Motherly Love

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

After Brenda and Hal sealed their union by marriage, Hal moved quickly to seal them together in a partnership of perversion. Brenda had, by this time, been completely won over to the sport of mother/daughter sex. She knew from first-hand experience how to transform a normal mother into a lusty wench who craved sex with her own child, craved watching someone else--male or female, human or animal--having sex with her daughter, and adore licking her child's pussy before, during, and after sex. Brenda became a most valuable asset to Hal's already masterful talents of perverse persuasion.

Brenda's first test came three days after the wedding. One of the teachers at the high school had a twelve-year-old daughter that Hal wanted from the first day he saw her. After he got firm control of the faculty, after everyone knew and respected his power, he moved on Sally Greenwald and her gorgeous daughter, Jessica.

Sally was a beautiful woman in her own right--petite, full-figured, with sexy legs and a great ass. She wore her dresses shorter than stylish and liked form-hugging sweaters even in the warm weather of spring. Jessica was Sally in miniature. They had the same long, wavy flaxen hair, the same big brown eyes, and beautiful smiles. Sally wasn't smiling when Brenda met her, nor was little Jessica. Both looked on the verge of tears as Hal ushered them into the house. Both knew what was in store.

Brenda greeted Sally and took her arm like old friends. She hugged her, stroked the bare flesh of her arm, and took her on a tour of the house, leaving Hal with the girl. While Hal worked his magic on the child, relaxed her, and undressed her, Brenda worked her own magic on Sally. Her stroking, soothing touches gradually drained away the stiff resistance. When the woman walked easily and did not pull away from the overly intimate touches, she was ready to return to the living room.

Sally stiffened once again when she first saw her naked Jessica being fondled by Hal as he sat in a chair facing an empty sofa. Brenda drew Sally close and nuzzled her neck whispering, "Oh, Sally, your little girl is so pretty and sexy with no clothes on, and she knows it." Brenda planted warm breath kisses to Sally's ear and added, "You are going to love this. Hal is a master at seducing young ladies like your Jessica. He won't hurt her. She'll love every second and beg you to bring her back."

Though Sally did not respond to the kisses, she didn't pull away, either. Her stiffness dissolved with each word pressed to her ears with soft lips. When all the stiffness was gone, Brenda whispered, "Let's sit on the sofa so we can get a good view. First, let's take our panties off. They'll just be in the way when the action gets hot and heavy."

Brenda pulled off her panties as Sally stood motionless. She remained motionless as Brenda dropped to her knees and reached under her dress to hook fingers in her panty waist band. She stood stiffly as those panties inched down her legs, but lifted each foot to Brenda's easy pull for their removal. When Brenda's head went under the skirt, when her hands reached up to cup naked ass cheeks, Sally tensed and pressed lightly on the top of Brenda's skirt-draped head. That pressure eased with the first swipe of Brenda's tongue through her slit. The pressure and tension dissolved with each pass of Brenda's broad tongue, and totally evaporated when Brenda fastened her mouth over the clit and sucked while pulling Sally's ass in tightly.

Sally and Jessica were looking at each other at that moment. Jessica was laid back on Hal's lap with her legs wide, wider than a natural recline would allow. She held her thin legs obscenely open for Hal's manly hands. Those hands had fingers and those manly fingers massaged her pussy, exposed the virgin opening, and teased the child's clit. Sally could not wrest her eyes from her daughter's pussy, nor could Jessica take her eyes away from the head bobbing beneath her mother's skirt.

Brenda quickly had Sally on the verge of a climax, but stopped short. She stood, coming up the front to stand face to face with Sally, then kissed her on the lips. She took Sally in a lover's embrace and her tongue slithered easily inside the aroused woman's mouth. Sally sucked that tongue and kissed back, pulling Brenda in close. Brenda broke the kiss and whispered, "Let's watch. This will be fun. Trust me."

Brenda stripped naked, but left Sally's clothes on. She led Sally to the sofa and sat on Sally's left. Brenda pulled Sally's skirt above her waist, then took Sally's left hand and placed it between her legs. Brenda placed her right hand between Sally's legs. She sat back, and together, they watched Hal molest Jessica. Sally was soon playing with Brenda's pussy as enthusiastically as Brenda was playing with hers, all the while, watching Hal's hands exploring the intimate parts of her daughter.

Sally's eyes stayed riveted to Hal's fingers as they probed every opening in Jessica's young body. Sally let out a passionate moan after Hal wet his middle finger in Jessica's pussy hole, then brought that finger to Jessica's lips, painting her lips with her own vaginal wetness. When Jessica saw her mother's reaction to this, she licked her lips, bringing on another moan. When Hal's wet finger returned with another gift from her pussy, Jessica licked, then sucked the finger. Sally's legs went wide and her right hand joined Brenda's left, rubbing hard on her clit.

Brenda reached over and drew Sally's hand away from her clit, saying, "Not so fast, Sally. It gets better." Sally sighed in frustration, but widened her spread to her daughter's eyes. She had her left leg draped over Brenda's lap, and her right leg was drawn up with the foot resting on the sofa and her knee laid flat. Jessica stared at her mother's obscenely splayed pussy and at the feminine fingers displaying it to her. Mother and daughter made each other hotter and hotter by staring at each other's pussies.

After several minutes of this maddening tease, Hal stood with Jessica in his arms. Brenda placed Sally's legs down and brought her knees together to form a lap. Hal laid Jessica face down across both women's laps with Jessica's ass over her mother's lap and her head in Brenda's.

Brenda immediately cocked her left leg to open her beaver. She took Jessica's head and placed her mouth over the mature pussy, telling the child to lick all the pink parts. Brenda made the pink parts bigger by fanning her cunt lips wide with her fingers. Little Jessica licked all over Brenda's aroused pink tissue with her little pink tongue fully extended. Sally watched the maddening sight along with Brenda, unable to get at her own pussy. Brenda said, "Sally, your daughter has the softest tongue. You simply must try this for yourself. She's a great pussy licker."

Hal undressed while this was going on, then stood over the scene stroking his eight-inch erection. Sally would occasionally glance to his throbbing cock, but watching Jessica lick pussy fascinated her most of all. Brenda struggled to sit up and lean over Sally's lap, keeping her pussy within access to Jessica's lips and tongue. She pulled Jessica's knees up tightly to her mother's right thigh, raising the girl's ass, then spreading her knees wide. This opened the girl's sex to her mother's eyes and Brenda opened the spread wider by pulling the girl's ass cheeks apart.

With her painted-nail fingers, she toyed with the tight-lipped cunny and teased the little nub of a clit. Brenda took Sally's right hand and brought the fingers into play. She eased off as Sally took over. Brenda watched Sally's fingers exploring her daughter's cunt as Hal's fingers had done minutes before. The slender fingers slid into both holes and teased the tiny clit. Brenda sat back as Sally brought both hands into play.

Hal knelt on the sofa and got between Jessica's legs, stroking his cock at her pussy. Sally fixed her eyes on the cock with lusty apprehension. Brenda said, "Take her cherry with your finger. That will be easier on her than if his big cock has to rip through. She'll just feel a pinch."

Sally inserted her stiff middle finger, felt the resistant membrane, then gave a quick push. Jessica gave a lurch and a short squeal, but quickly relaxed as her mother's finger sawed gently in strokes that went in fully to the palm. Sally slid the finger in and out several times, then squeezed in a second finger to stretch her daughter's hole. When she was satisfied that her daughter's pussy was ready to receive her first cock, Sally removed her fingers and placed her hand on Hal's cock. Her fist closed over the shaft and she gave several massaging pumps. She looked to Hal's eyes and said, "Are you ready to fuck my little virgin?"

"I'm more than ready."

"Will you pull out in time? She's already had her first period."

"No, Sally. I want her pregnant."

Sally's face fell and she looked to Brenda for support. Brenda turned and reclined with her head resting on the sofa arm, threw her legs out wide, resting her right leg on Sally's shoulder. She fanned her pussy lips open to present Sally with a provocative view of her daughter's full-face cunt lapping, and said, "She'll look adorable with big milk-filled titties and a big round belly. You'll get to watch her balloon up. When the baby comes, you can nurse along with the baby at your daughter's big milky tits. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of having a pregnant daughter licking your cunt, or of training a baby to nurse on your clit."

The shock registered on Sally's face, but so did the passion the images conjured. Sally turned her attentions back to Hal's cock, as she guided the head to her daughter's slit. She used the fingers of her left hand to spread the tight lips, then ran the head of Hal's cock in the open slit while pumping the shaft. Her eyes lifted to his to say, "If you want her pregnant, I have no choice. I can monitor her monthly cycle and bring her to you when I know she's fertile. Is that what you want me to do?"

"That's exactly what I want you to do."

Sally leaned to her left and brushed Jessica's hair aside. Jessica turned her head to look up at her mother. Sally said, "Honey, don't stop licking her pussy." Jessica rested her right cheek on Brenda's left inner thigh and licked at the slit with her tongue bending down. Sally's fingers slid off her daughter's cheek and replaced Brenda's right hand in pulling the right cunt lip out. The girl's tongue licked her mother's fingers and the pussy as Sally said, "Lick her pussy hole good, sweetheart. That's it, sweetie. Lick deep and lick her clitty hard. Yes, baby, like that."

Sally kept the cock poised at the entrance of Jessica's pussy while blindly pumping Hal's shaft. He was in no hurry and was enjoying Sally's involvement in Brenda's cunt lapping. Sally said, "Honey, when did your last period stop. Can you remember the day?"

Jessica said between licks, "Last Thursday, I think."

Sally sat up but kept her left hand in Brenda's snatch. She looked to Hal and said, "I thought so. She won't take this time, but next Thursday, we should meet every day for a week."

"We'll do that, but it won't always be with me. I'm a busy man, Sally. I'll tell you who to take her to for breeding each day."

"Very well, but I thought you'd want the honors."

"I just want her pregnant. If a dog could get her pregnant, I'd have you breed her with a dog."

This statement made Sally pull the cock. Hal went with the pull and lodged the head inside Jessica's pussy. Sally stretched the skin back to aid the entry, then watched inch after inch slowly gain entry. She kept her fist wrapped tightly around the base of his cock, even when her fist began pounding Jessica's cunt. Gradually, she lifted fingers so more cock could enter, then removed her hand completely to allow full penetration. She reached behind Hal's leg and massaged his swinging balls as he fucked her daughter.

Sally watched the fuck for several minutes, then turned her attention to Jessica's cunt licking. Brenda drew both legs back and held herself open by grasping her legs under the knees. Sally leaned down and laid her head on Brenda's right inner thigh, cheek to cheek with Jessica. Her left hand came down from the top and her right hand came up from the bottom. Both hands spread Brenda's cunt open so both tongues had room to work over the pink parts. Before long, their lips were joined at the corners and their two tongues worked as one.

Jessica jerked and groaned with each deep thrust of Hal's cock. Sally moaned in sympathy as she fought to keep their two tongues touching. Together they entered Brenda's cunt hole, and together they batted her clit back and forth. Together, they made Brenda cum; and together, they licked at her weeping cunt hole. After thoroughly cleaning Brenda's pussy, Sally sat up and focused on the screwing. She leaned in and licked at Hal's sliding cock, and managed licks at Jessica's thin-stretched cunt lips and asshole. She was licking Jessica's cunt lips when Hal came, then licked at the sperm oozing out.

When Hal pulled out, Sally grabbed Jessica by the hips and pulled her crotch to her mouth. Jessica slid fully onto her mother's lap on her back. Her legs were spread out in the splits, as she watched her mother devour her messy pussy.

Brenda got up to stand beside Hal. They looked down on the scene as Sally sucked and licked feverishly with uninhibited abandon, purposefully putting on a show for their amusement. At one point she stopped, rested her chin in the hole, smiled, and said, "Oh, Hal, you fucked my daughter's pussy so good. She's going to make you a good little whore. I'll see to that."

"I'm sure you will, but now we need to take care of you for being such a good mommy. Why don't you let her down so she can pay homage to the pussy that brought her into the world."

Sally grinned and let Jessica down. Jessica crawled between her mother's widely parted legs and immediately began paying homage. Sally never enjoyed motherhood more.

Many mothers followed Sally's example. Some went easier, and some fought to stay detached, but all eventually smiled and spread their legs for their daughters to pay homage. Some were very resistant, none more so than Eve Barker, the mother of a sophomore girl that Hal fancied.

Cathy Barker was as sweet and innocent as a fifteen-year-old could be. She looked younger by two years, but she had a wholesome beauty unmatched in girls her age. Charm, grace, and poise all converged in this chestnut-haired beauty to make a vision no pervert could resist. She was female personified and purity exemplified. She was never out of line, and her grades were the very best in her Sophomore class. Hal had to have her.

When he discovered that both Barker parents worked in the Greyson plant and had a big mortgage, he knew he could have her. He went the direct route and called Eve Barker to his office to watch Cathy receive a strapping on her naked body for something she didn't do. Eve was outraged and defiant until she realized that Hal could pull the plug on both their jobs, leaving them facing bankruptcy and the loss of their home. She sobbed all through Cathy's humiliating ordeal, and turned away when Hal stepped up to Cathy's bound and beaten ass to rape her. While Hal fucked her virgin pussy, two male accomplices received blow jobs at the other end.

Eve was forced to watch the finale as Hal stepped to Cathy's front and presented his soiled cock and balls for cleaning with her tongue. Eve watched from two feet away as her daughter, kneeling on a chair and lying over the chair back with her hands bound behind her back, her head lifted by her hair clutched in Hal's fist, lapped and licked the entire area of Hal's groin, almost appearing enthusiastic in her desire to please him.

Cathy pulled against the upward pressure of Hal's hand in her hair to get her head low so as to lick beneath his balls, stretching her tongue as far back toward his asshole as she could. Hal raised his nearest leg and rested the foot on the edge of Eve's chair. He pulled his scrotum aside to give Eve a better view. Hal released his grip on Cathy's hair and moved her hair to the far side of her head. Eve watched Cathy's tongue lave the entire area of Hal's crotch, and repeatedly suck the limp cock fully into her mouth.

Cathy returned more and more to sucking on his cock as Eve noticed the organ slowly filling with blood and rising. When she had him fully erect, she kept her mouth sucking hard and deep on his cock. She fucked her mouth on his rod with hollowed cheeks, sucking for all she was worth. Eve could clearly see that Cathy was trying to make him ejaculate in her mouth.

Hal never said a word after telling her to clean his cock. Cathy took it upon herself to suck him off. This fact was not lost on Eve, and she stopped feeling sorry for her raped and beaten daughter. She stopped looking away, and watched openly. She stopped crying, and even cracked a smile once when her eyes met Hal's and he was obviously nearing his climax. When he came, Cathy sucked harder.

Eve watched her daughter's throat muscles working to swallow every jet as it arrived. Even after the last drop entered her mouth, Cathy sucked and swallowed hard. As the rapidly deflating cock shrank in her mouth, Cathy nursed it down. She didn't release his cock until Hal moved away and his stretched cock came out with a sucking pop.

Hal set a date for Eve to show up at his home with all three of her kids. She had a boy of thirteen, Jimmy, and a girl of nine, Joann. With her head bowed in surrender, she nodded her acceptance. Eve was not only cooperative, but punctual.

Eve stood at the door with her three kids. They wore their Sunday best. Brenda noticed that Eve took great pains in applying her makeup and she'd been to a beauty salon. She looked stunningly attractive, but not nearly so as Cathy. Cathy hadn't been to the beauty salon, but she didn't need professional help to look stunning. She didn't need makeup, but she wore lipstick and eye shadow. Brenda welcomed them in.

Hal immediately went for little Joann and carried her to his chair. The boy took a seat beside Cathy on the sofa. Both looked nervous and apprehensive. Brenda took Eve on a tour of the apartment, but Eve did not want a tour and never relaxed. She was as stiff and cold returning as when they left, so Brenda had to adjust her schedule and try a different tack.

Hal had just removed Joann's clothes and was settling her on his lap. He pulled her back and parted her legs. Jimmy sat forward to stare at his sister's pussy. Eve started to berate him, but Brenda silenced her with a firm hand over her mouth. She quietly said, "You watch everything, but do nothing. Do you understand?" Eve nodded with the hand still covering her mouth.

Brenda took Eve by the hand leading her to the sofa. She set Eve between Jimmy and Cathy with Jimmy on her left and Cathy on her right. She then stood before them and stripped naked. Jimmy's big eyes never left her body for a second.

Once naked, she pulled Cathy to her feet and began stripping her. Cathy offered no resistance, but was deeply shamed by being stripped in front of her brother. Her bother added to her shame by staring openly at her tits and pussy as they came into view. When Cathy was naked, Brenda moved her to stand before Jimmy, kicked her left foot out wide, then reached from behind with both hands to shockingly expose Cathy's pussy to her brother's hungry eyes. Eve's eyes got a good look as well, but Eve controlled her expression and didn't lean forward. Cathy groaned out her shame as her brother feasted his eyes on her most secret places. After a few minutes, Brenda returned her to her seat beside her mother.

She then drew Jimmy to his feet. She stripped him and exposed his five-inch erection, then knelt and sucked him while he stood in profile to his mother and sister. Jimmy proudly displayed his cock, arching his back with his hands on his hips, watching the sexy woman sucking on his dick. One minute more, and he would have poured out his youthful spend, but Brenda wanted him horny and she stopped. She returned him to his seat and offered her hand to Eve.

Eve's eyes went wide. She pleaded, "Please don't! Not me. Not in front of my children, I beg you." Brenda offered her hand more forcefully, then took Eve by the wrist and hauled her to her feet. Eve cried as Brenda stripped her. She trembled as Brenda displayed her pussy to her son, and she begged as Brenda finger-fucked her pussy. When Brenda dropped to her knees and pushed her feet far apart, Eve pleaded, "Please don't do this to me."

Brenda had Eve standing with her back to Hal and Joann, just one foot from Hal's knees. Both Hal and Joann were naked. Hal was already giving Joann's pussy a good going over with his fingers, which had been a constant distraction to Eve, especially with his familiar hard cock standing tall between Joann's legs. The exciting contrast of an immature vagina behind a mature and throbbing cock was irresistible to Eve's eyes.

Brenda told Jimmy to fetch a barstool from the kitchen. He returned with the thirty-inch tall padded stool and placed it behind his mother as Brenda directed. Though Eve kept begging, she went with Jimmy's pulling hands as he aided her in settling back on the stool with the small of her back centered on the stool. When her shoulders found support, they were resting on Hal's chair between his parted thighs. When her head fell back, she was looking right up the shaft of Hal's cock with Joann's pussy just behind.

Brenda brought three chairs over and set them before the stool at Eve's business end. Eve fell silent and allowed her legs to be widely parted as Jimmy and Cathy were invited to sit on either side of Brenda. Eve felt like she were undergoing a gynecological exam with three doctors.

Brenda had each kid take one of Eve's knees and instructed them to keep the knee pushed out and back. This they did and their mother's cunt blossomed open before their eyes. Brenda applied her delicate fingers to a teasing trace of every detail of the mature vagina, then poked and pulled the fleshy parts before pulling the lips wide and exploring the hole. Under Brenda's encouragement, both kids joined the exploration. The three soon had that pussy crying.

At the other end, Hal moved Joann down his thighs. She ended up in the splits right over her mother's mouth with Hal's cock in her cunt-groove between mouth and pussy. Joann's weight pressed Hal's cock to her mother's lips, in fact, and the maddening play going on between her legs brought Eve's tongue slithering out. She could just reach around the cock to get to the pussy, and she attacked her daughter's pussy from both sides alternating from one side to the other.

Hal let her lick pussy this way for a minute then lifted Joann so his cock would spring forward out of the way. He quickly set her down over her mother's face as his cock was now standing up against the girl's back. Eve attacked the pussy with a hungry vengeance as three tongues attacked hers in turn.

Brenda set the example for pussy eating and had Eve's hands searching blindly in her crotch to determine who was licking and sucking her pussy so well. Cathy was next and when Eve felt Cathy's face in her beaver she groaned out her pleasure while offering her a wide open cunt to lick. Jimmy's face was welcomed likewise and she lovingly caressed his cheeks, feeling for the tongue-to-cunt point of contact with her fingers. With Eve's pussy in good hands, or mouths, Brenda got up and came to sit on the arm of Hal's chair looking down on Eve sucking her nine-year-old's pussy. Brenda said, "This is going well, don't you think?"

"Better than expected."

Brenda dropped to her knees and leaned her face in close to Eve's, saying, "Good pussy, huh?"

"Umm, yes!"

"Don't you think it needs fucking?"

"Yes. I want to watch Hal fuck her little pussy."

"Jimmy would like to fuck your pussy."

"Oh, yes."

"You like begging. Beg him to fuck your horny pussy."


"Yes, right now."

"Jimmy! Jimmy, please fuck Mommy's pussy. Fuck me, Jimmy. I want your cock in my pussy, Son." Moments later, she cried, "Oh, Brenda, he's doing it. He's putting his cock in my pussy. My son is fucking me!"

Hal, meanwhile, had lifted Joann high on his abdomen so that his cock could enter her pussy. He got three inches in before Eve noticed, but when she saw this, her hands shot up and grabbed Joann by the hips and pulled. Hal had to pull against Eve so as not to hurt Joann and give her stretching pussy time to adjust to each inch. Eve's strong pull forced Hal's cock through the hymen, causing the girl to cry out. That didn't stop Eve from continuing to pull and Hal let the woman hurt her daughter, but not harm her. After five minutes, Hal was in to the balls and Eve was licking pussy again.

Brenda called Cathy over and had her mount her mother, straddling her mother's chest with her knees in Eve's armpits. The seat of Hal's chair became crowded. In this position, Cathy's beaver was hanging open at the base of Eve's neck. Eve didn't know this until Brenda pulled her head up and said, "Look, Eve, another cunt to suck. Now you can lean back and suck a cunt, or raise up and suck another."

Eve glued her mouth to Cathy's cunt and tongued her madly. Cathy held her cunt open for her mother's tongue while rubbing her own clit and watching Hal's cock fuck her sister's bleeding pussy. Brenda said, "Let's talk about Cathy, now. She'd make a good whore, don't you think?"

"Yes, a very good whore."

"Then you'll support us in bringing her into Richard Wright's stable of young whores at the high school."

"Yes, she told me all about them. I want her to be one."

"Will you let her ply her trade at home, allow men to fuck her in your home, anywhere in your home?"

"Yes, anywhere."

"Will you keep her in whore attire in and out of school, throw away her bras and panties, shorten all her skirts to crotch level and buy her see-through blouses?"

"Yes. I'll make certain her tits and pussy shows in everything she wears. Indoors, she'll stay naked."

"Then you'll help her get pregnant?"

"Yes, of course. I know about that too."

"Good, then enjoy your whore."

Brenda returned to Hal's side, threw an arm around his shoulder, and said, "Add another satisfied customer, and make room for another whore in the stable."

"There's always room for another whore in the stable."

The End

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