Master of Ceremonies

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Spending a week in a remote wilderness cabin of Northern California wasn't my idea in the first place. I'm more a week in a beach condominium type of woman. Being left alone with my three kids was definitely not my idea, but my husband, Frank, just had to spend a day climbing a mountain with his best friend, Steve.

I was a nervous wreak. The woods are alien to me, full of frightening creatures and sounds. Bears roamed the woods, and we had to keep our food hidden from them. The cabin doors and windows were extra heavy to keep them out. I hate bears.

Our kids liked the cabin and the woods. Bears didn't frighten my boys, but thirteen-year-old Amanda wasn't too keen on meeting one. Amanda was a beach girl as well. We would have preferred lying out wearing our new matching bikinis. We didn't even bring them on this trip.

Matt, my horny fifteen-year-old, and Terry, my adventuresome eleven-year-old, loved exploring. When Frank was around, they ranged far; but with him away, I kept all three close by. They could go in and out, but each time they did, either me or Amanda would have to work the two heavy wooden bars on the door.

A knock was the signal to open the door. We figured bears couldn't knock. We were dead wrong. A knock came. I was closest, so I lifted the bars. When the last one lifted free, the door burst in, and I stumbled back. Three huge men charged in. Two were pushing along Matt and Terry. I grabbed the boys and joined Amanda huddled in the corner. The men stood together leering at us with mischievous grins. They didn't look like killers, but they were pondering a devilish act. I could tell by the way they were looking--at me and Amanda, especially.

I think this is a mother's worst nightmare--being placed in a situation of trying to protect all of her kids from an overwhelmingly powerful foe--like a bear, or three horny woodsmen. Facing these three big men was like facing three bears. One was very tall and hairy, but the other two were tall, heavy, and hairy. They reminded me of bikers, only wearing fur instead of leathers.

All I could do was shout plaintively, "Please, don't harm my children." They just laughed. I said, "What do you want? We didn't bring much cash, but what we have is in my purse by the bed. Take it and please go."

The tallest stepped to me and chucked me under the chin, then drew that hard finger down my neck and into my cleavage, saying, "We're not here for cash, but we'll accept your offer. You and me need to have a private conversation outside. Your kids will be fine unless you do something stupid. If that happens, they won't be fine at all. Come!"

My heart sank. My legs could barely support me, but I calmed the kids and followed. He went a few feet from the cabin, out of sight, and stopped to address me. Before he could speak, I said, "My husband is hunting with a group of men and they should be back any minute. You'd better take the money and go."

"Your husband and his buddy are climbing a hill. They'll camp just under the summit tonight and go to the top to catch the sunrise. That should put them back here by nightfall tomorrow night. We met them going up. He asked if we'd stop in and check on you. Well, we're checkin'."

I thought, "Thanks a lot, Frank."

"All right, lady. I'm going to make you a proposition. You're going to make a choice. We're three very horny men, and we don't aim to leave this cabin horny. We'll take our pleasure, but if we have to commit a major crime, we won't leave any witnesses. We'll be here to finish off your old man and his sidekick, too."

My legs gave way. He caught me and lifted me with one hand. The other grasped my jaw and shook my head. He rattled my brains and I could suddenly stand again. He said, "Now, there is another way we can get our pipes cleaned and you and your kids can continue your vacation."

"Yes, please, I'll do anything. You won't have to use force. I'll do all three of you willingly. I want to; I really do. I am very horny too."

"We'll see, because you are going to be the master of ceremonies at our little orgy."

My heart sank. I knew they wouldn't leave Amanda alone. I am considered beautiful and sexy, but next to Amanda, I'm dog meat. The girl is way too sexy for her own good. She developed early into her Jr. Miss body, a scaled-down version of mine; and mine, at thirty-three, won a wet T-shirt contest in Malibu competing against college coeds. Unless the cavalry charged over the hill, I knew we'd both be screwed in all three holes by all three men.

If it were just me having to face that prospect, my knees would have been weak, but not from fear. I go ga ga over big burly men--biker-type men. My four escapades into infidelity were all with bikers. Frank knows of my weakness and of my falls off the fidelity wagon, which further added to my confusion as to why he'd send these men to me. I mean, if your wife is an alcoholic, you wouldn't send her a case of Johnny Walker, especially when she's looking after your three kids. Either the thin air was getting to him, or he was just being cruel. There was also the possibility that he wanted something to happen. When he's in the right mood, retelling the adventures can get him excited. Even when not in the mood, my flings are something he accepts. He calls it his concession. My concession is tolerating his need for an occasional hooker.

When I said I was horny and willing, I was telling the truth. Even after he made it clear that they wanted Amanda as well, I remained horny, though a part of me rebelled--the mother part. He could see my mother part trying to see a way out of this orgy and said, "We're going to screw your kids either way. I'm just offering you a way to survive it. Take it or leave it."

I noted the fact that he used kids, not kid. It made me wince, but I thought it would serve Frank right if his little men got their fanny's reamed because of his little prank. Actually, this statement brought relief. It made me realize there was only one option. I said, "I guess we'll have an orgy then. How do you want me to work this?"

He smiled for the first time. I love making a rugged biker-type smile. He said, "Have you taught your kids about the birds and the bees?" I said that we hadn't formally done so. We left that to the school. He said, "Then do it formally. Teach us too. Teach us everything. Teach by example. It better cover everything, or we'll be unsatisfied, and we won't leave here unsatisfied."

I gulped. I needed clarification. I said, "Are you suggesting I cover acts of incest?" He grinned. "Mother/daughter?" He smiled. "Mother/son?" He smiled big. "Anal, oral, golden showers, S&M, the works?"

He smiled and added, "We want to see some stuff on bondage and discipline, too. Use the girl for that lesson, and you'd better make her bleed, or we'll do it right."

I felt weak in the knees again. I love B&D games, and I agree with him: it ain't real B&D unless you draw a little blood. He steadied me. It felt good to be steadied by powerful masculine arms. One part of my brain shouted, "Oh boy!" Another part cried, "Oh shit!"

He led me back to the cabin, saying, "I'll give you a minute with the younguns to get everybody in the mood to party before class begins."

I quickly huddled with the kids and immediately stifled their million and one questions with a, "Shut up and let me talk."

They shut up and I said, "Look, our lives are in danger if we don't fully cooperate with these men. They want sex--raw, dirty, nasty sex. They want me to pretend I'm teaching a class on the subject, and they expect me to demonstrate every act. It will involve you kids, me, and them in an orgy of sorts. You kids had better do everything, I mean everything we say to do. The most important thing is to survive, and that's what I intend to see happen. I don't care what shape your bodies are in when we get through this. Bodies heal; dead people don't. I'll drag you kids through this kicking and screaming if I have to. I'll beat you black and blue if necessary, but you will survive. Is that clear?"

They all nodded fearfully. They seemed to know the purpose of the men's visit before I said anything, and they had some time to contemplate their immediate future. We were all operating in survival mode. Even Matt, who can usually be counted on to produce an erection at the mere hint of something nasty (seen or heard) listened with a soft penis. Amanda, who loved showing off her new body and teasing grown men with it, looked shy and inhibited. I'm sure Amanda said goodbye to her cherry. I did. Terry just appeared in shock.

The tall man's loud voice broke up the huddle, saying, "It's class time, teacher."

Since we hadn't been introduced (and weren't likely to be) I mentally nicknamed the leader, Lurch. The red bearded one was Redbeard, of course. The dark one was Blackbeard. Redbeard and Blackbeard sat on the couch with Matt and Terry between them. Lurch pulled up a stool by the end of the couch and pulled Amanda onto his lap. She sat stiffly with his hands exploring her legs. A long, heavy, oak coffee table was before the couch. I stood behind it, facing my class. I figured I may as well plunge right in, so I said, "All right class. Today, we learn all about sex in all of its variations."

My intention was to strip to get the mood going. I intended using my body as the example to cover the female anatomy. As I watched poor Amanda trying to bear up to the groping of her crotch--on the verge of panic--I said, "Now, to explain the female anatomy, I need a female volunteer. You, there, you look female. You'll do nicely."

The men laughed, and Lurch propelled her toward me. Amanda came eagerly, but she was going from the frying pan to the fire. I knew, however, that with me, she wouldn't panic, and with luck, I might be able to light a fire where she needed one. I asked that she mount the table and stand facing the class. Her hand, using my shoulder for support, felt cold and clammy.

I removed her flannel shirt, then a T-shirt, then her C-cup bra. Her tits burst onto the scene and silenced the class. I paused to admire them myself. Her tits are superb--hard orbs of creamy-smooth flesh, white against her spring tan, capped by conical, quarter-size, cherry-red nipples. Her nipples were also erect. I moved behind her and reached under her arms to cup her breasts in both hands, as though in offering. I couldn't resist squeezing them, forcing her nipples to arch up.

I said, "These are breasts, tits, boobs. They feed milk to babies, but they serve another purpose--to make sex more pleasurable. You can squeeze them, lick them, suck on them, and bite them gently. The nipples are very sensitive and she derives great pleasure from attentions to them. When stimulated, they become hard as hers are now."

I came around her right side and played with her tits, leaning in to lick and suck the right one while toying with the left. I must confess, I was liking this part. The men liked what I was doing, and Matt had a hard-on. Amanda seemed to relax a bit. The obvious excitement her tits created in the men had an effect on her, but I think my hands and mouth were chiefly responsible.

Since I was in front, I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them to her feet, leaving her in panties with her pants around her ankles. Her nerves came back and she stood trembling, dying of shame. I had to take a break. The sight was just too exciting to move quickly through. The panties she had on were old ones, riding low on her hip and snug in the crotch. They outlined her sex and showed the mat of her pubic bush through the worn and faded material.

I wanted a pointer of some kind and searched the room with my eyes, settling on the three-foot tip section of a fishing pole. When I picked it up, I subconsciously swished it through the air. Clearly, it would serve a dual purpose nicely. That fact occurred to Amanda as well. She looked like a trapped bunny, just waiting for the big bad wolf's jaw to clamp down on its throat. I felt like a wolf as I approached her. I was sorely tempted to start the B&D session right then. Her flawless thighs needed a few red lines across the backs.

I resisted, and used the rod tip to poke her nipples, saying, "These are erogenous zones on the female body." Amanda held steady against the poke of my pointer. This pleased me, so I poked harder, inverting one nipple completely and causing her to wince. Causing her pain gave me a rush. I hated myself at one level, but it was a level several times removed by that time. I said, "But there are many more."

I got behind her and hooked her panty waist band at both hips. I tugged slowly, unveiling her with sensuous deliberation. The men and both boys were leaning forward as the first hairs saw light. Amanda had her head down, on the verge of tears. I moved her panties slowly down her legs, then lifted one foot after the other to remove her shoes, socks, jeans and panties. Now she was naked, and I wanted a look. I stepped to her front while those behind peered around me. God, what a sexy doll I have. I do appreciate the female form, the vagina especially. I've had a few women in my time, but nothing compared to my Amanda.

Amanda had a pussy that was made for eating. It looked like a fancy French dessert--a puffy-lipped, cream-filled pastry. Her light brown pubic hairs grew thin on the lips, leaving them naked and vulnerable. The clit, shiny and stiff, was like a little skinless rodent trying to squeeze out of a trap. Her inner lips--thin, pink, and with tiny wrinkles--looked like someone stuffed them in her crack, held in place by the puffy outer lips. She revealed a deep crack that disappeared between her legs, glistening with her vaginal wetness, offering a hint at the visual treasures within. I couldn't wait to feast my eyes on those treasures, neither could the class. Redbeard shouted, "Let's see the fuck hole."

I tapped the inside of her right ankle and ordered her to stand with her feet wide apart. She made a slight groan, but moved both feet out shoulder width. I kept tapping until they were over a yard apart and her two sets of vaginal lips separated from each other with sticky reluctance. We could even see her fuck hole, or at least, the top part. The class was dipping low to see it all.

Standing to the side, I said, "Place your hands on your ass and stick out your vagina." She did so, but it embarrassed her greatly. I said, while tapping her mound with my pointer, "This, class, is a vagina, better known as a pussy, a cunt, a twat, or a beaver. This is the essence of a female. This is where the highest concentration of erogenous zones are located, and this is where you will find the primary avenue to the warm, wet, soft membranes of her insides."

The men were loving my anatomy lesson. I was afraid they'd think I was taking too long, or stalling, but they were all into it. I also noticed that Amanda was no longer trembling and frightened, but showed a deep flush of excitement at her forced exposure. She also seemed to like my lesson.

"This [I gave her clit a light rap, which made her jerk] is her clit, and a girl's clit is a bundle of raw nerves, as you can see. These are her outer lips, which cushion the impact of a hard driving cock. These are the inner lips that caress the shaft while she's getting fucked. Lower, in the center of her crack, is her fuck hole, as the gentleman pointed out. This is where you aim your cocks. It likes anything long and cylindrical, but prefers cocks, tongues, and fingers in that order. We will examine her fuck hole more closely and view the other entrance to her buttery insides, her asshole. First, she must assume a better position. Amanda, turn and face the other way, then touch your toes. Be sure to keep your feet out the same distance."

Amanda got into the new position without a groan or complaint. She did better then requested. Her feet went out several more inches and she bent so low that the back of her head rested on the table top, looking up. She wanted to see, too.

Instead of touching her toes, she grasped her ankles. Her feet were spread too far apart for her to touch the toes. The spread she presented was exquisite, better than I'd hoped. Her vulva blossomed before the class, exposing the fullness of her female opening and her anus just above it. In her position, even she could see all of her pussy. If there was any doubt as to her state of arousal, her dripping hole dispelled that doubt. Her cunt cream soon oozed to the top of her crack and dripped off her clit to fall in her face.

I drew my pointer tip around the area of her hole, then inserted the tip gingerly, saying, "This, gentlemen, is the young lady's fuck hole. As you can plainly see by all the vaginal lubrication seeping from it, this young lady is anticipating the reception of a stiff cock. She is making herself ready to fuck. Deep inside, her womb is preparing to welcome millions of sperm from the male organ in the hope that at least one will penetrate her egg and result in a baby."

I ran the pointer around the inside of her cunt ring, saying, "Just inside is a ring of muscle tissue that she will squeeze and relax while your cock slides in and out. The purpose is to heighten the pleasure of the male, inducing him, with this milking action, to surrender his sperm, thus completing the mating cycle, and beginning--with any luck--the pregnancy cycle."

I don't know what possessed me to say, "with any luck," but those were my feelings. The idea of Amanda winding up pregnant from this forced exposure to sex with grown men thrilled me to the core. The idea appealed to the men as well. They all voiced their hope of knocking my daughter up. I looked at Amanda's face. She had twenty or thirty drops of pussy juice all around her nose and mouth. Another landed on the corner of her lips as I looked for her reaction to my statement. She seemed to accept what I'd said. She certainly wasn't anxious about the possibility.

I searched my memory, trying to remember when her last period was. I usually know, because we share the same box of Kotex. It would spoil things to ask if the answer would reveal that she would be unlikely to conceive. When I realized that it was about two weeks, I proceeded along these lines, saying, "If a female accepts a virile cock into her fuck hole when she's near the mid-point between periods, she's almost certain to get pregnant. The more cocks she receives, the more certain the outcome is. Amanda, when was your last period?"

As I had thought, she said it was two weeks ago. I addressed the class, saying, "Well, we will have a rare treat, for it appears our volunteer has a fertile womb with an egg waiting to welcome your sperm. Some lucky man will conceive a child in this girl's womb today. Chances are, it will be whoever goes first. I'll let you men decide among yourselves. The boys will go last." Matt and Terry both looked surprised that I included them, pleasantly surprised. Matt couldn't wait. He rubbed his dick openly.

As I expected, Lurch took this honor upon himself and stood. He began removing his clothes. Amanda watched with avid interest from her inverted vantage point. Her position was as good if not better than any, so I left her in it. She appeared ready and willing to accept her fate--very willing.

When Lurch dropped his pants, a nine-inch, thickly-veined erection bobbed free. He fisted it as he got in behind Amanda. I stood at her side and guided the cock to her cunt hole. I prayed he wouldn't hurt her too badly, and was relieved when he showed a gentle approach, grasping her by the hips and gently applying just enough pressure to advance steadily. Once his thick head got past her ring, he gave her short strokes while keeping up the steady pressure.

Amanda watched the cock go in, inch by inch, moaning her pleasure. When the head encountered her hymen, he stopped. I knelt and placed my hand on her forehead, saying, "Now, this will hurt a bit. Brace yourself."

She bit down on her lower lip, and Lurch pulled hard. Amanda let out a sharp yelp. Two more inches of cock slid in, then the last two went in over the next few minutes. Matt and Terry were on their knees watching intently as this huge man fucked their sister. Amanda came right after the full penetration. Lurch's swinging balls slung their fuck juices all over the dazed child. Her face was a mask of both pleasure and pain as Lurch started pouring it to her. I never saw anything so erotic. My cunt ached for that cock, or any cock.

As Lurch neared his climax, and as Amanda neared her third, I reached between his legs and held his balls. The idea that the balls I held probably contained the seed of my daughter's child thrilled me. I should have been thinking about an immediate abortion, but I was thinking about a big-bellied young teenager, cribs, and diapers. When Lurch came, I gently milked his balls. He liked that added touch.

When he pulled out, Amanda's cunt gaped wide and leaked a long run of fuck that fell on her face. Redbeard took his place, entering her easily with a cock an inch shorter than Lurch's. He lasted five minutes, then Blackbeard took over. His cock was the same length as Lurch's, but it was considerably thicker. When he got in to the balls, he forced out the other men's sperm, or so it must have seemed to Amanda, as she was drowning in falling fuck.

Matt already had his dick out and was keeping it ready with his fist. Our eyes met several times. Each time, he seemed to say, "Sorry, but you said ..." I tried to convey with mine, "Don't apologize, I'm dying to see you fuck your sister." I think my eyes also said, "God damn, Son, why have you been hiding that magnificent cock? If I had known that was behind the lump in your pants, Mommy would have been much friendlier. You better believe she'll be friendlier in the future."

Honestly, Matt had my dream cock, even if it was only seven inches long. I love a cock with a wide, flaring crown. His was like a fireman's hat. My pussy drooled over it, and I could hardly take my eyes off it. He caught me staring numerous times. Since I guided the others in, I guided him in as well. I took the liberty of giving his cock a few strokes with my hand, running fingers over the crown before steering him to the target. Letting go was difficult. When he came, I was milking his balls. When he slowly withdrew, I was milking his cock. I held him in her cunt for over a minute, milking that beautiful cock in my daughter's well-fucked pussy.

Terry was rather anti-climatic. His five-inch boner barely touched the walls of her cunt after the others finished with it. When he complained that he hardly felt anything, I made a ring around the base of his cock with my thumb and forefinger and he fucked that. I ended up jerking him off in Amanda's cunt while keeping the head lodged in her opening. Poor Amanda was nearing collapse, drained by a series of orgasms and the difficult pose. When Terry finally shot his load, she collapsed, melting all the way to the floor with the back of her head resting on the table.

I was the only one who had not exposed genitals, and mine were dying to get some exposure. As I began stripping, I looked on Amanda, saying, "Since our volunteer is temporarily incapacitated, I will have to serve as the female model for lesson number two, anal sex."

She was in no condition to take those men in her ass anyway, and I am very anal. Besides, I was dying to give Matt a good look at what he could have any time in the future with just a nod or a wink. That boy had an ass rod and his mommy's primary fuck hole was her asshole.

As soon as I was naked, I mounted the table and assumed the rear, bent-over pose. By looking through my legs, I could see my class and my ass. I watched Matt's reaction and was very pleased. Matt liked his mommy a lot, especially Mommy's pussy and asshole. I used the pointer to point out my asshole and said, "This is the anus and another entryway into a female, or a male for that matter. Using the anus for sex is done purely for pleasure and cannot result in pregnancy. Since I am on the pill and can't get pregnant anyway, I will demonstrate this type of fucking. Step up, gentlemen. The boys will go last."

Matt was pleased to be included once again. Lurch stepped up, but shoved his cock in my pussy. I took him easily, and he fucked me hard, pulling out at the last and shoving it up my ass. Redbeard did likewise, but Blackbeard fucked my ass from the beginning. Then Matt got in place. I smiled up at him as he crouched.

The men could fuck me from the floor, but Matt had to stand on the table and crouch a bit. I swooned at the feel of his cock. He used it to explore the entire vaginal area. I said, "Feel free to put it in my cunt to get lubricated first." He boldly sent it deep in my pussy. He fucked me for a minute or so, then centered on my ass. It was exquisite, feeling that crown part my sphincter and pop inside. He butt fucked me so good; I came while frigging my clit.

Terry didn't have to crouch while standing on the table, but he only wanted my ass. He stuck it right in and humped. A few minutes later, he groaned, shuddered, then pulled out his drippy dick. With the five males having spent twice each, they needed a rest. Clearly, it was time for some mother/daughter action and a little B&D warm up exercise.

We both needed a hosing off. Cum had dripped all over our faces and chests. Our crotches were a runny mess, and cum streaked our legs. On the other hand, a mother/daughter sixty nine would be a real treat for those men under those conditions. A good, lewd performance demanded we do it as we were.

I felt almost certain that Amanda would balk at sucking my cunt, especially in its present condition. Maybe I'm looking at it from a different perspective, but I always thought it was more bizarre for a daughter to lick her mother's cunt than the reverse. At least, I figured the men were more looking forward to that scene, though they'd enjoy and expect both. Clearly, some bondage and discipline was in order.

I helped Amanda to her feet, then had her lie on her back on the table while I searched for suitable binding material. The cotton belt to my robe was perfect. I used it to bind her hands behind her back, then turned her to lie across the long axis of the table with her head hanging off the class side, pulling her tied hands under the table. I pulled each foot back under the table and wound them in the bindings, thus hog-tying her backward with the table running through her body and her bound limbs.

Her tits were displayed nicely, stretched up and most vulnerable, but her cunt needed to be as vulnerable and open. What was needed was something to tie to each knee that could be tied to the table legs. The men offered their belts, and she was very vulnerable moments later. She looked a sight, and I just had to take a moment to admire it.

Amanda looked up at me with pleading, concerned eyes from her backward bound position. I addressed the class, saying, "A female needs periodic discipline to remind her of her subservient role in life, and especially in matters of sex. She should be bound tightly and forced to endure pain and humiliation, or she'll never make a good sexual servant. She needs to know who's boss, and she needs to learn to serve that boss in any way the boss pleases. I will now demonstrate the technique. For this demonstration, the servant's role will be played by Amanda Richards. The role of the boss will be played by yours truly."

I stood between Amanda's legs and looked down on her messy snatch. Smiling, I reached in and stirred my finger in her hole, saying, "She's probably already pregnant, but it wouldn't hurt to stir the pot and give everybody a fighting chance." This brought comments from every guy. Mostly, "Stir it good." I stirred it good, then stood with the rod in hand.

Poor Amanda raised her head and looked terrified as I swished the air over her menacingly. Her pleading eyes said, "Mom, you can't be serious. You can't be thinking about hitting me with that thing." But I was, and her perfect tits begged for my rod. Those white mounds were like targets with those red centers. My first cut went across the top of her right breast, slashing across the nipple--a bull's eye. Amanda howled like a banshee caught in a wringer. Her tears began streaming. The next three were on the other breast--one on top; two cut the underside.

I wasn't hitting her that hard, really, just hard enough to leave a red mark. I've taken much harder and had the skin broken, so I knew she wasn't dying. She sounded like she was dying, though. I whipped her breasts mercilessly until they were both masses of red streaks. I stepped to the end of the table and streaked her abdomen. For my finale, I stood with her head between my knees and focused on her lower abdomen, cunt, and thighs. For this, my class got up and repositioned themselves at Amanda's feet.

I hadn't bothered to see how my sons were taking this bizarre demonstration, showing my dark side for the first time. When Matt plopped down between his sister's knees and looked up with lust-filled eyes, I knew how he took it. His eyes said, "Hit her in the cunt, Mom. Hit her hard."

Terry, who sat beside his brother, looked almost as excited. He, too, wanted to see a cunt whipped from up close. Amanda begged me to stop, begged me not to hit her down there, probably never dreaming I'd actually be aiming at her clit and trying for her slit.

My first cut set her straight. I drew up, locked eyes with Matt, silently sending the message, "This is for you, sweetheart." My arm came down hard and fast, and the rod hit dead center, splitting her wet crack and cutting across her clit. Amanda screamed so loudly, she hurt our ears. I'd wait for her screaming and begging to die down, then deliver another. I hit her ten times in the cunt, most went like the first. I then worked over her inner thighs, outer thighs, lower abdomen and pubic mound. My class wanted more, so I returned to her cunt and delivered ten more, harder than the first ten.

Amanda was numb by this time. She was delirious and meekly moaned as each swat landed. There was blood lust in their eyes. Her cunt had absorbed a terrible beating, was bright red and swollen, but wasn't actually bleeding. I figured, "What the hell, she'll heal fast." I hauled off and hit her as hard as I could. The rod landed with a wet, sickening thwack, dead center. Blood oozed slowly, but mixing with the wetness, quickly turned her whole cunt blood red.

They were satisfied, but my subject needed a bucket of cold water dumped on her to revive her. We had no bucket, but, since golden showers were on the list, and since I was in the perfect position, and since my bladder was about to burst anyway, guess what? Right, I pissed all over my daughter. The men and my boys thought this was hilarious. They soon had their cocks out and added their contribution, aiming mostly at her cunt and tits. Amanda came to with the last of my piss falling on her face.

She turned her face hard to the right. I stopped my flow and squatted, grabbing her head to position her face-up before settling my cunt to her mouth. I ordered her to open her mouth, and she did not hesitate. With the class watching intently, I dribbled the rest in her mouth. I almost filled her mouth, then holding her head firmly, I sat my cunt on it, sealing it tightly with her nose poking me in the asshole. I said, "Now swallow and lick. Lick my cunt real good, or you'll get ten on the clit."

We all watched her throat muscles as she swallowed in one big gulp, then began licking and swallowing. I didn't need to hold her head up, so I let go. She sucked and licked my cunt like an old lezzie pro. I got my knees on the table by each shoulder and Amanda's head raised to follow my pussy. The class returned to their seats for the better view. I said, "This is cunt lapping. Done properly, she will use her tongue from my asshole to my clit. She will probe both holes, lap the juices from my slit, and pause from time to time to suck on my clit. As you can see, she is doing it properly.

"When I cum, she will fasten her mouth to my cunt hole and suck all the juice out. This is called, sixty-nine." I dipped my head to Amanda's crotch and gave her a soothing tongue bath, ending with a clitty suck. She was still too numb between the legs to cum, but I wasn't, and did so. Amanda sucked ravenously on my weeping hole.

I uncoupled from Amanda and got up. The class returned to their seats on the couch. I turned to face my class with my legs straddling Amanda's head. I sat on her chest with my hands resting on my knees, holding them out wide. Amanda's head came up and began licking me. I smiled and said, "That, gentlemen, is how you train a female to serve your needs. That ends the basic instruction. I suggest we open this up to a free for all." The men agreed. I looked to Matt and said, "Sweetheart, would you like to fuck me?"

He nodded eagerly. I reclined fully on Amanda and Matt slid his cock in my cunt. Amanda licked us both while he screwed me royally. Amanda got three more fucks while in this position, and sucked off Terry after Matt came in her face. We fucked and sucked long into the night and all the next day. It was a true orgy. Both boys got their fannies reamed. Amanda received a gallon of potent sperm in her cunt and three more discipline sessions. The last was particularly bloody because they wanted me to use a bundle of thorny stems.

The men left the cabin late the following afternoon with smiles on their faces. We hurriedly worked to set the place right, just as it had been when the guys left to climb the mountain. When they arrived, everything was just as they'd left it, or so they thought. We covered Amanda and left her in bed, telling Frank she wasn't feeling well. That much was the truth.

We survived the ordeal, but nothing was the same after that. When Frank leaves the house, I must deal with three sex maniacs. Amanda adores me and can't do enough to please me, though I beat her regularly and for no reason. Matt screws me constantly, and Terry is forever wanting his ass fucked or cock sucked.

Amanda was pregnant, and I wanted her to stay pregnant. She wanted to stay pregnant just because it pleased me. We concealed her condition from her father until it was too late to abort. Four months later, while Amanda and I lounged by the pool, Frank looked hard at her puffed-up belly and said, "If I didn't know better, I'd say Amanda was pregnant."

Without looking up, I said, "What makes you think you know better?"

"Amanda, are you pregnant?"

"Yes, Daddy."

He sank to his knees and laid his hand on her belly, turning to me, saying, "Were you aware of this?"

"Aware? I was there."

"Where? When? Who?"

I sat up, locked eyes with him, and said, "The cabin. Four months ago. By the three men you sent to rape us."

He staggered and sat on his ass. "But ... why? Why didn't you do something about this. Four months? She can't abort, now. Why?"

"I assumed you wanted her pregnant. Did I assume wrong, dear?"

He placed his head in his hands and said, "Oh, Jesus. Oh my god."

I said, "Look on the bright side, Frank. You can't get her any more pregnant than she is. Amanda, go take your father to our bedroom and show him what those men taught you."

Frank looked up as Amanda stood and stripped off her bikini. He looked to me. I smiled. Amanda offered him her hand, saying, "Come on, Daddy, I'm horny." He slowly got to his feet and allowed Amanda to lead him away.

This story has a happy ending. Amanda has another cock to serve. Matt never has to endure a hard-on that won't go away. Terry has discovered his homosexuality early in life. Frank discovered his bisexuality and spends a lot less of our money on whores now. Me, I couldn't be happier; I am the master of ceremonies.

The End

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