Cum Uppins

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Cindy thought hard about what to wear to come out--something sexy and revealing, for sure. She selected a tight, short skirt with a sheer blouse that she simply knotted below her breasts. The only other item was a pair of high heels to match the skirt. When she made her way down the spiral staircase, she saw her father sitting in his favorite chair watching the TV news. He glanced up and never looked back to the TV. Ed had never seen his daughter looking or acting so sexy, so sultry, or so horny.

No one else was around, so Cindy came over and dropped into Ed's lap, letting her legs dangle over one arm of the thickly padded lounge chair. Ed felt odd cradling his mature daughter. This was something he hadn't done since she was a little girl. Her precocious smile told him that she was no longer his little girl, and her first words confirmed that. "Daddy, I'm horny. Do you want me to suck you off? You can cum in my face if you want."

"Cindy, please, not now. Your mother is in her study, and Jason is wandering about."

She pouted, feeling his growing erection under her ass. She gave a sexy wiggle on his stiffening rod and cooed, "But I need it, now. We can sneak off."

"Cindy, please, stop that. This is not the time nor the place. We agreed to keep this our secret. Besides, from what I hear, Jason took care of that itch."

She smiled devilishly and said, "Oh, yes, he sure did, but it's itching all over again, more than ever." Ed's eyes followed her fingers as she trailed them up her thigh, pushing up the skirt. He caught a glimpse of her vaginal crease as her finger trailed through the wet lips, saying, "Uhhhh, my cunny itches right here really bad."

Ed did not want to stop her, but she made him nervous. His hand trapped hers and pulled the vulgar digits away from her pussy hole. He adjusted her skirt, saying, "Cindy, please, control yourself. I don't want anyone to see us like this."

She pouted, "What's wrong with the way we are?"

"You know very well what's wrong. Come on, sweetheart. Get up. Go put some decent clothes on."

His words sounded firm, but his actions were weak. Cindy didn't budge. She did, however, snuggle closer and returned her hand to her crotch. Estelle entered the room just at that moment and took a seat in her chair, set obliquely to Ed's. Her chair was on a swivel base, so she turned to face them with a side view of Cindy's bare legs. She smiled at Ed, lifting an eyebrow, saying, "So, this is what goes on when my back is turned. Relax, Ed. I'm not going to pitch a bitch. Go ahead, look at her twat if you want to. She obviously wants you to see her pretty pussy."

Poor Ed didn't know what to do. He dared not look, not that he feared any reprisal, he feared his own lack of control. To weaken and do something with his daughter with Estelle watching, taking notes, and putting those notes away for future use, would be disastrous. He knew very well that this was all part of a setup, one in which Cindy was a willing participant. Somehow, his wife had corrupted his daughter far more than he ever had, far more than he'd ever dared.

He could not help but admire what she'd accomplished in the short time he'd been away. When he left, two days ago, Cindy was a sweet sixteen-year-old debutante who, he was certain, never thought an indecent thought or said a dirty word even while she milked his spending rod in her sucking mouth after taking his load in her beautiful face. Now, she writhed half naked on his lap, playing with her pussy, loosening the knot of her blouse, exposing her creamy breasts, tweaking her hard nipples, moaning like a bitch in heat while grinding her deliciously firm buttocks on his rampant erection.

Ed ached to get her alone for just five minutes. He'd scratch his little girl's itch for her as no father should, and he'd do it without quilt, without mercy, and without a condom. If Estelle wanted the girl pregnant, he'd get her pregnant. At least he could plant the seed of her own race. Ed grew up in the old south. His racial prejudices ran deep. He made no apologies for this and always assumed that Estelle shared his views.

Estelle's family built their empire on slave labor. Her great grandfather was reported to have bred them like cattle and was rumored to have done his own studding. This was a family secret that caused them great amusement when several were together in the presence of a light-skinned negro. They'd exchange surreptitious looks and giggles, but the chocolate brown man with green eyes knew what they were snickering about. How Estelle could allow, no, encourage, her own daughter to mate with a negro, black as midnight, as uppity and affected as Jason, well, it blew his mind.

He could put nothing past Estelle, though. The woman was spoiled, self-centered, and twisted--a woman who fed off scandal. Their marital vow of fidelity had, from the very beginning, applied only to him. Their joint wealth applied only to her. Everything was in her name. He made all the big decisions; she made all the small ones. There hadn't been a big decision in their marriage. Even the name for his daughter was a small decision.

Ed rebelled at such a common name, just as he had rebelled at Estelle's turning his aristocratic Edward Charles Wentworth III to simply Ed. He also rebelled at taking Estelle's maiden name instead of her taking the Wentworth name. In the long run, the last name didn't matter. After seventeen years of marriage, everyone called him Ed, even the servants. He grew to accept this from all except Jason. When Jason called him, Ed, he called Jason, boy. Jason hated the boy label as much as Edward hated Ed. They had a truce that lasted until the scene at the entryway. The only difference was, though Jason dared call him, Ed; Ed dared not call Jason, boy.

It, therefore, came as no surprise when Estelle picked up her silver bell and gave it a tinkle despite his pleading look. He even said, "Please, no, Estelle. I'm not ready for that, yet. Do what you want, but leave me out. I beg you."

"Nonsense, darling. I'm sure you are quite ready. Unless I miss my guess, Cindy has a rigid slab of Daddy meat tucked neatly between her buttocks." She addressed Cindy, saying, "Am I right, dear?"

Cindy wiggled her ass and cooed, "Ummm, Yes, a hot slab of Daddy meat. Daddy is making my pussy all slimy and wet, see?"

Ed didn't want to look down, but did. Cindy used both hands to pull her tight lips apart. One glance set his heart pounding and his hard throbbing. The hole she exposed, slick and drooling her vaginal honey to the rosette of her anus, was the most inviting and erotic sight he'd ever seen. To add to his discomfort, she purred, "Mommy, I need a hard cock for my little pussy hole. Daddy's cock is so close, so hard, so willing. Can I please let Daddy fuck my juicy cunt?"

Ed's cock was ready to tear through his slacks. Hearing those filthy, lusty words from his little darling had him on the verge of a climax. Estelle's next words cooled his ardor. She said, "Well, that's too bad. That would be incest. We can't have any of that, now, can we? Be patient. I've summoned Jason."

Jason entered the room just then and came up to Estelle. He stood between the two chairs. Jason took no notice of Cindy, even as she displayed herself to him wantonly. She'd lifted her skirt above her hips and bared her breasts. She fingered her pussy while fondling her breasts in offering, squirming violently and lifting her loins. One look at Jason had her acting like a receptive mare before a stallion. Jason calmly said, "You tinkled, Madam."

"Yes, Jason. Whatever you did to our daughter during your rubdown has affected her dramatically. She is in heat, Jason. The girl needs a penis. Unfortunately, the only penis in this house besides yours belongs to her father. I'm afraid we need to ask you an indelicate favor. Would you be a dear and service her for us?"

"Juan has a penis, Madam."

Estelle admired Jason's cool aplomb in the face of Cindy's lewd display. He hardly gave her a glance, even as she cried, "Oh, Jason, fuck me! Fuck my pussy, Jason! Please, put your cock all the way in. I need your cock; I need it so badly!"

Estelle held back her smile and said, "That's true, but as you can see, it's your penis she wants--your cock as she puts it."

Jason looked down at the vulgar spread Cindy presented. He glanced to Ed, who held her, sweat beading on his brow, anxiety mixed with lust etching his face. Ed seemed to be staring off in space, counting back from ten million. Jason smiled and began undressing, slowly and methodically, taking time to fold and set aside each item. When he stood completely naked, he took his semi-rigid phallus in hand and massaged its length.

He stroked his ebony cock to full erection, catching Ed's sly peek. Ed could see the black, flesh-and-blood billy club quite well in his peripheral vision, but one quick look was needed to confirm what he thought he saw. The man was huge. The slab he fisted was easily the size of a large cucumber, black as a coal miner's hankie. The slightly larger head looked purple when his cock arched skyward under the strain of a full erection. Golden precum oozed from the long slit. His fingers rubbed the wetness around the crown, giving the head a translucent sheen.

Ed hated to admit it, but Jason lived up to his race's reputation. Ed could acknowledge and concede that black men could be seen as desirable to white women, any female for that matter, if for no other reason than the virile and erotic endowments they could offer. As though a merciful creator compensated for giving one race the short end of the social stick by endowing their males with the long end of the biological stick.

Jason had been richly compensated. He had a majestic penis. Ed could not blame Estelle for succumbing to it's lure, nor Cindy for lusting after it. What he could not fathom was how Cindy could take that monstrous sex engine inside her tiny hole, or after suffering its assault, would want it again as she obviously did. He had a difficult time keeping her in his lap with all of her energetic bouncing around once she saw the cock advancing on her in its aroused state. Advance it did, and Cindy rose to meet the one-eyed black boa with her hands and mouth.

Jason stepped close, bringing his cock before Ed's startled face, his right thigh pressed against Ed's left shoulder. Ed pulled his head back until the headrest allowed no further escape. He saw Cindy grasp the rod and engulf the head in her mouth. To his horror, she laid her cheek against his own, bringing the shaft of that mighty prick just a fraction of an inch in front of his lips. Every breath brought the heady male scent. There was no escaping the vulgar, erotic vision unless he closed his eyes. Try as he might, his traitorous eyes simply would not close. He could barely get them to blink. Estelle took all of this in with an amused grin.

Ed debated dumping Cindy from his lap and storming off, but caught that grin and recognized the firm message that came with it: "Take it like a man or suffer the consequences."

Part of him wanted to defy her and take the consequences, but another part, a part he had never been introduced to, wanted to remain perfectly still. That part wanted to suffer the abuse, wanted to taste Jason's maleness, wanted to guide his rampant engine into his daughter's inflamed vagina, and wanted to watch him pour his black seed into her fertile womb. Part of him wanted the same thing Estelle wanted. That part kept him from acting.

Cindy was not content with presenting a visual spectacle. Her actions slowly brought the shaft into contact with her father's lips. Ed's lips, slack and unresisting, flowed over the rigid meat. When she took her mouth off the head and planted kisses up and down its length, she used her hand to carefully guide the head on a tour of her father's face. She lifted Jason's cock straight up to lick his balls, giving Ed a better view of the magnificent stature and glory of his butler's ebony truncheon. Ed's eyes wandered up and down the length of that pulsing fuck stick. When she brought the head down and centered the bulbous crown at Ed's lips, the corners of their mouths touched, and their lips shared the head of Jason's cock.

Although Ed did not lick as Cindy did, he let the head part his lips. He knew she wanted him to open wide and accept the cock in his mouth, but Ed resisted. Cindy used her velvet tongue to swab the cock and probe Ed's lips, trying to tempt him. Her exciting tongue tip pried inside his mouth. Gradually, he weakened to permit the tongue's full entry. From there, it was easy for Cindy to replace her tongue with Jason's dick.

The transfer went smoothly. Before Ed was fully aware, he had Jason's cockhead fully inside his mouth. Cindy eased back, pushing Ed's head to turn facing Jason's loins. Her delicate hand curled around the shaft and pumped, jacking off her lover in her father's mouth. Her lips were busy teasing Ed's ears, whispering lewd encouragements, such as, "Suck, Daddy. Suck Jason's cock. Make his cock real hard and slippery so he can fuck my horny pussy with it. Suck it for Mom."

Ed gave a glance toward Estelle. She did love seeing what she saw. Her dress was up, her legs were over the armrests, and her hands were busy fucking her pussy. Ed gave the head a tentative suck. After seeing Estelle's smile broaden, he sucked more openly and took as much of Jason's cock as he could. Jason made the act even more obscene by humping Ed's mouth in a short fucking stroke. Jason smiled down at his former master, standing with his hands on his hips, letting Cindy pump the shaft for her father. Eva entered the room at that point, gasped, then took up a seat on the floor beside Estelle's chair. Her hand was soon busy between her own legs.

Ed's humiliation was now complete. With everyone except the gardener looking on, he allowed his passions to rise unfettered. He made a pussy of his mouth for Jason to fuck and used his hands to fondle his excited daughter. His right hand curled around under her right arm to squeeze and fondle her breast; his left buried between her legs, actively finger fucking her cunt.

Cindy continued jacking off Jason. Ed figured she would continue until he reached a climax. She would probably pull the head free to give his face a liberal dousing before reinserting the cock for him to nurse and swallow the rest. Ed was more than willing to repay her kindness in this way, and looked forward to a face and mouthful of a black man's sperm. More than that, though, he wanted to see Jason fuck his lovely daughter.

A few seconds later, Jason pulled away with a sucking pop. Cindy heaved up, presenting her wide open beaver. Jason centered on the hole and waited. Without being told, Ed removed his fingers and took hold of Jason's cock, guiding the head to Cindy's sex lips. Her loins were up at his head level, and the level of Jason's loins. His eyes were right at the perfect level to watch the head dent her opening as he applied pressure. Ed used his right arm as support under Cindy's ass to keep her up, making the penetration easier for Jason and giving himself the view he wanted.

The thick cock sank in easily as though Jason were shoving into a warm tub of lard. The inches slid in, one by one, as Ed marveled at the resiliency of Cindy's pussy. The girl barely groaned as more than half went inside, and groaned only slightly as the rest steadily followed. When Jason's balls touched the back of Ed's flattened hand, he removed the hand and reached around Jason's hip to cup his balls, giving Cindy that last inch.

With Jason's big balls in his hand, Ed followed every thrust, keeping his eyes on Cindy's lower abdomen. Like a python moving under a blanket, Jason's cock showed its progress through the skin of Cindy's taut belly. Her lower belly swelled along a thick line that ended just below her navel when he was fully within her.

Cindy went completely limp, bent backwards, supported by her father, impaled on her black lover's cock. Her head dangled and flopped about under the punishing assault. She appeared to be having one long continuous orgasm as Ed ran his tongue from her clit to her navel, as though trying to lick the cock through her skin. Ed was beside himself with lust. When Cindy drew her leg back and hook his neck behind her knee, he could not have been more pleased for she drew his face into the center of the action. Although Jason could no longer go fully inside, having Ed's face at the juncture of their genitals was more than compensation. Ed immediately set about licking both of them. He ran his tongue from Jason's balls to Cindy's clit, spending a great deal of time licking the point of entry.

Estelle and Eva traded turns reaching one climax after another. Neither had ever seen anything so exciting. Jason fought hard not to shorten the event. Having three beautiful women going absolutely bonkers over his cock, his fucking, and his abuse of Ed had him ready from the moment of full penetration. Seeing Ed fall under the erotic influence of his cock affected him more than anything else.

He had a momentary spell of anxiety when Ed grabbed him by the balls, but Ed's gentle, reverent massage spoke volumes. Having this bigot hold his daughter up and guide his cock in her was the ultimate experience. Watching him slavishly licking at their genitals while they fucked, doing as much licking on his wet shaft as on her pussy, was almost too much. Hearing Ed's impassioned pleas to sperm her womb and knock her up was too much. Jason flooded the girl's womb while Ed milked his balls.

Jason held himself inside for the first three jets, but then pulled out and aimed his cum-spewing cock at Ed's mouth. This caught Ed by surprise. He took one shot on the bridge of his nose before getting his mouth over the head and sucking with a tight seal. Ed's cheeks hollowed with the intensity of his suction as the last jets painted the back of his throat. Cindy struggled up to watch and milk Jason's rod with her fist as Ed nursed the last dribbles of sperm.

After the last dribble, Jason pulled his cock from Ed's mouth and reinserted the still erect shaft in Cindy's cunt. All around were people exhausted and drained. Even Ed managed to cum in his pants, though both hands had been busy elsewhere the whole time. Cindy had obviously helped him out by rubbing the area for him. She did no rubbing after Jason reached his climax. She was as limp as a wash rag, swooning in the afterglow. Estelle had also turned to a puddle of flesh, sprawled in her chair. She could not even respond to Eva's licking of her twat.

As Cindy slowly recovered, she drew her legs back, offering a lewd sight of the long cock pointing down into her wet hole. Jason had half inside. Everyone's attention refocused at the juncture of the joined couple. Ed realized the show wasn't yet over. He used his left hand to curl thumb and forefinger around the base of the cock, forming an O ring of flesh pressed tightly to his daughter's sex. Jason slowly withdrew as Ed's O ring prevented sperm from being pulled out or spilled. When the head came away, Ed plugged his daughter's wide hole with his thumb.

He was a bit surprised when Estelle said to Cindy, "Sit on your father's face, Cindy."

"But, I'll waste the sperm."

"Just do as I say."

Ed kept Cindy plugged as they repositioned themselves. He slipped to the floor leaving his head lying back on the seat. She removed her skirt and blouse then turned to straddle his head on her knees, facing her audience. As she sank over his mouth, he unplugged her. Sperm poured from the well of her cunt as he glued his mouth to the well. Cindy rocked her pelvis in a lewd undulating grind, saying, "Suck my cunt, Daddy. Eat all of Jason's sperm. Swallow his cum. Lick my pussy. Jack off while you do it, so we can see how much you like doing this. Show Eva your dick."

Ed buried his tongue in Cindy's moving hole while fumbling with excited fingers in an effort to free his cock. Being doubled back on his knees, his loins were obscenely jutting out. When his cock burst forth and he began pumping it frantically, he made a comical sight. The man had no pride left. He had been reduced to a throbbing erection that strained for relief.

Estelle had to admit, his cock never looked better or bigger. Wet with his previous spend, his wet cock made a sloppy noise while he jacked its glistening length. Eva obviously liked what she saw. She licked her lips and cast Estelle a hopeful look. Estelle said, "No, let him spill his seed on the floor. Let's just watch and enjoy."

Cindy enjoyed putting on a show for them. She accentuated her rocking on his face and fired off one lewd, provocative tease after another, all the while watching the familiar cock reach towards it's familiar release. She knew very well that he could blast out a series of jets that would arc out several feet. His second cums were almost as spectacular as his first. Second cums were better in some ways because they were thinner and more fluid. She drove him on with actions matched to words, forgetting that he'd cum three times prior to this.

For once, his climax was pathetic.

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