Being Neighborly

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Connie heard the shouts coming from the back fence and knew her worst fear was now a reality. Someone climbed the fence to get something back out of the neighbor's yard and got caught. She shook dishwater from her hands, tore off the apron, then ran to the back fence at a trot, counting heads as she went: Joe, Robby, Donny, Sam.

"Oh shit!" she thought, "Not, Pam."

On arrival at the five-foot wood fence, she peered over and saw Pam frozen on hands and knees with a Frisbee in her hand. And there, standing over her wearing only a towel, was the neighbor from Hell, Bart Montana. Oh, SHIT!

Pam looked over to her mother with a worried expression and cried, "MOM!"

Bart yelled down to her, "I said, shut your god damn mouth. Don't move a muscle." And then he looked to Connie and smiled, saying, "We have a problem, don't we?"

As the four boys found things to stand on so they could see, too, Connie implored, "Mr. Montana, I'm terribly sorry. This will never happen again. I swear it won't."

"That's what you said last time, and the time before that, and the time before that. Your word ain't worth squat, lady. I think the only way to keep your brats on your side of the fence is to turn this matter over to the police."

"No, please, don't do that. Please!"

The police was the last thing Connie and her husband Roy needed. After calling the police, shortly after moving into the neighborhood, complaining about the wild sex party the Montanas were having, Roy and Connie were arrested, strip searched, booked on charges of lewd and lascivious conduct, hauled before a judge and given thirty days. They were released on a year's probation, but not before spending a few hours in the county jail--a sample, a sample lesson. They learned the hard way that you don't fuck with Bart Montana, and you don't ever call the police, never.

They planned to move again as soon as possible, but that wasn't possible for months. One call from Bart, she and Roy would both serve out their thirty days in the county lockup. For Roy, that was thirty days of uncompensated unemployment and the loss of a job he'd just started. For her, it meant thirty days as the love toy of six deputies along with a parade of town drunks and lowlifes she'd be forced to share a cell with wearing only high heels and a wedding ring, and she'd probably lose the wedding ring on the first day.

Six hours taught her a lesson she'd never forget, and now she was furious with Pam for placing her wedding ring in jeopardy again. As Connie watched the towel tent out under the growing crotch pole, she felt little sympathy for her fifteen-year-old virgin. It would serve her right. Connie wasn't sure Bart would actually do that to a minor, especially a virgin, but she certainly couldn't discount it.

Bart smiled at Connie's obvious willingness to work something out. He circled Pam like a sexual predator, now with a full erection, posturing that erection, showing that he was quite capable of doing the unthinkable very effectively.

Connie waved the boys away from the fence when Bart's back was to the fence, but they ignored the wave. She couldn't blame them. Sister or no sister, Pam was a looker and nicely filled out for a girl her age. They'd never seen much of her body, but the prospect looked probable for seeing parts they'd likely never see, and see those parts in hot sexual action by the way Bart was acting. Her little sex fiends couldn't be torn from that fence if it were ablaze.

Waving them away was a dumb thing to even attempt; but then again, it was the proper thing to do. She was glad she did it if for no other reason than to look proper looking back.

When Bart faced his leering audience, he stood at Pam's ass and looked further down between her legs. She wore jeans and a sweatshirt over a blouse and bra, but he was checking out her ass at the crotch. He looked to Connie and said, "So, what you're saying is, you'd like me to handle this."

Connie understood the "this" to mean her daughter's vagina. He wasn't all that subtle, but Connie was still pissed at Pam and now willing to entertain the unthinkable, so she nodded, a slight nod, but he caught it. He smiled.

Bart dropped the towel. Connie stared at a fuck muscle a child could swing from--easily ten inches, thick and thickly veined, growing in thickness from just behind the purple head to the base where it appeared she could wrap her long finger and thumb and have an inch gap between--a fuck muscle no virgin would want to mess with, and by the look on Pam's face as she looked back to see what was going on at her rear, she was a virgin.

Still, Connie was pissed. It wouldn't kill the girl and would teach her a damn good lesson, so when Bart posed the question again while rubbing his hand on the "this," putting emphasis on the "THIS," leaving no doubt in anyone's mind what he meant by "THIS," Connie gave him the nod more emphatically, which Pam caught and cried, "Mom! No!"

"Damn you, Pamela Anne Riggles! Don't you say a word to me, young lady, not a word! You look straight ahead or straight down, don't move, don't do anything. When he's finished with you, I will just be starting."

That sapped all hope from Pam and told Bart to go for it, so he untied her shoes and pulled them off, then pulled off her socks, then carried those to Connie and passed them over the fence, saying, "She won't be needing these."

Connie dropped the shoes and socks to the lawn and ignored the looks her sons gave her for cooperating so well with the man who was about to rape their big sister. Instead, she watched Bart reach both hands around Pam's waist to undo the snap of her jeans, then unzip, now confident that the boys were back watching the show and not condemning her with their incredulous looks for showing poor judgment along with the lack of a spine.

As the jeans came off Pam's tawny ass to reveal her panties, Pam began sobbing and shaking. No one ever saw her panties unless they were hung on the line. They sure looked good stretched tight on Pam's fine ass. Even Connie had to admit that.

Bart worked the jeans off Pam's legs, then came to the fence and handed those to Connie, saying, "She won't be needing these, either."

Connie dropped them to the lawn, wondering what else wouldn't her trembling daughter need next. Bart went for the waistband of the panties and Pam cried as they came torturously down over her bare moons, lower and lower, making the boys strain to see, and then they all saw that Pam was, indeed, a girl, a real girl with hair on her pussy and everything.

They saw better when Bart removed the panties then set Pam's knees two feet apart and slapped her ass hard to make her keep them there while he delivered the panties to her mother.

Connie's heart went out to her daughter as she accepted the offered panties. No girl should be exposed that way no matter what the offense. On the other hand, four out of five offspring couldn't be happier and closed in tightly on Connie's position, for she was closest--eight feet, nose to clit, from a naked pussy.

Pam was at a slight angle facing away, so the view further down the fence gave a more direct view, but with her knees that wide, a direct view was no longer an advantage. Closer was better, and they all scrunched up on Connie's left, adjusting their stand-upons to put their noses as close as possible to their sister's clit.

Joe, her fourteen-year-old, viewed his sister's pussy from nine feet away. Robby, her thirteen-year-old, viewed from ten. Donny, her eight-year-old, stood on an overturned trash can at eleven feet. Sam, her eleven-year-old, stood on another overturned trash can, maybe thirteen feet away, leaning to twelve, but even he could count the fine, light-brown hairs lining her cunt lips with a juicy pink part in the hair a half-inch wide.

Confident, now, that her sons would not be criticizing her actions or lack of them, Connie stared at the sexy pussy between her daughter's legs, a sexy pussy Bart now ran his thick fingers through, admiring her daughter's vaginal development along with her daughter's molester.

The girl had a pussy any woman would envy, and she had no idea how truly lovely she was down there. If she had, a mother might be able to get a dress on her and might have the same problem some mother's have--keeping panties on their little show off.

Pam was so filled with shame and humiliation that her arms buckled and her head came to rest in her hands, making matters much worse. Better for the boys, but worse for the cause of modesty, opening an inch-wide gap and showing lots of intimate pink--a female anatomy lesson Connie was sure Pam didn't want to give judging by her long, loud groan of despair as a finger went up her feminine niche, treating it more like a fuck hole.

When Connie thought matters could get no worse for Pam, they got radically worse when Bart lined his fingers along both lips and pulled out hard, turning Pam's sexy little lightly-bearded clam into a wide, pink oval as big as a brother's hand. Boys were hanging over the fence trying to look up the hole to see Pam's tonsils, ignoring Pam's wail of, "Oh god, no!"

"Oh god, yes," thought Connie. If you're going to show your pussy, show it like that. Pam showed more pussy than any female did while delivering a baby. She showed more than any showed her gynecologist. It was all out there, gleaming in the sunlight, coral pink and healthy, a fine example of a girl's cunt for her sons to see, and those boys expressed their appreciation in no uncertain terms without end.

Connie would have stopped them, but they needed to vent and Pam needed to hear those things, crude and vulgar though they were. Except for the "Fuck her cunt!" and "Finger her pussy!" calls, the rest was honest praise. Besides, they weren't likely to see one like it ever again, certainly not between their mother's legs. She hadn't had a cunt like that in her prime. Damn, that was fine pussy, and Connie wished Roy were at the fence.

Bart said, "Yeah, she's a girl all right. I always wondered. Never seen her in a dress. There should be a law that says a girl with a cunt like this can't wear anything but, and no panties, neither. It's a damn crime to cover a pussy like this. Let's see if she has any tits. What do you say, boys?"

Naturally, cheers rang out. Bart ignored the groan coming from Pam and pulled her limp body erect so that she was up on her knees. He then made her face the fence. Her face was as red as a bell pepper--a red one. She couldn't bear to look anyone in the eye, so she picked a spot on the fence and stared at it as her sweatshirt got pulled up and off. Bart tossed it to Connie and she had to lunge for it.

He undid buttons down the front with Pam breathing hard and shallow, now showing her pastel blue bra through the parted halves of her blouse that kept parting more as the buttons gave way to experienced fingers, and then she knelt there wearing only a strained bra bulging with tittie flesh one cup size bigger than a B-cup along with the gold heart necklace her Daddy gave her for her birthday.

Connie missed catching the blouse, but tried hard. Joe caught it and kept it as a prize. Bart undid the necklace and tossed that into his swimming pool. The implication of the permanent loss not being lost on Pam. Kids would go diving for treasure the next time he had a pool party, which they seemed to have every other day. She sobbed openly as he looked at her left hand, then worked a ring off her ring finger.

First love, Camp Winniemapoko, in the deep end. He checked the right hand and found another on her pinky--friends forever, Susie Strickland, third grade, in the deep end. Connie thought, "What a cruel bastard, heartless, but Pam needs to learn that some men are like that and take pleasure in being cruel and heartless with women. Good lesson. Good riddance. Serves her right."

Now relieved of all adornments, he worked the catch of her bra. With dramatic pause, he slowly unveiled Pam's breasts then threw the bra to the pack. Robby wrested the bra from Donny, then waved his trophy high. Now, they all saw Pam's titties, and four boys sucked air. Pam had titties like the girls in Playboy.

Not quite, but Connie was impressed. Not only were they full, firm, and absolutely white, the nipples were spectacular--bright red and long, arching up, the kind of nipples you want to bite, nibble, and suck on. Those were nipples that drew attention to themselves though perched on the creamiest white breast flesh that effectively competed for attention. The combination was simply stunning, and rolled between manly thumbs and fingers, breathtaking..

Connie thought, "Damn, if my breasts looked half that good, I'd go topless whenever I could, and I'd never put those beauties in a bra. What was that girl so bashful about? Roy had to see these tits. A tit man like Roy would want those titties left out in the open."

Connie knew all she had to do was describe Pam's breasts in detail, and Roy would find no fault in the way she handled this tricky situation. There was plenty to criticize and Roy was already at his limit, ready to fight. Bart dumping his trash over the fence was his final straw. He was ready to invest all they had, sue the city for false arrest, file rape charges against six deputies, and blow their little sex ring out in the street. Connie relaxed even more, as did Pam.

Now totally naked, stripped of all secrets in bright daylight, gawked at by her own family members, being molested by a man she loathed, she seemed to lose all hope and simply went with a slight pressure into a new position that, once again, placed her rear obliquely toward the fence on hands and knees.

Bart brought both of her hands to the small of her back and held them in his left, forcing her head and upper chest to the grass. With the right, he fisted his mighty cock and moved the head through her moist furrow. They could all see the shiny purple head plow through the slick pink slit, spreading wetness, creating wetness, then pausing at the hole, he looked to Connie and said, "Do you still want me to handle this my way?"

Amid a chorus of strong jeers to "Fuck her" and "Stick your dick in her cunt!" Pam turned her head to see her mother's answer, which unnerved Connie a bit. Nonetheless, Connie silenced the excited jackals and said, "She knew better. Maybe this will teach her a lesson that will sink in. Obviously, talking doesn't help."

"So, you agree to let me deal with the girl as I see fit?"

Connie didn't like the sound of that. There was the implication that this lesson was the first installment. Even though she wasn't sure what he meant by that, she went ahead and agreed, and not just with a resigned nod, she came right out and said, "You have my permission to deal with her in any way you see fit, whatever you think it takes to keep her on our side of the fence."

That started the jackal's chorus again, and Connie let it ring in Pam's ear.

Bart obviously thought a good fucking would help for starters, so he shoved that fat dick in her pussy, making Pam cry out as the bulbous head passed through her tight vaginal ring. She cried out continuously as he made steady progress toward a goal of slapping his heavy balls against her mons.

She screamed a sharp cry when her hymen broke. Connie winced in sympathy, but with that barrier out of the way, the progress was steady and within a few minutes, he fucked Pam with a full stroke, slapping his pink-stained balls to her mound. No virgin ever got broke in so thoroughly or with so little compassion and consideration for her tender years and more tender parts.

Once seated to the balls, he was in no hurry and lazily fucked the girl to the awed amusement of her brothers--her mother, too, though she was decent enough not to show amusement. Her daughter did look amusing with a grown man's dick in her little pussy with her face in the grass, but to let anyone see that amusement would be wrong.

Pam's mommy didn't feel sorry for her little girl, she felt envy. Connie could not help wishing that were her pussy getting that magnificent instrument just the way she liked it from a big one--long and slow, but hard and fast at the end the way black winos do. Having just recently discovered that all cocks are not created equal, and that size does matter, and that females have three holes for sex, not just one, Connie couldn't help wondering what that one would be like in each. That thought never would have occurred to her prior to her arrest, but now wouldn't leave.

Ten minutes passed and he hadn't picked up the pace. Pam looked like she'd adjusted and just laid under the casual assault, taking a facial on the lawn each time the cock bottomed out and took all the wrinkles out of her pussy. Bart no longer held her hands. He used both hands on her hips. Her arms lay out on either side, limp. She raped well once she adjusted, and the girl had the decency to lie with her head facing her audience so they could watch the changes.

Connie thought the sight was erotic as hell and two of her boys were jacking off to it, one being right beside her--Joe, her oldest. Connie couldn't blame them and didn't look so as not to embarrass him. She also felt the urge to masturbate but could not imagine doing it as boldly as Joe and Robby did, now trying to call attention to the vulgar act. They wanted her to look, so she looked--several times. They wanted her to smile, but that wouldn't be proper.

To look truly proper, she should have made a disapproving face or admonished them. God, they were so shameless. She didn't want to inhibit them, so she compromised and simply looked--several times at each. The desire to join them grew each time she looked.

It wouldn't be too difficult. She could stand close to the fence and slip her right hand through an opened button of her button-down-the-front house dress. After that, it was a simple slip under the panties and down, bingo, pussy, and a pussy didn't require the hard stroking that a cock did.

After catching several glimpses of Joe stroking his nice six-inch dick, she moved closer, unbuttoned, slipped--bingo, masturbating to her daughter's rape with her sons right beside her. Roy would be impressed if she pulled it off to orgasm, thrilled if she failed to do so without being detected.

No sooner did Connie get a good stroke going than Bart pulled out. Connie thought, "Was that it? No cum shot! What kind of rape is this? But wait--no ... he wouldn't ... not her asshole ... oh my god, the bastard's going to fuck her in the ass! Oh fuck! Joe, don't you dare look over, and don't you dare look down. Mommy can't help it. He's fucking her asshole!"

Pam didn't like that one damn bit and voiced her objection in the strongest terms for all the good it did. The dick just kept going in. Joe looked over and down, then up and smiled. Connie knew he was looking and smiling. Damn!

Roy was going to be thrilled, so she eased back to put a gap between her working hand and the fence and dropped the pretense, whacked away at her cunt in a way that left no doubt in Joe's mind that his mother was finger fucking herself, openly and shamelessly, just like they were.

Joe nudged Robby; Robby nudged Donny; Donny nudged Sam; Sam fell off his trash can with his dick in his hand. Now, they all knew and that thrilled Connie and made her add pelvic motion--not a lot, just enough.

Pam was now getting butt-fucked good with the balls slapping her in the cunt. This was not a slow, easy, lazy screw, this was butt fucking the way God intended, and Pam was getting grass stains on her tear-stained cheek. The little bitch was learning a lesson--possibly, lesson one in a lengthy series.

After five minutes of hard butt fucking, Bart pumped a load up her colon, then pulled out and wiped his dick on her ass. Connie had her orgasm, a stifled one. Joe peppered the fence right in front of his mother--the show off, squirting semen right under his mother's nose. If she leaned in now, she'd get sticky. Robby peppered the fence in front of Mommy, too, but Donny couldn't squirt being only eight and four feet away besides.

Sam, the sneaky little shit, peppered the backs of Mommy's legs while she was having an orgasm and couldn't do anything about it. She didn't know Sam was a squirter; she did know he was sneaky. Hell, he was only eleven, but that was quite a squirting she had running to both heels from mid-thigh level. Mighty impressive indeed, and mostly because it was so bold--to actually lift the back of your mother's dress to squirt cum on her legs.

That was bold action that deserved praise from someone other than brothers. He earned a father's praise, and he'd probably get it from his father. Still, a decent mother would not praise such an act. She felt she had to admonish him with a dirty look--a good, hard, dirty look. It wouldn't be proper to pat him on the head and praise him for such a fine discharge so boldly executed, but she may as well have by doing nothing, even as he pushed the back of her dress up on her back and wiped his spent dick on the intimate areas of inner thigh flesh bordering pussy with fingers still working in it. Damn, it was a fine discharge, too. Her shoes were filling and getting squishy, and more was still flowing. Shit!

They all thought the show was over and Pam would be allowed to climb back over the fence, but not so. She laid there and leaked semen to her pussy as Bart went to the dog pens where he kept the four pit bull terriers that kept the whole neighborhood awake with their incessant barking. The implication wasn't immediate on Connie, and Pam wasn't looking that way, but Joe was and said, "Oh, wow, he's gonna let the dogs do her too."

Sam abandoned trying to get his dick inside the panties and hopped back on his stand-upon. Connie's mind, instantly alert: "WHAT! No ... he wouldn't ... no, that's impossible. No man would do that to a girl he just raped. Would he? Oh my god, it's a male headed right for Pam. Oh, Jesus."

And then Pam said, "Oh Jesus!" when a cold snout touched her hot pussy. She said, "Oh god!" when a long tongue lapped her slit. She said, "Oh my god!" when he mounted and hugged tight to her waist, then, "OH SHIT, MOM!" when his chisel-tipped dick hit her pussy hole and went sliding on in to the fury sheath and took up a hard driving hump, slamming that doggie dick to her like a pile-driving fuck machine with a tail.

Connie couldn't believe what she was seeing. This was a scene out of Dante's Inferno, but it was a scene that had Joe jacking off again, and this time, she didn't think he'd pepper the fence, not after what Sam got away with, not with her top showing so much cleavage with the top two buttons undone, almost begging a bold boy's seminal discharge--a boy that simply had to top what his kid brother did.

She needed to button those buttons to let him know he'd better not. She needed to but didn't. She watched a bestial rape instead.

Pam was now braced against the violence of this assault, up on her elbows gripping handfuls of turf with white-knuckled hands. Bart had gone into the house and re-emerged with a camera, advancing on the scene.

Pam no longer protested, seeing the futility. She just surrendered to the assault, and when she saw Bart focusing with a camera, she just groaned. He only got off a few good pictures before the dog came and went, but those on the fence got to see a nice long bestial rape. Watching Pam getting raped by a horny, well-hung pit bull was even better than watching her getting raped by a well-hung pit man--much better. Five out of five masturbators agreed.

He led the dog to the pen and released another as Pam watched. The dog, having witnessed his buddy getting some pussy, wasted no time. As he charged over, Pam cried, "Mom, do something!"

Connie felt like saying, "I am, sweetheart. I'm fucking myself as hard as I can." Connie didn't need to say anything. Pam could see the lust-crazed expression and jerky upper body movement that said as much.

Pam braced for the full charge mount. He mounted and began humping, but his dick caught the gaping anus and Pam said a bad word--"OH FUCK! HE'S IN MY ASS!"

Donny, looking down the line, said, "Ummmm, Mom, Pam said the 'F' word."

Connie found this amusing under the circumstances. Giddy with lust, she said quite loud, "I heard that, but she'd better not say it again. I won't tolerate that kind of language from a young lady under any circumstances."

And Pam turned her head to look at her mother with an expression that said, "You have got to be shitting me! I'm getting butt fucked by a pit-bull, Mother. Give me a fucking break!"

Connie read that expression and said, "Don't look at me that way. You brought this on yourself. You're getting exactly what you deserve, now watch your language, look straight ahead, and smile for the camera."

"Oh god!" [Flash]

Then Connie felt something warm and wet hit her chest dead center and slide into her cleavage. She turned her head while holding her chest still, looked at the cock squirting her, then to its owner, and said, "Joe, you stop that! How dare you?" He hooked a finger in her bra cup then pulled out to squirt her nipple, one then the other while she watched, then while he rubbed the slimy head on her left nipple, she said, "Wait till your father gets home and he hears what you did."

That gave him all the time he needed and now she could button up and look properly incensed and outraged. While she buttoned up, a sneaky little squirter pulled her panties to her ankles and was now rubbing the head of his dick against the back of her pussy, blindly seeking her hole.

She swatted blindly behind her while trying to button with her free hand, the proper thing to do, plus, she convincingly shouted, "Sam, you stop that this instant, young man! Don't you dare ... [hot squirts hitting her in the crotch, and then, dead center, and then inside] Oh, Sam, you little brat! Stop doing that. Do you hear me, young man. [now jacking off the rest with his dick head lodged in her hole, pounding his fist against the wet pulpy flesh of her cunt while she clung to the fence] Oh, you are in so much trouble, you and Joe. You both should be ashamed of yourselves."

She allowed enough time to allow Sam to thoroughly milk his discharge in her pussy before dislodging him. Robby was now the only squirter that hadn't soiled her with his semen, and he just traded places with Joe. Connie ignored the obvious implication and hung onto the fence, forgetting about Joe and Robby's first copious load, now wetting through her front all the way down. The dog was cumming in Pam's ass. She had to see that. The panties could wait. Fuck the dress.

Bart had him by the collar while he pumped Pam's ass full of dog cum. When he pulled out, Bart led him back to his pen. Pam looked over and said, "Mom, can't you stop this?"

"No, I can't stop this, and I made that clear to everyone. That man can put me and your father in jail with a phone call. If he had a dozen dogs I couldn't stop it."

"Or want to."

"What was that?"


"It better be nothing. You still have me to deal with when he's through. You had best keep that in mind. I am still so pissed at you I could shake you till your teeth rattle. What he's doing to you makes no difference. If you must know, I approve. I hope those other two are also males, and I wish he had more. You are a stubborn and obstinate little bitch, and I can think of no better way to impress that fact on you, so don't even think about asking me to stop it."

Bart arrived with number three after catching most of that speech and giving Connie a smile which she warmly returned. He told Pam to get on her back. Pam rolled over and Bart led the dog over her, telling her to lift her pussy up and hold it there. Pam, now resigned to playing the bitch, lifted and got screwed in the missionary fashion--by a fucking dog while her mother got her neck creamed. Pam didn't see that.

"Oh, Robby, not you, too. You boys are in big trouble. You may as well finish, but mark my words, this better be the last." The last three squirts hit her moving lips and the second shot completely inside her mouth. The nerve! Umm, not bad. "That's disgusting. You did that on purpose."

The last dog took Pam in the mouth. Bart had her lie in reverse on a chaise lounge with her head hanging off the end, just right for a straight shot down the throat, though she still hadn't caught on. Connie hadn't either until Bart lifted the dog and set his front paws on Pam's tummy, then guided the dick to her lips and ordered her to open wide. He had to slap her tit hard to get her to do it, but once was enough to open her mouth and fill her mouth with dog cock. Three seconds later, gagging hard, the cock went down her throat.

Connie became concerned. Pam couldn't breathe, but then Bart got behind the dog and took him by the hips. He drew the dick out far enough so Pam could gasp a few deep breaths, then let him go free to fuck her throat.

Every thirty seconds, he pulled the dog out. Pam took advantage, knowing it wouldn't last long, breathed deeply and fast, then braced for more. She adjusted to the deep penetration by the biggest cock by far, a foot long dong, and he also fucked three or four inches of his sheath into her mouth, placing her nose at his balls because her mouth was open so wide. Her mouth was open so wide because Bart had her by the clit until she opened wide enough.

Connie unbuttoned three buttons from her belly button to her crotch and sent both hands through the opening and down between her legs, mindless of the boys peeking inside, checking out the hard rub job she was doing on her clitty.

She could have cared less, so she made no objection when her dress got pushed up to her arm pits along with the bra. What she was watching was the blow job to end all blow jobs, getting better and better as Pam stopped gagging and got the rhythm of throat fucking. Connie had never heard of such a thing, but seeing was believing.

The tip of that dog's cock had to be in her stomach when the balls were touching her nose. Pam looked like a sword swallower using a dick. Connie never saw anything like it, and it just kept getting better and better as Pam adjusted and learned the art of sword swallowing. After a few minutes, Pam lay sprawled on her back with her feet drawn up and knees laid out and flat. Her arms dangled off either side, tits pointing straight up, a fucking doll.

She didn't panic when Bart stood and took pictures. She knew he'd pull the dog out in time, or maybe she just didn't care. Either way, it was erotic to watch, and this was no quickie blow job. The dog, having to take a break every thirty seconds for fifteen seconds, could keep that pace for quite some time.

Someone jacked off on Connie's lower abdomen, but she didn't even look down to see who was in more trouble. When the mess arrived at her pussy, she rubbed it in. Someone smeared the cum around and copped a few feels on the mound, no big deal, but a big deal to the mother copper. Others took liberties with her ass and tits.

Connie was fascinated with Pam, especially when the cock was pulled from her throat and just the end three inches was in her mouth. At first, she gulped air, but when she had enough, and could breath through her nose, her lips sealed around the thick cock and she sucked. Bart may have told her to do that.

If he did, Connie missed it, knowing it would be just like Bart to whisper those instructions to give the impression that Pam was sucking on her own. Connie liked to think Pam sucked because she felt like sucking and had lost all inhibitions so she did what she felt like doing. It was a pleasant thought, but not likely, not with Pam.

When the time finally arrived, Bart was ready at the hips, watched closely, then at the first sign, pulled the dick into Pam's mouth for the cum shot. Connie couldn't hear the whispering, but saw it. Pam sucked hard and took that dog's load in her mouth and swallowed as he came, gripping the sides of the lounger, straining to keep the cock in her mouth as he kept pulling back, arching back like a hungry calf at the teat--incriminating as hell.

She sucked and swallowed all through his climax, then nursed on the spent organ as Bart walked around and snapped off a roll of pictures. Connie had to come at that. Only she and little Donny witnessed that sight. The others were busy helping Mommy cum; in fact, she came with both hands gripping the top edge of the fence.

Bart put the dog away, came back to Pam, and took a few close-ups, mostly of her pussy, making Pam hold it open for the shots. Connie could see they were wrapping up, so she slapped the hand of the next boy that touched her, dislodged the cock trying to get up her ass, and pinched the head of Robby's cock as he tried to shove his dick up her pussy having squeezed himself in front between her body and the fence.

"Ouch, Mom!"

"I'll ouch you, young man. You have some nerve, all of you. I've been taking note of who did what. Your father will get a full report, mark my words."

That set things straight--sorta. She picked up Pam's sweatshirt and used it to wipe cum from her body, putting on quite an exhibition in doing so. Only Donny still peered over the fence. The squirters were too interested in watching their contribution being wiped and blotted.

Connie paid them no obvious attention. She wiped where semen was, and semen was everywhere. She undid her dress and stepped free of the panties to get between her legs and inner thighs. She swabbed inside her bra cups, and pulled each cup away from the nipple to see that she got it all, ignoring their intense stares. She showed them what she had, but managed to look like a woman who had been so thoroughly used, it didn't matter what they saw. Appearances were everything, and it appeared they thought their dirty deed was worth the risk.

An excited voice from the fence brought them all back to their viewing positions: "He's peeing on her."


Sure enough, that bastard was pissing in Pam's face, just taking a leisurely piss, soaking her. Well, lesson nine, ten, or eleven. Connie lost track, but the child learned a whore's lifetime worth of lessons in a one hour period. Could all this have only taken one hour? She checked her watch--fifty minutes.

He then helped her to her feet and walked her to the front gate which led to the street. She balked when she realized his intent, but soon found herself outside a closed gate with no choice but to get home the best way she could--down to the corner, at least one hundred yards, a right turn for another hundred, and another right for the hundred-yard dash to get home safe.

They all left the fence to meet her and arrived ahead of time, all looking out the window as Pam scurried down the sidewalk, running while trying to hide all of her secrets. She arrived to find the door locked and pounded on it.

Connie told Joe to lay out newspapers on the floor just to the left of the entryway, just inside the living room. When they were laid out, Connie opened the door and let the leaky bitch in.

Pam tried to run through to her room, but Connie caught her arm and spun her around, saying, "You're not going through this house like that. You'll stain the carpet. Go stand on those papers."

"Mom, no, please! Haven't I been through enough?"


Pam went and stood on the papers, trembling, hugging her breasts, covering her crotch, huddled with her knees together.

Connie thought it best to keep Pam off balance. Her ordeal wasn't over. She still had her father to face and he could go either way. He could kiss her or kick her, hit her or hug her. It all depended on how he took the news. Off balance was best, so Connie went to the kitchen for a roll of paper towels and returned to find the boys lying about the floor, gawking up, trying to see what Pam couldn't hide.

"Mom, make them leave me alone."

"Shut up, Pam. I hope you get all the shame and humiliation you deserve, now move your legs apart and stand straight while I clean this mess."

"Mom, no!"

It was then Connie noticed where Pam's eyes roamed. She hadn't buttoned the last four buttons of the dress and she could feel the semen leaking out and running down both legs. If that weren't enough, the whole front of the dress was wet, especially over the tit and crotch areas. Connie ignored the stare and said, "Don't mom-no me, young lady. There is nothing on you they haven't seen thanks to your own stupidity--now move! NOW!"

[SLAP to the ass]

Pam reluctantly stepped out and Connie set about wiping sperm starting at the left foot, going up, slow, to the crotch, very slow, down the right leg, slow, on to the right foot. For added safety, she stuffed used towels up both holes, then told her to go take a shower then go straight to her room.

Pam ran crying and off balance, tripped, fell, got up, then hit a wall.

Connie stood straight and looked down on her collection of sons as they all looked up her legs as though she had no panties on; and then, she remembered leaving them. Damn!

"You boys are in deep trouble. You'll learn that you can't treat your mother like a dirty sock or pair of underwear. I am not something you can jack-off on, and especially not in. I could get pregnant, you know."

Sam said, "You did it, too."

"I know, I did it too. I'm just as weak as the next person. Girls are no different than guys in that regard. We all do it, but I would never do to you what you guys did to me."

Sam said, "You can't squirt yours, can you?"

"No, but that's beside the point. Just because you can, doesn't mean you may, and you certainly may not squirt semen into your own mother's vagina. In case you didn't know, that's how babies are made. Now go to your rooms until your father comes to see you."

Donny said, "Even me? I never squirted you."

"No, but you stood on a milk crate and tried to stick your penis in my butt. That's worse."

"You didn't care."

"I wasn't paying attention. You took advantage of me while I was masturbating. Now, I care, and you're in trouble. Let that be a lesson to you all."

Joe said, "That was neat, wasn't it, Mom?"

"Ask Pam, now mush ... go! NOW!"

They slowly mushed. After the last musher left the room, Connie had to smile. That was neat. Now, how to make Roy think so. He was due home in thirty minutes.

* * *

Roy didn't take it well at all, though Connie told it well while leaving out key details, like her getting a sperm bath, sperm douche, and a near butt fucking--several. All any of them needed was a couple more inches of dick to work with. Joe and Robby got their cock heads past her sphincter, but that qualified as an anal massage, not a butt fucking.

In the end, Roy was livid, pacing angrily with Connie sitting on the bed. Pam would get a hug and a kiss, and Connie handled this situation all wrong. She should have called him at work as soon as she knew that Bart had Pam.

"This is it, Connie. He's done it, now. I am not fucking around with these local yokels. I'm taking this straight to the state's attorney at the capital. Montana's going to fry for this, and all of these little perverts with badges will go scurrying for cover, that fucking judge included. I'm leaving tonight and taking Pam with me. I want to be standing before his desk bright and early tomorrow morning."

"Uh ... Roy, you can't do that."

"The hell I can't."

"If you do, I'll fry with him. I said he could ... well, I nodded."

"You what?"

"Well, he had her dead to rights, and he was going to call the cops. What else could I do?"

"Anything but that, Connie. Christ on a fucking bicycle. What the fuck were you thinking?"

"I was thinking this would teach her a lesson and keep us out of jail."

"So, you told him he could rape the fuck out of her, steal all of her personal treasures, mate her with a pack of dogs, then piss on her and toss her ass out in the street buck naked. How would you deal with a real crime, Connie, give permission to have her drawn and quartered, set on fire, let him pull all her teeth out and shove them up her ass?"

"I thought he'd just have regular intercourse then let her go."

"Oh, of course, an innocent trespass for a fuck. Not a bad deal."

"Okay, Roy, you made your point. I turned left when I should have turned right, but once I made that wrong turn, the rest built one atop the other until we have what we have, which is a situation we can't go to the law with."

"You've got that straight. I hope you realize that is not our daughter in that bedroom. That's Bart's whore, Bart's little bitch, his new windup slut doll. All we do is provide food shelter and clothing. You realize that, don't you?"

"Yes, and so does Pam. Furthermore, she realizes this is all her fault. She brought this on herself. We'd be wise to let her go on thinking that way until we can leave this place."

"Do you know what you're saying?"

"Yes. I was there, Roy. I saw it all from beginning to end. He'll call for her when he wants her. He may just yell over the fence after dumping his trash on our lawn, and I'll fetch her for him then pick up his trash. Believe me, I know."

"And you'll pass her over the fence to him, naked, ready to molest no doubt."

"If I must, but she can jump that fence. Do you have any bright ideas besides going to the police, any police?"

"Not now."

"Good, then you can help pick up the trash."

"Fuck you, Connie."

"Fuck you, Roy! We're in this together, like it or not. Work an extra job, borrow money from your folks, sell your truck, get us out as fast as you can, but while we're in this mess, we're in this mess together. I turned left, but you brought us here. We were happy in Lansing. I was a faithful happy housewife, and Pam was a happy virgin. Now, we're here, stuck here, and we have you to thank for that."

"All right. Point taken. Now what?"

"Now, we try to make the best of it until we can get unstuck and out of here."

"How the fuck do we do that?"

"We live one day at a time and shoot for the end of summer so Pam can start back to school with her old classmates and this summer will go down as that bizarre summer of '63 when everything went crazy and the world got turned upside down, and she got pregnant."

"Got pregnant? You don't know that."

"It's going to happen. He wasn't trying not to."

"That's fucking great. Another mouth to feed."

"What's one more when you have five. Besides, she'll be old enough to get a job by then. She can help feed her own bastard."

"No abortion, no adoption?"

"Fuck no. She brought this on; she'll suffer through the consequences. That's been my attitude all along. I have not given her a kind word since I saw her in his yard, and when she arrived home, no hug, no kiss, nothing; in fact, I chewed her ass good and slapped her ass hard, and then I sent her to her room and said, 'And just wait till your father gets home.' She's expecting a whipping."

"She is?"

Connie came up and draped her arms around his neck, snuggling her body close, purring, "Yes, she is, and if you're smart, you'll make her strip naked for it and do it in front of the whole family. She blushes beautifully, Roy. I'll bet you could make her titties blush ten shades of red if you did it right."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Very much. We only have eleven weeks of summer left. We need to make the best of a bad situation."

"And just exactly how would we do that, Connie?"

"Well, I was thinking, if we were very good keepers of his bitch whore, he might invite us to his parties. The boys are dying to swim in his pool. We are all dying of boredom, Roy, and having that adult playground just across the fence, one complete with a pool, well, it's killing those boys."

"And you?"

"I wouldn't mind lounging around that pool with a bunch of naked swingers."

"Watching Pam get fucked by dogs while sipping on a frozen mai tai?"

"She's a bitch. I even called her that to her face. That's what horny dogs do to their bitch. I'll tell you something else. Pam is a bitch whore, a three-holer bitch whore, and you should see what they do to them. And I'll have a pina colada, thank you very much."

"When Pam commits suicide or runs away, what will you have, a bloody Mary?"

"She'll do neither. If I thought there was the slightest chance of that, I'd never do anything. Fact is, she loves being forced."

"Yeah, right."

"No, I'm serious. I watched her closely, and she loved what was happening once she adjusted. I saw it in her actions or lack of them. I saw it in her eyes. I saw it in the way she took my abuse after it was all over. She wants that whipping, Roy, and she doesn't want this to be the end of it. If she knew this would end and we'd return to Lansing at the end of summer, she'd love this to go on until the day we wave goodbye. I believe that, I honestly do."

"I think that's just wishful thinking on your part. You'd like her to like it."

"No, I've been giving this a lot of thought. You know Pam. If she doesn't want to go, ten horses can't drag her. She didn't have to freeze on all fours. She could have leapt that fence when he first appeared. There were dozens of times when she was free to escape and didn't. After the first dog, while she could see he was getting another, she stayed there, in position, even as the dog came bounding over with a big ole hardon wagging between his hind quarters. She braced for it. She didn't fight him once, though she put on a damn fine show of hating everything he did. No, Roy, I'm not imagining, but she does need or wants to be forced, and she wants us all the think she hates it."

"You're sure about that?"

"I'm absolutely sure, but I'll be looking for signs along the way. If I see real stress developing, we can ease off. I think Bart will work with me. He likes me. I can tell. We had something going. None of this would have happened if I hadn't been so encouraging from the start. He knows I turned on. He knows I frigged off. He knows I loved everything he did. We're buddies."


"He doesn't know the meaning of the word, but if you're asking would I screw him, the answer is an emphatic yes. I'm in no position to say no any more than I was in that jail. You're in no position to object. If he wants me, he can have me. He knows that. He does now."

"You told him?"

"He knows. Don't worry, as long as he can screw Pam, he won't bother with me, and he knows he can screw Pam anytime he wants her. I made that perfectly clear at the start."

"You underestimate yourself, Connie. You're still a very sexy bitch with a damn fine body."

"Like I said, it's his for the taking, and I think I made that perfectly clear at the end when I dropped my wet panties over his fence before leaving. The point is, I'm sure I can get him to ease up on Pam if she starts stressing out. I don't see that happening with her. The more you load on her, the more she takes. After seeing her today, I don't think that girl has a limit where public sex is concerned. The worst, the painful part, is behind her. Bart is not the whips and chains type. He's just a nasty boy in a man's body, and she eats that shit up. Your sons eat it up, too."

"And their mother, too."

"Yes, and they know that. They watched me masturbate to it."

"No shit!"

"Yes, and I'll tell you something else. Your sons shot their wads all over and all in your wife--Joe, Robby, and Sam, and Sam was the biggest offender. Surprised?"

"Sam takes after his daddy."

"No, are you surprised that they had the balls to shoot their cum on me, not just on me, in me, in every hole--mouth, pussy, and asshole?"

"Not if you were masturbating. So, they fucked you, huh?"

"It wasn't what you could call fucking, but it was obscene. They got sperm inside my body using their dicks. I'll put it that way."

"I'm surprised Joe didn't fuck you."

"They all fucked me in the ass, or made a good attempt."

"No shit. They got in your ass?"

"Joe and Robby did, but just the head. It was nice."


"I take it you approve?"

"Hell yes, I approve."

"Good, just don't show it. I don't want this out in the open. I don't want to be their whore, but I do love being abused and molested by them. I want to tell on them, and I want you acting pissed, but don't ever make the punishment fit the crime, not by a long shot. No whippings, no groundings. Hit their allowance so that the liberties they take cost money."

"That would be prostitution."

"One could look at it that way, couldn't one?"

"They don't have much money."

"Well, start paying them good money to do all the odd jobs around here, including picking up Bart's trash."

"Just be sure you get it all back."

"I plan to keep them in debt."

"Are you going to let them fuck you?"

"I won't let them do anything, but they know I can't stop anything when I masturbate, and when they see me masturbate, they want everything, and those little fuckers get bold. Whatever they do to me in my time of weakness, I'm telling."

"Well, it looks like you have your summer all mapped out. How do I get mine?"

"Pam is all you need, and if you don't take it, you don't deserve anything but hard work and an unfaithful wife--a long hot summer."

"What, I don't get to join the party?"

"No, those are my friends. You need to work two jobs. It's best you don't have that distraction, and Bart would like it better if I were an unfaithful wife while you were out busting your ass. He'd get off on the knowledge that you arrive home late after a hard day, look out the upstairs window, and see me fucking some young stud on a chaise lounge, trying not to spill my tenth pina colada while Pam is at my feet sucking off his mutt."

"That's what you want, Connie."

"He'd want it too."

"So, when do I get Pam?"

"In the mornings before you go off to work and whenever you can slip her some dick. You'll have to squeeze your fucks into your busy schedule, but I'm sure there will be ample opportunities. Who knows, you might be the lucky bastard that knocks her up. You have many opportunities tonight. You have one right now. All she has on is a short robe. That's all I allowed her to wear after her shower. If you can't get that robe off her and your dick in her in the mood she's in right now, this will be a long hot summer indeed."

"She's horny, huh?"

"She'd have to be after all she went through and has to think about. Roy, she knew what she was getting into. Her bedroom faces their pool area. She has seen what goes on. She has seen the dogs having sex with women. She has seen it all. How could she miss it. She found a way to get it, got it, and is now reflecting on it. Don't knock, just barge in. I told her she can't lock her door. Chances are, you'll catch her masturbating. That's always a good ice breaker. Works for me and my little rapists."

"I should just rape her, is that what you're saying?"

"She doesn't want you to make love to her, and she can't be seduced, not by her own father. You'll have to take what you want, but she molests well, Roy. You won't be able to tell by outward appearances, but she won't fight or won't put up much of one. She'll have a sopping wet pussy and hard nipples. I guarantee. She can't hide that, and she's a wet bitch with a hair trigger. Go for it."

"Fuck it. I'm going for it. I'll be damned if I'm going to have a long hot summer while you're out fucking every stud in town and my own god damn sons."

"That's the spirit. Go get 'em tiger. I'm going to pop over and pay a neighborly call on Bart. I need to personally apologize for my daughter's unwarranted intrusion, perhaps make amends, perhaps in my red dress with no slip, no bra, no panties and those matching heels you like. Would I look sincere enough in that getup?"

"Shave your pussy and let him feel your shave. Why be coy?"

"Why indeed. I'll do that, and I'll write PLEASE FUCK ME on my inner thighs in bright red lipstick, then assume a good position so he can read it, like out on his front porch in broad daylight, flat on my back while holding my legs as wide as I can, begging for his cock until he takes mercy on me or pisses on me; and, Roy, I'm not sure I wouldn't rather be pissed on."

"I dare you."

"You don't have to. I have been fantasizing this since the arrest. I'm doing it. Fuck coy. I will not have a long hot summer, not in this neighborhood. The people I've seen at his orgies are the same ones I see trimming hedges and washing cars. We're smack in the middle of a bunch of swingers, and those are block parties. We've been party poopers, but not anymore. You had best get me out of here by September. Once school starts, we're staying put till June. There's your incentive. And Roy, I'm not sure I want you to make it. We'll just have to see how things go. You make the money; you control the money; I'll go where you go; but we women have our ways."

"Tell me about it. All right, Connie. We'll play it your way. This is your summer, but I'm relying on you to keep a close watch on Pam. I don't want that kid scared by this, and when we get back in a right-side-up world, I want to be able to set things right all around, to include a faithful wife. Deal?"

[They shook hands]

"Deal. Don't worry about Pam. I'm watching her like a mother hawk. I love her as much as you do. We will set everything right when the time comes, but for now, I'll be doing my best to turn everything up-side-down. The key to setting everything right again is her believing that everything that happens this summer is her fault, and once free of these influences, we revert to being good, responsible parents. We must constantly remind her that this is all her doing. We must play on her guilt and keep her off balance."

"I'm not good at playing games, Connie. You know me; I'm a simple steak and potatoes guy--find 'em, feel 'em, fuck 'em, and forget 'em. You're the one that likes playing games."

"Leave the home front to me and just try to follow my lead. Give me a free hand. Let her know that I'm in charge and if she ever rats on me or complains, stick a dick in her mouth. You should behave like I told you to get your sex from Pam, because I am not about to take care of you and every dick in the neighborhood, too. Tell her that if you want, but I'll see that she understands the situation. Thanks to her stupidity and disobedience, your faithful wife is now the neighborhood slut, and you're pissed and taking it out on her. There's your motivation for rape."

"It'll be my pleasure starting right now. I'm ready." And then he was off.

* * *

Pam wasn't ready for the man that came barging into her room with an obvious erection straining his work uniform.

"DADDY! Oh, Daddy, I've been raped!"

"Really? [unzip, haul out stiff dick and begin stroking] Tell me all about it, only get that robe off first and lie back with your legs apart, you nasty little whore."

"Daddy! What ... what are you going to do?"

[picture it!]

While Pam was taking Daddy up the ass and telling him about her terrible ordeal with the dogs, their second fuck, Mommy was ringing the Montana door bell at five in the afternoon. Bart's wife answered, took one look at Connie, smiled, and called over her shoulder, "Bart, it's for you. It's that horny slut from the place behind us."

Connie wasn't expecting the wife to be there, nor did she expect to be known as the horny slut from the place behind them. The sexy woman did look back wearing a smile after saying that, but still--slut! She had never given anyone cause to think she were a slut--well, except for a few instances at the fence a few hours ago, but Bart didn't see them.

The wife didn't invite her in, nor would she engage in conversation. All she did was run her eyes over bare legs and braless breasts making Connie feel like a horny slut in a see-thru dress, and then Bart arrived and said, "Well, well, my little slut with the horny little bitch daughter. How is your little bitch, sore in the pussy?"

Unnerved at first, Connie picked up on the game they were playing and played along, saying, "Yes, she has a sore throat, and she is walking funny. I'm sure her pussy is very tender, her asshole, too. That's to be expected. She was a virgin in both holes until she climbed your fence."

The wife said, "Yes, how unfortunate that she got caught, but she should know better than to bring virgin pussy and a virgin ass into Bart Montana's yard. He has a terrible reputation, you know."

"She knows now, believe me, she knows now. The reason I'm here is I wanted to apologize in person and tell you both how terribly sorry I am that my daughter invaded your property. I want to make things right and insure that you receive satisfaction."

Bart said, "I'm liking the sound of this. Go on."

"Well, I was thinking some sort of restitution was in order."

The wife says, "It is. What would you suggest?"

"Well, she could do odd jobs for you."

The wife said, "Such as take care of our animals?"

"Yes, she could do that. In the nude if you'd like, wearing only high heels and a dog collar."

Bart smiled big and opened the door wide, saying, "Well, sweetheart, you just come on in. I think we're going to get along just fine from now on."

Connie smiled big then said, "Wait! There's something I want to do. I went to a lot of trouble and have my courage up again. Please don't laugh, but it's just something I wanted to do to show how nice I want to be from now on. It's rather vulgar and I wanted to do it out here in the open. Would you mind?"

The wife said, "If you're going to shit on the porch, it's been done. If you'll clean it up, we'll watch."

"It's not that bad and there won't be anything to clean up. Well, [looking around] here goes."

Connie sat down before them, then leaned back and spread her legs wide.


Connie held the spread while they had a good friendly laugh, then the wife said, "I'll say one thing for you. You certainly know how to apologize for a minor trespass, but if you'd really like to do this right, we should move this out by the curb where all the lookie loos can see. It's a shame to waste quality cock groveling like this."

"Do we dare?"

"We? You're doing it. Don't worry, no one talks to outsiders, but they do talk to each other. You're already a hot topic, being the new monkey in the zoo, and your daughter's naked dash around the block has everyone in a titter of excitement. I received three calls, and I just got home from shopping ten minutes ago. [Ring] There's another. That must be Charlene. Let it ring. Well, are you game?" [Ring]

"Okay, I guess."

"Great! [Ring] Let's see some good cock groveling. Show the neighbors what a horny slut you are." [Ring]

And so they did while three cars passed slowly by, a paperboy rode by on a bicycle until he crashed into a hedge, and while several couples joined Bart and Sarah, all greatly amused. After ten minutes of good cock groveling on the front lawn, they walked Connie into the house. Before they brought her into the house, they had to hose all the urine off of her. The phone was ringing off the hook until Sarah took it off the hook so they could get down to some serious neighbor lady fucking.

Connie got herself a good screwing, and experienced a first--girl sex. She left their house a dedicated bisexual and walked the route Pam ran earlier and left her own set of pecker tracks.

She begged off after two hours so she could spend this momentous evening with her family. The Montanas wanted to celebrate with a block party but Connie asked that they hold off and let Pam recover. Connie was pleased that her friends were reasonable people and easy to get along with. However she wanted to do this was fine with them.

They decided that restitution was a good way to break Pam in, and Connie would serve as her daughter's handler, leading her by a leash, naked in heels and a collar, to do her restitution duties twice each day--at ten in the morning and six in the evening, until Pam was ready to entertain at a party. Connie would say when, and Connie could not have been happier with the plan, for it allowed her to appear forced into the lifestyle--a victim of Pam's careless stupidity. Connie smiled all the way home in a wet dress that clung to every curve and was now transparent where it touched skin.

* * *

Connie walked into her home and looked fucked, rode hard, and hung up wet. There was no other way to look when you have sperm running down both legs to the heels, sperm in your wet matted hair, sperm runs from both corners of your mouth, down your neck and into your cleavage. Combine that with a transparent come-fuck-me dress worn without a slip or underwear with matching high heels and you have a picture of a slut that looked fucked, rode hard, and hung up wet--the look she was after.

The boys heard her enter and came running from their eavesdropping posts at Pam's bedroom door. They took one look at their mother and let out a collective "WOW!"

Connie ignored their collective appraisal and amused grins, acting as though she'd just arrived from the market. She said, "Where's your father?"

Joe, the oldest, spoke for the group, saying, "He's in Pam's room doing her. He's been doing her since you left. Who's been doing you, Mom--or should I say, who hasn't?"

"None of your business."

She went upstairs and entered Pam's room without knocking, shutting the door in the boys' faces, but not before they got a good peek at their naked sister riding Daddy's dong with her arms bound severely behind her back while he held a folded belt in one hand and a hard nipple in the other. They could see the redness along her right thigh and hip where he'd been driving her on--[Whack] giddup!

Pam looked tired, beat, fucked out, but Connie gave her one glance then stood at the bedside looking down at her hubby, totally ignoring Pam as she said, "Well, I tried, but as you can see, all I got for my effort was royally screwed. We have to get out of here, Roy."

"I know, dear. There's a part time position open at a service station downtown. I'm taking it as a second job. We should have enough to move by late August. That'll put us back in Lansing in time to get the kids back in school."

"Are you sure, because we must leave? We have to leave."

"Don't worry, Connie. I'll take all the work I can get. This is just a start. I'll get us out of here if I have to sell the truck and we end up taking the bus back. [WHACK] I didn't say stop."

Connie looked over to see Pam ride up to the tip of her father's dick then settle to his pubic hair, awed that her mother only took a casual interest, as though watching her ride a stationary merry-go-round.

Pam's face was also full of questions, like--Are we really going back to Lansing? Are you sure? Positive? Cross your heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye. Why aren't you saying anything, Mom? Can't you see Daddy is raping me?

Connie ignored those unspoken questions and took a seat on the mattress, crowding Pam, facing Roy so that Pam's up and down motion rubbed a sore thigh against her wet hip, made more unavoidable when Connie placed her hand on Roy's lower abdomen for support as she leaned toward the center trying to get his undivided attention. Since Roy could no longer strike the right side of Pam, he placed the belt in the other hand so as to strike the left flank when necessary.

Connie said, "The man is an animal, Roy. Look at me."

"I see. You look rode hard and hung up wet. [WHACK] Come on, Pam, put some feeling in it. Ride that cock, girl." [WHACK]

"Roy, pay attention to me. He raped me, and so did five of his friends--three were women. I was raped by men and women, Roy."

"He's an animal, but you knew that when you went over dressed that way." [WHACK]

"Yes, but I thought I'd gain favor for the effort. They just used me and tossed me out when they were through. They weren't the slightest bit interested in taking me instead of Pam when they can have both. Bart's wife shaved my vagina then took her lipstick and wrote PLEASE FUCK ME on my inner thighs, then made me grovel naked on my back on their front lawn like a bitch in heat for what seemed like an hour, but I know had to be fifteen minutes at least. See, you can still read it."

Connie reclined at the edge of the bed to show her spermy beaver and the smeared message that had the PLEASE over the mound of the shaved pussy, the FUCK on the right inner thigh, and the ME on the left.

[WHACK]"Slow down, damnit! [WHACK] You act like you never saw a twat before. [Now addressing his spouse] Shit, that had to be rough, Connie. You must have attracted a lot of attention this time a day."

She struggled back up to her sitting position, saying, "It was rough, Roy, and they drew quite a crowd. I didn't even get the first word of my proposal out before piss began raining down on me. I have never been so humiliated in my life. I feel like the lowest of sluts. I won't even try to hold my head up in this neighborhood. I'd look foolish trying to look or act like a decent woman, a good mother, and faithful wife after that pathetic performance I put on. I'm sure it won't be the last. The Montanas love watching me grovel for cock in public. Bart and Sarah Montana effectively made me a cock-groveling slut, Roy."

"He's an animal. [WHACK] Fuck me faster, damnit!" [WHACK][WHACK]

Connie was being jostled hard by the energetic fuck Pam was giving before he gave the first prompt to go fast, and when that go ahead came, she went for her climax. Connie said, "Will you stop fucking Pam so we can talk."

"She's fucking me."

"She's fucking you because you have her arms bound behind her back and you're hitting her with a belt. Put the belt down and see what she does."

[He laid the belt at his side] "Okay, it's down."

[Looking over to watch the pussy settle to merge their matted pubic patches and then hold still, then back to Roy] "Yes, and so is she. I hope you didn't think she was fucking you because she liked it."

"All right, Connie. You made your point, so what is it you want to talk about?"

"Bart Montana. He won't deal, won't negotiate, and he's not interested in apologies or promises. He has us over a barrel and he knows there's not a damn thing we can do about it."

"We knew that three weeks ago."

"We knew it, but now he's sure we have no resources to fight him with. He took a chance today, a big one, but now he knows we can't fight him. He knows that if he can get away with doing what he did to our daughter, the sky's the limit. Well, just look at me. He as well as used me as a fuck rag. That was his answer. We're fucked, Roy, and Pam is as good as his whore, his slut toy, his human bitch. As long as we live here, we are no more than her keepers, and we are keeping her for him and his dogs. As long as we live in this house, our daughter is a bitch whore and there's not a damn thing we can do about it."

Connie glanced back to see how Pam took that message, and she took it with a strained mask of restrained passion, biting down on her lower lip while sitting still on a cock she wanted desperately to move on. This was torture and it only took a glance to see that.

Roy could see it, too. He could also feel her internal muscle contractions as she tried to stimulate something without showing obvious movement. He said, "We'll just have to relocate, then. My daughter is not going to be some pervert's bitch whore any longer than she has to."

Connie said, "I just want you to understand how desperately we need to return to Lansing. After this summer, Pam will be a local porn star. She could never attend classes with the whole school knowing what she looks like naked and with half the boys carrying snapshots of her having perverted sex with dogs. She needs to get back to her friends where no one knows anything about this awful neighborhood. We need to get her back to a place where pictures like that would never surface."

"Sweetheart, I'll be working as hard as humanly possible, but all work and no play makes Roy a dull boy. If you're going to be entertaining the neighbors, well ..."

"I'm sure Pam understands. She's not a child anymore. I'm sure she'll take care of your sexual needs if she sees how hard you're working to save us in time. She wants to get away from here more than anyone. I'm sure she hates being forced more than she hates the sex itself, so things may work out for you. Just don't ask me to pressure her into having voluntary sex with you. A mother and wife should never be put in that situation and neither should a daughter. You'll just have to appeal to her sense of fairness."

Pam quickly said, "Mom, you're right, I ..."

Connie stopped her with a raised hand, then said to Roy, "Would you explain to your daughter that I am not speaking to her, that I am still too angry to speak to her, that I do not want to speak to her when I feel this way. Would you tell her that I'll get over it, and that I still love her dearly, but for the time being, she should let me cool off."

"Your mother is pissed, Pam."

"Daddy, would you tell Mom that I am so very sorry, that I love her so much, and I'll make it up to her somehow, some day."

"Your daughter is sorry, and she'll make it up to you."

Connie stood with her back to Pam and said, "Well, tell your daughter that sorry sometimes doesn't cut it in the real world, and sorry can never give you back a wife who has never strayed from your marital bed in sixteen years of marriage. Sorry can never erase three months of living as a slut to amuse perverts, and sorry can't get either of us unpregnant, nor stop four impressionable young boys from treating their mother like a slut when they see her looking and acting like one."

"Your mother said sorry don't feed the bulldog, Pam."

"Daddy, tell Mom I'll talk to the boys and help them understand that this is all my fault. I'll make sure they understand, and I doubt they'll treat her like a slut once they understand the situation. At least, I hope they won't."

"Pam said she'd try to fix it with the boys, but it doesn't look good."

"Tell her not to say a word to those boys. They will not understand, and she'll just make things worse. Those boys are not capable of understanding these complex sexual issues. They will see a slut and respond accordingly. I do not intend to spend all summer fighting those boys, nor will I torment them by leaving them sexually frustrated. I will straighten them out when I can stop acting the slut. In the interim, I had better never see her so much as look cross-eyed at anything she might see, that if what she sees offends her sense of decency, she has only herself to thank for that. Tell her that sorry is a start and knowing she's sorry will help. It helps a lot. I just need time."

"She's glad you're sorry, but you fucked up major league, kid." [he picked up the belt and gave her a giddyup smack] "Now, get back to fucking."

Connie turned at the door to look back and saw that Pam was riding the cock with unleashed energy that needed no prompting from a belt unless it was to make her slow down. The kid was going for her nut and couldn't hold off until her mother was out of the room, nor could she slow down when her mother turned back to look. The last image Connie had was of Pam doing a bouncing bump and grind on the full eight inches of her father's cock with her father arching back and lifting his loins into it.

Connie smiled on the way out, thinking, "Damn, I'm good, and that was all off the top of my head. Roy wasn't bad, either, for a steak and potatoes guy."

The last thing she heard was the belt hitting the floor and two people experiencing mutual orgasms. Four boys trying to peer around her exiting body saw the grand finale, because Connie left the door wide open.

* * *

Roy entered the master bedroom just as Connie exited the master bath after her hot shower. Nude, rubbing a towel in her hair, she looked at her husband's wilted and wet member as he tossed his clothes on the floor and smiled.

"Well, how was it, Roy?"

"Connie, no offense, but that was the best piece of ass I've ever had, and that last piece put all the others to shame."

Connie laughed and said, "None taken. I can't compete with that little sex nymph. Few women could."

She tossed the towel, then came into his embrace, each holding the other by the hips, pulling their loins together while leaning back with big smiles. Roy said, "I wish I could have seen you out on that lawn, or was that bullshit for Pam's benefit?"

"It was not bullshit, and you didn't hear the half it. I wish you could have been there with the kids. The neighbors loved my routine, and no one but Bart and Sarah knows it was a staged routine. They all think I have no choice and that the only reason I did that was to save my little girl from being a whore for Bart's mutts. They fucking loved it, Roy. I am a great actress and this is my favorite role. I didn't know that until this afternoon, but I love being helpless and at the mercy of perverts. I fucking love it, Roy."

"I'm glad, but you were wrong about Pam wanting all that. We talked for an hour between fucks. We got along great, almost right from the start, and she does love being forced. We were playing rape. She loves getting hit by a belt, loves being tied, and she likes me to hit her hard. I won't hit her as hard as she wants me to."

"It was obvious you weren't raping her, and I could see those love taps of yours weren't doing it for her. You have to make them sting, just on the verge of raising a welt. Trust me; believe her."

"I do and I did. I just didn't do it while you were there. We had a great talk, Connie. She was very open. She even confessed that she knew he was home and wanted to get caught, but it was a bare bottom spanking she was after. She never dreamed he'd rape her before witnesses, and the dogs were a complete shock to her, though she had seen them getting it on with women. She never saw them doing anything with girls her age. She said she was in a state of shock all through the dog rapes."

"Bull. She was in shock when the first one mounted her, but that shock passed. I know what I saw, Roy. That little bitch loves getting fucked by dogs in her pussy, ass, or mouth. She just doesn't want you to think Daddy's little girl likes being fucked by dogs."

"You may be right. I'll tell you what, when you started that shit about her being a bitch whore, her cunt squeezed down on my dork so hard I doubt I could have pulled out if I'd wanted to. That kid has incredible muscle control down there. She has a fucking squeeze box."

"She's a track athlete, Roy. She has muscles I never had, and every one is trim and toned. I'll bet she could jack a guy off with her pussy held still."

"She damn near did, Connie. I'm not shittin' you a pound. The whole time you were talking, telling us your sob story, that cunt was milking my dick. She may hate herself for what she thinks she did to you, but her cunt fucking loves it, and when you implied that you'd have to fuck those boys to keep them from being sexually frustrated, I thought her cunt was going to suck my nuts in. Her real thing is incest, and seeing her brother's cum leaking out of her mother's pussy is what she was in here thinking about."

"She liked that, huh?"

"Fuckin 'A', she loved it. I told her what you told me about how they molested you at the fence, but I told her you hated it. I took a chance not sure which way she'd like it--you know, liking or not liking it."

"I would have gone with liking it."

"You'd have been wrong, though she likes that, too. It was picturing you having to tolerate that abuse that got her hotter than a fresh-fucked fox in a forest fire. The little bitch raped me."

"Really! That's interesting."

"In the bedroom, while you were with us and she was motionless, the idea that she was responsible for you having to commit incest turned her little ass on something fierce. After we came and I made the boys leave and go downstairs, she lies over me with my cock still up her cunt and says, 'Daddy, will Mom really let them have sex with her? Was she serious?' I said, 'She has no choice, Pam. We talked about that and I told her in no uncertain terms, that she had to figure a way to relieve those boys.'

"I made it clear that I meant fucking, and that little shit started squirming her cunt on my cock, trying to get me hard again. That's what took me so long. She wanted to keep talking about it. She fucking loves the idea, Connie, and she told me she'd do anything I want anytime I want if I made it clear to you that you had to give them anything they want anytime they want it. She made me promise that I'd never let you know about our deal, but she wanted you to know that she'd take care of me willingly. She told me she was willing to fuck me in front of you in our bed. She wants that and promised to make it good if it didn't make you mad."

"Good, I'm glad she likes open incest, because I forgot those little fuckers were listening at the door. I told them I'd be taking care of them. That blows that prostitution game all to hell."

"Screw the game, make it official."

"What, charge them for my sexual services?"

"Why not. It's the same thing."

"Hummm, why not. Yeah, I can still keep them broke and working their horny little asses off. Someone has to do the work around here, and I will be too fucked out, so will Pam. To make it good for Pam, force me to prostitute myself. I'll act like I hate it. She'll love that."

"Great, so what will a piece of ass cost them?"

"Five bucks--ass or pussy. The same for blow jobs if I have to swallow a load--one dollar if I can spit it out."

"That's a bit steep, don't you think? You're talking a week's allowance. Nobody will want a one-dollar blow job except Donny."

"I know, but it's a fair price when you pay them five bucks for washing dishes each time the dishes are washed. It'll be a fair price when every chore earns five bucks, and we have at least twenty household chores to divvy up between four eager workers."

"And you think you can keep all four in debt?"

"You will force me to do all I can to get your hard earned money back from them. Make Pam my pimp. Have her collect the money and see that the customer gets his money's worth. Have her supervise all sexual activity between me and the boys. While Pam isn't doing her thing across the fence, she'll be my handler, and make a firm rule that no one can lay a finger on her. Keep her in jeans and sweats except when her brothers are giving her a bath and shaving her twat. Use her to make them horny for me. Keep me in the sexiest outfits or nothing. Your orders, of course. They'll have nothing to vent their lust on except little ole me."

"That should do it. Pam will cream her fucking jeans."

"Mine too."

"You are one devious little slut, aren't you?"

Slipping into her cutsie baby talk, "Yes, I am, but my po widdle pussy makes me be bad."

"Your slut cunt makes you be bad."

Connie laughed and said, "Yes, and don't you just love it."

"Am I complaining?"

"No, and I am pleasantly surprised. I'm thrilled, in fact. By the way, you were superb in there with Pam. You did very well at picking up on my improv. We got it all laid out for Pam, and I know she bought every word."

"She did, and she accepted her fate. She's a bitch whore. She accepts that, now. You know what turned her around, don't you?"

"Yes, telling her this was just a temporary thing and we'd be leaving this mess behind in August. I knew it would take a load off her mind. The pictures, the people who see her, the parties she'll perform at, none of that will bother her now. I know the feeling. I never could have let go and enjoyed myself if I thought I'd have to live in this town from now on. We're leaving all this behind, so who gives a rat's ass what these people see or think."

"Fucking 'A', who gives a fuck?"

"I had twenty people--men, women, and kids--watching me grovel for cock while being pissed on. I fucking loved it. I couldn't get enough. I even held my cunt open while a guy pissed in it all the while begging him to fuck me. When he was done, his wife hiked her dress and squatted over my face and pissed. I got up on my elbows and licked her pissing pussy while they all laughed their asses off. When she was done, I begged her to let her husband fuck me. She says, 'Eat me, bitch!' I ate the fuck out of that bitch, Roy."

"FUCK! You ate out a bitch!"

"I ate out three bitches. I sucked cunt and loved it. I'm a cunt-sucking, cock-groveling slut, Roy, and I could never be that anyplace but here. You may have to drag me back to Lansing kicking and screaming."

"I can't drag two kicking and screaming sluts."

"You'd better. I'm serious. I don't want to remain here like this past the summer, so you be the strong one for me and Pam. You must, Roy. Please don't get to liking this too much. You'll ruin Pam's life if you do, and our sons won't be much better off. I don't know what that would do to me, but I can't imagine anything good coming from prolonged activity as a cunt-sucking, cock-groveling, incestuous slut. I don't see a happy marriage in our future if this goes on too long, and Pam won't stick around in this burg once she sees herself as a bitch whore. She'll drop out of school, then head for the big show and the fast money. I am dead serious, Roy."

"I know, Connie, and I see the dangers. We will leave here by the end of August. You have my word on that. I'll drag two sluts if I have to."

"Good, then let's have some fun. I think you need to give Pam that whipping she craves, only give it to her in the nude and make those boys good and horny for their masturbating Mommy. Then, when Mommy is making a complete fool of herself, masturbating with her legs wide open, tell the little fuckers what her services are going to cost them and see how Mommy reacts to that outrageous policy from the head of the family."

"You're going to show them how hot and horny that policy makes you, huh, baby?"

"My mouth will say, no, no, no, but my cunt will say, yes, yes, yes. And, Roy, you see that Pam's face is in a good position to feel every wet yes."

"Fuck, Connie, are you going to rub your cunt in her face?"

"Rub? No, I'd never do that to my own daughter. No, I'm going to fuck her god damn face for her while begging you not to make me a five-dollar prostitute for my own sons."

"Mother fucker! Baby, you do that, and I'll make damn sure Pam's face is up and fuckable. I'll have her bent forward from the waist with her face in your beaver and my dick up her ass, and I'll have her by the hair to see that her fucking face stays put. If you'll piss in her face, I'll piss up her ass."

"You're on, mister. I think we're ready for a family meeting. I'll just slip my robe on. It wouldn't look proper for me to go out in my birthday suit until I'm an official home prostitute, now would it?"

"No, it wouldn't. We must be the proper lady, mustn't we?"

"Yes, at all times, except when I'm masturbating, of course. Mommy can't help herself when she does that. Everyone knows that. Well, everyone with a dick. The rest will learn very soon, won't she?"

"Fuckin' 'A'! I'll go gather the little mother fuckers and sit them on the couch leaving a space for you in the middle."

"I'll be right down. I just need to do my hair and put on a little makeup, add a little perfume, and get my cunt looking vulgar, hot, and juicy. I won't be long. Oh, Roy, did you talk to the boys about what they did and tell them they could come out of their rooms?"

"I haven't had a chance."

"That's what I thought. Let's just let it slide. They'll think I didn't tell or you didn't care. Either way, they'll be encouraged. It'll be interesting to see how they act with you watching. Place Sam on one side and Joe on the other, next to me, and the first inappropriate thing you see, praise it. I will be incensed, outraged, mortified, but if they get no static from you, those little fuckers won't give a shit. Just don't let them dog pile me. I'll need freedom of movement when I take out my frustration on Pam, the bitch that got me into this fucking mess, now my fucking pimp. Wait'll she sees how pissed I am."

"Drown her. She thought it was kinda neat getting pissed on."

"Wait'll she sees how neat it is being pissed in. I'll drown her god damn tonsils."

* * *

Roy gathered the boys and had them sit on the sofa leaving a space in the middle. They appeared apprehensive, as though the hammer were about to fall, so Roy put them at ease. He told them he'd heard what they did to their mother, smiled, then ruffled Sam's hair and said, "Young man, you should get your fanny blistered for what you did, but since I'd have done the same thing, I'm going to let it slide. A woman should know better than to frig off in front of four Riggles men, isn't that right?" They all laughingly agreed.

Now, they were in the proper frame of mind and eager to see what was going to happen. When their mother entered, looking fine, wearing a short terry cloth robe clutched tightly to her apparently nude body, their ears and pricks perked up. She moved into the room in a crouch, holding the top and bottom shut, came before the sofa, and saw the space reserved for her being patted by Sam and Joe.

"Roy, I hope you don't expect me to sit there wearing only a robe."

"That's what I expect. Why, is there a problem?"

"Did you talk to them about their outrageous conduct?"

"I talked to them."

"They don't look talked-to."

"Sit, Connie. [Connie sat stiffly] We had a good talk. They all agree that any female that frigs her pussy in front of a Riggles male is asking for trouble. You just try to keep your hands out of your crotch and I'm sure these boys will be perfect gentlemen. [shit-eating grins all around] See if you can control yourself. I'm going to fetch our little bitch and teach her that lesson you want taught, only I'll have her strip naked for it, and I'm going to make her stand right in front of her mommy with her feet wide."

"Oh, Roy, no! You can't!"

"What's the matter, Connie dear? Do you feel an itch coming on?"

Squirming with her legs clenched tight, greatly amusing her sons, Connie implored, "Oh, Roy, no ... please no ... please god don't do that to me."

"To you? I'd never do that to you, sweetheart. You're my wife, my faithful wife. What's the matter, baby? Got a fire down below? You have four firemen with hoses sitting close by. No problem."

[Four firemen grinned ear to ear watching their mommy smolder]

"Roy, you bastard!"

"Bastard, am I? You listen to me, slut. You behave yourself through this punishment. If I see you teasing my firemen, I'll see that you never tease them again. See if I don't."

"Oh god, Roy!"

[addressing the excited volunteer fire department]

"All right, boys, keep your hands to yourselves. If any fires spring up, let 'em burn. When this is over, you can put them out. I'll say when this is over. Understood?"

The eager firemen stared at the two hands pressing hard between Mommy's legs. Embers were aglow, and it was clear in all minds that flames were about to burst out. Connie was in a sweat. Roy leered with an evil grin. Connie stared back with a twisted face of agony, imploring, begging. The little fireman were so excited, they could hardly contain themselves and got their hoses out and at the ready. Connie surveyed their equipment, then looked screwed. Smiling, Roy went for the bitch.

As soon as he was out of the room, Joe said, "You can't wait to see Pam naked, can you, Mom?"

Connie answered with a lusty groan. Sam said, "I'll bet you'd love to lick Pam's sexy pussy, wouldn't you? [Connie answered that with a hard squirming, moaning groan] Yeah, nice, juicy, yummy Pam pussy ... ummm, good!"

Donny said, "Mom, you wouldn't really lick Pam's pussy, would you?"

Robby, watching the very positive reaction with the others, then said, "She can't wait to lick it. She wants to suck on it. What do you think made her so horny at the fence. As soon as she saw it, she had to frig off. She couldn't help herself, and now Dad's gonna make her watch up close."

Joe leaned close and licked her ear while she rubbed hard between her legs over the material of her robe, "We're going to get to fuck you, Mom, and you know it, don't you?"

"Ahhhh ... No, god no!"

Donny said, "Uh huh. Dad said so. You havta do what Dad says. He's the boss over you."

"Oh, please don't! If he says you can, please don't. I'm begging you, please don't do that to Mommy."

Sam said, "We'll make you water tight, Mom. You'd better sit on your hands if you know what's good for you. Try not to think about Pam's sexy pussy, and whatever you do, don't look at her boobs. You like her boobs, don't you? Those are super nice boobies, aren't they? They'd sure be nice to suck on, wouldn't they?"

Connie raised up, then sat on her hands. Sam and Joe pulled the halves of her robe off her front. Connie sat in a sweat looking at her denuded slit scrunched between clenched thighs. She then watched Sam's index finger push down inside the slit to torment her as Joe tweaked a nipple and Robby reached across and tweaked another--delicious, delightful, the death of a thousand tingles, and the little fuckers would not stop teasing her about her lust for Pam.

Roy entered Pam's bedroom and gave her the rundown of his plan to turn Mommy into a prostitute. Pam loved the idea, loved the plan, but feared it wouldn't work. She didn't think her mother would ever masturbate with everyone looking at her no matter how exciting the scene she was forced to watch. Pam's aroused mind was in overdrive as she paced in the nude.

Roy tried to assure her that his plan would work, that she was already horny at the prospect of seeing Pam get a whipping in the nude, and that she was already squirming. Pam paced, then said, "Dad, I've got it. Fuck me. Fuck me in the ass after you give me a good whipping, and whip my tits and my pussy. Whip them hard. Make marks on my tits and hit me between the legs so hard that I cry real tears. That'll get to her. She wants revenge. Give it to her while she's horny. That'll work. I know it will."

"You really want this bad, don't you baby?"

Pam flung her nude body against his, draped her arms over his neck, and ground her cunt against his growing cock while standing on her tip toes. "Oh, yes! I want this so badly, Daddy. I never even thought of making her be a prostitute with me as her pimp. That is the ultimate, the most. If you can make her do that, I'll always be horny, and I'll do anything to make you happy, anything, all the time. I'll be a whore, a nympho. I'll always want your hard cock. I want it now."

And then she got it up her cunt and was fucking herself to beat the band. Roy grabbed her ass and made her stop. Smiling down on her passion racked and frustrated face, he said, "Yes, I can see you want it bad."

Dreamy-eyed, "You have no idea, Daddy. That's all I ever think about is Mom getting fucked by my brothers, her sons. I've imagined every possible scenario except the one you came up with, and that's the best, the ultimate ..."

"I know, the most."

"And the best part is, your idea can actually work. Mine were too far fetched to ever be anything but crazy fantasies. After what happened today, I can see where your idea can work. She got so turned on out there. I turned her on. She likes seeing me naked, I know she does. I think she likes doing things with girls, me especially. I think she fantasizes about it. I really do."

"She does, that's why I'm making her watch her favorite part of you, up close, and to give her the thrill of thrills, I plan to put your head between her legs."

"Yes, do it. Put my face right in her pussy."

"I'll do it while I'm fucking you in the ass."

"Oh, yes, perfect. Ass fucking drives her wild."

"She might get so wild, she pisses in your face, Pam."

"I don't care. If it'll make her so horny she masturbates and winds up being the family prostitute because of it, she can piss in my face all she wants. She can piss in my mouth. I'll fucking drink it."

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah, does that turn you on?"


"Then order me to drink. I couldn't do it unless you made me. That wouldn't look right. Order me to lick her pussy if that'll make her piss."

"So, cunt sucking runs in the family, huh?"

"I'd do it, but I'd much rather have her do me. I'd love to be able to buy her services whenever I wanted my cunt sucked. God, that would be so bitchin'"

"She'll be the family whore. Why not?"

"She'd never go along with that and you know it."

"She'll do as she's told."

"She wouldn't do that."

"Wanna bet?"

"She might be willing, but she'd never go along with doing it like that. I mean, can you imagine how humiliating that would be for her if I had five bucks and wanted her to eat me out. I wouldn't want it done in private."

"Sweetheart, that can't be any more humiliating than groveling for cock, naked out on someone's front lawn. She did that while being pissed on in a large crowd."

Pam giggled, smiled, and said, "Did she really? Honest!"

"Yes, and she was thoroughly humiliated by the experience. She is so pissed at you, Pam."

"Wow, that's great. Maybe she would do it. I still can't picture it, though. Do you really think you could make her do me, too?"

"Yes, and you'll earn your money by getting a cut off what she earns--say twenty percent. For every five bucks she earns, you'll earn yourself a buck."

"Daddy, you're awful. I love it! Don't worry. You'll get it back as fast as I earn it, but the boys are all broke. Even if you pay them five bucks to do simple chores, it'll take time to earn enough to get her good and fucked, and I'll have to wait for five fucks before I'll have enough. I'm broke, too."

"Suppose I gave you a hundred bucks for being nice to Daddy. Would you share?"

"Oh, yes. I'll give each one twenty bucks, four fucks a piece, and I'll do it right in front of Mom right after you pay me for being a good little whore. I'll give you a great big wet juicy kiss with my back to her so she can see your cum leaking out of my ass and running down my legs. That'll get to her, especially if she sees me playing with my spermy pussy and stuffing your sperm inside. I want her to see what a good little whore I'm going to be for my horny Daddy even after he whips me. Then, she'll see how generous I am with the fuck money I earn."

"You are a nasty little shit, do you know that?"

"I always was. Now everyone knows. Bart saw to that."

"Come on. We've kept them waiting long enough. Turn around. I want to bind your arms."

Pam turned as Roy reached for the neck tie he'd used earlier. As he slipped the noose to her wrists, she peeked back over her shoulder and said, "Put it up above my elbows and cinch it tight. That'll stretch my tits and make it look better. Yeah, that's it. Tighter. Oh, yeah. Now wrap the rest to my wrists, and when you get me out there, be rough with me. Act like this is a real whipping and you're really pissed that I caused all this and turned your wife into the neighborhood slut. I want all the credit, Daddy."

"Don't worry, she already gave you that honor. She holds you one hundred percent responsible for all of this."

"I know. I love it. I'd sorta like her to know I did it on purpose."

"Yes, well, you'd sorta better think twice about that. One day, we'll be back in Lansing and she'll be looking back on this. Chances are she'll be looking back on three months as a virtual sex slave, and she'll be looking over a swollen belly. She can forgive innocent stupidity, but she might not be able to forgive you for turning her into a pregnant slut and incestuous whore just for shits and giggles."

Pam giggled and said, "You're right. Scratch that idea. [Pam faced her daddy] It's enough that you know the truth. You're glad I did it, aren't you? You like me being a bad girl, don't you, Daddy?"

"Yes, Sweetheart. I like it very much."

"I knew you would. Daddy, what happens when we get back? I mean, aren't we going to keep on screwing?"

"Yes, but we might have to sneak them in."

"That would be fun. Suppose we got caught? What do you think she'd do?"

"Oh, piss and moan, whine and groan. She wouldn't divorce me, not after this, but she wouldn't like it, not one bit. She hates this, but she sees she can't take care of me and you're a whore anyway. She'd rather keep it at home if she has to put up with it."

"That is so bitchin'. Daddy, you don't really care if she whines and bitches, do you?"

"What are you getting at, Pam?"

"Well, I was just thinking how neat it would be if you couldn't give me up, like you were addicted to fucking me, and all you ever wanted to do was fuck me and not her, and you would bring me to bed with you and her and fuck me to tears while she suffers and has to watch or leave the room."

"You'd like that, would you?"

"Oh god, yes! That's another fantasy I have. I would make it look so good. It would kill her to watch us fucking. If she were watching, I'd fuck you so good, you wouldn't have to do a thing. I'd do it all in lots of good positions. She'd be so horny and frustrated, she'd go get some from Joe, Robby, or Sam, maybe even Donny, maybe all four every time she watches us fuck."

"Nice fantasy, Pam, but she'd just lie there and fume. She'd be so pissed at you she couldn't see straight."

"That would be neat, too. If she stays pissed at me, I'd seduce you when I wanted her husband's cock. When I saw her getting lovie dovie on you, I'd go put on a sexy babydoll nightie or just panties and high heels. I'd come sit on your lap and put my legs on her. When you two go to bed, I might wait until you get her all hot and bothered, then I'd come in naked with a finger in my pussy and pout, 'Daddy, I can't sleep. I'm horny.' You'd push her away and I'd climb over her body to get to you."

"Pam, I do believe you could kill that woman. Please don't tell me you'd like to do that--drive your mother to suicide from sexual frustration."

"No, of course not. I love Mom, but it sure turns me on to think about driving her to the brink, or better yet, driving her into voluntary incest. That would be my goal."

"Well, we'll see, but I think you'll be getting your fill of incest before this week is up."

"No I won't. I won't ever get my fill, and it'll be even better when she has to have it. She might get addicted to incest, don't you think?"

"I suppose it could happen, but she's more likely to develop an addiction to eating your pussy. She already has the taste for it and admitted to me that you had the most adorable pussy she ever saw. She's sure that Bart will want to see a mother/daughter sex act. She said it like she dreaded the day, but I could see her fantasy wheels turning."

"Wow, that would be neat, getting her hooked on my pussy. Do you really think that's possible?"

"Yes, I do, and the more she eats it, the more she likes it, the deeper she'll sink into a dependence."

"Wow, I have eleven weeks to get her so deep she has to have it. Wouldn't that be something if we were back in Lansing and she was begging me for a lick of my pussy."

"Yes. Can we go now?"

[Roy moved her along]

"I'd only let her have some after it got fucked."

[He guided her toward the stairs]

"You're a cold bitch, Pam."

"Yeah, but picture it. She'd remain in the bed for us to finish so she'd get her messy pussy treat."

[Now guiding her down the stairs]

"Pam, you're a sick bitch."

"I know, but I'd sure like to sit on Mom's face with a cunt full of your sperm."

"Okay, shut up or they'll hear. Act like you're naked and about to get the whipping of your life in front of your whole family."

"I am acting that way. You mean act like I don't want it."

"Shut up, you silly little slut."

* * *

Roy pushed Pam along until she came to stand before her mother. Pam now had her face of shame and dread on and stood shyly trembling with her legs squeezed together. Connie was lying uncovered with her knees a foot apart, suffering from a series of orgasms that left her crotch a mess and her eyes glazed. Still sitting on her hands and getting gang fingered, she focused on Pam being forced to stand with her legs wide. Their knees were close to touching.

Roy pushed on Pam's ass to thrust out Pam's open crotch and Connie's eyes focused on that provocative spread as Roy said, "I told you boys to keep your hands off of her, didn't I? [all hands drew away] Now, leave her be. She's your mother, not your whore. If that changes, it'll have to be by her own hand."

Addressing himself to Connie who could not tear her eyes out of Pam's crotch, he said, "Connie, get your hands out from under you and place them on your thighs."

Still staring, she said, "Oh, Roy, no ... please no!"

"I said place both hands on your thighs."

Feigning extreme reluctance, Connie dragged both hands out and rested them with clenched fists on her thighs, still letting her legs stay parted as though the heat from her crotch was too hot to close thighs on. Roy said, "Now, unclench your fists and lay the palms and fingers on your bare skin."

"Roy, no! You don't know what these boys have been putting me through. You're not giving me a chance."

"Maybe not, but I will give you the incentive to keep those hands on your thighs and out of your pussy. If you can't control yourself and behave shamelessly. If you tease these boys, you'll be taking care of them until we get out of this mess Pam got us into."

"Roy, she got us into this mess, make her take care of them."

"We'll do this my way, Connie. She got us into this, but she'll have her dance card full. No, if I can see that you'll be adding to their frustration, you'll deal with their problem. This is a test. Pass it, and you can be the mom through all this, but if you fail, you'll be the whore through all this, their whore, and when I say their, I'm including Pam."

"Roy, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that if you masturbate to this punishment, you'll be selling your sexual services to these kids at five bucks a pop. Whatever they want will cost them five bucks, and you will provide it. Pam will serve as your pimp, collect all money, and see that each paying customer gets full satisfaction. If she gives me a bad report on you, I'll take a belt to your ass."

"Roy, you wouldn't ... you couldn't!"

"Wouldn't I? Couldn't I? See if I don't. What's more, these boys will be earning five bucks for every single chore they do around here."

The boys were bouncing in their seats having had their biggest question answered--"Where are we going to get the money?" And now they were all volunteering for odd jobs, thinking of jobs no one would have thought off such as changing the oil on the truck and scrubbing the inside of the toilet tank.

What followed was an intermission as Roy determined which chores would qualify, who got them, when they'd get paid, and what they could require their mother to do for five bucks as though her losing was a foregone conclusion which Connie never even hinted was not the case. In fact, while Roy answered every what-if query with the pat answer of "Whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want," Connie stroked a finger through her wet slit while hungrily eyeing Pam's pussy which undulated sensuously with the knees bowed out--a deliciously teasing torment that Pam couldn't resist and Connie couldn't resist responding to.

So overt was the tease and the response to the tease--Pam biting her lower lip while putting a sexy grind in her loins and Connie eyeing it with her tongue licking her lips while stroking her slit--that the negotiations were interrupted several times while someone drew attention to one or the other, sometimes both, making a mockery of this punishment session or the test as a true test.

But who cared. With the negotiations nearing a close, Pam said, "Daddy, how will I get the money I need? Don't I get to play, too?"

Roy came to stand beside Pam, facing Connie. He placed one arm around her waist and tilted her face up. He then sent that hand to her crotch where she sought the fuck finger and fucked herself on it as he said, "Oh course you can play, too, sweetheart. You're going to be taking care of Daddy, aren't you?"

They kissed passionately, then she broke the kiss to say, "Oh, yes, always."

"And you're going to be her pimp for me, right?"

"Yes, I'll be a good pimp."

"And you'll see that she gets all that money back, won't you?"

"Yes, all of it."

"Good, then I'll give you twenty percent of what she earns on the condition that you spend it as you earn it by buying her services. Since you can't fuck her, what would you buy?"

"I'd pay her to lick me all over and eat my pussy till I cum, then lick up all my cum, lick it out of my pussy. Could I get all that for five bucks?"

"Yes, sweetheart. In fact, you can buy an hour of her services for five bucks and get all the cums you can squeeze in. She'll be your pussy slave for that hour."

"Oh, Daddy, really! Anything I want?"

"Anything, sweetheart. A pussy slave can deny her master nothing."

"Oh, Daddy, thank you. Thank you so much. Oh, look! She's masturbating."

And damned if she wasn't, both hands, too, legs out in the splits lying over four laps, pounding that pussy to mush. Roy shook his head and got behind Pam, bent her forward and shoved a dick up her ass.

Pam went face forward into a working beaver as wet maternal hands grabbed her by the side of the head to keep her there. She got fucked at both ends, slut-slimed ear to ear and neck to forehead, face fucked till her nose bled, then pissed on and in until her mother's bladder ran dry. She also received a piss enema to go with the semen enema she received right before that.

When her daddy pulled out and her Mom let go, Pam had to go to the bathroom real bad. She held her full ass with one hand and her bleeding nose with the other and went hobbling to the downstairs bathroom.

Connie recovered slowly, got off the sofa, and dragged Roy off to the master bedroom; then, to be sure of privacy, into the master bathroom to say, "What the fuck was all that about? We never agreed to let Pam have a pussy slave or even buy any services."

"I know, but she wants that and you certainly looked agreeable."

"Fuck, Roy! I didn't want to be any kind of sex slave to these kids. A prostitute was my limit, and I intended to be a reluctant prostitute at that. Hell, she's acting like she has the right to make me jump through hoops. She was just going to collect the money and watch."

"Honey, Pam has a shit load of fantasies she wants to live out and they all center around you. Come on, baby. She's making all this possible. The least we can do is scratch her itches for her."

"I don't want to scratch her itches at my expense; I want my itches scratched at her expense. I am her handler, damnit. She is not going to be my handler, not now, not ever. Get that through your thick head right now."

"Well, shit! Now what? I promised her."

"Well, I am going to unpromise her. Give me the belt."

He handed over the belt, saying, "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to set that little bitch straight and give her the whipping she deserves for getting us into this mess. There will be no Mommy prostitute, but there will be a daughter prostitute, and you'll pay the going rate like all the rest. The price of pussy is now ten bucks and I'll be keeping all earnings in a special getting-the-fuck-out-of-here trust fund. I can see right now that you can't be trusted. That little slut already has you wrapped around her little finger."

"Aw, Connie."

"Don't Aw-Connie me. You'd best be thinking of working two extra jobs because you are going to pay those boys what you promised. Ten chores each! Scrubbing the toilet tank every day! Shaking out the bath mat every day. What the hell were you thinking? You were going to have me fucked to death, you bastard."

"Shit, Connie, those little dicks can't hurt you?"

"No, but sixty to eighty hours a week as a pussy slave sure would. That bitch would have me fucking everything that could walk, crawl, or slither through our front door. I could see it in her eyes."

"Turned you on though, didn't it?"

"The fantasy, yes, the reality, hell no. She wants all of her fantasies realized if it kills me. Well, that's too fucking bad. Her ass is mine, now. I was going to go easy on her and let her join the party as an adult on equal terms after we played our game. Not anymore. She'll stay a bitch until we leave, and she'll be servicing every mutt on the block. In case you haven't noticed, this place is crawling with horny male dogs. There's at least one per household and some have more than the Montanas. That little bitch will be wanting out before the week's up, and I'll be damned if I'll piss in a toilet with that bitch on a leash that I hold."

"Damn, Connie. Cut her some slack, will ya?"

"If you want to cut her some slack, don't hire her. You'll need the money, anyway. You're going to need two hundred a week just to pay the boys for the regular chores and another hundred for incidental chores. That pretty much eats up any you might earn at a service station with what you bring home now. I'm holding you to that if I have to put that bitch in a chastity belt. You don't get in line until those boys have been paid in full, and you don't get any until you come across with the green--ten big ones."

"Aw Connie!"

"Don't Aw-Connie me or I'll take Pam and we'll get on a bus to my parents first thing in the morning. You can sit here and jack off with your little firemen and listen to dogs bark all night long all summer long. Do you think I won't do it? Stick your dick in her without going through me and see if we're still here in the morning."

"All right. I said this was your game. Do it your way."

"Good, and don't forget it. I'm sure they're waiting. You go out and tell them there's been a change of plans and get her tied up again."

"Damit, honey, they're going to think I'm pussy whipped."

"No they won't. Just go out there and tell them that I helped you realize that with you being gone all the time an adult needs to be in charge, so you're putting me in charge and canceling that prostitution order, making Pam the prostitute and me the pimp. I think the boys will like that better, but just to be sure, tell them they have your permission to take advantage of me if they catch me masturbating."

"Will they ever?"

"They'll catch me masturbating every time she services a client, but it'll cost them ten bucks if they take advantage so they'd better make it worth ten bucks. Don't tell them that, but make sure they know that a finger up my ass is as good as a fuck to orgasm in my fertile pussy. One will leave them with a shitty finger; the other might lead to fatherhood. Both will cost ten bucks."

"Well, shit baby, if you're both going to be fucking, why not leave the price of pussy where it was--five bucks?"

"I suppose you're right. The two of us could handle that load. Five bucks it is."

"Do you want the same deal Pam got, twenty percent with one hour for five bucks?"

"No, I don't need that. I'm her pimp. I'll take what I want off the top, and if I feel like licking a little slut's pussy, the little slut better get it out there where I don't have to stretch for it."

"I'm liking this more and more. Yeah, the man of the house just made a decision. It's my way or the highway, by god."

"Go get 'em, tiger. Show 'em who's boss. I'll be out when I'm ready. I'm getting dressed. I'm the mother, god damnit!"

"Right, Boss."

* * *

On emerging from the bedroom, Connie could see that the boys looked pleased with the changes, but Pam didn't look pleased in the least. She looked pissed and betrayed. She also looked like she was about to get a real whipping from a vengeful mother.

Connie strode over to Pam now with Roy seated in the seat of honor. Connie took Pam by the chin and turned her head hard left as she said, "So, you're going to take care of Daddy, are you. We'll see about that, young lady. You'll take care of him when he pays your pimp and after the boys have all been paid. We agreed, and that's how we are collecting the money to escape this madness. Personally, I don't think he can earn enough extra to be treating himself to your favors, but we'll see, won't we? ... I SAID, WON'T WE?"

"Yes ma'am."

"You're going to be a very busy young lady, Pam. I didn't tell you, but Bart wants you to service his dogs twice a day, at Ten a.m. and Six p.m.. I am to lead you there each time on a leash. All you're to wear is high heels and a dog collar, and we won't be climbing the fence."

"MOM! NO!"

"Yes! What's more, his friends all own horny male dogs and they'll need servicing, too. I estimate two dozen, but it might be three."

"MOM, You can't be serious!"

"No, I'm pretty sure it's that many, and I'm sure you are the only bitch. Let's say you average three dozen dog fucks a day, times seven days a week, times eleven weeks, that is ... help me out, Pam."

"Uh ... two thousand seven hundred and seventy two."

"That many! Let's say each one puts one ounce of semen in your body. How much is that in gallons?"

"Uh ... about forty-four gallons."

"Let's say one third winds up in your belly. How much dog cum will you be drinking each week?"

"uh ... about six pints."

"Roughly a pint of dog cum a day then."

"I guess."

"I think more because I personally think most will want to see you suck and swallow. I think you'll be drinking close to a quart of dog cum a day. Now, was hopping over that fence worth it? Was it?" [THWHACKKK ... YOWEEE!] Well, was it?" [THWHACKKK ... YOWEEE!]


"You're sorry, now, aren't you?" [THWHACKKK ... YOWEEE!]

"Aren't' you?" [THWHACKKK ... YOWEEE!]


"I'll bet you wish you'd kept that horny little pussy of yours on your side of the fence. [THWHACKKK ... YOWEEE!] Am I right?"


"I'll bet you wish you'd stuck with frigging off in the shower.[THWHACKKK ... YOWEEE!] Am I right? [THWHACKKK ... YOWEEE!]

"YES! YES! Oh god that hurts. Please don't hit my breasts, Mom."

"Oh, does that hurt? How about this?"

Connie took aim and brought one up between Pam's legs catching her square in the cunt with a blow that brought her to her toes. [THWHACKKK ... YOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!]

"Did that hurt?"






Pam sobbed real tears as she slowly settled to her heels. Connie surveyed the damage--no blood. She stood and came around to Pam's side and said, "You'll be servicing all of the four-legged animals outside this house along with all the two-legged animals inside. I dare say you won't spend ten minutes between now and the end of August without a dick of some kind in one of your body cavities. Do you still want to take care of Daddy always."


"I think that's a good attitude for a young lady in your situation. You have nothing to be giving away, do you?"


"You want out of here bad, don't you?"


"Every dollar you earn gets you a dollar closer to Lansing. We need two thousand dollars, minimum, between now and the end of August. Your policy should be, 'No money, no honey,' right?"

"Yes! It will be."

"Good. I'll help you out. I won't be taking twenty percent. I will be taking what I want when I want it, but you won't begrudge me that pimp's privilege, will you?"


"And when I feel like sucking some pussy, you'll get it to my mouth somehow. If I'm up on a step stool, you'll hang from the ceiling, won't you?"


"And you'll suck and swallow whatever comes out of my twat, won't you?"


"See that you do and we'll get along just fine; spill one drop, and I'll whip your ass. Understood?"


"Start now. Get down on your knees and suck my cunt like a good little whore."

Connie hoisted her dress and presented her daughter with a twat suitable for sucking. Pam knelt and sucked. Five Riggles males leaned far forward on the sofa and stared in amazement. Connie tossed the belt to her hubby and said, "There, that wasn't so hard."

* * *

Pam made the adjustment to being the family prostitute, and eventually adjusted to being the neighborhood bitch. Her mother was right, most wanted oral service. One quart was closer.

Roy did get two extra jobs and managed to spend three hundred dollars of his personal mad money on Pam's services, but by the time he had mad money to spend, her pussy and ass weren't the same; still, loose though they were, they were still a bargain at five bucks. Connie, as it turned out, earned most of the money needed to move. She earned thirteen hundred to Pam's eleven hundred and twenty, and that was the total by August first.

They had plenty with extra, but Connie decided to let things ride for two more weeks. The boys were having a ball, she was having the time of her life, Roy was making good money, and Pam ... well, Pam was holding up. Her biggest problem was morning sickness, but that was probably due to dog semen which compromised most of her diet. Pregnancy didn't set well with her at all.

But the day finally arrived when it was time to load up and head north. The whole neighborhood came out to see them off. Connie had to hug and kiss everyone while Pam crawled from dog to dog for one last suck-off. She'd never sucked off all thirty dogs, one right after the other. When she finished the last dog everyone cheered. Roy carried her into the U-Haul truck. Connie drove the pickup with Sam and Joe as passengers.

As soon as they crossed the Michigan state line, no more hanky panky, and they stopped at a rest stop so that the U-Haul crew got that message, too. Pam had puked up a half gallon of dog cum, three blocks into the trip. There was no hanky panky to stop.

They rented a nice house near their old neighborhood, got moved in and all settled with a week to spare before school registration. It was almost like they'd never left, and they were so fucking bored.

Two days before registration, while they all sat picking at a boring evening meal, Connie broke the silence, saying, "I spoke with Bart on the phone today. [everyone stopped and looked] He said the house hasn't rented."

Roy said, "What are you saying, Connie?"

Pam said, "You're not thinking of moving us back there, are you?"

Sam said, "I like it there."

Donny said, "Me too."

Joe said, "I'd go back in a second."

Robby said, "I still have three hundred I never spent. It's all yours, Mom."

Pam said, "Mom, I won't go back as a bitch."

Connie said, "Of course not. You paid your dues. Well, shall we put it to a vote? All in favor, say aye."


Roy said, "The ayes have it. Let's get the fuck out of this burg."

And so they did.

The End

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