Chains of Love

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Since running away from my home in Sweden, I'd been bumming around America, going from job to job playing the role of a sexy Scandinavian maid. I was perfect for the part: tall, fair, blonde, busty, slim, and sexy as hell. I'd been fucking since the age of six, so I knew how to be sexy, and now at nineteen, with a body that made attractive hunks trip, I was dangerous, looking for sexual adventures.

I had been hanging out in Soho, taking a breather from a rather heavy torture gig that got me way in over my head. This rich pig wanted his new wife tortured to death. I'd never done anything like that, and he seemed confident that we could get away with it. The money was great, so I signed on to do the job. It was pretty gruesome, and he wanted it to last as long as possible. I was getting a grand a week. I lasted five weeks, but there wasn't much left of her to torture, and she'd lost her mind. The bitch just wouldn't die. I split before he started on me.

While laying low, I got word that an attorney in L.A. wanted to hire me. I immediately think set-up. L.A. was where we did it. Weeks passed when curiosity got the best of me and I called the number. The guy sounded sincere and offered to fly me down there just to talk about it. I thought there'd be no harm in that, but I made him fly to me in Vegas. It was dumb to remain in California after what I'd done.

He gave me a quick rundown and instantly put me at ease, but I had to fuck him or he'd never be able to focus on anything but my fun parts. I took him by the hand and said, "I have a room. I can see that you need some blonde pussy. Your wife must be a dark brunette."

He followed like a love-struck puppy, saying, "She is. She's very dark. She's from the Mediterranean--Corsica. I think you'll like her. She's very beautiful, very sexy, a classy lady."

We were in the elevator. I shushed him with a finger and said, "You don't have to sell me on her. I'm bisexual. As long as she's not a fat pig with canker sores on her cunt, I'll love her."

He smiled. Once in the room, we wasted no time. I flopped on the bed and made him a good beaver. I think he was a bit disappointed to see a bald pussy between my legs. I said, "I'm a true blonde. Look close at the roots. Even my eye lashes are light. When I wash off the mascara, you'll have your proof."

He smiled, then crawled on his knees to get his nine-inch slender cock lined up with heaven's gate. I liked his cock. He had a good ass fucker, but he wanted some blonde pussy. He got it, but had to hang on. Afterward, he collapsed over me, panting. I said, "That was a sample. The next one will cost you."

"How much?"

"One hundred, but my contract rate is the way to go."

"A grand a week, or have your prices gone up?"

"Okay, I'm out of here."

"No, no! Please, I'm on the level."

"Yes, and I know who you've been talking to. I'm not interested."

"But, you don't know what the job is."

I wasn't sure he knew what the last one was other than my fee. I relaxed and said, "I'm listening."

"My wife has this bizarre fantasy. She's had it as long as I've known her. She's been after me to make it real, as real as possible, but I never could. Now, she's demanding and threatening to find a man who will if I can't."

He seemed very sincere. I relaxed more. "Go on. What's her fantasy?"

"Slave in a dungeon, chained, naked, abused, mostly by an evil woman, the Duchess. She's into everything that goes with that--severe whipping, tit torture, twat torture, impalements, you know, huge objects shoved up her cunt and ass. The woman can take a baseball bat up her ass or her pussy. Actually, a baseball bat won't even touch the sides of her pussy, and she had an unnecessary hysterectomy to make more room. She can take the fucker almost to the handle."

"You didn't care about a blonde pussy, you just wanted something you could feel."

"No, I wanted a blonde. I get plenty of pussy with her consent. She ruined her pussy after our last child was born eight years ago. She would not let it shrink back. Right away, she puts this six-inch diameter wax plug in her cunt, and she wore that for a month. That did the trick. It'll never go back. It doesn't look all that bad, a bit baggy, but you can stick your foot in there past the ankle. She'd love it if you did."

"I'm liking this. Tell me more."

"You may not like this. She's a shit freak. She fucking eats it, her own or anyone else's."

"Ohh, that's nasty. I suppose she washes that down with piss."

"She will, but she's not into piss. You don't seem very shocked. I guess you've seen it all, huh?"

"I haven't seen that. I have run into a lot of piss freaks."

"Well, you just ran into another one."


"Me. I love anything to do with pissing, especially pissing on or in a beautiful woman. I'd love to see you piss all over her. I'd love to see you piss in her face, in her mouth, in her hair."

"I'll bet you'd flip if I made her suck and swallow all of my piss."

"You're, god damn right, I would!"

"Is there anything else I should know?"

"Yes, somehow, we have to get my kids comfortable with this without them finding out that their mother is one sick bitch. Brenda couldn't live with that, but she loves the idea of them knowing what goes on in the cellar. We've been playing this game all through our marriage, usually for a week or two at a time. We stage a big fight, then I drag her to the cellar, chain her up, and whip the shit out of her."

"Do they know what goes on?"

"They know she's naked down there, chained to the wall, and they know she gets whipped. They can hear that. My oldest daughter, Rachel, sneaks food and drink to her, so they know the conditions and the abuse she has suffered. Rachel is the only one that goes down there. She keeps the others out. I doubt she's told them all she's seen. She has seen some pretty heavy shit--whip marks, impalements, tit torture, clit torture, her mother smeared with shit, the works. She leaves her as she finds her. Her mother insists. She told Rachel she must never let her father know she has a key and brings food."

"Tell me about Rachel."

"Well, she's sixteen, dark like her mother: long, straight hair; a little on the petite side; big brown eyes, a china doll with a good tan, cute as all hell."

"Is she built?"

"Not like her mother, but she has the potential. I don't think her tits will ever make it to a D-cup. Right now, I think she wears a B-cup. It might be a C. Hell, I don't know. She has a comfortable handful, and I'm sure they don't flop around. The rest of her is a straight line to the feet, no hips at all. I used to tease her that she had to run around in the shower to get wet; but she has tits now; and besides, all teasing ended after she saw what I was doing to her mother. That was three months ago."

"Are you fucking her?"

"Hell, no, she hates my guts. Besides, Brenda would cut my nuts off if she ever found out."

"I can fix that. Do you want to fuck her?"

"Well, I uh ... hell yes, what man wouldn't? How could you fix it? She won't let me near her. I think if I so much as touched her, she'd scream her lungs out. It is really awful what this has done to my relationship with my kids, Eva. I'm doing this to try to get some of that back. I don't care if they think I'm the sick one, but I want them to love me despite my sickness. Is that possible given what they know, or think they know, and must always keep thinking?"

"Leave that to me, but yes, it is possible. Tell me about the others. You said you had six."

"Yes, four girls and two boys. Next is Pete. He's fourteen, typical fourteen-year-old boy, horny all the time. I think there's a part of him that thinks what I'm doing is cool, and I know he'd give his left nut to get down in that cellar. His sexy mother has given him hardons from the age of five."

"He probably does love it. He'll be easy."

"I think so, too. Cindy is thirteen, just filling out nicely and in good proportions. She has more of my features. Her eyes are bright blue and she has the cutest smile, all dimples. She's my little angel, or she used to be. Now, she's afraid of me, almost as bad as Rachel, but I can still give her a hug. She'll let me, but she's stiff the whole time."

"She'll be real easy. We'll take that one to bed with us first thing. We'll have us a ball, and she'll be Daddy's little girl when I get through with her."

"WHAT! Eva, she's just a kid."

"Hey, I was six when I took my first cock. Hell, she's past her prime."

"Eva, we never considered getting the kids involved, and molesting them has never been discussed."

"Will you let me deal with Brenda. I know you'd like to be fucking those girls, wouldn't you?"

"Well, that depends. I'd love to fuck them, but I couldn't molest any of them, or stand by while someone did."

"That'll make it harder. They'll have to be seduced, one at a time. If I can seduce them for you, will you fuck 'em?"

"I, uh ... well, yeah, sure, I suppose, but I'd need proof that Brenda was onboard."

"You are really being difficult. She'll be onboard by the end. You'll just have to trust me on that and take a chance. I'll know when she's ready to entertain the idea, and seeing you doing inappropriate things with those girls is a key step along the way. We take it slow and easy, see how she responds, then keep upping the ante until you can fuck any one of them over her face."

"Fuck! I can't even imagine that. What are you thinking is doing something inappropriate to start off?"

"Oh, say Cindy is hugging you around the hips and you have your hand on her ass, and you're both watching me piss all over her, and she can see that Cindy loves it. She's responding to the hand squeezing her ass, and she reaches over and rubs your hard cock with her mother watching."

"Damn, that's inappropriate, but if she saw Cindy being the aggressor ... I don't know. That might make a big difference. If you were taking a shit on her it would be better, but then I can't see Cindy responding to that."

"Don't you believe it. Kids her age are in that stage. They love pottie games. If she saw me take a shit on her bound and helpless mother, I wouldn't be surprised if the horny little bitch unzipped you, hauled out your cock, and started sucking it."

"Oh fuck!"

He rolled on me and oh-fucked me. I got him off, then pushed him off, saying, "That just cost you a cool hundred, cowboy. We haven't agreed to any deal, yet. Pay up."

"Shit, you run a tight ship."

"Business is business. I'm serious. Pay up."

He reached for his pants, got out his wallet, and handed me a crisp C spot. We laid side by side. I said, "All right, let's move on. Who's next?"

"Tammy, she's eleven, just starting puberty. She's a precocious little shit with a little devil in her. I'd bet a cool grand that Pete's been poking her for some years. He's always broke and she has plenty. I'd fuck her or let any of my associates fuck her, because I know she'd love it, and I doubt Brenda would be too upset. We know we have a little whore in Tammy, and we're pretty sure she's a working whore. We did talk about her, and Brenda said that if I had to mess around with any of them, restrict it to Tammy and try to jew her down. I forgot about that. Maybe we should start with Brenda seeing Tammy doing something inappropriate."

"No, it wouldn't have the impact. So far, Cindy sounds perfect--Daddy's little girl."

"Yes, she used to be."

"Who's next?"

"Mark. He's ten. He's a momma's boy, and this is all very upsetting to him. He's scared shitless. He's going to be a problem."

"Not if we give him a new mommy."


"Don't you think I'd make a good mommy? I'll let him nurse. Momma's boys love to nurse. I'll let him nurse on me while his former mommy nurses on my pussy."

"Jesus Christ. Brenda would shit."

"If she does, she'll eat it."


"And the last one?"

"Suzie, the baby. She's eight. She's a hard one to figure out. She doesn't seem upset by what I'm doing. She'll even get up on my lap and snuggle with me after I've been down in the cellar whipping the shit out of her mommy. She'll usually say something like, 'Mommy's been a bad girl, huh, Daddy?' She's very curious and always trying to pry details out of me."

"She's typical for her age. She'll adjust easy. The way I see it, without having met any of them, Rachel poses the only problem, and I think Rachel may be getting off on this, and her biggest problem is accepting that fact."

"I don't know, Eva. She hates this."

"It would look that way to you. If she really hated this, there's a lot of things she could do to stop it."

"Such as."

"Going to the authorities. Talking to a school counselor. Giving you an ultimatum to stop or she'll report you. She could take pictures and blackmail you into stopping. Those are just the obvious things that occurred to me. I'm sure I could think of a dozen ways she could screw you over royally. Has she done anything?"

"No, nothing I'm aware of. She hasn't taken any pictures or even suggested it. You know, that is odd now that you mention it. Brenda did say she thought Rachel got turned on by the impalements and cunt torture. She's fascinated by what she sees. She attends to Brenda's cunt more than anything else. Nothing sexual, mostly doctoring and cleaning."

"What does she see?"

"I place heavy duty alligator clips on her clit, labia, and inner lips. The clips, usually ten or twelve, have strings attached. These are tied to a beam overhead and pulled tight."

"I'd like to see that."

"It is a sight. With Brenda's flabby pussy, her cunt stretches out real nice. She can hang by her cunt if we use enough clips and spread them out. I tape a two-by-four to her legs so she's in the splits and haul her up so that her head is a foot off the ground. She also has her arms bound tight behind her back with clips on her nipples. Those are tied to an anchor bolt in the floor. She loves severe binding. Her tits are so stretched out now that her three-inch nipples are by her ears when she's in this position."

"Damn. Has Rachel ever seen her like that?"

"Yes, quite often, and with a thick bat up her ass or cunt, sometimes both. Plus, she's seen so many needles sticking in her mother's twat it looks like a pin cushion. Her tits, too. She'll pull all the pins out to do her doctoring and washing, then she has to put them back in so that I won't know."

"And you wonder if Rachel loves it. Give me a break. What else?"

"Then there's the safety pin through the clit or nipples with weights attached to it. She's been burned by everything from hot wax to cigars. She's been branded so many times, they overlap. She looks like she's wearing a scar tissue two-piece bathing suit. I'm serious. After years and years of this abuse, there's just no unmarred flesh in those areas, and she's not happy unless it leaves a scar."

"That settles it, then. One picture of that, whether Mommy likes it or not, and Rachel would own your ass. She obviously doesn't want to own your ass or even slow you down. Her actions are telling you to keep this up. It's herself she's hating. She doesn't love herself and doesn't want to be loved, but I can turn her around fairly quickly and easily. She needs a girl friend who understands and can make her feel normal, beautiful, and sexy."

"You're sure?"

"Absolutely. I'll have no problem with Rachel. She needs an understanding friend she can talk to. Just give me two days of no involvement. Bring me in as a hired nanny or maid, make me wear a ridiculous costume that leaves me practically naked, and make me sleep with you. I have just the costume, and I can act helpless and powerless. You'll have me deported unless I cooperate fully."

"That would still make me the bad guy."

"That won't matter. You're sick. You need love. You're still their daddy."

"You know more about this than I do. I guess I'll play the heavy."

"Do, but be affectionate to all the kids. Be love starved, and act mean when you don't get it, but not mean to them. Take it out on me and Mommy, me especially because that they'll see what happens to me."

"How mean?"

"I love a good belting as long as you don't break skin, and a good crack in the crack can make me cum. Just don't use anything thin. Something pliable and soft about an inch thick is perfect, makes a lot of noise, but won't do any damage. I have that, too. Use my lambskin strap and you can hit me between the legs as hard as you can. No one has ever been able to hit me so hard that I didn't want another, and when the end gets good and wet, it makes a loud crack like a bull whip. You get me naked in front of six kids, and I'll give you a wet pussy to hit."

"Damn, should I tie you?"

"No, order me into any position you want me in. Make me hold the pose while you whip to your heart's content. That's much more effective than tying. That proves how absolutely helpless and desperate I am. We'll need that when you have me doing all the dirty work to their mother. I'll be able to do anything to Mommy and still be their friend."

I got down on the floor, on my back, then raised my hips up and held them high using my hands for support. With my shaved beaver straight up, I fanned my legs down to either side until my toes touched the floor on either side of my head, six feet apart. I said, "Do you think you can hit a target like this?"

He was off the bed, looking down on my wide oval beaver, trying to see my tonsils. He said, "Fuck! I wish Brenda were here to see this."

"Here's another you might like."

I stood and grabbed the foot of the bed at the feet end, then raised one leg straight overhead, my toes pointing at the ceiling, holding my leg up by wrapping my free arm around the thigh. "Can you hit that?"

"Fuck, yes. I like this one. Pete will cum in his BVDs."

"Whip it, then invite him to fuck it. You'll make a friend for life."

"God damn, Eva. I gotta have me some of this."

"Show me the money first."

"Damn, can't we strike a deal, now?"

"I suppose. A grand a week in advance, and you and Brenda do not communicate with each other in any way. One slip, and it's all over. You can tell her that, but that's all. Also tell her that if she ever tries to stop this, it stops for good. She can whine, cry, and beg, but if she comes out of character, I'm gone. If she wants this done right, she had best resolve herself to being stuck for the duration, and I'm setting that at six months."

"Damn, Eva! Six months?"

"Six months, no less without calling it off. Either of you can call it off by simply saying, 'I've had enough, Gretchen.' That's my real name."

"Well, as long as she can cry uncle, I see no reason why not. Okay, I'm agreeable, but we're talking twenty-one grand. I was thinking of spending no more than five. We're not rich."

"That's my price, and I want it in cash at the start of each week. No cash, no play. Take it or leave it."

"All right, but I don't have a grand in cash on me."

"Do you have another hundred? We can shake on it later when you have the grand."

"Fuck. Can we at least deduct what I spend on quickies?"

"Don't get cheap with me. You don't have to fuck me, you know."

"Yes, I do. Here, here's your hundred."

"Just toss it on the bed. My hands are full."

"Okay, can I fuck you, now?"

"You paid. Just follow that line of cum up my leg. There's a hole up there somewhere."

"By god, you're right. There's two."

"Pick one, but don't go back and forth."

He sank his cock in my buttery asshole and swooned, "Damn, Eva, you're something else. I've never entered an ass this easy. Pete's going to shit a brick."

"Wait till Brenda sees Rachel kneel and lick my cunt with your fuck in it."

"Oh, god damnit! Oh, you bitch! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!"

"Sorry, I guess I shouldn't have said that, huh? I'm such a naughty girl."

"Oh, Jesus ... you're killing me, Eva."

"Had enough?"

"Fuck no, but I've had enough hundred-dollar quickies. We have got to get to L.A. right away before the fucking banks close."

"Let me freshen up and slip something on. Shall I leave the panties off?"

"No, in fact, wear as much as you can. I need the rest of my cash for gas. If I see that pussy one more time, we'll be stuck in the desert."

* * *

We made it to L.A. just in time. He gave me my grand and we shook on the deal. We then got a room at the Waldorf and we screwed all night long. We checked out at ten the following morning. I wore my Swedish maid costume with a light coat over it. That costume can't be worn outdoors without immediate arrest. There's not much to it. The top doesn't cover my tits, it just supports them from below. The back is completely open to the middle of my ass crack, and the hem of the skirt just crests the top of my mound, leaving my pussy exposed even when standing. The effect is stunning, breath taking, and worn with five-inch spike heels can give a male porn star a heart attack.

My pussy stays slobbery wet when I wear that costume, and Brad kept reaching between my legs as we drove, marveling at my wetness. We drove east for almost an hour before pulling off the freeway into a suburb community of expensive homes. I looked to Brad and said, "Not rich, huh?"

"Don't let this fool you. I'm deeply in debt. I'll have to go even deeper to keep you on."

"You'll manage."

"That's what I'm afraid of. That's my place on the left. Disappointed?"

The house was a bit more conservative, but it was still impressive to me. Any home with a circular drive impresses me. In Sweden, driveways are impressive. He opened the door for me and I said, "I should have had to open the door for you. You need to get your master hat on, or you'll blow this at the start."

"You're right. I wasn't thinking. Okay, I'm thinking, now. Let's go, bitch. Move!"

As we walked toward the front door, and he swatted my ass, I said, "Don't overdo it, Buster! A maid can run away if the abuse is constant. Hold me with the promise of a secure easy life while being firm and demanding but never intolerable. It wouldn't look right otherwise."

He stopped me right outside the front door and spoke softly, saying, "We should have been discussing this on the way over. I'm confused. How the hell am I going to whip your cunt?"

"You don't until tomorrow. You give me a taste of luxury. You give me great sex. You show me how sweet you can be, then you teach me a lesson the first time I act spoiled. You put me in my place, but only after I don't want to leave this comfortable home with all those kids that need me and love me."

"Hummm, okay. Makes sense. I guess I should go in with my arm around you?"

"Yes, clutching me possessively with your hand on my bare ass. You've been screwing me all night. That should be obvious to them. You forced me to wear this obscene costume, and I am still mortified, deeply shamed, but I can't hide anything or stop you from touching me. I'm frightened and all alone. I want to run, but I have nowhere to go, no money, and no clothes. By the way, you need to get rid of any clothes that would fit me."

"Only Brenda's clothes would fit you. That'll be easy."

"Do it right away, but also make Rachel go through all of her things with you so she knows what you're up to. Take anything that might remotely fit, especially panties. Have her remove the ones she's wearing, and don't give her any privacy."

"She's not ready for that, Eva. The kid is extremely modest, and what about school. She has to have them for school."

"I don't think there's a girl alive that hasn't fantasized walking around without panties on, especially in school. If she had no choice, she'd love it. Girls that age are finally beginning to realize that the nasty crack between their legs makes the world go around, and guys will kill for a peek at one."

"That may be, but I don't see Rachel as one of them. I think she's still in the nasty crack stage. She's developed up top, but not below. I've seen no evidence. At least Cindy and Tammy, even little Suzie, show the form of a pussy in a bathing suit. Rachel looks like a mannequin."

"Rachel has a twat that blossoms when she's aroused. Her pussy is set further back between her legs. Girls with tucked cunts absolutely love seeing their cunts blossom, and I have never seen a cunt blossom like a tucked cunt. Girls with cunts that are always full out there where they can easily see it get bored seeing it. Trust me. Rachel will blossom for you and you'll be amazed at what you see."

"I still can't send her off to school without panties."

"Look, she'll find some panties she can keep in her locker, but she'll go to school with a naked cunt and return home with one, and she'll stay slimy cunted all day long. Just do it, Brad, and be firm with her. She knows what you're capable of. She'll drop her panties if she doesn't piss them first."

"All right, damn it. I'll do it."

We entered and found four kids waiting: Rachel, Cindy, Pete, and little Suzie. They were all at the dining table and sat staring at us with their eyes wide and mouths open. Brad was doing good, and I was doing better, covering my face in my hands and trembling while he squeezed my bare ass. Peeking through fingers, I watched the kids.

Brad said, "Where is Mark and Tammy?"

Rachel said, "They're in Tammy's room."

"Go get them. The rest of you take a seat in the living room."

He pushed me along as the kids joined us in their spacious living room. The kids took seats on the sofa, checking out my goodies. Cindy was in awe. Pete had a hardon he was trying to conceal. Suzie looked like she'd burst out in giggle fits. Rachel, when she returned, looked pissed and plopped on the long sofa with folded arms, staring daggers at her father while giving frequent glances to my cunt. Pete was a tit man, but Rachel was a cunt gal. More and more, she kept staring between my legs and looking less pissed each time.

Tammy ran into the room, then stopped suddenly on seeing me and went, "Wow! Who is she?"

"Take a seat, Tammy."

Tammy, all eyes, sat beside Pete and looked to his crotch and smiled. Mark entered, took one look at me, and froze. Brad told him to sit and he sat huddled next to Rachel. She placed a protective arm around him, and he laid his head against her breast. She was the substitute mommy.

Brad said, "This is Eva, our new maid. She's from Sweden, and she's in this country illegally, so you don't say anything about her being here, and keep your friends away. She is not to leave this house for any reason. Is that clear?"

Heads nodded. I sobbed. I'm so good. Brad said, "Tammy and Cindy, I want you to gather up all of your mother's clothes, everything she owns, and place them in the trunk of my car."

Rachel fired back, "What are you planning to do to Mom?"

"Nothing, I just don't want Eva getting any bright ideas about taking a stroll. I know she won't go anywhere unless she has something to wear." He shoved me toward the sofa after Tammy and Cindy left, saying, "You get acquainted with the kids. Rachel, come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"Just come with me and don't ask questions."

I wasn't about to miss this, so I ran after him and clutched his arm, crying, "Please don't leave me!"

"Oh, all right, but you'd best get over this shyness." He pushed Rachel toward the stairs and we followed her up. He told her to head for her room. She has lovely legs, a little thin, but I love thin legs on a sexy girl, and she was definitely a C-cup, a nice pert C. God, I was juicy. This girl was absolutely gorgeous, and I could not tear my eyes from those sexy legs of hers. I have never seen such creamy soft looking skin. I wanted to lick her from head to toe.

Once in her room, a room I'd have killed for, she faced us with a show of angry defiance, as though he brought her there to rape her. She wished. I know hard nipples when I see them, and her little nubbins were poking through a tight bra. Her panties were already wet. I'd lay a cool grand on that.

Brad told her to lay out all of the clothes from her chest of drawers, then he went to her closet. She wouldn't move, so I started as a good maid should. She went to the walk-in closet and said, "What are you doing?"

"I'm checking to see what you might have that she could get into."

"Leave my dresses alone. She could never get any dress of mine over her hips even if the bust fit, and none will."

"Do you have anything lose?"

"No, I don't wear anything loose, you know that. What are you doing, making her a prisoner here?"

He got in her face and said, "You ask too many questions. What I do is none of your business, understood?"

She said, "Do what you want, but leave me out of it."

He fired back, "You drop that attitude right now, Rachel. I don't take any shit off your mother, and I sure as hell won't take any off of you. If I want you involved, you'll be involved up to your fucking ears, do you understand that, you little bitch!"

I was impressed. That took the wind out of her sails and put a nice rosy blush in her cheeks. He turned her and propelled her back into the room with a good swat to her ass. Now, she had two rosy blushes, and she rubbed one. The change in Rachel was one-eighty after that slap. She was ready for anything, just waiting and looking a little impatient to get it started.

I was laying out the last of her things, folding her panties as Brad rifled through everything else. He handed me the loosest pair of shorts and told me to put them on. I got them a little way up my thighs, which gave Rachel the excuse to stare at the top of my thighs. I managed to get a few of her stretchier T-shirts on, so he tossed them in the to-go pile. He then tossed all of her panties in the to-go pile which had Rachel's eyes wide and made her cry out, "Daddy, you can't get rid of my panties!"

"I can't? I just did. Take off the pair you have on."


"You heard me--right here, right now. Take them off, or I'll take them off for you."

I knew they were coming off but wanted to see how she'd take them off. A girl can remove panties two ways--without showing anything, and while showing everything. She can reach under the skirt and hook the crotch, or go for the waist band and keep a gap between the top of the panties and the hem of the skirt as she pushed them down.

She stalled for just a few seconds, then pulled her skirt well past the waist and went for the waist band with her thumbs while pinning the skirt up with her wrists. She was good. She pushed down while keeping the skirt pinned by applying just enough pressure to keep the skirt material from slipping while her arms slid over it.

She stood straight while pushing down her panties. When she'd gone as far as straight arms can go, she paused with her pussy showing, but what had our attention was the crotch of her panties that were free of her pussy, stretched out and angled toward us, displaying a three-inch long, two-inch wide slime slick so thick that flies would get stuck in it.

She justified the unwarranted pause by saying, "Can't I keep one pair for school, Daddy?"

What I heard was, "Look how wet my pussy is, Daddy. Aren't you going to ask me why my pussy is so wet?"

Brad obviously didn't hear what I heard and said, "No, take them off."

Down they came. While she freed them from her feet, I gave Brad a firm nudge to go on. She tossed her panties in the to-go pile and then stood, red as a beet. Brad took my hint and said, "Pull that skirt back up. Pull it all the way up. Let's see what you have down there that you feel the need to keep it under wraps twenty-four hours a day."

"Daddy, please. Haven't you seen enough?"

I heard, "Please, Daddy, make me take the skirt off. Make me strip naked for you. Don't you want to see my tits?"

Brad didn't hear what I heard, so he just glared at her until she lifted. She got it high, then stood there hyperventilating as Brad got to one knee and peered between her legs, tapping on the inside of her left knee, saying, "Well, well, we do have a pretty little beaver tucked away down here, don't we?"

Rachel stepped out a good two feet, then made it three with another hand pat. I thought she'd cum when he touched her pussy, then touched it all over, and then ran his fingers through her slimy slit saying, "You've been holding out on your Daddy, haven't you, young lady?"

"Wh ... what ... what do you mean?"

"What do I mean. I mean keeping this sexy pussy hidden from me. You knew I'd like to see a nice sexy pussy like this. You knew you had one, but you never shot me one naked beaver, not one. You've been holding out on your daddy. We won't be holding out anymore, though, will we?"

"How can I if I can't wear panties?"

I heard, "What about shorts and pants, Daddy. Don't forget those."

"You can't wear pants or shorts, either. I want you in dresses and skirts from now on, Precious."

Finally, he could hear straight. I could see the relief on Rachel's face until a finger went up her cunt and brought her to her tip toes. He said, "A virgin! This is my lucky day. I would have thought you'd gotten rid of that bothersome cherry years ago. Hell, I figured Pete got that right after he got Tammy's."

She settled to her heels, still with a finger up her twat. She said, "You know about that?"

"I know a whore when I see one, Rachel. Turn around. Let's see what this sexy pussy of yours looks like from the rear."

Rachel turned and resumed her wide stance, she also reached back to get the back of her skirt off her ass. She leaned over, but bent low when told to bend over. With her skirt safely up to stay, she braced her hands on her knees--a good please-fuck-me pose. He placed both palms on her tight ass cheeks and peeled them apart with his thumbs, making her groan out, "Oh god, Daddy. This is so embarrassing."

"I don't see why. This is your best angle for your finest feature, Rachel. You have a rear-view pussy between your legs, girl. If you want to show someone your pussy, you turn around and bend over."

I had to agree, and I know she ate that up. Every girl knows how to best display her pussy, and that was no news to Rachel. That adorable orchid was in full bloom, showing both holes in all their glory, topped by slippery, slimy, pink, fleshy, pussy innards sparkling before our eyes. Brad looked to me and made a face that said, "WOW! FUCKING, WOW!"

I signed by lapping with my tongue and he shook his head. I did it again more forcefully, then when he ignored me a third time and returned to staring, I grabbed a firm grip on the back of his head and pushed it in.


Daddy was licking her cunt innards.

"Oh, Daddy, don't ... please don't do that ... Daddy, you shouldn't ... Daddy, don't lick me there ... oh, Daddy ... Daddy ... Don't lick my pussy like that ..."

She kept dropping lower and lower until she held her ankles and was looking up at her cunt that was getting a thorough swabbing. Her eyes were wide open, but she kept her mouth shut. The kid was a goner, and if he wouldn't finish her off, I would. My mouth was watering and I had to stroke my pussy. She had a good view and couldn't decide which pussy to watch. She watched both.

Brad licks, sucks, then licks some more. He laved his tongue all over that poor girl's cunt, but he wasn't trying to get her off. He was keeping her at the brink. He tortured that poor child as she tried her best not to let it show.

I watched him torment her pussy for a ten good minutes, then he paused to say, "Damn, girl, this is one fine eating cunt you have between your sexy legs. I knew it would be, but this is finer than frog hair. I've never licked a girl's cherry before. Do you mind if I have a lick of yours?"

That was great. Frog hair. What a silver tongued devil. She said, "You may as well. You licked everything else ... ugh ... oh ... oh Daddy ... ughhhh ... oh, man that feels weird ... can you feel my cherry?"

"Can't you?"

"Yes ... I can feel your tongue pushing on it."

"Feels good having you cherry licked, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, sorta."

"I don't suppose you'd mind if I lick your pussy until I'm satisfied, then would you?"

"No, if you really want to."

"Good, then why don't you lie back on your bed and make me a good beaver to suck on. While you're at it, take off all of your clothes. A girl should be buck naked when she gets her first suck job. This is your first, isn't it, Rachel?"

Rachel was upright, undoing buttons as she said, "No one has ever seen it or touched it. You're the first, except for a doctor."

I assisted her. Actually, I took the clothes she removed and folded them neatly like a maid who didn't know what else to do. She was lovely, and still trembling with arousal. Once nude, she said, "Do you want me to get in the middle or at the edge?"

"Which ever way you prefer, just make sure I get a good beaver."

She sat at the edge and rolled back with her legs wide, then held them wider and said, "Like this?"

Getting to his knees, he said, "Oh, yeah, that's a good beaver." And then he was ears deep in it and she was straining to see. I sat at her side and supported her head. I brushed hair from her eyes and she looked to me, smiled warmly, then returned her gaze to her sucked cunt and grimaced in ecstasy when the sucking mouth got her by the clit.

Her eyes rolled back. Her hands slid down her inner thighs, first framing her sex, then opening it up manually, getting that throbbing clit out there on its own. When Brad went to lick that cherry some more, I reached down and rubbed her clit for her. She looked to me and smiled a thank you. I smiled a you're welcome.

I knew when he came back up, she'd pop. I tried to keep her from popping before he got there. To do that, I had to ease off and do some clit pulling. She eventually focused on my two fingers and a thumb, pulling from the base to the tip in regular strokes. I said, "You have a lovely vagina, Rachel. Your father is right. It's very sexy?"

"Do you really think so?"

"Oh, yes. I don't think I've seen a sexier one. I see why your father couldn't resist taking a lick. It was just so sexy and pretty the way you were showing it to him. You do have a rear-view pussy although I've never heard that term applied to a pussy like yours."

Brad was giving us a chance to talk and get better acquainted over pussy. He liked eavesdropping on two gals talking about his favorite subject. He helped by getting out of the subject, moving to her asshole while pushing up on her ass, getting the subject up where we both had a good look at the whole thing and with Rachel pulling hard at both edges, that wet clam was all laid out. With me pulling on her head and Brad pushing on her ass, we almost had her face in it. I doubt she'd ever seen it that well.

Since we were getting along so intimately, and I was running my fingers all over and in her cunt, she said, "You have a sexy pussy, too, Eva."

"Thank you, but mine is a front view pussy. Mine is situated more forward. I can stand with my legs pressed together and you can still see most of my crack, plus my clit is always sticking out from between my lips. I don't suppose you have that problem."

"No, mostly, it stays inside."

"You're lucky, mine rubs on anything I wear. I guess I won't have that problem, here, though."

"Does that bother you that we can see your pussy?"

"Yes, but I'll get used to it. How about you? From what I gather, you're going to have to let yours show."

"Daddy, is that what you meant? Do I have to let my pussy show?"

I heard her say, "Daddy, please make me show my sexy pussy."

He stopped tonguing her asshole to say, "Yes. I want to see bare beavers, good ones, too."

"What do you mean by a good one?"

"If I can't see your cute little asshole, it's not good enough."

"That won't be easy without looking obvious. I'd rather not look too obvious. It'll be obvious no matter how I do it, but I don't want to have to hold my legs wide apart."

"Okay, do it any way you want, but make it obvious, and make sure I can see it all. Don't be coy, be bold. Show me your pussy, and show it often. To the others, it should look like you're trying to interest me in what you have between your legs, but I'm going to act like it's no big deal, just another cunt and I already have a better one, and it's a shaved cunt. That'll drive you to try harder and harder."

"You want it to look like I want you to have sex with me. Is that it?"


"Daddy, are you? Is that what this is all about?"

"I'm going to fuck you, Rachel, but you'll have to beg for it."

"Oh god. I was afraid of that."

"Afraid of getting fucked or afraid of having to beg for it?"

"Having to beg. I knew you'd fuck me one of these days. I just never imagined I'd have to beg for it like a slut."

"Get used to the idea, and I don't mean in private. I want you to beg in front of your mother with the rest looking on."

He went for the clit. Smart move. "Oh God, Daddy, not in front of Mom! Not while she's tied up. Not with everyone watching. She'll die if she saw me do that ... oh god, you know I'll do it, don't you? You do, don't you? ... You know I will eventually ... You know I can't ... AHHHHH ... OHHHHHHH ... YESSSSS ... OH DADDY!

Ohhhhh, Daddy ... ah ... ah ... ah ..."

That was a girl having an orgasm, but it actually went on much longer than that, and you should have seen that little bitch squirm. I knew this would hit her hard when she came down, so I stood clear and looked shocked that any man could do that to a child. When she could hear me, I said, "You told me your wife left you. It sounds like you have her tied up somewhere."

He stood as Rachel rolled to her side and curled into a fetal ball. He picked up on my act right away and said, "I lied, so sue me. We still need a maid, and you're it. Relax, you'll love it here, and when your six months is up, you'll have ten grand to make a fresh start, and you'll be legal. I can see you get a real green card."

"What you're forcing this child to do is terribly wrong. Can't you see that?"

"Hey, she's my kid. Let me worry about her well being. I know what's good for her, and what this kid needs is a good fuck with a big dick."

"But she's so young. She doesn't stand a chance of resisting you. She doesn't realize what her body will make her do."

"She's learning fast, though, isn't she?"

Rachel was hanging on our every word and getting over that difficult first remorse and shame phase. I said, "You're using every trick in the book on her to get what you want. That isn't right. She'll carry this guilt the rest of her life and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. The least you could do is talk to her and explain how things are so she'll understand."

"You want her to understand, you talk to her. I just want a blubbering slut when the time comes. If she wants to feel guilty, that's her business. She loves feeling guilty. She's a guilt freak. I'm just giving her something to feel guilty about. You comfort her all you want, but you're wasting your time with this one. Well, I've got to make sure those other two sluts got Brenda's things put away."

And then he left, and Rachel rolled to her back. She started to sit up but I laid down alongside her on my side and brushed hair from her face. She relaxed while looking to me with concern in her eyes. I don't know whether it was concern for her future or concern that a near naked lesbian had just laid down beside her. Moments would tell.

I said, "You poor thing. This must be terribly confusing for you, sweetheart."

"It is. Why is he doing this?"

"Honey, your father is a sick man, and his sickness has gotten control of him."

"Boy, are you right. You should see what he's doing to my mother, Eva. He keeps her chained in the basement, naked, and he's torturing her. I'm afraid he's going to kill her one day, maybe not on purpose, but I'm sure she can't take much more. It's horrible. Awful."

"Is he cutting on her?"

"No, but he whips her, burns her, and he does awful things to her breasts, ass, and her vagina."

"That may look awful, but that tells me that he's not dangerous. You'd be amazed at what a woman's breasts and vagina can take."

"No I wouldn't. Believe me, I wouldn't. I've seen what they can take, and this has been going on for years and years."

"Well then, that's proof he's not dangerous. If this has gone on for years, then that tells me two things: number one, he's not going to hurt her bad enough to kill her; and number two, your mother loves him more than she hates what he's doing. She knows he's sick and she did say for better or worse. Some women mean that. I think your mother is one."

"She must be. She could divorce him and get everything he has. We'd all stand by her, and she knows it."

I'd been keeping a close eye on her nipples. Hers are very reactive and went flat shortly after her arousal passed. They were now puckering back up. Mine were already puckered and one was two inches from her lips. She had a hard time keeping her eyes off it. I do have great nipples, the long, pink, suckable kind. Hers were brown and either flat or squinched up in a tight berry pucker. I trailed my fingers down her check, down her neck, onto her chest, then circled her left nipple. It fully puckered between my rolling index finger and thumb.

She looked as I said, "I think you mother would prefer you kids stood by him. He needs love and understanding, not condemnation."

"I know, but it's hard to love him when he's treating her like that."

"It's harder on her, and she's doing it. Does she whine and complain and play on your sympathies?"

"No, never."

"I didn't think so. She doesn't want you hating your father, does she?"

"No, she doesn't. She's said that dozens of times, even right after a beating. She wants me to be nice to him, but I can't."

"I dare say she'd understand completely when she sees you begging your father to fuck you. You will beg. You do know that, don't you?"

She was now hot as a firecracker, so I trailed my fingers to her pussy and they slid right in the groove and on into her slobbery hole as she said, "Yes, I know I will. I'm ready to do it right now."

I played gently and lightly fingered her until her loins were rolling under my hand, then said, "I think she'll be pleased to see that you took her advice."

"I don't think she meant for me to fuck him. She just wants me to be nice to him."

"Can you think of a better way to be nice to a man in his condition?"

"No, but I think she'll think I'm being too nice if she sees me begging him to fuck me."

"I don't. I think she's smart enough to know that for you to be nice to him, you'd have to let him fuck you."

"Do you really think so?"

"Honey, I know so. She's not a little girl. I'm sure she expects you to come down one day with your father's sperm running down your sexy legs. I'll bet she's wondering what's taking so long."

She was ready for the nipple so I eased it into her mouth and she fastened on it like a starved calf. I let her suck on me for a while then brought her to a climax, another good one.

When she finally settled, she released my nipple and smiled. I gave her pussy a pat then returned to toy with her nipple some more. She relaxed and got her breath, then looked to me and said, "How did you know I was going down to her?"

Oops. Thinking fast, I said, "Someone has to look after her. I figured that the oldest would. Don't tell me the boy does it?"

"No, I do it, but Dad doesn't know. He keeps the door to the basement locked, but I found a key that works. Please don't tell him, Eva."

"I'd never tell. Don't you worry about that. I want no part of this if I can help it. I just want to put my six months in and get out. I know nothing; I see nothing."

"I'm glad I have someone to talk to. You're the only one that knows how bad it is, and I haven't told you everything. You would not believe the things I've seen, Eva."

"Well, you can tell me anything. It'll be just like putting something in a diary that no one can possibly open. When I leave here, I'm never looking back, and I doubt our paths will ever cross again."

"I can tell you anything, anything at all?"


"Okay, there is something I'd like to confess, something awful."

"Confess away, but let me guess. You like what he's doing to your mother, don't you?"

It was like air being let out of a big balloon as she said, "Yesssss ... how did you know? I love it, I absolutely love it. I love all of it."

"And every time you see her, you have to masturbate, don't you?"

"Yes! Yes! I do, every single time, and I cum so good. When he has her down there, I stay horny all the time, so horny I could die. I almost died when he told me to take my panties off, mostly because he'd see how wet they were."

"You certainly made sure he got a good look."

"Was I that obvious?"

"Yes, you were. You couldn't have made it more obvious if you'd stopped to say, 'Look at the crotch of my panties, Daddy. See how wet they are? See how horny I am?'"

"Well, good. I'm glad he knows. He should know. For all the pleasure he's given me, he deserves a daughter who knows how to show her appreciation. I'm tired of trying to hide it. I wish he'd take me down there and let me watch. I'll show Mom nice. I'll get down on my knees and suck his dick. I'll masturbate while he's whipping her, and when he's done, I'll beg him to fuck me, and when he'd done fucking me, I'll go squat on her fucking face. I'll show her nice."

She was masturbating hard with both hands, so I backed off and watched her workout. Boy, did I hit that nail on the head, and I was just guessing. Lucky guess. The biggest hurdle was no hurdle at all.

She came and I soothed her afterward. She slowly turned dreamy eyes on me, smiled, and said, "I scare myself sometimes. I'm crazy, aren't I?"

"No, but you are a nasty little girl."

She giggled, then said, "I wasn't until I started going down to help take care of Mom. That just started a few months back, and they only do this one weekend a month on average. I've turned into a slut in that time, a perverted slut, a sick slut. I must be sick. I'll bet I've shoved a thousand needles in my mother's cunt and tits, shoved them deep, too, and loved every single one."

"You're not sick, but I won't argue the slut part. I saw a slut trying like hell to get in her father's pants."

She giggled and said, "I guess that was pretty obvious, too, wasn't it?"

"Yes, without having to come right out and say it. Although you did tell him you'd beg him to fuck you, and do it in front of your mother."

"I did, didn't I? What tipped him off that I wanted him to fuck me, or was that it?"

"I was tipped off when I saw how you took your panties off. I think he got a clue by that rear spread you gave him. That was a please-fuck-me spread if there ever was one."

"Well that's what I was thinking at the time. I wish I'd had the guts to say it out loud. I almost begged him to fuck me in the ass when he had his tongue up my butt. God, that felt great."

"If you had, I'm sure he'd have accommodated you. He does love to fuck a girl's ass."

"Yeah, I guess you'd know. How was it?"

"I've had better, but he is good, and he has an ass cock, long and slender."

"How long?"

I made a measure with my hands and said, "I'd say nine or ten inches. It'll make you squirm in either hole."

"I'm squirming just thinking about it. I had no idea he was that long. How thick?"

I laid my two thumbs together and said, "I'd say this thick."

"Does it have a nice head?"

"I prefer them bigger, but his is okay, maybe three thumbs."

"Did you suck it?"

"Of course."

"Did he cum in your mouth?"

"Yes, and your next question is, did you swallow his cum? Yes, every drop."

She giggled, then said, "You're wrong, my next question was, how does his cum taste, and then I was going to ask if you swallowed every drop."

"Have you ever tasted semen?"

"I've never done anything, and the only hard dick I ever saw was Pete's, and I wasn't impressed. Tammy is, but Tammy is impressed by anything that'll fit in her twat, and just about anything will fit in her twat. When I went to get her, she was trying to get Mark's GI Joe up her twat. He was in to his combat boots. It's probably still in there. If we can't find something, we first check Tammy's twat. That's another thing. She likes having her twat checked."

"I think you've had enough consoling. I'd better see how I can make myself useful around here besides showing my nasty parts."

I was off the bed and halfway to the door when Rachel said, "Eva, would you do me a favor before you go?"

With a hand on the knob, I turned and said, "Sure, what is it?"

"Give me a good look at your pussy."

I smiled, walked back to the bed, mounted the bed, then stood over her head with my feet at her shoulders. I slowly squatted until my asshole touched her nose. She said, "Wow, this is a good look."

I reached with both hands and peeled the lips apart, saying, "This is better."

I couldn't see her face and she was speechless, so I held the position for a full minute before moving it over her mouth and settling with the hole centered and my clit resting on her nose. Now, I could see her eyes, her wide eyes, and said, "If you want to taste your father's sperm, you'll have to dig deep."

That was all she needed to hear. She dug long and deep. If she left a sperm cell alive in there, I'd be surprised. One down, five to go. Before departing, I gave her entire face a good sliming smear, then stood and said, "Is that how you plan to wipe your fresh-fucked cunt in your mother's face?"

She smiled and said, "Yes, only I'll do it a lot longer than that, and my cunt will be ten times messier. I'm going to fuck her face and she'd better act like she loves it, or my Daddy will whip her ass good. Tell Daddy I said that."

"I told you. I am staying out of this. If you want him to know, you'll have to tell him. I'm just the maid." And then, I left. I left smiling.

I wasn't the only one smiling in that house. Brad had them all smiling. He had the kids huddled on the floor at his feet. He was telling them the story of how he had me tied to the bed, naked and spread-eagled, then ordered room service, then set the main door ajar and went in the bathroom. When the food arrived, a very startled black woman delivered it. We thought a man would deliver. When she got her wits about her, she acted as though nothing were out of the ordinary, set everything up, then wanted her tip.

I told her to take five dollars out of my purse. She took a twenty, smiled, and left. They thought that was funny, because he told them that was all the money I had to my name, and that was the reason I had no choice but to go with him.

I came over and said, "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to show these kids where I fucked you."

"I can't drive."

"What's that got to do with it?"

"You did that to me at the Waldorf Hotel."

This had the kids rolling on the floor. Brad had to laugh, too, but I looked puzzled, wondering what they were all laughing at. When the laughter died, he said, "I mean, show them where on your body."

I acted shocked, and stammered, "Do you mean ..."

"You know exactly what I mean. Turn around, bend way over, pull your cheeks apart, and show them. Point them out."

"I am not a toy, Mr. Bradshaw. You can't treat me like this. I'll ... I'll ..."

"You'll what? I'll tell you what you'll do for the next six months. I'll tell you when you can shit and where you can shit. If I tell you to go shit in the back yard, you'll go shit in the back yard. If I say shit in the sink, you shit in the sink. Right now, I am ordering you to show these kids where I fucked you. You have five seconds."

That was good enough for me. An actress needs her motivation. I turned in a huff, bent low, grasped my cheeks, and pointed out my anus and my vulva. Pete said, "Wow, Dad, you screwed her in the butt."

"No, I fucked her in the asshole."

Tammy said, "I'll bet that hurt. You have a big one, don't you?"

"What makes you think that, Tammy?"

"I can feel it when I sit on your lap. It feels like a big snake in your pants. It's a foot long, huh?"

"Close. Eva, show her how big my dick is."

I released my cheeks and blindly made a measured guess with my facing palms. He says, "No, you dumb bitch. Get over here and show her the dick that screwed you."

I stood straight and angrily faced him, saying, "Don't call me a bitch or I'll walk out of this house dressed just as I am. If you want to show these kids your penis, show them yourself!" Then I stormed off, but quickly realized I didn't know where to storm off to. Where was the master bedroom, anyway? Fuck it, I stormed into the kitchen.

I began washing dishes, figuring he'd be along. I heard him send the kids to their rooms. A few minutes later, he came up behind me and softly said, "I fucked up, huh?"

"No, but you are going way too far, way too fast. Don't be in such a rush. We have to make this look right. I told you to let me get comfortable here and comfortable with the kids before you start acting the jerk. All I did was place us back on an even keel."

"So, you're not really pissed?"

"No, I'm a professional. I was hired to do a job. I'm doing it by responding in character. By the way, Rachel is fully onboard. She wants to fuck her mother's face for you. She'd do anything for you."

"Yeah, I guess you were right about her."

"I know my business, and I know you'd better slow the fuck down. Have you seen Brenda, yet?"

"Yes. She is thrilled. Six months is perfect, and she can't wait to meet you."

"Did you go over the safety phrase?"


"Give me the key. I would like to confer with her in private before we get started."

"I'd like to be with you."

"Tough shit. Give me the key."

He handed me the key. "Now, where is the basement?"

"Right around the corner, first door on the left. You'll see the pad lock."

I removed the apron and handed it to him, saying, "Make yourself useful. Do some dishes."

They didn't have a basement or a cellar. They had a dungeon complete with stone steps, stone walls, dank, dark, and smelly. She wasn't hard to find even though there was only candle light to go by. She was the bitch hanging by her twat. I came over, walked around her, then sat at her head, smiled, and said, "You must be the lady of the house."

"You must be Eva."

"I must say, this is quite a setup you have here. I'm impressed."

"I'm glad. We're going to great expense. You are costing us more than the dungeon."

"I'm worth more."

"You look like you're worth more. From what Brad tells me, you're worth the whole house."

"You make me blush. We need to talk, but after we talk, we'll never talk again out of character. If you have something to say, say it now, otherwise, you're stuck with my vision of how this should go down, and I'm not exactly sure what my vision is. I'm easily influenced."

"Okay, imagine yourself to be a rich and powerful duchess who just found out the Duke has a beautiful mistress. You are a very jealous and vengeful woman. You had me captured and brought to this dungeon, and nobody knows. I am totally at your mercy. I want no limitations placed. I want no mercy. As far as I'm concerned, anything goes. I would prefer you wouldn't kill me, but I'm even willing to risk that. I wouldn't cry uncle if you were filleting me with a dull knife."

"You're really serious about this, aren't you?"

"Dead serious. I want to be rid of this fantasy once and for all. This is the only way. If this doesn't work, I'd just as soon be dead."

"Have you tried therapy?"

"I've tried everything. I want it this way. I want the craving satisfied, totally satisfied."

"Okay, I'll do the best I can. Now, I suppose you know Brad has a problem. The kids think he's a monster."

"I know. He said you could fix that."

"I can, but to do that, I need to get them loving this. They'll need to be brought in on this and amused. They'll also need sexual relief."

"I was afraid of that. Was this Brad's idea?"

"No, he resisted, but he now understands the need and agrees."

"Oh, what the hell. Add this to the scenario. You also captured my six kids and are perverting them, turning them against me, making them sex toys to satisfy you and your lover's every sexual whim. You teach them every sexual perversion there is, and you make me watch. You take my youngest daughter, sweet, innocent Suzie, and make her a bitch, a real bitch. You bring her down here to mate her with dogs, and I have to guide their cocks into her little pussy then hold the leash while they fuck her. There, does that give you enough of a carte blanche?"

"Good enough for me. Oh, uncle won't do it. You have to use the safety phrase to call this off. I won't respond to anything else, so don't forget it."

"What is it?"

"You forgot already?"

"Forgot? What's to forget. You never told me what it was."

"The phrase is, I've had enough, Gretchen. Sound familiar?"


"Brad didn't tell you?"

"No, but he knows I won't use one."

"I won't work without one. Gretchen is my real name. Remember it. The name is all it takes. Call me Gretchen and everything stops. You have my solemn word on that."

"I'll remember."

I stood and pissed in her face, twanged her clit string, and walked out in character. I wondered why he lied.

Brad was doing the dishes and wearing the damn apron when I walked in. I untied his bow, saying, "Get that off, you dumb ass. I was just kidding. Did anyone see you?"


"Will you please get a good feel for your character and stay in it. I can see you can't handle going back and forth, so from here on out, I'm staying in character and so are you. If you ask me anything out of character, all you'll get is a dumb look."

"Except on payday."

"Right, except on payday."

At that time, we noted a figure slinking down the spiral stairway. It was Rachel. She hadn't gotten the word to remain in her room. She was a sight. She wore a blouse, open and knotted below her breasts. She had on a tight skirt that she'd folded under at the waist to bring the hem in competition with mine. She had on bright red lipstick and her mother's high heels. I wanted to laugh, but forced a serious look. That kid needed to be put out of her misery real badly. If four cums wouldn't quench her fire, nothing but a stiff Daddy cock would.

She slinked and swayed into the kitchen, then posed at the end of the counter, reached to the front of her hem, and slowly raised it to reveal her shaved pussy, saying, "I shaved my pussy for you, Daddy."

Brad went catatonic. She turned around and gave her best please-fuck-me pose complete with swaying pelvis, a finger stroking through the slit, and the all important, "Please fuck me!" And for good measure, "Please fuck my cunt, Daddy. Fuck my ass. I want to feel your hard cock deep inside my body. Fuck my ass and cum in my pussy. I want to have your baby."

Shit! That was the best please-fuck-me pose I ever saw. I felt like growing a dick. I had dishes to do and faced the sink. The stupid mother fucker was on his own, but if he didn't fuck the bitch, he was crazy. If he didn't take her to the dungeon, he was ... oh shit, I forgot to tell him it was all clear. Too late now. They were headed to the master bedroom. At least, now, I'd find out where it was. I tossed the apron and followed before I lost them.

Ten feet behind them, and seeing which door they were headed for, it suddenly occurred to me that what I was doing was totally out of character. Being the professional I am, I ducked into the first available door and barely fit in that linen closet. Shit! I have got to get the blueprint for this fucking house.

I gave them a minute, then returned to the dirty dishes, cursing my rigid profession and its unwavering code of conduct, even though I made it up as I went along.

* * *

Day one, needless to say, went much better than expected. The kids were all on a sexual high, and being the only woman with her tits and cunt exposed, I was popular. I couldn't turn without bumping my beaver into a face, or giving someone a bust in the mouth. I complained to the master and he ignored my complaints--totally in character.

Rachel and Brad kept making trips to the dungeon. The first time they went down, Rachel was dressed in her normal school clothes. The only thing obvious was the absence of a bra. They were down there for an hour. When she came up, she came looking for me and dragged me off to the bathroom, closed the door, then, like an excited school chum after a great date, she burst out, "I watched, Eva, I watched. I watched everything. He beat her for me. He beat her good. I asked him in the bedroom and he said he would. He did it, Eva. He did it for me. Mom got a beating because of me."

"I'm happy for you."

"Oh, Eva, it was wonderful. And guess what. She noticed right away that I wasn't wearing a bra, but she didn't know I had no panties on. Before I left she did. I got close to her head, close enough that she could see all the way up my skirt. I know she saw. She had to see, and she could see I had a shaved pussy. Isn't that exciting?"

"Yes, very."

The next time, they were gone for two hours and we heard a great deal of whipping. Again, I got dragged off to the bathroom. "Oh god, Eva, we beat her. Boy did we beat her."


"Yes, Daddy gave me the belt and ordered me to hit her. He told me to hit her hard with that new whipping strap he bought. Boy, does it make a nice crack. You can hit as hard as you want and it won't break the skin, but man, that has got to hurt. Well, I have to be nice to Daddy, so I really let her have it good. I whipped her from one end to the other--legs, cunt, belly, tits. I even hit her in the face, and then he flipped her over and I did the other side. I whipped and whipped and whipped. She couldn't see me, so I fingered myself while I whipped her back side.

"And then, he flips her over again and stands beside me, right next to her head. He pulls me close and gets his hand on my ass, up under the skirt. He's feeling me up with Mom watching, and you know what I do ... nothing, absolutely nothing. I let him feel me up and finger me.

"And this is the best part, Eva. After he feels me up all over, even my tits, inside my blouse, he moves me so that I'm straddling her chest, then he gets behind me and pulls my shirt up. I'm looking down at her looking me right in the shaved pussy as his hands come around both hips and pulls my cunt wide open. Fuck, I thought I'd die, and than he says, Piss.

"He tells me to piss. I knew if I pissed I'd piss right in her face, but he said it again, and then again more forcefully. Well, I have to be nice to Daddy, so, you know what I did?"

"You pissed."

"Right in her fucking face, I pissed. I mean I flat let it go, no holding back, a gusher, and Daddy guides it so it hits all over her face but especially in her mouth. I pissed in my mother's mouth, Eva, and she took it."

"At least you showed her you were being nice to your father."

"I sure did, and next time, I'm going down with his cum running down my legs, and I'm going down naked. We already agreed to do it. Isn't that exciting?"


The next time was later that evening. She must have stripped down just inside the door, because she didn't go down naked. We all saw the cum on her legs and that created quite a stir. Until then, the others weren't sure what was going on between Rachel and their father. If they had any doubts, they didn't when she emerged naked, grabbed me, and dragged me to the bathroom.

"Oh god, Eva, that was the ultimate. Mom took one look at me and my spermy legs and let out a groan you had to hear up here. Dad led me over and had me straddle her head with my feet real wide, and then he turned on a floor lamp and lit up my crotch. She was looking right up my fucked cunt. He left me there while he went and fucked her with a bat, fucked her hard, too, and all the while, my messy fuck goo is dripping in her face.

"And when he's finished with her, he pushes me forward. I have to reach out for the wall. I'm not sure what he's up to. We didn't discuss this, but when I feel the head of his cock at my cunt, I liked to shit. He fucked me, Eva. He fucked me right over Mom's face, and I'm looking into her face the whole time, and she's staring at her husband's cock fucking her daughter's cunt, and more fuck is being squished out and falling in her face, and I'm frigging my cunt, then he cums, pulls out, and three big globs plop right in her face ... plop ... plop ... plop. Did I ever cum!"

"I'll bet."

"That's not all, Eva. I had to do it. No one told me to do it. I had to. I moved my cunt closer and closer, then sat on her mother-fucking face. God damnit, I smeared my nasty fucked cunt all over her face. I smeared and smeared. I wiped and smeared. I fucked her face, and then I pissed while I fucked her face. I let squirts out when my cunt was over her mouth, and she was sputtering and coughing. I filled up her mouth with piss, then sealed my cunt hard against her mouth so she couldn't spit it out, then I pinched her nose and said, 'swallow.' I was afraid she'd bite me, but do you know what she did?"

"She suffocated to death."

"No, she swallowed and I let her breathe, but then I filled her mouth again, and this time, she swallowed without the nose pinch. I could piss at my leisure, so I smeared my cunt over her face and then went back to give her a squirt. She swallowed every squirt, and before long, I had her sucking at my piss hole. I don't know why she did that unless it was to get me to hurry and get it over with. It didn't work. I let her suck. Sometimes she got piss, most times she didn't. I had her sucking cunt and I don't think she even realized she was doing it. She eventually caught on, but it took ten minutes at least.

"When she realized what she was doing, it was like she gave up and just went ahead and made it a suck job. I'm talking a full-fledged eat out. Her tongue was going up my hole and she was licking. I couldn't believe it. I leaned way back with my knees wide so Dad could see it for himself, and he couldn't believe it. But he saw her tongue lapping away at my cunt plain as day. Suck and lick, suck and lick, on and on it went. Suck or lick, I didn't care, as long as her mouth was on my cunt, I was in heaven. I had three orgasms and she lapped up my cum after all three. I am so drained."

"Well, you've certainly had an exciting day, haven't you."

"Oh god. I have never cum so much in my life. Seventeen cums, Eva. Did you ever cum seventeen times in your life in one day?"

"I never counted, but I think twelve would be my record. Don't forget, the day isn't over yet."

"I think it is for me. I'm all cummed out. I was afraid you'd say thirty, then I'd have to top it. I'm going to bed."

The little trooper gave me a peck on the lips, then off to bed she went. I knew Brad would be no help. He was already in bed, and it was only nine in the evening. Now, it was the little ones' bedtime--Suzie and Mark. I played the role and they played their role. They whined and told me their father said they could stay up till midnight. I took them by the hand and dragged the little liars off to the fart sack.

I tucked our little bitch in first and thought about seeing her mounted. I couldn't help it. Brenda was right. The child was sweet and innocent, the last thing you'd want to see turned into a breeding bitch for mutts. Well, the last thing a mother might want to see. I didn't see Brenda's hint as a desire. Like being filleted alive, it was her worse case scenario used as an example of how far she was willing to go. Like a filleting with a dull knife, I'm sure the reality would be just as painful. I wondered if I could do that to her. While looking in Suzie's precious face, I wondered if I could do that to her. A warm message from my clit said, "Oh yeah, and soon. Start planting seeds."

I was kneeling at her bedside, stroking her face, combing her silky soft hair with my fingers. She was smiling warmly, loving the attention. I said, "You are such a sexy little girl, Suzie. Do you know that?"

She giggled, "Nobody ever said I was sexy. They say I'm cute, cuddly, adorable, precious, but not sexy. How can a girl be sexy without big boobs like yours?"

"Dogs would think you were sexy. Girl dogs don't have boobs. Hasn't any dog ever tried to love on you like a girl dog?"

She giggled, then said, "Yeah, once. It was kinda funny. He jumped up and grabbed me around the waist and wanted to dance, and we danced for a little bit, but then his thing came out and was rubbing on my leg and the lady that owned him, Julie Prindle next door, Brian's mom, made him stop doing that."

"Well, I can certainly understand why the dog wanted to mate with you. You do know that's what he was trying to do, don't you?"

"What do you mean?"

I slipped my hand under the covers, inside her PJs, then on to her slit. She giggled and squirmed as I squirmed my finger into her tight little cunny hole and said, "They want to put their things in here, and go like this, real fast." That had her squirming and giggling nonstop. I let her squirm for a while and then said, "And then they squirt their puppy juice inside. They think they're making puppies in your pussy, but dogs can't make puppies in little girl's pussies."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, yes, very sure. In Sweden where I grew up, parents buy their little girls a dog so she'll have something to practice sex with. It can't hurt and the dogs don't know any better. No Swedish mother would ever tell a dog to stop doing that. She'd help him by pulling her little girl's panties down and guiding his dick into her pussy."


"Oh yes, and if someone was out walking their dog and they saw a little girl out playing, they'd walk over and ask if she'd let their dog fuck her."

"They'd say the 'F' word?"

"Oh, yes. In Sweden, the everyone says fuck and cock and pussy, even little girls."

"Wow, Sweden must be a neat place."

"You'd like it there. Little girls are allowed to run around naked, and everywhere you look, you can see horny dogs fucking little girls."

"Wow, did you do that?"

"Oh, yes. I have had hundreds of dogs fuck me. There's nothing I like better than to get fucked by a nice doggie. I hated when my boobs started growing."

"Why would you hate that?"

"Because, once you have boobies, even itty bitty ones, you'll get arrested if you get caught screwing dogs, and you have to wear clothes all the time. I hated my boobies and when they started to grow, I cried and cried and cried. There's nothing your mommy can do for you but let you cry. She has to give your dogs away."

"You had dogs? How many?"

"I had ten, and they all had big cocks as big as your father's, some bigger. Oh, god did I love those doggie cocks. They filled up my pussy or my butthole so good, and I had them all trained to let me suck their cocks and they'd squirt their puppy juice right in my mouth ... ummm, yummy puppy juice. God, do I miss that."

"You put a dog's thingie in you mouth and sucked on it?"

"Are you kidding. I'd rather suck a nice big doggie dick than suck a lollipop. In Sweden, if you offer a little girl a choice between an all-day sucker and a poodle's dick, she'll take the poodle's dick every time, and they hardly last a minute."

"Wow, I wish it were like that here."

"Would you like me to mention that to your Daddy. He might like the idea. In America, that's the nastiest thing there is, and you know how he likes doing what's nasty. He'd probably want your mom to watch."

"I'll bet he would. Could you ask him for me?"

"I suppose I could."

"Great, but you'd better not tell him about Sweden. Make it sound nasty. Tell him I'd hate it if he made me suck on a doggie's dick. Oh, and tell him Mom would die if she ever saw that. That'll do it. He likes to punish her a lot."

"Well, maybe you'll get ten dogs like I had. Cross your fingers."

I left that room walking on air with my clit dragging the floor. Damn, I'm good. Two down, four to go, and Mark hadn't been tucked in yet. He was still awake, so I knelt at his bedside with my boobs over his face, stroking his face and combing fingers through his hair. He stared at the nipple closest to his lips. I took note and said, "In Sweden, we nurse our kids to sleep. Did you know that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Nurse, you know, sucking on a boob, what mothers do to feed their babies. It's called nursing. Swedish children like to be nursed to sleep. They usually don't stop until they turn sixteen, boys and girls."

"No kidding! That's great. I wish it were like that here."

"I'm here. I have boobies."

"You don't mind if I suck on them?"

"Why should I? That's why God gave us boobs, to nurse the children."

That's all it took. He was sucking away on the left while playing with the right. He switched back and forth and kept me there for almost an hour. I finally had to jerk him off to get the little fucker to fall asleep. Three down, three to go. It was now ten thirty and thirty minutes past Tammy's bedtime.

I dragged her away from a movie and tucked her in. She had a devilish twinkle in her eye and said, "Do you wanna see a happy soldier?"


She pushes off the covers, pushes off her PJ bottoms, then spreads her legs. Sticking out of her cunt was a pair of combat boots. So that's what a GI Joe was.

I smiled then pinched the boot and withdrew the warrior. He had no arms. He couldn't be too happy about that. I put him back in several times until she had an orgasm, then kissed her clit before giving the little slut a long French goodnight kiss. She was tucked and fucked. Four down, two to go. I was on a roll.

I took Cindy in my arms and carried her to the master bedroom. Right away, she tells me her bedroom is upstairs. I said, "I know, Cindy, but my orders are that you are to sleep with us in the master bed, and you have to sleep naked. I'm sorry, dear."

The look was priceless. It said, "Oh shit, I am so screwed." She didn't whine and complain, and she didn't object when we arrived and saw Brad sleeping on top of the covers in the nude, on his back, sporting a wilted and sticky organ. I stripped her, then placed her over her father's body in reverse. She gave me a look which I answered with, "Sorry, orders."

I parted her legs and left the bedside light on so she could see what she was going to do with that limp dick in her face. He never woke up, but if he did, he'd be looking into the jaws of a killer cunt drooling from the lips.

And then there was Pete. Seducing Pete was simply a matter of walking up. He'd made his intentions quite clear all evening long. If my pussy was in reach, he reached, and if I didn't move out of reach, my pussy got fingered. I didn't move away all that fast, after all, he was the eldest son of the master.

While serving everyone at the dinner table, Master Pete stuck his thumb up my cunt and made me spill the gravy. I jumped back and scolded, "Just because you're the eldest son of my master, you have no right to treat me as the master does. This isn't Sweden." And, as expected, the master said that didn't matter. I'm a Swedish maid and we will abide by Swedish custom.

With the proper motivation, I moved forward, turned around, and eased my cunt over the offered thumb of the grinning lad. Like a good Swedish maid, I remained there to serve everyone, getting thumb fucked, and asking permission to leave for more food, then recunting myself to serve it, then after all food was served to recunt myself again and get thumb-fucked all through their fucking meal. For dessert, I got banana fucked as is the Swedish custom as everyone knows.

So, when I went to Pete, he was nude and stroking a five-inch erection with a big grin on his face that said, "Tuck this, bitch!" A master of seduction. I said, "Shall I tuck you in, Master Bate ... I mean, Master Pete?"

"Yeah, but get nekid first."

"As you wish." I got nekid, then said, "You'll have to show me to your room."

"Carry me."

"As you wish."

He sucked my tit all the way to his room, then ordered me into the bed with him, then ordered me to lie there and get fucked. So, that's what I did. He fucked; I laid there. He had a good time, several times, then fell asleep on me. I gently rolled him off and left the room, five down, one to go, actually five and a half down, one half to go.

When I opened the master bedroom door, I surprised a little girl with a mouthful of cock. Six down. Busted, she kept sucking as I got on the bed beside Brad and patted her fanny, saying, "Too bad he's asleep or he'd probably return the favor. You can sleep on me if you'd like. I'm wide awake."

"Do you mean, do you?"

"You don't have to do anything. You just have to sleep on us, either one, it doesn't matter, or you can go back and forth. All he said was that you had to sleep on us in reverse. I have to warn you, though. If you get that adorable little pussy anywhere near my face, I'm going to lick it all over, inside and out."

She was biting her lower lip, then said, "Well, if I have to sleep this way, I may as well get used to it."

And then she climbed over me and got in the proper position, got her pussy too close to my face, and got the holy fuck ate out of her. Her wild gyrations, squirming, moans, and mattress pounding woke her father. While he gazed on the scene in Cindy's crotch, up on one elbow, I uncunted my mouth after the orgasm and said, "I told Cindy she had to sleep naked on us in reverse as you ordered."

"Yes, I see that. Very good, now pass her over to me."

We passed her back and forth for a couple of hours, and she eventually went down on my spermy pussy. She got herself fucked while she did it, and then I had that rare treat, going down on a busted virgin.

While Brad was occupied with Cindy, I reflected on this gig at the close of day one. It held great promise, but I was deeply troubled by Brenda. I couldn't help her, and I knew I couldn't. I couldn't do what she needed done to be rid of that fantasy, and if she ever found someone who could, she'd die from the wounds. It had to be that bad to get close enough to the fantasy to satisfy her.

I thought about her desire to die if this didn't work, and I couldn't blame her. Some people with a monkey on their back will jump off a cliff to kill the monkey, and she was at the edge of her cliff with a vicious monkey chewing on her neck. She'd like to die by being brutally tortured to death, odd as that may seem, but if die you must, you may as well make it worth your while and experience, if only once, that which drove you to death's door.

Anyway, it made sense to me after speaking with her. She dropped enough hints, but I know Brad couldn't do it. The kids couldn't handle it, and I didn't want to go through that again. I felt like I was ripping these nice people off. I felt like a phony, totally unprofessional.

The other thing that bothered me was that Brad and Rachel might end up killing her without trying to kill her. They were on a downward spiral and each was driving the other on. Rachel was the dangerous one, and the kid didn't know what she was doing. She would not be giving her mother the death she wanted. Brenda would wind up dying a horrible death with nothing to show for it, and that was the saddest prospect of all.

The scenario we'd set up did not have me in charge, and it had to always look that way. I carried out Brad's orders, and I wasn't about to give torture lessons to anyone unless I had full control. They were sure to fuck it up, and when the corpse was found, they'd be pointing the finger at the woman who taught them and directed them. Way too risky. Way too many loose ends. I fell asleep in a quandary.

* * *

I woke up the next morning with Master Pete fucking me. I looked to Brad. He was awake with Cindy lying over him on her back with his morning piss-on up her ass. I knew it was up her ass, because Pete was fingering her pussy. The kid was sprawled and impaled, like Jesus on the cross, and had a dreamy look in her half-closed eyes.

This kid had a great set of tits, mostly because of the nipples. They were more like mine, long and pointy, oversized for her B-cup snow-white mounds. Brad had her by the nipples and appeared to be trying to tune her in to a remote broadcast from Sweden.

"What time is it?" I asked.

He looked at his watch. "Eight thirty."

"Don't these kids need to get ready for school?"

"No school today."

"Oh, is this a holiday?"

"Swedish Meatball Day. We celebrate it in this house."

"I feel right at home."

"You should. You're the Swedish Meatball."

"Of course. You have to have a Swedish Meatball to celebrate Swedish Meatball Day. Refresh my memory. What does the meatball do?"

"Nothing. She gets eaten all day."

"Ummm, how could I forget. You'd better explain that to this one. He's fucking the meatball."

"It's an American twist. Fuck or eat, take your pick."

"I see. Well, when in Rome."

We spent day two celebrating Swedish Meatball Day. We broke down all sexual barriers on day two. We had no virgins in the house after noon on day two, and all ex-virgins were ex-virgins in every hole. Mark turned out to be a pretty good fuck, much better than Pete, though he had an inch less to work with. He, however, was slow and affectionate, and gals like a nice slow screw. Meatballs love that.

All through the day, Brad took kids down to the dungeon, one at a time. I wouldn't have done it that way, but I'd resolved to remain in character, and he was in character, so I had to go with the flow and bite my tongue. Each kid came out in shock, but each one slowly got over it.

I had time alone with each one, but only after they had time to let what they'd seen sink in. I will give Brad credit. He didn't go nuts with them, and they didn't witness any torture. She was bound, spread-eagled over a thin mattress with her neck chained to the wall with logging chain. The three of them sat and talked. Each kid had an hour with their mother with Brad simply sitting in a chair masturbating. The kids were also brought down naked, and the girls had semen running down their legs, so there was a lot to talk about.

The kids were full of questions, and Mommy had a lot of her own, and hers were all about the sexual abuse they were suffering. They were all very forthright in answering her questions, and they used gutter language in doing so. If they slipped and used a proper term, Brad corrected them. He also corrected Brenda if she slipped, so the talk itself was a big turnon for the kids. I thought that was very clever of Brad, though I would have thought of it too.

Before anyone went down, they'd heard Rachel bragging about pissing in their mother's face and making her drink piss right from her pussy. Oddly, this amused them, although, I can't really say I was all that surprised. Brad, seeing their reaction, told them that the only way they'd get to go down and spend time with their mother was if they pissed on her before they left. He left it up to each one how to do it, but they had to do it without prompting so that it would look like their own idea. He made that very clear and secured promises to do it good and make it last.

He told them the signal to start would be when he said, 'Your time is almost up' and that would be given when they had fifteen minutes left. Once they finished pissing, they'd have to leave even with time remaining.

Now this was a pure stroke of genius that never would have occurred to me. This put each kid in a frame of mind to debase and humiliate her before they even saw her. No one wanted to be lovie dovie with her, then have to end it by doing something so degrading, especially for such a long time, and I could see that each kid wanted their full fifteen minutes' worth and their wheels were turning trying to figure out what to do to make it last. Rachel gave them inspiration and courage.

Each one of those kids went down in the mood to debase and humiliate from the start. I saw no pity only eager and excited little monsters going down. They came back up looking remorseful and sheepish, a bit pale, not wanting to talk to anyone. Most went straight to their rooms. Clearly, they'd done something they felt very guilty about. The best thing to do was to let it gel. When they emerged from their rooms, they'd be ready to talk, and I was ready, all ears. Most sought me out.

Pete was first down and the first to emerge from his room. I had to go to him, and he let me lead him out back. We sat in a bench swing by poolside, holding hands. After ten minutes of silent swinging, I said, "Don't you want to talk about it?"

"I fucked her, Eva. I fucked my mother when she couldn't do anything about it. I'm a mother fucker, a rapist. I'm a mother fucking rapist."

I put my arm around him and said, "No, you're a normal young man, and your mother understands. She knows you were forced into an impossible situation. No boy could resist that."

"She's my mother, Eva."

"That doesn't matter. Your dick only knows there's a pussy lying there wide open, and no one to say no."

"She said no. She begged me not to. I did it anyway."

"She can say the words, but she can't enforce them. She knows that. If a girl is on a date with a horny guy, and she takes off all of her clothes and lies back with her legs wide apart, she can say no until she's blue in the face. She's still going to get fucked, and she knows that. Still, she has to say no because it's the proper thing to do. Your mom had to say no. She had no choice but to say no and keep saying no. Her husband, who beats her for the slightest transgression, was sitting right there watching her."

"Are you saying she liked it?"

"I know she did. Every female anything likes to get fucked, but we have to act like we don't to be proper ladies. You see what happens when that restriction is taken off us. Just look at Rachel."

"Yeah, no kidding. So, Mom liked it, huh?"

"Was her pussy wet and slimy?"

"I'll say, loose, too. I didn't know they got that loose. Yours isn't like that. Dad must be shoving that baseball bat up her twat."

"He is, that and other things. Your dick must have been pure bliss for her."

"She liked it, huh?"

"Do her a favor and fuck her every chance you get."

"I will. I'll piss on her too. She didn't like that, but I don't care. That was fun. It was the fucking that bothered me. Thanks, Eva. You're swell."

Next came Tammy, though Cindy went down ahead of her. I don't think Tammy even went to her room. She came out as Pete was leaving and plopped down beside me, still naked. She said, "Well, I did it. I did what Rachel did and Mom ate me just like she did Rachel. She drank all my piss. I guess she'll really hate me, now. She already thinks I'm a whore even before this."

"You are a whore, aren't you."

"Sure, everybody knows that, but you don't like to hear it from your own mom when she's never caught you at it. I sure got even with her down there, right from the start. She'll really hate me, now."

"She doesn't hate you, Tammy. She may have wished she could steer you away from whoring, but no mother hates her child. As for what you did down there, she knows your father put you up to it."

"I guess. Oh well, if she didn't love it, she could have left him. Too late now. I'll do all I can to make her happy. I hate sitting on a cold toilet, anyway. I'd much rather have it sucked out."

"That's the spirit."

Cindy still hadn't emerged from her room three hours after her momentous trip down stone steps. I was beginning to worry about her when Mark emerged from his room. I was still on the swing after a skinny dip.

He plopped down and took a tit in his mouth. I nursed him for a while, then said, "How was it?"

"I nursed on her, then she nursed on me at the end, nursed on my dick. There's not much to tell. Boy, she sure is a wreck, though. Dad sure worked her over good. There's not going to be much left of her if he keeps this up, and with you here, I think she'll stay down there till she dies."

"I'll only be here six months."

"She won't last half that long at the rate he's going, and now we're all helping."

This attitude intrigued me, and I have to confess, thrilled my clit. I said, "So, are you going to help kill her?"

"I guess. Everybody else is. I can't save her. The sooner she dies the better."

"That's logical. Why make her suffer. Suppose you get the honor of finishing her off, but they want it done slow. How would you do it?"

"I don't know. I guess the best way is to start cutting parts off that won't kill her."

Oh fuck, he tapped that nasty beast in me and I had to finger myself. He took note but didn't say anything. I said, "Where would you start?"

"Her tits, but I'd do the nipples first, then the tits. That wouldn't kill a woman if you cut off her tits, would it?"

This kid was blowing me away. I said, "No, but you'll need a red hot flat iron to cauterize the wound or she might bleed to death."

"That would hurt."

"So would getting your tits cut off, nipples first. What next?"

"Uh ... ears ... no, her clit, then parts of her pussy, one at a time. I'd take my time doing her pussy. I'm sure they'd like that."

"Oh, yes, they'd love that. Use a razor and take it down in strips until there's nothing but a gaping hole between her legs. You have to be careful to avoid the big arteries that go down each leg on the inside. Nick one of those and she's gone."

"You talk like you've done this before."

"I have. I did that to a woman right before I took this job. I started on her pussy and took out the whole thing, leaving her with a huge hole from just below her belly button to her thighs. I even took out her asshole. I hung the cut end of her intestines in a bucket to catch the shit she produced. I kept her alive for five weeks, but I had to keep her exposed guts moist."

I don't know why I told him that other than telling him turned me the fuck on. He watched me masturbate to orgasm, then said, "I guess Rachel was right. You are a professional torture lady Dad hired to kill Mom."

WHAT! That got my attention. I sat up and said, "When did she tell you that?"

"Before we started going down."

Hummm ... that put a new twist in things. I mean, if the kids could be this callous and accepting, and still be friendly with me, thinking what they were thinking, well that put a whole new light on the subject. We could have some serious fun and give Brenda her wish. Now, I was very eager to speak with Cindy and Suzie, and speak of the devil.

Cindy saw us and came over. I asked Mark to leave us alone. She sat with a somber expression, then looked to me and said, "You're going to kill her, aren't you?"

"Honey, don't you think she'd be better off dead?"

"Yeah, but I don't want her to die."

"She wants to die, you know."

"Yeah, I figured she'd have to. She doesn't want to die like this, though."

"We don't always get what we want, do we?"

"No ... how are you going to do it?"

I saw that same macabre gleam in her eyes that I saw in Mark's and began fingering my pussy in response. Cindy took note as I said, "Slow."

"I thought so. [her hand joined mine. I gave her the hole; I took the clit] How slow?"

"He gave me six months."

"Wow, that's pretty slow. Are we going to watch?"

"If she's going to be tortured to death anyway, wouldn't you rather watch."

"I guess ... you'd like us to watch you torture Mom to death, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, yes, very much. I've never tortured a mother to death in front of her children."

"Would you like me to eat you while you think about it."

"Yes, please."

She got down on her knees and looked up, saying, "Will you think out loud?"

I described how I'd start, by cutting out her mother's pussy and asshole, only I went into much greater detail, because I turned her on and got a much better eat out. Suzie came out as my orgasm washed over me. Cindy lapped at my beaver for a while, then turned to Suzie and said, "Rachel was right, she is a torture lady and we get to watch."

"Really! How are you going to do it?"

I listened to Cindy tell her, and sweet, innocent little Suzie was beside herself. She hopped on my lap and kissed me, then sat back to say, "Wow, a real torture lady."

That did it. They were all on board, now all I had to do was break the news to Brad. To do that, I had to come out of character, but what the fuck. Who needed character. I'm the torture lady--again.

I pulled Brad out of Rachel's saddle and dragged him to the master bedroom. Once we were behind closed doors, I said, "Your kids seem to think I'm the torture lady hired to torture their mother to death. Where did they get that idea, Brad?"

"You've done it, Eva."

"Are you telling me you want it done to Brenda?"


"So, that's why you didn't tell her the safety phrase. You are a sneaky bastard."

"Well, will you do it?"

"It'll cost you ten grand, half now, half on completion. I run the show, and I can't guarantee I can keep her alive more than a few weeks. She's not in the best condition to start with, you know, and it's still a grand a week besides."

"I can handle that. Two weeks would be perfect. I don't particularly want it long, I do want it gruesome and excruciatingly painful."

"I can do that. Brenda knows, doesn't she?"

"I think she does. She is sick, Eva. She knows she can never get better and never get complete satisfaction without the ultimate experience, one that leads to death. We've talked about this, and this is how she'd like to die, living out her fantasy. In a way, this is my gift to her, and I'd like you to make it good for her. I explained this to Rachel and she said the others would understand. They know she's sick and better off dead, and they think it's rather romantic to do it in a way that will fulfill her fantasy. The others are thinking it over, but from what I've heard so far, they're coming around. Pete is eager, and so is Tammy. She'd like to do some cutting."

"Those were the two I wasn't sure about, so, we're all onboard. Let the fun begin. By the way, we have three more cutters, and if I know Rachel, she'll want a piece. Why don't we have a meeting of the ghouls and have a drawing for the choicest body parts."

"Which are?"

"Left nipple, right nipple, left tit, right tit, pussy, and asshole. Those go first thing. After they go, she won't entertain any thoughts of living, and she'll yearn for anything that will move her closer to death. When they get like that, they don't beg for mercy or their life, they just scream bloody murder and want you to keep on cutting."

"Well, let's get her to that stage right away, only slowly. I didn't sound proof this house for nothing. I'll gather the ghouls. Why don't you go down and start getting her ready. Under that tarp is an operating gurney, and on a shelf below is everything we'll need from scalpels to bone saws, an electric cauterization tool, vascular clamps, snips, pliers, the works. There's even salt for her wounds."

"You did think of everything."

"I got it from your former employer."

"Oh, well no wonder. I'll be right at home."

"By the way, Brenda hasn't seen what's under the tarp. When she sees it, she'll know. I doubt she'll resist, but you never know. She might panic. Do you think you can handle her?"

"She won't resist, and yes, I can handle her. I'll come up for you. I need to coach the first cutter, and that will be the pussy cutter. That's the best part and it can be tricky. One slip and the party's over. Brenda would be terribly disappointed if we fuck this up at the start. She won't get another chance, and she has waited a lifetime for this one."

"That, she has. Take all the time you need. Let's do it right."

"Brad, aren't you forgetting something?"

"What, a red hot poker?"

"My five grand--in advance."

"Damn, are you telling me this has to wait until I can get to the bank?"

"Business is business. We won't lose much time if you hurry. She'll keep, and I have a lot of ground to cover with all cutters. We can get that out of the way while you get my money. And get all ten. I want the other five in this house. When she takes her final gasp, I want to get my shit and git."

"All right, all right. Let's get a move on."

* * *

I found Brenda staked out on the soaked mattress. I looked her over, then went to the gurney and removed the tarp. Everything was there, and she was straining to see. I looked to her as the realization sank in and her head fell back. I busied myself setting up the instruments, testing the electric tools, and arranging the light stands. She watched me create an operating theater.

I returned to her and began freeing her of her bindings. With just the neck chain to go, she said, "You're going to kill me aren't you?"

"You fucked the Duke. What did you expect?"

Air rushed out of her lungs as she collapsed and stared off in space. I freed her last restraint, then aided her to her feet. I guided her to the gurney and helped her lie down, then had her scoot her ass to the end. That we intended to start on her pussy became obvious as I adjusted the lights to brilliantly illuminate her crotch.

She said, "Will my children be seeing this?"

I looked to her and couldn't resist. I said, "They'll be doing it. Right now, they're holding a drawing for the choice body parts: nipples, tits, pussy, and asshole. We'll start with your pussy."

I pressed hard on her inner thighs to accent my next statement: "But, I suppose you surmised that already."

Her breathing was extremely rapid and shallow. Her heart raced. She raised her head, beads of sweat all over her wrinkled brow. I thought I had a panic situation, but she didn't try to get away, or struggle. She said, "You're going to have them fillet me alive, aren't you?"

I was in no hurry, now. I moved to her head and looked down on her face to say, "Isn't that what you'd expect from the evil duchess if she had your children?"

"Yes. She wouldn't bloody her hands when she can bloody theirs."

"My thoughts exactly."

And just to be cruel, I said, "I must tell you, they are all looking forward to this, and they want this to last."

"I would expect nothing less. You have perverted them."

"You will get no mercy from them, but it will be sweet music to my ears hearing you beg for it and receive pain in reply."

"I expect none. I won't give you the pleasure of hearing me ask. I certainly won't beg."

"We'll see, shan't we. I can assure you, death you will beg for and beg for soon."

"If it would give you the slightest pleasure, never."

"You are trying to spoil all my fun, but you're in no position to do that. I will have my fun with every drop of blood that spills onto the innocent hands of your children. That, you cannot deny me."

I returned to her loins and set the stirrups out to their fullest, then began strapping her leg. She said, "You don't need to strap me down. I will hold myself open to the knife."

Hummm, that was an interesting proposition if she could do it past the first slice. I stopped strapping. I said, "Let me see your spread."

She set her feet at the outside corners and laid both knees flat making the widest possible plane of her crotch, much better than I could strap her into. I looked it over, then said, "Can you maintain this spread while your cunt is cut out, one slice at a time in thin strips until nothing remains of your female anatomy, including your womb."

"I have no womb, and yes, if I must to deny you the pleasure of binding me while my children take ghoulish delight in filleting me alive very slowly, I will maintain this spread."

Wow, the sick bitch wanted it bad, and she hinted that she expected ghoulish delight from the kids. This put my clit in a flutter and was nothing like the other one, the big baby.

I said, "As you wish, I'll grant you this dignity, but I warn you, fail to maintain a good spread for the knife, and I'll truss you like a pig at a slaughter house. Furthermore, you are to deny those children no pleasure. They expect to see agony. They want you to beg for mercy and plead with them to stop. You must talk to them constantly and express your pain. They want to see suffering, and I promised them suffering on a scale unimaginable. If you'll give them this pleasure, I'll grant you a dignified death."

"I will do as you wish, Duchess, and I am eternally grateful for this one act of kindness. I will not disappoint and will endeavor to provide you and the children with the greatest amusement possible. You have but to ask and I will obey."

Damn! This just kept getting better and better. This crazy bitch might actually do some cutting on herself. That, I had to see. I said, "See that you do."

I went up the steps on quivering legs, excited beyond measure. I arrived in the living room right after Brad left and the kids were trading body parts. Mark had to have a tit, and Rachel had to have the pussy, after all, she was the oldest. The oldest always goes first. I wanted Rachel to go first, so I stepped in to mediate, and got everyone the part they wanted by offering bonus fingers and toes. I had to throw in the eyelids to get Pete to part with his mother's pussy. I had full fledged ghouls and the party hadn't even started.

When I got them calmed down, I began my lessons by describing the only other experience I had while leading them to believe there were dozens, but she was a good example. They hung on every word and we all masturbated through the telling.

I described their mother's mental attitude and told how she'd slipped deep into her fantasy, about her bizarre desire to die with dignity and her pledge to do anything that would please the Duchess. I opened the floor for ideas.

Rachel responded immediately, saying, "I want her to slice off her own clit slowly while I twist it with pliers. That would be a good test. If she can amuse us while cutting off her clit, she can do anything."

We all agreed and we had our opening act. Tammy had a bonus finger and she wanted to see her mother chew it off. Pete had the asshole and wanted to fuck it up good before he cut it out. He needed hot coals to shove up her ass. Rachel needed some for the pussy, then everyone wanted some. I sent Pete to light the briquettes.

By the time Brad arrived, we had covered everything and were eager to get started. The coals were ready, the ghouls were ready, I was ready. Down we went. We found Brenda masturbating in the position I'd left her. She couldn't stop even as we gathered around her. Brad set the tray of red hot coals on the steps. Brenda looked at them and frigged herself harder.

Rachel took her place between her mother's legs and held the wicked looking surgical pliers up with jaws open for her mother to see, then said with an evil grin, "Enjoy the last orgasm you will ever have, Mother Dear, because right after, you're going to slice off your own clit very, very slowly."

And the very last orgasm exploded in a flurry of fingers as Brenda cried out, "NO! ... OH GOD ... NO ...!"

Before the orgasm fully died, Rachel pushed the hand clear, got a good grip on the clit and pulled while twisting. Brenda screamed her lungs out, but to everyone's amazement, kept her legs in position. All she did was lift and squirm.

Rachel had to stop to hand her mother the scalpel. Brenda took it in trembling hands, then set it in the right and brought it to the base of her stretched-out clit; there, she paused to say to Rachel, "Dear God, Rachel darling, please don't make Mommy do this."

And Rachel's reply was a full 360 degree twist that brought another banshee howl. When the twisting stopped and then the howling stopped, Rachel said, "Cut it off nice and slow for us."

We all watched that shiny blade pressed against the coral pink flesh at the base of the clit, but nothing was happening. The tension. I looked to Brenda's face and saw a catatonic stare. Soon we are all looking at her face, and she softly says, "Gretchen."

Brenda snapped out of it, saw what she was about to do, and dropped the scalpel to the floor. She gave Rachel a menacing look, then twisted her wrist until she dropped the pliers and yelled, "Ouch, Mom! You're hurting me!"

Brenda sat up, releasing Rachel, then hopped down and yelled, "You go to your room, young lady!" And then she turned to the others and shouted, "And that goes for all of you. I said, NOW! MARCH!"

Six naked butts went scampering up the stairs, and then she faced Brad who cowered under her angry glare as she said, "And you, you spineless bastard. You child molesting pervert. You have been feeding my sickness all these years. You, who destroyed my beautiful body and ruined me while pretending you were treating me. OUT! Out of my house, out of my life! If you ever show your face here again, I will rip your lips clean off and stuff them up your decadent ass!"

And then his ass scampered. And then, she faced me. She paced, then faced me to say, "Have you been paid in full?"


"Good. I don't know how you did it, but what you did worked. I am free. I can feel it. You are welcome to stay as my guest, but it's probably best that you leave."

I felt great. I cured her. I don't know how, but if she said I did, I did. I felt like a real pro again, a credit to my profession. I was also feeling a bit full of myself and wasn't ready to go. I liked it there. I said, "I'll leave, but you're going to need help with the kids. I made them this way, I can unmake them. I need to explain to them what I was doing, how I used them, and how they helped affect a cure. They need decompression. This isn't something you turn on and off like a light switch."

"That makes sense. What is your fee for that service?"

"A grand a week, but you still have five paid days on this week."

"How long will this decompression take?"

"The longer the better."

"I can't give you six months. I can give you six weeks."

"Well, I'll manage. In six weeks, they'll be back to normal, or near normal. I can't restore virginity or erase the knowledge they gained. They are sexually active kids, now, and that must change gradually, but they will never return to abstinence. They'll be like every other kid their age, only wiser."

"Are you telling me you will continue to have sex with them?"

I hadn't thought of that, but Brenda looked intrigued by the idea, so I said, "Yes, and I'll need an adult male assistant."

"You're asking me to provide you with a man to fuck my daughters."

"If not a man, then a few male dogs with acceptable endowments."

"My husband's size?"

"That would do nicely."

Hey, I decided to take a chance. I had nowhere to go and this gig was over too soon, and the kids did need me. Something told me that the doggie kink, totally unrelated to her slave captive fantasy, was a kink that still needed scratching, and with dungeon gone, it was now number one. It was a long shot, but what did I have to lose by playing it--nothing.

She paced for a full minute, then addressed me, saying, "Are you sure there's no other way?"

"The girls need a warm, living cock. A dildo won't do. If you can't hire a man, the dogs will have to do."

"How many?"

"One for each girl. They will be paired up with their mates."

"So, they'll be sleeping with their mates?"

"Yes, of course."

"And servicing them at their whim or the dog's whim."

"The dog's whim, naturally--orally, anally, and vaginally--wherever that whim occurs. Inside the house, of course,"

"Yes, of course. It wouldn't do to have my daughters out mating with dogs like bitches on the front lawn."

"No, but they must learn to be good bitches inside the house. With dogs, you don't wean them off. You want them addicted with their sexual desires brought up to the level of their canine partners. The goal is to transfer their awakened sex drive to the animals, and there you leave it until the child decides to replace it with human partners. By that time, they will be more mature--hopefully. In the interim, there's no fear of them getting pregnant."

Damn, I'm good, and she was eating it up with a big spoon. She said, "Yes, that makes good sense."

"Training a good bitch takes more than six weeks, I'm afraid."

"How much more?"

"Twelve, minimum."

"I suppose I could manage that. Can you find the right animals?"

"Do you have a dog pound?"

"Mutts, huh? Common mutts for my daughters. I can't help feeling offended."

She was loving this ridiculous conversation and I could plainly see that, so I decided to drag it out and get more ridiculous. I wanted to see if I could get her to start playing with her pussy. She was, after all, still naked, and I could see her sore and swollen clit begging attention. It was quite obvious and she caught me looking at it a number of times. Still, she wanted to play games, and I was all too happy to accommodate her.

I said, "I won't be breeding your daughters to produce pedigree bloodlines. All they need is a dog with a suitable cock. If you'd rather see your daughters copulating with pedigreed champions, it's your money."

"True, it just seems so decadent to put mutts on them, little Suzie especially. I was thinking a French poodle would look nice on her."

"I was thinking a German shepherd and Labrador mix would look good on her. She's used to her father's cock. A poodle would be way too small."

"One that big, huh?"

"At least. She'd feel cheated if her dog's cock is far less than the other girls have."

"I suppose she would at that."

"You know Rachel. She'd have a fit if she found Suzie sucking off her dog, stealing the dog cum reserved for her mouth and belly."

That did the trick. Both hands were busy. Brenda said, "That would never do. We must try to find dogs with near equal endowments. You're right, the cock is all that matters. We'll put mutts on them, mangy mutts with big cocks. Oh god, I'm going to cum. Thank god it's not my last."

And then she came, and I gave her a warm hug, and then we embraced, and then we kissed, and then we hopped on the gurney and sucked each other's cunts. After that, we were bosom buddies and breeders of select bitches. Boy was Rachel surprised when we brought her mutt to her and her mother said, "Bitch, strip, get down on your hands and knees, then wiggle that sexy ass of yours."

She stripped, got down, and wiggled, then got the shit screwed out of her. While getting the shit screwed out of her, Brenda set a chair before Rachel. She then took a seat in that chair and made a big beaver in Rachel's face, exposing her pisshole as she said, "And now, It's Mommy's turn. SUCK BITCH!"

I hope she learned her lesson. I did. No more torture gigs for this gal. They are so unpredictable--and messy.

The End

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