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Presented here is what used to be Eli the Bearded's "www.qz.to/erotica", a collection of erotica, much of it from r.a.e and a.s.s.m.

For those who don't know, Eli the Bearded was the old moderator of the popular Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated newsgroup. Upon his retirement around March 1999, ASSTR made arrangements to resume moderation of the newsgroup beginning in October 1999.

Some of the older stories, dating back before Eli "really got his act together on this archive," are missing news headers that are now kept. In particular the From, Subject, Keywords, and X-Moderator-Review lines. If you know anything about the lost headers, the administration would be pleased if you let us know about it.

05 Oct 1999: For those who would like to access the archive via FTP (for easier multi-file downloads), point your FTP client at ftp.asstr.org/pub/Collections/Eli.The.Bearded/Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated/

01 Oct 1999: www.qz.to/erotica is back up for your enjoyment at ASSTR. For more information about ASSTR (such as how to help keep this archive online by donating), please visit our site. The ASSTR administration can be reached at admin@asstr.org.

Note: Due to the overhaul required to get the site back online, you may encounter some broken links while exploring this reincarnation. If you run into any problems, notice anything missing that used to be here, or have any comments (good or bad), please email the administration. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Table of Contents

Subject line search engine
Search the subject lines of all the archived newsgroup posts.

ASSTR/ASSM search engine
Search all of the erotica archived at ASSM or all the erotic archived at ASSTR (including ASSM). Allows searching of the body as well as the headers of posts, thus enabling title, author name, and phrase searches.

A.s.s.m index
This is an index of the week to week indexes for alt.sex.stories.moderated postings. ASSTR coordinates and oversees the moderation of ASSM, and therefore this archive is a definitive archive of the postings. Most of the new story activity is in this portion of the archive.

Last 7 days of ASSM and ASSTR new files, by day

New files index
Lists recently added rec.arts.erotica stories by archive name. (Unfortunately r.a.e gets very few new stories these days.)

Size: 4k

Archive name index
An index of the stories in this archive by their rec.arts.erotica archive name. After each archive name appear the relevant keywords, except where lost. See the FAQ for keyword explanation.

Size: 38k

Review index
An index of the stories in this archive by their rec.arts.erotica review.

Size: 80k

From line index
An index of the stories in this archive by the from lines on the original post.

Size: 46k

(Various) From line index
Various erotica indexed by address on the usenet post. Unfortunately this is not always the author.

Size: 55k

(Various) Newsgroups index
Various erotica indexed by newsgroups posted to; sometimes this gives useful clues as to the nature of the story. E.g: something posted to alt.sex.motss probably deals with Members Of The Same Sex.

Size: 51k

(Various) Archive name index
Various erotica indexed by archive name. If a keywords header was included in the post, its contents should be here.

Size: 37k

Meta index of sorted files
This is an index to the archive, from, and newsgroup indexes of a sorted archive donated to Eli. This archive totals 71 megabytes of stories, but the span of subjects is limited.

Size: 14k

Presented here is Phil Phantom's See No Evil, a book length piece of erotica written to use hypertext available. A link to it will be kept here for a while, but will probably be moved elsewhere as time becomes available.

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Note: All works presented here have been formatted for the web by computer software. Certain assuptions about the format of the originals were made in the processing. When these assumptions are violated, odd things can happen. If you suspect that is happening, please notify the administration. Be sure to include the URL or archive-name of the story and a brief description of the problem. One particular problem vexing the administration now is documents which inadvertantly contain multiple stories. The administration believes this to be fixed as of 30 Sep 96.

The older entries were formated with a program that detected paragraph breaks by finding blank lines. The newer software inserts <p>'s for blank lines and <br>'s for indented lines, which will hopefully improve readiblity for paragraphs only marked by an indent. Some authors do not format their stories with either blank lines or indents for their paragraphs, and there is nothing the software can do about that.

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