The Breeding of Cindy

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Cindy was not surprised when Jason entered her room without knocking. Though she expected him and knew what was coming, and had mentally braced herself for another screwing by a large black man, the sudden reality made her tense and nervous. She shyly covered her privates with one hand while crossing one arm over her breasts. She held her bent knees together, looking up at Jason with the fear of a trapped animal projected in her eyes.

Jason came to stand at the foot of her bed, looking down on her huddled nakedness. Cindy was surprised when Eva entered and quietly took up a position near the side of the bed. In the three months since Eva came to work for them, the two had become close friends. Though five years separated their ages, they were like equals, peers--girlfriends.

Eva impressed Cindy at the ease with which she took to wearing the obscene maid's uniform that her mother demanded she wear without any underwear. Since she had to wear the extremely brief costume everywhere, even to do the daily shopping or to run errands in town, Cindy accompanied her when she could, even more impressed by the way Eva handled herself in public.

Everyone knew the shapely blonde was Estelle's maid, so she had no fear of being bothered by authorities or troublesome men. She carried on her business as if she were dressed for a business luncheon, though the top half of her breasts were exposed to the crest of each nipple, and her back was naked to the tops of her ass globes. The skirt was so short that, were it not for the small ruffled apron, her naked pussy would show.

From the rear, if Eva bent even slightly, she proved she was a girl, and a natural blonde one besides. When Eva needed to bend down, she did so without the slightest regard to who was behind her and she'd bend from the waist with straight legs. Cindy admired that as well, for she was often behind Eva, and was given many opportunities to study her girlfriend's vagina--rarely did she study alone.

Cindy admired Eva's more mature female features and the carefree way she displayed them. Cindy particularly liked Eva's large breasts, and she thought Eva's legs were even shapelier than her own. More than anything, though, Cindy liked Eva's pussy. She thought they could pass for twins if only their pussies could be seen. The only major difference that Cindy could tell was that Eva had bigger inner labia lips that naturally hung an inch past the outer labia lips, making hers look more obscene when viewed from the rear. Cindy could get hers out that far as well, but she had to be aroused and had to pull them out. She did so quite often in an attempt to have her pussy look like Eva's.

Eva knew of Cindy's fascination with her vagina, and she made Cindy feel at ease about staring. She knew Cindy got off on seeing her display herself before townsfolk, and Eva put on obscene displays for Cindy's benefit. They never openly discussed this aspect of their relationship, though Eva would have been happy to do so. She always answered any question Cindy posed with total openness and honesty. Cindy was moving closer to discussing why, though she felt totally heterosexual, she was fascinated with other female bodies, Eva's vagina in particular.

Seeing Eva enter the room was a pleasant surprise, in a way, but they were not ready for this level of intimacy. Her presence was an added inhibiting factor. Jason drew Cindy's attention away from Eva as he said, while unbuckling his belt, "Cindy, sweetheart, I have a job to do and I expect your full cooperation."

He kicked off his shoes, unzipped, and dropped his pants. Cindy stared, wide-eyed at his tented boxer shorts, then her eyes opened wider when they came down.

Jason fisted his rapidly swelling organ, saying, "This is between you and your mother. I'm just the hired help. Now, scoot your ass down to the edge and make me a good spread."

Cindy eyed the rigid black cock, then slowly relaxed. She scooted to the foot of the bed, blushing deeply, then assumed a widespread position by drawing her legs up and laying her knees out. She held herself open by placing her hands on the insides of her thighs near the knees, then waited with bated breath.

Jason aimed his cock at her vulnerable spread, saying, "I'll go easy at first. Try to relax, sweetheart."

The head forced its way in past her vaginal ring of muscle, making Cindy wince. The rest went in gradually over several minutes until Cindy was, once again, stuffed with thick black cock meat, and once again feeling those delightful sensations.

Cindy strained to see, and Eva assisted by placing two pillows behind her head, saying, "Is that better?"

"Yes, thank you."

Cindy watched Jason's cock take full possession of her tight pussy over the course of several minutes. He then began screwing her slowly with short strokes, then built gradually to long strokes that built in intensity. Before long, Cindy gyrated on his plunging member, offering as wide a spread as possible, moving her hands to frame the juncture of their copulating genitals. Her delicate hands made an ideal frame for the exciting display of interracial mating--a jet black cock against a background of pink, white, and fine blonde hairs, all shiny wet and in motion.

She came twice mostly from the erotic sight before Jason stiffened and began pumping her white twat full of thick, rich, African American male baby juice. The fullness of her packed vagina made the interracial fuck sauce squish out at the wafer thin edges of her labia lips.

As Jason slowly withdrew, Eva stepped up and placed her hand around his cock. She milked his spend as he withdrew, forming a seal at her pussy to try to prevent more seepage. When he withdrew completely, Eva began using her fingers to scoop the seepage, wiping her fingers inside Cindy's cunt. Cindy loved watching Eva do that. They exchanged looks and smiles often.

When the outside of Cindy's pussy was relatively clean, Jason stepped behind Eva. He placed his hand at the nape of her neck and applied gentle pressure, pressing Eva's face toward Cindy's beaver. Cindy's eyes grew big as she watched Eva go with the pressure, showing only slight reluctance. Their eyes locked just as Eva's head went between her legs. The first swipe of Eva's tongue electrified Cindy and brought forth a long moan. Others followed as Jason stripped Eva of her maid's uniform. When Eva was as naked as Cindy, Jason picked her up by the hips and swung her over Cindy in reverse. He placed them in the classic sixty-nine.

Cindy stared up into the most beautiful pussy she'd ever seen. She studied the features for a long moment, then began licking, sucking, and nibbling in turn. Jason watched for a few minutes, then eased out, leaving them alone.

The two aroused females attacked each other's loins like famished lesbians. They shared many orgasms over a twenty-minute period, then collapsed with exhaustion. Each rolled to their side to face each other, but remained head to toe, toying with the pussy near their faces.

Each lay with the top leg cocked to facilitate the reverent fondling of the other's feminine grotto. In addition, Cindy played with Eva's large breasts and continued to plant sucking kisses to Eva's clit and inner labia lips. Occasionally, she'd see wetness seeping from Eva's hole and lean in to run her tongue deep in Eva's pussy hole. When she did this, Eva raised her leg straight up, pointing her toes at the ceiling. Cindy swabbed the inside walls thoroughly before going back to kissing the outer parts.

Cindy laid her cheek high on Eva's inner thigh. To give Cindy full access, Eva rested her foot on Cindy's shoulder. Eva wanted to reciprocate, but her job was to keep sperm in Cindy, not lick the sperm out. Eva kept her right thumb plugging Cindy's hole. She simply kept a glowing fire in Cindy's twat with gentle finger manipulations and occasional kisses.

After a long silence, Cindy said, "I love your beautiful pussy, Eva."

"Yes, I know. I've know for some time. You seem very happy, now."

"Oh, I am. I could do this forever."

"I could let you. I like the way you use your lips and tongue. I like the way you lick deep inside to get at all of my pussy juice. You are very talented, or very hungry."

"I'm both. Eva, are you keeping me plugged to help me get pregnant?"

"Yes. That's my job."

"That's a strange job, don't you think."

"I've had stranger jobs, but this is strange, pleasantly strange."

"I'll bet you think my mother is crazy, huh?"

"I thought so when I was first hired by her."

"Why did you agree to work for her?"

"I had no choice. It was that, or languish in your county jail getting raped a dozen times a day."

"What did you do?"

"Nothing. I was just passing through on my way out west. I looked too good to let pass through. Same old story. Men always find a way. You learn to accept it. Your mother arranged my release after I pleaded guilty to whatever they charged me with. I still don't know, but I do know I have a real criminal record as a result. I had to agree to be her maid as a condition of parole. I have a three year probation. One slip, and I get deported after I serve out my time in your jail."

"You could just run away."

"I suppose, but I'd get picked up and returned here sooner or later. I am always being detained by the law. Besides, one place is as good as another. So far, this hasn't been that bad. I'm not shy, you know, and no one has raped me, yet. To tell the truth, I've been pretty disappointed in that. I've not had a good screwing since I came to work here. I'm not accustomed to going so long without a real cock. I think that's about to change, though."

"Have you ever been in a situation like this before?"

"Not like this, but I've seen my fill of bizarre American families. Blonde Swedish maids are a big thing here. I play that up and look for live-in positions as a domestic."

"You don't have much of an accent."

"I've been in this country since I ran away at fourteen. I can turn it on if I want. It depends on the job. This is now my natural accent."

"I'll bet you've had some wild experiences. Just seeing how people react to you. It's like everyone wants to either fuck you or eat you, even little kids, even mothers with little kids. It's amazing."

"I've seen and done all, Cindy, even kids, even mothers with kids. You Americans are not as free and open about sex, but you are twice as dirty and nasty. I've come to see openness as leading to a healthy sexual environment. Repression always leads to nastiness and decadence. The more repressed a society is, the nastier the people get. The bible belt is the worst."

"What was the nastiest place you ever saw?"

"That's easy. It's a tiny town in Utah, maybe Idaho, a community of outcast Mormons. They've evolved in isolation and created the most repressive and prudish, but also the most decadent. Shady Corners proves my point."

"What do they do?"

"Where to start. For one, women can't fuck except to procreate, but men are expected to fuck all they want. They have a town whore. That's what I was doing there. I could only take it for a month."

"That doesn't seem so decadent."

"They punish their women by making them mate with dogs in public, shaved of all body hair and covered in filth. Is that decadent?"

"God, yes! What else?"

"They are real big on public humiliation, and they have something really bizarre going on in their school. They breed their fertile girls to outsiders in orgies run by the council of elders. I couldn't attend one, but I heard about them from a number of people, and seeing a pregnant twelve-year-old in that town was commonplace. Half of all girls of age are showing. If you ask me, if they didn't keep their bitches barefoot and pregnant, there wouldn't be a Shady Corners. I never saw so many damn kids in such a small town. They must lose them as fast as they make them. I sure wouldn't stick around there. Women are no better than livestock, and they never let you forget it."

[Read about Shady Corners in the story, "Town Whore".]

"I'll bet you never worked for anyone like my mother, though."

"Actually, several that were much worse or hornier. There was one lady that was very twisted. She also ruled the roost. She had two kids, a girl of fourteen, and a boy of sixteen. Her husband was a real pussy whipped wimp. Your father may be pussy whipped, but he's no wimp. I find him rather attractive."

"Yes, and he's nuts about you, too. Tell me more."

"Well, her thing was controlling all the sex that went on in her home. She was a compulsive masturbator, but no one else was allowed to masturbate. She acted like masturbation was the crime of the century for anyone but a wife and mother. She liked to keep everyone horny and frustrated while only she got off.

"She hired me to make them hornier. God, I never ate so much pussy as I did working for her. I never wanted a cock so bad in my life, but I never got to fuck either of her guys. And, boy, did they ever want to fuck me, too. My uniform at that house was a maid's hat and five-inch spike heels, and that's all. She also made me keep my pussy shaved, and I shaved hers as well.

"Whenever she sat down, I had to get on my hands and knees and lick her pussy. It didn't matter where in the house we were, either. At dinners, after I served everyone, I got under the table and served her snatch. When they watched TV, I was eating her cunt. She liked having her two kids sit on either side of her. She'd lay her legs over their laps.

"She positioned her furniture so that her husband's chair faced my rear beaver while I ate her out. It drove the poor man crazy, me, too, because I couldn't masturbate either. I had to sleep at the foot of her bed with my hands tied behind my back. I couldn't even go to the bathroom in private. Someone always had to go with me, and we had to leave the door wide open. Let me tell you, that is embarrassing. Taking a crap in front of a horny sixteen-year-old boy is the ultimate in embarrassment."

"I can imagine. Why did you stay even one day?"

"I don't know. It was something new and different, and she was a sexy bitch. Still, I only stayed a few weeks."

[You can read about this bizarre family in the story, "The Matriarch".]

"Tell me about some of the things you've done."

"Where to begin. I don't do a lot of hitchhiking. When I do, it's because I need some excitement. I'm ready for a change of scenery, or a new sexual adventure. A seventeen-year-old Scandinavian teenage girl, blond and built, wearing a please-fuck-me outfit has little trouble finding a ride. I got rode all the way from Kansas City to Reno, Nevada.

"I wasn't looking for long rides. I wanted to see how many fucks it took to go from KC to Reno. To make the game interesting, I went by these rules:

"The guy had to ask if he could fuck me or suggest it strongly. I could only show my willingness by action and mannerisms. I couldn't even say, I wish someone would fuck me, but I could say I was horny.

"As soon as he asked, I gave him two minutes to get his dick in me or drop me off if he couldn't beat the clock. I had a two-minute egg timer and as soon as I explained this, I hit the timer. Nine out of ten made it, but I got fucked in some very unusual places--like downtown Denver, like in a tunnel, like while doing sixty.

"And right after a fuck, I had to get out wherever I was--like downtown Denver, like in a tunnel, like doing sixty but making the fucker stop first in the middle of fucking nowhere Nevada where I wound up staring at cactus for three fucking hours--Jeeez. Rules are rules.

"The guy that picked me up an hour out of Reno had to be my last. I wasn't about to stand out on that empty highway again, no way. If he fucked me, it would take one hundred and fifty-seven fucks to get from Kansas City to Reno and only takes eight days. I could have probably done it in two if I hadn't accepted so many motel offers.

"A girl has got to freshen up and get her beauty sleep. I did make them return me to where we first stopped to fuck, so the motels were a time out. I didn't count all the fucks I got during time outs. That would be tacky.

"I know, you're going to say I coulda been killed. I'm not stupid, and I'm not defenseless. This gal knows how to defend herself. Early in my wanderings across America, I met, screwed, and befriended an Army Ranger hand to hand combat instructor and Olympic judo champion. We shacked up for almost three months, and in that three months he taught me all I needed to know, and now that I had more meat on my bones and had three years to practice, I could not only defend, I was deadly even against the biggest brutes, even those armed with a knife or gun.

"The trick was to lull them into a false sense of security, then attack without mercy or letup until they were hurt so badly they were no longer a threat. With groups, you take out the biggest and baddest quickly and severely. I gouge out the eyes, break both legs at the knees, dislocate both arms, bust his nuts, chop the larynx so he's gargling blood, and deliver a penetrating hit in the solar plexus so he can't breathe all in the space of five seconds. I call it my fem flying fury. If you were to witness one, and more importantly, the aftermath of one, all you'd be thinking of is a way to get away from that thing made to look like a helpless and sexy girl. You won't have a hardon.

"I only had two group scenes that ended with the fem flying fury, and one guy died from it. Roughly half do. I may have killed two dozen rapists in three years and was never charged or even detained. I rarely stuck around. I left them coughing up blood and gasping for air.

"When it's a one on one situation, I rarely kill. I don't need to, and unless the guy was a real asshole, I won't cripple. Most rapists are real assholes. After assaulting me, they spend the rest of their lives, blind, in a wheel chair, no threat to anyone and a burden to everyone. A high heel to the spine as a final touch insures that. My heels are black steel like the tip of a pick ax, and rarely will I take them off. I consider neutralizing rapists a public service, and will sometimes go trolling for them.

"In between a wrist lock that brings a man to his knees and a fem flying fury that will cripple or kill, I have a full range of persuaders that let a man know he'd better be nice and behave himself. No man gets to tie me up. I've never known a man long enough to develop that level of trust."

[Read about this in "Thumbing It".]

"What's the worst thing you ever did, Eva?"

"I took a job once and the job was to drive the wife to suicide. I did it, so I guess you could say, killing an innocent person is the worst. Actually, he's the one who brought her to the brink. All I did was drive her over the edge. At that point, it didn't take much. She had nothing to live for when I arrived on the scene. I still feel responsible, and I wish I hadn't done it. The pay was too good to pass up. That's my big weakness. I hate being broke."

"That's awful. How did you do it, you know, drive her over the edge."

"By pissing on her and constantly kicking her in the cunt. It got to wear she couldn't stand the pain and knew it would never stop. It only took a week."

"That sounds pretty cold, Eva."

"I know, but you get cold after a while. I don't judge people's ways, I just do what I'm hired to do. There's sick bastards everywhere. I can't change that. If a bitch is stupid enough to marry one of those sick bastards, she gets what she deserves. I never feel sorry for any of them. I just do my job and get by. I applied myself to that task just as I am to this one. Just be happy that your mother doesn't want you tortured to death, or I'd do that, too."

"You'd actually torture someone to death, even me?"

"I did torture one wife, but he ended up killing her. He didn't mean to. He wanted to drag out her torment for months, but her heart just gave out. There wasn't much left of her, anyway. When she expired, she was just a torso with no tits, pussy, eyelids, ears, nose, lips, tongue, or teeth. It was pretty gruesome there toward the end. I'll never knowingly enter into a job like that again."

"You took that job knowingly?"

"Yes, at the time I was just sixteen, and I thought it would be fun to kill someone slowly, especially a helpless woman. The dumb cunt married this guy in Vegas after knowing him two days. She was a gold digger. She'd run away from her five illegitimate kids, leaving them with her mother. She laughed about doing that. The bitch deserved what she got."

"Yes, but is that reason for torture, for murder?"

"I wasn't looking for a reason. I would have taken the job if she'd been mother of the year. It was fun for a while. I truly enjoyed most of it. I pretended I was a Nazi doctor. He let me do all the cutting and sewing. We took our time, and we didn't use any anesthesia; in fact, we'd bring her to when she passed out. I loved making her scream. We didn't just lop off an arm or leg. First, we'd do the fingers, then the wrist, then the elbow, then we'd cut off portions of the stump, allowing time for recovery in between. Cutting off an arm could take weeks. When her mind went, I lost interest. After that, it was just plain messy. Besides, the guy was a jerk to be around. He paid well, though. I made five grand in two months."

"I don't know why this is turning me on, but it does."

"I never ask why. When something turns me on, I just go with it. When the guy explained what he wanted to do to his wife, it turned me on. I went along not sure they weren't going to do those things to me. Even that idea turned me on. Imagine that."

"I can't."

"I finally got to eat a woman's pussy for real--with a knife and fork."

"You ate it, actually ate it?"

"Some, mostly I chewed and spit it in her face."

"Oh, gross!"

"It was. You should see what a woman looks like with nothing but a huge gaping hole between her legs."

"God, Eva, you're a ghoul, but I still like you. You're my ghoulfriend. Tell me more."

[Definitely not for the squeamish. This story is sick, sick, sick. It shouldn't even be in this fine work of erotic literature. Come to think of it, I won't write it. There. Fuck all you sick puppies with hardons. And shame on you bitches with sloppy twats. Now, back to real erotica, the kind your mother would like you to read.]

"Most of the couples I worked for, it was the man who dominated the wife. I could tell you stories of spousal abuse that you would not believe. I worked for one lawyer that kept his pretty wife bound naked in his cellar. They had six children, too, and they all knew I shared their father's bed while their mother was chained in the cellar. It was my job to care for her, to handle her feeding and toilet needs. I also had to administer her punishments."

"Wow, that's freaky. I know there are men like that, though. Lots of them. I just can't figure out why women marry them."

"This one knew what she was getting into. She asked for it. She had a slave and dungeon fantasy she just had to live out. It took her sixteen years of pressuring her hubby to get him to do it right. She wanted it rough and brutal, no holds barred. He heard about me from somewhere and flew me out. He told me all of her fantasies and then gave me a free hand with the only condition that the kids must never know this was all her own idea. He wanted me to get the kids to where they enjoyed it, because he didn't like being the evil monster in their eyes."

"I can imagine they would."

"The kids liked to watch me do my work, and it wasn't just because we kept her naked or that I was naked. She had to eat her husband's sperm from my pussy, and I beat her with a belt while she did. That's what drew the kids down there more than anything else. This woman was really into humiliation and was poop freak. He was a piss freak. The kids, like most kids, were into both. Satisfying them all was as simple as making her a combination toilet and fuck rag for the whole family."

"Oh my God. Did you shit on her?"

"On her? How about, in her?"

"I think I'm going to be sick."

"We didn't really get into much of that. We slipped into a downward spiral of perverse sex, all of us, and things got weird, then very weird, and before I know it, I'm running a breeding kennel for little girls and mutts from the local dog pound. You never know what you're going to get into in my line of work."

"Oh, Jesus, Eva. I never thought you could do something like that. Were there any others like that?"

["The Chains of Love" tells the story, but don't read this if you have a weak stomach. Do read it if you are one sick puppy and are pissed off because the last link message didn't lead to a link.]

Cindy gave Eva a long reaming with her tongue, then sucked Eva's clit until she climaxed. Eva frigged Cindy's clit until she had an orgasm, then the two disengaged. Eva dressed as Cindy said, "You certainly have lived a bizarre life, Eva. I'm glad my mother isn't into torture."

"You don't know that for sure, Cindy. Let's just hope not. You're too beautiful to waste, and I would hate to eat your cunt the hard way."

"No more than me, Eva. I'm pretty sure my mother isn't that bad."

"Looks can be deceiving, but I must warn you, I've seen that streak in her eyes. Don't ever do or say anything that might put those ideas in her head. I won't, but like I said, this is just another job. Don't ever forget that."

Eva smiled and departed, leaving Cindy to wonder and worry at the truth.

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