Marital Aid

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Hal leaned closer to the intercom and listened attentively while fishing out his erect organ. He heard Richard's distinctive voice say, "I want to fuck you, Pam."

"I know you want to fuck me, Richard." Pressing her hand against her mound and rubbing herself over the short skirt, she teased, "You always want my horny pussy. You can't have it. My husband won't let you."

"I'll bet he'd let you fuck Mr. Peterson."

"I'm sure he would. Mr. Peterson is my boss. He can fire me. Want me to call Phil and ask?"

"No, don't call. I don't want Hal having that advantage. We're in competition to see who gets you first."

"Oh, really? Is there any money riding on it?"

"No, just egos."

"Please let me call my husband, Richard. I need a stiff dick in my cunt so badly. My pussy is so horny I could fuck a snake, even a big rattler."

"I've got a big rattler in my pants just itching to crawl into your snake pit."

"I know, and I want to let it in. I really do. I want you to win; you deserve to win. It was you who got me to start thinking about other men's cocks and being a whore. It was you that turned me into a horny bitch. You won me over, and you should get first crack at my crack. You're not going to, though. Hal's going to win. I can't hold out much longer.

"Look at it this way. If my husband gets used to me fucking another man at school, what harm will one more do? He is warming to the idea. He no longer hassles me about my skirt lengths, and he keeps asking about Hal making advances. At least, now, I know why Hal hasn't tried. I need the little girl look. I guess I should put my hair in pig tails and shave my cunt. Let me call Phil, Richard. I know how he thinks. You and I could be fucking within a week."

"No, and if you do ask him, you'd better not let me find out. I'll be pissed if I lose that way. And don't act any differently around Hal because of what we discussed. If I see you in pigtails, shooting bald beavers, I'll spank your ass for you."

"Is that supposed to dissuade me, a spanking on my naked ass?"

"In front of the office staff, yes. You've opened up, but you still haven't overcome your shyness. No, if I suffer, you suffer. I'm getting plenty of pussy, and you are stuck with one little cock at home, and none at work. We'll see who outlasts the other. And don't expect Hal to come on to you. The bet stipulates that he can't seduce you, while I can do everything within my power short of using force against your will to get you to beg me for a fuck. Rape won't count, otherwise, I'd have raped your ass two months ago. He says that makes the contest a fair one, and that you will come to him and beg without his having to do a thing. That's the gist of our wager, but you haven't got the guts to do that, do you? You can't be certain that I'm not setting you up. I'd do that, just for kicks, and you know it."

"Oh, you're so mean to me. All right, but I'm giving you fair warning. I'm going to shave my twat and shoot all the beavers I want, whether you like it or not. If Hal so much as hints at a willingness to fuck my pussy, I'll be on my back with my heels locked behind my neck before you can say, 'There's a girl with a horny twat.' I can do that, you know. Want me to show you?"

"Hell yes, I want you to show me. I want you to show me everything you've got. Hop up on my desk."

Richard cleared a space for her. As Pam sat in the space and pulled her right ankle up, she said, "All right, but don't get your hopes up about finally getting to see my pussy; I'm keeping my panties on. And don't pull them out of the way; you can't do anything against my will. You'll lose the bet if you take advantage of me. I'll tell Hal you raped me. That's what it will be if you take advantage of me to get me to beg. I'll beg, and you know it, but if anywhere along the way you do something I told you not to do, or if you use any force to get me all hot and horny, I'll consider that rape, and that's what I'll tell Hal. You're going to have to win this bet fair and square, and I don't want you to win this bet anymore. I want Hal to win."

Richard watched her hook the right ankle behind her neck, then do likewise with the left. She sat like a doubled-up ball of warm flesh, then rolled onto her back with her heels locked behind her head. Her skirt fell on her belly, exposing the broad expanse of her crotch. Her wet panties stretched tightly over the well-defined features of her vagina. The thin material was transparent where it pressed against her wet pussy flesh. Little flattened curls of hair showed clearly, as did her enlarged clit, poking up at the top of her panty crotch. Her inviting hole was a dark patch of wet fabric. Little hairs peeked out at the leg holes. Richard took a long look and exclaimed, "God Damn! That's the most erotic sight I've ever seen."

"You like it, huh? It's my favorite position for fucking. Even my husband's little dick feels like a monster this way. Yours would really feel great, but don't get any ideas. We should lock the door. Someone might think we were about to do something nasty. They wouldn't understand that I was just demonstrating my limber abilities."

"I hope someone does walk in. Marge never knocks, neither does Emily."

"Richard, put your cock away. Now that would really look bad with you pointing your big, hard cock at my pussy like that, like you were about to rip the crotch aside and stuff my hole with your giant cock. It looks like you're getting ready to fuck me, and it would look like I want you to fuck me the way I'm lifting my ass up to it. People would get the wrong idea, wouldn't they?"

"They'd be getting the right idea. You couldn't be more obvious, the way you have your hands under your ass, lifting your pelvis, rolling it around, offering me your open pussy like a bitch in heat, rubbing your cunt hole on the head of my dick."

"Why do you always talk as if you're describing things that I can't see? Is this office bugged or something?"

"Of course not. I'm just letting you know how I see things, how they strike me. Come on, Pam. Enough is enough. I know you want this as badly as I do."

"I want it worse, but I have more self-control than you do. I'm a married woman. I'm faithful to my husband. I need his permission first. Well, except for doing it with my boss. Every husband knows that a wife has to put out for the boss on demand. Fucking my boss wouldn't be being unfaithful, that's being responsible. A good wife is faithful to her husband and responsible to her employer. I'm a very good wife, Richard, and a very responsible employee. If Hal only knew how responsible I was, I'd be on his desk right now, and that would be his cock I'd be rubbing my cunt on, only there wouldn't be any bothersome panties to get in the way, and I'd gobble his cock in right up to the balls.

"Don't push back, Richard. You never asked if you could do that. I'll let this time go as a warning, but when you do that, it makes me want to push even harder. You might break through and lose your bet."

"Oh, God, Pam! Don't you want this inside you?"

"You know I do. Like you said, it's obvious. Want me to describe it for whoever's listening? Just look at the way I'm grinding my hole over the head of your cock, pushing my panties up my cunt hole. If you are patient, and don't do anything stupid, like pushing back without asking for my permission, I just might pull the crotch aside and slither right on down to your balls. You'd win, and I'd be screwed. But, then again, this might just be a tease."

"Come on, baby, you want my cock in your horny pussy. Pull the crotch aside. Please, let me push back?"

"You're right, but I told you, I can't allow you; and no, you can't push back. If you want to fuck me, then fuck me, but it will be against my will. Whether I want you to fuck me or not makes no difference. I said, 'No, N, O, NO!' That won't change until my husband says yes. He specifically said that I can't let you fuck my pussy. I begged him to let me fuck your cock. He still said no. You heard me beg him. You heard me ask if I could be your whore. You heard what he said. He didn't think it was right for his wife to be another man's whore. That's just the way he is. He's funny like that."

"Pam, you are driving me crazy. Will you please just shut up and let me get my rocks off."

Richard stroked his cock with the head pressed deeply into the center of her crotch. Pam said, "You're not going to cum all over my panties are you?"

"No, Pam, I'm getting ready to cum in the waste basket."

"No, you're not. I can feel the head of your cock between my fat pussy lips. You're going to cum on my panties, aren't you?"

"Yes, God damnit! I will, if you'll just shut the fuck up for one fucking minute!"

"No, Richard, don't soil my panties with sperm. My husband always checks my panties for sperm as soon as I get home. If he sees your load all over the crotch of my panties, he'll think I fucked somebody. He'll think I've been unfaithful."

"Well, that's your problem. Go wash them out afterward."

"He'll know they've been washed out."

"I don't give a shit if he thinks you screwed the whole Russian Army; I just want you to shut up."

"Why don't you take my panties off?"


Pam unhooked her legs and set her feet on the edge of the desk. She raised her ass and said, "Take my panties off, Richard. Don't worry, I'll get back in the position after they're safe."

Richard took her panties off, then watched her get reset in her position. This time, he faced a most provocative presentation--a wide-open, slimy wet pussy. The only problem was that Pam's mouth was at the other end, saying, "Well, I suppose this means you'll rape me, now. There's nothing to stop you. I certainly won't. My husband always says, 'If confronted by a rapist, don't resist.' He also says, 'When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.' Well, I'm not resisting, and I'm lying back, ready to enjoy my rape. Go ahead, stick it in. The only thing to stop you is that silly bet, and there's no money on it, so big deal, right?"

"Shut up, Pam. It's not a silly bet, and I am determined to win. I'm not going to rape you. You are going to have to beg for it, and you will, eventually."

"You're right, I will, but not today. So get busy. Jack off. I'll be quiet."

"Look, can I at least rub the head in your slit?"

"Sure, why not. I'm not totally insensitive to your needs. You can jack off on my pussy all you want to."

"Thank you."

Richard rubbed the head of his cock through Pam's pussy lips. He rubbed up and down her sopping wet slit, returning time and again to lodge his cockhead between her lips at the hole. Her cunt lips flowed over his cockhead. As he continued jacking, more of the head slipped inside. Soon the entire head was in past her vaginal ring. She said, "Richard, I just want to say one thing, then I'll be a good girl and be quiet."

"What is it?"

"Well, if you cum inside my pussy, as it appears you are about to do; and, if you get more than half of your cock in me, like you are about to do; well, that's fucking by any definition. I just thought we should get that straightened out for the record--for the bet, you know."

Richard extracted his cock and held it up to her eyes. He grasped his rod with his right hand around the base, saying, "Okay, is this less than half. If I stick it in this far, will I be safe?"

"A little higher. A little more." With four inches of cock poking up through his fist, she said, "Yeah, that looks about right. Maybe you'd better measure, just to be sure."

Richard shook his head in disbelief, then opened his drawer and took out a ruler. He laid it along the underside of his cock (the cheater's way to measure) and read eleven inches--three inches more than if he had done it on the top side. Without waiting for her to agree, he said, "Now, half of eleven is five and one half." He took a pen and made a mark at five and a half inches down from the tip and said, "Now, as long as this water soluble mark is still here afterwards, we're safe, right?"

"Yes, but I want to check to see if it really is water soluble. I don't trust you." She examined the marker, noting the inscription, set it down, and said, "Okay, that sounds reasonable."

"Good, now can we get on with this? Now, will you promise to remain quiet until I cum and let the mark speak for itself."

Pam made a zipping motion across her tightly sealed lips. Richard shoved his cock in her pussy and made her expel a full breath in one rush of air. Before taking the plunge, he placed his left index finger over the mark on his cock and inserted most of his finger along with most of his cock. He accomplished this feat by pressing the palm flattened to his groin with the finger along the shaft. In this way, he screwed Pam until she went cross-eyed. She moaned and groaned loudly, but said not a word. They came together after a rigorous screwing. When he pulled out, he showed her the mark, saying, "There, are you satisfied?"

She looked at him with dreamy, passion-glazed eyes and said, "Yes, I'm very satisfied."

Richard smiled, then said, "Now, can I jack off in your cunt from now on?"

"I suppose, as long as we measure and mark. I'll have to call my husband to find out, though. It's too late for this time, but he might not want you to do it again. I don't think he'll mind, as long as you use a condom. You shouldn't have cum in my pussy. I never said you could do that, but since we weren't fucking, I guess there's no harm done; at least, not as far as the bet goes. There will be a lot of harm done if you get me pregnant, though. Phil has a low sperm count. He can't knock me up. He'll know it isn't his. That would piss him off. Let me talk to him, okay?"

Richard slid the phone to her. She remained in her position, playing fingers through her soupy cunt lips. When she got Phil on the line, Richard pressed his ear to the receiver. "Hi, honey, this is Pam. I've done a bad thing."

"You let that Richard guy screw you, didn't you?"

"No, but I did let him jack off on my pussy. He just finished doing it."

"He did, did he? Where are you?"

"In his office, lying on his desk."

"In your position, no doubt."

"That's right."

"Is he still there?"

"Yes. He's watching his cum leak out of my pussy and onto his desk. He's looking for something to wipe it up with. Can he use my panties?"

"Yeah, he might as well; he used your pussy."

Pam made as if to be talking to Richard, saying into the mouthpiece, "My husband said you can wipe up your sperm with my panties. He said it's okay since you used my pussy. Honey, Richard really wants to fuck me bad. He's been after me all day to let him. I kept telling him that I couldn't let him, not until you say he can. I told him you said no, but he keeps after me. I couldn't stand to see him suffering any longer, so I let him jack off in my vagina. I know, I should have called first, but we got carried away."

"In your pussy? I thought you said he jacked off on it."

"In it, on it, same difference. Do you forgive me?"

"Yes, I forgive you."

"Honey, Richard wants to know if he can jack off in my cunt whenever he gets horny from now on. Can he?"

"Just what do you mean by that?"

"My cunt, it's just another word for my vagina."

"I know what your cunt is; how does he jack off in it?"

"He only puts half of his cock inside my pussy; we figure that's not real fucking."

"You don't, huh? Okay, but how do you control that?"

"I don't control it. All I do is open my legs real wide."

"You are being obtuse, Pam."

"Oh, is that what they call it when your legs are drawn so far back that you can see your own butt hole?"

"How do you control the depth of penetration of his penis in your vagina?"

"Oh, you want to know how we keep from fucking, right? Well, we measured his cock and made a mark half way up, a mark with a water soluble marking pen. I checked to make certain it was water soluble; I wasn't born yesterday. It says water soluble marker right on the side, and I watched him use that same pen to put the mark on his dick. My pussy was super wet the whole time he was fucking ... I mean, jacking off in me. When he was done, the mark was still there, so I guess he keeps his word."

"You guess. You can see your butt hole, but you have to guess whether or not he cheated. You said he was fucking you. Why did you say that at first?"

"It was a slip. I thought he was fucking me, because I thought I felt a big pair of balls banging me in the ass every time he pushed in. I couldn't see anything because my eyes went cross-eyed when he first put his big cock in my very wet pussy; and besides, once he got going real good, my tears blurred everything. You've heard that expression, 'getting fucked to tears.' I know where that comes from, now, only I was jacked-off-in-the-pussy to tears."

"Yeah, how long did his cock measure?"

"Eleven inches. He put the mark at five and a quarter, just to be sure less than half went inside. That's high enough, isn't it?"

"Five and a quarter is half? That's bigger than me."

"Yeah, I know. Half of Richard's cock is an inch bigger than all of yours, and his cock shaft is more than twice as thick. The head of his cock is three times as big as yours."

"You want this pretty badly, don't you?"

"Oh, yes. I want it real bad. I want all of it real bad; but of course, you know that. Every time you stick your prick in me, I tell you how much I wish it were Richard's cock. I wish you'd reconsider letting me work as his whore. He said you'd get free pussy as long as you behaved yourself and didn't interfere with his business. That seems more than reasonable to me; after all, he could charge you to fuck your own wife if I was his whore."

From the sounds coming through the receiver, it was clear that her husband was jacking off. With a voice that sounded as though it were coming through a window fan, he said, "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"What, me being his whore, or you having to pay money to fuck me?"

"Me having to pay to fuck my own wife's pussy."

"Oh, yes, I love it. I mean, what woman wants to fuck a guy with a four inch prick for free. I told Richard he should charge you extra, since he didn't have to worry about losing your business."

"And you'd make sure I paid, every time, wouldn't you?"

"Up front, and to Richard personally, in cash."

Pam took the phone from her ear while her husband had his climax. She cupped the mouthpiece and said, "I think he's in a good mood. Keep your fingers crossed."

When the heavy, staccato breathing stopped, Pam said, "You made a mess, didn't you?"

"Yes, a big one. Pam, why do you keep calling my penis a prick and Richard's penis a cock. They both mean the same thing, but you never mix us up. Mine is always a prick; his is always a cock."

"They are not the same thing, trust me. Look, it's like the difference between a needle and a club. A needle can prick you. A club can cold cock you. A club can't prick you, and a needle can't cold cock you. Do you get it, now?"

"Yes. Sorry I asked."

"My pussy feels pricked after you and cold cocked after Richard. I guess that's why I never get the two mixed up."

"Pam, I think Funk and Wagnalls could use your services."

"Do they have a big, horny cocks, too?"

"You're cracking me up, Pam."

"Well, can Richard jack off in my pussy when he wants to?"

"Yeah, I suppose so, but keep that mark where it is, and make him measure each time. I don't want him stretching you out."

"He will anyway, unless you make us set the mark less than four inches. Please don't do that. You know, you are going about this all wrong. The head of his cock is the thickest part by far. If you are only concerned about stretching, you should make him use the back part of my pussy to jack off in, you know, that part you never use. You should make him play in the deep end."

"I wasn't born yesterday, either. No, you keep him out of the deep end. That's my god damned pool, even if I can't swim in the whole thing. Put the mark at six inches down from the tip. I'm not going to split hairs."

"Good, let Richard split hairs. He splits them right down the middle real good."

"Pam, you're a nut case. Look, I have to go. I'll be waiting for you. Don't worry about cum in your panties from now on. It seems pointless to check you for semen if you're going to be providing this kind of service."

"That's right. There will always be sperm leaking from my pussy when I get home from now on. It's a good thing you trust me, huh?"

"Yeah, good thing. I'll see ya, bye."

Pam hung up, looked to Richard, and said, "Well, you heard him. My husband says you can jack off in my pussy all you want. Since he didn't restrict that to work, I'll assume you can drop by the apartment any time you get the urge to dump a load of sperm in my husband's pool."

"Are you serious?"

"I'm dead serious. You heard him. He can't take it back; I won't let him. We both made solemn promises to each other before we got married never to lie to each other or go back on our word. We both take that vow very seriously, that's why I can't let you fuck me until he grants permission. If he hadn't made me promise specifically not to fuck you, I would have long ago.

"One other thing you should know, he forgot to mention condoms. I'm not on the pill, and I won't get on the pill. That's the main reason he wouldn't let you fuck me. I hate condoms. It's the reason he checks for sperm. I don't know whether he forgot to mention it, or if he screwed up, but I'm going to hold him to that, too. He knew you came in my pussy, and his silence is consent. That's a rule we have. I gave him the opening, twice, just to be sure. I told him your sperm was leaking out of my pussy; and then, later, I said I'd always be coming home with sperm leaking out of my pussy. I said it that way for a reason. He must have been preoccupied with something."

"Yeah, like four inches of something."

"If sperm count means anything at all, and it does, you are going to be the daddy of his first child. That will drive him nuts, or maybe not. I'm not sure, now."

"I agree with him; you are nuts, Pam."

"I'm nuts about a man with an eleven-inch cock and a high sperm count. And I do love the way you jack off in a girl's pussy. It felt like the whole thing was inside me. Why, I could even imagine your big balls slapping my ass on every in-stroke, and your cock seemed to get bigger the further it went in." She smiled devilishly, the said, "Strange, huh?"

"Yeah, strange how the mind plays tricks on you."

"Speaking of strange, you know Phil and I had been screwing almost daily for three years without protection. After the wedding, I went for a checkup to see why I wasn't getting pregnant. Turns out, I was still a virgin. I still had my hymen. That wasn't the reason, but we didn't find that out until he got checked. Shit, do you realize that most of my pussy is virgin territory. At least, I think it is. Look, whatever you're doing, don't change when you do it in front of my husband. As long as that mark is still there afterward, he can't say a thing. That was our agreement, and he said you can put the mark at six inches down from the tip."

"Come on, Pam. I won the bet, and you know it. I didn't use force, and you know damned well that we were ..."

Pam pressed her fingers to his lips, saying, "Don't say it, Richard. I mean it. I made my husband a promise that I have to keep. If you promise never to say that word in these sessions, I'll trust you to tell me if the mark is still there. My hubby won't trust you, but here at school, I will. I'm sorry, but that's the only way I can look him in the eye and say I'm keeping my word. I know it sounds silly to you, but that's the way I am. I will take your word for it that you will only put half of your cock inside my pussy, that you're not actually fucking me, and that you are not actually fucking my pussy with all of your cock. I know how the mind plays tricks on you, making a girl think a big pair of balls are crammed up against her ass when that isn't possible with only half a cock inside her. Can't we come to an agreement?"

"So how can I ever win the bet if I keep you satisfied?"

"You can't win this bet, Richard. I already told you, Hal's going to win. Why don't you just concede the damn thing, then I can get on with fucking him. I can fuck my boss. Phil already agreed to that. Once my husband adjusts to me getting screwed by another man, the next step will be easier, getting him to consent to letting me have one more, then maybe I can be a whore for you. I want that, Richard. I want to make him pay for my pussy. It turns us both on, but he's not yet ready for the reality. You heard him, though, he's close."

"Yeah, well Richard Wright doesn't concede anything. You go ahead and play all the games you want with your tiny-dicked spouse, but that's the last real cock your horny twat's going to get until you break down and beg for it. And by the way, I screwed you with my finger covering the mark, but I won't count this one. Those were my balls crammed against your ass. No, I want there to be no doubt in anyone's mind, least of all, yours. Deny it all you want, baby, but when hubby asks if you let me screw you, you're lying if you say you didn't. Deal with that."

"You men and your stupid male egos. I'll never understand you. Here I am, offering you my pussy on a silver platter, and all you can think about is winning that stupid bet. All right, Richard, the war is on. We'll see who outlasts the other, but for the record, I did not let you screw me. You screwed me, yes, I admit that. I admit that I knew all along, but I never said you could. All I agreed to was to let you jack off in my twat. As far as I'm concerned, I did not let you screw me. Since Phil and I already discussed this instance, he won't ask about it again. Oh, he'll talk about it, but only in the context of it being a half-penetration jack-off. There won't be another, and there won't be any begging. Pam Reynolds does not beg."

"And you say you don't understand the male ego. You've got it bad, but you don't have it right. You'll beg, and I give you a week, maybe two, tops."

"I'll beg, but not for your cock. I'll beg for Hal's. Maybe you'd like to watch. You can jerk off while you lose."

"Yeah, I'll jerk off while you lose your job. Go on, Pam. Walk in his office and beg for his cock. He doesn't want your tired, old, baggy pussy. He wants to protect his image. You pull a stunt like that, and he'll make a public example of you. Do it. Come on, let's go in there right now."

The fight went out of Pam. She knew her bluff had been called. With Richard unhooking her legs, then dragging her off his desk, she cried, "All right, you saw through me. I won't beg him. I won't even come on to him."

Richard turned loose of her arm and stood back smiling. He said, "You're fucked, and you know it."

"Maybe, but I'm not ready to beg. I can't, Richard, not until I can get Phil to let me off my promise. It doesn't matter how much I want it, I can't and won't break my promise. We will be in a stalemate unless Hal breaks it by screwing me. If you won't loosen up my husband, then maybe Hal will. That's the only way. Richard, why can't we play the game? It was fun, wasn't it? We shouldn't be torturing each other all day when we could be having fun."

Richard thought hard, and said, "Well ..."

Pam's expression brightened. She smiled and said, "I have lots of talents besides my pussy. You've never seen me naked, or even seen my tits. I'd get naked for you. Here, look."

Richard stood back and watched Pam hurry out of her clothes. She kicked off her pumps, then stood tall, chest out, holding out her coconut half-shell size titties while rolling the long, hard nipples between thumb and forefingers, saying, "I have nice titties, don't you think? Do you like long nipples? I like them hurt. You can put teeth marks in them or pinch as hard as you can. You like fucking the girls in the ass. Feel my ass, Richard."

Pam turned and offered her ass in a leg-parted half-squat with her hands on her knees. She looked back over her shoulder while jutting out her ass, saying, "Put your finger up my asshole. Feel it. You can jerk off in there, too."

Richard's hands roamed her creamy ass cheeks. He wet a finger in her pussy, then put it to her anus. With the touch of a finger tip, it swelled up like a blossoming rosebud. The finger went right in, all the way, like a hot knife in a tub of warm lard. The anal ring closed on his finger and sucked like a mouth, only better. Pam said, "Imagine how that would feel on your cock, especially if I'm not checking the mark afterward, and I won't ever check, not here, and certainly not at my apartment. If he wants to check, that's his prerogative. If there is none, he'll have to take that up with you. I'd be off the hook."

"Yeah, and what would happen if the mark was gone?"

"In my opinion, he'll see one anyway. He's already whipped, if you ask me. He won't get angry, if that's what you're thinking, and he can't stop us from doing it again. So, what's the big deal. Come on, Richard. Let's play, not squabble. You can win the bet that way. After he caves in and says we can screw, I'll beg in front of the whole office staff. You can screw me in front of Hal."

"Okay, but I want to jack off in your ass right now."

"Is the mark still there?"

"Yes, the mark's still there."

"Good, then get that cock, or the front half anyway, in my ass."

Richard sank his cock in her pussy to the balls, grabbing her by the hips and grinding their loins together for emphasis. Pam purred, "Oh, my, that feels just like you are swimming in the deep end. That feels just like fucking, but I know that can't be. My mind is playing tricks on me again."

Richard withdrew and pressed the head of his cock to her asshole. Like before, it swelled and opened, but unlike with a finger, he had to push his way inside. Once past her anal ring, he slid steadily in to the balls. Pam reached between her legs and pressed his ball sack to her pussy, saying, "Wow, it even feels that way when you jack off in my ass with only half of your cock inside. It feels just like you are all the way inside, but again, that's not possible, right, Richard?"

"Yeah, right, Pam. You keep on thinking that while you stuff my balls up your twat."

Richard fucked her rolling pelvis, taking long, deep stokes, letting Pam's asshole milk his cock. She cooed and moaned, grinding her ass back hard on the deep strokes. He gripped her hips and pulled back hard, then reached around to take her nipples in each hand, twisting and pinching the nipples terribly hard. Pam only ground her ass harder and made pained groans of pleasure. Moments later, he came in her ass as Pam rubbed her clit to a powerful orgasm. As he stood still, deep inside her, Pam smiled over her shoulder, saying, "See how fun I can be."

"Yes, Pam, you are a barrel of fucking monkeys. I just hope that husband of yours likes monkeys."

"He'll learn to like them. He's in training to like them. Seeing this will make him a big-time monkey fan. Trust me on this, Richard. Do me a favor, though, always pull out of my ass and cum in my pussy when he's watching."

"You'll get a nasty infection that way."

"I know, I've been through that. My twat has been conditioned. I used to have a sick thing about my shit when I was younger. I used to stuff my turds up my cunt. I guess I built up an immunity or a tolerance to it. Don't worry about infections. I haven't had any in years."

"Are you still into shit?"

"It was just a phase I went through. Why, are you into it?"

"Not really, not other than being balls deep in it. I've never gone from asshole to pussy before. That will be nice. Mind if I do it, now? I'm still semi-hard."

"Sure, be my guest. Remember the mark."

"Yeah, right." He withdrew from her ass and slid effortlessly into her pussy. He sawed in and out, lazily, feeling his erection slowly recovering."

Pam cooed, "Uhhhh, that's nice. Clean your dick in my pussy. That's what I do for hubby after he butt-fucks me; I clean his dick with my cunt. That's usually how I get off, by grinding my cunt on his softening dick. I can see yours doesn't go soft very easily, even after two cums. Oh, Richard, I just had a great idea. I know how we'll handle this. You put it in my ass, only to the mark. Make sure he sees that. Let me do all the work. When you're ready to cum, just pull out and put it in my cunt, again, only to the mark. Jack off; fill my pussy, then turn to him to get confirmation that the mark is there. After he confirms that it is, and that we lived up to the agreement, I'll ask him if I can clean your dick for you. I know he'll say yes, and a dick cleaning requires me to clean the whole thing. I'll be able to take you all the way in. I'll clean the fuck out of your dick."

"Yeah, literally."

"I'll clean your dick like no dick has ever been cleaned, all the while, he'll be watching your hard cock sliding in and out of my spermy pussy. It will be the longest dick cleaning he ever saw. You just let me do all the work. I want to see if he says anything when he can see we are fucking and going for another cum. You don't move a muscle. It won't be you fucking me; it will be me fucking you. I'll make that painfully obvious under the pretext of giving your cock a good washing in my cunt. I'll be able to change positions, get on and off, everything.

"Since he expects me to go for my cum while doing a cleaning service; and since I am very vocal, and always say nasty things, sometimes hurtful things, sexually demeaning to him, talking about other men, or lately, whoring for you, it will be the perfect excuse to rub his nose in it. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he gets off on everything I say. He loves the way I put down his little dick, and he usually cums when I talk about being your whore and making him pay for my pussy. You'll love it this way, Richard. Please, can we do this my way?"

"I think it sounds great. My part is easy. Sure, when?"

"Are you kidding, tonight, of course."

"We'd better make that tomorrow night. I'm through for the day. Tomorrow, if you want a lot of semen to slide around on, you'd better cool it as well."

"Oh, yes, I certainly do. Okay, then it's tomorrow night. We have a date. Let's make it for nine-thirty. We screw right after the early night news. If you interrupted our fucking to take over, that would be marvelous. Make it nine-thirty-five."

"Do you want to synchronize watches or something?"

"No, just give me a few minutes to get him going without getting him off. He goes slow, so there's plenty of leeway, at least fifteen minutes' worth. Just don't be early. No girl likes a man who comes early."

He laughed and said, "Especially when he's going to be fucking her in front of her husband. I'll be there at nine-thirty-five on the dot."

* * *

Richard was a punctual man. Pam was naked, on her back with her legs spread, eating an apple while her naked husband jack-hammered his diminutive penis in her unresponsive vagina, accustomed to her shows of total disinterest, except when she used his deflated member to rub off on. It was all part of their new game, and he obviously enjoyed his sex that way. He was going like gang busters as she watched the last number on the digital bedside clock change from a four to a five. A few seconds later, their door bell rang. Pam heaved up, tossing Phil to the floor. She sprang from the bed as he got up. Phil said, "What's with you? Who the hell is calling at this hour?"

As she headed for the door, she called out, "That's Richard."

He grabbed her and roughly spun her around, halting her progress. She stood innocently, staring into his eyes. He said, "Why do you think it's Richard?"

"Well, you said he could jack off in me whenever he wanted to. Who else could it be?"

"I didn't say he could come here and do it."

"You said anytime, same thing." The bell rang again. She said, "I have to answer that."

"But ..."

"No buts, Phil. A promise is a promise. That's what you said, so that's what I told him. I said stop by anytime. Well, this is the time he chose, sorry."

"Pam, no, not here, not now."

"Let me go, Phil."

The bell rang twice in succession. "Pam, put something on at least."

"Why? It's only Richard. He's seen me naked before. Come on, let me go. He's waiting. He needs me."

Phil released her, then watched her from the hall as she walked right up and flung the door open. She stood before the overweight and balding assistant principal. She melted into his embrace, their mouths sealed in a passionate kiss while Richard tightly gripped her ass cheeks and ground his cock at her pussy, still standing in the open doorway where anybody could see them. As they shuffled inside, locked in their embrace, Richard kicked the door shut behind him. Phil scrambled back to the bedroom.

Richard caught him out of the corner of his eye, then broke the kiss, saying, "He's gone."

They broke apart. Pam went for his belt, saying, "Hurry, get naked. He's hot, Richard. I don't want him to cool off one degree. He's still in shock. We have to move fast."

Richard was out of his clothes in no time, sporting a rampant erection from the lewd kiss. Pam took hold of his cock and led him to her bedroom. When they entered, Phil was sitting up in bed with the sheet drawn up to his nipples. His eyes reflected disbelief at the vision they presented as his lovely wife led the man by his cock to his side of the bed.

Pam led Richard to stand before Phil at his head. With Richard's knees pressed against the mattress and with eight and a half inches of cock sticking straight out from his groin in Phil's face. Phil had to lean back out of the way, watching his wife's hand slowly sliding the skin up and back while aiming it at his face. He could see that the man was no eleven-incher, but easily three times the volume of his own member. He could not help but shrink back under that powerful show of masculinity, especially with his wife so openly fawning over it, making a fool of him.

Pam said, "Isn't this a magnificent cock, Phil? Have you ever seen anything like this?" Phil shook his head. "Now do you see why I go all weak in the knees just thinking about it? Now you know why I'm always talking about Richard's cock, don't you? Now, you know why I call yours a prick or a peter. This is a cock, Phil. This is what a woman wants between her legs, not a prick, certainly not a peter like yours. Look, honey, you can still see the mark from this afternoon. See, I've been a good wife, haven't I?" Phil saw the faint blue line, two thirds the way down the shaft, but nodded anyway.

"It's five and a half. Oh, we get to add another half inch, don't we? Phil, hand me that marking pen. I brought that home just in case he stopped by."

Phil handed her the pen. She raised the cock straight up. From the underside, the mark did look to be half way, but half way from the start of the scrotum. Clearly, they used the cheater's measure, but he wasn't about to argue. Nor did he squabble when Pam placed the tip of the pen an inch below the other line and said, "Is that about a half inch, Phil? You know how bad we girls are at estimating measures." Phil nodded, then watched Pam slip another quarter inch while drawing a mark all the way around. She handed back the pen, saying, "Now, he can put it in me this far, right?" Staring at the blue ring, almost seven inches down on an eight-inch cock, intended to represent the mid-point, looked absurd, but Phil nodded again.

"I wish you'd let him go ahead and fuck me all the way, Phil. I do love what I'm getting, but I want it all, so badly. I wish we could fuck like normal people. I so wish you'd let me be his whore. I would be such a good whore for him."

Phil said his first words, saying, "I'm sure you would, but I couldn't live with it. Be satisfied that I am willing to go this far. I don't like this at all, Pam. You tricked me into this."

"Not really. I told you everything. The only thing I did bad was letting him jack off in my pussy without calling first. I'll admit, that was pretty bad, especially since I'm not on any birth control. I did tell you that he ejaculated his sperm into my pussy. You remember me telling you that, don't you?"

"Yes, I remember. That doesn't make it right."

"No, but you forgave me. That means it is all better, all forgiven. You can't hold that against me, so where did I trick you?"

"All right, you didn't trick me, but you didn't make yourself clear. You led me to believe ..."

"No, Phil, you believed what you wanted to believe. I had nothing to do with that. I'll bet you believe I'll make him wear a condom, too, don't you. Well you're wrong. Silence is consent. That's our rule. You knew he was cumming in my unprotected pussy. You could have said something, but you didn't. As far as I am concerned, you consented to let me have all of the sperm I can get out of this cock as long as we don't go past the blue line, and that's exactly what I intend to do from now on. I can only assume you understand the consequences of permitting a man to deposit his seed in your wife's fertile pussy. You understand the consequences, don't you, Phil? The womb is in the deep end of the pussy pool, but those little sperms are good swimmers."

"Yes, Pam, I'm not stupid. It just never dawned on me you would do this."

"Well, it should have dawned on you. I must have said a thousand times, 'I wish I had a big cock with a high sperm count.' I didn't say 'your cock'; besides, when I said, 'big cock,' that should have tipped you off that I wasn't talking about your little prick. Honey, I'm not saying that to be mean, but it is true. You do have a small penis. That's not your fault. And we now know that it won't make me any babies. You knew I wanted a big family when you married me. You're not really mad at me, are you?"

"I'm not happy with you, but I'm not angry."

Pam recognized the signs of her husband's mounting passions, despite his pretense of displeasure. She reached out and touched the sheet, saying, "Let me show Richard; he won't laugh. You don't need to feel ashamed around him."

She pulled gently. Phil let the sheet fall away, but shyly crossed his legs and covered his dick with his hands. Pam climbed over him and straddled his chest, facing his feet with her crotch in his face. She gently pried his hands off his hard peter and said, "Look, Richard. Isn't this sad? How is any girl expected to get sexual satisfaction from a dick like this."

Richard moved down to Phil's hips and peered over. He took Phil's dick in his hand and fondled its stiffness, saying, "That is a pretty small dick. Look, my thumb is thicker. You poor thing."

Pam eased Phil's legs apart. They parted wide with little pressure as his knees bent and drew up. He laid spread out like a lab frog for their humiliating inspection, thankful that their eyes were not on his red face. He took perverse pleasure in the way the man's heavy fingers handled his dick, and from Pam's hand as it played disrespectfully with his nut sack, saying, "And look at this. He hardly has balls at all. Is it any wonder he has one of the lowest sperm counts on record in the county. Thirteen-year-old boys have higher counts. Of course, they have bigger dicks and balls than he does."

This went on and on, all the while, Phil was staring at his wife's pussy as it hovered near his face. She knew exactly how to tease him with it. She knew how much he liked looking at it while she played with herself as she was doing with her free hand. He'd never seen it look so hot and inviting as her fingers rolled in the folds and her juices dripped on his chest. Her anal ring blew kisses at him like a puckered mouth. Even her ass was hot. He couldn't wait to see them both being penetrated by Richard's cock.

More than anything, Phil wanted to give Pam her total sexual freedom. He secretly wanted her to whore for Richard as well. What he didn't want was the right to let her. He wanted that right to be stripped away from him by her. He wanted her to take it, wrest it away, demand her right to a full and satisfying sex life. Granting permission gave him power that he didn't want; otherwise, he would have acceded to her wishes from the start. When she called to say she took it upon herself to let a man cum (or jack off in her pussy), he was elated. He rewarded her by telling her it was okay and forgiven.

As their sexual relationship opened up to this new novelty of cheating, Phil discovered his joy at being the sexually disabled husband married to a sluttish and demanding wife. Their words of sympathy and pity, their open discussion about his tiny penis, was like sensuous, sweet music to his ears.

Phil's subservient streak was as big a surprise to her as to him. Married only six months when she took the job at the school, they were still in the experimental stage of their relationship. Every day, she came back with new ideas and new stories. She told stories about the men and boys who came on to her, especially stories about Richard and his school girl whores.

Things rapidly progressed from there, until he sat waiting to watch a big-dicked older man stick his cock into his wife's ass or cunt, and pour his seed in the womb set aside by law as his for the purpose of breeding his offspring. He didn't know he had a crippling low sperm count until Pam had him tested. They were both devastated by the news; they wanted to start a family right away.

Their conversation earlier was the first time they talked openly about it outside the context of a sexual fantasy that Pam, more and more, became obsessed with. When she talked about a man screwing her, she made constant references to huge, unrealistic amounts of sperm, always flooding her fertile womb. They were hints, bold hints, that let him know she was thinking the unthinkable--of her bearing another man's child and presenting him that child for him to call his own.

He didn't like thinking about it, but she kept the topic on the front burner during their nightly sex sessions, making references to the pregnancy that always resulted from a rape or her duty to sexually serve her boss. There was never any mention of aborting the child; instead, she talked about the bastard she'd hand him. When he never questioned her afterward, she became more open and direct in future fantasy sessions, making references to red-headed babies, or black babies, that their mere presence in the large family she wanted would be a constant reminder of her infidelity and expose him to public ridicule by a simple family walk in the park. Oddly, he found these fantasies most exciting of all, and she picked up on that right away.

It, therefore, came as no surprise when she said, "I'm going after all the sperm I can get from this cock." Phil and Richard were as different, physically, as a zebra is to a porcupine. The product of their union would not look like him in any way. One look at Richard told him that she wasn't simply fantasizing. She wanted her fantasy lived out in the children she bore him. This, surprisingly, turned him on.

His wife and her lover toyed with a straining, rigid, little dick, on the verge of discharging a crew of shallow water swimmers so that they could humiliate him further by counting them as they went belly up on his belly. Unfortunately, Pam wasn't in a counting mood. She saw what was coming, and released him, then had Richard release him. She drained the pool when she said, "We better get started. It's getting late."

She climbed off and sat at Phil's side. Looking into his eyes with a serious expression, her hand lightly brushing hair from his forehead, Pam said, "Honey, I want to talk serious, now. Can we get serious for a few minutes. Do you need a few deep breaths?"

Phil studied her serious countenance, then sat up, matching her expression. He said, "I'm fine, go ahead."

"I mean it, Phil, this isn't more fantasy stuff. This is real life. I want to talk about this with Richard here. I want to talk about having a baby, his baby. I want a baby; we want a baby. Richard can give us one. He's willing to plant his seed, then step out of the picture. It will be ours, all ours, no strings attached, right, Richard?"

Richard was caught off guard by the intimate moment between two newlyweds who genuinely loved each other, wanted a family, but had a real problem that he could help with. He said, "She's right, Phil. I'd never make a claim on the child. The child would never know I was the biological father unless you told."

"See, Phil. We can start a family, our family. I want that more than anything. I want to start a family with you, my husband. I love you, and only you, and I will forever. Nothing will ever change that. I don't care one flip about your penis size. You know very well that it satisfies me; and I know that it satisfies you. Your penis is not a problem for us. Its ability to procreate is. We are going to need help from men like Richard, and they are harder to find than you think. Richard is perfect. He's easy to talk to, easy to get down with, minds his own business, has his own family, loves his wife, and he doesn't want more kids. You don't feel uncomfortable with Richard, do you?"

"No, at least, not anymore."

"That's why I asked him to come here tonight. I wanted you to witness, first hand, what we do. I want you to see that we aren't lovers, we are not carrying on an office romance, we are just very intimate friends who want to help each other out. I want you to see how we do that without it turning into something seedy and sick. I help him get off, and he gets off where it will do us some good. It's fast, businesslike; in fact, we hardly touch each other except where we must. It's all over before I warm up. We are two friends helping each other out, period."

"Honey, I understand. I appreciate the fact that you felt the need to share that, but it wasn't necessary. I'm okay by this. I want you to have a baby. I know you can't have one by me. I accept that. I have for some time, now."

"Good, then let's go into the living room. I want you to get comfortable and watch from the sofa. If getting dressed will help, go ahead. It isn't necessary, but we'll wait if you want."

"No, I'm over my shyness. Who wouldn't be? Let's go."

The trio walked casually into the living room. Phil sat on the sofa. Pam placed a chair cushion on the low coffee table, then knelt on it on all fours so that her ass was directly before Phil, turned slightly his way. She said, "Okay, Richard, use either hole, but let Phil see the point of entry. Don't block his view. Start when you want. I'm ready."

Richard stroked his manhood, then stepped close as Pam said, "This afternoon, I was in my favorite position when we did this, but the second time, we decided it would be best if we weren't looking at each other. That way, he can pretend he is doing it to whomever he wants, and I can pretend it's you doing me. I want to at least pretend it's you I'm conceiving our child with."

Phil's cock laid limply in his groin. Richard wet his cock in Pam's pussy with little fanfare and no outward response from Pam. It was all very mechanical. He then poised his cockhead at her anal opening. The anus puckered out to receive him, and Pam groaned as the bulbous head forced its way inside. She expelled a long breath when the crown passed through her anal ring. Richard moved in until the blue line was less than one inch from her flesh, then stood stock still. Pam rocked gently forward, then back. Richard rested his palm on her ass, applying pressure when she neared the line. With his right hand, he held the base of his cock, and began jacking off in the short space he had to work in.

As Pam showed signs of deriving pleasure from the penetration, as she moaned and made cooing sounds as it slid in and out, Phil's cock stirred. When he could see her asshole munching on the man's cock, blood rushed in to fill it. Pam observed this with sidelong glances to his crotch and paced her aroused reaction to match Phil's. After a few minutes, her movements were strong and sensuous. Richard had to stop her rearward plunges with a stiff forearm block. The two appeared to be at odds, Pam wanting the cock in all the way, Richard trying to prevent her. Adding to the comical sight, Richard was jacking off. His hand motion intensified and he warned, "I'm almost there."

Pam looked over her shoulder, her face a mask of passion, crying out, "Put it in my pussy, hurry!"

Pam's upper body fell to the cushion, her ass thrust up, her back bowed in sharply making a well of her vagina. Her hands gripped the edges of the coffee table, the side of her face rested on the cushion facing Phil with a look of pure lust, eyes staring off in space. Richard had to angle his cock down to slip his stiff rod into her pussy. Once set to the mark, he resumed his jacking. Pam's pelvis undulated on the inches within her.

Phil's cock demanded his attention. While his wife moaned her impassioned pleasure, Phil beat his meat. Pam watched through slitted eyes, then cried out, "Yes! Richard! Fuck my pussy. Cum in my cunt, Richard."

Pam's incriminating outcry had Phil pounding his cock. Richard had his hands full trying to beat his meat while preventing Pam from skewering herself on his bone. Watching her husband madly whacking off, Richard debated letting her go, ending the charade there and then. He held back because he thought better of letting her continue on with her original idea. The sperm boiled up from his balls and shot forth a strong initial jet that Pam felt. She cried, "Oh! Yes! Spray my womb, Richard!"

Her cunt sucked the jism from the jetting cock. She pulled her body forward and back on the coffee table, her white knuckled hands gripping the table's edges. Each jet she received brought forth more obscene responses. She cried, "Fuck a baby in me, Richard. Fuck your baby in me. Make a bastard in me, sweetheart. Oh, darling, please fuck me! Shove it in to the balls and plant your seed deep."

Phil's cock erupted and sprayed his thin emission everywhere. Like a fountain that blew up, sperm rained down on him. When he caught his breath, Pam was catching hers. She languished on the end of Richard's cock with a dreamy-eyed expression of contentment, still oblivious to his presence. He had to wonder if she even remembered the words she'd cried out in her moment of passion. Those exciting words echoed in his brain, "Fuck a baby in me, Richard. Fuck your baby in me. Make a bastard in me, sweetheart. Oh, darling, please fuck me! Shove it in to the balls and plant your seed deep."

The words, "darling" and "sweetheart" and "we're only friends" sent ripples of wicked delight though his body. He recalled, "I only think of you, Phil," then thought, "Sure you do, you luscious little hypocrite. You never once thought of me, you precious, horny, little slut. You forgot I was even in the room."

Through lids that were half closed, their eyes met. She smiled the smile of a satisfied woman, then opened her eyes as if noticing his discharge for the first time. Her eyes wandered his body, settled on his spent prick, looked up, then said, "Did you enjoy watching?"

"It was entertaining, yes."

"Is the line still there?"

Richard held his hands up as if a gun were in his back. The line showed clearly a fraction of an inch from her clinging vaginal lips. Phil said, "Yes, it's still there, high and dry. He does keep his word."

"See, I told you. Do you feel better about it now?"

"Yes, I'm glad you let me watch. I'm fine with this now. You have my full blessing and support. I want the baby, Pam."

"Oh, Phil, you don't know how pleased I am to hear you say those words. It will be our child, yours and mine, conceived in love. I thought only of you the entire time. It was you and me, making love."

Richard had to force back his smile. Phil avoided looking at him and had to force back his own smile while looking lovingly in his wife's eyes to say, "I know, dear. I did the same. I pretended it was me making love to you."

Pam smiled warmly and thought, "You wish, you dreamer. You haven't seen making love ... Yet!" Instead, she softly said, "Honey, Richard was in my ass."

"Yes, I'm well aware of that. You'd like to clean his penis for him, I suppose?"

"Can I? He is a special guest in our home. I'll behave. I won't fuck, I'll just clean it off real good. It's not even hard anymore."

"You want to have an orgasm, don't you?"

Pam stared back dreamily, bashfully, and meekly said, "Can I?"

"Yes, dear. Go ahead." He looked to Richard and said, "You'll like this. This is something that Pam excels at, cock washing after anal sex. It's a real treat, for her as well."

Pam said, "I'll need to clean it all."

"I understand, Pam. Don't worry about the mark. Clean it off; just try not to get carried away."

"I won't. I just want to do this for Richard. I'll try to get off while I'm doing it. At times it might look like fucking. Is that all right? I mean, you can't really fuck with a spent penis, right?"

"Honey, I know what it looks like. You just do a good job, and have yourself an orgasm with my blessing."

Pam disengaged herself from Richard, then got off the coffee table to stand before her husband with her feet together. Cum poured from her abused pussy hole to cascade down both inner thighs. Phil's eyes were riveted to her crotch as she said, "Thank you so much for being so open and understanding." Since she couldn't get him to look up, she looked down as well, saying, "This must be an obscene sight for a husband to have to see. I hope this doesn't hurt you seeing another man's sperm flowing from my vagina like this. I shouldn't have gotten up. I guess I wasn't thinking."

"It's all right, Pam, but if you want to get pregnant, you're supposed to keep it inside for as long as possible."

"I know, but I'm not ovulating. This is just a practice session. Next week will be the real thing. Are you sure you don't mind seeing his sperm pouring out of my pussy?"

"No, I don't mind. Besides, I'll just have to adjust, won't I?"

Pam parted her knees and peeled open her lips, saying, "I mean, there's so much of it. I was afraid it might make you feel bad, you know, inadequate as a man." She cupped one hand under her hole as a thick flow emerged and puddled in her palm. She formed a scoop with her fingers and dragged them up through her slit, gathering more. She held her hand up to Phil's eyes with the palm stretched out, fingers pointing down near his lips, saying, "Look at this, Phil. That's just what was at the mouth of my vagina. There's still plenty more inside. This, alone, is twice as much sperm as you shoot after a three day rest."

As Pam spoke, the mass of sperm slid down her fingers. She slyly held her finger tips just above his upper lip, so that as she got out the last sentence, the mass passed from her fingers to Phil's upper lip. Phil squinted his eyes as the warm, viscous mass touched his skin, then flowed over his lip. Pam put on a great show of surprise and cried, "Oh, my god! Oh, Phil, I am so sorry. This is awful. How careless of me. Here, hold still; I'll try to scoop it back up."

Phil held still, his face a deep red blush as Pam used that same hand to 'scoop up' the sperm. All she managed to do was get it in his mouth, transfer what was left in her hand to his face, and smear it around, all the while earnestly saying, "Oh, damn, I went and got some in your mouth. Now that is something no husband should have to endure. It's bad enough to have to see another man's sperm pouring out of your wife's pussy, but to get it shoved in your mouth after it's been in her pussy ... yuck! Just the thought of that makes me want to puke. Damn! I went and did it again."

Richard stood to the side with a good view of Pam's performance. She did manage to scoop some sperm on her finger, but then that finger ended up between Phil's slack lips and got wiped clean in the corner of his mouth while she was saying, "Oh, shit. I'm just making matters worse. I'm just getting more and more sperm in your mouth. This isn't working."

And Phil sat, dumbfounded, thinking, "The hell it's not, you sick little puppy. Go on, get some more. Scoop it off your legs and put it all in my mouth while Richard watches. That's what you want. I dare you."

Pam watched her husband's eyes close. As if she could read his mind, she thought, "You fucker. You love it. You love sucking on my lover's sperm. I ought to scoop up more and make you eat that to. Is that why you closed your eyes, so you wouldn't have to endure the shame of watching me reach for more in front of Richard? Before I'm through with you tonight, mister, you'll get down on your knees and lick it off my thighs. Then you'll kiss Richard's cock and thank him for putting it there."

Pam stepped back, saying, "I'm sorry, Phil. I made a mess of everything. Can you ever forgive me?"

Phil's eyes opened to see Pam looking innocently down on him. He caught Richard, off to the side, and caught his grin. With a mouthful of sperm, and a face wet with his spend, Phil wiped his mouth with the top of his right forearm. It seemed the thing to do, but he did it mostly to mask his swallow. After gulping down the load, he said, "All right, Pam, I forgive you. Don't let it happen again, okay?"

Pam smiled and bent for a kiss, using her dry hand to wipe his mouth first. When she stood, she said, "I guess I better get this finished while I still have a husband. I'm really sorry about filling your mouth with Richard's sperm. I'll try not to let anything like that happen again. You must be mortified. You didn't swallow that stuff, did you?"

Phil looked hard at her, trying to convey his message that she was taking things too far, too fast. Her arousal was obvious. She thoroughly enjoyed humiliating him in that way. He refused to answer, staring hard with a set jaw. Either she missed the message or ignored it. She said, after the long silence, "Well, that answers my question. Look, honey, don't feel ashamed about swallowing Richard's semen. It's not like you swallowed my lover's semen. That would be sick. Only a degenerate husband would do that, and he'd probably lick the icky stuff right off her thighs, or suck it right out of her pussy, or even worse, lick it off her lover's cock."

"Pam, please. That's enough."

"No, it's not enough. I can still see you are upset and embarrassed. You shouldn't be. You'd never stoop that low; besides, Richard and I aren't lovers. We're just good friends. All of us are just good friends. We don't need to be ashamed of what you just did; you know, swallowing Richard's sperm. We can be open and honest with each other. If you like doing things like that, we're not going to look down on you for it. In fact, if I were Richard, and saw the husband of the wife I just screwed swallowing my sperm, I'd be flattered."

"Pam, would you just finish this. I'm all right. I'm not mad, and I'm not embarrassed anymore. Let's just get this over with. We all have to go to work in the morning and it's getting late."

"Okay, if you're sure. Come, Richard. Let's get that cock cleaned up."

Pam laid on her back over the cushion and deftly drew her legs back, hooking her heels behind her neck. Her spermy thighs came up in dramatic, vulgar display. The entire inner surfaces and underside of her legs were a mass of sperm globules and smeared puddles. She traced patterns in the mess with her fingers. Phil's eyes looked longingly at the delicious sight. Having tasted sperm, and found the taste obscenely desirable, he wanted to get down and lick it off.

Pam caught him staring and said, "Oh, how thoughtless of me. This must be torture for you. All this yummy warm sperm getting cold and drying up. I'm sorry, dear. We can wait if you want to lick it off."

"Pam, just please get on with it."

"Suit yourself, but you're still in denial. It's not that late. We're not in that big a hurry that we can't take a few minutes to let you have your fun, too. Richard, you wouldn't mind waiting a few minutes while Phil licks up your cum, would you?"

Richard smiled and turned to Phil, saying, "Sure, what are friends for. Like she said earlier, we're not lovers, and we are all friends here. Go ahead, it doesn't mean anything. Lots of guys like sperm. That doesn't make you queer; it just means you're a guy who likes sperm."

Seeing their open, casual acceptance, and feeling like a part of the group, Phil pondered the idea of simply letting go. The idea grew quickly, until he found himself getting up and settling to his knees. He looked from Pam to Richard, then inched closer and dipped his head. His tongue came out and touched a puddle of sperm. Seconds later, he licked, then licked broadly with a flattened tongue. He licked, swallowed, then licked some more. He licked up one thigh and down the other, licked down the crack of her ass, then lapped her pussy. He placed his mouth over her hole, stuck his tongue in deeply, and lapped at the sperm puddled there.

He lapped at the well of her semen-filled pussy like a thirsty hound, while Pam held the back of his head in her firm pressing grasp, saying, "You're a good husband to lick another man's sperm from your wife's adulterous vagina, and a good friend to the man who made it that way. I know you are dying to lick and suck on his cock, but let me clean it for you first. Go on, take your seat, dear. This shouldn't take long."

Phil reluctantly eased off, his face wet and flush with arousal. He flopped back on the sofa, his dick sticking straight up as he watched Richard's mighty cock, hard as a bone, a cock he was destined to suck. With hungry eyes, he watched it enter his wife's pussy.

Pam, in her favorite position, held her pelvis up my placing her hands, palms up, under her ass. She maneuvered easily, capturing the cock, then wiggled her pelvis as it sank in past the mark. She moaned loudly as it went deeper and deeper, and said, "Oh, yes, Richard. Put that big cock all the way in my pussy so I can wash it for my husband. Since he's going to be sucking on it, I'd better clean it real good. Go deep. Yes, all the way. Bury that fucking mark, that god damned, mother fucking mark. I want to wipe that mark away forever. That mark is an insult to a good friend like you."

And she proceeded to do just that, madly grinding and rolling her loins over it, using her hands to help slide her pelvis up and down it's length in a furious manner. She attacked that mark with a vengeance, quickly wiping away all trace of it, then exploding in her orgasm when she saw it was gone.

Richard settled over her body, sinking his cock to the hilt. She welcomed him with open arms after unhooking her legs. Those legs wound around his hips and drew him in tight. Her hands caressed his face, and she planted tender kisses all over it while passionately saying, "Oh, yes, darling, fuck me. Fuck my pussy, sweetheart, love me Richard. Love me like a woman needs to be loved. Love me with your beautiful cock, darling." Their mouths merged into a soft, passionate kiss as their loins sensuously ground together.

They made love as lovers do, with passionate kisses and soft terms of endearment spoken in each other's ears. The love words, like a billiard ball in a bank shot, bounced off the side-rail of one lover's ear, to sink in the pocket of Phil's ear. Pam sank the eight ball when she said, "My lover, my darling, take me to my bedroom and make love to me all night long."

Phil's startled eyes watched helplessly as Richard gathered his wife's bundle of flesh in his powerful arms and carried her, still impaled on his cock, to his marital bed. Phil got up and followed at a distance. They went into the room. The door shut behind them. He stood in the hall, staring in mute wonder at the closed door. It opened, and a feminine hand tossed a sheet, blanket, and pillow recklessly into the hallway. The door closed, then locked.

Phil came up and gathered the bedding, stood at the door for a second, then returned to the sofa and resumed masturbating. Inside the bedroom, the two adulterers broke into fits of quiet laughter. Pam pressed her ear to the door and listened hard, then turned to Richard and said, "He went back to the sofa. Ten to one, he's jerking off."

Richard said, "I think we're over the hard part. I think we can forget about that fucking mark."

"That fucking thing is history. I've never seen him so turned on, even when I said all of that lovey dovey shit."

"Do you think he bought it?"

"He bought it for what it was, the passion of the moment. He knows we're not lovers at work. He knows I can only love him, but he knows that when I make love, I'm in love. It's true, too. When we were out there, making love, I really loved you and meant every word. It was fun pretending. I like making love as much as I like fucking. I especially like making love to a man with a real cock. That's what got him all fired up. That's why we can kiss that mark goodbye. He likes watching me fuck or make love. Did you see the way that man ate my snatch? That was unbelievable. God, I loved it."

"I loved watching it. Do you think he'll actually suck my dick?"

"I couldn't fight him off it. He is enthralled by it. In fact, why don't we find out? I know you are good for another cum. Let's fuck, and then go out there, hand in hand, and present our spermy crotches to him to see what he does. We won't say a word; we'll just stand there and see who he goes to first."

They climbed on the bed. Pam got set in her favorite position. As Richard stuffed her cunt, he said, "I'll bet he goes for your twat first."

"You and your stupid wagers. Just fuck me, you fool."

They screwed like bunnies and made a big mess. Together, walking hand in hand, they emerged into the dark living room an hour after they'd left. Pam hit the lights, and Phil sat up on the sofa. They advanced toward him, then stood side by side and placed an arm around each other's waist. Phil looked from wet crotch to wet crotch. He gazed on Richard's hanging wet cock for the longest time, waiting for Pam to speak, knowing full well what her words would be.

When Pam moved her feet out and lewdly presented her soiled loins, his eyes went to her. She spoke without speaking. His eyes scoured the scene of her out-thrust vagina, open and weeping sperm that ran in rivers down her creamy inner thighs. The words she didn't speak said quite clearly, "Come, you sick puppy, lick my lover's sperm from my legs and suck it from my cunt. Show me what a good husband you will be from now on."

And like a good husband, in love with a slut, he drew off the covers and slipped to the floor on hands and knees. He crawled to her legs and began licking up rivers of semen until his mouth reached the source and sucked the head waters dry. Without being told, he moved over to Richard, licked his dick and his balls, and sucked life back into that magnificent rod. He sucked and masturbated the man, his wife's lover, and sucked until the man came in his mouth to his wife's close-by command that he swallow it all down. He sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked.

When he sucked Richard dry, Pam was again by Richard's side. Phil pushed the semi-rigid cock toward her crotch. The two turned to face each other as Phil placed the cock at the entrance to his wife's hole. Pam slithered on while Phil held it for her. She flattened his hand between their groins when she hopped up and threw her legs around Richard's waist. Richard cupped her buttocks and pried her cheeks wide apart, leaning backward. Phil crawled behind his wife and did what a good husband should do when presented such a feast--he feasted on adulterous lovers while they fucked.

Pam pushed herself up to look in Richard's face with her husband's tongue buried deeply in her rectum. In a loud, clear voice, she said, "Richard, my darling, please make me your whore." His reply made it so, and the tongue in her ass probed her with joy.

Making a difficult marriage work isn't all that difficult as long as all parties are willing to try. They just need a hand, someone willing to bend over backwards and pry.

The End

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