Perfect Angel

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

The Stevenson family looked normal to those looking in from the outside. This is the inside story. John, Susan, and their twelve-year-old daughter, Tammy, made a beautiful family portrait. Handsome John, with his distinguished, business-like air of authority filled the background, looming over Susan and Tammy as he did in real life. John had to have everything his way, and ran everything to see that it was. John ran a construction company. John also ran a mistress.

Susan was a good physical match to her dark handsome spouse--petite, fair, elegant, exceptionally well-groomed, and always fashionably dressed in sexy designer clothes. She wore heels to the market. Her beauty turned heads but her attitude commanded respect. Susan liked things looking proper but resisted being controlled. She let John run things to a point. Susan managed a beauty salon. She also managed several affairs.

Tammy was the perfect angel. As an only child with parents who were away most of the time, she could have been a real problem. Tammy was never a problem. She toed the line, followed the rules, got A's as a matter of course, and was seen not heard as parents prefer. Tammy looked like her mother: blond, blue eyes, light skin with faint tiny freckles, and was developing quickly into her mother's full figure. Tammy had tits that looked out of proportion to her smaller than average body. Everyone noticed Tammy's tits, because her mother hadn't found time to shop for bras. Tammy was too shy to bring it up. Tammy's tits embarrassed little Tammy.

The child grew up a loner and, with her media material carefully controlled, she knew very little about the facts of life. She knew where babies came from and how they were made, but that information came from a heath textbook. Tammy never saw her parents naked, certainly not making love. The sounds of passion never drifted from their room. Tammy respected her parents, admired her mother especially, but love eluded her. Physical intimacy was something she never experienced unless hugs and a peck on the forehead counted.

Early in the seventh grade, Tammy befriended a strange girl, a pretty girl, but different. They were both going on thirteen but were physical opposites. Sara Plunket was tall for her age, dark complected, outgoing, and could teach sex education classes to sailors. They had one thing in common--Sara was also a loner.

Sara knew a great deal about sex, and she liked to talk about her favorite subject in graphic detail, making sex sound like the most exciting experience on earth. Sara shocked Tammy every time they got together to talk, mostly because the girl was having sex with both of her parents, her parents' friends, even animals. In addition, she usually provided visual aids.

Tammy could not imagine having sex with a full grown man after seeing the pictures Sara showed her. She saw cocks of all sizes, human and canine, all hard and usually spewing forth rich white cream. All looked huge to Tammy. She knew the opening between her legs was much too tiny for anything she saw. Even her finger felt big.

Tammy met Sara's father when they stopped at her friend's house to get a book a few weeks after they'd met. Sara wanted Tammy to wait on the corner, but Tammy was dying to see Sara's bizarre parents, especially the father. Under Tammy's persistence, Sara relented, saying, "Okay, kid, but you're asking for trouble. You're on your own once we get inside."

Sara's father, Gary, was the exact opposite of her own father. He was short, unshaven, crude, had a beer belly, and was anything but orderly. Where her father had inexpressive, serious eyes, Gary had bright, mischievous eyes. Gary was like a kid that never grew up. Even when he yelled, he appeared to be laughing. When he put on a serious face, his expression was mask-like. Beneath the mask was a grinning little devil. Tammy knew boys like Gary, but she'd never met a grownup like him.

The Plunkets lived in a little house filled with junk. Gary cussed and yelled at Sara's mother the whole time they were there. Sara wasn't at all like her usual self around him. She and her mother were quiet and deferential. Gary called Tammy and Sara over, saying, "Introduce me to your little friend, Sara."

Sara led Tammy to his easy chair and he sat forward, drawing Tammy in with an arm around her waist, saying, "You're a real cutie pie, you are! What's your name, kid?"

"Tammy Stevenson."

Tammy stood stiffly in his grasp. His beer breath bothered her. Worst of all, his hand squeezed her ass cheeks, something no man ever did to her. After several minutes with one hand squeezing her ass while the other roamed up and down her legs, he let her go. She wore a full-body flush. He swatted her ass as she turned to walk away. The slap was a hard swat that stung and left a hand print that was still visible when she got home. The sting gave her an odd sensation, though. As she and Sara walked down the street afterward, Sara told her she was surprised he didn't feel her ass under the skirt.

Tammy had never been spanked, so that form of physical contact was new to her. Oddly, she kind of liked the way her ass tingled as they walked. Tammy thought about that slap often. In recalling it, she wasn't angry that he did it, or that he hit so hard. The assault was a playful slap, not a mean slap. Her ass hurt, but the tingle lasted so much longer than the hurt. Right after the slap, she resolved never to turn her back on Gary again, but it wasn't long before she changed that resolve. Days later, her resolve was to endure another ass groping if that's what it took to get another slap. After a week to reflect on the event, Tammy decided she could take an under-the-skirt groping as well.

Two weeks later, Tammy coaxed Sara into stopping by her house once again. Sara eyed her new friend suspiciously, then said, "Why? Does your fanny need warming?" Tammy turned red. "Hey, I understand. I like it too, sometimes. We get it all the time, Mom especially. If you think a hand slap makes you tingle, try the belt on your bare butt."

"He beats you with a belt?"

Sara looked around to see if anyone could see, then hiked her skirt and pulled the back of her panties down. Red welts crossed her ass cheeks. "Feel. They're raised up. Go ahead!"

Tammy ran a hesitant finger over the area and could feel each red stripe. "God, that must hurt."

"Nah, only when I first sit. Boy does it tingle, though."

"Why would he do that to you?"

Sara dropped her skirt, saying, "Because the Bears lost to the Eagles." Tammy's brow wrinkled. "Football teams. Actually, Dad didn't do this. He bet his friend, Marty, ten bucks against ten across my ass that the Bears would win. Fuckin' Bears; they're worthless. At least I got a good butt-fucking out of it--two. Nothing gets a man's dick hard like whipping a little girl's ass. If you wanna know the truth, I was rooting for the Eagles."

As they walked along, Tammy could not help but admire Sara. Nothing ever seemed to bother her, and she never complained about her bizarre lifestyle. She was always cracking jokes and making light of her situation. Tammy, on the other hand, complained constantly to Sara about being neglected, ignored, and set aside. It was all very odd.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Sara's house loomed up ahead. "Uh oh, Marty's there. You picked a bad time to stop by. Do you still want to go in?"

"They wouldn't hit me with a belt, would they?"

"Nah, not likely, unless they could tell you wanted them to. They wouldn't try anything that might make you go crying to your folks. I've got to warn you, though. Dad was pretty hot for you after he met you. He'll try something. He wants to fuck you real bad."

"What? Really? Why, what did I do?"

"Well, for one thing you didn't rat on him for playing with your ass or smacking your fanny. And another thing, you let him feel you up and you're coming back. To my dad, that's like saying, 'Hey, mister, please fuck me.' "

"I never let him; he just did. He wouldn't try if I said no, would he?"

"No, like I said, he won't do anything that might piss you off."

"Well, let's go in then."

"Okay, but you're on your own. Don't blame me if you come out walking bow legged with a bleeding pussy."

The two girls entered the house and Gary shouted, "Hey, it's the little blond princess. Come give old Gary a hug, sweetie."

Tammy reddened at the fuss he made, but walked up to him and went stiffly into his embrace. He hugged her close and smelled her hair. His hands roamed her ass and the backs of her upper thighs, moving the skirt up with them, exposing her backside to his leering buddy. He held the hug, saying, "Oh, baby, you smell so sweet. I'll bet bees follow you everywhere you go." Tammy giggled and said, "No they don't." He said, "I'll bet your poop comes out in little perfumed plastic capsules don't it?" Tammy blushed, giggled, and shook her head.

Gary finally let her go, saying, "Tammy, I want you to meet a good buddy of mine. Why don't you go give Marty a big hug." He turned Tammy to face the tall, lanky, beady-eyed man with two front teeth missing. His long arms were open to receive her. Gary's hard smack to her ass propelled her half way to him.

Marty gathered her up and squeezed the stuffings out of her. He nuzzled her neck with one hand exploring her legs clear up to her crotch. Tammy squirmed to get loose, but didn't cry out. He held her in place with one hand around her lower back. The other explored her body, even coming up under the dress in front to feel her unprotected tits. The hand then went down, straight inside her panties and into her crotch where his bony fingers felt everything she had between her legs and probed both holes.

Gary allowed a good long feel then stopped Marty, saying, "Hey, none of that shit, Marty. Let her go, you asshole. You don't cop feels off a nice girl like Tammy."

Marty reluctantly let Tammy go. She stumbled back, gasping. His slap sent her to Gary, who caught her and smoothed her dress. Tammy permitted Gary's hands--on the pretext of smoothing her dress--to roam the same areas that Marty got chewed out for touching. Satisfied with her response (or lack of one), Gary said, "Did I see panties when Marty had his hand up your dress, Tammy?"

"I guess."

"Didn't Sara or my wife tell you the rule about no panties in my house?"


He turned and yelled, "Bitch! Get in here." When Ann, Sara's mother, came running in, Gary addressed her and Sara, saying, "Why didn't either of you fucking whores tell Tammy, here, about our no panties in the house rule?"

Sara and Ann exchanged puzzled looks. Ann responded with, "I guess we forgot."

"You forgot? Tammy is breaking our house rules because you two sluts forgot. Well that's just fucking great. Tammy, you just stand aside, this ain't your fault. Bring your ass over here, Bitch!"

Ann came quickly for a woman eight months pregnant. She lifted her maternity house dress high over her big belly. Tammy gasped at seeing a pregnant woman exposed. The big belly almost caused her to miss the more shocking sight--a shaved and tattooed pussy with a gold ring through the clit. She eased across her husband's lap, settling her belly between his open legs with her ass aimed toward Tammy.

Gary delivered a dozen hard hand slaps while cursing and berating her. Ann's ass recoiled with each blow and turned red. Tammy stared at the woman's pussy, marveling at the length of her slit and the size of her clit. The ring through the clit fascinated Tammy, as did the serpent coiled through the lips with a rose in its mouth. The snake's head covered Ann's pubic mound, but Tammy couldn't see that part very well. Long after the spanking, Gary lectured Ann while her legs kept opening and closing, giving Tammy a provocative view, revealing that the snake emerged from Ann's anus.

Tammy's flushed features betrayed her feelings if her open hard staring hadn't. When he pushed Ann off, he motioned Sara on. Sara also lifted her skirt past her waist. Tammy saw the ten stripes clearly as she laid over her father's lap. The slaps hurt Sara. Tears filled her eyes, and she cried out loudly as he whaled on her naked fanny. Tammy stared at her friend's pussy as well. It, too, was shaved, but it had no ring or tattoo. During the lecture, she held her legs far apart.

By the time he finished with both, Tammy was breathing hard. He looked at her and said, "Rules are rules, Tammy. Either the panties go, or you go."

Tammy looked to Sara. Sara smiled uneasy through her tears. Tammy turned to Gary and said, "I'll take them off. Can I use your bathroom?"

"There's no need for that. Come here."

Tammy nervously came to stand at his feet. Gary reached high under her dress, bunching the material up to her arm pits, even up over both breasts. He wanted Tammy to hold her dress up, so Tammy held her dress up where he'd pushed it even though everyone gathered at her front to look at her naked titties.

Gary hooked her panty waistband, and tugged them to her feet. He managed to give everyone a good look at her pussy while his hands fumbled with removing the panties from her feet.

Tammy was beet red after that unexpected exhibition. With the panties removed and stuffed in Gary's pocket, she still held her dress up because he hadn't told her she could put it down. They were all studying her nude body as Gary said, "I'll keep these panties to teach you a lesson. Be warned, if you break any house rules again, you'll get what they got. You better get with Sara and get to know the rules."

He turned her toward Sara and delivered a hard slap to her bare ass. This slap really stung. Later, when she and Sara were back on the sidewalk, it really tingled. Sara said, "Well, did you get what you came for?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, Tammy. We're friends. You either came here to get felt up or smacked, maybe both. Just level with me."

"I was curious, okay. I wanted to see what he'd do. And, yes, I wanted to see if he'd hit me again. I didn't think he'd do it on my naked butt, though. Wow, that smarts."

"It's tingling isn't it?"

Tammy broke into a self-conscious smile and said, "Yeah, a lot."

"I wish you could feel mine."

"Say, how come you never told me about the panty rule?"

"What panty rule? It was news to us too."

"He made it up?"

"Yes, he made it up. Panty rule. Give me a break, Tammy."

"But why did you guys play along?"

"Because if we didn't, we'd get a real beating."

"That wasn't real?"

"Shit, we loved it. That was play slapping. From Dad, that was a show of affection. You have a lot to learn, kid. Look, I'm going back. Seeing you gave Marty a big hard-on. I need some cock real bad. I'll see you tomorrow. We'll have the whole day."

On Saturday morning, Sara arrived at Tammy's house. With both parents away, she and Sara had the house to themselves. They went to Tammy's room. Her parents always knocked (another family rule), so Tammy felt secure. Sara brought along a paper bag filled with the oddest things: vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, clit stimulators, and ben wa balls. She emptied the bag on Tammy's bed, then began taking off her clothes.

Tammy watched with avid interest. Sara paid no mind to the hard stares she was getting. Once naked, she climbed on the bed, assumed a lewd pose, and demonstrated each item on herself. Her claim that she could take the biggest of cocks was verified when she plunged a foot-long rubber dong into her vagina, taking it to the base. Tammy couldn't believe her eyes. She had never believed Sara's claim but seeing was believing.

Sara sat up crossed legged and smiled, "Here, you try it with the small one."

"I don't know. I shouldn't."

"Come on. It's just us. Take your clothes off, silly. I've seen you naked. We're both girls. It's no big deal. Look at me. I'm not shy at all." Sara threw her legs up in a wide V, but Tammy already knew her friend wasn't shy. "Come on. I've seen lots of naked women. I see my mom all the time. You know we lick each other's pussies."

"I know, but I'm not like you, Sara."

"Yeah, but you wish you were. I can tell. It'll be fun, I promise. Here, let me help you."

Sara pulled Tammy onto the bed then reached for Tammy's blouse and began undoing buttons. Tammy watched her chest become exposed. "Nice tits. I always figured you for the bra type. You're past ready for one." Sara tested Tammy's berry-like nipples. She pinched gently, and flicked them with a finger, "Your nipples get real hard. You're getting turned on. That's good. Here, lift up. I'll pull your shorts and panties off."

Tammy lifted. The shorts and panties came off leaving her in shoes and socks. Sara removed those as well, then placed Tammy's feet out wide and sat back to admire what she'd unwrapped. "Man, you sure have a neat looking pussy. No wonder my old man flipped when he saw it. That's all they talked about after you left. It's so pink, puffy, and clean looking. I thought you'd have more hair."

She reached out and ruffled Tammy's small patch with her fingers, saying, "I guess there is a lot, but it's so fine it barely shows. You're a true blond, all right. Dad will want you to keep it shaved, though."

Tammy was overwhelmed by deliciously strange sensations. The crude examination of her private parts caused physical stirrings and mental stirrings as well. She admitted to herself that she enjoyed being intimately looked at and touched by her friend. The compliments seemed genuine. For the first time, Tammy recognized the part of her body tucked between her legs as a thing of beauty that others might appreciate. Tammy widened her knees to offer more of her beauty to her friend's exploring fingers.

Sara got down on her belly and scooted close, saying, "Pull your cunt lips open so I can check out your fuck hole."

A wicked thrill ran through Tammy. She was propped up at the headboard resting her back on two pillows, sitting with her knees spread wide apart, her friend's head in her open crotch. With nervous, trembling fingers, Tammy reached between her legs, felt along both lips, and pulled out. Cool air wafted over the sensitive inner membranes, but Sara's warm breath came between those cool breezes to add a delightful contrast.

Tammy tensed at the feel of Sara's probing digit. "Oh, yeah, this is prime, grade 'A' pussy you have here, Tammy. Boy, will my dad love sticking his dick in this hole. He'll think he's in heaven."

Sara's finger drove Tammy to distraction. Unlike her own, Sara's seemed to be finding spots she couldn't reach. The sensation was delightful, but when Sara leaned forward and placed her mouth over the clit, Tammy thought her head would pop open. It was like an electric charge to her brain. She watched her friend's mouth gobbling her vagina, and felt Sara's tongue going inside to the places her finger had been. Sara soon had Tammy panting and grinding her pelvis. Sara moved over the clit and chewed softly while sucking. Seconds later, Tammy screamed as her first orgasm exploded over her. Her head actually popped open and birds flew out. [Just kidding:-)]

Sara sat back with a wet smile and said, "Feels good, huh? That's an orgasm. That is why grown-ups are so crazy about sex."

Tammy's eyes uncrossed. She slowly caught her breath and sat up, saying, "Wow, that was fantastic. I never felt anything like it."

"That's nothing. Wait till you have my dad's big dick slamming into you and one hits. It will take your head off. Here, let's start with the small one, the vibrator. We need to get your cunt ready for my dad's cock. You're so tight, you couldn't even handle a boy's dick."

Sara brought the six-inch, thumb-thick, plastic vibrator up to Tammy's hole and pushed half inside before Tammy could protest. After she had half and Sara turned it on, she didn't feel like protesting. Gradually she took the rest over the next several minutes, but not before encountering the resistance offered by her hymen. Sara pushed past the membrane, causing a sharp pain and outcry from Tammy. "Ouch, that hurt."

"That was your cherry popping. I had to get that out of the way or you couldn't take any more. Don't worry, it'll bleed a little, but you're not hurt. Besides, you're better off without it."

The rest went in easy, and the pain went away. Sara drew the dildo out and said, "This one is too small. You have a very elastic fuck hole. That's a good sign. Let's try this one."

She showed Tammy an eight-inch rubber prick that was twice as thick as the vibrator. Tammy said, "I don't know, Sara. That's pretty big."

"Just relax. You'll see. I'll bet it all goes in. You'll feel stuffed, but it won't hurt." Indeed, the fake cock did go in all the way, much to Tammy's fascination and delight. The thick dildo did make her feel stuffed, but pleasantly so. Sara said, "I think you can take the nine-incher. If you can, you can take my dad."

Sara held up the nine inch rubber dong. It was only one inch longer but considerably thicker. Tammy thought it was a monster. "Your dad's is that big?"

"Yeah, and his has a fuller head. You'll like dad's better."

The way Sara kept implying that she and her father were destined to have sex bothered Tammy, but knowing she never would, she found it exciting to play along. While Sara worked the dong into Tammy's hole, Tammy said, "Oh, go slow. That's way bigger."

"It's already half-way in."

Tammy's eyes opened wide and she looked for herself. Half was inside. Her cunt lips were stretched thin around the shaft. Sara moved the cock steadily in by fractions of an inch, taking short strokes while maintaining a forward pressure at the end of each stroke. It was like someone was fucking her. By closing her eyes, she could picture the man behind the cock. She did not, however, picture Sara's father. The picture in her mind was her own father, and seeing him at a time like that surprised her.

The pressure in her pussy was nearing unbearable levels, but the rubber cock still felt good. Somewhere along the way, her father's image faded and Gary's surfaced. Tammy's loins lifted into the cock, her legs widening. Sara said, "You have all except one inch, but I'll have to force it in. You want to see if you can take Dad's cock all the way, don't you?"

"Yes, go ahead, but go easy." Tammy could feel her cunt walls stretching under the pressure, and she pictured Gary's leering face hovering over her, enjoying her pain as he pummeled her immature vagina. She cried, "Oh, please, no!"

"Take it, Tammy. If you want to fuck my dad, you'll have to take it all the way in."

"Oh, it hurts."

"I know, but this way we get the hurt out of the way, so when Dad fucks you, it will just feel great."

"Oh god, he's so big. He fills up my pussy."

"That's nothing, wait till he cums in it. He'll fill your womb and you'll think the stuff is going to come squirting out your ears. You did it, Tammy. It's in all the way. You can handle Daddy."

Tammy opened her eyes and looked at her stuffed beaver. She felt the hard lump in her lower abdomen and smiled weakly. She no longer played along with the idea, but accepted the inevitable. She and Gary were going to fuck, and soon. She hadn't thought about his sperm filling her fertile womb, though. She said, "Won't he use one of those condoms?"

"My dad? Hell no. If you're worried about getting pregnant, you better get used to the idea if you wanna get fucked by my dad."

"I could never let anyone fuck me without a rubber."

"You'll never fuck my dad, then."

"Can't he pull out and squirt his stuff on the outside?"

"He could cum in your ass but he won't. He'll want to cum in your pussy, and that's where you'll want him to cum. It ain't good fucking unless you get the cum shot. That's the best part, feeling all that cum squirting inside you."

"Well, I guess I could always wash it out."

"Yeah, but you'll probably get knocked up. We'll stop by my house tomorrow after school so you can get your first real fucking."

"But, Sara, I can't get pregnant."

"Wanna bet? Don't worry. It's neat getting pregnant. At least your folks can afford the abortion. I had to deliver the kid."

"You had a baby?"

"Yeah, right before we moved here. They put it up for adoption. Actually, they sold it up for adoption. That's how we got the money to move. Wouldn't you know it. I'm pregnant again. I missed my period last week. Maybe, now, we can get some decent furniture."

Tammy struggled to an upright position with the dildo still inside. The unnatural instrument caused discomfort, but she didn't want it out. She said, "What's it like being pregnant?"

"Well, there's good and bad, but I like seeing my belly blow up like a balloon and my tits get real big and super sensitive. Delivering a baby is a bitch. The best part is you get fussed over, and you get all kinds of special attention at school."

"If I get pregnant, my parents will kill me."

"No they won't. They'll be mad at themselves, and mad at each other, but they'll treat you good. They'll have to pay attention to you then. At least you'll be hard to ignore, and they'll know you're not a child anymore."

Tammy thought about those words long after Sara left. She thought about them all night, and all through school the next day. When it was time to decide whether to go with Sara to her house, or go home, Tammy went to Sara's house. Unfortunately, she forgot to remove her panties first. When she went to Gary for the hug, he found out. "Tammy, I don't believe what I'm feeling. These can't be panties, but they feel just like panties."

Tammy stepped back, worry written all over her face. "Oh, I forgot. I'll take them off right now." She hurriedly reached under her skirt, mindless of what she showed, and quickly shucked them down and off, proudly offering them. "That's a little late, Tammy, darlin'. Take the dress off and lie over old Gary's lap."

Tammy looked to Ann, then Sara. Sara said, "Hey, you knew what would happen. Strip and take your punishment like a big girl."

Tammy nervously removed the dress, her only covering. Gary smiled while taking in her charms, then patted his right knee, offering it for her to lie over, not his entire lap. Tammy laid over the knee and Gary pushed her head low near the ground, clamping her in place with his other leg. In this position, she was tail up and Gary was looking down on her sex. She felt female hands pulling her legs apart and cool air washed over her sensitive flesh. She waited with bated breath for the hand to fall, but it was a finger's touch she felt. That finger traced her nether lips, clit, pussy hole, and asshole before the first slap.

Tammy jerked from the sudden sharp impact, then steeled herself for another. The slaps came in a steady rain after that. Her whole backside burned and turned red. She heard Gary say, "Bitch, go get some cream for this girl's fanny. She has delicate skin, not that hide like you got." When Ann returned, he said, "Don't just stand there like an idiot, rub it on her. Get her cunt real good. I think I whacked it a few times by accident." To Tammy he said, "You just relax, Princess. Momma's gonna fix you right up."

Tammy, in her upside-down position, was acutely tuned in to her ass as soothing feminine hands rubbed cream over the area, stopping frequently to delve slick fingers through her slicker slit, sometimes delving into her hole. She caught movement out of the corner of her eye, then saw Sara crouched beside the chair, hidden from their view. She had a finger over her lips as she inched closer and whispered, "They're so absorbed playing with your cunt, they didn't see me slip away. So how was it?"

"Now it's good. Aren't you afraid they'll hear?"

"Dad doesn't hear that good, that's why he screams all the time, I guess. Mom probably can hear us, but she's cool. So, are you ready to get fucked?"

"Yes, god yes."

"Good, because they're priming you for a fuck. That's why Mom is working that cream in your hole."

"Feels great."

"Yeah, ten to one, Dad makes her suck your cunt. She's good at that, too."

They heard Gary say, "You know, Princess, I feel real bad about smacking your pretty little pussy. Little girls shouldn't have sore pussies. Bitch, give her pussy some loving kisses to make it all better." The girls exchanged knowing smiles as Tammy felt the press of warm lips to her vaginal lips. Tammy made a face of ecstasy when Ann's tongue stabbed deep in her hole. "How's that feelin', Princess?"

"Pretty good, thank you."

Sara said, "When he lets you off, you're supposed to thank him for the punishment. Climb up on his lap and straddle his waist. Give him a hug and some kisses. I'll get his cock out and aim it at your hole. You just sit down on it, okay? That will blow Dad's mind."

"Okay. Wow, your mom sure is good at that. She's going to make me have an orgasm if she doesn't stop soon."

"That's what she's trying to do. Let 'er rip. You'll get more."

When Tammy stopped trying to hold back, a powerful orgasm washed over her. They heard her moaning, groaning, and spent sighs. Shortly afterward, the tongue stopped and Gary released her. She got steady on her feet and then moved up on Gary's chair with him. Gary said, "Hey, what's this?"

Tammy got her knees on either side of his waist, smiled, and said, "Thank you for punishing me so good. I was a bad girl."

Gary felt hands at his crotch at her first words, but that never alarmed him before. He certainly approved now. He hugged Tammy as his cock came out. She kissed his face as his cock was aimed. When Tammy felt the blunt, rubbery head at her hole, she pushed back and sat. She watched the expression on Gary's face as the huge, flesh cudgel went almost effortlessly into her deepest reaches. When she rested her weight fully on his groin, she felt stuffed to the gills.

Tammy's eyes glazed over immediately. Her face showed the strain she was under. Gary's face was all smile. He gently lowered her until she reclined fully on his thighs with her head resting on his knees. This took away some of the pressure as two inches of thick cock came out. Gary held Tammy's legs in a wide 'V' by the ankles. He, Ann, and Sara peered on the vision she presented.

Her ass and the backs of her thighs were red and raw from the spanking. They shone with the cream. Her cunt lips were stretched paper thin around his thickly-veined cock. At the top of her crack stood a bright shiny clit. Her tits were like hard cones, stretched up on her chest. Gary said, "Bitch, get the camera. Her folks will want a picture for the family album. Little Tammy's first fuck. What a shot!"

Tammy lifted her head and smiled as Ann went for the camera. Ann took shots all through their fucking, which lasted for over an hour. They assumed every position in the Kama Sutra. Gary gave Tammy seven good cums before blasting her womb with a hot load of sperm. Tammy came for the eighth time when she felt her insides boil over. Sperm squirted out from their tightly sealed genitals, but lots stayed inside. Much of it poured out when she was lifted free and stood on her feet. Tammy wavered as she looked at the white rivers flowing down her legs. Ann got those shots as well.

Tammy returned day after day and was hooked on cock within a week. In that week, she'd had several men, including Marty. For the first time in her life, her parents took no interest in her after-school activities. She was away more than home and stayed overnight several times, even on school nights, something her mother never permitted in the past. Both seemed to be glad she was out of the way.

Tammy took to sex in all its variations like no child Gary ever met. She'd done it all enthusiastically: anal, blow jobs, groups, enemas, spankings, cunt lapping, even animal sex. She fucked four dogs, three French hens, two turtledoves, and a partridge in a pear tree. She was no longer a perfect angel, but was the perfect life support system for a vagina.

After a great session that involved Ann, Sara, and Gary, Tammy relaxed, curled up on Gary's lap, licking his spent dick. Gary stroked her head and said, "Princess, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to seduce your parents."

"Seduce my parents?"

"Yeah. Start with your old man. Make him hot and horny for you. Make him want to fuck you. I need something on him and your mom, because I'm going to get you pregnant, and I don't want them to interfere."

Tammy looked up and said, "Interfere how?"

"Interfere with the delivery. I know a couple who can't have kids, and I want to help them out. I want to give them mine ... well, ours."

"Well ... okay, but how do I do that?"

"By doing exactly what I tell you to do--no more, and no less."

"I'll do what you say, but I don't think it will work on. He's so straight and Mom will freak out."

"No he's not. Marty works for your dad. He ain't straight, but his dick is most of the time. He fucked a little girl just a bit older than you, got her pregnant, then bought off her folks. In fact, the mother of the girl is his secretary. Your old lady ain't no goody two shoes herself. Ann's been scoping her out. Seems she has a few studs in her stable. I see where you get your passion for cock, Princess. You inherited it."

"Wow, that's incredible. My mom fucks around? Dad fucked a little girl. I can't believe that!"

"Yeah, he's a man after my own heart. Now here's what you do first. We take this gradual like. First, you need to start showing some skin around the house. Flash him your shaved beaver every chance you get. Then, let him catch you masturbating with your hand, next, a vibrator, and next time, a big dildo. When they start catching you masturbating, that's when you start acting horny for your dad's cock. Take it from me, if you show interest, he'll take over from there. Do not let him fuck you. Offer a blow job instead. I'll get pictures of that. Your real challenge will be to get at your mother's pussy."

"You're right. That's an impossible challenge."

"I don't think so. We don't know if she goes for girl/girl action, but she has a hot pussy. Even straight women will find a girl like you attractive, and if you act like you're crazy about her body, she'll be flattered. We'll coach you along after you tell us how she responds to various come-ons. We'll figure a way and get our picture. After that, Princess, we're home free."

"I'm going to get grounded the first time I step out of line."

"Don't worry about that. We'll visit you. My friends can stake out your folks and warn us if either one heads home. Let me worry about the small shit. You just follow directions. You know, I'm surprised you didn't bitch about getting pregnant."

She smiled up at him impishly and said, "That's because I've been trying to get pregnant."

Gary broke into a broad smile, patted her lower belly, and said, "You certainly weren't trying not to. Wanna try again?"

"Oh, yes. Fill me up."

* * *

The Stevensons had never been a family that walked around the house in their underwear, much less nude. Tammy had never seen her mother or father's intimate anatomy, and they hadn't seen hers since she was six. Her first task was to pad through the house with both parents at home, wearing only a short towel, ostensibly, looking for a shoe.

Gary did not understand that nothing was ever out of place in their house. Her shoes were lined up in her closet except when she wore them. Tammy had to think of another excuse, and hit on searching for her hamster. It sometimes escaped. When it did, she always went into a mild panic, stopping whatever she was doing to turn the house upside-down until she found it. The ploy was perfect. It would even give her the excuse to bend and stoop to look under furniture.

Her mother sat in her reading chair. Her father was watching the news on TV. Tammy fixed the towel high, so the bottom edge barely covered her bottom. She peered behind her in the floor length mirror while bending and saw that it raised high enough to show her entire shaved pussy. Since they'd never seen her with pubic hair, she hoped they wouldn't ask about the shave. They thought of her as a little girl, and she was looking at a little girl's pussy, bald and pouting.

Tammy's nerves were at the high end of their load-carrying capacity, but she was determined to carry out Gary's orders. She had no confidence of success, but knew the plan had to fail before he'd drop his scheme. She was certain it would fail the first time she bent over if they even let her get that far. She took one last look in the mirror, brushed out her hair one last time, then made her way to the living room.

Tammy burst in on them saying, "I was just getting ready to take a shower, but I noticed Harvey was out. Have you seen him?"

Both parents looked surprised to see her in the towel. They exchanged looks, then Susan said, "No, we haven't." She then went back to reading. Tammy went looking. Actually, she simply eased from sight and eavesdropped.

Her parents waited a minute, then John said, "Our little girl is growing up, and she seems to be growing out of her shyness."

"You would see it that way. Don't get yourself all excited, John. Her mind's on that stupid rodent."

"I wasn't looking at her like that; I was just noticing she seemed less inhibited. She could have picked a bigger towel."

"She picked one that was handy, never dreaming that her father would be checking to see if it covered her vagina. Did it, John?"

"I saw you checking it out. You tell me."

"Screw you, John."

Tammy leaned against the wall and began to see possibilities in Gary's crazy plan. She waited a few more minutes, then returned to the living room. She made a quick walk around the room, calling the hamster's name. Both parents watched her closely while trying not to be obvious. She made a few slight bends with her back to each of them, then said, "Can I look around your room?"

Susan said, "Yes, but don't disturb anything, and don't open any drawers. He couldn't get in the dresser anyway."

Tammy walked out, then opened her parent's bedroom door, making noise they could hear. She then tiptoed back to her listening post in time to hear her mother say, "Well, that was a real treat for you wasn't it, John?"

"Jesus Christ, doesn't she realize what she exposed."

"I doubt it. Her mind is on other things. I know what your mind is on, though."

"Don't act so god damned holy, Susan. I'm surprised you didn't dive off the couch and bury your face in it."

"Damn you, John! See if I ever share anything with you again. Ever since I told you about that one time, I'm a lesbian in your mind. Even if I were, I'm not a child molester like some people in this room."

"Hey, you swore you'd never bring that up again. I fucked up. I paid the price. It's over."

"You paid the price? We paid the price, John. Half of that payoff was my money. I had to pay for your little pedophilic adventure. Don't ever forget that, and I won't bring it up again."

Tammy smiled. The plan definitely had potential. She walked back in and said, "I can't find him anywhere. Where could he be?" She then got down on her hands and knees and crawled all around the living room floor, looking under every piece of furniture, all the while with her pussy out in plain sight with both parents following it around the room.

Several times, Susan and John looked at each other, puzzled by Tammy's bizarre behavior. Neither wanted to say anything, however. Each made signs that the other should say something to her. In the end, Tammy had nothing further to look under, got up, and walked out. She went into the kitchen and made noise with cabinet doors, then went to get Harvey from her top dresser drawer. She eased back to her post and waited.

She heard John say, "Damnit, Susan, we were being intentionally flashed. That was not absentmindedness."

"I agree. I don't know what to make of it. I think you should have a talk with her."

"Why me? This looks like a mother/daughter situation."

"She wasn't flashing me; she was flashing you. You should talk to her about it if you really want it to stop. On the other hand, why would you want it to stop?"

"She was flashing both of us. She's obviously going through some female phase that I haven't a clue how to deal with."

"I never went through a flashing phase, not with my parents, anyway. I haven't a clue, either. I'm all for letting her grow out of it."

"So am I."

"Yeah, I know why you want to let her go."

"Fuck you, Susan."

"You wish."

Tammy walked to her room and yelled, "I found him!" She returned to the living room, hugging the hamster to her cheek. She said, "He was curled up in the toe of one of my shoes all along. Isn't that cute?" On impulse, Tammy went to her mother and bent from the waist, giving her father a provocative rear beaver shot. She said, "Look, Mom, isn't he just precious."

Susan looked past Tammy to watch John intently studying their daughter's intimate anatomy. She stalled Tammy for him by petting the hamster's head, saying, "Oh, you little rascal. You gave our Tammy quite a scare, but now you're safe. You stay put, now. Oh, look at that precious face. I'll bet he'd like some cheese. Do you think?"

"No, it makes his stool runny. I know, I'll give him some cookie crumbs."

"Yes, you do that, dear." Susan looked to John and gave him a wink, then said, "Oh, it looks like he hurt his foot. Bend down into the light where I can see better."

Tammy lowered her upper body close to her mother's lap which brought the towel up on her haunches. The spread she presented to her father was obscene, but he wasn't thinking obscene. She said "Oh, no. Which one?"

"I think this one. He was holding it funny. Does it look right to you?"

"I don't know. It does look different than the other. Let's turn him over."

This charade went on for another minute before Susan sent Tammy off with a peck to her forehead. When they heard her bedroom door shut, John said, "Why did you do that?"

"I thought you'd appreciate it. You did, didn't you?"

"You really think I'm a pedophile, don't you?"

"No, John. You're many things, but you're no more a pedophile than I am a lesbian. Just call it a peace offering."

"I accept. I apologize for what I said earlier. I feel badly about looking so hard. Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't get pissed."

"I can't blame you for looking. She's something to look at. Even I'll admit that. Besides, this is clearly her doing. She knew she was showing you her beaver. Whatever comes of this is her responsibility. She has to learn that she can't wave that thing in a man's face without consequences. That's one thing I'll grant you, John--you're all man."

"You know, Susan, that's the nicest thing you've said to me all year."

"I'm in a good mood."

"Look, I feel like turning in early. Care to join me?"

"You know, I am feeling a bit like lying on my back. Yes, I think I will join you."

Tammy scurried back to her room, then tiptoed to her parents' bedroom door after it closed. She couldn't hear what they said, but she finally heard the sound of lust, if not love. She listened for a while, then returned to her room with a self-satisfied smile.

Tammy usually wore pajamas to bed and slept behind a closed door. This time, she slept nude with the door open. A knock at the door was her wake-up call, but at the appointed hour, Tammy was wide awake, posed on her back like a pinup girl with the covers kicked off. She had her arms above her head and one leg out and cocked. Susan came to wake Tammy, saw her, then entered the room and stood over her for several minutes. She eased out and went back to her bedroom. Tammy could barely hear them, but did hear her mother say, "John, you've got to see this. Be quiet."

Tammy was aware that both her parents were hovering over her bed, though she dare not look. They eased out and she heard Susan say, "She's shaving her bush, John. Did you notice the stubble?"

"Yes, I noticed. Christ, what's gotten into her?"

"If I didn't know better, I'd say a stiff cock. John, why don't you go in and wake her up. I know that's what she's hoping will happen. She'd be disappointed if I did."

"Should I?"

"Yes, and don't avoid looking where you want to look. Give her a cheap thrill. Look at her pussy. She shaved it for you, John."

"Do you think so? Fuck it. Somebody has to wake up sleeping beauty."

John re-entered the room and stood over her for a minute before gently rocking her shoulder, saying, "Tammy ... Tammy, time to get up. Rise and shine, sleepy head."

Tammy stretched, yawned, then slowly focused on her father with a warm smile. "Hi, Daddy. Is it that time already?"

John let his eyes wander to her crotch while she had her eyes on him. To his utter amazement, she drew in her straight leg, offering him a better look at her spread beaver. She stretched and yawned again, saying, "I could sleep another eight hours."

John patted her inner thigh and said, "Come on. Get out of that bed. You'll be late for school." John took her legs and swung her feet to the floor.

"Oh, all right. I'm getting up."

He helped her stand, then left her. He and Susan returned to their bedroom and closed the door. Talking low, John said, "Honey, if something isn't done about this, I'm going to lose it."

"I saw. She's got it bad for you, John. You're screwed. I'm not going to help you. I think this is marvelous. You're on your own."

"I'm serious, Susan. I'm going to end up fucking the kid if she keeps this up. I'm not superman."

"You have my blessing. What more do you want?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I'm serious. John, she wants it. It wouldn't be molestation--not in my book. If anything, it would be a mercy fucking."

"Susan, I can't believe my ears. Look, if you're trying to set me up ..."

"Give me a break, John. If I was that type, I could have cleaned your clock when you knocked up your secretary's bimbo daughter. This is not a set-up. If you want to get something going with Tammy, I'll give you all the space you need. Don't hold back on my account. Just take precautions and have yourself a ball."

John smiled and said, "You're getting off on this, aren't you?"

"We both are, John. I think we put that on the table last night. By the way, that was the best sex we ever had."

"Yes, it was, wasn't it? It's been a long time. Maybe we ..."

"Wait, John. Before you say it, I said it was the best sex we ever had. I had better last Friday. Your pussy is taking a shower right now. Save your sweet talk for her."

"I was just going to say that maybe we can stop bitching at each other all the time. I just don't see why we can't be husband and wife once in a while."

"We can. And you're right. We need to stop all the backbiting. You have your mistress; I have my lovers. We have a nice home. Let's not screw things up. Now that you can get all the pussy you want at home, it should be easy."

John looked toward the bathroom and said, "Yes, that will ease the tension. Damn, this is beginning to sink in. She wants it. She wants it bad."

"Why don't you go wash her back for her. I'm sure she'd love that."

"No, I'm going to let her make the first moves. I am not going to seduce my own daughter."

"Suit yourself, but you're just wasting good pussy in my opinion." Tammy dashed back to the shower, her heart beating rapidly.

* * *

Gary was very pleased with Tammy's report, but he warmed her ass for exceeding his directions. Sleeping nude with the door open was not part of the plan. The fact that it moved things along nicely was irrelevant. After the spanking, he sat her down and explained, "You did good, but you fucked up, too. Now they think you're just after your Dad, and he was never the problem. Your mother is the problem. Now, we need to back off of Daddy and work on Mommy."

"But how? I don't think she's interested."

"She stared at your twat, didn't she?"

"Well, yes."

"Look, all you have to do is start fawning over her. Get real affectionate with her. Compliment everything about her. Try to get her when she'll be most vulnerable, like when she's getting dressed or after a shower. Ask questions about sex, especially ask about the female anatomy. Ask her to show you her stuff. If she does, take a big interest. If you can plant a kiss on her pussy, we're home free. I've got some girlie magazines for you to take home. Put them in your room where they'll be found. Don't stop flashing your father, but don't go any farther with him until I give the word. If he makes a move on you, brush it off."

"Okay, I'll try my best."

Tammy arrived home shortly before six. Susan was home for three hours before John arrived. She had a date to get ready for that evening. Tammy decided that the best way to start was to bring up the bra issue. To do this, she padded into the dining room wearing only panties. Susan looked up from the paper and suppressed a smile on seeing Tammy like that. Tammy said, while holding her tits, "Mom, I need a bra, don't you think?"

Susan set the paper aside and said, "Move your hands."

Tammy thrust out her chest and posed in profile, saying, "Guys are always staring at my tits, Mom."

"They're not tits, they're breasts, and yes, you definitely need a bra. I've been meaning to get you one for months. I'm sorry. I've been so busy. So the guys are checking out your breasts, are they? Do you find this upsetting?"

"No, not really, but they can see my nipples through my tops."

"You'd better get used to guys staring at your breasts, even when they can't see your nipples. They like to talk to your breasts, too. I don't know why. They never talk back."

Tammy giggled and came up close to her mother, staring openly at her chest. She said, "Mom, you have the nicest breasts. Will mine get as nice as yours?"

"Why thank you, Tammy. Yes, I'm sure your breasts will develop like mine did. Mine looked like yours at your age. We have the same nipple types. We have berry nipples--small and perpetually hard. I think most men like them that way. We always look turned on."

"Can I see yours so I'll know what mine will look like?"

"Tammy ...? Well ... Sure, why not." As she unbuttoned her blouse, Susan said, "You know, I've noticed a sudden change in you lately. You seem suddenly interested in your body. Is something going on I should know about? Is there a boy in your life?"

The blouse came off. While her mother worked to free the clasp of her bra, Tammy said, "No, there's no boy. I'm just interested." The bra came free and Susan held her chest out. Tammy made a face of unbridled appreciation, saying, "Oh, wow! Those are so fantastic. Those are great titties, Mom."

"Breasts, dear. Oh, what the hell--titties. You can call them titties if you want."

"Mom, they are absolutely beautiful."

"Tammy, you're embarrassing me. They're not that special. Double D's would be special."

"But they're so perfect, creamy smooth and firm. I thought they'd sag, but they stand up all by themselves. Wow! Mom, may I ... touch them?"

"Well ... Yes, I suppose. Go ahead."

Tammy dropped to her knees and reverently reached for her mother's nearest breast--her left one. Tammy touched it ever so lightly with both hands, sending shivers through Susan. Tammy's warm breath teased the nipple. She toyed with the nipple, rolling it between thumb and forefinger. She flicked it with a finger, then pinched it lightly, saying, "Please tell me you nursed me as a baby."

"As a matter of fact, I did for the first week."

"You mean I actually had these nipples in my mouth at one time?"

Susan laughed nervously and said, "Tammy, what's gotten into you? Are you feeling all right?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Mom, can I ... can I suck on them?"

Susan was caught off guard, but could not deny the desire to permit this incestuous intimacy. After a few seconds pondering the consequences, she said, "Okay, if it turns you on. If it's milk you're after, they're bone dry."

Tammy's mouth was fastened to the nipple right after the okay. Susan stared down at her young girl sucking away like a starving infant, sending delicious ripples up and down her spine. Both hands roamed her two breasts, and soon Tammy's mouth went from one to the other. She was really getting into it, and Susan was responding by offering each breast in turn. She loved the way her daughter roughly squeezed and molded the flesh of her breasts, pushing the mounds high on her chest, then letting them fall naturally. She pressed the two together then pressed her face between them, licking the cleavage.

Susan languished under the skilled mouth of a true tit lover. These were not curious sucks. Tammy nipped the nipples with her teeth and sucked them with urgency. She flicked the hard nipples with a stiff tongue and teasingly sucked. Under this overtly sexual breast exam, Susan was driven to the verge of jamming a hand into her crotch so she said, "Tammy, please. I think that's enough."

Tammy reluctantly eased off with a loving kiss to each nipple. Susan quickly threw her blouse on and closed the flaps without buttoning. When she looked at Tammy, the girl was still staring up from her kneeling position between Susan's knees. Susan placed a hand to her daughter's forehead, saying, "Girl, you are acting a little strange. You must have a fever."

"Why, because I like feeling and sucking your titties?"

"It is strange for a young girl to be so enamored of her mother's breasts, yes."

"Yeah, but maybe other young girls don't have mothers with tits like yours."

Susan smiled while studying her precocious little nymph, then said, "All right, that's an acceptable answer. I guess I can live with a daughter with a tit fetish. It was just starting to feel too good. When something feels too good, it has to be wrong." Susan tossed off the blouse, shook her tits, and said, "Here, have at them to your heart's content."

Tammy went right back to her tit worship. Susan enjoyed it thoroughly and tried to mask her growing arousal by acting aloof, sipping coffee, and pretending to read newspaper articles laid out before her. After ten minutes of this maddening torture, and with her panties sopping wet, Susan wanted to scream. Tammy slowed, eased off a nipple, laid her head on a breast, and looked up to say, "Mom, I've always wondered what my pussy will look like when I'm all grown up?"

Susan coughed out her mouthful of coffee then looked into Tammy's doleful eyes. She looked dead serious. Susan said, "So, you want to see mine, right?"

"Oh, yes, more than anything in the world."

Susan's pussy cried out, "Yes! Show the kid!" Susan thought hard with a host of sensible reservations, but finally listened to her pussy. She stood, saying, "All right, Tammy. I'll show you, but if you act like you did over my breasts, I'm definitely taking your temperature."

Tammy smiled happily while watching the skirt fall. The panties quickly followed. Susan kicked free and remained standing with Tammy kneeling at her feet looking right into her crotch. Susan said, "I don't mind telling you, this feels pretty weird."

Tammy suddenly grabbed her mother around the ass and pulled her face in tight to her crotch, gluing her mouth over her mother's cunt. Susan made no attempt to push her away, but cried out, "Oh, Tammy, you shouldn't do that, sweetheart. Tammy, please don't ... no ... don't lick me there. I said no touching. Tammy, how could you lick your own mother down there? Sweetheart, you're being nasty. Oh, baby, don't suck on Mommy's clit like that."

As soon as Tammy got her mouth fastened on her mother's clit, she knew she had her by her weakness. Susan slowly sank into her chair, then let her knees fall out wide, making mild protestations all the while. Tammy worked the clit as she'd been taught--sucking, nibbling, nipping, and slapping it around with her tongue. Susan was driven to delirium.

With her mother holding her knees wide apart, still mildly protesting, Tammy tortured the vulnerable clit. Tammy eased off the clit when her mother's fingers took over. She dropped lower to probe her mother's cunt hole with a stiff tongue. Susan swooned, "Oh, yes, baby! Suck Mommy's pussy. Eat me, sweetheart. Yes, lick my cunt, baby. I'm cumming! Suck, baby, suck! Ohhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssss!"

Susan slumped in the chair. Tammy lapped lovingly at the juices pouring from her mother's hole. Susan looked on in wonder at the way her daughter licked deep in her hole, trying to get at the flow of cunt cream. Susan brought her heels to the chair's corners and laid her knees down to each side, offering as wide a spread as possible, saying, "Get it all, sweetheart. Lick up all of Mommy's cum. Drink it down like a good girl. Oh, yes, baby. Suck on my pussy."

Tammy was inspired by her mother's words. She used her fingers to pry wide her fleshy cunt lips. She pressed her face in tight, sending her tongue in extra deep. Susan cried, "Oh, yes, go deep. Lick my womb." Susan's fingers rubbed hard and fast on her clit, saying, "Here, I'll make more cream for you. Keep licking deep. Keep your face tight to my cunt, Tammy. I like seeing your face in my cunt. Rub your face in my pussy. Yes, rub it all around. Get my cunt juice all over your pretty face. Oh, that's beautiful. Here it comes. Get ready! Ohhhhhh! Yessssssss! Suck hard, baby! Suck Mommy's cunt!"

After delivering the second orgasm, Tammy tried to keep licking, but Susan pushed her head away, saying, "No more. Please! I can't take any more." Tammy sat back on her heels and stared longingly at her mother. Susan smiled and said, "You are amazing. Someone had to teach you that."

"Did you really like it, because I love doing it for you."

Susan laughed and said, "Yes, I liked it. I won't be giving you a hard time in the future, but this must be our little secret. I'd never live it down if your father found out, and don't you dare tell a living soul."

"I won't, but you'll let me when I want to?"

"Yes. I'd be a fool to turn down a good cunt lapping, and your mother is no fool. If you want, I'll even return the favor. I've sucked a few pussies in my time."

Tammy jumped up and yanked down her panties. Susan laughed at her eagerness and said, "I see you've thought over my offer. Okay, hop up on the table and make a beaver."

Tammy smiled and got on the edge of the table before Susan's place. She leaned back on her straight arms and made a beaver by planting her feet on the table top and laying her knees down. Susan eyed the spread before her and said, "Honey, you have a marvelous pussy on you. This will be a pleasure." With that, Susan lowered her mouth to her daughter's pussy and never noticed the camera lens peeking in at the window. Tammy noticed.

While Susan prepared for her date, the phone rang for Tammy. It was Sara, saying, "Is there any chance your Mom is listening on the extension?"

"No, she's in the shower."

"Good, Dad wants to talk to you."

"Hey, Princess, good job! We got some great pictures."

"Thanks, it was fun."

"Okay, we can start working on Daddy. When do you expect him, and when will your mom be gone?"

"He should be home by nine, and she leaves when he gets home."

"Okay, by ten, I'll be in the bushes on the driveway side of the living room window. I need you to prop up the blinds at the bottom at least two inches, just the corner near his chair. Make sure it don't look obvious. Your goal is to get him in that chair for a blow job. Actually, anything short of screwing will be great. I want you buck assed naked for this. If you can get him naked, that will be perfect. Oh, and make sure all the lights are on. I can't use a flash."

"Okay, I'll do my best."

"Princess, your best, so far, has been outstanding. Stop by tomorrow after school."

"Tomorrow is Saturday."

"See you in the morning, then. Get 'em, Tiger!"

Susan was too busy getting ready for her date to engage in more sex play with Tammy, but she did permit Tammy to watch her getting ready. While primping, Tammy sat on her mother's bed. They had a frank discussion about sex, men, and fidelity. Fidelity, because Susan admitted that she was going on a date with one of her lovers, her main man, Steve. Tammy learned that her parents hadn't been sexually active with each other for nine years and that they lived in what they called an open marriage. Tammy wanted more on Steve, and Susan was eager to brag about him.

Steve was a lawyer, a married lawyer with three kids, but he had the most wonderful cock, and he could use it for hours. Susan watched her daughter masturbating while she discussed Steve's sexual prowess. She stopped applying makeup to turn and watch. She smiled and said, "My, but we certainly have lost all of our inhibitions, haven't we?"

"Steve sounds like a sexy guy. Talking about him made me horny."

"I'm pleased to see you're not totally into pussy. You're ready to try some cock, aren't you?"

"Yes, I've been ready."

Susan smiled and turned back to the mirror, saying, "You've made that painfully apparent to your father. He's dying to introduce you to the sport. Take him up on it if you want. I have no objection. He's not the greatest, but he'd be good for a young girl starting out. He has a six-inch dick and it's not very thick. I think you could take it without too much difficulty. Would you like me to make an appointment to get you on the pill?"

"No ... I mean, I've heard bad things about them. I hate taking pills anyway."

Susan lifted an eyebrow, but went on, "I think they're safe. I take them, and I've noticed nothing bad. In fact, my periods are less severe and are shorter. If you hate taking pills, there's always the diaphragm or condoms."

"Why can't I just let him do it with nothing. Those things all seem to interfere with the natural act. It turns me on thinking about all those millions of sperm getting in my womb." Susan stopped once again to turn and study her daughter, awed by her response. Tammy offered an obscene spread while fucking herself with two fingers. Susan said, "So, you like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun--is that it?"

"If that means taking a chance on getting pregnant, yes."

"Suit yourself, but abortions are no fun, and they're not cheap."

"So, who wants an abortion?"

"If you get pregnant, I'll want one for you. I'll gladly pay for it, but I wish you'd abandon this kink of yours. Anyway, we'll discuss this some other time. When was your last period?"

"Last week."

"You're pretty safe for the next few days, but after that you'll be at high risk. You've got time to squeeze in a few days of natural screwing, but then you'll have to take a week off or use rubbers. I'll teach you how to use the rhythm method when I get time." Susan set her makeup tools aside, stood up, and turned in place, saying, "How do I look, fuckable, I hope."

"You look very fuckable, Mom. I'd fuck you if I had a dick."

"I'll buy you a strap-on, if I get the time. I wonder if they come in junior miss sizes?"

They both laughed. Tammy said, "I wonder if they come in Steve size. You could wear it for me."

"Good idea. That's what we can do during your ovulation cycle. I'll fuck you when you're fertile. Your dad will fuck you when you're not. There, that solves that, huh."

"I'd like it better if you let Steve and Dad fuck me when I'm fertile."

"Oh, you little mink. I'm going to have to keep my eye on you, I can see. I can't count on your father to act responsibly. In case you didn't know--and how could you--your father knocked up a kid already. It cost us ten grand to keep his stupid ass out of jail. I'm still pretty pissed about that, so knocking up little girls is a sore subject with us. I'm not sure our marriage would survive another, especially if it was you. If you really must get yourself pregnant, go to some other cock for the sperm, will you? Someone besides my husband."

"Are you serious, Mom?"

"Sure, why not. You seem bent on it, anyway. Maybe we can get our ten grand back from some other stupid fucker. With a body like yours, you can take your pick of men, so pick one with money. There, that's some good motherly advice for you. Always pick money; cocks grow on trees."

"That would make a good bumper sticker."

Susan laughed, "Come to think of it, it would. I think I heard your father's car pull up. I'm ready, so I guess I'll wish you luck. Oh, he did say that you have to make the first move, so don't wait on him if you're eager to get started. Later Sweetheart."

"Suck on his cock and tell him it's from me."

This stopped Susan in her tracks. She turned with a devilish grin and said, "I'm going to do just that. He'll like that. I think the three of us should get together. Would you like that?"

"Yes, I'd love it. Please, set it up. I'll fuck his brains out and suck him till his head caves in."

"Tammy, you got that from somewhere. We're going to talk, but not now. You be sure and be a bad girl while Mommy gets her pussy plowed." With that, she turned and walked out. Tammy scampered to her room.

Tammy had just pulled her panties on when her father's knock came. "Come in."

The door opened, and John's smile greeted her. "Hi, Angel. Have a good day at school?"

"Hi, Daddy. Yes, it was okay. I was just thinking about what to put on, but nothing sounds better than just panties. I've been cooped up in clothes all day."

"Well, it's just us in the house for the rest of the evening. Your mother has an evening meeting to attend. They usually run very late. There's no need to dress on my account. You don't even need panties for that matter."

"Really, are you sure you won't mind if I went around naked?"

"No, of course not. This is your house, too. If a person can't go naked in their own home, where can they?"

Tammy drew the panties off, smiled, then stood before her father offering her full frontal nudity. Sweat beaded on his brow and he had a difficult time not looking at the split peach of her naked pussy. It was still wet and shiny from her earlier masturbation exercise, and her clit stood out in prominence above the split. Tammy made it harder to avert his eyes from the vision as she stood with her crotch jutted out and her chest thrust out. When her hand trailed down her front to run fingers through her sex lips, his wide eyes followed.

She purred, "Is there something wrong with my pussy, Daddy. You keep staring at it."

This jerked his eyes up. He said, "Huh ... oh ... oh no, nothing. It just looks ... pretty."

"Really, you think my pussy looks pretty?" Tammy bowed her knees out and looked between her legs. She toyed with the lips and poked at her clit, smearing juices under his intense stare. She said, "I guess you have to be a man to think one of these is pretty to look at. To me, it just looks like a messy crack between my legs." She glanced up to make sure she had his attention before pulling her lips open and saying, "All this creamy stuff keeps seeping out of my pussy hole--see?"

John dropped to one knee and put on a face of concern while examining her vagina from inches away. Tammy thrust her cunt out and widened her knees as he said, "Yes, it does appear to be coming from there, but I think it's natural vaginal fluid. You don't appear to have an infection. It's not a discharge."

"Are you sure, Daddy? I want to make sure. Do you want me to lie on my back. You can see better that way."

"Yes, maybe you should. We need to be sure."

Tammy smiled inwardly, then sat back on her bed. She drew her legs up and fanned them out, pulling herself open with her fingers. John coughed and gulped as he stared on her lewd spread; the pink hole seemed to beckon him nearer. He brought his face in close and breathed in her youthful, feminine musk. It took all his strength to resist plunging his face in her beaver. He brought a finger up and touched her pussy at the hole. When she didn't flinch, he inserted to the first knuckle. The vaginal ring of muscle felt exquisite. Tammy squeezed down on his finger.

John's breathing was fast and shallow as he entered to the second knuckle with no protest from Tammy. Bravely, he said, "Sweetheart, I'll need to open you up to look inside. Can you take another finger?"

"Yes, I can take three if you need three."

John brought the index finger of his other hand to the hole and it squeezed in alongside the first. With his two index fingers hooked in her hole, each past the second knuckle, he pulled until he could look down into the dark pink tunnel. John figured there was room for six inches of cock with room to spare. "Sweetheart, everything thing looks as it should. Your pussy looks perfectly healthy to me, baby."

Tammy had never heard her father use the word, pussy. She liked hearing it from his lips. She liked what he was doing, too, and was in no hurry to end it. She said, "Yes, but does my pussy smell like a healthy pussy, Daddy?"

John sniffed and said, "Yes, this smells like a health pussy. I think your pussy is very fine, Tammy." He sniffed again, then said, "This is definitely very fine pussy--the finest pussy I ever saw or smelled."

"Do you like it more than Mom's pussy?"

"Much more, and I'll bet it tastes better, too."

"You'll never know unless you taste mine."

That was all John needed to hear. His mouth was on her cunt in a second. Tammy swooned and said, "Wow, you're sure getting a good taste." John was swabbing her womb with his tongue when she said, "Ohhh, Daddy, that feels nasty what you're doing. Does Mom let you do that to her cunt?"

John looked up into Tammy's mischievous eyes, then drew his tongue up her slit. When he lifted free, he said, "She used to, and you have a pottie mouth, young lady. You shouldn't use vulgarity. Pussy is bad enough, I think."

He stood and offered his hand. Tammy was a bit put off by his reaction. She let him pull her to her feet, then said, "Sorry, I thought they were the same."

"They may mean the same thing, but ladies don't use that term. A young lady shouldn't use either one. You should call it a vagina."

"I hate that word, though. It sounds like doctor talk."

"All the same, you are a young lady, and you should always act like one."

Tammy was getting angry. Had it not been for her task, she would have let him have it. What a hypocrite, she thought. She decided it was better to let it drop. She said, "I'm hungry. Want me to fix you a sandwich, too?"

"No, I ate already. I'm going to watch some TV. Why don't you join me after you eat, okay?"

"Sure, we can watch TV together. Can I sit on your lap like I used to?"

"Yes, sweetheart, you certainly may."

"Okay, but I better put a towel on your lap. You don't want my cu ... vagina juice getting on your pants." John gave her a stern look before they walked out together.

Tammy came into the living room with her sandwich--a major infraction of house rule number 392: no eating in the living room. She climbed onto her father's lap and squirmed on his cock, taking a bite of sandwich. Talking with her mouth full--infraction number 237--she said, "Sure you don't wanna bite?"

"All right, Tammy. Let's get something straight right now. Just because we're getting buddy buddy, that doesn't change a thing. We have rules. Now you take that sandwich back in the dining room, and I'd better not see any mess, not a crumb. Now move, before I get really angry."

Tammy got down and went to the dining room, angry at herself for forcing this confrontation before she'd accomplished her mission. His mood was ruined, and it would take some doing to get it back. She looked at the kitchen clock and saw that it was already nine-forty-five. If Gary had to wait in the bushes all night for nothing, she knew she'd get the belt. Spanking she liked, but the belt really hurt, and the tingle was not adequate compensation. She threw the sandwich in the trash and said, "Damn!"

She tidied up extra well before returning to her father. She stood before him, head downcast, looking penitent. She said, "Daddy, I'm sorry. That was wrong of me to assume those privileges. I'll be a perfect angel from now on, I swear. I want to make it up to you. I'll do anything you want, anything at all."

The implication wasn't lost on John. He smiled and patted his lap. "Hop up here, precious. Daddy forgives you."

Tammy smiled impishly and climbed onto his lap. She turned to rest her back against his chest, then laid her legs outside his. She placed his hands in her crotch and waited. She didn't have to wait long before his fingers were massaging her vagina.

Tammy moaned and wiggled on his rock hard cock, enjoying the nice sensations emanating from her loins. She waited until he was good and horny before saying, "Daddy, I think I'd better get dressed."

John's hands flew from her crotch. He embraced her warmly, saying, "Why, sugar, I thought you liked being free of clothes."

"I do, but I feel funny being the only one naked. I didn't mind what you were doing, if that's what you're thinking. Actually, it felt kinda nice. I'll be right back."

"No, wait. Suppose I took mine off, then we'd both be naked."

"Oh, Daddy, would you? Would you really let me see you naked?"

"Why, yes, of course. You'd really like to see me naked, huh?"

"Oh, yes, I dream about it all the time."

"You do? Well, let's make your dream come true. Hop down and go get three hangers from my closet. And bring my shoe trees."

Tammy rushed off, then slowed as she rounded the corner, thinking, "That fucking jerk. Bring my hangers. Bring my shoe trees. Shit!"

When Tammy returned, John was just taking off his pants, having removed his shirt, coat, shoes and socks. Tammy stood before him, her eyes riveted to his crotch expectantly. John saw her staring at his tented boxer shorts and smiled. He took his sweet time hanging each item on a hanger, then slipping in the shoe trees. He held the three items of clothing in one hand, the shoes in the other, stood before Tammy in only his shorts, and said, "My hands are full, Angel. Will you take off my boxers then take these to my room and hang them?"

Tammy dropped to her knees like a pagan before her idol. With trembling fingers, she eased the shorts down, inch by precious inch. John looked on with a big grin as the elastic waistband stretched over his prick. His cock came springing up in Tammy's face. She moaned as if seeing the face of God, then yanked the shorts to his knees and stared at the cock. Her hands went reverently to his balls, then slid up the shaft to cradle his cock lovingly. John said, "Here, you better take care of these things first."

Tammy's face came closer and closer as though she hadn't heard him, as though she were mesmerized by his prick. John watched her mouth open at the head, then engulf his swollen organ. His cock sank in her warm sucking mouth and three inches of his dick went into her throat. Tammy sucked ravenously with her nose pressed tightly to his groin. First the clothes fell in a heap, then the shoes clattered to the floor.

Tammy had him positioned in the perfect spot for Gary's camera, and she could see the camera. Her father didn't last long under her deep-throat head fuck. When he came, she took the cock from her mouth, turned her head toward the camera, and took his full load in the face while lapping at the shooting head. Cum ran all down her pretty features as she sucked on the head of her father's spent dick. She wasn't finished, however.

Tammy released the cock and hopped into his arms with her legs wrapped around his hips. His spent cock mashed against her cunt. To the camera, they appeared to be fucking. Tammy hugged his neck and said, "Daddy, that was great. Can I do that again sometime?"

"Sure, sweetheart, anytime. Look, why don't you get off me and we'll just relax for a few minutes."

She disengaged herself, saying, "Okay, but can I suck on your cock while you relax?"

"Tammy, it's a penis, not a cock, and yes you may."

John sat in his chair, and Tammy knelt between his knees. She fondled his wilted organ, and said, "You sure have a nice penis, Daddy."

"Thank you, Angel. You have a nice mouth. Why don't you put it to good use. Make me hard again, and I'll show you what else it's good for."

Tammy smiled and took him in her mouth. She got him hard after several long minutes of sucking, then said, "Okay, now what?"

"Now get over me with your knees by my hips."

Tammy did so and found her cunt right over his dick with him aiming. She settled so that the head was between her cunt lips. The camera had a good angle, and that was all she needed. A few seconds would do. She purred, "What now, Daddy."

"Just ease yourself down gently. You control the pace."

"But Daddy, your cock will go up my cunt if I do that."

"Huh, what?"

"Your cock will go up my fuck hole. We'll be fucking."

"Tammy, watch your mouth. I told you for the last time, and I know what will happen. Isn't that what you want to happen?"

"What, to get screwed? No way, not by my own father."

"What do you mean, no way?"

"Daddy, that's nasty."

"And sucking my cock isn't, I suppose."

"Daddy, your language."

"Get down, Tammy. Go to your room." Tammy climbed down and headed for her room. John called out, "No, wait, Tammy. Come back." Tammy returned, holding her head down. John stood before her holding her gently by the shoulders. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. I'm confused. I thought you wanted to do that, you know, have sex."

"Well, I liked messing around, and being naked and all, but you tried to fuck me."

"Oh, honey, no. Daddy wasn't trying to fuck you, precious. No, Daddy was just letting you know that if you wanted to go all the way, I was willing to go along."

"But you put your cock in my cunt and you told me to sit down on it."

"You took me wrong, dear. I was just suggesting. I'd never do that unless I was sure that's what you wanted. I thought you wanted to. I thought you liked what we were doing."

"I did, I loved it, right up to where you tried to screw me in my pussy."

"Look, let's just sit back down and get comfortable, relax a bit. There's no harm in that is there?"

"Okay, but promise you won't try to get your cock up my cunt again."

"I swear. I won't touch my penis. I won't even touch your vagina."

"Daddy, stop calling my cunt a vagina. I hate that word. And I hate penis, too."

"All right, no more. I won't touch your pussy. Okay?"

"Then I don't want on your lap if you won't touch my pussy."

"God damn, Tammy, I'm so confused. Please, can we just sit down and relax together."

"Will you play with my cunt?"

"Yes, I'll play with your cunt."


John took his seat and Tammy laid over him with her back to his chest. She laid her legs outside of his with her cunt just above his wilted cock. His hands came into her crotch and began a slow sensual massage. His dick quickly responded and Tammy reached down between her legs and pressed it against her pussy, trapping it between the folds of her cunt with the head poking above her mound. She closed her legs to form an external cunt that enveloped his cock, then humped herself against it using her fingers to keep it tight to her pussy. This did not help his confusion, but it did make for a good picture, especially when he shot cum straight up and it landed and drooled all over her cunt.

Later that evening, when he recovered, they did much the same, but in other poses. There was the doggie style phonyfuck--where Tammy got on her hands and knees and John knelt behind her, sawing his cock through the cheeks of her ass and her tightly-clenched thighs. There was the missionary phonyfuck--where he laid over her and sawed his cock through her cunt crack trapped by her tightly clenched thighs. And then there was the sodomy phonyfuck--where she laid face down while he mounted her and sawed his cock through her ass cheeks and thighs. John took pleasure from these phonyfucks, and to the eye of the camera, they looked real.

Tammy's favorite, and John's greatest frustration, was when Tammy laid back in his chair with her legs pulled back and wide open, then invited him to press the head of his cock to her cunt while she masturbated. John wanted that contact so badly that he went along, even while she fantasized aloud, and with great passion, in the most vulgar, unladylike terms, her craving for a stiff cock to fuck and fill her cunt with hot sperm.

It became sheer torture for him when she moved and her cunt chewed on the head of his dick, almost, but not quite, gobbling it in past her vaginal ring. Tammy used his cock to masturbate herself, masturbating him at the same time. Being the responsible father and child molester he was, John tried to resist reaching a climax with his cock aimed at her hole. When he came, he tried to move off target, but Tammy would not permit him. She held her cunt lips open with one hand while the other lodged the head in her hole then began jacking him off.

With his cockhead lodged inside her hole and Tammy jacking the shaft hard and fast, his entire load shot directly into her pussy. It took every ounce of will power not to sink in to the balls. Tammy milked the last drops into her pussy, then used his wilting member to smear the baby cream in the internal folds of her sex. She smiled impishly and said, "You shouldn't have creamed my cunt, Daddy. Now, I might be pregnant. That's okay, though. At least we can honestly say we didn't fuck. That's not real fucking, is it, Daddy?"

John sank to his knees, physically and mentally exhausted, shaking his head, saying, "No, it wasn't real fucking."

"Good, because that would be incest. Gee, you sure put a lot of sperm in my cunt."

"Your mother keeps a douche bag in the bathroom closet. Wash it out if you're worried. I'm going to bed."

They retired to their own beds. John and his morning erection was over her the next morning, shaking her shoulder. She opened her eyes, yawned, smiled, and said, "Hi Daddy."

"Sweetheart, can we do it like we did last night?"

Tammy looked at the stiff dick in his hand, smiled, and said, "Okay, but don't put it inside my pussy." He climbed on and slid his cock in the groove of her cunt. She clamped her thighs together and he was set. All she did was lie there while he humped his ass off.

Tammy loved the feeling of his cock sliding through her cunt lips, but she tried hard to act indifferently about it, as though this were something she did as a service, permitting him to rut on her body. She yawned and said, "Is Mom home?"

"No, she hasn't come back yet."

"Strange that a meeting would last into the morning, isn't it?"

"Yes, strange."

"I think you should taste her pussy for cum when she gets home."

"Can we talk some other time?"

"Sorry, just trying to offer a suggestion. I'll bet it tastes like sperm."

"Please, Tammy, I'm trying to concentrate."

She remained silent for almost a full minute while he pumped hard, trying to reach his climax. She said, "Are you almost done?"

"Please, Tammy."

She waited thirty seconds to say, "Pull your cock out when you shoot or you'll get that stuff all over my sheet."

"Damnit, Tammy, I was almost there."


From the doorway they heard, "The sights you see when you don't have a camera."

Tammy looked to her left and saw her mother looking worn-out but smiling. John just groaned and stopped in mid-hump. He said, "It's not what it looks like."

Susan walked in and stood over them. She said, "Please, John, you needn't stop on my account. I approve. Finish your fuck." Addressing Tammy, she lifted her skirt, exposed her spermy twat, drew two fingers through her slit and pressed them to Tammy's lips saying, "Steve said to give you this, and since you're so interested in how my cunt tastes, there's no time like the present."

John was propped up on his elbows with his head above Tammy's face. Susan had to bring her fingers between their faces to deliver the vulgar gift. To his utter amazement, Tammy licked, then sucked those two fingers. She then said, "Tell him thanks." Susan smiled, turned, and left. John got off Tammy and followed.

Susan was back five minutes later. She took a seat on the mattress by Tammy's hip. They exchanged smiles. Susan brushed hair from Tammy's face, saying, "John tells me that you guys did everything but screw. He said you wouldn't let him in your pussy. Is that true?"


"Can you explain this? You seemed eager enough yesterday afternoon. You do realize that the best way to get pregnant is to actually get the cock to cum inside your pussy."

"He did cum in my pussy, once."

"You know what I mean."

"Mom, I can't tell you why."

"Do you mean you can't or won't?"

"Well, I could, but I can't."

"That sounds like someone doesn't want you to tell." Tammy's silence told all. "I see ... this someone, is he the someone responsible for your sexual blooming?"

"Yes, but I can't tell you who he is. Please don't try to make me. I won't, no matter what."

"I think I understand. You want to have his baby, is that it?"

"That's part of it."

"Are you in love?"


"Tammy, is this person an adult?"

"I don't think I should say."

"You just told me all I need to know. Tammy, why didn't you come to me when this first started?"

"I couldn't even talk to you about needing a bra."

Susan sat thinking for quite some time. Tammy was content to let her think. Finally, she said, "I have a feeling he has his hooks in you too deep to unhook you. Does that about size it up?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"You're going to do whatever he tells you to do, aren't you?"


"He told you to seduce me and your father. He wants you to get pregnant with his child. Interesting. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what he's up to. Well, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. What's done is done. You can't get toothpaste back in the tube. I feel sorry for your father, though. At least I get totally satisfied."

"You will, Mom, I promise."

"I suppose you'll be going to this man today. Tell him something for me. Tell him that I'll go along with anything, including this pregnancy; in fact, I think it's rather cool what he's doing. I admire his style, I really do."

"Is that the truth; do you really?"

"Yes, I really, honestly do. You're living my childhood fantasy of falling under the spell of a sex maniac, only this guy is better. I envy you. But I also want you to warn him that if he takes you away, I'll see that he's hunted like a dog for the rest of his life. You tell him that."

Tammy lunged up and took her mother in a passionate hug, saying, "I will, and thank you so much for understanding. He won't take me away. He just wants my baby."

Susan hugged and patted her saying, "It's the least I can do. I'm going to be here for you when you have to pick up the pieces of your life and try to get back on track. Remember that. No matter how low you sink, or how dirty you get, I can always clean up the mess and help you get straight. I owe you that much; we both do. We love you, Tammy, more than we ever showed."

"Oh, Mom, I love you too. I'll remember, but I like what I'm doing, and I don't want to stop."

They parted to look in each other's eyes. Susan said, "I can't say I blame you. It sure beats sitting around this house twiddling your thumbs."

"It sure does. Now, I twiddle my clit."

* * *

Susan took the news to John. He was livid. He wanted to go straight to the police. He wanted to ground her, bind her to the bed under armed guard, seal off the property, and yank out the phone. Susan calmly let him rant, then said, "And do you think she'll be in any mood to let you play your little games with her? Do you think you'll ever get another blow job? She'll hate you, and the first time you turn your back, she'll be gone forever. No, John, as for calling in the cops, who do you think she'll rat on, him or you?"

That started him pacing. "Oh shit! That's right. Susan, what are we going to do?"

"You do what you want, but as for me, I'm going to buddy-up to this guy if I ever get to meet him. He has my daughter by the short hairs, or stubble, in her case. All I care about is keeping her under my roof. If I have to drive her to him for her fucking, I'm driving. If he wants a baby, I'll burp it for him."

"Susan, if you're getting off on this, you're sick."

"Oh, look who's talking about sick. You fuck your secretary's little girl in front of her, under the threat of losing her job, just for the kick of it, then when the kid turns up pregnant, you tell her that's the breaks. That's sick, but she sure showed you, huh? She won ten grand and lifetime job security. Not bad, and she's still willing to fuck you. I may be sick, but at least I'm not stupid."

"Then this does turn you on?"

"Sure, okay, I'll admit it. I think it's cooler than shit that this pervert wants to knock up a twelve-year-old girl and make her parents go along with it. That's what he's doing, you know. That's why we're getting sex from her. He's getting something on us. There was probably a camera hidden somewhere."

"What do you mean, sex with us?"

"She got me yesterday--got me good. If the cameras were rolling, he has an accomplice in me. I'll hold her fucking legs apart for him to keep those shots in a box."

John was pacing madly. "That explains that disgusting thing you did in there--wiping your lover's cum from your twat and sticking it in your daughter's mouth. Good god Susan, have you no shame at all? Did you have to do that in front of me?"

"Must I remind you that you were fucking her at the time; or, at least, it looked like you were. Besides, I thought it was cool, so did Tammy."

"Oh, Jesus. Oh shit. She set me up. Fuck! Those were poses she got me in. Damn, Susan, Tammy set me up. If there was someone outside that window, he ... wait."

John left the room and returned a minute later carrying a tooth pick. Holding it up, he said, "I found this propping up the blinds. I'm fucked, Susan; we're fucked."

"Well, it's as I figured. Now we just wait to see what he wants. Take my advice, though--get set to become his accomplice. It's much easier once you accept it. And don't be pissed at Tammy. She will do whatever he wants her to do. That's our fault she was so easy for him to sink his claws into. We raised her to be pervert bait. Well, we caught one, a big one. Now, we have to figure out how to land him, or get him off the line."

"I feel like we're in a rubber dingy with a great white shark on the line."

"That's about the size of it. In such a case, I say, hang on and enjoy the ride."

"I don't see how you can enjoy this, Susan. Don't you realize what can happen to us, to Tammy?"

"Yes, but worrying about it does no good. All I can do is take each day as it comes. We won't have long to wait. I'm sure he'll be contacting us soon. If he contacts you, take my advice, be nice."

"He'd better contact you, I don't think I can be nice to the asshole."

"I hope he does contact me. I'm going to very nice, and I will be sincere. I can't wait to meet this guy. I really like his style."

"I wish your daughter could hear what you just said."

"I already told her to tell him, and she knows I was serious."

"God, you're unbelievable--un-fucking-believable."

"I need to get some sleep. I'm un-fucking-believably fucked out. Go for a long walk. You need it."

Late Saturday night they got a call from Tammy. Susan answered. Tammy said, "Mom, I'm fine--ugh. I'm staying here--ugh--until Monday. I'll go to school--ugh--from here, but I'll come--ugh-- straight home after school."

"Tammy, what's going on? Is he with you right now?"

"Yes, he's fucking my ass."

"Oh shit, that's fantastic. He makes you call your folks while he's fucking you in the ass. I love it. That is so cool. You've got yourself a winner, Tammy. Honey, can I please talk to him? He doesn't need to say anything. I just want to tell him how excited this makes me."

There was some discussion that Susan couldn't hear, then Tammy came back on the line to say, "Okay, but he won't--ugh--talk. Go ahead."

"I love what you're doing with my daughter. I love it all. I know you don't trust me, but you will one day. Calling me while butt-fucking my daughter is so incredibly cool. Do me a favor. Pull out and cum in her pussy. We must get that child pregnant. Enjoy the weekend. Bye!"

John was standing over Susan when she hung up. "What in the hell is wrong with you? How could you tell him such things?"

"Go piss up a rope, John. Even if I weren't getting off on it, he'd still be fucking her ass and keeping her all weekend. I threw him a curve. He's probably scratching his head right now."

"Bullshit, you probably made him cum. You were pretty damned convincing."

"That's because I was serious and genuinely turned on. In fact, I'm going into the bedroom and have myself a good cum. Wanna watch?" John was speechless, but John followed her to the bedroom.

On Monday morning Susan got a call at the salon. It was John. "Susan, you'd better get over to my office right away. We've been contacted. There was a manila envelope under the door when Carol arrived. It's pictures, and there's a note."

"What about Tammy, is he kidnapping her?"

"No, this isn't a kidnapping. Just come over. I can't discuss this over the phone."

"I'll be right over."

Susan rushed to the construction yard where John had an office set up in a mobile home. She went into his office and found John and his mistress/secretary pouring over photos laid out on his desk. Susan cleared her throat to get their attention, then said, "Don't you think we should keep this private, John?"

"She saw them first, and read the note. Don't worry about Carol. Look at these."

The first ones she saw were of Tammy's first fuck. Susan stared intently at them and finally said, "These are hot. I've never seen porno this hot."

"Yes, and look at these. You come out nicely, too."

Susan flinched at the sharpness and clarity of her genitals receiving Tammy's attention. Carol was looking over her shoulder. Susan held them to her chest and said, "Do you mind?"

"I've seen them all, Susan."

"I'm sure you have. Since you arrive before eight and it's after ten, I presume you two have been fucking your brains out over them."

"Knock it off, Susan. None of this is Carol's fault. Her job is to open and read all my mail. Here, read the note."

Susan took the one page, hand-written note and read:


As you can see, we all have something in common. We all love fucking little Tammy, only I'm smart enough not to get my face in the frame. The others can go straight to jail if they get stupid. I don't think you guys are stupid--horny, but not stupid.

Here's the deal. I need a baby for a couple wanting a baby. Tammy's got an empty womb. I've got balls full of potent sperm. Get the picture?

You are inviting me to dinner Monday night--say eightish. I'm a steak and potatoes man. We'll work on this project together. Enjoy the pics.


PS Susan, I took your advice and emptied my balls in your little girl's cunt. I have no intention of running off with your little bitch. I'd much rather you took care of her for me. She's going to make me a fine breeder.

Susan reread the PS and felt her clit throbbing. She put down the note with a smile and said, "Well, I feel like we dodged a bullet. If all he wants is a breeder, I couldn't agree more. She will make a fine breeder."

Carol smiled and said, "This is so exciting. You really don't mind, do you? You're going to work with him, aren't you?"

"Yes Carol. Does that make your panties wet. That's the reaction I'd expect from a woman who sets her daughter up to get pregnant so she can extort money from the father."

"It was his idea to screw her without protection, not mine."

John intervened, "Knock it off, you two. Well, what are we going to do?"

Susan sat on his sofa and said, "You need to fuck your whore. I've gone and gotten her all worked up for you. I've got to prepare a dinner."

"She's right, John. She is making me horny. I just think it's marvelous what you two are doing with Tammy. She is such a sexy child. She's such a limber little whore. You must bring her here for a threesome. I can't wait to see her nine months along."

Susan said, "Yes, John, do share Tammy with your slut. Maybe with Tammy's help you can finally satisfy her."

Carol went up to Susan with a big smile and said, "That's right, and your little girl will lick John's cum from my slutty twat, bitch. In fact, I think she should lick us while we fuck. You're welcome to come and watch. You can frig your cunt and get off on it. I'm sure you'd like that."

Susan enjoyed every word, and taunted her just to hear them. John, however, thought a cat fight was about to break out, and said, "Please, girls, let's keep our heads here."

Susan said, "Relax, John. Carol is right. I would get off on it. If that was a sincere invitation--I accept. I'll bring a dildo."

This took the wind out of Carol's sails and put a smile on John's face. He said, "It's a date, then. Right now, we have work to do, and you have a dinner to prepare. I'll be home by six."

"I was hoping to watch a preview performance, but you're right. I'd better go. You two love birds have fun. Oh, and John, bring the pictures home with you. I'm starting an album."

* * *

Susan met Tammy at the door when she arrived. They hugged passionately, then Susan said, "Let's get naked and go in my bedroom. You must tell me all about your exciting weekend; I can't wait to hear all about it."

Once naked and on the bed, the two aroused females attacked each other's cunts in a clutching sixty-nine, rolling about the bed. After their orgasms, they rolled apart and Tammy told her story. Her weekend was a non-stop fuck and suck marathon that included a pair of cocker spaniels. Tammy had to describe each fuck and each suck in detail, but it was the doggie action that most intrigued Susan. She wanted to hear about it twice. Having sex with a dog in front of an audience was another fantasy of Susan's.

After Susan heard it all, she said, "I'm so jealous of you, Tammy. You are living my fantasy, and it sounds better then I ever imagined."

"It is, Mom. I stay turned on. There's always something exciting to remember or look forward to. My cunt is always running."

"Mine too, ever since I began to suspect."

"When did you begin to suspect?"

"This will surprise you, but three weeks ago, this woman showed up at the salon. She didn't fit the mold of our clientele and she only ordered our cheapest services. She was there every day for the whole week, prying into my personal life, asking my staff things about me. I had her checked out and learned that she was your friend's mother. I had Steve run a police check on Ann and Gary. They have a long record of selling babies to infertile couples. Gary is a semi-legit baby broker. He is suspected in the pregnancy of more than a dozen young girls, but parents won't cooperate. They moved here from Tucson because the heat was too hot, and I'm not talking about the weather."

"That's neat. You knew what I was getting into, and you let me continue."

"You don't know how close I came to contacting Gary to offer him your services. Things were going so slow, I wondered what was taking him so long. Why do you think I eased up on your curfew and let you sleep over on school nights? I checked the crotch of your panties every day, but they were always dry. I checked them right after your little hamster charade, while you were in the shower. They were sopping wet with semen. I almost came just holding them to my nose."

"Did you show Daddy?"

"No, he wasn't ready for that. He'd have freaked out. I had a hell of a time getting him to go along with the relaxed curfew. After the hamster episode, I did start conditioning him. He was easy. He fully accepts this, now."

"Mom, this is so exciting, knowing you set me up, and you get off on this."

"I'm glad you like it. I'd still be pushing you even if you didn't like it. Look, we need to work on this dinner thing tonight. I want everything to be perfect. I want you looking so pretty and innocent. I want you to wear that yellow dress that's two sizes too small. I'm so glad we didn't get rid of it. You look so adorable in that dress, and now you'll look sexy and adorable. We'll do your hair in ponytails like you used to wear. I want you looking eleven, sweet and innocent."

"That dress needs a slip or my nipples will show. I can't look innocent with my nipples all hard and poking out the top."

"No, I want that look--innocent and unaware of your sexuality. Why do you think you went without a bra for so long? I was trolling for molesters. Six months from now, you would have still been waiting on a bra if Gary hadn't taken the bait."

"I'm glad he did. It was making my school life difficult. Teachers were hassling me. Luckily, there's no rule that says a girl has to wear one. Now I know why you only buy blouses that are thin and tight."

"I'm surprised they never hassled you about the length of your skirts. I know they have rules about that."

"They did hassle me, but the lengths were too close to make an issue of. Our dress code is fairly liberal compared to other schools. We can wear skirts to mid-thigh. I did have notes to take home to get signed, informing you that my skirts exceeded this. I signed them for you."

"Why, because you like them short, or were you timid?"

"A little of both. I got a charge that boys, and especially teachers, could see my panties when I sat down. I have two teachers, one male, one female, that can't keep their eyes off my crotch."

"Did you shoot beavers?"

"Yeah, but not so they'd suspect. I don't think they did, anyway. I came so close to sitting in Mr. Duncan's science class without my panties on. He has me sit in the front row, just so he can see better, and no one else would know."

"Oh, do, Tammy. Do it for me. I just know he'll hold you after class if you did that and shot him obvious beavers all through the class."

"I'll do it tomorrow. Gary doesn't care who I screw as long as I get pregnant."

"Then why won't he let you screw your father?"

"He never said, but he has a reason."

"I think he just wants him to stay horny, and I love it. This is driving your father nuts. He wants in your pussy so bad he can taste it. Gary is smart to handle John this way. He can get John to do anything if he can come through with the pussy. Your father would suck his dick for a chance to fuck you."

"I would love to see Daddy sucking on Gary's dick. I would die."

"You think I wouldn't. If I get Gary aside, that's exactly what he'll have to do every time he wants to fuck you. He'll do it, too. He wants you that badly. Come on, let's shower together. We need to get you ready, and I need a good shower suck."

John walked into the bedroom at six-fifteen and saw Susan primping Tammy. He caught his breath when he took a good look at his little girl. The dress was his favorite, but he'd never seen it look so luscious on his little Tammy. Her tits looked so out of place, but so damned sexy. It may have been the two ponytails that made them look out of place, or the patent leather shoes worn with turned-down yellow socks. The dress was too small for her, the hem only coming to the very tops of her thighs.

Susan turned to say, "Well, does she look fuckable?"

"Damn right she does. I figured you'd go all out for this, but I never thought you'd make a present out of her."

"It's funny you should say that. Show him, Tammy."

Tammy hopped up on the vanity table and made a big beaver. The first thing John noticed when he stepped forward was the bright red kiss imprint just above her clit on her freshly-shaved mound. Then he read the writing above that:


Thank you for accepting our daughter into your breeding program. May our association be long, and may her fertile womb bring you wealth.

Much love and affection,

Susan Stevenson

"Christ, Susan, you're sick. You're both sick. I can see you approve, Tammy."

"Yes, it's neat. Gary will love it."

"I hope you realize he'll want a picture of that."

"I already anticipated that. I took one for him and one for my album. They came out nice, don't you think?"

"Shit! Just when I think you can't shock me, you do. I hope you have a prison fantasy, because that's where you're headed."

"Not if we cooperate with Gary. Remember that. With our help and support, none of us can get busted. I need to start dinner. Why don't you drop your pants and let our Lolita relieve you of that lump in your britches. What a hypocrite!" After she walked out, John dropped his britches.

Gary arrived right on time. Susan answered the door. He was everything she imagined he would be. He needed a shave, and wore baggy pants with a coffee-stained T-shirt that had a pack of Camels rolled up in the left sleeve. He wasn't as bad looking as she thought he'd be, only a little fat around the middle. He had a bad boy smile on his face as Susan said, "You must be Gary. I'm Susan. Please, come in. Dinner is ready."

Gary sauntered in slowly and took a long look around, purposefully ignoring John who stood off to the side, waiting to be introduced. He suddenly reached out and placed an arm around Susan's waist, pulling her in close for a long kiss. Susan melted into that kiss as he molded her ass flesh with a groping hand. When the kiss ended, he let loose of her.

Breathless, Susan laughingly said, "Now that's what I call a greeting. Gary, meet my husband John. John, Gary." John held out his hand, which Gary ignored, saying, "Don't expect a kiss, big guy. You're not my type." John dropped his hand with a scowling look. Gary said, "Where's your little girl, John. I'd like to see what I'm having for dessert."

John yelled out, "Tammy, come in here."

Tammy made her entrance with an impish smile. She stood in the entryway to the dining room with her hands behind her back, turning in place, left and right, biting her lower lip with her head down, eyes up, trying to hold back her smile. Gary said, "Hot damn, she's a vision, eh, John?"

"Yes, she's a vision."

"Hey, let's put on the feed bag. Old Gary needs his strength for dessert." They all moved into the dining room. Gary's place was set at the head of the table with Tammy across from him. Susan was on his left. John on his right. Gary reached for everything he wanted and mounded his plate. He went right to work stuffing his face, eating with his fingers. John's displeasure was obvious, but Susan seemed to love watching him. She said, "So, how was the weekend? Satisfying, I presume."

"Oh, it was satisfying. Wasn't it, Princess?"

"Yes, I was satisfied lots of times."

Susan went on, "From what I hear, even the animals were satisfied."

"You mean Prince and Beasley? Oh, yeah, your little girl saw to that. That kid has a mouth on her that can put a smile on a cocker spaniel's muzzle. They're still smiling."

Susan smiled at the shock registered on John's face. Susan shocked him further when she said, "I'm seeing a man named Steve. He'd love to see her put a smile on his bulldog. I wouldn't mind seeing that myself."

"She can do it. See that I get a picture of it, and I'll give the order."

"I'll see that you get copies of everything we take."

John cried out, "Susan, No!"

Gary ignored him and said, with a mouthful of food, "Princess, you suck off the mutt for your mother, then fuck him for me."

"Okay. Do I let him fuck my ass or my cunt?"

"Why not do both?"

John's outrage was uncontainable. He shouted, "This is too much. I won't allow it."

Gary rested his elbow on the table, angling his dripping fork at John, saying, "If you ever raise your voice around me again, I'll see you that you do hard time. You've got no say-so about how I run my whore." He turned to Susan and said, "I want Daddy there to guide the mutt's cock for her. Maybe after that, he won't feel so possessive towards her."

Susan beamed and said, "John will be delighted to assist. Won't you, John?" John's head bowed. He stirred his food without focus or purpose. "I said, 'Won't you, John?'"

"Yes, I'll assist."

Gary said, "You're a smart man, John. You'll thank me later. There ain't nothing like watching a young girl like Tammy getting it from a mutt with a big cock. Bulldogs have big cocks, John."

Susan said, "I can attest to that. Bruno's is this long, John." She held up her hands eight inches apart. "It's thick, too. Besides that, a dog's cock swells in the middle. I'm sure it will lock inside her ass, maybe even in her pussy. Wouldn't that be exciting to watch, John--our little Tammy locked up with a beast? Steve's going to be so pleased that he found a bitch for Bruno, and Tammy will be so convenient for him to use. He can drop off his dog for servicing when he picks me up for a date. When we return, Bruno will be all smiles and his wife won't be complaining about his embarrassing erections."

Susan turned to Gary, adding, "Steve has three girls and that dog is always trying to mount one or the other. Barbara keeps them in jeans. If she didn't, there'd be no pulling Bruno off until Bruno got off. Steve keeps the dog around because he loves to torment Barbara. He actually told her that if she were a responsible mother, and really wanted to spare the girls, she'd relieve the dog. He makes her wear short skirts without panties. You can imagine the shit that dog puts her through. I've seen it, and it is a sight."

"This Steve guy has class. I like his style. If he was smart, and knew how to manage his old lady, he'd make her service the dog in front of the girls. If he knew how to manage kids, he'd have them in short skirts without panties, too. Hell, with three breeders like he has, he could retire."

"How did you get started in this business, if you don't mind my asking?"

"I don't mind. Ann, my wife, got pregnant right after Sara was born. I didn't want another mouth to feed and couldn't afford an abortion. This anti-abortion church group advertised couples willing to pay for a child. Hell, I thought we'd have to pay someone to take it. We got two grand and all medical taken care of. As soon as her womb was clear, we started making another. She's been pumping out kids like a Pez dispenser ever since. Hell, she's about to drop another one. We're getting five grand a kid now. That's what we sold Sara's for. Nice thing about it is the church does all the setting up. They find the couples."

"Obviously you're not relying on what Ann and Sara can produce by themselves."

"No, I started branching out three years ago, getting kids like your Tammy. I had six breeders going in Tucson before we had to bug out. Things got a little hot for us. It wasn't the parents. I know how to control parents. It was those damned state social workers. They got nosy when so many arranged adoptions had me as a middle man."

"Aren't you worried that it will happen here?"

"No. I know where I fucked up. I never should have picked on the kids of welfare mothers. Kids of well-to-do parents don't need to use social services."

"That's smart. We can certainly afford all the prenatal care Tammy will need. You must be looking for new girls to replace the ones you lost."

"I'm always looking."

"John's secretary has a nice breeder, an experienced fifteen-year-old. I'm sure he can set you up with her." John dropped his fork. "And Steve might go along. He has one that is ready to breed. Pam, his twelve-year-old, had her first period last month. I think he'd set her up with you just to get at Barbara. The other two are ten and eight. He's not all that attached to his kids, and he sure got off on what you are doing with Tammy. I'll talk to him about it if you'd like."

"Yeah, do that, but don't mention my name. Does this Barbara chick know you're fuckin' her old man?"

"She'd better. Half the time we're fucking in her bed while she looks after the kids. After a fuck, I like to walk around, naked, with his cum pouring out of my cunt. I've put cum stains on every piece of furniture she has, and I love letting Bruno lick the cum off my legs and twat with the girls looking on. She'll tolerate that, but when he goes to mount me she drags him away. She's been slow to act lately. The last few times, he managed a few strokes all the way in me before she dragged him away. Her girls were very disappointed about that, but not as disappointed as me and Bruno."

"She's getting off on it. Mark my words, you keep that up and she'll let it go the distance. Yeah, I want her kids--all three of them. I'll put the little ones in training. And John, set me up with that kid you know. Make it soon."

John dropped his fork again, then angrily said, "I can't set you up with Carol's kid without paying Carol. It will cost you twice what the baby will bring."

"No, John. It will cost you twice what the baby will bring. Set it up. You can afford it. I've seen that outfit of yours."

"It would be cheaper if I just gave you five grand."

"Hey, I'm an honest businessman. I don't take payoffs. I earn my money, mister. I don't need your fucking payoff. You set it up. If you want to save some bucks, jew her down. If you paid ten grand, you paid way over retail. She shouldn't be asking more than two or three to breed her kid. Get something on her and you can get the kid for free like I do. That's the only way to turn a decent profit in this business. You need to find parents like you guys with daughters like Tammy--free breeders. That was a great meal, now for dessert. Tammy, get up here and make a spread for Old Gary."

Tammy quickly got up as Gary shoved everything clear before him. In the process, he knocked John's plate in his lap. John was livid, but said nothing. Gary lifted Tammy and set her where his plate had been. He pushed her legs apart as she reclined. His eyes widened when he saw what Susan wrote. He read slowly, his smile growing bigger and bigger until he broke out into a maniacal laugh, saying, "Now, this beats all. You guys got a camera?"

Susan took the photo from her bra. "Here, I thought you'd want one."

Gary took the picture and smiled, saying, "Damn, you thought of everything. Susan, we'll make a great team. Now let's get down to some serious child molesting. Why don't you two hold her legs open for me?"

Susan was right with it, grasping Tammy's right ankle and pulling it out perpendicular to her torso. John reluctantly followed her example with the left while Gary stood and dropped his pants. He fisted his impressive erection, bending it toward the gaping hole they presented. He stepped forward and pressed his dick to her crack. Susan's right hand closed over the shaft. She said, "Please, allow me."

Gary dropped his hands and let Susan guide his cock to her daughter's waiting hole. Once seated, he advanced to the balls with easy, steady thrusts. John could not take his eyes off the sight as his daughter's pussy devoured the large cock with ease. Once in to the balls, Gary set up a steady fuck rhythm that had Tammy moaning and groaning.

Susan's aroused stare reflected her growing excitement. She dipped her head to the juncture of genitals and licked at Gary's pistoning cock and her daughter's stretched cunt. She laid her cheek on Tammy's mound, staring at the plunging cock, saying, "This is beautiful. Fuck my baby, Gary. Fuck her good. Fill her fertile womb with your hot sperm. Make a baby in her belly."

Susan got up and looked to John, saying, "Isn't this fantastic, John? Did you ever think you'd see another man fucking our daughter on the dining room table, fucking her with the express purpose of getting her pregnant, and with us holding her fucking legs apart for him? Isn't this exciting?"

"Yes, Susan. It's exciting."

He said this sarcastically, but Susan knew he had a mighty erection. The way he stared at the cock plunging in and out of Tammy's pussy told all. He was turned on, very turned on. She teased, "Lick his cock like I did, John. Show Gary how much we appreciate him making us a part of this. Do it, John."

John's eyes stared hard at Susan, but those eyes betrayed a willingness to do just as she suggested. When Gary repeated the suggestion, his head dipped slowly. Tammy's head came up to watch as Susan offered Tammy head support. Under three pairs of watchful eyes, John performed the obscene act of subservience. After a few licks, he performed with a show of enthusiasm, licking all around the plunging cock and stuffed cunt. He ended with a kiss to Tammy's clit, then stood, red-faced, wet-faced, and grinning stupidly. Susan was well-pleased.

Gary stepped up his pace and triggered Tammy's orgasm. His followed close on the heels. He shoved his cock deep, held it in deep, and filled her vaginal cavity with his baby-making fluids until they squirted from the tightly-sealed pussy. When he pulled out, Susan, with John's help, pulled Tammy's legs back to bring her crotch up. She used her fingers to scoop sperm from the outside and place it back inside. Gary watched after retaking his seat. He said, "Yes, she'll make an excellent breeder, and you two are the best assistants I ever had. You keep this up and you'll win my parents of the year award. It will look good over the mantle. Let's all go into the living room and shoot the shit while I work up another load for your little girl's pussy."

Susan said, "John, get Gary a bowl of cool water to soak his balls in while you lick and suck his cock for him." John made a pained face, but when Gary seconded the idea, he dutifully went for the bowl. Susan said to Gary, "He really wants that award badly." This made Gary and Tammy laugh. John had no sense of humor.

Susan and Gary placed Tammy on the sofa with her legs up on the sofa back and her head hanging off the edge of the cushion. In this inverted position, her vagina was up, making a well for the sperm. They stood back to admire her. John entered carrying a bowl of water. Gary took a seat in John's chair, scooted forward and hung his legs over the arm rests. Susan took the bowl of water and lifted Gary's nut sack, laying it gently in the cool water. She then moved to permit John to kneel.

Tammy watched as her mother coaxed her father in the fine art of cock sucking. John took to the task with reluctant resignation, but once he got used to having a mouth full of cock, he did quite well. Susan got Gary a beer and sat on the arm of the chair with her arm around his neck, occasionally giving John advice on his technique. She removed her top because Gary complimented her tits. Gary looked to Tammy, then to John, took a suck on an offered nipple, took a big sip of beer and said, "Nope, life doesn't get better than this. Now, tell me more about Barbara and the kids."

"You know, Gary, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Steve will set you up with all three kids. He's the type of guy that would do something like that. Me and Steve are a perfect match in that way. We'd be terrible as partners in a marriage. Our personalities would clash, but in bed, we are right in tune with each other. It's funny, but Barbara is just like John. She's a female version of John, neat, orderly, structured, rules driven, conservative to a fault, never late, has to have everything in the house just her way. Steve drives her nuts the same way I drive John nuts, by constantly being contrary and uncontrollable. Maybe she and John would make a good couple."

Gary said, "They'd drive each other nuts."

"Probably. She lives for her kids. John might be that way if his work didn't demand so much attention. John has always fawned over Tammy. He has always tried to guide her every action. Barbara is that way as well. Those kids are her life."

"Then how come she lets you and Steve fuck in their faces."

"It sounds odd to hear how she is now, but this has evolved over years. We didn't always. It started off very clandestine."

"It started off what?"


"Why didn't you just say sneaky?"

"Sorry. Anyway, we got caught, there was a big fight. She threatened divorce. Steve told her that if she left him, she'd get nothing and he'd get the kids. That was like an ice water douche. She calmed down real quick. She knows what a good attorney Steve is, especially in custody cases. He's killer. He knows he could never win custody of those kids, but she thinks he could win. He didn't know that. When he realized what leverage he could exert over her, he began thinking of ways to exert more.

"One way was to flaunt his relationship with me. He started bringing me by the house. When she got used to that, we'd start getting lovey-dovey in front of her and the girls. She adjusted to that as well. When she walked in on us fucking on her bed, she quietly backed out. After that, we did all our fucking in their bed. We spent most of our time at their house. Naturally, the kids began thinking of me as their dad's girlfriend. They grew to like me, and liked having me around. I was sexy, naughty, silly at times, always making them laugh with dirty talk. They knew their mother was intimidated by me. They knew she couldn't do a damn thing about the outrageous things we did, and they got a big kick out of watching me do things that humiliated their mother."

"How did you humiliate her?"

"Again, it started with small things and built to big things. At first, just loving on Steve was enough, but now, I love on his cock. I'll sit on his dick with the girls gathered at his feet. Also, I can check to see if she's wearing panties. She has to lift her skirt on demand from me or Steve. I love making her do that. I also like to scoop up a handful of fuck from my crotch, then sneak up behind her and cover her mouth with that hand. The kids love that game, Pam especially. Needless to say, Barbara hates it."

"She doesn't fight when you do that?"

"At first, we had a big fight, a brawl, but I won. I ended up sitting on her chest, pinning her arms with my knees. Since I wasn't wearing panties, it was a cinch to scoot my cunt up to her face. She tried to move her head, but I clamped her head with my thighs. The bitch could have heaved me off at that point. I was way off balance, but she had no fight in her. She let me move my sloppy cunt over her nose and mouth. She struggled for air at times, but she didn't try to get away."

Gary said, "Okay, let me tell you what happened after that. She started provoking fights with you that always ended with you sitting on her face."

"Yes, how did you know?"

"Simple, she didn't try to get away, because she didn't want to get away. She loves eating your pussy, but has to be forced if the girls are watching. It gives her an excuse."

"That's what me and Steve eventually figured out, but it took a few times before we did. Now, what we fight over is her pulling the dog off me. Getting that dog, by the way, was my idea. Barbara hates dogs. She is afraid of dogs. Steve and I spent one afternoon going from pound to pound looking for the perfect dog to force her to live with. We were looking for a big-dicked, strong, horny dog. We settled on Bruno when he tried to hump my leg through a wire fence.

"Barbara pitched a bitch about the dog when Steve brought it home. They had another fight. More threats got thrown around. Steve swore he'd take the kids and she wouldn't even get visitation rights. That cooled her off. They fought about keeping him in the house, but again she backed down. They fought when Steve made her wear short skirts without panties. I already told you who won that fight. The last time I was there, they had a fight about Steve's new rule: she can't push the dog's nose out of her crotch, and she has to present him a beaver when he shows an interest.

"She lost that fight, too. We all watched her take a good long between-the-legs tongue bath. She tried not to cum, but I know she had one. She's pretty much beat down as she is. If I want her to eat me, all I have to do is get her by the hair and push her head down. She'll drop to her knees and suck with her girls sitting at my feet and a fresh load of Steve's cum in my twat."

"Yes, but suppose you pushed one of the girls' heads in your crotch?"

"I don't know. She doesn't say anything when Steve does it. The girls will suck him off with her watching. It would probably lead to a fight if I tried it, but I'd win and then she'd accept it. I think I'll do that next time. That would be a fun addition."

"How long would it take to condition her to accept delivering her daughters to a child molester for training?"

"It will take a conditioning phase building to that, but I think she'll condition nicely. Her thinking process will be the same. She'll reason: I can fight this and lose them, in which case they'll still be subjected to the event, or I can go along and be with them to mother them through it. She'll want to mother them through this, even if it means mothering a twelve-year-old through a pregnancy, or mothering an eight-year-old through an ass fucking by a dog. She's a compulsive mother."

"Work on Steve for me, Susan. Get him to go along, and the two of you need to work on her and the kids. Get her to start fucking the dog, and get those kids in skirts without panties. The dog should be fucking them, too. There needs to be a rule in that house: when the dog takes an interest in a pussy, the owner of that pussy has to make it available for screwing."

"I do like that rule."

"And it should go for the eight-year-old, especially. An eight-year-old girl's pussy is just the right size for a big dog. After he's tried all four, he'll keep coming back to her. He'll make her his bitch, you watch."

"God, I would love to see Bruno with Cathy. Cathy is Barbara's favorite, her little darling. If Bruno made Cathy his bitch, that would be beautiful."

Gary patted John on the head and said, "You did good, big guy. I'm ready to dump another load in your little girl. Bring her over and set her on my cock."

John dutifully got up and lifted Tammy in his big arms. He positioned her over Gary's cock, held up by Susan. He lowered Tammy and the cock slid right in. He then followed Gary's orders to lift and drop her, effectively screwing her on his dick. Susan laughingly said, "John, you never looked better than you do right now--the perfect father."

* * *

Gary left well after ten p.m. Susan was so excited, she called Steve and arranged to meet him at their favorite lounge. They sat in a quiet booth and discussed all that had transpired with Gary. Since Steve had been kept current from the beginning, she only had to go over the evening she'd just spent with Gary, Tammy, and John. When she finished, she said, "Well, what do you think about adding your girls to Gary's stable of breeders?"

"I can't say the idea doesn't turn me on, but do you really think Barbara would tolerate that?"

"I do, Steve. I really do. Have I ever steered you wrong? You didn't think she'd sit still for us screwing in front of the girls. That seems tame, now, doesn't it?"

"Yes, but pandering to the needs of a child molester that breeds babies, and allowing that dog to fuck her and the girls. I don't know, Susan. That seems way beyond her."

"I don't think so. I've seen how she looks when Bruno mounts me. She did not want to pull him off. She wanted to watch. Watching Bruno's cock enter my pussy turned her on."

"Maybe, but watching you and watching him do one or all of the girls is another matter. Besides, I can't picture Barbara allowing Bruno to mount her, even if no one was watching."

"Steve, I'd be willing to bet a thousand dollars that she screws that dog every chance she gets. Bruno sure acted experienced. Did you see how fast he was on me and in me?"

"He did seem to know right where the hole was, didn't he?"

"Yes, and when was the last time you slipped Barbara some cock?"

"Months ago."

"And don't you think a sexy woman like Barbara needs screwing more often than that? Do you honestly think she is going without?"

"Now that you mention it."

"She'd never risk cheating on you, Steve. She is deathly afraid you'll divorce her if you ever found out. The dog is the only safe cock she has. Trust me. She is fucking him already. If you ask me, she would love to have that brought out in the open and made a responsibility of hers. You saw how easily she accepted your directive that she offer him her beaver. You saw how she sat with her legs apart and let Bruno lick her twat with the girls and us looking on."

"She did, didn't she?"

"Yes. I say we go over there right now and issue new orders."

"They are all in bed."

"Get them up."

"Let's just work on Barbara alone for this. If she lets Bruno screw her in front of you and me, she'll do it in front of the girls tomorrow."

"All right. Then you'll work to bring your girls into Gary's stable?"

"If this goes down, yes. Come on. I'm in the mood for a doggie show. Barbara was awfully affectionate tonight. She was coming on pretty strong when we went to bed. She climbed in bed buck naked. She only does that when she needs a good screwing. Now would be a great time to lay this on her."

"Let's hurry. Bruno's probably humping her right now."

[Learn all about Barbara's bizarre life in "Bred to Serve". You might want to continue on and finish reading Perfect Angel. This link will be presented again at the end. Chances are, you'd get caught-up in following the link off of Bred to Serve and forget the rest of Perfect Angel. Just thought I'd mention that.]

* * *

John Stevenson sat at his desk the following morning contemplating the approach he would take with Carol. He'd spent a long sleepless night, alone in his bed, thinking about the bizarre twist his life had taken. Never could he have imagined the evening he'd spent helping Gary impregnate his young daughter. He never imagined he'd suck another man, or lick a cock that was fucking his little angel. Now, he was faced with fulfilling his other demands. Gary wanted Carol's daughter, Brenda, to add to his stable of breeders.

Carol was not the problem. Her opportunistic, lowlife husband, Earl, extorted the ten grand from John. Carol was a true hedonist, like Susan, and was excited by the news of Gary and his ambitions to turn her boss' daughter into a baby breeder. Having experienced something like that with her own daughter, Carol could relate to Susan, and knew how a mother could get off on the event.

They always talked in stinging barbs, but there was an underlying kinship between the two women--a sort of secret mutual admiration club. They had much more in common then they even knew. Each found the other exciting, sexy, and desirable though neither was normally attracted to other women. When the two were in the same room, the sexual heat radiating from both raised room temperature to the point where clothing grew increasingly uncomfortable. So far, nothing had ever happened between them.

John recalled their last meeting. Susan's acceptance of Carol's snide invitation to watch as she and John used Tammy in a threesome was quite a shock to him. He never picked up on the undercurrent of lust between the two women, but he did recognize their similarities. The same things that initially drew John to Susan, made him hire and seduce Carol. Both women cut stunning figures in a dress. Both had large firm breasts and hourglass figures with legs being their best features. Both projected untouchable airs to the public, while juggling numerous affairs behind the scenes.

In addition, both had only child daughters of roughly the same age, and they seemed to share a common kink. Carol didn't hesitate to bring her daughter to him and didn't once bring up the subject of birth control. Susan, he discovered, loved what Gary was doing with Tammy. He was shocked by Carol's attitude, but stunned by Susan's. Between the two, he was a mass of confusion. How to deal with Carol was now his major concern. He did not relish the idea of buying the rights to impregnate her daughter with Gary's semen, but knew he would if it came to that. After long deliberation, he decided the best course with Carol was to lay it all out for her and try to enlist her support. It was a long shot; but without it, he knew he'd pay retail.

Carol pulled up a chair beside John's desk and sat to display her legs. Normally, this would bring the expected hand up her leg and sex would follow. John didn't take the bait this time. Instead, he told her about his bizarre evening, leaving nothing out. Carol listened attentively for several minutes, then suddenly stood, shucked off her panties, then sat and masturbated openly, pressing for details. John's story made her cum three times before he finished. He saved the big news for last.

When Carol calmed from her third orgasm, John waited a few minutes, then said, "Carol, Gary wants Brenda. Susan told him about her. He wants to breed her like he's doing with Tammy."

Carol sat up. Interest showed in her eyes as she said, "Oh, he does, does he?"

"He does. He expects me to produce her for him."

"I see. I guess that places you in a bind, huh?"

"It does. I was hoping we could work something out."

"Earl has his eye on a bass boat. I'm sure he'd be open to a cash offer."

"I am not paying ten grand for some jerk to knock up your daughter. Come on, Carol. Help me out here, will you?"

"I'm not the problem, John. You know that. It's Earl. We both have to satisfy Earl, or there will be hell to pay."

"Well, how can we get him on board without involving cash?"

"You can't. Maybe not ten grand, but there will be cash involved; at least enough for a down payment. Three grand at least, but that's just for starters. He'll want pussy. He'll want Tammy and Susan. Together, separately, often, and without restrictions. Can you handle that?"

"Three grand is as far as I'll go."

"Can you come across with Susan and Tammy?"

"I think so. If I tell Gary that's what he wants, Gary will see to it, I'm sure."

"I think I can sell that package, now fuck me!"

John fucked her, and all through the fuck, she talked about her little breeder, Brenda, and the fun she would have with Susan and Tammy. She wanted to get started right away. After the fuck, she got Earl on the phone and sealed the deal. John got Gary on the phone for her. He agreed to supply Susan and Tammy on demand, but wanted Brenda delivered to his home that evening to remain over night. Carol demanded that Susan and Tammy spend the night with she and Earl. At noon, she took Brenda out of school, brought her back to the office, and masturbated while John screwed her. After work, she delivered Brenda to Gary.

Carol stayed to watch Gary screw Brenda and got to see two cocker spaniels screw her afterward. Ann and Sara took turns eating Carol's pussy while the dogs had their way with her daughter. She left an hour later, still eager to start on Susan and Tammy. She, in fact, stopped by the Stevenson house to pick them up. Gary had placed the call informing them to be ready with over night bags packed.

Susan wasn't pleased with the call, because she never considered herself Gary's property. She had no qualms about sending Tammy, and she could see possibilities for an interesting evening. She was just upset that her own plans with Steve, Tammy, and Barbara had to be canceled. She didn't tell Gary that the girls were ready for him. She didn't know why she held that back. The news might have altered his plans. In the back of her mind she knew why. A burning curiosity about Carol intrigued her. She'd never met Earl, but figured a sexy number like Carol wouldn't marry a sexual nobody. Except for rare ones like Steve, a dick was a dick. Carol, on the other hand, was one hot chick and she wanted her. She couldn't help but wonder if the feeling was mutual. She found herself watching the clock as the appointed time drew near.

Tammy had no qualms about going. To her, it was a new cock for her pussy. Having her mother present was a plus. Having her parents watching her fuck was a huge turnon for her. She envisioned at least a threesome with her mother and Earl. She'd met Carol one time and thought she was sexy. Knowing she was her father's mistress made her even sexier--perhaps a foursome was in the offing. Tammy's pussy drooled at the prospect, and she was also watching the clock.

Both Stevenson women were at the window when Carol's Buick pulled into the driveway and honked long and loud. Susan said, "Come on before she makes a bigger scene. Don't say anything to her. You let me do all the talking, and don't look so eager. We're being forced to prostitute ourselves and we're getting nothing for it. We should be pissed. I am; you could, at least, try to look pissed."

"I'll try, but my pussy is pretty excited."

"Clamp your legs together. Let's go." Tammy got in the back seat; Susan sat up front. Carol looked flushed as she put the car in reverse and quickly pulled out. Carol said, "If you two are wearing panties, take them off."

Tammy was quick to say she wasn't wearing any. Susan gave Carol a stern look, then raised her ass and reached under her skirt, saying, "Don't push us too hard, Carol. I don't like this, not one bit."

Carol watched Susan's panties roll down sleek legs. She stopped longer at a stop sign than was necessary to watch the entire operation. When Susan resumed her demure posture and smoothed her skirt, Carol smiled and said, "Now, pull your skirt up to your waist. Expose your cunts, both of you. Let's give the truckers a cheap thrill."

Tammy immediately followed the order, but Susan scowled before doing so. When she resumed her seat, bare from the waist down, Carol eyed her pussy, then reached over and insinuated a searching finger into Susan's hole. Susan made no effort to hinder or help. Carol said, "Just as I thought. You are as slick as a glass bowl full of slugs. How's your twat, kid? You juicy?"

"Yeah, wanna feel?"

"I'll feel in good time. Just enjoy the ride. Play with yourself while Mommy and I get better acquainted. Scoot closer, Susan." Susan, with a show of reluctance, scooted close. "Reach under my skirt and make me feel good."

Susan's impulse was to resist. Instead, she tugged Carol's skirt above her waist before insinuating a finger in the woman's sopping beaver. She said, "Talk about slick. What the hell have you been up to?"

"I just watched my daughter getting screwed by two dogs. I've never seen that, not even in pictures. I loved it. Have you ever tried dogs?"

"Once, sort of. Tammy's the expert, ask her."

"How about it, Tammy? Do you like fucking dogs?"

"Yeah, it's neat. They fuck fast and swell up inside you. I've done it with four dogs lots of times. I suck them and take them in my ass, too."

"Is that a fact? Did they cum in your mouth?"

"Yes, and I swallowed."

"How's it taste?"

"It's okay, but man cum is better."

"I guess we'll have to get a dog. Well, Susan, I expected you to be bitchy about this. Be honest. Weren't you pissed when Gary told you the deal."

"Yes, but being pissed won't change anything. He still has us over a barrel. At least we had to be blackmailed. We could not have been bought."

"If that makes you feel better, I'm happy for you. I'm proud that we couldn't be blackmailed. At least we'll be making money from the deal, and we get two whores in exchange for one. Not a bad deal if you ask me."

Susan had no response. She focused on the feel of Carol's soft, wet, and hairless pussy. Her sensuous fondling explorations sent a message that her words and actions contradicted. Carol returned the same message, melting Susan's stiff composure. Their widening thighs pressed hard against each other. Soon, their flesh rubbed together.

Carol took her right hand from Susan's pussy and used it to fondle Susan's tits through her top. Susan settled back and endured the groping of her chest. Tammy leaned over the seat between the two, then used her hand to unbutton the top three buttons of her mother's blouse. Carol's hand slipped in and under the right cup to squeeze bare tit flesh and roll the nipple. Tammy said, "Mom has nice tits, doesn't she?"

"Very nice. They are fuckable titties. Earl likes tit-fucking. You'll like watching him tit-fuck your mother. You can hold her head up so she can lick his dick while he's doing it. The cum shots are the best. Keep her head up, and she'll take the full load in her face. Won't that be fun?"

"I'll keep her head up for sure. You'll try to catch his cum in your mouth, won't you, Mom?"

"If that's what they want. We're just whores for their amusement. What we want is irrelevant."

"That's the proper attitude, Susan. Remember that. Now, what would amuse me is for you to lay your head in my lap and lick my cunt for the rest of the way to my house."

Susan shot Carol a dirty look and said, "Can't you wait till we get there?"

"No, I can't. Amuse me, whore."

Susan looked to Tammy's smiling face, then settled low, resting on her right side with her cheek on Carol's right thigh. Her tongue licked out and tasted the woman's aroused musky flesh. Carol widened her thighs and tilted up her pelvis. Susan took advantage of the easier offering and licked up through the slit, pausing to tease the clit with her tongue tip. Tammy watched by hanging over the back of the seat. Her mother improved steadily and focused more effort on tonguing the woman's hole. The idea that her mother was tonguing the hole that her father regularly fucked excited the young girl. She said, "Can you taste Daddy's sperm in there, Mom?"

Carol laughed and said, "I'm sure she can. He put plenty in there today. As you can see, she knows right where to find it. That's it, sweetie. Lick my fuck hole. Lap up the mess your husband made in my pussy. Do a good job, and I'll let you lap up the mess Earl makes in Tammy's pussy. You'd like that, wouldn't you, Tammy?"

"Oh, yes. Does Earl have a big cock?"

"Big enough for you. Can you take ten inches as thick as your wrist?"

"I think so. Wow, that is big. Does he cum a lot?"

"He has balls the size of plums. Yes, he cums a lot. The problem is, he cums too fast. I still haven't found the perfect cock, but I'm still looking. How about you, Susan? I know you're still looking, but have you found the perfect cock yet?"

"One. Steve is close--nine inches with a head like a baby's fist and he can fuck for hours. I'll set you up with him if you'd like."

"Yes, do that. Set him up with Tammy. She should experience something like that."

"It was set up for tonight, but then this came up."

"Too bad, but you can always reschedule. Okay, get up. We're here. Tammy, get naked and go on in. Earl is waiting. Your mom and I need to talk. We'll be in shortly."

Tammy looked apprehensive but she stripped off her dress and left the car. The women watched her cute buns undulate down the walk to the front door. A tall hedge offered some seclusion. She rang the bell and waited ten seconds before the door opened. A burly male hand reached out and drew her in. Carol and Susan turned to face each other. Carol said, "I just wanted to tell you that I have wanted you for many months. I think you a very sexy, Susan."

Susan blushed, smiled, then said, "Well, the feeling is mutual."

"You're not really disappointed, are you?"

"Couldn't you tell? Let's go inside. I don't want to miss too much of this. A ten-inch cock as thick as a wrist going into my little girl sounds too good to miss."

"We think alike. He's been fucking Brenda ever since John knocked her up. I guess I'm growing blase about it; but you're right, it is a sight. There's something I wanted to tell you, though. Brenda didn't get the abortion. She's beginning to show."

"I'm not surprised. I'll bet Gary was thrilled. What is she, five months now?"

"Almost. You're not pissed."

"I don't remember the ten grand being for an abortion. She's your kid; do what turns you on."

"Come on. Let's go check it out. Earl likes an audience anyway."

The two women entered the house and found Earl mounted on Tammy just inside the front door. He had her on her back, on the carpet, with her heels hooked on his shoulders. He had all but three inches in her cunt and was causing her great discomfort as he attempted to get the rest inside. Tammy stoically took the pain and offered no resistance. Having her mother sitting beside her, watching the point of entry helped drive her on. Having the child's mother beside him drove Earl on. After a few more minutes, he was in the girl to his balls and set up a steady fuck rhythm that slapped his heavy nut sack against her small ass.

Carol stripped and began divesting Susan of her clothes, trying not to disturb her viewing in the process. After she had Susan naked, she began sucking and licking available body parts. Susan assumed poses to make her most intimate parts accessible, never taking her eyes off the exciting coupling. Her fingers curled around the shaft of Earl's cock as it fucked in and out of her daughter's tight pussy. In a voice filled with aroused passion, she said, "Fuck my baby, Earl. Fuck a baby into her little womb. Make her pregnant with your child, Earl. Pump her full of sperm. Flood her womb."

This was all Earl needed to hear to drive him over the top. He tensed and flooded the child's womb. He poured so much in the cramped space that sperm squeezed out and soaked Susan's fingers. As he slowly drew out, Susan milked his dick of every last drop, then held him with only the head buried. She pumped his cock, saying, "I love how you fuck my daughter. Your big cock is perfect for her." He pulled out with a big smile. Susan scooped the excess that had squeezed out and stuffed it inside, saying, "Let's not waste any. This belongs in her pussy where it can do some good."

Earl stood, looking down on the bizarre sight, still unable to believe his great fortune. It was then that he took stock of Susan and her more mature offering. When he got a good look at her large hanging tits, his dick began to swell. Susan noticed, and noticed where he was looking. She got up on her knees and held her tits up in offering, folding them against his hardening cock, saying, "Do you want to fuck my tits, Earl?"

She reclined on her back beside Tammy and Earl followed her down. He straddled her middle and soon had his erection sawing through her tits which she pressed together for him. Tammy got up on her side and supported her mother's head. Susan licked at the head of his dick each time it poked through. Carol had her face in Susan's beaver and was driving her to distraction with an energetic cunt sucking. The tit-fuck lasted for fifteen minutes and ended with a cock spewing rich sperm into her open mouth. A great deal missed the mark and peppered her face. Tammy licked that off before squatting over her mother's face, turned to face Carol.

Earl stood back to take in all three females and just shook his head in disbelief. He absorbed the most erotic sight he'd ever seen. The mother sucked ravenously on her daughter's freshly-fucked snatch, while his wife devoured the woman's cunt. He'd never seen Carol with another woman, though he repeatedly tried to get her and Brenda together. Watching two beautiful women in hot lesbian action was his life-long dream. Watching three was too unrealistic to contemplate. He couldn't get enough, and his dick began growing once again.

As if Carol could read his mind, she spun around and raised her ass on straight legs slid out wide to the sides to place her ass in the young girl's face. Resting on her elbows, she returned to sucking Susan's cunt. Tammy needed no encouragement. As soon as she saw the inverted spread before her, she had her face in it. Earl sank to his knees before his legs gave way. His eyes roamed the smorgasbord of visual treats while his hand pumped blood into his weary member. The women came in a chain reaction started by Susan and ending with Carol.

When they fell apart, Earl was ready. He pulled Tammy's head close to her mother's and aimed for both mouths. The two put their heads together so the corners of their lips touched just in time to receive Earl's milky offering. Lips and tongues gobbled at the drippy drool, then took turns sucking the head of his now totally drained member. Earl took this for a few minutes before falling over backward, sprawling on his back. Carol, watching from a sitting position nearby and said, "I think you sluts killed my husband."

Susan said, "Tough, get us more cock."

Carol laughed and said, "Not until you revive mine. He helps pay the bills around here. Hey, cowboy! You okay?" Earl's head lolled then lifted, "Pussy, more pussy."

Carol crawled over, saying, "You've had enough pussy for a while. Take a break. I'll mix a batch of Mai Tais. Let's move this party to the pool. We could all use a dip."

The party lasted long into the night. Earl, however, petered out early in the night. Thanks to Carol's strap-on dildo, he wasn't missed too much.

* * *

Barbara would have liked to stay out longer, but she had a meeting to attend, one that Steve set up but told her nothing about other than to be there. When she arrived home, Susan, John, Steve, Gary, Ann, Carol, Earl, Sara, Tammy, and Brenda were gathered in her living room. All were strangers to her except Susan and Steve. Her husband's first words to her were, "Strip, Bitch!"

Barbara's fingers trembled as she moved to comply. Her nervousness was compounded by the knowledge that Bruno was ready again. She'd barely made it inside, and he was nosing her crotch as she stripped. The people were obviously gathered to watch her perform her dog act, though she never thought Steve would be putting her vice on display before strangers. As soon as she was nude, Bruno stepped up his assault. Steve kicked the ottoman to the center of the room. Barbara looked at the ominous piece of furniture, then reclined on it. Bruno did the rest. In just seconds, she put everyone out of her mind.

Everyone enjoyed her act and applauded her afterward. Bruno left her to bask in the attention. She sat up. Steve said, "Barbara, this is Gary. He breeds young girls and sells their babies. I just concluded a deal with him. He's going to breed Pam and put Rachel and Cathy in training to become breeders. These girls are breeders as well. Brenda is five months along. Tammy just started, and Sara, his daughter, is two months along with her second kid. Pam will be next."

Steve's matter-of-fact signed-sealed-and-delivered statement left Barbara little to respond to. Begging and pleading would do nothing, and protesting was like spitting in the wind. She couldn't understand why he would do such a thing, other than to earn additional money, probably to help defray the cost of remaining married to her. She said, "Steve, I will give you an uncontested divorce if you'll let me leave with my girls."

"No dice. You're a good wife. No, we'll do this my way. You will be dealing directly with Gary. What he says goes. He wants to start with Pam, so take her to his house after you pick her up tomorrow. Stay with her and watch a master child molester at work. Bruno, of course, will be welcome. Do you have any questions?"

"No. I'll do as you say. I always do."

Susan got up, crossed to Barbara, lifted her chin, and said, "I do believe this turns you on. It does, doesn't it? Oh, you are a sick, sick bitch, Barbara. Welcome to the club." A smile slowly formed on Barbara's face and became contagious, spreading around the room. Tammy sucked Bruno's cock and put a smile on his muzzle. They all lived erotically ever after.

Thanks to Gary's one-man mission in life, eighty-seven infertile couples received a little bundle of joy to make their lives and families complete. It's a nasty business but someone has to do it.

The End

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