Bred to Serve

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Barbara Henderson, formerly Barbara Greenwich, went through many traumatic adjustments after marrying Steve Henderson. Though he was ten years her senior, and she was still in school--sixteen in her junior year--her parents went along with the proposal. Steve was a promising young attorney, even at twenty-six.

Barbara didn't love Steve; she hardly knew him. She was, in fact, a virgin. Her wedding was an arranged one. Steve arrived on the scene right after she won the local Miss Sweet Sixteen pageant. She knew money changed hands, lots of money, with promises of a monthly stipend to her parents. She came from a large family that struggled to make ends meet. She did not fault her parents, and knew it pained them to consider, then accept, the man's offer. Selfless sacrifice was a big virtue in her family. Everyone made sacrifices for the good of the family.

The wedding was a quiet affair before a Justice of the Peace who made house calls. She did not wear a ring until she was eighteen and out of school. In fact, she remained in her parents' home until she graduated. After the deal was made official and the marriage recorded, Steve took his marital rights in her bedroom whenever the mood struck him. He took those rights immediately after the deal was made and offered the JP sloppy seconds. Barbara suffered deep shame and humiliation as a result. The walls were as thin as her hymen.

Steve was loud when he took her, and made her say the most disgusting words. After sex, he made her fetch things for him--a beer, a smoke, a wash cloth. He took great delight in sending her out among her family as she was--naked, soiled with sperm, and he expected her to return the same way. Her parents were horrified by this, but Steve's rights were spelled out. Her brothers and sisters were both horrified and amused, though they tried not to show their amusement.

Her father regarded her strangely after her first naked walk through the house with sperm from two men covering both legs. He never looked at her the same way again. He raped her three months after the so-called wedding, which was more a binding of a sex slave. The rape wasn't a violent affair, but he would not take no for an answer. He continued taking her whenever he thought he could get away with it, but got caught by her mother six months after the wedding. Her mother blamed Barbara, calling her an insatiable slut.

Her older brothers followed their father's example. By her seventeenth birthday, she'd been screwed by three of her four brothers, only one being older. The youngest was thirteen. Her sisters agreed with her mother--Barbara was a slut. Before long, the whole family treated her like a slut. Before long, Barbara felt like one, looked like one, and acted like one.

Steve got worse as time went on. No longer content with sending her on nude errands, he marched her, paraded her before her family. He liked having her wear his semen and kept her naked during his lengthy visits. He liked watching her masturbate in front of her family because that devastated her and thrilled them. He brought his friends over and openly shared her with them. Barbara was soon looked upon as something to fuck, a sperm dump. Her brothers took her when the mood struck them, and her mother gave her father those same rights with Steve's blessing. When she left home, she lost her home and abandoned her family. Steve was all she had besides one baby and another on the way.

To Steve, she was a prize to parade like his Bentley. She learned to be a gracious hostess, and she cut a stunning figure in an evening gown. She knew he was unfaithful, but Barbara never felt married to him. He owned her; she didn't own him.

As she matured, into her mid twenties, Barbara took less and less from Steve. She threw herself into raising her three girls. He could do as he pleased outside the home, but if he ever stepped out of line where the girls might see, she pitched a bitch. All that changed when Susan arrived on the scene.

Susan intimidated Barbara. Susan was a classy lady who carried her stunning beauty well, not like the bimbos Steve normally found in bars. Barbara found herself trying to make a good impression on Susan. She didn't want Susan to find any fault with her mothering or housekeeping, though she knew Susan was married and knew she was Steve's mistress.

Susan was Steve's age and they made a perfect couple. Susan began taking Barbara's place at society functions, which was fine with Barbara. Showing up with a beautiful mistress was a major plus to a divorce attorney. They also stopped entertaining when Steve met Susan, another reason to tolerate the affair, encourage it, in fact. Barbara was always nice and polite to Susan, at first, anyway.

A year into the affair, that changed. Susan showed her true character, and would often make a scene in front of the girls that Barbara found galling. Kissing her husband passionately was the first offense, and that ended her adoration of Susan. From there, things went rapidly down hill. Each time Susan stopped by, she added some new and disgusting feature to the illicit relationship, pushing Barbara to her limit each time. Fights began between Barbara and Steve, real fights with threats of divorce action.

By this time, Steve was unbeatable in court. Though most of her information came from Steve, Barbara grew to believe his threats to leave her with nothing. She always assumed she'd leave with nothing but her kids. When he told her he'd take them as well, Barbara went into a panic. The abuse escalated dramatically. The next day, she walked into her bedroom and found them fucking. Barbara eased out quietly. The girls knew they were in there and hadn't said a word. When Barbara returned to the living room, they were stifling giggles.

Barbara stormed from the house and drove aimlessly for an hour. When she returned, she entered to find Susan walking naked from the kitchen, sperm drooling down her legs, carrying two drinks, just as she had done years earlier in her own home while playing step and fetch it. Her girls watched Susan just as Barbara's younger brothers and sisters had watched her--with eyes wide and mouths open, following every step with eyes centered at crotch level or below. A wicked thrill ran up Barbara's spine as Susan stopped to face Barbara with her feet widely planted, smiling.

Barbara tried her hardest not to let her eyes drift down, but they darted down several times. Susan said, "Don't you have Margarita salt? I had to use table salt."

Barbara stormed into the bedroom and began shouting at Steve. He tossed her out. Barbara fell sprawled at Susan's feet. She looked up Susan's legs to her pussy, then up to her grinning face. Susan said, "Well, do you or don't you?"

Barbara heard the giggling behind her and her face went red. She got to her feet, humiliated and defeated. She walked past Susan to the kitchen. She returned moments later and firmly set a tub of salt on the counter top, saying, "Yes, we have Margarita salt."

Susan stared her down, then upended her two glasses on the hardwood floor, saying, "Good, make us two more and bring them to us. Better yet, have Cathy bring them." With that, she turned and walked back to the bedroom. Barbara was furious.

She made two more drinks, but delivered them herself. She knocked, waited ten seconds, then entered. The sight that greeted her eyes stole her breath away, especially when she realized it was intended for her youngest daughter's eyes. Susan was sucking on Steve's cock while finger-fucking his asshole. She was on her side with one leg cocked up, showing her beaver to the doorway. Barbara threw the drinks against the wall above the headboard, splattering both with icy wetness.

Susan took off after Barbara. She chased her through the house while the girls watched in awe. The two ran through several times before Susan caught Barbara in the living room, wrestling her to the floor. Naked and dripping, Susan sat astride Barbara's chest. She pinned Barbara's arms to her sides and slapped her repeatedly in the face. The girls stood against the wall, stunned. Barbara cried and begged Susan to stop. Steve watched naked from the bedroom doorway. Barbara was in tears, whipped, defeated. When Susan stood up, Barbara didn't try to move.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and sent pleading messages up to Susan who stood triumphantly over her. Susan smiled, then let loose her bladder, sending a hot torrent of amber piss into Barbara's astonished face. Barbara quickly covered her face with both hands, but not before taking a long stream full in the face.

The girls stopped crying and moved forward. Susan saw this and stopped the flow. She looked to Steve, got his nod, then squatted, taking Barbara's hands by the wrists.

The girls had gathered quite close by this time. When Susan pried the hands away, revealing their mother's wet, red face, Barbara also saw their faces and moaned. Susan let a squirt go which hit Barbara in the chin and traveled to her forehead. Barbara groaned in despair and turned her head.

Susan applied pressure with her hands to bring Barbara's head back, surprised at the ease with which she managed this. She adjusted her squat, settling lower and moving closer, then let another squirt go on Barbara's nose and mouth.

The squirts followed one after the other, timed to coincide with the intake of breath. Barbara began coughing and sputtering and wound up with piss being shot directly in her mouth. Swallowing became a necessity in order to breathe. By timing her breaths and swallowing in coordinated movements, Barbara was able to breathe normally though complete surrender was necessary.

For the final squirts, Barbara drank Susan's piss without the slightest show of resistance or struggle. Her daughters watched her mouth open to receive the vile offering. Piss filled her open mouth. She'd swallow, then breathe. They were all smiling by the time Susan got off, and she got off by ordering Barbara to lick her pissy pussy.

Barbara wasn't smiling, but she wasn't crying or trying to hide her face, either. Her humiliation was complete, and after getting Susan off, she asked permission to get up. After moving to stand beside Steve, Susan granted permission, but only after Barbara thanked her for the piss.

More outrages followed after that. Days later, after another chase, Susan sat on Barbara's face and filled her with piss. The next day, Barbara ate Susan after she'd been screwed on the sofa in front of everyone. She had to be forced, but there was little struggle. One day, Susan and Steve entered the house with a large bulldog on a leash. Barbara's nightmare was just beginning.

The girls adored the big dog, though he did more than just adore the girls. Barbara had to pull him off of Pam. She threatened to call the police, threatened divorce, threatened to run away, but Steve called her bluff. He dialed the police and handed her the phone. She hung up. Steve told her the dog would remain indoors. Those first few days were pure hell for Barbara. Besides not being house-trained, he was the horniest animal she ever knew. His long reddish pink cock was rarely in its sheath, much to the amusement of the girls, who were fascinated with it.

Barbara had the girls wear jeans after Bruno arrived. She, too, wore jeans. Bruno was a crotch sniffer and leg humper that was impossible to push away if his victim was cornered. If he got his front paws wrapped around a leg or torso, he'd hump till he shot his load. The girls placed themselves in positions where they were easily cornered, and got a big kick out of watching their mother frantically trying to control the animal. Their jeans received numerous wet and sticky stains.

Barbara had to spend time alone with Bruno when the girls were away at school. He stalked her when he had need and frequently caught her in a position she could not escape from. She grew accustomed to riding out his assault, thankful that no one was there to see. She'd go through three pairs of jeans a day until Steve put an end to jeans for her--panties as well.

Barbara went pale at this directive. She knew what it meant. With no barrier between Bruno's cock and her pussy, the inevitable was sure to happen. Sooner or later, it would happen before an audience, and she dreaded the very thought. Still, she fought the new rule. She lost the fight and packed away all of her jeans and panties. Steve took them away.

Steve figured Barbara would hide behind closed doors or secure Bruno in a room, so he removed every interior door from the house and stored them in the garage. He even removed the door to the shower stall. When everyone left the house the following morning, Barbara was in a short dress without panties. Bruno was behind her when she turned from the front door after seeing the girls off to school, amazed that she'd managed to get them out before being mounted. Their eyes met. His solid brown eyes were never more expressive. They seemed to say, "You're mine now, bitch!"

Barbara said, "You look pleased by this development. Well, what are you waiting for? There's nothing in your way. I'm not going to fight you. What, you don't believe me? See for yourself."

Barbara lifted the front of her skirt, exposing her naked loins. Bruno's interest picked up and he advanced on her. Barbara, in a panic, quickly dropped the skirt, backing to the door. She tried to block his flat muzzle as it nosed under her skirt. She pressed her knees together, but that did little to hinder him, and nothing to stop his tongue from slithering through her crack.

That first electric contact of warm tongue on her excited cunt flesh sent waves of delicious shivers through her, relaxing her knees against her will. Soon, his tongue lapped repeatedly through her wet slit as her knees weakened and she slid down against the door, her feet sliding out as though they had a will of their own. In a matter of minutes, Barbara found herself in a most compromising and vulnerable position: legs out wide, knees wide, pelvis jutted out with only her head and shoulders in contact with the door. She was offering the animal her pussy as brazenly as a human female could.

Barbara lifted her skirt high to see his muzzle in her crotch. She said, "I know you want to fuck my pussy. You want your doggie cock in my cunt. I can't do a thing to stop you from having your way with me. Do it and get it over with. I'm tired of fighting you, Steve, and Susan. It's what you all want, isn't it? To make me a bitch, a real bitch. I know you can reach it from there. You did when I wore jeans. Do you want my legs wider? Do you want my cunt lower? Is that it? Here, how's this? Is this more to your li ... ughh!"

Bruno startled her when he suddenly jumped up and grabbed her around the waist. He humped furiously, and she felt his hard, pointed prick poking everywhere but at her hole. Barbara had to bear his weight and hers while she waited for the fateful strike, but Bruno was content to rub himself on the inside of her right inner thigh with his prick nosing her fleshly cunt lips, sending delicious sensations coursing through her, but they grew increasingly frustrating until she cried out, "No, you stupid dog! If you're going to rape me, at least do it right."

Her cunt seemed to chase after the tip. She gyrated hard trying to break his hold, forcing him to reposition. Finally, in desperation, she reached down and guided the tip to her hole. Once there, Bruno caught on and drove steadily in, taking her breath away as he impaled her on his thick cock. He fucked her hard and fast, just the way she liked her screwing. When he swelled inside, he was much bigger than Steve, reminding her of the huge cocks she was forced to take when her pussy was young. His furry sheath tickled her clit, adding to the sensations that brought her rapidly to the verge of climax.

Barbara slid to the floor under his frenzied assault, but she kept her cunt up, legs wide, writhing into the bestial thrusts, crying, "Yes, fuck my cunt, Bruno! Make me your bitch! Fill my womb with dog cum! Oh yes! Fuck me hard, lover."

When Bruno poured his hot seed in Barbara's overheated pussy, she exploded in climax, then slowly sank to the floor. As she sank, the cock was pulled free, bobbing fully erect and dripping in her face before he walked off to lie in a corner and lick his dick. Barbara watched him with satisfied eyes, amazed at her canine lover, more amazed at her own response to a canine lover. He screwed her twice more before the girls arrived home. Nothing happened that first night, but two nights later, they saw her get screwed.

To them it looked like a rape, but that was due to Barbara putting up a fierce struggle that confused Bruno. The coupling was very awkward, done on the kitchen floor, on her side. Still, her girls enjoyed the show, and Barbara was deeply shamed by it--not during, but afterward.

Barbara was thankful that Bruno hadn't attacked her when Susan or Steve was around. She kept him thoroughly drained during the day so that he wouldn't. When she got the order to present her beaver to him whenever he nosed her crotch, she knew that wouldn't last long.

Because of the outrageous new rule, her girls witnessed five incidents that resulted in complete intercourse, though they couldn't see much as Barbara shielded her crotch and made them stand away. Still, it was exciting for all, even Barbara. Just having to present the animal with a spread beaver was enough to thrill Barbara, but when sniffing led to licking and licking led to a mounting, the thrill was ecstasy and acting raped became a challenge and a chore.

Days later, Steve and Susan put it to her that she was to screw Bruno on demand, Bruno's demand. By this time, she was ready to totally surrender. She was--in body, mind, and spirit--a bitch, Bruno's bitch. Hiding that fact was her biggest problem. She wanted it brought out in the open. All she needed was the collar as a constant reminder. Since the screwing at the door, she often fantasized having to wear a dog collar, always, even in public.

The momentous event, her turning point, the night she surrendered in body, mind and spirit, began when Susan flipped on the light as Steve yanked the covers off. Barbara had fallen asleep with her right hand wedged in her crotch. She rolled to her back and tried to cover her nudity on seeing Susan. Steve said, "Get up, bitch."

Barbara assumed they wanted the bed and rolled off. She made for the door, surprised to find them following. They followed her into the living room and Barbara turned with questioning eyes. When Bruno saw Barbara's naked body, he padded over and nosed her crotch. Barbara cringed from embarrassment, but didn't try to stop him. As was her duty, she made a beaver and let him lick.

Steve said, "Here's a new rule for you, Barbara. From now on, you fuck Bruno when he wants some pussy. It looks to me like he wants some right now."

Barbara reacted with feigned shock as Bruno licked her between the legs. She said, "Steve, no. You can't be serious."

Susan sat on the sofa with an amused grin, waiting for the show to begin. Bruno kept up his tongue assault. Barbara offered no outward resistance other than to try shielding her nudity. Steve sat beside Susan and said, "It's a rule, Barbara. Don't fight me. You know the consequences."

"Steve, please don't do this to me. I've suffered enough. Have your fun, but please don't involve me or the girls. I'm begging you."

Susan said, "Fuck the dog, Barbara. He's horny for you. Can't you see that? He needs you, Barbara. He wants some of that fine pussy you've been teasing him with. Give it to him like a good bitch."

Bruno was licking her cunt very effectively, bringing a rosy full body blush to her features. Gradually, her tense, defensive posture relaxed. She stood erect with her feet planted shoulder width apart, responding to the tongue action. Her next protest caught in her throat as Bruno's tongue lapped her standing clit. Her eyes glazed over as Steve added, "Do it missionary style so we can see the penetration. Lie over the ottoman on your back with your legs wide. Pull it up close to us so that your cunt will be in front of Susan."

Like a robot, Barbara moved the ottoman before Susan and Steve, then reclined on it so that her body was perpendicular to their knees. Bruno mounted her at once, placing his front paws on the ottoman at her narrow waist. His eight inches of exposed cock bobbed above Barbara's mound for several humps before finding the hole, then easily went in and folded back the sheath to add three more inches, bringing forth a reserved moan from the aroused woman. Steve could see that this was not Barbara and Bruno's first coupling on the ottoman. He and Susan exchanged knowing smiles.

As Barbara got into the act, she lowered her left knee to afford the couple a better view of the cock to cunt connection. She turned her head away so they would not see the passion in her expression. Susan used her foot to push down further on Barbara's left knee, then slid the pointed heel of her high heeled shoe along the inside of Barbara's inner thigh until it teased at the woman's cunt lip and clit, saying, "She makes a good bitch for Bruno, don't you think, Steve?"

"Yes, and I'm sure the girls will agree." This statement brought an immediate reaction from Barbara. It wasn't the anguish he expected, but a visible sign of arousal as she met the thrusting cock and brought her head up to look at her stuffed beaver, still being teased by Susan's heel.

The heel could not have felt good the way it was grinding on her clit, but Barbara made no outcry or pained expression. The cock hammering away at her bitch pussy made up for any discomfort. She wallowed in the degradation of the act and came when Susan suggested waking the girls so they could watch their mommy fucking the dog. Barbara came a second time when Bruno stepped up his fucking and poured his doggie spend into her receptive vagina, what she now thought of as her bitch cunt.

Bruno remained lodged inside for several minutes while Barbara's mind returned to near normal and absorbed what had transpired. Her face was a deep blush when he pulled out, exposing her well-fucked beaver to the couple. She kept her legs wide open for Susan to explore with her heel. Steve pushed one corner of the ottoman with his foot to move Barbara so that her beaver was head on to Susan. The heel went inside the gaping hole with the instep mashing Barbara's clit, bringing a pained look to Barbara's humiliation. Susan said, "You're a good bitch, Barbara. See that you remain one."

Steve added, "Yes, from now on, regardless of who is watching, you spread those sexy legs for Bruno. When you service him, I want you naked on the ottoman, just like you were. Keep those knees flat out to each side so you offer a good view from any angle. Understand, bitch?" Barbara nodded, then answered aloud when prompted. Encouraged, Steve said, "Furthermore, the girls are to wear only dresses without panties from now on. If Bruno wants them, you will not interfere."

This raised Barbara's head and revealed her pained, astonished expression. She said, "Please, no, Steve! How could you? They're just kids. I'll take care of Bruno. I swear, any time, anywhere. They can watch if that pleases you, but for god's sake, don't involve them."

"You'll do exactly as I say, Barbara. I will tolerate no hedging. One slip, and your ass will be on the street. Don't even try to talk me out of this. Susan finds this amusing. As you well know, what amuses Susan, amuses me."

Susan gave Barbara's cunt a shove, adding, "That's right, bitch. And see that Cathy wears the shortest skirt."

"Please, I'm begging you. I'll give you all the amusement you'll ever need. I won't act forced. I'll wear a dog collar if that amuses you. I'll use my mouth on him, in front of anyone. I'll act like his willing, horny bitch. I'll be a bitch in heat, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in the home, out of the home, in public or in private. I will suffer any humiliation you find amusing, but please don't mess with my girls."

Steve said, "You remain where you are. Susan and I need to talk. Play with yourself while we're gone. Come Susan."

Susan extracted her heel from Barbara's cunt, then followed Steve to the master bedroom. Once inside, Steve said, "That sure sounded like hints to me. You were right, she wants her affair with the mutt brought out in the open."

"Yes, and she just told us what turns her on. She wants to wear a dog collar, and she wants to act like his horny bitch in heat, even in public."

"I say we give her exactly what she wants. That woman has turned bitch. She wants Bruno all to herself. If exposing him to the girls might make him abandon Barbara, she may be difficult to work with."

"I agree. The deeper she sinks with her doggie lover, the more control we'll have over her. I say we get her a nice dog collar and make her stay naked. There is one other thing I want, and I don't think she'll balk at it. I want her to teach those girls how to properly eat a pussy--my pussy."

"I think she'll balk, but what the hell--let her balk."

Susan and Steve returned. Barbara was playing with her messy pussy, but stopped so that Susan could reinsert her heel. Steve said, "All right, Barbara. We'll try this your way. We'll leave the girls alone, but you'd better amuse us. You will wear a dog collar, but that is all you'll wear except when you go out. I expect to see a bitch in heat. You'd better be convincing even when we're not around. If the girls tell me you act differently when I'm away, the deal is off."

Susan added, "One other thing, bitch. Teach those girls how to eat a pussy. You know how I like it done. See that they know. Practice on each other. If I am disappointed in any of them, the deal is off. You'll lose your canine lover to a tighter pussy, and I know you don't want that to happen."

Barbara's expression turned cold and hard as she said, "You're both sick, you know that, don't you?" This brought her another hard foot shove in the cunt that made her wince. Barbara's head lolled back in surrender. Susan and Steve exchanged smiles.

Susan said, "You'll teach them right, won't you?"

Through a grimace with a tight jaw, Barbara said, "Yes, I'll teach them."

"Show me what you'll teach them."

Susan extracted her heel and made a big beaver. Barbara eased up and assumed a kneeling position between Susan's wide thighs. She planted light kisses all over the plane of her sex, slowly zeroing in on the cunt. She planted kisses on the clit, lips, and hole, then began licking the slit from asshole to clit, pausing in the center to lap deep in the hole.

Susan patted her head and said, "Make sure they lick deep. Yes, just like that. When you get to the top, suck my clit for a few seconds. Yes, that's good. Now, when you get to my asshole, probe deep. Tongue-fuck my ass for a few seconds before starting back up. Good! That's it. Now, suck my pussy hole. Yes, that's the way I want your daughters to service me."

Steve watched this performance, amazed at Barbara's willingness to serve his demanding mistress. She now appeared to be loving the act, performing with enthusiasm. He drew out his cock and began jacking off. He was on his side with his cock angled toward Susan's clit. Barbara eyed the throbbing head, knowing what was coming.

Susan said, "When I pull my lips apart, like this, that's the signal that I'm ready to cum. Teach them to suck my clit until I do. Yesssss! Oh, Yessss! Suck it, bitch! Suck my cunt, you nasty, dog-fucking whore!"

Susan exploded in a face-humping orgasm, then relaxed in a slump. Barbara went to her hole without being told and lapped at the flowing juices. Susan smiled to Steve, patted Barbara's head, and said, "That's right, teach them to lick me dry. Reach in deep and lap the walls of my cunt. That's it. Teach your girls to suck and swallow my cum. Make them expert cunt lappers like their mother and you can keep Bruno all to yourself."

Barbara lapped hard and deep. Susan and Steve exchanged another smile. Seconds later, Steve raised up and ejaculated his load onto Susan's clit. Barbara licked the white flow as it seeped into Susan's crack. She paused several times to lick the head of his dick. Using one hand, Barbara angled Steve's cock down until the head touched Susan's clit, then licked both as Bruno came up and nosed her in the ass.

Barbara instantly responded by widening her knees and offering her ass in a wanton display, wiggling her butt. She reached back with her other hand and patted her ass, a clear signal for Bruno to hop on. He did so and Barbara used that hand to guide his cock into her steaming cunt. Through lust-filled eyes, she looked up at Susan and said, "Is this the way you want me to act? Does this amuse you? I want to do it right ... to spare my daughters."

"That was fine, but see that you act this way for them."

"I will. I promise. I'll convince them that I'm a slut for his dog cock. I'll be shameless. Is that what you want? Do you want me acting like a shameless slut in front of my girls?"

"That's exactly what I want."

Bruno hugged Barbara tightly, his panting head hung over her left shoulder. Barbara turned her head to the left and licked at his hanging tongue. She then took a long lap up Susan's slit and kissed the head of Steve's cock. She looked up to Steve and said, "Honey, go wake the girls. I think it would amuse Susan if they saw me like this, and I want to show Susan that I can entertain her to her complete satisfaction."

Steve stood and paused to look down on his lovely wife, as she arched back to the humping dog while reverently licking the cunt of his mistress. She actually wanted their daughters to see her doing this. He shook his head in wonder, then went after the girls. In less than a minute, three sleepy-eyed young ladies entered the room, prodded along by a father with a growing erection poking through his open fly. They froze on seeing their mother. Susan said, "Come in, girls. Sit by me and watch the show."

The girls were speechless as they moved to take seats on both sides of Susan. Little Cathy stopped to look under her mother's lower belly to make certain the dog's cock was actually going in her mom's pussy. When she was satisfied, she hopped up on Susan's lap. Susan placed Cathy's bare legs outside her own so that her legs rested on Pam and Rachel's laps, exposing her hairless beaver to her mother's eyes. Barbara looked pleasantly surprised to see that her baby wore no panties under her night shirt. She was not surprised to see Susan's fingers delving into her baby's pussy pie, beckoning with a crooked finger.

Barbara leaned up and licked through the girl's tiny slit, making Cathy giggle and squirm. Pam, who sat on Susan's right, patted Bruno's head, her eyes darting between the cock, which she caught occasional glimpses of, and the two beavers her mother licked alternately. Rachel, on Susan's left, slid to the floor and looked up between her mother's legs, awed by the sight of Bruno's cock plunging in and out of her mom's pussy. Steve stood over the scene, shaking his head with an amused grin. What he was looking at was almost to unreal.

His grin became a smile when he heard Barbara cry out, "Oh, yes! Fuck me, Bruno! Fuck my horny pussy with your big doggie cock. I'm your bitch, Bruno. Pour your dog sperm in my womb."

She turned her head to lick his hanging tongue, then shouted more lewd encouragements. Barbara looked up to Susan hoping to see a smile. Susan patted her head and gave her a smile. Barbara then began taking long laps through both cunts that sat one atop the other.

When Bruno discharged, Barbara came with him. When he pulled out, Barbara got on hands and knees and dipped her head under his belly. She licked his hanging dick, then sucked it into her mouth as all three girls scampered down to take up viewing positions.

Steve joined Susan on the sofa to watch the bizarre spectacle. What was unreal was now surreal--un-fucking-believable. Neither could believe Barbara would stoop so low so willingly. She truly had no shame as she sucked the dog's dick with all three of her girl's faces close to the scene. She and Cathy were, in fact, cheek to cheek. Bruno stood stock still, obviously experiencing something new and liking what he felt.

Steve whispered, "This is going to be much easier than we thought."

"Easier than you thought. I knew she'd be easy. She's ready to meet Gary."

"Set it up. I'm ready, too. By the looks of things, so is Pam." Pam had her ass turned their way and they could see her hand inside her panties, working feverishly on her immature vagina. Susan sat forward and reached out. She dragged Pam's panties down to the girl's knees, then sat back. Pam didn't slow down one iota. If anything, this exposure drove her on. Her two middle fingers entered her tiny hole as she turned her ass to them and widened her knees. Susan said, "Yes, that one is definitely ready for breeding."

* * *

The night after the eventful encounter, Susan was supposed to be stopping by. Steve brought the collar, but Susan never showed. He and the girls fastened it around Barbara's neck, then watched her screw Bruno three times that night. Between the screws, she taught her girls the fine art of cunt lapping, as Susan preferred it. She performed the act on each of the girls under Steve's watchful eyes, then let each girl demonstrate on her. By ten that evening, they were ready for Susan, but Susan never showed. She did call at ten-thirty and explained how she got diverted. They made plans for the following night.

The following night, Barbara and her girls entertained Susan and Steve for hours. They gave Barbara a license to mate anytime the urge struck either of them. Barbara's needs were almost as demanding as Bruno's. If he wasn't nosing her crotch, she was nosing his. She didn't care who was watching. She'd take him in her mouth, suck him erect, then assume the position for mating, sprawled on her back over the ottoman, usually with all three girls hovering over the area of penetration.

The next day, Barbara spent long periods studying her reflection in the mirror, admiring the jeweled dog collar Susan made her wear. It was black velvet, an inch wide, studded with fake diamonds. There was a hanging tag inscribed, "Bruno's Bitch." She was to wear the collar always: to the market, to the schools, even to church. The dog was to go everywhere with her, and he wore a collar that said "Bruno." Her church days were over, she decided, but the market and schools, the long walks through the neighborhood, and visits to see her folks weren't over. They were mandatory.

Oddly, the idea of going out in public with Bruno sent wicked chills through Barbara. Susan made it very clear she was to do just that. She even altered Barbara's wardrobe. She had ten dresses to choose from. All were cut low to expose the tops of her breasts, and all were exceedingly short, obscenely short, worn without panties or bra with four-inch heels. She was to take Bruno everywhere dogs were permitted. She turned heads no matter what she wore. The new dresses would make them spin on shoulders.

Barbara knew the rumor mill would catch fire the first time she stepped foot outside, but the act was not illegal, and her attire was not obscene. A small wind gust would change that, but you can't arrest the wind. Her parents would freak out, and that pleased her. They were close to their grandchildren, if not her. If Steve could deal with the heat (and she felt certain he could), she would endure the stares, the talk, and the gossip. Bruno would be safe to go out with so long as she screwed him right before leaving the house. She would not screw him before going to visit her parents. In fact, she would insure he was randy when they arrived. She and the girls would go there on Saturday morning. Bruno was already randy.

Pam, Rachel, Cathy, Bruno, and Barbara loaded into the station wagon and set out for the familiar two hour drive to Grandma's house.

Barbara rarely went in with the kids and usually honked to pick them up. It wasn't that she wasn't welcome. Her parents had apologized years earlier in an effort to restore relations. Her father made a full confession to her mother, telling how he forced himself on Barbara, and how he encouraged the boys to use her as well. Her mother confessed to an affair. They were even, but then there was Barbara.

To make matters worse, they still received their monthly stipend from the marriage. As long as Steve and Barbara remained married, they would continue to receive the income supplement. Steve was a man of his word, though they knew Barbara suffered terribly under him. The girls were very open about their home life and enjoyed shocking Grandma and Grandpa. They knew all about Susan, but the girls hadn't visited since Bruno arrived in their home.

Though they hated doing it, they repeatedly made it clear to Barbara, that should she leave Steve, she could not come home or receive any financial help from them. They were, in fact, in league with Steve. This fact created and maintained the rift between them. With no place to go, and no means of support, she was kept a virtual slave to Steve, and her parents formed and maintained the chains. Barbara was eager to show them what their stipend was costing her.

Bruno sat on the front seat between Pam and Barbara. Pam fondled his sheath and Bruno's pink shaft emerged by four inches. Pam was the boldest of the three and Barbara knew she often aroused Bruno, then came to tell her mother that the dog needed servicing. Barbara reinforced this behavior by not interfering with the act or berating Pam. Being called by her daughter to service the dog was a big thrill every time it happened. Pam said, "Mom, Bruno needs servicing. Don't you think you better pull over and do something before we get to Grandma's house?"

"No, I don't, and you'd better stop doing that before he makes a mess in the car."

"You're asking for trouble. You are coming in with us this time, aren't you?"

"Yes, we are all going in."

"You know what's going to happen."

"What's going to happen, Pam?"

Pam smiled, looked to her sisters, then boldly said, "He's going to fuck you in front of Grandma and Grandpa."

Barbara never permitted the girls to use foul language in spite of all they'd seen and done. Pam assumed she could get away with it because of all they'd recently done. Barbara looked over and said, "Yes, I suppose he will, thanks to you."

Pleased that she guessed right, Pam said, "You could pull over and suck him off or something."

"I know that, Pam."

Pam kept up her stroking massage, bringing out another two inches of cock. Barbara said nothing about that. Pam said, "He's really horny for you, Mom. You're his bitch. You should suck his cock for him."

"I can't suck his cock and drive. If you keep doing that, I won't need to suck it."

"He won't cum if I don't do it fast."

"Do you think he should enter your grandparents' house in that condition? You know what will happen."

Pam and the two girls behind her exchanged giggling smiles. Pam said, "I know exactly what'll happen. He'll knock you down and fuck you like a bitch. You better pull over and give him some pussy. Suck him off, at least. Wouldn't that feel good? You keep looking at his dick like you want it real bad. Is it making you horny?"

Barbara looked at it and said, "Yes, you know it does. Stop teasing me, Pam."

"You know what? I think you want Grandma and Grandpa to see you and Bruno fucking. Is that it? Is that why you're going in and you want to make sure he's good and horny?" Barbara smiled. Pam smiled bigger, "Keeno! Boy, will they be surprised. They thought Susan peeing in your face was something. Wait till they see this."

* * *

Pam had to keep Bruno from jumping on Barbara as they walked from the car to the front door. Barbara held back as the door opened. June, Barbara's mother, smiled on seeing the girls, then looked surprised to see Barbara with them. She didn't give Bruno much thought as she said, "Barbara. Are you coming in?"

"Yes, Mother. Steve insisted. He also insisted the dog come in with me. I hope that's all right?"

"Well, of course. Everyone, come in. Harold, Barbara's here with the girls."

They entered with Barbara hanging back. Once inside, Pam continued to hold Bruno at bay. He tugged hard on the leash as Harold rounded the corner and headed right for Barbara. He embraced her, then held her at arm's length to study the collar and read the tag.

"Bruno's Bitch? What's the meaning of this, Barbara?"

Barbara said, "I'm the bitch; that's Bruno. If Pam lets that leash go, the rest will be self-explanatory."

June looked puzzled and came forward to look at the collar and tag for herself. When she turned to look at the dog, he was up on his hind legs, his massive cock out and naked, straining against Pam's restraining pull. "Oh my Lord." Her hand covered her mouth as her head went from Barbara to the dog. She said, "Harold, help that child restrain the animal."

Harold's eyes went from the dog to his daughter several times before saying, "June, Steve sent them here for a reason, and I don't think it was so I could help Pam hold the dog. Am I right, Barbara?"

"Bingo, Daddy. I think he wants to demonstrate what a good wife I've become. At home, I don't wear anything but this dog collar and Pam doesn't ever restrain him. She helps him get mounted."

June said, "Oh, honey, no. How could he do that to you? Surely not with the girls at home."

"Are you kidding? I had to teach them how to perform oral sex on his mistress, then assist while they took turns doing it to her after Steve had sex with her. Pam can't hold that dog for long. Decide what you're going to do."

June and Harold exchanged looks, then excused themselves from the room. They returned a few minutes later. Harold said, "Barbara, we talked it over, and we don't think it's proper for us to interfere in your marriage. Naturally, we hate what he's doing, but he has the right to do it ... well, maybe not the right in a legal sense, but ... well, you know."

Barbara assumed as much, saying, "Yes, I know. Since Steve clearly wants me mated in front of you, we may as well get on with it. I suppose I should remove this dress and assume a mating position. Do you agree?"

June quickly answered, "Yes, of course. I'm sure he'd want you to do this completely naked. Except for the collar, of course."

"Mind if I use your foot stool, Daddy?"

"No, go right ahead."

Under the watchful eyes of both parents and her daughters, Barbara stripped and reclined backward over the stool. The stool supported her lower back, allowing her to offer Bruno the spread he was accustomed to--knees wide and laid down almost flat. Pam released the leash, and Bruno got over his bitch. Barbara placed his front paws on her chest so everyone could see the cock enter her pussy.

June and Harold dropped to their knees on either side of the stool and watched from close-up. Bruno's long cock easily found the mark and slithered inside in three thrusts. They were awed by the sight of the dog screwing their beautiful daughter. June, forgetting the girls were nearby, reached out to caress the cock at the point of entry. Harold fondled Barbara's tits while rubbing his cock. Barbara, quickly aroused to a high state, peered down her torso and cried, "Yes, fuck your bitch, Bruno. Fuck my cunt, baby. Show Mommy and Daddy what your big doggie cock can do for their little girl's pussy."

June's finger entered Barbara's ass to feel the dog's cock from inside. Barbara cried out, "Oh, yes, Mom, fuck my ass. Daddy, let me suck your cock. I miss your hard cock in my mouth. I want to suck you. Cum in my mouth. I'm a good cock sucker, now. I'll swallow all of your sperm, and you won't have to beat me with a belt to make me do it. I'll eat your cunt, Mom. I've been trained. I do it right. I'll make you cum. Fuck me, Bruno. Fuck me!"

Barbara was silenced by her father's cock, but she heard her mother say, "I knew she'd make Steve a good wife someday. Fuck that doggie, sweetheart. Suck Daddy's cock, baby. Mommy has a nice wet pussy just waiting for you." Barbara did, and so did June.

Afterward, while Bruno licked his dick in the corner, and her mother and father rearranged their clothes, Barbara sat up, not bothering to get dressed. Her mother and father looked a bit sheepish when they came to their senses and realized what they'd done in front of the girls. The three girls had remained in the background, just watching the adults have the wildest sex.

After Bruno dismounted, June pulled off her panties and sat on their mother's face right after Harold reached his climax. While June rode tongue, Harold played between Barbara's legs, reacquainting himself with the finest pussy he'd ever had. Barbara addressed the girls, saying, "See, Grandma and Grandpa weren't shocked after all."

June said, "Why don't you kids run on into the kitchen. I've got all kinds of cookies in there and there's milk in the fridge." The girls dashed off, leaving the adults. June said, "I'm sorry this happened to you, Barbara. Not this, but what's happening at home. I know he made you this way, but we can't help you. I don't know how we'd manage without the five hundred he sends each month."

"Five hundred? He gives you five hundred dollars every month?"

"Yes, didn't you know?"

"I had no idea. Has it been five hundred all along?"

"Yes, for almost thirteen years now. With the ten thousand he initially paid, it's almost ninety thousand dollars we've been paid to keep our noses out of your marriage."

"Well, now I see why you never helped."

Harold said, "We couldn't, and can't now more than ever. We feel very bad about that, especially now, after this. Don't get me wrong, we liked it, but we know what you must be going through."

"That's all right, Mom and Dad. I know what five hundred dollars more a month means to you. I can't blame you."

June said, "Honey, you aren't thinking of leaving him, are you?"

"No, Mother. I threaten, sometimes, but I never will, not until the girls are grown, anyway."

"You're a good girl, Barbara, and a great mother. We're all proud of you, even after this."

Barbara said, "I would think especially after this."

"Sweetheart, we all saw how you responded to the animal. Our decision to let Bruno loose was as much from watching your need as to please Steve."

Barbara blushed and said, "I was that obvious, huh?"

"Yes, you were. I see how you keep staring at his penis, and you're making no move to get decent again. You may have resisted, at first, and you probably took quite a beating, but you're hooked now."

Barbara reached for her dress. Harold took it from her, saying, "No, you stay that way. The rules you live by at home apply here as well."

June said, "I agree with him, Barbara. It's all out in the open. I say we keep it that way."

"That's fine with me. You're right. I am hooked, but I wasn't beaten. Steve has never hit me. His mistress hits me, but not hard, just hard enough to show me who's boss. I'm a quick learner."

June said, "Yes, so we've heard. I hope we get to meet her some day." Almost in a whisper, glancing toward the kitchen, June said, "Did she really make you teach those girls to eat her?"

"Yes, Mother. We had to practice on each other."

"You're very good, you know?"

"I know, so are they, Pam especially."

"I don't mind telling you, Harold and I find those girls rather exciting. They're so cute, young, and fresh. I've had to watch Harold like a hawk, but I find myself weakening. What do you think about that?"

"Are you asking for my okay?"

"Not necessarily, but suppose you found out we weren't being good grandparents."

"I'd be disappointed, but not too surprised. Remember who you're talking to. You weren't exactly model parents to me. They aren't exactly innocent, either. I know how they can tease."

"Just be understanding."

"I will, but please, Daddy, don't screw my daughters. They all suck Steve's cock. Settle for that, will you?"

"I won't force them. I'll promise that much, but I'd fuck Pam if she so much as gives a wink."

"That's all I ask. Mom, they like eating pussy, so indulge yourself. Well, I'd better go. Rachel and I have an appointment with her teacher, so it'll just be Pam and Cathy staying. I'll pick them up tomorrow about this time. Come Bruno. Let's go, Rachel. May I have my dress now?"

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