deep inside, rubbing and pinching my clit, pulling on my clit, in fact. At one point, he had his two middle fingers thrust in to the palm, demonstrating to Mom that I was no virgin. Mom stood by and watched him do this and finally asked in a concerned voice, 'What is the purpose in doing that to her?'

"Daddy says, 'It's like the anal stimulation technique. Massaging the vagina brings out the vaginal highlights by stimulating blood flow. This makes the vagina blossom into full prominence and produces the best photo effects when combined with proper lighting. What were you thinking, Beth? Dirty thoughts again?'

"Mom said, 'Oh, no! Absolutely not. I was not questioning the practice. I knew what he was doing to Bonnie had to be for a good reason. I was just curious, that's all.'"

"Mom, I think Grandma was jerking your chain. That would be just like her, too."

"That's possible, but totally out of character for her back then. You could read the genuine anxiety in her face when she saw something inappropriate going on, but as soon as any explanation was offered, relief flooded over her. I doubt she could act that well, even now."

"I sure wish I knew her back then. I'm sorry, Mom, but this is very funny, besides being a super turnon."

"It gets funnier then, so stick around."

"I'm not going anywhere. Tell me more."

"After a shoot I'd play waitress at the beer and bull sessions, either naked or wearing a sexy costume that left the key parts exposed, usually high heels and a dog collar. Cum would leak out of me for an hour, so the insides of my legs stayed wet and shiny. I made a point of giving Mom good looks at my inner thighs and shiny wet ass as I made my way around the table. I also kept any marks I had on me in plain sight. In particular, I wanted her to see the marks made by alligator clips that they often placed on my nipples, clit, or labia lips. Those damn things left bright red teeth imprints that lasted for days. Right after a shoot, the angry marks were positively unmistakable as to what caused them.

"No matter how brazen I was in my efforts to show what they'd done to me, my efforts were in vain. Mom either looked away or pretended not to see. I filled as many glasses as I could by getting in next to Mom and leaning out with a leg raised to counterbalance me. She had to see. There were times when my nearest nipple was in her face, and I'd get sperm on her knees from my wet thighs."

Jenny offered, "That's unreal. She had to be suspicious, at least."

"I'm sure she was, but she never let on. Her demeanor never changed. She never even commented on those ridiculous spike heels I had to wear. She observed everything but saw nothing. Her eyes would light on a man's finger going up my twat or on my nipple being twisted in a vise-like grip into gross distortion. She'd take in the sight, then jerk her eyes away. She got a peek at everything, but would not stare.

"When Mom began joining in on the after-shoot bullshit sessions, acting totally at ease, laughing at their crude jokes, and ignoring all the finger-fucking, ass slapping, tit squeezing, and nipple twisting that was a constant, the guys began treating her as one of the guys. Abuse followed me wherever I went, and Mom was as likely as anyone to slap my bright red fanny or tweak a sore nipple as I passed by. When Mom started abusing me, that really freaked me out, mostly because she was still in denial, and still her regular self."

Jenny sat forward, still playing with her pussy, and said, "Okay, how do you explain her behavior at those bullshit group gropes. If she wasn't an active partner in crime, who explained away the crude behavior at those bull sessions? What they were doing had nothing whatsoever to do with photography."

"Actually, she explained it away after the first one she joined in. She'd sat through several, just smiling, but one day she joined in and felt real bad afterward. That was the only time she took me aside and discussed anything related to my sexual abuse. After the men left and Daddy turned in, she came to me in my bedroom. She sat on my bed and stroked my hair, then told me not to let their crude behavior bother me. She said that men were just grown-up boys when they got together over beer, and that they act silly and nasty, and that this conduct was something we women had to learn to accept about them. She said that even professionals will act like drunk sailors when they decide to unwind, and that's all it was. She said, 'I'm just trying to fit in and make them feel comfortable. I didn't want you to think I enjoyed watching them treat you that way, sweetheart.'"

Jenny said, "She rationalized finger-fucking and tit torture."

"Keep in mind that she'd accepted finger-fucking as a professional act done as part of a warm-up to a photo-shoot. Except for nipple twisting and fanny slaps, they weren't doing anything at their bullshit session that they hadn't already done on the table earlier. The only difference was, the pre-shoot warm-up activities were a professional act; whereas the things they did to me at the bullshit session was men just being playful and crude. She felt she needed to explain and console me about the latter, but never brought up the former."

"What about the nipple torture?"

"She never mentioned anything about those marks made by the alligator clips; but personally, I think those blood red marks, more than anything else, helped break down her wall of denial. She was trying to fit alligator clips into her new world order, but she couldn't make them fit."

"I didn't think you could explain her behavior away, but that would do it, I suppose. It makes sense to me."

"It did for her, anyway, and I truly believe she was sincere. That was when I first noticed her changing. She was shifting from denial to rationalization, and her personality was changing as a result. You could see the stress she was under as her world of denial crumbled around her. She was very relieved when I told her I understood. She let out a big sigh of relief and said, 'I'm so glad you understand. I just want to fit in with the group, Bonnie, and you saw how excited the guys got when I slapped your fanny and called you a little trollop. You were being such a good sport about all the abuse they were dishing out. I figured a little slap and pinch here and there couldn't hurt. It meant so much to them to know I wasn't an old fuddy-duddy sitting in judgment of them having a little harmless fun with my little girl.'"

Jenny took renewed interest, sitting up, saying, "Wow, Mom, that tells me a lot. When she could no longer deny what was going on and knew she couldn't stop it, she had to figure out a way to live with it."

"Exactly, that's rationalization, and I understood, even at that age. I had to reassure her several more times that I understood completely, and that I thought nothing of her slaps and nipple twists; which, by the way, were as hard and cruel as the guys were doing. She really laid it on after she won their approval. She hurt me, and she knew it. She needed to hear me tell her that her abuse of me was okay, and I told her several times before she could accept that.

"Weeks earlier, Daddy gave me permission to answer truthfully to any question Mom posed, but said I couldn't volunteer any information. There were times, after a photo-shoot, that she'd see angry red welts made by a whip. These lasted throughout the week, and I'd do my best to keep them on display throughout the week. She never commented on them, so when she asked for my okay, I took another stab at getting through to her, saying, 'You can't hurt me, Mom. My breasts, nipples, and vagina are accustomed to very rough treatment. I am tough as nails, now, so do whatever you feel you need to do to make our guests comfortable. I won't mind, honest.' I added, 'Also, you can call me any name in the book. I know you are only saying those things to fit in and be one of the guys. You have to verbally abuse me and physically abuse me if you want to be accepted as one of them."

Jenny said, "Don't tell me she didn't catch that hint."

"She did, but she didn't want to discuss it. She just thanked me again and told me what a trooper I was."

"That pretty much told you where she stood on the physical abuse though, didn't it?"

"Yes, but I knew she wouldn't try to stop the beatings and physical torments. She'd known for some time that they were working me over in that studio. She could have attempted to stop them long ago, but didn't. No, I was hoping to start a dialog that would lead to a full disclosure, exposing all the perverted activity. I still thought, at that point, that she might curtail or severely restrict the intercourse if she were confronted with the fact that they were fucking me without protection. I still wanted birth control and felt certain she'd insist on that much, at least. I did lose faith in that conviction after our talk, though. I didn't think she was capable of drawing any lines.

"Having Mom join their bull sessions was a major breakthrough for them, and their nasty little game took a radical leap after she joined in the abuse. In the studio, they had a good laugh over their successes. Daddy told them that he bet they could fuck me and get Mom to go along. They bet money on it and selected a volunteer to try at the next session. They wanted to see anal and vaginal sex, with orgasm, right in front of Mom. Daddy already had Mom in the habit of giving me my enemas prior to a shoot, so my asshole would be ready for a big cock. He told her he wanted my colon clean to flatten my abdomen. She gave me enemas until I shit clear water.

"At the next session, Mom stood close by and watched everything. She obviously felt welcome, because she used to hang back out of the way. I was laid out on the table like a lab frog and getting both my ass and pussy fingered by several of the men at once, a gang finger bang that looked anything but professional. Two others played roughly with my titties. Mom appeared comfortable with what they were doing and would smile from time to time to let them know she wasn't bothered. I remember her saying, 'Boy, that ought to get her blood flowing, for sure.'

"Someone said, 'You know, the French use the natural technique. They will only use a real penis for anal and vaginal enhancement. They do get amazing results, you've got to admit that.' Another one added, 'They are the world's best. They must know something we don't.' Another said, "That's how DuPree won the Googleheim. He used the French method with a model younger than Bonnie.'

"Daddy said, 'Well, damnit, I'm not willing to play second fiddle to a bunch of Frenchies. Honey, I want to try this French technique with Bonnie. She wants to be the best. She has worked hard to be the best. I'm sure she's willing to do anything it takes, but I want your okay if we're going to go all the way with her.'

"Mom said, 'I don't understand. What do you mean, go all the way?' He says, 'Go all the way, dear, as in use a real penis the way it's supposed to be used, the natural way to stimulate a vagina.' 'Oh my,' she says as they all stared, waiting to hear her reply. I was waiting as anxiously as they were, because this was my chance to get some protection before it was too late.

"Mom agonized over her response, but finally said, 'Well, this is your profession. I suppose you know what's best. I'm sure you'll be careful and take precautions. If Bonnie is willing, and you want to try this French method, I guess you'll need privacy.'"

Jenny folded her arms and sat back, though keeping her knees wide, saying, "Okay, Mom. This has got to be where Grandma joins them all the way. I'm not buying it if you say she didn't."

"Why not? Honey, keep in mind that for two weeks she'd been watching me getting fingers and dildos shoved deep in my ass and cunt. A live penis was no great escalation by then. She had to know I had no hymen. Daddy was a pro at bringing you along one baby step at a time. If they'd pulled that shit just one week earlier, I know she would have freaked out. I wasn't surprised at all; besides, this group was our social circle. We had no other friends. She wanted to be part of their group. She certainly didn't want to act the spoiler when what they were asking for wasn't that big a deal."

"I suppose, but I'm sure she knew the score."

"She did, and she remained anxious after Daddy's explanation. I could tell she wasn't buying the French method. Anyway, Daddy said, 'Honey, these men are professionals in this field. Modesty is not an issue. Aesthetics is all that matters. You should stay; you're part of the team. You needn't be embarrassed, and you may be able to assist. We are going to do this right, or not at all, right guys?'

"All of that crap he was shoveling her way was just to introduce those five words: you're part of the team. He knew exactly what she needed to hear to get her to go along with their transparent scheme. He was a real pro at manipulation, Jenny. They all sounded off with affirmatives without ever asking me how I felt about the plan. The volunteer stood, brought out his eight-inch stiff cock, and stroked the shaft. They slid me to the table's edge, and he placed the head of his cock at my pussy with Mom standing right beside him. He rubbed that throbbing cock around the wet opening of my twat, while Mom stared with eyes wide, her hand covering her mouth.

"Under her intense scrutiny, he went right in to his balls after a brief period of stirring my juices, proving that I had no hymen. He fucked my pussy in long deep strokes, as Mom stared in open-mouthed awe. I tried hard not to show so much as a flinch or let out a tiny grunt. I clearly demonstrated that my pussy was no stranger to his eight-inch cock. Mom's eyes were riveted to my stuffed pussy getting fucked by the only cock she'd seen other than Daddy's six-incher. He screwed me hard for a few minutes, then dropped down to my asshole. Once in position, he grasped my hips and pulled until the head popped in."

Jenny attacked her cunt with renewed vigor and cried out, "Fucking a little girl's ass, right in front of her Mommy. I love it!"

"Mom was truly amazed by what she saw. Butt fucking was not in her vocabulary or life experience. She seemed fascinated by the sight of a big dick penetrating my asshole without so much as a grunt from me. He began a fucking motion and soon had six inches sawing in and out of my well-conditioned asshole. Daddy said, 'It's working. I can see a difference guys. This is the secret all right. Keep that up. Go all the way in. Don't hold back; you're getting there.' He slid right in to the balls."

"He was actually screwing eight inches of cock in your ass and she said nothing?"

"Not a word. I swear. Not only that, after Daddy's encouraging words, the guy slammed into my ass and began fucking me hard and fast until he came--half in, and half out of my ass. Quite a bit of cum was deliberately shot right at my wide open pussy crack. One of the guys reached over and pulled my cunt lips open for him. Daddy explained the cum shot away as an occupational hazard that was unavoidable and to be expected. He asked for another volunteer as Mom went dashing for a rag.

"Another guy stepped up, drew out a larger cock, and inserted the head in my spermy pussy before Mom could wipe off the cum. He pumped his shaft and rubbed my clit, pushed the head in, drew back out, then rubbed the head through my slit. He got his cock good and wet with the other guy's sperm, then shoved his cock in. He gradually pushed all the way in as Mom made an anguished face."

"That's fucking great!"

"So is your cunt, Jenny. Do you think you can get your legs any farther apart?"

"The splits aren't wide enough for you? What's the matter; you can't quite see my tonsils?"

"Get smart with me, Jenny, and the story ends here."

"I'm sorry! I'm real, real sorry. Please don't stop now!"

Bonnie smiled knowingly, then said, "He fucked me hard for a good ten minutes. Daddy said, 'If you feel like you are going to ejaculate, try to pull out and deposit the stuff where it won't cause a problem. She's just a child, and we don't have any rubbers.' Mom offered to go to the drug store and get some, but Daddy just blew that off with something about rubber not being natural. Minutes later, he came in my pussy after stepping up his efforts to reach a climax, pulling our loins tightly together for the cum shot, grunting with each jet he squirted in my womb."

"Oh, Yes! Cream the little girl's womb while Mommy watches. Too much!"

"Mom wasn't exactly helpless. She could have ended their game if she'd pitched a bitch. She appeared visibly shaken by this blatant disregard for the rules she and Daddy sorta laid down. When he withdrew, she wiped angrily at the sperm seeping out from my abused pussy hole, then looked to Daddy to chastise the vulgar man. Daddy said, 'Oh well, accidents happen.' When she heard Daddy blow it off so casually, she instantly stopped her angry display and simply patted the rag to my twat."

"Do you mean she had nothing to say to this man after he intentionally shot his wad in you?"

"All she said was, 'Let's try not to have anymore accidents.' The next guy pulled out but came on my twat. Mom got a clean rag to wipe up the mess, but the guy wouldn't get out of the way. While she waited patiently, he remained in place and used his wilting dick to play in his sperm. Before long, he was stuffing sperm inside. He took his time and didn't stop until his dick gave out. She then wiped up what little was left outside, while the men watched with amused grins."

"Uh! Oh! Oh yes!"

"She stepped aside for the next guy and went to rinse the rag. He made no attempt to avoid cumming in my twat. He actually announced that he was about to cum, then pulled himself in tight to put his load deep. Mom mopped what seeped out and stepped aside for another who did the same thing, only with more exaggerated flair, grunting and pumping his sperm deep. After he finished cumming, he remained lodged inside, plugging his load of sperm until his dick went soft, making her wait there with the rag at the ready while his sperm soaked into my womb."

"Oh! Oh! More!"

"The next guy tried to top that. He spent the whole time jacking off while rubbing the head of his cock in my spermy cunt lips. When he was ready to cum, he announced the fact, then centered his cock at my pussy hole. He put the head in and pumped his load out with his fist jacking the shaft."

"Oh, God, I'm going to cum!"

"Daddy was last and determined to top everyone. He put the head of his cock in my cunt, than placed Mom's hand on his shaft and asked her to do her thing. Mom got into the job after an uncomfortable start. She obviously knew her business, because she knew exactly how to pace the strokes. Mom's fist banged against my sloppy twat as she brought Daddy off. She milked Daddy's spend into my overflowing snatch."

"Oh Jesus! OH JESUS! Oh God, I'm cumming. I'm cumming sooooo good."

Bonnie waited until she had Jenny's attention once again, then said. "I've seen you cum a hundred times, so don't hold your breath waiting for applause. That was fair."

"I'll try harder next time. I'm ready for another one. You know me, my second cum is always better than my first."

Bonnie resumed, "When he finished, Mom cleaned me thoroughly and stepped aside. Daddy said, 'Now look at that dear. See what a difference using a real penis can do? Look how flushed and alive her parts are. Look how her anus has opened and blossomed. See how her vagina is full and open like an orchid?'

"She said, unconvincingly, 'Yes, I see what you mean. If that's what makes a good picture, then you should get some good ones. I better take her into the bathroom and douche her vagina real good to wash out the accidents.'

"Daddy said, 'There's no time for that. Besides, I wouldn't want to tamper with perfection. Pregnancy is a risk we'll just have to take.'"

"Grandma must have freaked at this."

"No, but this is where she seems to have caught on and accepted the inevitable. I thought I detected friendly sarcasm in her voice when she said, 'Well, I suppose. I'm glad I bit my tongue, now. Boy, I sure would have felt foolish if I had voiced what I was thinking. I'm ashamed to even tell you gentlemen, but I actually thought you were trying to get my daughter pregnant. I feel so silly, now. You will get no further questions from me. I've learned my lesson.'

"The funny part was, after saying they had no time, they lounged around for an hour with my ass propped up on two cushions to prevent the sperm from coming out. They even had Mom get the cushions and do the propping. She was puzzled by their odd request, even more puzzled at their lack of haste. She said she wouldn't question them again, and they tested her. She passed the test.

"Mom's brow wrinkled when someone stuck his finger in my cunt, stirred the six loads I had in my vaginal well, and said, 'Just in case she is ovulating, we ought to give everyone's sperm an even chance at the egg, huh? May the best man win.'

"Mom didn't find that a bit funny. She gave no courtesy laugh and the closest thing to a scowl she gives. Later, Mom came around with the coffee pot, and Daddy said, "I think she's ready for another stir, dear. Would you mind?'

"She looked dumbly at him and said, 'You mean put my finger in there?' He said, 'Yes, and stir clockwise.' Mom set the pot down and timidly inserted her index finger. I could feel her slender feminine finger moving around in my twat as she said, 'Like this?' Here, let me show you, Jenny. Get up on the table and lie back. I'll get the cushions."

Jenny climbed onto the table and reclined with her legs hanging off the edge. Bonnie brought two sofa cushions and made Jenny pull her legs up and over her head. Bonnie propped the cushions under the small of Jenny's back, then said, "Now relax but keep your knees out wide. Keep your twat straight up. That's my girl. Okay, you've just been screwed by seven men; six came in your twat and you are one juicy Lucy. Here's what she did."

Bonnie inserted her right index finger and stirred clockwise, saying, "My, but you are one creamy-twatted bitch, aren't you?"

"Wow, that's neat."

Bonnie drew her finger out, then lightly flicked Jenny's clit, saying, "You sure have a cute little pussy, Jenny. Cute enough to eat with a spoon."

"Thanks, but I like it best when you eat with your fingers."

Jenny eased down from the table and resumed her seat. This time, she did not start right in masturbating, but sat with her knees together, eager to hear more.

Bonnie said, "Play with your pussy, Jenny. Make me a good spread. Yes, just like that. In fact, that's what Daddy said when Mom asked if she was doing it right. He said, 'Yeah, just like that. A minute should do.' She stirred the sperm while the guys suppressed smirks. She was called to stir the well five more times before we headed out to the studio. In the studio, they broke up into fits of laughter, mocking her, and repeating the things she said and did."

"Did she get you any protection?"

"She never mentioned it. I don't know why unless she thought that a thorough pussy washing would suffice, or whether Daddy nixed the idea. When we emerged from the studio, an hour later, Mom had the mugs on the table ready for the customary bull session. While in the studio, they decided to place a few welts on my ass and tits. They rarely hit me with the whip--two or three across my ass was about all they ever did. They weren't really into the S&M scene, but they had all the gear and filled requests from time to time. This time, they put at least a dozen welts on my ass, tits, belly, and thighs. Mom never saw anything like that before. I took the whipping without complaint, hoping this would shock her out of her complacency.

"She surprised us by her lack of reaction. If what they'd done upset her, she kept her feelings in check. I did notice that she did not loosen up as fast as the last time we met, but after three mugs of beer, she relaxed considerably and focused her attentions on my welts when I came near. She'd trace the lines with her finger while making some crude comment about me misbehaving during the shoot. Later, after her fourth beer, she'd drag a fingernail along a welt to watch me wince before delivering a hard slap on the welt. She ended up tracing and slapping every welt I had, and would finger my ass and pussy as the guys did."

Jenny giggled and said, "I'm sorry, Mom, but this shit really turns me on. I can picture Grandma trying to impress the guys after you told her that she can't hurt you. I'll bet you wished you'd thought that over more carefully."

"That's an understatement, Jenny. I'm like you, though. I respond to a good ass whipping, even some of their torture devices made me hot. Pain administered by someone who knows what they're doing can be a terrific experience, but Mom did not know what she was doing. No one ever hurt me as badly as Mom did, and I felt obligated not to cry or even cry out. Another thing, when the guys fingered me, they never made a big deal about doing it. They'd reach over, slip a finger in, hold me in place by my pussy or asshole, then slip out and let me move on. Mom, on the other hand, was vulgar. She made sure everybody saw where her finger went, then she'd fuck her stiff finger in and out, giggling, or saying something like, 'Oh, it feels all gooey in there,' or, 'We must stir this up so the best man wins,' or, 'Oops, can't make a baby in there; it's full of poo poo.'"

"Oh, that's too much! She was making a real ass of herself, wasn't she?"

"A huge ass, Jenny. Hell, I was embarrassed for her. After all I'd been through, I found her antics the most vulgar and childish of all. She was trying so hard to fit in. She was really pathetic. Whatever maternal feelings she had for me seemed to go right out the window after four beers. She returned to her old self the next day, though. Still, I knew she'd throw me to the wolves when they returned the following week."

"I'm curious; how did she act the next day? I mean, after what she'd seen and done to you, how could she be her old self?"

"She wasn't her old self like she'd been months earlier, or even a week earlier. She knew they were simply dirty old men molesting her child, but she also knew there wasn't a damn thing she could or would do about it. By this time, she was beyond denial and rationalizing, beginning a phase of acceptance. To speed this phase along, Daddy made me remain naked at all times while in the house. He also took me where and when he pleased, which was always where Mom would see. Furthermore, she had to see my welts constantly, so she could never put that night out of her mind. She handled the transition by simply not talking about it.

"When the guys showed up the following week, they started right in fucking me. Mom never lifted an eyebrow when they spermed my womb. She stirred the well between fucks and didn't wipe anything but the table after they finished with me. The guys spent the entire time in the studio preparing me for the bull session to follow.

"For this bull session, they dressed me in one of the S&M theme costumes. In addition to the five-inch spike heels, I wore large-weave fishnet hose, a leather garter belt, and a push-up matching leather metal-studded bra that presented my exposed nipples. My nipples had alligator clips on them with beaded bangles dangling from each. In addition, my clit was pulled out and clamped tightly in a wide spring clamp that they molded into the base of a giant India rubber cock that hung past my knees. This carefully detailed imitation cock was so obscene, especially dangling between my legs, swinging like an elephant's trunk, tugging on my clit with every step. I suppose they wanted to demonstrate what sort of photography they were doing."

"What a sight that must have made. This just gets better and better."

"They didn't stop there, either. They covered my body in lewd graffiti: vulgar messages, nasty cartoons, crudely-drawn replicas of genitalia, cocks shooting thick ropes of sperm, a girl sucking off a pony, a big dog fucking a very pregnant child named Bonnie. Mom was visibly stunned when she saw me, but tried hard not to show it. Her face was redder than I thought possible as she watched me hobble toward the table with a pitcher of beer. The men took seats and carried on as though this were a regular bull session. They ignored me for the most part, but Mom's eyes never left my body. She could not take her eyes off of me. She strained to read every word written, and visually devoured every drawing, especially the doggie scenes which were rather well-done.

"I saw her gradually adjust to my bizarre condition and giggle when Daddy took hold of my cock and made me dance in place on my tiptoes as the guy behind me repeatedly slapped my bare ass hard, making a loud crack with each fall of his hand. I moved around the table with guys tormenting my nipples, pulling on the clamps until my tits were pulled out thin at the ends. My ass took a beating as I made my way toward Mom. By the time I got to her, she was visibly aroused and eager to get hold of me. I knew I'd get no reprieve from her."

"Oh, god, Mom, I need something to fuck myself with. Where's your dildo?"

"In my night stand, top drawer, hurry."

Less than a minute later, Jenny plopped back in her seat with the clamp dong her mother had described in the story. She declared, "Oh, Mom, I love it. When we're finished, you simply must clamp this fucker on my clit and let me walk around."

"It will be my pleasure, sweetheart."

"Please go on."

"Go easy. I know you're not used to one a third that big. Okay, I arrived at Mom's place and she grabbed my nipple clamps, pulling me around by them to stand between her parted knees. She tortured my tits by pulling those bangles to better read what was written on and under my tits. She'd read aloud some nasty witticism, then berate me for being a nasty child. She'd swat my ass or slap my tit flesh, read another, and slap me again. She acted as though I wrote that shit on my body. The men howled, which only drove her on.

"She tired of slapping me after reddening me from my knees to my shoulders. She took me by the cock, hoisting me to the table top. She made me recline before her as she turned her chair to face my spread beaver. She pushed my legs back and told me to hold them wide open. The men sat forward, eager to see what she was up to. Mom unclamped the cock and laid it on my belly with the head between my tits, then rudely pulled my cunt lips open and peered inside my hole, saying, 'Have you been letting these men fuck you out there in that studio, Bonnie?'

"I said, 'Yes, Mommy.' She says, 'Oh, you nasty child. You nasty little whore.' She then gave my clit a hard shake and tug while pinching with her nails dug in, saying, "Oh, you are a nasty little whore, you are.' She probed my anus with her finger and said, 'And did you let them put their cocks in here, too?' I said, 'Yes, Mommy, there too.' She slapped my ass hard and cried, 'You filthy slut, you, letting grown men fuck you in the ass. No doubt you sucked on their cocks, didn't you? You sucked their cocks till they ejaculated in your mouth, didn't you? You sucked and swallowed their sperm right from their balls, didn't you? Didn't you, you cock sucking whore!' 'Yes, lots of times, Mommy. They've been fucking me and making me suck their cocks for over a month.'

She said, 'I'm not the least surprised, and I don't blame them one bit. I'm sure you led them on. I've been watching you closely. You are getting exactly what you deserve. If you think I'm going to stand in their way, you have another think coming, young lady. I'm going to see that you serve these gentlemen properly like a good little cock sucking whore should. I'll see that you beg for cock, and you'll beg them to squirt their sperm in your pussy where it belongs.'

"She took the rubber dong and fitted the head to my asshole, then worked that huge cock in until only two inches remained sticking out while saying, 'And when they fuck your asshole, you'll beg them to pull out and cum in your pussy where the sperm might do some good.' She then pulled me to my feet and smacked my ass, saying, 'We need more beer. Get busy, slut!'"

"OH! YES!"

"Their laughter rang in my ears as I shuffled to the kitchen. This turned into an all nighter, and I was thoroughly screwed in every hole before the sun rose. Mom tucked me in. In parting, she dug in my sperm-filled pussy, took out a sopping wet hand, and smeared the mess over my mouth, saying, 'I meant what I said. You're going to be a good little whore for our friends, aren't you?' Naturally, I nodded. Hell, I already was. You couldn't get much better. I licked her fingers clean, then she left smiling."

"Oh FUCK ME! Oh Mother fuck me! Oh shit, Christ, DAMN! I'm cummingggggggggg! Uh ... uh ... oh, oh, ahhh! Ahhh."

Jenny took longer to recover. When her eyes opened, Bonnie said, "Not bad. We're almost finished. Wanna stop here?"

"No, go on."

"After that, our photo sessions always began with a gang bang in front of Mom. They dropped all pretense of professional conduct. The men actually stripped naked from the start, parading around, stroking their erections, and placing me in obscene positions for screwing, butt fucking, or cock sucking, sometimes, all three at once. They also stopped using clinical terms. It was fucking, and that's what they called it. My vagina became a pussy or a cunt, and my anus was my asshole. Even Mom began using the term, fuck, and referring to my vagina as a pussy. And they could cum where they pleased, but Mom had a preference for my pussy."

Jenny said, "Yep, Grandma was onboard."

"Oh, yes. Even I was onboard by then. I knew I was going to get pregnant, and I fully accepted that fact. Mom dropped all pretenses. She sat in on the photo-shoots and suggested poses that were every bit as obscene as those the guys came up with. It was her idea to bring dogs into the act. We ended up owning four that I serviced daily, whether filming or not. She also suggested that they take shots of me eating her pussy. She especially liked having me eat her while I was being screwed by a dog. Eating Mom's pussy was also a daily occurrence."

"Oh shit, Mom! You're going to make me cum again!"

"Oh, you like the idea of a daughter eating her mother's pussy." Bonnie lifted her skirt and spread her legs to expose her naked wet beaver, saying, "Go for it, baby!"

Jenny pounded her pussy with the huge dong and cried, "Mother, you filthy fucking whore! Oh, you fucking bitch. You sick slut, you! Oh God, I love it! I love it! Oh yesssss! I'm cummingggggg!!!"

Bonnie returned her feet to the floor and dropped her skirt with a knowing smile. She watched Jenny slowly recover and struggle to sit up. Jenny blushed self-consciously, smiled, and said, "We're both sick. I hope you know that."

"Yes, I know that."

"I hope you're finished, because I can't take anymore."

"We're almost done, but there's a good six inches you aren't using."

"I tried, believe me, I tried. Okay, I'm ready for more."

"Those men were welcome to drop in and screw me any time, day or night. We had orgies, lots of orgies, and somewhere in all that fucking, one of those little sperm cells cracked the egg and made little Jenny. Now you know."

"Wow, think of the competition that one sperm had to fertilize the egg. I feel so special."

"You are special, Jenny. On Father's Day, you have your work cut out for you."

"Yeah, and I think I'd like to leave it that way. I don't want to know which one it was. Is there any chance we could all get together for a family reunion?"

"They aren't all available. I think one died and one moved away, but Daddy can bring what's left together, and they still have two of the dogs. I can't guarantee those guys will behave themselves, but the dogs are well-trained."

"I want guarantees that they won't."

"That, I can guarantee." Bonnie, once again, presented Jenny with an obscene spread beaver, and said, "Right now, you can begin making up to me for eight hours of intense labor. Your time begins when your lips seal themselves to my cunt, you cunt-sucking little whore."

Jenny smiled then got to her knees and crawled forward, but that's another story.

The End

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