See No Evil--Book 3

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Hours before the afternoon edition hit the streets, news of the assault on the Greysons began spreading. Gossip centers added and subtracted from the leaked story. By noon, the rumors had reached the high school.

One of the first to see the actual story in print, complete with pictures, was Hal Peterson. Estelle Greyson laid the paper out for him on his desk with a wicked smile. Hal perused the photos and said, "Shit, Estelle, this is pretty hot stuff for a small town paper. I see you got the dogs in the same frame with Cindy."

"If you look closely, you'll see three inches of Patton's cock hanging out."

"By God, you're right, and it isn't difficult to see. Look how Cindy is eyeing that mutt's cock, too."

"That expression was her own idea. I just told her to make sure the photographer caught her staring at the dogs. They weren't going to print that one."

"I see you straightened them out. I like this one, too--her father holding her while looking down her torn top. Too bad the nipple didn't show. Close, but no cookie."

Estelle turned the page to another page of photos, saying, "No nipple, but this makes up for it in spades, don't you think?"

The photo, the largest, was actually featuring Estelle and Ed pointing out the chairs they were bound to. In the background, however, Cindy talked to a reporter with her back to them. Jason's meaty black hand covered her entire ass and his fingers dug into her cheeks, scrunching the tattered remnants of her dress, revealing one shaved and shiny cunt lip. Hal slapped the desk top and said, "Oh, that's fucking beautiful. Jesus Christ, Estelle. How did you ever get them to print that?"

"They print what I tell them to print. You should read the story; I wrote most of it myself."

Hal took the fifteen minutes to read what she'd written and smiled all through the explicit article. At the end, he sat back with a big smile and said, "Estelle, you're too much. This is pornography, good pornography I might add. I feel like I was there. You made my dick hard. People are going to wonder how this could get in your newspaper."

"See the by-line--Tom Turner. It's well known that he doesn't care for me or the power I exert in this community. He just got hired by UPI; in fact, he left this morning. Everyone will think this is a parting shot. I wrote this to make it look like Tom is rubbing my face in Cindy's rape."

"It does look that way, and it's clear who he thinks is behind the high school rape gang. I didn't actually see my name anywhere, though. Actually, Cindy comes out looking like a true victim, almost heroic. One would expect her to be sedated in a hospital bed, traumatized by the ordeal. She looks like she had a rough night, but is ready for another."

"She is ready for another. She enjoyed every second. I think it shows in several of those pictures."

"Most definitely. I think a school announcement is in order." Hal flipped the switch to the school PA system, tapped twice on the mike, and blew twice.

The crackle of the PA cranking up halted all discussion in every class. The PA was a morning instrument. Hearing it in the late afternoon, less than one hour before school let out was usually reserved for announcing the assassination of presidents. All eyes stared at the box in every room:

"Thump ... Thump ... Phuff ... Phuff. May I have your attention, please? Attention in the school. This is the principal speaking.

"I have just been notified by the Chief of Police that the Greyson Mansion was assaulted by four high school thugs last night. No one was killed or seriously injured, but the occupants, including one of our students, Cindy Greyson, were sexually assaulted. This explains why Cindy was not in school today.

"The report states that Cindy was raped by each of these young men and repeatedly violated anally, vaginally, and orally. She was forced to have sex with both parents, the Negro butler, their Swedish maid, and two male Doberman pinschers. The report says that she had to fellate one of the dogs in front of her bound parents while taking the other in her anus. This is after both of the dogs had vaginal intercourse with her earlier in the evening.

"She will be returning to school tomorrow. I'm sure everyone will be sensitive to her feelings. Barking, making obscene gestures, exposing her violated private parts, or propositioning her will not be tolerated during class. [Hal paused to acknowledge Estelle's approving nod, then added] What you do between classes is left to you and your conscience. We can only hope you will be proper ladies and gentlemen and show proper sensitivity.

"Anyone having information that might lead to the arrest and conviction of these thugs will be eligible for a one thousand dollar reward offered by Cindy's mother, Estelle Greyson. Bring whatever information you have directly to me. I will see that it gets the proper treatment.

"That is all. Return to your studies."

Hal sat back with a smug grin. Estelle stood, saying, "Very good, Hal. You continue to impress me. My work here is done. I should be going. I doubt there's any studying going on here."

"No, I expect the parade of pissed-off teachers and titillated kiddies to begin trooping in. You shouldn't be seen here. I'll let you know how it goes."

Estelle wasn't gone one minute before the first angry teacher arrived wanting an explanation for the shocking announcement that made teaching impossible. Over one dozen ended up in his office with similar complaints while wild students ran amuck in the halls. Hal angrily dismissed the teachers, ushering them from his office with threats of disciplinary action.

When one matronly English teacher refused to budge, Hal ripped the clothes off her body and pushed her struggling and pleading into the hallway wearing only shoes and torn pantyhose that puddled around her ankles. Once in the packed hall, she stumbled and fell. Laughing, jeering kids swarmed around her as her fellow teachers backed away, leaving her to fend for herself.

After classes officially let out, dozens of students crowded Hal's outer office wanting to talk with him. They all had ideas about who may have been involved. Blade, Cory, Jake, and Bubba were high on every list, but none had anything but circumstantial and hearsay evidence to offer. Most were just there to try and get more details.

Hal did not disappoint them. He spoke openly to them in intimate groups, offering obscene information that they would not later find in the newspaper. The mood of these group meetings was anything but somber and serious. Those waiting outside the closed door heard frequent laughter. Those inside got to see a principal with a boner in his pants. He made a big impression on the students, their bodies; and, when they all read the newspaper at home, on the student body in general.

As the newspapers hit the street, people gathered in groups to read about the bizarre event. These gatherings were not much different than Hal's office groups. Every diner, barber shop, pub, and beauty salon bristled with lively conversation. Laughter echoed off the buildings. In homes all over town, hard cocks grabbed juicy twats and headed for a mattress. The sounds of squeaking bed springs and thumping head boards--had they been outdoors--would have drowned out the laughter. It seemed that everyone found the tragedy a huge turnon. Everyone, that is, except Ginger Roberts.

Ginger read her copy then flew from the store. She arrived home in a near state of panic. She found her husband, Dan, reading the article at the dining table. She cried, "Dan, this is awful. We are screwed, so screwed. Do you realize what I said to that man? No wonder he wasn't fazed. We're next, Dan. I just know we're next. Any man that can get away with doing what he did to the Greysons won't think twice about doing it to our family."

"You're getting all worked up over nothing, Ginger. Just go down there tomorrow morning with your tail between your legs and apologize. Let him know that you know who's boss. Kiss his ass, and go back to selling silk and lace."

"It's not that simple. If it were, I would. Besides, it wouldn't do any good unless I brought Angie with me. They made it quite clear what they wanted. They want her, Dan--maybe me too."

"So take her with you."

"Dan, they want to turn her into a whore. Hell, they will probably want to screw her right in front of me. Dick would love to do that. He is just the type that would, too. What then? I can't stand there and watch ... can I?"

"Knowing you, you will avert your eyes, but you'll stand there if you know what's good for you and the family."

"Don't be ridiculous. I could never stand still for something like that. It would get all over. Everyone would know. Dick would see to it. And what about Angie? The poor kid was traumatized by that animal, and now I'm supposed to deliver her to him, watch him have his way with her, maybe even punish her for telling on him. He intends to impregnate her, you know. Am I to allow that to happen as well?"

"If you can't prevent it, you'll have to allow it."

"I don't have to watch. Although, I'm quite certain Dick will insist I do."

"If you need motivation, think of Jennifer going through what Cindy went through."

Ginger's hand came to her mouth. "Oh my God! We can't let that happen."

"So watch. Hold Angie's legs apart for him. Make him happy. Make them happy. Angie would expect that from you."

"That's a terrible thing to say."

"Bull, she's been your Cinderella plaything from the time she could walk. Why change now when your precious Jennifer is being seriously threatened and throwing Cinderella to the dogs can save her. Angie would expect you to sacrifice her. It would be a shock to her if you didn't. If she read this article, she knows what her fate is. If you ask me, she's probably frigging herself right now."

This had Ginger up and pacing. She made two passes before Dan, then stopped, turned, and said, "Dan, you're absolutely right. She would expect me to sacrifice her to protect Jennifer, even if it was from potential harm. She sees herself as a Cinderella. We've talked about it. She accepts that role. And I agree with you. She's probably fingering herself right this minute, just thinking about having to spread her legs for Mr. Spivy while I watch, not averting my eyes."

"I'm sure she sees you as the type of mother that would get off on watching her get knocked up by a lecherous teacher."

"Yes, she does, and I've got news for her. I am that type--with her, anyway. Dan, I'm going to do it. I'm going to throw Angie to the dogs, maybe real dogs, who knows?"

"That's the spirit. Here, look at this picture, Ginger. You can see the dog's cock sticking out. Imagine Angie's pretty little mouth sucking on that."

"Ummmm yes! Imagine that other one up on her back, stuffing her tight little pussy."

"Yes, dear, I'm afraid we must throw Angie to the dogs."

Ginger slipped her hand under her skirt and deep into her panties, saying, "We must. She'd be terribly disappointed if we didn't."

* * *

Ginger and Dan were wrong about Angie fingering herself over the news. She fought hard against the desire; besides, she wasn't alone. She read the paper along with the family next door.

The Clarks had been their neighbors since Angie was a child. They had a daughter near Angie's age. Dayna was a freshman at the high school. They often visited each other when Angie had free time after chores. Being home all day gave her that free time, as Dayna had skipped classes that day to help her mother spring clean the house. Angie assisted to take her mind off her troubles.

Ray Clark, Dayna's father, drove a truck for the county. He could be rather crude and he always made Angie nervous the way he ogled her body.

Harriet, Dayna's mother, ran the home and tried to keep Ray in line. She was the everyday housewife, a bit plain, but was a beauty when she married Ray at eighteen. She still had her figure, but she didn't bother painting her face or wearing nice clothes. More often than not, she wore a robe and slippers.

Ricky was Dayna's brat twelve-year-old brother. He was forever getting into Dayna's personal things and bugging the girls when they wanted to be left alone. Ricky was a relentless beaver hunter that always bagged his limit when Angie was around. He arrived home first after school let out, and immediately set about hunting beaver.

Ray brought the rumor of Cindy Greyson's gang rape and bestial coupling home with him. He told the version he heard then said, "There's an epidemic of rapes going on. It's the damnedest thing. Billy Thompson told me his daughter, Gloria, got raped at school. Remember, she's the one I told you about that has a snake tattooed on her pussy?"

Harriet said, "I remember, Ray, but must you use that language in front of the girls?"

"Hey, I'm talking about rape, here. I ain't a god damn doctor. They know what pussy is. Anyway, his Gloria and a guy friend of hers raped this goody-two-shoes high school junior in her own home. The girl's mother barges in, just as the guy is putting his cock in. She grabs the kid by the root and hangs on while the guy goes ahead and screws her daughter. Can you picture that shit, Harriet?"

"Yes, Ray, but you needn't act so excited by the idea. A girl got raped."

"Got raped good, too. They're making that girl whore for their gang, and the mother is going along."

[This story is told in "Moby Dick".]

Harriet said, "Knowing Billy, he'll be one of her first customers."

Ray told of two more rapes he'd heard about. With all the talk of rape and forced whoring, everyone eagerly awaited the newspaper's arrival. After the paper arrived, Ray spread it out on the living room floor. He, Harriet, Dayna, Ricky, and Angie read the bizarre and obscene story on hands and knees. The others grew more and more excited as they read. Angie grew more anxious. Dayna knew why and said, "This isn't good news for you, is it, Angie?"

The father said, "Why, is this Cindy a friend of yours?"

Dayna said, "Daddy, Angie was raped this morning by a teacher, a close friend of the principal. He's the guy behind this rape gang. Her teacher wants to turn Angie into a whore."

The gleam in his eye was hard not to notice. The erection in his pants was even harder--not to notice. He got up on his knees to make it harder--not to notice. Harriet, who normally pounced on her husband for the slightest improper behavior in front of the girls, was strangely silent as her husband lewdly postured his aroused crotch before the girls and leered at Angie with an unmistakable hunger. Harriet looked back and forth between her husband's loins and Angie's blushing face, making no attempt to mask her own arousal and amusement.

He said, "So, Angie, you're not a virgin anymore, huh?" Angie hung and meekly shook her head. "I guess we'll have to adjust to having a whore living next door, then."

"Daddy, that's awful. Angie's not a whore."

"Sweetheart, if these men want her to be a whore, I don't think she has much say so in the matter. Angie, look at me." Angie slowly raised her eyes to his crotch, then quickly raised her focus to his smiling face. "You know, some people would say you're a whore already. You've had sex before marriage. That is the definition we go by in this house."

"Daddy, she was raped. It wasn't her fault."

"That doesn't matter. She took a man's penis between her legs, into her vagina, deep into her vagina. Why gloss over it? She took a cock into her pussy."

"Daddy! Mom?"

"Did he squirt his sperm in your pussy, sweetheart? Was it a complete fucking you got? If you are a whore, we have a right to know."

Despite the uncomfortable situation, and the many eyes focused on her, Angie's pussy stirred, juiced, and tingled at the way they were staring at her--even Dayna. His crude words, meant to excite, did excite, them and her. Angie raised herself upright and sat back on her heels. Her knees were a foot apart and the short skirt rested high on her thighs, creating a tunnel to her crotch that drew everyone's eyes. The boy had the best view and peered unabashedly up the tunnel as Angie looked Ray in the eyes and said, "Yes, he did squirt his sperm in my pussy; and, yes, it was a very complete fucking."

"Then you admit, you're a whore."

"In this house, by your definition, yes, I'm a whore."

Angie's vulgar words had an immediate and dramatic impact on the group. The man rubbed his crotch shamelessly, sweat beading on his brow. The boy squirmed his crotch on the carpeted floor and inched closer. Harriet reclined onto her side, bringing her face in line with the tunnel. Each unchallenged act inspired someone else. When her turn came again, Harriet rolled onto her stomach trapping her hand in her crotch. She crossed her legs at the ankles and squeezed. She squeezed and relaxed, squeezed and relaxed, all the while with her head turned to look up Angie's skirt.

Dayna never saw her parents acting so strangely, so lusty and nasty. She also never saw Angie looking so sexy and pretty. Angie was a role model to the younger girl. Angie was a beauty queen. She had a job, though it didn't pay, and boys followed her when they were out together. She also had a great body that Dayna was fortunate enough to get glimpses of when they tried on each other's clothes. Though they had two years difference in their ages, they wore the same size in clothes. Dayna often imagined her friend totally naked.

Her father's words conjured the images of a big fat cock stuffing Angie's pussy, pumping it full of hot creamy sperm. When her father unzipped himself and drew out his big fat cock and began stroking it while aiming it at Angie's crotch, Dayna almost swooned. Were it not for the fact that her little brother crawled boldly forward and rested his chin on the floor by Angie's left knee, looking into her crotch without Angie showing the slightest concern or embarrassment. And were it not for the fact that her mother was frigging herself so openly, Dayna never would have had the courage to do what she did.

Dayna assumed the same sitting pose as Angie, being right beside her friend. Her right knee and Angie's left touched. Dayna reached out and laid her hand on Angie's left thigh, just below the hem of her skirt. The move was a friendly gesture, meant to comfort. Angie took it that way until the hand began massaging and moving. Angie ignored the hand, even when it moved higher with each stroking pass up her thigh, even when her friend's hand pushed the hem with it.

All of this occurred in the space of a pregnant pause between Angie and Ray. Dayna's hand was soon at the very top of her friend's thigh where the leg opening of her panties were, and where the edge of her skirt now was. Dayna's father stared at the wet crotch when he said, "When he had his cock deep in your cunt, sliding in and out of your tight, virgin pussy, did it feel good, Angie? Did you like the feel of his hard cock fucking you in the cunt?"

Dayna's fingers rubbed over the crotch of Angie's panties, then pressed on the clit and slid down the crack. She used her middle finger to feel through the thin panty material for the hole they were discussing. When she found it, her finger indented the spot. Angie said, "Yes, I loved feeling his hard cock fucking me deep in my cunt."

Ray began steadily advancing on his knees with his dripping cock aimed at his target, crumpling newspaper in his path. "Did you ask him to fuck you harder?"

"I begged him to fuck me harder." Dayna's finger went under the panty crotch and explored her friend's vagina. Harriet crawled up to Angie's right knee and rested her chin on it, using her free hand to massage Angie's inner thighs. Ricky followed his mother's example, but he used both hands. All three hands steadily converged on Angie's pussy and began competing with Dayna's for space as the throbbing, weeping cock drew nearer and nearer.

When Angie first started playing along, she never dreamed it would lead to fucking Ray in front of everyone. She certainly never thought the others would be fighting over her pussy, but they were. They were too worked up to try backing off, so Angie resigned herself to a public screwing. Resigned, hell, she needed it, had to have it, and would have cried if they'd suddenly stopped.

As Ray moved within reach, Angie settled back onto her straight arms and lifted her pussy to his cock level, clearly signaling her intention to couple with him. Harriet ripped the crotch out of Angie's panties; the cock was twelve inches and closing. A multitude of fingers danced a delightful dance in her crotch as she watched the organ draw nearer and nearer. He said, "Did you ask him to cum inside you, to spray his baby-making seed all in your fertile womb; or did you beg him to spare you and ask that he pull out at the last moment?"

Many fingers worked in harmony to pull her cunt lips open. They nestled Ray's cock at her hole, awaiting her reply. Angie wiggled her pelvis and her cunt wiggled onto the head of his dick. She then wiggled some more until she captured half by her own effort. She smiled up at him and said with devilish eyes, "I begged him to spray my fertile womb with his hot sperm and make a baby in me."

He lunged into her with an impassioned groan, then took her by the hips and fucked her with a mad fury, unleashing years of repressed lust in a matter of minutes. Angie's eyes went cross-eyed, her body went limp in his grasp. He pounded her as though she were a Raggedy Ann doll, while busy hands freed her of her clothes.

Hands twisted nipples and molded tit flesh. Tongues lapped her mouth and probed inside. Someone sucked on her clit while her pussy got fucked. Small fingers went up her ass, and a large, hairy cunt settled over her face, blocking out the light. She could feel small female hands, Dayna's hands, lifting her head up tightly between her mother's legs. Between snatches of breath, she licked the breadth of a snatch. Before very long, she licked the length as well.

When Harriet lifted off and the light shined again, Dayna was trying to fuck herself on one of Angie's upthrust tits. Abandoning that, and seeing Angie's face free, the girl slithered up and settled her small fuzzy pussy where her mother's hairy maw had been. Angie immediately licked the length and breadth of her friend's cute snatch.

The neighbors had a field day using her limp body to sate their lusty desires. Each took a turn on their favorite part, but they were all active together on some part of Angie. Each of their privates sampled her talented tongue. Sperm swam in every body cavity, but most swam in her womb. Angie surrendered herself completely to them, wanting to serve them as a good little whore. She assumed any position, sucked anything put in her mouth, fucked anything shoved up her cunt or ass. She masturbated for their amusement, and gave each a between-the-legs tongue bath.

When they finished with her an hour later, she dressed and then saw herself out. They did not thank her or offer to replace the panties. Someone did say, "It will be nice living next to a whore."

Leaking sperm from every orifice and reeking of pussy, she returned to her home like a well-lubricated thief. Angie slipped into the house and into the shower. She only had time to rinse sperm and the smell of pussy from her body. She hurriedly dried and slipped on her house frock--her Cinderella style work uniform. She had to set the table. The family was ready to eat.

The family ate quietly for a change. Surprisingly, to Angie anyway, no one talked about the newspaper article. The two little ones probably hadn't heard, she reasoned. Their school made no announcement. When they arrived home, the paper had been put away. Still, it was odd that her mother didn't bring it up. Anything to do with the Greyson's was prime topic for dinner conversation. She ate and shrugged it off.

Angie missed the meeting. The topic had been discussed at great length. Also discussed was Angie's rape, which the kids knew nothing about, but took great pleasure in hearing the juicy details related by their mother. Ginger enjoyed the telling and knew the juicy details because she dragged them out of Angie. She also told them about the angry confrontation in Hal's office, and of her plan to set things right. All were in agreement--Angie needed to be thrown to the dogs. Little Rachel said, "Mom, does this mean we get to have a dog now--a boy dog?"

"It was a figure of speech, Rachel, but I suppose we could consider getting one. What do you think, Dan? Would a large male dog be difficult for us to have around?"

"They are very difficult unless they're kept sexually satisfied."

Rachel beamed, "That's a good job for Angie. Please, Mom, can we?"

"We'll see, Rachel. First, let's see how this meeting goes with Angie tomorrow. If she does well, and makes the adjustment to being a whore, I don't see why not."

If Angie had heard any of their discussion, she'd know why everyone was giving her funny looks. Panic swept her as she imagined a sperm drool she'd missed or a pubic hair in her teeth. She was about to ask what was wrong when Ginger said, "I suppose you heard what happened to Cindy last night."

"Yes. That was awful."

"Then you read the article?"


"Then you must realize what danger you've brought on this family by getting me all worked up over your fling with Dick Spivy."

"Mom, that was not a fling. He raped me."

"We'll hear no talk of rape. He had sex with you, and I'm quite certain you led him on. Now, because of you, we may be targeted by this rape gang. Jennifer and Rachel could get assaulted all because you couldn't take a silly little screwing and keep quiet about it."

Jennifer went into her act, saying, "Oh no, Mommy, please do something. Angie did this on purpose. I just know she did. She probably begged him to mate with her. She'd love to get pregnant. She's just trying to get out of housework."

"I would not doubt that one bit, but it won't work. Don't you worry, precious. Mommy's going to see that Angie sets this right." Ginger fixed Angie with a serious, hard look, saying, "We are going down to Hal's office first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully, Dick Spivy will be there. We're going to discuss a suitable punishment for your leaving the school grounds without permission. Furthermore, anything they want, they will get."

"Mom, please, you know what they want."

"Yes, and you will make a good whore. I am going to see that you get the part. I want you in something sexy and revealing. You will not wear panties or a bra. I was thinking one of Jennifer's dresses would be just the thing."

Angie's eyes went wide, "No! I can't, not to school. I can barely fit in her dresses and the skirt would hardly cover me."

"That's the idea, Angie. Your attire should tell them how sorry you are, and it should show how willing you are to make amends. Wearing Jennifer's dress will do both. Jennifer, why don't you pick out a sexy one for your sister to wear tomorrow. Angie, go with Jennifer and put the dress on. Model it for us. We'll wait here."

Angie knew better than to argue. She pushed away from the table, then followed her smiling sister. Once in Jennifer's bedroom, Jennifer turned and said, "They're going to fuck you raw when they see you in the dress I pick out."

"Just give me the damn dress, Jennifer."

"No, you get naked first. I want to make sure the one I pick shows your pussy even when you're standing up."

Angie began removing her clothes, but pleaded, "Please don't pick anything that short. I'll probably have to wear it to my classes afterward."

Jennifer looked through the vast selection in her closet, saying, "I know. That's why I want it that short. Here, hold this up. No, too long. Try this. That's better, but I can only see the bottom part of your cunt lips. Here, hold this one up. Yes, that's perfect. I can see your whole pussy, and so will everyone else. Put it on, whore."

Angie knew it was pointless to argue, but felt certain her mother would never be caught out in public with her if she wore that dress. The dress was small on Jennifer. Angie slipped it on, but it wouldn't button up the back, and the hem of the skirt cut across her pubic mound. Jennifer stood back, smiling broadly, and said, "Oh, that's perfect. You'll be the best dressed whore in your school. Go show the others, and keep your hands away from your pussy. When you get out there, do a slow turn, nice and sexy like."

Angie walked out and said, "This is what she picked, Mom." She turned a full circle, as everyone voiced approval or laughed.

Ginger said, "Yes, that's perfect."

"Mom! Are you serious? I can't wear this to school."

"Yes you can. You will at least wear it for the meeting. If they want you to attend classes wearing it, then so be it."

"Mom, this is crazy. I can't walk around school with my vagina showing."

"You can if you wear that dress, and you are wearing that dress, so set your mind to it."

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"I'll send you to school buck assed naked if that's what it takes to safeguard my virgin girls."

Angie buried her face in her hands and cried, "Mom, no!"

"Angie, take the dress off and prepare for a punishment session. You were late setting the table, and you deserve punishment for getting us in this mess. Get a move on, or you'll really get it hard, with a belt."

Angie endured one of the longest punishment sessions ever. The session lasted an entire hour, involved numerous vulgar posses, and everyone got to take a turn warming her ass with a paddle. Afterward, she was forced to stand in the corner, facing out, with her legs wide apart for the remainder of the evening. When bedtime came, Angie fell into her bed naked and went right to sleep.

An hour later, she was jostled awake. Jerry had his hand clamped over her mouth as she slept on her stomach. He climbed over her and she soon felt the rubbery head of his cock poking her in the pussy. She clamped her legs shut and screamed into his hand, but his cock slipped in steadily until she ceased her struggles. He slowly released his hold over her mouth and said, "You like it, don't you? You like my cock, huh, Angie? You're going to make a good little whore, kid. Move your cunt around. Fuck back, or I'll put it in your ass."

Angie always knew that one day her brother would rape her. It came as no real surprise that he would choose this night. In effect, she'd been raped all night long. The punishment session was more a sexual exploitation of her body. She'd never had to endure groping fingers in her crotch before. She'd never been finger fucked by anyone in her family. Everyone tried it in both nether holes on this bizarre evening. Angie fucked back against his battering cock.

Ten minutes into the fuck, Jerry stopped in mid hump. "Did you hear that, Sis?"

"Hear what?"

"Sush ... There, I heard it again."

"I didn't hear anything. Come on, can we just get this over with?"

"No, I think there's someone in the house."

Jerry was right. The rape gang was in the house, and the Roberts family grew very close over the next five hours. Ginger, bound naked to a chair, watched her two youngest daughters being raped repeatedly. They shaved every hair off Jennifer's body and mated her with the Dobermans. Dan screwed his girls, and Ginger had sex with her son and Jennifer. Angie was set aside.

Tommy Blade, as it turned out, had a crush on the cute girl. Later, they made love, in private, in her parent's bed while the rape of her family was still going on. Angie responded to his tender loving and cuddled with him afterward, toying with the hairs on his chest, planting tender kisses to his face, neck, and nipples. He told Angie he could stop the abuse and have Spivy back off. Angie said, "Thanks but no thanks."

Tommy professed his love for her and said he'd try to adjust to her kinky desire to bear Dick Spivy's child and continue to allow herself to be used, misused, and abused. Clearly, this was a kink she didn't want straightened out.

The gang left the family spent and exhausted. They also left Ginger with instructions to report the crime and give interviews to reporters. Ginger didn't like this one bit, but Ginger had no choice.

[Read "The Roberts Ordeal" for the blow by blow account.]

* * *

Following the all-night rape/orgy, Ginger was in no condition to trot down to the school on Thursday morning. The girls stayed home as well. It was Angie that woke Ginger at ten o'clock. "Mom, wake up. Mom!"

Ginger rolled onto her back, stiff and sore. "What ... Go away."

"Mom, reporters are here."

Ginger's eyes popped open, "What? Who called them?"

"I didn't. No one here did. I'm the only one up."

"Those bastards. They not only commit the crime, they arrange for the coverage."

"Mom, you were supposed to call the police and make a report by eight. Now we have reporters and no official crime."

"Oh, shit! Quick, give me the phone."

Ginger got through to Chief Evans and made a sketchy report of the assault. He said he'd be right over. She hung up and said, "Okay, Angie, we have a crime. Hand me my robe. I suppose it's pointless to get dolled up. I should look this way. I see you're nice and fresh."

"I've been up since eight. I wasn't fresh then."

"You were awfully lovie dovie with Tommy Bladdak last night. If I find out that any of last night was your idea, that you put him up to anything ..."

"Mom, you know that's crazy. I'd never do anything like that, and I've never said two words to Tommy in two years. He just likes me, I guess."

"Yeah, well he sure didn't like Jennifer." Ginger made a pained expression as the memory flooded back. "God, tell me it didn't really happen."

"It happened. I had to shave her. Tommy didn't want to do it to her, but he said he had orders. That means it was Hal Peterson's idea."

"I wish you hadn't told me that. I feel like shaving you. I know, I know ... It's not your fault. Slide my shoes to me. Give me a hand getting up. Oh, shit, I'm so sore. I think I sprained my neck when that chair went over backwards." Standing, she said, "Okay, let's go down and get this over with. You let me do all the talking."

The reporters not only knew about the crime before it was reported, they knew the story. All they really came for was pictures. They especially wanted pictures of Jennifer. Ginger flat refused, then flat unrefused when one of the reporters asked to use the phone and got Estelle Greyson on the line. Ginger went pale at Estelle's angry tone. Estelle wanted to know why she was being uncooperative with her reporters. Ginger assured her she was not and would not be in the future. The reporters got their pictures.

This shook Ginger, for she began to see Estelle's hand in everything. It suddenly struck her that the dogs were Estelle's dogs. They were the same ones that were in the paper, and the article reported that the dogs that raped her and her girls were Estelle's security dogs. That her long-time nemesis would actually sic her Dobermans on children was staggering, but for her to have little Jennifer shaved of every body hair was incomprehensible.

Ginger had to sit and think. Whatever the reporters wanted, she gave; but otherwise, she sat and thought. Long after they and the police investigator left, Ginger still sat and thought. She thought all day long and into the night, but she hadn't a clue as to why Estelle would do what she did. What threw her was the fact that she did it to her own family first. She didn't have Cindy shaved, but she was breeding her daughter to a black servant and mating her to animals. It was all so baffling and terribly fucking exciting in a perverse way.

* * *

Thursday morning found Hal Peterson and Richard Wright going over the report Tommy Blade made following the assault on the Roberts. They were exceptionally well-pleased. After Tommy took his leave, Hal said, "Richard, we're on easy street from here on in, buddy. I can't wait to get Ginger Roberts back in here with her little girls. It's going to be good."

"I think she learned her lesson. Speaking of lessons, you need to do something about Sue Ellington. She's not playing the game."

"Back up. What game is Sue Ellington not playing?"

"She's Cindy Greyson's speech teacher. Cindy has her for first period. Remember you called her teachers in and told them you wanted Cindy sexually humiliated and harassed in every class?"

"Yeah, yeah ... so what's she not doing?"

"She's not doing anything that we can see. I checked with Cindy--nothing."

Hal punched the intercom, "Marge, pull the file on Ellington."

"Okay ... just a sec ... here it is. What do you need?"

"She's married, right?"


"Does she have any kids?"

"Uh ... Boy, six, and a girl, eight."

Hal turned to Richard, "So, our Mrs. Ellington has an eight-year-old pussy to barter."

"I see you're ready to test your wings."

"My wings are tested. I'm ready to fly. Bring me Ellington." To Marge he said, "What does her husband do?"

"He runs the dry cleaner downtown."

"Thanks Marge. Oh, Marge, when you get time, compile a list of all teachers and staff who have girls between the ages of eight and twelve."

"Humm ... all right. Are we feeling a little frisky this morning, Hal?"

"I feel frisky every morning. There's no rush. Any time within the hour will be fine. Now send Emily to the elementary school and have her pick up the Ellington girl. Bring her back here. Have her prep the child, then bring her to me in my office. I want her to be wearing a dress, only a dress, no shoes, socks, underwear, nothing, just the dress. If necessary, have Emily swing by their house to get one. And, I don't want the kid brought in here in tears. You tell Emily to get that kid aroused and playful before bringing her in."

"Yes Sir! My, but you are feeling frisky this morning. I know I am; I think Emily is too. We'll get on this right away."

Sue Ellington dreaded the day they'd come for her. She knew they would. She knew her time was limited, but try as she might, she could not bring herself to follow their bizarre instructions. Cindy was her best student and a perfect lady. The men were perverts. Everyone knew that. She knew about the whores, knew about the discipline sessions, knew about the numerous sexual escapades, affairs, and lascivious acts going on everywhere in the school. Why, she thought, can't they leave decent people out of it?

Richard was waiting impatiently at her open door. Sue assigned a student to monitor the class and left with him. As they walked down the empty hall, she said, "I couldn't do it, Richard. I just couldn't."

"We know. I'm afraid Hal is not pleased. I think you'll wish you had."

Sue reached out and halted Richard with a firm grip on his shoulder. "Is he going to fire me for this? Can he do that?"

"Fire you? Hell no, he won't fire you. You may want to quit, but he won't let you do that either. I warned you, Sue. I gave you good advice. You ignored it. I'm washing my hands of you. You're on your own, now."

She stopped him again when he tried to move on. "Don't, Richard. I need a friend. Believe me, I tried, I really did try. I simply could not think of a single thing to do to her. She never gave me an opening or excuse. I can't just call her up and spank her for nothing."

"Spanking her wouldn't have satisfied Hal's requirements unless you stripped her naked and spanked her between the legs."

Sue recoiled at the thought, then said, "You can't be serious. Are her other teachers doing things like that?"

"Spivy screws her every day. Groves puts her on the punishment chair every day--buck assed naked. Stella is doing her thing with her during PE. Sara Brewer stands her in the corner facing out and swats her breasts with a yardstick from time to time. Old man Turner uses her body as a science model. All this week they've been studying the female reproductive system. You are the only one who refuses to do anything. Hal is livid with you."

"My god, I can't believe this. How can teachers get away with such things? Why isn't her mother raising hell? Why aren't parents raising hell? I know if my child reported any of these things to me, I'd want heads to roll."

"Don't you read the paper? Nobody says anything to Hal. I'm going to give you one last piece of advice, then I am backing off: do whatever Hal wants you to do."

Sue set her jaw. "I know what you're suggesting, Richard. I want you to know I am deeply offended. I am a married woman. I do not submit to sexual harassment. I do not cheat on my vows. I do not cow before corrupt authority figures. I do not molest innocent children, and ..."

Richard halted her with a raised hand and said, "Relax, Hal doesn't want to fuck a tired old worn-out cunt like yours, Sue. Trust me, your vow is safe with Hal."

These words hurt. The hurt on Sue's face lasted long after the sentence rolled off his lips. The crude words he used stung her ears. She knew she was not a beauty queen, but she prided herself on looking attractive, even sexy. She had a youthful body and wore stylishly short skirts and dresses. Her legs, she knew, were better than any teacher on the faculty, and her breasts were bigger than average; as for her vagina, she was sorely tempted to make him eat his words. No one except her husband knew it, but her vagina was her finest feature, a feature she took great pride in. She married a pussy man and devoted more time to the care of her pussy than most women did with their faces.

Richard watched her fume, then said, "Come on. Show some leg. Maybe he will proposition you. If he doesn't, I'll throw you a mercy fuck afterwards."

Sue's face burned red. Anger, pride, resentment, humiliation, and self pity all vied for front row center in her consciousness. She followed along, awed by the man's audacity, thankful that no one but her witnessed or heard it. Just before they entered the outer office, she halted him again and said, "I just want you to know that I wouldn't have sex with you if you were the last man on Earth."

"Honey, if I were the last man on Earth, I'd be way too busy to bother with a shaggy, baggy cunt like yours. Go on, get in there!"

Richard took Sue forcefully by the elbow and marched her straight through to Hal's office. He opened the door without knocking, and practically threw her in. Sue fell against Hal's desk, bruising her hip. She got steady on her feet, rubbing her sore hip. She backed away from Richard as he advanced toward Hal's desk. To her amazement, he said, "You need to rake this bitch over the coals, Hal. She gave me a ration of shit all the way down here. Said she wouldn't fuck me if I was the last man on Earth."

Hal stood menacingly and advanced on Sue, saying, "Did you say that to my assistant principal, Mrs. Ellington?"

He towered over her as she backed against the sofa, saying, "Well ... I, uh, never used that word, the 'F' word, but I did express those sentiments, yes."

"Are you going to stand there and tell me that you wouldn't fuck that magnificent specimen of American manhood?"

"Mr. Peterson, please!"

"Have you ever seen his cock?"

"I will not be addressed in this fashion. I am tendering my resignation as of this moment."

Hal slapped her face and sent her sprawling onto the sofa. Sue screamed and burst into tears. She huddled in the far corner of the sofa, drawing in her legs, defensively tugging her skirt down. Hal stepped over and motioned Richard to join him, saying, "Richard, show her your cock so she can make an intelligent decision."

Sue trembled as Richard stepped up before her, fishing his turgid manhood from his slacks. He flopped its growing hardness in her face and stood leering at her, stroking it to full hardness as she attempted to avert her eyes. Hal grabbed her by the chin and forced her head straight, saying, "You look at his cock." She looked. "Now touch it." He placed her right hand on the shaft. "Use the other to feel his balls." Her left hand timidly came up and cupped Richard's balls. "Now taste it. Put his cock in your mouth." Her eyes looked up pleading through tears. "Get your fucking mouth over his cock, or so help me ..."

Hal had his hand drawn back. She slipped her mouth over Richard's cock. Under their close monitoring, she continued to fondle and suck, afraid to stop. Richard was considerably larger than her husband in the cock department. The sensation of his large pulsing manhood deep in her mouth, the weight of his balls, the smooth texture and manly musk filling her nostrils, all combined to send wicked chills up and down her spine. Her sucking improved. Her hand pumped the shaft. Her fingers reverently massaged his scrotum.

Two minutes had not gone by before Sue was giving Richard a first-class blow job. She sat forward on the sofa with her feet on the floor outside Richard's legs. She unbuckled his belt, and dropped his slacks and cotton briefs. Her hands roamed his ass and thighs, using her nails to add to his excitement while her head bobbed on his cock. She brought her right hand back to the shaft and pumped hard, sucked hard, and sucked deep. The pleasure moans she made told the men how she felt about being forced to perform this lewd act.

Hal could see that Richard was near his limit, so he shoved her off the cock and said, "Now, let your pussy get a good look at Richard's cock. Let's see what your pussy thinks of it."

The panicked expression surprised the men, considering how aroused she was. When she just stared back blankly, Hal pushed her against the back of the sofa and pushed her skirt above her waist. Hal was prepared to rip her panties off her, but there were no panties to rip.

Sue had never gone anywhere without panties, certainly not to school. She did on this momentous day, hoping the bold act would inspire her to do something bold and exciting, hoping the adventurous act would inspire her to do something with Cindy. Their shocked expressions added to her excitement. Slowly, under their hard stares, she allowed her legs to part. Both men sucked in a long breath.

Having rendered her naked from the waist down, Hal said, "Open your legs wide and give your cunt a good long look at Richard's cock." Hal reached for her hips and dragged her ass to the edge of the cushion. "There, now make him a beaver."

Sue was laid flat on the sofa with her head bent forward, her chin on her chest. Beavers were her specialty, and she forced back a smile. She drew her legs up and laid her knees almost flat to the cushions. Richard dropped to his knees and exclaimed, "Jesus! Holy shit!"

Richard never saw a more attractive pussy. It was shaved as clean as a baby's behind except for a tiny tuft on her mound in the shape of a heart. She had a small pussy by adult standards, but with mature features, such as a large clit and inner lips that extended beyond the outer swollen lips of her labia. The skin tone was flawless and creamy. The inner membranes shone coral pink. Her super wide spread exposed all of her inner flesh. Her hole looked tight and inviting. She added further to the sexy allure when her delicate painted nails came down and toyed with the lips, opening herself wider. Smiling, she said, "What do you think of my shaggy old nasty pussy, now, Richard?"

Richard did not respond except to move the head of his cock to within a hair's width of making contact with her hole. Sue stared at the cock poised to enter her. She could feel her pussy responding, filling with blood, opening and lubricating in anticipation of a thorough screwing. She waited.

Richard waited as well, but after a few long seconds, he let the head touch her moist, blossoming hole. The contact was as if an electric current went through her body, bringing her to life. She wiggled closer, making her cunt lips flow over the head. She wiggled more and got the head lodged inside her opening. She rocked and ground her cunt, managing to capture half, then threw her legs around his hips and pulled him in to the balls, crying out, "Oh God, yes! Fuck me, Richard! Fuck my horny pussy."

Richard and Hal exchanged smiles, then worked together to remove the rest of her clothes. Sue helped by making their work easier. When she was naked, she arched her breasts, cupping them in her hands, toying with the nipples, saying, "I feel like such a whore. It feels so good." Hal was kneeling beside her. She massaged his cock bulge and said, "I want this one, too. I want to suck your cock, Hal." Hal let her free his cock, then watched her suck it with wild abandon.

Sue frequently took the cock from her mouth to voice vulgar declarations, such as: "Cum in my cunt!" "Fuck my twat!" "Pound my adulterous pussy." "Fuck my husband's private pussy, and fill it with your sperm, Richard! His little cock doesn't deserve a private pussy." "I want him to eat your sperm." "I can't wait to tell him that his private pussy isn't private anymore. My pussy is school property."

The men had themselves a hot-cunted bitch and they could not have been more pleased. Sue was arguably the most desirable woman on the teaching staff, and had a reputation as being the most unattainable. Many men tried, but she rebuffed all advances with cold efficiency. Her fall from grace would be a huge feather in their caps, and Hal's mind was already hard at work planning. He did not want to waste his load in her mouth. He had smaller plans. He drew out, having to push her following mouth away. He stood back and watched her devote her considerable sexual talents to Richard's cock and the screwing it was giving her willing cunt. She came twice before Richard poured a copious load in her snatch.

When Richard pulled out and stood over her with his dripping dick, Sue remained in her spread position, dreamily toying with her messy beaver, smiling up at the two men. If she had post-orgasmic regrets or guilt feelings, they weren't evident. Quite the contrary, she appeared blissful, happy with the way things went, happy with her act of infidelity, happy to be playing with school property before the two men who managed all school property.

Sue was well aware that the men would show her off as a prize. She knew the men at school were after that prize, none more so than Richard. They'd spread the news around. Everyone would know what a hot and horny slut she really was before the day was out: Students, Teachers, Staff, Husband. Everyone would hear about her magnificent pussy, her beautiful pussy. She could see their minds hard at work formulating plans for her unveiling. Ready and willing to lend herself to whatever wicked scheme their nasty minds could come up with, she smiled a satisfied, sexy, mischievous smile and said, "Was I right? Is my pussy school property, now?"

Hal said, "You were right." Offering his hand, he said, "Now, come with me."

Hal led Sue (still naked) into the outer office and then into the hall where he informed her she would have to return to her class to get her purse. He told her to take five minutes to do this. Sue went reluctantly, nervously, shamed beyond endurance, but she went. She returned exhilarated, ready for more, having stayed the full five minutes and then some.

When she entered his office, she found her daughter sitting on Hal's naked lap. Sue was stunned, shocked speechless, numb and immobile, but ended by assisting in the screwing of her little girl. Both were then sent back to the classroom. Sue had to remain nude with her nude daughter for the rest of the day. During class changes, the two had to walk the halls. She was also required to serve as cafeteria monitor, and was on hand for Cindy's gang rape. Sue was never a problem after that eventful day.

[For the story of Sue's eventful day, read, "The Fall of Sue Ellington".]

Richard met with Hal again at ten. "Hal, you should see Ellington. I just caught her hallway act. She's having to high step over boys. The little fuckers are lying on their backs in her path trying to get a glimpse of heaven."

"That's beautiful. And she's not trying to avoid them?"

"She can't really. The crowd has her pretty much channelized. I suppose she could shift a little, but she's not doing that either. She doesn't look too happy about being forced to walk the halls naked, but I think it's all show."

"I think you're right. That bitch is proud of her pussy. The bitch has a right to be. That's a fine pussy."

"Say, I checked with Tommy Blade. They're all set. Are we going to watch this rape, or would that be too obvious?"

"No, I want this to look like a real rape. Late this afternoon, I'm gathering the student body into assembly. There, I'll blame Cindy for the rape and discipline her before the whole damn school. If that doesn't flush out the heroes, nothing will."

"God damn, boss. You may draw out more heroes than we can deal with. Did you ever think of that? There will be over eight hundred people in that assembly and only two of us--four with Spivy and Groves."

"Nothing worthwhile comes without risks. You can skip the assembly if you want, but don't ask me for scraps of pussy if you do."

"I'll be there, but I'm wearing my running shoes. Are you going to strip her for this punishment?"

"Buck naked, buddy."

"Oh, fuck! Are you going to use Jim's chair?"

"No, I want something more dramatic than that. I've got the maintenance crew rigging up ropes and pulleys over the stage front. I'm going to hang her by her heels with her legs in a wide 'V', and secure her hands to the stage, spread out. She'll be an upside-down 'X'."

"There ain't no such thing as an upside-down 'X', boss, but I know what you mean, and you're treading on thin ice. I suppose she'll have her front to the audience."

"Of course. I don't care about them looking at her cunt and tits, but I do want them to see her face. They'll see an angel in agony being whipped by a perverted child molester."

"Is there any other kind?"

"Richard, you are developing an annoying habit of pointing out my errors, correcting me, questioning my judgment, and criticizing my actions. I am bringing this to your attention, because it is having a detrimental impact on our working relationship. If this continues, it will have the same impact on your sex life."

Richard threw both hands up as if Hal had drawn a gun on him. "Hey, boss, I'm sorry. I didn't realize. As for the questioning and criticizing, I thought I was being helpful; you know, like a sounding board."

"I don't need a fucking sounding board. I need a good lieutenant that says 'Yes Sir' and follows orders."

"Yes Sir! What are your orders?"

"Check on that rig. Make sure it's good and strong. Get me a good, limber rod from Jim's collection. I want it long, thin, and swishy."

"Swishy?" Richard suddenly realized he was doing it again, threw his hands up, and said, "No! That wasn't a question. I know what swishy is. I'll get a long, thin, swishy one. Anything else?"

"No, but now I need a sounding board." Richard's eyes rolled back when Hal turned his back, pacing before him. "I have to hurt the girl. She has to scream and cry real tears. The kid is tough, Richard. She takes what Jim dishes out in stride. I'm thinking of whipping her between the legs, hard."

Richard made a pained expression, then said, "I don't like that idea, boss. They'll turn on you if you do that, especially the females. Perverted is one thing, cruelty another. No, I'm dead set against that idea, if you really want my opinion."

Hal stopped his pacing, turned his head to look at Richard, smiled, and said, "Thank you. I believe you have work to do."

Richard bowed out. As he passed by Marge's desk, she asked him what was wrong. Richard looked behind to ensure the door was closed, then softly said, "Hal is turning into a god damned prima donna. He thinks he's the fucking emperor. He's got us all steppin' and fetchin'. He has you procuring little girls for him. He has Emily prepping them for screwing. Did you know he's making money selling Stephanie's pussy?"

"I don't think she cares now that her kids and her husband know."

"How do you like arranging his kiddie sessions?"

"I'm just doing my job."

"Yeah, Hitler's boys tried that one. They hanged at Nuremburg. You have a ten-year-old girl. Did you put her on the list?"

"He's met Karen. I had to. Ben has a twelve-year-old. She's on it too."

"Does Ben know?"

"Yes, I told him I'd have a lapse of memory if he wanted me to. Hal's never met Judy. Ben told me to put her on, and you know how Ben adores his Judy."

"If you guys think he will treat you special because you're staff, forget it. Yesterday, he pulled Stephanie's girl out of class and told her to go to the maintenance room. There were five men waiting for her with hard-ons. He then brought Stephanie and me along to watch them gang bang the kid. He was getting off more by making Stephanie watch. He made Stephanie take her clothes off and masturbate to it."

"And you were incensed. Is that what you're trying to tell me?"

"No, I got off on it. God damn, Marge, her kid is a real cutie, and Stephanie is no pig. I'm only a man."

"Rapists use that one, but they still go to jail."

"True. That man is headed for a fall, Marge. He's on a long slippery ramp wearing roller-skates, and we're all hanging onto his belt."

"So let go."

"I can't, we're moving too fast."

"Then enjoy the ride while it lasts."

Richard smiled. "Marge, you make a good sounding board. Hal needs you to bounce his words off. Have I screwed you yet?"

"Twice, you fucker!"

"Put a note on my desk and remind me to give you another poke." Marge laughed and threw a staple puller at him as he tried to duck out.

Marge waited until he was clear of the office, then leaned to the intercom and said, "He's gone. Shall I turn the intercom off, now?"

"You did good, Marge. Come in here."

Marge turned the intercom off, took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and stood. She came up to the side of Hal's desk. Hal leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his neck, a Cheshire Cat smile on his face. He stared straight ahead for a few seconds, then rolled his eyes to Marge. He made her nervous by simply staring. She said, "Is there something you want?"

He didn't respond right away. Marge fidgeted with her fingers. "You know, it just occurred to me that I've never seen you naked. Get naked, Marge." He moved his eyes to face front. Marge took another deep breath, then dutifully began removing clothes. She stripped completely without Hal once looking over. When he did, she blushed.

Hal made her step back and stand with her feet apart. He visually examined every inch of her body. Her breasts were big and saggy; her body had twenty pounds too much flab, and her hips and thighs needed a workout, but she was not a bad looking example of the female form. She was a Rubenesque woman. Three hundred years ago, she would have been the ultimate woman. Hal told her to turn facing away. She turned. "Move your feet out wider and touch your toes."

"This is embarrassing, Hal."

Hal didn't comment. Marge assumed the embarrassing pose. Hal stared at one of the biggest pussies he'd ever seen. By contrast to the tiny cunts he was used to, Marge's twat was a novelty. She had a cunt that horses had wet dreams about. He got up and crossed the short distance to her, bent, and looked closely, pulling at the lips and clit like an old gynecologist might. He stood and fingered her with one hand on her lower back to aid her balance as a sports doctor might perform a hernia exam.

Hal became aware of his erection, so he drew it out and slipped it in her pussy. He gave her a few full strokes, then pulled out and put it back in his pants. He slapped her ass and said, "All right, get up."

Hal returned to his chair. Marge faced him, with a deep blush. "May I get dressed now?"

"No. Marge, I want to start my day off right tomorrow morning. I want you to set it up. Have Ben bring in Judy; you bring Karen. Have Emily prep them. I want short dresses only. You know the routine. You and Ben will, of course, be present. Shave your pussy and keep it shaved from now on."

Marge was turning pale. Her knees looked weak. A plea or mild protest was trying to form behind her lips. Hal waited. When nothing emerged, he said, "Is there a problem?"

"Please don't, Hal. Karen is too young and innocent, and it would kill Ben to see Judy being used by a man. I'm begging you."

"I'd be doing you two a disservice by not initiating your two kids into the wonderful world of adult sex. I'd be depriving you and Ben of the years of joy they can bring you. No, it will do you all good; besides, it's what I want. You may go now." Marge, trembling, reached for her clothes. "Leave those where they are. You need to get over your inhibitions."

"Hal, no, please!"

Hal came to her and took her gently by the elbow, saying, "I've arranged something special to help you take your mind off of being naked. I think you'll like it." He opened the door and led Marge into her office reception area. Marge shrank back in a crouch when she saw Emily, Pam, Ben, Stephanie, and three maintenance men waiting. Hal led her behind her desk and said, "What do you think. Ain't she a beaut?"

Marge's mouth dropped, and her eyes shot wide. They'd replaced her cushioned swivel chair with a wooden one. In the center of the seat stood a phallus, a big phallus. It was a foot-long, India rubber dick with a three-inch diameter head and a two and one half inch shaft that grew to four inches at the base. The monster cock was lined with bulging veins and looked terribly obscene and menacing. The cock came up through a hole in the seat with the edges finely sanded and polished. She also noted a separate item that looked like a deep V'ed shoehorn fastened to the seat at the forward edge of the cock. Hal pushed her toward the obscene chair and said, "Give it a test ride."

Marge stared at the device, looked around for a sympathetic eye, saw nothing but suppressed smiles and a few unsuppressed smiles, returned her eyes to the cock, then turned pleading eyes to Hal. "Try it out, Marge. We went to a lot of trouble and expense to make you happy. Let's see some gratitude. Hop on!" When she still hesitated, he added in a firm, authoritative voice, "I said, hop on."

Marge, seeing no way out, moved to straddle the chair, then gingerly let her legs bend until the hard rubber indented her pussy. The cock was well-lubricated with KY jelly, so her lips were easily plowed apart. She sank lower and lower, taking half without too much discomfort, then eased the six remaining inches in gradual steps. When her weight fully rested on the seat, her clit rested in the shiny metal cradle. Marge's eyes glazed over, and she stared off in space.

"Nice, huh? Wait till you see this. Pam, go to my console and hit the 'K' switch."

Marge looked up to Hal with a big question in her eyes. Hal simply smiled back. There was an audible hum as Marge convulsed and stiffened. The cock was moving inside her. It went down into the seat of the chair a good four inches before returning two inches more than it started out, vibrating softly as it moved within her body in a six-inch stroke. The last inch lifted her off the seat. The action continued at a steady pace--the pace of a good screwing.

Marge gave Hal a look that plainly said, "You devious bastard."

Hal smiled as her eyes crossed and her head began to loll from side to side. She slumped in her chair, her arms and legs turning to mush. Her tits jostled every time the cock came up. Marge was beyond caring as everyone gathered in close to peer over her desk from all sides. Her knees remained wide apart and her head fell back on the chair's low headrest. Like the headrest on a dentist's chair, it cupped the back of her head but served no purpose when sitting upright. She languished on the device, staring up at the ceiling with a dreamy expression and the beginnings of a smile.

Hal let her dream for a few minutes, then called out, "Give her a shot of 'G'."

Marge yelped and jerked as a sharp, hard buzz hit her clit. The sound was much louder than her buzzer for the intercom. At first, she thought she'd been shocked. The metal horn was attached to a fast and energetic little motor that made her smile once she realized what had happened. Hal said, "That's how I'll be buzzing you from now on, Marge."

Marge rolled her head to take him in, then uttered, "I'll come when you call." Everyone laughed.

"Turn the 'K' off and hit 'L', Pam."

"Jesus, what now?" Instantly, she knew. The cock began to rotate in place and the top six inches bent at a fifteen degree angle. "Oh God!" The viewers could see the bulge made by the head of the cock as it made its pass across the front wall of her vagina, leaving its impression on the skin of her abdomen. She stared at the moving bulge, looking like a puppy under a bedsheet, then placed her hands on her belly to feel it. The bent dildo made one revolution every five seconds. "Fuck, this feels fantastic!"

"Hit all three, Pam. Let's put this woman out of her misery."


With the bent cock going in and out while turning, and with the clit stimulator buzzing away, Marge became delirious. Five seconds of this and she was cumming like a teeny bopper on a prom night gang bang, bouncing and jerking, screaming out her release, "Oh, yes! Oh, god yes! Please! Stop! No more."

"Kill the 'L'." The buzzing stopped. Marge slumped. "Okay, kill the 'K'." The fucking stopped, leaving her with a cunt full of rotating cock. She held her hand up to stop Hal from calling out again. Her look said, "A few more minutes, please."

Slowly, Marge regained her composure. She looked spent and happy. She said, "Okay, kill the whatever."

"Kill the 'G', Pam." All motion stopped. "Well, how do you like our present?"

"Couldn't you tell. If I have to work in the nude, sitting on this thing, I won't get much done, especially if you start fiddling with those switches."

"You don't have much to do anyway."

"You don't see one tenth of my work. By the way, I noticed you skipped a few letters. You have 'G', 'K', and 'L'. Where's 'H' and 'I'?"

"Hit 'H', Pam."

Marge jolted sharply, jumping three inches while yelling. She grabbed her cunt with both hands, her eyes wide open. She'd received a powerful jolt of electricity through the clit horn into her clit. Hal said, "That's to see you get your work done. 'I' is the switch I throw if you fail. Would you like a sample of 'I'?"

"No, please. I'm not curious anymore."

"But we must test the system on its intended subject. Look around you. They want to see the system fully tested."

Marge did look, and they did want it tested. Knowing Hal would get his way, she gingerly settled her clit into the cradle and braced for a bigger shock. She nodded. Hal yelled, "Give her 'I', Pam."

The metal horn folded on Marge's clit like a vise, making her scream and grab her pussy. To make things worse, the cock emerged to its fullest, stretching her clit to its fullest, also stretching her vocal chords to their limit. Hal had to go to his office and give Pam the stop signal. When the cruel device released her, and the cock settled back two inches, Marge was in tears, examining her clit. She immodestly placed her feet on the edge of her desk and pulled her fleshy cunt lips open, ignoring the six people who leaned over her desk on their elbows to look between her legs along with her.

Pam joined the others, squeezing in for the closest look. Marge held herself open to give them a good view of the base of the cock stretching her cunt to the limit, and showing off her huge red clit. Pam reached out and ran her fingers along the rim of Marge's tightly-stretched cunt lips, then softly stroked the clit, saying, "Well, 'I' seems to be working fine. How's your clit, Marge?"

Marge obviously enjoyed exposing herself in such a vulgar pose, and thoroughly enjoyed the soft stroking of her clit. She continued holding her pose, saying, "I guess it's all right, but you have no idea how much you hurt me. Damn, you, Hal. Clits aren't made to take abuse like that. They are extremely sensitive."

"Yes, we saw that. I suppose the bigger they are, the more sensitive, huh?"

"I would go along with that." Pam kept up her soothing strokes. Marge held her pose, adding, "Do you plan to make me work in this chair, stark naked from now on?"

This was more a request than a query, so Hal said, "Yes, I do."

"You'll ruin my pussy. My husband won't like that."

"That's not my problem. Have him switch to another hole."

"He'll like that. He's been after me to make the switch for twelve years."

"A good wife would have done so twelve years ago."

"A good husband would have a bigger dick."

Everyone laughed. Pam ran her fingers along the lips of Marge's pussy, even pushing under to get to the rear part. Marge tolerated this lewd and very personal affront to her modesty, as though the brash young woman had a right to do this to her. Pam had her hand under Marge's ass trying to get her finger inside with the cock, but failing. She said, "If you ask me, this pussy is already ruined for any cock I ever saw."

She moved her finger back along the crack of Marge's ass and probed her anus, causing Marge to grimace, but not comment. Pam got her middle finger deep in and said, "She can still be a good wife, though. She has a nice tight asshole." Her bright eyes turned up to Marge and said, "Is it virgin?"


Pam turned her head to look at Hal. With a devilish grin, she said, "You're not going to let her take a virgin asshole home to her husband, are you?"

"No, I don't think I will. Marge, lie over your desk and reward these men for the fine work they did. Gary, since you invented this thing, you get to pop her butt cherry."

Marge made a groan of resignation, but slowly brought her legs down and got a footing to lift herself free of the cudgel. Pam did not remove her hand, but did remove the finger from Marge's ass. As her cunt climbed the shaft, Pam's fingers followed its progress. When Marge stood free of the monster, Pam inserted her fist. Marge held herself in place and, though she liked what Pam did, she turned to Hal and said, "I can't reward anyone if she won't let me go."

"Come on, Pam. You've had your fun."

Pam removed her hand and Marge stepped free. Everyone cleared the desk as Marge came around to the front. With resignation, she laid over its long axis and gripped the edges with her ass up in offering. Gary had his cock out at the ready, stepped up, and slowly entered her virgin hole. For a first-time ass fuck, Marge took it well. Gary was no monster cocksman, being a little over six inches, but he was fairly thick. The other two had bigger cocks. Marge checked them out while she took her screwing like a good wife.

Pam was more interested in the device than the butt fucking. She ran her hands all over it, then suddenly hoisted her skirt above her waist and straddled the chair. All eyes were on her shaved beaver as she sat, taking the head in with a groan. Four inches was all she could handle, but she bounced on those four, keeping her skirt up high, showing off her pretty cunt--her pretty stuffed cunt.

Marge drained the first cock and the second almost drained her. He felt much bigger, though his was eight inches, just two inches bigger than the first. The difference was in the head. Number two had a big head, twice as big as Gary's, almost as big as the one Pam had up her twat. That big head packed her poop deep in her colon. Though the feeling was good once she adjusted, she knew she'd never cum from a butt fucking. Her ass provided a service, a reward for some, a marital substitute for others.

She began to wonder what her life would be like under the new working conditions. She had resolved not to resist anything Hal wanted after the demonstration he gave them with Estelle Greyson. She was in no position to fight power like that, and no one could blame her for not fighting. Her family was more vulnerable than most. With two college-bound sons and a daughter with college promise, with a heavily mortgaged home, and with her husband nearing retirement eligibility from Greyson Industries, quitting her job or moving away was never an option.

She watched Pam's pussy as it rode the end of her chair's cock. "Funny," she thought, "I already think of that thing as 'my cock'." It was, in fact. Hal made it hers by ruining her cunt for flesh cocks. Her pussy wasn't ruined yet, but it would be if she spent day after day impaled on the cudgel. She wondered what that would be like, mounting that cock every time she returned to her seat. Her job required her to constantly go from file cabinets, to coffee maker, to one office or another. And what about visitors, she pondered.

The outer office was away from the general school population, no one walked through or entered without business, usually a set appointment. Sooner or later, everyone did enter, and sooner or later most parents entered. How could she let herself be seen in such a state, or hide the fact that she sat with a huge rubber cock up her cunt?

A bank of eight chairs lined two walls, but often times it was standing room only in her office that doubled as a waiting area for the other offices. Teachers, students, parents, students with parents, students with teachers, and parents with teachers often waited long to see Ben, Stephanie, Richard, or Hal. They had business at her desk, and often crowded her desk filling out forms and offering papers to file. They'd see what was making her squirm.

When they were busy, would Hal buzz her and make her come to him? Would she be forced to lift free of the cock so everyone could see what was in her. Could she walk before them with her gaping cunt, smeared with her juices, then return and mount the device while they watched the thick instrument slip in easily. Yes, she decided, Hal would do that; and yes, she would have no choice.

Her mind played over the possibilities while the second man screwed her ass. Would he flip the three switches that would drive her crazy, making her lie back with her feet on the desk, moaning foul words like a slut, making her show off her clit and her over-stuffed cunt? Sure he would. She knew he would, and if she did not perform to his satisfaction, if she did not expose her genitals in a lewd enough fashion, if she did not spread her lips wide and toy with her clit, if she did not show those innocent onlookers how much she loved his gift, there was always switches 'H' and 'I'.

Marge's hand went to her clit and she figured a way to cum with a cock up her ass. As her finger massaged her clit, she thought about her children. Two were students in her school and visited the office without business almost every day. Barry, a senior, and David, a sophomore, fine strapping lads with tight asses and cum-stained BVDs that smelled like ambrosia if she kept her nose away from the skid marks. She rubbed harder while imagining them standing in the doorway, watching with tented jeans.

They'd never seen her naked, maybe a swell of breast under a loosely held robe, or inner thighs, panties stretched tight over her full-lipped cunt. She didn't always sit like a lady at home, especially with her boys on the floor while she had her face buried in a magazine to avoid having to catch them stealing looks at the slowly spreading wet spot that made her panties transparent.

They'd soon see her pussy naked, see everything, in fact, nipples, clit, her stuffed pussy hole, maybe even her asshole if they caught her handing out rewards. They could walk in at that very moment. Anyone could. The door wasn't locked and her ass was turned to the door. She rubbed harder as number two washed her bowels with sperm. Number three was nice. He entered with ease. On her left, Pam was frigging her clit.

Looking at Pam's young pussy reminded Marge of her daughter, Karen, and the appointment they had in the morning. Marge accepted the inevitable when she put Karen's name on the list. Her hand shook when she wrote the name, but steadied after long hours contemplating the reality. She pictured Hal's big cock fucking her little Karen. The image was a bizarre one for a mother to contemplate. She'd seen many young girls go into Hal's office. None came out crying, but they all walked funny. Most looked drained but euphoric, like the heavens opened up to them and they saw god's face. Some had semen running down their little legs which they didn't try to hide.

Marge wondered how Karen would look afterward. Would she lose her inhibitions? Would she let the semen show? Would she take to going without panties and showing her pussy to strange men? Would she become a cock hungry little whore. Would she try to sneak to secluded spots to let men fuck her or suck their cocks? More importantly, would her mother look the other way, or would she be there to wipe her pussy dry with a loving smile? Marge knew she could be that type of mother if Hal was as good at seducing young girls as he appeared to be. If he could convert Karen and conquer her inhibitions, she would love to have a little whore around the house that liked having her pussy licked, fucked, fingered, and played with. Karen might grow up to be like Pam.

Marge liked Pam. The girl was so full of the juices of life. Everything was a dirty adventure for her. If ever there was a female to try lesbian love with, Pam was that female for Marge. She longed to lick the girl from anus to belly button, even after a good fuck. Pam was always a fun person to have sharing her office. She had a little desk off to the side. Everyone else had a private office. Pam would add to her humiliation, Marge was certain of that. She'd already demonstrated her ability, and Marge showed her how she would respond--she'd do nothing to stop her, nothing at all. Two loads of sperm pouring down her legs and a cock up her virgin ass was proof of that.

Marge didn't look over when the door opened and she heard two people gasp, one saying, "Holy shit! Sorry"

Stephanie said, "No, come on in. It's just getting good."

Two more sets of eyes joined the others who were watching her wiggle her ass on the plunging cock while frigging her clit. Pam got off the chair dick and boldly sat on the desk with her legs out wide. She scooted up under Marge's head. One whiff of her pussy and Marge grabbed the girl by the ass, pulling her face in tight. Pam held her by the ears, giggling, while being licked ravenously.

Marge ate the girl's pussy like a starving hound at first, but settled into a loving, licking, probing, sucking cunt worship. Pam planted her feet and heaved up her pelvis, grinding her cunt in the older woman's face, putting on a show for those watching. "Suck my cunt. Yes, you love my pussy, don't you? You love sucking my tight, young cunt. Look at her go! Eat that pussy, Marge!"

Marge knew she should have been repulsed and offended by the way Pam was wiping her cunt all over her face, but she was not repulsed in the least, and certainly not offended. Her mouth chased after the moving target with her tongue fully out, proving Pam right before witnesses.

Number three discharged his load without Marge taking much notice. She was too busy chasing pussy. She noticed when he pulled out and left her with a hollow feeling. She knew the eyes were feasting on her ass and hanging pussy, still gaping open, sucking air. She didn't care. She heard Stephanie coaxing someone to step up and take a turn. Marge wiggled her ass invitingly. Stephanie coaxed more. Marge wiggled more, reaching back with both hands and prying her cheeks apart.

She relaxed when she felt the head push in and the shaft slither home. Balls slapped her baggy cunt as she returned her attentions to Pam's pussy. Pam held her pussy still for the sucking, so Marge concentrated on her clit, trying to make her cum. She froze when she heard Stephanie say, "That's it, Barry, fuck her ass good."

BARRY? Marge's head slumped in Pam's beaver. Pam ruffled her hair and said, "That's right. Your son is butt fucking you, Marge. Isn't that exciting? Come on. Don't stop now. Make me cum. I want to cum when Barry shoots his sperm up your ass."

Pam used her fingers to flick her clit over Marge's nose, saying, "Come on, get your mouth on my clit and suck. You know you want to. That's a good girl. Suck hard on my clitty. If you make me cum when your son cums in your ass, I'll stay here and let you lick up all my pussy juice. Oh, yes, you like that idea. Ride that cock, Mommy. Kept that ass moving. Yes, play with your pussy and cum with us."

Marge went wild, humping her ass on Barry's cock, frigging her pussy, and sucking Pam's moving clit. Marge was first to cum. Her cunt-muffled wails and wild gyrations triggered Barry's orgasm. Barry triggered Pam's when he cried out, "I'm cumming, Mom! I'm cumming in your ass."

Pam heaved and bucked against the mouth on her clit, but Marge held her fast in a tight lip-lock. She rode out the girl's orgasm, then lapped at her hole when Pam fell back, exhausted. Pam's upper body hung off the edge of the desk, her hands and long hair reaching the floor. Were it not for Marge clutching her firmly by the hip bones, she would have gone over.

Marge lapped at the girl's pussy in her doubled back position, but Pam had no strength to lift herself up, and rather enjoyed the lewd position. Marge had pushed Pam's skirt past the navel, so those watching had a good look at her naked lower half--her best half. Barry pulled out of his mom's sloppy ass for a better look at Pam's best half. He'd be able to see the best of the best half if his mother's face weren't buried in it to the ears. Still, that was a sight in itself.

Pam was in a giddy mood, a silly showing-off mood. She had a room full of admirers, a mother feasting on her cunt, and a mother's son with a drippy dick watching everything. She brought both legs up, pointing her high-heeled toes at the ceiling, crossed at the ankle. This forced Marge's head out of her crotch, but presented her with a tight slit to lick. Pam's legs were stunningly sexy. She drew one pointed toe down the front of the other leg, then fanned both legs out to the horizontal, doing the spits, giving everyone a good look at her pussy yawning wide before Marge dove on it.

She repeated this act with variations, then rolled onto her stomach and hauled herself up on hands and knees. Marge followed the rolling cunt, never losing contact. Pam bent low and spread her arms out flat on the desk, pressing her breasts to the desk as well. Marge found herself licking a cunt with her face in Pam's ass. She heard the snickers and giggles, but said to herself, "What the hell," and began licking ass. She licked the anus then speared the wrinkled rosebud with her pointed tongue. Pam gave a wiggle and let out a pleasing moan.

Pam stood up on her wide-spread knees and clenched her buttocks, effectively denying Marge access to anything unless she were willing to roll onto her back and get her head under. A woman with no clothes on in a room full of people would have to be pretty desperate to place herself in such a pose. The edge of the desk would dig into the upper part of her ass, forcing her crotch out in vulgar display. The backward reach would thrust up her tits, and everyone would see her mouth, lips, and tongue servicing a young woman's vagina. They'd see her throat muscles working to swallow the woman's youthful spend.

Yes, a woman would have to surrender all dignity to do such a thing, especially with her son looking on and her beaver facing the door. Marge didn't want to surrender that much. She'd surrendered too much as it was. Still, she wanted that dripping pussy, so close, but so out of reach. She twisted her head and reached out with her tongue, but Pam kept the lips from her reach. Finally, in frustration, Marge rolled onto her back and slid underneath. Pam lifted slightly to assist, then placed her hands on her knees and ground her cunt on the woman-without-dignity's mouth.

This is the scene that the Cooper family walked in on. Tony, Barbara, and their daughter, Sarah, were early for their eleven o'clock appointment with Stephanie. They were there to talk about a college scholarship for their senior girl. Before they could back out, Stephanie ushered them to chairs facing Marge's beaver, just four feet away from the center seat. They watched Pam's beaver grinding on the face that lapped hungrily at the open cleft. Marge's legs hung open, showing all she had, her legs running with sperm from her asshole.

The three startled visitors sat like automatons, not saying a word, just staring as Stephanie, acting with professional detachment said, "As you can see, Marge is busy at the moment. When she's through, she has forms for you to fill out. This shouldn't take much longer. Just relax. We have magazines and coffee if you'd like. If you smoke, I can get you an ash tray." She got no reply. "Well, let me know if you need anything."

Marge heard this and knew the family. Sarah was a college bound honor student, an attractive, bookish, short-haired girl, rather shy. Being a senior, she was out of Jim Groves' reach, but Richard Wright wanted her, and wanted her badly. Her parents weren't well off, but were hard working. Both held unskilled jobs at the Greyson plant. Without the scholarship funds there would be no college for Sarah, and Richard dispensed those scholarships, or more accurately, could see that they were not dispensed.

Richard was out to impregnate Sarah. Everyone on the staff knew it. Sarah knew it. She told her parents, so they knew it, too. Marge brought one hand down and showed the Cooper family what a big clit she had, wishing Richard were there to see their expressions--wishing she could see them. Pam looked over her shoulder, saw the Coopers, and really hammed up her act.

She thrust her legs out straight to the sides and raised herself to offer them a full crotch shot. She looked like a gymnast preparing to do a handstand from the splits position. With her hands flat on the desk on either side of Marge's head, she raised her cunt up obscenely, aimed right at the three Coopers. Marge had to stretch up to lick the girl's slit.

Pam's thoughts were on Sarah. Richard had hounded Sarah from the start of the spring semester. He'd corner her in the hallway and cop a feel whenever their paths crossed. Once, he pulled her into the boy's room and held her while three boys felt her up. When Pam came on board, Sarah was the first girl she had to bring to Richard. At least once a week during her first month, Pam took Sarah from a class and delivered her to Richard's office where the two sexually harassed her, trying to get her to put out.

This was before Estelle came on the scene, so Richard could not simply rape a girl that proved difficult. They came awfully close, though. They forced her to strip, and they made her touch Richard's cock. They made her suck his cock twice, and once he dry fucked her against the wall, sliding his cock through her clenched thighs.

Sarah acted like she hated these sessions but came along quietly each time. She also told her parents each time. They complained bitterly, but Hal had deaf ears to their complaints. They stopped complaining after a month. Whether they recognized the futility, or whether they realized who managed the scholarships, Sarah underwent the harassment, and they tolerated what Sarah had to endure.

Sarah seemed resigned after her parents gave up. She not only went willingly, but would strip without being forced. She'd let them place her in any position, and would tolerate any abuse short of penile penetration. Usually, she'd end up flat on her back on his desk with Pam holding her bent knees flat to the desk top, while Richard rubbed his dick all over her cunt and ass and jacked off. Though this had a profound effect on the girl and made her juicy as hell, she never folded and let him fuck her. Richard would spend on her cunt, and Pam would stuff the sperm in her cunt. This is how they tried to get her pregnant. Even with Emily tracking the girl's ovulation cycle, her periods came right on schedule.

The Coopers watched the orgiastic display in silence, though all looked visibly affected. All had rosy blushes. When the two women parted after mutual orgasms, the maintenance men left. Hal went back to his office; Barry left; and Emily returned to her aid room. Pam sauntered over to Sarah as though her parents weren't there, lifted her chin and said, "Do you still have your cherry?"

Sarah blushed deeper and nodded. Pam just smiled, chucked her chin, and sauntered over to sit on a corner of Marge's desk. Stephanie came over and said, "There, she's all done. Let's get those bothersome papers filled out. Step over to Marge's desk, please."

The three rose as one and advanced toward the desk. When they saw what was behind the desk, they halted. Stephanie ushered them closer. They stood with the desk pressing against their thighs and watched as Marge straddled the hideous chair, centered the object at her opening and sank. The full length went in easily and Marge said, "All right, what can I do for these folks?"

Stephanie said, "They're here about the scholarship."

"Fine, fill these out." Hal peeked out his door, then shut it. Marge noticed and braced herself.

Stephanie set the three forms on the desk closer to Marge's side than theirs. Each leaned over and took up the pencil that laid on each form. Each froze when Marge moaned and clutched her pussy. They heard the hum of a motor, then saw movement coming from inside Marge's lower abdomen. Marge sank back in her chair, laid her head in the head rest, then lifted her feet to the desk top, bracketing the three forms between her feet.

The Coopers froze, mesmerized by the sight. In her lay-back, spread beaver position, her clit was not in contact with the metal clit stimulator, but the position afforded a good view of the penetration. Marge stimulated her own clit with the fingers of her right hand. They could see the cock slowly revolving in the confines of her stretched cunt lips and could follow the movement of the head as it made a moving swell cross her abdomen. Suddenly, the cock began its in and out motion as well, and Marge cried out, "Oh God, yes! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy."

Stephanie and Pam exchanged smiles. The Coopers were transfixed. No pencil moved, and no Cooper moved. The Coopers were all eyes, and those eyes were all over the place where rubber met the whore. They watched Marge reach an earth-shattering climax, then Stephanie pushed the forms away and said, "I think we can dispense with this formality. Let's go into my office."

[Follow them by reading the story, "Unnatural Acts".]

Pam, Marge, and Ben were left alone in the quiet office. Marge was still recovering from her climax. Pam sat cross legged so that Ben could see her beaver. Ben was staring at her beaver. He smiled when she caught him staring, then said, "I've never seen a woman lose her inhibitions so quickly or so thoroughly."

Pam said, "Who, her or me?"

Ben glanced at Marge's beaver and said, "Both, actually, but I meant you in particular. Marge has no choice; you seem to live for opportunities."

"I guess I do. You seem to like the new me."

"I do, very much. You are a beautiful, sexy young woman."

"Why thank you, Ben. This is the first time you've noticed me. I thought you were a stone man. Don't you mess around? Are you always all business?"

"I've never cheated, no, but I'm no stone man. Around here, that would be cause for dismissal."

Marge began tuning-in to their conversation, remembering the earlier discussion she had with Hal. She almost hated to bring up the subject, especially in front of Pam, but the opportunity may not present itself again. Ben was frequently out of contact. She brought her legs down and sat up. Ben and Pam looked over. "I hate to interrupt your conversation, but I have something to pass along from Hal. It's for you, Ben. It's about Judy."

Ben's face fell. "No, Marge, please don't say it."

"I'm sorry, Ben. He told me this morning. He wants her and my Karen, tomorrow morning. We're both to be present."

Ben took to pacing the floor. Pam smiled. Marge tried to convey a message with her eyes that this was not a smiling occasion. Pam ignored her and said, "Ben, how old is Judy? Is she cute?"

"She's twelve, and yes, she's cute, too cute for her own good."

"How cute? Does she have tits yet?"

"Please, Pam, not now. I need to think."

Marge added, "Yes, Pam, we could both use some time alone. There must be someone you haven't shown your pussy to."

"Maybe, but this is much more interesting. Come on, Ben. What's there to think about? You're going to bring her. Hal is going to fuck her. You're going to watch him fuck her, so get over it. Tell me about Judy. Does she have tits?"

Ben looked to Marge. Marge shrugged. "Yes, just starting. Buds I think they're called."

"Tittie buds. Yeah, that's a good name for them. So, does she run around the house naked, flashing you her tittie buds?"

"No, Pam. Sorry, but we're just plain ordinary people."

"What about your wife, isn't she fucking anybody?"

"I don't think so."

"You're not sure, though."

"No man is ever sure, but Ruth isn't the type; at least, I don't think she is."

"We're all the type if the right cock comes along. They don't call us the weaker sex for nothing. Take Marge. She doesn't look the type to let her son fuck her in the ass or the type that likes to eat a girl's pussy in a crowd, but she is." Marge blushed at the memory. Pam went on, "I've met Ruth. She's fucking somebody. She doesn't wear those short skirts and show that much cleavage to get your attention. Your wife is a sexy woman. She's trolling for a stiff cock. I know damn well she gets plenty of nibbles and a woman like her lands what nibbles. She's a horny bitch."

"I don't pry into Ruth's affairs."

"Well put. Was that one of those Freudian slips?"

"Hum, maybe it was. I'll have to think about that. You're probably right about Ruth. I don't like to think about it. I turn a blind eye on her suspicious comings and goings. I don't see things I don't want to see. What one doesn't know for a certainty can't hurt one, can it?"

"One, maybe, but a dozen? She's out fucking her brains out, isn't she?"

"I don't know that to be a fact."

"You mean, you've never actually caught her with a stiff dick up her twat, right."

"No, I never have."

"I get the picture. Stop me when I'm wrong. You often answer the phone and get a man saying he has the wrong number or no answer at all, something that rarely happens to Ruth. She goes out shopping and returns long after shops have closed. You've found condoms, sometimes used ones."

"I have not found condoms, new or used."

"All right, then you've found semen stains or wet semen on her clothing, panties, hair, the car seat, her side of the bed, her favorite spot to sit."

Ben thought, then said, "Not in her hair."

"Ben, you married a whore, now tell me about Judy. Does she know her mother is whoring around?"

Ben paced, ran his fingers through his hair, and said, "I don't know. Maybe. I suppose she might. Yes, damnit! Yes she knows. That stupid whore has Judy covering for her. God, if she would just keep her whoring out of our home, everything would be fine. I'd never bother her about it, but to screw a perfect stranger in our marital bed with a twelve-year-old girl keeping watch for her father. God damnit, that just isn't right."

Pam excitedly rubbed her hands together and said, "Oh, this is getting juicy. Has she seen them fucking? Is Ruth open about it, or does she sneak off and lock herself behind closed doors?"

"I wouldn't know."

"There's only two types: those who hide, and those who show off. There is no in-between. Now, what type is Ruth?"

"She's definitely a show off type. Even with me she likes to do it with the lights on and the door open. She likes getting caught."

"Wonderful, then Judy has seen it all."

"Yes. She's probably been in the same room with them."

"That's great news, Ben. Tomorrow will be a cinch for her. She knows the score; hell, she's probably no cherry. Is Ruth the sharing type?"

"No ... Ruth wouldn't ... would she?"

"She strikes me as the type. Sex is fun. She likes to please her man. If she's with one that likes bringing the kid in on the fun, Ruth would go along, trust me. Judy has sucked cock and been fucked. She might even be a three-holer."

"A what?"

"Mouth, pussy, and asshole--a three holer."

"Oh, no, that can't be. Ruth wouldn't ... not with a twelve-year-old, not with her own daughter."

"She would, and you know it. Did you discuss the possibility that Hal might want Judy."


"She took it in stride would be my guess. She probably told you that you had no choice, that you had a bigger responsibility winning bread for the family, that Judy would survive, right?"

"Yes, she said all of that and more. That's amazing, Pam. How could you know that?"

"It goes with everything else." Pam hopped down and went to Ben. She placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder and said, "Relax, have fun with it. Think how bad things would be if she were the other type and wanted you to quit your job, pack up, and move away."

"You know, you're right. What you say makes sense. I am fortunate. If what you said about Judy is correct, then this won't traumatize her."

"Traumatize her? Even if she is a cherry, she's dying to try what she's seen. Any twelve-year-old girl wants to try fucking. It's only the fear of getting pregnant or of her parents finding out that stops her. If the parent says fuck, they're ready, willing, and very able. They've been stuffing things up their twat since the age of six. I know I was."

Marge said, "She's right, Ben. Little girls think about fucking as much, if not more, than boys of the same age. I was ready by twelve. If my parents had said have at it, I'd have dropped and spread in the beat of a heart, for anyone, even Dad, even a dog."

"So, you're not worried about Karen?"

"I'm a bit concerned because she has shown no interest in sex or her body. She's overly inhibited for a prepubescent girl. Girls don't get shy about their bodies until hair, hips, and tits start popping out from everywhere. Karen is not cut from the common mold of eight-year-old girls. I'm just hoping Hal knows how to bring her type out. We'll see, won't we?"

"I suppose we will. Should we prepare them, tell them what's going to happen?"

"No, absolutely not. Let Hal win them over. My sister in California had something like this happen to her daughter, Amanda. They were camping in the mountains. Her husband and a friend went to climb a mountain for two days and left her with Amanda and two boys. Three big burly woodsmen broke into their cabin and forced her to entertain them using Amanda. They fucked that kid every which way. My sister had sex with her, and so did Amanda's brothers. She was beaten, lightly tortured, pissed on, and terribly abused. She ended up pregnant."

"Jesus Christ!"

Pam said, "Cool!"

Marge said, "Now that was as traumatic a first experience as any young girl can go through, and my sister swears she'd go through it again in a heart beat. She says the change in Amanda has been a blessing ever since. She's been after me to set up Karen for the past two years. Amanda had no preparation, so I don't think preparing them is necessary."

[Read about Amanda's ordeal in "Master of Ceremonies".]

"We have to tell them something."

"Don't send them in scared half to death. All I'm going to tell Karen is that Hal is the most important man in our lives. He controls our future, and we want to make him happy any way we can. I'm also going to tell her that Mommy does whatever Hal says. I have to tell her that because she'll see this chair and me working in the nude. She should infer from that what type of man Hal is, and how committed I am to doing whatever he says. That's how you should prepare Judy."

"Yes, that's exactly what I'll tell Judy. This is a hell of a coincidence, Marge, but I have a brother, the black sheep of our family, and he makes a living breeding other people's kids and selling their babies to infertile couples willing to pay big bucks to have a baby of their own."

Marge said, "Where's the coincidence?"

"He has been after me to let him knock Judy up. Don't you see? Your sister is pushing you to get something going with Karen; my brother is pushing me with Judy."

"Okay, that's a coincidence. Forget coincidence, tell me more about this brother of yours. Who would go along with such a scheme?"

"I doubt anyone would. He seduces young girls of well-to-do families who then seduce their parents into acts that he uses to blackmail them into cooperating. He has a string of what he calls breeders, girls from twelve to fifteen with parents who cooperate with him in getting their kid pregnant, then offering the baby for adoption. Gary gets the money; the infertile couple gets a baby; that's his business. I told him to go to hell."

"Is he local? I might want his number?"

"He is now. He had to leave Tucson in a hurry. He's starting over right here, and from what I hear, he's off to a good start."

"It was just a thought, but if Hal can hang in here long enough, I may have a breeder whether I like it or not."

[Read about Gary's unique business in "Perfect Angel". This story forms a major branch in Part Three, a branch that dips into the elementary school. A long chain of stories leads from Perfect Angel, but it's mostly about girls in the 11-13 age group, sexy teacher scenarios, some classroom bestiality, with parent/child incest being the central theme. If you like Perfect Angel, you'll like all the rest.]

"Thanks, both of you. You both gave me great advice and took a tremendous load off my mind."

Pam cupped his crotch and purred, "Wouldn't you like to take a load off another part of your body?"

Ben smiled, reached behind her and cupped her ass, saying, "As a matter of fact, I do."

Pam pulled up the back of her skirt so that his hand rested on bare ass and the two walked into his office. She paused before entering to smile back at Marge. Her smile said, "I got him first. Adjust my score."

Marge pulled out her notepad and placed another hash mark under Pam's name, bringing her four-day total to forty-eight. She also placed four hash marks under her own name, bringing her total to four. Remembering the short pussy dip Hal took in his office, she drew a diagonal line through the four and said, "Five, yes, that looks better. Two ahead of Emily, but seventeen behind Stephanie. Look out Stephanie."

She looked between her legs and patted the base of her rubber cudgel, saying, "I wish I could count you, Samson. I'd have them all beat by next Wednesday. Samson ... Yes, that's a good name for you."

The door leading to the outer office burst open, startling Marge. Sam Mathews, a Sophomore history teacher, poked his head in and said, "Marge, you'd better get Hal, there's four boys raping Cindy Grey ... Marge? What on earth?"

"Yes, I'm naked. Come in or go out. I have to remain this way either way."

Sam, a bit unsure, entered. He approached Marge's desk with equal caution, obviously wondering if she was totally naked. Marge said, "Yes, I'm naked down there too."

"Marge, what's going on?"

"It's Hal's orders. Go ask him. I just work here." Sam had moved to within a foot, leaning over her desk, and was slyly trying to look into her crotch. "Sam, stop acting like a little school boy. Look if you're going to look."

Sam stepped to the edge of the desk and looked, saying, "I just ... well, I didn't ... Marge ... what is that?"

Marge laid her hands on the desk and stood up. "That's what it is, Sam. It's a god damn rubber dick." She sat back on the god damn rubber dick and fixed him with hard stare. "Now, what were you saying about a girl getting raped?"

"Uh, oh, Cindy Greyson is getting raped in the cafeteria ... right now. I know who the boys are, too."

"That's fine, Sam. Hal will deal with it at his leisure."

"Don't you want their names?"

"Sam. Let me guess: Tommy, Cory, Jake, and Bubba. Was I close?"

"Why, yes. Did someone get here before me?"

"No, you're the only teacher dumb enough to walk out of a show like that."

"I thought Hal would want to know, but, if everything's under control, I'll head back."

"You do that, Sam. If you hurry, you might catch part of the second act." Marge flipped open her notepad and improvised, "Yes, act two is a butt fucking featuring Bubba and his foot-long black wonder dong." Marge had inadvertently opened the pad to her page and was looking at her five marks. "Uh, Sam ... wait. I'm sorry I was so terse with you. I shouldn't have snapped. It's this thing, you understand. It has me all ... you know."

"On edge?"

"No, horny. Sam, have you ever had a woman anally."

"Why, yes, yes I have."

"And do you like that method?" She stood and crossed over to him with a sexy sway to her step.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I found it quite pleasurable."

She hooked her arm in his and said, "The aid room is empty."

"All right. If you're sure we won't get in trouble."

"I'm sure." On the way past her desk, Marge leaned over, made a quick mark on the pad and said, "Six!"

"Six what?"

"Nothing. So, you're an ass man. Who'd have guessed?"

Sam flashed back to the monster cock she sat on so easily, looked behind her at her ample ass and the numerous semen trails running down the backs of her legs therefrom, and decided not to comment.

[Go home with Ben and Marge and see how they handle their daughters in "Pleasure Squared".]

* * *

Minutes before Sam made his dramatic entry into the office, Cindy sat at a table in the center of the packed cafeteria. Stella, the dyke coach, joined her. She knew what was coming, but most of the eyes were on Sue Ellington and her daughter. The naked mother and child made quite a spectacle in a school lunchroom. Several kids tried to sit near Cindy, but Stella ran them off. She turned to Cindy and said, "It won't be long now. You're nervous, aren't you?"

"Like a virgin. There's so many people. I'm glad they're in here [indicating Sue and her daughter]. I wonder if Hal arranged that to make this easier."

"Nice thought, but you don't know Hal very well. Come on, you must be a little excited. I am."

"I can tell, but you're not about to be gang raped in front of half the school."

"Yes, but you are. Don't turn around; they're here. Dum ta dum dum."

"Oh, God! I can't believe this is happening. Last week I was a virgin running for the Junior Miss title, now I'm meat on a hook."

"Yes, but what meat. I think I'd better get up. Good luck, kid. Break a leg."

Cindy could only grin as Stella backed away and four big figures closed in around her. The ominous approach caught the attention of several people and word spread quickly. The din gradually quieted as heads turned toward Cindy.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Cindy Greyson in the flesh. You can't keep your figure eating slop like that. Where's your butler? Can't your old lady afford to bring you a decent meal?"

"Leave me alone, Tommy."

Tommy grabbed a handful of her long blond hair and yanked her head back until she was looking up into his smiling face. "You need some work on congeniality, bitch!"

"Let go! You're hurting me!"

Eight hands reached for her. Those hands dragged her onto the table and went separate ways with pieces of her dress. Kids backed away and a big circle formed with Cindy and the four guys in the center. They stripped her completely, then made a wish with her legs, showing her crotch to the crowd. Bubba pulled out his cock and stepped between her legs. A collective gasp went through two hundred throats, followed by a collective intake of breath as his cock drove into her in one steady hard plunge.

Cindy put on a good show of struggle, but surrendered before Bubba finished and another took his place. Each raped her in turn, then left her defiled body sprawled on the table, sperm pouring from her abused pussy, ass, and mouth.

Stella was the first to step up. Cindy looked into her smiling face. "You could at least close your legs."

"I can't move."

"Come on. You're work is done." To the students, she said, "Break it up. Don't you guys have food to eat? You'd think you never saw a naked, freshly fucked beauty queen before. Will one of you teachers give me a hand? Grab her feet. We'll carry this screwed beauty to Emily's aid room."

Four teachers carrying one limb a piece carried Cindy to the aid room through packed halls that moved along with them. Once inside, they realized they'd interrupted Marge and Sam. He pulled out of Marge's ass and hurriedly pulled up his pants as Stella stuck her head out the door to say, "Return to your classes. The show is over, children."

Turning to the aid room, she saw Marge, still lying face down on Emily's exam table with her ass out. "What have we here? Interrupt something?"

Marge stood up, the disappointment showing. Stella said, "Put her on the table. Where are the stirrups Emily puts on this table? Oh, there they are. Okay, set her feet in these. There we go. Now, isn't she pretty? Anybody want to fuck her? We can't mess her up more than she already is. Come on, Mr. Pruit. You want some of this fine, almost virgin pussy, don't you? It's only slightly used."

"I think I'd better be getting back to my classroom."

"How about you, Stan?"

"I'd better not. I think I'd better go, too."

"Sue Ellington, you look like a woman who likes a little pussy once in a while. You don't want to go back out there, dressed, or should I say, undressed like that, do you?"

"I think I have to. Hal's orders. I'm supposed to be in the cafeteria, and my daughter is in the hall, somewhere."

"I guess you better go then."

Sue left. Cindy, Stella, Marge, and Sam remained. Sam said, "I think I'd better go to." He slipped out.

Stella said, "Well, I guess it's just us girls. Eat her, Marge. I dare you."

"You eat her. I have work to do." She left.

Stella looked down on Cindy and said, "I thought they'd never leave."

"God, Stella. That was incredible."

"I thought so, too. Did you cum?"

"You couldn't tell? Three times."

"I thought so, but I wasn't sure. You made quite an impression."

"Those guys made an impression on me. I think I like rape."

"You do take to it well. You looked convincing. Even after you gave up fighting, it looked right. Those kids saw a gang rape. Hal will be pleased with the way you handled yourself. I wonder where Emily is. I suppose I could wash you myself. That's all she'll do. Fuck it; I'll do it. I don't know what they'd do without me around here."

* * *

Ed Greyson had not been idle while all the illicit sex was going on around him. Actually, he hadn't been idle before. Estelle's success at manipulating people with her power simply gave him ideas and encouraged him to greater excesses. He saw opportunities at the plant and moved quickly to exploit them.

One such opportunity involved his chief of finance, a quiet, mousy man who happened to have the most luscious little twelve-year-old daughter that Ed had ever seen. Little Tammy Honeycut was a pervert's dream, and her father, Arthur Honeycut, was a manipulator's dream. Arthur often brought Tammy to work on weekends. She ran errands for him and the adorable little girl frequently came into contact with Ed in doing so.

Tammy captured Ed's fancy with her long, wavy brunette hair that reached to the small of her back, her big almond eyes that always looked sensuous even for a girl of twelve, and her full pouting lips that begged a cock to wrap themselves around. The kid was an early bloomer that had tits most grown women would settle for and hips that belonged on a sixteen-year-old. She was short for her age. Tammy's body looked like a grown woman's body in miniature, and the little mink always wore dresses on Saturday visits to the plant.

Ed and Arthur were not the only ones in the plant on Saturdays. Ed used the quiet Saturday mornings to confer with his key people. Seven men, one woman, and his sexy secretary were usually on hand and in his office for a casual meeting. For these gatherings, Ed pulled his leather chair from behind his massive desk and set the chair at the head of a circle of office chairs with no table between them. Only the secretary sat outside the ring, ready to take notes or replenish coffee cups.

No one in Ed's inner circle would dare raise an eyebrow, much less an objection at anything Ed did, and the meetings were often crude just to shock Amy Strong. Amy was a section leader who didn't really belong at these meetings reserved for top management. She was there simply because she was the most attractive female in any position of leadership. Amy was the most sought-after piece of ass in the plant, but also the hardest to crack. No one had ever penetrated her defenses to their knowledge.

Amy was happily married with three kids, active in the school and community, a real go-getter, eager to rise within the company with an eye toward becoming the first female manager ever at Greyson Industries.

Ed held that bait out to keep Amy in line, for one purpose of the Saturday sessions was to get Amy to loosen up. The men wanted Amy to be the executive slut. They did conduct some minor plant business to lend an air of credibility to their game. Amy knew the men were trying to seduce her, but her ego had her convinced that they also saw her as a potential executive. Ed's seduction technique was bold, as week after week, nothing she wore was sexy enough for him. Amy never let this bother her, because she saw the need to play ball with the big boys if she was ever to join their ranks.

Although she was willing to play ball, Amy was determined not to put out to advance. Gradually, she came to see little harm in dressing to please. Each meeting knocked down more of her defenses as she had to listen to the crudest jokes she'd ever heard, and laugh at them besides. Being the focus of their crude comments and teasing personal jibs also helped her loosen up.

In time, she took in stride the compliments about her big tits, hard bullet nipples, or fine ass. She was teased about the male workers she was fucking, female workers she was going down on, or were going down on her for favors. Amy took all these teasing taunts with good humor, and even played along without admitting or denying anything. There was nothing to admit, but she thought it best to let them think there was.

Slowly, over a period of weeks, Amy began feeling like one of the guys. As a consequence, Amy's dresses grew shorter and shorter until she wore dresses that could not hide her panties when she sat. She dispensed with wearing a bra under tight, form-fitting dresses, and had to change clothes at the plant, they were so short. The panties, too, grew more brief as she took to shopping Ginger's Beautique. In time, she even grew comfortable with letting her knees fall open in an unladylike posture, giving the men their fill of her barely hidden vagina, sometimes revealing a naked, shaved labia lip, shaved at Ed's suggestion.

The one aspect of their Saturday meetings that Amy found disturbing involved Tammy. Ed never let Tammy come or go without embarrassing the little girl. She was a frequent visitor, as Ed sent requests to Arthur for financial reports that Tammy always delivered. The reports were never needed or discussed, so their purpose was apparent to everyone. Little Tammy was the purpose. With a twelve-year-old of her own, Amy's compassion for Tammy and contempt for Ed was difficult to hide.

At first, all Ed would do was to pull Tammy onto his lap. He'd fondle her bare legs, rather high up, sometimes pushing the skirt up in the process. Tammy never tried to stop him, but was obviously embarrassed and nervous as his hands rubbed near her crotch. Ed quickly noted the effect on Amy. She grew stone-faced and silent, sat with her knees together, and was constantly tugging her short skirt down.

Ed stepped up the pressure on both Tammy and Amy by letting his hand go higher each time, keeping her longer each time, and asking the girl indecent questions about boys, boyfriends, and sexual matters in general. As with everything else, Amy gradually came around or became numb. She no longer tried to hide her panties from Tammy, and would not make a disapproving face, even if Ed's hand went over the crotch of the girl's panties.

Tammy also grew accustomed to the indecent fondling before a group of strange adults. Ed's advances came in stages, week after week, so she only had to adjust to slight increases in the lewdness. She hardly reacted when he first laid back her skirt, stiffened only slightly the first time his finger went under the leg band, and winced a little the first time he fingered her pussy hole.

Tammy did react stiffly the first time Ed took off her panties and then finger-fucked her. The orgasm that finger-fuck induced, Tammy's first, helped temper that experience. After that, she allowed herself to be stripped naked each time. She freely lent herself to anything Ed wanted to do to her. Very often, she laid prone over Ed's lap with her bare ass facing Amy, allowing Ed to explore and probe her two nether holes at will.

Ed kept escalating the indecencies after the first time he noted a positive response from Amy. That response came after Ed's finger entered the child's pussy, and came in the form of a big wet spot that turned Amy's panties transparent. Furthermore, Amy knew she had wet her panties with the juices of her aroused pussy, but did nothing to hide that fact from the others. If anything, she came as close to shooting a beaver as she'd ever come.

The following week, Amy showed up with the tiniest panties Ginger sold. The crotch piece was little more than a strand of material that nestled between the lips of her sex. When Ed removed Tammy's panties before pulling her onto his lap, Amy let her secret out. When Ed pulled Tammy's back to his chest, then placed her legs on either side of his own, then began finger-fucking the child, Amy made her first real beaver by sitting back with her knees eighteen inches apart with her eyes focused on Ed's finger going in and out of the girl's almost hairless vagina.

Amy's full and swelling vagina was as much the show as Tammy's. The men looked openly and jockeyed for better positions to see both. Amy did not adjust her position, even when Ed called attention to her pussy by saying, "Doesn't Amy have a pretty pussy, Tammy?" When Amy did not react negatively, Ed directed his next comment to Amy, saying, "Pull that ridiculous string aside and show Tammy your pussy properly."

Amy blushed at Ed's bold statement, but it was Tammy's affirmative nod to Ed's earlier question that motivated Amy to do as he said. She hiked her skirt and hooked a finger in the crotch piece, then pulled it wide to the side, letting her legs fall open by three feet. The other men gathered close to peer between Amy's legs without blocking Ed and Tammy's view. Amy ignored the men, anxious to hear what Ed would say about her brazen display.

Ed said, "There, that's much better, isn't it, Tammy?" Tammy nodded while staring intently. "I'll bet you never saw a grownup's naked pussy before, did you?"

Tammy said, "I've seen my mommy's before, but not the inside parts like hers."

"Yes, you can see everything on her pussy, can't you? You can see the hole where the cocks go in and the babies come out, huh?"


"She sure is nasty to let all of these men look between her legs, isn't she?"

"Yeah. My mom would never do what she's doing."

"Maybe your mom's pussy isn't as pretty as Amy's."

"Mom's is pretty hairy, that's for sure."

"That's because Amy shaves her pussy lips so we can see it better. She likes it when men look at her pussy. It makes her horny. See how wet and juicy her pussy is? That means she wants a man to fuck her pussy for her. Would you like to watch her get fucked in her pussy?"

Amy sat up and released the crotch strap, saying, "I think that's enough, Ed. There won't be any fucking demonstration. Look, but don't touch, okay?"

"Suit yourself, but you are wasting good pussy, Amy."

"Well, it's mine to waste, and I'll waste it on my Charles, thank you."

After this scene, Amy wore no panties to the Saturday meetings and kept her naked pussy on display throughout the meeting. The sex progressed steadily with Tammy. When Ed pulled out his stiff cock and taught Tammy how to give a blow job, Amy was all eyes. Tammy ended up sucking off every guy there, and did so at each meeting from then on. Being exposed to all those hard cocks while her pussy was also exposed had Amy on the verge of complete surrender.

During some of the hotter scenes with Tammy, she even played with herself, openly masturbating to orgasm. This made Ed decide to go for broke. He wanted to go all the way with Tammy, but he wanted her father's cooperation and involvement. This, he felt certain, would break Amy. If it didn't, who cared, he'd have a Lolita to fuck on Saturdays.

When Ed decided to act, he consulted his closest friends to formulate a plan. Put simply, they conspired to gather false statements accusing Arthur of theft. Confronted with the prospect of immediate termination, Arthur was forced to sign the phony confession to save his job. It was only after the confession was safely in Ed's hand that Arthur realized why they'd framed him.

Ed told him, straight out, that his little girl was to be brought to the office the next Saturday, stripped, and fucked by whomever Ed decided could participate. The life seemed to drain from Arthur Honeycut. Tears filled his eyes and he shook with trembles. That Saturday, however, Arthur led his darling little girl into Ed's office, stripped her, then watched Ed fuck his daughter while two women and seven men masturbated to the scene.

When Ed finished, each man took a turn with Tammy. While she was getting gang banged, first the secretary, then Amy brought their naked cunts to Tammy's face and made her lick. As a grand finale, they all sat around in the nude and watched Arthur fuck his daughter on the floor at their feet. Before leaving, Arthur was told to bring the rest of the family next Saturday. After he left carrying his exhausted and naked child, everyone fucked Amy.

[The Honeycut story is told in "Tammy".]

After that success, Ed looked for others. While attending the annual homecoming game at the high school, Ed was smitten with a new blond, blue-eyed cheerleader, a petite junior, the prettiest and youngest on the squad. Ed had donated the brief cheerleader uniforms and secured the cooperation of the authorities to have the girls wear them. This he'd done at the start of the season. Ed rarely made the games, but was invited to all the practice sessions as an honored guest and chief benefactor. There, he helped orchestrate their routines, and the routines featured spread-legged jumps, spread-legged back flips, or spread-legged hand stands that exposed the girl's crotches covered in a sheer body-hugging leotard that showed their vaginal form and also barely hid the form and tone of the girl's tits.

Stella, the school dyke and cheerleader coach, permitted Ed to freely fondle the girls while ostensibly suggesting better routines or explaining new ones. The girls tolerated Ed's roaming hands, even as he adjusted the crotch fit of the skimpy leotards, or fitted the tops with fingers that brushed hard nipples inside the tops.

Ed could roam their dressing room at will and often stood beside Stella to watch the girls shower. There, they'd select the girl to keep back after practice. They'd nab their selection as the naked girls filed by, then take her, dripping and naked, to Stella's office for private tutoring, often with an impatient parent waiting in a car outside. As the trio passed by, some girls showed their disappointment at not being selected; others breathed a sigh of relief.

Ed had not had the chance to give Darlene Smith a going over, as he'd missed several workouts after she joined the squad. The homecoming game was the first he'd seen of her. One look at her pert tits and the full form of her barely-hidden, light-haired vagina, and Ed had to have her. When he learned that Darlene was the daughter of one of his plant foremen, Ed and his team got busy. Phil Smith was as astonished as Arthur Honeycut at the charges and the statements, but Phil didn't break down and cry. He simply went home to mull over his decision and discuss his limited options with his wife.

The following morning, the next football game day, Phil agreed to an orgy to be held after the game at the Smith's home, an orgy centered on Darlene in the presence of his wife and three other children. Phil also told Ed that they were completely onboard, that the entire family had been conditioning Darlene, and that she would be performing at that night's game with the lower portion of her leotard removed. She would perform the routines with a naked and shaved pussy. Ed was impressed, and promised to be at the game.

[Follow Phil's plight and Darlene's transformation into a family whore in the story, "All's Fair in Lust and War".]

Ed sat in the bleachers surrounded by his eight cronies, eagerly awaiting the cheerleader's first routine. Their eyes were on Darlene as the first routine began.

Everyone was on pins and needles, waiting for the first routine to feature the popular crotch spreads, none more so than Darlene, but for different reasons. She'd had to wear the obscenely modified uniform all day. Having had her pussy stared at throughout the day was little consolation as no one had seen her spread beaver in all its glory. With Darlene standing at the apex of a 'V', closest to the crowd, the infamous jump and spread featured her spread beaver more so than any other.

The first time Darlene had to perform the obscene jump, her legs almost gave out. The jump was clumsy and she did not recover in time. She stumbled backward and fell on her ass, rolling to her back, inadvertently offering an even better spread that lasted longer. The crowd jumped to their feet with cheers as though the team scored a touchdown. People from the visiting side began filtering over.

By the fifth routine, Darlene didn't care anymore. By the tenth, she put everything into the jump. Ed and his buddies were elated at what they saw. They all had raging hard-ons. She was in the middle of a prolonged spread-legged handstand when a shot rang out from the stands, stopping the game. Ed slumped forward in his seat. Arthur Honeycut stood behind him holding a smoking gun. The game ended.

* * *

The weekend was a somber one all over town. Many wondered what the death of Ed Greyson would mean. Would Estelle finally close the plant that turned such a meager profit year after year, or would she hire a new manager and keep trying?

Cindy was inconsolable and hid away in her room. Estelle left her alone. She skipped school that entire next week, but Estelle stopped leaving her alone by Wednesday. The following Monday, Cindy was back in school, but no one touched her. At noon the shocking news spread like a wild fire--Estelle Greyson had been brutally murdered in her own back yard. They found her naked body staked out in a spread-eagle, covered in fire ants, her breasts and vagina had been cut off. Her bloody vagina was stuffed in her mouth.

The town went into mourning, not for the loss of Estelle Greyson, but for the town. Everyone felt certain that Cindy would take her inheritance money and leave. The plant would surely close. Cindy hid herself away for another week as the townsfolk agonized over their uncertain future. On the Monday following her mother's death, after the reading of the will, Cindy wanted to see a long list of people. They gathered outside the study and were called in one at a time. Chief Evans was first.

The town soon learned of the arrests--several teachers, including the principal of the high school. They were shocked to learn of Arthur Honeycut's release after charges were dropped in her father's murder. Justifiable homicide was the term used. They were even more shocked that Arthur Honeycut would head the reopened plant. This shock quickly turned to elation, and people danced in the streets.

Cindy's Aunt Connie was invited to come and share the mansion along with a comfortable lifetime annuity. Eva was given a clean slate and her freedom. She was seen leaving town in a van with three men, one woman, and a dog.

The End, Finally

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