See No Evil--Book 2 (School Daze)

By Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

The weekend was such a success that Estelle wanted to begin immediately altering Cindy's school life. She spent long hours plotting, planning, and thinking. When Cindy returned to school after her weekend initiation into the world of perverse adult sex, she did so in an outfit that Estelle selected. Her skirt hem came to just below the crotch where the school dress code required skirt lengths no higher than mid-thigh.

In addition, she wore no panties to cover her shaved pussy. Her thin blouse revealed the contour of her braless breasts. The darker nipples drew attention to themselves. She wore four-inch heels where heels over one inch for students was forbidden. She lasted two hours before being called to the principal's office. In that two hours, she created quite a stir. Estelle received the call she anticipated and went to the school.

She strode into the principal's office where Cindy sat with a man's suit coat draped over her legs. Three men and one woman looked gravely at her. Estelle entered, took in the scene, then said, "Hal, have them wait elsewhere."

Hal nodded to his people. They quietly departed. When the door closed, he said, "Mrs. Greyson, I am terribly sorry to have to call you in on this, but as you can see, Cindy is dressed inappropriately for school. Frankly, we are shocked to see her this way. We don't know what has come over her, and she won't give us a clue. I thought you'd want to see for yourself."

Estelle removed the suit coat and looked Cindy over. She said, "I see a well-dressed young woman. I picked out that outfit myself. Don't you think she looks good, Hal?"

"Well, of course she looks good. She always looks good, but honestly, you must admit, there's too much of her showing."

"She has a beautiful body. I want her to be proud of it."

"I agree, and the whole county is proud of it; but we have a dress code here at the high school, and Cindy is way over the limits."

"Then change the dress code."

"I have no authority to do that. The school superintendent sets the rules."

"Get him on the phone."

"What, right now?"


Hal hit the intercom and directed his secretary to get the school superintendent on the phone. One minute later, Hal handed the phone to Estelle.

Estelle said, "Don, this is Estelle Greyson ... Yes, but we'll discuss that later. I'm in Hal Peterson's office. You remember, Hal, the man we hired over several better qualified candidates because I liked his eyes. The man we hired despite the fact that he lied on his resume. Well, Hal is having difficulty with the dress code. He wants it abolished. He informs me that progressive schools have no dress code. Dress codes are old fashioned. I want ours ended immediately .... No, I won't wait for any meeting. You have the authority without a meeting. End it, now .... Good, here, tell your principal about your decision. I'm sure he will be pleased."

Estelle handed the astonished principal the phone. "Hello, Mr. Hightower, this is Hal Peterson .... Yes sir .... No sir .... Yes Sir .... Yes sir. I'll see to it. Thank you, sir."

Hal hung up the phone and cast sheepish eyes on Estelle. She mocked, "Yes sir, no sir, three bags full, sir! Really, Hal, you needn't be so obsequious. I assumed you had a set of balls that went with those gorgeous eyes. Jonathan can't dismiss you unless I say he can. I hired you; only I can fire you. If you like being fawning and obsequious, be that way with me."

Hal studied Estelle with a curious mix of fear, humility, and intrigue as she crossed to him and chucked him under the chin with a delicate finger, saying, "I must advise you, though, I find such men to be sloth creatures without spines." She trailed that finger lightly down his front. As he stood before Cindy, supported by his desk on stiff arms, he watched Estelle's finger trace down his front toward his waist. Beyond her, he could see Cindy settling back and crossing her legs in an unladylike manner, exposing her naked crotch.

His eyes were drawn to her enticing labia lips, then jerked back, wide open, when Estelle grabbed him by the balls, saying, "On the other hand, men with big balls excite me." She squeezed and fondled his nut sack through his slacks, bringing Hal stiffly to his toes. "You do have a nice, big pair of testicles, Hal."

While her mother fondled the principal between his legs, Cindy competed for his attention by increasing her exposure, slumping lower in her seat and moving her knees apart. She trailed a finger up the inside of her creamy inner thigh, moving her hem up as she did. Hal's eyes followed her finger as it teasingly stroked through her wet slit. Estelle moved her hand over the growing erection and purred, "Ummm, nice."

Estelle turned her head to see what had Hal's attention so riveted. She smiled when she saw what Cindy was doing. She said, "I see you like them young. You are a man of good taste. Don't get your hopes up, big boy, she's no virgin." Cindy widened her legs and slipped a finger in her pussy. "Do you like Cindy's pussy, Hal? Do you like them shaved to look even younger? Does the sight of prepubescent pussy put the lead in your pencil? Is that what lights your fire, the real tight stuff? The report I read from your last teaching job said you did."

He found his first words, saying, "Estelle, what do you want? What's this all about?"

"Hummm, that's better. You almost sounded like a man. What's this about? It's about my daughter. She likes to flaunt her sexuality. She likes showing her lovely charms. I support her. The girl stays horny. She likes to see cocks like yours stand up and salute her beauty. Can you blame her? She won't have a body like this forever."

"Estelle, if you keep doing that, there's going to be an embarrassing accident."

"Oh, I see. Well, we wouldn't want this magnificent cannon to go off accidentally, would we?" She boldly unzipped him and reached in to free his straining erection. Hal made no move to stop her, but cringed at the prospect of having his naked cock and balls in the clutches of the infamous Ice Queen. Beads of sweat appeared on his wrinkled brow as Estelle freed his eight-inch cock and curled her long-nailed fingers around it, angling it down toward Cindy, pumping along its length, saying, "There will be no accidental discharge, now."

Cindy, wanting to match her mother's boldness, pulled her skirt over her hips and unbuttoned her blouse. She put on a lusty exhibition, fondling her lush breasts and her wide open pussy. Hal groaned, "Oh, God!"

"Relax, Hal. I didn't come here to hurt you, and she's not here to tease you. If there is one thing I've taught my daughter it is that she finish what she starts. We both hate a cock tease."

Cindy got down on her knees and crawled to Hal's feet. She took his cockhead in her mouth, eliciting another groan from the astonished principal. While Estelle jerked him off in Cindy's sucking mouth, Cindy fumbled with his belt. Seconds later, Hal's pants fell to his feet. Estelle released her handhold to facilitate the lowering of his boxer shorts, then resumed her stroking as they hung at his knees. Hal watched the lurid sight of a mother jacking his cock in her daughter's mouth. All inhibitions and reservations left him as he lent himself to their obscene purpose.

He moaned when Cindy unmouthed him and stood. She pulled the chair close, then presented her ass to Hal, bending forward at the waist to grab the seat for support. With her ass at the tip of his penis, Estelle flipped Cindy's skirt over her hips, exposing all of her daughter's ass and the rear view of her pouting sex lips, wet, inflamed, and ready for penetration. Estelle pushed his prick down and nestled it in her daughter's hairless, coral-pink inner folds of warm, oily pussy flesh. She used the instrument to slide up and down through the slimy wet slit as Hal let out a deep groan of lusty need. Cindy wiggled her butt invitingly.

Estelle held him poised at the entrance of Cindy's hole, and Cindy wiggled her ass to engulf the head. Hal moaned, waiting hopefully. Estelle released him and sat beside him on his desk. Hal turned questioning eyes on her. She calmly said, "Do you have the balls to fuck my daughter right in front of me?"

Hal was in a quandary. He never wanted in a pussy so badly in his life. No pussy ever felt so good or looked so fine as the one that wiggled on the head of his dick. His cock screamed at him to push forward. His mind screamed that he'd be committing professional suicide if he did. Though he feared a setup, and knew he was in a trap, he took the plunge. Grasping Cindy firmly by the hips, he steadily pulled the Ice Queen's daughter over his penis, accepting whatever fate would befall him.

Once inside, he knew that whatever that fate was, the cost was worth it. When the floor didn't open up and swallow him, he fucked the girl with wild abandon, crudely buffeting young Cindy, slamming into her repeatedly. His ears barely caught Estelle's admonition to cum in her ass. The words did not register at first; but when they did, they drove him wild.

Fearing a loss of control, he withdrew and smeared her juices over the pink pucker of her anal ring. He then centered on her rosebud and firmly pulled it over the head of his cock. Cindy only let out a slight groan, so he pulled another inch, then two, then four, six, and finally, all eight inches were inside the girl's warm, tight, buttery ass and his big balls pressed against her shaved pubic lips.

Experienced child butt fucker that he was, Hal knew right away that someone bigger than he had been up her dirt road not long before him. Hal's delighted cock slithered through the hot mushy shit of her colon and whipped the contents into a hot creamy soup. Hal Peterson butt fucked the beauty queen teen and came shortly after he began shoving his spurting cock deep, moaning out his release with his head thrown back, his face in a tight grimace.

When his composure slowly returned, he found himself with a teenage girl impaled on his cock, her mother grinning beside him. Like a prisoner mounting the gallows, he looked at the mother and said, "What now, Estelle?"

"Now, the fun begins. How was it, dear? Is Mr. Peterson a good mount?"

"Ummm, yes. He fucks me so good."

"That's wonderful. Now, when you get called to the principal's office, you'll know what to expect. Hal Peterson is not the kind of man that is going to take any shit from you. He will take his pleasure with you whether you are in the mood or not. He might fuck you himself, or share you with his friends. You are just another whore in his school. You understand that, don't you?"

"Yes, but I'll be the best whore he has."

Hal observed this exchange with curious pleasure. His cock, still buried in Cindy's tight ass, did not significantly diminish. As the conversation progressed, as it became obvious their words were indirectly aimed at him, as the lurid message sank in, and as he began to believe they were sincere, his cock became rigid once more. He listened closely.

Estelle said, "Of course you will be his best whore, you're a Greyson. If he ever says otherwise, I will personally beat you with a belt. While you are in school, you are his whore. He has my complete support, and he has no fear of being fired. He knows if any teacher, parent, administrator, or student gives him a hard time, they will have Estelle Greyson to deal with."

Hal began slowly sawing his turgid cock in Cindy's ass while attentively hanging on every word. Cindy said, "Nobody will dare try to fuck me once word gets out that I am Hal Peterson's whore."

"That's right. Between you being Estelle Greyson's daughter and Hal Peterson's whore, you'll be virtually untouchable."

Hal fucked Cindy with a steadily building cadence. He could not believe his great fortune but wasn't about to question it, either. Before long, he pounded his cock in her soft ass as Estelle reached around and took his balls in her hand. Fondling them gently while he fucked her daughter's ass, she said, "A man with balls like these will not be at all bashful about taking a student as his whore. He will boldly take her from a class, fuck her in the boy's room or the hall, then return her with his cum running down her legs."

Hal immediately reacted to this lurid image, thrusting deep. Cindy excitedly said, "Yes, and sometimes he strips me in class and fucks me on the teacher's desk."

Hal pounded his cock in her and cried, "Oh, yes, you delicious little slut. Take my cock, you fucking teenage whore!"

Cindy cried, "Yes, and all the girls are green with envy when they see his big cock going all the way up my cunt. They all want to be Mr. Peterson's whore, but I'm the chosen one. The guys all want to fuck me, but nobody gets to fuck me unless Mr. Peterson says so. Those cowards won't even try. He usually lets the teacher have sloppy seconds and then he chooses one boy from the class for thirds."

This took Hal over the edge, and he blasted her colon once more while Estelle milked his balls. After he regained his composure, his cock slipped out, a drained noodle to its former greatness. Cindy collapsed to her knees and hugged the chair.

Estelle, still holding his balls, said, "Yes, a man with balls could have the time of his life in a situation such as this. He need have no worry about the police. Sixteen is the cutoff age for statutory rape in this state. Besides, I own the department and the courts. I certainly hope you live up to your balls, Hal. I am not easily impressed. It would be a shame to lose you."

Neither the message nor the implied threat was lost on Hal. He looked to Estelle and said, "I take it you want bold, aggressive action on my part."

"You take it right."

"What Cindy just said, about fucking in front of a class, is that what you want?"

"That would be impressive, yes, but I don't expect that in particular. I do expect you to try and impress me. I don't impress easily."

"And do you really think you can protect me from any recriminations?"

"I know so. I have protected you so far, haven't I."

"Well, yes, so far."

"You see, Hal, I've known about the games you and your buddies have been playing here at the high school, getting away with wholesale rape and running a stable of student whores by throwing my name around. I let you get away with that, too."

"I suspected as much. I knew I had friends in high places."

"I don't think you know me very well, Hal. You are not from here. This county would dry up and blow away if I were to relocate my company. Property values would plummet. People who own homes would be ruined and most own. Even the coloreds own homes. If an individual or group of individuals did anything to threaten the security of Greyson Industries, they'd face an angry mob along with the full weight of city and county government behind the mob. I wouldn't have to lift a finger; but if I did, I could destroy anyone from the mayor on down. And you needn't worry about the press reporting anything. I own the press and I have controlling interest in both radio stations."

"If I did what you suggest, the news might go far from this county."

"That's possible but not likely. Leaking damaging information would be like throwing a rock at my home or my plant. People won't do that openly, and outsiders put little stock in anonymous reports. Then again, someone or some group might go straight to state authorities in attacking you personally. I can always bring pressure to bear to have charges dropped, but when things get outside my direct spheres of influence, anything might happen."

"My experience has been that everything does happen. On the other hand, I never had any real power behind me."

"You now have money and political clout behind you, but you still need balls. Anything worthwhile entails an element of risk. If it didn't, men with tiny nuts could be king. Kings have big balls, Hal. Kings have balls like these, but not all big-balled men are kings. It takes more than balls. It takes a willingness to assume risks. I can tell you one thing, though. Anyone who investigates these wild reports will need eyewitnesses who are willing to go on record. You have a constitutional right to be confronted by your accusers. It would take a rare individual to do that. Those who do will have a hundred voices that deny their claim to every voice that supports it."

"What is it that you want, exactly?"

"Simple. I want you to use my daughter outrageously. I want you to create a scandal. Treat her as your whore in as public a way as you dare. The more who see you using her, the better I'll like it. If it hasn't dawned on you yet, I enjoy this fantasy. I have a strong itch to see it become reality. When I get an itch, I get it scratched. If you can't scratch my itch, I'll get someone who can. That's not a threat, I'm just being candid with you. From what I just saw, you'll do marvelously. That is, if you have the balls to follow through."

"Tell me more about this fantasy. What do you see happening."

"Essentially, my fantasy involves blackmail by perverts who want to ruin me by turning my lovely daughter into the most outrageous whore. They have something on me that can ruin me financially. If I were ever to lose my money, I would be powerless in a community with numerous enemies wanting to get even. Naturally, I will do anything to prevent this from happening. I will even sacrifice my only child. The blackmailers know this and simply want me to suffer continual humiliation by watching my daughter's degrading fall from social grace."

"I see, but you don't find this humiliating in reality."

"Not in the least. I love it. I don't care what people think, never have. Look at that child, Hal. She's lovely, virginal, pure, and sweet. This girl is built for sex. Who, in their right mind, wouldn't kill to watch this child in hot, nasty, vulgar action? What male wouldn't kill to bury his cock in her mouth, ass, or cunt? Furthermore, show me a female that wouldn't derive secret pleasure from seeing a potential competitor such as Cindy tainted with the whore label, reduced to mating with animals and riffraff. Deep down, we're all bitches, Hal. If you play the role of my blackmailer, you won't get any real opposition. Oh, some people will make noise, but no one will seriously try to stop you, at least, no one in this county. I am quite sure of that."

"How will I know if I step over the line."

"I don't see how you could, so long as her health and safety are protected. Don't worry about stepping over any lines. We will be in constant and close contact."

"Then I suppose you'll tell me what you want done, and I do it."

"I don't want to direct your every action, Hal. I trust you can be creative. I trust you have an imagination. I want to be entertained. Without being too specific, I want her body exposed, crudely and often. I'd like her to be publicly disciplined by both you and her teachers. I want her fucked often by a variety of cocks, and they needn't all be human. I want every teacher she comes in contact with to be openly sexually abusive with her. That includes the female teachers."

"That will be difficult. I only have two that I could count on."

"Nonsense, Hal. There isn't a male teacher in this school that wouldn't give his left testicle to mount Cindy over his desk. The only thing that stops them is fear of punishment. Take that away by reversing the situation and you'll be up to your ears in sexually abusive teachers. And the females will love the opportunity to degrade and humiliate Cindy, taking a beauty queen down a few pegs is every woman's secret dream. Teachers are basically rule freaks. They live by rules, compulsive followers of rules. All you need do to alter a teacher's behavior is change the rules. Any teacher who does not follow the new rules must be disciplined severely in my presence."

"Some of these teachers won't stand for that, Estelle."

"Any who refuse punishment or consistently refuse to cooperate will be arrested and charged with indecency with minors. You supply the name; I'll handle the rest. I will see that the charge is suspended if the teacher leaves the county quietly, but not before putting a thorough scare into them. Don't worry about the teachers. We need to crucify one to serve as an example. Pick one that you think might be a problem and provoke an incident."

"I could pick three just off the top of my head."

"Pick as many as you like. I'll turn them into a child porno ring. I can even get the pictures made. Teachers are so easy to blackmail. Not only can you fire them on the word of two or more students, but you can see to it that they never teach again anywhere else. They are the most vulnerable people to a frame-up, and they know it. They'll get in line quickly. I'm sure you have some cute young things working for you that you would love to get bent over your desk. This is your golden opportunity. As long as you take care of my needs, you can have a virtual harem."

"I suppose I could."

"Hal, you left your last position under a cloud of suspicion. You were accused of fondling young girls. You like that young stuff, don't you?"

"I have that weakness, yes."

"How young, twelve, ten, eight, younger?"

"Six to twelve."

"Don't you think that some of your teachers have cute little bundles of tight, virgin flesh that they would be more than happy to hand you on a silver platter to get out of a molestation charge, the humiliation that goes with it, and the long jail time they'd face if they failed to cooperate. An ambitious man like you could build quite a harem of prepubescent little whores. I could help you build that harem. I don't mind telling you, I like the idea. Cindy will be leaving for college in a little over a year. I'll still need entertaining."

Estelle released Hal's balls when she could see his wheels turning. Hal pulled up his shorts and pants and began pacing in deep contemplation. Estelle let him think. After a minute, he stopped and said, "You know, I think you are right. I think this can work beautifully. You are absolutely right about their vulnerability. I could get dozens of written complaints on any one of them, complaints that would stick if we pushed it that far. The police will go along with this, right? Would they actually come and arrest any teacher I fingered?"

"Would you like to speak with Chief Evans and hear it from him?"

"No, I believe you. Estelle, this is fantastic, unbelievable. It's certainly worth the risk. I mean, any charge against me would have to be adjudicated in this county, right?"

"That's right. Moving jurisdiction would need the governor. The governor owes me. Besides, if the heat got too intense, there's always a job waiting for you with my company. We have plants in three states. If you do right by me, I'll let you pick one. You seem to have someone in mind."

"I do, but she's not a teacher. In fact, she works for Greyson Industries. We just broke up. She has an adorable nine-year-old daughter, a lovely little Lolita named Cathy. Mommy caught me with my fingers in the pie one too many times and dumped me. Actually, the last time she caught me, it wasn't my finger."

"That's a shame, but I'm surprised she didn't dump you after the first incident."

"The woman had wedding bells ringing in her ears, and we'd only been dating a week. She tolerated an incredible degree of sexual abuse. It took conditioning, but I could eventually sit next to her on the sofa and finger her naked daughter on my lap. She let us take baths together, and she allowed her to share the bed with us. I slept between them and spent all my time curled up with Cathy. One night, we woke her mother up in the middle of the night. She cautiously reached around my hip, felt for my cock, and found it half buried in her little girl's twat. She was decent enough to let me finish, and even let me sleep with my cock in her daughter's snatch. The next morning, the bitch freaked out only when it finally dawned on her that it was Cathy I wanted, not her. She gave me the old heave ho. I want that kid, Estelle."

"Then you shall have her. Give me the woman's name. I'll have her arrested immediately for prostituting her daughter. I will have a squad car deliver Cathy to you at your apartment by six this evening. You will have legal guardianship while her mother tries to win her freedom."

"You can do that?"

"It will only take two phone calls--one to Chief Evans, and one to Judge Stevens. I'll do this for you just because it pleases me to take a loving mother's child from her and turn that child over to a child molester. Besides, occasionally, I have to throw my big cats some raw meat to play with. I hope the mother is attractive."

"She is very attractive and sexy. I want her almost as much as I want her daughter. I just don't want to marry her. When you say, 'Big Cats,' I assume you are referring to the police."

"That's right. They are my big cats."

"I don't want Brenda hurt or sent to prison. She's a good woman. I do want her brought under my control, though."

"I can work this any way you want, but I want her for a week, at least. I need to keep my big cats well fed. She'll be broken. She'll surrender custody to you. You can adopt the child if that's your wish. She'll be fired, of course. She'll need a job. Perhaps you need a live-in nanny for your Lolita."

"Estelle, you are evil."

"Yes, and everyone knows that. Just give me her name before I leave."

[The ordeal of Cathy's mother is told in "Losing a Mommy, Gaining a Maid".]

"I'll do that. Now, I can relax. I've knocked up quite a few little women since I arrived."

"Do tell."

"Actually, I arrived here with one; unfortunately, the mother came with her. She is an adorable twelve-year-old. Her mother was more accommodating than Brenda. I dumped her a few months after we got here, just as her daughter was ready to drop the kid. It pissed her off pretty bad. I had good reason, though. I met this incredible woman with three girls--a fifteen-year-old, a thirteen-year-old, and an eleven-year-old--the mother lode. All three are now pregnant and showing."

[If you're into this perversion, read "Bad Girls".]

"You are a virile rascal. You do need my help. You're a menace."

"Don't I know it. Estelle, I'm your man. I'm going to do this. I'm going all the way, balls to the wall. I'll fuck your daughter at an assembly if that will turn you on."

"Good, that's what I want to hear. You just make like you have something on me. I can't be seen as a willing participant, but I am very blackmailable. The people here know I'm vulnerable. I have few true friends. You will get more support if they think you have me by the short hairs. I am a fair actress. Do not ever show me the slightest respect or deference in the presence of others. You may verbally abuse me to your heart's content, and I will tolerate a fair degree of physical abuse as well. Don't go too far, not that I wouldn't like it, but few would buy it. If you were to grab my breast or slap my ass after dismissing me, I'm sure that would go over quite well. I will, of course, act indignant, but that's all I'll do before storming off.

"As for what you do to Cindy in my presence; and believe me, I want things done to her in my presence; there are no limits. You can piss in her face while a dog is fucking her ass .... Surprised? It's been done, and done often."

"Your daughter has been fucked by a dog?"

"Oh, I see that interests you? Yes, she will eagerly take a dog in any hole. Indulge yourself. You see, Hal, people who know me see me as a woman who will sacrifice my daughter to save my image or fortune. Some call me the Ice Queen. No one will be the least surprised to discover that I stood silently by while you abused her. Turning her over to you to use as your personal whore in order to safeguard my precious money would be in keeping with my character. There's your cover story if you need one. I'm sure you'll be inundated with questions. Make up any story you like, just keep me informed of what you are telling people."

"I'm liking this more and more."

"I'm glad. Now, I want detailed reports from you daily. I want to know how many cocks have violated her and in which way. I want to know every pussy she licks or tit she sucks. I want the names of everyone who participates. Before she graduates, I want every male in her junior class to sample her and as many females as possible. I want every teacher, male and female, to have sex with her. I want numbers, Hal, the more the merrier."

"I'll do my best."

"Have the nurse monitor her health daily as well. Also, have the junior class and all teachers checked for VD. She may be pregnant. If not, she soon will be. I am breeding her with my Negro man servant. She will bear the child and nurse it in school, your wishes, of course."

"Estelle, you are too much. That's marvelous. I admire your style. So that's why you made me cum in her ass. And I foolishly thought you were protecting her."

Estelle laughed, "That's rich!"

"I suppose we'll need to keep semen out of her vagina until we are successful."

"Absolutely, but as soon as we know, let the sperm fly freely. In the mean time, her ass or mouth make fine receptacles. See that her cunt gets a thorough workout, just see that the sperm goes elsewhere."

"I will see to it personally, Estelle."

"I'm sure you will."

"Look, I'd like to get started right away. My assistant principal will be the perfect first candidate. He knows everyone, and he has a big mouth. Besides that, the man is a walking erection and adores your Cindy."

"By all means, bring him in. Cindy, arrange your clothes and sit demurely. Look properly humbled and frightened, just as you did when I walked in here. I'll sit on that couch and look properly pissed."

Hal pressed the intercom button and said, "Marge, send Richard in." Turning to Estelle, he said, "You are going to love this, Estelle. Try not to smile."

Estelle made a stern, icy expression and said, "How's this?"

"That's beautiful. Hold that expression."

Richard Wright entered the office. He was a balding man in his forties, slightly overweight, and wearing an ill-fitting cheap suit. As Estelle studied him, she figured that if she had to pick a child molester out of a faculty photo, she would pick Richard. Her excitement grew as she observed him trying to keep his eyes off of Cindy's legs. Her upper thighs attracted his eyes like powerful magnets, even though Cindy sat with her knees together and her hands resting modestly over her skirt's hem.

He nervously said, "What can I do for you, Mr. Peterson?"

"First of all, knock off the Mr. Peterson shit." Richard's eyes darted to Estelle, then went back to Hal. "I was just telling Estelle what you said the other day, about Cindy."

Richard gulped, then said, "Uh, I'm not sure what you are referring to."

"You know, how you'd give you left nut to fuck the ass off that cute little bitch."

Richard recoiled defensively, going pale. He looked plaintively to Estelle, his mouth moving but no words coming out. Hal went on before Richard could voice a denial, "You did say that, didn't you? You would like to fuck the girl, wouldn't you?"

"Hal, what are you doing?"

"Look at her, Richard. No, don't look at that bitch, look at her daughter! She's the one you want to fuck, not that tired old cunt."

"Hal, are you nuts? Have you lost your mind?" He cast apologetic eyes on Estelle, surprised to see her taking the abuse in silence. She took it, but looked like she could chew through a truck bumper.

"Richard, if you want her, take her. Go on, go over there and take her blouse off. Take the girl's blouse off, Richard." When Richard just stood, staring from Estelle to Cindy, Hal said, "Consider it an order. I take full responsibility. Go, remove the girl's blouse."

Richard expected Estelle to launch herself from the couch, or at least say something. When she didn't, he timidly approached Cindy. He gave one more glance to Estelle, then reached trembling fingers to Cindy's blouse. Cindy stiffened and turned her head away, but made no move to block him with her hand. Richard undid one button, glanced to Estelle, undid another, then the third. He then went right on down, and drew the flaps open, baring Cindy's breasts. His eyes devoured her twin swells with their rigid, pert nipples ringed with tiny goose bumps. While keeping his eyes on the twin globes, he removed the blouse and let it fall.

"Good, now feel them. Suck on her titties if you want. Go ahead."

Richard knelt at the side of Cindy's chair. He seemed to forget about Estelle and eagerly fastened his stubby fingers over the firm flesh. He squeezed, molded, and pinched the flesh into distortion, getting rougher and rougher. He knelt and fastened his mouth on her left nipple and sucked hard. He went from one to the other while Cindy sat stoically with her head turned bashfully away from her mother.

Hal addressed Cindy, saying, "Use your hands, girl. Offer those titties to my assistant. Lean into his mouth." Shyly, Cindy brought her hands up and cupped her titties, leaning into the mouth. Richard was delirious, going from one to the other, delighted at the way she turned her torso as each was presented. He nibbled and sucked, looking up to see her reaction, seeing how she no longer looked away but was watching closely, breathing hard, a clear sign of arousal in her soft eyes, her berry-hard nipples excited by his oral technique as he flicked his tongue over them and bit lightly.

When he eased off of one, she moved the other quickly to his mouth. He didn't have to move; she came to him. Estelle's cold steel voice pierced the sound of heaving breathing and slurping suck sounds, saying, "All right, Hal, you've proved your point. Leave her be."

"Shut the fuck up, bitch! She's my whore now, and I'll do with her as I please. Cindy, lift your skirt and part your legs. Show Richard your hot pussy."

Richard sat back on his heels to see if she'd comply. Indeed, her hands pulled the skirt up to her middle and her knees drifted a foot apart. The sight of her hairless slit opening to reveal it's coral interior stole his breath away as Hal said, "Get those fucking legs out wide, damnit!" Cindy moved her knees out to their fullest, exposing the full open plane of her moist sex. Richard's hand went to her crotch and cupped her sex. Cindy stiffened and grimaced as he inserted his fuck finger. His other hand returned to fondle her breasts.

Hal said, "Is that good pussy or what, Richard?"

"You're God damned right it is. What the hell is going on, Hal?"

"Feel her asshole."

The finger eased out and trailed the run of vaginal lubricants, sliding down her ass crack. His wet finger slipped easily in her slimy rear hole. He exclaimed, "You son-of-a-bitch! You fucked her? You fucked her in the ass?"

"Nice ass, too, huh? You want her naked?"

"Oh, Jesus!"

"Cindy, lift your ass so Richard can get your skirt off." Cindy reached for the seat and raised up. Richard unsnapped and unzipped her skirt, then drew it down her legs and off. "Leave the heels on. I think she looks sexier wearing only heels, don't you."

"Fuck yes! This kid would look sexy in a deep sea divers suit." Before she could settle back down, Richard got both hands under her ass, cupping her soft globes. She spread her legs as his mouth moved between her thighs. When he buried his face between her legs, she swooned and raised herself higher, spreading herself wider, crying out, "Oh, Mommy, he's kissing my vagina. He's putting his tongue inside the hole. He's licking my pussy, Mommy!"

Richard clutched her in a tight grip trying to stay with her gyrations. He feasted on her nectar, inspired by her obvious enjoyment of the lurid act. From his rear, he heard, "Honestly, Cindy, you're making a fool of yourself."

Hal sternly said, "I thought I told you to shut up. The kid is a whore now, she's supposed to love it. Get used to it, Estelle. You gave birth to a whore--my whore."

Richard paid her no mind and continued eating the thrashing teen until she reached a powerful climax. He let her down then pried her legs apart to study her pussy in detail, saying, "God damn, this is the finest looking cunt I've ever seen."

"Why look when you can fuck it?"

"Don't tease me, Hal."

"Pick her up, Richard."

Richard reached one arm around her back and the other under her legs then stood. Hal said, "Now, go lay her on her mother's lap."

By this time, Richard lost his fear of Estelle and walked straight over and deposited Cindy on Estelle's lap. He positioned Cindy's ass right over Estelle's thighs. Estelle sharply protested, "Look, if you insist on letting this animal violate my daughter on my lap, at least allow me to remove my skirt. This is a five-hundred-dollar, Journet original. I don't want it soiled."

"Very well. Richard, would you lift her for a second. We certainly wouldn't want to soil Estelle Greyson's Journet."

Richard grinned and lifted Cindy. Estelle raised up and pulled her skirt off. She folded it neatly and laid it over the armrest. She settled back with bare legs, showing her sexy panties. As Richard replaced Cindy, he took note of the wet spot in Estelle's crotch. He also felt her legs in the process. Hal said, "All right. You wanted to fuck her, now fuck her. There's just one thing, though. Cum in her ass."

Richard hurriedly freed his rampant member and knelt beside Estelle between Cindy's legs. He put the head of his cock to her opening and slid in effortlessly. Richard's knees sank deeply in the soft cushions, bringing his cock at the perfect level to fuck her on his knees while watching the penetration. With his hands cupping her ass, the back of his right hand wedged between Estelle's inner thighs, rubbing up against her pantie-covered crotch. He accentuated the pressure, rubbing on Estelle's clit while he fucked her daughter with long measured strokes.

Estelle maintained her stoic show of steely composure, though her panties became saturated. Cindy was not so dispassionate. She rocked and ground her ass on his cock while massaging her tits, crying, "Oh, yes, fuck my pussy, Mr. Wright." He fucked harder, and her hands flew out, one clutched to Estelle's blouse, the other clutched her mother's knee. Estelle pried Cindy's fingers from her blouse and brushed out the wrinkles only to have Cindy back clutching the blouse again over her right tit.

Estelle shouted, "Oh, you little bitch! Look what you're doing to my fucking blouse." She pried her daughter's fingers from her tit only to have the other one fall victim. She shouted, "God damnit, you stupid slut! You are ruining this blouse. Can't you exercise any control at all? Here, if you must grab my breasts, at least let me take the blouse off."

She quickly unbuttoned the blouse and removed it. She folded the blouse and laid it over the skirt. Cindy reached the cup and latched onto the right tit, clutching it in a tight grip. Estelle winced, but Cindy knew how much her mother liked rough treatment of her breasts. She could not squeeze hard enough to suit her. The grossly distorted breast flesh lent credibility to Estelle's agonized expression.

Richard feasted his eyes on Estelle's tits and on the brutal torment Cindy's impassioned lust meted out. This drove him to the brink of orgasm. Remembering Hal's instructions, he pulled out. Grasping Cindy behind the knees, he rolled her pelvis back, bringing her asshole up.

Cindy managed to push her mother's bra cups up over her tits. Estelle protested, but did not try to rearrange her bra. Cindy mauled both tits in her passion-crazed throes. Richard tried to get his dick in her ass without the use of his hands, but had difficulty. He made several stabs before Estelle reached between Cindy's legs and guided him to her rosette, saying, "Here, if it will end this insanity, I'll help."

Once the head penetrated her sphincter, the rest slithered in like a hot knife in a warm butter, or would have had Estelle turned lose of his cock. He patiently waited while taking short strokes. Estelle eased off slowly to permit full penetration. With Cindy still clutching her mother's tit, he pounded Cindy's ass. She wailed, "Fuck my ass! Oh, Yes! Fuck my ass! Cum in my ass, Mr. Wright!"

Richard came in her ass as he had never cum before. His frantic orgasmic convulsions sent him sprawling over Cindy. When it was all over, he needed Hal's assistance in getting up and off. When he stood looking down on the two females, he saw his load pouring out of her abused nether hole, running down through the wide slit of her pussy, and flowing over her mother's thigh. Estelle pried the death grip off her tit, then pushed Cindy to the floor as though disgusted with her. With a face twisted in revulsion, she wiped the mess from her thigh and wiped her hand on Hal's couch. Cindy lay in a heap at her feet, trying to catch her breath.

The amused men watched Estelle make a production of wiping the sperm from her inner thighs with her tits still exposed. She had the messy leg cocked and laid flat, exposing the sopping wet crotch of her ultra-sheer panties. The wet panties were transparent where they touched her yawning pussy. Despite this overt display, Estelle did not appear to be intentionally exposing herself.

To Richard, anyway, she simply looked like a woman who did not give a fuck what the men saw. This was confirmed for him when Estelle glanced up to see them gawking at her beaver and said, "Wipe those smug looks off your faces, gentlemen. I don't normally wear panties, and my vagina lubricates at the sight of dogs fucking. You two look like you've never seen an adult cunt before. I would not be at all surprised."

Hal turned to Richard and said, "Wait outside. We've seen enough of her tired old pussy. I need to have a word with this uppity bitch."

"Yeah, sure, boss. While you're at it, get some money from her to clean the couch." He looked down to Cindy and said, "You're a great piece of ass, kid. I'll be seeing you around." With that, he sauntered out.

When the door closed behind him, Estelle shucked off her panties and spread her legs, saying, "Hurry, Hal, I need a fuck. At least you can cum in my tired old pussy. Cindy, get your tired young ass up here and suck my titties while we screw."

Hal had his cock out and buried to the hilt in Estelle's wet pussy. Cindy fastened her mouth on the nearest tit. Hal gave her a few minutes of good fucking to take the edge off, then said, "Well, how was that for openers, Estelle?"

"That was perfect. I want lots of scenes like that. I want someone new every time I visit, and I'll visit here often. You will summon me, of course."

"Of course. I must personally demonstrate the control I have over you before every faculty member. There will be group scenes."

"Yes, but keep them intimate. Estelle Greyson would never allow herself to be humiliated before a large group. I don't want to set limits and inhibit you, but I know what they'll buy and what they won't. I like humiliation and abuse if it's done right. It takes a rare man to do it right. I've only met one in my entire life and that was this weekend. If you are unsure, concentrate on Cindy. What you did with Richard was fine, though. He knew I was turned on, but I appeared to remain in character, turning on against my will. Above all else, I will always remain in character for Estelle Greyson, or what people expect of Estelle Greyson."

"Well, you fooled Richard. He bought it. I could tell. Using concern for your clothes as an excuse to strip down was classic Estelle Greyson."

Estelle laughed and said, "Yes, it was, wasn't it. That fucker played with my cunt the whole time. God, he had me flowing. I know I surprised him when I guided his cock in her ass."

"He loved it. If I know Richard, he's right outside my door giving a graphic account to the whole office staff."

"How many?"

"Six, besides Richard--five females and one male."

"And he won't mind them knowing what he just did?"

"Not hardly. Richard has the reputation of being a walking erection. He screwed them all except the nurse, Emily, and Pam. Pam is the young girl we recently hired to assist Marge, my secretary. She's a newlywed. She blushes beautifully, but she's all ears if there's any smut happening or being discussed. Richard also has several student whores of his own. None that I'd touch, but he's not as choosy as I am. He fucks them in his office. He's also pretty open about what he's doing, at least, within the office staff. They go back a long way. They are a tight bunch."

"Tell me about your staff."

"Marge is my secretary. She runs this place, and she's been running it for twelve years. She's married with three kids. Her two boys are students here. Rumor has it that she's fucking around off campus, but it's just rumor. If she were forty pounds lighter, I'd put more credence in those rumors.

"Susan, the busty blond that runs the front desk, is our resident bimbo. She'll fuck a snake if someone holds the tail."

"Don't you mean head?"

"No, tail. Things get lost in her cunt real easy. That's a running joke here, and Susan started it. She's the only single female on the staff, and she is never without a date. She makes no bones about being free with her pussy, and she has helped us out quite a few times by taking an angry father into the aid room for a cooling off session. I told her I don't like problems getting past her desk. If a man is the problem, and that man has a dick, his problem does not make it past Susan.

Stephanie is our Girls' guidance counselor. She's a fine looking woman, married with three kids. All three are students here, two boys and a girl. Stephanie projects the straightest image, but from what I hear, she sleeps around quite often. She and Ben, our Boys' counselor, get it on every chance they get, and I doubt there's anyone on the staff that haven't caught them at it. Pam has a sixth sense for knowing which office they're using and when to barge in."

"Have you caught them?"

"No, I'm not supposed to know about them. It was a concession I made to Richard. They cover for him; he covers for them. Basically, I sit in here and see nothing. I have heard them fuck in Richard's office."

"What about Ben? Isn't he your buddy, too?"

"No, Ben is too straight for me. He doesn't get dirty jokes, and he'd raise his nose if I ever told one of my Lolita stories. Richard loves hearing about my exploits. Ben is a quiet loner. He's porking Stephanie, and regularly, but I think she's it for him.

"Emily, our school nurse, is a tough one to figure. For a woman in her mid-forties, she looks damn fine. She gives off a sexual heat you can smell, but nobody is poking her that Richard is aware of. She's in the middle of all the action around here as her aid room is the best place to fuck in private. I had every inside door lock removed from every place in this school that two people could fuck standing up in. The only interior doors that lock from the inside are my office and Emily's aid room.

"Interesting. Richard's door has no lock?"

"No, and he likes it that way. He says it's more exciting fucking behind a door that can open at any second."

"I agree. Cindy, go unlock the door." Hal smiled as Cindy went to comply. Estelle said, "Do the others know he's fucking students in his office?"

"Absolutely. They've been covering for him for years. They don't know that I know. Richard and I hit it off from day one. He's been a godsend to me. This job, by rights, should have been his, but he holds no grudge that I'm aware of. Richard leaves his intercom on so that I can listen in on the shit that goes on in his office. I control the on and off switch from here. Pam will sometimes assist while Richard is with one of his student whores. Two of those women have watched him screw students. My secretary, Marge, was one."

"Why hasn't he screwed this Pam? Sounds to me like she'd be right up his alley."

"He's working on her. She's weakening. The banter that goes on between them is entertaining as hell."

Estelle said, "I do love a nice slow fuck after an intense session like we just had. Keep that steady pace up. Cindy, play with my clitty. Be easy, just rub gently. You'll know when I'm ready to cum. Let's give Richard plenty of time. He has a lot to share. Tell me more about Pam and Richard. Is she the cute brunette with the long flowing curls and almond eyes?"

"That's her. She's nineteen and can't type a lick. We hired her on looks alone. He's working on her. He's damned good at it and just about there. He knows her buttons. She loves the dirty talk and his constant sexual innuendoes. She absolutely loves managing his whores for him. Richard gave her that unofficial job. When he gets horny, he likes to send Pam to fetch the girl he wants from class. He alerts me, then calls Pam into his office. Lately, she's been remaining throughout the session, stripping the girl and guiding Richard's cock. When he's through using the kid, he turns her over to Pam to straighten up and return to class. She loves to clean a kid after a messy fuck."

"I knew there was something I liked about that sexy little bitch."

"Yeah, the two of them are the finest entertainment I have. I've listened to their relationship progress from Pam's first day when she came to talk to Richard about why a female student left his office looking like she'd been having sex, and Richard simply said, 'Because I just fucked her brains out, that's why.' Her response was, 'Oh, I thought so. I was just curious, that's all.'"

Estelle said, "Those two are a match made in heaven."

"They are. She started working as his whore manager the next day. Now, he puts it to her this way: 'Pam, I need me some pussy. I need it bad.' She'll say, 'Well, don't look at me. Mine is spoken for.' He'll go, 'I don't give a shit. I don't want to keep it, I just want to fuck it.' She'll giggle and blush some more. They go back and forth, haggling over her pussy until he has her using fuck and pussy in every sentence. He waits for her to make the suggestion that she go fetch him a girl to fuck. Then they go back and forth as he weighs the potential of each girl she offers to deliver, even offering up girls who she thinks will put out for him, describing their physical charms in crude detail, sharing any rumors she has heard about them. She has been a boon to his stable of whores. He has twice as many as before she arrived. I think there's a dozen, now."

"Has she ever mentioned Cindy?"

"Almost every time. Not that she ever thought Cindy would put out, but just because she knows how desirable she is and how much Richard wants her. She gets off on describing Cindy's body to him. I knew what Cindy had to offer before her math teacher brought her in dressed as she is now. The shaved pussy was a surprise, though. That must be something recent. I must say, Pam described Cindy to a tee, though."

"I shaved her cunt yesterday, but when did Pam see her body?"

"She didn't, but she talked to her PE teacher, Stella Crane. She's a dyke. If you want to know what any girl looks like naked, just ask Stella Crane."

"Yes, I heard. So what happens next? And start fucking me a little harder."

"He gets her all juiced up and squirming in place. You know, like a little girl that has to pee real bad. That's when he offers her one more chance to be the lucky one. Lately, she has gotten a hair's breadth away from putting out. Just recently, she's been letting Richard jack off in her twat. She figures as long as he doesn't insert more than half, they aren't actually fucking. It's a silly game they're playing, and I'm not sure who is teasing whom."

"Well, I'm sure."

"Yeah, I am too, come to think of it. She's a prick tease and a half. Sometimes, Richard has her creaming her panties with his dirty talk. That's when he makes his selection and sends her on her way. The girl is ready to fall off the fidelity wagon. Hell, she's hanging half off as it is."

Estelle said, "Give me some long deep strokes, Hal. Yes, like that. Cindy, place your hand on my snatch with your finger and thumb making a tight ring around the base of Hal's cock. He needs a tight pussy to inspire him. Oh, and shove two fingers up his ass while you're at it."

Hal groaned as Cindy's two middle fingers went up his ass, but the ring she made felt wonderful. Estelle smiled as his renewed enthusiasm and said, "This Pam appears to be quite popular."

"Everyone loves her. She has a great personality, all bubbly, full of life. Everything sexual is a dirty little adventure for her, and her joy is infectious. She's like a living aphrodisiac. She makes everyone horny: teachers, students, her office coworkers, janitorial staff, male and female. She always has a dirty little secret to share, and is always giggling about something nasty. When she fetches a girl for Richard, she stops at every station on the way out to make sure everyone knows what she's being required to do."

"What's her problem? Is she two-faced?"

"No, not at all. She's not snitching, she's sharing. The girl is a compulsive office gossip. Nothing gets by her or stays with her. Everyone gets a big charge out of Pam, because she gets so enthralled in the dirty little affairs that go on, and you'd be surprised how many there are. She's too cute to get pissed at. As far as I know, no one takes offense by her snooping and telling, but we are all waiting for her fall from the fidelity wagon. When she does, she'll land with a big bang."

"Is she the other one that watches?"

"No, that would be Emily, the nurse. Emily is a true voyeur. She'll wait in a long line to watch bugs fuck. After dropping off the victim, Pam goes in search of Emily. During a fuck, Pam posts herself at the door, listens, and reports what she hears. Only recently has she been inside with them. Afterward, Emily leads the student to her first aid room and invites Pam along to assist. No one knows what goes on in there, but the girls leave Wright's office with semen running down their legs and they leave the aid room all nice and clean, ready to return to class. Whatever happens, Emily won't say, and Pam won't share."

Cindy offered, "I'll bet they lick those whores clean. They probably lick each other, too. Remember, Pam is friendly with the school dyke, and they are the only two Richard hasn't had yet."

"That may be. Everyone is speculating, but it's all conjecture. If you ask me, Emily is purely into watching, and Pam seems totally straight."

Estelle said, "This Pam seems like the perfect person to walk in on us right now."

"Yes, but she would never walk into my office unannounced. I intimidate the hell out of her. When I'm around, she's all business. She's afraid I'll fire her if I discover what she's up to. The rest of them are almost as bad as Pam."

"It sounds to me like you've been projecting that unapproachable image."

"I have. When you don't know what the fuck you're doing, it's best to keep everyone at a distance, and keep them guessing."

"True, but that's not a problem now. You could have a custodian's credentials and it wouldn't matter. I have an idea. Cindy is freshly fucked and streaming semen down her legs. Turn her over to Pam and Emily."

"That is a great idea. That's what we'll do. Cindy, you just be putty in their hands. Don't you initiate anything, okay?"

"I won't."

Estelle said, "I want you to hand Cindy over, stark naked, in front of everyone, while I'm still here."

"Well, that's a little faster than I was prepared to move, but this would be the best time of day to do it. Richard probably has the inner office sealed off from the reception area. I'll go along if you're sure that's what you want."

"Yes, that's what I want, and don't be in a hurry to get her out of sight. Drag it out; rub my nose in it; show off your prize. Let them get a good look at her twat and all that cum running down her legs. Cindy get up and let some more drain out of your ass. Get your inner thighs nice and gooey."

Cindy got up and stood with her ass to her mother, her legs together, pulling her cheeks apart. She strained as though passing a turd. Her rectum blossomed open and thick globs of sperm burped forth to cascade down the backs of her thighs. She reached between her thighs to smear these around. While watching her daughter's obscene efforts, Estelle came. Hal emptied his balls in Estelle's spasming pussy shortly afterward.

They parted slowly. Hal adjusted his suit as Estelle dressed. They both paused to inspect Cindy. She turned and posed for them. Her inner thighs and ass crack gleamed with a slimy sheen and cum runs ran to her high heels.

Estelle praised her appearance, then held her by the chin and cautioned, "Now, when you go out there, look demoralized and humiliated, but don't act shy. Your attitude should be, 'I've had all my secrets stolen. I've been crudely violated. My mother has surrendered me to be a whore, and there's no point or use in hiding that fact.' Hal is your master. Do whatever he says without question."

Hal said, "And how should I play this with you?"

"Be firm, disrespectful, and use this opportunity to seal your claim to my daughter. Demonstrate your new power and control. Be creative. I will act like a woman who has no choice but to accept the situation. I'll try to leave, but make me stay until you're finished with me. Make another appointment for tomorrow morning, or put me on a schedule. All right, are we ready?" All nodded.

Hal opened the door and peered out before pushing Estelle ahead of him. She stumbled into a group of six--Richard and the five women: Stephanie, Marge, Pam, Susan, and Emily. She spun around to face Hal as he emerged pulling Cindy along. Hands went flying to open mouths when the women saw Cindy step out naked. Their eyes traveled to Cindy's gleaming crotch, then surveyed her wet legs. Hal addressed Richard, saying, "I suppose you shared our good fortune with the rest. Where's Ben?"

"He's moderating a debate for Harland."

"That's too bad. Ben would appreciate what I'm about to share. All right, here's how it is. You all know Cindy Greyson. Now you know her intimately. I'm sure you all know who this bitch is." A collective gasp went through the room. Estelle started for the entryway, but Hal shouted, "Get your ass back here. I will tell you when you can go."

Estelle halted, fumed, then spun about and marched back, arms folded. Hal continued, "Estelle has offered me the use of her lovely daughter as a bonus for the fine work I've done here as principal." He turned Cindy to face away, then pushed her shoulders low, saying, "As you can see, she's been well used."

He pushed out on Cindy's heel with his foot and pushed her head down to her knees. Cindy's long blond tresses puddled on the floor between her feet, but most dramatic of all was the lurid display of her feminine charms; both holes, raw, inflamed, slimy, and gaping open. Estelle faced away in mock disgust, then turned back reluctantly with Hal's immediate command that she watch.

All eyes stared at the inflamed wet tissues of Cindy's sex and at the cum leaking from her rectum and flowing between those inflamed and shaved cunt lips. Estelle could tell that Cindy was pushing. Her anus puckered and drooled semen. The globs of semen ran thickly through her slit and dripped off her erect clit. Hal studied the interest reflected in the eyes of his female staff members while allowing the vision to sink in. He saw no revulsion, no judgmental stares, no accusing looks, only raw passion or amusement, which inspired further excesses.

He grabbed tissues from Marge's desk and wiped Cindy's slit. He pulled her lips wide open with the fingers of one hand while dabbing at her internal membranes with the other. He took a fresh wad and plugged the hole. He accomplished his work without blocking anyone's view, and manipulated Cindy's pussy in a way intended to present an obscene spectacle. He had everyone's rapt attention.

He said, "I want you all to look at this girl's pussy. This is my pussy. I fucked it and will continue to fuck it. I fucked her ass as well. I shared both with my assistant and will share her with whomever I please. She is my whore. I want to get this out in the open. I'll not hide or sneak around. I earned her. She's my reward, and I want you all to accept that fact. I am well aware of all the dirty little games going on around here. No one is in any position to cast stones. I expect my staff to be discrete, and I will reward that discretion. I will also punish any trouble makers.

"Now, does anyone have a comment to make?" All heads shook, no. "Are there any objections?" Again, all shaking heads. "Good, then I think we have a good understanding." He raised Cindy and propelled her toward Pam, saying, "I believe it's your function to manage the whores. See that this whore gets cleaned up and returned to class. Do whatever it is you do. Her clothes are in my office."

Pam, blushing with unabashed arousal, said, "Is that really my job, I mean officially?"

"Do you have a problem with that? You already manage Richard's whores. Now, you'll manage mine. I only have one, but she'll keep you busier than all of Richard's put together."

"No, I don't have a problem. I can manage her." Pam took Cindy by the elbow, but just held her in place, not wanting to miss anything.

Hal addressed Estelle, stepping up to her, saying, "You may leave, now, but I want to see you here every morning by nine until further notice. What is the name of your driver, that black man?"


"Yes, Jason. After school, I want you to take Cindy to him, stark naked. Tell him he can use her with my blessing. I will talk to him personally to see that you did just that. Furthermore, he's to use no protection, neither is she. My nurse will know if she does. You tell him that I want him to deposit his seed in her pussy as often as it suits him. Grant him complete liberty with her when she's at home."

"You'll get her pregnant if you do that."

"Oh, I fully intend to get her pregnant, but only by him. What's more, she will deliver and raise that child. You did grant me total rights, did you not?"

"Yes, but for God's sake ..."

"Tut tut ... Do I have the right to impregnate your daughter or not?"

"Well ... Yes!"

"By whomever I wish?"

"All right ... Yes!"

"Then it is my wish that she bear your driver's child. What I want to know is, will you fully cooperate with me, or do you wish to renege on our agreement? I made it quite clear that I'd accept a cash settlement."

"No, I'll cooperate."

"I knew you would. Bring him in with you tomorrow. I'll want proof of compliance. Now go."

Estelle turned on her heel and received a hard slap to her ass. She stopped dead in her tracks, clenching her fists until the knuckles went white. Something told him he could go further, much further, that she wanted him to. The sensual electricity in the room demanded further degradation of the uppity bitch. He came up, saying, "Oh, you don't think we are on familiar enough terms to take a friendly pat on the ass. Maybe that wasn't intimate enough for you. Perhaps you'd like this better."

With that, he lifted the rear of her skirt above her waist, exposing her panties, then jerked her panties to her feet. They fell from the knees down with a wet plop, a thick puddle of fresh cum showing in the crotch. Estelle stood stoically and permitted this indignity, indicating to him that he had, indeed, read her right. All eyes were on her naked ass, also seeing the pouting shaved lips of her pussy and the sperm leaking from those lips, dropping into the pantie puddle between her feet.

Hal kept to the side, pinning her skirt up high to aid their view. He moved his hand over her bare ass, pulling the cheeks apart, exposing her intimate charms. He delved his fingers into her moist grotto, then smeared cum up the crack of her ass before delivering a sharp smack to her snow white cheeks, leaving a bright red hand print as evidence that it was a serious slap.

Estelle jolted forward from the slap, but made no attempt to escape or admonish him. He fondled her ass, teasing, "Was that better, or do you need another to decide?" Her silence earned her another. Her continued silence earned her a third. After playing with her pussy and pulling roughly on her clit, he delivered a fourth. When he probed her anus, Estelle caved in, saying, "Yes, all right! That's better. No more, please let me go, now."

Hal delivered another hard, wet smack, and had her step free of the panties. He then pushed her toward the door. She left quickly. Hal turned to the others and said, "Things are going to be different from now on. There will be no more secret fucking going on by my office staff. We are going to start by clearing the air. I want each of you women to sit down and make a full confession, in writing, detailing every fuck, every blow job. I want names, dates and places included. It doesn't need to be long and drawn out. Set it up in columns and just put in the numbers, names, and places going back three years, on and off campus.

"This list needn't be fancy, but it had best be complete. Since I know many instances for each of you, if you miss the ones I know about, you are taking a big chance by holding back. The penalty for withholding information will be immediate termination on the grounds of sexual misconduct. It will be reported in the newspaper as such. You decide whether the risks are worth it. I want to see you all back here in one hour. Richard, see that Ben is brought up to speed, and see that he is here as well. That will be all."

Richard followed Hal into his office. When the door closed, the two men exchanged smiles. Richard said, "Holy shit, Hal! What the hell have you got on Estelle Greyson?"

"Never you mind. Suffice it to say, I can fuck her kid and slap her naked ass in public and get away with it."

"What are you up to, Hal? Whatever it is, I like the way it's starting. Did you see the looks on their faces?"

"I put those looks on their faces. Yes, I saw. There's been a hell of a lot more cheating going on than we thought. I can't wait to see what Stephanie writes. She went white."

"So did Emily. I thought she was clean."

"She wants to hide something, that's for sure. Look, Richard, why don't you mill about and drop the hint that I have spies and know everything. Act like you're just trying to help, you know, be a friend. Make each one think twice about holding back. This should be very interesting."

"Great idea."

Richard eased out and did just that, going to each one in turn to pass on the little tidbit of advice. They all wanted to know what Hal was up to, but Richard said he knew nothing. One hour later, they all reentered Hal's office with Ben, the Boys' guidance counselor. Stephanie, the Girls' guidance counselor, sat in the chair beside Ben. Hal had chairs set in a semi-circle before his desk. Emily, Pam, Susan, Ben, Marge, and Stephanie sat in the chairs. Richard stood off to the side. Cindy was still in the nurse's aid room, bound nude to the exam table with her feet in stirrups.

Hal went down the line collecting their papers. Pam handed over a three by five card that boldly said, "My husband, every night, in my bed, but I sometimes let Richard Wright masturbate in any hole he chooses." Hal smiled as the others looked to Pam in complete surprise. After collecting all, he sat on the front edge of his desk and studied them, smiling often, and making amused faces. He laughed out loud at Susan's. Her long list included her lover's cock sizes and star rating. He held her three page report up and said, "Susan, this is not a confession. This is bragging." General laughter eased the tension as he read the others.

Smiling, he set the papers aside and said, "Well, it appears there's not an angel among you, unless we want to call Pam an angel, and I know we don't want to do that." Again, they all laughed.

When the laughter died down, he got serious, saying, "I said things will be different, and I meant it. You ladies are all whores by every definition of the word. And, yes, Emily, sucking off boys in the aid room still makes you a whore." He took another look at her total, and added, "A prolific one at that." More laughter followed. As Emily blushed and the laughter died away, he said, "You are all married except for Susan, and she's the only whore that will freely admit she's a whore. I admire her for that."

Susan stood and took a bow. Marge said, "Sit down, you show off hussy." Susan sat with a broad smile.

"I don't want to inhibit or change you, I just want you to be honest whores, like Susan. Take your example from her. I want you people to get plenty of in-school sex, but I want to know who is fucking who and when. I'll require you women to make a report to me within one hour after you've had sex of any kind on school time. If you fail to make a full report, I'll fire you on the spot. Stephanie, that goes for you and Ben."

Hal turned to Pam and said, "That reminds me, Pam. I know what you and Richard have been up to. What you are doing is fucking, plain and simple. You are a whore, young lady. We hired you because we thought you'd be a hot number. We expected lots of beaver shots and a flash of tittie from time to time. You acted like you'd be an easy lay. As far as I am concerned, we hired you under false pretenses, pretenses you projected. You dress too conservatively, and from what I hear, you haven't been putting out except for Richard. That better change. If you come in tomorrow wearing a skirt longer than Susan's, or wearing bra or panties, I'll fire you. Furthermore, if anyone tells me that you turned down an offer to fuck, I'll see that you never work in this county again."

Pam's face went pale, but everyone else had broad smiles. Hal caught Stephanie's big grin and said, "And you, Stephanie. You think you are so sly, projecting this image of the perfect wife and mother while secretly meeting in motels for your extracurricular activities. Well, that's going to stop. From now on, you'll be the perfect whore, mother, and wife in that order. You will fuck twice daily as a minimum and do your fucking on campus. Furthermore, you'll pick a place with a high probability of getting caught. Like Pam, you will dress the part and can not turn down an offer to fuck."

"Mr. Peterson, please! No!"

"Pam, you work with her and see to it that she gets caught in the act every time."

This put a smile on Pam's face, but Stephanie pleaded, "Mr. Peterson, No! I can't! This will get back to my husband. It will get all over school! I have children in this school, for God's sake."

"How many?"

"Three, a sophomore girl, a junior boy, and a senior boy."

"Pam, see to it that each of her kids catches her in the act."

"Oh my god, no! Please, Mr. Peterson! You can't be serious about this. I can't have my children see me like that--not having sex. My husband will kill me. They'll tell, I know they will."

"I am quite serious, Stephanie. I think your kids should get to know you better. Trust me, this will bring you all closer. They'll love it. As I recall, your husband works for Greyson Industries. If he has a problem with the way I run things, have him take it up with me. If he touches you, or wants a divorce, he'll lose his job. I guarantee it. As for your kids, they'll thank me. Having an attractive, sexy mom like you, and being denied the privilege of watching her screw is tantamount to child abuse. I won't tolerate child abuse in my school, especially among my staff."

Stephanie buried her face in her hands and fretted. Hal continued, "Stephanie, I'll give you fair warning. I intend to alter your life radically if you remain on with me. Call it a personal project of mine. You will go down as the most shameless hussy that ever crossed the threshold of this school. Before I'm through with you, you'll make Susan look like a cloistered nun. This school will graduate no virgin boy while you're on the staff, and that includes your own sons."

"Mr. Peterson, I'm begging you ..."

"If you want out, I'll give you a fine recommendation; but if you stay, I will show you no mercy. You will be having sex with both of your boys in front of everyone here, simply to amuse us. Furthermore, your daughter will join Richard's stable of whores. She, too, will entertain us. The choice is yours. If you show up for work tomorrow, you will be the Boys' guidance counselor. Ben, you will be the Girls' guidance counselor. The two of you will put together a sex education program and begin teaching these classes immediately. You two will teach these classes in the nude, and your classes will offer live demonstrations of every sex act a male and female can have, including the perverse acts, which you will demonstrate."

Stephanie turned pale. Glancing about the room, she saw wry smiles forming on the faces of her friends and coworkers. Of course, Ben was pale as well. Nowhere did she see a sympathetic eye. Lewd images flashed in her mind of being naked and having sex with her sons before this audience. Strangely, those images stirred her loins. Other images of her fourteen-year-old daughter getting screwed publicly caused chills of wicked excitement. The numerous images of her and Ben putting on sex shows for the students flooded her mind and excited her clit. She looked to Ben's lap and saw his erection. He was deep in thought as well. She knew she'd stay on, but the changes she faced caused her great anxiety nonetheless.

Hal let this sink in, then turned to Marge, saying, "Marge, I want you to handle Cindy's schedule. I'll give you a list each day of the people she'll service. Arrange the appointments with their respective schedules. You can pull Cindy from classes, but let the teachers teach. No one can cum in her twat until we get her knocked up by their Negro driver. Make sure they understand. I will tolerate no slip-ups."

"Emily, I want you to supervise Pam when she fucks. She'll do her fucking in the aid room unless it's with me, Richard, or Ben."

Emily grew a big smile and nodded. Hal addressed them all once more, saying, "I said things will be different around here, and I meant it. I think you'll all enjoy my way better. Hal Peterson takes care of his own. Be advised, though, Hal Peterson is not to be fucked with. You cross me, and I will crucify you. You all know what you are getting into. If anyone wants out cleanly, tender your resignation today. You'll get a good recommendation. If you show up for work tomorrow, you are one of my people. My people will all go the distance. My people can not quit without severe repercussions. Consider yourselves fairly warned."

* * *

Shortly after arriving home, Estelle called Hal. She told him that he did great, asked about the reaction, and inquired about Cindy. Hal told her that everyone was thrilled by the scene, that he told them nothing about what he had on her, and that Cindy was still in with Emily and Pam. Estelle was very pleased. When Cindy entered the house after arriving home from school, Jason escorted her to her mother's study. She still wore the same outfit, but looked worn and haggard. Jason bowed out.

Cindy collapsed in a chair before Estelle, saying, "Mother, I have been screwed silly by eight different men, some several times each. I ate three women and sucked four cocks. I am beat and sore. I never went back to class after you left."

"Tell me what happened after I left."

"Oh, you want to know about Pam and Emily. Well, it wasn't what you thought, but it was pretty neat anyway. They put me on an exam table with my feet in stirrups. While Emily took forever cleaning cum off my legs and ass, using a swab inside both holes, Pam frigged herself. That Pam is a horny bitch. Hal's right; she's ready. She's ready to put out. She is also very nosy. She hit me with a barrage of questions."

"I hope you didn't disclose anything she doesn't need to know."

"No, I told them that today was my first time with a man, and that I was shocked to be handed over to Hal to be his whore. They liked the fact that I accepted my fate. They seemed to enjoy reminding me of my status, telling me I'd be screwed senseless, pulled from classes, and used constantly. Pam said that everyone would know, so there'd be no use pretending to be anything other than a whore. She should know. She couldn't wait to start blabbing it around."

"I love that girl. Go on."

"They got off on referring to me as Hal's whore. They also went on and on about Hal's plan to get me pregnant by Jason. You made Hal a real hero. They were excited about tending to my pregnancy and speculated about being able to watch Jason screwing me. I presume that's the plan, right?"

"Absolutely, if Jason will go along with doing it before an audience. I assume he will. He's very proud of his cock and his role in this scheme. He wants the whole county to know he knocked up Estelle Greyson's daughter. What better way than before witnesses. What else happened?"

"Mom, my school is full of perverted men and horny bitches. Two of my own teachers fucked me today, and I made love with Stella, the dyke gym coach. We made love like lesbian lovers on the couch in Hal's office, right in front of all the people who saw you, plus Ben, two of my teachers, and the custodian. That was weird."

"Did you cum?"

"Yes, three times with Stella. It was great, but weird. I have never cum so many times in one day. Please, I need some time to recuperate. No dogs, especially."

"You're right; you do need to rest up. I'll see that they leave you alone. Why don't you relax in the hot tub. I'll have Jason give you a good oil rubdown."

"Thanks, Mother. That sounds great. I really need it, that and sleep."

"I need a rest as well. I did a stupid thing today. Juan now comes to the back door when he wants sex. I wanted it badly when I first arrived home. Jason was on hand to oversee us. It was fantastic. I serviced the dogs for you. I've never done it with dogs before. It was great. A few hours later, while Jason was driving your father to the plant and Eva went to get the kid for Hal, Juan came to the back door. Well, I figured Jason would return shortly. I was horny again, so I went with him. That was my mistake. Look what he did to me."

Estelle opened her housecoat and spread her legs. Cindy gasped at the sight of her mother's crotch. Her pussy looked like raw meat, swollen and fire engine red. The redness spread out from her crotch and became splotchy further out. Little red dots were all over her legs, belly, and breasts. "My God, Mother! What did he do to you?"

"While I was staked out on my back, spread-eagled and gagged, he took a shovel and scooped up a fire ant mound. He dumped that mound between my legs."

"Oh, Jesus! Oh my God!"

"Yes, you know how that must have felt; but believe me, you have no idea. It was like having hot coals poured on me. The pain was constant and excruciating. When I passed out, he pissed in my face to revive me. After a few minutes, I was delirious. I passed out six or seven times, only to be revived again and again. I honestly thought I'd die. To make matters worse, Jason did not return as expected. He stopped off to visit his relatives. He released me two hours ago, and that was two hours after I went out there."

"I hope you fired that bastard, Juan."

"This will surprise you, but no, I didn't."

"But why, for heaven's sake?"

"I don't know. There's something about this that excites me. Knowing how dangerous he is, yet still keeping him around. That excites me in a strange way. It's like playing with fire. I hate what he did, or might do again, but at the same time, I crave it. I'm hot right now, just thinking about it. If I could stand to touch my pussy, I'd pound it to pulp. Look at the juices pouring out of my slit. There's no semen in there. That's all me."

Cindy got down on her knees between her mother's wide-stretched legs and visually examined her grossly swollen vagina. Her clit was ten times its normal size and appeared to have taken the brunt of their attack. The labia lips were the size of two bananas, and her inner lips stuck out past the outer by an inch, each as thick as a finger. Her hole was sealed shut by the swelling, but vaginal fluid seeped between the inner lips, and ran down the puffy crack to puddle in her seat. Cindy blew on her mother's pussy and said, "You're crazy, Mother. He'll kill you one day, maybe all of us."

"Not if you stay out of that back yard, and never answer the back door. I will not go out with him alone, ever again. I don't want to get killed; I just want the thrill of living dangerously. Jason is bringing a cousin of his to live with us as insurance. He's a big one. You'll like him. He has been hired as your body guard. He goes wherever you go, except school. He and Jason will work together on impregnating you. They'll both be in Hal's office tomorrow. That should be some sight. Jason said he is bigger than him by two inches and thicker. They call him Tripod. Isn't that cute, a man called Tripod."

"Cute for you, maybe. I don't think I could take one much bigger than Jason."

"Sure you can. Vaginas are incredibly elastic and resilient organs. They only look fragile. You'll see, mine will look like new in a few days. I spoke with a doctor about it. He rushed over after I told him I accidentally hit my head and passed out on a fire ant nest. Once he saw my pussy, he didn't buy my story, but I did get some good news. The swelling will recede gradually over the next few days, and the soreness and redness will disappear even faster. My body is absorbing the venom. You should have seen it an hour ago. I couldn't even move my legs. I can't wait to try fucking with my swollen up pussy. I'd like to try Tripod. Maybe tonight."

"Mother, I hope you aren't considering making this a habit just to get a tight pussy."

"I might. Do you know what the doctor said? You'll love this. He said, 'If this happens again, it won't hurt as much.' He said my body will build up an immunity. The nice part is, I'll still swell up from the bites. I could endure pain to reach that point."

"Mother, you're sick."

"Yes, I know. I think the doctor knows, too."

"It's your body. Do what you want with it, but don't even think about doing that to me. I'll run away first."

"Don't ever threaten me, Cindy. You know you can't run away from me, and I can also do as I please with your body as well. If I want you to squat on a fire ant mound, you'd better squat." Cindy had no retort. Her silence suggested she accepted what her mother was saying. Estelle added, "Don't worry. My perversions don't run in those directions. Your cute pussy is far too valuable to waste on ants. Come on. Show me a smile."

Cindy smiled, but still carried a reserve of trepidation and fear, realizing that nothing was beyond her mother. This reminded her of the woman with the little girl. She said, "Mother, did you put that woman in jail and take her little girl away."

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. Right now, that poor woman is getting gang banged in her cell. Her daughter is in custody. Eva is with her. They will deliver her after Hal gets home."

"Doesn't that bother you at all?"

"No, why should it? That woman means nothing to me. Besides, I rather like the idea of having the police deliver a child to a child molester. It's rather poetic, don't you think?"

"Do they know he's going to molest her?"

"Chief Evans knows. He has no problem with that as long as he gets to use the mother for a week. Once he got her in custody and saw what a doll she was, he called wanting her for two weeks. Of course, I granted his request. Eva's going to play nanny for Hal until the mother gets released."

"Does Eva know what's in store for the girl?"

"Yes, dear, Eva is quite excited about the deal. She'll gladly hold the little girl's legs apart for Hal. She'll make a fine nanny."

"God, everywhere I turn, I see more perverts."

"Come, now, Cindy. Tell me you wouldn't love holding a little girl's legs apart for a man like Hal to fuck. Tell me you wouldn't get juicy in the twat watching a big adult cock fucking the shit out of a little tiny pussy, especially if the child's mother were forced to watch helplessly."

Cindy's hand wandered to her sore pussy. A wicked grin grew on her face. As she gingerly stroked her sensitive lips, she said, "Stop, Mother, you're getting me all horny again."

Estelle laughed, saying, "Oh my god, another pervert. Where will it all end?"

Cindy stood and said, "All right. You win. I'm going to get in that hot tub before I run out back and jump in the dog pen."

"Do that, and get some sleep. You'll need it for tomorrow."

"Yeah, you too. That was cool what Hal did to you today. It was cool the way you took it. Everyone is talking about that scene. I'm sure you'll get more of the same tomorrow. And don't expect any pity for your poor pussy."

"My pussy wants no mercy. It's a glutton, but I already told Hal it was off limits for a few days. I told him he'd have to do all his molesting with you. Go on, before I molest you myself. Richard was right, you are one fine piece of ass, kid." Cindy smiled and sauntered off with an accentuated wiggle in her hips, flipping up her skirt as she passed through the door. Estelle smiled.

Cindy was fast asleep by six p.m. At nine thirty, the light went on in her room. Cindy rubbed sleep from her eyes and soon realized that she lay without covers over her naked body and her legs were drawn far apart. Her eyes slowly opened and saw everyone gathered around her bed. In addition to Jason, her mother, father, and Eva, there was another black man--a tall, skinny, bearded black man with a giant staff poking straight out from his groin. Cindy's eyes went wide.

Estelle stood beside the man, stroking the length of his massive member, her fingers unable to completely encircle its girth. The head, the size of an apple, bobbed with each pass of her hand up his shaft. She smiled saying, "I'm sorry, but I had to wake you to see this. What do you think of this cock, Cindy?"

"Mother, there's no way I can take that. He'll kill me just trying."

"Nonsense. Don't worry, he's not here to mount you. I just wanted him to see what he's getting, and I wanted you to see what you'll be getting very soon. Isn't it marvelous?"

"It's too marvelous, Mother. It will never fit. He's more than two inches longer than Jason."

"You're right. We measured both. Jason is ten and a half. Tripod is almost fourteen inches long. Tripod's is four inches across at the widest part of the head and twelve inches around at the edge of the crown. You're right. You couldn't get that inside, yet. We're going to work on that. Eva's going to be your trainer.

"Chief Evans put me in touch with a whore he knows who can take a baseball bat clear past the middle; yet, she can squeeze down on a pinkie finger. I talked to her on the phone. She told me the secret--muscle control and development. She gave me her regimen. Eva knows what to do. By next week, you will take Tripod to the balls, yet still have a nice tight pussy for the little fuckers. Isn't that exciting?"

"Yeah, sort of, but it sounds painful."

"Actually, she says it's not if it's done right. It involves gradual stretching and vaginal exercises. You'll be wearing pussy stretchers while you sleep. Look, here's your first."

"A cucumber?"

"Yes, it's a little bigger than Jason. Eva will work it all the way in, then you'll wear tight shorts to hold it in while you sleep. Here, Eva, get to work."

Eva got on the bed between Cindy's legs as the others filed out. Tripod called over his shoulder, "Don't stretch her out too much. I like to take her the last mile myself. Be seeing you, kid. Keep that pussy warm and wet for me."

When the door shut behind them, Eva smeared KY jelly over the cucumber and liberally over and in Cindy's cunt. She pressed one end in firmly until four inches went in. Cindy groaned, saying, "Where did you find a cucumber that big?"

"I had to go to three different markets. I got this one at the Piggly Wiggly. Like it?"

"It's bigger than Jason by quite a bit, at least in width."

"Yeah, but we'll get it all in, don't you worry. I'll take my time."

"This is going to hurt."

"Yeah, it might, but you can take it. The girl did say the first time would hurt. We need to stretch those membranes. Bear with me, Cindy. It won't kill you. For the others we will use three-inch diameter candles that are sixteen inches long. We're cutting them down to various lengths and using a torch to round over and widen the tops like a cock head. Tomorrow, you will sleep with a twelve incher. We made that one tonight. It looks awesome."

Eva had half inside when Cindy said, "Did you go to Hal's house today?"

"Yes, I did. I rode out with the police to deliver the kid to him. She's a doll, Cindy, a little doll. I watched Hal fuck her, too."

"Did you help?"

"I held her legs apart and tried to comfort her if that's what you mean."

"Did she cry?"

"No, she took it rather well. Hal took his time and warmed her up first. He got her good and ready. He couldn't get all the way inside, but he fucked her good anyway. She'll stretch. Before long, his balls will be slapping her ass. He wants to get to that point before her Mom gets released. Boy, will she be shocked to see that."

"Did the police know what they were taking her to? Did they know what would happen?"

"I'm sure they did. I sat in the back with Cathy. There were two officers in front, the chief and a sergeant driving. As soon as we got under way, the chief leers at me and says, "Say, how about showing us her pussy?"

"Yeah, I guess they knew. Did you show them her pussy?"

"Sure. Hell, I wanted to see it for myself. She really is gorgeous. She has long curly dark hair and big, brown eyes, just as cute as a bug. She reminds me of Shirley Temple in her later movies. She's a bright, savvy kid, but puts on this cutsie baby talk persona around adults. She knows how to play up the cuteness. I never met a nine-year-old that was aware of her own sexuality. She was quite aware.

"I made her stand on the floorboard so I could get her panties off. She didn't make a fuss. I pulled her onto my lap with her legs hanging outside mine, then raised her dress past her belly button. I took her by the ankles and made a wish. That was a sight, let me tell you. The driver almost ran off the road trying to look."

"Wasn't she upset by this?"

"She was frightened and nervous, yes. She was very stiff and embarrassed by the way the officers were looking at her twat. She got into it though as they made a fuss over her pretty pussy. I no longer had to strain to keep her legs wide apart. The chief reached back and diddled her. At every stop light, the driver took a turn. She took their fingers inside her pretty well. She didn't grunt or groan or cry about it. She was intimidated by the police officers. Evidently, her mommy taught her to always obey the police. I can just hear her saying, 'Police are your friends, sweetheart. Always do what the policeman tells you.'

"She did, too. They were crude and vulgar, saying mean things about her mommy, but she still said, 'Yes sir,' and 'No sir,' pulling her pussy lips apart so they could finger-fuck her little twat all the way to Hal's place."

"What sort of things were they saying?"

"They were awful, but I really got off on it. They told her they arrested her mother for selling her pussy to niggers. They asked if she knew what fucking was, then they described it in graphic detail. They told her they took her mother's clothes off and put her in a jail cell with three bad niggers with big cocks. They said all the cops watched the niggers fuck her mother while they laughed at her. They told her how much her mother loves a big black dick in her pussy. They repeated the filthy things she cried out while getting screwed, and the way she begged the officers to come in and screw her, too.

"They built her mother into the horniest slut that ever humped a stiff cock. Their words would have had her in tears if she hadn't been in shock. She may have been aroused, it's hard to tell. She seemed pretty lucid. She asked questions when they used terms she didn't understand, and got crude answers--a crash course in perverse sex. She was very interested in what her mother was going through and when they'd let her go. They did tell her they'd release her in two weeks. That made her feel better. By the time we arrived, she was definitely turned on. I held her up by the hips so each officer could give her a kiss goodbye on the pussy. She liked that and giggled.

"It was so precious when in parting she said, 'Are you guys going to fuck my mommy's pussy, too.' The chief said, 'Do you want us to fuck her pussy?' She goes, 'Yeah, I guess so, if she likes it so much.' He smiles and says, 'I'll cram my cock in her cunt and tell her it's from you.' She giggles and says, 'Okay. Tell her I miss her, but not to worry, Mr. Peterson will take good care of me.' He laughed and said, 'I'll tell her that Mr. Peterson is taking good care of your cute little pussy. That's what I'll tell her. She'll be happy to hear that.'

"Cathy made a worried face and said, 'I don't think she will. The last time, she got really mad and made him go away.' He smiles and says, 'Honey, when she gets out, she will get down on her knees and lick Mr. Peterson's balls while his big dick is fucking your pussy. Why she'll even stick her tongue up his asshole while he's fucking you. That's how happy she'll be.' She goes, 'Wow, do you really think so?' He says, 'I know so. You go in there and suck on Peterson's dick like a good girl. You tell him he has to let you suck it, because the police told you to.' They pulled away, laughing their asses off."

Cindy was so enthralled in the story that she hadn't noticed she'd taken three fourths of the cucumber inside her. She looked down at the three inches remaining, rubbed her distended belly and said, "Man, I'm stuffed. Are you sure the rest will go in? It's at the very end, now."

Eva cupped her palm on the end and jabbed in with hard, short punches. Cindy grunted with each jab, but marveled as another inch went inside. Eva said, "I'm sure, just grin and bear with me. This is where the stretching begins. I stretched you out an inch already. Just two more to go."

"I can feel myself stretching. I'll try. You know, Eva, it is really strange, all this sex all of a sudden. I mean, it's like some sex fairy waved a sex wand over the county and cast a spell on the adults. I mean, the kids all seem the same, but all the adults I meet are sex crazed. People I always thought were straight as an arrow are the biggest perverts. Like Mr. Peterson for example, and my history teacher, Mr. Groves, and my math teacher, Mr. Spivy, all those women in the office. They are all sex fiends all of a sudden. Don't you see it?"

"Cindy, I've been seeing it for years. It doesn't look any different to me. You're just seeing the world with your eyes wide open for the first time. You're sexually active and available, and everyone knows it, thanks to your mother. Right now, you are fresh meat. Horny fuckers are drawn to you like flies to a dead squirrel. The perverts were always there, you just never saw them."

"Yeah, I guess, but it's still weird. I know all the kids are talking about me, but I haven't had much of a chance to interact with them. What's going to be really strange is when I get back in my classes. Hal wants my teachers to do things to me in front of the class. I heard them discussing their plans and ideas. They're going to make me do things to show my tits and ass. They'll spank me and make me sit where everyone can see my pussy. Hal even wants the teachers to have sex with me in the classroom, or let students screw me in the classroom. Can you imagine that?"

"No, not any class I was ever in. That's pretty far out. I don't see how they can get away with it; but if it could be done anywhere, it would be here. This place is unlike any other. People don't see things here. No one wants trouble. Everyone is afraid. There's no heroes or civic leaders, just your mother's cronies. They just might pull this off. How does that make you feel?"

"I don't know, a little scared, a little nervous, a little embarrassed, but a whole lot turned on. I guess I hope they do try those things. It will be an experience no one will ever forget. I plan to leave this burg after graduation anyway, and I won't ever look back. I don't really care what anyone here thinks, or sees. I just want to have fun while I'm here. Screw 'em all."

"Screw 'em all is just what you're likely to end up doing, but I'm with you. Go for the gusto while you're young. Cathy knows that much."

"Yeah, what happened when she got inside? Did she suck him?"

"She leapt into his arms and kissed him. The girl has a crush on the guy, that was obvious. She showed him that she had no panties on, then told him what the police told her to do. He was surprised, to say the least. He carried her to the sofa and let her go for his dick. She got right down between his knees, unzipped him, and started kissing and sucking at the head of his dick like she'd done it all her life. I showed her how to jack him off while sucking and using her tongue on the shaft, then settled back beside Hal to watch her work.

"She was oblivious to us, entranced by her first good look at a real man's cock. Evidently, they'd never gotten that far. Hal was quite pleased with himself. I told him what happened in the squad car and all the things the officers said to her. He was upset by it, shocked that they could be so cruel. He calmed when I whispered to him that what they said turned her on. He took it in with great interest; the evidence of my correct assessment was sucking his boner like a sex-starved whore.

"This got him thinking. He obviously had planned to pass off some innocent story to explain her mother's disappearance, but in light of what I told him, he came up with a much better one."

Cindy's loins undulated against the steady pounding. She lustily said, "I'll bet this is good. What did he tell her?"

"Relax, you're not supposed to be enjoying this ... You're right. What he told her was good. I'll tell you one thing, when that woman gets released, she's in for a radical alteration in her lifestyle. She's not a mommy anymore."

"Oh, god, tell me. What did he say?"

"First, he let her suck while he formulated his story, then he stopped her. He suggested that we all get naked. She liked that idea, so we all stripped down. I laid Cathy on his lap, then sat beside him with her feet in my lap. I made her giggle when I stuffed her left foot in my pussy, getting half her foot inside. She wiggled her toes in my twat. That feels marvelous, by the way.

"I put her right foot on my left tittie while Hal cradled her in his left arm, his right hand between her legs, slowly fingering her pussy. The kid was steaming hot. She loved it. She was like a Raggedy Ann doll, lying limp with a glazed expression, breathing hard. He got his two middle fingers inside, and then started talking to her about her mother."

"Oh, yes, push harder!"

"Relax, just one more inch to go. We have plenty of time."

"Yes, but it feels good when you hit hard."

"I'll hit hard at the very end. Maybe you'll be ready to cum by then."

"I'm ready now."

"Tough, wait. Anyway, he says, 'Honey, do you know why your mommy is in jail?' She says, 'Because she sold her pussy to niggers.' He says, 'No, that's a fib. The officers were teasing you, that's all.' She goes, 'Why, then?' He says, 'I had her arrested because she wouldn't let us play games together. Because she wouldn't let us fuck. She wanted me all to herself and wouldn't share any with you. Now, she's being punished for not sharing. You're not mad at me for punishing her, are you?'"

"Oh, that's fucking beautiful. What did she say? She wasn't mad, was she?"

"No, she said, 'It serves her right. She always made me share. Are they going to spank her?' He says, 'Don't you think they should?' She says, 'Yeah, and they should make her get naked in front of lots of men when they do it.' He smiles at me and says, 'Well, I'll pass along your wishes. What should they use, a hand or a belt?' Without hesitating, she says, 'A belt, a thin one.' He says, 'And where on her body do you want them to punish her?' She goes, 'Everywhere, all over.'"

"Oh, that little shit! More, tell me more!"

"He says, 'Where exactly?' She says, 'On her butt, on her legs, on her belly, on her back, everywhere.' He says, 'Even on her pussy and on her titties?' She looks to him and says, 'They'd hit her there, too?' He says, 'They will if you want them to.' She thinks for a second, then smiles wickedly and says, 'Yeah, I want her pussy and titties hit with the belt, too. Tell them to make her do the splits standing on her head. She can do it. I seen her. She uses the wall to help her stay up. They can hit her pussy real good like that. That'll teach her a lesson.'"

"That little monster; I love it!"

"Yeah, so did we. Furthermore, she wanted these punishments meted out daily. She also stipulated that she be held without any clothes or covers for her bed. She wanted her mother placed in a cell with men prisoners and tied spread open on her cot. At first, we assumed she meant spread-eagled, but that wasn't what she wanted at all. Hal described the cheap metal frame beds and she described exactly how she wanted her tied. She wanted her hands tied to the frame at her sides, and her feet tied to the rail behind her head. She wanted her mother's ass raised and both holes available to her cell mates. Hal said he'd see that it was done. This news excited her greatly."

"I gotta cum, Eva. Cram that fucker home!"

"No, there's more. Be patient. Hal told her that after her mother's release, she would not be allowed to be Cathy's mother anymore, and she wouldn't have a job. This seemed to sober her up. He told her that her mom might have to live on the street like the bag ladies she'd seen. He said no one will want her and she'll never find a job. He almost had her in tears, then he said, 'But I could give her a job.'

"She perked up. He said, 'I'll need someone to look after you, someone to cook and clean, a nanny. Eva can't be your nanny for too long. I could give your mother the job.' She brightens up and says, 'Would you? Would you really?' He says, 'If that's what you want. It will be different, though. The courts are going to give you to me. I'll be officially your daddy, but you won't have a mommy.' She whimpers, 'But Mommy is my Mommy.' He said, 'No, not anymore. You can never call her Mommy again. You'll have to call her Brenda. That's her first name.'"

"That is so rich. What a con man."

"Yeah, and she went right along, saying, 'I know, but she hates if I call her that.' He says, 'It doesn't matter what she hates anymore. You can call her bitch if you want. I'll even give you the job of spanking her when she's bad, and you can decide when she's been bad. You will be the woman of the house. She's just a maid, or nanny.' She says, 'I like maid better. I don't need a nanny.' He says, 'Yes you do, and you'll have to do what she says most of the time. Only when she's bad do you get to punish her.'

"That piqued her interest but created some confusion. She thought for a moment, then said, 'But, she won't let us play sex games and fuck if we want to.' Hal said, 'Oh yes she will. You and I will sleep naked together in my bed. I'll get her a cot and set it at the foot of the bed. I'll make it part of her job to help us fuck. She could suck my cock and lick your pussy to get us nice and wet and ready. I'll even make it her job to guide my cock into your pussy.' Her eyes went wide. She said, 'You could make her do that? You could make her lick my pussy?'"

"Please, Eva, now!"

"All right you slut. Take this ... and this ... and this, and this."

Cindy's body jarred hard with each punch, but she reached her climax and cried out, "Oh, fuck yes! Punch it in all the way, Eva. Fuck! Ohhh ... Ughhh! Oh, Yessss."

After her wild climax subsided, Cindy reached between her legs to find that her cunt lips had closed over the thick cucumber. The end was just inside. The other end was under her navel. Eva rummaged through Cindy's dresser drawers for a suitable pair of tight-fitting shorts, then returned to ease them up Cindy's legs. Cindy gingerly lifted her ass off the mattress to allow the shorts to be fitted snugly in place and fastened. While Eva tugged up the zipper, Cindy protested, "This is so uncomfortable. I'm cramping. It feels like there's a log up my twat."

"Try to relax. Lie still. Take your mind off it. This is nothing compared to what you'll have up there tomorrow night."

"I'll die for sure. Quick, tell me something else. Take my mind off this."

"Okay. Well, right after he told her how things would be, she got super turned on and scrambled up to straddle his hips. She took his cock and tried to climb on. I helped her get the head in her hole. Hal let her control the entry. She was so turned on, open and wet, that she sat her full weight on Hal's dick and took half in one sitting. She didn't stop there, though. She kept trying to get more inside. Like I said, she got all but the last two inches before she bottomed out. That's when Hal rolled on top of her and I held her legs apart. Watching Hal's cock fuck that gorgeous little twat was heavenly. You must see those two fuck, Cindy. Your twat will look like hers when Tripod gets a shot at it."

"When? When will I be ready?"

"A week, maybe less. We'll see. Needless to say, he won't be going with you to school until he's ready to perform. Your mother wants Tripod to be a surprise."

"When will you be seeing Cathy again?"

"I pick her up in the mornings and take her to school. I see her again after school lets out and stay till after supper, why?"

"I'd like to meet her. I'll see if I can go home with Hal. You can bring me back when you leave."

"Good idea. We can teach her how to suck pussy."

"I was thinking of sucking hers. She sounds delicious. I'm sure Hal won't mind sharing her with us."

"No, he won't mind. Now, let's go over your exercises. We must keep your pussy tight and in shape. Nobody wants to fuck a baggy old cunt."

Eva went over the routine as Cindy listened attentively. She practiced with the cucumber inside. She practiced until she fell asleep. Cindy did not want a baggy old cunt, one that no one would want to fuck. When she woke up periodically throughout the night, she exercised herself to sleep. The next morning, after Eva removed the anti-sleep device, Cindy exercised while doing her morning rituals. She exercised on the drive to school, on the walk in, and while in Hal's office with Jason and her mother.

* * *

Early Tuesday morning, Jason, Estelle, and Cindy sat on Hal's office sofa. Hal casually sat on the corner of his desk and beamed a big smile to the trio. Estelle smiled back, saying, "Well, aren't we chipper. I take it Lolita drained your noodle this morning."

"She did, indeed, but that was a lousy metaphor."

"I meant no disrespect, but compared to the cock I had last night, all others seem like noodles to me." Patting Jason's crotch, she added, "Well, not yours, Jason. No way is this a noodle."

Hal smiled warmly and said, "I understand." Addressing Jason, Hal offered his hand, saying, "We've never met, but I hope we have a close association from now on."

They shook hands firmly. Jason said, "I'm for that, Hal."

Hal continued, "The reason I wanted to speak with you all first is that I've been doing some thinking, being creative about this situation. I want to share my plans with you to make certain I'm on the right track. I am encouraged by all that has happened so far. My staff is right with me. No one wants out. If you saw Pam on your way in, you'll know what I mean. She's shooting beavers like Daniel Boone, only hers are freshly shaved. Evidently, you inspired her, Cindy. Richard has had her twice in his office so far this morning. By the way, Estelle, this smile is courtesy of Stephanie, not Cathy. Earlier, I screwed her where you are sitting while her daughter sat where Cindy is sitting."

"I'm happy for you, Hal, but I would have thought it would be the other way round."

"I'm saving her daughter for tomorrow. After the threatening talk I gave Stephanie yesterday, I was a bit surprised to see her this morning. I turned her world upside-down. Yesterday, she was, in every outward way, the perfect mother and wife--a real life June Clever. If you didn't see her on your way in, she is dressed quite provocatively. She has on a see-through blouse with no bra and a mini skirt without panties. I made her do a sexy strip in front of her daughter. She then sucked my cock. I had her daughter hold my cock while she sucked. Her daughter then got to guide my cock to her and into her mother's pussy, then hold my balls while I fucked her."

Estelle said, "Impressive."

"It's a start. Now all she needs is gaudy makeup, stiletto heels, and fish net stockings. She must go home at noon and make those changes."

"So, what are these plans of yours?"

"I want to organize a rape squad, run out of my office. I have four young men in mind. They all have bad reputations. They've all given us trouble in the past. Three have rape charges pending or stand accused of sexual assault against teachers or students. The fourth is what I'd call the ring leader of the bad boys in this school. He's cool, popular, a James Dean type. Cindy can probably guess who I'm referring to, can't you?"

"Tommy Blade, right?"

"Actually, his name is Bladack, but you're right. Everyone calls him Blade. I want him on my team. He represents another power base in this community, one that operates underground, but one that is very effective. If he and I teamed up with you behind us, Estelle, we could totally rule this school and the community at large."

"I'm listening."

"Estelle, if you can get your big cats on the police force to turn a blind eye on our activities, I could extend my control outside the school. I will need that ability to keep parents in line. No one will want to face the prospect of having these guys break into their home in the middle of the night, raping their wife and kids, killing their pets, and ransacking their property, especially when they know the police won't do anything about it."

Cindy cried, "No, don't let them kill any pets. That's awful. Mom, don't let that happen, please!"

"She's right, Hal. That will drive some people to violence. Good people will scream and shout for justice for a gang-raped little girl, then go in the bathroom and jerk off to the details of the report. Kill a puppy, and some six-year-old will get daddy's gun and blow your brains out. The rest sounds okay, but I don't want this community terrorized and living in fear. The ones who mind their own business need to feel safe and secure."

"I agree. I figure one or two examples will be all it will take if the newspaper plays up the untouchable aspect of the assaults, you know, no witnesses who will talk, no evidence left, the act of professionals, police are baffled and have their hands tied."

Estelle said, "We can report the assaults in vivid detail so every reader can visualize their family in that situation and take heed. Others will want the details to get off on their neighbor's misfortune. This is good, very good."

"It wouldn't hurt to hint that police suspect a rape gang is being directed by someone in a position of authority at the high school. Send a reporter to interview me. Get my name and picture in the article. Go ahead and make the association in people's minds. I'll make denials and say the claim is ludicrous ... blah, blah, blah, but the association will stick."

"I get the point, Hal. I can see you've thought this through. You know this community very well after all. I think your scheme will work fine, especially on those who aren't directly affected by my power and influence. Go ahead, form this rape squad, but make us the first victims. We'll make Cindy's rape the centerpiece of the first article. She will be violated by dogs while I am tied naked and helpless, forced to watch. I will be interviewed as well. I will offer a thousand-dollar reward for info leading to arrest, so on and so forth."

Cindy reacted with mock disdain, "What, aren't I worth more than that?"

"Not to Estelle Greyson. Remember who I am--the penny-pinching ice queen. No, people will get a charge out of that. More importantly, if they see that Estelle Greyson is powerless to punish or prevent these assaults, what chance does anyone else have?"

Hal said, "That's a great idea, Estelle. I'd like to begin this evening. Will two a.m. be all right with you?"

"That will be fine. I'll use this time to replace my valuables with junk that they can ransack. You be sure to tell your hooligans that I will break whatever needs breaking. On second thought, we don't want them knowing I'm in on this, do we? Oh, what the hell. It's all insured."

"Look, I'll tell them to go easy on the destruction of expensive, personal items, and I'll warn against taking anything that can be traced. They know how that would really piss you off. I'll tell them to focus on Cindy. They'll tie up you and your husband."

"I want us to be tied up nude, and I want to be raped as well. Furthermore, I want them to force Ed to rape his daughter at gun point. I want that reported as well. Daddies and daughters will get a charge out of that. Jason needs to violate her as well. The coloreds will love that. Hal, I just had a great idea. Why can't this be reported as the second assault?"

Cindy said, "Mom there was a first, remember?"

"Oh, yes, I almost forgot about that. It seems so minor, now. I can make like I tried to cover-up the first, which, in fact, I did. That would be believable, even expected. I finally come forth after the second time, after feeling helpless and vulnerable. Yes, I like that idea. That will piss off those who were responsible. You'll be stealing their thunder, Hal. They might surface that way. If they do, I expect to hear from you. I just want to know who they are."

Hal offered, "Sure, no problem. There can even be a third rape reported, which you'll deny with 'No comment.' Everyone will believe you are cowed by your assailants. This will explain why Cindy changed, went from debutante to tramp over night. People will presume she's being forced into that role by the assailants."

"Yes, that's true. That notion would be reinforced after a second assault and police couldn't help or prevent it. The third report will simply be icing on the cake. Jason can leak the story, reporting that he has been forced to have sex with Cindy on numerous occasions, and that he thinks she may be pregnant with his child as a result. Oh, this is fucking beautiful. It's perfect. It never dawned on me to use the power of the press to expose this. I love it! This town will love it. The rumor mill will work overtime."

"Great, then let's get busy. I have the boys waiting in the reception area. I want to meet with them right away. Since your twat is out of commission, Estelle, why don't you and Jason go on home. You have work to do there. Cindy, you go on to class. I will be sending for you. The boys will probably want a sample. I'm going to be rough with you. A few tears wouldn't hurt if you can manage it."

"Pinch my nipples real hard, they're super sensitive. If that won't make my eyes water, nothing will."

"Estelle, I'm going to go slow here at school. So far, there's just rumors going around based on the way Cindy was dressed yesterday, and her mysterious disappearance as a result. Those rumors will intensify today. My people have been warned to keep this to themselves for the time being. I've won over three of her teachers, but the other three will take work. The three I won over will start giving Cindy a hard time in their classes. She'll be physically disciplined for the slightest infraction--entering a class without panties for one. They will start slow and gradually escalate their abuse.

"A few days after the story hits the street, she's going to be raped in the cafeteria before over two hundred students and teachers. I'll see to it that the right teachers are there. The teachers will walk out on the rape. We're going to cover up this rape and pretend it never happened. Someone will raise hell about it. That someone, or someones, will be the next victims of the rape squad."

"Are you talking about the student or the family?"

"I expect a barrage of student reports and complaints. The whole school will be in an uproar. I'll have to call an assembly. That's what you do when the school gets in an uproar. In that assembly, I will have Cindy at my side, dressed provocatively, of course. I'm going to put the blame for the rape on her and make an example of her. I'm going to shock the hell out of a lot of people, I assure you. If they don't know who is behind the rape gang after that assembly, then they weren't paying attention.

"I am also going to warn everyone not to air the school's dirty laundry off campus. I will specifically warn them not to talk to their parents or the media. Cover-ups are common in institutions. It's expected. I intend to flush out the snitches in this way. It's the parents' reactions I am talking about. I want to know what parents have the balls to attack me and the cover-up. I expect quite a few will come forward, but the most vocal will get my personal attention. If it's their daughter who got them all fired up, they'll get to witness her rape in their own home. Daddy will even get a piece of his precious little girl while Mommy watches. Who knows, we might even bring in the pooches."

"You should if for no other reason than to tie the MOs together. We don't want anyone thinking the incidents are unrelated. If the snitch is a boy, then Mommy gets her pussy spermed by her little boy. Afterwards, they get to watch Rover pack his little poop chute for him. If he has sisters, you'll need more dogs."

"Absolutely, these will be our example cases. I intend to punish them severely, publicly, and totally. If they cause trouble after that, I will destroy them completely."

Horrified, Cindy said, "You're not talking about killing people are you?"

"No, no! Of course not. Killing isn't necessary. They will lose their jobs, all their property, and all their pride. They'll be left with nothing to stay for. If they do stay, I will turn their women into whores and reduce the men to powerless wretches. You destroy a family the same way you destroy a building, by undermining the foundation. In most homes, it's the monogamous relationship between husband and wife. When the wife has to spread her legs for every cock that comes knocking at her door, and the husband can do nothing but watch, that family loses its foundation."

Cindy said, "And you think you can get away with that?"

"With some, yes. Others will move away, even run from here. Either way, they are no more trouble for us."

Cindy countered, "But after they get away from here, they can start trouble from outside."

"Yes, but they will be up on charges for child molestation. Trumped up charges, but in order to fight the charges, or seek revenge, they'll have to come here. If they do that, they'll be too busy defending themselves to hassle me. They will also be back under our influence. No, those who go will try to put this behind them and start over in total silence. I'm not worried about those who leave, and the ones who remain, stay because they grow to like the abuse."

"How can you say that? Who could like it?"

"Cindy, when you strip people of their pride, and expose them to the perverse things they've only fantasized about, a strange thing happens--they change. Stephanie is undergoing that change right now. She has returned for more. I became a child molester after my eight-year-old daughter was raped by my father. There was nothing I could do about it. He was a sick man. He was still my father. Even my wife, who was abused by her father, agreed that we shouldn't report him."

Estelle said, "Tell me more about this, Hal. I love hearing about these things."

"My pleasure. We all loved the guy. He really was a great man, and he didn't hurt Jenny, he just violated her and stole her virginity. We ranted and raved; we guarded her every waking minute; we kept them apart. In time, we slacked off. Well, he raped her again a month later. This was even less traumatic for us. He raped her a week after that, and we didn't even say anything to him. We stopped hovering over her. The rapes became commonplace after that, if you could still call it rape.

"Bonnie and I found ourselves giving my father all the free time he needed to commit his dirty deed. When we'd see him getting frisky with her, we'd take a long walk or go to see a movie. We allowed him to give her baths which lasted hours, and we no longer let her sleep in our bed with us. We'd find them in bed together the next morning--sometimes in his bed, sometimes in hers, always naked.

"After a month of this, he became extremely bold. He'd take her to her room with my wife and I at home. One night, he sat on the sofa with us and gradually got his cock in Jenny. We just sat there, staring, watching him have his way with our little girl. After that, we were lost. Later that night, my wife masturbated while I got of piece of Jenny. I got hooked on young pussy that way. Jenny became an integral part of our sex life, and my wife, Bonnie, wanted to share her with her father and mother, which she did."

[Hal tells the story in more detail in "Big Daddy's Little Girl".]

"After my wife and I divorced and she got custody of Jenny, I had to look elsewhere for young pussy. I've been chasing after young tail ever since. The same thing will happen to these victims if they stay. Oh, they'll protest, for appearances' sake, but they'll be eating it up. A woman can get addicted to a large variety of strange cocks using her cunt, especially if she can't be held accountable. All she has to do is pretend she hates it. A man can get addicted to living with a house full of whores.

[Read "Confessions of Adultery" if you don't believe it.]

"Men are visual animals, stimulated by what they see. We are all voyeurs at heart. They will be in a voyeur's paradise. Just ask my sister, she lived it.

["Toy Daughter" explores this theme.]

"I talked Mom and Dad into moving here and retiring. They bought a nice place out by the lake. Now they're into the doggies. They lure innocent young wives and young female salespeople into their home, then watch their dog, a male black lab named Duke, go to work on them. He already has the neighbor across the street trained. They are very good at what they do, turning young women into real bitches.

[Read "Duke's Bitch" if you like a good dog meets bitch fuck story.]

"Yes, Cindy, some will remain. I'm not concerned with them. It's the quiet ones, the ones who don't tip their hand. They're the ones you have to watch."

Estelle clapped her hands together and said, "Well, what do you say we get this show on the road. It looks like you have the situation well in hand. I am impressed. You seem to know what you're doing. Just don't forget who's really running the circus. Don't let this newfound power go to your head."

"You needn't worry, Estelle. I never forget where my power comes from. Without you, I could do nothing. I worship you. You made me king, and only you can dethrone me. I like being king."

Estelle stood and beamed a big smile, chucked Hal under the chin, and said, "And king you shall be. Enjoy your kingdom; but remember, I do like being worshipped."

Hal knelt on one knee, bowed his head, and kissed her hand, saying, "I am yours, my lady. Let me pay homage with my mouth to the hole you piss through. Fill my mouth with the ambrosia from your bladder that I may savor it and drink of your holy essence."

Estelle giggled and said, "Cindy, uncover my holy twat for this noble king so that I can give him a mouthful of amber ambrosia."

Cindy stepped up behind her mother as she stood with her feet widely planted. When the skirt crested her mound, Hal exclaimed, "Holy shit, Estelle! What the fuck happened to your pussy?"

"I had a fire ant mound dumped on it yesterday, courtesy of that other king I told you about. You'll have to pry the lips open to get to my piss hole. Don't worry, it's no longer sensitive; it just looks that way."

"Say the word and I'll have this scoundrel flayed, skinned alive."

"You'll do no such thing. He's my toy, or maybe I'm his. Either way, you leave him alone. Come on, get on with it. I need a short piss anyway."

"As you wish." Hal peeled back the swollen lips and fastened his pursed lips to her urethra. Her piss soon flowed freely, filling his mouth while he sucked. He swallowed that mouthful and sucked another. Estelle patted his head and stepped away, saying, "There you go. Enjoy. We must be off now. Cindy, you have a nice day, and keep those legs apart. Give those boys a good ride. Remember, you are a Greyson woman. People expect more from us. Don't disappoint them."

"I won't, Mother. I never do. I'll fuck their nuts dry."

"That's my girl. Come, Jason." She walked regally from the office with the back of her skirt hung up on her ass.

Cindy followed, reaching out to pull the skirt free to cover her mother's bare ass. Pam waited right outside Hal's office door. Pam's hand grabbed Cindy's wrist, and together they watched Estelle walk out into the crowded outer office with Jason following, looking back with a big white smile.

When they passed from sight, Pam turned to face Cindy. She looked disappointed to see her dressed. She took Cindy by the elbow as four young men passed by them on the way into Hal's office. They eyed the two scantily clad women with unabashed interest. After they went inside, Pam said, "Don't we need to clean you?" Cindy shook her head, noting that Marge and Stephanie were watching them. Pam reached her hand between Cindy's legs and lingered long in her inspection. Cindy offered Pam a submissive pose, reaching down to lift her skirt high, spreading her stance to offer the women a better view.

Stephanie closed the reception area door as Pam dropped to her knees. She inserted three fingers in Cindy, saying, "Well, your cunt feels like it's been fucked by a big dick; but you're right, it isn't messy. Did he cum in your ass or something"?

Cindy said, "No, I wasn't screwed anywhere." She then tried out her new muscle control exercise on Pam's fingers.

Pam exclaimed, "Wow, she can squeeze with her pussy! How'd you do that? Marge, feel this. Stephanie, you too."

The two women, filled with curiosity and arousal, came forward. Each reached a hand between Cindy's legs and felt for themselves. Cindy could see by their expressions that her exercises were already paying off. Stephanie said, "Men call this a squeeze box. I've heard about whores that can do this. They make the big bucks. Did you learn how to do this, Cindy? Did someone teach you a trick or something?"

"No, I just do it."

Marge offered, "It must be genetic. You know, like some people can roll their tongue, others can't. The kid is a natural born whore. What did you expect; she is a Greyson."

Stephanie took another turn, saying, "Don't be a bitch, Marge. It isn't the kid's fault."

"I'm not faulting anyone. She's a whore; she's a natural; and, she's a Greyson; enough said. You'd better get the little whore back to her class, Pam. We all have work to do."

Pam stood. Cindy dropped her skirt. Pam took her elbow forcefully propelling her toward the door, saying, "Let's go, little Miss Hot Twat. Put a wiggle in that walk. Shake that merchandise. You walk like a two dollar whore when you walk with me." They made for a comical sight as they moved down the almost-deserted hallway.

A few minutes later, Pam knocked on Mr. Spivy's second period math classroom door, then entered, pushing Cindy ahead. All noise ceased as everyone took in Cindy's sexy outfit: tight, black leather mini, see-through white blouse, and white high heels. Pam said, "Mr. Peterson said the superintendent abolished the dress code, so we have to admit her to classes dressed as she is. He's not happy about it, and he doesn't want her setting a trend. He said if you want to make an example of her, go right ahead. He'll cover you." On the way out, Pam said, "See ya, slut!" The class broke out in titters of nervous laughter.

Mr. Spivy walked around Cindy as she stood facing the class. He slapped the collapsible metal pointer (his trademark) in his open palm. Cindy blushed deep red as he rudely studied her from all angles while allowing the tittering to die down. He came to stand by her side, looking at her vast expanse of bare legs showing beneath a skirt hem that barely went below her crotch. The room went dead quiet as he pointed the tip of his pointer at the front edge of her skirt and lifted enough to make a wrinkle. He said, "So, you insist on making a spectacle of yourself, eh, Cindy? I have a good mind to help you."

A chorus of male voices encouraged him. Most of the class strained forward in their seats, jockeying for a clear view. He quieted the cacophony with a backward wave of his hand, then said, "I see you are not wearing a bra. People in the back can see that. Are you cold, Cindy? You look cold." The class broke out in laughter at his obvious reference to the hard nipples poking out her blouse. Cindy shook her head.

Again he quieted them with a back hand wave. "You are not wearing a bra; I assume you forgot to put on panties as well. Cindy, turn your back to the class." He moved to her front and placed the tip of his pointer at her crotch, lifting the hem slowly. His expression told the class that she had no panties. Several voices shouted, "Turn her around," or "Lift the back!" One brash kid shouted, "Show us her pussy!"

He ignored the laughter this brought on, and noticed several girls blushing. Most of the girls in the class appeared to be enjoying Cindy's humiliation. They wore smiles and laughed along with the boys. He made no comment about the lewd word, a word that would ordinarily have brought a quick and sure reprisal in his rigidly disciplined class. He continued to openly admire her naked pussy, and went so far as to slide the pointer shaft between the lips until the slim chrome shaft poked the back of her skirt high enough to show that the shaft was an inch above crotch level, indicating to the students that the shaft nestled deep in the grove of her slit. This brought howls as he comically made the rear of her skirt bounce out by sawing the pointer in and out.

"You act like a girl who lost her virginity. Girls who dress this way are advertising something. Are you advertising, Cindy? Is there a rate sign on your behind? Shall I lift up your skirt and see?" The class shouted more encouragements.

Bolstered by the way the kids were responding, he dipped low and brought the rubber tipped end of his pointer upward, aimed straight up at Cindy's hole. After nestling the tip inside the hole, he said, "Your classmates want to know if you are wearing panties and if you are still a virgin." He pushed the pointer all the way in until the rubber end hit the back wall of her pussy. When he kept pushing, the sections collapsed. His hand moved steadily up between her legs until disappearing from view. He pushed the end of the pointer inside with a finger, then stood back, saying, "Well, I guess that answers both questions."

Cindy strained to hold the pointer inside. She only managed to slow its egress. After a few seconds, the chrome end appeared below her hem, then the collapsed pointer fell with a clatter between her feet. The class was in an uproar as Mr. Spivy took out his hanky and picked up the wet pointer as though the rod were covered in toxic waste. One boy shouted, "I'll clean it!" Spivy ignored him and wiped his pointer.

When the din died down, Spivy said, "Well, you obviously want to be where others can see you. I'll tell you what. Why don't you stand on my desk for the remainder of this class. Go on. Get up there." He held his chair for her to step on, and Cindy dutifully mounted the desk. She felt ridiculous staring down on her fellow students, kids she'd grown up with, now enjoying her predicament. Those in front could see her pussy and were dipping low to see better. Those in back could see it, too, but dipping didn't help see it any better.

Spivy faced his class, silenced them, and said, "Try to ignore her. I have a class to conduct here. Now, you must turn in your homework assignments. I want you to come up, one at a time as your name is called, and set your papers on my desk." Then, in mock dismay, he looked to his cluttered desk, frowned, and said, "It looks like we'll need to make a space."

He walked over, studied the situation, then used his pointer to tap the inside of Cindy's right ankle and said, "Excuse me, dear, but you'll have to move this foot out to the edge. That's it. Now move the other out a foot or so." The separation between her feet was thirty inches by the time he finished, and he stood looking right up her skirt, stretched to the limit, his eyes just inches from her bare pussy.

The students laughed excitedly as they realized they'd get the same view. From the moment of her first exposure, Cindy gradually warmed to the lewd exhibition until, at this point, she was eager for more. By squatting slightly, almost imperceptibly with her knees bending out, her skirt slid up past her naked pussy mound. The class roared their approval and Cindy smiled, giving her hips a slow sensuous grind.

Spivy smiled his approval as he placed a blank piece of paper far back so that the students would have an excuse to lean in. He, in fact, leaned in and got his forehead wet when he intentionally bumped her pussy. When he stepped away, he wiped his brow with the hanky and said, "Place your papers there, but be careful. There's a low clearance hazard."

For his first choice, Spivy wanted someone bold, someone who would establish a rude example. The boy who shouted out "Show us her pussy" was an obvious choice, but he had a girl, one of Stella's lesbians, also quite bold, who might do even better. He decided to begin with her. She eagerly got to her feet as her classmates hooted and jeered. The rude boy shouted, "Kiss her twat, Blazak. Here's you chance."

The class looked to Mr. Spivy to see his reaction. When they saw him smile, others joined in, even some girls. Karen Blazak marched right up and gazed hard at the pussy. Cindy smiled, then moved forward on the desk to make her cunt accessible to the lewd kiss. She even squatted to bring her pussy to mouth level, adding an enticing dare to her display by placing her hands against the insides of her thighs while widening her knees, fanning and jutting out her beaver in lewd invitation.

Karen's mouth watered. She looked back with a smile, then moved forward and planted a long probing kiss between Cindy's legs. Cindy made a face of sheer ecstasy, then ground her beaver into the lewd kiss. While the students shouted obscene encouragements, Cindy and Karen put on a more obscene display. Spivy allowed the demonstration to go on for several long minutes. When Karen got a lip-lock on the clit, and Cindy was humping her cunt in Karen's face, going for her orgasm, he decided to stop them. Karen ended the kiss only when Spivy gave her a light rap on the fanny with his extended pointer. She set her paper down and returned, licking her lips to cheers. He called the rude boy next.

He also licked her pussy, but went a step further and crudely fingered her. When he had to be called away, he went away reluctantly, rubbing his crotch painfully. Each student came up in turn. The shy girls quickly set their papers on the pile without looking up, though most stared openly. The boys touched as well as stared, and every one of them planted a kiss on the pussy to avoid being called chicken.

Cindy obviously enjoyed the attention. By the time half of the thirty students went through, she had her skirt pulled up past her waist and wantonly offered her pussy, enticing mouths or fingers. She removed her blouse and displayed her titties. By observing the students' actions and reactions, Spivy knew which students he needed to work on, which might tell their parents, and which ones wanted a deeper level of play.

Angie Roberts was definitely going straight to her daddy and mommy. Knowing of Hal's rape gang plan, he prayed the Roberts family would be the first victims. Cute little Angie needed a stiff dick in her little twat, and stuck-up Ginger, her mother, needed a good fucking even more. Angie looked fourteen, though she was Cindy's age. Were it not for Cindy being in her class, Angie would be getting all the attention and winning all the beauty contests. Hers was a beauty that surpassed Cindy's in many areas but not as many. Her legs and ass had no equal. Her delicate features and angelic face gave her a china doll appearance. She had an untouchable quality that inspired others to treat her deferentially.

Her mother was like that as well. Spivy dated Ginger in junior high and most of high school, though she would never put out. He never got to cop a feel or get a glimpse of her luscious flesh. Ginger was the Cindy Greyson of his class, but Ginger never fell from grace. She left high school a virgin and married a well-to-do store owner that needed to be taken down a few pegs.

Besides that, the Roberts had two other daughters younger than Angie, and an older son, a senior. They couldn't move away and abandon a thriving business that they'd sunk a small fortune into. Nor could they afford to lose their property or let it be destroyed.

Cindy had similar thoughts about Angie and the Roberts family. She also had a girl crush on Angie. When Cindy allowed herself to dream of pussy, it was Angie's pussy she dreamed of. Like most girls who have difficulty appreciating their own charms, Cindy saw Angie as the prettier girl. Cindy endured most of the students just waiting on Angie.

Angie had been one that threw her paper on the desk. After all were finished, Spivy called her back up. She timidly came forward. He stood looking down angrily at her and said, "You seem to disapprove of my methods. I won't stand for that sort of childish behavior whether you approve or not. I gave explicit instructions to lay your paper neatly on the pile. You ignored those instructions. Now, go retrieve your paper and do it properly." When Angie remained still, he shouted, "I said do it! Now move!"

Angie went over to the desk and rummaged around the stack, trying to find her paper. Cindy, acting on impulse, squatted low with her knees spread wide. Angie jumped back, shocked to find Cindy's bare beaver waving in her face. Cindy held the pose, resting her hands on her knees, rocking her pelvis over the stack barely two inches below her crotch. The class roared their approval. Spivy came up and took Angie by the arm firmly and repeated his demand. The horrified girl trembled and began to cry. He persisted, insisting she look for her paper.

Cindy had her skirt bunched in her lap, waiting for the girl to return. Angie did return, but very hesitantly. She tried to squeeze her hand through the small space, but each time Angie reached, Cindy rubbed her cunt on the girl's forearm. All the kids were laughing. Spivy kept up his prodding. She soon ignored the cunt rubbing on her arm and went through the papers until she found her own. She laid the paper on top, neatly centered, then shot back. Spivy made her return to straighten the whole stack and insisted she do it by reaching between Cindy's legs. Cindy tormented the girl by inching closer until her cunt was in the girl's face.

When Angie tried to pull away, she found a firm male hand holding her by the scruff of her neck, preventing her from turning her head away or pulling back. Cindy dropped her hands behind her and assumed the crab walk position, bringing her cunt into contact with Angie's mouth. The class exploded from their seats and gathered around to watch Cindy fucking her wet beaver on Angie's twisted, crying face. Cindy gyrated and ground her slimy cunt all over the girl's face, but especially over her nose and mouth.

That was not the only abuse Angie suffered. Hands were all over her body. The kids yanked her panties to her feet, tore her blouse open, and pushed her bra up over her B-cup titties. Fingers rudely entered both holes as others twisted her nipples cruelly. The fingers weren't all male, either. The kids were in a frenzy, out of control.

Spivy released Angie and stepped back to observe a sexual feeding frenzy of sorts. The kids made certain that Angie's pretty face remained in full contact with Cindy's wide-spread beaver. He saw Angie give up her struggles and let herself be mass groped. Her face held steady as Cindy used her face as a pussy wipe.

While this was going on, one boy had gotten in behind Angie with his naked boner in his hand and was inserting that probe in Angie's asshole. Things had gotten out of hand, going beyond what Spivy wanted. Fortunately, the bell rang, giving him the excuse to call an immediate halt. Reluctantly, the kids dispersed, but not before the brash boy got his cock fully inside and managed a few dozen quick strokes. Spivy had to grab the kid by the belt and yank him out of Angie's ass. Cindy climbed down from the desk, as Spivy ushered the students out.

When the last kid left, Angie was still standing, sobbing in place with her panties at her feet and her tits hanging out in the open, her skirt and blouse had been completely torn from her body. He helped recover her torn blouse, and set the blouse over Angie's shoulders. He then set about putting the cups back over her tits. Angie simply stood sobbing with her eyes closed. Cindy remained standing off to the side, smiling at the way Spivy handled the distraught girl's titties while ostensibly trying to get them covered.

He had a free period, so no students filed in to replace those that left. He took note of Angie's hard nipples as he set her bra cups over them. When he knelt before her to pull her panties up her legs, Cindy came up from behind and placed her hands on Angie's hips. Angie made no move to stop her, so Cindy got close in behind Angie and pressed her naked vulva to Angie's ass, grinding her loins against her ass as the boy had done.

Spivy gazed on the delicious sight of Angie's moist slit and protruding clit. The vision made him take his sweet time getting the panties up. He settled back on his heels, his eyes on a level with her crotch. Angie's smooth skin trembled under the excessive fondling touches of his manly hands, but she did nothing to speed him along, nor did she attempt to cover her crotch, though she knew he was staring at her naked pussy.

Cindy wanted no part of restoring Angie's clothing. She had the same idea that Spivy had earlier--that Angie and her family would make the perfect victims for the rape gang. A sexual assault by a teacher would insure their outrage. Though a sexual assault was a bit premature (the rape of the Greysons would not be out until the next day's newspaper), she felt confident that Hal could deal with it. Toward that end, she brought her hands sliding up Angie's sides until she pushed the bra cups back up on Angie's upper chest, exposing her tits once again.

Spivy noted what Cindy had done, and noted Angie's passive acceptance. He halted the progression of the panties at mid-thigh and took a moment to visually explore the girl's vagina. Angie stood limply as Cindy removed the blouse and bra. Cindy's hands then went to caress and fondle Angie's tits. Angie stood with her head down, eyes closed, whimpering softly.

Spivy gazed on her tits from below, marveling at their beauty and perfect symmetry. Her mounds were perfect in form and looked as though she had a high pressure hose up her ass, pushing them to the point of bursting. Her inch-long nipples, pastel pink cones, like a bullet on a snow cone, vibrated when Cindy pulled the tips down and suddenly released them. She finger-flicked the rubbery nipples and twisted them like knobs on a radio. Spivy watched Angie tolerate this abuse as he ran both hands up the outside of her thighs and around her haunches to cup and mold the soft globes of her ass.

He gently, sensuously passed his hands to the front and moved up her torso to fondle her tits for himself, saying, "Angie, you are a beautiful young woman, a very sexy young woman. You remind me of your mother at this age." Angie's eyes opened to slits, and she watched his hands slowly travel down her flat tummy to converge on her loins once again. The left hand went behind to cup her ass and draw her crotch forward, the right delved between her thighs.

He teased his fingers through her wet folds, tested her hole with a gentle probe, then softly rubbed her clit, saying, "We dated for many years, you know. I see you inherited her vagina. Hers responded to the touch of male fingers and lubricated profusely just as yours does." He insinuated his fuck finger deeply and said, "Her pussy was soft and tight just as yours is."

Angie's eyes opened wider as she stared down at her out-thrust crotch. Spivy removed the finger and eased the panties down her legs. She stepped free without prompting, then held each foot so he could remove her shoes and socks. When he released the last bare foot, she stood barefoot, totally naked, keeping her crotch out prominently. Angie lent herself to this effort like a small child being undressed by her mother. When she stood naked, Cindy went to the door and locked it.

Spivy teasingly ran his fingers up the insides of both legs as Cindy got behind Angie and nestled close, kissing her ear, nuzzling her neck, running both hands slowly to the girl's fevered crotch. Cindy applied pressure against the inside of Angie's right foot and the foot slid out. Cindy and Spivy both reached for Angie's crotch. When she got there first, she pried open the moist lips and teased Angie's clit.

Spivy looked up to see Cindy's tongue licking Angie's cheek, and Angie turning her face into that tongue. Their tongues entered a duel outside their mouths as Angie strained back to capture Cindy's tongue. In doing so, she jutted her loins out further than she could have had her upper body not been supported by Cindy.

They kissed passionately with Angie's head resting on Cindy's shoulder as Spivy said, "You know what else your mother loves, a warm tongue in her pussy and sucking lips on her clit. [Angie swooned.] Let's see if you like that as well."

When his tongue slithered through the folds of her tight sex lips, Angie cried out and heaved into his mouth. He cupped her ass as her knees widened, then moved his lips over her engorged clit. She moaned louder as he sucked her hard clit. She pressed her mound to his face and grabbed his hair, pulling him tight. She was on the verge of a climax, but Spivy wanted her to hang at the edge. Reluctantly, he backed away. Angie groaned.

He went back to a slow teasing finger-fucking of her pussy. She humped his finger while still kissing Cindy. He said, "Yes, Angie, you're exactly like your mother. She was a hot little slut too." Angie bucked and moaned on his finger. He said, "You know I'm going to fuck you, don't you?"

She broke the kiss to say, "Yes!"

"You want my cock in your pussy, don't you?"


"You are a virgin, so was your mother. It's only right that you surrender your virginity to me."

"Yes, I want to. I want you to be the one."

"You realize that this will start a family tradition. When you have a daughter, I'll expect you to bring her to me to deflower."

"Yes, I will. I swear I will! If you fuck me, you get to fuck all my daughters. I'll bring them to you as soon as they enter puberty."

"Yes, I'll want them fertile, just as you are. I won't use protection with them, and I won't use any with you."

"I don't care. I just want you to fuck me."

"When was your last period?"

"Oh ... uh ... I'm due any day, I think."

"Perhaps we should wait a couple weeks then."

In a panic, she cried, "Oh no! I can't wait that long. Do it now, please! If you do it now, I'll come back in two weeks and let you do it again. I'll come to you every day if you want, but please fuck me now!"

With casual aplomb, he said, "I don't know, Angie. That seems like a lot of trouble for me. I'll just wait."

"No, Mr. Spivy! Oh God! Please, I want to get fucked now. I need it. Why won't you fuck me now?"

Spivy got up and leaned back on his desk. Angie dropped to her knees and attacked his belt. She fumbled with his fly and dragged his pants and underwear down. His cock bobbed in her face and she grabbed his seven inches of throbbing hardness with both hands, slobbering wet kisses all over the shaft, head, and balls, sucking the shiny head into her mouth. He and Cindy exchanged satisfied smiles as they watched Angie getting hornier and hornier.

He did nothing to help. Angie, in a fit of passion, got up, turned around, reached between her legs and scooted back, pointing his cock at her pussy hole. She wiggled herself onto the knobby head and slowly sank its length into her until her hymen stretched against the head. After three deep breaths, she suddenly lunged back, impaling herself to the balls. Spivy's eyes rolled back, his face an exquisite grimace. Nothing ever felt so divine.

After that, she rode his cock like a mad woman. Cindy presented her bare beaver. Angie attacked the wet slit with her mouth, holding Cindy by the hips. Cindy's humping screwed Angie on Spivy's dick. Spivy knew he couldn't last long with that sight to look on. He closed his eyes and took Angie by the hips to ease the delicious buffeting. He tried to find the square root of three while Angie's delightful pussy nursed his dick. Minutes later, he blasted her womb with a hot load of sperm. Angie came with him, grinding her pussy hard to his groin, sucking the sperm in deep. Cindy came with Angie's lips sucking hard on her clit, then stood still for a thorough pussy licking.

When they broke apart, Angie was flushed and panting. She turned, dropped to her knees, and reverently cleaned Spivy's cock with her tongue, saying, "I want to come back every day. You can get me pregnant if you want. That's what you want, don't you?"

"Yes, and I want to knock up your daughters, too. I am serious about that."

"I know you are. I'll still be here. I'll remember. I gave my word to you, and Cindy is a witness. Anyone I marry will have to agree to that condition before we marry. I won't go back on it."

"I know you won't. I won't let you. We're going to draw up a written agreement that you will both sign before many witnesses. He will also agree to share your pussy with me and whoever I decide to share it with. That will also be in the pre-nuptial document."

"Oh, yes. I'd want it that way. You won't ever let us out of that agreement. I know you won't."

"You know what else I won't let you do? I won't let you go back to being a nice girl. You're going to be one of Richard Wright's whores." Angie stopped her mouthings and looked up with trepidation at his cold serious tone. He said, "Do you know about Wright's whores?"

She said, "Yes, everybody knows."

"Then you know what that means, don't you?"

"But I can't, not now, not that, not with just anybody, not with Mr. Wright."

"You can and you will. Furthermore, you will no longer wear bra or panties to school. Wright's whores don't believe in them, as you probably know."

Angie rose to her feet, suddenly feeling cold and naked, shyly covering her crotch. She said, "But, Mr. Spivy, my parents might find out. They'd kill me if they did; besides, I'm not that kind of girl. I know that sounds stupid after what we did, but you are special. What we did was special."

"You're a whore Angie. Fucking a whore isn't special. That's what whores are for. Whores are like toilet paper. After you wipe your ass, you don't think toilet paper is special, do you?"

Angie stumbled back, stung by his cruel words. Tears filled her eyes. She cried, "You're terrible. That's a terrible thing to say." She shouted, "I am not a whore, and I'll never be one!"

Spivy lunged forward and took Angie firmly in hand. Jerking her close, he took a fistful of her long hair, pulled her head roughly back, then crammed three fingers up her cunt. He got in her face, saying, "Listen to me, you fucking whore. You've got my sperm in your cunt, and I will keep replacing it with fresh sperm every day. You'll bear my bastard children and train the cunts to be whores. From now on, I'll treat you like a fucking whore, and I'll tell Wright you joined his stable. You'll fuck when we tell you to fuck, and you'll fuck who we tell you to fuck. Do you understand?"

She tearfully nodded, then said, "Yes!" after his prompting. He added, "If I ever catch you wearing bra or panties, I'll strip you where I find you and beat your whore ass with my belt. Do you understand that?"


He marched her to the door, unlocked it, and threw her out into the hallway. She sprawled, naked, across the waxed linoleum. Luckily, the hall was empty. When the door opened again, her ripped skirt and torn blouse came flying out. She looked back to see him casually drop her shoes, socks, bra, and panties in the waste can. She scrambled to gather skirt and blouse, then made a dash for the girls' room at the end of the hall. Spivy and Cindy watched her from his open doorway.

When he went back inside, Cindy said, "Was that really necessary? She's going to tell her parents what you did."

"That was the idea. She surprised me. She was easy, thanks to your excellent foreplay."

"You're right; she was easy."

"I want her to tell Mommy and Daddy. Crazy, huh? Well, I've got news for you, kid. Peterson is putting together a rape gang to keep parents like hers in line. When that gang gets through with them, they'll be pimping their daughters, and I'll finally get to fuck Ginger Roberts."

"I thought you took her cherry."

"Shit, I never got a whiff of that woman's pussy. Never believe anything a man says while in the act of seduction. All's fair in love and war."

"It still seemed cruel."

"Do you think she would have told them if I hadn't said those things and threatened to turn her into a whore. Believe me, I didn't enjoy doing that. I adore that kid and her mother. When I look at Angie, I see her mother. I vented some pent-up anger at Angie that was meant for Ginger. She'll get over it. I still love her mother after all these years."

"You have a funny way of showing it, but I guess you're right, she wouldn't have told. Boy, she was something, wasn't she? You really know how to seduce a girl. You had me creaming, and I never got touched by you. You can touch me now, though."

"Thanks, but I'm wasted. You need to get to your next class. You better go back to the office. I'm sure Pam will want to deliver you, or Hal might be ready for you. He's meeting with his boys. They're probably looking for you in your next class."

"I don't need your tired old dick, anyway. I have four hot young studs that can use me to wipe with."

"Very funny, Cindy. Run along before I change my mind."

Cindy walked out smartly. She thought about stopping in the girls' room to comfort Angie, but decided against the idea after understanding Spivy's motives. She wanted Angie's family, now more than ever. Angie was a hot number. Her sisters were adorable as well. Rachel, at ten, made men stop and stare. Jennifer, at twelve, had a body equal to Angie's. She wondered what her sisters and her mom would be like as sex partners. She wondered if Angie's father or brother were any good in the sack. She smiled to herself as she strolled to the office. She encountered Pam en route. Hal was ready for her.

* * *

When the four young men entered the principal's office, they entered thinking they were in trouble. Four chairs sat in a straight line before Hal's desk. Hal offered them seats. This was new. They exchanged looks, then shrugged and sat. Hal studied the boys. Three were powerfully built with cocky attitudes. One was just cocky. Tommy Blade was a likable guy. Cool described him better than any adjective--ruggedly handsome, some would say. Sexy, in a bad boy way, most women would say.

Jake Braddock was a star lineman on the school varsity football team. At six feet two inches and weighing two hundred twenty pounds, few grown men could give him any shit.

Cory Mathews was a punk. He couldn't whip his way through a gossamer curtain. He was a follower who wanted to be a tough guy. He raped three girls and a teacher in order to win acceptance. He still had charges pending from the rape of the teacher, but the girls' parents failed to press charges after receiving telephone threats.

Bubba Mosley, a black center on the basketball squad, completed the foursome. Bubba had been reprimanded repeatedly for going out on the court without wearing a jock. The problem was, his black cock hung four inches below the leg opening of his shorts. That alone qualified for the rape team. After he raped the same teacher Cory raped in an effort to intimidate her into dropping the charges on Cory, he found himself up on charges and suspended from the basketball team until his case was adjudicated. Cory and Bubba were under in-school suspension. They were in special class.

It came as a great surprise to them when Hal offered the guys beer. They accepted. Hal smiled, sat back, and said, "Guys, I have a job for you, one I think you'll like. I want you to rape people for me."

Bubba coughed out his first sip. Cory grinned stupidly. Jake set his beer on Hal's desk and started to get up. Tommy put his arm out and made him sit. Tommy looked to Hal and said, "Don't leave that hanging."

"I'm serious. I want you guys to form a rape squad. I can protect you. I even have the cops in my pocket."

Tommy said, "Why?"

"Because, I have people I need to punish or be made to get in line. I have power that I want to extend. You guys can help. If you help, I can make your lives very rewarding."

Cory said, "Yeah, how rewarding. Me and Bubba ain't got much time. It better be good, and it better come quick."

"Why, you aren't going anywhere." Hal leaned to the intercom and pressed the button, "Marge, send Miss Jennings in." He looked to their startled faces, saying, "I believe you two know Miss Jennings, don't you?"

Before they could answer, the attractive young teacher, dressed in her usual business attire for women (knee-length skirt, white blouse, matching jacket, and modest high heels) entered looking sheepish. That wholesome, All-American young bride look that drove the two boys to rape was there with the added attraction of blushing shame and mortified fear. Her long hair and big brown eyes drew attention away from her impressive chest which she did all she could to downplay by wearing something in addition to a blouse or dress, usually a jacket or cardigan sweater. Two of the boys knew those lumps under her clothing were caused by proud hooters and they were licking their lips at the memory.

Hal said, "I was just telling these guys about your recovered memory regarding the alleged rape. Tell them what you now remember really happened in both cases."

Without looking up, with the boys on the edge of their seats, Jan Jennings softly said, "I seduced Cory, then made up the rape story in the hope that they'd send Bubba to change my mind. When he did come, I seduced him as well."

Cory slammed his palm on the desk and said, "That's exactly what happened. The bitch begged me to fuck her. She fuckin' raped me. I want this in writing. You guys heard her."

Tommy said, "Shut the fuck up, Cory." Looking to Hal, he said, "Okay, we're impressed. So, are the charges dropped?"

"Yes, as of eight this morning. You guys are clear. It's all taken care of. Now all you have to do is decide what you want done with her. I have a taped confession. I can put her behind bars with a phone call, or she can make it up to you in more personal ways. I'll let you decide."

Cory said, "Lock the bitch up!"

Tommy said, "I told you to shut the fuck up, Cory." Addressing Jan, Tommy said, "What do you have to offer us, Miss Jennings, Jan?"

She looked up, fear showing in her reddened eyes. "What do you want? I don't have much money. This is my first year teaching. Please, don't send me to jail. I'll do whatever you want."

"Well, show us your tits and pussy. Me and Jake haven't had the pleasure."

With trembling fingers, on the verge of pissing herself, Jan unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the bra cups off her hooters. Her hooters, as though wanting the freedom and wanting a look around, stood out boldly in the opening of her blouse, parting the sea of clothing. The boys laughed uproariously and made fun of her puckered and skyward arching nipples, putting a shade of red on her features she'd never known before. Even her creamy breast flesh blotched red.

It was all she could do to keep from pissing as she lifted her skirt with one hand while pulling down her panties with the other. Her face turned an even deeper red as the boys made fun of her wet pussy and her horny clit sticking up. Betrayed by her own body at a time when she most needed her body to behave itself, Jan endured the abject humiliation of having that betrayal underscored as each boy toyed with her clit and engorged pussy parts, transferring her vaginal slime to her straining nipples and trembling lips.

The guys could not believe what they were seeing nor what she was enduring. Tommy turned to Hal and said, "Okay, tell us more." To Jan, he said, "You get out of your clothes. We want a better look."

While Jan undressed, Hal said, "What I have to say is for your ears only. Let her get naked, then we'll send her out. You can play with her later."

Cory said, "Are you going to send her out naked?"

"That's up to you. She can wait in the inner office in her birthday suit all day if you want. I called in a sub for her classes, anticipating you'd have something for her or she'd be in jail."

Cory said, "Far fucking out! Let's keep the bitch naked."

By this time, Jan was down to pantyhose and panties. She shimmied out of them with trembling fingers, dying of embarrassment. She kicked off her heels, removed her skirt, panties, and pantyhose, then stood erect, trembling under their hard stares.

Hal came around the desk and placed her centered on the boys. He took her by a fistful of hair and made her lean far back over his desk with her naked crotch jutting out. He kicked her feet far apart, then said, "This bitch now belongs to you boys. I don't care what you do with her, in or out of school. I made her place the call to her husband and listened to her explain everything as she know remembers everything. She begged him to be understanding so that she could do whatever she had to do to stay out of jail."

The boys were taking turns feeling her up and fingering both holes. Tommy said, "Did he buy her story?"

"Yes. Evidently, he knows what a hot and horny little slut he married. She was convincing and took all responsibility on herself. I made her tell him that she had to have young cock or she'd go crazy. She said she was addicted to young cocks, and that she couldn't help herself. She begged to be allowed to bargain for her freedom. She begged him to go along if he really loved her."

Tommy said, "Are you sure he understood what that meant?"

"I made certain she was very explicit about what that would entail. The man must love her, because he wants her to remain free at all costs. You're free to fuck her where you find her. You'll have a key to her house and the welcome mat will be at her bedroom door."

Tommy said while tugging on her long clit, "Well, I guess we have us our own private whore." He released her clit and addressed Jan, saying, "Go sit in the inner office but leave your shit in here, and you'd better be there when we get through, understand, bitch?"

Hal released the distraught woman. She regained her feet and moved toward the door on quaking legs. Cory jumped up, addressing Hal, "Wait, do you have a marker pen?"

Hal opened his desk and took out a red Magic marker. He rolled the marker across the desk to the boy. Jan returned to stand before the boys. Cory took the pen and held Jan by the chin firmly. She grimaced while he wrote out, "I AM A HORE," with the "I" on her forehead, the "A" and "M" divided by her nose, an "A" on her upper lip, and "HORE" spelled out along her jawline. He stepped aside, laughing, "There, that should teach her."

Tommy said, "You stupid fuck. There's a W in whore."

Cory went, "Oh, yeah ... where's it go."

Tommy got up, saying, "Give me that, you moron." He placed the W by Jan's right ear. The word didn't look right, but at least it was spelled right.

With the marker still in hand, Tommy write, "FUCK ME" on her chest and then turned her around to write, "I AM A FUCKING WHORE" down the back of the left leg with "FUCK ME IN THE ASS" down the right with an arrow pointing to her ass.

Bubba took the pen and added his graffiti to her back and ass. Jake turned her around and filled in the front, labeling her slut cunt and left and right bastard feeders. On her belly, he wrote, "BASTARD UNDER CONSTRUCTION."

There, all done. Jan no longer looked like the All-American young bride. She looked like the men's room wall at the pool hall only without the stains. She turned pleading eyes on Hal, begging on the verge of tears, "Please, I can't go out there like this."

Hal got up and took her by the arm. He dragged her to the door and shoved her through. After slamming the door, he strode back to laughter and applause.

Hal took a seat on the edge of the desk, then laid out the entire plan, including the rape of the Greysons. The boys were uneasy about tangling with Estelle Greyson and her daughter, Cindy. Hal assured them that he had Estelle Greyson by the short hairs, then described the scene with her from the day before. He could still see they were unsure, so called for Pam.

Pam entered the office and Hal ordered her to strip. Pam was a sexier number than Jan Jennings only because she was cuter. They had all noticed her when she first went to work in the office. They conducted more business in the office than most of the students did. Pam's body never went unnoticed. They were now seeing it quickly unveiled. When Pam stood before them, naked, she did so without the least bit of shyness. She posed, turned, bent from the waist, then sat on the front edge of Hal's desk. She leaned back, and offered her spread beaver in her favorite position, spreading her pussy lips apart with her fingers while smiling wantonly.

Hal reached over and placed his hand on her inner thigh, saying, "When she came to work this morning, she'd had one cock in her entire life. Well, actually, one and a half, but that's a long story. It's now ten fifteen. How many have you had now, Pam?"

"Six, but four more will make it an even ten. I am so fucking horny. I love what you guys did to Jan. She's dying out there. Do that shit to me. Write filthy things all over my body. I want cock in my pussy, lots of hard cock."

The guys reacted instantly, reaching for their crotches and hers. Hal said, "She's never had a black one. Bubba, why don't you put this slut out of her misery."

"Yes, fuck my pussy, Bubba. Show me that big black dick I've heard so much about."

Bubba grinned broadly and fished out his swollen member, fisting his foot-long black snake at her offered opening. He stepped up and put the head in her sopping hole. Pam grunted and squirmed as he fed her sex-starved twat. She winced in pain when his cock bottomed out with three inches remaining but continued drawing him by pulling on his ebony hips, crying, "Deeper. Fuck me deeper! Cum in my pussy, Bubba. Knock my married, white ass up. I want your black bastard, and I want my husband to watch you make his baby in me. Oh, yes Bubba. I want you to make all of my babies. You can fuck me any time you want."

Tommy turned to Hal, saying, "Man, I don't know what you got, or where you got it, but you got it. I don't know about these guys, but I'm in." Bubba said, "I'm in ... in up to my balls." Jake and Cory threw in as well, then they settled back to watch the show. Each boy fucked her in turn, driving Pam to delirium. She was insatiable. Even after all four, she wanted Bubba again. Hal had to force her from the office, sending her to fetch Cindy.

He went back to the desk and took his seat on the edge. He said, "I'm sure you are all familiar with Cindy Greyson. Now you'll see her in a whole new light. You haven't seen a female until you've seen this female. You'll get to see her in action tonight, but for now, just enjoy the demonstration, and don't say anything to tip off what we're all about. She'll know, afterward, so will Estelle. That won't matter. I'm doing it just to prove to her that I can, and that I can get away with it, and do it again, anytime I wish.

"Just so you know, you will gang rape Cindy in the cafeteria on Wednesday or Thursday. You guys aren't bashful before an audience, are you? None of you have a cock you need to be ashamed of. I know you aren't ashamed of yours, Bubba?"

Tommy said, "How can we get away with something like that? You ain't God."

"No, but I'll do till he shows up. Don't worry about it. I told you, I can cover for you. I'm doing this to flush out the troublemakers. When I know who they are, you guys go to work. I'm not going to explain all my reasons and motives to you. What I want is four studs with big balls. If it isn't you guys, there are others."

Cory said, "Hey, we got balls, man. You ain't gonna find any bigger. We'll fuck the bitch on the courthouse lawn if you want. Right guys?"

"Shut the fuck up, Cory. All right, we'll rape her in the cafeteria, but let me warn you. If we get busted, you get busted. That's all I have to say. You are in this with us, right up to the balls. You say do it, and we'll do it. Don't go biting off more than you can chew. It ain't the cops you have to worry about. We have friends, lots of friends. You don't know how close that Jennings bitch came to being crawdad bait."

Hal stood and got in Tommy's face, saying, "I'll let that slide. I understand your concerns. You don't know what I have backing me up. Until I give you a reason to doubt me, don't. Until I fail you, don't threaten me. If it happens again, all four of you will be out of a job and on your own with lots of angry people on your ass. In a few days, nobody will want to fuck with me, so your friends don't mean shit. I'm the only friend you need."

Tommy said, "All right, man, cool it. Like I said, we're on the team. You're the big kahuna. I've said my piece."

Pam knocked and entered, pulling Cindy along. Cindy stumbled up to the side of the desk, beside Hal, looking forlorn, abandoned without hope. The four smiling faces drank in her sexy charms. Pam said, "Are these guys going to fuck her? Can I stay and watch? Want me to strip her?"

Hal said, "Pam ... Out! Go fuck something."

Pam pouted and left. Hal addressed Cindy, saying, "Okay, kid, get your shit off and show these boys what a female body is supposed to look like. Move!"

Cindy unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She kicked off her heels, and dropped the skirt. She stood naked before four open mouths. Hal said, "Show them your business end."

Cindy turned and spread her feet wide, then bent forward at the waist and grasped her ankles. Her holes were in open display between her flawless moons. Hands reached out to caress her ass and delve fingers in her holes. When Cory stuck four fingers in her cunt without much effort, he said, "Shit, I figured she'd be tight as a drum."

Cindy squeezed down on his fingers and he exclaimed, "Hey, a fucking squeeze box. Far out. Check this out, Blade."

Each took a turn, including Hal. He was impressed as well. He had her stand straight, then sit on the desk. She proudly spread her beaver without being ordered to do so. The boys huddled around her crotch and resumed their pussy inspection. Her position also afforded them the opportunity to fondle her breasts. Cindy turned on rapidly and was soon squirming and moaning. Hal said, "These guys are going to rape you in the cafeteria tomorrow or the next day. Do you have a problem fucking four guys in front of two hundred kids and teachers?"

"No! I don't care anymore. Mom said I have to be your whore and I have to fuck whoever you say."

"Will you put on a good show, put up some resistance before you turn into a writhing blubbering slut?"

"Yes, I'll try. If you want me to put on a show, I'll give them a show. Mom told me I had to do whatever you say. I'll fuck them all right now if you want. We should practice, don't you think?"

"No, but I do want you to unlock your front door tonight and turn off any alarm system you have."

"I will. We have guard dogs. I can bring them indoors and put them in a spare room."

"Yeah, you do that. Okay, get up and get dressed. Have Pam take you to class. We need to talk."

The guys reluctantly let her go. Cindy reluctantly went, taking her clothes with her, leaving naked. Hal said, "You guys are going to like this job. See that the dogs fuck her. Get to know those dogs. They will come in handy on other jobs."

Cory said, "Far fucking out, man! Cindy Greyson fucking mutts ... far-fucking out, man!"

The five finalized details of the Greyson job, then went over the details of Cindy's cafeteria rape. When it was time to leave, Tommy paused at the door, saying, "Just one question. How did you get Jennings to drop the charges?"

"It was easy. I had Richard Spivy seduce her. The man is a master. He had her humping and heaving, blubbering out all kinds of shit about the rapes. She incriminated herself trying to turn him on. We got it on tape. The bitch said she enjoyed the rapes and was sorry she reported them."

"She cried and pleaded through both of them. If she enjoyed them, she sure as hell didn't let it show."

Bubba and Cory backed this up. Hal said, "I'm sure she only said that to please Richard. Either way, she sounded sincere and fucked herself royally. She's your toy. Enjoy."

Cory said, "Can we march her through the campus naked?"

"Maybe in a few days. Let's go slow for a while. That shit you wrote on her is enough by itself. Most of that will show. Parade her around through the halls if you want, but leave her skirt and blouse on. You don't need to button the blouse, but at least tie the tails in a knot under her tits. You can also leave her barefooted. Everyone who sees that will understand what's going to happen to her. When you've had your thrill, take her to an empty classroom and fuck her brains out. If you want, you can fuck with her in the inner office area until the next bell. I presume you'll want a full hallway."

Cory said, "Bitchin', Man."

When they stepped into the inner office area, Jan was sitting on a chair, huddled in a protective ball, her face hidden in her hands. Ben, Richard, Marge, Stephanie, Susan, and Emily stood around with big smiles. Cory went up to Jan and made her stand. He pulled her arms behind her and sat in the chair, pulling her to his lap. Bubba and Jake took the two seats on either side. Each took a leg and drew her into the splits. Jan groaned, deeply mortified, humiliated beyond her wildest imaginings, made more so by her nipples puckering and her clit rising to prominence, throbbing with her rapid heartbeat. Tommy sat on the edge of Marge's desk, looking cool and dispassionate.

When Jake and Bubba reached a free hand to her pussy and began stimulating her inflamed sex, Jan grimaced. Her breathing became rapid and short, her chest heaving, her body showing an all-over blush. Cory whispered obscene things in her ear and told her what a slut she was. She gradually responded to his words with impassioned moans. He released her hands and reached under her arms to crudely mold her up-thrust breasts. He told her to show everyone what a hot cunt she had.

Jan moved her shaky hands between her legs and began shyly masturbating. Before long, she roughly rubbed her clit and fingered her hole. He told her what they had planned, about the empty classroom, her attire, their waiting for the halls to fill so that they could parade her around in her bare feet with her tits half exposed, showing off her signs. She fucked herself furiously and came explosively in tears.

While the fun went on in Marge's office, Pam delivered Cindy to the lesbians in her PE class. The class was near ending. The girls were going to the showers. Stella took Cindy into her private office. Eight girls and Pam followed. Eight smiling, wet-faced girls left when the bell rang. Pam, Cindy, and Stella remained for fifteen more minutes. When they did leave, Stella and Cindy had wet faces. Pam had a wet crotch. Pam led Cindy to the cafeteria. She sat with her through lunch, enjoying the attention the two scantily clad females attracted.

After lunch, Pam waited for the fourth period class to get underway before leading Cindy to it. Mr. Groves, like Spivy, had already sampled Cindy on Monday and was eager to get her in his class to initiate his plans for exposing and humiliating her.

Groves taught American History. At forty-two, fat, bald, and bearded, he was one of the few single male teachers over thirty. He had a hard time attracting females, students or otherwise, so he used his position to trade sex for grades. Before Hal came along, he didn't always get a fuck out of the deal, but he usually got a desperate teen girl to unveil her body for him in his private office. He was so desperate that he was very careless and often went too far. His file had numerous complaints from angry parents, and he also had a police report with several ongoing investigations. Jim Groves was about to lose his job and find himself brought up on formal rape charges when Hal was hired as the principal and everything suddenly disappeared.

Hal saw Jim as a kindred spirit, a lover of the innocent young. They shared the same major, History, and Hal lost his last teaching job for doing the very thing Jim was doing, only with much younger students. Hal befriended Jim, and his first request of Estelle Greyson, the woman responsible for hiring him, was to bury Jim's record and stop all legal action. He took a chance because she knew about his past and hired him anyway.

With her nod, Hal buried all past complaints, and covered his further problems long before getting the official sanction from Estelle Greyson. The legal action simply went away. In return, Jim shared his successes, giving Hal a lascivious pleasure, if not direct participation.

With Hal covering his back, Jim became reckless. He went after girls who he knew would tell their parents, then he went after the mothers. With Hal's help, he usually got both. Hal gave tips that made his method more effective. Jim cursed the fact that the sexiest, most desirable girls were also the best behaved and usually on the honor roll. Hal told Jim that those girls and their parents were the easiest to manipulate. They cared about grades and futures. They cared more about grades than hymens. Hal told him to give subjective tests, essays that must be judged, there being no right or wrong answer. In this way, college bound straight A students got F's in a required course for advancement.

Since all juniors had to pass Groves' class, none could graduate without a passing grade from him. With no private high school within commuting distance, and home teaching not yet approved by the state, parents were in a bind. Their daughter's future hung in the balance. With the principal having a Masters degree in history backing the evaluation of the daughter's essays, they had to accept the grades and the claim that their daughter lied about the abuse, threats, or propositions to get out of their poor showing.

This opened new avenues for further abuse, as the lies needed to be punished, and their district permitted corporal punishment without stipulating restrictions other than skin could not be broken. Public, bare bottom spankings were commonplace in the county schools around the turn of the century. Rules were in place to make the practice institutional, arguing that humiliation was more effective than the infliction of pain when young girls needed to be disciplined. It was Estelle's great grandfather who instituted the rule and saw the rule carried out properly almost every time while he lived. The practice died with him in 1933.

At the time, the rules only applied to pre-pubescent teens. Older girls attended boarding schools in other areas if at all. As the community grew, and a high school was established, the rules were never amended. They'd been forgotten, but discovered by a local attorney who had to defend a teacher who dropped a girl's panties before applying a paddle to her rump. The teacher got off, (in more ways than one) thanks to the rule.

Efforts to amended the corporal discipline rule came up at every school board meeting, but Estelle liked the rule, so it never got the votes needed to alter it. Few teachers had the nerve to try the practice publicly before a classroom full of students, but after Hal Peterson came onboard, Groves and Spivy practiced bare-bottomed spanking and strapping to excess. Spivy would spank girls on their bare bottoms before a classroom full of students, and progressed from that to having them strip nude.

Groves saw no restriction that would prevent him from requiring a girl to strip naked for a strapping, so that was what he required of his female offenders. Girls in his classes lived in terror, and were difficult to find fault with. Opportunities were few, but Groves learned how to create opportunities using Hal's ideas. As a result, even before Estelle joined Hal, half of his female students had bared all before their classmates, usually with a rain of tears before the first fall of the wide leather strap.

The only thing Groves and Spivy had to fear was the retribution of an angry father. Spivy could physically handle any outraged father. He was once a Golden Gloves boxer. Groves relied on Hal, sending parents to him. Being the principal, and a big man besides, made Hal a tough prospect for a father to butt heads with. Few would. Those who tried, failed. Their daughters still faced the strap, and faced the strapping, buck-assed naked before their peers.

Parents had long since adjusted to the idea of the school's right to public beatings on naked skin, but were slow to adjust to Grove's way of doing it. The blatantly sexual beatings drew pleas and complaints, but no charges of misconduct were ever filed. While the law remained on the books, laws advocating that humiliation was a policy and objective, filing charges was pointless. No one could argue that his methods weren't humiliating.

What got Groves in trouble was his passion for pussy. He wasn't satisfied with just a peek and a smack, he wanted pussy. What really wound his clock was getting at the mothers. Fucking a distraught mother was the ultimate for Jim Groves. He would rather screw the mother than the daughter. He preferred married mothers to the single ones. In this way, he also got at the husbands.

His grade manipulations, offers of grades for sex, and straight out propositions for sex got him in trouble and drew the most vehement complaints. What worried Hal was the filed sexual molestation charges that went past his office. Though no charges ever amounted to legal action, and were buried at the police station, he worried about the first that would not be buried. Hal knew he had friends in high places, friends other than Estelle, and assumed that one friend was the school superintendent, Don Hightower. Hal always kissed up to Don Hightower and tried to buddy up to him.

A complaint was no problem under Hal's administration. In fact, a complaint always brought on an additional strapping for the lying teen. Distraught parents would beg and plead on their daughter's behalf once they saw there was no options open to them. Once they understood that their daughter's education was in the balance, they got very cooperative. That's when Groves would offer the only option available: a mother could stand in for her daughter if she agreed to take a thorough strapping in the nude before her daughter and the entire class. Most mothers, after a period of intense anguish, relented and offered to suffer the humiliation for their daughters. They signed the release forms Hal required and were given an appointment to appear in class.

The release forms granted Groves complete freedom to administer a humiliating punishment, without limiting what method or technique he could use. Most learned the hard way, but many knew from the stories they'd heard that they would suffer a much more humiliating event than their daughters would face. For this reason, some of the mothers let the daughters suffer, knowing that they could never endure such abuse in private, much less in public and before children.

Groves was merciless when he got a mommy stripped and bound over his strapping chair. The punishment device, a heavy oak chair with the back cut off at eighteen-inches above the seat and featuring leather straps at the base of each leg for securing wrists and ankles, looked like an odd electric chair without the electrodes. The chair was mounted on a one foot high platform with a roller base so that the entire unit, with a victim secured on it, could be rolled easily about or turned. Over the top of the chair's back was a thickly padded cushion for the penitent to lie over--forward or backward.

The device sat ominously in the front corner during classes like a medieval torture device waiting for its next victim. Few boys felt threatened by the contraption. To them, the chair was a treasured friend, a vehicle that brought food for fantasy, a source of rich voyeuristic pleasures.

To the girls, the chair spoke of unthinkable humiliation, pain, and embarrassment. The chair of shame stole their most coveted intimate secrets and haunted them like an evil specter. To some, the chair of wicked delight tickled their clits just to look at it. The mothers who came to know its function, would often wind up having to make the choice again. Having no secrets to hide, having been stripped of all dignity and pride, few refused a return engagement. Some mothers, on returning, went to the chair trembling and in tears. Some of the mothers were addicted to the chair, and eagerly awaited another call.

Hal became principal when Cindy entered her junior year. Halfway through the second six week term, the first totally naked strapping took place in the chair. Mr. Groves' fourth period American History class--Cindy's class--was the first to witness a chair-bound beating. The poor girl cried pitifully as she was ordered to strip naked. Cindy's heart went out to her. The class was in shock. The boys pleasantly so, the girls genuinely so.

When Groves rolled in the chair for the first time and made the naked and trembling teen stand on the foot-high platform, then strapped her left ankle to the outside of the left rear leg, all eyes opened wide, not a peep was heard. He then forced her right ankle far to the right and attached that ankle strap. He pushed her forward over the padded top, then pulled her left arm to the base of the left front leg, bringing the arm outside the wide arms of the chair before securing it. He did the same to the right. The class stared up the girl's naked behind and at her naked pussy, yawning wide for their visual inspection. Jim noted that girls stared as openly and as intently as the boys.

He wasn't through. He wound rope around each leg at the knees and pulled the girl's knees to the outside edges of the chair. When both were secured, the poor girl had her asshole showing and her pussy opened up to reveal the pink insides of her vaginal opening.

As if this weren't enough humiliation for her, he turned the platform to show her face to the class. The girl tried to hide her tits by hanging her head between her outstretched arms. To keep her head up and hair out of the way, he gathered the hair into two clumps which he secured to each top post. Now both breasts were hanging out for all to see. That, however was not enough humiliation.

Groves went to his desk and returned with what appeared to be a big, black, rubber cock. The lurid instrument had an eight-inch shaft, a bulbous head, and two hanging orbs the size of plums. He turned the chair in profile and made her open her mouth over the head. He worked the cock replica in until her cheeks ballooned out. A clamp built into the base of the cocklike device, attached to the forward edge of the seat.

When he stood with his crotch at just the right level to give the illusion that the cock was jutting from his fly, the boys began laughing. Some girls laughed as well. The bound girl could make no sound. All she could do was groan through her nose. The device forced her head to remain up and in full view. All she could do was close her eyes and cry.

After that, Groves turned her ass to the class and invited the class to pull their chairs up in a tight semi-circle centered on the girl. The boys fought over front row center. The girls sat in the rear. All had a good view as Groves advanced with the strap.

Groves applied the strap firmly and forcefully. His hard strokes had a cracking retort and jarred the victim's supple flesh, leaving a bright red imprint. Twenty-five strokes were meted out in an agonizingly slow pace. By the time the last fell, her entire backside from the backs of her knees to the top of her ass globes glared back an angry red hue.

The class counted aloud the twenty five strokes, then a vote was offered on an optional twenty-five more. Jim had noticed the class members gradually warming to the girl's humiliating punishment. More and more students joined in on the counting, their eager voices raised as the level of excitement raised. The vote was twenty-three for, eight against. Cindy was against, though she had joined the count at twenty.

The girl received twenty-five more, delivered with methodical slowness over the full expanse of her legs and ass as her tears puddled in the seat of the awful chair. After that, she was left in place for the remainder of the class period. The class resumed their former places, and Groves began the lesson. He repeatedly walked by the girl to study her rear areas, patting and rubbing her ass, bringing titters of laughter when he gave her pussy a pat.

Encouraged by the favorable reactions he got whenever he touched her intimate areas, he touched them more often and more crudely. By the end of the class, he'd stop to take her hanging, engorged clit between thumb and forefinger and give it a tug or a shake. He'd finger her pussy or asshole, and, at the end of the class, he lectured with his thumb buried in her asshole, two middle fingers up her pussy, gripping her like a bowling ball with the platform turned so her face was to the class.

Her expression reflected her mortification tinged with undeniable arousal. The class could see the girl's hard nipples pointing down, just inches off the seat, hanging between her arms. Her eyes were open and the tears had stopped flowing. Those that had flowed were dry on her face. Cindy found this very odd, and most exhilarating. Groves made her cum twice, and though she couldn't move or cry out, it was clear to all that the girl had climaxes and wanted more.

Most of the kids did not tell their parents what they'd witnessed, but Cindy did. Estelle was quite amused. She called Hal to express her support of the stricter disciplinary measures. She told him that if he needed her support in the future, he had it. The girl victim did not tell her parents either. Hal fielded a few inquires from concerned parents, but he blew those off after hearing from Estelle Greyson.

He was quick to let Jim know that Greyson heard all about the beating from Cindy and called to offer support. The two perverts were elated. Cindy's reaction, and Estelle's reaction to what Cindy reported, was their chief concern and the primary reason a girl from Cindy's class was chosen as the first victim. Neither had any illusions about trying anything with Cindy, however.

Cindy was safe, as was Angie. Everyone knew that Ginger was in tight with Estelle, and she was a woman with her own resources that she could bring to bear. She was also on the school board with Estelle, though Estelle's vote was Ginger's vote. Angie was in a different history class. Hers was in third period. Their next victim would come from the third period class and push the limits much further.

The girl Angie saw punished was a cute redhead with big breasts. She endured even more sexual abuse than the girl Cindy saw. She was secured backward over the device, a much more humiliating position especially for a girl with big tits. She was masturbated to orgasm before the first blow fell, then masturbated to three more orgasms afterward. When he let her up, she stood on wobbly legs with her vaginal secretions running to her heels.

Jim had the only classroom with a private teacher's office in the rear. He took her directly into his office and screwed her between class changes, between her labia lips, between her periods. When he was finished with her, he made her go out, naked, and retrieve her clothes. He made the girl dress in front of that new class with his semen flowing down her legs.

Jim heard from the girl's mother when her daughter missed her period. They heard from many more parents right after the incident, including Ginger. Ginger threatened court action if anyone ever laid a hand on her daughter. She was extremely upset. Hal called Estelle. Estelle called Ginger. Ginger called back to say that on reconsidering the event, she wanted to lend her support for stricter discipline for the other girls.

From then on, Hal told upset parents to fuck off, in so many words. From then on, it was open season, and time to go after a mother. Sarah McGill got the nod after Jim drove his car behind Rose McGill, Sarah's mother, while she rode her bicycle.

He pictured her fine ass over his chair. Sarah's grades took a nose dive. Even her previous A's became F's. The case of Rose and Robert McGill and their daughter Sarah illustrates how effective the system was for breaking down parental resistance, then subverting their natural tendency to protect their children at all costs, ultimately leading to their total surrender to perverse desires, and the mother's willing surrender to the chair.

[Their story is detailed in "Plucking the Rose".]

The case of the McGills is special only because they were the first family sucked into the whirlpool of perverse family sex, victims of Hal and Jim's seduction schemes. The two perverts got better at the game as time progressed. When Cindy entered the classroom under Pam's escort, they'd been at their game for six months. In that time, they'd seduced eleven families, and Jim had screwed twelve of his eighty-eight female students. Nine of the girls were pregnant with his or Hal's child growing in their bellies. Six were showing. Sarah was six months along and showing very well. With two months left to go in the school year, and Estelle Greyson on board, they hoped to spawn an epidemic.

Most of the pregnancies could be directly attributed to Jim Groves. He was obsessed with the idea and did most of the screwing anyway. Hal Peterson and Richard Wright got their share, but both men were as apt to spend in a mouth or an ass. Richard Wright, in fact, preferred anal sex. Hal appreciated any good looking pussy, even adult pussy, but preferred the very young girls. His ninth graders were, at fourteen and fifteen, at the upper end of his desirability scale. The eight to ten year-olds, being prime.

Until Estelle Greyson opened up the full gamut of possibilities to him, their activities were confined to the exploitation of the junior class, aided by his cohorts, Richard Spivy and Jim Groves. By the time the spring semester was underway, rumors about what was going on with the junior class girls, especially the punishment scenes taking place in Jim's class, were widespread, not only within the school, but within the community at large.

Estelle did her part to insure that her media did not report on, or investigate, these rumors, and the police never made any inquiries, even though several formal complaints had been filed against Jim and Hal. The men were pleasantly puzzled by this fact. They knew of the filings, and had always expected trouble from authorities. When none came down, neither from the school administration nor the police, they assumed Estelle had her hand in that as well.

After months rolled by without a single charge sticking, they grew bolder and bolder. At the start of the spring semester, Jim made it a practice, after a girl's first session in his punishment chair, to take her to his office, still bound to the device, and have sex with her. Though the girls could not make a protest if they wanted to, their mouths being stuffed with the dildo gag, it was rape, pure and simple.

One such rape so outraged the mother of the girl that she stormed into Hal's office screaming at him at the top of her lungs, shaking her fist at him and threatening every charge she could imagine. She didn't stop there, though. She gathered proof, along with statements from other victims and parents, then filed a ten page indictment with the police and the superintendent of schools. She also had sworn statements from other parents and the girl victims themselves.

Jim and Hal sweated this one out, certain that they'd gone too far. Hal called Estelle right away. She told him not to worry, but he worried anyway. When the superintendent called, it was not to fire him, but to commend him for maintaining strict discipline and order in the high school. When the woman returned to deliver another barrage of threats, he and Jim were ready and waiting.

She entered Hal's office to find her daughter, naked, bound backward over the punishment chair, her body crisscrossed with angry read weals from tit to toe, with rivulets of semen pouring from her open and abused holes. Before the mother could run or scream, the men attacked her, shredding her clothes off her body. Though she fought mightily, the angry mother became a standing sandwich with Hal's cock in her pussy and Jim's in her ass.

She struggled against the dual penetration for the first few minutes, her frightened wide eyes constantly darting to her daughter's gaping beaver. After a few minutes, she ceased her struggles with Hal's words in her ears, saying, "It may interest you to know that all the work you did panned out. I've been contacted by the head of the school board, Estelle Greyson, and the superintendent of schools, Don Hightower. After reviewing your report, both commended me on setting a high standard for order and discipline in the high school. We just wanted to thank you."

The fight left her with that news. She stood limply in their embrace and took the double fucking as the hopelessness of her situation sank in with every sinking of each cock. She repeatedly looked to her sexually abused child as she took the dual penetration and their synchronized buffeting and soon began to respond by pushing back on the cock in her ass and forward on the cock in her cunt until they didn't have to hold her and she did all the movement.

She fucked herself at the pace she liked best. A few minutes later, her arms went around Hal's neck, and she looked into his eyes with a glazed look of passion, saying, "You are an evil bastard, Hal Peterson. A gal doesn't stand a chance against you."

She planted kisses all over his face, then kissed him passionately. She broke the kiss only long enough to say, "You are a very nasty man to do what you did to such an innocent child."

Hal smiled and said, "Yes, she was. I also want to commend you on giving birth to such a fine piece of ass."

Together, they turned cheek to cheek to survey her daughter's abused holes, gaping open and drooling sperm. She said, "You're welcome."

Hal tried repeatedly to penetrate the lust they'd awakened, to reach her maternal core, but nothing he said would break her. She seconded every crude suggestion either men offered. In the end, she agreed her daughter would make an excellent whore and deliver a fine healthy baby for them. She was no trouble after that.

The fallout of that success led to greater excesses. It was open season on junior pussy. Richard's stable of eight whores was almost all junior girls. Pam came on board in February and immediately befriended Jim Groves. Though she offered him no pussy, he was intrigued by her unabashed desire to help and participate. She became a frequent visitor on a punishment day. Eventually, he allowed her into his private office for the post game activities. She recruited whores for Richard Wright from the large stock of candidates she had to choose from. Jim had far more than he could manage and was generally a find 'em, feel 'em, fuck 'em, and forget 'em kind of guy anyway.

Hal preferred to hear of Jim's classroom exploits from Pam when she had her sexual banter sessions in Wright's office. She told it much better than Jim ever did. To hear her was to view the event from the female victim's viewpoint.

Pam was only nineteen and a newlywed to the only man she'd ever had sex with. Her experience came from growing up in a two female parent home. Her mother was a bull dyke with many lovers. Though Pam didn't have a gay bone in her body, she got to see everything women can do with their bodies. She knew next to nothing about men, but she could read the subtle body language of a tightly bound female, knew the tiniest, most insignificant details, like the tensing of an inner thigh muscle, the outward pucker of the rectum when a girl wants to take an invading finger in her ass, or the slight hollowing of the cheeks as a girl fantasizes that the dildo gag in her mouth is actually a real cock.

The mothers who were forced to perform for the kids did not fool Pam one iota. Despite their sternly set jaws, their angry looks, their defiant demeanors, and their tears, Pam saw through them. Pam noticed the way they stood in profile when unveiling their breasts, the way their backs straightened, their tummies sucked in. She knew why they took so long to slide their panties past their pubic bushes, or why some turned their backs on the students at this crucial moment while others faced front.

Every woman knows which view, front or rear, best displays her vagina. Some women have pussies that are set forward, others have pussies tucked back between their legs. Consequently, some turned their backs on the students and some faced forward at this crucial moment. Pam noticed that the women always dropped their panties in the position that best featured their pussies, always lowering them with calculated, sensuous deliberation while pretending to be painfully bashful or reticent.

The students loved watching the mothers for this very reason. The older women knew how to use their bodies. Once Jim knew how to read their body language, he watched for their pantie lowering position. Those that faced front were mounted backward over the chair to display their pussies they way they preferred displaying them. Those who turned their backs, were bent forward. Only when he attempted the reverse did he encounter protests. Women never protested when their pussies were displayed properly.

Pam also told him that big-titted women and women with nice breasts turn their side to the students to drop their panties because they aren't proud of their pussies, or are more proud of their breasts. These women prefer being bound backward, tits up, and like to have their heads facing the audience after they are bound in place. In this position, with their backs arched radically, and their torsos angled down, their tits blossom to their fullest.

She also told him that breasts can take as much punishment as an ass or thigh. That big breasted women derive a great deal of pleasure from having their breasts tormented or handled roughly. Jim was wary of this, at first, but the results were dramatic when he first tried Pam's suggestion. Between Pam's advice and Hal's coaching, Jim had few unsatisfied customers, much repeat business, and a steady supply of married women to fuck in or out of school.

He had women he could call, day or night, that would drop what they were doing and come to him without panties on. He had wives that would toss their husbands out of their marital beds to fuck him. He had husbands he could call who would deliver their wives to him, wait in the car while he screwed them, or come inside and hold their wives' legs apart while he serviced their horny bitches. He had half a dozen women that would fuck him like raging sluts, right in front of their families. Jim put ten married women back in the baby business, much to the husbands' chagrin. Jim had it all, everything he could possibly want.

Richard Wright took the best of the junior girls and made them part of his stable of whores, and Hal occasionally got his fancy tickled. Some of those married women had younger daughters; some had daughters in their prime--or at least prime by Hal Peterson's standard. His supply of little Lolitas did not all come directly as a result of Jim's activities. Some fell from heaven, but were indirectly from Jim. Theresa Andrews was such a case, and she fell from heaven one week before Hal's first meeting with Estelle.

It was while listening on the intercom to one of Pam and Richard Wright's sessions that Hal learned about Theresa Andrews. Theresa was a neighbor of Pam's, a single mother with two daughters; one, her fourteen-year-old, was a freshman in his school, Connie Andrews, but the other was an eight-year-old, little Becky. Hal sat forward and listened attentively. The conversation went like this:

Pam said, "If you really want some nice young pussy, Richard, why don't you let me bring Connie Andrews to you. She's a freshman, a virgin, and cute as a speckled puppy. She has nice hard titties and a tight ass. You can train her. She'd make a great addition to your stable of little whores, and you need to branch out of the junior class."

"You'd make a great addition to my stable of whores, Pam. I wouldn't even need to train you."

"No, and I'd make a good one, too. I'd be the best piece of ass you ever had, but my husband, that meanie, won't let me. Come on, Richard. Get your mind off my creamy, wet, horny pussy. Try not to think about how good it would feel to slide your big cock through my tight, wet pussy lips or how my hard clit would feel riding on the shaft of your cock while you fuck my cunt. My husband won't let me fuck you. I asked, and he said no. You were listening in; you know that. What about Connie?"

"I don't have the time or patience to deal with virgins. I like them, but they're too much trouble."

"Not this one. You could force yourself on Connie, bind her up and rape her in every hole. Her mother will get off on it. She can't wait till Connie becomes a junior and gets in Jim's class. That's all she talks about is the day Connie comes home crying with Jim's semen running down her legs. She has this whole scenario all planned out in her mind, how she's going to get Connie dressed in a short sexy outfit and come down here to register a complaint about her daughter getting raped.

"She knows what usually happens to mothers who complain. She can't get enough of my stories. She wants to watch her daughter get raped. She wants to get raped with her daughter. I told her she didn't need to wait, that I could probably set it up with you. She's all for it. She took off work, just in case it went down today. She's sitting in her apartment on pins and needles, hoping, praying that Connie will come hobbling through the door all teary-eyed and spermy."

"Is that so? Tell me about this eight-year-old. You know, Hal has a thing for the young stuff. If you could set him up with this kid of hers, it would be a big feather in your cap. Hal is an important man to have in your camp, especially with all the non-school shit you're up to."

"Really? That's interesting. I don't know. She's never said anything about Becky. She's just a little kid."

"All eight-year-old girls are little kids, Pam. Little girls have little pussies, and that's what Hal likes about them. They have the tightest and the freshest pussies."

"I'm sure she has a tight pussy, but I don't know about fresh. I never thought of pussy as being fresh. Look, why don't you rape Connie, then I'll see if I can get Theresa to bring Becky and Connie in when she complains. I can work on Theresa. She is easy to manipulate. In just three months, I have taken her from a mother who lived in constant fear of her daughter getting raped at school, to a mother who wants to set it up and watch."

"No, I have a better idea. Let her stew in her juices. You go back after school and tell her that I like the idea of her getting screwed in front of both girls. Don't tell her about Hal. Don't tell anyone about Hal. If it gets out, we'll all know who let it out. You have a big mouth. Let her think I just want Becky present, and that's my condition. Tell her if she agrees to that, I'll rape her little Connie tomorrow."

"Okay, I can do that. Don't you think I ought to feel her out to see how she feels about watching Becky getting raped by a grown man. She should at least be prepared for that."

"It wouldn't hurt to plant a few seeds, but let Hal work on her when she comes in. He's good at this, and he won't rape the kid. He doesn't get off on that shit. He seduces them. He'll have the little shit squirming to get on his cock. If this Theresa is as horny and hot blooded as you say, she'll set her little girl on his cock and kiss his balls while he's fucking the kid."

"She might. I'd sure like to see that. Okay, I'll do it. So who do you want to fuck for now?"

"I want to fuck you, Pam."

[The story "Marital Aid" continues this exchange to it's natural conclusion: at her apartment, later that evening, Richard's dick in Pam's pussy with her husband's tongue in her ass--naturally.]

Hal turned off the intercom, sat back, and smiled. An hour later, Richard entered his office, looking frayed at the edges. He plopped down in a chair beside Hal's desk and said, "How much did you hear?"

"All I needed to hear. I want that kid, Richard. Set it up."

[The story, "The Corruption of Mother Theresa" is a must read for single mothers raising sexy young daughters, with a horny neighbor, in a school district full of perverts, run by a pedophile. Others may enjoy it, too.]

"She's as good as mounted on your pole."

"I've got the rape gang all set. They are going to hit the Greyson mansion tonight. I've decided to wait until Thursday to initiate the cafeteria rape of Cindy. We should allow Wednesday for the news of the assault on the Greysons to sink in. Thursday will be better. The hard part from now on will be keeping those boys in line. They are going to be like kids in toyland."

[Follow the gang after they left school that day in the story, "Ravish Me".]

"Yeah, you're playing with fire with those boys."

"I'm not worried, not with the Estelle Greyson Volunteer Fire Department just a phone call away."

"You're still not going to tell me what you have on her, are you?"

"I'd be stupid to do so. Why should I share the power. I kind of like being the only person on Earth able to control Estelle Greyson. Besides, that much power would blind you."

"Maybe so, it would certainly corrupt me. Speaking of corruption and power, Spivy raped Ginger Robert's daughter in his classroom right after class. I just spoke with him. He said to expect Ginger to storm down here as soon as she gets word. The kid left the school grounds, probably leaving a trail of semen that leads right to Spivy's classroom."

"God damnit! You tell Spivy that I don't appreciate him pulling something of this magnitude without clearing it with me first. Not only is Ginger a member of the school board, but she is a personal friend of Estelle's. You get Spivy and drag his ass here."

On leaving, Richard said, "I'll get him here, but nobody drags Dick Spivy anywhere."

After Richard left, Hal hit the intercom. "Marge, get me Estelle!"

One minute later, Estelle came on the line. "Yes, Hal, what is it? Make it quick."

"One of my teachers got carried away with the daughter of a friend of yours, Angie Roberts, Ginger Roberts' daughter. I'm sorry Estelle, maybe he didn't know. I've been warned that she'll storm down here. I thought I should let you know."

"Why, Hal? Would you clear this with me if you really had me by the short hairs? Would you avoid hassling my friends? Besides, I have no true friends. I told you that already."

"You also told me to keep you informed."

"Yes, afterward. This hasn't played out yet. It's just starting. Tell me how it goes, and if Ginger is too tough for you to handle, perhaps I misjudged you."

"Okay, Estelle. I get the message. I think I can handle her. If I can't, I know four young men who can."

"That's the Hal Peterson I like to hear from. By the way, Ginger has three lovely daughters, one is right up your alley. I believe Rachel is eight or nine, and her twelve-year-old, Jennifer, would look lovely wearing a Doberman. If it goes down, I want pictures."

"Just say the word and it will go down."

"Hal, you're doing it again. I don't want to run the show. If I did, I wouldn't need you."

"I'll get back to you."

"Yes, you will. Goodbye, Hal."

Hal sat back in his leather chair and relaxed with a smile. Minutes later, Richard and Dick entered his office. Dick was starting his defense, but Hal waved it off, saying, "It's all right. I thought it over and decided that fucking with a close friend of Estelle's isn't a bad idea. Still, you should have run it by me."

"I'm sorry, boss. It just sorta came up. A sperm of the moment thing you might say. Have you gotten a call from Ginger?"

"Not yet. When did this girl leave the campus?"

"A little over an hour ago. She was pretty upset. I didn't actually rape her, but I said some pretty hurtful things after I screwed her. Cindy helped me, by the way."

"Just so I know, what things did you say?"

"I told her I intended to knock her up, and that she'd bring her daughters to me when they were of age. I told her she was now a whore and would join the other whores run by Richard. I said something like, whores are like toilet paper: once you use it, it ain't special anymore. It sounded better in the classroom. The room was empty, by the way. There was just me, Cindy, and Angie."

"I don't give a shit if it was standing room only, you clear with me first. So, you like making the girls cry, huh? Maybe we should call you Georgie Porgie. I never figured you for that type, Dick."

"This one is special, Hal. Her mother and I go way back. I'm paying her back for years of blue balls."

"So, take it out on the kid. That's fine by me. I just want to know what's going on."

The intercom interrupted them. "Hal, Ginger Roberts is here to see you. She's ... uh ... rather upset."

The door to his office burst open and a blistering mad Ginger Roberts came through. She halted on seeing Dick Spivy and turned her wrath on him, saying, "You sorry bastard! How dare you touch my child! You are going to fry for this. Angie is down at the police station writing out a formal charge of rape against you." She turned to Hal and pointed a menacing finger, "And you, you fucking asshole. You fire him this instant, or I'll see that you hang with him. I may not have the pull by myself, but I know the people who do."

Hal calmly said, "Relax, Mrs. Roberts. Nobody is getting fired now that you've filed formal charges. It's now a legal matter, and Mr. Spivy now has legal rights that we can't infringe upon. He is innocent until proved guilty. What we can, and must address, however, is your daughter's punishment for leaving campus without permission, a very serious offense."

"Have you lost your mind? She left campus because she was raped by one of your teachers, a personal friend of yours, I might add. Don't think I don't know what you and your buddies are running here. I've heard all about your whores and your thinly-disguised bondage and discipline sex games. We've bent over backwards giving you latitude, but you have crossed the line, mister. Your fun and games are over as of right now. Your career is over, and if I have my way, the two of you will share a cell for life."

Hal ignored her tirade and said, "Now, since your daughter left Dick's class, he will handle her discipline and decide on the manner and severity of punishment. Usually, in a case like this, a public thrashing in the nude is customary. That will, of course, be left up to Dick. If you would like to take this opportunity to plead your daughter's case with him, feel free to do so."

Dick smiled. Ginger fumed and yelled, "Oh, you fucking bastard. Lay one finger on my daughter and I will personally cut your balls off."

Hal said, "Now, now, Ginger. That's no way to talk to a man who has been victimized by your daughter's irresponsible charges, and I dare say will only make matters worse. If I were you, I'd get down on your knees and suck his dick. You might want to wash it first. It's caked with a virgin's blood."

Ginger looked to Hal, then to smiling Spivy, then to Hal again, then stamped her foot and turned on her heels. As she headed out the door, she shouted, "Fuck you! Fuck all of you."

After the door slammed, Dick said, "I accept her generous offer." The men broke up in fits of laughter.

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