Bad Girls

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Jan and Stephanie were best friends since grade school. Now in their mid-thirties, they kept the friendship alive by meeting once every Monday morning and talking for hours over coffee at Jan's house. Monday morning was the only time their schedules didn't clash. Stephanie worked days as a secretary; Jan worked evenings as a waitress. Stephanie was married with no kids; Jan was single with three girls: Heather 15, Mandy 13, Tammy 11.

They used to talk about anything and everything, but after Jan divorced her husband, and Stephanie's marriage went into the doldrums, sex was all they talked about. Since Jan was the one with a sex life and a variety of partners, the sessions were primarily a review of Jan's sexual adventures.

Stephanie became quite the vicarious slut. Both women had been conservative nice girls. Opening up their sexuality was a recent event. Jan liked talking about and reliving her escapades; Stephanie lived for them, sucking up the lewd stories like a Hoover Deluxe. The filthiest language freely rolled off their lips where once no dirty word dared to tread. Jan was three weeks into a new relationship with Hal Peterson, a man with potential as a sugar daddy. Monday, April 10th, promised to be a good session, and it went like this:

"Stephanie, you are going to love this. You will never guess who I got a call from and then a personal visit."

"You're right, so tell me, who?"

"Hal's last woman, a divorcee. She says straight out, 'I know you are seeing Hal. I don't know you, but I'll bet any money that you have a young teenage daughter, right?' I say, 'Three as a matter of fact. Why?' She goes, 'The mother lode. Look honey, he doesn't want you; he wants them.'"

"Hal wants kids?"

"Jan, Hal is a child molester.'"

"Woah! A child molester? So, that's how he wants them. What did you say?"

"Well, naturally, I wanted to hear more. She tells me that her thirteen-year-old daughter is about to deliver Hal's baby. Instantly, I pictured this child bursting at the seams. I wanted to see this for myself. I told her I didn't believe her and asked to talk with her and her daughter in person. She said she would be right over."

"Is Hal a child molester?"

"I'm sure he is. I suspected as much before she called. He hasn't done much, but then I've never left him alone with any of the girls. You should see how he watches them move about. He drools over little Tammy and you know Mandy. If she sees a man's lap, she has to squirm her little butt on it and show her panties at every opportunity. He made Heather nervous and uncomfortable, and it wasn't because he was her principal. That's what really tipped me off. That girl is suspicious of everything with a cock, but she was really on her guard with Hal. It was like she could sense his hunger and knew the danger.

"I was just about to give Hal the old heave-ho when this woman called. It wasn't because he salivated over my daughters. Hell, most men do that. He just wasn't my type. He's almost fifty, you know. He does have the most beautiful cock and the biggest balls I've ever seen. When he cums, he cums buckets. You know how I love sucking off a big cummer. With him, my jaws gave out long before he'd cum. He was driving me nuts."

"Hold it, so what could she possibly say that would make you change your mind?"

"I'll have to explain. It came out after she arrived. By the way, that girl of hers looked precious. I didn't blame Hal one bit. Hell, if I had a cock, I'd stick it in the bitch myself."

"I love it when you talk like that. You sound so ... so ... butch, so vulgar. Go on, tell me about her."

"She is cute, real cute, Stephanie. She is small for a thirteen-year-old, innocent looking like Heather, but petite like Mandy. She has titties as big as mine, though. I don't know how big they were before she got knocked up, but they were bursting with mother's milk and looked so sexy on her little body. She has long, wavy, brown hair and dark brown eyes, full pouting lips, and thin legs. I swear, she looked like a beach ball with legs and arms sticking out. She was so big, she could barely walk. She could not get up by herself if she sat down. I couldn't keep my eyes off her."

"What was her mother's story?"

"She was a talker and held nothing back. She moved here with him when he got the job as principal of the high school. Her kid was six months along back in September. He helped her get a job and a cheap place to live. They never did live together, and she soon found out that he had others on the side. Right before the kid is ready to drop her load, he breaks it off with her."

"What a bastard."

"Hold your judgment until all the evidence is in."

"I don't see how he could not qualify, but go ahead."

"I pretended not to believe her and got her to spill the whole story. She even took off the child's dress to drive home the impact of her pregnancy, as though that were necessary. I could have kissed the bitch for doing that. The little slut had nothing on underneath that dress and stood before me wearing only shoes and socks. Picture that, Stephanie."

"I am, I am."

"God, I wanted to finger that child's cunt and suck her big titties. Those hard nipples dripped milk in a steady drip, drip, drip. The drops landed on the upper swell of her belly, rolled out, then in toward the V of her crotch, and then down the insides of her thighs. The dribbles looked like cum leaking from her pussy. God, I swear, I would have liked to lick that girl from one end to the other, stopping frequently in the middle, right between her fucking legs."

"Jesus, Jan, you're not as straight as I thought. Would you really lick her pussy?"

"In a fucking heart beat."

"You amaze me, Jan. As long as we've known each other, I'm still learning things about you. Have you ever ... you know ... done it with another female?"

"What's this 'done it' shit? You mean, have I ever sucked cunt?"

Stephanie laughed nervously. "Yes, have you ever sucked a woman's pussy?"

"No, but I think about it. Besides, I would have told you if I had. You know I'm not shy with you. Come on, Stephanie, don't sit there and tell me you've never thought about it. Every woman thinks about it."

Stephanie blushed, but said, "Well, I suppose, on occasion."

"Did you ever think about sucking mine?"

"Jan! Now you are embarrassing me. Can we get back to the story, please? So, what was her story?"

"Answer the question first."

"Oh, all right. I do, sometimes. It's only natural. I'm not queer for you or anything. I mean, you are a beautiful, clean, and sexy woman. You are my best friend. We share everything. Sometimes, I think about it. Big deal."

"So, when you dream about it, is it me licking you, or do you dream about licking my pussy?"

"Oh God! I was afraid this would happen. You are making this sound so dirty"

"I want to know, Stephanie. I think it's great. I mean what girl wouldn't want a best friend that dreams of sucking her cunt. Is that it? It's you licking me, isn't it?"

Stephanie covered her face with her hands and nodded with a groan. Jan teased on, "Do you think about running your tongue up my slit or sticking it in my pussy hole, sucking on my clit?" This time her nod came without the groan. "Do you make me cum and then lap up my juices? Do you lap at my fuck hole, Stephanie?"

Stephanie's eyes appeared through the fingers. She nodded her head sheepishly. Jan playfully taunted, "Do you want to lick my pussy right after a fuck? Will you suck up all that fresh sperm and pussy juice all mixed together? Would you eat the fuck out of me?"

Stephanie's hands came away and she fired back, "Jan, stop! You are intentionally trying to embarrass and make fun of me."

"I want to know, Stephanie. I'm not trying to embarrass you. I want you to be as open and honest with me as I have been with you. This relationship has been one-sided for too long. I give; you take. Tell me, and tell me the truth. Do you?"

"Yes! All right? I said it."

Jan sat back with a smug smile and said, "So, Stephanie, how long have you hungered for my twat?"

"Jan, Stop that!"

"How long?"

"Years, all right? Since high school."

"Since high school! Now, I am pissed. You've been craving my cunt since high school and I'm just now finding out about it."

"It's not like that. It was just a fantasy, that's all. You said you did it too. This is the first I've heard about it."

"Yes, but I don't crave your pussy or any pussy. Once in a while a pussy comes to mind, but it never has a face. I never thought about sucking your pussy. If I had those desires, I would simply ask you to spread your beaver for me and let me lick it. I know you would have let me and thanked me afterward. Frankly, I'm pissed because you never asked. Do you realize how many orgasms you cheated me out of? Probably thousands. I'm pissed, Stephanie."

"Jan, I'm sorry. You really are pissed, aren't you?"

"You're damn right I am."

Jan stood and began unbuttoning her blouse. Stephanie eyed her suspiciously and said, "Jan, what are you doing?" Jan ignored her, tossed the blouse aside, removed her bra, shimmied out of her shorts, and hooked her thumbs in the panties. "Jan, what are you up to?" The panties went smoothly down her trim legs.

Jan kicked free of shorts and panties, then took her seat facing Stephanie with her legs laid out casually. Stephanie's eyes went right for her friend's snatch and watched Jan's index finger tease at the fleshy crack, rubbing over the stiff, pink clit. Jan said, "Don't even think about licking it, Stephanie. Look all you want. Feast your eyes on the cunt you dream about. Picture your tongue where my finger is, gliding over my warm, moist pussy folds. Imagine this clit in your mouth."

The effect on Stephanie was obvious. She looked like a dog watching a kid eating a melting ice cream cone. Her eyes never wandered. She sat in a trance, her face flushed with desire. Jan teased, "I have a good mind to make you beg for it every time. I still might not let you. I just want to hear you beg."

As though the pussy itself were calling to her, Stephanie sank to her knees and inched closer, moving between her friend's widening legs. Jan moved her ass to the seat's edge and threw her right leg onto the table. Her left heel hooked a rung of the chair. She presented as wide a spread as possible as Stephanie's face got closer and closer. Jan used the fingers of both hands to spread her lips open as Stephanie's face hovered over the open, wet maw. When it appeared contact was imminent, Jan said, "If you touch my cunt, I'll slap your fucking face, Stephanie." Stephanie froze and turned puppy eyes up Jan's naked torso.

Jan smiled and said, "I see you like the way my cunt smells." She fucked herself with her index finger then smeared it under Stephanie's nose, wiping some on her lips. Stephanie breathed in deeply, licked her upper lip, and expelled a long moan of pleasure. "Do I taste as good as I do in your dreams?"

"Oh, yes! Please, let me eat your pussy, Jan. Let me make it up to you. I want to suck your pussy for you. Please! Please!"

Jan rummaged in her pussy, soaking her fingers. She brought one finger to Stephanie's lips. Stephanie opened her mouth to receive it. Jan put her finger deep in her friend's mouth and teased, "Here, you can suck on my fingers." Stephanie sucked each finger in turn and licked Jan's entire hand. Jan wet the other and then offered it. After it, too, was clean, Jan said, "Take off your clothes, Stephanie. I just realized, I've never seen you totally naked. Take everything off: shoes, socks, jewelry, even your wedding ring."

Stephanie slowly rose to her feet, looked hard at her friend with passion-glazed eyes, then began by removing her wedding ring. Item by item dropped from her modest body, revealing her demure feminine charms with a great deal of shame and embarrassment. Stephanie was the most modest girl Jan had ever known. Rarely did she show much skin. After a long winter, all traces of the tan lines from her severely modest one-piece suit had disappeared, leaving her body an almost translucent white. Thin blue veins were evident on her firm B cup titties. When the panties came off, Jan detected bare pubic lips. "So, you shave your cunt lips?"

Now totally naked and blushing, Stephanie said, "Yes. Frank likes it that way."

"Why am I just now finding out. Come here. Step closer." Stephanie stepped up between Jan's knees. "Lift your right leg up, straight up in the air. I know how limber you are, Stephanie. Get that foot up over your head." Stephanie groaned, but reached to the table top for support and did as Jan ordered. Her cunt opened obscenely for Jan's visual inspection. Jan leaned in close and traced the outline with a stiff index finger bringing on more groans from her friend. Without warning, the finger went right up Stephanie's hole as far as it would go.

Stephanie groaned out, "Oh, Jan, don't."

Jan fucked the finger in and out, then added a second, then a third. "What, don't finger fuck your horny cunt. Why not?"

Stephanie couldn't answer. She held steady under the lewd abuse. After a moment, she said, "I'm so sorry, Jan. Please don't be angry with me. I'll make it up to you, I swear."

Jan took the fingers away and sat back smugly. Stephanie made a move as if to return to a normal stance. Jan halted her, saying, "Stay there. Now, play with yourself like you do when you dream about my pussy."

"Oh, please, Jan. I can't. Not like this, anyway."

"I'll hold your leg and support you. Use both hands." Jan sat up and reached up to Stephanie's ankle. Stephanie slowly brought her hands into her crotch and began masturbating. Before long, she was going at herself hot and heavy, rubbing hard on her clit and fucking two fingers up her receptive hole. Just as an orgasm seemed close, Jan let the leg go. Stephanie stumbled back, trying to prevent a nasty fall, ending her pussy play at the most frustrating moment. She stood looking at Jan in dismay. Humiliation resurfaced.

Jan said, "Get on your knees and start making up to my pussy. You better be good, that's all I have to say." Stephanie eagerly went to her knees and began by planting light, loving kisses all over the plane of Jan's sex, using both hands to lovingly stroke the inner thighs. Jan reclined, watching the worshipful way in which Stephanie loved her pussy.

Stephanie was in no hurry and wanted to savor every moment. Her tongue gently explored every niche. Her lips caressed the clit. She took long laps up the crack starting from below the anus and going up over the clit. Frequently, her stiff tongue tip teased at the openings of asshole or pussy.

Stephanie's technique was slow and delightful, just the way Jan liked it. She steeled herself for a long session, trying to mask her growing lust, trying to suppress her passion. Jan adored looking at her friend's pretty face as it loved on her intimate anatomy. It appeared as though Stephanie wanted to merge her face with the pussy. Every inch of her lovely face glistened with pussy juice as she turned, twisted, and maneuvered in place. Coating every inch seemed to be her purpose. Jan found it highly erotic, but also amusing.

At one point, Jan said, "You missed a spot on your forehead." In response, Stephanie placed her forehead in the open gash and rubbed all around. She slid forward until her neck rested in the wet trench of Jan's cunt. She coated her neck, them moved further up until her right tit slid in the groove. She took her tit and pinched the mound into distention, guiding the nipple through the moist folds, rubbing it over the clit, then trying to stuff the tit in her friend's hole. Jan giggled, saying, "A tittie fuck. That's a new one on me. Too bad you don't have longer nipples or long skinny tits, huh Stephanie?"

"Oh, yes. I'd love it if I could cram my tit all the way up you."

"I'd love it, too, I'm sure. Do the other one." Stephanie promptly complied. She then returned to licking lazily through the long slit, pausing to suck clit or probe a hole. This would be a very long session, but neither women seemed in any hurry.

Jan settled in and said, "As I was saying before you stuck your head up my cunt, the bitch spilled it all. Turns out, she knew he was after the kid. She said she thought he was a bum fuck at first. Then, he starts asking her questions about Tiffany. That's the girl's name. Perfect huh? Anyway, as soon as she starts answering, he gets rock hard. So she keeps on talking about the kid, and he gets more and more excited. Turns out, he's a great fuck, the best, she says. The only thing is, you have to indulge his fantasy.

"Shit, I discovered that much the first time we screwed. All he talked about was Mandy's ass, or Heather's tits, or Tammy's panties. I played along and fed his fantasies."

Stephanie paused to ask, "She thought he was just fantasizing, huh?"

"Yeah, lots of guys fantasize shit like that. I can see why she'd go along. Hell, I've said all kinds of shit to get a guy hot once I found out what wound his motor. Hell, I've told lots of guys that you and I suck each other's cunts. I told one guy that I fuck the neighborhood mutts. Drove him crazy. I got a good fuck out of it, though. I told you all about that. Remember Jessie?"

"How could I forget? I loved what you told him. I dreamed about that, too."

"What, you fucking the dogs or me?"

"You. At the time, I couldn't see myself doing that."

"But you have no trouble seeing me serving as a bitch to a bunch of mutts, is that it?"

"Jan, I can imagine you doing anything. If it makes you feel any better, I now see myself serving as a dog's bitch. I really get off on it."

"Well, I can't blame you. So do I. You keep licking my twat like that and you can say anything. Damn that feels good! I hope you realize that from now on, your face will be in my cunt from the time you arrive until the time you leave."

"I certainly hope so. Tell, me, did you think it was all fantasy?"

"At first, I did, but he tipped his hand early on. He was subtle, but I saw through it. I knew the first time I turned my back, he'd be trying to mount my babies."

"What tipped you off?"

"Well, one night, while we are slow fucking, you know, just lying on our sides, talking while our genitals carried on their own conversation."

"He's in you, right?"

"Yeah, but not deep. It's just sawing lazily in and out by an inch or two. We do that a lot after a hard fuck. It's real warm and gooey. I love it. Anyway, he says, 'Jan, if you were ever to walk into a room and catch a man, a friend, fucking one of your daughters, what would you do?'

"I knew right away the friend was him. I say, 'That depends on a lot of factors.' He says, 'So you wouldn't automatically go running for the cops?' I said, 'Oh, hell no. I might, if he were raping her and hurting her real bad, but just plain old rape, no way.' He goes, 'How about if she were tied up and pleading with him to stop?' I said, 'Isn't that plain old rape?' You should have seen his smile. He pulled my ass close and gave me a few good, deep strokes to let me know he liked my answer."

"What were you trying to do, open the door to him raping one of the girls?"

"At the time, I simply saw this as a hint, telling me what his fantasy turnon was. He had too much to lose by raping young girls. I mean, he was the principal, for god's sake. Honey, when I get horny, I think all kinds of nasty shit. Anyway, he wants more specifics. He said, 'Suppose there was no force, and the girl appeared to be enjoying herself.' I say, 'That depends, too. It depends on which girl. Heather is one thing, Tammy is another.' Just in case he were serious, I wanted to steer him toward Heather. I told him that if he were fucking Heather, and using a condom, I'd probably hold her legs apart for him even if she didn't like it. When I told him that, I got another royal fucking"

"Would you actually let him fuck Heather?"

"Wouldn't you? The girl needs fucking. She's such a fucking prude, and she's so damned cute and fuckable. Right now, she's just a waste of good pussy."

They both had a good laugh over this. After the laughs died down, Jan said, "Look, since this is going to take a while, I think we should get more comfortable. My ass is killing me on this hard chair."

"This floor doesn't feel so good on my knees, either."

"Let's go to the recliner. You can kneel on a cushion and I can hang my legs over the armrests."

They made the move, got repositioned, and Stephanie went right back to work. Jan said, "Jesus, but you suck a mean pussy, girl."

"Jan, I love doing this for you. It's better than I ever dreamed."

"I love seeing your head between my legs, that's for sure. My pussy and your face are a perfect match. Say, did you ever dream of Heather's snatch. I see the way you watch her. You look at her the way men do. Hungry."

Stephanie giggled. "It showed, huh? Yes, to be honest, I do, quite often. She is so fucking adorable, Jan. If there is a more perfect teenage body, I have never seen it. The trouble is, she has no idea how fucking delicious she looks. If she were two years older, she'd give Cindy Greyson a run for her money."

"Tell me about it. Shit, I'd lick that twat myself."

"Seriously, your own daughter?"

"No, Cindy Greyson. Heather too, come to think of it. I do think about it. I didn't think it could ever happen in a million years, so why not? I also think about her getting fucked by one of my lovers while I have her tied up. Shit, I've even fantasized her being screwed by a pack of dogs. Picture that."

"I've had the exact same fantasy. I can picture it. I just wish I knew what she looked like naked. Tell me, Jan. Have you seen her tits and cunt?"

"Are you kidding. Miss Modesty. I don't think a living soul has seen one pubic hair or one centimeter of tittie flesh. I'm like you; I need a peek just to help fill out my fantasies. Don't think I haven't tried. She knows I'm trying. I often wonder what she thinks about that. She probably thinks I'm queer for her. I know she thinks you are. Several times, she has asked me why you look at her the way you do."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her the truth. I told her you had the hots for her."

"Jan! You didn't."

"I certainly did. She believes me, too. Wait till I tell her what a good cunt lapper you are. Maybe she'll loosen up."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"See if I don't. Things are going to be a lot different around here from now on. Sex will be out in the open. She'll see more shocking things than hearing about her mother's cunt-crazy friend."

"I don't get it. Aren't you going to run Hal off?"

"Hell no! Not now. Now that I know how to get a super fuck out of him. Stephanie, the woman says he is the ultimate. I believe her, too. He does have the most wonderful cock, and he is already the best I've ever had. His cock looks like the cock they used to make the mold for those perfect rubber dicks: not too big, not too small, lots of bulging viens, a flaring crown, thick at the base, and those fucking balls. God damn, I love big balls. His balls fill a soup bowl and his wad could just about overflow a teacup. I'm exaggerating, of course, but no man ever came like he did. You can feel it squirt hot jets deep in your cunt, Stephanie."

"Aren't you forgetting about the girls?"

"No, I'm not forgetting."

"Jan, if you turn your back on this guy, he'll be all over them."

"He will, and my back won't be turned, I can assure you."

"Come on, Jan. You can't mean what you're saying. You'd let this pervert have sex with the girls just to get a good fuck for yourself."

"That's part of it, but only a small part. Stephanie, you may not believe this. I can hardly believe this. The fact is, I want him to knock those girls up--all three of them."

Stephanie stopped and looked up. "Jan, you look serious. What's gotten into you? Why?"

"Go back to your sucking, and I'll explain." Stephanie returned.

"The idea popped into my head at some point while the woman told me of her plight, how it evolved, and how she was made to accept the situation. The man is a master manipulator. He is doing the same procedure on me as he did on her. I could see where it might work if I were as desperate for a man as she was, or hung up on the guy. The way he seduced the daughter at the same time he conditioned the mother, well, it was masterful. Would you believe he had the mother accepting his having unprotected sex with the girl anytime he wanted it? Would you believe he brought his friends over and shared the kid with them while she looked on? Would you believe he's still porking the kid, even after he started seeing me? Would you believe that shortly after he nailed the kid, he stopped fucking the woman, and she still went along? Stephanie, that shit turns me the fuck on like nothing else ever has. I wanted to be in her shoes."

Stephanie had obviously been affected. Her mouthings were fevered. She attacked Jan's clit with a sucking vengeance, bringing on a powerful orgasm. After the convulsions passed, Stephanie lifted her head and said, "God damn! That turns me on, too. Oh, please do it, Jan. I know they aren't my kids, and I really have no stake in this, but I would love seeing this happen. I would love seeing those girls get knocked up by your perverted lover. Maybe I'd get to watch. Maybe he'd get off on watching me and Heather together. If I could watch men fuck her, I'd do it, too. I would be willing to do anything in front of anybody if I could get at her pussy once in a while."

"I know. And, you will. I can see to it. We'll have such fun, Stephanie. I have been agonizing over this ever since I saw that woman. When your face went toward my pussy with that hungry look, I made my decision. With your support, I know I can follow through. I want you to push me along. Keep me going. Don't let me falter, okay?"

"Oh, you needn't sweat that." Stephanie leaned forward and sucked on Jan's titties while entering her cunt with two fingers. Jan simply languished under the attentions, holding back her response. When Stephanie kissed her way back to her pussy and began lapping at the flowing juices, Jan said, "I hope it doesn't bother you that I don't return the favor. I'd like to, but this feeds into a fantasy I have about having a cunt slave. I like being serviced."

Stephanie raised her slime-coated face, smiled, and said, "In most of my fantasies, that's exactly how it goes. You simply lie there and give me access. It's almost as though you tolerate my need to worship between your legs. If you want to play it that way, it's fine by me. I'll be your cunt slave, but I want Heather for my cunt slave."

"Perfect, because that's how it will be from now on. Heather is yours whenever you want her, but you have to seduce her. You're mine, but I won't lift a finger to cooperate with you. I won't stop you either. You'll have to come and get it and do all the work. I may even moan and groan like I am disgusted by the things you want to do to me. I might even call you filthy names in front of the girls. You take no mind, just go after what you want."

"Oh, yes. That will be wonderful. Tell me more about your meeting with this woman."

Stephanie returned to her oral ministrations. Jan said, "Well, I got hot and horny listening to her phony tale of woe. I asked the naked daughter to walk around and pose for me while listening. Tiffany did what I told her to do. Her mom was getting upset and distracted by the poses I put Tiffany in, and by the obvious look of lust on my face. At one point, when I tried to get the girl to turn her back to me with her feet out wide and bend from the waist, the mother said, 'I can see I'm wasting my time with you, Miss Howard. Obviously Hal found a woman who fits his bill perfectly. Come, Tiffany, get your dress and let's go.'

"When Tiffany tried to pick up her discarded dress, I put my foot on it. I said, 'If you want to go now, take her the way she is.' This woman is smaller than me. She knew I could take her. She sat, shooting me dirty looks. I took Tiffany by the hand and brought her up to stand between my knees facing her mother who was sitting close by across the corner of the table. I boldly ran my hands over the girl's flanks, down to her hips, and down between her legs. The child giggled as my fingers toyed with her pussy. She made no move to resist. I fingered her tight hole and rubbed her clit. While her mother watched me in silence, I felt the girl up from her knees to her shoulders.

"When I squeezed a tit, a thin stream of milk shot out. She giggled because it almost hit her mother. I couldn't resist doing it again, only this time, I aimed. The stream hit her mother square in the face. I shot another and another, firing from both tits, wetting her mother's face until it dripped onto her blouse in many rivulets. She sat stoically, red-faced, fuming while I humiliated her. The kid seemed to love it. I kept one hand on a tit while returning to finger her pussy.

"I said, 'So, Tiffany, how do you feel about your mother getting you pregnant?' The mother started to say, 'I did not get her pregnant,' but I hit her with a squirt right in the mouth before she could finish. Tiffany giggled and said, 'Well, I didn't want to get pregnant, but there's nothing I can do about it now.' I asked, 'What do your friends think about this?' She said, 'They're freaked out. I'm the only girl in the seventh grade who is pregnant. Most girls have never done anything. Some of my old girl friends can't even talk to me anymore.'

"I said, 'Surely they want to know who the father is. I'm sure the school nurse asked.' She said, 'Lots of people asked, even the cops. I have to tell them I don't know. Mom said they'd put Hal in jail if I told.' I told her, 'Yes, and your mother, too. So, you let everyone think you screwed so many guys that you can't possibly know. Is that it?' She says, 'Yeah, they all think I'm just a whore. Mom even told the school people that I screw anybody. She had to.' I said, 'She had to, to cover her own crime. Do you really think she cares about Hal having to go to jail? She could care less about him now. It's her ass she's trying to protect. You see that, don't you? Mommy wants you to look like a whore so her story floats. Now do you see?'"

Stephanie said, "God, what did she do when you said that?"

"She says, 'I know, but I don't want her to get into trouble. It's okay. The worst part is over. I'm used to the stares and all the talking going on behind my back.' I said, 'I'll bet the boys treat you differently now, don't they?' She said, 'Yeah, they think I'm an easy lay. Actually, I am. Mom says I have to let them so they'll believe the story we told.'

"I grinned knowingly at the woman. She cowered under my stare. I said, 'Does she make you fuck boys in her house?' She says, 'yes.' I go, 'And I'll bet Mommy gets to see lots of horny young cock prancing around the house as a consequence, doesn't she?' Tiffany blushed and giggled, 'Yeah, she even told me to dare guys to go naked in front of her. They like doing that, especially after they fuck me with her being home and all. Some guys like to fuck me in front of her.'

"I said, 'It looks like Mommy gets quite an eyeful, doesn't she?' She smiles and says, 'Yeah, I think she likes watching. She watched Hal all the time. She got to see his friends screw me too. I can do three men at once. She likes that best of all. I do one in my mouth, one in my pussy, and one in my butthole. I like that, too.'

"I smiled at the blushing woman and said, 'Sounds to me like you have it made. So, what happens to the baby?' She told me that she found a couple willing to pay two grand for the kid. It's all perfectly legal, an arranged adoption. She found them in the classifieds. She says they are all over the place, infertile couples wanting white babies. The fucking bitch was making out like a bandit. She got her jollies and two grand to boot. She also got out of having another mouth to feed. I saw right through her and said, 'So, do you plan to breed your daughter again. Would you like to borrow Hal as a stud? Is that why you're really here?'

"Her silence was as good as an admission. Tiffany eyed her curiously, then said, 'Mom, is that right? Are you going to make me get pregnant again?' Her mother looked sheepish, bowed her head, then raised it to say, 'Yes dear. Honey, we need the money. Hal was so good. You like Hal, don't you?' Tiffany says, 'Yes, but why do I have to have the baby? Isn't it your turn?'

"I looked to the woman and said, 'Tell her the truth.' She took a deep breath and said, 'All right, if you must know, it turns me on watching him fuck you. It also turns me on watching a baby grow inside you. I'm going to miss watching you waddle around the house with cum running down your legs.' She looks at me and goes, 'Are you happy, now?'"

"I'll bet you said you were shickled titless, right?"

"Close, I said, 'I'm happy. How about you, Tiffany? Are you happy?' She shrugged and said, 'Well, I suppose it's all right. I'm sorta used to it. I couldn't get a worse reputation, that's for sure. Okay, I'll do it.' She turned to look at me and said, 'Will you let Hal fuck me?'"

"Right, like you are the stud's keeper."

"They think I am, that's all that counts. I pulled the little girl onto my lap with her legs outside mine. I laid her back against my chest and had her place her feet on my thighs with her knees out wide. We presented her mother with a vulgar spread beaver. I looked to the mother and said, 'That all depends. If Mommy will get down on her knees and suck your pussy real good, I'll see what I can do."

"Jan, you're sick. Go on. Did she?"

"Just wait. I said, 'Has Mommy ever sucked your pussy, sweetheart?' She giggled and said she hadn't. I said, 'Considering all that this pussy has done for her, don't you think she should?' She looked right at her mother and sternly said, 'Yes, that's the least she should do.' I gave the woman an expectant look."

"Oh, fuck, she did, didn't she. She ate her own daughter."

"Not right away, but when she saw how serious I was, she finally shrugged and went to her knees. I watched by looking down the girl's body as her mother began licking up her wet cleft. Tiffany giggled while trying to peer over her big belly. The licking was stiff and mechanical at first, but she soon lost her inhibitions and began giving her daughter an enthusiastic tongue-fucking and clitty sucking. She had Tiffany rolling and moaning like a big ball of jelly. The girl tried pulling her legs back in order to see better. I aided her by reaching into my purse and drawing out my compact mirror. I gave it to her so she could see her mother's tongue at work in her cunt. The sight was fantastic, a mother sucking her pregnant daughter."

Stephanie raised up and breathlessly said, "That's fan-fucking-tastic! Can you see yourself doing that to your girls?"

"You bet I can, especially Heather. I will, too. If I'm going to go through with this, I may as well be bad to the bone. I am after that little girl's pussy as much as Hal is. I want to train that girl to lick me while I fuck. Can you imagine that, Stephanie?"

"Oh fuck, yes! Heather's pretty face covered in cum, her pink tongue sliding over a thick cock that's moving in and out of her Mommy's pussy, her tongue trying to wedge itself in alongside the prick."

Jan said, "Yes, and I'm straddling her head on all fours in a sixty-nine position, working a big dildo in her tight pussy, his wet balls drag over her face while he's fucking me."

Stephanie added, "When he comes, she licks his cock clean as he slowly withdraws. As soon as it clears your cunt, she fastens her mouth to your pussy hole and sucks like mad."

"Yes, and I get up on my knees so all the juices seep down into her sucking mouth. Guys from her school are lining up to fuck her. I grab her by the ankles and draw her open, saying, 'Come and get her, boys. Fuck her ass or fuck her pussy. Fuck both if you want, but just make sure it's pussy then ass in that order."

Stephanie laughed and said, "God, I love it. And all the while she's getting gang banged, you are grinding your cunt on her face, fucking her face, calling her every kind of slut there is. She loves it and eagerly licks at your moving cunt. She wants desperately to please her mommy."

During this exchange, Stephanie had been feverishly working several fingers in Jan's hot cunt. Jan came explosively in response to Stephanie's last statement. When she regained her composure, Stephanie was back at her dripping snatch, lapping up her spend.

Jan said, "She'd do it, too. Heather wants to please her mommy. She's such a goody-two-shoes mostly because she thinks that's what I want. I did, until yesterday. Now I want a cunt-sucking whore. I can see her doing all that and more just to please me, Stephanie."

"Yes, but how do you get her to that point."

"I can see myself sitting Heather down and laying it all out for her. You know, just coming right out and telling her to let Mr. Peterson fuck her without protection. Just flat out telling her to let him impregnate her so we can sell the baby for enough cash to keep me out of those fucking dives. She hates me working in those places. You know, I think that might be the way to go with her. I think it would be fun doing it that way. It will be the fast way, that's for sure."

"She'd shit kittens, and you know it."

"Yes, I know she would. She'd be mortified. The point is, she'd do what I want her to do without all that bullshit, pussy-footing around. What the fuck do I care what she thinks about it. She'll adjust. You know how young girls are. They are like putty. Shape them into a whore; you got a whore. I'll bet that Tiffany was every bit as sweet and innocent as Heather. Now look at her. She's a three-holer whore who willingly offers herself as breeding stock, screws anything in pants, and even gets off on watching her mother licking her pregnant pussy."

"I love the idea if you think it will really work. Doing it that way would sure get the ball rolling."

"Yes, it would at that. You know what else? It will be the perfect way to get the other two involved. When they see Heather getting balled, getting pregnant, sucking cock and sucking pussy, they'll want to play too. It always works that way."

"You mean they will be seeing Heather with Hal?"

"With Hal, me, and you. Don't forget, I want you in on this. You still want her, don't you?"

"Fuck yes. I just never dreamed it could happen this fast. I can't imagine Heather doing these things in front of everyone without a long conditioning process. I still have this nagging doubt that she might freak out if you lay it all out for her and tell her you want her pregnant."

"You leave that to me. I know how to handle Heather. I want to let Hal do his thing. I want to experience being worked on by the master. He's going to find me to be the easiest conquest of all--mother lode, indeed. In the mean time, we can be getting Heather to loosen up. You can bet there'll be a lot of tears in the beginning. You ignore that. Don't feel sorry for her. Things may go so well that he screws her tonight when he stops by."

"I hope so, and I don't think I will feel sorry for her. I just flashed on this picture. I'm sprawled out naked in this chair, just like you are now. Heather is kneeling before my cunt, tears rolling down her cheeks. Your hand is pushing her head into my beaver while Hal gets ready to take her doggie style."

"Shit, why not a real doggie?"

"No, a pony."

"Pony, hell, a big white stallion."

"A black stallion."

"If you're going to fantasize, Stephanie, why not think big? A herd of bull elephants."

"That's what I like about you, Jan: You always think big."

* * *

The girls arrived home from school shortly after Stephanie made her departure. Jan followed Heather to her room. Heather dropped her books, turned, smiled, and said, "What's up, Mom?"

Jan took a seat on Heather's bed and patted the spot beside her. Heather sat demurely and tugged the skirt to her knees. "A lot's up, Heather. We are in deep financial trouble. I've been out of work for a few weeks, and now I find the Palace job fell through."

"Mom, why not try a regular job. Try Greyson."

"No one is hiring. We are in deep shit, kiddo."

"Well, I don't need anything. I can skip lunches. Do you want me to try to find a job. I will."

"No, the best you can bring in is kids' wages. That won't help. We need bigger bucks. The rent is past due. My only hope right now is Hal. The guy makes good money, but I don't think he's all that much interested in me. I think he comes around to see you girls."

"Boy, no kidding. The way he looks at me gives me the creeps. He's like that at school, too."

"Yes, well, creeps or no, you have to be friendlier to him, much friendlier, sexy friendly."

"What! What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, you need to act more like Mandy, show some skin, shoot a few beavers his way, sit on his lap more, cuddle on him, fuss over him. In short, make his dick hard."

"Mother! You can't be serious. I've never heard you talk this way. Is this some kind of joke?"

"It's no joke, Heather. That brings up another thing. I am really getting sick of this Miss Goody Goody act you've grown into. I know that isn't the real you, and I hate it. A normal girl your age would be giving her mother fits trying to keep boys' pricks out of her twat."

Red faced and awed, Heather said, "Mother, your language. What's happened to you?"

"I'm glad you brought that up. I haven't been myself either. That's mostly because of you. I could be myself around your sisters. You are the reason I have to wear this phony facade. No more. I am a true blue whore, Heather. I love to fuck, suck cock, lick a little pussy occasionally, and when the mood strikes me, I love letting a group of men have at me. I let men fuck my mouth, my ass, and my pussy. I love cock anywhere they want to put it. I'm a three-holer whore, Heather, and proud of it."

Heather reeled back under the barrage of foul declarations. All she could utter was, "Mom!"

"It's true. Get used to it. I don't know where I went wrong with you. Sometimes, I think you were switched at birth. If we didn't look so much alike, I'd take you back and demand my real daughter, the fifteen-year-old pregnant slut."

Tears welled in Heather's eyes. Jan ignored that and went on, "I'm not telling you this to hurt you, Heather. I want a more open and honest relationship to develop between us. I want you to accept me and love me as I am. Is that asking too much?"

Whimpering, Heather said, "No, Mom. I do love you. If this is what you really are, I'll still love you. I will always love you."

"I know sweetheart. I love you, too. I'll still love you even if you keep on with this phony bullshit. I won't like it, but I can tolerate it. If you really are a good girl, I mean deep down, honest to goodness, life in my home will be rather difficult for you. You understand that, right?"

"Yes. I am not a phony, Mom. I'm not putting on a front."

"Maybe. Heather, our family is different from most. Most mothers raise whores that they force to act like good girls. In our case, that may be reversed. If you are a good girl, you are going to act the whore, at least until you get out and on your own. I will insist on it. I plan to live under a completely different set of moral values. I say, 'If it feels good, do it; if it feels wicked and nasty, do it a lot.'"

"Do you really mean that, Mother?"

"Yes, I do. You'll see. In the mean time, you are going to live under my rules. Do you understand?" Heather nodded meekly. "Good, first of all, there will be new rules for you to follow at home. I want you to start dressing and acting like a whore around this house. I'll get you sexier clothes. Until then, I have some things you can wear. You are forbidden to wear bra or panties, ever, even to school. Do you understand?"

Tears flowed in a steady run down both cheeks. She nodded as though in a trance. Jan said, "Are you a virgin?" She said yes. "You won't be much longer. Hal is coming over tonight. I'm sure he can take care of that pesky hymen."

"MOM! NO! You can't mean that!"

"Read my lips, Heather. I want a whore for a daughter. In fact, I want three whores. I want to start with you. Big sisters should lead the way."

"Mom, this can't be happening to me."

"It can't, huh? Heather, stand up."

Heather slowly, cautiously stood and turned to face her mother. Jan casually but firmly said, "Take off your panties ... NOW!"

Heather saw the serious, determined look, turned beet red, then nervously reached under her dress to hook her panties, trying hard not to reveal her intimate areas. Jan watched the panties slide down her daughter's creamy legs, taking note of the fresh wet spot in the crotch. When Heather stepped free and stood waiting, Jan thrust her hand up under the skirt and grabbed Heather by the pussy, lifting the startled child to her tiptoes.

Heather let out a squeal as Jan entered her dripping hole with her two middle fingers. She held her daughter in a tight grip by the cunt as though she were holding a bowling ball in preparation to throw a strike.

Jan made eye contact with Heather and said, "I suppose this isn't happening either. You have a nice tight cunt, sweetheart. I'm sure Hal will love it. As a matter of fact, I'm sure I am going to love it. Does that shock you?"

Jan's fingers were not idle. She curled and uncurled them, rubbing her daughter's G spot. The sensation created a full body blush in the girl and made her breathing labored. She couldn't answer, so Jan said, "I told you I like a little pussy once in a while. Can you think of anything nastier or more wicked than a mother licking her daughter's pussy?"

Heather stared wide-eyed at her lusty mom and shook her head. Jan smiled, and said, "Well, I can. How about a daughter licking her mother's pussy? Want one even better? How about a daughter who sucks her mother's cunt right after she's been fucked? Want one even better? How about a daughter who licks and sucks her mother while she's getting fucked. I'm sure you'd like to do that for me, wouldn't you?"

Heather was in a state of shock. Her mind was numb. Jan stepped up the teasing of her cunt and said, "Answer me?"

Finally, Heather said in soft surrender, "Yes, if that's what you really want."

"Now you are being the kind of good girl I want. Heather, I think I'd like a little sample of your pussy right now. Take off your clothes, dear."

Jan maintained her grip and her teasing finger movements while Heather applied trembling fingers to the task of disrobing. Slowly, bit by bit, the pieces fell away until she stood naked, trembling, stuck on her mother's hand, fixed by the crotch. Jan eased the pressure and withdrew her hand. While Heather watched in amazement, Jan made a show of sucking her wet fingers one by one, making tasty pleasure sounds. When all were clean, she turned her attention to her daughter and said, "Your little pussy is delicious, honey. Give me a good spread. Show me your virgin pussy."

Jan slid to the floor, resting her back against the mattress, forcing Heather to widen her stance, pulling her closer. Heather waddled forward until she straddled her mother's hips. Jan said, "Get that pussy out where I can see it and get to it."

Heather awkwardly widened her knees and tilted her pelvis up, bringing her cunt up into prominent view. "Open it up with your fingers. Show me the pink meat."

Shaking fingers delved between her thighs and the finger tips aligned themselves along both lips. She pulled them out and her coral pink interior opened into a shiny oval. The hole at the base looked tight and pure. Her bright pink clit stood out rigid between the firm labia lips stretched tightly on either side.

Jan leaned forward and studied the pussy up close, tracing her finger over her daughter's secret charms. Ever so slowly, her head moved closer. Jan placed her nose in the groove and drew in a long deep breath. She expelled the air and took another. While expelling it, she said, "Oh, I do love the smell of virgin pussy. I'd better take advantage of this now; it won't be virgin much longer." Heather watched in awe as her mother breathed in her feminine musk, her face a mix of awe and amusement. Heather expelled a long flow of air when Jan stuck her tongue far up her daughter's hole.

Jan wanted to make the act as obscene as she could, so she remained at the hole and fucked her tongue in and out. She could feel her daughter's legs quivering as she did this. Heather had trouble keeping her balance. Her shuffling and stumbling in place brought her pussy in firmer contact. She leaned into the face between her legs, widened her knees, and pried out harder on her cunt lips. Jan made a few passes through her inflamed lips, paused to suck the clit, then returned to tongue-fucking while rubbing her nose on her daughter's clit.

The effect on Heather was dramatic. Although she said nothing, her actions spoke volumes. Soon, her pelvis began to move in a slow grind. The pressure she exerted on her mom's face bore down on Jan. After a few minutes, Jan had Heather grinding her cunt on her face, letting out a steady stream of passionate grunts and groans. When the time was right, Jan moved her lips to the clit and sucked feverishly while whipping it with her tongue. Heather exploded.

The powerful orgasm rocked the child. Falling forward, she had to brace herself on the mattress with her knees at the edge on either side of her mother's tilted-back head. With her stiff arms just above her mother's head, she looked back between her arms, past her hanging tits, to watch her mother's mouth sucking on the pussy she seemed to be feeding to her like a monkey humping a football. All through the long orgasm, Heather humped hard against her mother's mouth.

After her tremors subsided, she held steady as her mother lapped at her weeping pussy, concentrating her efforts on the hole. Heather help her cunt poised to receive this obscene service and hunched her pelvis up for better viewing, fascinated by every lapping lick of her mother's long tongue. The tongue took frequent side excursions to lap all over between Heather's legs, but always returned to her hole and began lazily sucking and licking the flowing juices.

Heather peered further back and saw between a gap in her legs that her mother had fully opened her robe and was naked. Her legs were out in a wide V and her knees were drawn back and pressing to the backs of her own legs. Both hands were busy in her crotch. One rubbed furiously on her large clit while the other plunged three fingers in and out.

The sensation of feeling her mother drinking from her pussy hole and the visual spectacle kept Heather's passions at a boil. Though the position she was forced to assume and hold was obscene in the extreme, Heather could not think of one she would rather be in for such a vulgar activity. When she could add to the vulgarity, she did so. When her mother's long tongue would go deep up her hole, Heather would settle on the mouth and do a sexy grind. When it withdrew, she'd ease up to watch the lapping.

She watched the masturbation activity intently, admiring her mother's fuller, more mature figure. She stared at the pussy being toyed with. The lips were much bigger and fleshier. The clit was easily twice the size of her own and her mother seemed to love treating it roughly.

By leaning out to the side, she could see her mother's left breast. Her nipples were like her own, pink and prominent, only longer. The mound of flesh sagged a bit, but was still full and shapely. Heather knew her own breasts were about as perfect as she could hope for, but she liked seeing her mother's bigger titties--jugs. The desire to suck them was overwhelming.

Heather slowly stood up straight and gave herself over to her mother's talented mouth, convinced beyond a doubt that her mother truly loved what she was doing. Heather had to admit, she loved it too.

She wanted to demonstrate in a subtle way that she was no longer being forced. She moved her hands back to her pussy and opened herself again. The message was not lost on Jan. She looked up Heather's torso while licking her daughter's fingers. Heather's face broke into a loving smile sending Jan over the top. She heaved and bucked while lapping the entire area between Heather's legs. When she finished, she collapsed back, trying to get her breath. Heather remained in place, still holding herself open.

Jan looked at the pose and smiled, knowingly. She looked up to Heather and said, "See, you are not as goody goody as you thought, are you? You liked what I did, didn't you?"

"It felt good." Impishly, she said, "Was I being a bad girl, Mommy?"

"Yes you were. Humping your cunt in your mother's face like that. That was very bad. It was slutty, in fact. And then, watching me masturbate and looking at my pussy and titties. That was awfully bad. You didn't think I noticed, did you? And now, look at you, still showing off your cunt like you want more. Yes, Heather, you are a very, very bad girl and Mommy loves you for it. I love having a bad girl for a daughter."

Heather giggled shyly and said, "I feel bad, but it feels kinda good. This is really strange. Can I get dressed now?"

"Yes, go ahead, but remember what I said. Go look through my things and pick out something revealing and sexy. Oh, and put some makeup on. Go heavy on lipstick and eye shadow. I want to see a fifteen-year-old whore when you get through."

Heather stepped away and gathered her clothes, saying, "Okay, I'll try. I have to be honest with you, Mom. I don't like it. Not this, but having other people see me looking like a whore. I'm afraid it will get around school. You know how Tammy and Mandy are, and you know how Hal will react. He'll treat me like a whore at school."

"I hope he does. Yes, and that reminds me. I expect you to react back. Whores love male attention and love showing off their pussies. If I don't see you shooting beaver shots his way, I may make you go naked."

"Oh, God, Mom! I think you really would. Please, I don't think I can do this, you know, act like a whore. I may be bad, but I know I am no whore. Mom, everybody says that Hal and Mr. Wright have whores, student whores. They do them in school, and everybody knows who they are. I don't want to be like them, Mom. I couldn't be like them. I really couldn't."

"Heather, you don't know what you are yet. Who knows, you may be a bigger whore than me. I may have to force you to wear clothes and our biggest problem may be fighting over every cock that comes through the door."

Heather laughed nervously and said, "Well, I doubt that. I will gladly let you have them all."

Jan noticed that Heather had a hard time keeping her eyes off her pussy. As she moved about the room, she stole glances. When she stopped to talk, she took a position with a head on view, her eyes darting between her legs. She picked a moment when Heather's eyes were fixed on her pussy to say, "You seem fascinated by my vagina, Heather." Jan drew her legs up and splayed herself open, bringing her fingers into play, massaging the wet, fleshy lips.

Heather looked up quickly, blushed profusely, stammered, then felt her eyes being drawn to the obscene display. She stared while fighting herself, then uttered, "Well, it's all out there. It's hard not to look."

"Yes, but it's the way you look, like now, like you are dying to kiss it."

"I'm not either! Mom! You're embarrassing me."

"Like you want to run your tongue all over it and stick it up my fuck hole where you came out."

"Mom, stop, you're just being nasty." Still, she stared.

"You like my big clit, huh?" Jan fanned out her lips and made her three-inch clit stand up like a little cock. "Does that look tasty? Doesn't it look like a little cock? You ever suck on a boy's cock, Heather?"

"No! Never!"

"You should. Cocks are marvelous and cum tastes wonderful. Come closer. Get a good look."

"Mom, I already got a good look."

"Heather, I said come closer. Get down on your belly and crawl right up to it."

Heather feigned reluctance but did as she was told. She crawled right up until her face was only inches away. "Closer!" She inched forward, her eyes focused on her mother's spread beaver. "Closer!" Only one inch separated them. Her mother's intent was obvious. Heather hesitated, debated, then moved her face into full contact and mumbled, "Is that close enough?" Jan said, "No, I want you as close as possible."

Heather became aroused and excited by what she was doing, seeing, and smelling. Her mother's vaginal musk drew her to wedge her face in tightly with her mouth centered at her hole. It wasn't long before she wanted to add taste to the experience. Her tongue eased out and stroked over her mother's vaginal interior. A sudden, overwhelming urge to be bad swept over her and she made fuck motions with her tongue as she sent it deep in her mother's pussy. Jan responded immediately, saying, "Oh, you nasty girl, tongue-fucking your own mother. You are so bad."

Inspired, Heather remembered how her mother masturbated while doing her. She raised her ass with her knees spread out wide and reached under her body with both hands and began a vigorous fingering of her hot pussy. Jan said, "And masturbating right in front of me, too. Oh, Heather, you shameless tramp, you slut, you fucking little whore, sucking your mother's cunt and masturbating too."

Heather moved up and captured Jan's clit in her mouth. While locking her passion-glazed eyes on her mother's eyes, Heather pursed her lips over the fleshy nub and imitated the act of cock sucking, going up and down on the shaft while hollowing her cheeks with her hard suction. Heather observed with great interest the effect her actions had on her mother. Jan threw back her head and moaned, "Oh, yes, you adorable little cunt-sucking whore. You are a natural born cock sucker, Heather. Damn that feels good. FUCK, Yes! Suck Mommy's cunt, baby!"

Heather put her all into the obscene act and moved them both toward a powerful climax. They did, in fact, cum together. After the shudders passed, Heather lapped her mother's spend. Jan looked down to watch her lovely daughter dutifully licking at the juices seeping from her hole, all the while keeping her smiling eyes fixed on hers. Heather had both hands at work holding her mother's cunt open to heighten the lewd sight. Jan added her own touch, by holding her feet by the toes and drawing her ass and head up into a position where she looked down at the scene where daughter tongue met mother pussy.

Heather used her tongue in full extension, tracing it over the full spread. Several times, she passed over Jan's puckered asshole, then paused over it. Locking eyes with her mother once again, she stiffened the tip of her tongue as she pushed in, waiting to see how her mother reacted to that bad girl act. The look on Jan's face inspired the girl to push all the way in. Once in, she fucked her mother's ass with her long tongue. Jan smiled and said, "There is nothing good about you, Heather. Any girl that would do to her mother what you are doing right now, can't have any good girl in her."

Heather's response was to extend her tongue fully and bob her head up and down, in effect, giving her mom a head butt-fuck. Jan was delighted. Heather drew out and gave the pussy a deep fuck kiss, then said, "You might be right, Mom. Maybe I am a whore after all. Maybe I'm just a lesbian. I sure like doing this, and I love the way your pussy tastes."

"This isn't the best position to eat cum from a cunt, dear. I need to be over you. Do you want my cum?"

"Yes, I want it all."

"Okay, roll over onto your back, and I'll squat over your face."

"Ohhh, that sounds really dirty. Let's do it." The two got repositioned. Jan planted her feet on either side of Heather's head and slowly assumed a squat centered over the girl's mouth. Heather exclaimed, "Man, what a view." As the treasure drew near, Heather licked at the runs that had seeped out. She moved steadily closer to the center as Jan moved lower. Soon, mother and daughter were joined cunt to mouth.

Jan rocked her cunt on Heather's face for a while, then got to her knees and leaned out. She supported herself on one stiff arm set at Heather's left hip. With her free hand, she entered Heather's sopping wet snatch and began finger-fucking her. "Suck Mommy's cunt, sweetheart. Yes! You are such a good bad girl. Oh, baby, Mommy is so proud of you. You want to make Mommy proud of you don't you?" Heather nodded into the cunt. "Then you'll help me keep Hal around?" She nodded again, more firmly. "You'll let him fuck you, won't you?" Again, she nodded. "You'll be his little teenage whore at school, won't you?" She nodded vigorously.

Jan had Heather worked into a fever and decided the time was ripe to plant a seed. She said, "If he wants to get you pregnant, you will welcome his sperm into your unprotected womb, won't you, sweetheart?" Not surprisingly, Heather nodded more vigorously than before. She drew her legs back and splayed them out like a bitch on its back as Jan used two fingers to fuck her hard and fast, slapping her clit with her palm on every in-stroke.

As she fucked Heather's cunt with her hand, the girl could barely concentrate on her sucking. Her head fell back repeatedly, letting out groans, only to come charging back for more. Jan kept up her lewd dialog, saying, "I can see you waddling around campus with your big belly sticking out, your tits twice their current size and full of mother's milk."

Heather cried, "Yes! I can see that too. I love it! Oh, God, is this what fucking feels like?"

"A real cock is ten times better. It's bigger, goes deeper, and my hand can't squirt hot cum up your womb. Best of all, only a real cock can get you pregnant. Every self-respecting whore wants to be pregnant by the ninth grade. You are a year behind. You have catching up to do."

"Everyone will know I'm a whore then."

"That's right. They are going to find out anyway. I'll see to that."

"You won't let me use protection, will you? You want me pregnant, don't you? You'll make me wear short, sexy maternity dresses without underwear. You'll make me stay in school, won't you?"

Surprised by Heather's intuitive questions, Jan answered each in the affirmative, driving Heather to further questions. She said, "You'll invite people to feel the baby kick, and you'll lift my skirt up over my belly. It's just an excuse to show them my pussy. You'll like showing people my pussy, won't you?" Again, she got a firm yes. "And they don't even pretend to be feeling my belly, they feel my pussy. They take turns, and I have to let them feel all around and up inside. Sometimes guys try to get their whole hand up inside my pussy and you don't even try to stop them, do you?"

Jan said, "Hell no. I'll pour vegetable oil on the area to help make it easier."

"Yes, and you make me get on my back and hold my feet by my toes like you did. Sometimes, I have to get on the table. You'll want to strip me naked in front of people, won't you?"

"I will always want you naked. Your tits need to be sucked and played with."

"Yes, always. And you let them fuck me. They all get to fuck me. Anybody can fuck me."

"That's right, in your mouth, ass, or pussy. My baby slut is a three-holer."

"Yes, they fuck me in my asshole. They cum in my mouth, too. I have to swallow their sperm, don't I?"


Heather dove into her mother's snatch and raised her own bucking hips while her mother beat out her climax with pounding fingers. The cum was the best, and left Heather panting, exhausted, and drained. She fell into a total slump as Jan got up and stood looking down on her. "Well, little girl, it looks like you won't be as much trouble as I thought."

Heather looked up with a twisted grin and said, "I can't believe what I just said. Where did that come from?"

"From your dirty little mind, that's where. You need to stop repressing your desires, kiddo. When they come out, they really come out. You even shocked me."

"I shocked myself more. That was fun, though. It's fun pretending to be bad. I know that much, now. It won't be easy doing those other things you want me to do, but at least I'm over my shyness around you. Mom, I liked doing that for you. I'll do it again, whenever you want."

"Even after a fuck."

"Well, I don't know about that."

"I do. It wasn't a question. You'll do what I tell you to do."

"Well, in that case, since I have no choice in the matter, I'll do that, too."

"And you'll lick us while we fuck."

"I suppose so. If you tell me to."

Jan offered Heather a hand up, then drew her close, feeling her tits. Heather took the opportunity to feel her mother's big breasts as Jan said, "You can count on doing that for me, Heather. I would love fucking while your tongue works all around and tries to get inside too. Go ahead and suck on my tittie; I know you are dying to."

Heather smiled and fastened her mouth over Jan's right nipple. She nursed like a starving baby while Jan stroked her hair and teased, "Your job is to keep my man's cock nice and hard while he's fucking me. You are going to suck a lot of cock, before, during, and after sex. You will be eating a lot of sperm, mostly right out of Mommy's pussy hole and off her body. You'll keep Mommy clean, won't you sweetheart?"

Heather sucked hard on the tit, held in both hands, then drew off with a sucking pop to say, "Yes! I'll do whatever you want me to do. Mom, what does sperm taste like?" Her mouth went right back to sucking, her fingers molding and squeezing both breasts.

"I can't describe it. It has a taste all its own. You may not like it at first, but you will develop a taste for it. Most women do, and all whores do."

"Well, I guess I'll develop a taste for it then, huh?"

"You will at that. Now, go get yourself fixed up. I want you looking your best when Hal gets here tonight. Remember, I want to see a whore."

* * *

Jan assisted Heather with her makeup after making her select a more revealing outfit. She chose an ultra short leather micro mini skirt that came just an inch below Heather's crotch. The top was sheer white and almost transparent. Heather's tits were clearly visible through it and much of her breast flesh was out in the open. The blouse buttoned up the front, but Jan left it unbuttoned and tied the tails just under the swells of her breasts. She had her put on four-inch heels and walk around, coaching her on putting a sexier sway to her step.

After applying makeup, Jan stood back to admire the transformation. Heather looked at herself in her mother's full length mirror and exclaimed, "Mom, I look ridiculous. I'm practically naked. I can't let anybody see me like this, not even Tammy and Mandy."

"Nonsense. You'll do better than that. When we walk out there, I want you to strut your stuff like I showed you and shoot a few practice beaver shots. And, do you know what else you're going to do for them. You're going to masturbate for them. You are going to show them how."

"Mom! No! I could never do that."

"You'll do it, or I'll see to it that you are naked when Mr. Peterson arrives. Look, you may as well break the ice with them. They will be seeing a hell of a lot worse than that before I'm finished with you. They will both be on hand to see you lose your cherry, and they will watch you licking us while we fuck. That might happen tonight."

"Oh, Mom, No!"

"Oh, Mom, Yes!" Jan walked up and took Heather firmly by the shoulders, looking deep into her blue eyes, saying, "Did you think I was kidding earlier. Face it, Heather. You are going to be a whore whether you like it or not. You can fight it if you want, but you know I'll win. You do realize that, don't you?"

Heather bowed her head and nodded. Jan detected her near complete surrender and made a bold decision. Grasping her by the chin, Jan lifted her face until they made eye contact. She then said, "Heather, Hal is a child molester with a peculiar kink that I happen to adore. He likes to get little girls pregnant. He has a way of enlisting the mother's cooperation. I met a woman who brought me her thirteen-year-old daughter as proof. She was so cute, a beachball with legs, her tits bursting with milk. I loved it."

"Mom, no! Please don't say what I think you are about to say."

"Oh, yes, what's more, I want Hal to get you pregnant, all of you girls, in fact. You are going to have a baby and you are going to get knocked up very soon. Do you know why?"

Heather shook her head, her mind in a daze. "Because it turns me on like crazy. I can't wait to watch you girls balloon out and grow big titties. I can't wait to hand you over to dirty old men to use and misuse. Every boy in your school will soon know that they can come to our door and get some of Heather Howard's pussy, anytime, night or day. My door and your legs will always be open for a stiff cock. Now do you see what you're in for?"


"Masturbating in front of your sisters doesn't seem so difficult now, does it?"


"Do you still love me?"

"Yes, I will always love you."

Jan opened her robe and stood with her feet planted wide and her hands on her hips. She said, "Prove it!"

Heather sank to her knees and pressed a kiss on her mother's out-thrust pussy. She pressed another, then another. Her hand came up the backside of Jan's legs and she pulled her face in tight, using her tongue to search through the wet folds. Her hands went up and squeezed her mother's ass cheeks, trying to get further under. Jan widened her knees as Heather scooted under and molded her face into her mother's fleshy cunt. She moved her face all about, trying to smear the wetness while her tongue worked feverishly.

Jan watched and felt her daughter's devotion. She had surrendered to her fate. To test her, Jan said, "Heather, I'm going to let Hal fuck you in front of the whole family. Do you have a problem with that?"

Heather paused to say, "No."

"I'm going to act the part of a good mother and ask that he wear a condom. What are you going to say?"

"I'll ask if he can do it without one."

"I'll say, why."

"I'll say, because I want to have his baby. I want him to get me pregnant."

"That's right. And you better sound like you mean it. He likes to hear phrases like: fuck his sperm into my fertile womb; baby making sperm; pregnant pussy; knocked-up cunt. Use the words sperm, pussy, womb, pregnant, knocked up, egg, and fuck excessively. You can't say them too often. They are music to his ears."

Heather sucked hard on Jan's clit, then pulled off, making a hard sucking sound. She earnestly said, "Mom, I will say them and mean it. I want to get pregnant for you. I want to do all those things for you, everything. I want to lick you while you get fucked, and I want to fuck every guy in school. I want to be used and misused by those dirty old men. I want to suck your pussy every day, and Stephanie's too." She went back to sucking the clit.

"You are going to get your wish, Heather."

* * *

Heather had a new case of the nerves going as the moment of truth neared. Jan made a few final preparations, then announced, "Okay, baby, let's go show your sisters the new Heather." She led Heather into the living room where Mandy and Tammy were sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV. She said, "Hey you two, I want you to meet the new Heather."

The girls spun around on their butts and their mouths fell open on seeing their older sister. Both were in a position to see that Heather wore no panties and Mandy crawled up boldly and looked right up her sister's right leg, exclaiming, "Mom! Heather has no panties on. I can see her pussy."

Tammy crawled up and gazed up the left leg, saying, "Wow!"

Jan said, "That's right, and you'll be seeing much more of it. Heather told me that she's tired of missing out on all the fun and wants to be a whore. What do you girls think about that? Doesn't she look like a whore?"

Both girls sat at Heather's feet looking up with big grins. Mandy, the bold one as usual, said, "She sure does. Are you going to let her?"

"Sure, why not. Do you know what else she wants? She wants to get pregnant and have a baby. In fact, she wants Hal to do it, tonight."

"Really! Heather, do you really? Mom, are you going to let her do that too?"

"Yes, of course." Jan nudged Heather to respond.

Heather said, "Yes, that's right. I want to fuck Hal and I want him to shoot his sperm in my pussy clear into my fertile womb. I want to get knocked up."

Tammy cried out, "Mom! Heather said the F word."

"Heather can say any word she wants. She's a whore."

Mandy cried out, "That's not fair."

"Oh, all right, from now on, you can all say those dirty words all you want."

Mandy immediately tried her freedom out, saying, "Are you really going to let Hal stick his dick in your pussy and fuck you?"

"Yes, Mandy."

The girls giggled. Tammy said, "Can we watch him fuck your pussy and shoot all that cream in it."

"It's sperm, not cream, and yes, you can all watch."

Jan gave Heather the signal to masturbate by tapping her ass. Heather stiffened, turned red, but slowly moved her hands to her crotch. The skirt rose easily as her fingers went to her moist lips and brought immediate reactions from the girls. As usual, Mandy said, "Look, Mom, Heather is touching herself between her legs. She's finger fucking her pussy!"

Jan came around and joined her daughters on the floor, taking a seat between them, saying, "Oh, boy, we get a show. Go, Heather, fuck that pussy, girl! Show us how a horny whore plays with her pussy."

She started off stiff and self conscious, but rapidly got wet under the interested eyes feasting on her intimate anatomy. Before long, her knees went out, her hand had two fingers fucking her hole, as the other rubbed furiously on her clitty. Jan told Tammy to pull the ottoman over so Heather could lie on it and spread herself out better. Tammy hurriedly moved it behind her sister. Heather sat and immediately had her legs up and open. The three voyeurs moved into the space between her legs, giggling and making nasty comments, watching Heather give herself a thorough workout. Heather was lost to her passions and could have cared less if the school band marched through.

After she came, Heather stayed splayed out, assisted by each sister holding a leg. Jan invited them to feel Heather's pussy and poke around inside. The two giggling girls had a field day toying with Heather's pussy. Heather appeared to be enjoying the lewd attention and surrendered herself over to being a disembodied vagina.

Jan gave them a tour of the female vagina, then paused to say, "She certainly has a delicious looking pussy, doesn't she girls? I think I'd like to kiss it." With that, Jan leaned into the gaping opening and pressed a full mouth kiss followed by impassioned licking.

Tammy said, "Oh, wow! Mom's kissing and licking her pussy!"

Mandy watched with great interest, and said, "Mom, isn't that dirty?"

"No, not at all. I love licking a pussy, especially one as pretty as hers. Don't you want a lick?"

Mandy said, "I guess," but Tammy said, "No way, that's where her pee comes out."

Jan made room for Mandy while Heather raised her head to watch. Mandy stared at it for a few seconds before going in for a peck. She drew back and thought about it, then went for another, fuller, more open-mouthed kiss. Before drawing back, she took a lick through Heather's slit. She said, "It's not bad. It's kinda neat." She went back and licking the pussy all over and inserting her tongue.

Tammy watched in disbelief, then said, "Hey, it's my turn now. I get a turn, don't I?"

"Mandy, let Tammy have a turn." Tammy took Mandy's place and went right to work planting kisses then long licks. She was really into it when Jan said, "That's enough, Tammy. You'll get plenty of opportunities to indulge yourselves from now on. Heather, here's another rule for you. Since you want to be a whore so badly, you'll have to start by being a whore to all of us. That means that from now on, you serve the three of us in any way that pleases us. That means, Tammy and Mandy can tell you what to do, and you have to do it. Do you understand?"

Heather didn't like that rule, but she nodded her assent. Mandy said gleefully, "You mean we can make her do us, too?"

"Honey, any time you want your pussy licked, Heather will lick it for you. Anytime you want her body, it's yours to do with as you please as long as you don't hurt it. If you put something in her that causes her harm, I will be very angry. Pussies aren't that delicate, but they aren't playground toys."

Tammy said, "Can we fuck her with things?"

"Yes, of course, just be sure they have no rough edges and are very clean."

"How big?"

"You'll have to experiment, but as a rule, don't put anything in there bigger around than your fist, okay?"

Heather cried in alarm, "Mom! A fist?"

"Honey, many cocks have heads on them that big and bigger. Hal's is as big as Tammy's fist. Don't worry, your pussy is quite elastic. Before long you'll be able to take foot long cocks as thick as my wrist all the way to the balls. Jessie has one that big, and you will be fucking him this weekend. I'm sure you could care less who knocks you up."

The girls went looking for suitable objects to experiment with and returned with a hair brush, a cucumber, a large carrot, a Polish sausage, and a plastic bat. Jan ruled out the carrot as being too rough and the sausage because it might leave a bad taste. The other items she told them to pour vegetable oil on and have at it. Heather lost her hymen to a hair brush handle, and nearly lost her mind to the bat. Mandy wouldn't stop until she had half of its eighteen-inch length shoved firmly up her sister's cunt.

To assist in the operation, Heather had to be restrained. Jan sat on her chest, facing away, and drew Heather's legs back and open.

She told Mandy to hold the handle of the bat firmly between her thighs so it would be like a real cock. The girls giggled at the sight, but grew quietly awed as Mandy pushed the oiled bat past the tight ring of muscle with all her might. Heather groaned and strained, and begged them to stop. Jan told her that she needed to be stretched so that Hal's cock would enter easily. After ten minutes of slow progress, and nine inches of bat up her twat, the pain was too intense. Jan told Mandy not to force any more in but to give a gentle stroking motion.

After another ten minutes, the pain eased, replaced by another sensation that Heather found enjoyable. She said, "That feels good, Mandy. You can pull more out and take longer strokes if you want. Oh, yes! Mom, I think I'm going to like fucking a real cock. I think I'll even like Jessie's. Is he really that big?"

"Yes, I'm not exaggerating. You like big cocks, huh?"

"Yeah, once the pain goes away. God, I really feel stuffed. It's kinda neat. When will Hal get here?"

"He'll be here soon, you little cock-hungry slut."

Heather giggled and said, "I kinda like the sound of that, now."

Jan let them fuck Heather for a few more minutes, then told the girls to put their toys away. Sticking to her story that it was Heather's idea to get pregnant, when the girls returned, she said, "Tonight, we will all need to work together to give Heather what she wants. Getting a man to impregnate a minor won't be easy. Most men try not to get a girl pregnant. They don't want the responsibility, or in Heather's case, the possible legal hassle. We need to be very careful with Hal. I'm sure he'll want to fuck her, but we want him to fuck her right, don't we?"

Mandy said, "Yeah, we want him to make a baby in her."

"That's right, so we need to encourage him to shoot his sperm way up inside her pussy. That's were the womb and egg are. He will probably want to pull out and shoot it on the outside. They say they will, and pretend to go along, but at the moment they cum, they pull out. We don't want that, do we?"

Heather came to admire her mother's creativity in deepening her vicarious enjoyment. Even little Tammy was caught up in the excitement, saying, "No way. How can we get him to shoot his sperm in her womb?"

"Well, that's where you two come in. If a man gets really excited, he'll forget about it. If Hal saw you girls naked, playing with yourselves, and playing with each other, that would make him super excited. If you kept urging him to fuck your sister's pussy, and cum inside her, that would turn him on too. You can even say things like, 'knock her up,' or 'make her pregnant' to encourage him. Do you two want to help get Heather pregnant?"

They both eagerly said they did. "Good, but it doesn't end there. Getting a girl pregnant is not as easy at it sounds. Some couples try for years and can't do it. It takes a lot of tries, so Heather needs to be getting screwed every day, several times a day. We need to keep Hal horny and we need to encourage him to mate with Heather as often as he can. You can help there, too. Whenever Hal is around, act sexy and pay attention to his cock. He won't mind letting you play with it. Men love to have cute, naked, little girls playing with their dicks. They especially like to have it kissed, licked, and sucked. Will you girls do that to help Heather out?"

Both answered in eager, excited affirmatives. Jan was pleased and exchanged knowing smiles with Heather before adding, "Furthermore, when Hal is fucking Heather, I want you girls to each hold one ball gently. If he tries to pull out, I want you to squeeze gently while pushing forward. Heather, you lock your heels on his ass and pull with all your might. He'll have no choice but to cum inside you. Mandy, when he goes to withdraw, after he shoots, it will be your job to wrap your fingers around his cock and make sure no sperm gets pulled out. When he is all the way out, you push any runs inside."

"Oh boy! I love that job."

"Tammy, since your hand is the smallest, you get it oiled up and insert it up Heather's pussy. When you get it all inside, make a fist. That will plug her up. You'll stay like that for thirty minutes while Heather lies on her back with her legs drawn back to raise her pussy. Heather, I want you to hold onto your toes, okay?" Heather nodded, trying not to smile. "Mandy, you rub her clitty to make more pussy juice floods her cunt. That makes it easier for the little sperms to swim around. Tammy, you can stir the soup from time to time by opening your fist and wiggling your fingers."

While the girls laughed and giggled, Heather tried to imagine how that scene would look to others and feel to her. She recognized her mother as being the queen of the perverse and nasty, and could not help but wonder what other tricks she had in store for them. Jan answered her silent thoughts by saying, "By the way, if you girls ever suck Hal until he cums in your mouth, try to hold it all in. Afterwards, go to Heather. She will do a head stand against the wall, then do the splits. She will open up her hole so you can spit it inside. If you want to turn Mr. Peterson on while you do this, glue your mouth to her hole. After you get it all in, give her a good sucking until she cums. Hal will like that, and so will Heather, I'm sure."

Heather developed a vivid mental image of this last scene and liked it very much. The position alone gave her tingles of excitement. She looked to her mother and offered, "Mom, shouldn't I get naked and get in that position whenever I see them sucking on a cock. You know, just to be ready."

"Oh, you like that one, huh? Absolutely. I'll go one better. While you're in that position, why don't you play with your pussy to get it juicy and ready."

"Okay, do you want me to practice?"

"Yes, I think that's a great idea. Keep your clothes on, though. Just let your skirt fall down over your chest once you get in position. Hal could arrive at any minute."

Heather got up and went to the nearest wall. She easily did the head stand; the skirt fell past her waist. Her legs fanned out straight to either side as the three gathered to peer down between Heather's legs, awed by the spectacle she presented.

Jan stood back as Heather began playing with her pussy. She said, "Oh, Jesus, that's sexy! Hal and his friends will love this. Stephanie will simply die."

Mandy said, "Shouldn't we practice, too? We can pretend we have a mouthful of sperm."

"Yes, by all means, do."

Mandy glued her mouth to the wide-open spread and pushed Heather's legs down even further. Mandy's cute little ass looked delightful and inspired Jan to say, "Tammy, flip Mandy's shirt up over her back and take off her panties." Tammy eagerly went to work as Mandy wiggled her ass in approval. She stepped free of the panties and Jan said, "Oh, that is marvelous. Mandy, you have the cutest little pussy." Mandy wiggled into a wider stance.

Tammy said, "I could lick it if you want."

"No, I want you to stand beside her hip facing me. Use both hands to open her up. Show off your sister's pussy. Use your fingers. Finger fuck her, too." Tammy enjoyed that role and quickly had Mandy squirming. Jan watched for a moment, then said, "That does it. One of your girls simply must suck off Mr. Peterson tonight. He has got to see this."

"Okay girls, that's enough. Everybody get straight. Mandy, put your panties back on."

When they were all back to normal, Jan sat them around the dining table for a talk. She began, "Mandy, wipe that pussy juice off your face. Okay, now here's the plan. Heather, you answer the door when he gets here. As soon as he steps inside, go into his arms and rub your body against him while giving him the deepest soul kiss you can. Really swab his tonsils. Rub your pussy against his cock, and rub your tits against his chest. I want you two girls to act the way you always act. Just be your frisky, naughty selves. Tease Heather about the way she's dressed and about the way she's acting. Heather, you let them do what they want. Don't put up any fight or say anything to them. If Hal sits down, you hop on his lap. He will probably want to take me aside first to find out what the fuck is going on.

"Just so you know the story and the situation we're playing, I'm going to tell Hal that my job fell through and we need financial help. I'll explain that I sat Heather down and told her to dress sexy and be nice to him, extra nice, so he'll stick around and help us. I'll tell him that Heather is acting this way to get back at me, you know how teenagers do. Your attitude is, 'Okay, mother dear, I'll be nice. You want nice, I'll give you nice like you never saw.' He'll buy that, otherwise he'd be suspicious of the sudden change."

Mandy said, "Can I show Hal that Heather isn't wearing any panties?"

"Yes, that would be just like you to bring that to his attention. Remember, just act like yourselves. Be yourselves. Be more than yourselves, in fact."

Jan told the two young girls to go wash the oil off their hands and freshen up. After they ran from the room, she turned to Heather and said, "I'm counting on you to do this right, Heather. If you blow this, so help me, I'll make your life miserable."

Heather smiled warmly, then got up and came to her mother. She embraced her, then slid to her knees and folded back her skirt. Jan wore no panties and opened her legs. Heather pressed her face to her mother's crotch and planted tender kisses. She looked up and smiled, saying, "Mom, I'd lick you but I wouldn't want to kiss Hal with pussy on my breath."

"Good thinking. I appreciate the sentiment."

"Mom, I love you, and I love what you're doing. I think it is so cool the way you can think up these nasty things. I am so horny, I could fuck a dog. Mom, I will do great tonight. I am super motivated. I love being your whore. I love everything about it. And, I'm starting to love the idea of getting pregnant. I really do want this. I especially love the way we're going about it. I was thinking, though, wouldn't it be like me to change my mind when my plan backfired, you know, when you get pissed, throw away the condom and say, 'Fine, get her pregnant.'"

"Yes, I suppose it would. What are you getting at?"

"Well, don't you think it would be exciting for Hal if he thinks I'm being forced to bear his child?"

Jan pondered this just for a second, then smiled and said, "I follow you, now. Yes, he would like that. Go on."

"Well, I'm not talking about kicking and screaming, or anything like that, but I could act sad and at the mercy of my nasty mom and sisters. It would be fun for me, and if the girls believed I really changed my mind, I know they'd really get off on forcing it on me. I'm getting a real kick out of the way they're treating me, you know, like their whore."

"Yes, so was I. You do have a good idea there. Are you sure you can keep this act up at least until you get pregnant?"

"Yes, I can act, Mom. You were right; that goody two shoes was an act. I have a dirty mind too. I really get off on being one of those whores at school. Everybody knows who they are because they are not allowed to wear panties, and they have to wear the shortest skirts the dress code allows. The guys are always flipping up our skirts, checking for new whores. We have to be on our constant guard because the teachers pretend they don't see a thing and it does no good to complain."

"I'll bet you're anxious to get your skirt flipped, now, aren't you?"

"Oh, yes! It gives me tingles. You should see what happens when they find a new whore. It spreads through school like a wild fire. The girl gets attacked wherever she goes, even in her classes. Other girls even join in. It's like open season on the new whore. Some new whores get stripped naked in the halls, or get pulled into empty rooms and gang banged."

"And that's what you want, huh?"

"I do now. I'm scared to death, but it is exciting. That's what I always think about when I masturbate."

"Well, you will get your wish, I'm sure. Even if Hal doesn't make you one of the whores at school, I want you to go without panties. I insist. One thing, though, this little act better be convincing tonight. I don't want this looking staged."

"It won't. I want to be a whore, now. That's the best part. You know what else? I can cry when I want to. All I have to do is think hard about the day Whiskers got ran over. I did that earlier in my room. I was so turned on, I was afraid you'd notice. I've done that to you a lot."

Jan laughingly said, "Why you little shit. Well, that talent will certainly come in handy. I'm sure there will be times when tears would seem appropriate to the situation. For one, when I force you into that head stand and make you play with yourself. Tears would certainly add to the eroticism. Heather, I can't tell you how pleased I am to know you are on my team. I really hated the idea of forcing this on you. I would have done it, but hated myself at the same time. This way is much better for both of us.

"You better get up. Hal will be here soon and the girls will be coming back. You might let it drop that you are having second thoughts about getting pregnant. I'll blow it off as nerves, but when the time comes, they'll believe you as well."

When the girls returned, Heather said, "Mom, I've been thinking about this getting pregnant. I don't think that's such a good idea right now. I mean, what about school? Everybody will know I'm a whore, because I won't be able to identify the father."

Both Mandy and Tammy immediately jumped on her, saying, "No way, you can't back out now! She can't, can she Mom?"

Jan silenced them and addressed herself to Heather, saying, "You are just getting opening night jitters. Just relax, besides, Mandy and Tammy will spread the news even if you don't get pregnant, right girls?"

Mandy said, "That's right, Heather. We are going to tell everyone we know that our big sister is a whore who will spread her legs for any guy. They all know your friends. Everyone will know anyway. There's no backing out is there, Mom?"

Jan smiled and brushed hair from Mandy's face, saying, "No, dear. Heather is going to get pregnant, and she's going to have the baby. It has nothing to do with what she wants anyway. I want her pregnant. I want her to walk around in front of all her friends with a big belly and titties full of milk. I want everyone to know that my daughter is a whore. Don't worry about what Heather wants. She's our whore and we can do anything we want to her. We want to get her pregnant just because it will be fun, right? I'm going to bring men here so we can watch them fucking her even when she's nine months along."

"Yeah, that's right. It will be fun, especially when her belly gets big and fat."

Tammy added, "Yeah, and we're going to make you walk around naked and let our friends watch you play with your pussy. She has to do what we say, huh, Mom?"

"Why stop there? Don't you two know guys that want to fuck your sister?"

Mandy said, "We can do that, too? Yeah, we know lots of guys. They're all horny for Heather."

The two excited teens began naming the list as Heather and Jan exchanged surreptitious smiles.

* * *

The knock at the door silenced the laughter. Heather shot up straight with true nervous jitters. The look of impending doom and hesitance was genuine. Jan said, "I believe that's for you."

Heather slowly rose and while passing Jan was stopped by a firm hand shoved up her skirt. Jan lifted Heather to her toes by the cunt and said, "You'd better do this just like we rehearsed, or so help me, the three of us will take belts to you."

Heather wiggled on her mother's fingers and kissed her on the lips, saying, "I will, Mom, I promise."

Heather crossed to the door as Mandy and Tammy followed excitedly. She opened the door and was greeted by a loud whistle as Hal looked her up and down. He moved inside and started to make a comment, but was silenced by Heather when she threw herself into his arms and plastered her lips to his. Her tongue invaded his mouth as he stood there in shock. His eyes were on Jan as she approached with arms folded and stood beside him.

Hal's arms hung limply at his side until Heather began grinding her pussy against his rapidly growing erection. They cautiously moved down her back onto the twin swells of her ass. He watched Jan while testing his limits, pulling her ass in close. Heather rubbed her titties on his chest as Mandy cried out, "Look, Mom, Heather is rubbing her pussy on your boyfriend's dick."

"Yes, I can see that."

The obscene kiss went on for another minute and Hal's hands slid further down to cup her ass below the short hem-line. His fingertip could feel no panties. His excitement was immediate as the hands went under the skirt to mold bare ass cheeks. He reluctantly let her go, but not before getting the tips of his fingers on her cunt lips. Heather stepped back, blushing profusely and Jan stepped into Hal's side, taking his arm around her waist, saying, "Well, Hal, what do you think of my little slut?"

Hal Peterson could hardly speak. He looked from Heather's tits to Jan's face and back before saying, "Hey, I like it. What can I say? I'm a man."

Mandy moved up behind Heather and Heather took in a deep breath, knowing what would come next. Her sister's fingers curled up the hem at both hips and drew hands up, saying, "Look, Hal, Mandy isn't wearing any panties. You can see her pussy."

Hal's eyes shot to the sparse sprinkling of light blond curls in no way hiding the lips beneath. His eyes widened as he saw Heather step out with her right foot and thrust her pelvis forward. Her cunt parted, showing her rigid clit and the coral crease between her puffy and inflamed lips. He noted the hands on hips attitude and defiant look she shot to her mother and realized something was not right between them.

Tammy said, "Look, you can even see her titties through that blouse; see her nipples poking out." Heather took a deep breath and thrust her chest out, still giving her mother that same piercing look.

Hal said, "Yes, I noticed that right away. They look very lovely. I can see why she's so proud of them."

"She is. Wanna see them naked?" Without waiting for his answer, she fumbled with the knot while Heather stood patient. She was having a difficult time, so Heather assisted in getting it started. The knot fell open, and Tammy pushed the flaps from each breast. Hal didn't know where to look. Heather was displaying all of her frontal charms. While Tammy called attention to her sister's tits, pinching the nipples and slapping the sides, lifting the mounds of creamy white flesh in obscene offering, Heather held her own skirt above the waist, freeing Mandy's hands.

Mandy went right for the lips of her pussy and pried them wide, saying, "Look, Hal, can you see her pussy hole?" While Tammy removed the blouse, Hal dropped to one knee for a close look between Heather's legs. She widened her knees for him. Hal stood with an amused smile.

Jan said, "You've shown him everything else, slut, why not show him your ass."

Heather spun around and thrust out her ass toward Hal. She reached back with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart, wiggling her ass invitingly like a bitch in heat. Hal's eyes devoured her adorable, tight, puckered asshole and the full view of virgin pinkness between her flawless lips. The shiny pink hole seemed to wink at him. His mouth watered. He said, "Jan, what the fuck is going on here? Am I in heaven?"

"No, Hal. This is teenager hell, at least for a mother. We need to talk." Addressing the girls, Jan said, "Get that ridiculous skirt off of Heather. When we return, I want Hal to see her naked in her heels."

They marched into the bedroom and Jan turned to face Mr. Peterson, saying, "Hal, this is Heather's way of getting back at me. She's throwing a tantrum all because I asked her to be extra nice to you and to start showing more skin when you are around."

"At least she's doing what she's told, but I still don't get it. Why would you tell her to do that in the first place? It isn't even my birthday."

"No, but I'm in trouble, and I may need some help, financial help. I'm sorry, Hal, I just wanted you to stay interested in me. I knew how you liked looking at the girls, and how excited you got afterward. I just figured you'd be more likely to help me if you had a good reason to. It was wrong, I know, but the problem is, my suggesting that really pissed Heather off. Don't let that act she put on out there fool you. The kid is scared to death."

"Yeah, I noticed. You gotta hand it to the kid, though, she's a feisty little shit."

"Yes, well, I want to take some of that feist out of her. She needs to be taken down three or four pegs. I can't let her get away with this. I'll tell you what she deserves, she deserves to get her virgin cunt royally screwed. She is playing with fire and needs to get burned."

"Jan, I couldn't agree more. You know I'm ready, willing, and able. As for that help, tell me what you need, maybe we can work a trade."

"I need five hundred right away. It's for the rent."

"That's a lot of money, Jan. I'll tell you what, I'll give you one hundred bucks a fuck. Let me fuck her five times and you have your rent money."

Jan hugged his neck, and said, "Oh, Hal, thank you so much. I knew you'd come through for us. I'll tell you what, for being so good about this, you can screw the bitch any time you want. Don't take no for an answer, just be sure to use a condom, or pull out."

"We'll talk about that more. For these first five, I'll wear the fucking raincoat."

"I know how you feel about those damn things, but I need time to get her on the pill. You know, the two little ones will be quite upset when they see you roll on a condom. All they've talked about since Heather started threatening to screw you was her getting knocked up. They have teased her constantly about it. They, at least, have the good sense to know that she's playing with fire, even if Heather doesn't."

"They like the idea, do they?"

"Like it? They love it. They are obsessed by the idea of watching their sister get a baby fucked into her cunt. Honestly, you should hear them talk. They sound like you, the way you go on. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you'd been coaching them. It really is a delight to hear them use those nasty phrases. Hell, I've been encouraging them, hoping that would snap Heather out of this. Come on, let's get naked and go fuck the little bitch. Tammy and Mandy are dying to see a real cock at work. I know you won't disappoint them."

They stripped and reentered the living room. Hal's mighty cock stood tall and bobbed menacingly with each step. All three girls looked in awe as he and their mother stood before them. Heather came forward, still with that defiant look. She dropped to her knees and took hold of the cock with both hands. While staring up at her mother, she planted kisses up and down its length, making pleasing noises. She opened wide and took the head in her mouth, sucking hard while pumping the shaft, going, "Ummmm! Oh, yes, I love sucking on your big cock, Hal."

Mandy and Tammy knelt on either side of their sister, watching from close up. Mandy said, "Are you going to fuck her pussy, Hal?"

Heather took her mouth away and said, "Oh, please fuck me, Hal. Fuck my horny pussy in front of my mother."

Jan handed Hal the condom, saying, "Here, help yourself to the slut, but put this on."

Heather said, "No, don't use a condom, Hal. I want your cock naked inside me. I want you to shoot your sperm in my womb the way you're supposed to." The other girls added their pleas in vulgar graphic terms that had Hal ready to cream all over Heather's face. He turned pleading eyes to Jan.

Jan tossed the condom behind her and said, "Fine, get pregnant! See if I care."

Mandy said, "Yeah, Hal, fuck a baby up her cunt."

Tammy said, "Spray her womb full of sperm, Hal. Knock her up, good!"

Heather put on a face of shock and dread, then said, "Mom, what are you saying?"

"I'm telling Hal to knock you up. That's what I'm saying. In fact, I insist he get you pregnant. I don't care how many times it takes. I want you pregnant, bitch!"

"Mom, no! You can't mean that. I was only teasing. I don't want to get pregnant. I mean it, really, I don't. I don't want to have sex with anyone." Heather stood and suddenly acted bashful, cowering behind arms crossed over her intimate parts. Jan had to admire the performance. She was quite convincing as she cried, "I'm not playing this game anymore, Mom. Really, I quit. I'm sorry. I'll behave, honest."

Jan stormed over and slapped Heather hard across the face. The tears poured out. Heather stood cowering and trembling as Jan went on, "Show your cunt now, bitch. Come on, let's see how brave you are now that you have a hard, virile cock facing you. Move, God Damnit! Get on that ottoman and show your pussy!"

Shaking and crying, Heather sat on the ottoman. Jan bent down and grasped both ankles, throwing them wide and forcing her onto her back, saying, "Keep those fucking legs apart, you whore. [addressing Hal] Fuck the bitch, and by all means fill her womb with sperm."

Hal advanced on the spread, stroking his pulsing, dripping member, smiling maniacally. He knelt and poised the naked head at Heather's hole and said, "It will be a pleasure knocking up your daughter, Jan." With that, he grabbed Heather's hips and pulled hard, surprised at the ease with which he sank half his cock into her. Heather groaned and cried as Hal sank the rest in another thrust. Buried to the balls, he laughed and said, "There, bitch. You want my cock, you got it. Now, let's see what you can do with that pussy of yours. Let's see some cock humping."

Heather planted her feet wide out on the floor and showed reluctance, pain, and humiliation as she followed the lewd suggestion. Tammy and Mandy stripped off their clothes, then got on either side and used their fingers to explore the area of genital contact and feel Hal's cock and balls. Mandy said, "Wow, you sure have big balls, Hal. I'll bet they're full of sperm, huh?"

"That's right, sweetheart. Sperm to make babies with."

"Yeah, you're going to make twins or triplets for sure. She'll get so big, huh?"

Tammy said, "We want her pregnant so we can show her off to our friends. We'll make her get naked and let everybody feel her and fuck her. Mom said we could."

"Yes, well I'll do my best to help out. I have a few friends that would go nuts over this pussy."

Jan took that opportunity to walk over and straddle Heather's head, saying, "Hal's friends are always welcome in my daughter's cunt, ass, or mouth." Hal watched in amazement as she squatted on Heather's face and ground her slimy cunt on her daughter's face. Heather appeared to be fighting to get her face away from the cunt until Jan slapped her hard on the belly and shouted, "Hold still while I'm trying to fuck your face, you cunt-sucking whore."

Hal looked from the bright red hand print to Jan's passion-glazed eyes. They exchanged smiles before his eyes lowered to watch as Jan's wide gash slid in a slick of pussy slime from Heather's forehead to her chin. Jan had to smile at the vision of a pervert gone to pervert heaven. With Heather humping her tight, virgin pussy on his cock, and the two little ones, naked and fondling him, Hal didn't have to do a thing but kneel there and enjoy the sight of a mother rubbing her cunt on her daughter's face.

Hal noticed right away when Heather's tongue came out fully to wipe the cunt on its pass over her mouth. The tongue plowed through her mother's furrow. The girl's level of arousal had risen noticeably and was telegraphed by her enthusiastic humping. The girl humped her cunt up and down the full length of his cock.

Mandy said, "Look, Hal, Heather is licking Mom's pussy."

"Yes, I see that. Heather is a really horny bitch, isn't she?"

"Yeah, she wants you to cum in her pussy real bad, Hal." This inspired Heather to bring her legs up around Hal's hips and draw her cunt in tight. She also reached up and wrapped her arms around her mother's waist, pulling her mouth tightly to her pussy. Jan stood, taking Heather with her. Hal followed suit. Heather hung between them, impaled on a cock, and clinging to a cunt, hunching her torso to give the friction she needed to get off and get Hal off.

Jan leaned forward; Hal did likewise. They met over Heather's belly for a passionate kiss. While their tongues dueled, their orgasms swept over them. Mandy cried out, "Oh, Mom, I can feel him squirting his cum way up inside Heather's pussy."

Hal poured a copious load of fertile seed into the writhing young girl. Mandy squeezed her tiny hand around the base of his cock. He was delighted to see her milking his spent cock into her sister, and slowly withdrew. Jan returned to a squat as Heather continued lapping at her weeping hole. Hal drew out and let her body come to rest on the ottoman. Jan drew Heather's legs back, bringing her ass up. As Hal made room, Tammy brought her oiled fingers, held together, to Heather's gaping hole and inserted her hand with a wiggling, twisting motion.

Hal stood back, watching the obscene act with great interest. Jan gave up her place to Mandy. The little girl straddled her older sister's head, facing Tammy, while Heather took hold of her own toes by reaching around Mandy's ass, offering up her spread beaver. While Tammy imitated the motion of a cock with her forearm, Mandy rubbed vigorously on her older sister's clit.

Jan and Hal retired to the sofa to enjoy the post game show. Both were delighted with the lusty trio. With their faces close, Jan whispered, "Are you pleased with the way I raise my daughters, Hal?"

"Honey, you are something else. You have no idea how much I appreciate your allowing me to impregnate your lovely daughter."

"The pleasure is all mine, sir. And may I remind you that I have three lovely daughters."

"I noticed. Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"They are breeders, Hal. They all have empty wombs. I think that's a terrible shame, a waste. If we only had a sugar daddy with big balls, one who could keep their little wombs full of babies."

"Are my balls big enough?"

"Are you applying?"

"I'd be crazy not to."

"Then you got the job, sugar."

"Then I'd better get busy."

"Relax. Look!"

Tammy had removed her hand and was using her index finger on one hand to gather sperm from the hand that had been in Heather. She poked that sperm-covered finger in her own pussy repeatedly. Mandy did likewise after pushing her hand into Heather. They took turns dipping their hands in Heather's well of sperm.

Hal said, "Do you realize that I might get three with a single shot."

"We can only hope. Just look at them; they are such bad girls."

The End

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