Golden Girl

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

My mom is a Jane Mansfield look-alike, and I look like her, only my hair is much lighter and I am a foot shorter. She also has that look of a woman, born with class and elegance. She would look natural on a billionaire's arm, and she did, in fact, marry local wealth. We are very close, closer now than ever. After the divorce, when I was twelve, we became more like best friends. I am fifteen, now, and that friendship has grown beyond the norm. Our story is bizarre.

Mom didn't date after she and Dad split up. She was down on men. I tried to get her to go out, but she said she would rather spend time at home with me. When I turned fifteen, I began to feel smothered by her. I needed space.

I had just gotten a boyfriend, though Mom wouldn't let me go on a date with him. In that way, she was still a mother, overly so. I knew about sex and its consequences. I was in no hurry to experiment, but wanted more than a kiss. Mom and I talked openly about sex and boys. She even told me about masturbation and admitted she did it sometimes to ease the tension. We both got embarrassed whenever the conversation drifted to very personal stuff and sexual matters in particular.

Mom was not a social person. She only had one friend, Susan, a petite, sexy, blond divorcee with two boys a few years younger than me. Susan works in the office at my high school, so I see her at school as well as home. Susan is nothing like Mom. She was very liberal, adventuresome, brash, sometimes flighty. She rarely dated, though. When she went out, it was to get laid, and that was it. She changed radically after a few dates with a guy named Red Baker, a used car salesman. She turned into a vivacious, outrageous, swinging slut, but we still liked her. Her behavior at school changed as well, but I think that had more to do with our new principal, Hal Peterson.

Susan was forever trying to get Mom to attend the wild parties she went to. Mr. Peterson attended many of those parties, and it was he who introduced Susan to Red at the first one she attended. Mom is beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous my boyfriend says. Men are always ogling her. She dresses down to hide her trim yet voluptuous figure and rarely wears anything but pants and baggy sweaters.

I was on Susan's side, but I didn't want Mom in the bars trying to get picked up. She needed to mix and mingle, but not in bars, and not with Susan. Also, I wanted her to go out once in a while so that Brad, my boyfriend, could come over and not have Mom hovering over us. Besides, I was proud of my beautiful, sexy mom and thought she should flaunt her beauty.

At fifteen, I was fast on my way to getting my mother's figure as well. My breasts were full 34 C's' and still growing. My legs turned heads, and my ass drew leers which really bothered Mom. She hated seeing me turning into a woman. I loved it.

We talked about the changes we saw Susan go through. At first, Susan seemed resistant to a second date with Red. The first date, though dynamite in her opinion, was too much, she said. Red frightened her with his wild ideas and take-charge approach. He treated her like a two-bit whore, never like a lady, a fact that really pissed Mom off.

Susan kept seeing him and began making excuses for Red's behavior. She said she liked being with a real man and loved wearing the clothes he made her wear. That was hard to believe. Her clothes would put a hooker to shame. She wore those same outfits to school, since the dress code applied only to students and only Hal could say anything. He didn't care what the ladies wore. To top it off, Red forbade her to wear underwear--bra or panties. Susan got a real bad reputation at school. Everyone talked about her. I never told Mom.

It was shortly after Red and Susan were going out steadily. I was in the kitchen fixing an after-school snack when I heard Mom challenge Susan with, "My God, Susan! You just came from the school, and you aren't wearing panties? Is that Red's doing, too?"

Susan shot back, "Christ, Bonnie, you're as bad as those fucking kids. What are you doing looking up my skirt? Are you turning queer on me?"

"I was not looking up your skirt. I could not help noticing. Honestly, Susan, that skirt is so short, there's no need to look up it. It's all out there in plain sight when you sit."

Susan stood abruptly and said, "What I do or wear is my business. If you don't like it, I'll stop coming by." She stopped at the door and added, "You know, Bonnie, you need to get laid, and badly. You've been fucking those plastic dongs too long. If you tried a real man, you wouldn't be so quick to judge others."

She stormed out, slamming the door, leaving Mom with a blank stare on her shocked, hurt face. I came over to console her. I said, "Mom, don't worry. She'll be back. You know how excitable she's been lately. It's that Red guy."

"I know, Judy. I've seen it before--the golden phallus."

"The golden what?"

"Oh, nothing. Let's just say, some women go berserk over some men. Actually, over some mens' penises. The golden phallus. That's what happened to Susan. I understand. I've seen it before. The bad part is, golden pricks are only found on big pricks. Red is the biggest, so his is undoubtedly twenty-four carat. She certainly has it bad, and he's going to ruin her reputation. He'll probably get her fired before he dumps her."

"Mom, Susan is right about one thing; you should go out."

Mom sat up sharply and shot back, "I don't need that from you, Judy. I am still your mother, and I will not be addressed that way by a fifteen-year-old."

"Addressed what way?"

"I caught that inference. Don't play dumb, Judy. If I prefer an artificial penis to the real ones, that's my business and no one else's. Were you snooping around in my room? Did you tell Susan about my dildos? If you want one, I'll get you one, but don't be messing with my personal things! And don't be telling people about my personal sex habits."

Her words stole my breath. It never dawned on me that my mother owned a dildo--or dildos. I couldn't even protest my innocence, because she got up and stormed off, slamming her bedroom door. I stood there, stupefied.

Her words kept echoing in my mind: "... my dildos ... If you want one, I'll get you one ... snooping ... golden phallus." I was dumbfounded. I thought, "She'd get me one? I was a virgin. What would a virgin do with a dildo? Did she think I was not a virgin?"

This unpleasantness passed, and a few months later, Susan returned to her frequent daily visits. Nothing more was ever said about her state of dress, though Susan seemed to go out of her way to invite a remark. Those three months under Red's influence had a powerful effect on Susan. I liked the new Susan; Mom accepted the new Susan.

I noticed that Susan enjoys shocking my mom. Mom shocks easily. Dad was her first lover, and he obviously wasn't very creative in bed. Most of what I know about sex, I overheard from Susan's talks with Mom. I figured Mom learned most of what she knows from Susan's talks, too.

Besides showing her beaver much more than accident could account for, Susan sported a new tattoo of a rose on her left labia. After the tattoo healed, she boldly showed it to us by hiking her skirt and parting her legs. Mom and I were flabbergasted to say the least. It was not so much the tattoo as the way she displayed the tattoo: sitting back in her chair with her legs as wide open as they'd go. In addition, she'd taken to shaving her pussy--all of it! All we could manage was open-mouthed stares.

It was the most exciting, brash thing I'd ever seen Susan or any female do. I loved looking at Susan's naked pussy, tattoo or no tattoo. Mom seemed intrigued. She stared as openly as I did.

We learned to adjust to the new Susan. Mom grew even closer to her. She tolerated Susan's use of the foulest language, even when I was in the room. Mom began spending more time at Susan's house than Susan spent at ours. A few days after the tattoo scene, Mom entered the house after running over to Susan's to borrow something. She looked flushed and out of breath. I said, "Mom, what's the matter!"

She began pacing quickly, talking more to herself. She said, "I don't believe what I just saw. I don't believe it! No! It can't be! Not Susan; not any mother. Having sex right in front of her kids like an animal. And those boys. Not a stitch on them. Kneeling within reach of her. Fisting their erections! Touching her. Touching their mother while she ... she ... My God! Has Susan lost her mind?"

"Mom! What are you talking about?"

"Oh, Judy! Don't you breathe a word of this to anyone. Do you hear me? Not a soul, especially not Cindy Greyson."

Cindy is my best friend, though she's a year ahead of me in school. I was a sophomore; she was a junior. Cindy is the most beautiful girl in the school, probably the whole state. She wins every beauty contest she enters.

The problem Mom had with Cindy was that she was Estelle Greyson's daughter. Estelle Greyson owned the county. She was a rich bitch. Everybody called her the Ice Queen. She and Mom were best friends once, but they drifted apart. Mom still wants Estelle to think of her as a debutante, pure and proper, which she was anyway.

I knew why Mom was so upset. It was because she feared that Estelle might find out that Mom's best friend was an incestuous slut. Debutantes are known by the company they keep. Susan was an incestuous slut, but Mom didn't want anyone, least of all Estelle Greyson, to know. If she knew that Cindy knew everything I knew, she'd die.

I said, "Mom, what's going on?"

"Our Susan has really gone off the deep end, Judy. The woman is nuts, crazy. It's that pervert she's seeing, that Red guy. He put her up to this. Jesus, her own kids! I'll bet Billy isn't twelve, and Stevie, I know, is only thirteen. She could end up in jail, and I'd be forced to go to Estelle to get her out. I'd die if it came to that. I swear, I would simply stop breathing right after I saved that stupid slut."

"Billy is twelve, Mom"

"They didn't even slow down when they saw me standing there. I think they actually enjoyed having me watch. And those boys, showing off their erections to me as though they were displaying sports trophies. The nerve of those kids. Pointing their throbbing erections right at me, stroking them suggestively, all the while their naked mother is on her hands and knees, grinning like the cat that ate the canary while that monster kept pumping and pumping that ... that .... Oh, God, it was obscene, so obscene!"

Mom was flushed and getting more flushed just reliving the event. To me, she looked aroused. I found the news stimulating and was wishing I'd gone to borrow the whatever. I said, "How long did you watch them?"

"Long enough. I didn't mean to, but they surprised me. I was unprepared, stunned."

Mom lapsed into a far off look. I said, "How long?"

"Ten, maybe twelve inches ..."


"Oh, ... uh, no ... I mean ... what did you say?"

"How long were you there?"

Mom hurried past and into her bedroom, saying, "I am not about to give you a blow by blow, Judy. Do the dishes. Clean your room. Do something, but don't disturb me."

She entered her room. I stared at the closed door. A moment later, the door opened. Mom poked her head out and said, "Yes, if you must know, I am going to masturbate. I will be using my dildos. They better be right where I left them. And, I had better not see any look on your face when I come out. I am an adult!" With that, she shut the door.

I eased back to the living room and plopped on the sofa. My mind, however, was in there with my mother. My imagination ran wild, going from the scene probably still taking place at Susan's and the one taking place in my mother's bedroom. My hand gradually strayed into my panties. I was eager to titillate my freshly shaved vagina--a shave inspired by Susan.

Since we don't ever walk around in the nude, and we respect each other's privacy, I felt safe shaving my pussy. Only Brad was ever to likely find out; but, so far, he hadn't tried. He couldn't with Mom always nearby.

I could not picture Mom getting screwed by Red or any guy, but I could easily picture Susan. Having seen her pussy numerous times made it easy, and I could imagine a ten to twelve-inches-long cock. I had seen Red a few times, coming and going. He was nothing special, kinda short with a receding hairline, slightly chubby. He looked and dressed like a used car salesman, and he looked like a pervert.

I could also easily imagine the cocks on Stevie and Billy. Susan gave me my first baby-sitting job at age eleven. Stevie and Billy were nine and eight. I could not get them to wear clothes when I sat for them, and showing off their little hardons was their favorite pastime. In fact, jerking off was their favorite pastime. I feigned anger and told on them, but Susan just said, "Boys will be boys." Mom put a halt to my sitting when I told her about their constant masturbation.

Actually, I liked what they were doing. They gave me my first good look at cocks, immature though they were. They'd even rubbed their cocks on me when I tried to ignore them, sometimes rubbing the heads on my face, especially over my lips. I wanted so badly to open my mouth, but the most I ever did was allow them to press the heads between my lips, rubbing their hard dicks on my teeth and gums while I pretended to watch TV or read.

They also were relentless in trying to feel me up. I loved the way they assaulted me, grabbing at my pussy. Since I had no tits, my pussy was the main attraction. I wore dresses after that first night. I knew to expect a hand up my skirt whenever I bent over or had my hands full. I discovered many creative ways of placing myself at their mercy. Billy was the best at getting inside my panties and fingering my horny cunt. Stevie was more into looking.

Their antics progressed over time. On my fourth visit, they wrestled my panties from me. I only fought for appearances' sake. They got good at divesting me of my panties. I got good at helping them without appearing too obvious. The first time I turned my back on them, I could count on hands going up my dress from the rear, hooking my panties, and yanking them to my ankles. This was my cue to stumble. That's when they'd take them from my flailing legs and get an excellent, prolonged look at my pussy. Each boy would take a leg and draw me into the splits while I laid helplessly on my back, squealing and protesting. That's where I discovered the joy of forced exposure. Most of my fantasies involve being forced to strip naked and spread my legs for strangers.

Once they tired of this, they'd release me and run with my panties. There would be a few minutes of keep-away before I would resign myself to being sans panties for the rest of the evening.

Without panties, both boys easily got what they wanted, when they wanted. I would fight with them, halfheartedly, for the first hour, then feign surrender, allowing free access to my crotch while acting the part of the poor maiden at their mercy.

After a month, we settled into a routine. Resistance was futile, even if I wanted to resist. Right after Susan left, they'd strip. Once naked, they'd converge on me and casually remove my panties. I offered no resistance, stepping free of the panties as Stevie took them from my feet.

Susan got wise to our games. She knew her boys and she saw through me. She often found my panties, returning them to me on the sly with a wink. Once, while saying goodbye at the door, giving her last minute instructions, Billy came up from behind and yanked my panties down to my ankles. I just stood there with a dumb look on my face, blushing bright red with a sucked-in deep breath that wouldn't unsuck.

Susan was on the front porch, looking from my panties to my face. She gave me a knowing smile as Billy rummaged under my skirt and got his finger in my pussy. I simply stood stock still, awed by his bold behavior and her casual acceptance of it.

Susan's smile gave me the courage to allow Billy to continue unhindered as she dragged out the parting formalities, obviously enjoying my discomfort and embarrassment. Billy rapidly and crudely jammed two fingers up my twat from the rear. Susan's eyes lingered on the skirt being moved at my crotch. I felt weak in the knees and almost panicked when Billy, emboldened by his mother's complacency, reached around front with his free hand and began to gather my hem, lifting up.

I stood, frozen, as Stevie dropped to my feet. He grabbed my left ankle and applied upward pressure, signaling his desire to relieve me of my panties. By this time, my dress was moving over my mound and cool night air wafted between my swollen lips and moist interior tissues. Susan kept talking, trying to keep me from bolting. This knowledge gave me the strength to lift my left foot, then my right, giving Stevie his prize right in front of his mother, my mother's best friend.

Stevie held my panties up toward his mother. She smiled, took them, and stuffed them in her purse without pausing in her lecture. While Stevie remained at my feet, staring into my crotch from inches away, Billy had managed to get my dress up past my belly button. Susan watched her son's fingers going rapidly in and out of my wet pussy. At this point, I was close to a climax and could not have cared if the school band came marching up the walk.

Susan watched me cum, then came up and gave me a kiss on the lips, saying, "Don't worry. This will be our little secret. You are the best sitter I ever had. I don't want to lose you. You kids have fun." She left, smiling.

When Mom put an end to my sitting, Susan pleaded mightily. Her pleas had no effect. Mom knew how bad Susan's boys were. They were always trying to look at her tits when she wears a low-cut blouse, and three times she caught them peeking in our windows. I caught them doing that dozens of times, but never told Mom. Since my sitting days, they have carefully monitored my tittie development and watched my blond bush grow. I masturbated for them, never letting on that I knew they were there.

They used to come over to our house with their mother, but that ended two years ago. I have had little contact with them since then. Their visitation privileges ended when Mom caught them under our dining table. They had carefully folded open her robe. She was naked underneath. Mom had a fit. Yes, I could easily imagine what Mom saw the boys doing to their mother while she was getting screwed. The idea thrilled me as it obviously had her.

I figured I had a good hour before Mom would emerge. This wasn't the first time she disappeared into her room in the middle of the day and locked the door. She did the same thing after the robe incident with Susan's boys. Sometimes, she'd be at it for several hours. After twenty minutes or so, I was really into pleasing myself. I had reclined fully on the sofa, removed my panties, and had my legs out wide, pounding away at my cunt, trying for a fourth orgasm. I was damned near there, too, when I heard, "Excuse me," coming from the end of the sofa where my legs were sprawled out over the padded armrest.

I immediately jerked my legs together, rolled onto my side, and tried to tug my skirt down. Mom stood leering down on me. While I blushed twelve shades of red, she said, "If you don't want an audience, you should do that in a private place." I was mortified. She went on, "Judy, you shaved your vagina, didn't you? It's all right; I'm not angry; I just want another look. Would you mind?"

"Mom! Please! This is so embarrassing."

"I know, but I am your mother. We are both girls, after all. Come on, sweetheart. The damage is already done. You have no secrets now. Come on, open up. Let me see what you've done to yourself."

"Mom, no!"

"Judy! Open your legs, this instant. I tried being nice; now I am telling you--spread your legs."

She was dead serious. I gulped, then rolled onto my back and slowly stretched out my legs. Mom pushed my skirt back as I grimaced. For what seemed an eternity, she stared without a word. Oddly, having her eyes on my most intimate anatomy gave me a slowly building erotic rush. Before long, I welcomed her hard stare and relaxed, looking into her face as she studied my shaved beaver. When she noticed me looking, she said, "The shave looks very nice, Judy. Was it difficult? You did a very good job."

"It wasn't easy."

She leaned in closer and said, "I'll bet, but the skin looks very clean and smooth. How often do you shave your vagina?"

"I just started two days ago. I just shaved it again at noon."

She advanced a hand tentatively, halted, and said, "May I?" I nodded weakly. Her finger lightly touched my right cunt lip and sent a jolt through me. I sucked in a quick breath that made her smile. Her fingers traced over my denuded pussy, up one lip, down the other, over the mons, and back around again. More fingers came into play. They trailed through my very wet crack and dragged across my standing clitty. Her finger pressure increased after my legs fell further apart. Her fingertips dragged over my lips and clit, pushing aside the fleshy parts, spreading the wetness in the process.

This went on far longer than was necessary for an inspection, but neither of us was in any hurry to end my first twat inspection. Finally, she said, "If you plan to continue this practice, perhaps I can help. Would you like me to do that for you, dear? You wouldn't want a cut down there?"

I looked to see if she was serious, and said, "Would you, really?"

"Of course, sweetheart. That's what mothers are for." With that, she stood straight and said, "Maybe one day, you can return the favor. I have debated doing that myself, but I am not as limber as you are."

This was terrific news to a girl who often fantasized about her mother's pussy without ever having seen it. Trying not to appear overly eager, I said, "I wouldn't mind."

"Well, we'll see. You can get up now, unless you want to continue what you were doing. It's all right by me. I won't stare."

I gingerly sat up, awed by what just happened. I was, however, not ready to masturbate in front of her. I wanted to, but couldn't.

Mom returned to her bedroom. Our interlude had been an intermission. I went to my bedroom and added a fourth, fifth, and sixth orgasm while reliving the episode on the sofa and imagining Mom shaving my pussy and me shaving hers.

She, too, had been affected by the incident. At dinner that evening, she brought up the subject after a long silence. She said, "Did Brad ask you to shave your vagina, Judy?"

I almost choked. "No! Brad would never! Mom, me and Brad haven't done anything. We are never alone; How could we?"

"I was just curious." There was another pause, then she added, "Who are you doing it for, then?"

"I did it for me. I thought it would be nice."

"It is nice. I'm not criticizing you. Just be sure you don't tell Cindy Greyson. Does it feel different, ... better?"

"Yes ... Mom, can we talk about something else. This is embarrassing."

"It shouldn't be. You'd better get over your embarrassment if I'm going to be shaving you. I thought you got over being embarrassed on the sofa."

"That was different."

"I don't see why. By the way, how often should we do this?"

"I don't know."

"I think daily, at least, don't you? You don't want stubble down there."

"I guess so."

"Since you shower before bed, perhaps right after your shower would be best. Or would you like it before?"

"After, I suppose."

"All right, tonight, after you shower, just put on your robe and come out to the dining table. I'll have everything ready."

"What, do it out here?"

"Why not? It will be easier if you recline on the table."

"I don't know. It seems so nasty doing it out here, lying on the table, where we eat."

"Nonsense. You are just being silly. It wouldn't be nasty no matter where we did it, so long as it is done in private and no one knows. The table is best. We don't eat off the table; we use plates. We'll do it here."

That was that. Later, after my shower, I nervously entered the dining room in my robe. Mom had a towel laid on the table before her, along with a bowl of water, a razor, and soap. She patted the place in front of her and said, "Hop up here, Judy."

Mom aided me in getting up, then eased my shoulders back to the table. My heart beat a frantic tattoo against my chest wall and I could feel it in my clit. Breathing normally wasn't easy. Stopping the blush ... well, you don't.

She placed my feet out on the table top edges, then drew open my robe. She pushed out on my knees and told me to relax and keep them out of the way. I was fully exposed, tits and all. She visually examined me, then traced the crotch area with her fingers, again admonishing me to relax.

I tried, but how the hell does a girl relax in a position like that with her mom playing with her virgin pussy. Mom wet the soap bar and gently rubbed the bar over my pussy. This instantly brought my pussy to life, and I began to thoroughly enjoy the procedure. Much of the anxious tension drained away.

Next, she used her hand to whip up a good lather, driving me to the brink of orgasm. She saw me grimacing, trying to hold back my climax, and said, "If you feel like having a climax, let it come. It won't bother me any. It is a perfectly natural reaction to having one's vagina manually stimulated. There is nothing to be ashamed of, and it's almost unavoidable if I am to do this properly. You must be squeaky clean or you'll develop a nasty rash. Susan told me that. She should know."

While saying this, her lathering concentrated mostly on my clit. I became aware that she was actively trying to induce an orgasm. This blew my mind. When she persisted, I eventually relaxed, stopped fighting a losing battle, and prayed I wouldn't embarrass myself. My orgasm immediately followed. I moaned and squirmed shamelessly against my Mom's rubbing fingers, bringing a knowing smile to her face.

After embarrassing myself, I returned to Earth. She halted her easy rubbing, post-orgasmic massage and picked up the razor, saying, "There, that's better, isn't it? That will help you relax. Don't you feel more at ease, now?"

I looked at her through glazed eyes. All I could do was nod. She pulled up a chair and began methodically stroking the area with the razor, being very meticulous, her face hovering just inches above the work. The shaving took over ten minutes. Throughout this adventure, I languished in a dreamlike delirium while Mom's fingers pulled and pried at my nether lips, and her warm breath cooled my red hot inner membranes and clit. She treated my pussy like a toy for her amusement, and I could tell she didn't want to stop. I didn't want her to stop.

She rinsed and toweled me twice before pronouncing the job complete. I remained in place, rising to my elbows to gaze on her work. She held a compact mirror for me. The whole area looked pink, flushed, and swollen. My cunt was on fire with arousal. My clit stood up tall and appeared to be throbbing. It was throbbing. I could feel it throbbing.

With my knees out fully, my pink inner flesh showed like a vertical smile and glistened with my vaginal secretions. Mom stared at my pink crack and said, "It looks good. Hell, it looks great, so clean, so fresh. It looks so good, I could just kiss it."

Her eyes darted up to mine. Her words caught me by surprise. I simply stared back blankly. She said, "Why not?"

With that, she slowly leaned in and pressed a kiss on my clit, mashing her lips firmly to my pussy flesh. I sucked in a deep breath. She started to ease off, then pressed in again, only more firmly. I moaned. She held the kiss and gradually opened her mouth to encompass more of my cunt area. My clit went into her mouth and she closed her lips over the base, sucking as she slowly drew off. My mother's soft lips sliding up my clit was the most electrifying thing I'd ever felt. Seeing my mother's sexy lips pursed around my stretched clit, slowly sliding off, was the most electrifying thing I'd ever seen in my life. My wide eyes must have reflected that fact.

I gazed down at her face which remained hovering over my crotch. She smiled. I smiled back. She eased back in and kissed my pussy again, keeping her eyes on me to see my reaction. I made sure she saw a positive reaction. She'd smile; I'd smile back. She's kiss my pussy again, and we exchanged smiles again. She kissed all over between my legs, and between kisses, gave smiles.

Encouraged, she brought both palms in to frame my pussy, pressing my legs flat and using her thumbs to peel back my cunt lips. She studied my wide open cunt for the longest time. We both did. It was something to see with everything out there. She finally looked up to say, "You have a very sexy pussy between your legs, Judy."

I said, "Thanks."

This time, her tongue came out and danced around my clitty. I tensed my thighs and involuntarily tried raise my crotch into her kiss, inspiring her to drop lower, grasp my ass cheeks, and run her tongue up my slit. This blew my mind. She repeated the bold act, lapping my pussy like a hungry dog and running her hands up to mold and squeeze my tits.

I believed what I was feeling, but not what I was seeing--my mother's beautiful face mashed tightly into my spread beaver. She brought her palms up and pressed out on my inner thighs, using her fingertips to pry my cunt lips out. Her face went into my open pussy; her nose even entered my hole. She pressed in hard and I pressed back. I found myself humping her face when her tongue got near my hole. I was lost, out of control, fucking my mother's face. When she moved her mouth onto my clit and released her grip on me, I went wild. I heaved up and fucked my cunt hard against her face. I exploded into orgasm, heaving, moaning, and bucking hard. Mom hung on tightly with a clitty lip lock.

She continued to suck gently on my clit as I calmed down and slowly eased my ass to the tabletop. I collapsed back on the table. Gradually, she eased lower down and fastened her mouth over my hole, stabbing her stiff tongue deep in a lapping manner. I just laid there, sprawled, like a rag-doll and let her lap at my beaver.

Mom was licking my cunt juice out of my cunt hole, and I am a very wet cummer. She made yummy noises while she lapped and sucked. This was little girl heaven, pure bliss. I had to see this, so I placed my palms flat on my inner thighs, close to her cheeks, and pried myself wide while straining up to watch. Mom smiled but kept licking. Awesome, fucking awesome!

When my cunt stopped leaking, Mom pressed her face in tightly, sealing her mouth to the mouth of my pussy like a child licking syrup from the bottom of a small Dixie cup. Nothing prepares a girl for this sensation, especially when her own mother is doing the service. Seeing my mother drinking my cum as though it was her reward for bringing me off really turned me on. I could just see her big brown eyes above my bald pussy mound, a sight I will always treasure.

When she resumed licking, only deep, much deeper than before, I laid back dreamily, savoring the experience. I could have laid there all night, letting her lick me, but after another ten minutes, she eased off. I slowly rose again to my elbows. Our eyes met as she sat back in her chair. She said, "Wow, I don't know what came over me."

I didn't know what to say. I just stared. She said, "I'm not a lesbian, if that's what you're thinking."

I said, "I wasn't thinking anything, Mom. Besides, even if you were, I wouldn't think badly of you."

"Well, I'm not, but I appreciate your saying that. I just wanted to bring you pleasure, that's all. Don't you dare tell Cindy what I did."

"I won't, and you did give me pleasure. I never felt anything like that."

"Would you believe I've never had that done to me. Your father thought oral sex was dirty. I've always wondered what a tongue might feel like down there."

I wondered if she was dropping a hint. I almost offered, but frankly, placing my mouth on another woman's sex never appealed to me. I suppose I am totally heterosexual. If she had asked, I probably would have done it. I did want to shave her. I did want a good close look and feel of her pussy. I simply said, "Well, I'm glad you showed me."

"You really liked it, huh?"

"Yes, it was terrific!"

"I could tell. I didn't mind doing it for you. I'll do it again if you want, but not now. My mouth is a little sore."

"Well, my vagina is a little sore, too. Not really sore, but sensitive."

"Maybe next time. We'll see."

"Mom ... thanks ... really! I enjoyed that very much. I hope you feel like doing that again. You don't have to worry about me telling anyone. It'll be our secret."

"You're welcome. That was easier than I thought. You made it easy. I appreciate that, Judy, I really do. If I had seen the slightest condemnation in your eyes, I'd have died. This didn't bother you at all, did it?"

"Bother me? Are you kidding! I loved it. You can lick me between my legs anytime you get the urge. I won't be wearing panties."

She laughed and said, "Come on, Venus. You have school in the morning." With a wry smile, she added, "I'll be checking to make sure you wear panties to school."

"Oh, Mom. You spoil all my fun." I eased off the table, leaving my robe open.

"That's my job, that and cunt licking. Jesus, I can't believe I said that. I'm getting as bad as Susan."

I laughed and said, "I hope so. I'd like to hear you talk like Susan. That would be so cool."

"I think you'd like it if I acted like Susan, wouldn't you? I'll bet you'd really like to watch me having sex."

Her statement was more a question. She appeared to want an answer. I studied her expression. She appeared to want an affirmative answer. I thought, "What the hell. Why not?" I said, "I'd love to watch you. Would you let me?"

"I might. It depends on the circumstances. If I was going with a guy like Red it would be easy. I wouldn't have much choice in the matter. Most men aren't like Red."

Impulsively, I said, "You could do it with Stevie. Susan wouldn't mind."

"Judy! I'm shocked."

"It was just a thought. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. It was an honest thought. I'll be honest. Susan has suggested it. The kid is always horny and driving her nuts. She thought it was a practical solution; in fact, she wants me to take care of both boys."

"Would you?"

"After today, I'm not sure what I might be capable of. Who knows, you may get your wish .... Judy, there's something I've always been curious about. Please be honest. Did you have sex with those boys when you were sitting for them? Susan told me some things that, frankly, I find hard to believe."

I blushed and said, "Well, I never had sex, but we did mess around quite a bit. I think I know what she told you."

"Then it's true? You let Billy finger you in front of Susan, in the doorway?"

"Yes, it's true. She even took my panties with her."

"I know. She returned them to me when I wanted proof. Now, I sorta wish I hadn't over-reacted."

"You do?"

"Well, yes, in a way, I wish I'd just let nature take its course."

"You know where that would have led, don't you?"

"Of course, I know, Judy."

"Mom! Are you sure it isn't me you want to see having sex?"

"Okay. You want the unvarnished truth? Watching people have sex is my biggest fantasy, my number one turnon. I think about it often, in many variations. Hell, I even fantasized about your father doing you while I held your legs apart for him. I can't believe I'm sharing that."

"Wow! That is kinky. Don't get me wrong. I think it's cool. That's something worthy of Susan. She'd actually do it. Mom ... Do you think you'd actually do something like that? I mean, hold my legs apart for a man--Daddy even?"

"I might. Surprised?"

"Yes. Very. I'd better get on the pill."

"I think you should."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. I think I am. Who knows where this will lead. We did cross a big barrier tonight. We'd better play safe. Honey, Susan is still after me to let you sit for the boys. They don't need a sitter. You know what she wants you for, don't you?"

"Yes, I think so. She wants to give them a sexual plaything."

"Exactly. How would you feel about it if I agreed to go along?"

"Honestly? I don't think it would work out, now. I doubt they'd settle for feels."

"I didn't expect they would, and that isn't want Susan wants for them. Honey, I'd consider it a personal favor if you would."

"Are you saying you want me to be their sexual plaything? Let them go all the way with me?"

"It's mostly for Susan. She really is having a problem controlling them. I think it could be fun for you, too. I mean, what could be better for a healthy young girl than to have all the clean, safe sex she wanted with her mother's knowledge and consent. I certainly wish I'd had a setup like that when I was growing up. If I had, I would not have married your father, that's for sure."

I said, "Or had me?"

"Now, you know that's not what I meant. Well, you think about it and let me know. I think you are old enough to handle yourself. Now, about Brad. I presume you are ready to have sex with him. Am I right?"

"Well, yes, I suppose."

"If you agree to sit for Susan ..."

"And be their sexual plaything."

"All right, and be their sexual plaything. I am going to let you start dating, but with one condition: I want to chaperon every date. I won't interfere; I won't try to stop anything. What ever happens, happens."

"Do you want something to happen?"

Self-consciously, she said, "To be honest, I wouldn't mind."

Mom's motives became totally transparent. She wanted to watch, watch me and Brad fucking. This realization, coupled with everything else that had transpired, told me that Mom had, indeed, undergone a radical change. She also had a perverse twist to her nature. I said, "I'll think about it. I'm sure Brad wouldn't mind if you watched."

"Do think about it, but no pressure. Think about everything we talked about. Whatever you decide is fine with me."

* * *

I went to bed that night in a daze. So much had transpired between my mother and me. She was not the same woman I woke up to that day. Something seemed to click inside her, something sparked by seeing Susan with her kids and her lover. The big click happened when she kissed my pussy. After that, it was like she transformed. As a result, I saw my whole world being radically altered.

I felt some anxiety over that reality. I wasn't prepared for jumping into an active sex life. It was all happening so fast. I had so much to consider. The first thing I thought about was sitting for Stevie and Billy. I knew, sooner or later, baby-sitting would lead to sex whether I liked it or not.

Then, there was Brad. Brad had been sexually active for two years and had quite a reputation. I knew that Brad had to be cool for his many friends. I told him he could tell anyone he wanted that he and I were doing it. I don't care about reputations; besides, screwing Brad would be a feather in my cap. I knew I'd never keep him unless I could manage to actually put out, though. Now, there was a way, a bizarre way, but a way. I fell asleep wondering how I'd put it to him.

The next morning, Mom seemed a little guilty and shy, but she didn't try to backtrack. In fact, she reaffirmed another shaving and asked to see how my pussy was doing. I lifted my skirt and pulled the waist band down past my crotch as she knelt and examined me between the legs. Doing this felt quite bizarre. She also asked if I had made a decision about sitting.

Her touching my pussy while I stood in that vulgar stance had my vaginal fires burning again. Impulsively, I said, "Sure. Tell her I'll do it."

Mom stood, took my shoulders, and said, "Great! Susan will be so pleased. She called right before you came down. She teased me for running out last night. The woman has absolutely no shame. She is simply amazing. Well, anyway, she pressed once again for you to sit. She needs you tonight at eight. Is that okay?"

"Sure, I guess."

"Super. I'll tell her right away. Thank you, sweetheart. That was a very mature decision."

"Mom, you better get me on the pill. I know those guys."

"I will. I will see Doc Smith today and pick up the prescription. When was your last period, dear?"

"I just finished three days ago."

"Great! They will take effect before you ovulate. You are safe for tonight. I would encourage you to go ahead and get started."

"Mom, I can't believe you are okay about this. You really don't mind if I go all the way tonight?"

"Honey, it's your body and your decision. I hope you go there prepared and willing to do whatever they want. The decision is ultimately yours."

"Yes, but I probably won't get to make any decisions once I'm left alone with those two."

"Yes, but you made the decision to place yourself in that position. It's the same thing, Judy. Do you still want to take the job?"

"Well, yes, I suppose so."

"Okay, but I want to remind you, I want all the details. No secrets, understand? If I learn something that you kept from me, I will be very upset with you. I mean that."

I could see that Mom was very serious. Her liberal attitude came with a price tag. She obviously wanted to live vicariously through me. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but the freedom was appealing. I had a lot to ponder on the way to school.

Brad eats lunch with me and Cindy. Lunch is the one time we can talk privately, because Cindy and I share everything, and she never tells anyone anything. Her being there was still private. Before Brad sat down, I told Cindy about Mom shaving my twat and eating my pussy afterward. I was able to slyly show her my bald pussy without anyone seeing. She thought the news was great, and she loved how my naked pussy looked without hair. I told Brad about Mom's proposal to chaperon our dates without telling him she wanted to watch us have sex. He seemed intrigued and had many questions.

I almost choked on my food when he said, "What happens if I reach under your skirt and cop a feel with your Mom looking on?"

Cindy smiled and said, "Try it now."

I said, "Cindy! Don't encourage him." When I regained my composure, I said, "I guess she'll get an eyeful. She swore she wouldn't interfere with anything."

"Suppose I pull my dick out and put your hand on it?"

"Brad! Are you serious?"

"Judy, that's the kind of stuff that happens on a real date."

I looked to Cindy. She shrugged and said, "Don't look at me; I wouldn't know."

I said, "Well, I guess she realizes that."

"Yeah, but what about you? Would you be too inhibited to do anything with her watching?"

"I'm going to pretend she isn't there. I am going to take her at her word. If she breaks her word, I'm going to be pissed, and she knows it. I already made it clear to her that if she wants to come along, she'll just have to take whatever happens in silence. I think she will. She doesn't expect us to just hold hands and kiss."

"Is she some kind of voyeur? Is that how she gets her jollies?"

"I don't know, Brad. Look, if you don't like the deal, I'll just tell her no dice."

"Oh, I like the deal. Hey, your Mom is a fox. If she wants to watch the kid in action, I'll give her action. Shit, screwing a chick in front of her mother, now that's cool."

"Brad, don't forget me. I do have a say-so about what goes on. Don't just assume you can mount me like some two-bit whore. Remember, I have never done anything with a boy, never. I'm not saying I won't, but I'm not saying I will. Whatever happens, happens. If Mom sees, and gets off on it, big deal. At least we'll be able to date."

* * *

I left Brad smiling and eagerly looking forward to Friday night. I had the distinct feeling that Friday night would be a real eye opener for my mother. I could see Brad's wheels turning.

When I got home, Mom seemed quite agitated. She'd spent most of her afternoon with Susan. The first thing she wanted to know was if I had changed my mind. She was pleased that I hadn't. She then wanted to know what I planned to wear.

I told her I thought jeans and a sweat shirt would be a good idea. She thought otherwise. She had two outfits already picked out and presented me with a choice. Both were my shortest dresses. I shrugged and chose the red one. She then offered me a matching pair of her high heels. The idea of wearing high heels and a dress to baby-sit seemed absurd, but she acted as though it were the accepted uniform. For a sexual plaything, I suppose it was.

I tried to get my homework out of the way. Mom could not stop pestering me, asking me to speculate about the upcoming night. She seemed intent on getting my commitment to be willing to go all the way. I never gave her my commitment. At seven, she suggested I shower so that she could give me my shave. I hadn't counted on that and planned to shower before bed or the next morning. Mom, however, was adamant. I showered.

The shaving went almost exactly as the first time, only she was in a bigger hurry. She quickly shaved me, but took the same amount of time playing with and sucking my pussy. She was not at all bashful this time and went down on my pussy right after drying me. She even asked me to hold my own legs wide apart for her so she could use both hands.

This time, I adjusted quickly to having my mother's face in my spread beaver. I was much more active and responsive, grinding my cunt in her face and giving her a good spread to suck on. She brought me off twice and then suggested I get up on all fours with my ass facing her. I did as she requested and lowered my shoulders to the table top, also as requested. In this vulgar position, I was asked to spread my cheeks. I found this wildly exciting and dirty. Mom pressed her face into my ass and her tongue wormed right up my butt hole. I was shocked, but very turned on.

Mom was not using her hands on me. I discovered that she was busy in her own crotch. She came while sucking my cunt. After she came, she had me roll onto my back. She stood between my wide legs, pursed three fingers at my pussy hole and wedged them inside. She then started pumping them in imitation of a cock fucking my pussy, while saying, "Wouldn't that feel good with the real thing, Judy?"

Mom's fingers did feel good, and I impulsively said, "Yes, I love it. I can't wait to fuck." This was the first time I'd ever used a real dirty word in my mother's presence. Using the "F" word felt weird, nasty, and daring. Since she accepted fuck, I added, "I can't wait to feel a real cock fucking my cunt."

This really fired her up. She fucked harder, saying "Oh, yes, baby. You'll love the feel of a stiff dick going in and out of your tight little pussy. You'll feel their sperm shooting inside, and your pussy will get all wet and warm and squishy. I want you to get nasty with them, Judy, get real down and dirty. Throw those gorgeous legs out wide and offer up your hot pussy for a fuck. Let them both fuck you tonight, okay, baby?"

Mom was working herself up with her own vulgarity. I loved seeing her like this. I was seeing a side of my mother I'd never seen before, and I found this vulgar/passion side of her exciting. I said, "Okay, Mom. I will if you want me to."

"I do, sweetheart. I told Susan you'd be perfect for the job. She wants a nasty girl, a little slut for her boys to amuse themselves with, a girl that loves to fuck and suck a stiff cock. I told Susan you were that girl. Bring this pussy back tonight all red and puffy, oozing sperm. Do it for me, okay?"

We were both into this lewd banter, each feeding off the other's words. Mom was back to fingering her pussy, and I strained up to see. I couldn't see much more then her wrist moving, but that was enough to excite me tremendously. I wanted to inspire her and said, "I will, I will let them fuck me. I want to do it for you, Mom. I want to be a good sex toy for your friend's kids. I'll do whatever Susan wants."

"Susan wants you to be a nympho slut for her boys."

"I'll let them fuck me, anytime."

"That's great. I'd like to tell her that they can come here, or you will go there, anytime, day or night."

"I'll be their private pussy on call twenty-four hours a day."

"That's the spirit, sweetheart. I'm so proud of the way you are handling this responsibility. This is a job you are getting paid for. Susan is paying you to fuck, not sit. Remember that."

"Then I'm really a whore not a sitter, right."

This made Mom pause, but then she said quite firmly, "Yes, Judy. When you accept money for fucking that makes you a whore. That's what you'll be, and that's what we'll call it from now on. You will be whoring for me, and I'll be selling your services to my best friend, understand? I'm selling your pussy."

"Yes, Mommy, sell my pussy to your friend. I want to be a good whore for you. I want to make you proud of me."

"Honey, you make Susan happy, and I will be the proudest mother ever. You know how to please Susan, don't you?"

"Yes, by spreading my legs for her sons. I'll do it, Mom; I'll do it tonight. I'll start whoring for you tonight."

At ten to eight, she had to stop. I was drained, but had to quickly get dressed. I crossed the street on wobbly legs. After the declarations I'd made to Mom, I felt obligated to get fucked, but after the wave of lust had passed, I was left facing the reality. I was nervous and just plain scared.

Susan met me at the door. Stevie and Billy were behind her, grinning from ear to ear. She welcomed me inside and said, "Judy, I am so happy to have you back. So are the boys. Aren't you guys?"

They nodded eagerly like hungry wolf pups. I felt like fresh meat. Susan explained that Red was picking her up in thirty minutes and that gave us time to get the ball rolling. I gave her a puzzled look at that statement. She then said, "Well, Judy, it's been so long since you last sat for the boys, I thought it would be nice if we could pick up where we left off."

At that instant, I felt hands slide up my legs under my dress. I jumped as fingers hooked my pantie waistband and drew them down swiftly. I sucked in a deep breath as those same hands shot back up on the inside of my legs and captured my bare beaver, causing me to squeal and crouch with my knees clamped together.

Billy had my twat in a firm grip as Susan took my elbow and said, "Oh, come now, Judy. Why the shyness? It's only us, remember? We're all intimate friends here. Come on, dear. Be a good girl. Stand straight. Move your feet out. Relax."

I stood, and I did move my knees out, but relaxing was out of the question. My heart was in my throat. Stevie was already at my feet trying to get me to lift my foot and Billy cried out, "Hey Mom, Judy shaves her twat like you. Her pussy's balder than a baby's ass."

Stevie pulled my skirt out and peered under, then pushed the hem up past my belly button. Susan knelt beside him and told Billy to move his hand. All three were kneeling at my feet with my dress bunched at my middle. I heard Susan exclaim, "Oh, my, this is beautiful, Judy. Did I inspire this?"

I said, through a deep crimson blush, "Well, yes, sorta."

"Does your mom know you shaved your twat?" While saying this, she removed my panties from my feet and tapped at the inside of my left calf. I stepped out to put about a yard between my feet.

"She shaved it the last two times."

"No shit! That bitch has been holding out on me. Are you shaving her twat?"


Susan scooted under me and looked right up into my snatch, giving me a wicked rush. She said, "Honey, I simply must get some pictures of this fabulous cunt. Don't worry. They are just for private audiences. Here, let's get these clothes off you. Take off your dress, sweetheart."

I gave her an incredulous look. She repeated the order and then added, "Hurry!" When I didn't make a move, she shrugged and stood up, turning me about. She then went for the zipper in back. I was too stunned to protest. The zipper came down; the dress went slack; suddenly, my dress was in a puddle at my feet, and I stood in my bra and high heels. She unhooked my bra, tossing it aside, then had me step free of the dress, saying, "Let's leave these heels on for now."

There I stood in all my naked glory while the boys devoured me with their eyes. Susan led me to the sofa and sat me down. I sat zombie-like. She pushed my chest back until I fully reclined, then drew my feet up, handing one leg to each boy. She said, "Make a wish, boys."

My legs went out at opposing right angles to my body as Susan reached for one of those new Polaroid cameras that take instant pictures. She focused on my beaver. I was in shock as she knelt between my legs. The flash blinded me.

"Oh, baby, this is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Hold her feet up near her ears, guys." She knelt at my ass and moved in close to my yawning pussy, saying, "Now, each of you reach down and pry out a cunt lip. Oh, yes, beautiful. [Flash] Okay, now move her legs out in a 'V'. Hold it [Flash]. Judy, hold your tits up and pinch your nipples, sweetheart. Great [Flash]!"

By this time, I was turning-on to the exposure and crude treatment. I did as she said. I even smiled. Next, she said, "Okay, now bring her legs down and push back as far as she can stand." They had me doing the sitting splits and Susan got low for a shot up my body, inches from my pussy, saying, "Bring your hands down and play with your cunt, sweetheart. Show me some pink meat, baby. Don't hide your clit. Make it stand out. That's it. Oh, this is terrific. [Flash]."

I was soon giving Susan every shot she desired with enthusiasm. Most were wide open beaver shots that showed my smiling face in the frame and my fingers in my pussy. She even had me assume several positions with me standing on my head doing the splits as she stood over my loins and shot down into my wide gash. She laid on her back and had me straddle her, sliding my feet out to each side to lower my cunt while the boys supported me by holding my tits. She took two packs of film, twenty shots in all. It was a most bizarre experience.

When her warm-up was over, she said, "Sweetheart, you better get that dress on before Red gets here. If he sees you like this, he'll have to fuck you, and we just don't have the time."

I was thankful. Fucking Red was not on my agenda, but Susan's phrasing told me I'd better put it on. Sooner or later, they'd have time, perhaps when they returned.

Susan set the camera down and assisted me in donning my dress. She said, "Your mother says you're a virgin. Mothers rarely know. Mind if I check?"

She didn't wait for my answer. Her middle finger found my hole and wormed deep inside until the fingertip met the membrane. She said, "Well, I'll be damned. You are a cherry."

Susan gave my clitty a quick rub in parting, adjusted my dress, zipped me up, then addressed her boys, saying, "Okay you two. Judy is a virgin. If she wants that changed, she'll let you know. If her cherry is missing when I get home, she better tell me she gave it to you. If I hear otherwise, you two are dead meat. I am serious about that. You don't take a girl's virginity unless she gives her permission. Is that clear?"

Both boys nodded reluctantly, but this gave me encouragement. I was sure they did not want to incur their mother's wrath. The door bell rang and Susan said, "Okay, I have to dash. You know the deal, Susan. Just relax, have fun, and whatever you do, don't do anything I wouldn't." She smiled and left before Red saw me. After they were gone, Billy went for my dress and had the zipper all the way down before I could twist free.

I fought the urge to stop him and permitted him to remove the dress. When I stood naked once again, both boys converged on me and began crudely feeling me up. Four hands roamed my body as I said, "Okay, guys. Go ahead and have your fun, but remember what your mom said."

Stevie said, "Are you gonna let us fuck you?"

"We'll see. Right now, just be content to look and touch. Ouch, don't poke me there so hard, Billy. That's a pussy, not a toy. If you bust my cherry with your fingers, she'll be just as pissed. I will be even more pissed. Besides, my boyfriend will probably kick your ass if I tell him you stole his cherry with your stupid finger."

Billy said, "Hey, Judy, how about beating off for us?"

Stevie added, "Yeah, we'll get naked and do it too."

They didn't wait for my answer. Both boys hurriedly stripped. I watched their cocks spring out in the open, marveling at what a few years of development could produce. Billy had a good six inches. Stevie had a five-inch cock that was thicker than Billy's. When nude, both boys fisted their boners at me while sporting big grins.

Billy dragged a chair over from the dining room, placed it close up in front of the sofa, and offered me the seat. I sat in the chair as they took seats on the sofa. They sat side by side and took my legs, placing them outside their bodies. I set my feet on the sofa's edge and moved forward in the seat to get comfortable. Their eyes zeroed in on my snatch as I moved my hands down and slowly teased my cunt. My eyes were on their dicks, and I was getting very turned on, very quickly.

I said, "Mom said she saw you guys naked and saw Red fucking your mom."

Billy said, "Yeah, lots of times. Mom says that your mom is a peeper. She gets off on looking. We give her plenty to look at. We jerk off for her whenever she stops over. Mom beats off for her and lets her watch guys fuck her."

"What? How long has this been going on?"

"I guess about two or three months, now."

This news floored me. I said, "I thought last night was the first time."

Stevie said, "No, but it was gonna be her last. Mom told her that if she didn't let you sit for her, she'd cut your mom off."

Billy added, "Yeah, and last month, my mom told your mom that she couldn't wear a bra, panties, pants, or shorts when she stopped by, and that she couldn't say anything to us if we tried to look at her tits and pussy. Most of the time, she just wears her housecoat with nothing underneath. We untie the belt and she can't say anything. We've seen her naked lots of times."

Billy added, "Yeah, when she sits, I usually push her knees out wide. We like to sit at her feet, looking at her cunt. We jerk off while she talks to Mom. Mom gets a kick out of it too, because she knows how embarrassed it makes her. Oh, yeah, and we like to come on her, too."

I was stunned. I said, "She lets you come on her body?"

"She has to. Mom won't let her do or say anything if she wants to watch her screw. That's what really gets your old lady off, watching people screw."

"Oh, Jesus! Tell me, where do you guys come on her body?"

Billy said, "I like coming on her face; Stevie likes doing it in her hair. Sometimes, I press my dick against her lips and my stuff squirts into her mouth. Mom told her she had to hold still. She makes faces the whole time, but if she didn't really like it, she could easily seal her lips tight so none would go in. Shit, she hardly spills any. You can tell she's sucking it in and swallowing. She's so phony, but she isn't fooling anyone."

This talk really had me going. I remember the taste of their precum from when they used to press their dicks against my lips. Of course, neither of them could ejaculate back then. I always wondered what sperm tasted like. I just knew I'd like it. I said, "Billy, when you are ready to cum, will you do me like you do my Mom?" He nodded eagerly and got up.

Billy came up and pressed his cockhead to the left corner of my lips and wormed the tip just inside while I held my lips slack. Stevie said, "Can I do it that way too?" I nodded. He moved up on my other side. I said, "Let me know right before you let go, okay?"

They agreed, and I took advantage of the wait by licking the precum from their dicks and sucking on the heads. The taste was familiar, and I forgot how much I missed that unique taste. I couldn't wait to get my first mouthful of semen. Billy was first to shout, "Here it comes!"

I let my lips go slack as I assumed Mom would do. Billy fisted his meat faster, keeping the tip in the crack of my lips. I was ready. Suddenly, a warm jet splashed my teeth and gums. I sucked the slimy goo into my mouth, ready for another. Another squirt quickly followed the first. I loved the pungent, salty, chlorine tasting cream and let it pool in my mouth. Only the last bit dribbled down my chin. After Billy withdrew, I swished his load around, swallowing it bit by bit. When Stevie announced he was ready, I swallowed the rest in one gulp and got poised for Stevie's offering. His was even better. His was thicker, and there was more of it.

Halfway through, I could not resist. I turned my head and took him fully into my mouth, sealing my lips tightly and sucking. Stevie groaned and pumped my mouth full. Long after he was through, I kept sucking on his spent cock while Billy got between my legs and started licking my working fingers and pussy. I came gloriously with Billy sucking hard on my clit. He was good, but not as good as Mom.

I laid there in a wonderful post-orgasmic daze while Billy licked my pussy. I thought about my mother and the secret life she led. I found it quite exciting imagining her having to put up with their abuse in order to feed her perverse desires. Her sudden change made a lot of sense. I knew she must need her special sex fix pretty badly if she was willing to surrender me to perverts. I felt like helping her. I knew Brad would cooperate, not to mention the two boys, maybe even Red.

After a break, I sat between the boys while they fondled me and I lazily stroked their cocks. I wanted to hear more about Mom. Billy laid out the long history. I could see how Susan gradually took Mom deeper and deeper against her will, constantly feeding her perversion. Mom went through a great deal of anxiety with each new escalation and was still not comfortable with allowing minor boys to abuse her modesty.

Red was especially hard on Mom. He would not perform unless she was naked, between the boys. He made her masturbate throughout their fuck. Mom had to lay her legs over the laps of the boys and finger-fuck herself. This told me how desperate she was. Mom is very inhibited, especially regarding masturbation, and the boys make her terribly self-conscious.

The most recent escalation came when Susan told Mom she had to let the boys touch her freely. This meant that they could not only press their dicks against her lips, but also, she got her tits and pussy worked over pretty good. She really hated having to endure a finger up her ass, so that's what they did mostly.

Billy told me that along with the threat to cut her off if I didn't return to sitting, if I didn't put out to her boys, Mom would have to start putting out. She had until Saturday to get me to fuck them. She was scheduled to fuck the boys on Saturday night if I didn't come across by then. Furthermore, she'd have to do it at a party with several couples and six men from Red's car lot watching. They even planned to film the whole thing and pull a train on her afterward. Mom only knew about a few people being present to watch. She didn't know she'd be pulling a train or that the event would be captured on film. Billy ended by saying, "So, you see, you better let us fuck you."

I had decided to give up my cherry to the boys after resting. I didn't really think Brad was into taking my cherry. He never even asked if I had one. I figured the boys had cocks that were perfect for a first-time screw. The news about Mom's ultimatum threw a new twist in the deal. I had to think about this. They lost out for that night, anyway.

We played with each other for four hours. I sucked them off three more times each, and my pussy and tits got a thorough workout. Susan came home alone, and immediately checked for my hymen. She said, "So, you guys couldn't talk her out of it, huh? Too bad. This really is prime pussy she has here."

I was standing next to Susan while she fingered me. I had thrown on the dress when I heard the car pull up. She kept fingering my pussy and massaging my clit while she talked to the boys, treating me as though I were a mannequin. I loved it. She asked, "Well, did you guys have a good time, anyway?"

Billy said, "Hell yeah, she loves sucking our dicks. She swallows, too."

Stevie said, "Yeah, she loves it. She let us finger-fuck her ass and pussy all we wanted. She even let us fuck her asshole with a cucumber."

"Oh, she did, did she?" Susan glanced at the medium size cuke lying on the floor by the sofa. The cuke was bigger than either of the boys' dicks. Her finger trailed down my crack to my asshole and slipped in easily to the palm. She said, "That went in easy. Nice ass." I clenched down on her finger by tightening my sphincter muscle, and Susan said, "Oooh, nice! Red will adore poking your fanny. He loves a good butt fuck. Now, I wish I'd invited him in."

Susan withdrew her finger and ushered the boys off to bed. When she returned, she confronted me, saying, "So, they told you the deal?"

"What makes you say that?"

"If you'd take that cuke, but balk at their cocks, you must have a reason that has nothing to do with protecting your cherry. You know the deal, don't you?"

"Yes, they told me everything."

"And now you don't want to save Mommy?"

"I'm thinking about it."

"You could have let them have your ass. That would not have let her off the hook."

"I wish I'd known that. I wasn't sure."

"Yes, I specifically told her that you have to let them fuck your cunt. She understands that."

"Susan, do you really think Mom will go along with this party thing if I don't let them fuck my pussy?"

"Honey, I know she will. She's hooked good and solid. It's not just me she gets to watch. I also set her up with my friends. I'm a swinger, as if you didn't know. We like having her watch, but she will have to pay the price of admission. She knows I'll cut her off .... So, you're thinking about letting her down, huh?"

"It crossed my mind."

"I like that. I'd like it even better if you fucked the boys right after she paid up. It would be the perfect way to cap off the evening. Mommy could watch her little girl in action, too late to do her any good. Are you doing anything Saturday night?"

"I am, now. Susan, can I bring my boyfriend?"

"Sure, if he can be cool and keep this to himself. I want Billy and Stevie to fuck you first, okay?"

"Yeah, I was kind of hoping you'd let Brad in on the train. He's nuts about Mom."

"Ooh, I like your style, kiddo. Sharing Mommy with your boyfriend, now that takes class. I see there's a bit of your mother in you, too. Would you like to see Mommy going down on some pussy. I taught her myself. She's very good."

I giggled and said, "Yes, I know. She's done it to me twice. You taught her well."

Susan laughed and clapped her hands together, saying, "Wonderful, I see a mother/daughter act in our future. They are very popular, you know. Oh, I have the perfect setup. Imagine this, Judy. You and your mother, buck-assed naked, in a sixty-nine, with her kneeling over you on all fours licking your twat while the guys pull a train on her. You'd have a terrific view, and it would certainly inspire the guys."

"Oh, God, Susan! That sounds positively filthy. I love it. Man what a view! All those cocks from up close. All that fuck juice falling on my face. Shit, that might inspire me to suck her pussy for her. I'm not into eating pussy, but if it was covered with sperm, I think I'd like it. She's dying to get her pussy sucked."

"Yes, I know. I'm not into it either. I love having it done to me, though, especially by a straight female. Don't worry, you'll get all the little spermies you ever wanted if you go along with this. I love sucking a fucking couple and then going down on the chick after he pumps her cunt full of cum. It's the only way I'll eat a cunt. Say, I've got a snatch full right now. Interested? It's Red's. His cum is very tasty."

With that, she stepped back and hoisted her skirt, baring her sperm-soaked beaver. I always thought Susan had a beautiful cunt. Now, her shaved and tattooed pussy looked delicious. I hesitated for only a moment, then dropped to my knees. Susan raised one leg and rested her foot on the arm of the sofa. She thrust out her snatch, saying, "Go for it, baby!"

I began by lapping the long runs seeping down her inner thighs, working my way up. When I got to her cunt, I delicately pried her puffy lips apart to look at the sperm oozing out. I licked at the drops as they formed on her pink tissue, then lapped long passes up through her slit from asshole to clit. She was right. Red's sperm was yummy and didn't taste too much like pussy. I loved licking Susan's spermy twat and scooted lower, pressing my face in tight to her open gash.

Susan mouthed obscene words of encouragement, calling me her little cunt-sucking whore. Her words excited me further; I licked harder and deeper. She went on, "Oh, yes, sweetie, lick my cunt good. Oh, baby, you are going to be my little whore. I'll get you more cock than you ever dreamed, and lots of fresh-fucked pussy, for sure."

I wallowed in her cunt, loving her lewd declarations. I inspired her to go on. She said, "You just take care of me and my boys, and I'll take good care of you and your mommy. I want her to hand each of them a key to your house and invite them to stop by, anytime, to take either of you any way they want you. I want to give them a pair of three-holer whores to play with. You'd like that, wouldn't you, Judy?"

I broke off momentarily to eagerly say, "Oh, yes, I love it, especially if it includes my mother."

"That, I can promise you. Even if you decided to let her off by fucking the boys before Saturday, I'd still get her. I would just postpone the party one week, that's all."

I stood and smiled, saying, "You are devious, Susan. That's what I love about you. I'm so excited. I'm going to make her lose the deal, but I want my ass fucked. That will drive her nuts, knowing I'm letting them fuck my ass but not my pussy. I can't wait for tomorrow."

"You don't have to. Billy and Stevie have been watching us all this time from the stairs. Do you want to break that ass cherry?"

I glanced up and saw them leering at us and smiled. I turned to Susan and said, "Yes. Call your little ass fuckers down here."

"Get that dress off and assume the position." She turned to the stairs and shouted, "All right you sneaks. Get your little asses down here right now. Judy has a present for you."

The boys scampered down, still naked, still sporting erections. Susan offered, "Fuck her ass, boys. Billy, you go first. Stevie, why don't you let her suck you while Billy is getting his. I'm going to load some film in the camera."

Billy entered me with a little difficulty, but my ass felt wonderful being stuffed with real meat. He pounded hard and came quickly. Stevie felt even bigger and lasted longer, fucking me for fifteen minutes while Susan took many pictures. The last few were taken while lying on her back beneath me with her head at my crotch and her spread beaver laid out before my hanging head. I couldn't resist and dove on her snatch, sucking her like mad.

Susan heaved up and held her ass a foot off the carpet for my clit sucking. Billy took the camera from her and took two shots of me with her clit in my mouth, sucking through a smile.

When we stood at the door, Susan and I kissed like lovers. I said, "You know, I can't wait to tell Mom that I ate your pussy, twice. That will really bug her when I don't offer to do her the next time she does me."

Susan smiled her devious smile and said, "Look, if you really want to get to her, the next time I stop over, get on your knees, throw back my skirt, and just start lapping away. I'll act cool, as though your lapping my cunt is the most natural thing for you to do. She'll die."

"Oh, yes, I love it. I'll go one better. Suppose I strip naked first and masturbate while I'm eating you."

"Yes, that's even better. There's another thing you can do to freak her out, but it might be beyond you. I'm not sure I should even share this."

"Oh, please do!"

"All right, but I warned you. Okay, the next time Mommy has her mouth fastened over your cunt, let some piss dribble out. Not much, just enough to let her know it's piss."

"Oh, no, I couldn't."

"Sure you can; I do all the time. Hell, Judy, the last few times your mom went down on me, I emptied my bladder, and my bladder was full. She drank it all, never once voicing an objection."

"Oh, gross. That's so dirty. Are you sure she knew you were pissing."

"Hell yes, she knew. Piss is actually quite clean; it's sterile, in fact. In the old days, doctors used it to wash wounds on the battlefield. And yes, she knows I'm pissing. Honey, sometimes, I piss a long hard stream that makes her choke and sputter. She knows. Besides, we usually sit and drink coffee for hours at a time. I never go to the bathroom, though she has to go every ten minutes. She goes for both of us, and she knows it."

"God, that is so bizarre."

"It's quite nice for me. Whenever I get the urge to piss, all I have to do is hike my skirt and widen my legs. Your mother knows that's the signal that I need to piss. She drops right down and glues her lips to my piss hole--not my clit, not my fuck hole, my piss hole. She nurses for a while before I let her have a squirt. I like to give my piss to her one squirt at a time, dragging out the piss for ten minutes or so."

"You are blowing my mind, Susan."

"On some occasions, I just pee freely. She can keep up with as fast as I can piss and never lose a drop. At other times, I have dragged pissing out for over an hour. She will not get her lips off my pisser until I say, 'I'm finished.' We never established any rules about this, it just sort of evolved that way. Now, do you still have any doubts?"

"No, but I just can't believe she'd willingly do that."

This news was the shocker of shockers. I could accept my mother's deviations, but imagining her willingly sucking piss was so far out, it boggled my mind. I mean, she was such a lady, so classy and together, always proper, never used foul language, blushed at the slightest provocation. Just hearing a dirty word come from her mouth had shocked me when I first heard it. Now, I learn she loves to drink a slut's piss, right from her pussy.

Susan continued, "She didn't, at first. It took a while to condition her. At first, I just dribbled the whole time she ate my cunt. I gradually worked up to squirts. It was just a few weeks ago that I could freely let go and know she'd take it all. We never talk about it; we just do it."

"Do the boys know that Mom drinks your piss?"

"They see her going down on me all the time. In fact, I love making her eat me when they are around. She hates doing it in front of anyone, but they don't know I'm pissing. I'd like to let them in on it, but I don't think she's ready for that level of humiliation. She's close, though. One day, I plan to show her off at a party. I'll have her kneel at my feet and open wide. I'll piss in her open mouth so everyone can see her drink my piss down. That day is coming. Would you like to witness something like that?"

"Oh, God yes! I'd love to see that."

"Look, if you dare, why don't you give Mommy a squirt next time she has her mouth over your piss hole. She'll drink yours too, I guarantee it."

"Do you really think so?"

"Absolutely, just start off slow and build up. Before long, you will be peeing as fast as you want, and Mommy will drink all you have to offer. Do try it. She gets of on sucking piss. I can tell. Look, all this talk about pissing has me ready to let loose a torrent. Unless you'd like to try some, you better let me go."

The idea did have a perverse appeal. I said, "Could you just give me one little squirt. I'd like to try it, a little."

"Honey, if I start, I'm afraid there will be no stopping. Really, I'm about to burst. I'd drench you. Say, did you ever have a golden shower?"

"You mean have someone piss on me? No."

"It's never too late to try. You could go home drenched in piss. How would you like to tell Mom that you knelt to kiss my pussy good night, and I started pissing in your mouth? You could say I filled your mouth then kept pissing in your face and on your head after you pulled away."

"Do it, Susan! Yes, I want you to soak me. Should we go to the bathroom?"

"No, why not do it on the landing. No one says good night in the bathroom. There is the possibility she may be watching from the house."

"Someone else might see us."

"They might, not likely though. We'll wait till it's clear. Besides, who really cares? There's only your house and two others with a view."

"All right. Let's do it. I'm ready."

We stepped out into the cool night and looked up and down the street. No one was out, and there were no cars approaching. I took a deep breath, dropped to my knees, and sank back on my heels, praying that my mother was peering through the drapes.

Susan smiled, lifted her skirt high, and hunched her cunt up to my face. I fastened my mouth to her pussy and my mouth instantly filled with warm, beer piss. I held a mouthful and backed off into the strong flow. Piss poured in a steady stream and splashed over my face as Susan maneuvered about my head. She then moved around, wetting me in long squirts that covered every inch of my dress. My hair became matted to my wet face. I swallowed my mouthful of piss and began laughing uncontrollably as Susan kept squirting me in the back of my head.

She came back around to my front and offered her cunt once more, saying, "I still have a few squirts left. Want another drink?"

She pissed in my face as I closed in on her twat. I pressed my lips to her piss hole and nursed the remainder. I gave her clit a parting suck and stood on wobbly legs, dripping wet with her piss. I smiled and said, "Thanks for everything, Susan. Your golden shower wasn't bad at all. I wouldn't mind doing that again."

"Like mother, like daughter. You run along. I'm sure your mother is waiting up."

I ran the short distance and entered our house out of breath. Mom was waiting up and came right over, mistaking my quick breaths as some sort of traumatic reaction. She started to hug me to her and then realized I was soaking wet. She then realized I'd been pissed on. She said, "Oh my God, Judy! What happened?"

I caught my breath and gave her a smile. This seemed to calm her. I said, "That crazy Susan pissed on me when I went to kiss her pussy good night at the door."

"You kissed her pussy?"

"Well, after going down on her twice, it seemed the thing to do. I never thought she'd piss in my mouth, though."

"Did she make you eat her pussy?"

"No, I did that on my own. She came home with Red's sperm running down her legs. I was just going to lick Red's sperm from her thighs, but once I started, I couldn't stop. There was so much still in her pussy, and his cum was taking forever to seep out. I couldn't wait. Mom, I discovered that I absolutely love sperm. It is the most delicious stuff. I sucked both boys off four times each."

Mom brought a towel over and dried my hair after removing my dress. She patted me down and moved low, dropping to her knees. I could see the lust in her eyes as she visually examined my pussy, looking for signs of a recent fuck. I teased her by keeping my legs together, making her request that I open my stance. She did, and I complied, standing out wide and thrusting my cunt out with my hands supported on my hips. I said, "Can you see better now?"

She cast me a wry look, then returned her eyes to my pussy, using her finger to poke and pry. She said, "Honey, didn't those boys fuck you? It doesn't look like they did."

"Yeah, they both fucked me. They fucked me, good--in my ass."

Her eyes shot up. She said, "You let them screw you in the ass but not in the pussy?"

"Yeah, I'm saving my cherry for Brad."

"Are you going to give it to him on Friday?"

"I doubt it. Not on the first date. That would be tacky. I think I should wait another week, you know, just so it looks right."

Mom could not hide her disappointment. Finally, she said, "Turn around and let me see if your ass is okay, dear."

"Sure Mom." I turned, spread my legs, and bent way over until my head was inverted, looking back at her from my knee level. I reached behind, pulled my cheeks apart, and watched her eyes grow wide, staring at my abused asshole. I said, "Is this better? See everything?"

"I see just fine, thank you." She dabbed sperm from my leaking hole, then surprised me by inserting her index finger deep, saying, "It looks well-used, all right. Is the hole tender?"

"A little." When she withdrew, I stood and turned around, keeping my feet out wide, offering her a good look at my pussy. I managed to move closer while turning. She was sitting back on her heels with her eyes riveted to my twat. I surreptitiously advanced close by scrunching my toes, slowly closing the small gap.

While doing this, I teased her by saying, "Was I a good girl, Mommy? Are you proud of me? I was very nasty with them. They loved my pussy. I let them do anything but fuck it. They even took lots of pictures of my spread beaver from up close. I masturbated for them and everything. I was real slutty, just like you wanted. That is what you wanted, wasn't it?"

I brushed my clit over the tip of her nose. She looked up and nodded. While our eyes were linked, I gave her nose a good painting with my clit. I brought my hands down and pried my cunt lips open, saying, "I figured that since I was going to be their plaything, it wouldn't hurt to let them take all the pictures they wanted. I figured they had the right to do anything with me. Was I right, Mommy? You don't mind if they take dirty pictures of me to share with their swinger friends, do you?"

While saying this, I moved up closer and settled my open cunt right over Mom's nose. I let the folds close over her nose then began a slow easy sliding that brought my clit from the bridge to the tip. With her face tilted up and held steady, her nose plowed a furrow through my sopping wet cunt. All I could see were her eyes looking up in wonder. She said, "You were right to pose for the pictures, Judy, but you should have let them fuck your pussy."

"They seemed content with my mouth and ass, Mommy. I promised to let them fuck my pussy all they want after Brad gets first crack at my crack. They understood."

I moved forward, forcing her head back, and settled harder on her nose, wedging it in my hole. My cunt lips blinded her and my cunt partially muffled her words as she said, "Still, you are denying them their rights, Judy. They should get first crack at you. I think they deserve it. Susan purchased that right."

I did not reply to this. Instead, I sat hard and mashed my cunt on her mouth. Actually, I positioned my piss hole on her mouth. I decided to try Susan's advice. Mom began sucking and sticking her tongue way up inside. I concentrated and let a short squirt out. The squirt was bigger than I'd planned. I felt her gulp, and the astonished look in her eyes was priceless.

The look drove me wild, and I gave her another squirt with our eyes locked on each other. Again, she gulped and did nothing to discourage me. I knew that she knew I'd pissed. The second squirt was longer than the first.

I gave another, then another. Her mouth moved right over my piss hole, and she began that nursing action Susan described. I eased up and she followed, bringing her hands up to grip my hips, pulling her face in tight. I stood with my legs straight and she came along, nursing hard. I kept giving her short squirts and long dribbles, amazed that my mother seemed to love drinking my piss right from my pussy.

After giving her a series of short squirts, I wanted to feel what it would be like to piss freely. I debated for only a second, then let loose a steady stream that I could hear flowing in her mouth. She swallowed hard and fast to keep up. I was thrilled beyond words.

I cut the flow short, saving some for a slow dramatic ending. I said, "Mom, would you do me a favor and suck my cunt whenever I want you to?"

She nodded; I gave her a squirt. "I don't want to have to ask, okay? If I show you my pussy, you should know what I want, right?" She nodded; I squirted.

I think at this point Mom knew that Susan and I had been talking and conspiring. I felt her surrender to her unthinkable fate. I have heard that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I certainly felt power after rubbing my cunt in my mother's subservient face and pissing in her mouth. Through Susan, I felt absolute power.

If Susan was right, then Mom knew not to stop until I announced I was finished. She kept nursing while I was thinking. I thought it would be neat to see what she'd do if I moved. I looked back and saw a chair a few feet behind me and slowly began inching back. To my utter delight, Mom hobbled along keeping her mouth in place, continuing her nursing of my piss hole.

When I got to the chair, I sat and placed one foot on the seat, laying back my knee to make a good spread and get a good look at her sucking on my piss hole. I pried my lips open to see it clearly. My urethra sticks up like a miniature cock when I stretch back my cunt lips and use my index finger to peel back the hood of my clit. I used my fingers to bare my piss hole completely. She had her lips in a tight purse right over the little shaft, nursing like a baby at a nipple, tickling the hole with the tip of her tongue.

I found this wildly erotic and brought my other foot up and laid that knee out, giving me an even better view of what she was doing. Mom knew what I was trying to do. The obscene exposure didn't bother her one bit. In fact, if anything, she made it even plainer that my piss hole was her sole purpose in sucking. She did this by easing up until just the tip was at her lips like she was kissing the eraser of a pencil, never breaking contact, but coming dangerously close, almost daring me to let loose a squirt at that moment. She ignored all other areas of my cunt while in this mode.

She got into a rhythm of going full down, sucking hard, then easing off to the tip. I got to time the action well, and the next time she came up, I forced a hard squirt that splashed out against her lips and required her to make an obscene sucking slurping noise in trying to suck the flow in. I loved this position, because she could not pretend to be doing other than sucking piss. I timed each squirt on the out pass and soon had her loudly slurping my piss into her mouth.

She caught on quickly, and I soon had her conditioned to hold herself just a fraction of an inch clear, sucking on the amber stream itself, just like at a drinking fountain. If I made any move, it caused her to miss and resulted in a splash of piss in her face. Instead of backing away or pressing up tight to stop the splashing, she tried to recapture the stream, making a bigger mess. I found that I enjoyed pissing in her face as much as seeing her drink my piss. Judging by the way she tried hard to stay in contact with the stream, I'd say she preferred drinking.

I dragged out this activity for at least twenty minutes. She never indicated that she was tiring. In ending, I gave a lurch and shot a stream hitting her between the eyes. When she looked up with my piss running off her face and nose, I just smiled and said, "Okay, I'm finished."

I expected her to say something about the ending, at least, but she just picked up the towel and dried her face. Once she was presentable, she returned to her old self and wanted to hear all about my evening, from start to finish. I told her what I wanted her to hear, marveling at the way she seemed to be in denial. It was as though she could not face up to being a piss freak. I found this amusing--amazing--amazing and amusing. She never bugged me about not fucking the boys again. I think she knew the score.

* * *

The following morning, I was eager to see if she'd respond to our agreement. I saved my morning pee for her. I went down in my robe, took a seat in her view, parted the robe, and laid my legs open. Mom knew. She hesitated, then set her breakfast preparations aside and knelt. I did not play around this time; I simply filled her with my piss, which she drank in a continuous flow. As soon as the flow stopped, I said, "Okay, I'm finished."

In some ways this was harder on her than the protracted game, for it required her to unceremoniously kneel, suck piss, and get dismissed, much like a human toilet. When she eased off, her face was blushing. I just smiled. She returned to breakfast preparation. I drank lots of coffee.

Susan popped over as I was about to go up and dress for school. We passed a conspiratorial look and I stuck around as she sat and stirred the coffee Mom poured and set before her. Susan sat kitty corner to Mom and sat with her knees apart in an unladylike manner, which was typical of her.

Mom said, "So, how did my little girl do on her first day on the job? Satisfactory, I hope."

"She was quite satisfactory. She's a beautiful and sexy girl with all the right equipment in the right places and very photogenic. Billy and Stevie are both pleased with her performance. Oh, that reminds me. We took these pictures last night. I knew you'd want a peek."

Susan tossed thirty photos on the table. Mom's face showed her interest and shock at their vulgarity. I wanted to wait before making my move on Susan, but time pressed. I gave her a few minutes to peruse the photos, then dramatically slipped out of my robe.

Mom looked to me with puzzlement as I made my way to kneel at Susan's feet. Susan did not react in any way as I carefully folded back her short skirt, placed her right foot on the table, and moved her left knee out. Mom sat in stunned silence and watched my head dip into Susan's beaver. I laid my cheek on Susan's left thigh so Mom could see my tongue lapping up through her friend's vaginal cleft.

Susan carried on small talk, ignoring Mom's gaze riveted to my working tongue. I could feel her eyes on me and loved what I was doing. I rubbed my face in Susan's gash, smearing her juices all over, then fastened my lips on her clit and sucked enthusiastically. On impulse, I dropped lower and pursed my lips over her piss hole, pausing to give it a nursing suck. It was a passing move, intended to demonstrate my willingness to serve her if she got the urge.

The next time my mouth went by, I got a quick shot of warm urine. It wasn't bad, so I went for more and got another. Every time I passed over it, I got another squirt. Susan could see that I was not avoiding the area. Our eyes met and she sent me a signal that said, "Are you sure you want this?"

My answer was a firm suck right on her piss hole. Suddenly, her piss gushed forth filling my mouth to overflowing. I coughed, gagged, sputtered, and spilled quite a lot, but never moved my lips out of contact. When the flow slowed, I lapped at the amber stream, making lots of sucky slurpy noise and letting the piss splash over my face. I demonstrated to my mother an unmistakable show of piss sucking as it should be done.

When the flow became a dribble, I flattened my tongue and made broad laps over her whole cuntal plane. I licked spilled piss from her mound, belly, thighs, calves, and feet. Susan patted my head and said, "You know what I like about hiring your daughter to service my boys?"

"What's that, Susan?"

"I love the way she sucks up to the boss." At this, I lapped her crotch like a dog.

Mom said, "She knows where her bread is buttered, that's for sure."

Susan said, "That reminds me. She forgot to pick up her money. I figured on paying her by the cum. I figured one dollar a cum was fair. Does that meet with your okay?" Mom told her the offer was generous. I was not offended by the meager sum. It was a token. Two bits would have been more appropriate.

Susan said, "By my count, that is eight blow jobs and two ass fucks, bringing the total to ten bucks. Is that what you figured, Judy?"

I stood and said it was. She handed me the ten dollar bill. I handed it to Mom and said, "I guess that makes it official. I am a whore now, huh?"

Mom took the bill, smiled, and said, "Yes, it's official. Now clean the mess you made on my floor."

I said, "I don't wipe up piss, mother. I'm a whore, not a bathroom maid."

Susan burst out laughing, and said, "She sure set you straight, huh?"

Mom was not amused. She went for a towel and had to get down on her hands and knees between Susan's widespread legs to mop up the mess we made. While watching her do this dirty deed I had an overwhelming urge to show Susan how far I'd gone with Mom. I winked at Susan, then moved inside her parted legs, right in Mom's way. Mom wiped around my feet, saying, "Honestly, Judy, if you aren't going to help, the least you could ..."

Her words were cut short when she looked up and saw me thrusting my naked beaver at her, using the fingers of both hands to expose my urethra. Mom stared at it, then looked to Susan's grinning face, then back to my crotch. Her gaze remained on my crotch. I slid my feet out into a wider stance and thrust my cunt out more demandingly. I turned slightly toward Susan so she could have a good view. Mom was falling under the spell.

We watched Mom slowly scoot in place, sitting on her heels. She brought her mouth directly over my piss hole. I had my two index fingers running along the insides of my cunt grove. They framed my clit and urethra. Mom could not get a lip seal over my piss hole with my fingers in the way. She could only get close. I immediately realized the position I had inadvertently put her in and released a squirt that caught her unprepared. My stream splashed her lips.

Mom looked surprised, but not dissuaded. She opened her mouth in case I let loose another. I did just that. My stream splashed in the confines of her mouth which widened as it filled. When her mouth filled, I paused to let her swallow. Watching her swallow a mouthful of my piss was exquisite. I glanced to Susan. She was visibly impressed, wanting to see more.

For my next squirt, I moved back from Mom's gaping mouth and let loose a steady stream which Mom had to maneuver to catch. The next one, I made her chase by moving the stream with pressure from my fingers. She caught half, but the rest splashed her in the face. Mom turned red with embarrassment, but uttered no protest. Susan loved the show and applauded, laughing, and saying, "That was beautiful, Judy. Do that again!"

I did, only this time, I made it impossible for her. She caught very little, except for in her face and hair which was soaked. I figured I was good for two or three good streams, and I wanted to make the most of them. I backed off a few more inches and let it fly. She caught the first of it, but the rest I aimed down into her cleavage.

For my finale, I cupped Mom's chin and positioned her head so it was turned up in profile to Susan. I then moved over her with my feet planted wide and positioned my pussy over her nose. I used her nose to rub myself in a slow vulgar grind, then let my piss trickle out slowly to run down both cheeks, her neck, and into her robe. Susan was ecstatic, and said, "This is great, Judy. I must get this on film."

I smiled, stood straight, and moved away. I went to Susan, placed my arm around her shoulder, and said, "I'm glad I was able to please you. She told me to do whatever it takes to make you happy."

"I'm happy, sweetheart. I'm very happy."

I excused myself and went to finish getting ready for school. Mom was perusing my photo set when I headed out. I kissed Susan on the cunt, then kissed Mom on the lips. On my way out, I heard Susan say, "Yes, she knows who butters her bread and where bread comes from." She yelled out, "Stop by after school. I'm sure the boys will need relief." I nodded, smiled, and went out with a flip of my skirt to show Mom I had no panties on. They were in my purse. A girl doesn't go to my school without panties on unless she wants everyone to know she's a whore. I wasn't interested in advertising. I put them on in Cindy's car while telling her everything.

On the way to school, we had time to talk about my actions. I wondered why I loved treating my mother that way, why having her drink my piss or wear my piss turned me on so much. I couldn't figure it out. On the surface my conduct seemed so out of character for me. My mother's submissive conduct was also out of character for her. I could not deny that Mom assumed her role quite readily, enjoyed her role, and that spurred me on, making my role easier and enhanced my pleasure.

Cindy didn't have a clue, but said she could imagine serving her mother but not the reverse. I could imagine her mother making Cindy serve as her toilet. I couldn't put anything past Estelle Greyson.

The one thing I did figure out was that I was hell bent on destroying Mom's game of denial. I wanted her to openly accept that I had the right to piss in her or on her at my whim, and she had to service me in that way. I wanted to be able to say, "Mom, I need to piss," and have her dutifully assume any position I required. I fantasized about being able to walk over and squirt piss in anything she was drinking--milk, coffee, wine, or beer-- and have her accept my obscene offering. I wanted to squat over her dinner plate and piss on food, piss on her corn flakes, piss on anything she might put in her mouth.

I knew I had made significant progress toward that end with the morning's demonstration. Though terribly embarrassing for her, I could tell she got off on what I did. Having someone watch made the act more thrilling for both of us. I wanted her ready to perform on Saturday and ached for the day when I could perform my piss act for Cindy, Brad, or anyone else I chose to share my perversion with.

Yes, I saw the perversion as mine, not Mom's. I was the piss freak. I sensed that Mom assumed the role of a piss freak as a means to an end. Somehow, that made her services even more enjoyable.

When I arrived home, Mom was out. I figured she was at Susan's, and she was. When I arrived at Susan's house, they were seated at Susan's table, talking. Billy and Stevie, both naked, rushed up to greet me and immediately attacked my clothes. I stood passively and let them strip me naked as Mom and Susan turned to watch.

Once naked, I sauntered over to the mothers and got in a place where both had a good view. The boys were all hands, feeling, groping, fingering, and poking. They placed me on all fours and Billy mounted me up the ass while Stevie took my mouth. I put on a good show for Mom and Susan, wiggling my ass on Billy's pecker and moaning on Stevie's while sucking voraciously.

They were talking about me, talking to be heard. Susan said, "Your daughter is quite the little cock hound."

Mom's voice had that tinge of deep arousal as she said, "She sure loves cock. God, she's such a little slut. Look at her."

"I am so glad you suggested this arrangement, Bonnie. You know how to treat a friend, and she's so affordable. Hell, I could even afford to treat Red and a few of his select friends; that is, of course, if you have no objection."

"Of course not, Susan, and you might be interested in her daily rate. I think ten dollars is reasonable, don't you?"

"I like that. For groups, that would be much better. I expect you'll want to be present for any group activity."


They both broke into giggles as Billy pumped his load in my ass. Seconds later, Stevie filled my mouth. I earned two bucks, and that made me giggle.

When we separated, I went to Mom and hugged her, saying, "So, I have a group rate now, huh?"

"That's right, dear. Ten bucks, half for you, half for me."

"Wow, five whole bucks just for me, and all I have to do is let a bunch of horny men screw me silly."

"Life's grand, isn't it?"

"Yes, and getting grander." I hopped up on the table and swung around with my knees out, placing Mom between them. I opened my cunt with my fingers and said, "Guess what, Mommy?"

Billy and Stevie gathered near as Mom looked to Susan. Susan shrugged. Mom looked at my pussy, then dutifully leaned in and fastened on my piss hole. She started nursing. I'm sure she was hoping to hide what was going to happen, but I had other ideas. I let her nurse for a few minutes, then said, "Okay, Mom, are you ready?"

Mom looked up my torso and gave me a concerned look, but nodded. I gave her my stream and she began gulping and sucking. For my part, I made relief moans. Billy said, "Are you pissing or something?"

I said, "Yes, I'm pissing." I boldly used my palm to push Mom's head back three inches. My piss stream shot across the gap and into her wide open mouth, bringing awed gasps from the boys. I released her head and Mom quickly followed the stream to the source to resume sucking and swallowing. She seemed resigned to this humiliation, so when I finished, I said, "Okay, Mom, I'm finished pissing, now. Give the whole area a good tongue bath to make sure you got every drop of my piss, okay?"

Mom went about her task with resignation; Billy and Stevie aided her by opening me up, pushing my knees into my arm pits. Mom laved the entire area and even lapped up Billy's spend seeping from my asshole. I was not through humbling her though. I had another trick up my sleeve.

When she finished with a few dozen broad laps up my cunt groove, she paused to ask, "Will that do?"

I said, "No, I think there might be more. Keep licking like that." The boys had my knees pressed flat to the table. Billy rested his cheek on the inside of my left thigh; Stevie had his on my right. Mom was between the two lapping up my slit. That's when I began letting little dribbles seep out. I'd wait until she was poised at the base of my slit. My piss trickle flowed in plain sight onto her waiting tongue and she'd mop up the rest. This act was accompanied by crude comments from her audience.

I languished, fully reclined, loving the position I had her in. I was thoroughly laying to rest all vestiges of her game once and for all. The great part was, Mom seemed to be fine with that. She was putting on a performance for everyone, making quite a bit of noise while slurping and sucking my piss.

Susan moved to the other side of the table and leaned over me on her elbows wearing a big smile. With her head over mine in reverse, she said in a voice intended for Mom's ears, "I'm impressed, Judy. You have turned your mother into a good little piss slave. I think it's marvelous the way she eagerly sucks piss right from your pussy. This is too good not to share. I'm hosting a party here on Saturday for some special friends. I wonder if you and your mother would put on a little demonstration for my guests, you know, work up an act. I'd like to put the whole thing on film."

Mom's wide eyes pleaded for a negative reply, but I said, "I'd love to, Susan. We will begin practicing right away. I can't wait to show her off. Can I invite my boyfriend? Brad would love to see my mom do this. He is dying to see her naked. Would you like me to shave her pussy, too?" Mom's wrinkled brow went smooth, and then her eyes closed.

"Yes, that would be a nice touch. And you might consider doing her hair up with a fancy doo and fixing her makeup. High heels would be nice as well. There's nothing sexier than a beautiful naked woman wearing only heels. She will really get the men hot."

If Mom was upset with anything she heard, her lapping didn't reflect that. If anything, her tongue action mirrored her consent. She had modified her slurping technique. After making a pass up my trough, she poised with her tongue fully extended into my pussy hole with her tongue curled to form a scoop for my piss. As fluid flowed down my crack, she sucked air, drawing the amber wetness in as though through a straw. She'd then lap up the rest and get set for more. The boys loved watching her do this, and her technique felt marvelous.

When Susan left me, she went to Mom and removed her robe, leaving Mom completely nude. Mom was on her knees while sucking my cunt. Seconds later, I heard Susan declare, "Honestly, Bonnie, masturbating too. Have you no shame, woman? Are you thinking about Saturday night? I know my boys are. They aren't even interested in your daughter's pussy. They have their sights set on a bigger prize. I think you should resign yourself to putting on two exhibition fucks." Mom had an orgasm; I think she was resigned.

Once I had Mom thoroughly cowed and could not squeeze out another drop, I released her. As I climbed down, Mom looked for her robe. Susan had it hidden. Susan came up to her and said, "You won't be needing that in my house any longer. From now on, you are to strip naked when you enter my house, understand?"

Mom nodded. Susan smiled and said, "Besides, you aren't done yet. Stand up, turn your back to the table, get your legs out wide, and lean back all the way."

Mom did as instructed and rested with her head and shoulders in the center of the table. I came to her front to get my first look at her pussy. Billy and Stevie were already there, poking and prodding her two holes. Mom had an impressive cunt. Her pubic hair was very fine and straight. She had long fat lips and a prominent mound. Her inner lips hung past her crack by a good half inch and were darker than the bright pink of her clit hood. The boys had her clit poking up proudly.

Billy peeled her twat open using the thumb and fingers of both hands, bringing a groan from Mom. Her inner membranes shined a bright coral pink around her open hole. Stevie soon filled that hole with three fingers and began pumping her hard. Mom groaned.

Meanwhile, Susan climbed onto the table and positioned her feet on either side of Mom's head. She looked to me and said, "Get the camera, Judy. Take some good shots of this." She looked down to Mom's face and said, "Now, show me how good a best friend you are, Bonnie. Open wide, dear."

As Susan squatted, Mom opened her mouth wide. Susan sat with her ass resting on Mom's forehead, her cunt aimed at the open mouth. She squirted her amber streams in short bursts. Most went right in Mom's wide open mouth. Mom missed some when swallowing, and she swallowed often. I took several shots from several angles, then Susan stopped me, saying, "Wait, this won't do. I want her face clearly in the frame."

Susan got up and turned to face the other way, squatting down with her cunt lips on Mom's chin. I got in position to take the shot from the far side of the table, bringing the lens in from the top of Mom's head. Susan said, "There, that's better." She let a squirt fly into Mom's mouth, then had Mom extend her tongue and aimed her jets at Mom's extended, flat tongue while I took pictures. Susan taunted, "You know who these pictures are for, don't you, Bonnie?"

Mom sputtered, coughed, and said, "You wouldn't, not Frank." (Frank is my dad.)

"Yes, Frank. He'd love having these, and I'll see that he gets them. We still see each other, you know. He even came to one of my parties." Mom looked anguished, and she missed the next squirt, taking the shot full in the face.

Susan looked to me, saying, "You didn't know that I was the other woman, did you?" I shook my head. "It's true. Your mom caught us doing the dirty deed in her marital bed. Of course, she didn't interrupt us. She stood and watched. She over-reacted, of course. Too bad, he turned out to be damn good once I got him trained. Eats a damn fine pussy, too. Who knows, he might be here on Saturday. Wouldn't that be a gas?" Mom tried to protest, but her protest got drowned out.

I put on another performance with the boys while eating Susan's pussy. I reclined on my back. Susan sat on my face and drew my legs back, elevating my ass for her sons to fuck. I earned a couple of more bucks while Mom got her jollies, standing over us with a finger in her cunt going, "She's such a good whore. Oh, yes, fuck her. Fuck her good!"

Mom and I left together. When we arrived home, I took my shower. Mom had my shave ready. I hopped right up and bared my spread. While she labored, I said, "I'll bet you could kick yourself for divorcing Daddy now, huh?"

"It's true that if I had it to do over, I probably wouldn't. It's a moot point now. He's remarried and has child by her and another on the way."

"You divorced a pussy licker. I'll bet that hurts."

"It does. I'm sure I'll find one some day, though."

"Yes, it sure is a wonderful feeling, having a warm, soft mouth sucking away at your snatch."

"My time will come."

"Susan sure likes it when I suck her pussy. I love sucking her pussy for her, too."

"Yes, I could tell."

"I'm not into cunt sucking the way you are, Mother. I won't suck just anybody's cunt the way you will, but I'll suck Susan's every chance I get."

"And what makes you think I'd suck anybody's pussy?"

"I know you will. You'll suck anything Susan tells you to suck. I think you'd suck off a dog if she told you to. In fact, I'm sure you would. You'd suck him and fuck him--in a crowd."

Mom did not deny that statement, and that gave me a rush. All I'd have to do was drop a hint to Susan, and was not beyond doing that at that point. I think Mom knew it, too. I said, "You know I just love the way you drink my piss right from my pussy."

"Yes, I am well aware of that, but I'd rather not discuss it if you don't mind."

"Well, I want to discuss it. I think about it a lot. I don't ever want to piss in a toilet again." Mom worked in silence. I continued, "You spoiled me, you know. You started something I can't stop. What's really bad is that I want everyone to know. I want to tell all my friends, your friends, Susan's friends, Mrs. Parker next door, Dad and Trisha, Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Pete, but especially Cindy Greyson, because she'll tell her mom."

My mom made an anguished face that gave me another rush, and before I weighed the consequences, I blurted out, "I have a confession to make. I tell Cindy everything. Estelle already knows you suck piss and pussy. I'll bet she calls you."

Boy, did that hit her hard. She looked like her world collapsed out from under her. I thought she was going to sink right through the floor. She let out a long groan, and her knees buckled a bit, but she kept shaving. She didn't scream and yell like I thought she might, and she didn't slice off my clit as I was afraid she might, so I added, "Seeing is believing, though. I am really looking forward to Saturday night."

"I'll bet you are. I'm not."

"That's too bad. I plan to do this right."

"I'm sure you will." Mom patted me dry, then started right in on my pussy. This was not a piss suck; she was going for the cum, hers and mine. I held back, trying to act calm and reserved. I had more to say. I went on, "I want to invite Dad myself. I want him to see everything. I want him to see me getting screwed. Oh, yes, and I will definitely be fucking him. You can count on that."

This struck a nerve. Mom was going nuts on my cunt, and must have had four fingers up her own. I had a difficult time staying calm. I said, "I never told you, but Dad is a bit of a pervert, a child molester. He has been molesting me ever since you two split up. Trisha (His new wife) knows about it, but she doesn't care what he does with me. I think she gets off watching him. Hey, maybe you two have something in common after all, huh?"

"What? What does he do to you, Judy?"

"I knew that would excite you. Are you playing with your pussy, Mom? Does that turn you on?"

She wouldn't answer. I didn't think she would; besides, she had her mouth full. I didn't really want her to. I said, "Mostly, he just likes to tie me up naked and play with my body. He makes me stay naked the whole time I visit. No, he never fucked me, at least not in my cunt. He fucks my mouth or ass. Billy was not my first butt fuck, not by a long shot. Dad butt fucked me on my first visitation, and has done so every time since. Trisha likes to watch me taking my daddy's cock up my ass."

That was the fantasy I masturbate to. He does like to barge in on me when I'm taking a bath. He even removed the bathroom locks to facilitate this. He also feels me up when I snuggle up to him on the couch. He slips his fingers in under the leg band of my panties. He strokes his finger in my slit and occasionally dips a fingertip inside the hole. Trisha walked in on us while he had his hand in my PJ pants, toying with my pussy.

She didn't say anything, so he didn't stop. She sat beside us and pretended to watch TV, but what she watched was his hand moving inside my panties, bobbing in the crotch. I'm in my usual position, reclined on my Daddy with my legs outside his. This was nothing new, the position wasn't, and she always snuggled up next to him, and she'd stroke both of us. She would stroke my legs, but never much above the knee, mostly my arms.

Pretty soon, she's stroking my leg pretty high up, then she's stroking his arm, the one that was in my PJ bottoms. She's going back and forth between my leg and his arm, nuzzling him. Her stroking on both my leg and his arm draws ever nearer to my crotch, the scene of the crime. It is quite obvious that she's enthralled by what he's doing and by what I'm letting him do.

Dad and I are watching her fingers and we're both getting excited as they get nearer and nearer to my crotch, wondering what she'll do when she gets there, because it didn't look like she intended to stop. I found that pretty damned exciting. I thought she'd be really pissed. I mean, this was her husband, and they hadn't been married that long. And then there was the fact that I was his daughter and so young, just turned thirteen at the time. She had lots of reasons to be pissed, at me and at him, but her fingers didn't look pissed. They certainly didn't feel pissed as they stroked high on my inner thigh.

When her fingers left my leg to begin another tour down his arm to the wrist where the waist band prevented further travel, our eyes are glued to it. There, she pauses, then she pinches the material, PJs and panties, and pulls up, saying, "Say, what's this?"

My heart's in my throat and Dad's is in his pants. I can feel his throbbing against my ass. We are all looking down the tunnel she made and watching Daddy's hand, cupped in my crotch, stroking a finger in my slit, though we couldn't actually see any of my pussy with his big hand in the way, but we saw wet fingers.

Daddy didn't slow down one bit as she said, "Oh, my, Daddy is doing something nasty, isn't he, Judy?"

I had to agree, but I did so while biting my lower lip and nodding. By the baby tone she took on, I knew she was teasing, and that helped a lot. Only then did I realize we were playing a nasty game. Daddy seemed to know much sooner. This was fun. I wanted more. She said, "Daddies shouldn't touch their little girl down there, should they, Judy?"

Still biting my lower lip, I shook my head. Well, they shouldn't. Everyone knows that. She said, "And little girls shouldn't let grown men put their hands inside their panties, should they, sweetheart?"

I shook my head. She smiled, kissed Daddy, then said, "You don't let just any grown man do that, do you?" I shook my head. I never had before. I never let anyone. She said, "I guess Daddy is special, isn't he?" I nodded. "We'll make this our little secret. We won't tell a soul, will we?"

I didn't know about them, but I sure as hell wasn't and nodded hard. She let go the waistband and patted his hand, snuggled up close and they made out while taking turns putting their hand down my panties. I can't say I minded one bit, not that time or the hundred that followed, along with the thousand orgasms that went with it.

Considering the start we got off to, you'd think we'd be in a full-fledged threesome by the end of the weekend, but they had obviously discussed this and set limits which they never tried to cross. Looking back on it, that was very responsible, though they did set the limit a bit higher before setting that limit in stone. I didn't know about any limits. I just surmised what they were over time.

The next day, Trisha bought me a nice sexy bra and panty set and suggested I might prefer those instead of sleeping in pajamas. The bra was half-cup, thin and lacy. The panties were sheer, French cut with a lace ruffle fringe. The sexy undies were to remain at their house. My habit was to change into my PJs after my bath, then lounge around for the two or three hours before bed time. I took the hint and wore only my sexy undies that night.

I felt more than naked. My nipples showed through the ultra-thin material and the upper crest of each nipple peeked over the rim of the bra. It was more a half-cup support though there was little to cup half of and nothing that needed support. Just wearing it made me feel sexy, and when my tits filled out enough to fill the half cup and then some, leaving my nipples fully exposed, I was sexy and knew it.

My ass was bare as the tiny strand through the crotch went up my butt crack. In front, the panties, if you could call them that, dipped so low that pubic hair showed over the top. The material was so sheer that hair could be seen through them and so could the shadow of my pussy crack. My clit was most noticeable as I was super turned on after putting my tiny panties on. It took all the courage I could muster to step out wearing them, because I felt beyond naked. I guess that was the idea.

They made a great fuss and had me model my skimpy undies. I self-consciously walked to-and-fro while they told me how sexy I looked. I ate up their lurid praise like a starving refugee. Before long, I strutted my stuff, easily assuming any pose they suggested.

Some of the poses were lewd, even obscene, like when Daddy suggested I turn my back to them, spread my feet out wide, and grasp my ankles. I assumed the provocative pose and peered at them through my legs in my inverted position, knowing full well that the thin strip of material had wedged in my crack, exposing my naked labia lips. I saw both sets of eyes were riveted on my pussy.

Our usual position for TV viewing didn't change except that Daddy wore only thin silk boxer shorts and Trisha wore her sexy nightie with nothing on underneath. Dad wore only thin PJ bottoms. His hand would be in my crotch, inside my panties, stroking through my slit; and Trisha would lazily stroke my inner thigh. They took turns in the panties, and each brought their own unique thrill to my attention-starved pussy. They also played with my budding tits.

This had been going on for over a year with no escalation. They had obviously drawn the line at fondling. I loved being a part of their intimate relationship. I was part of their foreplay, and I felt special being brought into that role. For my part, I did my best to arouse them both. I loved watching them kiss passionately while feeling each other up while never neglecting me. I even got in on the kissing, French kissing, my favorite. The rest, I made up for Mom's benefit. She obviously enjoyed my fantasy version and said, "Tell me more, Judy!"

"Okay, whatever turns you on. Mostly, he has all kinds of rules designed to keep me on display. I am not allowed to close my legs, ever, except when I walk. I sit at the dinner table on a barstool with my feet on the upper rungs and my knees out wide. I have to play with my pussy with one hand and eat with the other--other hand, no utensils. When someone gives the word, I have to switch.

"When they watch TV, they usually want me lying at their feet, facing them as they sit on the sofa. I must masturbate to amuse them. They use my tits as a pacifier for their son, and Dad likes watching me nurse at Trisha's breasts."

Mom passionately cried, "Oh, God, Judy, that is so wicked."

"Another thing Dad has me do is suck off his wife."

Mom's head shot up from my splayed crotch. She said, "You mean to tell me that you've been sucking that bitch's cunt too!"

"I've been sucking her cunt since Dad started dating her. She's not a bitch, Mother, you are. If you want to hear more, you will have to say you're sorry, then admit that you are a cunt-sucking bitch, and that Trisha is a respectable lady."

I don't know what made me say these inflammatory things, degrading things, hurtful even. I know my words hurt Mom's feelings and made her jealous, but Trisha is a classy lady, and the way she handled that scene with my father was proof. She turned what could have been a major problem, a sure and certain ongoing molestation, into something beautiful. She made me a part of their love affair and managed to give Dad enough while keeping his lust in bounds. I thought that was cool and one class act. Hearing Mom call her a bitch really pissed me off.

Mom frowned, and before I could feel too sorry for my impulsive outburst, she said, "I'm sorry. Trisha is a respectable lady, and I am a cunt-sucking bitch."

This thrilled me. I wanted more. I firmly said, "That's better, now get back to sucking cunt, bitch!" Mom dutifully resumed her duties, and I resumed my lies.

"Actually I suck Trisha's cunt a lot. That's why I'm not crazy about eating cunt. I've had my fill. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy doing it for her. Most of the time, she has to push my head out of her crotch. It's just that I've done so much of it. I mean, every other weekend, and a whole month of summer for three years. I had to do all of Dad's foreplay for him. It's my job to get her ready for fucking. When her cunt is drooling, I then work on Dad. I suck him hard and wet his whole dick. I guide his cock into Trisha's adorable little pussy and hold his balls while they screw. Afterward, I go down on her and then lick him clean. Trisha calls me her little fuck rag. Isn't that cute, Mommy?"

"No, it's disgusting."

"No, disgusting is when Trisha gets over me on all fours with her cunt over my face while Dad fucks her. I have to lick them while they fuck. After Dad pumps her cunt full of sperm, she sits on my face so all that fuck juice can drain into my mouth while she pisses. Yes, mother, I know all about being a human toilet."

"Judy, you better not be making this up. I can't believe Trisha would do that. Your father, yes, but not Trisha."

"Strange but true, Mother dear. Ask her yourself. I sure hope they can be here on Saturday. Mostly, I want him to see what's become of you. He'll love my act. He will love seeing you put out to two kids. In case you didn't know, Susan has invited three couples and six single men to the party. Brad will be there, too. You will be doing everyone, maybe even Dad. I hope Dad will bring Trisha. I know she'd love to see you under those circumstances. Ever eat a pregnant lady, Mom? If she shows up, you can count on sucking Trisha's cunt for her. I will insist. Make sure you have an empty stomach."

Oddly, even this excited her. By this time, I was too turned on to talk and gave myself over to a good hard cum. Mom dutifully lapped up my spend while I pissed in her face. I got up on my elbows to observe this final degradation, and was pleased at the way she took it. She wallowed in my piss fountain and followed that with a thorough tongue bath.

When I climbed down, I said, "Okay, now it's your turn. Susan wants that pussy shaved."

Mom slipped off her robe and got into position. She blushed beautifully as I made her open her legs wide and grasp herself behind each knee, pulling out. I gazed on her inflamed sex and said, "My, but we sure have a sloppy twat. You must be super turned on. This pussy must think it's about to get a nice hard dick. Want me to get your dildo, Mommy? The shave can wait."

"Please, just get this over with."

"Okay. If that's what you want." I lathered her up real good and gave her clit a hard rubbing in the process. I had her moaning and squirming, but stopped short of letting her reach her climax. She was very disappointed and groaned as I picked up the razor. Shaving her was easy. Her thin hair cut easily. I carefully denuded her lips and even shaved around her asshole.

I know she expected her first eat out. The anticipation was clearly etched in her facial features as she strained up to look. I patted her cunt dry and smacked her ass, announcing, "Okay, hop down. You're done."

Her look of disappointment was painfully acute. She actually looked more hurt than disappointed. The shame was, I was dying to go down on her. Her mature pussy looked that good. I will never understand why I took such delight in tormenting her both physically and mentally, or why I loved to see her deeply humiliated. The truth was, I surely did. I tried not to think too hard about it and tried to simply enjoy each precious moment.

After her shave, Mom tried to scamper off to her bedroom. I followed and prevented her from closing her door. She said, "Please, Judy, I need my privacy."

"Maybe so, but I want to watch. You're planning to fuck yourself with your dildos, aren't you?"

"Judy, please!"

I pushed on in and shut her door behind me. I pulled a vanity chair up to the foot of the bed, sat and got comfortable. She stared hard, but saw the futility of further protests. She weighed her options and evidently decided her vaginal needs took precedence over her modesty. She retrieved her toy box from under the bed and produced a ten-inch cock replica, complete with veins and balls. As she flounced on the bed, she said, "I hope you get your rocks off. I am going to try to ignore you. Please, don't say anything until I'm done."

With that, she laid down and moved her feet out. I had a view right up her love tunnel and watched her poise the head of her dildo at her inflamed pussy hole. She massaged the flaring head through her fleshy slit to spread her pussy slime and diddled her clit self-consciously. I said, "Would you move your legs apart as far as they'll go, please."

Mom made a face, but did as I requested. "Is that better?"

"Better, but I'd like a better view of your fuck hole. I want a good shot of that rubber dick going in and out. Your pelvis needs to roll back more. Lift your legs up."

She raised her legs straight up in a wide V and said, "I can't keep my legs like this for long, Judy."

"No, that's perfect. Wait, I have and idea." I jumped up and went to her hosiery drawer and drew out two nylon stockings. While Mom eyed me with curiosity, I went up and tied one to her right ankle, then tied it to her right headboard bedpost, pulling her leg back hard, twisting her to the right.

Mom said, "Judy, no. This is absurd."

I ignored her and tied the other ankle. She did not resist as I secured her left leg to the other bed post, drawing her leg back hard, lifting her ass up a good foot. This also straightened her alignment. By lifting her head, she could look into her own pussy and did. Her fingers traced the area where I'd shaved. She said, "I hope you are happy now. Can I please have some peace?"

I crawled onto the bed and laid on my belly, propping my head up in my palms while resting on my elbows. My face was inches from her beaver, and I looked at her over her bald pussy mound. I said, "Sure, go ahead."

She groaned and murmured, "God, I can't believe I'm doing this."

She resumed her foreplay and was soon ready to push the cock in. I said, "Hurry up and shove that thing up your cunt, Mom." She ignored me and pushed her dildo in a few inches. "I want to see you take it to the balls." She shoved in further and moaned. "Come on, all the way this time. Mash those rubber balls into your fat cunt lips."

She did just that and groaned loudly. I urged her to press the dick in harder and she did. Before long, she took her directions from me and seemed to enjoy following my lead.

"Yeah, now pull it all the way out and run it around the outside ... yeah, now shove it back in, all the way. Fuck fast ... now slow ... pretend it's a dog dick and do it short and fast. That's it! Give Rover some of that good bitch pussy you have between your legs."

I rummaged in her toy box and brought out a thinner model. I handed this to her and said, "Here's one for your ass."

She wet the slimmer model in her cunt and eased it up her ass. I next had her fucking herself with both. She screwed herself for almost an hour, bringing herself off numerous times. Her fuck juices made a mess of her lower belly, inner thighs, and ass. Her spending puddled on her bedspread. When she finally stopped, and let both hands fall to her sides, the dildos slithered out.

She laid there with the dildos on the mattress, exhausted and panting. I crawled up and got my face right over her pussy and blew warm breath on her sensitive folds. This brought her head up with renewed interest showing in her glazed eyes. She watched me tease her pussy, coming so close, but never making contact. Finally, in desperation, she cried, "For God's sake, Judy, eat me, please!"

I sat up on my heels with a mock look of astonishment and said, "Mother, that's sick, asking your own daughter to do such a nasty thing."

"Oh, knock it off, Judy. You've done nastier. You certainly don't mind me doing it to you."

"Yes, but I'm not a cunt sucker, and you are. If it's cunt sucking you want, I'll let you suck mine."

"Sweetheart, you do Trisha and Susan. You like doing it. You freely admit liking it. Why won't you do it for me?"

"I do it for Susan because she is a client, and I love her pussy. Actually, I'd do Susan even if she weren't my client. I do Trisha because she is a classy lady, and I think it's a privilege being allowed to suck the vagina of a lady with such class. You, on the other hand, are a piss-drinking, cunt-sucking, masturbating slut that gets off on watching other people fuck. I'm sorry Mother. I love you dearly. You know I do, but I draw the line at sucking the cunt of a woman like you. I think I'd retch. Hey, I know, we could get a dog and train it to lick your cunt. We'll smear your cunt with peanut butter. That should do it. Or, we could hire someone. I'll bet the paperboy would lick your pussy for a price. Don't you know any dykes that owe you a favor?"

"Very funny, Judy. I see what you're up to. You're punishing me for divorcing your father. You always did blame me. I understand this need you have to get even, and I will try to be a good sport about it, but don't press your luck too far. I will only take so much. Susan knows how to push; you don't."

Mom's sudden switch to her old self took me by surprise and filled me with uncertainty. I felt like getting serious with her for the moment, and said, "You are right about me wanting to hurt and humiliate you. I don't know why, but it turns me on. It turns me on a lot. I'm afraid I'm going to blow it. You're right. I don't know when to push and when to back off like Susan does. I don't want to blow it, Mom. I love all that we're doing, I truly do. I just don't think I can help myself. The more stuff I do to you, the more I want to do. I don't know what I'm capable of anymore."

"I understand, Judy. Frankly, I love what you've done so far. I don't take it personally. I know you really love me; still, you'd better slow down. I do have a rather strong masochistic streak that I never knew I had. I love the humiliation, though I hate it. I do love watching people have sex, and I will go to extremes to do so, as I have demonstrated. There are limits, however. I'm not sure what mine are. This Saturday night thing that Susan has worked up may be it. I don't know. I am trying to get mentally conditioned for the worst. The problem is, I'm not sure what the worst is. I know that once I become aroused, there is no worst. The trick will be to get me turned on before any real bad stuff goes down. That's the best I can offer. I do want to help you succeed, sweetheart. I want this to go on and on, and I am ready to get very nasty."

"I want you to get very nasty."

"I know you do, and I'm trying. Some of the things I dream about are down right sick. I am actually pleased to hear that your father is molesting you and that Trisha helps out. You may rest assured, regardless of how this works out, I will never interfere with their activities. I will be much more accommodating to them in the future. They are both welcome to stop by between visitations to use you here or borrow you. I will put that in writing for them if they wish. Sweetheart, I feel ridiculous talking serious with you trussed up like this. Would you untie me, please?"

"I want you to stay like that for a while. I like you like that."

"All right, if it turns you on. At least you didn't use rope. Stockings are quite comfortable."

"Good, because I plan to leave you like that until bedtime. I'm hoping someone will stop by."

"Judy! You wouldn't."

"I'm afraid I would. I am even thinking of calling someone. Say, if you want your cunt eaten, why not ask your mom to do it. Grandma looks like a swinging old gal. She'd do anything for her precious Bonnie."

"She wouldn't do that. Now Daddy is another story. He's worse than your father. He would love to find me helpless and naked like this. Don't you even think about calling him over."

"Did he rape you or something?"

"Rape is a strong term. Let's call it hard persuasion. Daddy's thing was fondling me and taking dirty pictures. He had a regular home grown porno business going, and most of the fucking was in connection with that. There was plenty of fucking, with a variety of adult men, and just about all of my fucking was caught on film. It started when I began puberty and continued all though high school. Actually, it continued after my marriage. Dad didn't stop until I was twenty-nine. You were eight, I believe."

"Why did you continue after you left home? Did you miss it or something?"

"Not hardly. Dad blackmailed me with the pictures he had."

"Why did you stop?"

"He began bringing in his friends and sharing."

"Did you ever screw any of them before you quit?"

"Yes, quite a few. I'm ashamed to say that it took two years of that to finally make me blow my cool. See, I can take a lot before I blow, but once I blow, that's it, no more. Ask your Grandpa."

"So, in actuality, Dad wasn't the first to break your marital vows."

"No, I broke the shit out of them way before he started messing around with Susan."

"How many men did you let screw you while you were married to Dad?"

"Boy, you really want me to dig my own hole, huh? Okay, I'll dig. There were twelve associated with your grandpa's little home grown porno ring and ten others besides. Three were coworkers of your father. One was a neighbor. I fucked two delivery men, two pool cleaners, a cop to get out of a speeding ticket, and your uncle Pete. There, a full confession. Aside from every other name you called me, I'm an unfaithful whore."

"Boy, I'll say. So why did you stop?"

"I get out of control. Besides, all the men I ever had sex with were wham bammers. Not one ever ate my pussy. I began hating men. Looking was safer; masturbation was better. The rest just evolved."

"Did Grandma ever find out?"

"No, she never entered his studio, and I doubt she suspected a thing. At least she never questioned me about what went on in there. Grandma is so naive. If I saw a group of men going into a sealed room with you and staying till late at night, I'd sure be asking questions."

"Mom, Grandma is either the most naive person on the face of the planet, or she was in on all this."

"Yes, but I never did figure out which it was. She never slipped out of character. That's hard to do for so many years. I will always wonder, though."

"I sure would love to see Grandpa's photo collection."

"He'd be more than happy to show them to you as long as you agree to pose for him. Be my guest. I'm sure you'd love it, and he'd love having you as a model. If you want, I'll set up a session and give him my blessing. I'm sure he'll cream his pants."

"I'm calling him over."

"Well, if you must call anyone, you may as well call him. This would be as good a way as any to get back in his good graces. The poor guy has been dropping enough hints lately. He could probably use some nice young pussy, and I certainly need some real live cock. I guess I'll be going back into the porno business. He was always good at keeping me well supplied with stiff cocks, old ones, but most got stiff."

I dialed the number, then handed her the phone. She cupped the mouthpiece and said, "Listen and learn." Moments later, she said, "Hi, Daddy ... Bonnie ... Yes, it has been a long time. Yes, I spoke with Mom about that last week. Daddy, I'm horny ... No, this is not a joke. I was just thinking about all the things we used to do and it made me all horny ... Yes, I thought about you, that's why I called. I want somebody to come over and fuck my horny pussy."

Mom cupped the mouthpiece again and whispered, "He's teasing me. I knew he would. He wants to hear me beg." I smiled.

"Daddy, please don't make me beg. You must know how difficult it was for me to make this call ... I'm sorry ... Yes, I was wrong. I haven't had any cock since my divorce. It's my own fault, I know ... Okay, I'll pose for you again ... Yes, I'll fuck for you ... Yes, I'll sign anything. Daddy, I really need it bad ... Okay, I'll say it. Please, please fuck my horny pussy, Daddy!"

She cupped the phone and said, "God, he's really getting off on this."

Mom resumed, "Sweeten the deal? What do you want, money? You know I don't have much of that ... Judy! ... Daddy, no, not Judy. She's just a child ... I know I was even younger, but, this is my child, Daddy. Please don't make me involve my daughter in this. There must be something else that would satisfy you ... I don't know. Pick something ..."

I couldn't take anymore and excitedly signaled for her to accept. She cupped the mouthpiece and said, "I'm just playing hard to get. Men love that, Daddy especially. Hang on."

She got back on and said, "You won't give up, will you ... Oh, all right ... Yes, I'll let her pose, too ... Of course, naked ... Don't worry, Judy does whatever I say. She's a good little girl like I used to be. Of course I'll pose with her ... Yes, if you want, I'll do that too. I'll even lick her pussy and hold her legs open so you or anybody you choose can fuck her if you'll just come over and fuck me, now!"

Mom handed me the phone and said, "He's on his way. Turn the porch light on."

I jumped with glee, clapped my hands, and said, "Oh, boy, I get to see a man fuck you, and Grandpa no less. I love it. This is so cool."

"Yeah, well, he will probably want to fuck you, too, if he can get it up twice. He could the last time we screwed. Don't expect me to stop him either. I could care less about Brad getting your cherry. If Dad wants your twat, I will be holding your legs apart for him."

"Fine, I hope he does. I don't care either. I still won't be fucking the boys with my cunt. Saturday night is on, no matter what."

"I figured as much. Honey, you should get dressed. He will enjoy unwrapping you."

I danced from her room and into mine. I just knew I was about to get my first fuck, and I always thought Grandpa was kinda sexy for an older man. He has a full head of hair and has no beer belly. He plays golf a great deal and looks much younger than fifty-eight. The idea of fucking my own Grandpa was a big turnon. Seeing my mother fuck her dad was an even bigger one.

The door bell rang twenty minutes later. I wore my sexy red dress and Mom's high heels. I opened the door and greeted him with a kiss and got a bear hug. He was obviously in a hurry and brushed by saying, "Where's your mom, kitten?"

"In her bedroom." He took off in that direction. I followed, then watched him open the door and break into a broad smile. He saw me standing beside him and said, "Can Judy come in?"

"Yes, of course. Who do you think tied me this way?"

Grandpa looked at me and seemed to notice me for the first time. His eyes drank in my petite figure. His smile turned lecherous as he opened his arms for another hug, saying, "If I have you to thank for this, it deserves another hug. Come here, Kitten."

I moved into his arms, and this time, his hands cupped my ass cheeks and squeezed. He nuzzled my neck and whispered. "Do you want to watch Grandpa screw your Mommy, Kitten?"

"Yes, can I please?" We entered the room hand in hand and marched to the foot of Mom's bed. Grandpa eyed Mom's spread beaver and said, "Damn, that pussy gets better every year, Bonnie. Shaved pussy. I love it."

Mom said, "You haven't seen my pussy in over five years. If you think it looks good, wait until you feel inside. Come on Daddy. I need fucking, not talking."

"Not so fast, Sweetie Pie. I'm getting old. I can't rush into anything anymore. Besides, we have all evening. The first thing I want to do is get out of these clothes and get Judy out of hers. I've been dying to see how my kitten has grown."

Grandpa was stripping down in a hurry. I watched with eager eyes. When he dropped his boxer shorts, I dropped to my knees and grasped his seven-inch erect cock in both hands. I pressed his erection to my cheek, swooning, "Oh, Grandpa, you have a lovely cock. Can I suck it?"

"Please do, Kitten."

I engulfed his cock and gave him my best mouth job while jacking his shaft with two hands. I made him swoon. He looked at Mom and said, "Jesus Christ, Bonnie, where have you been keeping this little vixen? You've been holding out on your old man. I should take my belt to you."

Mom cried, "Hey, knock that off. That cock's for me .... Daddy!"

"Wait, Bonnie. Leave her be. God damn that's good! How long have you been sucking cock, Kitten?"

I eased off the end with a kiss to the head, smiled, and said, "I sucked my daddy's since I was twelve." Since I started that lie, I figured I'd better stick to it. I went back to sucking.

Grandpa said, "I always did like that Frank."

He let me suck him for a few more minutes, then lifted me to my feet and said, "Now, let me get a look at you, precious."

I stood passively while he stripped me. He made appreciative comments at everything he saw as my body parts came into view. When he removed my panties, he gazed on my pussy and said, "Baby, that is the sexiest pussy I have ever seen."

With a mischievous smile, I said, "Want me to spread my legs so you can see all of it?"

"Honey, by all means." I threw myself on Mom's bed and used her pussy as a head rest. I then drew my legs up like Mom's with my palms gripping my inner thighs. He said, "Bonnie, this girl is dynamite. She's incredible."

"Daddy, remember me? You came here to fuck my pussy, remember."

"Yeah, yeah, later. Right now, I want to get acquainted with this darling little quim." He dropped to his knees and brought his face in close while fingering my fleshy parts and testing my hole. He made continual declarations of my charm and beauty, my tightness, my scent. He then glued his mouth over my cunt, surprising me and Mom.

Mom was straining to see, lifted up on straight arms. She cried out, "Daddy! When did you start eating pussy?"

He paused to say, "It's a taste I recently acquired. Your mother read one of those feminist rags. That's when I acquired it."

I heard Mom's head drop to the pillow and she groaned in frustration. I said, "You suck my pussy as good as Mom does, Grandpa."

He raised up and gave Mom a look, then said, "So, my little girl is into cunt lapping, huh? That's great."

He returned to my beaver. I said, "Mom says you like to photograph naked little girls. Will you photograph me?"

"Honey, it will be a pleasure. By the way, the only little girl I ever shot was your mother. Now, I have to pay for adult nude models. Bonnie was the only teeny bopper freebie I ever got."

"We'll do it for free, won't we Mom?"

"Not unless he gets up here and fucks me, and I mean NOW!"

Grandpa got up and said, "All right, Bonnie. You'll get your screwin'. Damn, girl! I wish you could hear how pathetic you're sounding."

I scampered free and Grandpa crawled in place on his knees. He took his cock and rubbed the head in her wet slit. I excitedly climbed up on Mom's right side and leaned across her belly. I said, "Can I guide it in?"

Grandpa let go and said, "You sure may, Kitten."

I guided the head to her hole, and Grandpa went in to the balls. Mom swooned. He sawed in and out real long and slow. His cock got slick and shiny and he looked like he sank into heaven. I threw my leg over Mom's head and poised my cunt over her face. She raised her head and fastened on my cunt. I clamped her head in place with my thighs pressing on her ears. I was sure she couldn't hear a thing. Still, I whispered, "Mom's eating my pussy. She can't hear. Don't worry about her backing out of pictures. I can make her do anything." His interest peaked. I went on, "She will even let me piss in her mouth. She drinks it all. I'll bet you'd like pictures of that, wouldn't you?"

"Jesus, no shit! You're damn right I would. I want to see that for myself, tonight. Are you sure she can't back out?"

"Positive. Oh, and don't cum in her. I want you to cum in my pussy. I want her to lick her daddy's cum out of her own daughter."

"God damn, Kitten! You're gonna make me blow my nut if you keep talking that shit."

I smiled, saying, "And don't eat her pussy. I don't want her to have that pleasure. She's dying to experience a cunt sucking. I'm teasing her. Tell your friends, okay?"

"Sure. I like your style, Kitten. Are you willing to fuck my friends, too?"

"I will fuck anybody that will eat my pussy in front of Mom, but will refuse to eat hers."

"You have a deal, Kitten."

"I think that's enough cock for her, don't you? I want mine now. Let's untie her. I want to get on all fours so her head is under my pussy when you fuck me. I'll have her lick us both while we fuck, okay?"

"You are too much, kid."

Mom groaned when Grandpa pulled out and I climbed off. I said, "Your fuck is over, Mom. Now it's my turn. Grandpa doesn't want old worn-out pussy when he can have grade-A, prime, teen pussy, huh Grandpa?"

Mom didn't argue. She followed my lead, slipping into her submissive role. We untied her. She let out a muscle-stiff groan as her legs fell to the mattress. I told her to spin around so her head was at the foot of the bed. She dutifully complied and I quickly climbed over her in reverse, placing my knees on either side of her shoulders. Grandpa came up, fisting his shiny wet cock at my beaver. I said, "Mom, I want you to get busy licking us while we fuck. Don't stop until I say stop. Okay, Grandpa. I'm ready. Fuck me."

Grandpa poised his cock at the entrance of my virgin hole. I rested my chest on Mom's abdomen with my cheek on her mound. I braced myself as he applied pressure. I soon felt him up against my barrier membrane. He stopped and said, "Hey, you aren't a virgin, are you, Kitten?"

"Yes. This is my first time. I'm giving you my cherry."

"Holy shit! Christ almighty!" He grabbed my hip bones. I grit my teeth. He pulled me back firmly, and I felt a sharp pain, incredible pressure, another pressure deep inside, and the tickle of wiry hairs on my bald cunt. He was in all the way. I also felt Mom's tongue trying to wedge in alongside his cock, but there was no way that would happen. I was tight as a drum. Grandpa seemed on the verge of a religious experience.

He allowed me to adjust to the filling pressure, then began a slow, easy, short stroke that felt marvelous. All the while, Mom's tongue darted about in frantic, excited explorations that added to our pleasures. Before long, Grandpa was fucking my horny cunt in earnest, and I was taking the incestuous fuck with ease like a girl born to fuck. God, I loved it! I loudly and continuously let them both know how much I loved my first fuck.

I came gloriously every time Mom fastened on my clit. Grandpa came after a good long screwing, pumping what seemed like a pint of sperm deep up my womb. He continued to slowly fuck as his dick deflated. Mom licked at the sperm seeping out. Grandpa pulled out to watch her lick our combined spend. She put on a good performance for him. She ate it up and swallowed it all. After the last sperm seeped out, I sat erect and settled my cunt on her mouth. This brought more fuck sauce down, and I enjoyed her tongue probing deep, licking the walls of my pussy.

I stood up, turned around, and squatted with my hands on my widespread knees, rocking my twat on Mom's nose while she continued licking a moving target. I smiled impishly at Grandpa and said, "I trained her good, huh?"

"You did an excellent job, Kitten."

"This would make a good picture with my cunt dripping sperm, wouldn't it?"

"That is exactly what I want."

After a few minutes, I eased off. Grandpa was all smiles. He said, "When can I see this specialty you mentioned?"

"Right now is fine with me. I have to go bad." Mom knew this was coming. She got off the bed and followed us into the dining room. I told Grandpa to take a seat, as I hopped up on the table and yawned my legs open wide. I rested one foot on the back of his chair and the other on another chair. My ass was at the table's edge, and he had his chair up close.

I looked at Mom and said, "I want to show Grandpa what a good piss drinker you are, Mom. Let's start by getting your whole face good and wet." I leaned back on my elbows as Mom got her face in position. When I started peeing, she rubbed her entire face in the piss fountain.

Grandpa clapped and cheered, "Fantastic. That was super."

"Okay, Mom, now get a drink. Let him see the stream." She poised her open mouth an inch away, and I let lose a short stream. She swallowed a mouthful in one big gulp to Grandpa's excited cheer of "more."

We went through the full range of variations. I added having her catch my piss in her cupped hands, so she could lap the puddle from her hands. Grandpa wanted to see her use a drinking straw. Mom went for a straw and pressed one end to my piss hole. The straw was a clear plastic one, so the amber fluid raced up and into her sucking lips. We all liked that novel way of sucking piss, and I made a mental note to bring the straw on Saturday. For my finale, I had her do as she did earlier at Susan's house. I dribbled out the last as she lapped piss from my slit. I dragged that out for five minutes as me and Grandpa conversed, making plans for our future photo sessions.

He told me that Mom always balked at anal sex and letting guys cum in her mouth. I told him she'd do that and anything else he could dream up. I also told him to make all arrangements through me, and I'd see to it that Mom did well. I added, "I sure would love to see Mom eating Grandma's pussy. Is there any chance of that?"

"Well, she sure loves to have her twat munched on. She's seen all of Bonnie's pictures. She beats off to them, has for years. The problem is, she won't want to destroy the image she has projected for decades. If she knew I told you this, she'd kill me and then herself."

Mom stopped and said, "Daddy, are you serious? Mom has seen all of my pictures?"

"Honey, your mother knew of my plans from the very first. She told me what shots she wanted and has put her two cents in from day one. She pressured me for pictures of you getting screwed when you were fourteen. I refused to be responsible for the loss of your cherry. I'll bet that's a shocker isn't it?"

"Daddy, I can't believe this. Mom has always been so sweet and innocent. How could she maintain such a front for so long."

"Outside the bedroom, yes. She has her dirty side. Her other kink is seeing girls getting screwed by dogs. Her favorite is a bootleg photo of poor quality that shows a young, prepubescent, oriental girl sucking on a mastiff's dick. She's been after me for years to find a girl that will suck and fuck a dog. I've had no luck. All we have to show for our effort is a two-hundred-fifty-pound mastiff that eats like a fucking tiger."

I said, "Bruno is a neat dog, Grandpa. He lets me ride him; now, maybe I'll give him a ride. Better yet, I'll give him a ride on my mommy." Mom groaned, but did not stop her vaginal devotions to voice an objection. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought dog fucking was definitely going too far, too fast.

Grandpa said, "Oh, sweetheart, you can make your grandparents very happy if you could swing that."

I had an idea. I said, "Grandpa, does Grandma know about this tonight?"

"Yes, I called her over to listen in after Bonnie told me she was horny. She heard most everything. She is very excited about the prospect of getting you in on some photos with your mom."

"Yeah, well suppose you went back and told her that Mom is dying to go down on her and fantasizes about it constantly, and that she'd do anything to bring that fantasy to reality."

"Now that's a possibility, but I can tell you what Ruth will want. She will want to watch your mom doing a dog, specifically, Bruno."

"Mom will fuck anything. Don't worry about that. If Grandma will eat my pussy, I'll suck on her dog's dick for her myself."

"I think she'll go for it, but don't expect any reciprocal action on Bonnie. She might go down on a young girl, but not a grown woman. Sorry Bonnie, but I know the woman."

I said, "Mom doesn't need any. She loves going down on chicks who don't reciprocate, even her own mother. She'll suck her mother's pussy for hours if she wants. Tell Grandma to do it with a full bladder. That's the ultimate. You tell her that I can make Mom do anything she wants to see, and she doesn't need to pretend anymore."

"You must have inherited all of my genes. You sure are a perverted little shit, Kitten. You make me proud."

"Okay, Mom. I'm finished. Now suck Grandpa's cock hard. I need another fuck."

Mom obediently went from my cunt to her dad's cock. She raised a stiff boner after a good long sucking. I told her to guide her father's cock in and then suck my clitty while holding his balls. We fucked that way for almost half an hour. Mom's left cheek was red and raw from the buffeting it got from her father's groin. My poor pussy wasn't much better off, but then I had Mom to kiss it and make it all better.

I told Grandpa to pull out when he was ready to cum and fuck Mom in the mouth. I said, "I'm sure she wants to prove to you that she has changed and is willing to do anything you want her to do. Isn't that right, Mommy?"

Mom said, "Yes, Daddy. You can fuck my mouth, make me fuck an animal, make me suck pussy, drink piss, anything. It's true what she says. I won't be giving you a hard time this time, or quitting. Whatever you want from me, you'll get."

Grandpa reacted to Mom's lurid statement. He yanked his cock out of my cunt and stuffed it in her mouth, filling her mouth with his spend as she sucked and swallowed enthusiastically. Grandpa left a tired but happy molester. After he left, I got down and said, "Mom, have you ever thought about doing it with a dog?"

"Sure, I think most women have. Susan did it for Red at one of his parties. I watched. It was incredible. Haven't you ever thought about dogs or ponies as sex objects?"

"Yes, but I thought it was just me thinking sick thoughts. Wow, this is great! We need our own dog, Mom."

"Let's try it with Bruno and see how it goes. You may be right. If Mom goes for this, I will be pleased. You did real good tonight, Judy. You handled everything perfectly."

I smiled and said, "So did you. You like it when I boss you around in front of other people, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. I just pretend that you have some terrible secret on me, and I have no choice but to obey. I'm sure they are thinking the same thing. I'm sure Daddy thinks that. He had no qualms about exploiting that situation, either. Of course, blackmail and coercion were never beyond him. Still, it is exciting."

* * *

After school on Wednesday, I went straight to Susan's house and let both boys screw my pussy. I told Susan not to worry, that Mom was committed regardless of the deal she had. Furthermore, I told her the time was right to up the ante on Mom. I told her that Mom was ready to join me as one of her whores, and that Mom's services were two bits a fuck with free blow jobs. Susan was ecstatic but wanted to wait for the party to kick the new order off.

After I drained her little sex fiends, we sat and talked party plans. The list had grown to twenty-four with the addition of Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Brad, and two more friends of hers. She said that Red had six more possibles, all young couples. I was thrilled at this news. By show time, I hoped for an audience of three dozen people.

Susan explained, "This party is being billed as a family fuck fest with Bonnie as the featured performer. These people are all hard-core swingers for the most part. They want to be shocked. The people you have invited are unknown variables. We must make sure they know what's in store and get a commitment to go along. What I want is a fuck between you and your dad, you and your grandfather, you and your Mom, your Mom and everyone including your dad's new wife. In fact, I'd like that to be the warm-up act. Trisha doesn't have to do anything for Bonnie, but I want her to use Bonnie outrageously, in the nude if possible. If she'd piss on her, that would be perfect."

"I'm not sure what Trisha and Dad might do. When I called Dad, I told him that Mom was going to put on a sex act at a wild orgy, and that he and Trisha were invited to attend. I didn't give any details, but he was very excited by the prospect. I just figured we'd end up fucking some time during this thing."

"No good, Judy. You need to pay them a visit and get something going before hand. Lay it out for them and try to get him to screw you before hand. Get Trisha to agree to start the show and pin her down as to what she will do. Encourage her. Go down on her. Suck her piss. Do whatever you have to do, but her act is very important. She could get your Mom heated up faster than anyone. I know; Bonnie fantasizes about being at Trisha's mercy. She'd go down on Trisha in a heart beat."

"I'll go over there tonight. I'll have Mom take me, and then I'll make her wait in the car. Dad and Trisha would love that by itself. If I screwed Daddy and then walked out to the car, naked, with his cum pouring from my pussy, they'd really get off."

"Yes, but if your face was covered in pussy slime and they walked with you, imagine their delight when you grab Mommy and give her a long wet kiss."

"To hell with a kiss. I'll just tell her to lick my face and then suck my pussy. When she's finished, I'll make her get out of the car and lie down on the driveway. I'll straddle her body and piss all over her."

"That would be perfect, but could you get away with that in their neighborhood?"

"Hell yes. They're rich. How do you think Mom survives without working. She made out like a bandit because he cheated. She gets alimony and child support. Besides, they have a circular driveway and their house is secluded."

"Super, then do it. Now, about granny. I know your grandfather will be no problem. Bonnie told me all about him. Granny will need an ice breaker. Can you see her tomorrow or Friday night?"

"If I can get her dog Bruno to screw Mom, that will break the ice with her."

"Interesting. Does your Mom know that?"

"Yes, and she's willing."

"I thought so. Okay, no problem. I can supply the pooch if Bruno doesn't work out. He's good, a Dalmatian. He knows exactly what to do. All he needs to see is pussy. Granny will love it; so will Mommy."

"Bruno is a huge mastiff. I've never seen his cock, but I'll bet it's a monster. Hey, why don't we include a doggie act as well?"

"Great idea, but she might balk at doing a dog in such a large group."

"I don't think so. Not if we hold it till last and surprise her. We need a good finale, right?"

"That would be a good one. If Bruno works out, he'd be the best choice. Now, all you have to do is get Granny to commit to letting Bonnie go down on her at the party, and we're all set."

"Let's talk about the piss act. That's my part, remember?"

"Oh yes, how could I forget? Well, what have you got in mind?"

"I'm stymied. I want to put on a very visual demonstration. I want the people to know for a certainty that it isn't faked, that the piss is coming right from my bladder, that Mom is drinking it down, and I want it to go on all throughout the night. I plan to drink gallons."

"I'll get you a case of near beer. Your plan sounds wonderful, but are you sure she's that ready?"

"Absolutely. She knows what I want to do, and she knows I want everyone to know that she sucks and drinks my piss, always. There's no pretense at all, now. She even suggested a few ideas of her own that were better than anything I came up with."

"Such as."

"For one, she suggested a great position. She carries me upside-down with my back to her chest and my legs out in the splits. She reaches around my hips with her hands and uses her fingers to form my cunt into a bowl. I let my piss dribble into my pussy bowl while she laps at the pool. Some seeps inside, but she sucks my hole to get it. When it's all gone, I fill the bowl again. We practice this a lot. She agreed to carry me to people for close-up demonstrations."

"You two blow me away, Judy. You really did break her in good. I've noticed the difference. This morning, I asked Bonnie if she wanted a warm-up for her coffee. She nodded, then took her cup and held it to my twat. I squirted her cup full. I did not expect her to drink it. It was a joke. She drank from her cup without a word. When her cup was empty, she pushed my skirt up and held the cup in place for a refill. I gladly filled it. While I drank coffee this morning, Bonnie drank my piss."

"She's been properly trained."

"Yes, it would appear so. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Most of all, I enjoy not pretending. When I saw her cup needing more, I'd stand with my legs wide, pull my cunt lips open, and thrust my cunt out, saying, "Here, want some more piss, Bonnie?" She'd smile and press the cup's rim tight into my cunt while I filled her cup. She'd then drink a big sip and lick her lips. She drinks piss faster than coffee. I had trouble keeping up with demand."

"I know. She really does love the stuff. I think she will enjoy that part of Saturday night. I'm not at all concerned about that. I just want more great ways of showing off her talents."

"Okay, here's one. Get one of those plastic champagne glasses, you know, like they use at cheap weddings. They come in two parts: the base, and the stem with the cup part. Take the stem and saw it off at the base so there's a small hole in the bottom of the stem. If you center this hole over your piss hole with your twat up, your piss will fill the glass from the bottom up. She can sip piss from the rim or lap it from the bowl."

"Oh, God! That would be fantastic!"

"Another way is to fill the glass and have her slide the stem down your slit, keeping the hole in contact with your flesh until the stem slips into your cunt hole. Once there, the contents will flow into your pussy, filling your vaginal cavity with your piss. She can suck the piss out, or you can push piss up by contracting your abdominal muscles. The modified champagne glass also makes a great funnel. You can make her lie down as you squat over the rim while the stem is in her mouth."

"That's perfect, Susan. God, I love you. Mom will love you. I need one of those right away."

"I may have some. Remind me before you leave. Are we all set, now?"

"As set as we'll ever be. Oh, when will the boys be screwing her?"

"Right after Trisha does her thing. You might plan your first piss demonstration as a filler act, no pun intended."

* * *

I returned home with the plastic glass and found Mom putting away groceries. I called Dad and arranged to stop by when he and Trisha would be there. He said I could swing by anytime. Mom drove me to Dad's house without knowing my plans. She parked with the driver's side facing the front door, twenty-feet away. She looked frightened and nervous as I said, "You stay right here, and don't disappoint me." I stopped at the door to look back at her. Her "Yes dear" sounded very submissive, and I gave her a smile as I went in.

Trisha and Dad were there to greet me with warm hugs. I said, "I just want to run up to my room for a second. Wait here, okay?"

Dad said, "What the hell is going on with your mom and this orgy, Judy? Are you involved in this? Does she know you invited us?"

"I'll explain everything in a minute, okay?"

Trisha, peered out the window and saw Mom sitting in the car. She said, "Honey, invite her in."

I said, "No, let her wait out there."

She said, "We can at least be polite. Go invite her."

Dad said, "Hell no. If Judy says let her wait, let her wait."

I smiled my mischievous smile and ran upstairs. I quickly changed into my bra and panty set and enhanced their obscene display by pulling the crotch band completely within my cunt lips, showing my shaved pussy lips. I also made sure the back was fully up my crack, and I pulled the bra cups down to further expose my nipples. I gave myself the once-over in the mirror and was pleased to see that I displayed more than they'd ever seen of me.

When I made my entrance, they both gasped. Trisha giggled and cupped her smile. Dad's eyes strayed to my cunt. I walked around them with my sexiest hip sway, stopped before them, and did a slow turn with my chest out and arms back, letting them feast their eyes. Trisha said, "Honey, it isn't bedtime, you know."

Dad said, "Judy, you better get your clothes back on. If your mother sees what we bought you, we could lose our visitation rights."

I stood before them with my feet planted wide, my hands on my hips, and proclaimed, "Don't worry about her, Daddy. My mother has been a very bad girl, and I could ruin her if I wanted to. She knows it, too. You don't ever have to worry about anything as far as she's concerned. From now on, visitation is when we decide."

Trisha said, "My, but you are an aggressive bad little girl, aren't you? I must say, I do like what I'm hearing, seeing too. It's obvious you are feeling independent. We certainly won't slow you down, will we dear?"

"Hell no, not if she's going to wear her panties like that."

I said, "I shaved, or didn't you notice."

"I noticed, believe me, I noticed."

Trisha knelt before me, peered closer, and said, "It looks like you shaved off all the hair. Did you?"

I thrust out my loins and said, "Why don't you look for yourself?"

She glanced up at Dad, smiled, then hooked her index finger in the low waistband and pulled them away, declaring, "Oh, you did, you nasty thing you. Oh, it's beautiful. Don't you think her shaved vagina is beautiful, Frank?"

Daddy hooked a finger alongside hers and pulled down until the crotch band pulled from between my lips. He bent low for a closer look and said, "God damn, this is pretty! Here's to independence and watching TV in the nude, hey kiddo?"

"Here's to you coming to your old house and watching your old TV in the nude while your old wife serves you and your new wife while you do anything you please with her daughter, and I mean, anything."

Dad moved my panties to my knees, then stood back and gazed on my pussy. Trisha laughed and said, "That'll be the day."

I said, "I'm serious, Trisha. You can do anything you want with me, and do it in front of Mom. I'm very willing, and I am a very bad girl, too."

Dad said, "Is that a fact?"

I smiled impishly and teased, "I want you to take advantage of me, you too, Trisha. I want to be child molested. I've been dying to be properly molested, but you guys move so slowly. At this rate, I'll never get screwed, and I may never get to eat out my sexy step-mother."

Trisha bit her lower lip with eyes wide as Daddy said, "Jesus Christ, Judy! That suits us fine, but what have you got on her?"

"Enough. I can't tell you unless she pisses me off. She knows she better not do that. I set her up for this orgy. She's going because I am making her go. She knows you two will be there to watch, also."

Dad said, "See, Trisha, I told you she wanted more."

Trisha slipped a finger up my hole, saying, "Jesus! She's wet. You're right, she wants it bad, sweetheart. This girl is so horny."

Dad stopped Trisha's fingering, saying, "Just relax, Trisha. I want to get to the bottom of this. We're not doing a damn thing with Bonnie sitting in our driveway."

I said, "Okay, if you need convincing, watch this."

I pulled the panties back into place and made for the door. Dad cried out, "Honey, that's not being wise."

I turned and said, "Just watch."

I marched out as they made for the window. Mom sat up and stared intently as I sauntered and swayed with exaggerated hip movement. I came up to the driver's window, turned my back to her with my feet wide, and bent as low as possible, wiggling my ass in her astonished face. I looked up to see them looking out with astonished but amused grins, then sauntered back to the front door and peered inside, saying, "Daddy, would you please step out here with me. I want Mom to see us together."

Daddy cautiously came out and stood behind me. I backed into his embrace and brought his hands around me. When he could see that Mom was not about to do or say anything, I guided his left hand inside my panties. Dad was soon groping my crotch as I ground my ass against his growing cock.

Trisha was just inside the door and said, "My God, Frank, are you doing what I think you're doing?"

"If you think I'm fingering her pussy in front of Bonnie, then that's what I'm doing."

I added, "He's doing it good, too, but he's only using one finger and he isn't going in all the way like I prefer."

Dad fixed that and said, "Trisha, come on out here. I want you in on this too."

Trisha cautiously came out and stood beside us. She watched Mom sitting there doing nothing, then glanced to my crotch and cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle a laughing smile, saying, "Oh, shit, you are doing it. I can't believe she's just watching you finger Judy."

"Yes, and I'm doing it right. This kid has been bad. She's no virgin. Come on, Trisha, pull her panties out of the way. Let's let Bonnie get a better look."

Trisha looked to me and said, "Should I?"

"Yes, in fact, take them all the way off."

Mom couldn't hear anything with the windows rolled up, but her eyes never left us. Trisha giggled, looked at Mom, then knelt beside me so as not to block her view. She reached for the waistband and said, "Okay, here goes." She drew my panties slowly down my legs, revealing Dad's fingers working in my cunt, smearing my slick juices over my bare crotch. Trisha removed the panties from my feet, and I stepped out wide.

Trisha stood and said, "Jesus, she isn't saying a word. This is so exciting." Trisha reached over and toyed with my nipples, pulling the cups off my tits. She leaned in and flicked at my nipples with her tongue while watching for Mom's reaction.

Trisha became bolder and sucked hard on my right nipple while groping my left tit. Dad had both hands at work. With one, he fucked me. The other was rubbing vigorously on my clit. My hands were behind my back rubbing his cock. Trisha was playing to her audience of one and suddenly cried out, "God, I love doing this in front of her. Honey, I want to do more. Lots more."

"What the hell else is there? Do you want me to ball the kid?"

I said, "I could suck your dick."

Trisha excitedly said, "Yes, Frank, let her suck your dick. I want Bonnie to see that."

"All right. I'm game." I quickly spun around and stood to the side with my naked ass partially in Mom's direction. Trisha freed Dad's cock and fisted his erect shaft toward my waiting lips. I closed my mouth over his nine-inch cock and sucked him in deep, bringing forth a deep moan from him. Trisha said, "Oh, yes, suck that cock, baby. Suck it for Mommy. Make him shoot all over your face, sweetheart."

I said, "I would, but I'd rather he came in my pussy."

"Yes, do it, Frank. Fuck her right here."

"No way, Trisha. I'll fuck her inside, but not here, no way."

Trisha laid her cheek on my ass and reached into my crotch while looking at Mom. Her delicate fingers pried my cunt lips apart, and she entered me with a finger. She laughed and said, "She's watching me finger-fuck her little girl, and she can't do a damn thing about it. Relax, Frank. Whatever Judy has on her, it's good. You're right. She's no virgin, Frank. Too bad. I wish Bonnie's window was down so she could hear all this."

I said, "If you want the window down, go tell her to roll it down. In fact, tell her what you want her to hear right to her face."

"I couldn't. Could I? Should I, Frank? I'd love to tell her what we plan to do with Judy in graphic detail. I will if you want."

"Go right ahead. Judy seems to have a grip on this. She knows what she has on her. It must be damned good."

I offered, "Do it, Trisha. While you're there, tell her you are going to make me suck your pussy, too."

"Are you serious? Would you actually do that?"

"Yes, I'm dying to. Do me a favor and wipe my pussy juice on her face. If she doesn't lick your fingers clean, I'll strip her naked and piss all over her, and she knows it. You don't have to order her to lick, just offer your hand."

"That does it. I'm going." She wet her whole hand in my soupy twat, then strode over to the car. I turned my head to watch. Mom rolled the window down as Trisha came up. Trisha said, loud enough for us to hear, "I just wanted to let you know that we plan to take Judy inside and Frank is going to fuck her adorable little cunt. Do you have a problem with that, Bonnie?"

Mom said, "No, no problem."

"Good, then you should have no qualms about me making her lick my cunt then."

"No, do with her as you please."

"We always have and plan to do much more with unlimited visitation at your house or ours."

"I understand."

"Good, then I expect you to provide us with a house key."

Mom took the key off her key ring and handed it to Trisha, saying, "You can take this one. I keep a spare under the mat."

Trisha smiled at us, then held out the hand that had been fingering me. She held a wet finger close to Mom's lips, then dragged that wet finger across her lips, gently forcing the finger inside as Mom surrendered and opened her mouth. Mom then began to earnestly, slavishly lick and suck Trisha's entire hand. Trisha turned and smiled at us while this was going on. Trisha dipped her other hand into her shorts. She fingered herself, then offered that freshly-wet finger to Mom. Mom sucked Trisha's fuck finger right into her mouth.

Dad and I took a break to watch them more closely. Trisha was deliriously excited. I stood beside Dad and kept him erect by stroking his cock, though that was hardly necessary. Trisha usually wears tight-fitting short shorts, as Dad admires her tight ass and dancer's legs. She teaches dance and studied ballet. Suddenly, Trisha jerked her shorts down, panties and all. She kicked free of them, then demonstrated her athletic prowess and agility by throwing her right leg up on the car's roof, moving her obscenely open cunt to the window opening, saying, "Here, if you like my cunt so much, have at it."

Mom did. She went about her task without hesitation, pressing her face in fully to Trisha's sideways beaver. Trisha looked to us and said, "God, I love this, Frank--your ex-wife sucking my pussy. She's good, too. She's sticking her tongue way up my hole, Frank. She loves my twat; I can tell."

Daddy said to me in a soft voice, "I've never seen Trisha this excited about anything. She's going berserk over this whole thing. The orgy is all she's talked about after your call. Judy, you must at least give me a hint as to how this came about."

"Daddy, I can't. That's my control. If it ever got out that I told anyone, I'd lose my control over her. She trusts me to stay quiet as long as she behaves herself. I will, too. She's been behaving herself very well, don't you agree?"

"Absolutely. Okay, I won't say any more about it. I just wonder where to draw the line. If I knew what kind of hand you held, I'd have an idea, at least."

"I'm holding a royal flush, Dad. You can do anything, believe me. I would think I proved that already."

"Yes, but can she actually tolerate us having sex?"

"Dad, if you want, I'll make her lick us while we fuck. I'll sit on her face afterwards, and piss in her mouth. I did it last night after Grandpa took my cherry."

"Jesus, so that old codger finally nailed you. I figured he would. This is too fucking much. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for it. I wish it had been me, but that's okay."

Trisha disengaged herself from Mom's mouth, picked up her shorts, and sauntered back, swinging the shorts and her naked ass. She dropped the shorts on reaching us, firmly took me by the hair on the back of my head, and whispered, "This is just play acting, okay?"

I smiled with my back to Mom as Trisha made as though forcing me to my knees before her spread legs. She pulled my head into her crotch and humped my face, saying, "This is how I treat your little darling daughter, Bonnie." Under her breath, and without moving her lips, Trisha said, "Tell me to stop if you want, Judy. You don't have to do anything unless you want to."

I probed deep up her hole as my answer, then made as though munching her cunt. I said quietly, "I told her you made me eat you while you were dating Dad, and that you use me all the time. I told her Dad fucks my ass and makes me suck his dick. I also said I have to lick you guys when you fuck and eat Dad's cum from your pussy. She believed me, so go for it."

That was all Trisha needed to hear. She practically shouted, "She eats my fuck, Bonnie. I make her lick us while we're fucking. She's an obedient child. She does what I tell her to do. I hope you're proud of her, are you?"

Mom made her reply sound reluctant, almost on the verge of tears, but she said, "Yes, I'm proud."

Trisha turned to Frank and said, "Frank, I want more of this. Can I keep going, please! I want to bring her inside. I want her to watch you fuck Judy. Please Frank!"

"All right, go get her. This is your show, Trisha. Judy assured me that there is no limit to what she'll take. I believe her, now. Have yourself a ball, sweetheart."

Trisha released me and strode over to the car. She jerked the car door open and said, "Get out. I don't think you fully understand things. I think a demonstration is in order."

I came over and escorted Mom on her right side as Trisha guided her by the left elbow. As we walked inside, I said, "Mom, you never looked better than you do with your head between Trisha's legs. Your mouth and her pussy are a perfect match. From now on, I want to see that perfect match as often as possible."

Trisha giggled and said, "Why thank you, sweetheart. I couldn't agree more."

I added, "From now on, I want you to politely ask Trisha for permission to suck her pussy whenever she is near you. If you know what's good for you, you'll put enthusiasm in your request and do a good job of sucking her cunt."

Trisha laughed and said, "That's marvelous. Did you hear that, honey? I have a pussy slave, your ex-wife no less. I think that's fantastic."

We stopped in the middle of the living room. Daddy took a seat on the sofa. Trisha said, "You know, Bonnie, I've always thought you were so pretty. I simply adore your breasts. Now I get to see them and play with them. Strip for us, and do strip slow and sexy. Here, I'll put some music on for you."

She went to the stereo and put on some funky latin number. Mom turned beet red, but started to sway to the beat. She soon had a good bump and grind going and was undoing the buttons on her blouse. Trisha clapped and shouted, "Take it off. Take it all off, baby!"

Mom continued doing her best striptease, twirling her blouse after removing it. She then teased at the clasp of her bra. She released it but held the cups over her tits and revealed them one at a time. She then tossed the bra behind her and fondled her tits. Trisha and Dad applauded and cheered her on. Trisha went and sat beside Dad. I sat on his other side, stroked his dick, and shouted, "We want pussy! Show pink meat!"

Mom shimmied out of her pants after kicking off her shoes. She danced around in her panties while we shouted, "Show pink!"

I could see that Mom was getting into this exhibition, though she tried not to let that show. Mom teasingly hooked her fingers in the waistband and slowly drew them down. When her bald pussy came into view, we all applauded and shouted more encouragements. Mom responded by quickly divesting herself of the panties. Totally naked now, she danced in front of us while we chanted, "Pink meat."

In response, she reached to her cunt lips and slowly pried them open while leaning back with her knees out wide. Her cunt looked like a large pink oval, six inches long and three inches wide, with her hole showing as a dark area down low. Her clit stood out proud and reflected her level of excitement.

We demanded more. In response, she turned her back to us, spread her legs out wide, bent low at the waist, then reached around with both hands and pried her cheeks apart, giving us a good look at her pink, puckered asshole and her cunt hanging open and wet. She inched her fingertip to the edges of her cunt lips and pried them wide. For that, we applauded, but shouted, "More!"

She brought her hand back to her front and reached between her legs to masturbate. She fingered her hole and rubbed her clit. We shouted, "More!"

She dropped to the floor and rolled onto her back. She brought her legs straight up in a wide "V" and resumed masturbating. We shouted, "More!" and she planted her feet wide and raised her ass up as high as she could until she rested on her feet and head, her body doubled back in a high arch. In this position, she masturbated furiously. Trisha reached out with her bare foot and used her big toe to fondle Mom's cunt. Mom gave her access and tried to fuck herself on Trisha's big toe. Trisha laughed and wiggled her toe deep in Mom's pussy. Mom ground her cunt on Trisha's foot.

When we wanted more, she got on her hands and knees, crawled between Trisha's legs and begged, "May I please suck your pussy?"

Trisha threw her legs out with a giggle and said, "Be my guest." Mom dove on her gash and sucked voraciously, like a cunt-starved dyke. Trisha giggled and squirmed while holding Mom by the ears. Mom's hand crept into Dad's lap and closed over his shaft. I let her have his familiar cock, then got on my belly to suck the head while she played with the shaft. Trisha watched all this, then turned to Dad and said, "Life doesn't get any better than this, huh, sweetheart?"

"I'll say. Is she a good cunt sucker?"

"The best. I could let her do this all day long. She looks great doing this to me, doesn't she?"

"It's as it should be. You are the better woman."

Mom intensified her sucking with dramatic subservience, smearing her face in Trisha's gash. I also noticed she pumped faster on Dad's dick. She appeared to concur with his statement, and wanted to hear more. Dad said, "She is acknowledging that fact as only one woman can for another, by using her mouth on the superior woman's pussy."

Mom responded with renewed effort that had Trisha squirming and moaning, nearing a climax. Trisha tossed off her top and sprawled back totally nude, mauling her own tits and crying, "Yes, it's so true. She knows her place, and she knows how to show it. She's not holding back at all. Uhhh, yesss, suck my clitty, Bonnie! Ughhh ... Uggghhh ... Ugggghhhh! FUCK!"

Trisha heaved violently and bucked her cunt into Mom's sucking mouth. Mom gripped her by the hips and tried to hang on to the spasmodic woman. Trisha slowly returned to Earth and then went into a total slump as Mom lazily licked at her weeping hole. Trisha looked down with a weary smile and watched Mom dutifully licking her spend. Trisha smiled up at Dad, and said, "Did you ever in your life think you'd see this day, dear? Look how she lovingly laps my cunt hole, lapping up my cunt juice like a dog."

Trisha rolled to her side facing us and brought her left leg straight up to show exactly what Mom's tongue was doing. Mom was licking deep in Trisha's hole with long, slow, penetrating laps. Trisha rolled onto her back and drew her legs back, hooking her arms inside and under each knee. With her head supported by the back of the sofa, Trisha could look into her own cunt while Mom gave her a dramatic display of sexual servitude. Mom licked long and deep, then moved to Trisha's asshole and stuck her tongue inside, bringing an excited squeal from Trisha.

After Trisha adjusted to the unnatural penetration, she looked to Dad and said, "I think Bonnie is trying to tell me something, dear."

"Yes, it certainly looks that way. I think she just surrendered totally. She's telling you that she is honored to serve you."

"Is that what you're telling me, Bonnie? Is that why you're licking my asshole?"

Mom raised up and said, "Yes! I do want to serve you, Trisha. You are the better woman, and I want to acknowledge that fact any way I can, in any way that pleases you."

Mom returned to tongue-fucking Trisha's asshole. Trisha said, "You know, Frank, I think she means it. She's serious."

Mom raised up and said, "I am serious, Trisha, and I want to prove it by drinking your piss. Will you piss in my mouth, please?" Mom then moved her mouth to Trisha's piss hole and began nursing hard. Trisha was shocked and looked up to Dad.

Dad shrugged and said, "Go for it!"

"Should I?"

"You'd be crazy not to. Why pass up the chance. She asked for it. She's waiting."

"I know, she's practically sucking the piss out of my bladder."

"So, do it. Piss!"

Trisha had trouble relaxing, though she appeared to be trying very hard. Mom encouraged her by moaning in expectation. Finally, we heard moans of satisfaction from Mom, and moans of relief from Trisha. Mom's throat steadily contracted with each swallow, and Trisha exclaimed in astonishment, "God, I'm pissing in her mouth, Frank. I'm pissing right now." Mom eased off so the piss would splash off her face, then resumed her sucking and drinking. Trisha emptied her bladder, and Mom drank all she could catch.

I smiled up at Dad and said, "She does that for me, too, only I usually drench her in the process."

Dad said, "This is not the same woman I married once. I like her better this way."

Trisha finished her pissing, and Mom licked her slit like a dog. Trisha pushed her away and sat up, saying, "Shit, that was fantastic. All of it." She grabbed Mom by the head and kissed her. Mom sat back on her heels with a smile. Trisha sat back with her feet on the sofa's edge, keeping her knees widely parted. She looked Mom over and said, "Well, it looks like we need to establish a few new ground rules. Why don't you fuck my pussy with one of your beautiful tits while I tell you what they are."

Mom didn't hesitate. She used her right hand to squeeze her right tit into distention. She placed her inch-long nipple in the hole and stuffed two inches of tit meat in behind it. She pulled out to run her turgid nipple teasingly around Trisha's clit, then stuffed the hole again, repeating this process over and over. Trisha swooned at the first contact, then drew her legs up and open, holding her feet by the toes, watching Mom eagerly applying herself to the obscene task.

It took Trisha a while before she could speak, so absorbed was she in watching. Finally, she said, "First, there are no visitation rules. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I gave you a key. I will deliver and pick up Judy; she's at your beck and call." Mom used her left hand to stimulate Trisha's clit while running her nipple up and down Trisha's wet slit.

"Good, and we will be using Judy sexually without limits at your house or ours."

"Yes, I understand that. I want you to use her and enjoy her body. I will help in any way I can, and keep this totally confidential. And don't worry about me going back; I can't." Mom stuffed Trisha's cunt.

"Great! I think we will get along just fine. Now, I want you to assist Frank in screwing your daughter. I want you to get behind her and pick her up as she sits in a full squat. You will then bring her to Frank's cock and lower her onto it. You can assist in the fucking by lifting and setting her on his cock."

Mom said, "I'm ready. Judy, are you ready?"

I got down in a low squat facing Dad with my back to Mom. Mom reached around me with both hands and cupped the backs of my thighs, lifting me straight up. Trisha held her husband's cock up and ready, as Mom brought me over and guided my twat over the head. Trisha guided the cock, and like train cars coupling, we came together. Mom settled me gently until I sat on Dad's pubic hairs and mashed them flat. She then fucked me on my father's cock as Dad and I made agreeable moans and groans. He fondled my breasts as Trisha toyed with our united genitals.

After several minutes of this, Trisha said, "Okay, I'm satisfied that you are serious, Bonnie. Let her go." Mom released me and stepped back. Trisha addressed me, saying, "Judy, turn around and lie back on your father in our TV position, only keep his dick in you."

I stood up, turned around, and re-impaled myself, settling back comfortably in Dad's arms. I spread my legs out wide to give Mom a good look at Dad's cock buried in my pussy. Dad grabbed me behind the thighs and widened my legs. He used his hold to lift and drop me, making his cock go in and out. Trisha knelt at his right knee and addressed Mom, saying, "All right, Bonnie, now I want you to lick them while they fuck." Mom moved in and started licking us. She lapped from Dad's balls to my clit, and her energetic licking felt fantastic.

Trisha loved watching her do this, and said, "That's how we watch TV, only I'm usually in Judy's place and she's in yours. Nice huh?"

Mom said, "Oh, yes, I love this."

Dad picked up the tempo. Mom intensified her efforts, actually trying to insinuate her stiff tongue alongside my dad's dick. Trisha fingered Mom's pussy while Mom fingered Trisha's. We all came together within minutes of each other and collapsed in a heap of sweaty bodies.

Without being told, Mom continued to lick our genitals, mopping the seeping cum and fuck juices as Dad's organ gradually wilted inside my pussy. As his dick shrank, more and more fuck sauce oozed out to be gathered on Mom's lips and tongue. Trisha was beside herself watching Mom perform this obscene service. When Dad's cock slipped out, and Mom glued her mouth to my hole, going at the rich treasure inside like a starving pervert, Trisha exploded in another climax.

After we recovered, Dad and I snuggled in each other's arms while Trisha put Mom through her paces once more. Mom performed like a trained seal, as Trisha assumed the most provocative and lewd positions her imagination and limber body could manage. Mom put on an impressive demonstration of the cunt-sucker's art. She tried to make love to a moving target and was mostly successful.

I managed to get Trisha aside for a private chat about the party while Dad got a blow job from his ex-wife. We went to the kitchen. I told her all about our plans and assured her that there would be no prudes at that gathering. She resisted the idea, at first, but the more she thought about it, the more she came to like the idea, and the more ideas she came up with for enhancing her performance. In the end, she agreed. I asked her how Dad might feel about screwing me in that crowd. She said he probably would once he got turned on, and her act would definitely turn him on. She told me to count on a fatherly fucking. I dropped to my knees and thanked her properly. Mom and I departed very satisfied and sticky.

* * *

On Thursday, Mom and I rested all day and all night. My rest was interrupted three times by Billie and Stevie. Mom's rest got disturbed by her daddy's cock when he stopped by to tell us how things were with Grandma. He told us that she was getting mentally ready to drop her facade, but cautioned me to start slowly and take charge as I had with him. We agreed to spend the next day with them until it was time for my date with Brad.

I skipped school on Friday. Mom and I ate breakfast together. She looked pensive. I said, "What's wrong, Mom?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about my mother. I just realized that I never really knew her. What I saw was all a lie. She wanted me to get screwed at fourteen. She put Daddy up to all those pictures. She knew what we were doing in that studio out back. She knew what those men were doing to me, and she got off on it. I find that so hard to accept."

"We all put on faces, Mom. You did with me and Dad."

"That's true, but nothing like Mom did with me. She really had me fooled. She had everybody fooled."

"Yeah, but won't it be good to put that lie to rest, clear the air between you."

"Yes, I suppose, but I feel like I am meeting her for the first time. Suppose I don't like the real her? I might hate my real mother. That is so sad to think about."

"I don't think you'll hate her. I don't think she is all that different than she is now. Her true self is a whole bunch of good and a smidgen of bad. You, of all people, should relate to that."

"What do you mean?"

"You should know how sexual compulsions can drive you to do things against your ordinary nature. Is what your mom did any worse than pimping your fifteen-year-old daughter to your best friend just so she'll let you watch people fucking?"

"I never thought about it that way, but you're right."

"I am, and you are still the same you, only there's another facet to your personality, now. What's more, I like that nasty facet. I think you will like your mom's nasty facet, too. You'll just have more mom to love, that's all."

Mom got out of her seat and embraced me with tears in her eyes. She said, "Oh, baby, you are so smart. You know just what to say. You are so perceptive. You see things so clearly for one so young. Sometimes, I feel like the daughter and you feel like my mother. God, I love you so much. I adore you."

She began planting tender kisses all over my neck and face. My heart swelled. I basked in her love. The kisses converged on my lips and we kissed, not like mothers and daughters kiss, but as lovers kiss. Our tongues teased each other, dancing at our lips. Her tongue wanted in my mouth. I opened for it. We had never kissed this way. The kiss was more than sexual; it was love, passionate love. I reciprocated, moving my tongue in her mouth. Our kiss was a passionate bonding. We eagerly crossed the line and became lovers with that kiss.

Mom straddled my legs and sat on my thighs, her robe falling open. I cupped her sex and fingered her pussy. She was sopping wet and grinding her hot cunt on my hand as her hands stroked my face. Between kisses, we both expressed our love for each other. I wanted to love her properly, naked, in her bed, and give her what she craved, a good cunt loving. During a break in our kissing, I purred, "Mom, let's go to your bed. I want to make love."

She pulled back, her eyes wide and smiling. She got up and took my hand. Together we crossed the threshold to her bedroom. Together we dropped our garments, and together we melted into each other's arms, then fell onto the bed.

We rolled together, kissed, felt each other's bodies with groping, penetrating fingers. We mashed our warm flesh together, rolling and rolling from one side to the other. When we arrived at the center with me on top, I stopped us and got up on my arms. I silenced her with a finger to her lips and said, "Let me love you, Mother. Please, just lie still. I want to love your vagina. I have always wanted to lick your pussy, Mom, more than any other. Relax and let me show you how much I adore you and your magnificent pussy."

Mom was in a delirium of love and passion. Her breathing was labored. Her eyes stared back as through a fog. Slowly, gently, softly, I planted tender kisses down her neck, over her breasts, on her nipples, down her belly, to her upper thighs, from one to the other, getting lower and lower, moving steadily in on her beautiful pussy as her legs moved out further and further.

She had her legs drawn back and knees laid flat. Her head was propped up on two pillows. She keeps a hand mirror on her bedstand. When she reached for the mirror and positioned it at her right inner thigh, I knew why. She watched me planting kisses all around her pussy, teasing kisses. I gradually closed in on my target, keeping my head turned to give her the best view. My lips touched her cunt lip, and she moaned. I kissed her clit, and she gave a lurch and a groan. I kissed up one lip and down the other. She cried, "Oh, yes, darling, I love you so much."

I planted a firm kiss right in the center, mashing our lips together. She swooned. I blew hot breath on her sensitive membranes, then began licking, little snaky licks that grew stronger and stronger. The licks became laps that ran from her asshole to her clit, driving her mad. Her hips rolled and gyrated to a steady barrage of love declarations. I took her clit fully in my mouth and sucked. Her ass came up a foot off the bed and she screamed. I held on tightly, sucking for all I was worth. She heaved, bucked, and screamed her lungs out. I held her in a tight grip, sucking and sucking. Piss shot out of her, surprising me. Piss was everywhere because her piss hole wasn't in my mouth.

I didn't want to let go of my clit-lock in the middle of her orgasm, so the piss got wasted and made a big mess. She didn't seem to mind, and kept pissing and cumming. I didn't care either. It was the longest cum ever. It lasted until the piss stopped flowing, then she collapsed. I took that opportunity to lick her hole and clean the piss from her pussy and thighs.

She was in a stupor. Her body went limp, and she dropped the mirror. I just kept licking and licking, lapping up her copious spend, reaching inside with my fingers and sucking the juices off, reaching for more, swabbing her internal walls. I rubbed my face in her cunt. I could not get enough, and she loved it.

Finally, I crawled up her body and we embraced. We kissed. She licked my face. We kissed some more, then rolled onto our backs laying side by side, catching our breath. She said, "God, that was fantastic."

"I'll say. You sure have a tasty pussy, Mom."

"Thank you. So do you."

"This doesn't change anything, you know. I'm still going to treat you the same way when we are around other people."

"I know, sweetheart. I want it that way. I want this, too."

"So do I. This was great. I want people to see us making out, too, but I want to be the aggressor, and you will do most of the cunt lapping."

"That will be fine. I want it that way, in fact. You don't even have to do me."

"I want to, but it will just be to tease you. I won't let you cum, and you better never piss on me."

"I won't, I promise. I didn't mean to this time. I just lost it."

"Oh, I want you to do it when we are alone. I want to drink your piss. Piss in my face; I don't care. I just don't want anybody to see you doing that to me. You're the piss freak, not me, okay?"

"Yes, of course ... You really didn't mind?"

"No, I loved it. We'll do each other from now on, at least when no one's around. Come on, Grandpa and Grandma are expecting us. It's show time. I'm taking you to be mated to their dog. Aren't you excited?"

"Yes, but I'm a little nervous. God, he's so big."

"Yeah, I hope you can handle him."

"I think I can. I put big things in my pussy all the time. I can take a giant cucumber all the way. It hurts like hell, but I love that stuffed-to-the-gills feeling. Bruno can't be that big."

"He'll be close. Don't forget, dogs swell up inside you."

"I know. Isn't that wicked? We could be stuck together like a couple of real dogs. I know they say it can't happen to humans, but it did, and I saw it. It happened to a girl in my PE class when I was in the seventh grade."

"Really! Tell me about it. We're not in that big a hurry."

"All right. Most of us didn't wear panties under our gym shorts, so they wouldn't get all sweaty. One day, this big mutt came bounding out on the soccer field and began nosing all the girls' crotches. Girls were screaming and running around, laughing, and getting silly. Well, he caught this one girl around the waist and she fell on all fours. He was on her and in her in no time. He was fucking her through the leg hole of her shorts."

"With everyone watching?"

"Hell, yes, all the girls, the female coach, even some guys who were practicing track. We all gathered around in a big circle and just watched that girl get raped by a dog."

"Nobody tried to stop it?"

"No, not even the coach. She was busy keeping everyone back; and, in effect, kept anyone from interfering. She didn't want it stopped, if you ask me. I don't think anybody did. It was so neat to watch, so erotic, so vulgar. That horny mutt was fucking the shit out of her. She was crying and trying to crawl away, but he just hung on, humping her like mad until she stopped trying to get away and surrendered. We watched a dog rape a girl, and there wasn't a damned thing she could do to stop him, or get away from him once he became locked in her cunt."

"Oh, man, that's fantastic. I love it."

"The best part was after he came. He threw one leg over her ass and got hung-up, butt to butt with her, just like dogs do. What was really neat was that we could then see his cock and her pussy where his cock moved the leg opening of her loose shorts clear. We couldn't see very well, so this track guy went up and ripped her shorts at the crotch. He ripped them right through, then shoved her shorts up her torso, taking the blouse and all, stuffing what little clothing she had on in her arm pits. He then turned around, straddled her back in reverse and pulled her ass cheeks apart for us. We saw everything then.

"We all took turns looking at her pussy stretched thin around this huge mass of swollen dog cock stuck inside. The poor girl buried her head in her arms and had to put up with the verbal abuse. They were stuck like that for a good ten or fifteen minutes. Even after he pulled out and stepped away, she remained on her knees with her head and shoulders on the grass, obscenely showing her gaping pussy and naked tits. You would not believe the things we said about her, while she sobbed in absolute shame."

"Yeah, like what did you guys say?"

"Like, 'Look at her pussy sucking on his cock.' or 'I'll bet she's in heat. Look how red and puffy her pussy lips are.' or 'Look how wet she is. Her nipples are hard as rocks. I'll bet she had an orgasm.' 'What a horny little bitch.' And I remember saying, 'Hey, Cathy, can I have one of your puppies?' Everybody laughed at that."

"Mom, that's priceless. You surprise me. What happened after that?"

"That was great, too. There were maybe forty people there, mostly young girls. While the dog was still joined to her, close to the end, the coach goes, 'Okay, everybody. You all had your fun.' As if she didn't. 'It happened. We couldn't stop it. It's done. Now, I'm sure Cathy doesn't want this getting around. Am I right, Cathy?' She nods, still sobbing softly. 'If we report this, it will get all over. You realize that, right, Cathy?'

"She nods, but she stopped sobbing. 'If we don't report this incident, however, it may happen again. The dog knows where he can find an easy mate. I know it's not your fault, Cathy, but I'm sure he sees you that way. You understand that, don't you?' She nods, but we could tell she was suspicious. Coach Andrews was a notorious dyke, and scandal seemed to find her. The coach said, 'What I propose is this: We all keep quiet about what happened to Cathy today. This will be our little secret. Will everyone swear to that?'

"We all swore with big smiles on our faces. 'Okay, everybody swears to keep this a secret, Cathy. What's done is done. No one will ever tease you about it. Isn't that right, girls?' We all agreed. She goes on, 'Now, in return, you have to lure that dog away from the other girls if he ever comes back. Will you agree to do that?' She looks up with this questioning look like she can't believe what the coach is suggesting.

"One of the girls said, 'I think she should get naked and get on all fours as soon as the dog shows up.' Cathy looked around in horror as we all seconded that idea. She couldn't believe we would make her do that. All she saw were lust-filled eyes showing no mercy. The coach said, 'Cathy, did you hear that?'

"She goes, 'Yes, but why? I can't. That's awful.' The coach says, 'Well, it's either that, or this gets all over school, all over town, to your parents, to your church. It's up to you, dear. We'll keep it all hush-hush if you cooperate. And we can huddle around you like this so no one else can see. Well, Cathy?'

"Cathy started sobbing again, but slowly nodded her head when she realized she had no choice. No one would help her, and she knew that."

"Mom, tell me it happened again."

"It did, every school day for three weeks. It was fantastic. Poor Cathy had to strip naked and let the dog screw her while we all gathered around, cheering the dog on. We were awful, Judy. When the dog showed up, a group of us gathered in a circle around Cathy while other girls went to fetch the dog. The track guys saw this and joined the circle. Two of the coach's lesbian teacher friends were also there, waiting to see if the dog showed up. The soccer field was like a side-show carnival."

"You mean you guys wanted to do this out in the open?"

"Sure, why not? No one could see inside the circle unless they were part of the circle. Besides, there was nothing unusual about a big circle of people on a soccer field. We often gathered in a big circle for instruction. The field was perfect, and being outdoors added to the thrill."

"Did she strip and get on her hands and knees?"

"No, we had to strip her and hold her down. We had to force her the next three times as well. It wasn't until the following week that she saw the futility of fighting, stripped, then got into position. That was a sight to see, Judy."

"I'll bet she was liking it by then. Is that why she stripped?"

"Who knows. She never let on how she felt about it. She just looked resigned, trapped, helpless, and friendless. She didn't look like she cared anymore. We were all surprised that she even returned to school after that first time. We thought she'd run away or kill herself. She returned everyday, and got raped everyday. For years her motives were a mystery to me, but Susan helped me understand, and I now think I know what was going on in Cathy's head."

"Please, do tell."

"No girl ever suffered shame, degradation, and humiliation as deeply as Cathy Sawyer did. She had it all. She was a sexy beauty with rich parents, the best clothes, the brightest future, and like most girls in her position, stuck up. To see Cathy raped by a dog was the ultimate for the rest of us. I'm not sure if they would have saved me if I'd been the victim, but the thought never crossed anyone's mind when the dog focused on Cathy.

She was blameless in this assault. She wasn't part of the group that teased the dog and got him all worked up. She didn't even see him coming. A group of us girls blocked her path, allowing him to jump on her back, then another girl tripped Cathy, allowing him to mount her. His dick found the mark on its own, but someone would have guided him had it not. To hear us teasing Cathy afterward, you would think she lured the dog to her and presented her pussy for fucking. As for our word to keep the secret, that didn't last five minutes off the field. The halls were a-buzz with the shocking news by the next bell."

"Did you keep the secret?"

"Hell no. I told everyone I encountered. I even told my dad."

"I don't get it. Why did she return if you guys never kept your word. Didn't she realize that her parents would eventually find out?"

"That's the part that always puzzled me. That's what I now understand."

"What? What do you understand?"

"The attraction of deep shame and humiliation. I learned some of those lessons under my father, but Susan is a master. I felt as much shame having to strip and masturbate in front of her boys as Cathy felt on that soccer field. I kept coming back for the same reasons Cathy did. I'm sure of it, now. I'm doubly sure when I think about that second week, when things got really nasty, and everybody knew Cathy was screwing a dog during PE. Hell, we'd taken pictures, and those pictures were everywhere. Cathy walked down the halls to a chorus of barking students, but she still suited-up for PE."

"She was into the humiliation."

"Exactly. To look at her, though, you'd think she were dying of shame. I look the same way, even now; but inside, I'm crying out with joy, wanting more."

"I thought so. You said it got nastier in that second week. How was that possible? Did you bring in two dogs?"

"That would not have been nastier, only more of the same. No, we wanted quality, not quantity. The doggie fuck, after just one week, wasn't enough for us. We wanted more. We demanded she engage in foreplay. The dog was, after all, her lover. Stripping wasn't enough. She had to do a sexy strip tease and dance lewdly for her lover."

"I love it."

"Yeah, but that's not all. We made her present her pussy to him while others held the dog. She had to walk up to his muzzle with her knees bowed out to receive a thorough crotch licking. After that, we held the dog up by his front paws so she could suck his cock. She got down on her knees and sucked him off till he came. To get him ready again, we made her lie on the ground with her legs wide apart and masturbate. She fucked him on her back while raising her loins to his cock. They fucked missionary style. That's the only way to fuck a dog for an audience, Judy."

"You were right. It got nastier."

"Every day was nastier and more vulgar than the day before. Keep in mind, this went on for two more weeks. On the last day, she hardly needed any prompting, and the crowd had swelled to over one hundred."

"Oh, that's fantastic! Why did it stop?"

"When it finally got to her parents, all hell broke loose. Everybody in town was talking about Cathy and her doggie lover. She couldn't walk the streets, shop, or go to church without hearing bark imitations. The coach and three other teachers got fired. Cathy was taken out of school. Their family moved away, giving up a prosperous business. It was pretty bad. You know, I'll bet that's when Mom developed her fetish about girls and dogs. Dad pried every detail out of me. Now I know he fed them to Mom."

"Yeah, that makes sense. Wow, I can't wait to see you and Bruno together."

"Me neither. You have no idea how often I fantasized it was me the dog first mounted instead of Cindy. Dad would not have moved away; he would have kept me in school and made me wear a dog collar. He told me so, and he was dead serious. Can you imagine? I get delicious chills just thinking about it."

"I know. I get chills just knowing that Brad is telling everyone that he's fucking me. Imagine what he'll be spreading after our date tonight."

"I'll go along with whatever you can live with. I'll bet you I've kicked myself a thousand times for breaking off with Dad just as he was about to make bestial enslavement a reality. After your father and I split up, Dad bought Bruno and a dog collar for me. I panicked. Dad would make me wear the collar always, and the tag says, 'Bruno's Bitch.' Could you live with that? Because I think I'm ready to wear that collar."

"I can live with anything, Mom, so long as I look cool and in charge."

"In that case, let's pull out all the stops. Let's give Brad the old submissive, pussy-whipped mom routine. Remember, you have something terrible on me, like fucking a dog perhaps."

"Maybe I'll have pictures to show him by tonight."

"Are you sure it wouldn't bother you if everyone in your school knew your mother fucks dogs?"

"Hell no! I'd love it. It's you they'd look cross-eyed at, not me. They'd think I had it made. What kid wouldn't want something like that to hold over her mother to keep her in line and always get her way. I'll be a hero; are you kidding?"

Mom rolled toward me and stroked my face, saying, "Sweetheart, if dragging me through mud will make you a hero, drag away. You can't make it muddy enough for me now. You'll see. You aren't my whore; I'm your whore." We kissed to seal that deal.

* * *

On the way to Grandma's house, we formulated a rough plan. We both wore matching mini skirts and tube tops without underwear. Mom suggested that I get Grandma alone and warm her up. Grandma still treats me like a little child, and I am in the habit of assuming a childish demeanor with her, complete with baby talk, which in the past drove Mom up a wall.

Mom wanted some time alone with Grandpa and Bruno to check out Bruno's animal endowment and work out the details of how their copulation could be accomplished. With a dog of his size, Mom didn't think the standard doggie position would be the best to show the cock to cunt connection unless Grandma was under her. Mom was sure that wasn't likely to happen and wanted to talk Grandpa into doing it in a position where she could control the penetration. As it turned out, they knew exactly how they wanted it done and had all the equipment necessary, ready and waiting.

When we entered their house, I ran into the living room and jumped on Grandma's lap. She said, "Oh, my, we are getting to be a big girl, aren't we, Kitten?"

Mom came over and gave Grandma a kiss, saying, "Dad and I are going to go out back. He wants to show me something." She looked to me and said, "Now, don't you go climbing all over Grandma. You're not a child anymore."

I had sprawled out on her lap with my head hanging back over the padded arm rest, looking up Mom's short skirt. I said, "Hey, Grandma! Mom's not wearing any panties. I can see her naked pussy. Boy, Mom, you better not bend over in front of Bruno or he'll want to lick it. If he licks it; he'll want to fuck it; if he wants to fuck it, you won't have much choice, will she Grandma?"

Both Mom and Grandma were red as beets. Grandma couldn't even reply. She was either too embarrassed, or too aroused. Mom quickly said, "God, this child has developed such a pottie mouth. You never know what she'll pop out with. I'll leave you to handle her." With that, Mom made a hasty egress.

I looked up to Grandma, smiling my mischievous smile. She smiled back and said, "That was so nasty, Kitten. What on earth gave you such an idea, and where did you learn such words, certainly not here!"

"Mommy taught me."

"Oh, she did, did she? I see you have matching outfits. Did she also teach you not to wear your panties under a short skirt."

"Uh huh! Want to see?" Before she could respond, I lifted my ass and pulled my skirt up past my waist, settling with my legs wide. Grandma's eyes grew big as she absorbed the sight of my hairless pussy. I moved my right hand down and stroked a finger through my pussy lips saying, "My pussy is sore, Grandma."

"Yes, it looks red and swollen. What happened to your little pussy, Kitten?"

"Mommy likes to watch grownups put their peters in my pussy. She likes it when they fuck my little pussy until all the white stuff fills it up."

Grandma sucked in a deep breath, then said, "She does, does she? Well, I'm sure Mommy knows what's best for you, but it's a shame you have to go around with a sore wee wee all the time."

"And my boobies are sore too." I lifted my top free of my tits and massaged them under her close scrutiny.

She touched them, saying, "You do have lovely boobies, sweetheart. I can see why the men like to squeeze them. I'll bet they suck on these cute little nipples and nibble on them, don't they?"

"Yeah, and bite them, too."

"I wouldn't mind biting them myself."

"Go ahead if you want to. I'm used to it."

Grandma giggled like a naughty little girl, then dipped her head as I lifted my left tit to her mouth. She sucked and slobbered all over my tit, then sucked and nipped the tips. She went from one to the other, sucking, licking, and lightly biting my nipples as I rolled from side to side to assist, giggling and squirming to heighten her enjoyment. After a few minutes of this warm-up, she sat back, smiling and flushed. Her eyes and one hand focused on my twat. She said, while slipping a finger up my hole, "So, how many men have you taken in your tiny little pussy hole, precious?"

"Lots. Mom says it's called fucking. She says I can't use that word except when she's with me and there's a man around. I figured that since Grandpa is here it was okay. Was I bad, Grandma?"

"No, not at all. Grandma likes to hear you use all the grownup dirty words. You use them all you want when you visit us, okay? Now, who have you been fucking that I would know?"

"Daddy fucked my pussy yesterday, and Grandpa fucked my pussy the night before that."

"So Grandpa had his cock in here too, huh?"

"Yeah, he fucks me real good. Tonight, I get to fuck my boyfriend, Brad. You met Brad."

"Yes, he's a fine boy. That will be fun, won't it?"

"Yeah, I like fucking a lot, even if it makes my pussy sore."

"Mommy knows that, that's why she lets you."

"Yeah, and the best part is, she kisses all my boo boos, even that one. Boy, she kisses my pussy boo boo a lot. She says it's a mommy's job to kiss their little girls' pussies when they get sore. She says it's the law, and when they grow up, they have to return the favor to their mothers. Does Mommy kiss your pussy now, Grandma?"

"You know, come to think of it, she never has. I didn't know about that law, but I used to kiss hers when she was little, just because I wanted to be a good mommy."

"You should make her kiss it now. She kisses pussies real good. If you tell her you used to kiss hers, she'll want to kiss yours. She knows the law and doesn't want to go to jail."

"Well, Grandma certainly doesn't want her little Bonnie to go to jail. We'll just have to correct that, now, won't we? Sweetheart, since Mommy is busy, would you like me to kiss your pussy and make it all better?"

I swiveled around with my feet straddling her head and said, "Yeah, would you, please?" She took me by the hips and brought my loins to her lips. I laid my legs out in my inverted pose and watched Grandma feast on my snatch. She got right down to business and used her tongue deep in my hole, licking, sucking, slurping, and lapping my cunt all over.

I said, "Wow, that's how Mom kisses my pussy, too, especially after a man fucks it." This drove her wild, and she had me humping her face and screaming in no time. I was having my climax when Grandpa entered, leading my naked mother on a leash. She wore a wide jeweled dog collar and her hands were tied behind her back.

Grandma froze on seeing them. I got back in her lap and snuggled into her arms, lying back against her pillowy breasts. Grandpa led Mom to the center of the living room, facing us, and told her to heel. She got down on her knees and sat back on her heels with her head bowed. He said, "Honey, this stupid bitch came over here without panties on and now Bruno is having fits. He saw her cunt, now he has to have it. I told her it's her own damned fault. I'm going to get things ready. Keep an eye on her."

I could feel Grandma's heart pounding. Her breathing was shallow and rapid as we studied Mom's sorrowful, penitent expression, resigned to her fate. I said, "Grandma, is Bruno going to fuck my mommy's pussy."

In a voice dripping with lust, she said, "Yes, dear, there's no other alternative. It would be cruel to leave that poor animal to suffer, don't you think?"

"Yeah, besides, it's her own fault. I even warned her; you heard me tell her."

"That's right, you did. Now she's going to get what she deserves, isn't she?"

"Yeah, and we get to watch him fuck her in the pussy, don't we?"

"Yes, that will add to her humiliation and help drive home the lesson not to shake her naked pussy in a horny male dog's face unless she is prepared to mate with him. It is our duty to watch."

"That's right, and afterwards, she has to kiss your pussy because you used to kiss hers when she was little. That's the law. She told me so herself. Isn't that the law, Mommy?"

Mom looked up with a puzzled expression, but immediately caught on and nodded. She returned her bowed head and waited. Grandpa dragged a heavy platform to the space between us and Mom. The main part looked like one of those things that shoe salesmen sit on to help you try on shoes. The ramp-stool was mounted on a heavy wooden platform and Grandpa was fixing a two-by-four under the top of the ramp part so that it extended out three feet on both sides. The board had straps along its length at one foot intervals. There was a shelf mounted two feet above the end where I assumed Mom's head would be. That end had a padded head rest and had straps dangling from head rest.

Grandpa had Mom recline back on the device and first secured her head in the headrest. Grandpa brought her arms back and secured her wrists at the base behind her head, stretching her breasts up. Her ass rested on the upper slope of the incline, which made her arch back, drawing her belly tight. He then took her right leg and laid it along the two-by-four, securing the ankle strap. He did the same to the left leg, placing her in the splits.

Mom's nervous breathing swelled her tits with each breath. Her pussy was gaping wide open and totally vulnerable, a large, pink oval target for Bruno's cock. He secured her knee straps, then brought the wide inner thigh straps up at an angle leaning in toward her cunt. When he cinched them tight, he stretched Mom's pussy open even wider, pulling her ass firmly to the ramp. Mom could not move even a fraction of an inch.

Bruno pawed the back door while Grandpa stood back and studied his work. He then shucked off his pants. He fisted his hard cock with a lecherous grin. I said, "Grandma, is Grandpa going to fuck Mommy, too?"

"It certainly appears that way, doesn't it?"

Grandpa knelt between her legs and poised his cock at her hole. Me and Grandma got up and stood on both sides to watch. He slid right in to the balls and started fucking her hard. Mom groaned, moaned, and swooned, but couldn't move a muscle. It was the sexiest sight I ever saw. Grandpa invented a rape aid. I couldn't wait to try it.

I knew right away that the device was a must for the party. After Mom got gang banged in it, then I'd lead Bruno out. Even her head, tilted back slightly and strapped in place over her forehead, was perfect for us females to rub our cunts on. The device could not have been better designed. Grandpa thought of everything, he even had a mirror that tilted down from under the shelf so she could see her own pussy and what was happening to it. By kneeling astride the ramp with his knees on the platform, he easily entered her, but I assumed Bruno would stand on the floor with his front paws on the shelf.

After Grandpa came in her, he took a squeeze bottle and squirted a liberal dose of an oily substance right up her cunt, then worked the oil all over her spread beaver. Grandma explained that the oil was cod liver oil tainted with bitch heat scent.

He next brought out a large dildo, the biggest I ever saw. It was as thick as my wrist and eighteen inches long. The last six inches had a large buildup of electrical tape wound over foam padding, making a ball that could not enter any pussy. He handed it to me, saying, "Before we let Bruno at her, we need to make sure her pussy can handle his size. Would you like to use this on your mother, Kitten?"

"Yeah, can I?" He handed the huge dong to me and I approached the target. Without acknowledging her, I shoved it hard up her cunt till she had half inside. Mom grunted and groaned as I forced the rest in. She wasn't kidding, she could take big things up her pussy. She took that dildo to the big ball after only a few minutes. She obviously loved the giant cock, and I hammered her cunt with it. If Bruno was actually that big, which I doubted, she could handle him.

Grandpa looked up to Grandma and said, "Honey, let Bruno at his bitch. Kitten, you'd better stand clear."

While Grandpa readied his several cameras, Grandma went to the door. Bruno bounded into the room, obviously excited. He sees Mom all laid out and makes a beeline for her pussy. He takes one sniff, then laps her whole beaver. Mom shrieks, "Oh, Lord, Yes! Oh, fuck, that feels good!"

Grandma was busy jacking his sheath. His bright pink cock slithered out. I was on my hands and knees on his opposite side, watching that pointy slab emerge, inch by inch, under her pumping fist. It looked so damned good, clean, sexy, and so close, so big, almost as big around as the dildo. I couldn't resist. I leaned in and sucked three inches of his cock into my mouth.

Grandma practically screamed, "Yes! Oh yes, Kitten, suck on it! Help me make it good and hard so he can fuck your mommy way up inside her pussy. If you suck real hard, he'll get extra big. Maybe his cock can get up there where the babies are made. Maybe you can make it so Mommy has Bruno's puppies. Would you like Mommy to get pregnant with a litter of puppies?"

I bobbed my head up and down on four inches of his emerging shaft while sucking as hard as I could. She cried, "Yes, baby, suck his cock hard and fast! See, it's growing and growing. Oh, Kitten, if you keep sucking, she'll get pregnant for sure. Yes, I can see you want those puppies. Mommy won't like giving birth to a litter of pups, but that's too bad, huh, precious? She should have thought about that before she came strutting her naked pussy around my horny dog. You warned her, too. Now you're going to teach her a good lesson."

About eight inches of cock was out of the sheath and Bruno began humping, driving his cock hard against the back of my throat, making me gag. Grandma said, "I think you'd better stop before he fucks your throat and wastes all that puppy juice."

I eased off with a sucking slurp and climbed out from under him. Bruno jumped up and stomped on Mom's chest, knocking the air out of her. Grandpa placed each front paw on the shelf and Bruno danced his hind legs up close as Grandma guided his cock to Mom's waiting hole. As soon as he felt the contact, he lunged, and lunged again. After that, he was off to the races, and Mom was wailing like a banshee. We watched the unobstructed view of his mighty cock taking full possession of Mom's receptive cunt. We could see his dog cock distending her lower belly as it moved and swelled inside her. She cried out, "Oh, Yes. He's swelling up! Oh, Fuck yes! Oh, God, I'm stuffed."

Indeed, she was. We could see her blow up just above her pubic bone. His cock knot puffed-up her belly. We all felt Mom's belly, tight as a drum. It looked like she had a small football up her twat. They were locked together, I don't care what anybody says. There was no way that cock could come out until that thing went down.

Mom was delirious with her arousal. She kept a steady wail of, "Fuck your bitch, Bruno, darling. Fuck your whore. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me, doggie. I'm your bitch! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Grandma was frigging her own cunt like a mad woman, and Grandpa was clicking away with his cameras, poking those lenses in from every angle, standing back to get the complete picture, showing who she was. When Bruno came, she blasted off with him. Grandpa got a great shot of that. Afterward, they were both panting, and locked up.

Mom was right. She was Bruno's bitch. We could all see that. She was hooked. It was a done deal. We may just as well have had a wedding ceremony to make it official. This notion inspired me to walk over and kneel by her head. I said, "Mom, I think Bruno wants to marry you. I think he wants you for his permanent bitch so that he can fuck you anytime he feels like it. I think you want to be his bitch, don't you?"

"Yes! Yes, more than anything."

Grandma picked up on this right away. Excitedly, she came forward and said, "You'll have to move back home. You can't take him away. You'll sleep with him and remain naked and ready to receive him, always. You'll wear his collar always as well."

Mom suddenly realized that we were dead serious. She looked from my face to her mother's and back several times. She then looked into the mirror at the sight of her pussy, stretched tightly around Bruno's big cock, looking as though it were trying to suck it in deeper. She turned her eyes to me and said, "Will you move here with me?"

"No, I'll go live with Dad and Trisha. I'll visit you often, though. We'll see each other quite a bit. We will be posing for Grandpa, remember? Mom, this is what I want. I want you to marry Bruno, and I want you to remain faithful to him. I think you should, to make up for not staying faithful to Daddy. I'm going to tell Daddy how you cheated him out of alimony, so all of his money, even child support, will be cut off."

"Oh, honey, no! He cheated on me, too."

"Yes, but he cheated with your best friend. You should have granted him that right."

"He cheated with Trisha, too. They were dating before he did it with Susan. You knew all about it."

"Yes, and I fully supported them. You should have recognized Trisha as the better sexual match for him and relinquished your marital rights unconditionally. I don't call what they did cheating. You were the cheater."

"I was being blackmailed into it."

"So? I don't care if you were raped. I'm sorry, but that's the way I see it. It's only fair. You won't need anything, anyway. Grandma and Grandpa will take care of your needs as they do Bruno's. Isn't the right, Grandma?"

"Yes, absolutely. In fact, we want her that way, totally dependent on us, just as Bruno is. And we'll see that she remains faithful to Bruno, won't we dear?"

"Yeah, sure. As long as Kitten puts out, who needs to fuck the dog's bitch."

Mom said, "But ..."

"No buts, Mom. I've made up my mind. I am now pronouncing you dog and wife, or dog and bitch, whatever. I'll sell all of your things, and Daddy will sell the house and car. I'll see that he sets aside what he feels is your just share. Since you will probably survive Bruno, it will be there for you at that time. You can forget about the party, too. It wouldn't be proper now that you are married. I'll have pictures to show everyone. It will be almost as good. You are going to stay here from now on. You are going to remain with your mate as a good wife and bitch should.

"Grandpa, we need pictures of Mom sucking our cunts and drinking our piss. Would you load the cameras, please? Grandma, do you want to go first?"

Grandma hiked her skirt and straddled Mom's head, saying, "You're damn right I want to go first." She yawned her fleshy sex lips over Mom's face and began rocking her cunt over her face. Piss seeped steadily from the sides, running down Mom's hair to puddle on the tile floor. Mom slurped and sucked, but missed most of it. Grandma was head level with Bruno and ruffled his coat, saying, "Bruno, you are a lucky dog to get such a fine and faithful bitch as my Bonnie. You'll be an indoor dog, now. Her old room is now your bedroom. You two make such a lovely couple, especially when you are coupled. Momma's going to see to it that you stay coupled as often as possible."

I said, "I'll leave you love birds alone. I have a hot date. We'll be stopping by later. We can take my shots at that time. Take good care of my puppies, Mom. I get the pick of the litter." I grabbed her purse and car keys, then sauntered out to start a new life and a new adventure.

When I paused at the door and looked back, Mom was still locked up and straining her tongue out to reach Grandma's teasing pussy, held just beyond reach, shooting an amber stream in her face. Mom never looked happier. I smiled and left, whistling, and tossing the keys in the air, thinking, "Life doesn't get any better than this." If Bruno could whistle and toss keys, I'm sure he'd be whistling, tossing, and thinking the same thing.

The End

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