Big Daddy's Little Girl

By: Phil Phantom

Copyright © 1997 ALL Rights Reserved

Hal Peterson, the high school principal, and Estelle Greyson, the county's most powerful citizen, often had lunch together in the executive lunchroom of the school. There, they could hash their plans for the corruption of young morals in total comfort and privacy.

It was a few days into their relationship, Hal and Estelle had just concluded their business. Estelle said, "Hal, the other day, you alluded to an event in your life that you think made you a child molester."

"Yes, my father's molestation of my eight-year-old daughter, Jenny."

"Right. I've thought about what you said, and had some nice dreams along those lines. Would you mind telling me the whole story?"

"Sure. Are you taking a clinical interest in the subject, or do your interests run along hot bedtime story lines?"

"Both, but make it juicy."

Hal smiled. "I think I can do that without embellishments. It's a juicy tale. First, let me tell you about my wife at the time. Her name was Bonnie. She was a living doll and still is. She was a photo model when she was young. Her father was the photographer. He started off as a serious photographer, but his work took a nasty turn when clients demanded more and more explicit nudes of his number one model, his twelve-year-old daughter, Bonnie.

"To make a long story short, he took and marketed her child porno shots until she left home to marry me at sixteen. He and his buddies used her as their sexual plaything for years, going out of their way to knock her up. A pregnant young model is hot stuff, I guess.

[Bonnie's early history is told in the story, "Photo Pro".]

"Anyway, she had Jenny at fourteen. When I married her, Jenny was two. I'm the only daddy she ever knew. When I got Bonnie away from her degenerate folks, she reverted to her true self, a very responsible, loving woman and wife. She put her past behind her, forgave her parents, and made the adjustment quite easily. After six years of marriage, we were the perfect family, normal to a fault. I was so straight you could align buildings with me. I didn't know half the stuff Bonnie knew about sex. She had to come down to my level sexually.

"With Jenny, she was the perfect mother. Jenny was our pride and joy. You never saw a more precious, pretty, intelligent eight-year-old in your life. She had her mother's striking good looks and was cute on top of it.

"I would also have to say she had sex appeal. For a girl of eight, she seemed to be aware of her ability to turn male heads. She also liked turning them. She was a beaver shot artist by the age of six, and she usually shot them bare. It gave Bonnie fits, but we never made a big deal out of it, hoping she'd outgrow that phase. If we had a male visitor stop by, we could expect to see Jenny getting poised to shoot. It is hard for any man to ignore a very young beaver. There is nothing that looks quite as naked and sexy as a young hairless snatch, and hers was also full-lipped and forward-jutting. That is to say, her pussy is up front, not tucked down low. When Jenny stood before you, naked, it was all out there.

"That was another trick she liked to pull, coming out naked when we had company. She always had a pretext, such as getting ready to take a bath, or changing clothes, unable to find something, but we saw right through her. Still, we tried to ignore this as well. Bonnie fretted most of all. Because of her experience with adult men at that age, she just knew Jenny would fall victim to a molester. I never worried.

"Well, my father, who we both loved dearly, had a mild stroke shortly after my mother passed away. Naturally, we took him in. He was pretty much his old self, but something wasn't quite right with him. Although I had no qualms about leaving Jenny alone with him, Bonnie said she saw something in the way he looked at Jenny that upset her. I told her she was projecting that something. I told her to stop.

"Jenny loved having a male in the house on a permanent basis. Daddy loved her little antics. He encouraged her by praising her and drawing attention to the fact whenever he saw panties or, better yet, pussy. If she walked out naked, he'd try to get her on his lap before we could hustle her off. This kinda bothered me, mostly because it was so out of character for him. Bonnie saw more than I did, as she was home with him and Jenny. She swore he copped feels, and that she had actually caught him fingering her little pussy.

"I didn't know what to think of that. I was afraid Bonnie might be imagining or exaggerating. She could never bring herself to confronting Dad; I refused to confront him. As time went on, Dad got bolder when only Bonnie was around. She would not leave Jenny alone with him, but that didn't seem to bother him too much. Jenny enjoyed the nasty attention. For weeks, Bonnie was run ragged trying to keep Daddy's fingers out of Jenny's pussy."

Estelle said, "Uh, this is getting good. I can just picture that. Go on."

"So could I at that point. She described every instance in graphic detail, and they were numerous. She often had to bodily lift Jenny off his lap before he'd release his pussy-hold on her. His finger, or fingers, would suck out from her tight quim. It didn't bother him that Bonnie saw his finger in Jenny's cunt. He did not try to hide it from her. In fact, he seemed to get a charge out of shocking her this way. Bonnie was at her wit's end, and she was certain he'd eventually rape Jenny.

"She was right, and she was the one who walked in on them, catching him in the act. He'd slipped into the bathroom with Jenny and didn't even lock the door. Bonnie only left her for a few minutes to answer a phone call. When she returned, Daddy was naked, in the tub with her. He had her soaped up and lying on her back over his chest, his cock buried three inches in her twat. Bonnie was looking at them head on, watching him move her gently by holding her by the hip bones and drawing her up and down easily, his soapy cock making three inches of travel in the tight confines of her cunt.

"For several long seconds, she was speechless. Jenny laid passively, allowing herself to be used this way. Her legs hung wide to each side and her head was raised so as to watch the penetration. She wasn't alarmed, but looked confused. He got another inch in before Jenny winced. This brought Bonnie to the tub. She got on her knees and reached for Jenny, pleading for him to stop. Daddy held tightly to his prize. Bonnie could not free her. She held onto the base of Daddy's cock for the longest time, but that didn't faze him one bit. He loved it. She eventually got up and stood back against the sink for support. Daddy continued his slow easy fucking of our daughter, ignoring Bonnie's presence completely.

"Bonnie remained with them for almost a full hour. She witnessed an almost full penetration of his seven-inch cock and his climax. After he came, he remained buried inside until he got another hard-on. He screwed her again, using faster strokes, causing her some discomfort but no tears. Bonnie admitted that Jenny adjusted and appeared to enjoy most of the experience. When Daddy was through, he stood and handed Bonnie her cum-leaking daughter."

Estelle said, "That is rich. I like this Daddy of yours."

"Yes, well, Bonnie wasn't amused. I wasn't either. We freaked out when it finally settled in. I gave Dad holy hell. Even Bonnie joined in. He seemed most contrite and sorry. He said he couldn't help himself. What could we do? We couldn't call the cops. We couldn't boot him out. He had no place to go. All we could do was voice our objection and try to keep them apart. The following day, Bonnie caught Daddy with his hand in her crotch.

"Bonnie kept Jenny in jeans and never let her out of sight. Still, it was a constant battle, and the battle wore Bonnie down. A month went by with numerous close calls, many angry words, many family meetings, but eventually, the inevitable happened.

"Bonnie fell asleep on the sofa. She awoke to find Daddy, in my easy chair, his cock buried in our naked daughter. She didn't even try to stop them. She watched, lifted her off his spent cock when he was through, then took Jenny to the bathroom to clean her. When I got home, I had words with Dad, but they were more pleading than angry. He listened, but I knew it was useless. We still had no more options than before. Bonnie understood that better than I did.

"When I got home the following evening, I took Bonnie aside and asked, 'What happened today?' She casually said, 'The usual. Your father screwed my daughter, our daughter.' She looked quite calm about that. I said, 'And you watched?' She said, 'I watched him strip her naked right beside me as we sat on the sofa. He asked me to get him some KY jelly. I went for the jelly, handed it to him, then watched him fuck my little girl in the ass. How was your day?' I said, 'Not as exciting as yours, obviously.'"

"Hal, that's beautiful. I hope she had a sense of humor."

"She did, but not that day. Actually, she wasn't too upset. It was more a case of resignation. I asked her if she wanted me to have another talk with him. She said it wouldn't do any good. I was relieved. I was relieved for two reasons: one, I didn't want to confront Daddy again; and two, the situation was beginning to turn me on. I began fantasizing about them fucking.

"Imagining my father's cock taking possession of little Jenny's cunt gave me an erection every time it entered my mind. I was already comfortable with the situation. Another thing that excited me was how Dad was willing to involve my wife in his debauchery. I saw this as having great potential for exciting future fantasy. I even found myself imagining him fucking her or bringing her into the act directly. Imagining my lovely wife, naked, and licking them while they fucked could drive me right over the top.

"We never discussed any of our private thoughts. As it turned out, she had some of her own. Much later, weeks later, she confessed to fantasizing a sexual relationship between Jenny and Dad long before he arrived. She confessed to masturbating to those fantasies and realized a subconscious desire to bring that about when Dad showed a sexual interest in Jenny. He became bold around Bonnie, because Bonnie never gave him any reason to fear her wrath. She never even looked cross-eyed at him when he fingered Jenny, and Bonnie permitted Jenny to run around naked while I was at work.

"She said she never set out with any plan, but subconsciously encouraged the evolution that led to them having sex. Even the bathroom scene was no accident. She made the call; she didn't answer a call. Furthermore, she only tried halfheartedly to free Jenny. She grabbed his cock because she wanted to hold it while they fucked. She stayed because she wanted to watch. Afterward, she masturbated. When Bonnie told me she was resolved to letting Daddy have his way with Jenny, I was pleased, relieved, and supportive. I told her it was the only course open. After that, each day brought a new and exciting story for her to relate.

"Daddy was unstoppable after that. He preferred to do his screwing in front of Bonnie, which was fine by her, though she never let on that it was. Her stories were so exciting that we began meeting in the bedroom for them. It wasn't long before we'd be fucking like rabbits while she recounted every detail for me. In those early sessions, typically, Daddy would have Bonnie undress Jenny and prepare her by applying the jelly to her two holes. He liked to start in Jenny's pussy, but end in her ass. He had Bonnie teach Jenny how to give a blow job. Bonnie demonstrated on Dad's cock. I came buckets when she told me this.

"Bonnie was nervous about confessing this to me, but my reaction told her it was okay. I coaxed the full story from her. She told how she sucked and jacked on his cock with Jenny looking on cheek to cheek with her. She taught Jenny to alternate between licking and sucking, always jacking the shaft. She told her to suck his balls. When he came in her mouth, Bonnie opened wide to show Jenny, then swallowed it slowly. I loved it.

"After that, when Daddy wanted a blow job, he'd summon Bonnie to give another lesson. Bonnie never refused, but would fetch Jenny and begin the lesson. Together, they'd work over his cock while he sat back watching mother and daughter take turns or apply their mouths together. One would suck the head while the other licked and kissed his shaft and balls. The cum was shared. Each got a few squirts, or if one took the whole load, they'd kiss and share it. Bonnie demonstrated how Jenny sucks cock by demonstrating on mine. I developed a strong desire for the real thing.

"This went on for over a week, each day getting better and better as far as Bonnie getting involved. She not only stripped and greased Jenny, but used her fingers to open up her asshole for him, sometimes while he screwed Jenny in the cunt. With two fingers up Jenny's ass, she could massage Daddy's cock while it stroked inside the pussy. When he pulled out of pussy, Bonnie guided it to her ass. With my support, Bonnie became an enthusiastic and eager helper in the act. She dropped all pretense about not liking her role.

"I confessed that I found it exciting as well, and encouraged her to go further and get nastier with them. She was delighted to hear that, because she wanted to instigate a scene. She wanted to surprise me. She warned that it might lead to her and Daddy having sex. I told her to go for it with my blessing. She did.

"Bonnie had always waited for Daddy to make the first move, but she wanted to surprise him with her new attitude. He went for a short walk and Bonnie set to work. She stripped Jenny, applied makeup, did her hair, and jellied both holes liberally. She also stripped, did her hair and makeup, then, for an added touch, shaved her pussy bare. When Daddy walked in the front door, he was confronted by the sight of two naked females, one atop the other, shooting him the widest bare beavers, all greased up and shiny.

"Bonnie sat on the sofa with Jenny on her lap, laid back against her chest. Bonnie's legs were each out at right angles, resting on the sofa's cushions. Jenny's legs rested on Bonnie's. Dad took one look at this sight, smiled, and dropped his pants. He fucked them both alternating between mother and daughter pussy. He'd give Bonnie a few strokes, then give Jenny a few. He came in both cunts, rested for an hour, then fucked Bonnie alone in my bed with Jenny watching. Jenny soon joined in, using her hands on their joined genitals.

"After the fuck, Daddy and Bonnie rolled onto their backs and watched Jenny amusing herself with their messy parts. It was while watching Jenny scooping sperm from Daddy's crotch to stuff up her mother's cunt that Bonnie suggested he start doing things to Jenny in front of me. He was unsure of doing that, but said he'd think about it. Jenny fist-fucked Bonnie to orgasm while he pondered her suggestion.

"Two days later, we were all in the living room watching TV. Dad had Jenny on his lap, as usual; and, as usual, she wore no panties. From my chair, I had a good view of his stroking hand as it made its way up her inner thigh. I could plainly see her swollen and red cunt. I saw the first contact and watched his finger slide easily in and go deep.

"Daddy kept an eye on my reaction. My reaction was unabashed interest, so he went further. He began finger-fucking her while she squirmed and made moaning noises. After ten or so minutes, he picked her up and carried her to his room, our former den. The den was the next room. He didn't shut the door. We heard everything. Bonnie came over and sat on my lap, taunting me to go look. I couldn't. I wanted to, but couldn't.

"She sat with me for a while, then said, 'They're making me horny. Would you be mad if I went in there?' I told her to go ahead. She smiled, got up, then smiled again and began removing her clothes. She did a sexy strip for me, then strutted her stuff into the other room. The sounds coming from that room drove me to beat off right there. Bonnie was very vocal, using the most obscene language. She was getting screwed at one point. I could tell, because she cried out, 'Oh, yes, fuck my pussy, Daddy!' I also knew when he was fucking Jenny because Bonnie would cry out, 'Yes, Fuck her little cunt, Daddy' or 'Fuck her ass, Daddy.'

The biggest shocker of all came when they emerged. Bonnie led Jenny by the hand. Both were naked and sweaty. She guided Jenny before me. Her little cunt, swollen and gaping open, oozed sperm that ran in trails to her tiny feet. I couldn't take my eyes off of Jenny's abused pussy. I never saw a more exciting sight, and she was proud to show it to me. She stood with her feet widely planted and jutted out her pelvis. She grew bolder and reached down with both hands to pry her lips open. Bonnie sat on the arm of my chair to watch along with me. I saw thick, viscous sperm ooze from her open hole to slither down one creamy, wet thigh. Smiling wickedly, she teased, 'Grandpa fucked me in my pussy, Daddy. This is his spermies leaking out of my cunt. He fucked Mommy in the pussy, too, didn't he, Mom?' Bonnie said, 'Yes he did, sweetheart. Tell Daddy what else Grandpa did to Mommy.' 'He fucked her mouth. He fucks her in the mouth all the time. Me too. We like it, huh, Mom?' 'Yes we do. We're Grandpa's whores, aren't we?' 'Yeah, we're both whores. We like getting fucked, especially together.'

"Dad stood at the doorway, taking this all in. We made eye contact. He emerged and came to stand beside Jenny, saying, 'Hal, I hope this doesn't upset you, but it's true. They are my whores, both of them. If I stay here, that won't change.'

"I told him I understood. After that, Daddy took either or both whenever the urge struck him. It was all out in the open. The best part was, I got to screw Jenny that night at Bonnie's urging. Jenny slept in our bed from then on and became an integral part of our sex life. Dad lived for three more years. Jenny outgrew us, and that's when I began hunting the young stuff. That's also when our marriage fell apart.

"Shortly after we opened our relationship by including Jenny, Bonnie developed the urge to get Jenny with her folks. She knew what would happen, and it did. Jenny got pregnant at twelve. That pissed me off, especially when I discovered that Bonnie knew they were trying to get her pregnant and assisted. Jenny fell right into the same life her mother had, being a pregnant child porno star. From there, we slowly drifted apart. Jenny and Bonnie went to live with Bonnie's folks at the age of fifteen. Bonnie and I divorced. Jenny now has six kids and no one knows who the fathers are. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose."

"Hal, that will keep me warm for many nights. Thanks."

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